Video Game History Foundation Mag Sub Issue # 2 :: 2.11.2021 LiveStream / MY LIFE IN GAMING

Video Game History Foundation Mag Sub Issue # 2 :: 2.11.2021 LiveStream / MY LIFE IN GAMING


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[Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] so [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music]
do [Music] [Music] [Music] do [Music] hi everybody hopefully our levels are looking good i mean mine are looking a little bit low but i can always turn those up from here how's it going everybody let me know if it sounds good uh chris you there oh yeah i'm just i'm i'm back
i'm taking it all in taking it all in you're appreciating my my compression gloves yeah it's really cold here and i have a thing called uh raina they didn't um they didn't have them in your size or well there's no they're supposed to be like a little bit small i know they can press your hands the reverb is is bad oh there's an echo i wonder if it i wonder if they're hearing your voice through my microphone chris sounds good but i wonder if it's
my camera i always sound good though let's be honest um hang on i know i think i might know what it can be here all right but this has nothing to do with obs because that's a perfect application right yeah all right people are saying you sound good now no i sound good or is it better or worse yeah let me know how it sounds now now
it looks like my voice is not nearly as loud but let me know if it's uh if it's better now i mean hopefully it should be all right but i can always trim up the volume still echo okay hang on um rich retro in the uh in the chat is admiring your compression gloves oh thank you you should get some like bedazzled ones um okay still the same hang on because i think that i didn't just change was supposed to change um
hey i just got um this is mostly for people in the chat i guess to entertain them while you're fixing obs but um i ended up ordering one more thing from hd retrovision i got some of these uh male to female component cables so that i can just have these hooked up to my pvm and then not have to keep reaching around back there uh if i want to switch between the uh genesis 2 cable and the nintendo cable now how does it sound now is it not any
better now people are saying i'm too loud but then somebody else says i sound perfect which i agree i'm too all right um let's see if this could be it yeah somebody else says it's less that i'm loud and more that you're super quiet i'm super quiet yeah like super quiet interesting because i mean it looks like my um okay hang on uh let me try something else i'll be
right back i don't know what else you guys want to talk about hey i just told uh corey this but um you know i got uh i sent one of my consoles to voltar to have him uh fix it and i also bought a couple of his rgb mod pcbs and like i like watching uh voltar streams where you know he'll you know rgb mod uh one ship super nintendo or something and um like i rgb modded my one chip super nintendo but like
10 years ago and it was probably a bad mod you know and with old technology or whatever and so i would watch him do these uh these mods and i figure well i should just get one of those pcbs because of course he makes it look very easy and like but they look so big uh compared to like that's how big it is like i mean it's like there's my thumb for scale although i have big thumbs but so i'm kind of worried about uh hopefully i can do an okay job
uh how's it sounding well now i'm really loud yeah axiom yeah they just i'm do it but i was when i when i got the package i was like whoa that's a lot smaller than uh than i thought it was gonna be all right is it any better now or is it still too loud is there still echo i don't know why there would be echo but let me see i can what's that what's what i just heard something okay is am i no echo now it should be good
uh am i hang on why don't you just let her know that is my voice i feel like my voice is too loud now though let me just turn let me just turn down my mic just a tiny tiny little bit now we'll be ready to go people are saying it's good maybe you shouldn't screw with it you know always has to screw with everything okay i feel like this is probably a lot better now slightly loud but you know i think it should be good now
let me know my voice is just a little loud let me know if it is if it's better uh yes these are for whoever was asking earlier these are compression gloves it was right it's really cold here and i i have what's called a raynaud's syndrome where my fingers get really really cold all right so now it's really loud but then there's no echo um we're gonna turn mine up more and we can just well i mean i don't if i'm if i'm like
peeking i can do this hang on i think you're getting a little obsessy i know well i that's that's what happens that's what happens now it should be good all right uh i do see that there was a um a donation from aaron welsh a while ago sorry about missing that um saying uh do jazz hands like that i don't know i'm not 100 on what jazz hands and that might go like this
i don't think that's jazz hands you think so i think so isn't it i don't know do that all right so hey i already guessed i mean i know it was before the stream started but i guess what i think is in there do you want to try to try to guess what's going to be in here yeah because i mean i'm sure it's not going to be another die hard game fan right i mean i mean that would be cool if it was but
i don't think it's going to be another die diehard game fan i don't know i have no idea what's going to be because you told me yesterday you think that this month you're going to get like like i'm going to get the good one and you're going to get the like and one or something but i i mean i don't know i don't know the last time it surprised me yeah so i think that i mean i feel like i'm gonna be surprised again but i i feel like you're gonna get a really good one yeah and mine's not gonna be as good as yours all right well let's open it curiosity's killing me i i don't think
it's gonna be another another game fan uh by the way i am drinking point ridge whiskey that's why that's what i had the last time too but i couldn't remember the name good vibe collecting says that reynaud syndrome sounds like a shooter on the pc engine and that's very true like what is that rex amber syndrome yeah oh man i just picked up raynaud syndrome sucks it's so expensive but it's really good the thing is
is that my my hands get really really cold especially my right hand and it kind of goes like not so much numb as it just like just feels like it's like an icicle uh and my feet have the same problem so right now i have socks uh slipper socks and slippers on because down in the basement here the floor gets really really cold what are slipper socks like just socks with some tread on the bottom or one yeah and they're like they're really thick i
got like wool around it all right yeah so here we go it looks pretty that it looks pretty thick is it pretty thick yes if it feels it feels thicker than i was expecting it does not feel like it has a flat spine on it though but it might i'm sticking with my guest are you going to look or are you going to close your eyes you're going to see it before i am okay i'm looking i'm looking away okay let me just make sure that okay here we
go oh man should i be excited yeah this is gonna be a pretty good one dude oh man egm number 60 july 1994. look up there inside the sony psx with incredible new photos and complete licensee list oh yeah contra 5 super street fighter 2 urban strike samurai showdown it's a quality magazine right there
yes and mk2 the hottest sequel ever all right got my certificate up up of authenticity very important we have a real hard time getting through egms though you and i so hopefully we can mostly use this one fairly uh a fairly decent clip ah first picks of saturn and 32x games so i got something a little something kind of cool here like if we
need to get a closer look at something say uh uh because i i've mounted my camera way up here i built this whole ceiling contraption for all this stuff but if we need to get a closer look at something i have created the the close-up cam and it can go like this get right right in here it's it's a little it's a little laggy at times but it's still pretty cool it gives it sort
of a lo-fi effect the fact that it's a little laggy yeah you look at some of that so that way we can i can get a closer look without adjusting this camera up here yeah all right july 1994. that was the summer before my senior year of high school oh yeah so you graduated in uh in 95. yeah yeah i graduated in 97. all right oh we got some writing in here
even clay fighter huh yeah i i always thought it looked impressive but it's it's not a very good game i don't think any of them are very good i don't think i've ever played clayfighter you're not missing out on much uh this is a game that looks good in screenshots but it's not fun it's not fun to play at all and it's funny this this uh this evil snowman bad mr frosty is like the the mascot
when i really feel like like the taffy guy right here should have been the main mascot for it well i mean the fact that it's a snowman almost makes you think it's got some kind of christmas theme or something yeah but he's just he's just an easy but then mr taffy there would make it seem like if that was the mascot i would think like oh this is like some kind of british platforming game that was like originally on the amiga yeah yeah i mean it's just i don't know there's nothing really great about it
but it looks good in screenshots and this is the genesis version the super nintendo version looks a lot better oh i got the mask here you have any opinions on the movie the mask i've actually never seen the mask really it looked irritating enough yes i mean it's it's pretty irritating i feel like jim and carey was mainly kind of irritating to me for the longest time yeah like uh
um ace ventura super not funny to me uh but i'm not positive i may have seen ace ventura i'm not sure like i used to love in living color you know the tv show but he was like probably my least favorite actor or whatever you want a cast member on the show you know like right fire mark bill or whatever it was called like yeah to me it was kind of annoying you know yeah yeah um i'll tell you though this movie's watching because like this is i think it's like it was
cameron diaz's first movie and she's like so good looking in this movie and like i don't know she's like not not as skinny as she was in like in later roles i feel like but it's i think that's kind of a good reason to watch it right there the flood waters are are rising um just talking about new systems coming out so i mean i guess 60 we got to be
getting sort of close to the end of you know sendai's run i don't know what the last issue uh before zip davis was releasing him yeah i have no idea but i mean it's got to be like within a year of this yeah i'm sure that people can uh fill us in yeah i talked about the 3do got off to a rocky start the quality of software those units improved tenfold and the price drop boosted the sales as
well i mean i wouldn't say that the 3do's software like got better over time it's it stayed pretty consistently mediocre i think especially for 600 bucks well that's the point he's making though is that by then the price had come down i mean to be fair there were some good games on the 3do just that's not you know a good time to buy a 3do is like 10 or 12 years ago when you could get them for like nothing and you know then you could
check out some of those games but then of course some of the best games in the 3do got ported to the playstation which gives you even less reason uh to have the system but i don't know i i appreciate the 3do but it's definitely not something you ever wanted to be your your primary game system i see that uh the swimming and saying that issue 83 was the last one under sendai so i guess there's still some time left it's a little bit less than two years yeah
yeah and this is obviously an ad for mk2 nothing nothing can prepare you that's that that is the whole ad it doesn't even tell you like you just you know this mk2 because you know it wasn't the tagline for the first one like nothing can prepare you and nothing nothing can compare you can can can prepare you and then three is like nothing in this world can prepare you
or something like that i don't remember how much that ad agency was getting paid all right guys we've we've been working hard on this for weeks done a lot of brainstorming had some focus groups we're gonna go for this time is nothing nothing can compare you and they were like oh my god that's brilliant and somebody's lightning is striking these second nothing yeah [Laughter] oh we got a cdi ad
right here i have very little to say about the cdi because i've never really played one no neither have i most of what's on tv can be summed up in one word lobotomy wow which is why phillips has come with three new exclusive games all with retina searing graphics and ear bending sounds
yeah i wish i i hoped to one day play a little bit more cdi than i played but uh i mean burn cycle was kind of the game that they used to sell it i remember ads for that on tv a lot but a little double and mutant rampage body slam oh see right away though i mean there's a that can't be a mock-up that's
got to be actual photo right stoner reveals their new psx game system complete with licenses and games yes i mean it's pretty much the same except for that the playstation logo on top of it is is gigantic it's pretty big yeah i mean oh here we go and get right in there i i feel like i can see better with this camera than i can with my eyes well i got my playstations right here aren't the um the i don't know i've never owned a
japanese playstation i don't know how that's different but the the power button and the open button have like icons on them whereas on a real playstation they just say power and open on them i kind of like that better actually but yeah icons are cooler i don't have a playstation around me too to try it out we got mortal kombat 2 and super street fighter 2 the new challengers challengers i remember how excited i was
about super street fighter 2 and driving down to the the uh arcade at in the mill creek mall in erie pennsylvania that's where i first played it and it's on one of those uh what is it like a big blue cabinet you know i didn't realize that there was another link or a super link or the five player adapters i've never seen this one before i have like the the longer one i don't think i ever had like enough
friends to take advantage of that now it's definitely not five because i mean i didn't i never played played any five player game on there probably only in bomberman no i've never i've never had i've never simultaneously had four friends just period like at all well never at the same time that's too bad you're missing on some good times playing barkley shut up and jam and five players sure i mean i've never gotten to play like you know four or five player bomber
when they're showing their nba jam that'd be pretty sweet uh secret of mana is is the only game on here that oh i guess nba jam would have been fun masters right there yeah but i didn't really play that one very much peacekeepers i didn't i didn't play that one at all until years later yeah that's one of those jellico games back then i mean even like i feel like jellico was always one of those those companies where i didn't feel like
they made anything that i felt was worth my time base is loaded or whatever yeah but i don't really like baseball games unless it's time to assorted baseball i got some got some comic stuff over here the marvel universe 1994. those are cards yeah creating cards i mean i guess i was kind of in the comic books at this time i feel like there was a time period from like 92 to 94 maybe where i was into buying comics
because there was i mean the thing that like ruined it for me is that everything had these uh like these gimmick covers and they would raise the price of everything yeah they had these like prismatic covers yeah i mean i used to ride my bike to 7-11 and buy comics when they were like 80 cents a piece or something yeah yeah have any fancy and you didn't worry about like bags and boards because you literally bought the comic book to read it yes and then you just you know you put
it in a pile and it was they'd all like curve under their own weight i guess yeah eventually uh but a lot of times i mean i bought a lot of comics that's what i'm doing what so that's what i'm doing curving under my own weight [Laughter] i i mean i would buy a lot of comics but i wouldn't read a majority of them well same here i was buying i went through like a phase in high school where i was buying comics just because that's what like
kids that i thought were cool that's like what they were doing and i was like kind of hanging out with them like because they would invite me to go to the comic book store with them you know and so i would go and i'd buy you know a couple of comics but i never really read them yeah i mean it was exhausting it's awesome to keep up with it so i just fell out of it eventually the letter of the month a sea of garbage oh that guy must watch my show [Laughter]
i mean i feel like that this uh letter could have just been written today probably yeah i've been into video games for about five years now and have had at one point another a leading game system i've noticed a recurring problem that most translated games and that they don't meet the standards they should with these big name name tags attached and even bigger prices censorship aside these games have bad control uh such as super super nice world heroes poor graphics captain america and the avengers for
supernatural even poorer replay value dracula unleashed for the sega cd well i mean to be fair that guy's canadian so kind of who cares but i mean these are not any none of these are games that i would consider very good i mean well obviously like he wasn't trying out stuff beforehand he didn't say it's a sea of really good games with translation issues yeah garbage oh and this person's saying jerrell willi or
jarrell lewis is saying that there's too many fighters it's always mortal kombat this or street fighter 2 that or clay fighter or clay fighter and they're saying anyway you don't have to fill your mag with fighting games just because it's what you like yeah but i mean at the time there was just so many fighting games that's true oh my god of five dollars from uh genova vienne the end bienni uh thank you with with no message
attached to it i mean in the late 80s it was shooters yeah exactly i mean like not even just like the late 80s probably until like 92 or 93 it was probably just tapering off at this time yeah and then it was fighters for a long time and then it was eventually i guess like in my mind it just like skips to like first person shooters but i feel like there's got to be something in between there but maybe not i already got an ad for super street fighter 2.
