Cybernator (SNES) :: 4.25.2021 LiveStream / MY LIFE IN GAMING

Cybernator (SNES) :: 4.25.2021 LiveStream / MY LIFE IN GAMING


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[Music] hey everybody how's it going hopefully everything is looking and sounding good yeah i guess so i guess we'll see i was out for a walk with the family
and we got back a little bit late so i haphazardly set up for the stream i hope i didn't miss anything oh it looks as it should be for now excellent excellent you know i keep looking at the uh the red genesis cases on your shelf and i keep thinking man you don't have a lot of switch games [Laughter] no it's still like blurry like it you know you can't see how wide they are so they almost look like switch cases
yeah yeah i'm gonna turn you up just a teeny little bit i feel like a little bit lower than me today okay uh you don't hear yourself echoing back over my speakers do you no i do not okay good i do not um yeah i mean i actually have like a lot of switch games but they're like way at the end of this thing i've got like i mean it's it's kind of stupid how many switch games i have
yeah same here i feel the same way you know i've been kind of going through and using that cz collect to see you know just to take inventory of like all the games that i have physically because i'm starting to feel like i need to start maybe researching on insuring it like i don't know if it's like through like homeowners insurance or if i'll find out like another another uh policy or how i handle that because i just feel like that's something i should probably do as a uh
just a precaution i mean it would be it would i mean i i you peaked my curiosity when you were talking about it too because it like i mean it lists the value of all like the current like market value of what you own right right which is i mean that's that's that would be a lot of work considering i already have everything entered on my back loggery and you know i'd have to just enter it all somewhere else but i am really curious well that's why i like i like it because you're gonna scan everything and you just really just go quick if you need to
i'm just doing it with you know my physical games geez got a few few donations yeah we're we're a couple of or a couple of uh or three super chats behind um well we can we can jump back to those uh there's five dollars uh before the stream started officially from a venice era saying uh gbsc video was amazing thank you thank you my life and gaming or m like yeah i i'm glad that
that generally people seem to like it it's in a way it's like it's it's kind of it's kind of a stupid video but it's the ultimate it's the ultimate but why video and i i knew there would be a lot of but why comments but there were not as many as i expected it's it's ramped up i feel like today like there's a little bit more today you know a lot of people say like why would you ever do this this is like oh and once again a small minority of people they're like almost angry that like you would spend time on
this yeah well i mean that's the thing i i i feel that we should be allowed to just like indulge this weird stuff when we feel like it because you know why not why like this is i feel like this is something especially for like retro inspired games is something that people that are into this stuff have thought about at some point exactly exactly like who no one has ever before like actually looked at this
many different specific games and sort of analyze like do they kind of work for this or do they really not work for this and even though like in reality you're just going to play ps4 games on your hd tv you're not really going to be designed to be played you're not really going to do this when you're like all right i'm going i'm going sit down and beat this game you're not really going to do it but it's it's so interesting seeing how they look and like certain ones like you know
i know we were both really impressed with dragon's crown like the the the fonts used in that game like almost look like they're like designed for for 40p yeah yeah don't they like look kind of awesome in 240p i mean there was a lot uh that was kind of surprising like i don't know like it's it's interesting it's it's a fun way to have fun with crts but not necessarily a way to have fun with the games
i guess yeah i mean i think that's i think that's where maybe some people have the disconnect because you know they're like well you know this isn't the best for the games it's like well but tinkering with these weird hardware things can still be fun in its own way although i think there was at least one comment that was like was like you guys are always about the best picture quality in your this is a regression yeah it's not serious like we're not saying like people should
do this i think it's just fun to just to see if if it works yeah i mean you know people people think that we should be like hardline stance to be about like bad looking ways to play games it's like dude i'll i'll throw up some rfi crt and get a good kick out of that you know i i i don't ride off any video i sure do like rgb and i sure do like 4k hdr and i sure do like 240p
and i'll but you know i could get a little nostalgic kick out of uh yeah out of a little rf and composite you know it's got a little texture that i appreciate you know i don't write off any way to look at these games i think they're all just interesting yeah and it's just it's just fun it's just fun to see if it works and uh i mean they're like like dragon's crown definitely a surprise because i just i think it looks gorgeous
uh it looks like like a saturn game and you know i i thought i thought more people were going to uh really get frustrated and annoyed with the periodic uh flash happen which i believe is solvable but you just didn't have the means to solve it uh and i i thought a lot more people were going to be commenting on that than they did but most people were just like oh
this is interesting exactly and you know uh i i'm i'm going to i'm putting together all the raw footage that i that i did for this that i shot and there was a lot i didn't even realize that it was as crazy as it is uh because you know i'm gonna upload it to our channel like as a under the like the bonus features playlist i'm gonna upload all the 4k video 4k 60 i hope that youtube supports 4k60 because i shot everything 4k 60 for it
and i'm just going to put it up there because you know might be people are just like interested in seeing it especially in 4k it might be really neat just to see that you know as originally as as i shot it uh and i didn't realize i shot so much i i have completed in the timeline like like uh letters a through f worth of footage of everything i captured and it's four hours long so i gotta do in like several videos we're like way behind here uh on these
on these uh things you know we used to originally call the streams episode debrief so yes that's true that's true this is an episode we're debriefing the episode right now yeah uh there was a there's two dollars from uh chris fratz saying good evening good evening all how are you doing we're doing doing pretty good doing pretty good i think it's it's always nice to have your most recent episode behind you yes yes uh there's also uh two more
owls from uh charles six who uh i i do not know how to uh do portuguese but says salud brazil i'm sure there's somebody i guessed i i guessed some uh greetings from brazil and i did run that through google translate um so i'm gonna go ahead and start uh i'll start this game you know it's been it's been a long time since i said i've played that well it looks kind of like my color space looks
like it's off um it looks real dark oh yeah it does look a little dark were you capturing limited range or something or no i mean if if you're capturing full range it it wouldn't be dark it would be washed out if you had on the wrong one right it just looks real dark doesn't it but maybe maybe i mean there's some games that are just a little darker than others
maybe cybernator is one of them maybe either way we'll go ahead and just start and see if it how it works how it goes five dollars from uh it's it's just uh whiskey vengeance but every time this one comes up i always want to say whiskey re-vengeance um thank you saying uh this week's episode is exactly the kind of fun content i follow you guys for count me in 480i downstairs and you you wanted to well actually when
you started the episode you thought like you kind of went back and forth like you thought you heard it was possible to do 480i downscale and then you thought you heard it had to be 480p and then like you eventually discovered like oh wait 480i does work so you can take like tito's legends or some of those metal slug collections and stuff like that from ps2 and down scale them to 240p but you just ran out of time and decide to focus more on like hd systems
yes i mean i had a lot of other stuff i just had to say i had to call it at some point because i would have just gone on forever i mean it would have you know i think it might be hang on let me just try something real quick uh while uh uh corey is uh looking at things i'll read that uh there was uh five dollars from nicholas legg uh with the with two g's
uh saying 240p [Music] yeah i think there were a few people who maybe didn't oh that looks better oh did it get better or did i did it get better and i ruined it well it's not brighter but i don't know if that color in the background is supposed to be black pure black or not well it's it's not supposed to be hang on but i mean it's not pure black is what i'm saying like it it's yeah it's not supposed to be because
there's an outline around the the text it was good it was good it was good okay it was good at first it would no no no no it was good i i i wasn't implying that it was pure black i was saying i was asking is it supposed to be because it wasn't it looked good was it hd retrovision cable thing yeah yeah i just didn't didn't know if i had the right setting on it so this is hd retrovision yes so i guess we'll see it just it feels
like it's wait but it's not bright again you sat down and it's not bright again it was it looked better it was brighter okay you're on the wrong one now the joys of stream delay communication no i just made it darker again what but it was wait i yes it was oh i guess i must have missed it being brightened up right i made it i thought you moved it back to the dark one okay oops so i guess it is right but i mean i
feel like that black is supposed it's gray on the on my pvms it is gray it's grey on the stream oh maybe it's just my monitor then yeah i mean it's oh yeah okay yeah i guess that would be if i move it to a different monitor it looks fine yeah yeah it's fine okay well whatever yeah nicholas nicholas leg said 240p ho which you know i think there were a few people who didn't understand that this was all about 240p specifically like not just about crts in
general like it was because you can get any you know cheapo uh you know hdmi to composite or component converter and get 480i that's not the unusual 240p downscaling is a bit more of a specialized uh endeavor i guess you know you could just do that with with any ole off the shelf uh
amazon device but you know and sure there are some games that maybe would have where 480i might have made more sense but that wouldn't that just wouldn't have been as interesting yeah i mean but i just had to call it at some point i just i needed to do get it done and move on with my life perhaps that would have just gone on forever i mean i cut out like testing out stuff on the uh like on the wii on the uh like just tons of different systems like
pstv i cut out uh just like a lot of stuff that i you know i just didn't have time to do it or else it would have taken me forever i would have never finished and i was ready to just move on with my life and i can maybe i'll come back to it in the future i mean i originally started thinking it was going to be a a quick video and yeah like i don't know like how it ended up to be the story of every video right yeah but i mean
it was really not intended to be nearly as long as it was yeah and the thing is i took a kind of a different approach to my workflow where i basically just started going and was just adding stuff as i went and i had decided that that is not the way that i need to make videos because it just it makes every video seem like it's just there's there's no defined endpoint as you put it so that it just goes on forever and ever yeah and
like that that's that would be fine but i mean once it's been over a month since our last video then it's just it's not something i mean i'd like to do but you know i think you know even though it took a long time like the part of the reason it took a long time is just very similar to the sharp scale video you it was just something that once you start digging into it you're just like this is really interesting yeah it's just i i think i think the the interest you had in the subject uh
you know carried through in the video and i think that's you know one of the reasons it's resonated with people is because you were having fun with it yeah i i felt like after a while i was kind of i was saying stuff that was very samey about everything because like oh it works you know it looks a little uneven and i tried to change that up as much as i possibly could so it didn't sound like i was just repeating the same observations over and over again but there's not a there's only so much you can say about all this stuff and all that stuff
at the end where i put in the montage it's just like the stuff that i had recorded some of it i didn't i asked like people in our in our discord is there anything that they would like to see uh and i recorded a few clips because i i had that thing was not very long and i wanted to make it a little bit longer that was made it worth it having a montage like that well you know uh also uh i i i saw one comment said something like
you know i i had no idea that there were like so many hd games that i like didn't even know exist like you know it was just a chance to show a bunch of different games that you know otherwise we would probably never put in an episode yeah i mean some of that stuff i was playing myself for the first time like that phantom breaker overdrive i nev i had never even really played that what was that the guardian heroes style game yeah yeah i mean i bought that because i
thought it looked really cool from limited run a long time ago but i just i never really got around to playing it and i've already see i you know i saw it on twitter that somebody bought it because they saw it in that video jeez uh there was uh five dollars from zoot [Music] i always think of the um the uh oh man i love the pixel explosions yeah
i always think of the fan translation of uh rock board on the famicom the mega man uh monopoly style game and uh the the translation is is very humble it's uh i i i i suspect that it had a lot of space limitations that they had to deal with so uh the characters say very short stilted things uh and and dr light
when when a good thing happens for him he goes ye ye it's just like y e exclamation mark y e exclamation mark we even made a a uh an emoticon for the the backloggery streams that was yo dr light guy raising his fists going ye yeah uh there was 9.99 from uh terminal philosophy saying thank you for streaming cybernator and putting up with
my repeated hounding to play it looking forward to it also in the late also the latest episode was cool as well interesting sun oh thank you oh you know it it it's it's always very um it's good to uh have positive reinforcement uh that people like uh certain subjects when you know sometimes you have doubts about it right you know like you know i'm sure you thought
constantly as you were doing this like man this is really stupid i don't know if anyone's gonna care about it and you know people people really liked it yeah yeah it is stupid but you know sometimes it's it's fine to embrace it yeah i i i don't usually have a problem embracing the stupid but the problem is is like once it becomes an hour of stupid it's like oh geez it's maybe a little bit too much stupid
there was uh five dollars from jonathan henson saying uh in the words of the great tim rogers that down scale video boom i've been interested in that topic for a while yeah i mean i think it's something that people have always like i mean at least people that are interested in you know playing old games on crts you know they've thought about like oh how would this newer game look on it right well you know people are and of course you didn't really have time to
get into it too deeply but like you know people often wonder about that for like simulation that's very fine but of course there are like tools for like getting 240p analog out of a raspberry pi so that's like yeah that's something i know a lot about i think it's a pretty well established thing and like the raspberry pi scene to be fair i mean a lot of the stuff that i played in this episode were i mean you people can achieve this you know i've there's some comments and got some message about like oh you know you can
do this exact same thing with using crt mu drive uh on on a pc and the thing is i mean i would try this stuff i just don't have this stuff i'm not about to buy all these games that i tried like on different platforms just try them out i mean if i happen to have them but i i mean for me the most interesting thing was uh like differences between uh versions of the game which not a lot of people really commented on it in the in the comments i mean like the whole thing with blazing chrome like being
squished for some reason on the switch is such a weird thing to me like i don't know how that even happened and uh like i wonder i mean it could be for me i was thinking okay is that like it could be just like something as simple as like like a little flag that you have to that in the sdk that you checked or you know maybe there's like a default method for like how for how the how the game how a resolution other than the game's native resolution is
