Balan Wonderworld :: 4.11.2021 LiveStream / MY LIFE IN GAMING

Balan Wonderworld :: 4.11.2021 LiveStream / MY LIFE IN GAMING


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[Music] um
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[Music] oh [Music] do [Music]
me hi everybody i was i was i was just watching the reactions to the song the uh apparently it's called the wahoo stomp maybe that's that's not the official name but uh we think that sounds like a pretty good name that's what's calling the chat called it i i i approve of that name see chapter is saying this song reminds me clone of two because it's from glenoa too all right welcome to yet another sunday night stream yep uh this is first
ps5 game we've played on on an official stream i think isn't it yeah it's time for that the launch day stream that didn't go very well because i i think the reason that stream didn't work very well was because the ps5 downloads so much faster than last gen consoles and like right like i've never had a problem dealt with streaming while downloading stuff on like ps4
so i i i think that was why the stream was breaking down i don't think it had anything to do with my internet i think it's just the the ps5 was eating all my bandwidth because it could it just gobbling it all up it's gobbling it we've got uh we've got us we've got like uh a ongoing story in our super chat uh uh two dollars from gaming blows predictably saying if we all donate maybe he'll play
something else i'd like to point out corey is the one playing tonight yeah you know corey's the cory's the uh the sega guy so of course he's playing ball in wonder world sandy don't eat fuzz off the carpet just eating it eat it just eat it eat that eat that make that fuzzy just and then uh two dollars from uh for the love of the game saying two dollars but you have to play ball in wonder world
the shadow mask with two dollars saying two dollars but gaming blows has to watch ballon wonder world the gaming blog says two dollars but everyone has to stop tormenting me well if it's it's gonna happen next i i think uh i i think ballon wonder world is gonna be an easy game to talk over you know what i mean yes i i agree i agree
uh you know you know i don't come here and hang out and i play game that you know i i have to admit i i played the demo i did not play the demo but i did play the first level yesterday this is pretty bad this is this is not good uh and then like when the final game came out john said oh the movement speeds faster the uh you know once
once you like kind of start getting into the game you know it kind of becomes interesting to like uh discover that oh there's places that i i didn't think were accessible at all in this other level but actually now that i got this costume i now understand oh i can go to this place and that place so the levels seem very small at first and then you realize over time that they're much bigger than you thought they were yeah it seems to very much be from from what i can gather it seems to be a game
in some regards similar to kirby's epic yarn where there's a lot of people who really don't like kirby's epic yarn i think in part because it's very easy you can't really die you know you just kind of lazily stroll through it yeah and but i really like kirby's epic yarn i like the presentation it's a very chill and relaxing game even though generally you know i do like some challenge in my platformers yes but what is fun about it
is finding 100 of you know the collectible in the levels um and uh so uh you know i i think that's very much what ballen wonder world is about is just discovering all you can about the levels but i have to admit when i played the demo it was kind of like oof i think i think yuji naka's lost it well i mean it's i can't even tell you like besides
uh rodeo the sky soldier like what even he's done that he's been the director of since like like billy hatcher what is it give me three right what three shin moo three or my favorite the csu suzuki you suzuki i get them confused i get those two guys so it's it's up to people whether or not they want me to start from the very beginning i played the first world yesterday i could just continue playing or i could
start from from the very beginning so well i i i think you should i mean i think people have probably seen how the game starts off or they've played the demo or what is is the first level the farmer yeah there's a lot of corn love going on in that first level there was a lot of corn love that so did you beat the boss at the farmer level no i've only played the two levels that are uh in there it's like a let's see i'll show you
okay yeah i mean let's just let's just start uh start so i just i got the third door it looks like i'm going to be going right to the boss this time uh i don't know 499 from dingus galert saying i'd rather see die katana well no die katana seems to have some interesting ideas for sure i mean this game has like [Music] it could get cool with like the number of costumes that there are i think one thing people are maybe have a little uncertainty about this game
too is uh you know it's a one-button game yeah which i respect now you know like i said i was not loving the demo but i i do respect the idea behind the sentiment behind just pure simplicity and design like that you know to the point where there is no back button even in like the title screen menu if you go like right right right like everything is confirmed and you have to like go down
to like back i think to actually go back i respect that you know yeah i mean for the record you know the first two play levels that i played i don't really have a problem with it i mean it's it seem it feels like a very relaxing game yeah i mean the the first uh the this the second level was the one that had like the warping terrain right yeah yeah and you know at one point like a big ball comes out and it's it's very super monkey ball-esque mm-hmm where it changes after you i i think uh
yeah that was i mean there are glimmers of cool design but the demo did not did not hit home for me i gotta say um but you know maybe my mind and maybe some other people's minds will be changed by this stream who knows i doubt it um one thing that kind of bothered me was like all of these like dancing like characters yeah like they're like fade away as soon as you like approach them then
they fade back in as you walk away i mean john says he thinks it's because it's supposed to feel very dreamlike but it just felt weird [Laughter] uh there was uh there was uh 199 from paul sutton saying um excuse me but apparently it was actually two dollars saying two dollars but you have to round up oh right in the foot so is that it that was like the first boss truly there was one before that also scrubbed it's a little bit more
the dog oh yeah that's right you're right sorry i missed the the dingus the old dingus ya dingus that was the boss was super easy yeah it was super easy in the demo too although i understand the movement speed is faster now so i thought that the uh i i i thought that the sounds like whitney houston was allowed to record a new song this is what it would be
i i i i thought that the move that the run cycle looked out of sync with like the speed of the character moving like it just looked like they weren't really making contact with the ground yeah i mean if it feels very sonic adventure like where sonic and then sonic kind of slides along the ground yeah yeah i mean which i mean it doesn't i don't know i like i i feel like in a lot of cases i'm i'm probably too laid back and forgiving
to a fault a lot of times yeah yeah i mean i i will say that like there's this game is probably uh it's probably a major disservice for this to have released at 59.99 if they had released it at 29.99 i wonder if everybody would have been like oh you know it's like it's not great but you know what it's a 30 game yeah i mean i you know i am a lot more forgiving than i used to be too i mean you know when uh when drum was looking for games to pick up you know when the psn is going down you
know he was asking me about the wild arms games i was like oh like definitely get wild arms one and wild arms three highly recommend you can skip wild arms too because wild arms three is a lot like wild arms 2 but i liked while i thought wild arm sleeve was was a better version of what wild arms 2 tried to do and he looks at my back logger and he's like you gave wild arms 3 3 out of 5 stars on your back lottery but you just said you highly recommend it i'm like i think when i played through
that game like i used to be a lot more critical you know i had this like yeah and then like oh i have to like really think about is this is this good game design and stuff like that and now i'm just like you know i just i just wanna you know if i enjoy whatever i don't have to think that deeply enough you know yeah yeah uh i mean i think it's really funny that it was is it is it is uh the guy
with the hat is is his name ballon or i think so uh but his voice sounds exactly like the announcer from fan sister on line two it was like mission completed uh there was uh two pounds from uh jamie maxwell saying uh good luck we're all counting on you i didn't do a very good leslie nielsen there good luck we're all counting on you and stop calling me shirley