more pc conversions wish more companies would make games for the sega cd cdi and 3do we consider making pcc iran versions of each title that they make kind of ahead of its time because that's yeah what happens now we got the the the jbc xi in the uh the rgb episode i said the jvc xy because i thought that that's how it was meant to be said even though i always said x i really yeah that's one of those
things that that i've learned over time is just to say how my how i've always said it yeah instead of changing it well yeah i did the same thing with gradius yeah exactly yeah although i always said gradius oh really like growing up it was it was gradius growing up and then i realized it was gradius but then yeah i don't i don't really want to relive that episode of my life but uh that video jukebox thing looks really awesome yeah
for real uh i wonder how it works i'd love to get one and just open it up and see how the way it works is you put cartridges in the front and then you can play them right but i mean picking up off of that picture yeah but i mean does it it doesn't obviously doesn't require power but it just like goes into this cartridge on top it might require power it says right here says this reticle new technology utilizes nuclear nuclear uh radioactive electrolytic cell micrones micronization covered with silicon outer
shell with a six cylinder over camp suspension i'm not sure that that's i don't i don't they might be telling tales you tell me what it means yeah we got two dollars from red ranger also thank you uh i wonder if you can still find these like i wonder if anybody sells them like on ebay or anything like that i've never seen one in person have you no i i would look but i have like the world's loudest keyboard so
nobody needs to hear that all right subscription action april fools nba jam were you a big nba jam fan no no only because i i was never into basketball oh even at this time i feel like at this time it was the best time to be in the basketball no i agree it would have been but i just like i didn't know anybody that was into basketball nobody in my family was into basketball so i just never um just never really had any exposure to
it you know i used i liked playing basketball but uh i never got into watching it you know watching the nba yeah five dollars for another five dollars from my genova vienna vienne saying do you guys ever think about pc games on consoles uh not that much yeah i don't really think about it that much but nba jam i mean it was awesome it was so much fun and like even as like a non-sports fan
that at the time i mean especially the time i just felt like it goes it was kind of like the gateway to get into basketball like that combined with i guess like like my big gateway in the basketball was probably the dream team in 92. yeah and uh then nba jam was the kind of the end of it i guess rocco's modern life huh i mean all these these nickelodeon shows like rocco's modern life rugrats and all that stuff like i just did not watch
any of that stuff well when we were too old i'm you know i was 17 right here so i wasn't watching rocco's modern life yeah i mean i didn't i didn't watch any of those cartoons on nickelodeon at that time no because you know i grew up in a different era of nickelodeon where you can't do that on television right yeah and so like i really when when they moved away from that and started having all their own programming like this which was probably a smart move but that's not the nickelodeon like i
want mr wizard and you can't do that on television right and what not you know in danger mouse uh hey dude yeah and and hey dude yeah i feel like getting slimed anytime you say i don't know we should like bring that back somehow yeah i could probably rig something up i got five dollars from uh jonathan henson saying chris thanks for introducing me introducing me to shmup junkie hardy boone burned through all of his videos
yeah i'm subscribed to that channel as well he has a very impressive collection of pc engine shooters i think he actually doesn't he have all of them i think he has all of them i think he has what bit head at one time aspired to really i wonder if i don't wonder if bit head watches and stuff i know he's a fan of bit head yeah bit head's like that girl in high school that you want to go out with that like
won't give you the time of day you know yeah yeah you want to have him on your stream like that would be so much fun to do a magazine read-through with him that's what i'm saying and then he complains like oh my channel's not growing it's like well you've got all these big youtubers trying to get you to like collaborate with them and you won't do it so i think his channel's like growing crazy now yeah i mean he got like what like like 30 000 subs
last year right something like that that's i mean that's pretty good after spending like 10 years like working your way to ten or to five thousand yeah i got some uh a letter art blackthorne ad over here well that's like there's like a lot of good stuff going on on those two pages man yeah you guys are right you've got tempest 2000 in the streets of rage 3. yep i mean i've barely played streets of h3 uh i feel as though
it probably i it maybe had like a bad reputation for a long time but now people are appreciating what it did i mean it's the worst of the three games but it's still better than almost any other beat-em-up so yeah you know yeah it's it's a really expensive game though now and the japanese version is really expensive wow i think i got mine for like three bucks uh it's like well over a hundred dollars now i think
for the us version ridiculous although speaking of the jaguar since there was that little thing with tempest 2000 i just saw uh you know i'm like uh i follow a couple of video game stores on instagram and you know they'll post pictures like oh we just got this stuff in for sale or whatever they had like a jaguar with the jag cd and like a handful of games that they originally were selling for 9.99
and now they've lowered the price to 7.99 like 799 yeah like if you spend 800 on a jaguar and a jag cd you need to have your head examined yeah yes i mean i can't even imagine that i can't even imagine spending that much money feeling like i needed to have it that bad but at least you know they're starting to understand that it's that maybe they
have a little overpriced i mean it's a pretty steep markdown [Laughter] saying uh we should do a casual watching and commenting on your favorite bit at 1 000 videos that'd be fun they'll remind me that that that night that me and you and trial are in that hotel in emeryville and like yeah like he'd never seen bit head and so me and you were just like pulling up clips and stuff to show yeah i mean i still think that that uh pc engine stay is probably the funniest
that that was his greatest run of videos for sure you know there is a there was a hair on this page a hair from whoever owned this magazine or it was definitely one of frank's hairs i don't know there's just a single piece of pair on this uh super game boy ad hey friday night arcade is here oh hey welcome uh did you ever did you have a super game boy back in the day no i didn't have a super nintendo oh right i was a genesis guy
but i mean i have one now super game boy they're awesome that i'm not sure if i knew that was a thing but because i feel like that would have really made me want a super nintendo yeah i mean i mean it's such a cool thing to release you i wouldn't have ever expected them to do something like that and then they did it again with the the game boy player on the gamecube it's just such a cool thing i wish they would do something like that with with ds and 3ds games it's kind of surprising that sega never
did that with um game gear cartridges yeah and it would have been i mean they did it the opposite way i mean they had the the master gear for the the game gear yeah no i know it's not it's not possible to play because of the color palette you can't play game gear games on a master system but you'd think you could play game gear games on a genesis but plus i mean the super game boy is basically isn't that basically a game boy motherboard inside of a cartridge yeah yeah i mean it seems like they
could have easily done it yeah it's surprising seems like they should have i got some more envelope art friday night arcade says i had a super game boy but i hated the locked in color schemes you can change the colors but is that l r is there not a palette though that approximates the pea soup no there is okay i'm pretty sure that it's like the third uh it's like like page like c7 or something like that i think it is yeah
you know i was just talking about an american tale the other day i'm thinking about if uh if my kids would like it i never saw this one i never saw fievel goes west but i you know yeah i didn't i saw the original one in the theater yeah i mean that was came out at a time where i was like young enough to see it and and i just remember having like a really good soundtrack and that that really that song was really popular from it was it was it somewhere out there is that the or is that something else yes american
tail i don't remember maybe i could i can have i can have the song in my head i just um i don't remember if it was you see down there uh you'll fly to universal studios with us air remember u.s air oh yeah wait is is usa are not around anymore i don't think so i feel like they gotta be or is it just like american airlines now it's the same thing i wonder look at this look at those gun star heroes envelope art let's get a let's get a close-up of that
one it's a pretty good one you think it's funny just like doing this yeah i think it's kind of funny again from joshua was scared i wonder that's probably peter scarrett's cousin i wonder yeah it's very possible i mean he lives or related to tom yeah uh it'd probably be cooler i guess tom skerritt yeah what was the what was the uh the movie that is it tom skerritt was in like um was he in like poison ivy three or
something like that too oh i think i might have skipped that one are you familiar with the poison ivy movies didn't it wasn't that like drew barrymore yeah yeah yep but i feel like i feel like tom scaret was in one of those movies i don't know i i mean and i just remember him from a river runs through it and top gun oh yeah oh the poison ivy movies i mean i never
saw any of the other ones dude electron ash says 1986 was one of my favorite years for movies labyrinth flight of the navigator and space camp i had i had all three of those movies uh like we rented them at the video store and like copied them onto like you know blank tape so i could watch them like over and over again [Laughter] yeah you know play the navigator i just watched it with my kids and like it it kind of messed messed them up a
little bit at the beginning uh yeah i mean part of it was kind of scary yeah because unsettling kind of like me with those aliens from sesame street i was telling you about you know all right that's what we got next game of the month world heroes 2 jet wow it is a good game from what people say yeah i've mostly played just the original world heroes that was like the first neo geo game i ever played but
i feel like my memory is that people say that world heroes 2 jet is like the best world heroes game yeah i have a mvs cartridge of that one didn't um didn't the actor that played the main kid and flight of the navigator didn't he like just get arrested or something he's the kid from e.t wasn't he no i don't yeah i i'm pretty sure it's the kid from e.t i don't think that's correct at all
are you sure i'm gonna look i i said i wasn't gonna type but i'm typing this is important um joe no joey cramer was the guy who was the star of uh flight of the navigator okay and but he wasn't he's had some problems he was not in e.t i don't think oh henry thomas okay henry thomas
joey kramer whatever was joey cramer was joey kramer or henry henry thomas in uh cloak and dagger you ever see cloak and dagger oh dude i have it on uh on dvd it is like it's really messed up now if you watch it like they are they're straight up like trying to like blow that kid up and do all kinds of horrible things to them i don't think oh yeah he was the one in cloak and dagger he's on his third wife
that's him that's impressive [Laughter] wait who was who who was in that henry thomas or yeah the et kid was also cloak and dagger okay well if for anybody in the chat if you have never seen cloak and dagger it's got dabney coleman in it and it is it's like really really violent for a kid's movie i mean black what's that yeah jack flat not his character's name jack yeah well jack flack always wins right what do you say i mean like the ending
is completely nonsensical but it's it's a i don't know this there's this one guy that like so the hidden code is on this like atari cartridge like for like some like world domination memory was that it was an atari 5200 cartridge is that not correct i don't remember it might be but i i don't know i don't remember exactly but it's been it's been a few years since i've seen it but i just remember being really shocked at just how like they were just straight up trying
to like blast like kill this kid like when they like they put like a bomb in his walkie-talkie yeah hey since i was already like you know google and stuff i looked up that video jukebox thing yes it it did not get released sadly oh really yeah that's i wonder if there was something going on with it that would damage the i don't know but it's too bad because it says i'm on i'm on the sega retro uh website
and i didn't maybe it said this in the ad we didn't see it but it said that six of them could be linked together to form a selection system of up to 36 cartridges jeez that's pretty awesome yeah that's really cool like i don't want to brag or anything but i totally have 36 genesis games you had that thing would you you'd hook it all hook them all up oh absolutely i would just stack them
all up on top of each other ugh i i'm a big fan of breath of fire the first one yeah yeah a lot of people say i see a serif is saying terrible ad i always hated north american cover art this is it's such a weird thing it's such a weird thing that squaresoft released this it and release this because like why does squaresoft need to localize other people's games i would love to know the actual answer behind that
that's some bde right there what's bde i'm not going to say it on the show if you don't know what oh is his oh hobo gloves now they're compression gloves they just they're hobo gloves according to they look kind of hoboish i guess i feel like i should just use these in all of my videos from now on i mean if only just to sort of normalize their use for your audience you should [Laughter] um but i i mean i wonder why that this
like squaresoft thought that they should just release this instead of one of their own games i don't know but i mean i i had this game pre-ordered and uh i played through it like three times in a row and it's i haven't played it all the way through since then but this is one of those games where after i had finished it several times i went over to a friend's house who had internet access and i got an aol and was able to
find out how to get the the real ending and or the like the most powerful hidden sword in the game like the most powerful sword in the game is like basically right before you fight the last boss you can go and grab it from it's like an invisible sword like like an invisible chest like next to the uh like the second and last boss's throne so it's like not even worth having at that point
the emperor sword it was called look at this let's add for jurassic park on the 3do which is like is not very good what's that i said that's shocking to hear it's made up all these mini games and they use like lookalike actors for all the people and it's just like really bad that's unfortunate but i like that it's like actual screenshot um and i don't think that this is an actual screenshot
it's probably a image that they used in the game yeah uh there's ten dollars from a trade trey joey uh thank you says hey corey did you get the vhs promo tape and i just got it uh two days ago i picked it up and i was going to digitize it and i the the location where i moved my uh dvd vcr upscaler machine is kind of far away so i needed to order a um something to strip the hdcp
protection without having to like rip out the whole system or the whole vcr and move it i just needed to do that anyways so i will digitize it probably this weekend the rest of the review crew we got a pocket rocky 2 which is now a very pricey game double dragon five man like it's double dragon five is it's really really bad but they made it a one-on-one
fighter which is just probably ill-advised it's based on the cartoon series i think did you ever watch the the double dragon cartoon i didn't know that was a thing i never watched it but i know that this game was based on it if you're thinking of double dragon guys from the arcade and not the cartoon you're in for a surprise and we got 500 goes west which actually got better scores than i would expect yeah i wouldn't i'm surprised that i mean
i would play it but i never saw the movie so i'd probably be lost over on the side we got ken griffey baseball and jetsons super loops ken griffey baseball in the margins a sort of afterthought because that's actually a really like highly regarded people say that's like the best baseball game on the super nintendo yeah i mean i wouldn't doubt it it's kind of weird that nintendo is the one that developed it too because wasn't it didn't can
wasn't ken griffey like on the mariners because like nintendo owned like a portion of it yeah well i don't know if it was the company that did or if it was just the guy i'm not positive i need to revisit that gaming historian video on it kanga monsters 2 jungle book streets are h3 still got pretty decent scores yeah
it's definitely a good sequel pele soccer 2 world championship soccer i was just thinking about i'm thinking about doing a video like on all the black grid boxes and i was looking at world championship soccer and it took me back to the your uh genesis launch video or was it it might have not been the genesis launch but it was like either the genesis in 89 or the launch in 89 where you say like your review of world championships ship soccer is like yeah i'm not really
into it that much so there's not a lot to say well it's i always feel weird with those types of videos talking about sports games because it's like maybe five percent of the people watching the video actually care right about that game and so you don't want someone to turn off the video just because you know uh it's a sports game so and i think there's been times where i've nerded out a little bit too much you know because it's a
