Ashayana Camelot Project Interview-1

Ashayana Camelot Project Interview-1


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[Music] [Music] hi i'm carrie cassidy from project camelot and i'm very pleased to be here with ashiana dean uh and basically i think i'm gonna let you do your own introduction
as to who you are and some of your background you know it's interesting to hear you talk about yourself just briefly because we're going to be talking about the material most of the time so for example um i would say that you are the author of the voyager books part of the appeal is for people to kind of get your personality right and if if you get a question that you're not quite prepared for your personality will start to show and showing what it is i'm not describing myself
and it's very delightful so um i i don't think you have anything to worry about so but at any rate you want to say you're you've come here to teach about ascension would that be accurate yes at this time on the planet yes right and i'm not a speaker one in the milk is a coister emerald order and that was a commission was given to me and the other two speakers there are three of us are are present in the room with us okay you're an american citizen yes in this life yes okay
and where did you grow up in what state was that born in pennsylvania and i was raised in pennsylvania and um new york and then moved to new jersey and then moved to florida and then to england and then to arizona and then to colorado and then back to florida okay so you've been around yes yes we're actually following spiritual guidance we were asked to move once it was past the yeah the childhood and adolescent times the the moves were following what i was advised to do by the guardian alliance okay wonderful and you are in touch with
what you call the guardian alliance that's what they call themselves okay yes and uh do you consider yourself uh a channeler because i i'm aware of what it is you do but i'm going to ask you questions that are may seem wrong okay and so at that point you can correct me and it's totally fine it's not channeling in fact we teach against channeling because it's dangerous it is a process of electronic data streaming that it's quite sophisticated but it doesn't
work like channeling channeling involves literally another entity coming in and sharing a body with you and that is not permitted in our teachings because it can actually damage your dna this is an electronic data streaming called kelantic transmission and it is literally electronic data streaming but interdimensionally as opposed to simply on the horizontal like we do it here and that is the way that the guardian alliance communicates with me and has since childhood but they have also i in in my younger years i had both negative
abductions with negative groups of visitors and it was the guardian alliance that actually rescued me from those situations and i learned a lot about why i had the experiences it had to do with the contract i came in with this it takes most people quite a few years to wake up and realize what they came in to do what they birthed him to do and that was why i had the issues with the um with zetas and things like that when i was in my younger years by the time i was 12 the guardians had begun teaching me for the commission that i later learned what it was for
speaker one for the melchizedek oyster emerald order and it's once that became clear the experiences weren't frightening before they were frightening the you know abduction experiences and the ones with the guardians weren't though they were very different they didn't involve little greys and they didn't involve spaceships they involved literal teleportation through mark of the vehicle and those kind of things so it's been a colorful way of to get to the point where i am here teaching the material that i'm teaching
has been very interesting and colorful in the first few years i was required to speak about that a lot that's why i don't like to speak about myself anymore i'm honestly bored with the subject of me because the first few years that we went public with the books and everything it was all about me and my story and i'm tired of my story it's out there go read it if you want to but you know this is the interesting stuff the information we're teaching so i totally honor the fact that you've told your story many times and and it is out there and so i do encourage
people to uh to go out and investigate uh her background to watch other audio and video presentations she's done because they're excellent and i have watched a few of them and i'd love to watch more and she's an excellent speaker and and so i do encourage you to investigate if you're watching this so what i'd like to do from here is really get into what the agenda is of what we call uh the service to self or
negative oriented et's visitors um what have you and and then if you could talk about that and then if you could also talk about what the positive side uh service to others is doing what their objective is in being in contact with us here and so on so that's where we want to go okay do we have to take the short road or can we take the more interesting road let's take the interesting road okay because the interesting road by the time
we get to answering that question will make a lot more sense and the interesting road does have to do with some of the other questions when i you know we'd asked you that yeah just give us a few questions or something that you're planning to ask you'd listed a couple things like you know ascension mechanics um you know uh the the human race and where it's going and this kind of thing there is a way to explain this that we've been working for 10 years every workshop this is our 84th coming up and every one is new information it's the next level of information so we have been the
guardian alliance has been providing us with progressively growing teaching since the voyagers books were out very very technical teachings on ascension on stargates on understanding planetary stargates galactic stargates universal stargates how they all work what the process of ascension is all of this thing in understanding some of those things like what is this target anyway what is this engine anyway right and understanding some of those it brings us to the point of where we actually are now on the planet which explains what is going on with the visitors it explains what their agenda is why
they're doing what they're doing and what we can do about it because there is a negative and positive side to this but this the picture is much bigger than most people realize even people in the ufo movement and people in the new age movement they have pieces of the story when i found out what this story was as it progressed because i had my cellular memory turned on for a while i had incarnational memory since i was very small so it was not new to me but when when the guardians revealed progressively this this scope of this drama i was horrified at
first honestly i was terrified and um moved past that to the point of realizing wow i mean it is so tiny the little dramas that we're worrying about here this is much much bigger and the reason the information is important now and for 10 years we hardly did any media at all we didn't do interviews we had a couple little interviews we turned down a lot of radio interviews and that kind of thing because we wanted to kind of just fly under the radar and do our things we do our workshops people come to our workshops we didn't heavily advertise them the reason why we're coming out and
speaking now is because the guardian alliance has asked us to they're on now what is called official disclosure protocol because of things that are occurring 2012 is very important and so are the periods right after it there this to uh coin a phrase from anderson cooper's show planet in peril uh yes to put it mildly so if i can explain some of the things that are taking place now in a certain it's a sequence and you're free to interrupt at any point okay right but it will help
get a little bit to the more full understanding of what are the visitors up to what is their agenda and where are we at with that situation it'll also include the information you said you know what about stargates and what are the status of those it will show where that is right and it's like the quickest sequence you can do right this has been you know 10 years worth of work now we can look back and see what this is all about and see where it's going so if you don't mind i will you know put a couple charts up the first thing i would like to do if we're going to talk about what is happening on the planet now
it does involve ascension and ascension does involve stargates but what is ascension anyway there's a quick way to explain this and it has to do with graphs and i use graphs because seriously pictures paint a thousand words if it hadn't been and all of these graphs are literally transmitted from the guardian alliance and i i take them down by hand and because i don't have computer art skills so they've all been done in like you know black and white form and then thanks to a team of volunteers they put a lot of work into
putting them into computer you know finishing so they're decent most of them are you can tell the ones that are still the ones i did on a photocopier with the photocopier but this one this particular diagram and also i will qualify these by saying you're going to see diagrams that are one out of there might have been 50 diagrams in that series explaining every piece of how that worked what it is the structure of it and all of this i'm just going to show certain diagrams that will show structure because structure is important
science here is getting into quantum physics and all of those things and oh maybe there's dark matter and all these wonderful maybes there is a whole order of these things yes there's dark matter yes quantum physics are real but they have no idea the structures that are involved this is not haphazard cosmos or universe some of these things if you're going to understand what ascension is you need to understand what context is happening in and that's why the guardians gave us the context in the first place in the early days they taught us about 15 dimensional physics
and that's not meaning there's only 15 dimensions dimensions run in sets of 15 and there are many many many different sets of 15 dimensional matrices that have a particular order that form in galaxies universes cosmoses plural it is a multicosmos not just a multiverse now when you think of ascension and stargates that you ascend through it implies there is an order of stargates within these greater structures so i will show you this diagram let me ask you where the diagrams came from in other words do they are you getting
you say you're getting this sort of a data stream electronically and when you say that it's i am assuming that you're uh visualizing maybe you're getting a visualization i just see them okay yeah and then are you how do you transfer them onto the paper how do you you know you draw them really okay i'm known as the white out queen because a lot of times they'll come down like one diagram like this that's all like you know looks like a single thing there'll be like six different images on it
wow and like 20 different layers okay and i call it a pullback process where the whole big thing comes down to one data stream that it might take me like six hours just focus completely on one getting it all down and that's even without the words and labels and arrows and stuff that's just getting the shapes and structure then we'll pull them out right where i'll make photocopies and white out that part and then you get that one white out this part then you have that one and it might have like a series of ten of them out of the one that came in so it's almost like what do they call those files um where they condense everything zip file yeah
so it comes in like a zip file and when it opens and there's a lot of heat involved actually you can feel the dna activation it comes through the chakras activate and there's like this heat field around me when it's coming through or sometimes depending on the line because there's different lines different ones the different levels of the guardian alliance communicate you know from different places and some of the lines can be cold like you know shiver or some of them come in hot so some of them carry the images and that's where the images are coming from and at this point there are thousands of them there are thousands of intricate
diagrams that fabulous okay this way that's great all right this one for instance this is part of a huge series now and this is a very simple one as you'll see in some later ones that grows if we can think of this i i wanted to use this as a very simple way to explain what ascension is ascension is about evolution it's actually about re-evolution the guardians refer to it as a re-evolutionary determinism yes there is a predetermined framework of creation within which creation you
know occurs but you have free will within that framework and you start out as part of the whole they refer to it as the god source consciousness field and from that place you can enter into material experience that is all taking place within that god source consciousness field there is no place outside of god all of this takes place within the body of the consciousness of god's source they consider the structures in which and through which matter materializes and forms and and
identities individually they consider that part of the manifest body of god source and they're talking about the cosmos being the manifest body and there is a field of just pure cognition that is beyond that it is eternal it is always aware time as we know it in linear form is just not a reality there but it's understood as an experiential quality within the framework of materialization so in that context of understanding a little bit about how we look at god and the concept of god yes there is one it's not some big father dude not a you know with a big white beard that's
going to send you to hell if you're bad all right there is structure involved in this now we've got we went through what is called participation which takes it from the first unit of consciousness in the consciousness field of god that did something when under certain changes from those changes that shape grew and literally created the spherical wheels within wheels or spheres within spheres that is the hidden structure behind all cosmic order any lingual active order planetary order in your own body's order and adam's order
so this if you think of it as just an example of a cosmos all right you have a center point right and you have a sphere where you see circles they're actually spheres of energy all right you have this you have one spirit two sphere and a third one in the center the smaller ones and then lots of these little ones in the center what this is showing us is consciousness comes out from the center point into this domain for the sphere it's called the the um the hara body and first it individuates into
the two larger spheres and they individuate into sets and it's all happens at the same time right expands outward these are called when it expands that word it's called ikashi expansion cycles where consciousness is coming out from the god source consciousness field into the smaller form or structure of materialization and expands out through these cycles simultaneously one on each side this particular line is referred to as a vector time vector times space vector one end of it is referred to as an event horizon
so one time vector has two event horizons right now here you have a core here you have an inner here you have a middle and here you have an outer domain on each side reality fields take place within all of those so it's not just that there are numerous reality fields you have ones in the outer bands you have ones in the middle inner and core bands the process of coming into existence is expanding out through experiential cycles within the akash expansion cycle till you get to this point when you
get to this point now you'll see in this next graph these are actually time cycles with names they're called euges and when you get to this which is called the kali yuga there are several options and one of the options which is the natural evolutionary process which is ascension that is the natural process by which eternal life beings and most everybody started as eternal life beings are would naturally undergo after you expand out get through the incarnational cycles here and you would go through what is called a christ star turn around
all right where you enter these little cycles behind they're called the adashi return cycles where they're going back into source cycles this is the process when you expand out at this point if you were able to make this christ star turn around your atoms will actually transfigure into eternal life light atoms and at that point whatever form you hold there becomes an eternal form that you can materialize and de-materialize it will you you become what's called an adashi adept and some people call them ascended masters but that term is terribly abused
on this planet so the guardians do not like to use it the adashi adapts are the ones who have made it through that change and they are now what are called mashayahana individuals which means they have they are eternal life and they can manifest demanifest it will when they go back through the cycles go back in the center and they can actually rebirth as collectives like as sons and those kind of things it's an amazing process where being let's say is a small like a human being can actually evolve re-evolve to go back into the state of even being like a sun or a star and
it is an eternal process there is no death involved in that process that is the natural process for life forms so when we're talking about ascension it is about doing the natural re-evolutionary process but that is not happening on this planet when we get to this point of the kali yuga expansion there are other things that can happen too there are certain qualities about the science of ascension that are very very much about physics right and there are consequences in physics if things are not working well
on a planet it affects the body of the people who live on it and the animals who live on it and plants who live on it and if certain things are not working well in the body the dna does not function properly the body will not produce the chemicals in a particular one called celestiline that is required in order to allow the atoms to merge with their anti-particles without annihilating that allows particle anti-particles come together they shift angular rotation of particle spin and you can literally turn into a radiation wave and that would that's what it means actually to go into full merkaba and
be able to go through gates that is the process by which you go through stargates so if we talk about ascension it is the natural process of being able to expand out we were out in the kala yuga cycles finally around here now we have choices we can ascend or if we get stuck here there's another path that we can take it's called the cali calirama path it is the path of step back you can go back here to the stage before and then have to rebirth out again into the cycles in the outer domain and do it's almost like a restart do it over
again so hopefully you you know fulfill all your ascension codes it's what it's about it's about activating your atoms to the point where they can fully transfigure and if you can do it in a cycle again then you can ascend again there's another path that can occur here there are basically three paths the other one is called the path of calidema that is the path of fall that is where you get stuck here you can't step back and you can't go forward because of the choices you are making in your life that are affecting directly what your dna can do and what consciousness you're aligning yourself with affects the frequency that your body is able to carry and if