scaled by the the console and maybe they like were tinkering with it at one point and just like did it weird and then like never looked at 480p again because why wouldn't it you know right um you know uh one one thing that was a little bit of a revelation in the comments is like a lot of people seem to like not know that the analog dac exists yeah well probably because i don't think anybody can buy it um and you know we meant to do a video
on it but we just like never got around to it although it does appear in the empty mini noir video but um ah you know i was just surprised if you're like you know be a little be a little crazy but you know i mean i know people are buying these analog consoles for the hdmi output but like what would the super nt look like through this it's like well there's like a device that's made exactly for that and would almost assuredly produce better results
yeah doing it this way you know it's like it's made to do that um you know the only you know somewhat bummer about the analog dac and my usage of it is that composite does not for like genesis does not really work like people would expect genesis composite to work like you know you go those spotlights and streets of rage 2 and you know in
the bar in the first level and you can see the dots even in composites it's not it doesn't quite nail the characteristic of genesis composite which is weird because you know the nes stuff does mimic the look of nes composite quite closely there was uh two dollars from container seven with no comment but thank you thank you um then there was a 299 from dingus glert who we've gotten donations from before
but i did not know this saying greetings from fiji love the show you know fiji you can't get any more any farther away without before you start coming back that's for all right i don't know if that's more fans on the chat one of my favorite movies um there was uh i'm going butcher this name uh there was 699 canadian from uh uh a catholus i said uh do you think it's worth
collecting for the snes i would be starring from scratch thanks and keep up keep making the great content i mean i feel like at this point if if you don't like really if you're starting from scratch i just think like i would not like if i mean i would find an alternative but if you happen to come upon a situation where you could get certain games for it i would say like okay go for it but just just play as long as you have a
a system that could actually play them in some capacity whether that's you know a real super nintendo or a super nt um you know i i wouldn't just buy them if you didn't have a system that you could actually use them on both yeah i mean the prices are definitely going up but you know you as long as you're not going for like a crazy collection though like i don't know if you just want like just get the games you want to play like the essentials uh i mean there's still a lot of super nintendo games that are very good that are not crazy expensive
um but i mean you know i've i've owned the essentials for the system since the late 90s early 2000s so you know i i you know was in a in a fortunate position there uh and you know generally speaking as time has gone on i i haven't bought like a lot of crazy expensive super nintendo games um you know because i already had the expensive ones you know back when they weren't really expensive um
yeah i mean i i always you know i i i say this all the time you know i think super nintendo is the most essential system not necessarily my favorite system but i think it's the most essential system um so i mean you know it it depends on how important it is to you i guess but i mean it's it is i can't forget to use my shield more often it is a platform that is extraordinarily worth exploring so you know whether actually owning
those cartridges is important to you or not i guess is something to consider but i mean the the the library of games is you know i'm among the highest quality overall that has ever existed i think so i mean it's it's it's something you got to play no matter how you do it i would say [Music] i and and two super famicom
if you don't mind getting japanese versions super famcom is pretty cheap for the most part yeah i mean there's the options of course but i mean you you want to get you know super mario world or whatever i mean that's you know you you can get that for you know less than the cost of hamburger you know i mean you know i mean there's a lot of cheap super famicom stuff you know i mean earthbound i just i just bought mother two for nine dollars or maybe less
it might have been five dollars it was it was really cheap um you know so yeah i i've had earthbound for a long long time but i don't think i can power this up anymore as a gun i keep on accidentally grabbing pea chips let's see i want to make sure i'm not forgetting anything i think i'm on the last three for now from five dollars from rad ranger thank you saying uh good evening great job with the 240p video
thank you i mean you know that i sometimes you know i i i i sometimes i feel like we we neglect to sort of remind people in in videos like why is 240p a big deal because you know you know you think like oh that's that's you know the lowest resolution that games use like why would you want the lowest resolution why would you actively want that
resolution it's because of how you know they're treated by crts like getting the authentic resolution the authentic smallest resolution let's be treated properly by crts and also gives you the most power to upscale them correctly because if your starting point is you know 480p a 480p emulation of a 240p game that was not properly upscaled to begin with
then your starting point is weaker for then bringing that up to hd or whatever so starting with that true native resolution of the game is always the best starting point for scaling it putting it into a crt you know whatever so uh you know it's i i think we we made a big deal out of 240p early on and you know because i i think it was a revelation to us like didn't know that existed and there's some people who will fight you
that like 240p like doesn't exist because it's not like a proper video standard it's like well like i mean it it it exists like and there's even people who will say like like old video games aren't 60 frames per second because right like video old like old video standards or 29.97 frames per second it's like well i i hate to break it to you but like 60 frames per second retro games is a like observable and phenomena like
you know it's it's not like we're making stuff up here and then there's people who get picky about like saying fields per second versus frames per second that's like you know i gotta okay i gotta get out of here i'm close to being dead uh after rad ranger was hold on i'm trying to find it uh there was uh five dollars from matthew metal thank you
thank you uh saying enjoy the 240p vid uh question i still haven't played fantasy start one through four any updates since your best way to play to be aware of uh definitely not other than the uh re-translation has got to be yes yeah that's true uh oh i'm gonna die no maybe not although realistically though i mean the switch version is
probably probably the best to play unless like you don't care about having the mapping functionality but like the dungeons in that game are extraordinarily confusing yes especially when there's trap doors and stuff yes because the problem is you know i i played like the first half of fantasy star like totally on my own but then like the second half of the game i started just looking up maps of the dungeons
because the problem is like when they have the trap floors like you don't know how many floors you fell down you know so i was like i was doing legit like i i i was playing it on virtual console and i i had graph paper and i was mapping out the dungeons uh but then once you start having the trap doors like it's like i i'm just not gonna do this um i mean but you know i'm right there with you i've uh or are just only slightly ahead of
you because you know i've played through fantasy star one and the wii virtual console days and i still need to play through two three and four i'm looking forward to it but i just haven't done it yet i i i did start last year i started two uh but i i have not gotten very far into it but i need to pick that back up um so yeah i mean i guess you know frank we didn't know when you did that video that frank zafaldi was the one who
was one of the people that yeah that helped do it yeah yeah and like after you discovered that he did that and you talked to him about like uh when we were at a little little convention yeah when we were retro created he's like oh yeah he was like he felt inspired to get everybody back together to do that second version that came out right so he like actually like told you like oh i i was riding fantasy star revisions on the plane
which was that was i mean what a weird coincidence that was um i love how this game shows like the little the little oh yeah yeah great sense of scale yes uh there was uh 499 from brooks uh saying uh with the psn store staying up a while oh yeah that's that's that's right happened this weekend gosh that feels like it was more than a week ago i guess it was was it was last monday i guess
um with the psn store staying up a while longer uh rip psp are you also going to make the psn send off video you had planned probably not as much i mean it's not it's not as pressing now yeah uh so i think you're going to focus on the mr video and kind of you know it would be nice to go ahead and get that done yeah yeah that's i mean that's funny that's my i still have an interest in doing the ps3 video i you know i to do like a dedicated
psp video i i have less motivation and frankly just less expertise because i i don't know much about like download only psp games like i only got like one um and so yeah like i mean it's something i would like to explore but it i don't know i just don't really know how to frame that up right now like actually what's what's funny is
when they announced uh that ps3 and vita were staying up and first of all i i don't know if this is clear like i don't know if we know like when they say psp is being shut down i mean that i i am actually quite unclear what that means because i mean as far as i know i i have not tried myself but as far as i know you haven't been able to access the
the actual right so it already had you know a foot in the grave anyway but i i don't i'm unclear like are they taking psp games off the vedas or or is nothing changing right i have no i don't know like i i it is completely unclear to me whether you will continue to be able to buy psp games for continued use on uh vita or pstv but
i i i did when uh when that announcement came through i uh i did like my brain like immediately switched from ps3 panic buying mode which i had been in for the past several weeks uh it immediately switched to like oh gosh like what about psp game prices like is there anything i wanted to get that i should have and uh i so i bought
several things and i was actually quite surprised to discover that like there's a lot of psp games like sealed copies on ebay that are like not expensive here's a lot of like 10 to 20 dollar sealed psp games on ebay it's like it's kind of surprising so i got several of those cheaper ones and then the only ones that i bought that were a little more than that was uh final fantasy tactics i got a sealed copy for thirty dollars and uh tactics ogre i got
sealed copy for 42. we're not a lot different from like used prices so i was just like why not come on this fight is a little intensified well the level is really long too if it takes me back to okay thank god can i uh but um but anyway so that kind of inspired me to be like okay well now like you know i started yesterday and i think there's like five levels in
this game isn't there it's too long it's the next level is like the snow level isn't it i don't remember um and then there's like the capital levels the last level yeah but anyway um but i did finally start getting around to uh installing custom firmware on my playstation tv um and uh so i'll you know i kind of want to set that up is like you know i mean eventually i
might put things on i don't own but like for the time being like i just want to put like the vita and psp stuff that i actually own on there like i want to set up that device as my primary way that i'm going to play vita and psp games that that i own the ones that i actually own like the ones i want to play through for for pleasure like i i want to set that up as my primary device uh for for that and i you know i feel like the only way to reliably do that is
to hack it because you know the the official memory cards are so unreliable but anyway my mind is kind of on psp for now but it's uh you know i'm more it's more like i just want to own the umd games to you know just put on my uh pstv you know using whatever means that may be um but uh my big regrets right now
are like i i used to have back before i originally sold all my psp 1000 stuff back in the day you know i had the uh valkyrie profile leonath and that game was like never particularly expensive like i don't know 20 30 game as far as i know like up until recently um and now you go to ebay and um
uh it's like it's hard to find a us copy and uh same with wild arms xf there was like a copy for like 20 or 30 some dollars a couple of years ago on my local game stores and i'm just like i i really i knew at the time i should have gotten i don't know why i didn't and i'm like kind of really mad at myself that i didn't get it um because it seems to be again not a lot of us copies on ebay and it's kind
of expensive um and so i i i end up ordering a japanese used copy just because it's like well i really want to own it in some capacity because it's the only wild arms game i don't know yeah you might as well at this point yeah and it's like well i don't know if i'll maybe i'll play it after i've you know learned enough japanese to play video games or i mean i'm going to be playing on a hacked pstv
maybe i'll just maybe i'll just play the english version anyway but i still want to own it i still want to own a umd of it so that i i feel compelled to play it um so that that's that's my big regret right now that was not having uh especially for that that one but oh wow it's bell dark all these characters i mean these haven't been paying attention to the story at all i feel like it's kind of nonsensical
well in the u.s it is because i mean it's so scaled back and there's not doesn't the japanese version have like character like portraits oh yeah yeah yeah which i mean you just can't make an attachment to anything people are saying to this i'm sure some people are disappointed you're not playing the patched version but you know i at the same time like if you're just playing it as an action game i can't feel like this this is the breezier way to play it like if you're if you just don't care about
experiencing the story yeah which like right now i feel like we don't we just want we just want to play the game for fun you know i want to say that i did see i saw matt macheski is in the in the chat oh hey i talked about it last week uh but he just released a new album on his bandcamp uh matt does the the theme music has done our theme music and a lot of other music in our various documentaries and everyone should check out and uh
and you can name your price on his and his new new out my diet again was it matthew i think of that you added it to the um video descriptions but when when we checked earlier something something about the redirect was great well yeah it's but it has something to do with youtube it it'll take you to a page and if you just hit the link that's on the page it'll take you directly to it i don't know for some reason youtube seems to like
be attaching this uh like these weird characters at the end of the the link for some reason but i don't know if that's just i mean it does not have anything to do with like what i put in there um i can probably i can link let me do it real quick wait he sent over some good new stuff that's definitely gonna be in a analog frontiers part of parts four and five so uh keep an eye out for that there you go um oh this is interesting
there was um man i was almost caught up on donations and and how how has this happened i'm behind again i i guess all that psn talk uh there was uh uh i think it's swedish kroners is this it uh 50 uh from velmi thank you saying if you guys check out asha and monster world it's already available on the japanese eshop and ps store i had no idea it's not is that is it out it's not out
is it i feel like it's not gonna be japanese on japanese digital i i pre-ordered the ps4 version on amazon well you know i mean i'm gonna i'm gonna get probably end up getting both of them just because the because uh only the switch version has a nine cartridge according to as the original on cartridge the original version yes yeah i mean i i mean my i i mean it doesn't look great
yeah it doesn't look great but no but i you know i i feel like people are being harder on it than than it deserves probably um i i i i'm i'm i'm very curious to play it i i really am i mean did the game freeze i think the game froze look at that oh maybe my controller is my controller
dead it's flashing red i mean it's certainly possible uh what was flashing red my controller it was like oh your controller's dead no i mean it's flashing red but it still is active or maybe it's maybe it's searching it's not searching maybe a lost connection with the i know it's it's solid and solid over there um that's just that's kind of weird not that it matters i mean i can