kind of a famous sports game or something like john madden football but you know right you gotta at least kind of consider the audience you know yeah i mean over here he got like pele soccer 2 from accolade i mean i can't even imagine what that looks like but why are they reviewing am i confusing that with a different world championship soccer there was a this i think this was probably the second one because there was part two that came out
like years later i didn't even know it was until i like got it in a bundle deal with something else i was buying because i think i needed uh super monaco gp2 and for some reason world championship soccer 2 was included in that package oh the interactor isn't that the vest i don't know i mean i feel like the interactor was like the vest that you can wear virtual reality gamewear i don't even know what that's supposed to be is that like his shoulders i don't i don't know
i can't tell yeah i think that's his i think yeah that's a weird oh no that's his elbow you can barely tell oh is there a slight echo i wonder i mean i don't know if there's echo on me i don't know why there would be uh obviously i must be getting picked up from someplace else i'll have to troubleshoot it another time have you thought about buying a good microphone i mean i feel like this one's it's decent enough it should be good i don't know why there's an echo
i assume it has something to do with this up here i mean i don't know though um i'll mess with it another time you know old friday night arcade in the chat there just bought and uh he just got an electro voice re-20 oh that's the uh i i think i saw episode vox posting something about that that's kind of that's an expensive microphone isn't it it's like a 400 microphone or something like that but i mean that's like a pretty
it's like one of the standard microphones for like radio ah like probably like that and a sure sm7b are like the two like standard radio mics so we got software etc software etc i hate when people say et cetera et cetera i know i i just i i i did not know fiction buddy that's poor addiction i know software etc i mean i say etc but
sometimes i just say et cetera because i think that that's that was how people said it around where i where i grew up i haven't been into one of these uh barely at all in my life i think so i think that was like the first chain video game store that we had where i lived like we didn't i think we had that before like eb games or gamestop or elec electronics boutique we had a software etc at the mall
we had electronics boutique at my mall but i feel like i went to a software etc the only time i went to one was in the uh the walden galleria in buffalo and that's where i bought spider-man for the genesis spider-man yeah exactly somebody reckoning in the chat is saying let me take a sip of my expresso that's what it's like when you say etc it's like espresso yes i well i'm aware
and i i corrected myself as soon as i said etc i said etc right after uh saw like portable stuff get a grip i didn't have a game gear back in the day i didn't have a game boy i didn't i had a lynx i almost had a game gear wait what made you change your mind they were like i saved up the money and like went to the store to get it and like they were out of stock and so i just never got one like i don't i'm not even sure what i
think i probably bought like a new part for my computer or something with the money but i ended up never getting a game gear we got we got voltar in the chat he's saying whose beautiful hands are these these are these are my beautiful compression gloved hands he's he's trying to tell some story about how he has like some disease or virus or something but the fact is is that corey has been taking advantage of all of this fancy av equipment that he has in his basement he's been doing hand
modeling on the side and so now he has to really protect his hands and not get you know calluses or scrapes or whatnot yeah because that's literally taking money out of his pocket i've been doing things where i've been like holding like like wire cutters like this exactly or like i like this thing what is that it's a it's a air blower for lenses that blows the air off the lenses i just blow on it i know well that's my that's what heathens do
they blow on the lens i like to use the a very gentle uh air puffer for mine you know what you can also do is like use a lens cap so you don't get crap all over your lens that's true yeah that's true i don't know where my lens cap is that's around your shoes today pick on cory day every day is pick off i have to because when we're like off camera like if we're just video chatting like he's like you know oh i have 186 000 subscribers
how many do you have exactly shut up and so like when the cameras are rolling is the only time i can kind of get my shots back i know i i try to you know uh rally you up for this yeah mickey's challenge rebel assault jurassic park for the 3do i'm surprised that these review a review for jurassic park uh they kind of counter to what you said yes yeah rubble assault
pretty good i liked it back in the day playing it now that first level where you're flying through the like the trenches on tatooine it just looks like a mass of like yellow blobs i don't like that see the problem is is by the time that came out on the sega cd like i'd already been playing x-wing you know on the pc so in comparison rebel assault looks pretty horrible yeah yeah i mentioned that it's not a it's
not a great game but i i like that back in the day uh we got a ncw wrestling is this something was this like fire pro in japan i i don't know i'm not not really i'm sure somebody can answer that but i i have no idea when it comes to wrestling games i have i know nothing except for like this n64 ones which i didn't even play i only know about that they were as good as they were because the i worked at electronics boutique at the time and everyone was like oh you got
got that new wcw game a jungle book mickey's challenge and asterix the gall uh nba action jungle book for game gear pack attack and super sidekicks too i'm i'm kind of amazed at the amount of neo geo reviews that are in here super sidekicks 2 is pretty fun i gotta say like all the super sidekicks games are pretty good i don't mean i don't even really like soccer but oh oh it it's it sounds like
a beat em up super sidekicks yeah but it's so yeah it is a it's kind of true it kind of does like hey like i'm gonna like you're gonna go rescue your girlfriend or whatever and you've got your super sidekicks with you i think i i think about that there's a show on tv when i was a kid called sidekicks they had like ernie reyes jr in it like really really young ernie ray's junior like like like la the last dragon era or anyway is junior
or he's like a like a little kid like before you know before teenage ernie raised junior and ninja turtles too see people are this is what i thought too people are saying that your echo is because your voice is coming through my microphone uh is that is it possible absolutely maybe it's a very you know it's a good microphone it's going to pick that kind of stuff up that's true that's true i can't get too much of a good thing i
have no idea oh it's just more egm sega force i mean is different than mega play sega forced the egm2 version of megaplay beginning july 19th 1994. i feel like i the first issue of egm you keep talking i'm working on something over here i know i'm just thinking about buying my first issue of egm2 and i feel like it might have been the same day that i bought
rem's monster but i feel like that was 95 but then maybe i saw them in 95 and i bought the album the year before i i know it was not july 19th i bought an issue of egm2 the same day i bought rm's monster are you grabbing i'm gonna piece grabbing some headphones uh connor terry i never found the person who did the game players game tapes are you grabbing some headphones to see if that helps
you can see if that makes a difference maybe all right let's see if that helps i mean you all can't have super high powered shotgun microphones yeah but just by the way electron ash in the chat this is because of you so think about that actually it's kind of cold down here and these are going to keep my ears warm so you're you're a big a big baseball fan aren't you i mean i'm a baseball fan i don't know
if my big i mean i don't know what where the line is there but yeah i like baseball yes and i like baseball video games quite a bit i've tried so much but it all seems to go back to playing little league for me and i just like had the worst time playing little league the one and only year that i ever played third grade yeah and i mean i i don't quite know why i uh i played but i mean i i got hit
with the pitch like every time that sounds kind of on purpose i mean i mean it could have been it could have been like i mean okay they're still saying there's echo but i can i'll i'll research it i'm not changing it back so the headphones helped me to be honest because i had i was trying to keep your voice coming through my speakers kind of low so that i wouldn't get echo and so now i can turn you up better so yeah well i wouldn't be surprised yeah
you should never blame my microphone because my microphone is amazing let me see if this helps no it's all the way down it's like i shouldn't be doing anything i don't know i don't know i'll mess with another time but every time i get hit with a pitch and uh i hit the ball one time and it was caught on the other hand my brother had a horrible time as well
but he hit the ball one time the entire year and it's a home run wow not the same story though for me top ten one is super short corey was so bad at baseball as a kid he's the only kid i ever knew who could get hit by a pitch playing t-ball every time it's almost like the uh the you know little stand you put the the t comes out to get me
yeah you got a super street fighter 2 i got virtual racing on here saturday night slam masters packing rocky 2. a lot of games are just reviewed in these this issue are those super metroid's on here readers top 10 mk2 i can only ever read the the name virtua racing in the voice of that guy that on on the title screen of virtua racing yeah like he had a weird accent you know yeah it doesn't even sound like it was
digitized from like a real voice or anything i have other good top tens but we got a starflight academy the starship bridge simulator i never i never played this it didn't doesn't seem like something that would interest me you know it was weird because like around this time i was like a huge star trek fan but i never got into any of the video games yeah when i got started 25th anniversary for the pc and i tried that and like just none of them could hold my
attention at all uh i mean do you think that um it was 94 what like that must have been pretty close to generations or generations come out like a 96. i mean i don't i don't know it was after the series ended right didn't yeah like yeah so and when did the series ended in like 94 didn't it hmm uh i think i don't know i'll look it up
i swear but the uh i saw i mean before that i saw star trek four five and six in the theater but i never saw any before that i saw three did yeah yeah but i'm two years older than you so yeah and it ended in 94. and i mean i only think i i saw three and six in the theater i didn't see four or five in the theater uh well i mean four i i only kind of half saw it because
i remember i was so sick yeah at that time that i went out to the lobby and like laid on the bench that's for most of the movie and like you know my dad was just like i'm just going to watch the watch the whole movie that's what i would do too like i didn't want to have you right he's like he's just he's just like out there by himself in the lobby i'm not i'm not worried about him i mean if if uh electronics was saying that was 86 and i i mean
i was eight years old yeah i i wouldn't i wouldn't let my year old like go sleep in the movie theater lobby while i like watch the movie like if she was just by herself you know that seems crazy was your mom there what's that was your mother there no no i mean my parents were split like before i was even a year old oh so i mean like we live with our mom and uh every wednesday my dad would take my brother
and i out to dinner and every saturday we'd spend the day with him like we go to his house i told him before on the stream but i mean there's this there's a videotape that we me my brother and i recorded over the course of a summer it was right before i was going in the fourth grade and he was going into like seventh i think uh that must have been like 87 probably um because i remember my brother got his nes during that time period because there's a portion of that videotape
where he had just gotten his nes and he had that nintendo player's guide book and we're like reading through it anyways i watch that now and it's like it's very very apparent to me that uh when my dad had us on saturdays he was just like nap and everything like all day long yeah and i watch it now it's like oh he's like he's like obviously hungover every single saturday it's either he was like napping or he was like sitting at the kitchen table table
reading the paper newspaper uh got some top tens i mean this kind of stuff i never paid attention like i just didn't care what was the top 10 on each system well number two in the 3do is john madden football which is is a good game i can barely read that i can give you a close-up if you want to see it oh stop it [Laughter] uh we got the the hint line all right gaming hold on flip the page
back can you still no never mind i'm not gonna do that what's that oh do you want you want to try and call it i was going to call it but what happens if you call a 1 900 number you know like i don't know what happens now it's only a dollar a minute yeah but i'm just afraid that it's going to end up being some line for weirdos and my name's going to end up on a list or something i mean did you did you ever have a situation where you called like way too many 900 numbers and then resulted in some big bill
no no way i've never in my life called a 900 number or a 976 number any of that stuff i would have gotten in so much trouble uh see i mean i i feel like i had a lot of friends that that happened with they uh um i mean it will happen with me like i call this one like it was like a like a paranormal one ready to tell you like stories and it was like you know like like over a hundred dollars and and the phone bill and i think that
that happens so often that like if you call you know my my mom called the phone company and said i had no idea this was happening and i just like removed it from the bill i think that kind of stuff probably happened all the time wow so you could have been like some dirt bag and like called one of those like you know adult oriented 900 lines like a few times at the end of the month be like uh yeah i don't know how that happened like stupid kid probably or whatever you know what was the one that was like always
the uh the adult number or the the adult line you'd call and the the uh the ad for it was like pick up the phone you know what i'm talking about i'm sure somebody in the chat maybe that was a regional thing for you or something i bet you there's somebody in the chat that will know what i'm talking about when i say that it's like i told this story before though but uh one time when i was in high school my friend and i just as like an experiment or something we thought like think of any seven letter
dirty phrase that you can think of like you know like i'm not gonna say any of them on your show but you know like verb or i mean adjective plus noun that makes seven letters any of them we could possibly think of we would just dial one eight hundred and then that and without fail every single one of them worked and was like hey baby like hang up the phone right now and call 1 900 like blah blah blah like but it was like
like somebody's job at some point was that they sat down and thought of okay like wet this and wet that hard dip and like and just going and making as many as they could and then calling the phone company and like reserving all of them oh yeah was it live links somebody says in the chat i don't i do know the digital booty knows the the pick up the phone line though at least oh yeah one 900 mix a lot that was a famous one you know
from the song all right so next we'll move on to the the gaming gossip by quarterman aka steve harris somebody said they called 1-800 wet fart and it was a uh i don't that's the kind of thing if i was rich and that was available like i would you know i would register 1 800 wet fart and it would be free and you would just call it and it would just be like a big wet fart and it would hang up on you because sometimes you're having a bad day and you know i just need a little pick-me-up
and it wouldn't always be the same sound sample because that would get that would get boring it would be a random one when you call i mean that sounds it's like it's just like from a uh like a soundboard of yeah like a hundred different you have to you have to uh every time you call it you get a different wet fart yeah like oh man what did that guy eat that guy needs to change his underwear wouldn't it be funny and then it's like it tells exactly what he ate after you hear it
this is what it's made up of yeah sound file be cincinnati chilly then he would just play it [Laughter] a a five-way from dixie chili all right this is the kind of entertainment you don't get on our normal sunday night streams right here after i've had half a glass of
point ryder whiskey yeah uh let's see i'm not seeing anything really do you do you eat a lot of cincinnati chili i mean it's uh i mean my kids like i mean we just kind of really started getting into skyline lately is that not the same thing i thought that was like a well skyline and dixie chili uh so the the owners or the creators of those companies were business partners for a long time and then they had a big falling out and they both started their own competing
company and one of them dixie chile is like there's not very many uh restaurants there's only maybe like there's less than 10 of them but it's like kind of a whole experience like you go in and you sit down and it's like kind of like a diner type place yeah and uh is there anybody henry okay henry clark can you i might have to take care of this person here and i just had to do that i got i took care of him oh thank you yeah but then skyline is like everywhere
and then there's uh gold star which i think is gold stars uh uh spaghetti is that right or no yes yeah okay it's like chili and spaghetti and uh with like a ton of cheese on it wow yeah that was the problem i was having henry he was really like you know dodging and weaving it's like swatting a fly yeah i mean imagine that's what you're spending your thursday night doing i'm just gonna go to
