(SUB) 게이커플 프랭크! 남자친구한테 계속 키스 하기!! / I can't stop to kiss you!! / prank / Korean gay couple


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Hello everyone It Jung gu The reason why I turned on the camera today is I going to play a prank on Dong gu after a long time There were a lot of requests to play pranks on how Dong gu would react if I kept kissing him for no reason So today finally I going to play a prank on Dong gu Dong gu is working outside and I am at home now I will try to keep kissing to him since he comes from work I will make him tricky with infinite kiss Then let see his reaction Going out with him after he finishing work D Why D Is this a mole game D What the problem Go away J Just drive D Standby for the traffic J I can stop loving you J It is natural reaction because I love you J My mouth is trying to kiss you D You don kiss like that usually D Why did you turn on the camera J V log D It is dark now here D Look at it It is too bright J What do you know about v log D I prettry know now D We