probably perform a lot better starting from scratch anyways let me just reset it i guess well i mean maybe you should maybe you should play with a real controller i gotta dig it out then i gotta find like an extension i hardly believe that the game is actually frozen hang on let me just i'll see if i can find a charger and i'll plug this in and charge it uh there was uh two dollars from brandon bailey thank you saying do you when do you remember first hearing about 240p
ah that's a good question i mean it was it was not that long ago i mean it was um uh i mean i remember you know i was just talking about playing fancy star on the virtual console i remember when i played that on the virtual console i remember starting it at my house and at the time i was playing on hdcrt which you know i now know treated 240p as 480i i didn't understand that at the time i i
never questioned like oh why does it not have skin lines because skin lines weren't really something i saw on my old tvs so that was never i just never thought there was anything off about how it was handling those games other than i knew that like the nes zapper wouldn't work but um i remember playing fantasy star on on um on that hdcrt and then
i was playing it around christmas time so i brought my we my parents house for christmas and i uh the uh the toshiba crt that you see in videos a lot of times it's in my house now but at the time it was at my parents house um and uh i you know i brought my weave with component cables and you know played it on that of course at the time i probably thought like oh man this is better quality than you could actually play it on a real
sega master system because i didn't know about rgb yet uh you know i didn't i would have never guessed that you could use something like that with uh the master system but i was playing component on that toshiba crt i was just at i'm just like man this looks good um and i i had no idea though at the time that was like displaying that this like very particularly authentic resolution it was probably around the time that we were learning about the framemeister uh when we were looking at the the
hazard city website and learning about upscalers and stuff and reading about the framemeister i i don't know if we fully understood it like before buying the framemeister but like eventually like we we like learn like oh there's this like these game systems like i always knew they were more pixelated than like ps2 i don't know i think it's actually frozen um but yeah uh i i it was you know it was a long time before i put
all those put all those pieces together and really understood uh what was going on with those lower resolutions and understood like oh wow we've been like plain in progressive resolutions all along we uh we already knew about uh um before we knew about um rgb or 240p or anything uh yeah i mean i don't
remember specifically but it was you know it has been within the past i don't know eight nine years probably that's what first they first knew about 240p oh yeah yeah yeah i mean i mean i never like i knew i knew game old games were a lower resolution than like playstation 2 but i just thought it was all i thought the signal was always 480i and i just thought you know i thought it was just a lower resolution kind of like
how the ps3 outputs ps1 games you know like if you were connected via analog on a standard def tv you know it would be 240p is 480i like that's that's kind of what i thought it was it was just a low a pixelated low resolution but it was still for the eyes i i didn't even like i though the first time i even knew about 60 frames per second was f-zero on oh yeah cause that was such a big deal
at the time i remember because like it was i guess it was the first i don't know it was the first game on n64 that ran at 60 frames per second it's actually kind of bad that it was it was at least the first uh 3d game that ran at 60 per second and like i remember nintendo power was making a big deal out of it like the first 60 frames per second game and like i think i misinterpreted it as it was like like this big innovation like like oh
this is gonna be the first 60 frames per second game ever like i like i remember playing it and like i knew that like you know they had to sacrifice a lot of the graphical fidelity for 60 seconds like i was aware of that so i knew it wasn't the game wasn't like a real looker but it was like man this is fast like i never like realized well actually it's exactly as fast as super nintendo you know like i didn't like i just i
i you know i i'm like a lot of these other people that i was mentioning earlier where they're like oh like 240p that's not even a thing old games can't be 60 frames per second because video is 480i 29.97 frames per second and it's like you know i i guess i was like that back in the day like i i i knew the basics of video standards or i just thought video games were too you know like i yeah there's nothing wrong with that
you know it's just everyone has a different path yeah uh there was uh oops there was uh five five dollars from james boone thank you saying uh thanks for playing one of my all-time snes faves tonight uh do you think the inflate prices for most retro games are here to stay hoof i don't know like you know most of the stuff i've been looking at lately like you know like i said
wild arms xf um uh valkyrie profile linux those were rude awakenings when i was looking for most recently i was like oh my gosh these were like 30 or less not that long ago and that oh that that broke my heart to just realize like oh i missed my chance on those uh aside from that though like i haven't really been looking for anything that has been all of a sudden like oh my gosh like what happened to the fight well you know i looked at air guys
that's a game i've been wanting to get for a while and it's like it's like 70 dollars now really it i mean it had been 30 like 30 40 for a while and uh i uh i thought to look it up the other day and i was like oh whoops maybe i'll get the japanese version which is not like ultra cheap it's like 30. that's what happens when a god blesses the ring
i guess but uh yeah so i mean i guess in pretty recent times i guess i've sort of been exposed to a few situations that were rude awakenings on the prices but overall i don't really know like what the current situation is i mean i'm i'm hoping you know i'm getting i'm getting my second my second vaccine shot uh tuesday or i get mine wednesday i'll i'll probably be i'll probably be
be visiting the the old retro shops uh you know before long and i i might be very disappointed by the prices i see i don't know yeah i mean there's a lot of the games happen the one that i went to a couple weeks ago you know they had a copy of wild arms five and i was like ooh and then it was it was 199. i um i mean i got that case only i mean that's been expensive for a while because i got the
yeah this one was complete i had the outer box with that yeah i didn't have the hour box i've only got the dvd case and i think it has the manual too but it's you know unique case not the not the cardboard box but it was like 50 and that was a while ago i think it was the last magfest we went to but anyway yeah i mean i i only went to my local game stores like a couple of times last year um i think the last time i went was i went i went uh to get help uh with the the
speaker soldering for the that game boy ips episode [Music] right that's the last time i've been i think i was in the summer so um so i'll you know oh oh oh i'll probably probably probably give him uh give them a visit in the next week or two and you know maybe i'll maybe i'll be disappointed by the prices i don't know we'll see but uh maybe we'll be lucky
and those prices won't be here to stay you know you know in in the past you know kind of running parallel to game prices going up has been the rise of you know mister uh so i i i wonder if that could possibly be a somewhat dampening effect on the rising cost of games you know yeah maybe i mean that's no that's being optimistic
i guess yeah um there was two dollars from shadow mask uh i had no idea ps4 could do 480p great uh uh uh great on vga monitor yeah yeah but only the original i mean you can't get a pro that was i feel like that was a big surprise to me that and you know it's it's kind of naive i guess that i would expect the like the ps4 pro or like the ps5 or
just to do to do 40p you know because like who is buying a 4k capable system to use it in 480p it's set for that's why i say in this in the script like you know like dozens of us are interested in this i i didn't even catch that part that's pretty funny uh i mean uh dozens of us are interested in playing these games in the same resolution is our sega genesis i do remember that now yeah
but it's still weird though like why remove the feature like that took effort right unless like there's just like no such thing as like a uh a hdmi chip that drives 4k that also does 480p right maybe there's no such thing you know yeah that is i don't know i don't know but like i mean yeah i mean you're absolutely right like i mean unfortunately though i don't think
you would likely get um you're i i i would be flabbergasted if there's such a thing as a playstation 4 game that supports uh uh 4-3 yeah uh i'm pretty sure that is widescreen 480p only uh but uh you know you could probably like if you were to play like a retro collection or something maybe something had skin lines uh and
set your ps4 to 480p and then set the collection to like stretch the game then you could probably correct the aspect ratio on the vga monitor yes so that would be in fact it would possibly display that way by default because i actually i connected my switch to um vga monitor uh one time and it was um
it looked awesome um but it uh it was um vertically stretched so you know i i had to actually squish it way in uh to make it you know widescreen you know to correct the aspect ratio for widescreen games uh and it kind of distorted a bit like it kind of felt like the the adjustment was not really meant to go that far um because there was like kind of like a
banding toward the top and bottom of the picture like sort of a stretch of some kind um yeah that's you know this is definitely an interesting idea the it i mean but it it is a little surprising that no version of the xbox one can do it yeah it's just a weird 640 by 480 that it like makes the the game image like really really small
inside of that so it's just not possible to use that for anything yeah and you know like a lot of people said uh you know you know cuphead is out on the switch but i mean like like i said i'm not gonna buy all these different versions of the game that i don't already have well i i think maybe it wasn't clear in the video that the reason you tested it on pc was because you are able to download cuphead from the microsoft store right yeah if you have if you own it
yeah if you go on xbox like i do then you can automatically just download it on the pc which is really cool like it was very convenient and a feature that i'd never used until this what uh there was uh five dollars from uh uh gt beaker man thank you saying a great downstair i can't talk great down scaling video for the occasional screen flicker did you try to try the sync strike switch on the gbsc ai oh
it helped with my pc engine with super sd system three um i think i'm pretty sure the sync strike is enabled but you know maybe it's maybe i don't have it i mean i i can try it i mean didn't they recommend to start with the sync strike off and then only turn it on if you have well that only affects the rgb input i thought anyways i thought that all only affected me you might be right i mean um
i i i know that uh there was one comment where someone said they they installed some sort of resistor on one of the videos right right yeah and they said that their own gps control unit that i believe that they totally built from scratch themselves i don't think it was an ai oh um is that really quick does anybody know if it's possible to power up any weapon beyond level two in this or are you like set once you're hit when you hit level two on all your all your guns my little two sounds kind of low for a
max i feel like there's nothing i know but i feel like i put a lot of uh effort into the vulcan the last place in my last game and it didn't it didn't it never went above level two hmm that's been a long time i don't quite remember because the level two punch is really really strong um but anyway um yeah i mean someone was saying they did a mod but and they believed it because it seemed to be caused by video
brightness levels and you were kind of speculating that like yes games did it more than others and like final fantasy 7 had it especially oh it looks like i can go and do another punch here because it doesn't fill all the way up it it definitely uh seems like a solvable problem but probably not an easily solvable problem you know unless you can solder or something right which i mean i wouldn't be opposed
to opening up and doing if that's gonna fix it but i mean i have no idea how much i'm gonna theoretically use it behind none are they done selling gbs caios now yes and it's all open source so if anybody can make one their own version i i bet someone else will go ahead and you know making them to sell probably i'm surprised so i mean they're they're done with it uh yeah i mean they said they're gonna do
their once they did their run they were gonna go uh and open source everything and that's exactly what they did so i mean it's i mean it just it doesn't feel like it was that long ago so it's almost surprising to me that uh that it is uh that they've already reached that point oh the dash punch is one of the most powerful texts again that's right um let's see there was uh five dollars from uh dad one one three uh one one five three uh thank you
saying uh city connections bringing cotton guardian force saturn troops ps4 windows saturn uh saturn shmups uh still stuck in japan uh you'd bring over yep oh you're asking for no no boomerang and uh and cotton two uh like i um the remakes or remasters are coming out on the ps4 switch and everything and uh xbox which i'm i'm excited about i still haven't played cotton reboot
i'm waiting on the on the physical for that as well i didn't know it was out yeah oh yeah it's been it's been out for a while i mean i i i assume that it's really good i feel like i heard i may have watched it one review of it um i think i think he was also asking uh if there are any saturn shmups still stuck in japan you'd bring over i'm not a big shmoop guy hyperduel is like the one that i feel like just to get get ported to something i i i'd just like to see elevator action
returns come to something else i guess that is a shoot em up in some fashion not quite what you're thinking um all right let's see still catching up man i was almost caught up at one point ah uh here's uh five dollars from ricky pond who uh joined our uh our discord recently it's been pretty active um i i i i'm gonna warn you here i'm gonna struggle with some of this because i've
i've studied uh i i've studied a decent bit of kanji and vocab but not a lot of grammar yet for japanese uh i i'm planning to dig much deeper into grammar once and our frontier is part five but for now i've been using wanikani for uh grammar kanji and vocab and it's just like it's so easy to do when you're busy because it's just like it just kind of feeds it to you when
you know just in a logical order when you need it you know and the way your reviews come up it's just so easy uh so i i feel like i just don't while i'm working on analog frontiers i don't think i have the the brain bandwidth for uh for for something that i'm going to have to study a little more free form i guess a little more on my own uh so anyways uh ricky pond saying i hope you guys are uh doing all right tonight also since tries
uh trying to learn japanese uh konbanwa which is good evening uh nihon you're asking about something about my japanese language skills uh no [Music] i don't really know what most of that means there's a good bit of neon in there um uh there was a five canadian from uh james curry thank you uh
saying watching emlig is ten times more fun than normal oscars 109 is more fun than the oscars in a train station i i had no clue that was not i mean that is that is something that i have never in my life paid lick of attention to the oscars yeah oh i mean i i used to there was there was a point where i watched a whole bunch but i haven't watched it in a couple years now probably ever since we started streaming uh there was twenty dollars for from the
love of the game thank you uh saying yo cotton two slash boomerang on ps4 and switch announced yeah that's pretty exciting the best shooting game is like one of those games uh that i wish i had bought early on on the saturn i mean i saw someone was selling a copy of it at too many games one of the years that we went and i wish i had bought it i don't know if i'm supposed to kill this guy he also said
my 20. i mean i guess i could turn it into food roll it up and smoke it i mean i guess also see that uh uh hector uh santana joined as a youtube member thank you uh and i'm almost caught up i'm almost caught up uh oh and there was a donation from hector uh centon yeah thank you uh i i'm not sure if that did that
come through oh it is it's not on the oh i see it's sorry okay it's just catching up on what i'm watching on you guys so wait hold on did i skip someone in that case there was [Music] a lot we're keeping up with y'all you keep me talking though that's that's for sure all right i'm doing a lot better this time i'm doing pretty good this time oh that's how it goes that's how it goes there was
499 from glendon thank you thank you and uh i just installed the dc digital and mode into the dreamcast what a game changer i also have the m classic and the setup as well it looks amazing yeah i mean dreamcast i i i you know i i sort of i sort of did a did a weird thing myself where i've got my gdmu and just an otherwise normal dreamcast and i i opted to get the um i opted to get the