random chats and spam the letter q yeah over and over and over again um lots of fighting game stuff uh claim is set up 1995 summer blockbuster batman forever the game will also be seen as a claim's first coin app entry so did did acclaim develop the arcade version of batman forever also i have no idea um
i don't know not a lot of stuff that's like really jumping out at me here uh crystal dynamics is looking to re focus their efforts for away from the 3do it's probably a good move yes i mean that that worked out pretty well for them i think yeah i got another ad for rebel assault does not look very good in these screenshots if i saw these screenshots even then i would say don't look really that good oh here we go
32-bit psx system and it's straight up the playstation here so i mean okay so right here there's the actual playstation system held up the conference looks exactly the same like i mean or it's a really really good drawing of somebody's hands yeah well it says the actual psx system when held up held up at the demonstrated demonstrators conference yeah uh are you a big fan of the original style uh ps1 controller
you mean like this one what's that oh i got one right here oh you got a black one no it's smoke oh slack one please um yeah i like i actually really like that controller like i don't i don't use an analog controller unless um you know if i'm playing a game that requires it or whatever or takes advantage of it i'll use it other than that i like using just because like when i bought my playstation it was before the analog controllers came out so like
for me that was my original playstation controller so uh probably just for nostalgia region uh reasons i like that one i see that tyler grice is saying that my son is super into fart sounds right now and it's it's absolutely true chris if you've never listened to uh the song farting around by uh kevin macleod who like does that income tech uh free market service my my show's theme song is a kevin macleod
uh jam you should check out you should you should change your theme song to be farting around by capturing i'm not gonna uh you should listen to it it's an entire song made up of fire sounds and and uh my son has played it repeatedly on alexa all right i got i got it loaded up to check out later okay i mean i think you should listen to it right now since you're just on your headphones oh that's true i forgot about that you can just you can check it out and listen
to it because anybody would listen to that song like super loud in their car crank it up on your stereo system this is pretty good dude i mean it takes some talent i'm not gonna lie to make that like there's a couple of wet ones in there [Laughter] smash tv wants to write you a new theme all right i should i i should get a new theme song instead of the generic one that i use but
uh so i should just change it to that so try and i talk about this a lot before the playstation 1 came out did you think that it was ever going to be a success uh i don't think it's something i really thought about very much i mean for me i would like put it in the same category as like the 3do or the or the cdi really like i just thought it was not gonna it's just gonna be another system like that from made by a company that doesn't make games
i i mean i don't know i feel like i'm sure you know probably maybe you remember the same thing but like i feel like it can't be overstated what like the weight that the name sony had in like the 80s or 90s yeah like if you went to somebody's house and they had like a sony tv or a sony stereo a kid came to school had a sony walkman like that was like the real deal above and beyond like anything else yeah because they were so much more expensive
too and really well built did you know anybody they had one of the uh the yellow sony walkmans yeah i was just talking to my friend about that yesterday they had like i wanted one of those so bad yeah i wanted one of those so bad when i was a kid did it have the i mean the headphones that were like flat and they went in your ear sideways or not sideways but i think at one point at one point they definitely had those i don't know if i don't know if that's what it always came with or if at one point it came with different ones but yeah there were the sony sports uh i remember those were
like the de facto headphones for a while like people kind of quit using the the on the ear headphones but it was like before ear buds were really a thing right and they had the ones you're talking about but then it's funny because now you they don't sell those anymore like at all i wonder if there's a reason i wonder if they just actually really sound like crap i mean they're pretty crappy i think but that yellow walkman man like anybody who had one of those i was always really jealous because i would i would get a new walkman probably every
like once a year yeah i would buy whatever was in my budget i guess at the time and that i would like listen to mixtapes all summer long on like on that and it would well i was mowing the lawn and it'd always like die within a year yeah but i do want to say like i saw your tweet about making mixtapes oh yeah that's my thing now like people are like way into that when's the next episode of the show coming out and be like i'm real busy
over i got my hands full making mixed tapes i don't have time to i feel like you should start like a group i would totally be into a group where i was a month every month i was not joking i was not joking like i would love to do that i mean it it seems like it would take a long time but that's okay you know because you know that they're all there i would just make one tape and then run off like five copies and like send him out to everybody else in the club you know and then that mean like every month you would get like a few tapes in the mail like that
that would be amazing or it could just be like a whole group and everyone can get like a different person you could i mean yeah i feel like if you're gonna already put in the effort to make a mixtape you might as well make five copies of it i guess with that eastern you know even with high speed dubbing you got to go like that's that's more of a time sink but you could just like make one yeah tape yeah for a person yeah if you're getting if you're getting a different person each month you'd probably like remake that same tape over and over again so it makes me wonder if you just like
get a person for a year and then you know you have that furry if you have that same person for a year then it really you got to put different stuff on there do you even have a cassette deck no but i i see them all why are we even yeah you should get one dude let's do it i i could get into that because you know what else i've been doing because you can't it's it's hard to get blank tapes now right right i was actually going to make a whole video about this for my side channel because this is like my thing
i'm doing now like like my local record store sells these cassette tape grab bags so it's like a it's like a paper sack like a lunch you know a lunch sack and it's got like six tapes in it and it's stapled shut and it's two bucks and like the guy i'm kind of buddies with the guy that owns the store and he's telling me he's like dude don't buy those like those are literally the tapes that i can't even get a dollar for so i put them in these bags but like i don't care because i'm not going to listen to the tapes
because like the tapes that are in those bags are so bad that nobody's ever listened to them like sometimes they've been listened to like once so it's basically like a brand new tape so i just take it and tape over the the uh copy protect uh holes and then you can just use it and make a mix tape and just put like a label over you know i guarantee you that actually tape cassette tapes are not that expensive anymore because i know that the tapes are kind of like coming back
to a certain extent and you can buy them like in more of a mass-produced way oh yeah you can buy uh you could buy like a hundred blank tapes brand new uh there's a company here in the us that still makes them and you can buy a hundred tapes brand new for like 50 bucks 60 bucks oh my god for us do it i am so into this do you go get a tape deck and make sure that it works and then you come back and talk to me we'll do it i couldn't believe that smoke monster wouldn't i thought i thought for sure
like but you know what maybe if both of us are on board he might be into it like this look i'm just we're getting like a good shot of the yeah you're just trying to show off it actually like adds a lot to it you know adds to the the point of view like we're just it's what we're doing yeah i'm drinking water that's what you're doing all right the vivid video i have too much i have too much respect for the audience to just sit here and get you know get a little lit
or whatever on camera but but i have to say i was like my kids had a snow day today i'm like yeah it's like i'm ready to i just i just i appreciate the fact you know that i'm kind of jealous maybe the fact that you can just you're you go through life unencumbered by things like personal standards yeah yeah unencumbered i do have to wonder yeah really quick if this could be what's coming through
no because it wouldn't be forget it forget it no somebody said that you you mean your little phone thing you got going on yeah yes somebody in the chat brought that up and said oh maybe it's that uh let me let me just back out of it and see if that fixes it let's see if that echo goes away oh somebody electron ash says smoke monster is going to file a copyright notice on you for the fingerless gloves so that's right he oh right that's true i wonder if he has the the uh uh
whatever you have there i'm sorry i can't i don't have any lights to put on i can't i can't have like different patterns going behind me you need blue and pink behind you man next time next time maybe smoke monster should be on a magazine read through with us next time i think that would be awesome so we got uh we got vivid 3d i don't i can't really tell anything about this it's a it's the ultimate in game sound i know new reality it's a you can you can call
new reality at this 800 number why just play games when you can be there look we got five dollars from brent mclean saying if it's a mixtape club uh that us nobody's gonna join i'm super in yeah no that it's it the more people we can get to do it the more fun it would be if it's just me and you that's boring like yeah yeah uh are you a big fan of the the uh the movie and or book
and or tv show of high fidelity i'm not sure of it i mean i know what you're talking about i'm not sure i've seen it oh you need to watch it the movie is historically that's john cusack right yes and like i don't know if that came out before or after uh gross point blank but i feel like it's like the last like really good movie he was in if it was after gross point blank but you should you should watch it one of my favorite movies it's like it's like a love letter to to music
and mixtapes and just like all this good stuff and like came out in 2000 yes and that is like that is a movie that i watched so many times like when i went through a bad breakup because the whole movie's about going through and going through and like recovering from a breakup yeah and uh and how how much of a role music plays in that that process yeah and i'll tell you like that do you do you have like songs that have been sort
of like ruined for you because like you you listen to him through something like that and like now if you listen to it it's going to make you know bring those feelings back so you can't listen no it doesn't it doesn't bring no not really yeah not really like it doesn't uh uh you know like i always think about like like if if songs like help me through something like it makes me like me even more i see uh we got upcoming titles for the psx yeah what do we got over there because you know this is uh something
i've been spending a lot of time working on lately right right uh yeah i mean a raiden thing there by saibu kaihatsu any chance you ever get to say on camera saibu kaihatsu you should definitely do it yeah i mean they're basically known for like the raiden series and the strider and strider right is it isn't isn't strider saibu kaihatsu like or is it am i a people or something no i
mean or like they have something to do with like the character maybe not i i think i might be like there might be another name that's very similar to that dynamite duke that game sucks because strider is technically it's dead angle capcom but i thought it was like the character but maybe it might be like a artist or artist company or something oh yeah i don't see anything in here about strider sorry
oh well uh let's see here namco yeah i i look there's nothing good okay sorry oh is there something saying seventh guest oh yeah yeah 11th hour that never came out on the ps1 neither of those those games came out for it all right one or two [Applause] of course all these when they need to sell a basketball game you just show these close-up shots
of people like doing slam dunks yeah it's all you need the show which is like in motion they never look look good no it's like three frames of animation yeah i was just hoping it would be an ad for like nba live 95 or something you know since that's the best basketball game ever made or at least i'll say the best like maybe simulation style it's not as good as nba jam obviously but it's kind of a apples to
oranges kind of thing we got we got arc the rad right here it says arc the rad looks cool i never got that one i got i got the the lunar and lunar 2 little box sets for the playstation but i never got the arc the lad uh you know i'm talking about the little working designs oh yeah yeah the box the boxes right yeah yeah i always wanted to pick up the arc the lad one but i never found it for like a good what
was at the time a good deal and of course now i'm sure it's very much more expensive now uh wacky race uh cyber sled cyber sled is that a long box game yep yeah is that going to be in like are you working on doing anything with that with that game yeah it will be featured in the show because that's one of those games that i forget that even existed but i remember the big sit down
it's almost like virtual on-esque right it's like a one-on-one game like a fight like like a fighting game but like an arena fighting type thing arena shooter yes if you want to call it that i don't i remember coming in one time yeah i mean i kind of enjoyed it but if i had paid 50 bucks for it in 95 i'd be kind of pissed off um it was like you know in that video it's the kind of thing where that that game got like maybe a one minute segment
you know on the show because because what is there really to say about it not not super interesting but i mean it's not bad i mean i've had fun playing it just to record the footage right and it's kind of cool because uh that game so that the graphics were upgraded for the playstation um like i don't remember if it's like you know a texture map versus flat shaded polygons or whatever is it like garage garage i don't usually yeah see i don't get that i don't even know what that means i don't get all into that on my show but
um it looks better on the playstation than in the arcade but there's an option in the game where you can play it with the original uh arcade visuals which i thought that was kind of oh that's cool that's cool they they do something like that yeah because then it really feels like you're getting the arcade version and an upgraded version yeah feels like more for your money i got ridge racer i mean ridge racer do you feel like you'd be would be annoyed if you had paid 50 for that game back in the day no i feel
like if i had bought a playstation at launch then that's probably the game i would have bought yeah yeah i mean but there's only like one track in it isn't there or not no not really it's like it's kind of like there's one big track and then there's sort of sections of it that are used for uh you know different you know stages of the game or whatever right but i mean it's not like a super awesome like deep game or whatever but i just
feel like at that time i was you know i was into racing games even back then and so i'm pretty sure that you know i didn't buy a playstation at launch but if i had i would have gotten that game and i think i would have thought it was pretty cool and that was one of those games where of course you know you could pop out the game disc and put in the cd yeah which is kind of crazy that you could do that did you have to put the cd back in after the race was over i mean i would think that at some point you're gonna have to put the game cd
back in but i don't but maybe not i mean you only see that first loading screen right i don't know i don't know i've never real i've barely played the original i played the 60 frame uh the 60 fps version as they came with which racer type 4 yeah jam it uh you gotta end up look the super game boy looks like you're zelda here's mortal kombat it's got screen savers oh my gosh guys
you're not gonna believe it but your super game boy has screen savers on it just in case yeah it's actually it's really the uh the border to the window dune dune what's up dude uh it but isn't it on the pc isn't this dune too yeah yeah but it seems like i so i haven't played this genesis version but i played the crap out of the pc game
and they look like they're basically the same game but that's a p i mean i don't know i've never done like a research of the history of rts games but people say that dune 2 on the pc is like the original uh uh rts game well i mean and a lot of like a lot of people argue that herzog's why zy is the uh is the yeah that's true i guess that has a lot of the same uh yeah although that never came out on the
pc i've been slowly kind of working on a side video and just like drawing up by or writing up ideas for it and one of them is like what do i feel is like my my game of the year from uh like 1990 to like from 1990 to 2000 or 1999 would that be would that be like 10 separate videos or just one big video one big video see you should make that 10 separate videos no i don't want to i don't want to talk about every game for
so long but i think i could talk about what i'm saying you could you could make them short videos like if it was just five or ten minutes and it was just like you know here's some of the you know marquee games that came out in 1990 and then like you could have like your top three or something and then like that's true but i only say that because like you know i i think i have the bad habit of like every video i release ever is like really long but like i appreciate it when like content creators that i watch release something that's short so i can just kind of watch it and
