Why Do Narcissists Want To Get Married?


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Music why do narcissists want to get married if you are such a problem for them why would they want to marry you in the first place why would they log themselves into a situation where they are stuck with you you might think that a narcissist wouldn want marriage they always looking for the next big thing they need narcissistic supply they don like intimacy or being vulnerable they prefer superficial things Music they also hate your emotions they hate any vulnerability that you display to them they not good with anything that involves any form of longevity so why would they gravitate towards marriage Music why would they choose something that seems to contradict everything that they want Music there are reasons why a narcissist would want to get married Music even though it may not it may not be right for them Music the narcissist has a false image that they want to display to people and marriage fits in well with that image Music they want to look normal which is why they can often be so obsessed with getting married and having a family because it all about how other people see them Music narcissists