Japanese pen's HAUL


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hi my dear friends and today i want to share if you depends i am using i not very big or very professional or picky about things but i did found that when it is different pens gave you the different results when you write on the paper depend to the paper and pen you using so I want to just share with you the few what I definitely like the quality and the good thing all the fence i showing to hear they all not very expensive they very affordable price but yet quality is very good they probably some of them are like us like 25 there something inside not more than ten dollars between five to ten dollars japan but they all very nice a pencil i like that back i actually pick up that bag how cute is that look at these kittens here i love it so that is nice wave and it stands right there when you can write anyway um let me show you for the game first of all you probably know that brand sakura and it very good brand it very very affordable i would like to say it almost cheap