[Eng Sub] NOT ME เขา...ไม่ใช่ผม | EP.3 [1/4]


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Characters, actions, occupations and events in this series are fictional and created for entertainment purposes only. They are not intended to urge or promote any behavior in the series. Viewer discretion is advised. What am I going to do? They are burning someone’s house down. Burn down what? Tawi’s forest trespassing house. Shit! You said no one was in the house. When I went in to save him, he was drawing some shit. Hey, are you all right? Wake up! Hey! The latest news about the fire at Tawi’s house, have you heard? I don’t think it’s just a fire. I think they meant to expose Tawi’s forest trespass. You just lost the race you challenged me. You wouldn’t have won if I hadn’t gone easy on you. You decided to go behind me yourself. Just admit that you lost. I lost. So? The loser gets this. You just started it. Black! Watch your back. Hi, White. You’re home. Come here, son. What are these? Let’s celebrate with a special meal. Since you just passed the written exam. You already knew? But the result will come out tomorrow morning.