uh dc digital and you know a uh a regular uh gd rom drive dream cast huh did you say did you you swap it to a no no no no no no i'm just saying that you know i i opted to to have those in separate systems for whatever reason i'm not entirely sure why i mean i wouldn't swap it out if you want you know i mean i i wouldn't say i have any regrets that i didn't did the way i did but it's just kind of weird in some ways
because i you know i did the opposite for the ps1 digital i did um the x station and the um the ps1 digital insane right i mean that's and that's how i i did mine with them yeah i mean i guess for playstation i just thought that kind of made more sense um i don't i don't know why i felt that i mean i guess because i i made an effort to try to get a system because there's only i think like two
models maybe that are compatible with both mods i mean there's there's there's multiple models compatible with the x station and multiple models compatible with the ps1 digital but i think there's only two models compatible with the x station and the ps1 digital in the same unit so like i kind of made an effort to get to get it done that way um so i know that like one of the more
recent ps1 or x station mods uh was sort of prep for adding folder browsing so i'm looking forward to that future um my uh my memcard pro shift oh nice i i sort of briefly had regrets though because i saw i think it was on retro there's like other colored ones there's like they're like yeah there's like other colored ones
like i really like the like my first memory cards i ever bought was like when i got my playstation originally was a dual pack like clear blue and clear green so like those are like to me kind of the iconic playstation one memory card so i was like oh i kind of want that clear blue one but you you got the smoke right yeah and i i i preferred the clear white one so i
just got a different one so i'm sure they will appear in videos in the future so no i was i felt like there was gonna be health up there and i got carried away and i got careless at the very end oh um but anyway so at least our arms will look different but i do like that that that sort of clear white one it does look really cool so i i had momentary regrets that i didn't wait for the
clear blue one well it was the colored ones came out pretty quickly after the other ones i mean usually they oh wait a little i thought why are you talking original memory cards no i'm talking about the mem card pro like i was surprised that they came out with colored ones oh oh oh oh yeah i mean that i am surprised it was that quick but i mean you're not saying it was like a long time back like early like it was just like in the past yeah yeah yeah i mean oh my god i want that blue one
but once i stopped and thought about i was like actually like i think like the the white one will be more like aesthetically pleasing sitting in the system but i i do like that blue one just because like like i say like that's the like that blue and green i got what i what i did back in the day was the green the clear green was everything final fantasy and the clear blue was everything else i gotta use this shield more often i i i have not used my dc digital as much as i would like though
um but i i just haven't had time to really sit down with any dreamcast games lately yeah i need to there was a and then you know after becoming a youtube member there was 999 from hector santana thank you uh saying uh would you guys mind talking about pixel fx's n64 digital pre-orders are in a week ship in four weeks and not much info uh about it still uh it's understood to be uh the be all and all hdmi solution for n64 yeah i mean
i i i don't think we have any insider info on it necessarily uh i mean i know that i'm i know that i'm gonna get one um uh pretty soon or i mean whenever they're ready because dan already has an n64 that i i sent to him before they even announced it um because i was seeing him i i it was when i sent him i sent him some systems to get uh we dual dc digital
and ps1 digital installed and i was going to just have him install a because i i don't have an rgb deborah um and i bought a n64 advanced board he said actually do you want me to just hold on to this n64 yeah open later i'm like okay um and i you know i kind of do still want to get that uh
the n64 advanced installed in something sometime uh but like i say dan already has an n64 uh of mine ready to put it in so i know we'll we'll have it pretty early on uh so i'm sure we'll do it i'm sure we'll do a stream um uh you know depending on the timing of everything you know maybe maybe we can do a video too um you know i'm just so looking forward to being done with analog frontiers because like
it's gonna be a no-brainer to do videos on stuff like that like right away once that's out of the way you know well right now it's just like oh i can't afford to let anything get in the way of finishing analog frontiers like i'm so nervous about the retro team 5x right now because it's like i know we're going we're like we really should do a video on that right away but i'm kind of like like i want to fish headlock frontiers but we don't know for sure when the retro
tanks are going to be shipping like i i i feel like we got to do a video on that pretty quick but it's it's going to be hard to say so anyway um i uh yeah i don't think we know a lot i mean you know they did an update video not that long ago where they were showing like free scaling like like uh like temptress style scaling
right something like pretty much you just had free vertical and free horizon which is huge i mean that's right because you know something um you know i it's been a long time since i really went pixel peeping at the uh ultra hdmi but you know when you do d blur on the ultra hdmi hey and maybe even when you don't i'm not
the ultra issue holy cow i thought that was the boss the um the ultra hdmi i'm not positive on this oh please don't die please don't die but i think it might be bound to square pixels yeah oh [Music] that's what you get for exploring corey gifford you're just like oh
um but anyway um so that's actually a pretty big deal like having that free scaling so you could have like d blur and like like really nail that like crt aspect ratio which you know again like when it comes to like 320 pixel wide stuff which a lot of n64 stuff is like there is a a good argument to be made
that square pixels actually looks more accurate than a crt does but i still err on the side of like displaying it with a crt aspect ratio even if that means like certain circles are a little more oval than round you know what i mean like because that's that is how they were viewed without exception back in the day
you know that is the the sizing that they were viewed at so that'll be interesting that'll be a fun thing to play around with but uh yeah i'm i'm i'm pretty excited about for sure um and i am behind again man i keep almost getting caught up with you guys i keep almost getting caught up uh there was uh two dollars from uh from uh john perry g all jpeg saying emily deserves their own oscar wow
you know i i often think back to this quote from um the the director of um arkham asylum how you know he had no idea that they were making this like this game that was just like going to be like he just he had no he just didn't expect that it was going to be as well received as it was you know like he was making the best game that they could but like it just i think the response just really
surprised him and he said he started hearing people talking about it being like oh this is a got-y candidate and you're like he had to look up what what what a what what a goatee was he didn't even like it hadn't even crossed his mind that people were like going to be like saying this is like you know a candidate for the best game of the year arkham asylum i think it's the best one although i haven't played arkham knight but i think that i liked it because it didn't have complete over world a complete
it's one of the it's one of the best and tightest designed 3d metroid games that has ever been made i think it's just one of the best metroid style games in three years now um but uh i you know i just i think back to that quote a lot for some reason because i just i don't know like i guess it's kind of cool and humble at the same time because it's just like you know i was just i was just making the best game i could
like i didn't like i didn't even know that that i was like making a really good game was like playing me in the rain for some kind of competition you know like that's that's like that's that's kind of how i feel about like if if if somehow emlight was part of oscars or something which we wouldn't be or couldn't be but like it's just like i i i don't i don't think i would care that much like it's just like oh like i mean i mean i guess that's cool i
mean i'd be i'd be it would honestly be probably a lot of unwanted exposure you know yeah because it's like you know when you're doing this so did i beat that boss and then like that was actually you just had to leave yeah [Laughter] i i i don't know i don't i don't think i would want that kind of experience that's that's a little that's a little too much i know that my shields are dangerously
low uh i i see ricky pond uh clarified uh what uh what he was trying to say uh uh saying uh uh nihango is japanese yeah i know i know that much i don't i don't i don't know the i don't know the kanji for language yet or whatever whatever the go part of that is but uh saying i i meant to say do you speak it but uh messed up the particle last part was essentially my japanese disaster
yeah i mean i have no expectations for you know how good i'll ever be able to speak it but like i just i want to learn enough to be able to play games in japanese and like have an easier time editing like japanese energies you know yeah to maybe get a somewhat richer experience out of future travels to japan you know but
i don't uh i don't necessarily have any uh you know grand ambitions of fluency or anything but it's it's fun it's it's i i i i did not think that you know trying to learn the language would be fun in any way but it's it's kind of fun it's it's it's been a positive experience limited as it may be so far ah scroll down
down there's ten dollars from eb chill too thank you thank you saying uh you know corey i went through quite a bit of aggravation to get a playstation 5. uh after your great video i'm replaying dead space 2 dlc on a crt on my ps3 my back plug has been nuked yeah i mean uh you know i i i shared uh i shared a a a photo of my uh my uh my xbox
series x dashboard with our with our discord am i supposed to let this thing get away probably not but i can't do anything oh okay it just like flies up there is that nothing to some of these levels just really go for a long time but anyway uh i was showing the chariot on the discord when i it in uh i think it's toward the end of analog frontiers
heart um part uh three there's this shot of my xbox series x dashboard and it's nothing but original xbox games like you know that where it shows like the most recently used games and apps like i it took more effort than you would think to actually fill that entire thing with original xbox and but i i did it um
and uh i share that they're like yeah they're going to make a really good use of that you know new next-gen console you know and here you know i i just resubbed to uh final fantasy 15 uh because i you know i wanted to play the uh playstation 5 version you know there's a native ps5 app right now compliant i guess i should say for it uh and you know i thought it'd be a good
time to go ahead and do the you know catch up on the on the last currently available expansion the the next one comes out this year um i'm missing all those p's but uh but anyway uh you know so here i am now i'm playing final fantasy uh final fantasy 14 on my you know brand new ps5 like it's like i'm yeah i'm making real good use of these consoles but um you know
the uh the playstation 5 client is like not that impressive like it you know you could already i'm pretty sure do 1440p on ps4 pro and there's still like slow down there's still some frame drops in 1440p mode on ps5 like the 4k mode is a disaster like it does not run well at all um i mean kind of surprising i mean i thought the game would scale
a little better than that but um but you know the 1440p mode it's it's it's devil like it's definitely smoother than 1080p was on playstation 4 pro um uh so no but anyway yeah not not necessarily making making the best use of my next-gen systems right now but you know uh there was uh five dollars from uh kdk seven thank you uh saying it's n64 digital going to be
significantly improved over ultra hdmi um well i mean i'm gonna die like real quick here if there's an easy like i'll if i do i'm going to do another run after this i'll see if there's an easy mode yeah i'm not saying that or you could just go ahead and get the the napalm maybe i'll try that i'll try it on easy first then i'll do the napalm um but uh i i mean i mean i guess the big thing is i mean it's
correct me if i'm wrong i mean i could i'm pretty sure i'm right i mean it's it's it's it's an rgb and hdmi solution right i mean it's rgb2 right the wait what the n64 digital it also has rgb right yes yeah yeah yeah yeah i was pretty positive i just wanted to double check um yeah i mean i don't know i mean i don't think it's the kind of thing where it's like if you already have ultra hdmi like you you gotta
you're actually very fortunate to have ultra hdmi because you know they've been quite hard to get a hold of um but um i mean it you know it's going to be hopefully pretty readily available uh comparatively anyway and you know i i am under the impression it it will probably be an upgrade but i mean you know i would still say the the n60 the ultra hdmi is is pretty pretty reference quality
n64 captures for sure um but you know it is a newer design i mean ultra hdmi is uh you know it's been around for a while but i mean it's it's it's still like basically tied with the gba consolizer for like my i think like the most transformative mod for me i'm gonna try to get the nate palm and do it so i guess i i don't kill anything except for the boss on the first level and then second level uh
it just drops somewhere right no the second level if i can if i can clear the second level without dying or shooting anything you you can upgrade it i didn't realize that that was something that was possible like upgraded to like level three you can make it upgradeable i i got to the end of the game and couldn't beat it and so drum told me how to get the napalm under the condition that if i did that i would
go back and and beat it without the name yeah and i and i did like it was like i the knee palm was actually pretty helpful i think in you know kind of gave me over that hump of like understanding like how to get through like the last level i may be fine if there was more than three continues yeah um there was oops can i not hit those
get the guns though that's a good question well you'll find out soon i guess yeah um there was uh i i i'm i'm i'm sorry if i'm going to pronounce this wrong huh aaron go bra brah i'm not sure how you're supposed to say b-r-a-e-g-h um as a name i've seen but i i am not not too aware of how to pronounce it
saying hey guys should i be looking into buying and uh looking into buying an oled should i be worried about the oss the interlacer causing burning even with advancements like pixel shifter no i would not be worried about that i know you're kind of nervous about it but it's like it's just superstition i think wait a minute what about like bob the interlacing on on you're superstitious about it i would say but i as far as i know that is like
it's pretty much only certain ips screens they're like really susceptible to it i mean you know retention can happen on anything but i mean oled's a different technology it you know it does have retention concern for sure so i guess i can't like it's not showing it does it show up as a weapon or does it drop no i don't think it drops you know there's a quick aside i love the lighting on this level i love like the red glow on the
underside of this whatever uh it says here i mean it says to get the napal gum gun all you have to do is complete the first level without shooting anything except for the boss of them but anyway um first thursday i i did not play like when my like now my ossc is upstairs and you know i've kind of separated my like hd is down here on the oled and the other stuff is upstairs with the
pvms and the ossc um but i played like i played all of um you know so like most of the time like when i was using bob on the ossc was oftentimes it was really just for episode production like i i didn't play like a lot of games like through their entirety with bob d interlacing but i did play a few uh like i played all of um fatal frame yeah fatal it was fatal
frame one i played all of that with bob the inner lacy on the oled not no issue at all i mean it's it's it's just not behavior that triggers that cons that that that the retention on it you know it's it's really it's mostly and keeping my mind is you know it's getting a little older uh my oled is and you know you're mentioning pixel shifter um pixel shifter is even on mine uh and even you know the
the ones that have come out since mine even have have even more safeguards against vernon and retention and i still really have no issues i'm watching the stream on on the oled here and you know there's lots of relatively static elements i watch the stream on the oled every every week and it doesn't you know it doesn't leave any retention but what's weird is certain things seem more prone to leaving attention and nicely retention is very temporary the xbox one dashboard and the
um the uh for whatever reason i think it's a lot of it is because of the sort of that middle gray tone that is uh on the um uh you know used for the backgrounds so it makes it a little easier to see retention um but um ah i'm nervous about cory punching these guns [Laughter]