and there was uh also two dollars from kelly saying two dollars but you have to show us sandy there you go here's sandy i mean the music's pretty great in this i think it's been people been making fun of the music too like saying the music is not good i mean this sounds like the mystic ruins in sonic adventure one you know i mean let's be honest part of the reason people might not like this game maybe
maybe it's you know kind of kind of forcing them to to just let me go back whether the sonic adventure games are actually good or not well i mean i feel that the person they don't want they don't want to confront their the reality [Laughter] i've only played through sonic adventure too and i i i did like it at the top i've been a bit nervous to go back and try stock adventure one
but i do intend to play through it i i can't i mean i i really dislike the camera and sonic adventure 2 uh let me know if the if the music's too loud or whatever oh we got the jelly jolt i i tend to be pretty forgiving on camera in games well sonic mentioned to his camera is uh frustrating to say the least yeah i mean i played it on gamecube uh although you know i'm pretty sure john
does consider uh the dreamcast version to be better but i had a gamecube so that's what i played about it also was just like such a novelty at the time like i'm buying sega games on nintendo system those columns that you slide up are kind of interesting yeah i guess who's the giant person in this one the giant person you know the giant human that's sitting there
like last time it was there was a giant farmer i the the farmer didn't get revealed until the end of the first level last time well i saw wait where did she go i saw a huge human sitting in the corner over there oh really yes she was there maybe maybe she disappeared when you got too close go further away go further i was far away like she was sitting like on the second story up there but like she must have faded away because you got close because that's
this weird thing this game does um like i mean every every chapter has like right there story i guess about see there she is yeah okay i don't know but ever like every chapter seems to have like a story like some sort of story that's right pulled abstractly through the level uh there was uh two from uh rears to
blood thank you and uh when will we switch to neopets darkest player uh not tonight what system is that on [Music] the neopets um are we not getting i i saw i i saw um one or two yoyo yoshios uh oh yes right correct uh there was one for one dollar uh ten minutes ago saying i just wanna
tell you both good luck we're all we're all counting on you and there's another one saying the problem this game is a soul itself is night is a night style game and we expected a super challenging we expect a super challenging twitch reaction game like knights not a uh a poopy 3d platformer it feels like an indie developer made it i mean let's be honest i mean he's not at sega anymore he is an indie developer yeah well i mean this is but this is
published by square enix surprisingly which is surprising to me uh yeah i mean visually like the characters look like knights but i mean i think it's important to realize that like knights is also a one-button game is it really i guess yeah i mean knights is you know similar i mean i i don't think knights would have been very well with today like it's it's it's it's the sort of game where
you kind of have to it's it's essentially a racing game yeah you kind of have to accept that knights is not really what you would expect it to be like you know to love knights is to kind of come to terms with it in some ways like i'm not saying it's not a great game but like it's it's it's not what you might think you want from a game that looks like that it's not what it seems to be um there was
no people are not gonna be too annoyed they were not gonna crap all over those probably i mean it's not what we're about i guess i mean yeah you know i mean i'm still not sure if i'm sold on it but you know i'm not quite hating on it but i mean you know the demo did not satisfy yeah i mean i had no intention of buying it it was john was like you know it's pretty good and
you know there's something sometimes it just feels nice to play like a really simple game but there's there you know there's not a lot of thought i mean in a lot of ways it feels like it it was made for kids [Music] they got the bubble blower in here it's like [Music] you know that text makes me think of like bio shots or something like that text that appears in the
corner when you get a new suit oh right uh there was uh 364 from andrew richie saying thank you a tip for your awesome work on analog frontiers there you go thank you that's very much appreciated i uh i have come to the conclusion that analog frontiers part 4 is going to be about 50 minutes [Music] uh so fortunately for my sake it's going to be closer to the it's
still going to be longer than part one as i knew it surely would be but it's going to be closer to the length of part one than the length of part three i thought that said balanced butt for a second there was his balance about that yeah i mean these things are these are just really stupid there's nothing these these scenes are super stupid i wonder if they like change up in any way i i mean can you lose you think except for
you know hitting the button too early thank you saying uh buy yourself a nice d-pad replacement pad with this five dollars is that is that an issue that came up someone [Music] i don't know um you know i i guess on my my snes ones you know i had tried those cheap ones from i forget what the website was i got them from um
but i we did it i i thought they were okay at first and i said as such in the video but then like after using them a little more afterwards like i was i was kind of not too impressed anymore so maybe maybe if you spend a little bit more like five dollars perhaps maybe there's some better ones i'm not sure yeah uh there was two dollars uh
uh from uh shadow mask with uh you know i i i have to say i i i've not studied enough japanese grammar yet to really understand what's going on dynamic dolphin and he knows where to travel through side streams the shadow mask is saying uh jimmy hopper is uh something asking about something about uh jimmy hoppa and goemon
did jimmy release a video on goemon recently uh no jimmy did a great video on uh psn games or japanese psn uh ps1 classics to grab though oh i need i need to check that one out that i watched uh yesterday and i was like this is an excellent list of uh things to put on my ex station as well and well that uh that that formatting uh
does not work with google translate so sorry shadow mask i know you're asking me something about garman and jimmy hopper but that's about all i know uh we you know we have for the longest time intended to do some sort of like big goemon video on our channel uh in collaboration with jimmy uh and you know we just haven't had time to make it happen uh but that that is absolutely something i want to do someday if that perhaps was the question
but we definitely want to do that i actually just got um this past week i got i i you know what's crazy is uh on last week's stream you know i was introduced to uh getsu fumaden uh by audi which is a game i didn't know about it it's a game that used uh a lot of the ninja turtles one engine oh really original game by konami uh on the famicom and it
seemed really interesting uh it it had like a lot of ninja turtle sound effects so i was kind of into that so like after the stream i went to ebay to get it and i found this seller that was that had it and then i was like digging into their uh and other items and i noticed this i was at like the base shipping was like 16 or 17 dollars for like a game but then i noticed that as you added more car items to your cart
they were only adding like four to 50 cents shipping so i was like uh i'm going to see what is like the cheapest stuff they've got that i actually want because i'm always like slow to import like really cheap stuff like stuff that i want but like i'm just slow to import because it's like oh just it's not worth the cost of shipping right like if i if i could buy some of those
cheap things i want for only a few extra sense shipping then it's totally worth it so i got like the first famicom going on game i got uh one of the game boy color goemon rpgs um and a bunch of other like really really cheap stuff um itself was like 20 something so a little pricier but uh yeah i i i end up buying several relatively
cheap games i also got mighty final fight which was like 20 something too that's a good one uh there was mighty final fight is definitely better than i feels better than any of the sequels whoops i didn't well i actually also got uh final fight too just because it was like it was like ten dollars or something yeah just like why why not like that that'd be a fun game from being drum to co-op on the stream sometime you know i don't it couldn't be that bad i i thought it
looked decent enough in john's uh big final fight video yeah i think it's kind of neat there was uh five euros from frank borst thank you thank you hi guys i'm enjoying your content for quite some time and started to watch the old streams is the kfc keep still open keep up the good work oh my gosh i don't do we did we stream suikoden uh at some point it must have come up some in some
tangential capacity kfc keep i've never that was that for some reason there's some weirdness going on with um uh my suicide saves because i so i i played suicide in one and i gave a friend of mine my save
