Uni-T UT61E+ Meter Resistance Locates Bad SMD Components For Amplifier Repair Finding SMD Data


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Music hello and thank you for tuning in to ellensburg amplifier repair and service today i wanted to go over a little bit more about using resistance in locating faulty components as you can see here i have a new uni t ut 61e meter here in addition to my fluke 87 uh i i did a video on this for you guys but i ran into a little problem so i probably won be putting that video out so i i making a new video about this my goal was to be able to connect the meter to the computer to show you guys how i use resistance to locate faulty components and amplifiers and i know what i have here is not an amplifier but this is a absolute perfect example of how to use resistance to find a fault and a device so yes it true i do work on things other than amplifiers but i just don uh repair them as a business other devices just example there all sorts of instances where you have to look up ics and parts and replace parts and stuff so what i going to go over today is uh