um but uh you know i i discovered a few weeks ago like the thing that causes super irritating retention like the first time that it's ever been like in such a a context where it's like like actually visible in a game um you know uh sony released all those games that you could download for free on psn recently like things like that you didn't even have to have ps plus four right and one
was the witness yeah yeah and uh i booted it up it is unplayable on an oled and it it it seems like a game i would like a lot actually um really it's it is actually unplayable uh i mean i would not choose to play it i i would like to play it sometime but i i would probably play it some other one like i maybe i would like uh i would maybe i'd take
um take my ps4 to my parents house and play it on like the projector the old 720p projector that i set up over there uh i don't know i'd play it some other way uh because so i mean do you know much about the witness like how like the it's kind of like a puzzle game i i know about it i don't really know right it's kind of like mists in a way i guess not this like there are these like puzzles that come up on this square when you examine these
objects and you like kind of like connect a path through sort of a simple maze or pattern on the um on the panels and for some whatever reason like the particular contrast of uh those puzzles combined with the flat uh flat uh shaded graphics um
when you are on a puzzle for like a pretty short period of time man it's like i i had the napalm but if i want to make it upgradable i have to beat the level without shooting anything so i guess it's not even worth trying to probably not because the nape bombs makes it easy enough i have to make it through level two without dying to keep it for the whole game so i gotta try it again oh okay well this still should be easy but anyway um as soon as you move away from one of those puzzle panels
like you can just see it on the grass or whatever like you just see like well you can see like the retention yeah because like because of how it has like such flat shading um yeah it's like i i it would it would irritate the heck out of me at least my oled maybe the newer ones because i i know as the newer ones have come out year over year they have even better protections against the tension and of course like i said this goes away quickly i mean blame the witness
did not like and it would not permanently damage my opening but it would just be very distracting during game play um so i if i ever play it i would play it some other way i mean it seems like a really neat game um but no i would not be worried about the ossc i wouldn't be worried about any common sense gaming stuff i mean you know what you you know
what you can do really if you um like you know what i used to do up until very recently i would switch to an empty input on my tv like if i was gonna be away from it for several minutes i'll just switch to an empty input and then it just goes through this like picture slideshow but it changes the picture every like i don't know five or ten seconds see i don't use any of that stuff i just use like the no input
graphics wow so but you know what i started doing very recently i don't know why i didn't think of doing this sooner like i just bring up like netflix i just hit the netflix button oh there's a netflix button just right on the remote i just hit go into netflix and then after netflix has been idle for like i don't know three minutes two three minutes it brings up this like fireworks screensaver we're like one of those other guns and i just killed that guy the the whole
screen is pitch black and uh it but it just like sends out these fireworks on the screen right right i hope you don't going forward but like i mean you know like i said i've been playing final fantasy 14 a little bit again lately you know uh the first game i played on it was final fantasy 12 like the first game that i like played through the entire game was final fantasy 12 zodiac age
on on ps4 um and that game has like a lot of static elements i think it you know it's got it's got you know your uh while you're out in the field it's got the character line up and it's got their um crap they're hp and mp and all that stuff on screen all the time i think he's got got a map no no problem i would not worry about playing retro games at all um i mean you know some people talk about how
um uh you know well you know when you're playing in 4-3 you're aging the middle of the screen faster than the edges which may be true but i mean i've had this since what when when did that when did that 4k tvs episode come out uh 2018 summer 2018 i think somewhere 2018 i'm guessing are you school i mean i don't know that's what i'm i'm guessing too yeah summer 2018. i got it the summer before so i i got it
in the summer of 2000 uh 2017 and saw me gets it's it's an older oled at this point you know as funny as that that may be uh i think but uh you know it's um fine you know i've i've no burning desire to upgrade it uh you know i mean sure i could do 4k 120 or variable refresh rate you know i could
see myself in maybe a year and a half two years maybe thinking about it yeah it was a lot of money um and it's you know i'm i'm still just you know tickled pink with the picture [Laughter] just just like the generals and and and in metal slug two on the on the neo geo pocket color um
but you know i'm i'm still very happy with it and there's no you know obviously you know you all know i play a lot of 4-3 content on it and there's there's no obvious indication of any undue degradation to the middle of the screen compared to the edges of the screen so i i would you know don't get me wrong people do have
um issues with oled burnout i think the risk gets smaller and smaller year over year with newer models but you know as long as you you know have a little common sense you don't just like walk away from it for you know hours with the same with the game paused or um but and you know it does dim it slowly if if the if the image content does not right if it doesn't move it'll dim it
it starts it slowly starts to dim like if if like the image content is barely changing over the course of several minutes it slowly dims um and also like this is a little irritating like i kind of wish there was a way to turn this off but like if there's like a bright flash where the whole screen turns white or most of the colors are just like maximum vibrancy the screen will automatically dim a little bit kind of wish it didn't do that i don't know if maybe newer ones don't do that but it like it
happens rarely enough that it it doesn't bother me um so i mean there's there's little little things that it does and just you know but i i i would not let those kinds of worries dissuade you from getting an oled because i mean it's it is it is it's it's it's awesome they're pretty amazing uh it's hard to imagine going back uh yeah i mean it's
i i know people have problems you know i i don't really watch tv um you know i don't have like you know little like station bugs in the corner you know so yeah i still got a speaking of like watching tv i still have to watch that the new new mortal kombat i thought you were going to watch it the other day i was i planned on it but i i didn't i was
i finished up uh falcon in the wick and the winter soldier instead um there was uh 499 from glendon thank you saying uh also built a mr last week really impressed definitely rivals my analog consoles just wish you could tweak the video settings a bit more yeah i mean it doesn't have free scaling or anything like that is do you have to do anything in particular to uh to get the 5x mode no
no not anymore i don't think you do but i mean you might have to go into the settings and i mean i i don't know i haven't really done much with the 5x stuff because you're you're a pretty hardcore forex person at this point yeah it's just it's just convenient especially like as you know it's just convenient for editing too because i like to have the complete picture there and i'll just i'll just scale it up a little bit in post yeah i'm i'm definitely interested in playing around with 5x on the
on the on the mister a bit and and you know on on the retro team five nights yeah you know 5x might be the the new hotness in 2021. we might have to uh move over from 960p who knows yeah we'll see what happens um try not to miss anyone oh there was uh five dollars from container seven with uh with uh no uh
uh no message but thank you thank you oh i see uh see my my old uh my old friend enchilada is in in the chat who uh i i i grew up with him he was uh he was the one that exposed me to uh rpgs and a lot of other stuff and i said uh yeah 4k on final fantasy 14 is bad 1440 is much better uh but then again for me i have no slowdown yeah you know what was weird was i was i was in i was in one of the towns in the
game i was noticing that there was on 1440p like there was a few weird places where like when i was painting the camera around around just like an empty wall like i was getting some weird stutters for some reason but yeah the 1440 mode uh it works it works pretty good i mean it's not lock 60 or anything but it's it's close enough for me um it's definitely a lot better than it was on ps4 pro it it's it's a huge performance boost
but you know i when the ps5 launched there was a um uh yeah i there was a free login campaign because i wasn't subscribed at the time and so i had one of the very first things i had about my ps5 was ps4 version of final fantasy 14 and the the native ps5 version is not a lot different probably the biggest difference and i re well there's actually two annoying things
um i really hope they add an option to disable dual sense on like every footstep you make when you told me that i was like what are they even thinking oh i don't remember telling you that uh just trying to keep you awake i guess like uh like surely they can make it out of an option like you don't have to like entirely disable rumble to like not have a footstep i mean it's very very subtle
and it's more it's more or less like depending on uh um what um uh like what kind of surface you're walking on uh you know enchilada was telling me that uh the uh the the heavier armor you're wearing like the more ruffles really apparently i mean i i don't i don't use marburg that's so that's super obnoxious
yeah i i have no idea what they were thinking it like like sometimes like there's kind of cool things though when you uh when you're like on a you're like on a flying mount and you're like whooshing near the ground like it kind of makes this cool like through the dual sense but yeah like they got it the other annoying thing is you know how my tv does not like how the ps5 does
sdr to hdr right well they made it now that so you can you well yes they did like right around the same time that the ps5 version of final fantasy 14 launched now you can choose to have it just like only use hdr when it's supported well for whatever dumb reason final fantasy 14 native ps5 version runs in hdr but it's not like a
crafted hdr it's just exactly how the bad ps5 sdr to hdr conversion looks so like they just added that feature and i can't even use it i still have to disable hdr manually anyway and turn it on manually oh well it's still better than the ps4 settings because it would always go back to automatic resolution and
uh which on the ps4 pro the um the the rgb uh 2160p mode like periodically gives me like drop like just like a black frame like like the signal just drops for a few frames like a lot but it happens so on ps4 pro i always use the yuv right right yeah okay it defaults to automatic all the time
yes so you know you know what you know how it it defaults to automatic one thing i figured out yesterday uh you know so if you have it set to default to or if you get in a situation where the system defaults to automatic just like out of nowhere it also defaults to always on hdr no that never happens to me oh it so on your ps5 that hasn't happened it's i'm talking about like well i'm talking ps4 pro
right right okay so uh on the ps5 if you if you switch your setting to only when supported and the ps5 does the same thing where it will automatically like whatever for whatever reason switch it back to automatic whenever it feels like it and that when it switches back to automatic it'll also switch back to always on hdr well we'll see here's the thing uh ps4 pro you know and see the the reason that was always such a problem is you know when you're using yuv you need to use your your
tvs black level needs to be set for low just the same as it would be for limited range rgb but the problem is when everything goes back to automatic it's also full range rgb for not only i not only did i not want our db because you know it might make me get some black frame which by the way the xbox one x never did that never does that with rgb it was only ps4 pro where i would get that situation um uh
so i would use the ps4 and why which i mean you you can't even tell the difference unless it's like a very very rare specific situation um so uh anyway so it would go back to automatic not only would it you know so we'll go back to 2160p rgb full range and so my my black levels would be wrong so it's it's it was a huge huge annoyance well the nice thing about the ps5 for me i
know john was having trouble with ps5 at launch i don't know if it's changed in any way for him but like he was at first he was like oh it's just like ps4 for me that hasn't happened it has not been a problem at all weird yeah like i mean whether you know i have both zones on on my av receiver or or or not either way like at first the first couple of days there were a few issues where i had to um where it wanted me to recalibrate the
hdr because it was unfamiliar with you know oh this device is on but this device is not on you know but once all of those permutations of connectivity from my receiver were sorted through it has zero problems now so the only problem the pmi ps5 has a had no trouble with automatic going back to automatic settings it always remembers my settings but it um
it has another problem well the other yeah it has a new problem that the the standard definition or standard dynamic range within high dynamic range looks apparently good on newer oleds it looks like garbage on my own i don't know i don't understand that that doesn't make any sense to me i don't know why it would change depending on the screen but it looks bad and so final fantasy the the
as a long roundabout way of saying final fantasy 14 when the they watch this new feature where they can you only turn on hdr if it's supported but file fantasy 14 ps5 version for some dumb reason counts as an hdr compatible game but the the hdr in it is it's it it's you know they have not manually tweaked it it's just exactly like it looked with
um it just it just looks exactly like the uh how the system outputs it's so it's done but i can't even take advantage of that feature so yeah that's disappointing i i guess i can use that feature if but i mean you know there's also always the possibility of you know you might run into a game that has hdr that just has a bad implementation like i want to say um when red dead redemption 2 came out there was a lot of talk about how
it its hdr did not seem to be a crafted solution it was just you know basically i think what you know the ps5 is doing is sdr with an hdr and it was it was a problem and i think they patched it to be better or something maybe but you know every once in a while you do run to into a game where it's just like the hdr is badly done you know what games have garbage hdr is um the the dark pictures anthology games
you know man of madonne and little hope the hdr in those games it's so bad like they're just really really dark and like i don't think they're just like they're like i think they're trying because there are like some bright highlights but everything that's not a bright highlight it's just so dark they they have they have maybe the worst hdr i've seen they're really bad um there was uh don't think i've missed
anything there is five dollars from bubba d matt thank you oh thank you and uh corey going on vacation next month to georgetown kentucky area got any recommendations for places to see i don't even know where that is i'm sorry i mean kentucky's not kentucky's not a small state no i mean i'm way in northern kentucky i mean basically cincinnati like i mean i mean i don't yeah i don't even really go like i've never really been anywhere in
kentucky set for like louisville and that's about it voltar's house yeah but that's like on the way i got i guess i guess i yeah but uh yeah i mean you um uh i mean you know if if you are uh more in northern kentucky you know definitely look up retro game shops in the the cincinnati area and you know in the kentucky area you know i mean because
there's quite a few yep uh there was uh i feel like i've missed someone was was there anyone before demo kirby that was like a uh i mean i can that was was not a super chat i i feel like there's a name that i s uh kilobytes and caffeine joined the joining patreon yep thank you and welcome yeah i'm not sure if you're in the stream but thank you um
there was uh five dollars from demo kirby um thank you saying uh play gamera 2000 ps1 at the end of a stream sometime i definitely will i mean that's something that i i put that on on my x station after you recommended it oh okay okay it says it's a super solid panzer dragoon knockoff with hilarious japanese directed english fmvs this sounds uh that sounds right up my alley camera 2000 i i
is it uh is it japan only or is it is there uh yeah as far as i know it is yeah okay i i sadly don't have very much japanese stuff on my ps1 digital or my x station right now but that sounds intriguing uh and then there was five dollars from chris france thank you saying uh this is way back when i was talking about uh
