Kudo Daido Juku Karate Fighting Stance


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do you want to learn martial art that includes traditional karate principles and at the same time useful enough for mma and equal to muay thai daidujuku karate is the best choice daidako karate or russian kudo called more real than life or furious karate it absolutely applicable fighting system that includes punches kicks knee and elbow strikes headbutts trolls chokes and much much more in our series of videos you gonna see all the way from white belt to black belt with all nuances that you need with black belt trainer with 16 years of experience and hundred fights behind his back welcome to level one daida joku karate kudo Music Music Music let look at basic kudos stance daidojuko style is a descendant from kyokushin karate style so the main things here are punching stand your feet to shoulder width and the classic is a left side stand so slide your left foot to the right one and then step forward for 45 degree so this is your rectangle area and you fit in different angles your left foot twisted a little bit like this inside for 20 30 degree but your back foot right one is in