Bomberman 64 :: 1.3.2021 LiveStream / MY LIFE IN GAMING

Bomberman 64 :: 1.3.2021 LiveStream / MY LIFE IN GAMING


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so [Music] mmm you [Music] all right here we are good evening good evening everyone let's see what our what our levels are looking like in obs because i didn't have a chance to check before let's see what yours are looking like how's corey's levels sounding testing one two i mean usually we do this before but we uh didn't have a chance this time how's it going
it looks reasonably balanced it looks like you might be a little louder than me but okay well i can i can always turn it down if i need to let me know if it's if i'm too loud it's not too much too loud but just turn it down maybe a a little bit okay okay now it should be uh should be i just went a little bit a little bit to the right on the automatically determine input sensitivity setting no no no no i i i turned it i turned that off but i just manually
oh i don't i don't think you want i don't think you want input sensitivity i think that's where it like cuts off it like gates it like if it's too low it just like cuts you off but that's why you were dropping out earlier okay well i guess well i mean we'll see what happens we'll see what happens i mean i think i can i can turn my overall volume down sure i can go down to yeah just turn your volume 80 now we're down to 80. okay let's let's try that i think that that might be about it sure i'd suppose we'll rock and roll with that see how it goes or maybe you
might actually be a little too low now so maybe turn to i don't know nine what was it was it was it a hundred before no it was a it was an 85 before i brought down oh well then let's go with 80. let's go with 80. how about if i do 82. i it'll probably be fine all right people are saying 80 is magic [Laughter] so okay we're always very loud games you can never hear you know for some reason you have
games are very hard to balance in obs and i i don't really know why that is you know you can have plenty of levels but then people are people say they don't really hear it but then if you move it too much higher then it's it's too loud i mean you can turn on like there's a like an auto ducking or anything or something like that oh but you don't want you don't want that i don't think right that that would be bad you know i i i saw before the stream started so someone uh calling me out on my my
my my choice uh my choice of game uh here yes some people have said oh tr try try always pick boring games but then there's a lot of people who who likes these choices you know i think bomberman 64 is is well loved by a certain uh set of the expect bomberman and n64 fandoms bomberman bomberman bomberman um actually uh one one of the reasons i mean there's actually several reasons i i wanted to stream
this diy jump to mind to stream tonight uh one was our our friend eight bit duke uh released uh just a few days ago a bomberman hero video which i streamed bomberman hero a few years ago and i i really liked it um i played bomberman 64. uh at a friend's house several times back in the day probably actually the bomberman game that i've played the most in multiplayer
which is not a lot i've i've never been like that big into the multiplayer aspect of bomberman i've really never been like a huge bomberman fan in general but like in more recent years i've i've started finding their single player modes to be very laid back and comfy to play um but the the um that's what that's an adjective you've been using for for games lately and i i feel i feel like i've been using it a lot too because i i like the idea of considering a game
to be comfy yeah it's just you know it's just just just an easy nice thing to play yeah um the other reason i wanted to play it um was because the the m league uh game club on our uh discord channel uh which i actually just recorded a little podcast with them this afternoon uh that was going over the games that they picked for november in december which was uh uh ducktales slash ducktales
remastered and nights slash christmas nights um that was that was a fun thing to record but they wanted to do uh they wanted to pick a bomberman game for uh january uh which they they picked saturn bomberman but i've i've beaten that before i beat on emulator actually um uh but you know i just i saw i thought i'd play something bomberman related uh they picked it
because um some of y'all might might be aware of this but there was um there was a person in the community who uh will carpenter who who passed away last month um he he went by the name pixel kaiser uh in various places he was pixel kaiser on uh on our discord channel and uh you know just a long time uh supporter of the channel he actually was a back lottery member first and you know there weren't a lot of
longtime imlik viewers uh who actually you know came to the channel via the back lottery which is you know where we uh uh you know where we kind of got started so uh you know it just you know i mean just such a genuinely nice incredibly supportive uh person in the community uh he ran a comic uh shop in uh florida i believe uh so that's uh this is it's really it's really sad um but he
had uh most recently he had been using like a 16-bit tails avatar but most of the time i i visualized him with his little bomberman head avatar uh so that's why the uh the game club wanted to pick a bomberman game for january so so this is uh in part uh an honor to and honor to him but uh i guess i'll uh i guess i'll go ahead and get going here i i do it i've played a bit into the adventure on this before
i actually haven't owned it myself that long bring up the stream labs because there was a there's a donation before we were on here chris fratz i believe i need to oh yeah that's right there was i need to look it up here to so i can read what it said well uh uh five dollars from chris fratz uh saying hey cory and try i want to say thank you for mentioning cyanide wild hearts in the 2020 video i played
through it in one go and it was great so i i talked a little bit before i was talking i guess i was talking to tribe uh before saying like i think that people might be annoyed that i picked that as maybe my favorite my favorite game of the year uh but the reception to that idea has been it's been a lot more positive than i thought it was gonna be yeah uh you know i honestly had never seen it in action until i saw it in your segment of the video and even i you know was like
oh like there's like a lot of like cool arcadia actions and neat visual flair to it like it was it was a lot more interesting looking than i thought it would be too uh there was a lot of positive reception to that uh to that pic uh and you were all you're all nervous about you you at one point in your script i i saw it in your script but you you cut it out of of the final version you i like the way you put it you said you said a lot you said you know i don't know how a lot of people are gonna gonna if a lot of people are gonna be
annoyed by by me picking one of them they're feeling games yeah i i took that out because i thought maybe it just like i don't know like i i spent the entire time like like my uh whole bit about the game was basically talking about like how it made me feel yeah well you know uh that that line count reminds me of what i that bit in the dragon quest 10 part i did where i said i said i didn't know that you that they you could get away with just
making a uh an mmo or plain old regular jrpg but they'd already done gone and did it i recorded a line i haven't but i just didn't i just cut it out from the final part you were you were kind of your volume was kind of swaying there for a moment i don't know if you were moving about or something i'm not like i think it's okay oh okay i uh one of the funniest things in the comments for me was this is just something i never
i never thought about uh um i uh there were so many comments uh commenting on me saying insomniac instead of insomniac and i like i never i never thought about how i say that weird and i i was i was actually at my parents house uh this past this past i was at my parents house this past weekend i i asked my mom and dad separately i said how do you say the word when you can't
sleep and they both like immediately said insomnia with a with an s sound yeah and like i just because i thought well maybe maybe it's a regional thing maybe it's no it seems like it's just me i just say insomniac i never i never thought about it like it's a weird word like say it that way besides you it's it's i assumed it was like a regional thing but i've always said insomniac i i just i never thought about
it it's it's an awkward word i mean a lot of times i feel like words that i learned when i was younger and like maybe i had a hard time saying it like just i'd never evolved my way of saying it you know it's possible uh it's fine cheese meister says if you're if you're in it if you're an insomniac you don't get any get any z and there you go i i i'm putting disease in the insomnia
[Laughter] i hope you'll give pso new genesis a fresh look since it'll be a fresh new experience where the content should not be as overwhelming and i definitely plan on it i i don't really know too much about the the new genesis uh upgrade or the expansion but i'm definitely i definitely plan on going back to it it's just everything moved really fast and when i what you know when i recorded that footage i kind of realized that i didn't do any of the story stuff
and i tried to do some story stuff but it's just like cut scenes and that's basically it uh maybe i just didn't play enough of the of the story stuff so maybe i should go back in and play story story content but i mean they're almost completely caught up on uh up to the japanese version now and they will have caught up to it in like eight years worth of the japanese version in one year which is definitely hard to keep up with i think
uh i see that that uh golden kane is asking any thoughts on paprium and uh i would love to give you mine but my copy did not work period like it's just it's not that it didn't work with my systems it was like flat out busted uh it won't even bring up the the mini game on omega sg oh dude did joe did joe release his video today uh he did yeah yeah it was so funny both of us yesterday like totally thought it was sunday because i
like specifically like went to gamesack hoping to see the paprium review and i was like oh well i'm surprised there's no new game sack today i i thought it was i thought yesterday was a sunday also at first uh but his his video is very good i watched it and i will tell you uh it didn't make me any more excited to play it uh i mean his description was
that it's it's good and bad at the same time and i think that it looks exactly that's exactly the kind of feeling that i get from it there's nothing wrong with about it with games being good and bad at the same time yeah i mean it's that's just the the i feel like that's exactly the kind of impression that it gave me but i mean i would love to uh i want to play it i've reached out to uh to watermelon with a like i submitted a ticket
so hopefully i i'll be able to get a replacement i mean i better be able to get a replacement but it's straight up doesn't work like even on my systems that uh that it's supposed to work on like i just don't get anything i tried it on uh two genesis one systems one is the high daf ones nine high def i tried it on two genesis 2 systems one was just like a base unit and the other one had a mega amp in it i tried it on a a nomad but the nomad does have the the triple bypass mod in it
and just like for the heck of it like on a genesis 3 and it didn't work on anything and it also did not work on in my mega sg and even the systems they have like the like the tmss like the tmss screen doesn't even come up so i just think it's like flat out that's crazy i think it's just flat out doesn't work so that's that and we'll see if see if i can get a replacement when i get a replacement i'll stream that another reason uh this game was on my mind was because
uh uh somewhat we were on uh digital foundry stream on new year's day and um someone in the chat said something the effect of uh the goemon games have the only good soundtracks on n64 which i disagree with but they prime very probably have the best soundtracks on n64 um uh and audi said uh bomberman 64 is the best soundtrack on n64 and i thought
well you know i probably haven't heard that much of the bomberman 64 soundtrack at least not recently and so i thought i'll check that out the game doesn't seem that family friendly uh what doesn't seem familiar someone was asking if my cartridge was rattling and uh yeah i mean you can i thought it was like a heat sink but i guess i can just take it out and thank god i did not get that the limited edition of it it's like this it has this horrible
cardboard box it is like it's not even a full cardboard box it's like a it's like a like a book cover and like the inside it just like has the cartridge in this little awkwardly shaped uh you can like slide it in into this little like thing um i see that earlier i know that he had sent a message on twitter jordanmatic was asking if the the commodore 64 mini was any good and i cannot tell you
because i had not used it so maybe maybe someone else in the chat can can respond to who has used it before um a lot of someone was saying can't you just dump the game and play it but uh not right now especially since it uses like it uses weird hardware yeah it uses weird hardware probably gave me a locked copy on purpose just like the uh locked out mega sg users so is it confirmed that like like the lockout on the mega sg is like
on purpose that's weird that's not it's not considered real hardware i mean yeah it doesn't work on the on the mega sg it just gives like a little like fake mini game at the beginning it's like like a like an 8-bit brawler type thing it's not even 8-bit it's like something else uh but i don't know we'll we'll we'll see uh no i didn't i didn't get the uh the
speedo with it that's i mean that's what the uh limited edition came with i'm i'm so sick of like limited edition packaging and i really really gotta want the game to get a limited edition packaging the only thing that i have pre-ordered that is like a limited edition is ease nine which comes out next month i'm pretty excited about it yeah oh yeah that is next month isn't it
i yeah i still need to play there's a uh 4.99 from radranger thank you saying happy new year mlag like your channel keep up the good work i will do we'll do our best that's very rad of you rad ranger uh so i guess at this time last week we did we had no idea that our year end video is going to be an hour and a half long yeah if we kind of feel like it's a good way to it's like a good
uh ending for like we're going to try to do like some smaller episodes not not like always i mean and always frontiers are gonna be long frequent smaller episodes right because we just are like i think we're burned out i'm making nearly hour-long videos about everything but i i gotta say that even though this was like the longest scripted episode we've ever done it uh it
it was uh it was really not hard to edit i mean i i i i honestly had fun editing it oh yeah i mean it it was nice because it was not a lot of b-roll which is i mean that really that's my fault like the whole b-roll situation is my fault because over the last year i've just gotten so into shooting b-roll and i have a lot of fun with it i go way overboard with it so i need to i need to dial that back a
little bit there was [Music] there is five dollars from eb chill eb chill two thank you saying uh great videos always although mark does break my heart a little bit each year he doesn't mention viva pinata take take care everybody it's gonna be time to get back to you uh the other rare after nintendo series is about time yeah maybe maybe who knows maybe 2021 could be the year for i you know i'm playing to do the viva
pinata games as one video and uh you know it's it's it's a little intimidating i guess uh what i was thinking that should be your first video after oh god i don't i don't know if that'll be the first one after that well why don't you play it while you're like working on it or while you're working on analog frontiers
uh i mean you know that's i mean it's not a terrible idea i could i could definitely definitely see doing that just kyle kyle working on it a bit at a time that's actually a really good idea maybe i'll do that you should maybe i'll start it tomorrow there you go i don't know you should you know it's funny in response to the hour and a half video uh jonathan g says somewhere team rogers
is laughing oh yeah exactly it releases a six hour review of tokimeki memorial it's so fun i mean half of it is or half of it is uh is is two complete let's play playthroughs of the game but i'm slowly working my way through through it and uh i've talked about him before but but tim rogers was probably made my favorite videos
that i've watched all year i've gotten so much entertainment out of out of his videos that i i can't get enough and it's just like i i've i've turned uh turned uh john lennon to into quite a fan too and uh it's funny because i was talking to him today it's like i you know i i cannot begin to even imagine like thinking about games on the level that he does like even on my best day like
i could not even come remotely close i mean the thing is like he's like so like profoundly intelligent but he also like he's also just like sees stuff and makes and sees connections that i would never even dream of but but the funny thing is he like says so many just like things like when he's like rattling off the facts of the game he's always like saying like really like wrote basic things about them like you know
you know tokimeki memorial was released on the you know the nippon ichi electric company corporation pc engine on november blah blah blah blah blah blah like just saying like all of these but like saying it in a way that just like he's even though he's just saying these like really basic things he just says like so many unnecessary facts this is just like but i i like he doesn't know what he says in a way that makes him sound so smart