so he could import it into suikoden 2. uh and then when he finished suey coden two he gave me his save so i could import into suicide in three because i you know sweet code two was too expensive at the time so i hadn't hadn't read it yet and so like there's like so in my in my save like so it's my suicide in one data his suicide and two data and then i import into my suite code in uh
three and so there was like some weird naming schemes that you would see popped up when things were referenced in suite code in three uh so like my i want to say in uh the first game i called my castle kfc keep for some reason i don't know if i had ever even had cases why not i don't know if i'd ever had kfc in my life when i did that and for some reason i just like
well i'm just going to call it kfc keep then i want to thank my friend called his like stinky castle or something we were very mature obviously um i i don't know what this even is that i'm doing here i'm just feeling these things yeah there are some who call them tims the tims uh i think you know why uh why does yo yo yoshio appear in super on digital foundry streams and not
on ours i i don't know well i think they do he does or in uh it's just it's it shows up i mean it shows up like this on the chat room i don't see it right it would be because it's because it's not a um it's not a super chat it's a uh right oh okay it's a stream labs donation oh okay okay no normally i i see them in john's chat
uh sorry about that well i i'll try to tell corey to check double check yeah i i i mean it's right here it just says it says streamlabs uh yoyoyoshio 267 with one dollar who said uh mario is made for the kids zelda's made for the kids sock was made for the kids wretch and clank was made for the kids the jack and dexter was made for the kids being uh being for kids is not an excuse kids deserve a challenge uh like we do games uh didn't panic pander like this when i was a kid i mean it it is true i i i understand what
i understand what you're saying uh i mean i i feel like this might be made for a younger kid maybe in a lot of ways but yeah i mean i get it but at the same time i mean we were able to we didn't have to deal with 3d and stuff like that when we were younger i mean i guess a lot of us did but well i don't know not us no i mean you know not until we were you know 3d
wasn't uh really a major thing until you know i was 12. right and that was i mean i was yeah i was it's a you were you were older than me and i think you like i think i was a little bit more of the right age to adapt i think right to three because you were you know i was a little more i guess malleable at that point still yeah well i mean
you were you were you were very reluctant about 3d at first well not not so much like 3d but it's more i was it took me a long time before i could uh you know really get used to uh analog control sticks i was i was strictly d-pad uh whenever it was an option i see [Music] um there was uh
9.99 from brooks thank you thank you saying uh hey guys hope you all had a great weekend love all the videos you make and i rewatch them often because they're so nice and relaxing i just introduced my brother to the channel through analog frontiers i'm glad to hear that that's that's awesome it's uh you know i like to think that's a good entry point for people uh there's there's another dollar from from your yoshi yo yo yoshio saying uh sorry for the ranting if you like bellen that's cool i was just
disappointed i have a question about tvs though have you ever tried gaming with black black frame insertion turned on in your tv uh it's usually included with frame interpolation but separate so my my c8 has has it and i have not used it very very much i gotta be honest cause what is it john said you know you should only use it on like 60 60 fps games and it's i'm more the kind of person who just
doesn't want to like tweak a lot of settings like every time i play depending on you know like you know like based on the frame rate of the game i'm playing yeah not something i would do all that often uh i've i've got the you're you're the c7 or 78 mine's a model numbers confused at this point uh i you know i've got the previous year's model and mine does not have that feature so you know i did get to go to corey's house uh one time and see uh see uh see
see it in action and it was interesting uh you know it definitely darkens the picture a bit um but it uh it's weird because like when it's first turned on you like kind of see the flickering yeah they're like look at your eyes getting used to it but just like after a few seconds it like stops flickering yeah or at least it stops being perceptibly flickering i guess almost like um there she is i mean that's
kind of creepy i guess yeah it is it's weird it's weird i i ain't going tonight there's some weird there's some weird things going on in this game yeah and i don't i don't quite know what yuji naka's deal is anymore but yeah i don't know see i i think that it's easy for me to say like oh i wasn't disappointed this because i was not looking forward to this at all i think that you know yeah that's surprising because the people that are probably the hardest center are the ones that are probably really excited about it
and it's it's definitely not a game that i had really even outside of the first trailer i was like oh i'll probably that looks pretty good maybe i'll get that at some point i never really surprised me with you being such a sega fan that wouldn't have really been something you weren't thinking about yeah well i mean i'm more excited about the the near replicant remake that's coming out and two weeks i mean i'll i'll i'll wait for that to
go down price a bit because you know i still need to play automata theoretically on ps3 uh-oh so what's going on these yeah whenever i upgrade my tv which i'm not expecting to uh do anytime too soon mostly because like you know i would also have to upgrade my um av receiver to like take advantage of like hdmi 2.1
and stuff um i'm just not that concerned with like 120 hertz and stuff like i have tried it like on my tv i have to set to 1080p to do 120 hertz and it's like it's fine but it doesn't it's just not a priority for me uh you know i'd rather i'd rather let the tv technology evolve another few years i don't i don't have to i don't have to have an immediate upgrade yeah so i'm i'm i'm happy to wait but you
know hey maybe i'll like black frame insertion when i get to that there was uh 499 from from a name i love and a name that i can totally get behind non-stop final fantasy i'm i'm i'm way into the idea of this uh saying uh keep up the great content well uh you keep up with the final fantasy it's a boss time i mean
did you do levels already yeah yeah we got another cut scene here we're getting in the backstory of the you know the the giant the giant lady yeah that was like maybe this was like the origin story for the the giant lady from uh from resident evil eight [Laughter] she she had a run-in with echo the dolphin yeah well it's evil dolphins it looks like
i mean obviously it's supposed to be you know kind of a uh i mean it feels like nights you know with a dream aspect to it yeah it's a very surreal dream like atmosphere oh we got here that thing's pretty ugly yeah [Music] see dr drew in the chat saying marantz and didn't have decent 2.1 avr off offerings or decent options nothing amazing yet though for a good price i i thought last i heard i mean i don't know if
something new has come out recently the last i heard no one had one that did that had properly supported 2.1 like you it you couldn't get either like vrr or 4k 120 or something just didn't work i mean i barely know if i'm doing the right thing but i mean i'm assuming that this game is just considered to be very easy
right and if anybody in the chat has played all the way through it is it is it pretty easy to play all the way through at least i'm sure i i definitely get the impression it is i mean but you know this is you know when i think of game this like it does make me think of games like chameleon twist you know which is very easy breezy platforming you know and and like i you know i have a big soft spot for
those games because they were you know rentals that i enjoyed as a kid and you know and i did a video on them years later like you know i feel like a game like this like if this came out on the n64 or the dreamcast it would be like very expensive and very sought after and there would be a lot of people thinking of phrases i mean i i know it's it's simpler than what would it be if they did like the the uh
the predator thing or they like just did the arms together and zoomed in on their biceps [Laughter] i saw i did did you see i i linked you to it there was this great video of uh the the spanish version of uh that scene from the predator oh yeah yeah yeah they were they put subtitle english subtitles on it that was like who taego
talking to capcom yeah [Music] it was it was pretty awesome i think these little musical pieces are kind of fun i mean it's like dumb but it's like whatever you know well like if if this game came out on like n64 dreamcast like i i i know that you know yo yo yoshio had a great point of you know all of these other games being made for the kids and there is more meat to them but there are also a lot of just very simplistic games
on some of those systems too and some of those are today considered you know cult classics and you know some of them are very sought after and uh yeah i i i feel like i could let my son play this and he would probably get into it but then again i mean he's sitting there playing like essentially the same thing on roblox all the time you know i i i don't really understand the whole
