[Eng Sub] อาตี๋ของผม | EP.11 [3/4]


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Muad! Relax, it’s your children You startled me. You’ve got a lot of stuff to give alms to the monks. I dreamed of your mom last night. She looked so thin. So, I woke up early to buy food for alms. I wanted her to eat delicious stuff Muad, do you miss Mee? Of course, I miss her I miss her every day. Come and drop in my dream again, Wifey Don’t forget to give me the winning numbers. How did you cope with it when she’s gone? Despite being so in love, you weren’t together in the same place. Mork, listen to me carefully. For people in love, it’s not ‘gone’. It just moves from here to inside here. It may be hard at first. But don’t rush it. Live your life as normal. If you can’t forget, don’t. Although you don’t have them beside you, they are in here the whole time. Trust me, for those in love, even though your loved one is far away, it feels like they’re close to you all the time. Do you know why? Because you always miss them Muad, here come the monks Come on kids, help me give alms Take this.