not have to make a schedule for when i'm gonna check it out you know well just food for thought you know yeah and here i am thinking about doing a a single video on all the black grid box games yeah and i wrote it down it's like two and a half pages to like list all the games yeah that would be a long video yeah but i could just put like two paragraphs per game a paragraph or two but i want to kind of do more than that but maybe i could just make them all
as one big long video and then release them all uh like days apart imagine it like one a video coming out like every day for 56 days yeah that'd be so stupid but you know yeah i got a fifa international soccer and the sega cd and the the genesis and super nintendo i
don't know i don't know anything about the sega cd version of that i don't know if that's got anything that makes it better like you know like nhl 94 if you play the sega cd version you get the real organ sound right uh and and ron barr's voice well i need to know like on your arcade cabinet on your mrcad are you playing the heaven yeah you have the sega cd version on there i have both yeah sometimes i you know switch it up that's you know i need a little if you want to spice it up down here it's like while we're playing the cd version are we playing the
cartridge version because you know those those remixes of the original music on the cd version are so good yeah they're pretty sick but so the reason that sometimes i wouldn't want to play the cd like i will literally turn on the cabinet and load up nhl 94 and then just not even play it because it'll just keep playing like i'll start a game i'll have a full 60 minute you know 20 minute periods game and just set it in demo mode so that it just like plays and then when the game is over after a while it'll just start a whole new game
with different teams but using the same like options that you put in really because i just like having it as like background noise but if i was playing the cd version then that means that like every 20 minutes or something i would have to hear ron barr you know talking about you know yeah daryl sutter and jeremy roenick and stuff and that would get annoying who was ron baran who is he on because he thought he had a radio show okay
i mean i think that was i think he was he had like a nationally syndicated like radio uh sports talk show i i believe that's what i've been told what about everybody else i mean nobody was ever like on tv weren't they who what do you mean everybody like any of the commentators or anything what commentators was is it ron barr is he just like doing the updates or i mean there's no commentators i guess in those early ones yeah he's the only guy i mean
in buffalo like the commentator that uh that we i'd always listen to with the the buffalo sabres was rick generette uh-huh if you've never heard anything by him yeah you should like listen to him because he he goes crazy how do you spell his name i think it's with a g generet i think it is i'm making i can look it up oh wait a minute all right yeah i found it all right i'll check it out later oh wait no i can
check it out right now i forgot about it i thought it was a g but i guess not i don't know all right moving on we got we got t-mek by atari games i've never even heard of this game look at this cabinet you ever played this i've never even heard of it dude i'm trying to listen to rick generette man see the the happy good fun is saying rick back when i would put the radio on my my stereo receiver and listen every once in a while i mean
there was like two years that i was like really into hockey yeah yeah i could see that being exciting listening to that i'm always kind of the opposite like i really like uh i like sports play-by-play guys who are like never excited about anything like my all-time favorite football play-by-play guy was pat summerall like pat sumrall john madden is the perfect commentating duo but it didn't matter whatever happened on the pat on the field pat sumrall was never excited about any of you know
and like i just used to love that because it was like a perfect balance for for john that's what john madden needed you know right got some uh some tecmo uh what is that oh that's fine whatever uh it's funny how popular the tecmo games were on the nes and then i feel like i didn't know anybody who had like tecmo super bowl
for like the genesis or or you know no no no nintendo yeah only only in the nes version yeah yeah that's the only one anybody i knew and we all liked it because he could kick like like 90 yard field goals in it but someone's saying the team that may have come out for the the jaguar a jag i've never even heard of it that does sound familiar tmac here here oh here's super sidekicks it does look pretty good i'll have to try that out
yeah it's really it's very very arcadey as you would expect and it just makes it a lot of fun uh tmek was in development for the jaguar but it looks like it didn't get released although it did come out for the 32x did you did you know anybody that called the uh the jaguar yeah i don't like people saying i i still hear people will say that sometimes like and we say talking about the animal or the car the jaguar yeah the jaguar yeah the jaguar i don't uh
you know british people say jaguar i was saying jaguar the other day because i thought it was like really funny to say i don't know how it came up but i think i was talking to my son about something about like you know like i was asking what is your favorite like kind of like lion or cat jungle cat yeah and i said is it a jaguar here where have you been we've been talking about you oh yeah we're like saying you're gonna
you know put a copyright claim because of my because my compression gloves whoa electron ash says that gaming historian norm says jaguar jaguar oh i don't really that's well i love norm but i got the i don't know you have to get that jaguar out of them you know i i had a friend uh who would just say jack jaguar all the time he got that what is it what's the the jet the jaguar game for the uh sega cd jaguar xj220
yeah you really want to jet he's like i want to get the jaguar game driving game i mean i don't even know it maybe it's just because his parents said jaguar it's hereditary yeah um that's a cool ad i don't know why i like that ad even though it's not a very good ad like it looks i just like it if you wish hard enough good things will happen i mean it's kind of cool oh i meant most of the artwork that seems like a dumb thing to that's like something you'd get in a fortune that looks like the kind of i bet you i wonder if this it almost looks like
the the artists who did a lot of uh game fan covers yeah we should hunt down the person who did the art for this and do a documentary ah you know we got under fire by taito you know do you have anybody that uh in the same and the same idea behind calling it the jaguar i had a friend who called taito call them tato potato i said i said tato when i was a kid i didn't know the difference like like potato like potato yeah but it's not something we really talked about that often it's
not like tato was you know like i had i had to elevate our actions i was like oh it's like a potato game or whatever you know like i mean there's lots of things we said it like uh you know ninja gaiden you know yeah ninja gaiden yeah i mean just didn't know any better exactly exactly like i definitely said ninja gaiden for the longest time i mean that's one of the things like i know that it'd be wrong if i said ninja gaiden in a video now yeah under fire it's a light gun game i don't i've never played this before
either dumb either i got easy money save big free ea sports game buy two sports games and uh between 5 15 94 and 7 30 1.94 and we'll send you a third ea sports game free that's pretty awesome yeah i mean stores do the same thing now you have to wonder how much any of these cost yeah you get ten dollars off of yeah what are they i can't tell hey you should get your phone out i can't read
what games those are um you don't have to do that but are those like then current games are they like a year old or something i got andretti racing fifa soccer man nfl 94 nba showdown 94 nhl 94 uh pga tour golf two yeah see so the only thing i would point out about that is this is the summer of 94 which means that a lot of those games were about to get replacements coming out for him you know because like nhl 94 came out like
in 93 right because it was for the 93 94 season so it's like they'll yeah sure we'll give you a free copy of nhl 94 because then like a month later you're going to want to get an hl 95 when it comes out it's just them trying even though yeah they're just trying it's like yeah although we got five dollars off of bubsy up here well that's yeah it's a much better deal or ten dollars off of flashback you know as i've been writing these uh like my list for each year of games
that i played when i mean i try to think about like for the my games of the year from like 90 to 2000. yeah uh i try to i i'm only picking stuff that i played at the time not stuff i've played since oh all right so i mean like games did i count if you just rent if it's just something you rented is that okay or did you have yeah oh totally totally okay like i mean it's just stuff i played at the time that i felt like probably
would have been if if there was if i was aware of something of the idea of like having a game of the year like what would i have picked at that time yeah and i mean flashback's not my list i think it's for for 94. but i have a list for each year i'm trying to figure out like what stuff to cut and did you have flashback or i remember i rented oh yeah yeah yeah i i had flashback i uh i remember it was a thing at electronics boutique
there was a uh like an event where you could go in and they were like like demoing certain games and uh it was they were demoing star fox like before it came out and also flashback and i was a big out of this world fan so when i saw flashback i was like i gotta get this because i loved out of this world aka another world which is also is on my list for i think 93 92 or 93.
we watched the intro for that game so many times oh have you played through that game all the way no oh you need to i think you really need to kick it out you can do it in like a night yeah yeah it's it's a really really short game especially if you know what you're doing yeah well i don't know what i'm doing it's such a weird awesome and and beautiful game i got king of dragons this is one of those expensive games but these screenshots are terrible yeah otto's world is really hard but i
mean if you know what you're doing it's uh it's it's not that well i just think for i think when i was a kid you know when we would play it was just like it it kind of reminds me of playing like a sierra adventure game as far as like the cheapness of the deaths right you pretty much just have to do something without having any reason to think there's anything wrong with it and then you get killed and you realize okay i can't do that right there and start over again and i think we got tired of that and it's like i could do this and keep getting frustrated
or we could just watch the intro like 10 more times yeah with that with that car like just yeah uh i saw like a video a long time ago or was like maybe an animated gif on on twitter where it's like the original test footage from that that he wrote a scoped over where he had like a toy car uh-huh and he was like shooting it on like recording it yeah and he was just trying to get like the perfect like spin out for it and then he put that footage and like wrote a scoped over top of it
yeah uh king of dragons i mean i've never really played this one yeah it's it's one of those expensive super nintendo games oh we got the samurai showdown the first one for the ad that's the second uh second neo geo game i ever played yeah i think that might have been the second one i mean i yeah because it was it was very impressive looking yeah with it with with the uh the zooming in and out i mean i think the artist
but they had zooming in and out too so maybe it was i probably played world heroes before that yeah the the 7-eleven near my high school had a neo-geo 2 slot in it and so we used to go there after school and the first game they had was um world heroes and then at some point they got uh samurai spirits and stuck that in the second slot so a lot of good memories of like you know sitting there drinking a slurpee yeah you know watching my friend uh
play samurai showdown yeah i mean there was no 7-eleven by where i grew up but we didn't so we never had slurpees although i think the hills department story had like like icees which are still around hills department stores or icees icees yeah hills is definitely gone i mean did you ever have a hills where you were no but where i work we have an icy machine uh really like not like in my office i'm saying like on campus there i can go to the
coffee house and they have an icy machine we also have a 7-eleven in town so i can get a slurpee you know if you go to a 7-eleven on july 11th every year they give out small uh free slurpees that's cause it's because it's 7-eleven day you know around here they have if you go to uh the different corner stores or i don't know what they're called like i mean i don't know if it's like circle k or for something else
uh but everyone has like polar pops which are the same thing they're just like gigantic cups of like of like pop and i'm like how do you even drink that much you know like soda at one time yeah i called polar pops wait hold on i gotta say something real fast electron ash first of all electron ash is causing a lot of problems in the chat tonight i want to say
uh i guess slush puppy was the poor man slurpee it is different no slush puppies is like the cadillac of the sugary frozen beverage like i will take a slush puppy over an icy or a slurpee or whatever the heck corey's talking about uh any day of the week well slush puppies i mean that's like the slush puppies is what the uh the uh um grocery store had around me and we'd always go we'd always like mix the flavors
yeah make like a suicide yeah yeah is that we called it a suicide well if you went we called it that like if you went and did that you kind of drink like if you went and got like a soda cup and like went down the line of the soda fountain and just like like that was called a suicide actually i don't know why it's i never heard that term forever that's kind of awesome but i mean you do it with with slush puppies then like it would just like be black like the color yeah yeah but like somebody pointed out in the
chat they're thicker consistency and they have way more syrup yeah like the sugar content of a slush puppy is like through the roof [Laughter] oh yeah now he says okay i never actually had a slurpee well slurpees are good too yeah i mean they're different they're different like their consistency like more like like a like a slush puppy is more like like water and like ice like balls of ice yeah and slurpees are more like like a like an icy
gel type thing yeah like a slush puppy is almost like a liquid snow cone yes yeah yeah exactly oh see people in the chat are backing me up about calling them a suicide they mixed into flavors called suicide that's great that's i've i've never heard that term for it it's pretty funny in fact i used to going back to uh uh little league they're like we used to go watch my cousin my cousin was playing little league uh
and this was in like a really small town so like you'd go to a little league game and like the stands would be like packed because it was like something to do yeah like all the kids that didn't play were out there watching and some of the parents and they had a really nice snack bar and you could go to the snack bar and give them a buck or two or whatever to get a soda and you could order a suicide and they would just okay and it was like totally normal oh yeah coming right up all right we got a i came and ride into some nachos
i you know i like i like some nachos i mean i at uh hills they would have like a big snack bar not snack bar but like i guess it is a snack bar it's almost like a movie theater snack bar when you first walk in yeah and that means you'd always have the the hot dogs that are on those little rollers yeah you know what i'm talking about i mean it's just like a vivid thing for me just like seeing those hot dogs on on on the little rollers and anytime i see one of those because there's they
still exist in a lot of places you know like take me back to like go in the hills yeah i got there's the game chasers around the chat saying that i'm trying to think of something immature to randomly say but i have nothing well you know you can maybe maybe you could reminisce about hills a little bit maybe you had a hills where you grew up it was hills and hills and ames for me yeah cayman writer uh zeo i don't know anything really about it looks like an fmv i used to have uh uh
not back in the day obviously because i didn't have a super nintendo but i had that that uh multi-tap on that nba jam ad that that hudson soft multi-tab and you never never used all the ports like i said man like i said that's the one i have and that's what i haven't it's in the closet i think i am not people who know people yeah 3d oh yeah 3d oh look at they're like showing it off right here we got a poi puppet joins the parade
you know my my son won though he asked me do you have any putt-putt games i saw something on youtube playing it do what does he mean like like miniature golf no it's like a it's like a text graphical text adventure type thing oh i don't i guess i've never heard of for kids you got i mean we got that cpu bach oceans below woody woodpecker uh pebble beach golf links putt-putt joins the parade and the animals the animals was kind of like a compton's encyclopedia type thing
i mean i don't know anybody that would spend their money on something like this and any almost any of these then like the tiny screenshots there's like totally clips and crash and burn and way of the warrior and stuff yeah all the all the good games have tiny screenshots and then they have an entire blank page over there right well they say they say that once eyesight decreases with 20 after the age of 35 with this fact in mind we designed an ad that you can show to your parents
i saw i see what they're trying to do there oh we got we got gun star heroes over here on the uh in the game gear yeah that's m2's first game hey is that uh i know i know we have gun store heroes and all that kind of stuff but then uh next to that there you have the coca-cola kid for game gear yeah is that is that why they released that special edition game the coca-cola game gear i bet it is i i don't know personally
but i bet it that is the reason why yeah that's pretty neat i didn't know there was a video game tie-in it looks kind of good uh looks like dj boy or something yeah i was going to say it looks it looks it looks kind of good but i mean i don't think that it's it's there's no depth to it i think it's just purely uh well it's just a game like your man side view yeah yeah yeah puyo puyo