yeah but i mean he sees a lot of connections that i would never even oh yeah like get to and you know like my like as jonathan hinson says they're like my favorite thing about him is his delivery makes it makes every single thing that he says sound like it's the most important thing he's going to stay in the room which is how you can get this it's almost like every line is the bottom line yeah well that's how you get through a six hour video of it i guess you know it's funny because
you know like the more that i've i've watched his videos i start to like think about certain things and i notice myself like it like coming through in certain things like the thing that i wrote about contra like i feel like i only thought of that because like of hit of being inspired by like the things that tim rogers says where i said you know like i played contra 1988 but you could argue that i never really played contra before this year
until i played it without the 30 life code uh anyways there was a five dollar donation from earth prime 232 saying asking uh should reproduction snes slash n64 cards be avoided versus the original of cards 64 cards were much of a thing yeah i'm not sure if n64 cards are really uh maybe a thing but in terms of snes um i don't really know if snes like the voltages are
as messy as they tend to were like on a lot of genesis games um i mean n64 is probably not that difficult when it comes to voltages i would imagine okay okay n64 can uh reproductions are absolutely a thing i just never really i haven't looked for reproductions in a in a long time i mean you know now that i think about it your companies are like getting more into doing like i guess semi-official reproductions of stuff now that i think about though
i've definitely seen um i've definitely seen at local game stores like zelda master quest carts yeah someone's saying you should have we should have tim rogers on the stream uh i mean i i would like i would i would love to have him on stream but i mean i like i don't think he has any idea who we are i thought it was really cool to see
um uh the the uh the developer of uh blazing chrome responded to your to your tweet uh about the video well i didn't i didn't tweet about the video someone else like quoted the tweet or the quoted the video oh okay and he saw i mean i so he i i and he followed us too i mean i know like he responded directly to the oh yes he did he says thanks for thanks for playing it um like i know that him and he knows
john pretty well yeah yeah so i think that in certain situations where uh you know like maybe we get like mentioned because like john like mentions us somewhere else maybe or something like that i think that was in the case i watched the interview that uh that uh victor lucas did with with john and uh joe redefer and it's just fun because like we get like name dropped a whole bunch of times like like towards the start of it talking
about like having all kinds of systems hooked up uh speaking of uh speaking of john we're uh we're actually going to do a bonus stream tomorrow with john that's right on on our channel um he um you know because you always do the every year that he's you know back home in cincinnati you you two do an in-person stream together but he's you know staying in germany this year
uh but we're gonna have him on stream uh i think two two o'clock eastern time uh tomorrow afternoon um and we're going to uh play uh ps1 and saturn grandia look at them look at them side by side you're playing the game right i'll i'll be playing the ps1 version he'll play the saturn version and he'll he'll send me his stream so yeah look for that uh 2 p.m eastern time tomorrow yeah
because of the time difference it makes it so it's just not possible to do it at on a sunday night yeah this year around so we'll just let's do that and uh you know it's it's a nice little consolation prize yeah we can't do it uh i'm sure it will be grand dia uh but yeah i mean it would be it would be a complete dream to have tim rogers on here especially since him and i are
like generally like i think we're like almost exactly the same age and we know like some of the same people and i think that we both have like that uh that we were both like on on gaming forums like at the same time back in the day so i just i think it'd be very very cool but like i i just i don't think that he has any idea
like who we are um let's see here uh there is five dollars from dominic rinaldi thank you so much uh saying is panzer dragoon order worth the 50 of commands on ebay i have the og and remake and zy wait order is going up order went up to that that price guys crazy right probably because of backwards compatibility i guess for sure for sure 100 wow it used to be like it wasn't that long ago it was actually a really cheap game it was like
it was late i mean last time i looked i think when i think i got you a cat didn't i buy you a copy nine or ten dollars wasn't it yeah it was like i think it was like eight bucks or something like that wow i can't believe this i mean the answer is yes but wow yeah it's definitely it's it's worth that but my favorite i just can't believe it's gone up that much yeah i feel that the first half of the game is better than the back half the the the tricky thing about it that gave me so much trouble when i streamed it was
um i i didn't understand how to power up your dragon so definitely read up on that because you're supposed to collect uh specific items um to destroy different enemies they give you the the drag the genes which like you know can level up the more you collect and some some and you have to be in the form that you want it uh you want to level up when you collect i just didn't know what i was looking for
uh and i i leveled up my dragon really really poorly which made the final boss take like eight hours or something so yeah don't don't beat don't be me oops ah there's uh 20 uh pesos from eddie lockhart thank you saying when will artemio join the sunday streamings he was on at one time like kind of impromptu i know i think that we need to just like
do a full stream with them like this it's criminal that we have not done that like we should just do it like in next couple weeks we should absolutely it is it is our tv i guess our tv oh god uh got his daughter uh uh kirby's uh kirby's return to dreamland for uh or you told me santa got it for actually for uh
for christmas because she saw us uh streaming it paul sutton says that we should start every video with hello and welcome to my life in video games until until tim calls us out for stealing his intro [Music] and you can use that then i i love the pac-man intro where i exist like this he likes yeah he like brings up he brings up like his
phone rings and he like looks at the he like opens up i don't think it was even him i think it's like it was like an actor to like look like him like a young version of himself i guess but like he like picks a phone and he like answers the call and it's just his face he goes hello yeah like you have to have real talent to make hello your your catchphrase yeah and not like a sarcastic like hello kind
of hello but like a life straight like a straight up like greeting hello hello uh but if anybody is looking for more content by him you should check out the stuff he did for kotaku because it's like it's really like funny in the same way and he like really uses the as like the nfl theme music from like nbc a lot probably because he could get away with it being on the like such a big uh
site like that um there's there's fireworks from john jonathan henson thank you saying stepping up my focus on original hardware in 2021 by an oss and rgb ducomp a japanese saturn and mode and a few hd retrovision and scar cables now you got you got a bunch of stuff to put together now that's fun congratulations i mean it's always fun the the mode i was thinking about what game am i going to play first and uh i was thinking about the mode and
like you know what and also probably because of the the uh the the the tokimeki memorial video like i was like i just get around to playing police knots ah yes and i you know i have the the translation of it i own the japanese copy so i should just i should play it um so like probably my favorite part of the year end video was the fact that i could
like show that i could start it with showing the old house oh yeah and and you know like it's just it was kind of like almost surreal to see uh like this room with nothing being in here yeah and the way that i somehow managed to make it look well you definitely got some people hyped up for your tour video yeah uh you know a lot of people were like it
looks like it has more room now that you have stuff in it it's true it kind of did look that way and it has what it almost looks like it has more room with stuff in it well i think a big part of that is probably because i hit the uh or because i like the beginning shots were shot with my phone and then i was using a wider lens obviously for that bigger shot i mean it's it's roomy in here but it's also
you know it's condensed so i mean i it did make me excited to to do that at a setup tour video but all you know it's also kind of sad like looking at the old house and it seems very weird to look at the feel the old setup and uh i i never thought i could do anything better and i you know i didn't think that this
would have even been the way that it is if it wasn't without you know being forced to stay home uh there's two dollars from mitch b thank you saying i checked paypal i hit the character limit happy new year oh look at my phone oh jeez as twenty dollars oh thank you thank you from from mitch b thanking uh saying happy new year's guys was super humbled
at the cyanide was super humbled at the sayonara wild hearts pick i was the one who made the 15 super chat suggestion at the beginning after playing it myself sitting at the top was a great surprise uh being a big reds fan a hit home my 20 20 one uh suggestion is florence a great narrative about the emotions we place on everyday objects uh here's another great year of and like well thank you is it what is florence on
i'll have to look that up it sounds vaguely familiar but i think that would all you know i i like the idea that i went into it without really knowing yeah you just saw it at best buy and you're just like oh that was recommended i'm gonna get it yeah i mean the idea behind it sounded cool like the idea of a a a pop album uh game so
for sure lawrence florence of switch and pc is there is there a physical version any okay so if it just hit the switch i mean i'm sure that there is some sort of uh some physical version there holy mackerel hey i don't know you've probably been following like what like been following what's been happening with like crypto currency prices i i vaguely heard
something like bitcoin like is way up or something oh bitcoin is like is like record highs do we need do we need do we need to cash out of what we got in that account it's not that much oh i wouldn't i just thought i'm just gonna leave it in there [Music] um there's ten dollars from craig wan thank you saying a happy belated new year dynamic duo i just got done re-watching the third season of cobra kai now i'm chilling with you uh have you guys played have you guys
played or planned on playing the eles collection on ps4 and switch uh i'm hoping that it's going to get a us release and uh i mean since since kasue showed up randomly i'm hoping that also uh this will show up randomly but i i'm hoping more so than anything i'll get a physical release i'm hoping that kasuy gets like a full-on physical release uh but i i have three episodes left in cobra
kai season three it's it starts a little slow a little depressing but around around episode four it gets it's pretty awesome um okay so okay so uh oh so florence is only two bucks it's only about 30 minutes long okay i will absolutely i will buy that right after after the stream it's a mcbat 64. you know i think i'll let some people down by not having the bat 64 and i was surprised that macbeth 64 was not
on your you know i i i i just i didn't see a place for it but i kind of do regret uh not not giving it its due it absolutely should have been there you know i i i think i i mentioned that you know i did that back lottery stream that was just a whole bunch of swish demos there was another game from diplodocus games i i don't know if it was the same developer or just published by them whoops
um you know i have no idea if uh that continues in this like if i have to redo the whole world or just like i just have to start over i'm gonna find out yeah [Music] um but anyway uh it was published by diplodocus games not sure if it was the same developer or not um but um what was it called regina and mack i think it seemed pretty rough but it was very much
no big bad 64. there's no mcmatt 64. i i really gotta say uh you know i had to throw that uh based on the experience of that stream i had to throw through jet cave adventure and the demo for that in there because that actually seems legit kind of fun so in terms of the the crypto thing i want to say really quick so a single bitcoin is worth 33 000 right now but like normally you only have like
part of a bitcoin well i mean now but i mean imagine like if you were in it like early on and uh you know you you don't think of it as like you know you think of it as like a single dollar like i'll give you five bitcoin if you give me you know like get me a six pack of beer or something sure i mean yeah you'd be rolling that now that that six pack of beer is worth like
several hundred thousand dollars i mean didn't people think bitcoin was like taiwan's way down like it was it was it was kind of kind of been there it's going down and up and it's a it's it's just interesting i mean it's been interesting like like watching it uh go up and down you know like i'll admit that like i have alerts on my phone i can just kind of see it go up and down because it's like it just keeps on going up oh we got it we got jimmy hopping in the
chat oh hey jimmy hopper it's saying about to grab some grab bead is today your birthday say uh about to grab uh b day steaks just want to say happy 2021 to uh corey mark and all the emily fanboys as well as the other the other or four fangirls no doubt because try i uh i i loved the uh the the uh legend of the valkyrie video jimmy
it was good stuff you you got you got me all teased for for for part three if you haven't watched it then uh you should go and watch it and happy birthday jimmy good good to see you in here i mean if there was if there was any like like if 2020 had like some good points as the fact that we finally got to make that video is it even possible to do those without a remote bomb
like it feels like it should be uh there's two dollars from reverse the blood thank you saying a happy new year i was watching the old setup video man that so that is an old setup video yeah yeah i mean it's you know it's and i think it's important that we do one this year because as someone mentioned in the comments saying it's been five years since our last setup video well so i think that like a five-year update is really appropriate um but speaking of like old episodes i'm
going to experiment with something uh coming up here if anybody watches watches game sack you'll know that he's been doing the uh like the console crunch videos where he takes many videos and puts them into one long video just like it's something essentially for people if they want to they can put it on the background and it will just like play for a few hours like it's like a really good way to just like you know put stuff
like just like have people check it out again i guess uh so i'm going to experiment with that a little bit i'm going to call them mlig marathons and i'm going to put together various episodes into like a long and it's not going to be uh like released as like an actual video it's just gonna like it'll just like show up from one time or another and also i mean i was thinking about like other stuff that we could possibly do with it like i was thinking like wouldn't it be fun since not a lot of people have seen like
like a lot of the video logs that we did even though they're like available in that they're unlisted videos but they're in a public playlist like what if i took like some of the best video logs and just like put them in like one like a like a three hour video and really it's just for it's just it's for people who like to put things on in the background it's really yes yeah and i mean there's there's certain things that you know like you know you look at some of these old videos and a lot of people might not even have even seen this or even known that we did
something like that all right so i mean it'll like we'll probably have a disclaimer at the beginning of some of them saying you know this is this information has changed since it originally aired but i mean just for the most part i think it's just like a nice easy thing for people to put on and you know just haven't have in the background or if they're doing something else you know yeah i mean it's uh
it's uh it's funny to think about how like you know that all the how to beat stuff you know there was a time like a short period of time like before rgb took off that we were like the vhs guys not the rgb guys we were making like videos with like a vhs aesthetic yeah like that that's how that's how we ended up doing the uh the devil's damn dare trek trailer
exactly exactly uh so i'm gonna do one that's uh gonna be a marathon of all the how to beat stuff because comparatively to like other videos you know most of those don't have very many videos those are perfect to turn on for just background amusement yeah yeah exactly like even if you're not paying attention to it you'll probably hear like something funny and you're like wait what and you're gonna go back and like look at
what was that um there was a uh it's five dollars from uh i def hide thank you thing just want to say thank you guys for being such a great resource for retro setups i'm living the the pvm rgb dream these days thanks to your great vids or is it or is it the rgb pvm nightmare uh i i think it's definitely the the dream as long as you got the space i think it's completely completely worth it
jimmy says enjoy the evening with the fake but better imo bomberman 64. oh you actually like this one better than the than the uh the late gen one huh most people seem most people who are aware of the secret japanese bomberman 64 do seem to prefer that one yeah uh but in terms of like the marathon videos i was thinking like i was thinking that it doesn't always doesn't have to be like rgb
