(smp) ultra boost 4.0 & original quality ,sunglasses


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what good YouTube I got another pack in from fire pigsty CN I some on this hotcakes I see in this is the second package for that one order that I did it did come in today so this is what I got I got a Perry blasters I got two pairs of glasses I got a pair of Tom Ford right here the C band comes in his side right here this is like kind of like a suede tight velvet material does come with the card these are the original quality glasses they don come with it come with the wipes on them too cleaning cloth and you can see the detail on the inside these are the glasses they are up here they are like a kind of like a black like a grayish tint to them see through right here you got the numbers on the inside right here the glasses are really nice they fit perfect so you got the Tom Ford logo right on the they do look good on the face they a little bit bigger you know they probably like well they do feel high quality just like the original ones that