Easter trek 2014 Sörmlandsleden part 1(2)


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okay come to this film that I attempting to make this week is Easter of 2014 and I have my wife with her relatives mother and father a sister down hey turn hit the lip Rome celebrating my step not a step mother but my mother in law 75th birthday and I have my kids up at my parents a thousand kilometers north of ground currently at and I thought I take the opportunity to head out in through the woods and enjoy nature for about three days so I thought I start by showing everybody where this is going to take place I hope you recognize Africa Europe and Sweden way up here and I hope you also be able to see this in the video find out how that looks like anyway we will or I will start by taking the train from Stockholm the capital of Sweden which is over here I live in the northwest impulses calm so taking the commuter train into Stockholm and further on down south of Stockholm down here to get near stuff and if we continue and there you have messed up and the train is coming here I be jumping