videos don't have to all be together like would it be cool to say mix that in with like videos about genesis games or do people feel like it needs to be like the master class stuff should be like all in one basically what's wrong i think the genesis master class video in a genesis video and an rgb video yeah exactly nothing wrong with that i mean i just like it's just a it's just
a nice way for people to be able to check this stuff out and just you know put on the background no i mean it's not something i would release if it's like oh we haven't released a video in a long time yeah then people would like accuse yourself like oh this is all emblem's doing these days it's not true but i think it'd be fun to do like a video just like like on genesis stuff like but the genesis rgb video but also puts uh you know like just videos about
genesis games and like you can include the uh the mega sg and stuff like that like on one video yeah how about by console company yeah i mean i i i would they'd all have a specific theme i think you know it's funny uh you know we're doing that the bonus stream tomorrow but i've also been talking about
uh i want to do like kind of a casual laid-back stream uh with uh i think uh chris from classic game and quarterly and myself we're going to do like a a like a relaxing stream where i'm going to organize and alphabetize like my games because i really want to put all my genesis games in in release order and he has like a lot of resources for that so we're gonna
we're gonna do a stream i think i think people will be weirdly into that yeah it's just gonna be it's just gonna be just hanging out chatting and you know talking about the games as i say i just think it seems like a lot of fun [Laughter] ah there's a five dollars from my shira thank you saying hey friends happy new year who remembers the slammin bomberman 64 commercial set to the spider-man theme i sure wish i did but i i do not
[Music] what uh it's speaking of like game commercials is the final fantasy 3 commercial on online anywhere it's gotta be right i i certainly don't remember one the oh it's it's horrible oh yeah it's just like like mog is like this like casting directors come in i think i have seen that actually i mean i i it has to be online because i i definitely didn't see it back in the day
it's it's it's a horrible commercial it's like it's it's about as horrible as the boxer for final fantasy 3. the box art's not great but it's not like offensively bad i mean it doesn't do anything it certainly didn't do anything to help sell the game i don't know moogles are interesting i guess oh
hmm it's not letting me looks like uh it's not let me show the uh the link there for sure like even though i'm saying approve it saying saying error try again when i try to approve it yeah i mean gaming blows says hey i like the purple box art although the japanese white one is better and it's like the final fantasy vi box art is incredible yeah oh yeah the japanese as david uh david kenyon says
the japanese ff6 boxer is god tier i mean it is it's very good i mean i i love the classic simple white uh uh themes that uh you know the really a lot of japanese uh final fantasy and square soft games in general there's a link to the man 64 commercial in the chat oh oh oh no don't don't get me don't get me don't get me can he actually hurt me does he just
like knock me back [Music] which one has the the bomber or the bomberman commercial who's linking it there's several ones uh it's uh henry clark and uh venice era or had one like they both had oh yeah this one i think looks like oops something went wrong i know when i try to approve it it says oops something it says error or something oh man now i now my chat's not up anymore
uh aaron welsh had a five dollar donation thank you saying uh is there any practical reason to get a sega mark iii over a master system i'm just going to use an ever drive either way i go is is the mark iii the no the mark iii is like is the white one but there was like the japanese master system that looked like the master system but it had the uh it has a little uh 3.5 millimeter input for the 3d glasses like built into it um
um i i i don't i don't know much about that it was actually you know what i i saw it's probably a lot more expensive honestly i mean i i do love the mark three cartridges though but yeah oh yeah gorgeous yeah but the uh you know you can always just get an adapter and still get those cartridges anyways yeah the uh you know i i honestly don't think i knew that there was a japanese master system until i saw one sitting in the and i didn't in two's conference room it was just like right there
yeah uh there's a five dollar donation from uh saucer rr saying love all the videos but i do wish there would be more videos about games or series themselves like some of the older stuff on the channel well you are in luck because that is like something that we are supremely excited to be doing more of this year yeah that's that's it's we're going to make a conscious effort to you know we've been saying like you know can i get back to the roots in some ways like yes we're still going to make you know
tech videos you know stuff that people expect us to do uh but but it's definitely going to be a a conscious effort to you know just do things that just just random things that just strike us as fun things that we want to do you know it doesn't necessarily matter if we think it's going to be the biggest video ever or anything we just you know just want to do something that's going to be fun for us to do yeah i mean i i really want to get around to doing that it's going to have to be multiple videos but with ease nine coming out
like i it's like i really want to get back get around to doing like an ease video yeah even like you know if i even have to do one for each like each game in the series i think it'd be fun you know like look at all i mean i can't even imagine looking at all the different versions of ease one but uh i mean it might be it might be interesting uh but yes that is that is definitely a major priority and also
uh doing some shorter videos because you know we've had some people saying like you know these big videos are such a commitment to to watch sometimes there's such a commitment to make exactly and we just want you know we want to do we want to have a mixture of both yeah again yeah that that is very much you know if i i i hope that we will make the games we played in 2021 and be able to say we succeeded in doing that
right how about why it was so hard for me to find the path up to that crystal it was really not that hard uh there's there's seven pounds from nathan's i almost said nathan's hot dogs from nathan's gaming uh saying hi everyone are you emulating this or upscaling it do you use use the xrgb mini i love your works work guys and uh thanks thanks a lot from the uk and you were playing this with the ultra hdmi i assume right uh yep it is the ultra hdmi
um so it in a sense it's upscaled but maybe not in the sense that you uh you were imagining oh here's there's the uh the final fantasy three commercial does it is is it even going to show the game at all period i mean i guess at the time they had no they had no idea how to market an rpg over here yeah they didn't know how to sell it yeah it does not show the game in action at all wow
like i mean you know the fall i mean it's another time it was arguably one of the best looking games on the system because it was like the one that used like all of its possible colors they could display at one time i remember seeing in action it probably doesn't look that exciting like two people who don't understand it you know yeah well like final fantasy 7 you know famously didn't show the game in action either
but you know but at least that shows something you would actually see in the game correct yeah uh there's there's five dollars from retro boy thank you saying hey guys you all enabled me to get an amazing setup a month ago i got pvms on the side of the road and i would have with and i would have uh without you walked right right past oh man i need to know what you what you found that's incredible i have a friend who found a
got a pvm from a yard sale oh wow this summer saying here's a small bribe to play one of my favorite six generation games one time out of the week when one time uh one time uh this year or out of the you know i got a stream a zurich so zurich was you know it was like one of those launch it's kind of a launch window xbox game oh okay and you know what i might be into that i i you know now
you have had me disappointed that i did i saw a copy of it at goodwill a few months back and i decided not to buy it which was very unlike me uh fred northrup asking you guys ever have mvg on and uh he hasn't been on our stream we should we should we'd love to have him on uh we met him briefly at the uh at long island uh retro game convention in
2019 right yeah yeah he um he was on he was on that he's like he's such a smart guy he's like he like knows so much he was on that uh digital foundry stream before we were on uh friday and then and audi was on his channel on a oh yeah like on a live stream with him i would love to have him on maybe that would be a good excuse to play zurich since he's such a big
big xbox guy um yeah he's an ease video would be like it's something that i've wanted to do forever just like we wanted to do a wonder boy video forever like you know we just they just i mean that's something that we want to do that like we're excited to do but i mean i don't honestly like even if i i would probably have to do a video for like each game in the series or at least do
like one two or three games per video i mean you know it honestly you know it might be even be interesting to just i know you said be crazy but like you know why not do a video that's just all the versions of ease one i mean you probably group one and two together because they are like the craziest part about it is like i don't even know i'd have to i mean you'd probably have to collaborate with people like jimmy and like audi you might have a bunch of like access to some of like the weird
versions you know yeah uh you'd have to collaborate with a lot of people you could probably do it get a lot of it on mister i'm sure yeah um but uh yeah there it it there would definitely be a lot of challenging versions of that to deal with but you know i i you know i i was all planning to do a um
uh you know honestly it was it was it was early 2019 uh before we realized like you know we can't get it have any more distractions before like at least starting to get the documentary series as we called it at the time written i started working on a um i started working on a on like a a video that was all the different ways to play the 2d mario games like all the 2d mario games and
like lately i'm kind of more of a mindset of you know we did the video you know we were going to do the all the games that were in the 3d all-stars but then we ended up just doing mario 64 and it kind of be thinking you know why not just do it on individual games like you know [Music] you know because mario one on its own would probably be an hour video you know exactly and i mean but that would be really cool to see all the different versions of it and i think that one of the things we've been talking about is like you know
we just we we have to like get over the idea that these videos have to have like everything in them like like you know the the mario 64 video was kind of a realization of that where we were gonna do all three and it's like that's just not even doable like we can we could do the other ones as their own thing another time oh there's uh there's five dollars from mark mike mike sherry saying he's four has three versions so
that might take a while and that's that's very true but also this f4 has how many versions uh three versions that's not that many compared to ease it's not but i mean then that but the thing is what we would look at also is you know the uh memories of salsa has a vita version and it has a uh a pc version that was done by xseed and then then there's a ps4 version that was done by falcom and the the ps4 version the ps uh
ps4 and the pc version are like different really how so well yeah because uh the version that falcon did for the ps4 did not use what what xc did for the pc version so i mean i didn't think xc had any like real like development in-house yeah i mean they did that one they also did the development for the pc version of e7 really yeah which one of which is considered better
like the ps4 version of celcetta is not amazing from what i've tried uh i think that the ps the pc version probably has more options to it at least control options but i mean i don't think that the the ps4 version is bad no i mean especially like it's it's only bad because like it doesn't give you options to use like all the shoulder buttons because they didn't uh like it's based on the the
uh the vita version so it's like okay your l and r and l two and l l 2 and r 2 like do the same thing i i can't believe throwing a bomb into that open window actually did something uh there's also 999 from terminal philosophy thank you say uh please consider streaming cybernator in 2021. i also support the idea of game focused episodes maybe try to do a super mario rpg episode you know what it is a lunar series retrospective video you know i'm not going to lie i actually
kind of considered playing streaming mario rpg tonight just because like i had the box art and the in the year end video when i was introducing origami king and like that is something i want to do sometime like i just want like it's been so long since like i played through that game so many times as a teenager so many times but i haven't played it in a long time and i would love to see like how far could i get in the span of a stream yeah that's definitely something i want to do sometime
but yeah oh i mean yeah i mean mario we've been talking about doing a lunar video for a long time like i would do the uh the sega cd version and you would do the ps1 version that's that's actually uh i feel like that's something that we are possibly even likely to do this coming year because like i i i've really said that like after i got the ps1 digital like i wanted to kind of make luna are like playing lunar one and two back to back a priority which was something i kind of talked
about like i'm even more excited to do it because i kind of talked about in the games we played in 2020 video that like i kind of discovered like oh like i really like playing games in a series like back to back and just keeping your momentum up with the series feels good uh oops um well if i if i you know i would replay the second one and i would definitely be playing the unworked version because i have no desire to play this well you'll obviously have to mention
like what the original was like but yeah but the the the sega cd version was always i always remember it being so difficult that it was the idea of playing through it again was very scary it was was very scary to me but you know i bet it's not as difficult as you thought it was at the time that's true but i mean i i would probably just play the the unworked version again then i could talk about that yeah
and the save files you know would work for this for both uh but that is definitely something that is i think i mean i'm just excited about doing stuff like that and you know just like comparing different versions of it and stuff like that is you know just like what we've been doing with like the best way to play stuff but also you know like talk more about our memories and stuff and it's you know you kind of get the idea that people are interested in hearing that a little bit more from us because i
mean the your end video the views on it have been a lot better than we thought and they the views on those year-end videos have been going up year after year like there's it's so surprising that there's you know there's people who tell us that that's like the video they look forward to the most every year i guess you never know what's coming next we we say you know like between us we were saying like it doesn't really matter how well
uh those like the year-end videos do we really make it for the people who like watch the show for us you know and it's it's like it's you know it's always kind of fun but me you know i think i spent i spent only maybe about seven days actually working on editing on that video and not working like crazy late either and both of us edited roughly 45 minutes each
uh which it's actually kind of amazing how evenly matched our overall time is on that uh you know because i feel like usually like i'm the one that usually has a harder time like reeling in how many games i'm talking about yeah but like i you know i in the past i feel like there's usually been games i like wrote a segment for and i'm just like i don't have time to do this i have to cut it that didn't really happen this year i i radically reduced how much i talked
about rise of the tomb raider and shadow of the tomb raider and i i did ride a little more for battle of olympus i i ultimately just like made a passing mention of it but um but yeah i mean it uh it was it was fun to do it was you know it was honestly sometimes when when when i get so bogged down in like heavy projects like analog frontiers sometimes i like lose my confidence and
my ability to like edit efficiently and sometimes just working on a light and fluffy video like the games we played in 2020 is is like this big confidence booster that i really need sometimes because it's like oh yeah i think that's true for both of us like i i kind of hit a weird wall and in the back half of this year where i just was not moving as fast and i think i think a lot of that comes down to you know the amount of b-roll and stuff that
i've been shooting and it's like i i just get like overwhelmed sometimes i guess like oh i got to get this and this and this and this and it's really like really i don't need to but yeah or what i have totally fine just be more efficient with it and i think that it was good it's like the way doing this like an easier to edit video and you know what and that's the thing and it's like when i was doing a lot of these videos like over and over and over again where
