Amazon Refund Scam - Wasting 30 Minutes of His Time Installing Apps


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good morning guys and I just want to say first off thank you because last night we had 2 500 subscribers now today we going after what seems to be some sort of Amazon scam so this is the robo call that started it dear customer this is a call from Amazon customer support to confirm your last order of 200 Amazon gift card we have put it on hold as your account seems to be compromised please call us at 800 480 6680 or something I don remember buying one all right so just be a lot let me check into your matter okay hello are you still there yes okay do you have any Amazon account sir yes I have an Amazon account you help me I be the first name yes it Frank and you calling from the number six for xmin right yes sir someone has used your account do you know anyone from Mexico from no not am i living in Mexico because someone has tried to login into your account and try to buy a gift for 200 that why we are calling you that are you the person who tried to buy a