Данэлия Тулешова: прямой эфир в Инстаграм 18 июля 2021 (в день рождения)


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- Hi. - It's actually my birthday today. - She's fifteen. - I'll turn sixteen next year, by the way. - By the way, thanks a lot for the congratulations everyone, I am absolutely delighted. I read every single one, or rather I try to read every single one, so thank you very much for the congratulations. - We are not too serious, we are just very hungry. - We're relaxing. - we're chilling. "Do a cover of "Like you used to." - Oh, no. That's my song, I forgot... In short, he said to me: "Do a cover of "Like you used to." I thought, "I already did a cover of Like you used to." And then I remembered that's my song! How do you switch it? Oh, that's it. "How are you doing?" - Anyway, I got myself an awesome dress, it's just really pretty. But I'm not taking pictures today, because today I wanted to just chill. And then, there will be some cool pictures afterwards. Hopefully tomorrow, because we're going out tomorrow. I hope you can hear me.