it's like you shoot so much b-roll because it's required because you're like showing up like a device or something right so uh i think that having more episodes where it's like i can just like show like a lot of gameplay like that is what you need to show anyway yeah i mean that's one of the big reasons i'm excited to do this mister video because you know for all intents and purposes the mister itself
is like not the most exciting looking device even even though it looks gorgeous with the with the aluminum case excuse me uh there's only like so many different angles i can show this thing yeah well and you know analog frontiers part three is i mean it's gonna have a lot of b-roll absolutely yes but i think it's in the end i think it's going to be more g-roll game footage heavy uh than the previous analog frontiers episodes
just because i mean the nature of it is we're talking about playing games in the absence of hardware or in the absence of the original cartridge so uh you know a lot of it is about emulation and uh the various forms of it and stuff like that so you know it just it it it makes sense to be talking about uh to be showing games rather than devices um but i mean there will be a mixture of
both in it but i you know analog frontiers part three is uh part way into editing but it definitely has a oops a good ways to go but i i i'm you know now that the year-end video is done i'm i'm gonna get back into it uh more heavily uh starting this week uh and i i'm feeling very optimistic and recharged and renewed after doing this uh year-end video um and i i feel confident that like
late january all three of these are going to come together a lot quicker than you think they're gonna yeah late january early february i'm very confident we'll have analog frontiers part three um and i i i suspect it'll only be about a month later until part four um part five is a little harder to guess because i said i have more writing i need to do on that one uh i need to make some revisions to part four uh the part four script but um
uh you know there's a lot more riding left to do on part five but uh you know basically by some point in the spring i'm i'm very confident you're going to have the whole the whole finished thing and then you're going to uh uh also see fun stuff from us like room tours cory's room tour might come even before analog frontiers is done yeah i i totally intend to do it i mean it's it's i don't really have anything else that i
feel is very very pressing that i need to do down here i gotta patch a couple of parts of the wall where i've mounted stuff and decided i didn't like it there i've i've um filled in the holes and and smoothed them over i just need to dab some paint on them what about it one thing that is uh kind of holding me back from my year-end video oh no i misjudged the size of my blast
um uh what one thing that is kind of gonna put my year-end video a little further into 2020 than yours or 2021.1 uh then yours is uh i i i've kind of backed off on one of the major pieces of furniture in my setup right now and i i think i'm going to replace it with something else
and so that that's i i don't want to really do it until uh until i've i've done that uh there was a a five dollars canadian from uh from ludog oh man you know lou dog it's spelled l-e-w d-a-w-g uh you know a long time ago i i have a childhood friend whose name was was lou and he borrowed or he had a copy of i bought my old copy
i believe of the game um what is it called it's not star control it's not uh it's uh surface star flight on the genesis and uh his save files have his have his uh his name as ludog l-o-u-d-o-g and i i played the i played ludog's files i think one time on on stream anyways says your channel is an amazing resource went
from composite to a on a flat screen to rgp on a 20 rgb on a 20l5 my eyes thank you my wallet not so much happy new year that is that's quite the jump it it is i mean i don't even know how much 20 l5 go for oh it's regularly it's it's a lot it's a lot unless you get very very lucky uh there's also uh five dollars from demo kirby thank you thank you saying i just got cyanide wild hearts today at best buy and we'll let cory know uh it is a fantastic game of the year
selection skip some of the stream to play it [Laughter] well i mean it's it's such a such a quick experience but i mean it's something you just do in one sitting i can't imagine stopping and doing something else and coming back to it uh there's also uh a five is it is it reals yeah that's right from uh from jean uh carvalho uh toledo thank you saying uh asking do you guys have uh some news and or expectations on
the ps2 to hdmi project from citrus 3000 psi i'd like to see a better 480i solution um i'm not sure if that's going to be his next project um he was just on a couple of weeks ago him and kristoff run our ps1 digital stream a few weeks ago and he talked a little bit about it i don't recall if he said it like i don't think it's gonna be his next one but uh i mean i think it's gonna it the work that they have done
up to this point like has me completely convinced that it's going to be the it's like the definitive solution for the for the ps2 and the the exciting thing is that um the that while they have not integrated motion adaptive dialysis into the ps1 digital yet uh they're confident that the hardware in it is going to be fully capable of of it once they nail that down for the ps2 digital
that's pretty exciting i'm excited about it uh there's also uh five canadian dollars from stadium arts thank you saying uh best third party n64 controller with joystick closest to og please uh i you know i've never really used uh a third-party controller that is like you know attempting to be a replica of the original i didn't order that that
wireless uh retro fighters controller but i i mean that's that's not like the i mean yeah it doesn't feel like the original but the the responsiveness is you know in in the ballpark i would say yeah um you know it's it's it's it's certainly one of one of the better i mean the the the you know the original stick is just very hard to replicate just how you know
responsive it really is um i but you know i i unfortunately i don't have much of an answer for you in terms of the ones that are really close to the original because i just i've never had a reason to pick one up because i mean you know i i always feel like i'm bragging you know some people were really turned off by uh by how i kind of put it in that old old old n64 replacement stick video i didn't i didn't really mean it in a
mean way or anything uh but like you're like i played n64 more than anybody yeah i mean yeah i mean people i think i think i think some people took it the wrong way uh well i played a ton of n64 a ton of n64 is a kid and like i do not have a single controller that is like bad like some are better than others
like none are bad so like i mean my point is i've never had like a a a need specifically for the for like looking into like that style someone did um uh send my way very recently one of the hoary ones and you know i i actually i should have i should have played with it tonight to get some you know uh impressions you can always switch
over impressions yeah i i guess i i guess i could uh it's upstairs maybe i should do that uh i i like being able to put an n64 game in my section i was i'm very happy to finally be able to show people that that little clip of oh yeah you shot that a long time ago yeah i mean that was i shot it specifically because i knew that i'd want to put it in this video let me let me go get that uh that hori
controller like you know it's a good opportunity to get some experience with it you know i'll wait for uh for james's donation until until try gets back um thanks carrie dolan jr for for checking it out uh yeah it is i believe it is the uh the the hoary pad one with with the d-pad in the very middle of it was was the tribute was that was that
retro bit russia but they've been so hit and miss on things but i feel at least the saturn controllers have been like the wireless saturn controllers have been pretty good i mean i i have been using a white one i think it's been pretty good okay i mean it's interesting because retro bit i think like have definitely up like their quality control in in recent years well hyperkin seems to just like it
stayed the same i guess it seems like retrobit has at least been trying to like up their game while like well harperkin is just like this is good we're in a good spot we're just gonna stay right here yeah i mean i i like i have i got one of the white ones even after using the uh the clear one the the only problem i have with the clear one is for some reason the light on it doesn't like turn on at all like the led so i don't know if it's on or off or if it's charging or anything but i get
i got a a white one which seems to be pretty great i think with the saturn stuff they knew they had to get it right i uh i forgot it was actually down here all along so here here's here's the little one and it is one of you know the ones from back and forth that this is not is is accurate what what what's not as accurate what
uh someone was saying that it's not the hori controller yeah i'm i'm sure it's not this is not a very demanding game in terms of uh uh you know the analog control it doesn't seem to be maybe maybe uh at the end of the stream maybe i can uh go grab mario 64 and see what i think um also something i i might try just for the heck of it sometimes uh i was also sent a
uh a shark pat a shark pad pro 2. i i know i know the shark pad have you used one i'm surprised they call it the shark pad because it looks more like like a stingray doesn't it it looks it looks like the ship that the uh the ever like qui-gon jinn and anna can take from the gungans when they leave oh yeah yeah yeah yeah and star wars episode one doesn't it
the stick on this shark pad is like weirdly long it's like weirdly lost it is weirdly long like the shaft is like an inch well you know uh something kind of weird about this uh hori controller is it's got it's got a little can you hear it it's got a little click
to the stick interesting does it do anything i guess we'll find out huh uh there's there's a five dollar donation while you're gone from my james yoder thank you saying do you have any plans on covering the analog pocket when it releases by the way i like your game boy game boy color and game boy advance video and i think it's safe to say they will definitely be covering it yeah i mean i mean we don't know for certain if we'll we'll have an opportunity to get one but i i i i i think that seems likely
um yeah you know we so i mean we're we're expecting to we're hoping to i mean i i i would i would be disappointed if we cannot and you know i want to do the the neo geo uh is as well or not neo geo the the duo i'd love for there to be a neo geo yeah i'm excited about the about the uh the wireless retro fighters i i like i i got one of the dreamcast pads but i haven't really used it yet uh but hopefully we see a yeah i haven't
really used a lot i mean i i although they'll have to do the vmu differently yeah i the the dreamcast wired one um i noticed that the analog stick seems to twist in place a little bit yeah well as gaming blows says 1.99 said uh the shaft is like an inch but only like an inch uh i mean i wonder how many
how many uh satisfied shark pad players there were out there um you know i'm uh i'm noticing that like the the tilt range on this hori uh controller seems broad uh like it just feels like it has a lot of travel distance but it feels comfy like the the the tip that where you rest your finger on like it
it seems like it might actually it might be larger than a gamecube like the the top of a gamecube controller you know um but something i'm noticing like the the grips you know they saw they saw i'm sure oh microphones back here but like my uh middle finger kind of rests in this like indentation
like on the on the which i don't know feels maybe a little weird but i i haven't this i don't think this game uses the shoulder buttons so i'm not really going to be able to get impressions of of those um well i mean i guess it uses the z button for just maybe just need to spend more time with it you know yeah but yeah i mean love it for us it's you know it's shortcomings it's uh it's uh
i mean it's it it is pretty comfy it's just you know i never felt an oppressing need to get this controller because i didn't have a problem with the original n64 controller you know uh you know it was kind of a similar situation to the nes dog bone it's like oh i bet that's amazing and then like i got one and i was not amazed and i was just like you know i didn't have a problem with
the original nes controller like why did i think it was gonna be so amazing to get one of those and so like i i think that kind of gave me the revelation with the i saw the hori pen and i was just like oh it's got like a gamecube stick and everything and i was just like well wait i don't i don't have a problem with the gamecube controller or the n64 controller so i was just like well i should i should let people who don't like the n64 controller spend money on it
yeah but uh you know i i'm very appreciative to have this now because it anytime controllers come up it feels like this is an important thing that we're not really able to show you know and so i i'm i'm excited for whenever i'm sure it'll come up uh i'm sure it will come up as much as i like to talk about n64 controllers um uh
uh you know i'm i'm sure i will come up with uh need to talk about this in the in the shark pad 64.2 um so it's just a very very good thing for us to have on hand so i'm i'm i'm very happy to have it uh but it doesn't mean it does seem comfy exactly we'll have to do another third party controllers video and you can really get into the nitty-gritty do you have anything that that like is not included in in that one in the first one
i might i don't know like i haven't really thought too much about it [Music] well we got a 10 donation from nicholas deleon thank you saying uh thanks for everything this year and looking forward to a great 2021. thank you i i i hope you have a great one too i'm i'm optimistic that it will be i'm glad you're glad to see you in here i don't know what these little question mark green blocks i sometimes pick up
are yeah oh there's a two dollar donation from jonathan g saying uh just a tip sometimes it's all you need sometimes you need pro tips though that's true that's true i mean that's that's not something you can count on the uh the shark or the uh the hory pad i still don't know if that click in the stick actually like does anything
it's so weird that it's there i got i don't even know if there's a button underneath it i just i have no idea it's so interesting how like the the second world in this game is like so much more colorful and visually appealing than the than the first world like the first world's really boring looking uh broken femurs sounds painful uh is
asking uh would you guys consider doing an rgb masterclass video on the original xbox and that that's that is definitely gonna happen yeah there was a i mean you know we get questions about all the time and there was a question recently that i i think i think it might have been i'm gonna run to the path i think it might have been in response to a live stream because i think they were saying like they were they were not they were noticing that we had said like oh we're probably doing wii and dreamcast next and he said oh it seems weird to do
we before you do xbox and you know the only reason that i'm expecting that the wii video will come before xbox is that we just we just feel more prepared to do the wii video than than the xbox video um it just feels like there's there's a lot of information a lot of versions like my understanding is that uh xbox video quality that they use a wide number of video encoders and it
apparently varies quite significantly uh from unit to unit or revision to revision um you know even over its relatively short life uh so uh it just if i i feel a bit intimidated by the subject of the xbox it just it feels like there's the i mostly know and have access to already what we would need for uh
for a wii video so that's that's why it's probably gonna come before xbox you know that i you know i you know nothing you know i think a lot of we've done so little xbox stuff a lot of people probably think we hate the xbox and you know and i will admit you know i i didn't even have an xbox until uh until i wanted to do that episode on grab by the ghoulies i didn't have any xbox you um i mean just just like anyone back in the day you know i mean most people probably didn't have
all the systems you know you had gamecube and ps2 you know uh so but you know then you start a youtube channel and it's like oh now i want you know every you know that i should be able to have show this and show that and show that know this game is interesting blah blah you know it tempts you into buying too many systems uh but uh i uh you know i i do enjoy what i play the xbox i just
you know i admittedly have less experience with it corey corey had one back in the day and uh you know he he obviously has a lot more experience with xbox than i do but um you know we i feel like we need our need our hands on more different revisions i've got i've got a couple yeah i mean that's are you saying when it comes to the og you better bring him pretty good and that that you know that is like kind of part of it
for me too because it's like oh man like i you know so much too of the xbox scene is surrounds like custom firmware and stuff it's just it's there's so many people that know it so well that i i kind of do feel intimidated uh in the sense that like oh like i'm i'm probably gonna overlook like some really crucial like uh you know custom firmware
functionality or something and you know it's just it's it's it's a little it's a little daunting i think uh you know so much so much of of the xbox stuff revolves around software uh rather than hardware mods um it's in somewhat oh bomb actually does affect that um you know it's just i don't know it's it's it's a little intimidating uh you know i do have my xbox soft
modded and corey does too cory has a more recent soft mod on his um i need i need to update mine uh yeah uh i don't have a i i i'm actually uh uh i'm i was just a bit ago swapping out controllers just to experiment i i recently got this uh this hoary pad i'm trying it for the first time i was sorry the stream using a real n64 controller but i
