TPX Reviews - "Rockstar Energy: Juiced (Mango Orange Passionfruit)"


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hey whats up guys so today review is a surprise it a good news and bad news type of situation so I know you guys are going to come in and say I can still get this but for some reason in Rhode Island we do not have what you see in front of you which is the Brock star juste energy plus juice mango passionfruit orange or mango orange passionfruit to put it shortly put it correctly a little at least that sounds right I believe that the newest cans are like the rock star pomegranate they only found in mass now you not supposed to find rocks not pomegranate but I do so now this is the same case with what we have here rockstar juiced the mango orange passion fruit I had to do a lot of searching only to discover that I was never going to find this I searched far and wide for the newer can because I remember seeing it not long ago however I had to go back to my original source my buddy Eddie I always know he has this because he never cleans his cooler so what you seeing right now