Mundaun is an (Unexpected) Indie Horror Masterpiece


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This video is sponsored in part by ExpressVPN (distant singing and bleating) Every once in a while, I stumble across a game that positively takes me by surprise and turns my brain into a rapturous miasma of tantalizing thoughts and feelings, causing me to drop all my currently scheduled video projects because I have to share them! Mundaun was one of those games, that completely sucker-punched me with its unexpected brilliance in so many more ways than I had hoped or anticipated. I saw previews of it in production a good while ago, and solely on the premise of it being a narrative horror game set in a remote village in the beautiful alps of Switzerland, its unique lovingly hand- pencilled 3D art-style, and it being crafted by a tiny studio semi-local to the place it's set in, I immediately wishlisted it and then avoided any and all spoilers until release. When it came out, I approached it expecting something completely different from what it turned out to be. I went in assuming a supershort, narrative based walking-sim horror experience --and I'd have been fine with that. But turns out that I... deeply underestimated this game.