thought oh yeah i got that i should should get some impressions of it pretty pretty good so far but this is not the most uh demanding game to uh to use to test it um but uh i i don't have the wireless brawler 64 corey just said he ordered one yeah um i ordered a red one i i have you know the wired one and i do like it but you know i'm i'm such an apologist for the n64 controller i almost always use the real thing
um and later on i might try the shark pad 64 2 since i also recently received that uh so here i'm gonna pose this question for the chat because i i was talking to try a little bit about this earlier um i have like a a bunch of hard drives like a bunch of older hard drives they're like you know like around 500 500 gigs is 750 gigs uh some one terabyte drive so i've been kind of going through and seeing if there's anything on them
that i need and then after i do that i've just been like zeroing out the entire like wiping the whole thing with zeros uh does anybody have any suggestions of like what i should do with them i mean is there a place that i could maybe like donate them for like people that can use them i mean i have i have an old macbook pro that i'm going to uh i'm going to put a drive in it i'm going to like take it the best buy because they give you like i mean it's like 11 years old but i can get like 50 bucks for it or something
like that and i think that they take them and repurpose them or they'll dispose it properly of it properly uh i mean the personal stuff that is i don't think there's any like really personal stuff on there on them but that's why i'm going back through and and wiping them with zeros uh they're all stata drives um i'm i'm just using uh i'm using mini tool you like zero it out i mean if there's anything on them it's
like gonna be like game capture or just like backups i think that i like i could for some of the smaller ones i have something like 2.5 inch i'm thinking about getting some enclosures for but even then it's like it's not even i don't know if it's like really even worth it uh i thought about using for playstation storage but i'm right now i have like a like a 250 gig uh dr ssd in my ps2 even though i can't like really make
use like it doesn't get any benefit from uh the from an ssd i just am using it because uh cuts down on heat and just like moving parts eventually i do want to put like an ssd in my ps3 even though it doesn't get any benefit out of it it just like gets rid of like any kind of moving parts i i i put a ssd in my ps3 um at the kind of at the start of the ps4 generation uh
just because i thought that you know since i wouldn't be using the system like a lot like nearly as much going forward i just kind of thought like you thought like you know i mean i know ssds you know have their longevity concerns but like i'm not going to be doing like a lot of reads and writes on it you know right was my thought this is a new attack whoa whoa what uh i already have a one terabyte in my in my extra xbox og xbox
um there was a donation that i missed here i think maybe i didn't i did not i thought i did i didn't but we'll we'll see i mean i'm going through it's like a rather large stack and uh i already have a i mean the ones that i do i am using another system i just like i already have uh hard drives like i have a like a wii hard drive that you know is only like half full i should
go through my hard drive sometime too and just see if i can consolidate you know anything i want to keep you know just get them get them off of the old ones because how how likely am i to like you know go looking for something on any one of them you know yeah i mean dramatize saying best buy takes electronics recycling do you know if they take hard drives [Music] oh no what on earth are you supposed to
do there like can you push against it uh there's 4.99 from from juice juice polydot thank you thing wondering i wonder if it's worth it to just buy the xrgb at 550 instead of the oss plus a new capture card since i have the hd60 pro um i mean that's i mean that's that's that is something to think about but i think some of those really cheap capture cards won't they work with the oss
like a lot of the ones that are like designed for like converting a camera to a webcam or something like that i think a lot of those work with the ossc um like the the elgato like the early elgato is just like the um early april media's yeah i mean honestly you could get a capture card that would would support it for well less than 500 minus the cost of the ossc you know the only thing i would consider
is you know is are you going to be really bothered by how the ossc handles 480i and do you not have another alternative for how to deal with 480i irisablot is saying how hard is it to use a mister with a pvm and uh it is not hard at all it's it's it's plug and play you just get one of those you know d sub to um bnc um adapters and or or or
you know to to scar or you can use you can use component yes that's actually what i've got on mine i've got that's what i'm doing too because it's just easier uh but i mean yeah it's plug and play there are some like parameters you can set um okay do i just like have to run into this or what okay geez that's that's nerve-wracking like i hope i'll go and get
more of a like a deceptive component uh cable which is just like you know modern price has them yeah you don't even need the i o board with direct video you can use uh if you have the digital i o board you can get an hdmi to uh vga seems mean i'm gonna look up uh a fact about this boss because i'm kind of getting nervous because like the you've only got so many continues i don't
i don't know if it's like surely it's not for the whole game it's probably just for the world you wouldn't think on an n64 game but this bot this boss is is kind of cruel uh there's a there's a five pound donation from jimmy maxwell thank you saying a uk fan as i said that i got a offer on a japanese saturn but one of the things holding back is the startup sound i love the us and uh european startup sound
oh well i mean i i i really like the japanese startups well and the thing too the the japanese logo is like objectively better than the uh the american one so uh you know you do get to see that on a japanese system let's see but i mean i mean it's up to you i i mean if if it if if you'll miss it that much and you should if you're gonna buy a
system you just get the one that you really want honestly oh i didn't realize that goodwill also takes e-waste i mean i'll take the like i'll keep the couple of hard drives that i want to use uh that i might see potential for using in the in the future but i mean some of the 3.5 there's just like really no reason to keep them around especially since two terabyte ssds are not i mean they're still really expensive
but they're not not that bad i've been like eye in that one of those uh western digital nvme two terabyte uh sticks but there's no real reason for me to get something like that i i do wonder when the uh when the 3080s are going to be more easily purchasable uh old school gamers try was just saying that he's really hoping it's going to be out like at the end of this month
for analog frontiers yeah part three i i would say early february at the latest but i think i do think the i think the end of january is possible and you'll be working on i'm sure you'll get something out in january as well oh yeah yeah i mean i i still got to do this video on this the neo geo mvsx thing and john and i were going to do a thing and that's like that's going to be an
indication of like one of like the smaller videos that that we want to do where it's uh just like something like really easy where it's just like us chatting for like 15 minutes about it you know i might do something where it's just uh be my me by myself talking about it but i'm not gonna go like crazy on this thing like i'm not it doesn't need to be a big deal people have already done videos on it and uh you know i just feel like a
you know like it's just like more of a casual thing try is looking up how to beat this boss because he doesn't want to lose his last life well i mean i i've got extra continues but he just seems really mean so i wanted uh i wanted to want to look up some information it sounds like i don't i don't know i mean it didn't it didn't actually have a lot of valuable information to be honest um i i i'm just really nervous about that attack
where he like breaks the raft up has never made a how to beat for this game it's true yeah of course how to beat you know is all about giving kind of like bad strategies like or not like bad strategies but like not necessarily expert tier strategies it's just like whatever we did that made it work you know that anybody would notice yeah obvious strategies yeah
you know that was why i thought this is your sword this is the sword that you have that that's why i thought i mean that's why i thought uh you know demon souls 2 or dark souls 2 would would be such a fun one to do because like it was my first run through the game i only run through the game uh because dark souls 2 is not that good um you know i just i just thought it'd be funny
apparently there is somebody i've i've seen tweets about it saying that uh someone talks about it all the time someone really likes that video who's like a big it was like a big person in the in the dark souls community interesting talks about the video of that video all the time uh ricky pond was asking uh you guys do a 300 episode on the ps1 hdmi mod and that is something that i think that was kind of the breaking point where we said i wish we could just
do the videos that we wanted to do right now like because we like how we have such a backlog of things that we're like oh we should do this we should do this uh right and we really want to do a video in in the moment on the like when it's like like as soon as we get it and we're like oh like we should we should do this and then it's just like oh but we should do this first and i i we definitely should do a video on so maybe after the
maybe after the the motion adaptive stuff is out you know or or maybe end up kind of doing them together like when with the ps2 one i i i just don't know we'll we'll just have to see uh old school gamers this is the uh the ultra hdmi so i was telling you earlier that uh i watched i watched the uh the the new jumanji movies
hear about you the second one yet but you told me you watched the first oh i mean i like i think that like everyone i mean i didn't maybe not as much the second one but everyone else seemed to like the the the second one more than the first oh really i mean i thought both i thought both oh my gosh that that is such a mean attack um i mean i mean i thought both were good but the first was definitely better but both were good yeah i mean i thought that it was it was
a lot better than i was expecting and you know i i recently we recently watched the first one i got i guess about a year ago and uh then this summer we watched that zethera which is i mean was the last time you saw it as a thorough well i i actually hadn't seen any except for like most of the first one until you know it was sometime this past year i guess
uh that i i watched the original jumanji zethera and the two new ones i i i i had never um i had seen like jumanji like on tv before like after it was like already like underway you know i've never seen it from the beginning uh before bobby i i like all of them but i i thought zethero was the weakest
personally but i think it has you know a lot of people i mean it's just technically it's just like it's a sequel in theme only well i mean the the source material comes from the same author i guess okay uh there's a two dollar or two two uh two pound is that that's two pound right yeah two pound from injen uh uk saying uh definitely do a treasure special you've been asking for it for a long time maybe
maybe maybe this will be the year also uh i suck says if you press b plus a you will grab the bomb automatically i think it's better than placing the bomb and picking it up oh you know that sounds really familiar i'll i i think i used to know that back in the day and i i forgot uh but i mean i was surprised at just how good the the movie the the new movies were because i was i mean
you know there's a long time between the uh you know the original and this one and usually it doesn't always work out so well yeah especially how the game got really got made it doesn't even really matter yeah but like even even uh you know you would think like oh gosh it's going like the it's a video game round but like i like the idea that in the interest uh its own interest
of being played like it adapted with the times you know like that actually worked and like it became a playstation game or the guy was playing playstation right like i was actually really confused like what the actual console was supposed to be oh i think i got him that boss was kind of scary but it makes you wonder i mean obviously they're gonna have to do a third one
because of the ending there yeah and it is interesting because you think about how the first movie had you know the the animals getting out into the real world and this is like finally kind of getting back to that yeah yeah but i mean i don't know if they could do a whole movie based on being in the real world because most of the fun comes from you know the the the game tropes and stuff that are well right and also like you know they would have to figure out how to get like
the the you know the rock and you know all the all the other you know the all the other characters that they're actually playing in the game you know like i mean i guess they could make it so that you know they come out into the real world you know with the the stilted video game dialogue that like you know the some of the other npc characters in the world do you know i'm going to i'm i'm going to try the the shark pad 64 2 for a little bit
to be honest like i mean this is a small compact controller like it it makes my hands feel maybe a little a little cramped compared to you know the good ol real n64 controller uh but but it is interesting it is interesting and i'll uh i will for sure uh you know keep it in mind whenever whenever the need to show n64 controller stuff comes up in videos again uh there is a 10 donation thank you from uh from old school gamers thank you
so much thank you just a little something to start off new year's with with with you fellas uh thanks for for all the videos i've learned a lot over the years from you both keep up the great work well thank you well we will do our you'll best we're gonna he's gonna get some hands on with that that uh that one inch shaft you can get a little handsy with it um
it's weirdly long it's it's weirdly long sandy just look at that whoa weird controller sandy i know uh she like it smells weird does this smell right are you so there there's a there's two dollars from there's two dollar donation from uh from warren hokey oh thank you thank you saying love the your end video thanks for all you do thank you it was it was a lot of fun
making the video i i feel like where where i i i'm moving this stick around feels weird because i feel like where i naturally want to settle into the you know the the octagon grooves like it's just like oh it's not quite there yet uh there was a uh there's a five dollar
donation from a container seven thank you saying great game choice well thank you not everyone agreed now that not everyone agrees but i i i wanted to play it tonight darn it so i did uh there's five pounds from in in gen uk thank you saying i'm massively looking forward to the mr episode after taking the plunge with it after watching your stream with smoke monster still in love with it oh yeah i mean it's it's just like
one of the coolest things about it and like i know that like try it is not like a big like i know what i love updating my stuff and the mr basically you never know you're going to get on any given day you know it could be just a normal day and then then sega cd support shows up [Laughter] you never know and that's that's what i think is so much fun about it is that it's just
there's there's so much stuff going on that you just have no idea what could just we might show up the next day i mean we could be like just hanging out during the stream tomorrow doing the stream we're gonna do with john lennon playing grandia and then suddenly uh the uh suddenly uh x68 000 will show up like official all right if if whoever's making the x-68 000 core is like almost ready with it you better get yeah or maybe like the
the the cave core will get it like an official release just out of nowhere i mean that's that's what i think is most fun about it i mean you know think about all the people who complained about ps3 system updates you know years ago anything else is like i i love that kind of stuff you know i i i was my favorite thing is like when i don't know when i don't hear about a uh an update
that happens and i just like pass on my head and i say i'm gonna see if there's an update for this and it turns out that there was like an update like that same day or the day before i love when that kind of thing happens but i mean that's what's cool about and it yes i i understand like a lot of nintendo's updates are like oh you know a lot of sony updates and everything is like improved system stability
but that's okay you know i i i don't mind because you know what the system is more stable than it was a little bit ago i i've seen people make jokes before like like like you know my my switch is so stable now i should get some horses you know something that i have not found in the ps5 uh uh system software yet that i think is a little disappointing uh you know one of my favorite features
of uh the ps4 oops is of the ps4 is uh i don't know i have to continue so you only got so many credits i mean i'm assuming it's just saying back to the beginning of the world i may be crazy um uh uh but uh um you know on on ps4 you know you had these very like fourth right uh like you know you could just hit the
options button and you can see the the what happened in each patch i did not see they got rid of that not every developer really did much with it but i i feel like most of the time you found like oh like interesting information there uh and uh i i was kind of bummed to see them hide that again like that was that was one of the best things uh
