NETSTAT Command Explained


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Hello everyone, in this video we're going to be  talking about the netstat utility. Now netstat   is short for network statistics and this is a  command line tool that is used to display the   current network connections and port activity on  your computer. It's a useful tool that you can use   to see what service may be running on your  computer or server, and which ports are open.   Now netstat is available on various operating systems  but some of the option commands may be a little   bit different, but in my example I'm going to be  working on a windows computer.    So at a command prompt you type in the word netstat and then you press enter. So right now our computer is not   connected to anything, which is why the output  is blank. But if our computer was connected to   other hosts, it would show us the protocol that's  being used, the local address, the foreign address,   and the state of the connection. So let's go  ahead and have our computer connect to a couple   of websites, such as and And then we'll also connect to an FTP server, and then   we'll connect to a couple of local computers in  our home.