His Kiss Made Me Blush In Public | 他的吻讓我當眾臉紅![Gay Couple Lucas&Kibo BL]


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Sweeping Robot Passing By Too many Are you sure that you can eat all of them Really See smile on Kibo eyes Like a crescent Here is a rabbit do you wanna eat it Why you only pick one Because I afraid you won What are you doing Wow the rabbit has broken Come Can you do it The ass of the rabbit Good I think we ordered too many Can you finish it I believe we can Ok I can eat this cake one bite at a time But you scooped so many times and just one cake Just one bite That no feeling One cake at a time Open your mouth I wanna eat it slowly Open your mouth Eat it My mouth is not big enough Open your mouth quckily Don be shy You can do it See you can do it Yes Come on I not gonna using my hand to eat today This is grilled scallop I feed you Come on Many people around us Is it good Don care about that Foods and you are only things I can see One big bite Hot No A little salty Won be salty if you take