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Music me Music Music Music so Music Music stop sending grunts and every time more grunts arrive signals specialist yeah same thing as far as i concerned but i won be dealing with you on pandora okay you dr harper problem you disappoint him and that becomes my problem so i got three words for you don screw up i got it so file away fantasies of a tropical vacation if you go cowboy like the rest of these jar heads you be dead inside two weeks i guarantee this planet is the most hostile world you ever seen but you keep an open mind and she reward you in ways you can imagine outdoors welcome to your new home people hell gate i officer midori not much in formalities so you can call me kendra i be in charge of your orientation now which one of you is writer that me okay you stay put the rest of you climb on board and you be shuttled to the main complex commander falco been damn near frantic for your arrival falco he the reason you here but i let him explain it all first things first let get you up