yeah chalk up dude uh super formation soccer 94 world cup oh you know that kind of looks like a like a soccer version of ncaa basketball on the super nintendo i am not a fan of that game it that's one of those games that i really liked back when it came out but i have no idea how it plays now like it's again makes me sick really the way it moves like yeah like it gives me like like motion sickness and then the same have you ever played uh
uh stanley cup hockey but i mean it's basically the same game like it's like a mode seven right hockey game and same thing i just can't play it except for ncaa there there's no like background it's just like they're floating in a blue space ghost chaser ghost chaser densey i don't i can't say i played that let's go beat him up and sailor moon another beat him for the mega drive i've never i've never played it i bet i feel like i've seen that someplace though i bet it's good
and over here we have equinox which is solstice right is that the sequel to solstice yes and this is apparently this is kept dresses favorite super nintendo game wow that's uh oh no shoot hang on what did you do hang on my hang on yeah no problem out loud
camera camera battery run out or something no there you go it's back so my camera is feeding through my receiver which is feeding through to my capture card and the zone two output has a uh like an eight hour sleep timer on it and apparently i had that the zone two on for eight hours and i just turned off we've been we've been doing this for eight hours it's only 8 30. wow we just passed eight hours and we're only on page 74. yeah
all right you got hyperion for the the mega cd which i have never played it kind of looks like uh soul star looks kind of neat yeah it says the laser active's video display capabilities did only come out for the laser active how's that even possible i don't know i've never had a laser active so i don't know much about it it's a laserdisc game huh maybe it hasn't been here for eight hours that's correct
i got a godzilla super monster battle battle is spelled with an uh battle that's that's actually correct whatever uh i don't know it looks kind of like a sequel to the uh the pc engine version or the turbo graphics 16 version did that come out in the us sorry what game are you talking about uh godzilla oh uh i i don't think so that was a turbo cd game
right i don't i don't think it did i wouldn't uh i wouldn't swear to that but i remember that was in like that that pc engine works or pce work the guy that makes fancy bootlegs like i think he had godzilla in like his first boxed set like first or second box set and that was like the whole thing of that was like oh it's never yeah i didn't maybe i'm making all that up i did a video on the on that set like early on in the channel really yeah yeah
i was not i was not a fan of it i i recall did you did you play computer games back in the early 90s or not really well not really jd deluxe is saying i should do a let's read for some old pc like magazines i think that'd be really interesting i mean i was aware of stuff but i mean i never had one i mean if you if you did a let's read of say like a uh like a game players magazine or a i mean you're thinking about doing a vg and ce right
they have a lot yeah but pc games in there i was talking about doing like a computer gaming world or like pc gamer magazine i think that'd be interesting yeah i have a couple that i was thinking about doing a read-through of but i don't remember what i was looking at today but i mean it was maybe thought it was like something that was mentioned for some reason like the uh i don't know if it was like a side story to leisure suit larry but it was like les less manly let less manly and the the search for the king
or something like that maybe was that about me i'm less manly you big elvis fan no got jelly boy 2 which i never played and live is it live a live or live alive i always wondered that i don't know another ad for equinox now the rest of the ad yeah
fatal fury 2 on the gameboy i heard that's the that's the version to play people have told me like if you're only gonna play one version of fatal fury two make it the game boy version yeah i mean it's you look at it though and it looks very similar to like how the neo geopocket stuff looked both of these do yeah it's true look very very similar to that and magic poi poi i i don't know if that's it is it like a puyo puyo
spinoff or something i mean it looks very similar just with like different characters then over here we got we got pto which is one of those games that i just like like that uh any of these koi strategy games were just way above the amount of effort that i wanted to put into a game for sure yeah like i would i was always like fascinated by that kind of stuff but i i would have no idea what i was doing yeah yeah i mean i just and it would
just take too long to do anything it's like this uh nobunaga's ambition yeah and there there's a lot of these like what is it uh liberty or death is that one of them or is that i don't know but there's that's a game but i'm not sure it has anything to do with uh with those yeah you're probably right i wasn't playing games in the 90s i was playing games in the 90s no not pc games oh not pc yeah yeah
look at this double dragon look at these guys i guess that's when the movie was coming out i've never seen the complete double dragon movie oh look at this yeah this is an excellent game these are not very good i think i actually played a little bit of that game the other day on uh on the mrcade oh yeah what do you think yeah it's pretty cool
yeah it's i mean it reminded me of playing like you know like nom 1975 right like that i don't know if we talked about that in the last one of these streams about how that game i played it recently and it was 1975 or wild yeah oh no i'm somebody now i'm 75. yeah it's it's pretty good i was surprised yeah it's a pretty fun game but this is a great game um oh it says you know i swear i've seen
this game before operation wolf nom 75 nah nah i wouldn't say operation wolf is anything close to this what happened somebody sent you some vinyl what's that did somebody send you some vinyl um somebody in the chat says corey oh yeah yeah yeah the vinyl yeah i i bought a uh the the near auto automata and uh replicant soundtrack from rears to blood is in the in the chat i was listening to
it earlier today that sounds like that could be a source of a couple of tracks for uh for your first mixtape yeah i mean i never thought about putting game music on mixtapes though well i think i mean you have to make like themed mixtapes that's true right so i'm saying you could make one that's just you know video game music yeah i found i mean i was telling you like i said earlier about buying tapes and like kind of repurposing them or what whatever you know like i got one today
where like the cassette is blue and then the the case for it is blue so i'm gonna make that a a sega mixtape that's mns appropriate that's very appropriate you know i think i have my a bunch of uh mixtapes in the closet someplace that were in my high school girlfriend's car yeah i think when she got a cd player she got rid of them all and i
she gave them to me and i have them in there somewhere i should i should dig them out see what's in there i guarantee you there's some of the ones that i made in there too not not for her but even just like ones that i listen to when i mowed the lawn yeah what do you think your wife thinks about the fact that you're hanging onto your ex-girlfriend's mixtapes i don't know we know it's never come up yeah maybe we should if we don't have a tape player in the car so i don't know if we can like listen to him i think it'd be fun to listen to him
yeah i'll i'll i'll ask her after this stream uh you probably shouldn't actually no i don't think it she'll care well it's okay it'd probably be more a source of laughing always right over tempest that's cool i i love finding out the hard way that my wife is going to be upset about something i tell her we got tempest 2000 i got to stop saying that forever i'm starting to notice it like every time that we move to a new page i say we got this so-and-so game no i do i've noticed that too when i do
magazine read-throughs i have certain little things i'll say like every time i turn the page like oh here we have or or something like that and yeah i try to like not do that but it's difficult when you're when you're reading a magazine you're going to turn the page 100 times there's not 100 different ways to say you know over here is whatever you know yeah like we hey we got tempus 2000 here yeah it's good game though i never played it
oh you should do you have a do you have a jaguar i don't i don't you should get one well i'll only pay 799 for one smoke monster don't even bother i'm not even yeah i wasn't ready for a mixtape relationship yeah that was like the disappointment of my week well when we start the the most popular group on the internet yeah yeah then he'll be begging to kind of go come on guys it could have been there on the ground level exactly
i but i want to pick up one of those uh jaguar uh uh flash cartridges uh from retrohq wait do you have you have a jaguar i have a jaguar i don't know if that's the same thing it's the same thing as a jaguar or a jacket a jaguar you have a jig wire yeah yeah i have a jag i have a jag and a jag cd really yeah i'll tell you what i didn't pay no i didn't pay no 800
bucks for it that's for sure did you pay like less than a hundred dollars i paid a it was a i got so i have a jet i got a jaguar the jag cd the jaguar pro controller which is kind of also sought after and then like a little mess of games you have trevor mcfur i think i do have trevor mcfurry yeah in fact i know i have it yeah i got it all for a hundred bucks trevor mcfur i i never played it but the the the photo like the the digitized graphics of the characters where it's
just like these people with the cat heads on them is hilarious and that game has no music in it i guess no it's very weird that there's no the game is very quiet we got a shadow run so yeah there i said it again we got that and that's the genesis version of shadow runs that's the right one or as bit head says shadow run he puts the emphasis on a weird syllable oh he got two dollars from chris fratz
saying fun fact world cup usa 94 supports widescreen really yeah i mean there's there's like this weird smell that might be an interesting video is that would be because i didn't know there was any games from back then that supported widespread old games they have widescreen modes that you wouldn't expect like i was surprised when i was playing pac-man uh pac-man world on stream on on uh sunday night it has a white screen mode on the ps1 yeah interesting well i think that that could be a good
maybe that's an interesting thing it's like right here that'd be like right in your wheelhouse you know to be yeah you know video whatever you know whatever you want to call it i'm gonna i'm gonna put that on the um on the on the mental note there i'm sure that i could just you know put something out there to just you know where people can say hey these these are the games they have it but then well i didn't know any games had that so like i would be interested in you know like panzer dragoon 2 does has a wide screen yeah
i didn't know uh another soccer game uh this one's by us gold who like as far as i'm concerned like didn't make a new uh didn't make any good games oh that's not true they did the olympic games which like aren't really that great right i don't i thought they're pretty cool like if you play like you know that barcelona 94 game or whatever it is barcelona 92 92 right no whatever year it was i don't remember but i don't i know those games are pretty fun
i remember renting that one too it was 92 right wait wait wait this one or what no the the the barcelona 92 olympics you know tie-in game uh i mean yeah i mean they did all the are the uh olympic games but i mean i i didn't end them plenty of them walls i feel like yeah i see pin mike is saying that u.s gold is just a publisher but i feel like they never published any good games oh olympic gold
it was called okay and yeah he's right it was that was not that was developed by by a company called tier text design studios which i've never heard of and start with nine lives and streets of rage three and we can play as roo oh yeah i i think i showed that you know i did that video about the whole streets of rage series like 10 years ago i remember i showed that it feels like 10 years ago at this point right it's close it was like that was one of
the first that was i think episode number 10 of my show that was an example i don't know if you ever have that on your show like there's just certain topics that i wish i had waited to cover you know like i made that video when i didn't know what i was doing about making videos yeah but i mean you got to do things that excite you and obviously that one was it was exciting to you at the time definitely uh there's 9.99 from zero beast thank you saying i think i think toy commander on the dreamcast also had a
wide screen head also had widescreen support i mean i'm going to start like making a list thank you better remember this i mean do you remember what video you saw online that made you say hey i want to make a youtube video i don't think it was a specific video i think i was just watching a lot of classic game room oh okay because like that's like i was buying stuff like when i was like okay i want to start making videos i was like figuring out like how does he
make videos like you know like what kind of microphone is he using and and like how is he capturing gameplay footage like i was he used to back in the day he was capturing his gameplay footage onto um digital tapes right you know and so i was like like seriously looking okay i'm like okay what is that thing like what's the model number i gotta like look it up and see like i need to get one of those like i don't even know why like you know versus just getting a capture card or
something i didn't know a lot about that stuff you know before i started a youtube channel i didn't know anything about capture cards because why would i uh right yeah but it was just like it was watching his show and then like listening to podcasts at the same time that made me think like i want to start you know trying to make videos uh there's five dollars from chris ratzing also what what the hell what the hell is that yeah what is that controller abomination what's your changes back
that's right here oh that's it's not the sg pro oh sn pro pad oh that says sg pro pad sn profile yeah those are you could that has a little lcd screen on it because you can like you can program macros into it right right so it's like people who want to play like streets or or street fighter 2 or mortal kombat who don't want to actually get good i've had something similar for the the super nintendo but it was a japanese-only controller you know actually now that i
think about it i think i might have the sg pro pad 6. i could dig that out i feel like i can use this overhead uh shot for like any any such thing as like just like unboxing something like this you know yeah i mean that's kind of what we try and i've been talking about and that was like another reason for making this overhead setup you're gonna start doing unboxing videos well not unboxing but i mean like like a amsr or whatever unboxing videos
well we want to do we want to like cover some things that we've been sent that like we wouldn't make normally make a normal video on like we were sent this thing like ages ago and i was thinking like how much fun would it be to build this thing on a stream that would be kind of cool well we just like kind of talk about it because tri is already with sent one as well and he built his already so he could like talk about it and i could like build it yeah and i was thinking like that's why i kind of made this other layout because i can yeah you need more
of a screen you don't want to have it on a pvm instead of a no an image you can just like use this as like kind of a it's almost kind of like a live episode in a way yeah so i mean that's something we'd that's like making a video lon seidman style exactly exactly and i thought about that i was like oh if i could get other camera angles but i could use my i could use the close-up camera on my phone to do that yeah i mean i think that
at least some people might be interested in seeing that i think it'd be fun yeah all right did people like send you emails and say hey we want to send you this or does it just like show up uh it really depends it depends sometimes things just randomly show up in the the po box but this these people uh sent this to us specifically and we were gonna do a mini video on it but it's just like i don't know it was like right before
the pandemic happened and that was just like there's just yeah too hard to i mean get stuff i just always ignore all those emails so i mean generally we do too but then there's you know there is uh some stuff that sounds fun like this sounded fun yeah i feel bad that we didn't we didn't do it so like we could still do it you know like behind me you see like the so i have the the nvsx back there and john and i we're gonna do a video on
it like we did with the um the neo geo arcade stick pro thing that came out last year but i thought like wouldn't it be fun if we just like him and i did a a stream with it i could set it up i could set my camera up and i could just like shoot it because you can't there's no video capture on it anyways i could just like shoot the screen and shoot like like maybe my hands like on the controller or something like that and we could just talk about it for like a couple hours you know play a bunch of games on it yeah
i think that would be like an acceptable way to not do a fully produced video but i i mean our our live streams get enough people that i think that would be worth it yeah well this thing looks pretty cool sorry i was looking at the website for that mvsx thing yeah you can kind of see it behind me a little bit really yeah i see i just i didn't know that that was a thing but countertop arcade cabinets are neat so i got more uh clay fighter yeah
geez there's a lot of the streets of rage three cheats yeah man the game goes deep yeah chuck rock two ch son of chuck yeah did i tell you rock two when my mom moved out of her house there's a whole bunch of stuff in my brother's old bedroom that he just like didn't want and he had a whole bunch of like sealed vinyl record in there records in there and one of them was uh was tools anema