uh the witness uh speaking of mist i played through the vr version on my quest too and loved it now i gotta stumble my three way through riven at some point man you know when i did that i mean that that's kind of old by now when i did that missed episode and uh it was plain riven like oh man like you forgotten how good it was riven is re like it holds like riven is gorgeous
like it like and it just has this like incredible atmosphere i mean this is just not as well loved because i'm surprised like it hasn't even gotten a remake or anything has it like there's no real ribbon it has but i mean it i i i i mean i mean it probably does not have as much like mainstream recognition or something recognition i guess but i
i have to imagine it sold very well um but yeah i mean you're right i mean i i mean it is a significantly more ambitious game and cyan is you know a very small company at this point right um it's i mean riven is a is a bit i mean it's a big game i mean it was it's a five-disc game yeah oh and it uh you know it has just the the islands are are very
large there's uh you know a lot of uh a lot of much more significant like character scenes uh than than missed uh a lot much more you know and missed everything was like for the most part like there was scenes with like atres uh like you know seeing on scene at the desk in front of you
but like mostly your most characters you see are like kind of in a frame inside a book or some other type of projection whereas in riven like it's largely uh characters uh like in the scene uh but man it holds up so well like it is just visually still just like some some of the best pre-rendered visuals ever
i mean it looks i mean it's there's not much that looks better we render stuff outside like maybe like resident evil remake like it's it is a gorgeous game and just i love the atmosphere of it oh it's it's it's really really cool it's really really cool um uh and you know what what what was interesting with what uh
ubisoft you know ubisoft took uh over the series for the next two games cyan did missed five which is in full 3d and is it is interesting uh the way the way that the polygonal characters move still kind of has the feel of like the live-action actors it's it's hard to explain but it does there there's there's a character in it who just has this very interesting way of speaking
and and like his facial expressions are very interesting um but missed uh ubisoft did miss three and four and uh they hold up visually extremely well too what's so cool about those they would translate excellently to vr if you know if if they have the means to like actually get like a stereoscopic view of the scenes uh still i mean that might be a challenge i don't know
but those games will be perfect for vr because this is vr i mean hopefully did i mean it was rebuilt though was it not i think so yeah like i i i to be honest i have not looked at miss vr terribly much but i mean my impression is it's you know it's it is polygons now right the difference with riven is i mean you would have to remake that whole world in polygons i mean it's a highly detailed world i mean i think it would be it would be
difficult to redo riven with the same level of fidelity and and like not feel like it was a visual downgrade because it it looks riven just looks really good um um i guess but first with miss three and four is uh you are you know you know in all of those games you you know you click around as usual right you know and you you you're standing in predefined
viewpoints right but the difference with this three and four is you are like you can look 360 degrees all around you like you can look up you can look down you can you can look in a whole sphere it's like you you feel like you're in this pre-rendered sphere and it's done it it looks so cool the way it's done and what's what's the coolest part about it is they still have the live-action actors uh within those scenes
and so like it's just sort of the surreal feeling like looking around the scene in 60 frames per second this pre-rendered scene and you like you're looking at this character moving over here and you can like turn around and she'll like still be talking over here and then you like turn back around and like she's like i'm talking about something that was like blowing people's minds probably in 2004 or whenever those games came out but i think i think the effect holds
up like it's just something about that effect is really cool to me like just that combination of like fluid pre-rendered movement looking all around you like it almost feels like vr without being vr like basically what i'm trying to say is it's it's too it's too real to be okay it's amazing when it comes down to it that's that's that's that's what it all comes down to it's thank you for saying what needed to be
said speaking of which there was uh there was a comment on the on the vhs tapes episode which you know i feel like is one of the coolest concepts we've ever done for an episode yeah you know i realize one of the neatest episodes we've ever done uh someone left a comment uh saying uh how uh uh how they had some german n64 promotional oh yeah yeah yeah
and uh one of them uh the the translation that he gave for it was uh the title was how much 3d can you take i i i had to leave a comment saying i am absolutely in love with this time and the best name ever i mean that's that's basically too real to be real right yeah it's right on that level for sure how much how much 3d can you take i mean
you know that turns out quite a lot i i guess i guess over the years i have taken quite a lot of 3d you know uh uh you know i was thinking about that you know too real to be real again when uh people were sharing that uh what's it called like render 96 i think it's called where people have put the uh mario 64 like render model and like some other things
that sort of emulate that look of the pre-rendered graphics into the oh i don't know you're talking about 3664 pc port like i mean let's be honest that mario rinder is not like the most amazing thing but what are you talking about i don't know the mario render like like the like the box art and manual art render oh okay what about it like people were putting that in the game people put like a model that looks just
like that render into the mario 64 pc port oh okay and other elements that kind of like more closely mimic the the style of those like promotional renders um this is a neat idea but it is it is kind of weird too because that model [Music] you know they very quickly moved on from that mario model i would say i mean i don't know i guess
he basically looked like that through most of the n64 i mean his render evolved a little over time during the n64 generation like i guess really like luigi's mansion and mario's sunshine were kind of where mario got his like modern render look like it's it's evolved a lot since then mostly like little details like overall textures and stuff like that you know sometimes it's got a little
mustache texture now but like for the long time the body structure was uh was established by them you need to bust through some wall uh there you know this is the question you've been getting a lot there was five dollars from uh jim thank you corey what are the peg pegboard pieces you use for your wireless controller mounts i'd like to do something similar and you know corey will explain but if you if you
want to know more go to uh go to gamedave yeah he did a good video on that he's got a huge i mean this is where we learned it from we learned it from our good buddy game dave he's got a video that is all about the magic of what you can do with wall control control them walls i've looked at wall control myself i've i've i've come close to buying something a time or two i i've got an idea sort of for what i could do with it but
dave has his entire collection done up on like a massive wall of wall control so yeah it's called wall control the i don't know where all they're sold i mean there is just a wall control website where you can order directly from they come in like different colors and they have all sorts of different like i can't i can't not sing the paw patrol mute uh theme song in my in my mind but say wall control well don't don't taint us uh
innocent folk who do not know that song because i do not want wall control ruined for me uh but uh uh yeah so uh it's uh um it's wall control and and you get all sorts of different like shelving all sorts of like accessories and different things that you can hang from it i mean it's a pretty it's a pretty interesting system uh and you know dave uh
uh uh among uh among our friends dave is the one who discovered it so definitely uh give his video a watch gameday i assume i'm destroying life guys there was uh quite a bit of cash from alex cash who has a a a one dollar bill uh uh yeah and uh he he gave us uh
19 of those one dollar bills with uh 99 cents of uh some denomination of coins i suppose thank you thank you very much saying uh just got a super nt and notice the aspect ratio is eight seven by default i didn't know until i googled that many games make sense in eight seven like super mario question blocks or squares instead of rectangular you always use four three all right you're like you were riled up all right
you think i've been chatty tonight you think i've been chatting i think i've been you know i've been chatting these past two streams that corey's been streaming you know i don't know i've just been chattier than usual okay i'm not gonna work up here all right all right eight seven is garbage eight seven is a myth eight seven means nothing eights like okay
the you hear this i know where this is going everybody i have no idea [Laughter] okay so obviously okay first of all first of all oh i forgot those i'll do all due respect to kevtris i i am currently you know basically working on a documentary about kevtriss's life right now
that that's that's my day job for the next couple of months or well hopefully not a couple of months but for the next little while i'm i'm headlong frontiers this is focused on you know tetris but obviously he he fell victim to this 8-7 myth and let me point out the h7 this is crazy i don't know it's being so hard h7 is such a meaningless number that he actually unless something has changed he actually
implemented eight seven incorrectly that eight seven that is in there is is a non-square pick flash spectacular you wanna know what eight seven is eight seven is if okay and that little guy gets me i'm done super nintendo games are um uh 256 pixels wide and 224 pixels tall
punch it into your calculator that's eight seven that's how many pixels super nintendo games are okay unless it's you know one of the games that does like 512 like kirby streamline three or marvelous or some number of rpgs you know do some cool tricks with the 512 mode but by and large virtually all super nintendo games are 256 pixels wide 224 pixels tall that's eight seven that's all it is
that is the aspect ratio if the game is displayed with square pixels but there is no real world application for that so you know all these people have been talking since the 90s like oh the true super nintendo aspect ratio is h7 you know that's you should display it with the with pixel perfect and that is you know that's exactly what it should be and anything else is wrong no it's wrong it's incorrect
there was no tv no tv that displayed games or anything an 8.7 that is a non-existent display that does not exist there is no h7 display you can't call the aspect ratio of something in a way that is that that there was nothing to display it on that was that aspect ratio you you can't you guys i've never seen you get this rather
about anything in my entire life it's like well because it took me so long to figure this out to figure out why what is this h7 mode on the on the on the on the nt mini and why is it different from the square pixels mode because h7 is square pixels 87 is square pixels that's what it is now okay look if you grew up playing super nintendo games emulated
you like yeah then you'd have the square fix you're used to it you're used to it it's wrong but you're used to it okay i get it i get it you can play your super nintendo games with square pixels it's okay it's okay i'm going to judge you for that the only thing the only thing it gives me this is treating h7 like it is like
this like great secret of what super nintendo games are supposed to be because it doesn't mean anything it doesn't mean anything it's just it is end of discussion like okay what would it be uh you know uh oh i guess the true aspect ratio of uh of um of kirby's dreamland three that runs in 512 mode the true aspect ratio of it is what would it be you know eight eight
seven would become uh sixteen seven i guess right yeah i don't know it just killed me but it will become sixteen 16-7 so are you going to display kirby's dreamland 3 like this like that no of course you're not going to so or you know something i learned not that long ago let me let me look this up
uh let me look this up cps two pixel clock let's see here it is i was looking for this i i couldn't remember the website uh if you search for google pixel dot clock rates you'll you should find a website called pin eight and if you go to fire brand x's youtube channel his youtube channel might be carbuncle x i think that might be it might be carbuncle x not uh carbuncle with a k uh not firebrand x if you go to youtube
channel he's got a good video explaining how you can take like screenshots that were taken with a square a square pixel aspect ratio scale them up you know in photoshop or [ __ ] or whatever and then get the correct horizontal aspect ratio and he explains how you um can take these numbers and find the number that you uh multiply by my space bell dark sorry i get it uh please uh
or maybe maybe cap he goes stupid fellow calculum capcom uh capcom cp system and cp system two is uh 384 pixels wide i mean that's that's um that's wider than uh wider than like you know three twenty percent i'm done like that like i'm gonna die in the escape sequence and i have no more continuously i forgot to put in the
additional continues so so like are you going to say like oh you know whatever ridiculously wide aspect ratio that would be i mean that would be a really wide aspect ratio like those cp system two games or cps one cps2 uh cps3 might be the same resolution i'm not sure uh i'll let you go you just keep going right back it would be crazy wide if you were calling that the aspect ratio of those games
like that is not the aspect ratio the aspect i mean there is the vertical pixels and the horizontal pixels like that's that's how many pixels that's the resolution of the game but the aspect ratio is what you display it at and no one no one talks about the the square pixel aspect ratio of c cp system two games no one talks about
no one talks about the the square pixel aspect ratio i think it's always super nintendo it's like oh it's h7 it's not h7 because they were put on a crt which is not h7 they are stretch they are stretched the pixels are not square now look again i i don't like playing super nintendo games and square pixel aspect ratio but i i understand that if that's what you are used to that's that's that's okay
uh and and you know maybe you can make an argument for it on a game by game basis you know i mean i was talking earlier about 320 pixel wide games i think there's a pretty good argument to be made for um displaying those at square pixel because it's wider than a crt whereas 256 pixel wide games are narrower than a crt if it's a square pixel 320 wider are skinnier than a crt or 320 wide are skinnier on a crt than they
are at square pixel but for whatever reason artwork in um 320 pixel wide games just like almost universally like just seems to very rarely be corrected for crt so you have stuff like round moons or oval moons and stuff like that when you're displaying it a proper 4-3 now personally my philosophy is to err on the side of what is closest to what it would be on a
crt so if that means i've got an oval moon then you know i'd go with it anyway but i have at times tended towards square pixels but just my current philosophy uh is for 320 is more true for three um now when it comes to 256 pixel wide games like super nintendo yes like if you really like tilt your
head or something like i i can see how sometimes certain circles might look a little wider and certain squares might look a little wider but i feel like it is more common on 256 pixel wide games for the um art to be designed correctly for a 4-3 aspect ratio it's much more common i feel one of the best examples is kirby's adventure you know the
first draw circle then dot the eyes as soon as you turn the game on uh it's a circle at four three if it's if if you're if you're doing eight seven where's one i don't know if people use that term for nes really but you're if you're looking at nes square people left back it'll be an overall kirby's too skinny the the circle is is the skinny oval um so let me see if this is going to work uh are you done
with that no okay hang on one second let me just see if i can do this i'm gonna catch up on donations too i'm not done i'm not done i know uh well i was gonna let the chat maybe pick a couple of like maybe one or two uh switch games that or switch or ps4 games that they'd like me to down scale for the first time right now uh i'm just hang on a second let me just let me see if this works okay um uh how do i do this so that's gonna be
we're gonna go uh auxiliary in and this should work let's see if this is going to work um unless i don't have this should hang on one second let me just while you're figuring that out yeah yeah yeah yeah you got it i mean yes there are times where certain things might be more square but in my opinion square pixel on 256 wide games looks to be too skinny there there are certainly lots of
instances where things that might might look a little oh that looks cool uh things might look a little wide just a touch wide but to me that is the natural look of those games that is again if you grew up playing them on emulator square pixel aspect i i totally respect that but just understand that that is not that is not how the games are on a crt that is just not the case and i err on