you get stuck here you'll reincarnate in the cycle until the quantum you came in with burns out and then you will do what is called a space dust return where ashes to ashes dust to dust you will come to a point where you don't have enough energy to reincarnate into another body into another time cycle and you will eventually simply just go back and eventually everybody goes back but if you go back in ascension you go back whole if you go back and step back you can come back out and go back hold but if you do the fall path you do go back eventually as space dust where your body dies and your consciousness can no longer hold
together and it fragments and just becomes part of the local environment but the local environment at times goes through natural cycles that have to do with stargate cycles and ascension cycles where all these little time tracks pull in together and then come back out again at that point anything that gets stuck out here gets drawn back into the center so this is why god's source doesn't look at it as losing anyone in the fall path it's the experience of you losing your connection with the universe that it's really about
so in we to get to understanding stargates and everything i wanted to explain on this simple diagram about the cycles that we are in because right now we are in that kali yuga cycle and those three choices are facing us very much now and more than they might usually because this planet is in the middle of a drama that people here have forgotten but they knew during the atlantean periods they knew 10 000 years ago what was happening here and we have forgotten that knowledge so anyway let's go to the next diagram if i spend this long on everyone we're going to be here for six years
no that that's actually very helpful and i think that that was very clear sorry about that thank you that's okay no problem this next one is just a little bit um similar to that one is showing the structure of that one a little more clearly the reason i'm showing you this is just for down the bottom here i'm not going to read them all or anything but the detail level we're giving each of these different states i talk we've talked about the the core and the uh the inner the middle and the outer domains of reality within which reality takes
place right they each have a different state of matter different type of matter a different density level of matter and different states of consciousness that go with them so i just wanted to point that out so when we see this diagram we're seeing the three uh the kalihara it's called the kalihara system and we have the hara bodies and the you know the the time space-time structures within the horror body so these are large energy structures that you don't see and you don't even see these you're not walking around your field counting your little balls right but they're there this structure the cosmos is created
with this structure but it's much more complex but when you see it it implies structure but also time and evolution and that is a good way to show the ascension process where it is expand out you go through experiences in the time levels of the time matrix and then come back in through the adashi return cycles so the word adashi for instance is something you know that is special to us because we are following the path of adashi the path of christ our return when i use the word christ star by the way or any of the words like christ or anything like that we spell it with a
k it's either k-r-i-s-t sometimes we use shorthand or k-r-y-s-t there's a reason for that it's not because we're basing everything on the bible or anything like that nothing against the bible but it's spelled with a k because that's how it originally was and what it refers to our it's actually there's seven um syllables to it we often will just shorten it to five it's uh the first seven audible sound tones of creation and they are uh ha la right so that's where we use the word
crist it has to do with the sound tones the vibrations the first audible sound tones when we get into first particular creation before all these structures occur in the cosmos there are certain things that happen on a very very very nano micro level that the first what would be audible sounds or audible vibrations and that is why we use that word crist so that's where it's coming from it's not saying yeah we're christian that's a you know which means we're not this and we're not that we're not the other thing it's something that belongs to everyone in every language so anyway that's just another version of
showing the same structure this is part of a much larger structure it has to do with stargates so we'll go because what the what the drama that's happening on the planet now with the visitors and all of that has to do with stargates it has to do with ascension but it has to do with stargates too and who's fighting over them so the next diagram this is called the illumaridona spirit body and the reason i'm going to show you the spirit body structure this is a diagram that has many purposes but if you remember that last diagram this
one is a bit more detailed it is still showing structure this is a simplified and each one of these pieces and flows and all of the different elements of this have been analyzed there's like 100 graphs to this sequence what it comes with is the structure that is referred to as the illumiradonna spirit body which is different than your light body structure different than your atomic bodies together it's part of that structure the cosmos has this too when you see these little petal things these are actually flows of energy okay nothing cosmic right inside of this
you have those that the uh the horror ball structures with the time cycles moving in and out of this but if you notice here there are 12 points on this there are 12 petals each one of those would have a line running down it that comes out the other side right h would be a vector line so you're not just dealing with one vector where you have two event horizons you're dealing with sets of sets of six vectors that form 12 event horizons and there's more than that too but that's the ones you can see in this diagram
the spirit body structure is built on on on this particular structure and these flows here you have some of the outer flows that are called the lotus flows those lighter ones in the pink and then these little things that you can see part of they actually go all the way down to the core but then there's another layer of them here and another here these are called uh the core flows or the navejo flows the navejo word has to do with a particular part of the creation cycle that is the first where the partici units which are the first units of consciousness that materialize
are actually born it's a word that has to do with the navel cycles so these are called the navo uh core flows this has to do with stargates all right the next one will show you these stargates now if you take the circle away and the ball structures away and just look at the flows here again we have those outer petals the what we call the lotus petals we call this the living lotus right and these are the natural core flows of an eternal life creation which means energy flows out but it also
turns around and comes back it just doesn't flow out and expand until it destroys itself and burns itself out that's what science is watching happening to this universe because it's not functioning normally in our local galaxy anyway stargates this these structures these flows now this applies to a cosmos it applies to a galaxy it applies to a planet the planet has a structure like this and it applies to our bodies as individuals it applies to atoms actually they have their little own structure of this each one of these
core core structures core flows represents a stargate that has particular structure when you look at it on a planetary level it they are literally points on the planet that interface with these energy flow systems that connect into core and under certain conditions they activate and they literally allow space time and matter to turn into radiation and pop up somewhere else there are passageways so you're talking about 12 major stargates there are 12 they go in sets of 12. on this planet there are a whole lot
more because the main 12 which are called the halls of amenti stargates they actually fell in 2003. they they fell under the control of the service to self um groups let's put we call them the faas the fallen angelics right that's what we refer to them as um and they there are about five different what they're called interface gate systems that were put here by the guardians a long time ago because this isn't the first time that there's been gate wars on this planet in fact two seatings of the human
race were wiped out by the same type of they call them templar wars because they're fighting over the templar the stargate system on a planet or in the universe is referred to as the templar and that word refers to template pillars that's what the templar word means that's i mean the whole knights templar and all that stuff i mean these these things were from the old old records from atlantis they had pieces of them so anyway when we're talking about stargaze for ascension in ascension the process of doing that turn around and be able to go back into the eternal
life cycles has to do with getting your body able to where you can pass through the natural structures of stargates now that's great if you get your body in shape but if you're on a planet that templar is messed up you're going to have a problem you'll get stuck on the planet and your body will reflect whatever distortion is in the planet that's why people right now die on this planet and don't ascend instead death is not a natural condition it occurs on planets that have a distortion in their stargate structure where the natural flows are not occurring which creates distortions in the biological forms on that planet
so we have been locked into this planet this has been a prison planet for at least 13 000 years and actually went further back than that but there were little bits of times where the gates were working properly this is the first time why everything's coming to a head right now is because it was known in 2326 bc which was the last stargate opening cycle and that one failed that this would be the next one they knew this time period would be the next one because there's a specific time frame in which the gates open and they stay open for a period of time and then they close again that's why it's all coming to a head
again okay but when you're saying the gates are going to open you're talking about the 12 that have been taken over so to speak those i'm assuming are not going to open oh yeah they're opening them they're going to be we're open and the others the guardians are opening the others okay even though they were taken over they're able to go in and open them oh yeah they open them into the the black hole wormhole systems oh into an okay well you can still use them except you know it takes you into fall systems right so so there has to be alternate stargates that are going to be
used and that that is what we have been helping the guardians actually bring you have to they need to be activated they're very old dormant systems but they're rescue systems and at this point the reason why the guardians are even speaking publicly and publicly about this information and interviews is because in um i think there's a march 25th of 2007 something occurred in the solar system that just shut the program down we are on the 200 year evac program period and that's it the gates are closing
permanently the gates are closing in this galaxy permanently in 200 years when you say something happened in the galaxy can you explain a little more i'll get to that okay yeah some other diagrams for that one yeah this is looking at one of those core flows you know just its structure and there's like a there's a pillar a chamber inside of this there's mark of the fields that activate which we'll deal with later if you want to see some of those pictures but this is one of the navel core flow gates now the other ones that are shown on
here that look like the lotus petals they're usually the flows that when a stellar activation cycle happens they're usually the only ones that open because they will take you to the next density level up or even two densities up they'll give you vertical ascension but not diagonal or going back in and back out again they're they're very limited actually in their capacity but you can still ascend through them when the planet and the only time they open these is if they are seeding a new race on the planet or if they are evacuating a race on the planet and
these core gates are opening on the planet because this is an evacuation we have a 200 year warning because something happened with the sun that is it's not going to be you one is not going to be able to live on this planet by about 29.76 and it's going to be before that actually but that's when it explodes from what they said we're in a timeline and we're stuck in a timeline we just mentioned it that if we didn't make certain changes and with with the stellar activation cycle and reach a certain level we were going to get dragged into a probability alignment in which the
planet literally exploded because of the mechanics that were occurring with the the um the zetas and different you know intruder races and that is a probability line we got stuck in and that's why we're on um we are on the evac order and that's why we're speaking about it publicly there are things we can do it's not like oh you know the world is i think no in fact this is really good because what could have happened in 2012 isn't going to but there's certain ones that really want want these things to happen and i will talk about those a little bit in a little
while but this is the core gate structure and it's you know it's very detailed i just really put these up not to read every little thing to to let you know until the public know that they are there and the sophistication of this material this is why i talk about me i'm not important what's important is look at this material it blows my mind you know i i look and then the breath of it i mean it covers everything from stargates to biology to you know cosmic structure to uh pre-participate physics i mean it's an amazing body of material
if this wasn't serious they wouldn't be giving us this information so anyway that's corgate structure and they are activating the core gates if you want to see how a core gate would sit on the planet to get an idea this gives a gives you an idea that's just like a landscape painting behind it it's actually a mural that i did on my wall in the house of arizona we lived in but it shows right here's the sky and here's like you know the land and here's like the subterranean levels below the land and going down to the core it shows how these gate flows work when they're open and there will be 12
of these on the planet and when you would pass into you wouldn't see this thing standing in the air there would be a certain field and only if your dna was keyed to it would you even know it was there if your dna was not activated to be in a co-resonant energy form with that structure you walk right through it past it not even though it was there and you'd still be in the same place but if you have certain things activated in the body in the dna in the dna template in the light body and the spare body structure et cetera in your anatomy you would be able to see it
and you would know where to stand in it and you would know what to do and how to breathe and you could use it and go in ascension okay so the 12 star gates that we're talking about which have been uh interfered with let's say uh they're located at certain places on the planet physical places yeah the outer ones are the ones that fell the core ones the carbons won't fall okay so and those are those are the ones that are you say ancient that are being reactivated as you call it
okay and those are also located at certain yes places and in different places different places yep the other ones surface at one yeah and one set of 12 places so there will be a lot of misdirects i'm i'm thinking and there are a lot of misdirects going on on the planet right now to where certain people are directing people to focus on certain areas of the planet which contain these stargates thinking that they are you know ascension stargates when in fact they are taking them to another
place yes that's not so good exactly okay yeah what they are they are being guided to fall stargate so they're not they don't call it they're not called stargates they're called wormholes and we're mostly to black hole systems that are finite life systems and right now they are feeding on our living system and killing it basically and that is why the intervention is happening that is why the navajo core gates are being opened because we didn't stand a chance and then this one we were there was planned by let's just say the negative
et's and visitors that the there were five other occasions that extinctions were launched on this planet they were before the humans were on it this was going to be the sixth extinction and it was scheduled for 2012 and because of what the guardians are doing that is not going to happen we're not fighting with anyone we're standing we're standing in the frequencies as the cryst and we're being taught um masters templar mechanics to be able to assist them with the
ground crew just like on the other side you have what we call the mediterranean crew that are working the uh the atlantean death star merkaba stuff that is what runs the wormholes there's a whole bunch of people running around thinking they're doing doing ascension yeah that aren't and that is what is heartbreaking yes when i started to go public with the guardian teaching he's like oh great you know it's going to be great in the new age movement and everybody yeah we're going to love each other oh my god i ended up like the black sheep in the new age movement why because we expose the teachings of toes
not any of the people here we exposed the records toes broke the emerald covenant way back in the atlantean period stole one of the cdd plates took the knowledge from it and created the emerald tablets of toast which had a bunch of mechanics that were the death star mechanics he helped in the takeover and he still is because that being is still in existence he pops back and forth you know he can travel through time in his little uh death star mark about but it wasn't just totes there's a whole bunch of them
so when it was pretty heartbreaking as the this information because i was thinking oh great we're all gonna love each other and you know yeah yeah it's ascension time yeah right uh it didn't work that way because nobody wanted to hear it and it's too bad at least there were some people who wanted to hear it because they came to workshops and the thing is we asked the people that were teaching the other stuff nicely so why don't we just have a public discussion about it you know seriously we'll each put up half of the room costs and you know invite free to the public and just let's discuss the topics the issues they wouldn't but what they
