How to solve AMD Catalyst 15.7.1 HDMI sound conflict


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hello games Akins I Andrew below means of those people call me Duggan I generally don know why they do this however welcome back to talking Tuesday yes as a Thursday I had a fantastic little round already planned out for today except the lovely people over at EA have now patched fair on origins yes vegetable PC platform they made to try and rival steam bit by boy it shit still fought play Mass Effect 3 especially when you wanna play with your friends however I went online to demonstrate my patch on my how to work around it and we patch that so I can talk about today however what I am gonna will be looking at instead is regards to AMD catalyst fifteen point seven point one more specifically if you a Windows user like me using rockin Windows 7 and you using the HDMI output for your graphics card to your TV yes the orders now died now this was a source of frustration for me you can also just use a cheap workaround just plug your headphones back into the output socket of you can of your audio card but I don want to do