like mentality of like people who just like focus on one game all the time like you know like you know you're a streamer and like you're always playing fortnite or you're always playing whatever like guys like the game you are known for playing and so you're all gonna be real good at it then you know you just have to be so yeah yeah yeah that's really all you can play is so you can entertain people and that's what people expect you to play like they don't want to see you playing other things and like i just don't understand that but then like sometimes i stop and think about i'm like wow
i guess what sports are like you get really good at this one game and you play professionally and there's people who like the main thing they watch is that one game right right what one of the reasons i just don't care about sports that much well but think of it this way i mean the people right but i mean the people that are playing this stuff professionally i mean would you play only one game if you're getting like would you mainly you wouldn't you would only only be required to play that game just like
in front in front of people uh like you know a few times a week let's say for for you know for a certain amount for for like several millions of dollars a year if you were super good at it but like would you play this game three days a week get really really good and be like have the world record at this game here for six million dollars a year and it's not even all you have to play you just play it in front of people like three days a week for a couple hours
yeah i mean that'd be that'd be fine although i think people people who are making that kind of money stream more than that uh they stream every day i'm talking about like professional sports players though right oh but i mean but you have to practice that all the time so you can you know you keep up that like being as good at it or you could do it for a few years and then quit you know just make your money and quit and then yeah don't worry about it anymore worst players do i mean you know they usually aren't
you know don't have that long of a career and back full game but like it just like i i'm not interested in like you know becoming a master at any one game i just want to have a variety of game experiences and you know like that oh we got the lovely lantern from one game to the next i mean replay your favorites and stuff com you know go for the platinum trophy and your favorites but you know i mean i'm not criticizing
anyone who does like focus on like one game for their their streams or anything i'm just saying this like that's not that's not for me you know and i just and i wonder if that's one of the reasons that i just don't have a lot of interest in sports it's just this like intense focus on one specific game like i want to play mini games in my ni games but in a indian games um there was a 499 from replicants
saying this game looks okay to me honestly i prefer watching this to mischief makers i think corey prefers this as well ooh see it was fine but seeing mischief makers you know divisive game but highly sought after and beloved by many you know and two a lot of times you see like gaming the spider-man that's kind of funny uh uh games that are very divisive when they come out
uh or broadly hated uh eventually the people who hate those games lose interest in talking about them and then you start only hearing the people who really love those games talking about them you know like i feel you see that with like you know mario 2 and zelda 2 and castlevania 2 like those uh those games were you know back in the day most people just
didn't like those games but nowadays like people generally aren't so hard on them and you know talk about them you know because you know they like them or think there's something interesting about them you know so i wonder if if in five years you're going here you're creepy looking look at it a lot of people saying actually battle in wonder world is pretty good uh and there was uh
five dollar super chat from eb chill too thank you saying uh hey corey my my twin three-year-old girls have taken over my ps5 with astrobot and lego marvel but thanks to you i'm on my wega vega blasting through time crisis 3. lego marvel are you talking about lego um like marvel super heroes because i just realized i have i must have gotten that at goodwill for like a couple of dollars the the xbox one version of that your son plays on your old xbox one a
lot right uh yeah i mean they they they play on ipads now though yeah but there's like yeah they're pretty much like i i mean sometimes like i i hook up the mister uh for for them and you know you know i i my son like played streets of rage 2 a whole like a whole bunch the other day yeah i i you know you can put in the cheats so i just like put in like invisibility
cheat for him or it was an almost invincible cheat okay and it was uh it was funny i mean for a while there at first he's like i don't want to hit them i don't want to like i don't want to punch them i don't want to hurt them well they're out to get you yeah yeah yeah i'm a choice yeah i i'm definitely looking forward to finally getting around to time crisis 3 sometime i mean i've played little bits of it but i'm looking forward to like dedicating to like getting through it because i mean it
just seems really awesome oh i'm gonna use the light one oh do i not have any lights left oh shoot uh there was uh what happened there did i die maybe i died there was uh five dollars from for the love of the game saying musically and visually battle wonder world is far less offensive than mischief makers
oh no [Music] visually i usually musically though certainly not certainly not bad they they have their own each has their own place i'll say that i like how mystery there was five dollars from mega x6 for no other reason then just because thank you oh oh i thought it was done for is it getting a little challenging no i'm doing here now oh
i mean the sheer number of costumes is definitely interesting yeah they're supposed to be 40 or something i thought i heard like 60. like i know this is this is uh you know has sega lineage but for me like for some reason like i this really seems like just one of those like random like a 6.4 n64 that you know i would have picked up at the rental store yeah i would have and i you know i would have beaten our rental
a little bit really easy but it would have made for it was it would have made for a fun little weekend it'd be one of those things that's like ah like i kind of want it but i already beat it so i should spend my money on it and then i'd keep wanting it and wine it and wine it and then you know one day as an adult i would finally finally buy it like it seems like that guy game just like chameleon twist was you know yeah kind of game to me yeah the old chameleon twisto
chameleon twister high voltage screaming action that's that is the genre i think i know how to get to the closet like to get the uh other or to get back the other uh costumes from previous levels it's like there's like a little portal that you have to like stand by right right it like pops up and you can go inside it
yeah i think you can walk past it i can think you have to like stand on it or something i i don't know this is in the level right here i was just looking around i mean i got the level right here um [Music] oh there's 80 costumes wow i mean that's that's impressive really for them uh so for anybody who watched the stream on friday afternoon
there was a part of the stream early on where i uh dumped i knocked over my my can of diet coke onto my keyboard and your mechanical your your brand new mechanical keyboard yeah and it like it destroyed it it ruined it i mean it was i it was not very much but every time i would press the uh z key after that it would input cz and i opened it up tried to like clean it up
and everything like that and it didn't make a difference uh so my lights just went down i'm like in the dark now hang on let me know let me turn i i i feel like uh i feel like cz sounds like uh the next uh uh sub series of mega man that never happened you know mega man cz uh but you know it was only uh it was it was
like i got it from best buy at the end of february and it was just out of out of like the return period and i got on on uh chat with you know like with best buy customer service and they were like not really helpful i was like so i bring it to a store and just see if i can like exchange i just want to get the same thing or whatever and they're like yes you can do that so i i brought it in there and like it was like basically no questions
asked like they just like took it and they said we you know we'll have to just give you a gift card so you don't even you know you don't even have to get another one so i ended up getting another one but i got like like a more expensive one i was i was not anticipating and anticipating getting another one or i was getting a different one but then i started looking at the different ones and i got another logitech but i got a wired keyboard this time oh and uh it's and you know it has it has rgb lighting
