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Revd paper lantern brightened Japan streets after done they mark the locations at the much smoke japanese style pubs called izakaya inside you see colleagues stopping for drinks together on their way home from work couples on a date all kinds of get tickets is a Kyra where people build relationships over dates these pubs are renowned for their extensive menus you can choose from a tremendous variety of alcoholic beverages and Japanese dishes Music sake spills over the lip of the glass but it not a mistake this isn izakaya tradition for centuries izakaya has served as places where people mingle across areas of age and drink Music recently new types of pumps have appeared on the scene to cater to increasingly diverse preferences Music on this edition of the King JEP analogy we look at japanese style cuts izakaya will explore the food drink and camaraderie that give them such widespread appeal hello and welcome to begin Japanese G I Peter barrack and our theme for today is OK up which I shall translate for the purposes of this show as pubs although as you realize they a little different from what we call pubs in England I