4 Reasons Your STILL Reacting Vs. Responding (And How to STOP)


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are you still reacting instead of responding okay what i mean by that question is have you learned about how narcissists love to push your buttons how they love to provoke you to feel feelings like sadness anger frustration resentment they love to get you to feel those feelings basically so that they feel better inside right because they regulate themselves through provoking you and so you learned this right you understand it logically on a cognitive level and yet when the moment happens that that person is trying to provoke you logically you don want to react but your body is not on the same page and you find yourself reacting again and again only to regret it later because when you reacting you are acting from your trauma response and your trauma response has more to do with the past you when you were wounded than who you are today and so it never your most empowered self not only do you wind up doing and saying things that are out of harmony with who you really are but on top of it the narcissist or toxic person in your life winds up using that against you to