in it it does have rgb lighting because i was like what the other one was wireless yes see i'm so used to using my keyboard on my lap right well i mean i have i have like a keyboard like you like with a like a trackpad i mean you can just use that use that as well i have multiple keyboards hooked up to this computer i mean i have i have a like a uh one of those logitech unifying receivers like on this keyboard that i use with my trackball but
you know since i used the computer like way back there at the set you know it won't pick up the signal from that so i have like a usb uh like extender with like the repeater on the end it goes up behind the wall and along the drop ceiling and then i have like a usb hub like up in the ceiling with a second unifying receiver that's like halfway across the room that it picks up so i have like multiple keyboards i can use yeah i do that too i i have multiple keyboards hooked up too for purposes
like that but i i still always use wireless well i mean normal unless it's like some temporary setup i might use a wired keyboard but what was this said there about picking up a smaller tin and throwing it a bigger tim what does that do let's find out sounds kind of weird i was like how do i pick him up and i realized like press x to pick one up and then a smaller tim and throw it at a bigger tim i'm just i'm i'm only a yellow
jewels real quick they're going to be involved garden uh so this one i got you know like the rgb lighting is kind of cool uh you know you can make it whatever you want but i was really really annoyed at first and i don't know if this is like this with like non-logitech things but like some of the cooler effects that you can get with with the rgb lighting in it can only run if you have that g-hub program running as soon as you quit that it just goes
back to a at first it was like going back to like this lighting that was just like a waves of color going across the keyboard just like rapidly and i'm like is this is this the only option but i don't have that running because that's like i would return it immediately if that was the case but then it turns out you can make your own and and save it to it but some of the cool but some of the cooler effects can only be had when you have that that
g hub program running the thing i like is uh you can hit you can do one where it's like one color and if you press a key it will turn another color of of your choice and it will slowly fade out so if you're you know like typing words you'll get to see like like the path of stuff you've written hmm that's kind of neat uh there was uh five dollars from gindas saying uh this game has a mixed review rating on steam so i think the people who are
who really hate it are just vocal about it yeah i mean it seems inoffensive to me like like hating something is just hating something is a lot of work like actively hating something is a lot of work i think like you know you you know you can just say yeah it's not for me i'm not sure if this is for me i really don't know if it is like i could possibly see myself getting it for cheap someday but i ain't
spending 60 dollars no way but yeah you know i could see myself getting something out of it you know yeah i i think that if it would if it released for cheaper people would have been maybe some people would have been more accepting of it uh i only bought it because like someone had said like oh they're pulling it off store shelves and i was like well should i get it before that's gonna be the case i thought it had something i thought it had something to do with that one song
sounding like it was from ghostbusters yeah i mean i don't know if that's true or not oh i i don't think it's true at this point it would have been a much bigger deal if it was no i might get a ghostbusters thing i did hear that though it's it's pretty exact yeah [Music] okay but it's one of those songs from ghostbusters that people don't really think of i think right but like i i mean i immediately recognized it like i you know i i i know the ghostbusters soundtrack
pretty well there was five dollars from vanessarius thank you saying uh sorry i've been so busy at work these past few weeks i haven't gotten to hear or know if emlig is playing on a wii vc style video for a ps3 and psp closing uh yes we are uh we're we will hopefully do one uh on psp and vita we're going to primitively intend to yeah but you know it would just be way too much to jam
all of yeah it's gonna be two videos so we're going to start off with a ps3 video and that's after corey finishes the video that he's working on right now which you're still kind of keeping the topic of that a secret yeah well i mean i either people will be like hey this is kind of fun and but other people might be like that's i think people will will think it's fun once they actually see yeah see see how you approach it um but yeah hopefully that'll release this week you think you're pretty close
like i want to get it done like by the by hopefully by the stream it'll be uh stream time next week it'll be done i mean i'll try to get it done during the week but we'll see really really i just i keep on like adding stuff to it so it really just comes down to like when i want to call it quick yeah well i mean not completely i mean there's there's certain things that i feel i need to put into it that i haven't done yet i mean i mean should i do people want to know what it is because i mean
don't say what it is because i think it's will be a surprise all right um i think i think regular viewers of the show will think it's a very interesting thing to explore yeah but let's just say that if you like crts yeah there's this you know there is a lot of crt porn yes basically all of the gameplay is off of
crt yes um but yeah the video that we'll most likely release after that will be uh a ps3 you know yeah that's going to be the i don't know if this is going to be the title but you you kind of framed it as uh when we were talking about on stream a few weeks ago uh you know ps3 end-of-life buyer's guide yeah i i i i was talking about in the discord channel i i have bought like
some like 14 ps3 games in the past few weeks what what i've bought like 14 ps3 disc games in the past few weeks it's really really i mean most of them are really cheap but uh i i you know like i want to feel done with the system though you know yeah yeah i want to feel like i mean i'm not i don't think i will literally never buy a ps3 game again but i would like that to be extremely rare yeah like i
i want to feel like i've got my system set up i've got my my games patched you know i've got some games on my backlog i want to get through but i want to feel like the system is pretty well done and settled and i'm not going to have to worry about it or think about adding things to it in the future you know i'm trying to think what this music reminds me of this music specifically reminds me of something [Music] i don't know what it is uh there was there was one dollar from
my yoyo yoshio said uh can you recommend games set under water i've been playing the spongebob games and realize that there aren't really that many games set under water uh seems like there's a lot of untapped potential for underwater uh themed mechanics you know i i feel like you know swimming levels kind of fall into the same category as you know where everyone everyone like always hates on escort missions everyone always hates on swimming levels
and it's like i don't think they're that bad i think everyone hated natalya and golden eye and then just automatically like no matter how well it's done it's like nope escort missions bad resident evil 4 is an escort mission and it's great you know like i i i do not think that either of those things deserve this like blanket statement of hate of oh i wonder why it's always bad but anyway like games that are are mostly or entirely
underwater like you know obviously there's like the uh what is it called um the um oh what's it called there there's a series on like we and there might be some on ps3 something blue i have one of them and i can't think of that all right i got something gonna get some golf reaction i haven't played much of it but you know it's something i was always curious about uh endless ocean oh yeah
i've always been interested in those games like i just uh oh i see wine reno in the chat saying absolutely yeah look at that free wasn't that one of the free games uh on playstation recently what uh yeah it's free until the uh the 22nd of may right now may of april to everyone like everyone you have to have an account you just go onto the playstation network and you can add it to your uh library
oh i see uh stephen cannon is suggesting in the hunt um one one game uh uh for sure would be um uh song of the deep which is uh an insomniac game it was uh that was released on um there was a physical copy of that released uh i believe exclusively at gamestop so i don't know if it's like expensive now it was like it was like a 30
it's like a 25 or 30 dollar game when it came yeah and you you know go buy an xbox one or ps4 version at gamestop uh it's like a little uh little sort of uh submarine shooter metroidvania it's a good good little game yeah yeah subnautica is another one that's free i don't i don't know if that is i don't have never played that but i added that one to my library as well uh i saw that it um
oh i thought uh jamie maxwell responding directly to the uh yoshio saying uh endless ocean one and two on the wii no yeah i i've got endless ocean let me look at my backlog again endless ocean blue world i don't know if that's i'm not sure if that's the second one i picked it up because when i bought uh you know i bought it for video purposes because you know in theory i felt like it was something that we would have to show in you know the eventual we rgb