started to do was blackball me behind my back at their workshops tell people to be afraid of me tell them oh you'll die if you do use your mercury that way we have more mercury mechanics than they could dream about i mean they couldn't touch the stuff with a 10-foot pole that's why they wouldn't even take on the challenge of come let's talk about it let's talk about the history that's you know that you can say well it's this or that but these mechanics are indisputable because they don't have the things that link them together the guardian showed us all these different things sacred geometry how it
fit not just oh here it's of this what is that what does it mean how does it connect to the cosmos they showed cosmic structure in order to show how it's supposed to work and then they show where the distortions they're teaching fit and what they do to pervert it so it's been very intense and since we came out with the work and it hasn't changed but there's a group of us that just resonate with this and go wow yeah just wow okay no problem you know like yeah well that's one of the reasons i'm here and you know i'm aware of the distortions out there i'm aware of the
attacks and so on and so forth and again i have to say that people need to really go into their hearts they need to use their heart and their intelligence to discern what resonates and we're presenting this as what resonates i'm going to say personally with me but also with what i think people need to be aware of and then they make their own decision we've got plenty of the other side of information out there and i think it's time that we hear from this side and uh
and and so you know i really want to thank you for for for making this opportunity possible i do want to say that um there are a lot of people out there that are following um the wrong path and uh if there's a way that you can also talk about the distinctions so that they can be aware like if you get this you might be quest might want to question more the path you're on in other words certain things will come to the fore during meditation certain
things will come to the fore even in their everyday life where they're getting a lot of interference on certain levels and so on and so forth that can indicate that they are being tapped into by uh service to self ets and and i if you have that and you wanted to sort of share that we don't have to do it now because that would be maybe off the topic a little bit here but later on i think we'll probably come in that if we can move a bit with with the sequence the reason why the guardians gave this sequence was because it's an easy way to touch a
whole bunch of the bases give a rounded picture to go right into you know answering the questions that you wanted you know answered okay so if you want to go off the sequence it's okay but let's let's go with this and um also just one one other thing that you're saying we got this information and you're talking about yourself are you talking about other members of your group also getting this information some of us do okay yeah we all have a kind of special relationship our own special relationship i have the tran
the translators contract which means i i'm the secretary right i take down the writing but even like the other speakers have uh rapport also with the guardians and a number of people in the groups have developed a rapport with them as well in fact we work with them to help them do that that's what the guardians would like is to you know start communicating where they can start teaching people directly because we're like a little bottleneck on the information you know it's only given through the workshops and that kind of thing yeah so we i talk about it as we not
that i'm a plural but that there's a bunch of people that are interacting with the guardians directly i'll just go really quick on these and i guess there's another point i want to get to that we can pop through these but i want to bring something up that's very important as far as telling the difference between some of the teachings too this in general is just showing basic stargate structure like how they work when you have the core gates we saw before these are what happen when you have those other flows that happen the lotus pedal flows when you have a stargate area you have two vortices of energy one electrical
one magnetic and when they activate in the center they come together and one goes down one goes up and they form what's called a bivecca mercable field all right and that merkaba field is uh well what does it mean uh moving light body merkabah right the murk of the field is the field that actually if it's around you if it's a natural one that occurs around you it's also occurring within you and that is what allows your atoms to bond with their anti-particle and transmute and transfigure so they can go through gates so this is basic stargate structure as
far as the the amenti gates were structured on this structure and those kind of things there's more to that there's the mark of the part [Applause] all right there's the two vortices right and this is when they come together to form a merkaba field now this is a merkaba field that's just done with vortices these get more specific where they have fins where they're actually like a three-sided pyramids that move through each other but i just wanted to see the basic structure of when stargates activate these merkaba fields which are vortice fields um you know activate
within them and also within your body and around your atoms and in your atoms this thing here is something that i would like to point out this is called a cathara grid light sound one ra it is literally the radiation template upon which everything in the eternal life systems are structured is the first creation template and it has very very specific proportions some people say oh it's a tree of life but actually if you look at it it isn't it's actually the tree of eternal life when you see something that is different than this say uh
it has maybe 10 of these centers instead of 12 right it says 12. or maybe it's longer and skinnier or it doesn't have the lines in the same way what that is is a twisted radiation creation template and it's passed off as a tree of life some of in certain teachings it's actually the tree of artificial life it is goes with the what's called the death star atlantean mark about mechanics the metatronic mechanics this is the natural structure of what is called a cathyrograph in a minute you see how important this is because literally
the structure of the cosmos of stargates by all of those structures we saw a little bit of with the the circles the spheres right wherever you see a sphere it implies there was we call these the bones you have the bones and balls the bones are the radiation template that is built on cathara grid and catharia grid will always have these proportions they're very specific proportions in relation to each other and that is a living template and with that template and the structures built upon it will be living our body structures we have one that runs through our body that right now is
very mutated because of the planet and we'll see a little bit of that later but we are moving to reactivate the natural imprint so the cathar grid i wanted you to see because it will help you understand the maps you're going to understand stargates and wonder where okay if i ascend where am i going right seriously if you're gonna leave uh where are you going do you even have a clue as to where what the choices are they've shown us where these maps go this is the beginning of understanding maps i'll just show you this really quick because this is showing there's a sheet that talks about i'm not going to
talk about all the proportions right now because it's heavy detail but this sheet explains about how this actually controls how particles interact with each other and all sorts of things from angular rotation particles spin of particles in universes and that kind of thing so this is just showing the specific proportions that is very important so when you see something using as a sacred geometry this structure that is not built on those proportions it is actually representative of one of the other teachings that is teaching distorted template mechanics that have to do with word moles and black holes
all right interesting yeah the more this came out the more horrified i was i really was i was like oh my god love is please you know i don't want i don't have to talk about this right it was very hard now at this point i i have to have a sense of humor about it you know whereas okay so i am the pariah of the new age movement whatever somebody has got to to let people know about this that's why i still do because it makes more sense than the other stuff that's being taught and there's so much love in these
teachings and in caring about people enough like okay so you might be mad at me because you liked that paradigm over there and i just kind of don't mean to be a whistleblower but if you're hurting yourself with that merkabah maybe you should not do that you know anyway go back on this i'm sorry this is showing simply remember that little catharigon structure right well here's one here's another these cluster all right these are radiation templates that cluster to form very complex structures this particular structure we call the
stairway to heaven all right one of these cathartic structures would hold uh four densities density levels of our um local universe all right let's say the milky way galaxy but there's actually more to it than the milky way so that would be like our local universe it actually includes a milky way and andromeda m31 galaxy right and it's connected to another one the one at this angle 90 degrees to it would be considered as parallel it also has a light field that goes with it so these are intricate structures that
are formed from these templates and where you see these structures these are the bones again you will have spheres of energy and spheres of them spheres built upon them so you there there are various levels there is the these are called the veca systems and four vectors come together and at the center and ekka system forms and and the echo systems form a club cluster and they form and what's called the cautious system then there's an akasha a system and a kashya system and they all form this big cluster that's called the yukata aristo body the catharista body
is one cosmic creation body now our own personal anatomy has these levels to it all right they connect to those levels of the cosmos that we were born into and full ascension is actually turning back on in our atomic structure all of the frequencies involved with all of those spaces so we're down here in the vecca worlds the next thing is we have to move up into the ekka and then from the this is the long way to ascend by the way that's when the gates are working well so the normal way for ascension would be you would work your way through
re-evolution through the vecca system up the densities we're in density one here we work up to density four then we go to the echo level and you're growing and getting lighter and your matter's less dense and you're getting more control over it and you're getting more consciousness you know more god god consciousness and that kind of thing and then you would work to the akasha level and then you would work to the akasha a level and then the akashia level until you got up here the at any one of those points you could experience the christ star turn around and would take it to the next level right then there's a quick way to ascend when
it's a evac there's an evac situation and that's what we have where these are called harmonic gate systems it implies that it's built on a system of dimensional harmonics which means you have to take them in sequence harmonically one by one it's the low the slow train there's something called the trans harmonic continuum that actually runs between them it requires a very specialized type of mercable vehicle and accelerations
in the light body and spirit body anatomy to be able to do it but those uh core gates which are also the navel gates they're also called the spanner gates they are able to do that they are transharmonic where they can actually jump the scale so you could jump from here to here or from here yep to there so you can move you have more liberty of where you can go in ascension when you stand you're able to actually you become a time jumper basically instead of just a straight you know ascension the hard way you know you go boy
so that is the system we're working on because at this point all of the natural structures of the outer gates have been damaged the amenti gates are damaged we are stuck down here and the same thing is happening through the milky way it's not just here it's not just in our solar system our solar system is a mess but the milky way is a mess too that black hole at the center that's not an accident that was done on purpose that was done 360 billion years ago we actually used to milky way actually used to be a part of the andromeda galaxy and it was literally forced into what is called fall
and now there's many light years between them at least a couple forget how many light years were between them two million light or something like that but they were once one that is actually our home galaxy the andromeda m31 but right now we're in the milky way which is a fallen phantom part of it and there's still it wasn't a full fall system until recently when certain changes occurred that mean the uh the quantum of energy going into the negative foul path is larger than the one pulling back the other way and at that
point there is a it is a galactic evac where they're pulling out the ones who can still go you know the consciousness that can still follow the ascension path is being evacuated out because the gates will close once they close and the system falls that system won't immediately blow up or anything it will have a finite life span it no longer has the direct currents coming in that the inflow of currents coming in from the larger structure of space time and source so it becomes a finite system that feeds on itself until it eats up its own quantum and then it implodes and goes back to space dust
so we are at a crossroads a huge crossroads right now we are on a planet that is going in the the fall direction but this planet is actually going to take that path i mentioned a step back path but that requires losing its body and it's going to do that not while we're on it but if that is what we're headed for but right now we have 200 years to before these gates close in the uh in the milky way galaxy and then includes here so this is why they're giving the advanced ascension teaching smell and uh there's a way crazy people like me come out and talk about them
with their vocabulary no i mean you know it's i expect people it's good if they go what did she talk about there i don't get it or go investigate you see i'm not we're not here to answer all their questions actually okay well i don't investigation is is getting involved and if they get involved they learn and then it becomes part of them when we see the structures when i'm showing things like the structures there these are structures that uh that are not known out here yet they have words that describe them you
know they have names for that structure that's a horror body or that's a you got the wrist body right you know or that's a vecca and that's an echo these these are part of the actual uh templates of of the layers of creation going all the way back up into expansion into god source consciousness field they are the literal bones of our space-time orientation so they are time references when i talk about aveca system that is down here closer to where we are in a becca system right when you get up to the next level of ascension there is the ekka system which is at the core of four
becca's then you get up from there and you have what's called an akasha system which has a set of all the smaller ones inside of it right and then an akasha a system and then you go into the yukata rista system which is really they are words to describe things that make perfect sense you know to the people who are describing them the guardians they're they're words in the ancient what's called anahazi language which was the first spoken language in this time matrix so a lot of the language that is used you know that he's like what is that it it it's translations from those
languages okay does anahazi relate to anasazi actually it does okay the the anasazi were connected to the to the guardians so did they ascend is that why they disappeared some of them did others they were actually raided from what i heard they were raided and um overtaken by another group and some of that other group became on anasazi's as well where they became violent and the original ones weren't like that and yeah some of them were evacs locally is what i heard okay
the kabbalah is gotta be i mean you know i'm gonna just say it here uh to my understanding from what you're telling me is that kabbalah is not the uh the positive ascension path i would put this this way in relation to the gymbala or the bible or the quran or any of the texts that are out there there are elements of truth all of which came from the original teachings that were on this planet there were 12 legions of the crysts 12 bodies of
teachings that went with the cdd plates there are pieces of those that have wound up in the religions of today and there are distortions in all of them as well which means they all carry a mixed path okay and the way to tell it takes a while to develop the sensitivity but there is something inside invisible of everything be it a cup or a cosmos or a set of letters written on a page there's something called an encryption an encryption is this very specific
radiation signature that is underlying it's in the dark matter template when you get to a certain point in dna activations which sensitize your inner senses in your body you can know with direct cognition you can read a sentence and know which part is taking you in which direction so anything like the kabbalah there are some beautiful things in the kabbalah and they also use a mutated tree of life because they don't remember
any different and they were tricked just like there's a lot of great things in the christian religion that are you know true to form and a lot that aren't there's been trickery ever since the atlantean periods here well there was before too but that was the big showdown for trickery and what we have now are the trickle-down ideas and piecemeal memory and piecemeal history of what could be salvaged from that time there's a reason we don't remember we'll get into that a little bit when we get into that stuff i talked about at the end that was important but
our stance isn't to make any of the other paths wrong there's only one that we actually will stand against if they're directly teaching metatronic death death star markaba we have to address that we don't address the people who are teaching and we feel bad for the people who get caught up in that i feel bad for anybody who's contacted by by tells because well i've known talked in other lives and i've known tote in this life and he's you know he once upon a time was a speaker yeah an emerald covenant speaker and he broke the emerald covenant and he decided to go with the with the anunnaki races and um
go into a fall path and stole the technologies and part of what he did is why this planet is going in the path it is now so it isn't the people that you know we don't blame the teachers of those things or the people listening to channels and they don't know what the heck they're listening to i mean oh great you know it's it's cute and it's fun and it's lovely and yeah right check its resume but how do you you know we're any of the religions any of the new age or the old age religions there's good and there's not good in both of them and it's almost like you need to feel out
