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if there was ever a quintessential Chinese comfort food wonton noodle soup would be it once a meal reserved for Emperor and described as a swallowing of clouds today it served on almost every street in China one ball with its noodles veggies and pork dumplings is supposed to contain all the nutrients you need but recent scandals over poisonous toxic food have sickened and killed thousands in an undercover investigation we take a closer look at the ingredients that go into one ton soup and find a food industry serving up a cocktail of chemicals from the vast farmland of the world largest food producing nation to its markets and kitchens adulterated food products are putting lives at risk and it troubling for the rest of the globe too as made in China food is increasingly being exported to a table near you I Steve Chow on this edition of one on one of these we chasing a toxic trail of ingredients tainting China food supply and we doing it by following the making of one of Asia most iconic dishes a seemingly simple Bowl a one tiny little soup long before others are up chef Mooji noon is