episode uh local store had a good deal on um a wii mini and at the time they were with every with any wii console they you could pick any game you could pick three games that were under ten dollars to get free with the purchase of a weekend and uh i got i got a endless ocean blue world uh one of the boom blocks games and
what was the other game i got um [Music] i do want to say that really quick while you're thinking about it uh jimmy maxwell also said as for the music you're thinking of is thomas newman uh from american beauty and that is exactly what i was thinking of exactly uh it sounds like there might have been a little bit of inspiration uh going on this soundtrack huh yeah yeah see if i can get over here let's try this i'm gonna go for it let's see if this
works [Music] okay blue world is endless ocean too okay cool yeah i i mean i booted it up when i got it and you know just play a little bit it seemed interesting like it seemed like there was sort of a uh story driven aspect to the exploration like you're kind of looking for something as you explore so like i mean i'm not expecting it to be like an amazing story or anything i'm just saying that it seems to have some structure and direction
you know i like the idea of just exploring the ocean yeah what was that game that you got from limited run that you streamed one time oh ace of seafood ace of seafood there was uh two dollars from uh drake 5017. thank you saying uh thoughts on the castlevania lords of shadow games i've only really played the
first one i mean i've got the second one and i've just i i play a little bit of it just because i wanted to see how it ran on uh xbox backwards compatibility uh so i've played like i don't know 30 minutes of the sequel but i think for both of us we've mostly only played the first lords of shadow is that correct yes although i thought about playing the second one recently and also i have the like the mirror of fake hd that was the 3ds game that came out i don't i i only have it because it was
free on for games with gold and it's still in my library i'll tell you one thing uh i've been going back and downloading a lot of these games to my xbox 360 and it is a painful experience oh more so than ps3 oh my gosh yeah and it's just like it'll start downloading something and not only is it really really slow but also it will like halfway down load a game and it will just like stop because i could not complete the download
and you know you can't as far as i know you can't resume it i mean i you know i i don't know let me download the game um so uh i i'll i'll intend to keep it that way unless it's something that i can play on backwards um but uh but yeah i mean lords of shadow um i i mean i think both of us kind of like it i mean i i thought that lord of shadow was a
better god of war game than god of war that's that that's my my elevator pitch for lords of chat uh you know it uh it it certainly not really what you are expecting from a castlevania game for sure um but you know it's it it's it's separate canon it you know it takes some of the themes of castlevania but kinda just does its own thing and i think that's okay
um that you know i i i thought it was interesting for what it was and and well made and and with some you know good uh you know i i thought the art direction in general was good like i just remember there were a lot of very striking sorts of scenes like i just thought that just visually it always seemed like there was just really interesting stuff to look at although it it does not run great on last gen or at least not on ps3 so i've got i've got lords of
shadow 2 on xbox which is backwards compatible and you know uh uh someone once told me that lords of shadow two uh was the uh they thought the best 3d metroidvania that they had played like you know interesting so that kind of made me think huh you know i mean i know people are kind of down on those games because they're they're not what they want from castlevania but
but i like the the first one definitely did well i mean certainly i always thought it did poorly because i never heard anyone say anyone but me never say anything good about it but it did well enough to get it yeah yeah that's why i was surprised that there was a sequel because i everyone was like all always like pooping on it but apparently it sold well the main thing that i don't like about it is the and we both like agree on this is that um uh patrick stewart
was not only like just wasted wise but like kind of actively obnoxious yeah like i mean just because his bits where he like reads uh he acts out uh or just like reads like this uh narration it's so there's like so much to it it's just so wordy and goes on and on and on and and like it really just says the same thing over and over again
yeah it's basically just you know gabriel balmat was rage and anger building up and see inside him and it was tearing him up yeah and it's it's that over and over again it's literally that over and over again and like the thing was like in the actual cutscenes like i thought you know for a man who was in a pretty horrible situation i thought he was doing a-okay you know but then like he felt like patrick
stewart was like projecting this image of him that you know was where the story was ultimately headed but didn't really jive with how he was presented through the course of the game and cut scenes like just it that that part didn't sit well with me but uh you know i thought it was a good game for its time for what it was you know i'm i'm not afraid to defend lord
shadow a little bit oh here we go we got another another uh song and dance you're kind of tearing through these yeah i don't know how many chapters there are i mean from the sound of it there's a lot of you know based on what john was saying there's a lot of there's a lot of reason to revisit older stages yeah you know this girl kyle looks like luca got the purple uh there was uh five dollars from uh
good old good old shinjan ah thank you saying uh sup fellas cory one of these days you need to stream an ease game just not arc why not arc i mean i need to play i need to play through arc myself oh i see okay just just john doesn't maybe shinjon doesn't like ark i mean i wonder if i could i mean i should play some uh uh oh with them fella ghana that'd be that'd be kind of a fun stream game yeah i could do like a new game plus i played the pc version
really what uh what what could you stream other fell ghana from the pc version oh you would do that he's nine see i don't want to ruin like tries and played you haven't played six eight and nine uh i mean broadly speaking yes but i mean you know i i haven't played the original versions of four i've only played celceta i i haven't played the original versions
of right three but broadly speaking i've played a game that represents one two three and four i have not played a game i've not played five i've not played arc i have not played eight or nine yeah i mean i know john's saying oh uh arc is only when i consider it a bad game and i mean i wouldn't say it's a bad game i just think that there's just
it's just not a lot to it which is fine yeah totally uh you know nice breezy simple action game yeah i mean from from the very little i've played of it it reminds me a lot of oath and phil ghana and e's origin stuff we streamed yeah but i mean uh arc was the first one that was using that engine which i think is probably why it's not
as refined as the other ones uh what's this hub world all about i don't know i don't know um there was uh four pounds from uh joshua finzee thank you so much you guys are the keiko adapter for gamecube it's not as good as the wii u via hdmi regarding resolution i was wondering if that should be the case well first of all i mean keiko i i mean i can't speak to their their you know gamecube adapter but you know
they that that company is kind of falling out of the good graces of the retro scene yeah because specifically because of the retro scaler they they they they tried to get away with cloning the retro tank yeah which which is not an open source project project like not an open source project they you know we we initially um you you tried a keiko ossc yeah the oss himself
initially you know took a look at it you know said okay they're using quality components in it the ossc is an open source project you know and the fact that they used uh matt buxton's ossc logo which is not open source um you know and then they later fixed that it seemed like they were doing things by the book you know for utilizing an open source project but then it since then it seemed very much like they're just interested in
cloning um whatever else is already out there uh you know not making anything new and even stuff that is not open source they just want to clone it so uh you know i know that gc video is based on open source firmware i have no idea if they are you know unfairly utilizing someone else's design hardware design for that product i don't know anything about i'm just throwing that out there
you know just in case you have feelings about uh you know those those kinds of business practices but uh i i would say you know any of those gc video products you can probably count on any of them to pretty much give you the exact same results because they're based on the same firmware um for the most part i think you know there are some like specialty branches of for some of those devices i believe but now you're saying that it's not as good as the wii u in terms of resolution
