ADA LOVELACE | La vida de la primera PROGRAMADORA de la historia | Biografía documental en español


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Welcome, curious minds! Do you know the story of Ada Lovelace, the daughter of Lord Byron who is considered the first programmer in the history of computing? To understand the figure of Ada Lovelace first we have to talk about her parents: the famous British poet lord Byron and Anna Isabella Noel Byron, better known like Lady Byron. His mother belonged to a noble family and had received a very careful education. Her father, Sir Ralph Milbanke, was famous for his works for the poor and against slavery, a concern for the disadvantaged that Anna Isabella inherited. Trained in literature, philosophy and science, which would be Ada Lovelace's mother was especially interested in astronomy and mathematics. She met Lord Byron in 1812 and married him in January 1815, although the marriage started to go wrong immediately. The poet described his relationship with these words: "We are two parallel lines extending side by side to infinity but destined to never meet." At the end of that same year, on 10 December 1815, in London, their only daughter was born, Augusta Ada Byron. Only a month later, after know that her husband was unfaithful to her, Anna Isabella abandoned him and got the divorce with the help of her parents.