Reason Tutorial - Assigning Controllers


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okay today tutorial is going to be about how to assign sliders to your controller in reason and pretty much why you want to do that is because you could use your mouse to control sliders you know different little levels like this or what not but gets a little cumbersome having to use your mouse and if you you know you have your controller setup is much easier to use your control surface but a lot of people don know how to set that up but before we get started this tutorial is being brought to you by RPS books and they are the creators of the music producers blueprint which can be purchased at ww RPS books calm okay let get started now this is real simple and what you do you identify the slider you want to control and we just going to use the subtractor here we going to identify that we want to control this frequency filter here you see frequency filter came up and what you do what you do is you right click and you go to edit remote override mapping okay and when you see when it comes up you can see