the side of anything that was designed for a crt you put it at the exact four three that's just what you do you do it at four three i i don't even if it means you don't have a pixel perfect sharp edge like that's why interpolation is so important to me because i'm all about um uh i i i'm all about uh having that correct aspect ratio so
so the the answer your question do not use the 87 mode on the super nt because i i don't know i honestly do not know where he derived that number from it's but if you are using square pixels on the super nt you know when when the indy mini noir launch firmware i don't know if it's been how much it's been fixed but the square pixel mode even on that i think was not square pixels so as long as you can verify that the
markers that it's using are actually square pixels feel free to display in square pixels if you want but that h7 it at eight seven i i last i checked it was i don't have luigi's mansion three by the way i can't i can't do i see some people are saying trails of cold steel [Music] i mean i could do the first trails of cold steel um don't don't show me uh don't show me your uh end game i'm not
gonna i don't know i feel like a weird game it seems weird playing rpg yeah how about uh um but anyway oh don't worry we'll see how tiny he is better yet um go to our super nt video i show settings in that that i dialed in that they matched my um my crt my my the way my pvm was displaying
the width i did a lot of careful sizing to make sure it matched my pvm sizing exactly um now firebrand x might have a more specific more precise sizing mode for the super nt but i i i i think you would be very happy with the um the sonic theme mode that is in our super nt video i forget where it is in the video somewhere in the middle section of it um but if you watch that video so hopefully that rent was worth 19.99 i hope everyone's happy
i have no idea what anyone's feedback on uh my eight seven rant is although i understand i might be in trouble with the h7 preservation society uh but before i get to that oops say god scroll up uh uh oh huh i'm here oh i i've i i can't scroll up anymore i've there's some that i've missed can you can you see the ones that i i've missed i can but just give me a minute and let me just get this
on screen and i can oh yeah well there was uh there was two dollars from the h7 preservation society saying watch it buddy i mean look i i get it i i might be stepping on eggshells here but like it just drives me crazy to call 87 an aspect ratio when it's just it's nothing but the pixel counts it's nothing but these pixels buy these pixels like it's
or i guess more these pixels by these pixels but you know what i mean it's it's not it is not a display like there is no h7 display like there is no screen that an actual super nintendo would display at this theoretical 87 like i wish people would just call that square pixels call it square pixels that's fine
nothing wrong with square pixel i mean not my preference but you know you do you but call it square pixels h7 like i don't know why people started calling it that like it it doesn't mean anything you know if you do a if you like a 3x by 3x scale square pixels 4x by 4x 5x5x however you want to do it square pixel aspect ratio square pixel
aspect ratio but there ain't no 4-3 or there ain't no 8-7 screen it's just a thing that doesn't exist and it's not like super nintendo games were displayed within a crt with these like black pillar boxes that made them eight seven it's it is not a thing h7 is not a thing it's just not a thing [Music]
use your pixels if you want use your spookware pixels if you want it's okay it is okay it is okay but but it's being weird hang on a second it ain't you know it ain't uh cory will go back and get the donations i missed uh that i can't scroll back up to uh there was uh ten pounds from couch multiplayer uh say it uh see
this try is on on a mat to die i'm going to say that i enjoy using retro games and emulation and using hd filters to smooth out pixels earn some support your way guys love your channel you know i mean some people don't like pixels you know and i think everyone saw them differently as a kid you know the story i like to use you know i i got out graph paper when i was a kid uh i i got out graph paper and i would put my nose right up to the screen
and tried to translate uh characters from my favorite games into uh i'm playing an rf so i mean this was not easy but i wanted to transfer those characters into mario paint and of course in mario paint you build sprite with you know pixels so you know i i think that was a big part of me sort of seeing these things as pixels it's like you know this
this screen is like a it's obscuring what these games really are like and i've always preferred original hardware but i always appreciated the emulated look which was quite possibly a square pixel aspect ratio although i never did it much back in the day but you know i always like the idea of the clean pixels from the original system i just never thought it was possible but i kept using my old systems and just kept using them and then i learned about the framemeister and rgb
and i'm like oh you can pretty much get that out of original systems so that's cool but you know some people just don't like pixels i it's a sentiment i can't entirely relate to unless you're talking about like using a crt filter on emulator i mean those do look really cool um it's not quite the same as a real crt but you know in terms of of people that are big crt fans i'm no crt purist i mean i have you know like
i i've counted i have over 30 things in my house that could technically count as a as a as a crt i mean you know if you if you look behind me here you know you see uh all of these little tiny uh tiny tiny rts i mean if you count each one of those individually like i've got like 30 things in my house that could qualify as a crt but most of them are are decorative
i i i have decorative crt crts are are my my decorative aesthetic um which is kind of silly i guess but uh i i i i say that all to say you know crts the way that they display people in a different way that's just these pure raw pixels i i have an appreciation for that for sure and i think a lot of crt purists
really don't like all the love that like emulator crt filters uh get and i'm not like that i i actually really think they're really good there are there are some really really neat emulator crt filters i i think they look great um i like them a lot um i also like using i actually i you know i'm not that big into like artificial skin lines like you know i i'd like going all the way for a a crt
filter like a you know just a full-on crt filter that's great but just scan lines i you know it's always a feature we have to review on these devices that we look at and stuff but just scan lines doesn't do much for me i'd rather just have the pixels i'd rather have it either either give me the pixels or you give me the crt one or the other lines you know um but uh what i do like though is like game boy grid
grid skin line style thing that i i do prefer that that's nice that's nice i don't really use it on the gba consolizer though because it's because it's 720p if it was higher resolution i would probably i would probably do it i really like how how the grid overlays look on the mr although i wish unless something's been updated i really wish there there was a mystery because mr mr here huh there's any mr devs in here i would like i would like
accurate green accurate dmg01 green coloring options for the gameboy core but i really do like the the grid overlays that are that are currently available they are they are pretty cool they look good they look good even in capture you know a lot of times uh scan lines look terrible and cap what's going on but but those those look good um there's a fortnite eyed from alex cash saying i'm glad you think so i'm glad you think
so i just i you know it never i mean even like corey said like corey said uh he didn't even know where this was going like i i've i i talked about this a little bit in uh in in the discord not that long ago in our discord channel our patreon and youtube members discord and i talked about with i've talked about with epos vox a bit uh i might have even talked about with
kentriss a bit because i i i feel like at all at some point i told him like i don't i think these two settings are supposed to be the same thing but they're not the h7 and the and the uh square pixels i might have talked to him about at some point uh i i don't think it's ever come up like publicly the stream certainly does so i i i i had a lot of picked up feelings about it square pixels
five eight seven not a real aspect ratio [Laughter] i'm sorry i don't know why it's doing this let me give me a second i don't know don't don't stress about it i'm not i'm not gonna but i just like it should just like work i mean i've been using did i've done it enough these last couple weeks uh let me just see if this is this is gonna work are there any chats i have missed it's just it's it's acting funny
well hang on i see uh see justin your head says uh uh eight seven bros how will we ever recover um hey i'm trying to i'm sorry i'm probably probably missing some there was uh 299 from uh jackboot shaman gaming thank you saying uh uh mr fpga can have any custom aspect ratio set oh so is that like a config file edit thing but not something that you can just like directly do
from the from the um uh just from the basic settings they give you i mean it's you know you when you're when you're in the core itself with the system running it doesn't at least i haven't had mine on in a few weeks and probably a few weeks more since i updated it um but um uh the um the but once you're writing it like you don't have that kind of control now i see some people in here say it is
called par par the pixel aspect ratio yeah i mean it is the aspect ratio of the pixel but just square pixels is just such a clear way to say i mean that is an important number to have so that you can you know like if you go that dot clock uh website like i mean don't get me wrong like but like people talk about like oh this is how this is like people people abuse like people abuse and
misunderstand what that means and they think that means like oh i should i should have my games at this aspect ratio that's like that's that's not the case well people i i the the usage of that is is very unclear and you know that that's why i always i always say a square pixel aspect ratio when i'm talking about it and um and and videos like you know square
pixels or it's you know it's wider than scale square skinnier than square you know to get to that true 4 3. like i just as a clearer way to me to communicate it um you know it's but it's it's not you know it it it it is not the aspect ratio in a real world setting an in an actual screen that you could put it on it is not
a you know it's just it's not what it is there's uh five dollars from jason davis saying love you guys any other topic please i'll try to move past all right i really apologize i i had to re i'm gonna echo on myself now uh maybe i is it coming through the crt somehow it might be coming through my tv i don't know why but let's see i know i i hang on testing i don't know why i'm hearing myself
this is stupid uh unless it has is it your camera it's your camera it could be my camera it's your camera it's coming through over the hdmi right um how do i how do i do that how can i just mute the audio mute the hdmi audio let's see is that that's not better you have do you have um do you have it set to monitor the audio for that source yeah uh okay here we go i can let's just do this
uh there was 49i from hector santana there this is so stupid saying a question for both you guys do you have ultra wide or 32 9 monitors have you ever filled their screens with 16 by nine games pretty cool for some games for fun um i i we both do have ultra wide monitors um for editing um it's always so weird to me when i like usually that's the monitor i watch the final render of an episode on and it's
always so weird to me to look at it um because it's got these you know it's got these huge pillar boxes on the side it just amazes me how much like extra space there is uh on that but uh yeah i've i've not really like certainly not like taking advantage of it with liking you like peace and game okay now it should be good i just i just plugged something into that headphone jack so why why is it doing this periodic uh
noise because that's that's to do with the the sync uh the sync watcher hang on let me just fix this so you need to turn that off in the uh yeah i can hang out see it'll do that and if i go into i'm going to get into the gvs user interface and i go in the development and i turn the snake washer i'll be like oh it's not now it's not doing that it's because i screwed around for too long probably there we go so there was a five dollars from dad 11
53 saying still going nothing nothing outlasts the 8 7 ever try buddy it keeps going and going all right um we can pick something switch related or well can can you yeah you need to go back to the super chats that i can't scroll back up to anywhere so uh we got a you did the alex cash and there was a retro dream 499 from retro dreams saying
uh playing freedom planet on switch such a great game thanks for the recommendation definitely one of the best games uh in recent years you could play you could play it right now i could but i kind of want to play something else that wasn't in the end not in the video uh and then there was the 8 7 preservation 8x7 preservation society saying watch it buddy i think that was the only one i missed then okay yes um okay so let's see here
sorry it took so long i had to like reboot my uh my receiver it got it got like confused that's happened a couple of times lately or if you had to pull out the plug really yeah well you know what what happens for me is sometimes i just have to like turn all everything on the receiver off turn the tv off and start again i never really associated the problem with the receiver though i always thought it was just the other devices failing to handshake
with it because like sometimes if you i think if you like turn on zone one and zone two too quickly you know i think might be what it is um someone's saying monster boy i see as your striker luminous yeah i don't know how you luminous is correct it took me a second i i don't feel like that'd be cool one thing i didn't try that i'd like to is uh is iconoclasts oh okay would anybody be okay with that
if i tried yeah do it uh someone said ori but i'll i'll try ori i'll put like let me grab it i feel like cory is gonna be like too zoomed out yeah it's gonna be tiny um i mean but i can always try oh guacamelee might be interesting or what about grandia fix grandia hd i think that'd be fun if you could fix grandia hd um there was uh there was two dollars from uh ben
ben brodie saying uh i like filet mignon with garlic butter deal with it well you know i don't be honest i don't know that much about different cuts of steak because i'm i'm just not that high culture um you know i'm i'm a well i'm a well done beef kind of guy like i just i don't whatever it is about the little bit of pink that adds flavor for for people i don't i don't taste it i don't taste it like
steaks are great but you know i've kind of come to the conclusion i like i like a good pork chop more than steak and that way i don't have to insult any chefs i think there was another is there any way you could add the um the super chats to this layout yeah we can see the scan lines on that pretty good what's that good yeah we can see i think we can see the scan lines pretty good
yeah i i try to you know at least on the upper part of it you know i don't have this version of ori i've only got the xbox version i understand it's it's really well done port though uh yeah was uh five dollars from mega x6 saying uh corey loved the new mlig video this week phenomenal i've watched it once twice already geez that's like that's a a quite a commitment this uh this text
looks really bad are you are you also looking at on your pvm at your desk yeah i didn't mess around with it though i'm just looking at it 480p at my desk right now oh okay you're looking at the uh but i can look right over here and just see what everyone else has seen yeah i i should have softened it you can add can you add the super chat to this layout oh shoot um yeah and the in the ticker yes one second um
except for several was that so you think they'll fix the sync issues that firmware update i assume you're talking about the periodic flashes it might be a hardware thing but i don't know it might be possible to do it in a firmware update i i don't know though um [Music] you know i wonder if there's anyone we we could talk to who would know for sure like you know rama or any of the the aio guys yeah uh it's okay there was uh
do you get the okay you saw the mega x6 one you read that one okay so we're gonna [Music] on the 3ds well you know what i think is interesting uh choirboy brought that game up it might have been in response to the episode uh in the uh in the discord chat and um uh i thought it was interesting um that uh i i didn't i played the game on pc
years ago um and i i i didn't realize i i guess it's a 30 frames per second game in all of its iterations except for switch switch version is the only 60 frames per second version although i think he said that a pc patch for uh uh for for 60 frames was being tested but i thought that was crazy i just i never realized that was a
30 fps games which is 60. that's yeah so what's your impressions here i mean i'm not seeing like i mean it's it's really hard well the the more is like showing up pretty severely i guess it's actually not it's not that bad i mean i'm looking at full screen the more a is not bad it you know it to ap quality on the stream it's not bad um i mean like this would be really fun i feel like we could just do an entire stream of just like