and it was sealed and it was like worth a ton of money yeah so i sold it to this guy on discogs uh and it turned out like that guy like i don't know how it came up in the in our discussion but it's like he worked on chuck rock two son of chuck at core yeah like way back in the day yeah how does that come up i i don't remember i don't know see that's what you know vinyl just brings people together you know like
it does told the story like 10 million times how i bought my turntable off of the globe guy that's right yeah glub it's one of my favorite words glub it's a pretty good one all right we got some we got data east games here fighters history and outrunners it's really weird that data east was the one that released outrunners on the genesis that seems strange yeah but that's a cool ad though i like that it is hear the heat coming on next wave oh
we got i got clay fighter tournament edition thank god whoa sega's planning to bring fantasy star for soon along with new children's title called the the berenstain the berenstein bears it says it says berenstein in here yeah but i about people use that as an example of the the mandela effect or whatever yeah because we all said berenstein bears you know when we were kids but it's
actually like berenstain or whatever i always said berenstain all right well you say it right it's good for you berenstein i guess berenstein and berenstein can be spelled the same way i guess there's a blockbuster video ad so that's not a very good ad no yeah [Applause] neither is that yeah that's exactly i don't like i don't like feet you know like i don't like get that out of there
yeah yeah i mean like if somebody like put their bare foot on my genesis controller i'd throw it out and buy a new one [Music] well that one's done it's like a shoelace hitting a public bathroom floor you know see end of that i mean at least it seems to be well cared for well that you know that's probably some foot model or something yeah that's what i've been doing on on the side with this camera setup right you should try to get the company that
makes those gloves to sponsor your show uh i can tell you right here and maybe we can talk to comfy braces they haven't paid you so what are you doing they haven't paid you i don't know i can i'm gonna send an email to to heather or i can send a message to her on her personal whatsapp and say what's up yeah i mean i wonder how many people just do that like they mentioned like they messaged
somebody i don't know such a stupid thing to think about what is what's whatsapp is that like snapchat or something actually i also don't really know what that is i don't know you think this is actually that is this is heather friedman of comfy brace yeah and she she wanted to sincerely thank me for my business and support well that's nice of her without folks like you i don't have a business this is something i do not take lightly
oh you know thanks comfy brace for sponsor like hopefully they'll sponsor the show i'm i'll wear these i'm sure you get the exact same emails i do but it's always like people want to sponsor our show where it's like i would never use your product so you know no but it's like you know if it's like a product you actually use and like yeah i could give you a good you know like sierra nevada beer should be sponsoring my show you know or like casper's hot dogs or something
or trader joe's i i wonder if if comfy brace is on twitter and if if anybody can find comfy comfy brace on twitter say that uh that i'm doing a stream wearing comfy brace gloves i should send me a lifetime supply of them i mean i was kind of hoping just for get you some cash but wow comfy oh hey comfy oh it says account suspended
at comfy brace has been suspended it's too bad saying somebody should grab that twitter handle and squat you know like kind of comfy brace like like url squatting or whatever you should see if there's a if there's comfy brace underscore heather twitter account i just typed comfy brace into the end of the thing and there's not anything really coming up i'm surprised yeah there's cadillac cadillacs and dinosaurs that's like one of those things that i saw everywhere but i've never seen like
any of the comics or anything i just found a tweet if some somebody took a picture of the it's some lady with like sparkly fingernails like dead ass wearing the exact same gloves you're wearing right now maybe i should put some uh i'll have my daughter put some fingernail polish on for next week i think you should i mean i i hate like she put a toenail polish on like on my on my toes like before christmas and
it's like finally just almost completely off wow did you ever paint your fingernails black when you were a teenager because you just kind of seemed like no no you might be the kind of person that did that really i seem like the kind of kind of person i don't know i could yeah like you know wear like you know black t-shirt with a long sleeve shirt underneath it paint your fingernails black like listen to a lot of the cure nope nope maybe next time what we should do instead of doing a magazine
we should do a let's read like one of my high school yearbooks yeah i wonder how fun that would be yeah not fun for anybody but probably yeah i think probably not uh all right power rangers i don't really know i that was on after i was really interested in anything watching power rangers no i never got into power rangers in fact i have kind of a bone to pick with power rangers because like
when i was growing up you know my one of my favorite cartoons was teenage mutant ninja turtles right i mean who didn't love that cartoon and for like at least a few years it was on uh one of the local channels it was on every morning at 7 00 a.m and i would literally i would wake up every day before school even though i i'd seen all the episodes like 10 million times but like that was part of my morning routine was i would watch teenage mutant ninja turtles yeah and then when power rangers came out
they gave it that 7 a.m time slot and they moved ninja turtles to like 6 a.m or something and i remember it really like this because i'm not going to get up at six in the morning to watch cartoons no um and it wasn't even for something that i thought was good it was for stupid power rangers yeah yeah i mean that is just not any interesting for me either i mean ninja turtles where i where i lived was on basically when you were getting home from school yeah that's a good time too
and even it's quite the ad you've got down there that ad yeah booger booger man yeah that feels sometimes you pull one out of your nose that feels like it's coming like all the way out of your brain you know like that that's a feeling you can't replicate that's true that's true yeah it's it's that same feeling as uh you know when you get sunburned and you peel and get like a really long yeah piece of skin you pull off like a big big sheet of skin after being sunburned it's very similar you can't replicate that in any other way either
well you can use elmer's glue for that did you ever do that with like uh like rubber cement oh you ever use rubber cement i heard a long time ago the rubber cement is like you you can't use it in school anymore like it's like illegal or something like that well because you can sniff it i know because it smells so good i don't think it's that it smelled good i think it was that it was making you high but you didn't realize yeah true true but i mean it's it's like it has that same sort of smell it's like
kind of a good smell like uh like gasoline has yeah you ever hear that joke like i don't i don't i don't really like cocaine but i love the way it smells [Laughter] no i've never heard that but uh that's funny all right pac-man 2 clay fighter 2 booger man look it's it's still going some popcorn a paper clip a bug over there and a paper clip and there's booger man right there urban
strike urban strike it looks like oh you can go get outside of your vehicle on urban strike they're kind of losing the plot at that point that's the third game no you no you could do that in uh a jungle strike you could get out of it it says right here you can now get go outside of your vehicle for more precise strikes oh like jungle strike you could uh um there was like a level where you would get you no i think it was in a boat or something there were so you switched vehicles at some point
but it was pretty early in the game i think whoever wrote this review didn't play much jungle strike it says like jungle strike you can use different vehicles like the classic chopper and miniature plane or even set out on foot okay so i guess um maybe that's the cool thing is setting off on foot i don't know those strike games are all pretty good though they are i mean the the first one was really good and the second one i didn't i never played this one
i gotta be honest it doesn't look as good as the other ones did it probably is good it's still going on that's where ends look there's a there's a quarter in there too score that's back and a quarter would get you something yeah they got some good game at shining force 2 and rock and roll racing yeah have you played shining force 2 yeah i i want to play it i have it but i've never really played it i've never finished the first one even
why is booger man a thing well because some 90s man like yeah that's when like stuff like that was like super edgy yeah like gross mean i'll tell you that stuff is is kind of timeless in a way because it's uh i think my my son played boogerman on the evercade when i was doing that video and he played boogerman and he was like he was all into it so this is you know anything that's like
anything that's remotely gross it's awesome five or six-year-old boy is gonna love that kind of stuff oh we got the 32-bit 32-bit uh pcfx here it's just the artist render rendering though yeah viewpoint viewpoint it's a very good game the music does not fit i don't feel though no i like the music but yeah it's it's a it's a little bit weird in that game but um yeah it would be like playing that on the neo geo but it also that was the early
uh they made a port of that for the playstation in uh in 95. does it have like remix music i don't know i haven't gotten to that point yet like i've been playing i haven't uh done that part of the video yet so that's that's a it's a long box game i have it on the i have it loaded onto my scio already but i haven't actually played it yet i got what is dragon's lair and then it's like a cd and uh espn baseball
chris herman yeah he has one of those voices you know i there was i mean there was a couple of years in in high school where i was like way in the sports and i'd i'd watch uh sportscenter pretty often yeah is he still on there though he not on sportscenter he does um he does like some football show but it's on like espn plus which i kind of pissed me off because it's like like it seems like espn got rid of almost all of their like high dollar
on-air talent you know like yeah you used to have like heavy hitter people on there you know like i mean i know stuart scott passed away but like you know you would pick like which which sports center do you watch based on like who who's on you know like oh no i wait for you know for you know keith olbermann or whatever um and but chris berman still works there but he they gave him a show where it's on espn plus which is like a separate thing you have
to pay for right is that because they're trying to get people to sign up for espn plus it's like oh if you want chris berman you got to pay for that thing but i mean it's kind of crappy because i think it's him and was it tommy jackson i think like they do the show together still but like but like they used to be the guys that did uh monday night countdown you know point of story is just espn sucks now i think the only time i'd really watch it is on sunday nights where they have a
whole recap of the week yeah oh here we go mk2 mk2 is the best mortal kombat game at least i mean that's pretty much universally uh agreed upon i mean it is is such a huge jump over the first one and uh i mean i guess you could say that mortal kombat 9 which was the one that came out on like the 360 and
and uh ps3 is good but that's also one of the reasons for that is because it reimagines the original three games [Music] and for me it was always really weird how short it felt like the time was between the release of mk1 and mk2 yeah because there's only it feels like it was only a year between i think it was a year uh but
i still think the super nintendo version is really good that's the only version of the game that i have and uh i mean it was the big change for nintendo at the time so that's cool i like it i think it's still really playable man they're going crazy on the soccer games not very exciting to talk about no and here's the
mortal kombat the album see if i you know i'm always going to record stores and like you know you know buying up you know used cds and stuff that's something if i i would i would grab that if i ever saw it mm-hmm that would that would just be cool to have you know right you know with the with the re-release of scott pilgrim versus the world like on new systems and the different soundtracks and stuff that are out i randomly phoned a cd soundtrack to that game
being sold at uh at the local library for like 50 cents i don't know if that's like was really hard to find especially like the cd version of it but it's possible to buy it now like through limited run yeah but has nothing to do with the mortal kombat album which is something i thought about ah more about mk2 oh we got some some virtua fighter fighter stuff here oh it's saturn yeah i guess the first picks of virtue
fighters fighter for the sega saturn yeah oh look at that i don't think if you can play a mode where it's like looks like that that'd be kind of cool i guess it's too bad it didn't get it you know from from 10 to 30 you see the difference there but it didn't you know they're like oh it's only 30 complete and it already looks this good what it'll be like when it was finished but not not too much better and that's why we got virtua fighter remix right and is this a really elaborate
question mark that's a very fancy that's that's i've never seen a question mark with so much swagger yeah you know imagine the meeting about that saying like i really just want to have a really elaborate looking question mark to just drive it drive our point home it was probably like an intern who was trying to like you know make a name for himself yeah i draw the best question marks of
anybody yeah like today's going to be my last day of making the coffee here at the office uh brutal paws of fury never really played it either i mean that's cool it's a cool looking ad yeah the characters are kind of neat you know that's a i've never seen a rabbit quite that cut before yeah i mean a lot of anger in those eyes uh contra hardcore oh yeah we got anything in there about how they took away the
life bar oh i mean if you look here in these screenshots it looks like it has a really long life bar though i mean i think it's generally like three in here it looks like there is yeah i believe it was three i mean there's like eight in these life bars here so maybe they dabbled with putting in more of a life bar and just decided to go the opposite way and just completely get rid of it yeah because you know probably their first instinct was like you know americans are stupid
so give them lots of hit points and then they remembered that we have video stores where we can rent games they're like okay take all the life bars away we got we got charles barkley shut up and jam which i'd i'd never played no and i don't think charles barkley was not in nba gm tournament edition because of this but i mean i don't know i never played it or contra hardcore yeah there's uh maximum carnage though that had those
cool uh red cartridges so my friend chris was like so was like so excited for this and i have i have his old maximum carnage cartridge now uh it is it's not very it's not a great game but i remember this the the maximum carnage uh event that was in multiple like spider-man comics for an entire summer but that's that and doom are the the red
cartridge games oh then the egm and hero illustrated super tour that's kind of cool yeah well um just on uh look at that they were at the tri-county mall damn it which is in in here in cincinnati it's like the only place in the midwest they went i guess i got sick no chicago of course i was going to say you don't consider chicago i don't know midwest i was like it took me a second
take me a second on the oh they went to three places in the bay area um but you guys could have gone and seen the uh the life-sized bubsy there and this guy right here this guy looks like he's i don't know he's got this the red hood on looks like a looks like a like a poop emoji now yes uh but the tri-county mall is still is still there
it's almost dead though super street fighter 2 i feel like at this point by the third uh super nintendo and genesis release it was less exciting yeah yeah i don't they weren't yearly were they like every year and a half that sounds about right i mean it's a really good game though and yeah oh yeah like all the new characters but yeah it's like you know i don't know how much time do you have to like really devote to
yet another version like well plus it's like if you already had you know like champion edition or something or or you know depending on which system you had if you if you had street fighter 2 turbo you know you only have so many gaming dollars to spend you know you know if you're like a teenager or something so it's like well do i want to get another street fighter to a game or maybe right you know something else yeah i mean i i actually did buy this but then i returned it right away because
yeah i was kind of i was bored by it and every time that you would get the new version like the new arcade version was already announced oh look at this behind the scene scenes at nintendo the nintendo of america headquarters that's pretty cool yeah now they're playing street fighter 2 here that's kind of cool like they're just like game counselors and all that other stuff the nintendo coin app area that is pretty neat though it would have been it'd be really cool
to just see like like raw video shot in these locations at this time period not like set up for a camera or anything like that yeah just fly on the wall type stuff oh here's see it's another koei game that there's no way i would ever get into is uncharted waters i think i might have that game you know i think i might have it too yeah hey i gotta i gotta take a break real fast okay is that all right so you can keep
going but all right it it is getting it's going to be almost 12 30 here joe and mack ii i tried played this one really liked it oh is this a real game stop that roach is it actually called stop that roach i'm gonna have to save that one because i gotta bring that up with chris oh there was just just was raw video uncovered from one i'm gonna have to see that that's really cool
