The Deadly Lessons That Built The Forth Bridge: Train Ferries & Tay Tragedy


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opened in 1890 the mighty fourth bridge stands even today as a symbol of strength ingenuity and the long term results of over engineering in the time period of the bridge construction it wasn out of the question to build so quickly and so poorly that even rail bridges would be flimsy and rushed from the ingenuity of railway ferries that predated major rail bridges to the tragic tay rail bridge collapse the fourth bridge was born from some very dramatic and deadly lessons hello everyone this is sam with brick and mortar home of the collapse series tragic tales and more if episodes on engineering structural man made feats and failures throughout history interest you consider checking out more of what the channel has to offer after this video so why was the fourth bridge almost a disaster well we have to go back to a time where both the firth of fourth and tay in these areas of scotland were seen as quite the obstacle hazards to be avoided and for passenger trains bypassed by the long westerly route or for getting goods across via treacherous unpredictable ferry services it was a time when rail travel was quickly