and to feel what works right for you but don't limit yourself to just saying oh well it has to be the jehovah god or it has to be the allah god or it has to be this god or that god you can call god whatever you want but you know god doesn't really need to call it anything it is beyond gender qualification we were created in the image of god all of us and that doesn't mean we are all male or all-female it means we are all living consciousness fields that have the potential of direct creation and eternal life and that is what that line meant so the kubala is fine certain parts certain
parts aren't same applies to every paradigm that is you know traditionally on the planet and a lot coming in from the new age except for the death star mechanics they're very direct you know not sacred geometry so that answers that question yes absolutely okay thank you we're ready where are we back to this i just wanted to show this again quickly this again is the diagrams review to show the structure of the spirit body with its flows and its core flows and there's also the gate structures and all that it means that the cosmos has sets of
spirit bodies there's like lots of these embedded within each other and we also have our spirit body when i refer to our spirit body as part of our anatomy it is structured in the same way okay we'll see in the next one how that fits in with remember the stairway to heaven and you caught the wrista body right those structures are actually part of what's called the light body anatomy be it on the cosmic level or the personal level this is how they fit together this is that you caught the wrist the thing with all those little interwoven cathyra grids right
and this is the basic structure of spheres within spheres from the spirit body the cosmic spirit body that all of those exist to them every one of those little cathara grids would have a set of these right these become the spirit body um the twelve spheres in the spirit body that remember the own sets across the vector line right and at certain points they actually pull in to the center and that's how at a certain point of expansion you can track back in the center and go back in to god source these are actually this is
how the the adashi adepts the ones who have achieved ascension actually use these structures as maps these are literal maps of how they judge if you are here and you want to go to cirrus b density 2 right these are the maps they use to get there they are the gate interface maps we can locate ourselves on these maps there's one that shows exactly where we are in the milky way galaxy in the because we're probably we're actually m31 galaxy but we're a part that's twisted off but still connected to it energetically
we can show our location and also show the locations where the black hole systems are that are interfacing here that are messing with us now and where the guard the main guardian groups are coming from and where they're helping us so these are literally maps these maps then translate into these are all probability fields so you might have one say galaxy and it's 12 different probable expressions and they inter all of these are spinning right and they inter interface with each other all of the time so like bubbles within bubbles that don't
collide and collapse each other well they're not supposed to if they're doing the death star mechanics they actually do but there's a natural system of probabilities so it's not just we have a parallel universe right we have many parallel systems and adjacent systems and neighboring systems and so this is literally the structure of the maps of the cosmos this is these are the structures you use once they you get to the point where you can ascend well you have to first of all decide where you want to go and then um where is the map to get there these are the maps so i wanted to show you how
those structures that are on a small level our own our our own multi-dimensional anatomy is structured that way but on the large level this is the structure of the maps of the cosmos there is a structure that science does not know about yet they have no idea how complex it is each one of these structures they've taken it from the first little they called a partici unit the first unit of consciousness how that structure grew each stage right so we have like hundreds diagrams that go with these to show how the cathar grids all filled out
to show how these structures of the spirit body and all their flows filled out inside of the spirit body flows which isn't on this one you'll actually find where what is called the hall of records exists what it is the akashic record all of that thing it's part of this anatomy structure the planet has one the solar system has one the galaxy has one et cetera so these are not just interesting little diagrams on a paper these are very practical they're just as practical as a map you'd buy down at the gas station to get you know somewhere horizontally okay and isn't it true that we also have
12 incarnational bodies that have incarnated simultaneously that mirror the same pattern there um 1728 okay simultaneous your existence implies the 1727 others okay that are you okay there are there is something to do with the 12. yes there are sets of 12. okay yeah yeah you have your first 12 and they have well it basically it has to do with the density levels we're in density one down here
density two and you have your incarnate identity here you would have a set of 12 incarnates and if you put those 12 back up to density two you would have one soul right that is your soul your density two level of identity now that one soul would be a group of yeah eleven others as part of a set of 12. and you pull all those together come up to density three and that's where you are an oversoul and that oversoul is a part of a group of twelve oversouls that you pull it up to density four is an avatar and then
you have four at a group of 12 avatars pull it up to density five and then you would have your rishi identity which is your fully formed vector level identity to come into the densities down here but there's other levels of identity that are even that go up beyond the 15 dimensional system those five densities that i just talked about each have three dimensions so there's your 15 dimensional stack right there in one time system so does that help yes 12 as many 12s yep this is just a real quick glimpse to show that
these time cycles that we've talked about in relation to these structures they are quite specific these were given as far as time frames one time vector here on the on this planet and and they're using translations into earth time as we know earth time one time vector is uh 738 years one time continuum is uh 4426 years one yuego is 26 556 years the yuego time cycle is a stargate cycle that is when the stargates on the planet open once every that period right right now it's
distorted into what are called the false yuga cycles and we'll show you what that is at the end but these go all the way up there's galactic levels there's universal levels and these are the the structure of time and and how it works and that yes you can take it right into you know periods of time it is because we are in a stellar activation cycle right now and the last one was 26 556 years ago and it failed the gates did not open they had to be shut closed because we got raided um that was called the ianni massacre period where it was
there was a lot of ships mowing people down actually in that one ships and and was this we're not talking about atlantis here we're talking prior uh there were several phases of atlantis okay all right the last phase of it um the last pieces of it went went under in 9558 bc but way before that there was atlantis there was in seating one there was an atlantis and seating two there was an atlantis and ontario there was an atlantis that's where it all came from anna and a
lumeria we had lemaria lumenia um there were different spellings of the names but they were the same places and the same soul groups inhabiting right yeah yeah so this was like um the the 9558 bc period you know the last period that was like the late atlantean period okay there was a lot of atlantis period anyway but these these stargate cycles this is the cycle that our gates open on this planet skates are supposed to open on the 26 556 year cycle it's now been shortened because of what they're doing to the planetary grids and the stargates and
the templar to to what's called the false yoga cycles which is plugged into the the processions of the equinox which is not natural and we'll look at what that is about and when that started because that really really came into four about thirteen thousand years ago when a major victory on and this was an atlantean drama a major victory on just let's say the the dark agenda side had occurred they created something called the toral rift it is a time rip and it was they literally plugged earth's templar into
this time rift and knew that when it came to the next stellar activation cycle they would use it to draw earth in it's not just earth they're after earth connects still to its corresponding planet or star actually in m31 that is called eartha there's still a direct energetic link between the gates they're after m31 as well so it's much bigger drama than people here realize they're not just after little earth earth has always been a fighting place because of its connection to the larger universe and because
it was connected as part of what was called the crystal river host that was when a long long time ago 360 billion years ago when um the milky way fell out of m31 there was a whole collective of guardian beings from various other you know us and i hate the word ascended just because of the way it's misused down here of the adashi adepts people who formed a coalition to assist in trying to re-evolve the milky way back into its natural position so it could
continue as an ascension system so um excuse me i'm getting interrupted they want me to go somewhere else okay i don't know sometimes it'll happen i'll let you see that i don't have to let you see that but i did um all right they're saying go somewhere else for now we'll come back to that okay anyway they don't want me to talk about about galactic history yet okay yeah i get that sometimes even when i'm on stage okay i'll just get a like little hello okay why are you saying what is their motivation and if you want to put this question off till later we can do that but what
you're saying they were after earth they were after earth and they were after it because of its connection with the larger universe so why why what is their motivation for taking us down right what is the core objective food they're in a black hole system that has fallen they're because of the nature of the physics dynamics involved with creation the way eternal life creation works is when a thing falls it loses its connection to the
the inflow and backflow of energy from the source consciousness field which means it gets left with only the quantum it had when it fell now everything is spinning that takes energy it uses up its energy and if it doesn't suction energy off something else it will implode and go back to space test return which is what a system was meant to do so everybody nobody gets stuck and everybody gets to go home either a space dust or you know hole through ascension whichever at least you go home these groups that have adopted the
the false creation they've tried to recreate the creation because they didn't like the consequence their own choices brought to them in relation to the physics reactions to the actions they took they ended up in a fall system and they wouldn't face the reality that you know you can make peace with that even if you're in a false system you can say well you know what that was that was pretty dumb to get ourselves into that but we're here we can handle ourselves with race we can still love creation we can still act in loving ways they decided instead it would be more interesting to keep themselves alive by using a vampire technology they're
going after it for quantum food to feed their system if they can harness this system literally the entire quantum of energy that is in the system will be drawn into their black hole system which will give their whole system more life so they're postponing the inevitable but they will they keep using these technologies to do that and they prey on living systems but there is a point in time where that backfires and they're getting very close to that point too so anyway that that is the core motivation it's not that anybody's mad at anybody else or they're fighting over
this toy or that toy this is big they're fighting over survival and they're you know they they feel that they have to to kill the living systems in order to have that energy as food period and that becomes the most important obsession for them and it is a twisted thinking when a being gets that far into the evolution where really has no remorse they don't have what you call emotional bodies like we do anymore they don't care they they just take and they don't care about giving they don't think about that and they don't
want to hear it you can't rationalize with a certain level of fall consciousness so that is what we're dealing with and that is why it is a very large story but uh it's really not very personal story you know it's like don't take it personally do you take it personally if you're swimming and a shark rips off your leg it's a shark sure you had a leg it swam by i mean you hate the shark it's just doing what its instinct moves it to do and that's kind of like what is happening here so if
that's that's how how i've been taught to look at it and i'm at peace with it i don't like it but i'm at peace with it in that regard but i will stand for the things that for me that mean most to me and i i believe in the loving creator god source field and i believe in being fair to people and i believe in telling the truth even if it's hard and i believe in facing the truth even if you'd rather pretend it wasn't there and dealing with it and taking it forward from there so anyway those consciousness don't think like that but that's what it means for me when i say you know we stand in the cryst that's what it means it's not fighting with
these beings you know i mean you can do that but they're just engaging your energy anyway but we do have to stand and work the gates here somebody has got to take care of the remaining gate potentials here so the consciousness can evacuate out within the next 200 years that is going on the upward swing so that's good enough okay yeah very tangent so this is just showing the time like there are literal translations into earth time as and and this would apply like you could go so on venus or something and then you could translate them into into venus time which would be different because time has to do with how fast things spin
and all of that and like yeah never mind the physics of you know how long your day is and your side real time and all that crazy stuff that i don't like with all the structures and processes that we've learned that have to do with that structure of the spirit body and it's uh horror centers which are the probability structures that at certain periods pull in right and that's an ascension cycle when they actually pull in and then a new creation comes back out there are ways to track those cycles there are ways to track from the point of conception
onward how your your body grows in cycles and there are also ways to track an evacuation cycle and they all can use this diagram this diagram has to do with octants and specific ways the energy is divided up and and within those structures that we've looked at and it this is just showing it's called the the loadout schedule from 2008 to 333ad cycle now doesn't mean we get this that the gates are going to be open here until 3 30 to a d they're going to close over here in 2230
that is when the gate systems here close but this is actually showing that okay once you get through here there's certain stages we made it through what was called a call the kalihara celebration we called a celebration at the time after certain things happened in 2007 as we moved into 2008 if we did not hit on this planet a certain level of core vibration we would have gone into fall right there we would not have been able to hold a host all the gates would have shut except the fall gates and we would have all been stuck and it would have well we'd all
been extinct in 2012 that was the other side's plan um but we did make the the vibration for the kalihara which allowed us to pick up into the host which is called the crystal river host this has to do with a stream of energy currents that are coming in from a matrix that i'll show you later on the maps that are the you know the high level of the guardian alliance they're like the ones that wrote the books originally they're like the small layers from our matrix these are are massive mashayanik beings and that means they're the eternal life
beings the ones who have gone through the adashi return cycles and you know so anyway we were able to pick up the host the planet was where it could anchor those frequencies as long as there was somebody here to anchor it and that is what our groups have been doing we are you know i mean our bodies are energy everybody's bodies are energy and we're all anchoring something and right now the planet most of it is anchoring the mediterranean currents and there's a few people that just because they happen to have the dna codes that they are connected with the crystal don't know it are just you know going about their little lives but anchoring it you know
the the the good currents anyway but there are i'm i'm not aware of any other groups that are working at all with the with acoustic energies as far as the grid works they're doing so we go around and we do grid work and yeah very specific grid work you have to see these type of diagrams well when we go to do like grid work someplace we know what a vortice is right we know where to go we know this information we don't just go you know play like a planetary guardian like a lot of people do unfortunately people that are inadvertently anchoring the negative
currents and opening gate sites on the you know the wormhole codes because they don't know because nobody taught them you know the difference between them so anyway we made this into this into this cycle and this is good because if we didn't it would have been all over back in 2012. but this we passed the kalihara cycle we're in the cycle period right here right now which um we haven't come to the center point yet that'll be 2027 when we hit this point in the cycle there are certain energy changes that take place here certain accretion cycles that means energy coming in
cycles right these are accretion cycles where energy pulls in to a certain point there are certain things that happen in each of these stages so we are right here in this stage is the first stage of the what's called the kali krista cycle this is where they call this one the barda phase and then over here there's the uh the masha phase i believe and that's where you get the masaya hana word from and they all the the word messiah was twisted from that word the meshai hana word in the ancient atlantean teachings that's an
housing word having to do with you know it's related is it related somewhat to mahayana mahabharata yes yes very much in fact some of the a lot of the mahabharata texts were some of the remnants that had come up from the maharat attacks that you know were the translations of cbd place much earlier yeah so anyway we have to this point when we get over here that is 2047. i don't have it marked on this one but this would be the point in this cycle it would be 2047.
