The Gay and Wondrous Life of Caleb Gallo - Episode 2


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Man: What are you here for? I'm on six beta blockers and a large iced coffee. I have no idea what I'm here for. She's here for 'young mom'. This is my wife, so. Just don't say anything about her appearance, okay? Okay, well the part's for redheads only. I have a wig. Fine. Well. They really dodged a bullet there, they almost didn't have a chance to give me the part. Oh, you made it. Big red! How you doin', Freckle? I'm drunk. You're drunk? I thought you were on beta blockers. You were driving the car. No, I'm drunk. So it's a really warm room, and also I'm having this little moment where I'm re-attracted to Billy. Caleb: I thought you guys had like, a really bad date. It was, but he came on TV the other day in this commercial and I was like, yes! Gimme that. He's so fuckin' sexy. So fucking sexy. He's like a rocket. I'm sexy. You're a model. Freckle. I'm a star. You're a pizza. I'm a pizza.