Kidnapped (1978) Part 2


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Music Applause Music when my father died I journeyed from my lowland village to German near Edinburgh find my uncle Ebenezer unknown to me a Highland revelers who might have tell how and breaks your hero of Culloden had landed from France some days before Music Applause the welcome my uncle gave me was a strange one he loaded come here with a later to mr Ebenezer Balfour from him from my father I put it down in the doorstep that off yeah it a letter of introduction who are you then my name is David Balfour I let you in Mon mean okay he accepted me in time and I spent a cold damp night in his kitchen meanwhile the fugitive Alan Breck Stewart had made his way secretly to the home of his uncle James Stewart of the Glen don tell me you know nothing of it I look into the matter mr Kemp the legal rent belongs to King George and I intend to collect it as the Kings factor I no doubt you will carry out your duties properly and conscientiously James Stewart I watch your speech if I were you if twice peanut animal once