another espn man there's like a lot of sports games here packing rocky two is this one considered better than the first one i wonder if that new one is gonna have both have levels from one and two in it that'd be cool if they didn't the bible goes west was an american tail was that don bluth see if it says it in here i mean it looks kind of like it i'm sure somebody can answer that question stop that roach is is expensive it's an
expensive game well i mean nobody probably bought a game called stop at roach you know the monsters too i never played this one got some land sharks no salsa no salsa sharks though oh airstrike patrol this is one of those games they have like the really weird shadows that some of the fpga stuff struggles with all right it is don bluth good to know
this is kind of it feels like the the an answer to uh jungle strike and desert strike and stuff i always stop that road to only 30 bucks you feel sad watching these oh you back i thought i heard you oh there you are uh we were talking about this game stop that roach are you familiar with stop that roach um no but that sounds kind of cool yeah
apparently it's expensive now which doesn't surprise me that'd be cool if it had been like you know terminex presents stop that roach what was that movie that came out in the late 90s that was about all those cockroaches it was like joe's apartment or something like that it's like creep show no there was like a hey you know what you know what i'm talking about though that thing and creep show that messed me up for a while because i saw that when i was a little kid which one was it like the only thing
from creep show that i remember is the father's day one father's day one what was that where the uh the zombie dad comes back on father's day i mean because all the kids hated hated him and he just like yelled at him all the time and he just wanted his father's day cake oh how could you not remember the one with the cockroaches i bet there's people in the chat about so it was like this guy was like a super like germaphobe and he lived in this high-rise apartment
and like everything in the apartment was white because he kept it perfectly clean and he had like uh this can of like uh pesticide spray and anytime you'd see a buggy would like spray it because he was like freaking out yeah and then like you know it like at the end of it it's like all of a sudden like there's all these like cockroaches like coming into his apartment like flooding in through through all the cracks or whatever but then at the end it's like they're all inside of his body and they start like coming out of his
mouth and his nose and his ears and then like like his skin splits open and there's like cockroaches pouring out of it and i i mean i saw a creep show like as soon as it was released on home video so i was like probably like i mean i don't know how old your son is but i was probably like seven or eight that sounds horrible i mean yeah but i mean creep show and creep show two are both i mean creep show one is better than creep show two but is cruz show two the one they have the
uh the people go swimming in that lake and there's like that yeah yep that that floating thing yeah yeah and then she's like laying on that deck and it like comes up through the crack and yeah oh my god that was awesome and like the girl gets away at the end but she like when she makes the short like jumps on her anyways yeah cause like who does that like as soon as she gets on the shore she turns around to like you know yeah and then it just like comes out of the water
like and oh man that was awesome but man the uh that cockroach sounds pretty scary if i ever saw if i went to like a store and they had like creep show and creep show too is like a little like two-disc blu-ray thing yeah that would be like instant purchase are you saying like if i ever want to like mess up my kids i should show them that yeah you definitely should not do that i don't know i've been thinking about uh because chris had leslie
for kids yeah that's that's not cool because it seems like the kind of movie that maybe a kid would want to watch yeah well it starts out like the kind of thing took the gizmo yeah oh yeah yeah yeah you know and it's i mean it's it's pretty scary in the in in the end you know like the woman who he has to take the uh the chair up the stairs they like torture and then like shoot her out the window
ah arrow fighters horror movies were good you know yeah i mean you know i always think about halloween three you ever see halloween three season of the witch no i don't believe so that one it's kind of messed up it's it's not like a michael myers uh halloween movie that was back when they were thinking like oh we'll take the halloween movies and make them about different things after the second one came out and this one like three is like really messed up there's this one scene
that like really screwed me up as a kid because i was watching at my grandma's house i'd rented it and uh like it's just like a kid that was like my age uh like they kill this kid he puts this mask on it's like a like a pumpkin mask and he watches this thing on tv and it makes his head turn into a rotted rotten pumpkin that's not cool any like dyes and like big giant centipedes start coming out of the pumpkin and all this
other stuff that sounds kind of familiar but hey anyway the movie ends in like like such a dark and downer ending too yeah yeah because they're planning on playing this broadcast they're selling all these masks to people like all over the world and they're gonna play this like be sure to watch on halloween for like the special uh like the special message with your new mask and they're like gonna just like mass
kill people yeah and he the guy like the main character like knows this is gonna happen he can't get anybody to like believe him so he called the the tv station he's like turn it off turn it off and they turn it off right so he thinks he'd like saved everybody and then it's like on every channel sounds really familiar now it makes me think i've seen it it's it's messed up it's messed up and you know it has really
a really downer ending uh so arrow fighters you ever played this i've never played this uh i've never played the first one i used to have aero fighters too for for nemo but i don't know i i didn't like that one very much um yeah i mean like aerofighters one i think predates the neo geo i think that was in the arcades on like a dedicated pcb yeah i always thought the aero fighters was like a horizontal
shooter but maybe that's uh another game in the same series i mean i don't know what you're thinking of the aero fighters games are all vertical hmm please it's like it wasn't like air buster was it airbusters there was air buster is um horizontal maybe that's what they're thinking of it might be what i'm thinking of then but this was this is made by mikko river mco river
river because what was aerobuster when it came out on the turbo graphics that had a different name um i don't know sorry i'm looking it up here arrow blasters hero blaster okay i don't like that game it's easy to get them all confused when yeah they'll have arrow in their name there's not a liberal you know people people this used to be like more popular
people would make those little things where it's like it would be like a 90s you know hair metal band name generator and it's like pick something out of column a and something out of column b and so like you could totally do that for shooters yeah oh for sure i'm i mean people probably probably did uh king of the monsters two that was on a few pages earlier oh but i do want to talk about this yeah i mean you you've talked about this in a video before too
uh yeah i think it's come up in a couple of uh read-throughs yeah i mean i do wonder if you think it was completely a scam if anybody ever won this i from what i'm told it was completely a scam i mean i wonder if there's anybody like living the good life based on the money that they made from this i don't think that's like life-changing amounts of stuff but well i don't know you have to enter like three dollars
you can enter them each for three dollars each or enter them both yeah well what would apparently what would happen is like yeah so you would you'd fill out your mystery word grid and then if you wanted uh to enter you know both the media rig and the video game contest you'd have to pay five bucks and then you'd send that in and then they would send you back another word grid that i guess was supposed to be more difficult and then i think you'd have to pay more
money so like they would keep sending these back to you and getting you to pay more money um i mean i did it i did it i did minute like the finals apparently oh wow look at you like a digital booty saying the dude running the scam is still doing it to my understanding really so you want to talk about who's living the good life that's who's living the good life yeah i mean i i definitely went through all the uh the rounds and i would i was
spent a lot of time doing the like the last puzzle i was so convinced i was gonna win well because the farther you get into it the more you start thinking that yeah you know you're gonna win i mean for a like 12 year old or whatever oh yeah he's right somebody says that the shooter on the screen is a turbografx 16 that's sinistron isn't it yeah with the the things that open up which is funny
because that's not one of the systems that you will be receiving those huge speakers though yeah did you know anybody that they had a tv like this though or it was just like this gigantic like rear projection tv oh yeah like when i was growing up my best friend's dad had one like in his house like there was a wooden console tv that was in like i mean the house had kind of a weird floor plan but like there was this one area where there was like a couch and a wooden console tv and that was for
like my friend and his brother like they could watch tv on that and then play nintendo and i think what happened was like their dad bought a tv like the one in that picture and he put it in like the front room and that was where he watched tv um so i think he like probably kicked down the wooden console tv to them because like we were not allowed to to plug the nes into that tv because i think it's i think it's bad for him but yeah you get burning or something like that yeah but he was super into watching
sports and so he he had that you know gigantic tv because he was watching you know football and basketball and auto racing and stuff well i mean you look at it now now tv looks huge in this picture but i bet it's not that big really no i think that most people probably have just in terms of like the area of the screen most people probably have bigger tvs now yeah seeing here is a it's a 40 inch monitor yeah
so yeah you'd have to do some calculation there to figure out you know what would be the sort of high definition widescreen equivalent to a 40 inch tv as far as just the area goes but yeah one of these controller or two of these controllers over here are the the the power clutch sg yeah i've never used the power clutch oh man so someone's saying that that somebody named wang did a video
about uh wang wang w-h-a-n-g did a video about the ultimate gaming rig deep dive yeah after the snap to the stream i'll look it up oh i'll just do it right now tin head this is another game that is on the on the ever cade one of those collections oh yeah there it is who won the ultimate gaming rig gaming mysteries nobody and it's weighing with an exclamation point okay just i'm just telling you so that when you look it up you don't get
confused i'm gonna start going faster because it's almost it's gonna be almost 1am and you still got a little bit i i would be i'd be fine with that [Music] king of them you'd like to really you like to really linger on each page oh look at the look at the font they chose to use right there that's really interesting man is that the it's a sans series they get sidetracked a lot yeah ah someone somebody somebody ran the numbers swimming in your chat says you'd need
about a 49-inch 16-9 tv to get a 40-inch 4-3 image that's so that's pretty big honestly it is but i feel like these days most people have 50 somethings or 60 somethings or for sure i mean i don't even know what mine is so but it's not that big mine's in the 40s somewhere i'm a detailed guy no it's just like it's just fun to talk about it i get carried away yeah
rebel assault more rebel assault uh see i feel like this is one of the best game video game titles of all time yeah you know what i'm talking about well i assume you're talking about revengers of vengeance yeah i assumed you weren't talking about hardball 94 no revengers of vengeance is such a funny name like i i wonder if they realize how funny it was when they when they did it that sounds like it would have been like one of the fake
movie names in like seinfeld you know yes yeah uh we can go see rochelle rochelle death blow or revengers of vengeance avengers the vengeance her ball 94 didn't isn't hardball 94 in the one uh video you did about the or is it hard ball three it was in your european magazine read
through oh uh i don't remember you remember my show better than i do apparently i i only remember because i i was gonna do a read through with you in that that episode that's true and i think that you got scared at the last minute i did did this game ever come out flying nightmares i i don't i've never heard of that but that's a cool name yeah for a game uh let's see here
flying nightmares you know it's just the it's a flight slim oh all right so it uh according to once again sega retro uh this was a 3do game and at one time was also set for release on the sega mega cd it looks terrible in these pictures and how far behind it in the brandon ginsburg is just now complaining that i took a bathroom break that was like 20 minutes ago man that felt great but this game looks real bad excuse me
the good this game has some incredible graphics and intense gameplay that's the good and then the bad is i haven't seen enough of this game to form a bad opinion of it yet that sounds suspect yeah king of the monsters 2 is pretty cool though yeah i mean well i mean i haven't played the super nintendo version but on the neo geo it's pretty cool yeah it was always a really impressive looking game yeah and there's the game of the month
yeah world heroes two jets i always like using kim dragon i was uh well i don't know so i've mostly just played the first world heroes but uh rasputin was always my guy but i don't know it was raspy oh yeah rasputin's right there so yeah yeah although i think in part two my favorite character is is jay maximum the football player guy yeah j j maximum
i think in his in his uh his pants same no they don't say maximum on him that's that's what dj's fans say in street fighter such a stupid name yeah like i i wonder what the j stands for oh brocken i like being broken too brocken yeah but um no rasputin was my main choice is there a particular reason why you you you liked him the most we just like we
i remember like uh when i took uh in high school you know we had to take a class called like modern world history and so like you know we learned all about you know like the end of the russian empire right we talked about czar nicholas and this crazy rasputin guy and so like whenever it was after that that world heroes came out and we were at you know 7 11 i just saw that and i thought well that's kind of neat you know it's like for once i learned something in high school that i can kind of put t hughes out in the real world
it comes from the good use yeah but also it's just cool that his hands and his feet get all big right and they're yellow that's true that's true it's like they're just trying to take off the uh something like a derivative of dawson kind of it's gotta be have some weird superpower to make your limbs get bigger longer than they should i'm sorry but j maximum as far as that yeah
oh look at we got over here after shockwave on the 3do yeah which is an ea game i think yeah i've never played it but we got the so whenever i see that shockwave it just you know makes me think of wipeout you know because that was one of the weapons like i always thought it was the coolest thing in wipeout that like there was that narrator that would tell you like three seconds before the the weapon was gonna come after you you know
right you know like it would say it'd be like minds and then you would know like oh man i'm running into some minds and you just share you know shockwave with the accent i love that game yeah i love that game so much do you ever play the newer version the hd versions i did because um you know that was a 95 game and uh one of the things i'm trying to do with that video is there was a lot of games that came out for the playstation in 95
that were the beginnings of franchises that went on for a really long time and so i thought it would be a cool way to sort of tie it to the modern day yeah to show like okay yeah this game came out in in 95 here but you know nine iterations later or whatever check this out and it's you know i think it's kind of striking visually like okay here's a bunch of footage of wipeout and then bam here's here's the new wipeout newest wipeout running on ps4 so um so yeah i ended up uh buying that
you know buying a physical copy of that uh the ps4 release and uh playing a bunch of it in the living room on my on my semi big tv and then you know of course brought it down here and recorded some gameplay footage but the only thing is is like i'm so used to using um the negicon controller to play wipeout that it was driving me nuts trying to play wipeout on the ps4 and not being able to twist the controller in my hand uh because you know that i mean that controller was compatible with so many
games but it really might as well have just been like the wipeout can like wipe out should it has come with that controller yeah i mean i never used it so i mean i assume that it's that's good oh it's so it makes like especially the first wipeout is like not with a digital controller i'm not saying it's unplayable but it's not super enjoyable yeah but with an edgy con controller it's amazing would you say it works better with that than it does even for even for like ridge racer
i don't i don't know because what's funny is i don't use it with ridge racer just because i to me i associate ridge racer with just using a digital pad but for me wipeout is like you got to use an edgy con but i should check it out but then there was that other one that the other controller that namco made was it that was the jog con i think right that i think they actually sold it you could buy ridge racer type four like bundled right right the dog con because i remember i used to look at that every