MULTISUB【白发魔女传 White Haired Devil Lady】红颜白发为爱成魔! | 古装/武侠/动作 | 张维娜/施骏喆/徐少强 | YOUKU MOVIE | 优酷电影


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[Adapted from the novel by Liang Yu Sheng, White Haired Devil Lady] [Jail] Yu Luo Cha. I'd like to see how powerful you are. [White Haired Devil Lady] [A month ago] [Memorial] [Zhang's Mansion] [Memorial] Greetings, Your Excellency. [Eunuch Wei, Leader of the East Chamber] [Zhang Juzhen's Memorial Tablet] Officer Zhang. Does it feel good to die? You did what you were not supposed to do, didn't you? Officer Wei, [East Chamber, Ink Death] you are good at calling black white! There was a flood in Jiangnan, and His Majesty was worried about the flood victims. [Officer, Li Si Chang] But you, as Supervisor of the East Chamber, [Officer, Li Si Chang] embezzled their money and grains to refine the Red Pill. Civilians have been complaining for a long time. Li Sichang. It is the imperial decree to refine the Red Pill. Have you ever thought about the consequences if you disobey the decree? Foul Eunuch. You keep saying the decree. Where is the decree? You want the decree? I will reward you. What I say is the decree. The case of the flood in Jiangnan has come to a complete end.