technically that's true you know you are outputting 1080p from the wii u however it's not the best upscale i mean it's still a it's still a 480p source you know um for your gamecube game uh you know it's not like the game itself is being rendered in a higher resolution
and the actual upscale that the wii u does from 480p to 1080p is not really considered to be especially good um you know some color errors just some some noisy and not all that great scaling personally i don't i don't think it's that bad i think a lot of people act like it's worse than it really is the wii u is a fine way to play wii games or or gamecube games if you do it through homebrew means it's a totally
fine way to do it um i i don't i don't have a particular issue uh with that however that said something to keep in mind you know it's always an easy thing to forget but remember that your tv if it's a 1080p tv your tv is also upscaling a 480p source to 1080p or if it's a 4k tv it's also upscaling a
480p source to 4k so your tv is upscaling just like your wii u is upscaling so even though the gamecube adapters are outputting 480p and not you know native 1080p or whatever it's a similar process is happening whether that's done internally or externally and ultimately i would say that the visual result using a gc video product like a carbi or whatever you know i use a carby with my gamecube
uh down here um it looks better than wii u for sure and just like i got on my wii my actual wii console i got uh uh dan koontz's um uh we dual motto and you know i gotta say it's really kind of revitalized my interest in uh digging back into my wii library like it i i think it looks really good like it's not no yeah i mean yeah it's it's just up outputting 1080p you know it's not doing
any fancy internal upscale but i think it looks really good on my tv and then captures um you know i shortly after i got it i streamed uh kirby's return to dreamland you know it's a game i've beaten twice before i just really want to play it um you know it just i think it looks really good so these gc video products i i really do think they give you the the best results that you can get from wii in gamecube hardware right now
um even like the component solutions uh you know if you really really uh pixel peep uh you know you're really looking looking for flaws uh if you take the uh component cables the official component cables and like the insurrection component cables uh they look the new ones look better when doing like the 2x scale on the ossc so
i mean you know um i the the wii u is is a good and easy solution a good and easy solution but um you know don't be fooled by the fact that it's outputting 1080p you know it's it's uh it's the quality of what you do with that 480p source uh that matters not you know whether the system itself is to me um there was uh there was a patreon donation i don't
know if it's someone that is in the uh uh jordan anthony ruiz i know that no that was uh carter carter mckinnon right sorry but that i saw wrong words i'm trying to keep up with the with the uh the donations here hopefully i haven't missed something else that was a stream labs one the the next one i see here is shinjan with a five dollar thank you uh saying uh five dollars but troy can't play
anything else until he finishes playing the e series well i don't even have ease five i've been um i've been trying to get it uh but it you know i i've wanted to get i think that's gonna be the next one i think to look for it on ebay it's always uh like a complete unboxed copy and i'm like i just i just want the card um it's not like an expensive game or anything but it just it doesn't appear on ebay
uh at least not when i'm looking for it um i i understand five is not not one of the more popular ones right but i think that's going to get a that's that's definitely going to be the next one i don't think that they're going to make use 10 before they make three before they remake ease five because it's really the only one that needs to be remade at this point yeah and i think a remake would i mean it's not con it's considered one of the worst ones i think right which is why i think it's definitely going to be one thing yeah and not only that but i mean the
beginning so eight takes place in between five and six ah so it would it makes a lot of sense i mean you uh adolf at all it all starts with uh starts with um the sword from the end of five at the beginning of of eight nicely but it um i uh but i would like to play like the super famicom version of this sometime i would like you know i'd like to actually play my real cart that i will eventually get
you know so that means i gotta learn a little more japanese first so i don't i don't think i can commit to that shinjan sadly but i do need to make ease eight a priority yeah i haven't beaten eight or five either all right do you have do you have it i yeah i have a cartridge of it is it is it i mean it's not it's not i mean last i've seen it it's not expensive i just don't see it very often really and whenever i do see it it's like complete in box and i just want the car
uh from what i understand too there's the translation is pretty good on it the translation patch yeah yeah i mean he has but i just i i wanna i wanna play the real real card right right but i mean by the way like that's because like as much as i respect translation patches like i think one of the reasons i have not played through very many translation patches i've played through like sweet home second in setsu three
that's about it in terms of games i've played all the way through maybe another one or two maybe maybe a couple of platformers i did like uh ganbari goemon 2 on famicom uh but like as much as i respect what they offer for everyone like i just don't find myself making the time for them and i think a big part of it is just like that little voice in the back of my head that tells me it's like it's not the real wrong you know no i mean what if you
like what if you bought the cartridge and you want my system to be reading a vintage rom rom chip that was put into a cartridge and you know right well i used 1990 whatever and that's just how my brain works you know i want no i i get that but what i mean is like why not just like you could buy the cartridge and then play the translation i know but like i want to play the cartridge i won't play that cartridge that i buy i mean i can understand for some for for some games i can understand with the
uh the translation but this one like had like input and like involvement of like all the people that have worked on uh like a lot of the stuff like with xc and stuff don't get me wrong i'm not like belittling it or anything or something like i mean but that's why i feel like this one is like i'm just i'm just saying like i i have this i have this urge to want to play the the real thing and that's that's one of the reasons i'm trying to trying to slowly learn japanese
right so i mean it but that that only applies to cartridges though with you right i mean i'd like to do it i'd like to deal with disc games too although i mean so you're just like just not going to play snatcher essentially if you ever wanted to play snatcher i mean if i learned japanese well enough to play snatcher eventually i could play you know another another version of it i i'm not saying i'm swearing off translation patches i'm not saying that i'm just saying you
know is a general rule like i just don't find myself making the time for them and i think part of it is because of you know that you know it's that little thing in the back of my head that just says it's not the real thing you know i get it i mean i feel like that a lot of times i'm not wearing them off i'm not swearing them off by any means i'm just saying i would like to play snatcher but you know yeah i mean like i could i can understand what cartridges but cds are different for me i feel
differently about cds well and we've seen like i said like you know i i do see myself kind of using the x station very likely going forward is like my main ps1 but still again i want to primarily play games that i actually you know buy the disc of and put on my shelf right but but but still that that doesn't i i don't think that that doesn't gain this boring uh state of mind that i have where it's
like i want to play the vanilla version of the game even if it's even if it's through an ode like i just i want to play the vanilla version of the game that's just how i think you know and if there is a official translation you know an officially released version and you know so what about stuff like like like like like unworked designs what about stuff like on work designs is
that no i would i would never actually play through it yeah i wouldn't care like what the quality of life tweaks were or anything i would never actually i mean don't get me wrong again i think it but what i'm saying is is that awesome for the people that want those quality of life tweaks but they're not they're it's just restoring the japanese stuff that that you know that working designs changed let's see i wouldn't i wouldn't play through it i just know i wouldn't i know i wouldn't do it i just