sony had going on i thought like it was like wow that is so cool and honest of them you know yeah i mean it's it's it's surprising that it's uh that they're not is is not able to see him as much right it doesn't present the information straight up yeah um but i see you know someone's saying i hope that someday like they combine like the mr with
aspects of the analog system so it's not uh so so uh devi which i gotta i feel that the mister is like less intimidating and much easier to use than like the raspberry pi by a lot uh of course not in the same way as the um as the analog systems are you know where you have like the menu and it's just like you go through but i i feel like something like that's
got to be close to happening it's only a matter of time i would say before you know someone makes a uh you know a system designed for a specific core or set of cores that is just you know kind of ready to use i'm sure it'll happen oh we got a 4.99 donation from sean quinn thank you good to see ya speaking up about ps5 and updates have you guys heard about when they're going to allow
for additional internal storage i haven't seen anything on that at all are they uh i wonder when that's going to be and not only that but i mean how likely is it that that the like the nvme storage sizes are going to increase any time it seems like they're basically right like stuck it at two terabytes i i'm definitely planning to wait a while uh yeah before expanding my internal storage on
it just because it i'm sure something much better is going to come along before long yeah and i i mean i know you like to have everything installed well i i know there's no way i can do it on ps5 although like honestly honestly i think it's going to be a long while before i could fill up the internal storage with just ps5 games because like i i don't even know when i'm gonna buy my next ps5 game like i just i'm like like the only thing like uh
like we don't know when ratchet and clank is coming like the only thing in the coming months uh that i like kind of really want to get is uh yakuza seven but i i don't even know if uh i'm gonna get like right away you know i'm only going to get right away if i if i if i think i'm going to start it right away but like it it does look super fun it just seems right to get it on ps5
yeah ps5 version isn't out until march i think um but yeah like i just i i definitely am waiting a while um uh before getting too deep into ps uh ps5 storage like it just did uh not only that i mean if you're worried about like i i don't know if it's like about having you know the uh the patches and everything stored for the future i mean it's part
partly that but you know but i mean you don't have to worry about that until like oh they're gonna stop supporting oh sure i mean it's gonna go away that's that's part of it but like i just i like to have everything ready to go you know and it's not that difficult to do that with ps4 it's really not like i've got i've got one external drive and i i upgraded my internal to i guess
i i don't even remember what the internal is two terabytes maybe i i don't even know um uh but you kind of want to get sack boy i yeah i do want to get sacked why i i feel like you know that's that that is definitely going to be a greatest hits at some point on the system and and i want i want to play with drum and len and you know that yeah that'll be a
a more of a post-pandemic endeavor i mean i think that that's something that i i guess i have done these last several years were uh if it's something i'm not going to play like right away like i've been generally waiting until like the holidays to get a lot of the stuff that i i really do i really do i will i will get it i will get it for sure um i do really want to i i but i think you know like i i just i i suspect i'm
gonna be uh slower picking up ps5 games than i i was overall with ps4 you know although you know if you know these these limited print run games you know it's hard it's hard to hard to say no to them when you know it's something you're gonna like yeah exactly i mean they're like with the limited print run stuff you know i i will just i'll just get them because like that's the only real
opportunity to do it but i was thinking about playing uh playing police knots as my as my first game of the year which which does sound fun i've also was also thinking about playing through uh [Music] that would be intimidating like i i i like maybe maybe i should oh they seem like obtuse frightening games to me i i've not tried that gotten that far
into any of them but like i'm i'm i'll admit i'm a little scared of him i i was thinking about uh starting shin moo on like a backloggery stream sometime though maybe maybe maybe we should both do that do that this year [Music] you know uh shimmu uh yeah shimmu three will run a lot better on current gen consoles too you know i think it had a lot of performance problems on last gen
uh there is there's five pounds from uh from jamie maxwell thank you saying it's a curse word in gaming and you have represented us well so far but continue to remember us pal people in your rgb type videos we appreciate it i mean we we try to do as much as we can in terms of yeah what we have on hand and available to us there's only so much we can really show in true uh you know you know truly with with pal like i've got i've got oops i've got a pal
mega drive um and you know we have the ability to do pal stuff like through uh you know maybe mister i don't know but like definitely through like uh some of the analog consoles via analog output i mean we do what we can to represent 50 hertz when we can but you know we oftentimes just don't have the the systems to real to really do it um you know something that was interesting
um someone said was it only me or uh was it just me or or did anyone else notice that they were actually using an ntsc system to show pal mario 64. um because the music was slowed down i guess if you play it on a real uh pal system at oh no oh no oh no yikes um i guess you i guess you played on real pal system the the sound is not
uh slowed down um but you know he's you know i responded to god and he said you know it's it is a pretty close representation uh but see i i did not i did not know that that um playing it on the on ntsc one loading the palo rama on ntsc one uh you know wasn't 100 true to what a what a pal version really is it was news to me like i didn't think i was going to be able to show the pal version in
action at all and then i oh oops oh no i i am not going to play with this controller anymore [Laughter] that uh the the the shark pad 64 pro two with the one inch shaft not gonna play not gonna play with it big thumbs down now um they're not gonna be i'm gonna be winning any awards no maybe
i'll use uh pokemon 25th anniversary is next month can you believe it uh i have not played play not please not actually i've only played the intro to get footage from like a specific like for a video previously uh i mean is it is it very long i mean i assume it's probably like six
seven hours i'm guessing i remember when i played through snatcher when it came out it took me it was like three days it took me of playing i think my brawler 64 must be upstairs it's not here so i'm going with going with oh reliable here ah that feels better that feels better sandy feels so much better hi yeah get all n64 controller the pokemon 25th anniversary is this year that's that's unbelievable
it's zelda is zelda 35th this year is zelda and metroid i i i think so i'm i'm kind of hoping for like uh like uh wind waker twilight princess and skyward sword on switch maybe i think that'd be a good thing to do this year i think it would it would be interesting you know it turns 10 this year i don't know i think skyrim turns 10 this year that's you're right that's insane
i've never even played it i just i saw it someplace that it came out in 2010 2011. yeah that that's that's absolutely crazy actually because it felt like you know it felt like a long wait between oblivion and skyrim and they were like in the same generation you know yeah oblivion was 2006. and wow it's crazy to think how much longer it is to uh the elder scrolls six
that's that's wild the gamecube 20th anniversary is this year along with the 10th of the 3ds wow wow the three skyrim is as old as the 3ds did didn't didn't you say the game the 3ds is all the skyrim honestly didn't you say that the game sack uh their first episode aired on the release date of the 3ds i believe that's so funny like that's when they made it at least
that's when they shot it that's funny i uh i mean you know i i remember the 3ds uh the day came out it was it was it was good times i'm still living in my apartment yeah zelda is 35 that's crazy yeah i think they'll definitely do something this year i mean ah dang it uh i mean what what what's interesting is that um
uh on my understanding of what's going on with um 3d with galaxy on 3d all-stars is that it's actually kind of like a uh like a recompiled version to some extent but it might be like a hybrid emulation port um which would be interesting because you know they obviously did like the full like remaster
for uh wind waker and twilight princess which i never played the hd twilight princess and i'd really like to so it'd be even cooler if it was on switch i guess um but like even if they don't give skyward sword the full treatment which i mean to be fair the game may not really deserve it um uh it uh it you know it would be interesting because they would probably do the same thing with galaxy where it
would be a a you know a hybrid port emulation some some recompiled code i guess i don't know that's just my understanding but i don't know that much about it um but uh you know i i'd probably play skyward sword again i mean you know i i i don't dislike skyward sword i think for the reasons a lot of people do which i mean i i i take it it would be inaccurate to say that i dislike
skyward sword uh um i think the it would be it'd be nice to see a new version that was not motion focus to see if how they would do it i i think it would be really difficult i mean i i think the joy cons could do everything they would need the restructure the entire game i mean i don't yeah i i just don't think it could be done very feasibly i think the joy-cons could work as a stand-in for the wii motion plus though
you know i i think i think they i think they could do the job um i think at least we will see ports of wind waker and uh the twilight princess i think so like as a compilation oh sure but but you know i see that i think that's the main thing that people hold against skyward for i think that the motion controls were actually very good uh i i think you know it was kind of like all right good good job you did as you did as good as you could do really like this is the you're not going to get any better than
this you did it let's go back to button controls now you know that was kind of my my attitude with with uh skyward sword the motion controls were totally fine the thing that bothered me about skyward sword was um was the structure really the you know you yeah your puzzle-based overworld yeah it was really more like almost level based over world like there was no over world to speak of like the segments between dungeons were practically dungeons
themselves you know right there was no open field no explore no aspect of exploration to the game black blob thing like you found like like five times or something oh gosh yeah and like and it never it never gets any more fun no oh that that that was that was miserable and it looks so stupid like the design of it is so stupid like it's it's supposed to be you know this you know great uh you know calamity
that destroyed the world at some point or it had to be sealed away and it's like so stupid the way you heard it is by like you gotta attack it's like big like toes big floppy toes [Laughter] but like yeah the over world and then you go back to those same areas just slightly different like three times over the course of the game like it just the structure was just bad and what what blows my mind
is that uh i as far as i understand the same director was behind skyward sword link between worlds and breath of the wild as wildly different as those games are okay i thought it was the same it was that same person diminished cap which is very similar to uh skyward story oh yeah yeah yeah that's my understanding i'd have to double check those facts but that's what i've heard um
i i mean i put like 40 hours in the sky resort and i liked it at the time but i can't remember anything about it i mean it it was it was good i i liked the dungeons i loved the art style uh i loved the art style uh and i liked i liked uh like the stamina system i thought was um i thought was really well implemented and you know they they brought that back for breath of the wild i mean there were there were certainly
plenty of good things about it i remember now yep you do throw further if you're tilting the stick i think um um yeah i mean it was good but the structure was just so stilted you know yeah um warren hokey said that they just finished uh spirit tracks on the ds for the first time not as bad as people say i actually loved it i i i mean i i i i'd be interested in uh
seeing what i thought of it on replay i guess um it i i thought the train stuff was like not fun at all and i actually thought it was gonna be fun but i just i didn't oh no this level's tough uh i i i oh bomberman just falling into the molten lava into the liquid hot magma level's a little tough
um yeah i you know i i'd love to see i mean you know what what i really love is switch link between worlds i mean that yeah like the kirby games uh kid icarus uprising and oh yeah i mean i'd love to see a port of kid icarus it deserves it because there's just there's a lot there's a lot of content in that game oh yeah yeah um the soundtrack is unbelievable the the kirby games
link between worlds um and uh link between worlds are just like so deserving of like you know full-fledged hd ports honestly yeah i mean see i think just like like a kid icarus uprising with just like traditional controls would be amazing oh yeah i mean i i did not move how much you find the play the original controls it's like such a good oh yeah
fun game to play um you know i mean kid acres uprising is so good that it it makes me sad that you know sakurai is married to smash brothers you know because he could be making so many interesting games if if he just had the freedom to do anything else in a lot of ways i mean i think he probably did he like wasn't uprising like the thing he said i won't do another smash and like unless you let me do this i i don't i don't know
i i don't know if i've heard that story you know since then he said you know like you know if nintendo asked me to do a smash brothers you know i'd always put that as top priority and it's kind of like man i wish you wouldn't [Laughter] lordoxmusion says how can a game be good though if the controls are bad i mean i mean the controls aren't bad they're just unwieldy i think yeah i mean oh the controls i mean
honestly like if what i mean once you get used to the awkward yeah i mean it's just the game asks you to the controls are not bad it's just that the game asks you to hold and use the system in a way that is that people aren't used to it's unconventional you know yeah uh you know the controls are not bad uh and a lot of people just did not ask uh did we're not willing to to get used to it i think
um yeah i mean in much the same way like like i feel as though star fox zero was a pretty good game if it didn't have to control if you didn't have to control it like you did i actually really liked the controls in it i mean i i i i like star oh star fox zero i was thinking uh command mission i i i remember so little about star fox zero i mean the controls were bad they just they did feel a little forced though for sure right i i wonder if they could if
they could be converted to the uh switch so switch but i don't think it's gonna because i think that it didn't it's sold so poorly yeah and i still i still see it for clearance sometimes at places i think i might have seen it even at like a like five five below five and below oh i i heard about that i i heard like i i literally did not even know what that store was until i heard about star fox zero being
sold there yeah the last time i was there was uh what the heck why why that thing the entire game section was star fox zero and yokai watch for five dollars each yokai watch was like such a big thing for a while and i hear like in in japan my kids are like way into the yo-kai watch oh really like i heard they heard they will play the music on the alexa
i i i heard this in japan like you know it was just like an absolute phenomenon for a while it just seemed like oh this is gonna always be around like pokemon and i i heard that it's just like not nearly the phenomenon in japan that it was well i think the big problem is is that like the the pokemon are endearing but i feel like all the yokais are just like let's they all seem like [ __ ]
for lack of a better word like they're just really like they're not like none of them are nice i think that's like their whole thing because all they do is they just they cause mischief or whatever yeah i mean i think that's you know that's what yokai are in in japanese culture i guess well it doesn't translate very well to a show that it just doesn't translate very well to like a you know like characters that you want to care about
you know i you know i i've just in general had the hardest time with with level five as a developer like i i want to like their stuff i like their their you know their art style that they use they usually have really good music they seem very technically sound but the gameplay is just usually not that enjoyable to me uh you know dragon quest 8 being the big
exception because i mean you know dragon quest is dragon quest right you know they they're not really so much designing the systems behind it they were just you know the they were they were the boots on the ground making making dragon quest uh ten or uh eight and nine i guess yeah but uh um but like you know i i i am going to give dark cloud 2 another chance
