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and this section is been inspired by later call Barbara who asked me to do some yoga practice while seated on a chair so if your mobility is limited and you need to chair for support then just to find a chair that you can sit comfortably on and where possible just turn to the side so you can see just to have a little bit of space between you in the back of the chair so you actually got the spine doing a lift for you rather than the back of the chair holding you holding you upright so as we lift into the spine you going to be naturally using the tummy muscles in that posture we just going to look to maybe take the arms out to all sides to begin with and then just to wrap the arms forwards we just got a lovely release across the shoulders then take me and how to open remembering to always work within your comfort zone so always avoiding working with any pain at all and just working so that you feel that you stretching and then release and yells so as we breathe it we might put the