and this is where something called an enfold happens where when we go back to remembering the vector line with the hara bodies on it right and at certain points they pull into the center and then come back out again that is going to occur with the energy systems in in literally in the parts of this galaxy that can hold the host including earth including our own fields so right now we're making it through this part of the cycle there's certain changes that will happen here this is a point that middle point during which something called the bardo
chambers open now the bardo chambers it can be a pleasant thing or it can be a time when people evac the quickest way possible and we are still looking at the potentiality of there could be major earth changes that occur during this period um and that's at this point it's like if we get that far because what's happening between now and 2012 is is pretty rough and what some of the other ones like those who make wings um have planned for 2019 isn't too pretty either
so we're trying to help keep the grid stable and the consciousness stable just by working energy you know as opposed to trying to go out and preaching anything you know we're just we're teaching we teach what we teach but there are some this is a really bumpy period we're going through here because of what the service to self ones are doing and they are seriously just trying to use this they're trying to take our planet forget about us they don't care they were planning to exterminate us in 2012 and just use it as torque to drag a whole larger system
in to their feed their black hole so when you have an objective like that you really don't care they don't care how many people are lost but the guardians do and that's why we're still here so we're moving through this period now we're probably somewhere right about here because this will be 2027. there's some rough spots coming in 2019 and 2022 and also we are in the middle well not quite the middle but um in march of uh it was march 25th 2007 there were certain things that a particular group of the
raider races called the borgia that are connected with the thetans um they kind of work together they're on the negative side they're they're part of the groups they're fighting over who's going to control this beast machine this death star merkabuk here um they did something with the solar gates at the core of the sun and they forced closed what is called the prana seed now the parentheses has to do with sophisticated anatomy we all have one and so do planets and galaxies when a prana seed closes it starts it forces the bardo
and which means it forces this beginning of the death cycle and our sun is dying as at that point that doesn't mean it's immediately going to die there are 15 layers of the dark matter template called the russia body that need to separate from the physical matter body that will be done in 2022 now there is a gamma burst that is released and right now it's being buffered every time one of those they call them ring waves solar ring waves releases and they will get stronger as it goes into the higher levels of the rings the higher numbers of those 15
and 15 comes in 2022 so um so far so good we haven't had any major gamma bursts that you know solar flares that wiped everything out but these are other potentials that we are looking at as well as well as earthquakes and you know the usual stuff that end times dramas bring crush but it's not as bad as a lot of the the things that some of the other people are teaching i've heard certain people say that oh we won't even be here by 2013. yeah that's one of the death star people
right okay so i'd love to have a public debate about that one mr so yeah it would be great to do that we invited that person i think you know who i'm referring to yes years ago i see yeah interesting so anyway this is showing the cycle there are certain different things that happen in this amazing structure of the planetary solar galactic and universal spirit body and light body structures it's a very specific process that is involved with christ star evolution which is going into that where
you fulfill the um where you fulfill meaning accrete or bring in all the frequencies in the template that you needed to make that adashi turn around where you can um immortalize your atoms and go into the eternal life you know going back cycles and planets and solar systems and galaxies can do that too so there's a portion of this system this galaxy system that can still do that with the the extra frequency that is being added by that host system that is called the aquarium matrix and
it's actually the aquarian matrix is um they have the prototypes of the what the humans here were actually like designed on the genetic prototypes were from there even though we weren't directly from the aquarium system we were from m31 and uh and from this particular um universe once you know the milky way once it fell but they're they're very close really closely related genetically you know to to us in that regard so they're not like when i talk about the the other ones you don't have to expect like you know
very strange looking beings like you know octopi some some very nice ascended ones do look like that but these look very human-like but much much larger okay very very tall yeah anyway so this is a cycle we're in at the moment now this this one is good this will show a little bit this is how these we can start understanding these as maps yeah that's a pretty colored one i'm so glad people cared to take my black and white messes right like these and you know do them properly on the
computer this again is just showing the bones or the interwoven cathara grids right of the yukata arista body which is like one cosmic body all right now in here aquinas caution matrix we're down in here aquinas is actually the name of m31 that's the official name as far as the ancient records go and all of that and uh we're part uh we we were the aquinas uh you know universe they call it a
universal system and we call it the the m31 andromeda galaxy but it's actually the queenest universe now we're located down here up here is the aquarium akasha matrix right up here so we're down here and they're up in this section so it's literally showing the relationships like you know okay one lives over here and one lives and you know pennsylvania one's in california that kind of thing and there's another one there's a black hole system a false system right here that's called the wesley system
and what's what's interesting about this whole creation is falls can happen where where part of the spherical structures of that system literally no longer are energetically connected to the grid they still hang in the grid but they're cut off from it they can only happen on the vecca and the echo levels a whole akasha can't fall once you get to the akasha layer none of those other layers can fall and it's it's just a different type of existence where you don't worry about the polarity dramas that end up in falls and things so but this shows us where yeah we're
here um the ones that are helping us here this is a they they call it a um it's a it's an eternal matrix that the purpose they they choose to stay an incarnation or stay in existence is to kind of play the helpers for any of the other systems that do need you know wants to go in where they they've actually they live by let my will be thy will as far as source goes and they want nothing other than to fulfill what you know sources intention is which is a loving intention and you
know an assisting intention so they find their joy in being of service to assisting the evolutions and you know in the lower matrices and they hold these frequencies pure they their systems stay pure enough where they can actually send currents in and help systems or hold them up so they don't fall and that's what they're doing with our system right now this little red one right here that's our parallel our immediate parallel system on this level and this one is a black hole system all right the parallel is a fall we have a parallel
earth and that felt finally finished falling in 2003. we have a parallel milky way that is a mess and it's called the alpha system that was the first black hole they look at us as the omega system they're the beginning where the end they're planning to pull the two systems together using the uh death star mercable mechanics so this is the locations anyway of where who's on first we're here over here in the aquinas that system is the parallel is running in here our buddies that are
helping us with the crystal river host sending us energy to literally stop it's kind of like sending big energy arms down to hold us up because these guys are pulling so much energy out of us we would have fallen already this this whole galaxy would have and then up here there is another system this system the leesa system is connected with this one they've linked through wormholes to the center of their cores their echocores and create a structure a system of um wormhole structures one of them is the yotevote wormhole structure and anything any channelings and stuff
coming from that stuff it's coming right out of wesley and that kind of stuff and it is a file system so there's the trickery that is going on here is heartbreaking you know it's okay can you talk at all about the dimensional aspects of this because certain of these systems aren't in certain dimensions no um certainly these systems aren't in certain dimensions because in other words it seems well okay in at least in the what's out there we're talking about four dimensional beings being you know the negative
service to self coming in through about 15 dimensional beings being negative some of them too oh really so going up much higher levels than is currently thought oh yeah okay because that's interesting oh yeah metatron for example metatron is an entity it was a rishi entity 15-dimensional rishik identity and that collective fell but it is still on the becca level right when you get up past the vector levels because for we have our density levels they're inside of a veca level veccas go
in sets of four and at the center is an ekka all that stuff is inside of something called an akasha level the akasha level can't fall but any of the consciousness or the structures below that can okay and what levels of density then are we going down from there each set of each vecca each cathari grid let's say those little structures that you saw each of those has like four density and implies a fifth density when you cross through the center where whether you find that akasha on the lowest densities in the beccas
are up in the highest in the structures of the eucalysta body where it can't fall they it's all consistently there are five densities in 15 dimensions to each set they have different types of matter and um and different density levels of matter some are heavier than others and that kind of thing so but that that part is consistent from the smallest all the way up to the largest it is just the the finest or the refinement of the matter type changes as you go up into the ones that can't fall there is a refinement to the energy and
the consciousness there that you don't find in the one you know in the lower systems even the best of the lower system so that i think that's how i would answer your question okay and if you get the uh the light beings that manifest here that are really um manifesting in other words they really are light beings what level are they coming from it depends could be any anyone from what level up there there is a an old saying that light can deceive
but sound tells the truth sound is the vibration right okay the encryption it's a feel thing you can have really beautiful light beings that are coming in the form of that are actually fa's or fond angelics that are coming to mess with you you can have really really ugly ascended ones that are really good they come from many different levels we are learning to turn ourselves into light we are the things that they are teaching us now we're learning first by location next is uh
translocation and then eventually you get to do transmigration but that requires having uh certain things where you actually aren't trapped by the planetary time cycles anymore so light beings where they come from well they could come from here you know they could come from venus next door they could come from the highest levels or the lowest levels there are light beings that come and visit out of the black hole systems and there are ones that come and visit from the higher levels so just because it's a light being doesn't mean it's good light okay they've made a distinction they taught us some very interesting mechanics about the difference
of light or radiation signatures right there's something called chalea living light and it's a very specific configuration it is created out of three units that form a light unit and matter forms actually build out of these right and there is another type of light that forms through using the and actually the natural light that the organic light that comes from first creation natural creation organic creation is the the the three balls i don't have one here but it's like they call it the triveca where it's like
three one ball on top and two small ones and that is what the structure of the light unit is it has the ability for those the the two little bottom balls to phase in and out like this and spark when they do so it can generate its own quantum so it's eternal right there's another type of light that is not organically occurring it occurs by bending the natural laws of physics and using the various forms of the that star markov mechanics and that is called the shona light field and it is a dead light field
and it is made of they call it the vesica pisces configuration where it is just two light things together like that right two and they spin and they spark but they have to attach to something in order to feed or their finite and their spin actually burns them out until they collapse and fall apart which means the matter forms that they're built on collapse and fall apart so they're all they are finite light and so so that is you know the light beings this is the light being made out of a show in a field or is it a light being made out of
an organic chalet field same thing with orbs right you can have positive and negative orbs i've met some very nasty orbs in my day when i was younger i used to run from when i was terrified of them because they would turn into zetas right yeah the red ones you had to look out for yeah i'm not saying all read or observe so this but yeah so it's there's things that can be used just because it's a phenomena doesn't mean it's always good or always negative right it it that's where learning the sentencing and that's very valuable
for people to hear yeah okay back to where are we oh that's a little quicker we're here for ancient times this is showing a close-up of that this this isn't these are my hand-drawn ones right which in certain ways i can read them better probably because i drew them but but they're much prettier when they're done on the computer this is showing that same thing it just happens to be tilted the way i drew it first right that's that same thing that was that was up the top before and this is showing right here where our becca system is right
right here but this here is pulling it out so you can look at a little more closely instead of just having the natural cathar grid structure right which is the bones that our sphere there would be built on there's this tilt right the bones are here the natural cathargrid that's the aquenus matrix which is m31 andromeda and this is the milky way now we're still energetically connected through earth right to it if you notice there's numbers on
on these little centers they're called cabarrus centers through number three on the andromeda or the m31 grid and number three earth on this grid they are connected that is the link that has been holding the milky way connected to uh andromeda and if the host mission was to try to help the milky way evolve back into its natural position because if something gets stuck like that eventually it'll fall and be off the grids where it will become finite until it burns out as quantum
so there's always rescue missions that try to bring something back earth has been a place of and so was tara before earth became earth down here there was a star here called oshaway and that is actually the host star the fragments of terra were put in to begin this solar system down here in density one that's described a bit in voyagers but this is showing the offset where this is the say this is the north axis of um of m31 this is milky ways they're off tilt with each other and that actually creates distance in space time
a couple million light years 200 million i forget i used to know anyway but so that's just showing in these maps now you can see that just a little bit closer when you bring it in just that little part that shows those misalignments where this was the natural structure and that's the structure of the m31 andromeda galaxy's core template right and these are 12 the 12 main star gates in that universe by the way this is our milky way system and right here on the number three gate that is where they are still connected all right these others there and there
there's a whole set of these that show the black hole system it's called the proceed black hole and it's a mess i mean it's just you can see the dynamics of how it works the energy twists and stuff but i'm not going into that on this one you know in this particular presentation because uh it takes forever but they're just showing the offset so and what this translates into is that distance that we're seeing between m31 galaxy and and the milky way galaxy but they are one and that is our home system and if we are going to ascend out of the vector matrices we have to ascend through there anything in this matrix has to go out through where it came in
from because of the encryption that you carry you will carry the encryption of the gate you came out of so you need to use them to go back you know in the adashi returns so anyway i just want some of that yes this is this just gives an idea of how this when you put the probability uh the the horror bodies right that are that form the probability sets and if you see look in here we had a whole bunch of these and bless willis shearer and bob type set them all all the little numbers so you know which lines because this becomes important we actually use drum
codes to bring in very specific frequencies by using the numerical coordinates that go with the specific systems we're trying to bring the energy in from to bounce out the ones from the black hole systems that are coming in i mean it's quite sophisticated the technologies they're showing us to use we're all learning how to meet on drums right you can't beat on a stomp on the ground right you're an energy system stomp get the vibration in but this is showing us the same thing that we were looking at before where it shows the uh you've got the wrist a map right and we're over here
but now it's showing the probability systems that we're in so where our little cathara grid is there's actually every one of these has a system that looks just like this but a smaller one right and then every one of these inside of that has that so you have all of these probability systems on each level and you have what um at a certain point you'll see the ones that are the metagalactic level and the medical active level is where we're having issues with the parallel not a galaxy that goes down into the galaxy and the black holes link in the center and that's where on