um but like you know that that i didn't get into the first time i tried it um i did like uh phoenix wright versus ace attorney or if he's right for they said professor layton versus asatori a lot that was really good um i played the first professor leighton and i thought it was fine but like the thing about it for me was it just felt like like very few of the puzzles in the game felt like they really needed to be in a
video game like they just they felt like they could have accomplished the same thing with like you know a book like you could do it like with pen and paper most of the puzzles like which is what it was kind of based on it was based on that kind of thing um right but like it just it felt like it wasn't taking advantage of the fact that hey this is a video game like you you can do these kinds of puzzles in a way that you couldn't do with pen and paper like i thought that would have been more interesting if they
came up with with with some different uh stuff uh there was a uh there's a 10 pounds from uh from from jamie maxwell thank you there you go saying i'm in the uk and it's getting on 4 am here so i'm bowing out but i love you both and this money is well deserved so glad to support you i do uh vgm covers to look out for me all the very best nice thank you and we will thank you jamie maxwell 4 a.m for those that don't know we will
be doing a bonus stream tomorrow around uh 2 p.m eastern yeah which my you know specifically because john lennon is going to be on and you know european time and all that grandia how did i throw that one so far that one time oh there oh no oh no oh no oh no oh no i'm right on keep on into [Music] this is so hard oh it bounced off the thing and like
knocked me unconscious and then like my next bomb like i guess the lava jumped up at it and it blew it up a liquid hot magma well it's interesting you you can't uh you can't you can't uh has a suggestion for this part but doesn't want a back seat i think you could probably give us things you are a okay backseat i'll take a suggestion from from from uh
daddy pond anytime the got the whole uh got the whole no pond family there bomb kicked the one on the left do they go straight out like that let's uh let's find out no doesn't look like it i i should probably try to like go upwards a little bit after tossing this bomb so that it doesn't fall back on and hit
me uh zane's dad way earlier in the stream was asking if there's any any blooper reels if we've ever released any blooper reef though if you go to the front of the channel there is a uh there's a couple of playlists they have like bonus material and stuff and there's i think there's two two blooper reels love i love i love the word bloopers it's a blooper you ever watch uh remember watching tv tvs bloopers and practical jokes
uh i i mean maybe i was like it was hosted by ed mcmahon don't remember i mean i i remember you know ah dang it it's so hard there it goes oh my goodness please tell me that's the end of the level [Applause] oh my gosh you gotta after all that i
[Music] if i still had my if i still had my remote bombs that wouldn't have happened [Laughter] i feel like tragic stuff like that happens a lot more frequently on backloggery streams but well considering this is the first level in world three and it's almost 11 o'clock maybe i should go grab some other n64 game to close out the stream with
sure maybe i'll maybe i'll grab a couple hang on it wasn't quite as loud over here but i can only imagine how loud that was on the stream and when i pulled the the audio down to do the the podcast version and tomorrow i'm gonna see that waveform go boom like a big chunk of scree of a scream
i take care model gaming good night uh mason he's probably going to try out a couple of little n64 games for a minute and then uh gonna call it but we are doing a bonus stream tomorrow afternoon i think we need to do more bonus streams [Music] i think it's gonna be 2 p.m eastern time
is what troy was saying uh yeah i'm pretty sure ah mario we're uh i'm going to hello uh jordan maddox asking if you'll ever try uh sin and punishment what do you mean try sin and punishment well i mean do it on stream i'd love to have we ever have we never streamed it not the first one i don't think have we streamed a second oh yeah i guess we have haven't we we actually in the second one
long time ago chris pratt says try scream like the like he fell from the moon in ducktales yeah it's true we were talking about that uh during that uh that little podcast recording all right we're we're testing out the the hoary here let's let's let's let's see how i feel about it i have a i had a friend who don't would always say to me but he would say to me he'd go i'm hurry
would call me kyrie so when i hear corey i'm like hurry [Music] hurry i'm i'm not overly impressed i'm not i'm not overly impressed here it literally took you five seconds to call it yeah i mean i i i look listen i did a lot of this and i'm not i'm i'm not impressed in september three seconds like like you haven't even gone in like played a lovely just like
walking around not impressed this is this is how i did uh you know i did it out out here uh you know it it's really seen for me it's seeing you know like how you know how far do i tilt before he starts picking up speed and see see look how fast he's walking right there with his uh with like the tippy toe like he's walking he's tippy-toeing pretty fast like that that is very difficult
to hold like see this speed that i'm moving right here it's very difficult to hold that right now that speed would be very easy to hold on a on a you know on a real controller or really even on the switch pro controller um he does ramp up a little quick for my liking on this oh lord x you just saying the shark patch should do better well let's let's find out uh there was
a there's a two dollar donation from ben brodie saying i like garmin garlic and parmesan top steaks deal with it what are you crazy that sounds it sounds perfectly delicious to me there it is garbage what is this garbage uh mario's drifting uh i think i need to get a i feel like i need to get a fake giant stogie that i can just like
break out every once in a while on the stream now i yeah yeah what is it the the dead zone on this don't don't you dare use that shark pad again are you kidding me the dead zone on this is like almost non-existent like you can see how he's like really wanting to go i'm going to see him i want to see how much a fake stogie costs on amazon
order one oh it's really hard to hold a stage direction you see how he's wobbling as i'm moving at slow speeds like he's like oh am i going am i going a little more left am i going a little bit up is it a little a little a little down [Music] not not not terribly impressed i mean don't get me wrong the hoary one is probably fine for a vast majority of
games and even for mario 64. it's probably fine but it's not it's not as precise it would definitely be more difficult to make slow uh precise uh movements i believe oh we got 9.99 from sean quinn thank you saying uh have you guys seen uh the show what we do in the shadows i just discovered i've been binging it this weekend also if you guys ever had beards would you consider one for 20 21.
uh i i've seen some of the the movie of uh what we do in shadows in the shadows i didn't realize they made a show of us uh i will have to check that sounds like something to be on amazon prime uh and i have never really got like a full beard i mean i don't know like maybe i would do it but i i don't really have a have a real
uh desire for it i don't i always will have i always have facial hair but never uh like a full-on beard oh okay so it's on hulu i just we just got hulu because we have the you know you can get the the ulu espn plus or whatever and disney plus like the package for like 12.99 or whatever
i mean looking at looking at the the fake stogies on amazon they're like only like five bucks i just think it'd be really funny just to bust it out and be like yeah i don't even know what it is i want to say when i got this cartridge the the control mapping was really weird there's like a bunch of profiles all already on it looks like z is go which i think is actually the default on on this profile i really need to make like my own profile on this cart someday
fat chocobo says we should make an episode about pal to ntsc conversions um what are some things that you would have in mind that would be in that just like things that are it really sounds like something that lie it sounds more like a john and audi episode actually yeah i think they'd be really good maybe they could maybe they could appear maybe yeah i mean we would definitely need their help i would say to do
to do an episode on that um oh oh you mean like how to you like making a pal console run it run it ntsc speeds or something i mean that i feel like that's such a common mod like it's been around like since any of these consoles it's killed that person driving that yellow car i i don't think that's true um but
uh yeah i mean that you know those are mods that have been around since the consoles were new i mean there's so many ways to do them i just don't know much about it um but that i mean that could possibly be an idea but like i almost feel like that's more like that's more video for people to make like you know like voltar or someone who actually does like mods you know like their whole thing is making mod videos you know yeah uh like how to do it like i don't know if there's much value
in us doing a video that's just like hey here's a mod you can get uh you know like they we couldn't really demonstrate how to do it so i i feel like that's the kind of mod pad yeah i i feel like there's some i don't feel like i feel like the most value in a video like that is showing how to do the mod and that's not really our area you know
[Music] um there's a 14.99 from wesley hall wow thank you saying uh what do you guys think about the possibility of crts being produced again are all that's really as good as as good or better be honest i think that there's like almost no chance of anyone i think it's too small they could justify it for like like they would only sell enough like in their first go-around and they'd have
to set up like a whole manufacturing for them i just don't think it's something that would to to to do it in the niche to do it in the the quantities that they would likely be able to manufacture at any given point like they would have to be way too expensive way too expensive yeah uh oleds you know honestly like i i i think that the color and black levels in my opinion on an oled are better than ossie are than like on a you know pvm i i do think so because
uh crts are the black levels are heavily influenced by ambient light um so you uh you know if you're playing out br playing a dark game in a bright room you know like i i remember i was shooting some metroid prime off of the crt uh earlier last year and like i i was in the magmor caverns and i couldn't see what the heck i was doing uh you know because because the lights
were on and uh you know that wouldn't be a problem on on an oled uh you know the ambient light just you know the i'm looking at right now i've got lights on so that you can see me on the webcam i mean the blacks are black as can be the colors really pop you know uh i remember looking at super nintendo games you know with my oled and a pvm off to the side i don't have pvms in this room anymore but when i did um uh you know i was like oh you know i don't know i kind of like the
old leg colors better that's it i mean obviously you know uh i love the idea that there's just like a group of people like in like their jean shorts without shirts on women in bikinis like in this tunnel like the 90s man you know yeah like by like just in the middle of this tunnel did you have anything better to do in the 90s i don't no not especially [Laughter]
whoa you could you could see the underside texture of my car for a moment during that flip but it was it was not good they're jean shorts or or jorts rather yeah jinko jeans i don't know i i was very surprised when uh in a recent bit head video he was talking about wearing jinko jeans and that was surprising i never i never wore them they were certainly not something that i wore but i was very surprised to hear that they had one of one of my one of my my
friends was i did not but one of my friends growing up was was big enough i i you seem like someone who would have worn them i mean i i mean i i you know i would you thought about it i was probably turned off by them by you know the whole brand name aspect of it because like i i just like i do not care about clothing brands or anything like that whatsoever so that probably turned me off but
you know i i'm a cargo shorts man you know like you know you know jinko jeans were the first uh the the first uh jeans that the first pants i ever saw was like you know the cargo pockets right uh i mean i don't remember them having i i remember them i thought i remembered them having a lot of storage in in their pockets and you know so
i when like i started seeing like you know uh big pockets on you know on cargo shorts like i i was like i i always thought that kind of started with the jinkos but i i don't know i don't know i know very little about clothing you know it you know it it it keeps me legal in public i guess right there's there's 4.99 uh from franklin brown saying here's five dollars for
your stogie i weighed its appearance on the stream i have one in my in my amazon cart and i will i will order it i feel almost kind of guilty just ordering a fake stogie from amazon prime by itself like whoever's like packaging it up whoa like oh well i mean you're not using amazon they they are probably don't even think about anything anymore yeah the only thing the only thing that makes me think of it is uh
is chris farley and tommy boy when he's like doing the impression of the the ambulance driver after the car accident he's like oh my god just like the way that he holds his hand he's like but i will definitely order a big stogie and i'll just i'll sit here with it and i'll criticize surprise game playing what are you doing uh there's also uh 499 from zero beast saying that 90s were the
decade for hanging hanging tunnels [Laughter] i feel bad that i missed out on all that you know really the the length of that dude's jeans i don't know i just realized there's only one dude in that entire entire lineup i don't know if they're different from you shows you where the developers priorities were whoever is doing the uh the digitizing uh but uh you know the length of his
jeans really i i i forget what my mom calls them like those are like longer than what i would think of as jorts but the my my mom like wears a lot of jeans that like only go like like half halfway down your shin so they're like long they're too long to be shorts but they're not you know they don't they don't go you know they don't completely cover your leg it's just that dude and his uh his his twin his
his twin brother yep uh there is a 20 whoa donation from uh from wesley hall thank you oh wow wow asking uh so if you had a choice be between an fw 900 and a huge oled it's oled i mean there's definitely is a market and possibly willing to pay for it for sd card content i'm talking sd consoles see i mean i think that that there is a market for like the first batch of them that they make but i'm not sure if it would be
if there would be enough demand over time for it to be worth the money that it would take to set it up uh i mean yeah i mean i mean if you if you forced me to pick like okay you're only allowed to have like one tv or what one one screen of any kind in your house like i would i would not choose a crt because you know modern content wouldn't
wouldn't be as well suited for it um you know i you know i mean you know i hear stuff about like you know my micro led or whatever you know eventually being the technology to replace oled you know oled's not gonna be the be all and all for all time uh yeah but um ah you know at one point during that race there was one in the middle of the forest there was just one of those dudes with his with with his jeans and no shirt like
staying on top of one of the checkpoint markers keep an eye out for him this time because i i failed again i don't think i'm going to make it all the way across the u.s i i usually don't like i have to you know it gets this game gets a little hard there's not like a lot of finesse to it you know like you you know you're either going to make it or you're not like the the later cruising games definitely give you a lot more
um uh yeah yeah yeah later games definitely give you a little nba jam font the later games give you a lot more to work with in terms of like mechanics to like get ahead and stuff you know this game is very basic it's a very stupid game but i love it i think i think the guy on top of the sign is going to be coming up keep it keep an eye out for him okay there's that there's two dollars from uh from chris fratz thank you saying uh now you can be like arnold schwarzenegger
of course there he is that's that's that's the whole reason there's a really good impression that i saw of him a while back um without any screaming or anything like that but i'm looking for him oh i know what you're talking about um but yeah i mean you know i i like playing retro games on crts but i very often choose to play them on my oled right here just because this is you know my
my more more comfy more laid-back gaming environment um you know i you know i obviously i love the crts i'm obsessed with them and i have like you know probably 30 devices in my house that qualify as crts of varying size you know i freaking love crts uh but you know at the end of the day i'm certainly not one you know i'm not a crt zealot either you know it's not crts or nothing you
know because i mean you know the the channel started before we did the first rgb video before we even knew people played video games on pvms like all we knew was the framemeister in terms of rgb stuff you know i i i had a crt or two but they were at my parents house aside from my hd one that you know i later accepted was not that amazing um
but uh you know i that that toshiba i had that toshiba my last year in college um and it was it was in my parents house you know i i got a kick out of playing on every now and then uh you know i um i remember playing fantasy star on the virtual console on that toshiba like when i was at my parents house for like uh thanksgiving or christmas whatever year that would have been and um i i thought looked so good and
