GIANT 350lb Guillotine Choke VS 150lb BJJ Black Belt!


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so I want to show you guys look if a guy like this picked the guillotine would start lifting me off the floor whoa did you get the legs on that yeah do that again that was kind of cool I got a strong neck good hold me in there that about that about all I can handle all right so so when someone lifting you up this big watch this little tip you ready ready all right teach me grabbing what up guys Bryan Petersen here and I wanted to show you guys some some basic guillotine stuff guillotine defense guillotine defense on the subject came up at practice tonight so we were going over guillotine defense and then I was thinking this would be a great time to show you guys how to defend a guillotine in the standing position which happens out on the street if you guys are in a self defense situation and you get caught in a guillotine usually it not gonna be a guy that knows how to Marcel style high elbow it usually just gonna be a more of a headlock and the guy gonna be pulling up on your neck so