our parallel what's called our parallel vector we are in becca five and they are in becca two that would be our parallel they're at 90 degrees they're actually pulling you know pulling our system in so this is just another way of looking at it but showing not just the bones but also showing the many many layers the wheels within wheels the spheres within spheres and these are all probability fields that interact with each other and pass through each other so there are gate systems between all of these organic ones and now there's wormholes that don't belong there too
so it's it's it's a really big story doubt about us sometimes i just go yeah this is just a simple one after you saw just a little bit and like these are very detailed like we we tend to okay i think everybody carries that you're making these little magnifying glasses around with them at this point for any of the chart facts that come out at workshops because all of these are actually numbers that mean something a word doesn't mean something right but you usually need like you know microlens to read it but this is showing a close-up of of the
section of that map that we just saw that corresponds to to our galaxy and it's showing how these connect can be translated these locations can be translated into like where is the milky way core okay if we go find milky way and this is something like in the science books right the local group of galaxies we got the milky way here we got m31 up here right these are those two that used to be together this is what science already knows by you know study in space in the way they study it
this the the core of milky way they already know has a black hole in the center of it the core of milky way's black hole would be right here m31 is right here and we're in this twisted down offset here in these spheres so you can literally find us in the maps and this is how they the ones the adashi masters they they yeah they they're they will not use thing words like time legs and that kind of stuff they hate that power thing because it's a twist on power you know the the lord concept
where oh lord and master you know so above they really just don't come from there they are adept they are adapted what they do yes they have achieved christ our ascension but anyway they they use these these are their coordinate maps and you know how they use them once you get to the point where you send you simply visualize it it runs the encryption through your field bang zoom you're gone you're there speed of thought and that's what so there's a purpose behind showing this in other words such that the individuals that
see it can then begin to internalize the maps themselves and then start because it will help it will act it will bring back their own ancient awareness of their memories yes that's why the guardians wanted to be able to show that's why we use tons of graphs every time we have a workshop all right yeah but it it helps i mean it if you you can read them forever and kind of go oh okay i kind of get that please don't worry about it just watch the sequence and often it is the sequence because they'll
show this graph then they'll show this and they create a wave you know an activation wave that if you have the codes that correspond to this and you know if you don't it won't affect you at all you say i don't know whatever right but you will start to it will help you wake up to you know to the ancient knowledge is there a correspondence in some of the crop circles yes to both sides yeah yeah some of them are very not friendly and some of them are i remember we were really thrilled when we actually the guardians actually said that's ours there's only one
there's one it was a number of years ago but we actually have a picture of it on the covers of our templar manual thing yeah where is that milk hill on that one yeah they're in england we need this oh this is just showing you and we talked about the overlap between our us and our parallel okay we're back in these maps again these are called the probability maps when we look at them with just the balls without and when you're calling them probabilities are you saying that that in other words that means that certain things could change within these maps um certain areas you
could activate certain other places could close down yes and no yes but within a parameter okay within a set parameter after a certain set of things occur a probability locks in okay and then whatever is in that probability must follow through to whatever the natural next point is okay and that's what we've been stuck in we've actually been stuck in this probability system on earth for ages now for many yeah and what you're saying is the probability system here locked in and that's why they're doing a 200 year evac as what as you call it
um the probability locked in when the so when the solar core closed the sun is dying all right and that is going to start at some point create well red pulse which is a vapor wave that takes out any life on the planet and at when that when that event happened that is something that you can't go backward from all right so you are locked into that probability and then you there you know there are various versions of what you might see but certain things are going to happen period and you can't change them no matter how much you
push out and visualize situation no matter how many people you get together to do a world peace meditation right because we try to do those too right to help the grids yeah so we did lock into that probability and you know and when the the solar gate things happened i also like to talk about why or how that happened that the sun did end up in that place locked in um but we don't need to digress right here but just probably get me in trouble if i answer that one
fully but what don't i always anyway there's a a a group of there are a bunch of different it's not just that as we're talking about this that is the little guys on the block don't worry about them at this point there's a group called the thetans and they also run a very popular movement on the planet and there's a and another group called the borgia they are from um parallel akasha part of the black hole system they have been trying to get control of the grids here everybody's fighting over
the the death star merkaba because it's it's here and it can be activated so you're saying a bunch of systems that are fighting over this right well they actually tried to activate what's called the mica uh the the mica mecha complex the mica mecca complex is a set mica is on parallel earth and the mecha complex is here and it is set of wormholes that connect in through the thetan grids there's like certain implants here that the thetans put in so they actually tried to blast through to activate that and take it away from the other groups fa groups who were actually activating
it and it it overloaded the solar core and that creates a spasm and when the so when a prana seed spasms it locks and when it locks it cuts the connection to the natural breathing that would happen between it and its dark matter template and that is when bardo starts and the sun entered its bardo cycle when that occurred and it was a good worse if you want to chalk it up to one thing grid wars again this is stuff that is happening not because nature had it happened or god had it happen now this is because people are acting
like crazies in this universe you know they are they're just like so far gone and they don't get it anymore that you know we all came from the same place they were supposed to work together peacefully and you know this crew just doesn't get it the ones dealing with these these particular okay but are you talking about um when you say satan's and other groups are you talking about off-planet beings that have come here that are here maybe are they physically incarnating are they taking over bodies that sort of thing yes those two yeah and then
also what about the ships that we've been seeing near the sun what are they trying to do depends on which ones they are i think you have various ones up there okay but he's got bars aren't up there i mean you just said all right guardians said they're not theirs okay but if they're there in other words if the sun isn't done you know basically locked into this then what would be the purpose of of having ships there at this time okay and it's got 2012 2012 2012. there's an alignment that's occurring in 2012
that has to do with the solar core and whether or not his parentheset is working the alignment occurs it doesn't involve the russia body or the dark matter template um they just said it has to do with 2012. i wonder if this has to do with what this workshop's about see every workshop they reveal another level of something and this time they're revealing stuff about what they're calling the ancient arrow sites um the 12 plus 24 ancient arrow sites that the guardians are activating this weekend okay yeah well we'll know about it that brings us into the wing
material and we want to address that as well at some point that's a better point after monday because that's what they're going to talk about in this world okay well there's no they haven't met they haven't mentioned it in since voyages was written and yeah i was just like you know looked at some of the pictures felt the encryption going oh boy it's that stuff okay pretty good thank you um yeah some of it sorry but some of it has that twist to it but all of a sudden i mean what are they what is the name of it i don't have the thing here it was a really funny title
no they called they called the workshop the uh the what is it that the makers of wings and other things okay yeah and it's not just about that and it's not the people that are involved with the wingmakers that you know these people are well-meaning people and you know it's fascinating they're trying to figure out what it is sure but it's the particular group of the et's that they're dealing with these are uh these are a group of nephilim all right they they're called the cortium and they are part what is called uh the necromaton
andrami hybrid with jehovah and anunnaki all right the necromanton and drama are known as the beetle people all right they had a lot to do with ancient egypt and stuff yeah and scarab worship and things because their home form looks like that uh anyway anyway stop okay just get okay anywhere about wig makers later okay okay but i don't want to offend any of the wingmakers people i'm sure they mean well and but what we didn't know is yeah so they're saying okay we're gonna
do wingmakers so i have to go look up a little bit audience and what is this stuff anyway and it hits you know all the sites that i have the same story and i have about a four second attention span when it comes to stuff i'm really not interested in anyway unless the beloveds tell me i have to read it and there's nothing there that said anything except oh there might be a few other sites there might be seven the guardian said uh they're the seven broken arrows we'll call them the ancient narrow sides all of them there are sites they were our sites there are seven of them that have been compromised but there are 12 primary plus 24. so we're going to learn about what they are
in this workshop it goes to me but i have a feeling they're connected to the spanner gates and now they have gates i just have a feeling they're the one set of gates they haven't revealed the site the locations for except for one so you're talking about 24 and that corresponds to the 24 dna and the 24 strands of dna um they use 12s and 24s a lot in things like stargate configurations and that kind of thing usually there's primarily 12 and then there's various other increments of 12 and
we have to find out what the 24 other sites are so it's like here we go again i'm one of the people that really enjoys going to workshops because i like what i learn because i don't know the information before i go i don't know if you know this about the presentation no i do i'm lucky if i get an itinerary i've walked in the workshops and gone well you know the orientation like hello everybody thank you for being here it's one of those mystery workshops don't know what it's about yet i don't even have an itinerary so you get downloads during the workshop aldering okay and and then i go down
it comes through on a wave and sometimes some of it sticks diagrams diagrams many many diagrams okay interesting all right yeah very good yeah but it comes through live okay we're down to three minutes again or not i don't know what happened to this hour i could probably talk forever yeah um okay what we found neat about these is the fact that first of all it was in direct response to the techniques that the guardians said to do and they didn't let us know
the first time right does it just do these projection techniques and things and it was a big surprise right and then they told us the calling had it had to actually call them and they showed up again and they are the intricate ones and that kind of stuff but it wasn't just like one person with a camera this was like a whole bunch of different people some of them the first time at a workshop you know saying do i want to go to workshops or not you know getting orb pictures and it was just like one of those little gifts you know from the universe kind of thing you go cool we got orbs we never looked for orbs they found us
but now it's becoming important because we're learning a lot more about the about the orbs and what it means in relation to um what needs to be done for 2012. okay they're teaching us how to become orb whisperers as they say and it's hilarious because like when we're doing the dancing and drumming circles you'll see other people be like you know dance and stuff and they'll be horrors like dancing up on their fingers and that's lovely yeah this diagram was uh it's a close-up of a certain section of the maps that we showed you before
that plug into the you know pictures that science draws with the galaxy and that kind of thing it's showing our milky way system and the uh in the m31 that we're a part of in our probability set in our vecca and over here is the parallel becca and over in this parallel becca there is a bunch of a cluster of fall systems that is the black hole system called the alpha black hole system they have created as you can see these probability fields these balls within balls
overlap each other right and in part of their natural configuration that there is an overlap between them well what the the alpha system is doing in the parallel universe is using the um metatronic atlantean death star merkaba technology to reverse if you reverse certain currents using that technology you can harness a certain part of the field next to you and drag it in to your system and that is what they're trying to do this place in in between here normally they would just be normal pass-throughs
but this one is all convoluted with all sorts of implant structures that are wormhole structures they refer to this as the dragon's eye the word dragon comes in actually not because of big winged creatures but there was a race that got involved with all of this very very far back in time called the dragoon and the dragoon races took sides over which sides of the fallen ones they were going to side with and the dragoon races ended up with some of theirs fallen trying to help the others and then you
ended up with ones that wanted them all exterminated ones that wanted just the one side exterminated one is just one of the other so the the dragon races are actually the the dragoon race line it is a reptilian base race line reptilian crossed with um what are called equary and equary are a group of the ones that originally were called a query before they fell the a query are from the aquarian matrix that are the hosters the ones that are helping here some of
them incarnated into the following matrices to try to assist and a group of them had this ancient way like you know a couple billion years ago they got um ensnared in one of the fallen angelic dramas and they ended up falling meaning they ended up in a false system and they lost their ascension codes and the distinction with them is they become the e query where they use the e instead of the a on the front and do they have a memory will they have a memory of when they weren't falling
um it depends on the fall honestly it depends on um because the the blank slate technology when this thing does its whole thing it just completely wipes you clean where you don't remember anything you wake up and it's like yeah just born here what am i where am i where am i that kind of thing um there are because that happens when the transition of that fall occurs because there is a final point of transition when the death star markov activates and literally rips your part and drags you into another field and then kind of assembles you in a facsimile
on the other side um there are almost like time capsules that they leave for themselves so they can refine the memory and when you refine it and discover it somewhere else it puts that memory back in so they give they will get a facsimile of the memory that you know that they would have had otherwise but the fall codes once the metatronic activations in a body have taken place to where those merkaba fields have activated to a 55 spin or higher 55 or higher there there's no turning back for the gene code at that
point the consciousness is trapped in their body and the only way out is a hosted bardo which means when the body does its natural death thing it would need help the consciousness just getting out of that body and it would have to go through a rehabilitation process of that cali calirama path of step back and have to come back out and reincarnate into the matrix again to you know to try to get back into the ascension thing so okay um and i'm also going to ask you at some point about uh what are um
beings that are like artificial intelligence but they are not uh they don't incarnate they're um in essence clones without souls without you understand where i'm going with that i think so um so we're because we understand that the the dark side is using a lot of those um and actually you know sorry to bring this up but the wingmaker material talks specifically about a race of in
essence they call them robots which are you could be calling them androids whatever that are actually we're according to that material we're on the way here so at some point i'd like to address where those they're already here first of all okay um go ahead if you had to pick between the two the accordion and those guys yes you'd probably want to pick those guys names accordion okay um both of them like one's as bad as the other as far as their intentions and what they're up to
but yes there are there are a lot of different races who have gone in that direction an attempt to preserve their finite life spans where they started with transferring consciousness from an old and dying body into a new cloned body cloned off their own like yeah just make another copy but the copies get weirder and changed every time just like a photocopy or copy copy off a copy of a copy and eventually say what is that right well there are races like that some of them are already here um as far as invading uh
i think they're watching too much caprica but uh yeah seriously because in the beginning that's how it started you know before the galactica series there's actually something that is uh they're showing some of this drama in those series on tv but as far as we we've not been you know our team has not been warned about anything like that as far as worrying about that being a problem okay it's like if it is it's small compared to the rest of the things that are on the plate right now okay because