of course i had no idea i didn't even i know about 240p at the time i didn't know that it was running in 240p you know i knew that older games were a lower resolution but i didn't know like you know there was like actually doing really interesting behaviors with the crt itself that was like actually lower than you know it was sending a signal that was not 480i exactly um i didn't know about any of that and i just i remember playing it and thought it looked really cool um you know a few years later
i played um i played uh i brought i brought over i decided like i was going to my parents house for the weekend i'm like you know what i'm going to start wild arms 2. and um i was like you know what i'm going to bring my ps1 to play wild arms 2 instead of my ps2 like i hadn't played a ps like i always kept my ps1 out just like decoratively like i had not
played a game on my ps1 system in forever because i played them on my ps2 or ps3 and i just thought i was just like i i was tweeting about it i was like this is wild i'm playing on a ps1 like you know because like it just it seems so redundant because the backwards compatibility was in general for most games so good that you know it didn't really matter i just ah i played on ps1 eight
ain't that a hoot you know so so gaming revived in the chat saying something about uh uh how they upscaled and enhanced every n64 game took over one year to dump textures and enhance n64s and n64 games are perfectly revived i've i've not heard anything about that isn't it is it some sort of script that you just like rip all the textures and like automatically ai upscale them or something
of course that wouldn't be anything that would benefit original hardware but uh it sounds like an interesting project yeah there's also a five dollar donation from zane's dad saying forget the jeans they need to bring back parachute pants happy new year well i don't know i just can't imagine like wearing gigantic pants like that it sounds like i was i never wore like the the the jinko pants uh but i
the thing i always remember is like how filthy the bottoms would get when on rainy days i'm sure yeah i'm sure but you know i you know what what i you know i'm i'm i'm i'm a cargo shorts man you know what can i say i don't i don't care how uh much you know anyone says they're like you know objectively unstylish or something i i don't i don't care in the slightest because they are great and comfortable and
practical they are they are my thing uh yeah i don't know i never i never wore those ants i mean i wore cargo shorts when uh like in like years ago i don't really do much no i don't i don't have any now but oh i don't know you you spend more of your year in shorts
in general so yeah i mean i i usually have a pretty low uh you know the the the temperature threshold is is low for where i switch over to from it just like flew out long uh long pants what flew out it's just like a barrel flew out in front of you out of nowhere uh there's a five dollar donation from a potbelly punch thank you saying i sent an angry letter to nintendo in 1997 because the trees in the redwood stage were cardboard cut out looking when you
hit them he's just strongly worded [Music] you know it's like your n64 should be doing better than this i guess whoa you know i remember uh i remember borrowing uh several games uh from you know my same friend who wore wore the jinko jeans i remember
borrowing you know i was like oh why am i gonna buy on n64 next i remember borrowing um i remember borrowing this i remember i think i borrowed bomberman 64. um blascore maybe pilotwings i can't remember i i ultimately i ended up getting uh either uh whoa i ended up getting either pilot
wings or blast cornex because i i did not own cruisin usa or bomberman 64 myself back in the day but i you know i played them a bit at a friend's house uh but i i didn't get them until much later well how much how much left do you have in this game uh after after california they start getting a lot more spread out but i usually start to really struggle by the time you get to chicago i usually
don't do too good in uh in chicago yeah maybe we'll go we'll go until my next my next loss which could very well be this race who knows reed sampras is saying uh too much discussion about pants the ultimate look is a his dress shirt boxers and dress shoes i bet i bet a lot of people are rocking that uh at work uh this year this is boxers
i always crack up like when somehow it turns out that like my son is like he's like he's like donald ducking around the house out of nowhere oh just wearing a shirt huh you're just wearing a shirt because i got no pants on is that an actual term or are you just calling it that someplace before i just think it's really like such a funny term he's like donald duckin around i mean
really a lot of a lot of cartoon characters do that i guess oh yeah like cartoon animals i guess oh democracy we call it winnie the pooh [Laughter] yep and it's basically the same thing it is exactly the same thing really at lee i mean winnie the pooh has has a much more simple shirt you know doll duck shirt at least has you know at least looks like a shirt that you
know it's a little fancier yeah chris cola says i thought you meant that angry walk the dog that that's that's what came to mind first was this is his angry walk no i mean winning the pooh it's like it's also the same thing yeah it's just just the idea of like walking around with a shirt with no pants nothing on your bottom half i guess you know what what wha what was it i i i saw i i saw some discussion about
this and some one of the streams i downloaded to put in uh in in our our year-end video uh oh it was um it was uh when drum and i were playing um uh you know i was playing the the game boy adventure island 2 and he was playing nes adventure island 3 which are you know basically the same game um and there was there are these pigs
they're just wearing shades and like a speedo and i like paused the game and we like debated for a while are they are they naked or are they wearing a speedo because it's you know it's it's hard to make out of speedo and nes graphics right you know there's only so many pixels to be representing a speedo with and uh you know i you know i i said you know is is this pig naked or is he wearing a speedo and if he is naked does it matter because it
for some reason it kind of felt like it mattered but he's a pig it shouldn't matter you know yeah but it something about the pig's design made it feel like it mattered that the pig might be naked but i think he's wearing a speedo and sunglasses that's right it's the the app room comes with a speedo see look at that big jump across the country like it's so interesting to me that they this game focuses so i only care about california but like
the game was made in chicago like why is it so heavily skewed to california i don't know maybe if they just cut out a lot of content i i really do have a soft spot though for for racing game for like i i i forget if there's a term for it but you know racing games that aren't based on laps you know i always really like how some of the more recent mario kart games have had
um you know at least like two levels per game that are uh uh you know just you know they have they have like three segments like you still like you know it still says like one out of three two out of three etc but like they're not laps it's just another section of right one long course you know i i i respect that that concept uh you know i i guess
uh you know outrun is kind of like that too although i you know those are games i have not delved deeply into but i streamed a little bit of outrun 2006 one time just putting them randomly on a stream awesome game you know i can't i can't remember what video it was but at some point i want to say it was this past year um i played up to this point in the game although i think maybe i could level
select i forget but like i i played this level so many times trying to get a bug splat on my windshield and i i swear i thought it happened in this level on the n64 version but i couldn't get it to happen i could not get it to happen maybe it's not actually in the game and you just remember it i swear i remember the democrats were saying about mickey's
speedway usa for a game rare made with decon racing engine is pretty dull yeah i've only played a little bit of it like on you know like on the 64 drive um but you know it's one of only two n64 rare games that i don't own the other being uh killer instinct gold which i i really have no interest in but like part of me kai does want to pick up both of those just to say i own every n64 rare game i mean i bought other than those two i you know i'm the original owner of
all of those and most of them i probably bought day one because i was a huge fan of rare uh and you know hence hence the rare after nintendo series right um uh so uh you know i i i was really on top of rare's releases back then um but you know killer instinct obviously not not really my thing is not not much of a fine game fan and then
the mickey speedway you know i just uh you know license game whatever um but uh so run right into that fire truck [Laughter] so but you know i i i of the two i am more interested in mickey speedway usa but yeah i don't expect it to be terribly terribly exciting it's such a weird game for them to have done back then really yeah i mean like it's much more typical of like their nes
era you know where they're right they were doing a lot of like work for hire i'm gonna run to the bathroom again okay drink this big thing of water too quickly don't don't want to jinx myself but i'm i'm doing pretty good in chicago so far this is this is where this is where it usually starts to fall apart for me and it feels like it's about to yeah whoa oh yeah i usually don't get this far i i usually i usually kind of burn out
around chicago and i'm just like ah not worth going all the way uh two dollars for the love of the game thank you saying fun fact one and every five games on n64 is a racer is that really true i don't know if i buy that i mean when you consider like all the baseball and football and hockey games they've got to be on the system too i i find that hard to believe but there are a lot of racers you know i was you know back in these days i was very much into
rentals you know i rented games a ton is this the level they have maybe this is the level of the bug splats maybe i should go into first person um uh but uh i you know back in those days i i i enjoyed rain the odd racer here and there you know even some really generic boring ones you know i'm i'm not i do not consider myself a big racing fan in general uh you know like mario kart and f-zero are my favorites
uh but you know the i've always had a healthy respect for ridge racer ah there we go oh it was beautiful it was bird poo not bugs ah it was beautiful i wish i could remember what my idea was to use that in a video ah i'd remember it if if if i heard the line in the script you know it was it was one of those things like oh this would be perfect for this
line oh come on okay that's not the finish it's just checkpoint how much further do you have left to go ah not that much further i'm doing surprisingly good like i said we'll stop we'll we'll stop after i i i i lose a race or if i finish uh we're pretty close that was the level i thought it was bug splats it's bird poop or maybe there's bug splats on another level i don't know it was bird poop but
it did happen and it was beautiful i think this is this is this appalachia this might be the second last level actually you know the cruising video would be so good for one of these m like marathons you could do an n64 i wonder how long in n64 episodes one would i mean might as well just do it i mean what i'll probably do is i'll probably put them all together and then we'll just release someone it just like feels like it feels right yeah because i guarantee
you like a lot of those old episodes are going to be new to a lot of people absolutely i don't know like it's it's just like you really took out the fire truck you're like flipping end over end backwards are these these games are so stupid but you know that's that's kind of why i love them you know they aren't they aren't not quite as stupid as drivers no but it's it's it's funny and a similarly stupid way yeah
like this this is this is this is junk food gaming it's at its finest you know yes no nothing wrong with that you know this route is more the driving that you know that i'm used to this this this part of the game you know this is yeah this is the kind of route i mean you know really i mean it's very much what it looks like driving between like uh kentucky and north carolina you know yeah that's good too
i think the next level might be amazing all those people have been following you straight across the united states there's always those same two dudes yeah you know every single time i'm sure they're trying i'm sure they think that the the the women are like you know the thing that people are paying attention to but like there's there's dudes just that they seem like the most standout characters of of the cast you know they they they they are they are unique there there is no one else there
quite like them except for the other dude except for the other dude that is exactly the other the other dude i mean the ladies there's just a bunch of different ladies in different bikinis but that that dude like feel like i feel like there's a real story a real story behind why he wanted he wanted to make this journey with us you know and and why he chose his uh his particular wardrobe uh probably because it's the easiest you know you'd almost think he was from
kentucky oh look it's a cruising usa bus that's where the dude is riding on yeah right in front of me there hi jeff i was saying how does this compare to outrun it's like i'm close [Laughter] to especially to outrun coast to coast or the outrun two is this is this oh there's another 20 dollars from wesley thank you saying i made a machine that runs without cooling not a raspberry pi
that bolts onto look at my look at my freeze frame there what a way to beat the game wesley hall says i made a machine that runs without cooling not a raspberry pi that bolts into a sony pvm case i'm sad because oleds are better but you guys still gave me a buttload of knowledge and a great year of my life building it so it oh is it just like machine that runs without cooling i mean building into a certain pvm case i mean
don't don't say i mean i would not say oh leds are better that's just like i would they aren't they aren't i mean crts have a you know things that only they can do you know uh that i i did not mean to imply that because i think i would guess that a majority of people actually watching this stream would say that crts are bad i just said me and my lazy self normally plays on the oled because it's bigger
i could sit in the more comfortable chair you know uh you know colors black levels in my opinion i think better but uh the the look of a crt is is is what these classic consoles are all about and obviously we emphasize it heavily in our episodes uh and you know with oled you've got you know concerns of potential burning and stuff like that um you know crts uh you know obviously
we're a huge fan of the crt aesthetic i would not take that from what uh i you know i you it sounds like you made the right device you made the right device for a crt you know uh do you want to read this uh for love of the game he says it sounds like it's like this the song with the five dollars saying oh oh oh
okay i can do this one [Music] whoa that's how it goes i mean it's just about was it like five years ago now because i remember it came out when uh we were at magfest oh that's right i mean that's a pretty old video matt booty is that is that the map booty of sony or or no no microsoft he works at microsoft is that is that is that the
map booty there's two two two dollars from level the game saying uh try those amazing wheelers well thank you i agree there there can only be one matte booty so speaking of this i gotta i really still gotta get around to watching that uh insert coin documentary now it's on amazon and everything oh which one is that that's the the midway in the in the 90s or 80s
okay 80s and 90s documentary cool well well is that gonna do it i'm gonna do it for tonight i guess that will do it for tonight there's two dollars from ashuro saying uh thank you for that amazing hd remastered someone uh someone someone should uh do a do a hack of that song and you know with with the updated vocals by me uh there's
uh five dollars from uh from benecera saying uh happy happy new years thank you to everyone and emily for making these streams so awesome starting off the new year right tris agonizing streams and all thank you and five dollars from justin c saying good job trying well you know i i i i didn't get as far in bomberman 64 as i hoped i might tonight but but always feels good to complete a run of cruising usa i gotta say gotta say we'll see about the beer thing i don't
know i mean i regularly go like two weeks without shaving so well i mean i don't know some people say that's a beard but it's i it's just it's the manifestation of laziness is all it is to me you know beard implies intent right yes it does oh and 25 from wesley hall thank you thing grow beards we'll we'll do our best i mean we'll see we'll see i mean i don't if i
have the lights on low my scruff looks more beard like uh so maybe i'll just have to do that sometime [Laughter] and bring back the funny hats you know funny hats and oh yeah and i'll be i'll bring a funny bring back funny hats of stogy a beard and i'll be donald ducking it below camera i mean well we got to come up with some way to to to you know
keep ourselves uh sane and entertained during you know the the last pandemic months right yeah we hope all right good night everyone don't forget tomorrow we're going to be oh yep you you wanna do everybody know two p.m eastern time with john linneman uh on our our our channel uh grandia ps1 on the ps1 digital versus saturn grandia presumably on rgb
yes so till tomorrow oh there is one last donation from my ricky potton saying great stream tonight so i know how i feel about