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This is Rasa, Welcome to your guided meditation. Come into a seated or other comfortable position. Rest your hands and close your eyes. Flip the gaze from the outside into inside. Take a conscious breath and set the tone for this meditation practice. See this practice as a ritual, coming into yourself. As an opportunity to explore the inner self, your inner world, that is deeper than the thinking mind. It's time to sort yourself aside and focus on your inner being, your connection. Open your arms wide, inhale big and puff up your chest. And exhale deeply, fully. Breathe in, taking oxygen in like a tree into its leaves, branches, inhaling deeply and exhaling audibly. Inhale deeply once again as much as you can, sigh and exhale, let it go. Now cross your arms on your heart, palms touching your chest, feeling life force Prana cursing through you. Let go of your responsibilities, the role you play, your title and just blank out on your identity for a moment. Visualise the space you have within. Pure, uninterrupted space. Anything is possible. Set your breath to be your anchor through this experience.