STM32 Nucleo - Keil 5 IDE with CubeMX: Tutorial 3 - ADC Single mode multi-channel


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hello again one this is Mohammed Jakub and this is another video on the nuclear love for tutorial series another this video I gonna show you how to use a DC a single conversion mode so ABC single convergent is the most basic one to use and what it does is that whenever you wanna read an analog input you trigger to the ADC will convert the value and we go to sleep as opposed to a DC continuous mode that will continuously convert an acquired data so that what I going to show you today and in my demo I have two analog and boots I using this some joystick it has got two analogs the X and y axis so I going to be using these two so now let go to cuba mix and set up a new project another cuba mix as usual click on your project and select the right board so let go to board selector nuclear 64 pins or alistair of 401 r e so this one and this is the board pen out by default I just gonna clear all the Pens and set them up manually again so go to pin