trying different things sometimes uh i mean i i think i think this game looks pretty good with it um yeah the other thing is that hacks that that text looks really bad but it's not a text heavy game yeah well i mean it doesn't it's not zoomed out yet i guess like when it gets right i think once we get it through like past the intro here
you know this was uh this was the first game i played on my xbox one oh or at least the first game i played all the way through yeah like i mean i i played through it like the week that i got it which it came out like just before thanksgiving so i went over to my parents house not you know i brought my uh my brand new xbox one x uh and um and played uh or in the blind forest on
on a 720 p lcd from 2010. or i don't think this game has a this game doesn't have a 4k patch i don't think it certainly didn't when the 1x launched if it does now i don't i don't think it had one at that time so i mean it's not like it was a huge downgrade i actually also that same weekend played through um uh sunset overdrive oh cool
so i guess i guess that was the second xbox one game i played and um he's a little small here but not too bad oh yeah there he is ah and uh i uh so i played that and you know i kind of felt like i wasn't missing much because like i think that's like a 900p game like i feel like 720p can almost help 900p in some respects
like you know of course it's not native 720p you know whatever that weird number i always forget what the number is all right i'm not gonna i would miss the entire stuff there's uh so [ __ ] i'm saying i'd love to see e's origin i can do that i'll grab a couple of things and i bet his origin would look really good because it's kind of got this like consistent it's got this like consistent zoom level from the character oh tanooki justice yeah did you just get that yeah it showed up
yesterday oh i i ended up ordering it from another website because i didn't i didn't know about the american version so i think i'm getting the european word on pf4 not switch because i mean the switch version was like a lot more expensive so i was like yeah nikki justice might be interesting to try i haven't even tried it yet i think like the overhead view and like the consistent view distance would uh of uh ease origin would make it really good you know what i thought was one of the best looking games in the episode was
link's awakening i thought that looks surprisingly good yeah like something about overhead games i thought looked really good but you know looking at ori you know sort of a a minor pet peeve i guess i've got um uh with like a lot of modern 2d games is like this this art style that of like these like really tiny sprites running around in this like large
expansive pixel world it's like that's that's not that's not how retro games really were like they weren't these tiny tiny these characters you know like something like ori is fine because it's not trying to be a pixel art game i'm not saying i like hate that style but it's not what connects with me the most what's this girl's name i forget uh
unica unico that's right she's the only one i played as in this game i think she was generally recommended as like the first time playthrough character yeah i mean i haven't played through this this version so i don't have like any of the extra characters or anything or the extra character the claw this text looks good is it is this text like hd on normally or is it pixel
maybe i don't know i mean because i mean the source of this game is fairly old interesting so is the game 4-3 or is it just this intro part that's 4-3 because it is it's forcing it really hang on i can skip this let me see if i actually get to the main game see you you never know you never know what you might get you know this is so interesting so
then can you use the controls on the um on the the gbs says to actually make it fit correctly you can a little bit but it starts to fall apart after you go out of outside of like here i'll try and do it so i'm going to try to scale it horizontal you see i can the text box text is really small like unica's name is almost unreadable there yeah see we see how i'm making it wider but then you see what's happening on the
right hand side of the screen so i said kind of facelord is saying the game is not 4-3 so maybe it's just this intro okay yeah but you kind of see what's happening with this side like it's getting kind of jacked up yeah i guess it would make sense for the uh i i i guess it makes sense for the
uh the cut seems to be kind of a fixed uh cropping you know yeah i i don't think that the game is four three either i think it's just like this i would not be surprised with just this intro i bet you once yeah like maybe there's just nothing outside of that the cutscenes take place and might have not been designed for right now to have enough stuff in it for widescreen right so i bet you when she gets into the tower it's going to be 69. yeah see now it's
now it's fine it's the fmvs are scale up yep see now it's fine so it's just that intro but i mean that's something that i wouldn't think about you know it's interesting uh i would love to play you know i've got i've got at least a couple of i guess i have this on ps4 and vita maybe i'd love to play another you know a console version of this someday yeah you should i mean i don't have
i i can't not play i i mean i have to buy like all these like i just feel compelled to buy the different versions no i understand i understand uh there was five dollars from chris fratz saying uh heard you mention how riven hasn't gotten a remake but there is a fan effort that has been sanctioned by cyan called the starry expanse project i'm going i'm going to look that up right now i'm curious there's also five dollars
from noor saying thanks for the content you're all my favorite channel have you checked out hotline miami on crta i'd love to see if it looks good i have i have not tried that one i mean like i was joking about it uh the other day like i could like the video could have been like literally like eight hours long and i would not have put everything in it that everyone wanted to see you know what i mean like i could have just gone could have gone for eight hours like it could have been
eight hour long video oh are we back oh yeah what happened did something happen yeah i dropped from discord that's discord like screwed up for a moment it's the power of 240p i guess i i guess yeah like i i thought you dropped from the call and then i tried to send you a message and it wouldn't go through but it says you dropped the stream didn't stop at all so it's not like my internet
went down um i don't know i don't think i've i would you you were frozen but now you're you're you're back so nothing happened on the stream is that for you freezing yeah but you're you're back now but i was like i was just saying i think i told you that i could have literally made the video eight hours long and not checked out everything that i wanted to check out or that people would have wanted me to check out and i see that nor is saying uh charity stream incoming
24 hours of crt content where it's like 24 hours trying different stuff uh yeah that's sorry expanse is interesting uh i mean i was saying like riven just i i think it really holds up it's it's a very impressive game uh oh yeah yeah you read the one about hotline i feel like hotline miami wouldn't look very good because they're like it assumes in that in and out might be yeah i'll check it i
mean like the levels are always like kind of like a skew you know yeah well i mean you never know dude you never know until you try this looks not great i tried to try it there was another five dollars from chris pratt's fan oh yeah and if you have grim fandango remastered i'd love to see that i have that one on on a ps4 and i might have to download it on my old ps4
yeah i've got it on ps4 as well i'm not sure if there's a switch version there probably is i kind of like how the some aspects of the menu look like a lot like that shmup collection like the way that it kind of makes the line sort of dotted is neat i kind of like this how the skin lines line up with the the the ease logo you should try uh new super mario
brothers you deluxe that'd be interesting yeah i i mean i didn't do you know those are those are you know the most creatively uninspired mario games but you know maybe at 240p it'd be kind of like oh xenocrysis i wonder if that would look the same um okay so like i'll do this one and then i'll do grim fanning i mean we could be here all day or all night
doing this yeah it's almost 11 30. yeah so i'll do this one now dude grim fandango and like that's that call it we'll call it call it after that that does this have like some scanline effects added on top it's been so long since i played it like doesn't have like some skin line or vhs noise sort of aesthetic going on or is that is that like conflicting with the crt yeah i mean that would be make sense
what am i gonna do here oh uh there was five dollars from b stoker thank you saying uh so funny i was playing gran turismo 2 and i also have a sony trantron and never looked up the year until yesterday uh now your stream pops up for me [Music] yeah i mean you know who knows what you could be who knows what year it could be
it can be it can be 1998 if we want it to be so you can kind of see those diagonal lines because it's not like that those jaggies yeah yeah that's what i was saying about it this game has i mean it's it's kind of it's like it like moves a little bit like it you know it rocks back and forth i guess yeah yeah that was that was my concern because i remembered like you're playing
doesn't it yeah just the way it moves rear says you should play balance since you keep comparing to a ps2 game but you bought the ps5 version right of what oh balance yes i just had the ps5 version sorry do you know if that's what if that's a game that offers a ps5 upgrade if you buy the ps4 i mean it's like it's such a weird situation where like the ps4 versions
actually give you more rights i guess of where you can use it compared to the ps5 versions in a lot of cases it's it's weird i guess but uh yeah the controller like buzzles every time you get you kill somebody or you get killed and it's like broom i really hate how the hd rumble sounds on like the joycons or that's like it's
just like buzzes really loud you know what uh what is it i mean i'm sure this is common knowledge but um and i i haven't done any further research on this but um yeah i i think i mentioned a few weeks ago i did uh i did way forwards um uh april fool's trailer and when i was going through
um some of my folders from previous way forward projects that i had done um for i was i was going through some of the the you know asset materials and you know i had sound effect folders uh there were some folders for hd rumble and the sound effects and like so i kind of thought oh like that makes sense like is that what hd rumble is like is it just
is it based on like an audio waveform like that would make a lot of sense because when i um i never thought that i thought about it so much i got stuck on the wall look i got the glitch that's the power of 240p right there is you get stuck in the wall in the first level of hotline miami i i've never thought about so much with um the switch but like with the dual sense controller on ps5 like my immediate reaction was like oh like it it kind of feels like it
almost feels like there's a subwoofer in the controller like it almost feels like when you hear the sound effects like in demon souls like you know when you're casting a spell like it almost feels like you feel the shape of the sound that the small makes is what it feels like and so that kind of made a lot of sense like i don't know if that is like that is that what hd rumble is like is that is it just uh is it is it is it just taking a sound
effect and converting that to a vibration you know just the larger the waveform is the stronger the the rumble and then the smaller like you know this more subtle the rumble i mean obviously it's you know it's it's motors uh but you know they obviously have a bit of a range but i wonder if that is like actually the if if that is the file format that hd rumble utilizes is just audio files
see sometimes you gotta turn off deep color at least with my uh component oh i mean that yeah i mean and it has to be a little cold i mean i wouldn't i wouldn't expect it to be supported really okay let's see if i i should have grim fandango on here but i might not i feel like i have it digitally but maybe i don't there yeah there it is there was uh five dollars from eb chill too thank you saying uh why do you guys think jim ryan changed his mind could have been guys like me that's been
150 plus dollars since the original announcement i i i doubt that so much played a role because i i'd especially i doubt that any panic buying people have been doing actually is adding that much to sony's bottom line right now on you know a legacy console oh is this going to be okay so uh chris is saying you can stretch it oh captions oh so you stretch it
and then it's it's probably almost right yeah i mean it could be right then if it's like um um so anyway i i i mean i think i mean in my mind okay so check it out you can go square four three square four three with borders wide okay so if he goes wide this should be should be correct though i mean like check out the basically correct i mean if can you
squish it further with the gbs i mean i can yeah but i'm not of course this is a pc game originally so you're you really would have been playing it at you know i can do that and then you have to get like that garbage on the side so yeah it's like you probably would have been playing it like what like 600 by 800 or something like that yeah oh i see interesting those venetian blinds don't carry over too well
well yeah but i mean so let me see here but anyway i you know if i was you know i ain't no business guy but what if i go to original though that's i think that you can kind of uh i mean i'm no business guy but if i was in the room when those decisions that sony were being made you know my that's a little bit i i knew
over scan their text you know my my the main thrust of my argument against closing the stores would be like think of the loss of trust like you're you you want to sell digital games don't you like if you're taking down a system that was your it was your it was your your your flagship platform
what like eight years ago like only eight years ago and you're like check it out the window like what like what does that do to customer confidence i mean you know i mean you know i you know i know microsoft could take away anything at any time too but they they've in recent years been good at instilling
customer confidence and you know your access to their products right and i i think that that's worth a lot and you know i i who knows if that was what caused him to change his mind uh or you know whoever was involved with that decision uh but i i just think it's absolutely you know idiotic to take away customer access to that kind of stuff if you want them to be buying
your products now because you take that down well why am i going to then spend money on ps5 games i'm going to lose access all right let's let me let me see what else i have on this if there's any like last things i want to look at this is everything that i have digitally that's on this
by the way sandy absolutely loved that game she by the way if you're wondering why she wasn't barking while i was doing my 8 7 rants because she's in my parents house tonight but she loved grim fandango remastered because she really likes pre-rendered background games because like something about that static background but then you've got like you know a bipedal character running around in this static environment where she can like clearly track it with her eyes oh she
she was freaking out about grim fandango she loved it i'm curious about this one because it seems like it would look oh yeah you were playing this on stream just two weeks ago weren't you yeah just for for a minute yeah are you were you playing what system you weren't playing on this system though were you yeah i feel like this much what was your main game two weeks ago i forget uh i don't remember either [Music] oh was it bell in wonder world it was
ballon won yeah yeah you know i mean it doesn't seem like it's a great game or nothing yeah and you seem more lenient odd even than i do i mean you know i i thought the demo seemed kind of bad but oh steve there is some like pillar boxing going on here but it's like right in the over scan like you can't see i can only see i can see it on my my pvm base some of the text doesn't line up great is there a little is there a little i think it might be a little vertical shimmeriness
going on yeah definitely i mean i can see a little bit but i can't see the it appears to be a correct aspect ratio though because i have i can slightly see the borders on on this pvm but it's not showing up there like if i go into and i uh bring it in a little bit you'll be able to see them you can kind of see them i guess here but this should be like a four three i don't have it on my other monitor so
but i mean this should technically it's not being squished that's what i'm trying to say right doesn't look like this would have been a good one would be um blaster master zero uh yeah you know i had that one in my stack to try and then i had to call it at some point so yeah um you know i do want to try someone mentioned it earlier just for the heck of it do one more so that we'll end it with
this because i'm kind of curious how this would look oh this will be it this will be the last one for the night i didn't know you had the digital version of this you should have it too oh yes i guess that's right i do uh i mean we could just like keep on going and trying stuff for three minutes i think the hardest part