it's not going to matter much if anybody invades if it rolls in 2012 right the planet right it's not going to matter much then because that would wipe out life here it's not going to roll though it would have if the intervention wasn't given like pull tilt roll i understand okay so and we can also talk about that we can talk about in other words what was planned in terms of are you talking about a pole reversal are you talking about a pulse shift in which it the planet itself would roll
um i'm sorry crust spin press spin yeah and that was planned for 2012 apparently and you're saying it's been stopped postponed postponed yeah until 2027 is it 22's no that's uh 22 30 22 30 okay and um then what's going to happen instead we'll talk about that when we get through these pictures because these pictures will help understand what we're walking into in the first
place or what we're walking around on in the first place and once we see you know once we can understand that then we can talk about okay what do you do about that especially when they're gonna try to activate it and you know make all this stuff happen in 2012 there are certain things i mean we have really strange titles to some of our workshops we've got mirror in the sky we've got orbifest area i mean this but they all mean something there are very specialized grid dynamics that we are being taught so we can anchor the frequencies here of the things that are actually creating buffer fields
for some of this and it's actually the fields that were helping the guardians to anchor and they'd be able to anchor it alone if they were here but you need an anchoring rod and that's what our shield we call the shield the group shield anchors here the frequencies they send in and they're actually giving a counter pull so they're 55 activation on the mercury but can't go all the way in 2012 because if it did it would spin something called the planetary rods and we'll see what they are in a little bit we have a rod and a staff actually we have two rods in the staff
on the planet and they are key uh energetic configurations they have to do with vortices and things like that and they have made the uh by moving the rods before they have well they they moved it from like pangaea to whatever the next stage was to the next it breaks the crust and it shifts it depending on what ways you pull the rods and that but it you have extinctions and things happen on the surface when they do that they're planning to move the rods again in 2012 and we're the not the little people on
the ground we're just helping the guardians to anchor it but the guardians are going to stop that temporarily they can't prevent it but they can hold it off long enough for to when the gauge to close when the gates close they have to pull their energy out when they pull their energy out that markov is going to activate you know the mediterranean marker but we'll the death star will activate on this planet or what's left of the planet so that's why okay and that is sparking more questions but i'm going to let you go on okay right
okay anyway so that was the dragons i just want to show you about that that's in between our uh our universe we're which is really our they call it the meta galaxy that's our metagalaxy milky way and uh m31 and the parallel and it's the parallel is the alpha system that has the black hole systems there that have wormholed their way through into our system that are trying to pull our system down as quantum food okay okay yeah right next one good quick great this one yeah it gets into the interesting stuff now a
little closer to home because we kind of started high in structure right now working down all right now so we went from the galactic level my galactic level let's go down to the solar system level this diagram shows the natural structure of an organic living solar system notice everybody has this little funny shape called it looks like a star david or six pointed star that is a merkabah star all right it implies a merk of the field which would be a three dimensional you know uh star tetrahedron field around them all right and there would be they come instead of
twelve planets they have specific relationships ratios and sizes in relation to each other and in relation to their center sun every one of them have gates in the center every one of them has a central staff of energy that it rotates around and it has two rods one coming out well the rod comes out this way and then the chamber comes out front to back right the sun would have the same thing they all have their north pointing up and their south pointing down right they each spin on their axis at a reciprocal
rate to each other and their rods and chambers pass through each other and spark because the rods can be very very long energetically so even though the stars and the plants may be you know long distances apart the energy fields that their rods and yeah are sending would interface and when they interface they spark and they generate quantum and there are certain periods in the natural breathing cycle or expansion and contraction of energy cycle where there's these wonderful arches that take place between the sun and the
tops of its planets and then the planets and the bottom of the sun it's called the solar symbiosis cycle and it's a natural living structure of a living solar system and it generates its own quantum and it expands and contracts and and every all of the planets would have a chronosphere they would look like stars that doesn't mean you couldn't live under the chronosphere but from the outside they would look like stars and that would that our system started out this way after the fall from tara there was it was actually taken the the remnants of
tara were taken back in through that um cali rhema step back and reseeded brought back out at down in density one as this solar system so that's how we did the fall from there they actually pulled us back in through the cali raven path and pulled us rebirth the system back out and it was rebirthed back out in this natural configuration so that is a natural solar system and that's what we used to be next one in a natural solar system sorry is it just showing for instance for with
each planet the natural solar system you'd have the solar rod right and this one would have it's not shown on this diagram but you'd have the rod of the planet and they would exchange energy together and there would be energy arching through the planet and there'd be energy arching up and down here there's another diagram that shows a little better but this would be everybody's notice the north axis would be the same there wouldn't be an ecliptic because the north axis on both planet and sun would be pointing up in the same direction that means now there's something called the planetary shield that it's an
invisible uh a platform of energy that is a deflection field that actually forms from the planet spinning and it's part of the actual merkabic structure and it goes horizontal to whatever the vertical is so you would have this one horizontal it would be the same horizontal as this one where they would just be spinning in the same plane that allows for the natural energy circulation and exchange that's supposed to take place in the living system um i don't know if you've probably looked at places uh like a scientific representation of our
system it doesn't look anything like that you know i think it's uranus is on its side whereas literally rotates on its side now when it's a living system this would be the natural organic electromagnetic energy flow around a planet this is called the anion flow and we have half a book i think dedicated to these the cathar 2 3 manual deals with these heavily and it shows the formation of them what they do you know these are the natural electromagnetic flows of a living breathing system that has
the capacity to through its core interact with other living breathing systems around it for the natural structure now this looks nothing like the electromagnetic fields we have around our planet right now our magnetosphere and those things all right there's a reason and i'll see we'll see that in a minute when a planet is doing what it's supposed to in the solar system doing what it's supposed to it goes through periods where actually the whole system will disappear because the two um horror bodies that its vector is you know it's manifesting within will pull into the
center recharge and come back out again when they recharge the planets and the whole solar system will go into this configuration of light body spirit body structure it's called the chariot of fire and it's literally part of the ascension vehicle it's not the whole thing but that's showing some of the dynamics involved in it now we used to be in the sentient system notice in the chariot of fire there is that mercuric structure again now this is just a simple merkabah structure it's a bivecca which means it has one cone
going down and one cone coming up there's much more complex structures but this would be the natural kind of thing that if this was a living breathing system and same with the galaxy the galaxy would have the same type of interaction the galaxy does not have every its galactic plane is tilted things are tilted all over the place in the galactic plane and our solar system is in the same position the natural ones have these configurations flat plane the solar symbiosis arches
you know with the breathing between them the ability to go into cherry to fire state these this little diagram here that's on the cathar grid shape right that core template shape it has at 45 degrees it has two of its uh petals we call this the lotus right these are lotus flows the core flows and they allow for actually movement of on these flows you have a series of spheres actually and it allows for the movement of the spheres so they spark they generate quantum and then they open up again so it's a self-generating system it's a
perpetual motion continually living system all right here again are the anion flows the natural ones the natural mercuric structure with a straight shield deflection shield and natural markov so that's what it's supposed to look like and let's go back to the solar system level and this is this is a bit messy because i've never had this one type set but at moment this is our solar system in the center there you have the inner planets right we'll look at earth in a minute as far
as how it's sitting in this solar plane that gives us the atletic and all of that this is the oort cloud that is you know out in space around our system what should have been nibiru our 12th planet not our tenth it was our 12th planet i believe shiron was our 11th and then pluto and then where the asteroid belt is there was another one called maldoc and that exploded so this is a mess this solar plane is twisted here where you have
pluto's orbit right that's already going wacky out this way then you have nibiru that actually comes in i forget i have the date somewhere every three thousand thirty six hundred something like that uh years on the other end of it there is another it's an artificial body that was actually created by squashing together fragments of of planetoids and things and partially pieces of the moon as well this one is called wormwood and it was meant to counterbalance the orbit of this and they go in and out of the density too i think cirrus system
and i think that's where they said it was i have it written down i haven't done the nibiru stuff in a long time but it's literally a cycling machine that was the their watch towers here and it wasn't just so they could come in and watch us every 3000 years or you know see new information it was to counterbalance this one on this one we have over here what is the names on here i haven't looked at these names the matreya moon and up here i believe was the clarion these were other bodies taken from elsewhere to create this they
they've literally created this these are beings that are moving planets they're moving stars like we're worried about little grays seriously at this point whatever you're going to abduct me you know you'll be sorry i'll fight back this time no i'm just kidding but anyway the thought of the scale of what is going on here this is not natural we don't see this one yet it was due to come back in actually not nibiru never is not due for
i forget it's like a couple thousand years still but wormwood was going to be coming back in fortunately wormwood in 2003 became wormwoods because it was shattered it was down it was going into the orbit of parallel earth at the time because they parallel earth is connected in here the orbits of that we'll see later in other stuff um but if it was at least shattered but it is still a massive um asteroid belt or not velvet mess and it still
potentially can come back in if it does it creates total havoc when it comes in these orbits come in i believe it's between uh mars mars mars and jupiter i think is where they they pass up and it causes a bit of havoc on the system when full rip is allowed where they come in at a certain level of density because there's a way they play with the dimensions here they can bring them in without totally tipping the system without you know totally wiping out the solar system that's why they've been able to do this cycle before but when the full gates are open and they
allow this in a stellar activation cycle where they're activating the 55 markaba it will actually these will be used to flip the whole plane and drag it in and that's they're literally i don't know what kind of game you would call this but they're literally using very advanced physics so are you saying that they're all artificial bodies are you saying that nibiru or no that was one of the natural planets that was the stars from this yeah okay what about no that was created i think part of it were pieces of the moon and something
else i remember they did they told us about that a while ago the moon is not a normal body either that's artificially created as well and it because it keeps certain things at certain spin rates that they have to keep in order to keep the vortice connections to the wormholes and that's why this whole thing is none that's why our solar system is such a mess because they were creating wormholes okay what about a brown dwarf is there a brown dwarf in there possibly i know there's uh white dwarfs like cirrus b um brown dwarf it's possible i would have to ask okay so the other axis that you've got
there um there are two other planetary bodies what are they called this one they call the maitreya moon okay and i've it was it was like a long time ago a number of years ago that they gave this particular information so it's probably somewhere back either like in the writings or or on the videos where they explain you know what is maitreya you know where'd that come from because some of this stuff they actually dragged in from the parallel system you know to counterbalance it clarion this one up here was though it was related to i think it was a piece of the
other one that's uh what was that this clarion and there's the other one that was a normal part of here shiron all right so you have clarion up here that i think was a piece of shiron shiron used to be um one of the normal ones and i think it was you had nibiru shiron who was 11. shiran used to be 11. but what's called shira now got stuff down in here part of it got broken off became the clarion thing that they're using up here and you have one of these controlled by the whisadex black hole system which was the wisa matrix that i had pointed out on those
maps you have lisa dex and lisa drax and they all like each other they're fighting you have the anunnaki and the omicron draconians they don't like each other and they're both fighting and then they have lisa drax that like the draconians and you have the miso decks that like the anunnaki i mean it's hilarious it's sad it's really just sad but there are a whole bunch of groups on each side of this polarity drama then you have the christians sitting in the middle going oh boy you know like we're not fighting with anybody but ever yeah what do you do when everybody's held been on destroying each other
because that's what's been happening down here for eons so anyway this is what our solar system looks like up here this artificial it's like a wobbling orbit it's not just our planet that wobbles we there's actually a wobble created in the solar plane itself it's actually taken the solar plane where it doesn't sit flat in the galactic plane anymore i think it's around a 45 degree tilt to the you know to the galactic plane and also created this thing here that through the core and especially in the closer to the core
planets like earth and the sun it has harnessed how fast things spin which means it's harnessed the time pulse so it could through this device they have been able to progressively get control over how fast things spin so they can synchronize the spins of things over here with the things that they're trying to merge them with on the parallel side it's a bizarre and fascinating and horrifically morbid technology this that star technology now what that creates on a planetary level
when we look at our poor little earth sitting in the middle of this and it's not just that this has happened on the solar level they've also put the same type of mechanisms in the planetary core and in the stargate systems here to create the same effect to plug our planet into that whole system they've done it on the other planets too the ones that don't have anything that has its axis is not tilted the same as the sun is either in its normal place and the sun got tilted which is part of the case here or it's not in its right place because they should all be sitting on a natural you know vertical
and horizontal plane with each other this is what we have right now and like the science tells us this is normal and this is natural you know wow our planet's tilted about 23.5 degrees and it does this cycle called the recession of the equinoxes and you know we've got the ecliptic shield yeah that cuts through you know the sun shield is here and ours you know comes here this is totally twisted this our our planet is tilted it's it this messes up its entire system it's not just tilted when this one here shows at least a
relatively normal looking cathari grid inside there's a whole set of un on sacred not sacred geometries that go with the death star merkaba stuff it has to do with the shapes of the flows where before we had that i talked about those uh the arms that's you know the petals that stood out like this and they're 45 degree angles and they phase and spark and generate quantum right there's another one that has them pulled down like this where they look much more like a flower we call the daisy of death or the bloom of doom but they're phase locked where they can't
phase and that means they can't generate quantum it means it's a planet that is dying because it can't breathe and that's one of the things and it constricts the the cathargo to the center and so something i think we have one that shows that what that also does is create a bulge of the equator where it squashes the natural spherical shape down is there also a correlation with the cross in other words the actual symbol of the cross reflecting what is in essence this frozen
inability to yes yes and and even more that has to do with the mutation of natural chalet light units into forcing them into the vesica pisces dead light unit configuration the sign of the cross the original cross has perfectly equal it's called the ruche and it has perfectly equal i think the celtic cross is the closest you get these days as far as it fits inside a circle in other words because then you know it's yeah i don't have mine on anybody have one on it's one of our sacred symbols so this is right now we have this is all part of
