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oh I one with the animals alright so after the monster attacking we a golf central and we have some more Wilson stuff here this is they the new D 300 so this is game improving to the max isn it yeah yeah it a it a solid unit mmm it a big boy dance very very low CG hmm as you can see around the around the outer perimeter of the sole area that a big word near perimeter is more and more weight so you got more perimeter weighting right which of course increases ball speeds across the face which is what everybody wants to do it also got a flex pay so you know how a company had slots on the bottle there were they called speed slots fast Lots exactly right well Wilson of God same as in there see 200 I think of Chittoor see anyway checking out another one over we link somewhere yeah but this is a new version the bigger version the biggest of the biggest version yeah of this so it got flex face technique technology so it got slot on the bottom slot on the toe yeah so lots on