the part of the mechanics of the death star merkabah technologies we have the unnatural procession of the equinoxes this is called the sextant shield it's actually the it's a distortion shield of energy that keeps those vortices spinning at their you know tilted angle it keeps us aligned with we we flip between being aligned with polaris which we are in that phase now and flipping back uh into alignment with vega and we just keep cycling back and forth and while going back and forth
in the procession of the equinoxes and they're not normal they're they just released and when was ireland november last year they just released in october yeah they just released some fascinating things about the old pagan rites and stuff and what what this actually has done in its relationship with parallel earth this was done for a reason the cycles of the equinoxes and the solstices have to do with alignments between parallel earth and here and between parallel earth and the center of the milky way galaxy the black hole there and that's what we're looking at coming
up on in 2012 and that's why 2012 was you know the mayans got the word it was going to be the end of times and those kind of thing because of the dark road yeah the dark road all right so these things these configurations that we're seeing the sextant shield is not the natural clock or shield that with the the natural spin ratio that you would have for the planet on its axis they actually have been accelerating time for the last 13 000 years to make it faster so it would catch up with the parallel anti-particle universe so they could merge them
and it means our days have gotten shorter our spin has gotten faster as far as on the planet and that kind of thing there's other aspects to this that are created by this technology and all of these go together right like when you see one it implies the others [Applause] this is our poison apple this is the neck field okay now part of the poison apple isn't shown here i'll show that on this one but this is literally a containment net it is a shona which means that made of bivecca light units instead of living
light units uh containment harness and this is what the um the death star merkaba actually creates around a planet a system or a body when you work those mercury mechanics this is what you're creating it's a torsion field the turn constantly circles energy in on itself but does not have a connection to anything outside of itself except of what it can feed off at its center from its core and this is there are there are three levels of this that actually move in earth's atmosphere and they can literally control one of
them runs through like the magnetosphere area and actually there's three others down from that so there's really four four major layers of this it controls reminds me of that whole thing we control the vertical we control the horizontal remember that show that used to sit at the gallery limits or something used to say that on tv well it's kind of like yeah they pretty much do all of these net systems are plugged into things like the harp machine and uh i'm sure the hadron collider has something to do with activating all of these too i heard they just had their first good test yesterday or something
yeah this week good timing right full activation yeah so these net fields are responsible for literally wiping out the dna science has already figured out that dna is sensitive to a couple things sensitive to radiation that can destroy dna it's sensitive to magnetism electromagnetism you mess with the magnetic fields you mess with the dna that just like it's blocking the natural currents and flows that would normally come into the planet it does the same thing to the biologies
on this planet this is why we have no memory it's wiped it right out of the dna it's actually still in there it's in junk dna it's in pieces that's we're working with the technologies that the guardians have to reassemble and it does it through controlling the epigenetic overlay which is the chemical sheath the science is just learning actually triggers what how genes will behave in the dna right so it's a combination of both but this is why we have no memory of a race memory or any of that and this is what is holding the mutation in the body right now our
own biofields and the biofuels of the life forms on the planet carry all of these same mutations we carry these we carry the wobble and vortices we carry the phase locked the bloom of doom in our flows and all of that and if we are going to ever get out of here while we have time left where the gates are open it's amazing the gates are even open or even still usable after all of this but we need to reverse mutate our bodies and we have been working for 10 years with that we've worked through the light body layers we've worked through the spirit body layers now we're into something called the ajay body
layers that they're kind of the aji body is interesting it's like a combination between the the spirit body and the light body and the atomic body that once you master that it allows you to actually do the transfiguration and turn into light and for the first stage of that is called glide where you learn to bilocate where you pull yourself into orb and you go elsewhere and by locate and then come back but you still leave a body here the second stage is what we're working on now is um called translocation where you get to the point where you can do a
certain level of transfiguration of a certain quantum of your atoms into light temporarily so you can go visit elsewhere and take your body with you but you'll still be keyed to the space-time imprint or encryption of this planet until a certain other thing happens right so that's that's called a slide slide one the third thing is called slide two or span that's called um where you learn how to uh trans uh not just translocate where you're going to visiting and come back
but trans migrate we actually can be free and you do not have to come back here you don't have to incarnate back here that has to do with releasing something called the body cell that is the donated quantum from the egg and sperm of your parents that was not your spirit by the encryption that has to be released before you can be freed from the space-time location in which those two things came together it gets released as what's called the body dust right so there's this whole process anyway involved with it while we have this going on we are literally the planet is keeping us mutated because the visitors are
keeping the planet mutated and at this point good luck fixing the planet because look at the solar system look at the galaxy this problem is going on all the way up into the galactic level and there's a certain point where the quantum that is going down is larger than the quantum that can pull it back and that is what's occurring and that's why there's 200 years left on the gates as far as 200 years earth time okay but isn't it isn't it true that the planet is a being yes and also is going to be able to escape this
it shows the path of cali rama which is a step back path right so that's going to implode and and then re-emerge yeah yeah it'll go back into that that middle density that happens to be called the edons out here the the the density remember when we i don't have one really yeah i do on this graph let me get my stickies off there too we had the uh the hara bodies right and we had the the core the inner the middle and the outer domains they each have names this outer domain area where we are now where we're
experiencing the the kali yuga that is called a radon right and this one is called an edom and then this one the inner one is called an aedon and uh the core is called what is it called i can't remember it's been so long since i bought this it's the core leave it at the corner but anyway you've got the dons right so this is the garden of edan right it's the step back to where it is in instant and pure when you do the step back it clears anything off your encryption that didn't belong there in the first place and it's literally it's passive they call it passing
through the ring of fire in order to get back into the purity and then you get to come back out again and try again or at least you go okay um but i also have a question is where is tara in this equation because all right well part of tara is what we're sitting on the solar system is part of tara the other part of tara is when we look up in the sky in calcium the star alcion and the pleiades cluster all right that is the remnant of what what tire was so if you take lcon and take the quantum of this solar
system here minus the few bits that they put in that didn't belong here that weren't from here and you put all that quantum together you would have had tara okay density too but my understanding was there was going to be there would that once i there's an ascension group that's going to leave here and go to tara that was before the british zone project failed that failed in 2003. i see so at this point the voyagers books we have you would not believe what we have been moving through
since that we're on mission upgrade 44 45. yeah i have a list of them somewhere yeah yeah just because it's amusing to look at for you to see oh my god there's been that many mission upgrades first there was the attempt to salvage this is all the stuff they're trying to do before the thing happened with the sun once that happened there's nothing that can be done at that point but we still have ascension but it's like the fly by the city your pants keep these gates open and you've got 200 years to get anything that's going off out of here and that's what's happening at this
point so voyages was written 10 years ago yeah yeah okay so but uh the okay um my mind's going too many places at once here uh but if they're not going to tara and maybe you're getting to this then we where are they going and are they going back to asean or jumping where or is that you know they're making up
their minds they're going home home there's a few steps to get there m31 okay andromeda galaxy oh that's what we're aiming back but there's a few steps in between the first set of steps has to do with something simply called higher earth we're in the lower earth planes there are a set of planes that are still in predicaments they're still connected to this mess that we've been looking at but they're in much better shape they're not under the net and that's the first stage where we go
to higher earth then there's a level beyond that that's still part of the earth planes quantum that's called median earth then if we go back to remembering when they were telling us about the history of how they seeded the amenti rescue mission in and created the solar system there was a host star here that earth had been a mental earth had been seeded into and that was called australia so that will be the next stage and from ashilay we'll move through there's another layer that has to do with the level of energy called the iridonus layer that we don't really have to get into because it gets very
complicated as far as different types of energy but it's another set in between before we get to eartha and m31 but that is where we're going and from there that's where originally the encryption here emerged from from there you can go where you want basically but it's a process of getting a re-evolving back to where we can do full christ our you know evolution on our own because right now we're being hosted you know we're being given frequency to support us in the process until we can hold that frequency ourselves so terra was where we were aiming until the
british zone project failed and at this point in this system since since those books were written there were intergalactic wars that were taking place here that involved was called the ekka and the ekka is if you remember the the the maps that showed one cathara grid and then four of them together with the thing at the center right the thing at the center is the akka that's a little qatari grid and that's like the they call it well for earth it would be like the inner earth would be there and that kind of thing wouldn't be in here it's actually up there it's like a high level that actually fell in one of these wars
ekkas can follow the akasha above it can't but the academy but what happened to the begin the beings that were there um they've gone into various places there some of them are in the state of here they're doing evac this whole system the becca system is actually being evacuated so going vertically the usual way wasn't an option anymore that's why they had to take us from just going into harmonic work of the states or harmonic ascension states into transharmonic where we could actually go through and in to in into the um like the edon domain there's a space
between the radon and the edon it's called the aurora continuum you have to have a transharmonic merca ability to be able to go through there and then come back out again someplace else so that is the technologies they're teaching us because vertical is not an option anymore unless you want to end up in one of the wormhole sets going on into the fall so it's been a really rough trip since the books are written actually but uh we're all still standing and the guardians are still giving us the information so probably even happier not though
okay um before we do a break that's okay well we let's yeah let's keep going it's not much happier okay as far as the poison apple fields go this one shows the shape better you have that net field around it but see that little shape right there it looks like an apple yes that's the shape of our magnetic fields the basic shape of our magnetic fields even though there's a crop circle that looks like that lovely i'm out of time all right this thing here right
a lot of people are using that as their logo these days right yeah and that that is the phase locked the camp phase with the constricted if you look at you can look at this more closely if you want to you can see the difference there's two cathyards there one the artificial tree of life which is taking the natural proportion and pulling them in where it actually squeezes it and that changes the shape of the sphere and gives you a bulge at the equator like our planet has because that is what that is the configuration our planet is
has in light body right now interesting and this is also connected to something called metatron's cube and something called the fibonacci spiral fibonacci fire and what is this this center bit right there in this center the dark is that a black hole or um no that's just that is another one of their twisted uh like the we call them cathara centers but we know that on our grids these are actually stargates right right let you take this down into the
planet and that's where you got stargate connected and have stargate connections all right and these are twisted ones so these would line up with the stargates that interfaced with the amente gates to harness the amentegate so that that's just one of them here but if you look at that it's if if you look at the teachings of that goes with that logo you'll be amazed to see how it fits in the light when it sits next to what eternal life creation is all of the shapes that they've shown us
they've showed us how they fit together what the processes are that they work from they don't just say here there's a that you know that's a sacred why is it a sacred it does what right they've shown how the pieces fit together what the processes are and then they've shown how those things what they do to that structure and so anyway this is there's all sorts of pieces that show we've had to do this because this is what is taking down the planet these dynamics and people now practicing them again just like in atlantis it's like atlantis rising again it really is the same
how do we get in this predicament very much around you same way yeah yeah gullibility on a certain yeah a certain level where oh sure i'll try that right not wanting to hear it if somebody's trying to say uh maybe you want to think about that first how the same way that right now you have a whole new age movement that was supposed to be a movement of enlightenment everybody loving each other being a bunch of back biting people practicing anti-christian antichrist mechanics that are harming themselves and harming the planet how did that happen you know same question for atlantis how
did but there's also the misuse of crystals uh that i'd love you to talk about a little bit at some point if you are willing there's all sorts of really strange things being done with crystals and they'd probably rather get through those the this stuff and that that's kind of like yes that's kind of orbs derek cards no yeah i like to hear cards i'd like to design a deck actually they're really good for just letting spirit comment to you give you waking dream material back to you yeah now crystals are another subject
and we do take them seriously they're very powerful beings actually and they can be used in terrible ways and right now speaking yeah yeah speaking of crystals it was really funny because right around here at 2002 the guardians were starting to teach us about the nibiru and dietetic crystal bases that are here they're subterranean crystal installments that were planted here and actually seeded from nibiru and used to create literally spike the grids
to receive nibiru and frequency and to receive wormhole frequencies and that kind of thing now all of the crystals in the world under our world are like that but some are right when we were being given this information this lady appears in one of the workshops and she says i've seen him i went there and she brought photos and it blew my mind look at this this is leela yeah she actually was one of the few that got to go down i think they're in mexico yeah there's chihuahua yeah and there's there's many others like that
actually on the planet okay but these are one this one was one that was seated it's it's a nibiru cluster actually yeah so what happens to the people that go inside there though it must be pretty intense well if they don't die from the heat it's like 107 degrees yeah yeah it's really bad frequency wise well they were you could do interesting things with those now they're not so bad because the guardians have worked in a way that has recalibrated them because there's been a whole bunch of deals and
treaties going on because the ones that that broke the original treaty of altair that was set that was talked about in in the voyagers book uh they found that they lost that round and the other ones are going to take them over and take over their grids so a bunch of them handed their grids back over to us and kind of will be nice now right it kind of comes down to a split between the anunnaki and the drax right and the drags you have omicron draconian you have um the others odettacron reptilians and a
bunch of others and then on the anunnaki side you have the tothi nanaki and which are like the snake people and you have the um the uh jehovian anunnaki and a number of others and then you have the wises taking sides you have the least of that suicides and what about the do they fit in syrian have that they they can come both jerobian there's some davian ones and like nibiru and ones are primarily tothian but not all anunnaki tend to hang together and then the really fancy anunnaki
gene code are the inoculums all right where they took both anunnaki groups and created a master race right gene line all right so the nokian anunnaki yeah they're usually high illuminati guys you know running around with 33rd degree pluses and things but it's cool yeah takes a village okay uh yeah well we could get into more detail on that but um i guess let's uh let's move on should we take a break now or do you want to go to yeah why don't we take a break because i've hit that spot
where we get into the planes of earth which gets fascinating because this is