i wouldn't i wouldn't that's not to say anything against it but it's just i know i would not do it i would either play the american version as it is or the japanese version as it is like that's just that's just how i am like like uh uh you know i think that's one of the reasons i'm not picky about like a lot of things where like people like oh this is your bad game design blah blah blah blah blah blah and i think i have this
you know i often think of like the the the spiny shell the blue shell and mario kart like a lot of people are like oh it's very frustrating game design because you can be the one that's actually playing the best and you know you could have everything taken away from you at the last minute for you know just a bad rng and it's like well you know what the blue shell is part of the game deal with it just deal with it that's part of the game like and that's just kind of my
philosophy in playing games in general like there can be aspects of a game that you don't like you can you can you can criticize it you know we make our end of the year videos where we you know sometimes you know have some criticisms with with games and say what you like and what you didn't like but at the end of the day like if i'm going to play through this game i'm just going to deal with the way it is whether there's things in it that i like and things that i don't like but that is the game i want the i want
something that was officially i want to play the game in the forum that it was officially released whether that is officially released only in japan officially released in america you know i want to play it as it was sanctioned to be released and i know that problem makes no sense i get it i mean whether or not i wasn't i wasn't in the the hacks video even that useful hacks video you know
like because i'm just not personally interested in it like i i respect the heck out of it but i that's just my my interest is in playing the game as it is intended to be whether that is good or bad i get it i mean i've done the same i've been the same way you know like i have barely played through any hacks i i think when i think of things like unworked designs i mean if i replay
through if i play through replay the uh sega cd version of lunar i'm definitely playing the unworked designs version because i mean i've already played i've already a i've already played and beat the other one and this is just like i feel it's it's much more of a convenient way to enjoy that game now i mean not even so much convenience but it's uh more it's just more tolerable because there's a lot of like i don't want to i can understand that too because you've already played the original version like
i could see myself if i was in your situation oh i played the sega cd version when i was a kid you know i don't i don't need to do this legit you know yeah there's no reason to suffer through it again i i can i can understand that and and and i wouldn't criticize anyone for choosing that as their first version to play but i just i i personally i just i know the way that i tend to play things and that's
that's just not something i would see myself doing have already been this way uh there was uh we're probably falling a bit behind now uh because that was a that was a long long little conversation um uh five canadian from uh uh tomt17 thank you saying uh thoughts on the time splitters 2 port recently unearthed and home front the revolution frame that will eventually get a true hd re-release i mean gosh yeah i mean i mean i ordered it from
best buy it's it's ten dollars on best buy it's ten dollars on best buy at least it was yesterday i mean i don't know if it's sold out if if the the recent attention could possibly be uh selling it uh making it sell out but yeah if you go to it's ten dollars at least i don't know about ps4 we you or the xbox version as well right yes yeah the xbox uh one version is ten dollars okay so is it in the other version too
is it in the ps4 yeah oh i never heard that it wasn't i i i heard people um it's home front the revolution right the revolution it's uh i mean people were talking about with the pc version even so it's got to be in all well there my understanding is i think there is an arcade unfortunately i believe it is later in the game so we're gonna have to play through this game whether we like it or not um uh there is an arcade
later in the game um that after you find it you you have access to it from the title screen and as the game is released i think you have access to the first two or three levels of time splitters to within it that's that's always been a thing but but what the entire game is there but the guy who put it in there forgot the debug codes like i read a little bit about this apparently the guy who is
matt phillips right my codes to someone else like to keep the to like you know for safekeeping to like reveal it one day i guess and then apparently this guy was like banned from a discord channel because he said that this was a thing and no one believed him and it's actually true so people like uh people like i guess you know reverse engineered did some debugging or whatever to
to figure out what the actual codes were and they figured them out so um so anyway yeah i mean i'm definitely excited about that i i love times players too i'd love to see a proper hd remaster someday you know a standalone thing but for now i think it's just such an interesting thing and we would like to do another games within games video someday yeah i feel like that that's gotta be like the new poster child for yeah this is such an unexpected fine uh this has come about so recently uh i
mean what what a game what a great game you know i ended after i like kind of had just you know i liked the game back in the day but when i played replayed it for that perfect dark zero episode like i just really just came to a huge new appreciation of it and um uh i ended up buying every version of the game like i owned the gamecube version back in the day and i sold it and then you know i i ended up rebuying
the ps2 buying the ps2 version and then i saw the gamecube version at a local store for a good price i bought that and i saw them saw the the xbox version at another local store for a good price like i just i just like got now that i know it is in home front the revolution like i had to buy that because like i just really love that game now it is extremely extremely good uh and they just don't make games like that anymore like there's it it is it's just such a remarkable thing seeing
that golden eye perfect dark gameplay put into a game that has more modern uh control scheme sensibilities um it's it's it's just magical it's it's fantastic um and maybe home front of the revolution would be decent enough you know i don't play all that many first-person shooters these days oh like i kind of feel like uh
uh i kind of feel like it uh you know it might not be that bad just because it's like yeah you know i i don't i i'm not like as wise to the you know the the the design conven the current design conventions of the genre you know so um i'll be pretty tolerant of it so it's we're i feel like we're really far behind there's like several yeah i'm going i'm going to try to catch up um there was uh two pounds from joshua finzee again thank you saying uh
uh this is the response uh to the um the um gamecube output question same thing should have mentioned i'm using the m classic that in that case i mean if you're using an m classic um whenever using those marseille devices you should to get the intended results you um you need to be you outputting the native resolution of the game you're playing so so uh outputting 1080p
from a wii u of a 480p gamecube game gains you little to nothing with an m classic you need to be you know so if you're playing like say a um uh let's say you're playing on an xbox 360 and you're playing a 720p game but your xbox 360 is set to 1080p output you're not getting the results you're supposed to be getting if your game is 720p but your system is outputting 1080p your game resolution and your output
resolution need to match to get the intended results from mk so you want to set your xbox 360 to 720p so if you're playing uh a wii game or a gamecube game on wii u you're going to want to set your system actually to 480p and that's one of the reasons that the um you know the a gamecube output device like carby or whatever that outputs 480p if you are
um using an m classic that's good that's a good thing you that will uh that will give you the intended so i i personally don't really like the mars say what what the marseille devices do to the signal i'm not really into that look personally um but you know for the people that do that is that is how you should use them so um i'm pretty serious this is good if you didn't get the wii u set it to 480p but it would actually be i uh the the the carby or any of those
other gc video devices i'm playing at 480p that that's actually the ideal um output for the device um there was actually i don't think we are that far behind um it was five dollars from uh jonathan henson thank you saying uh confession i've never played an easy game should i start with book one and two on pc engine or another one um you know those games are i would i would personally be cautious
about starting with those um i i think they're a little obtuse uh you know even like the psp remake or whatever um and they're very short very very short games but the the above mechanics are not for everyone i i personally don't love them uh i i played the the um the psp version of one and two um
i don't love the bump mechanics um oh uh uh yeah i mean i think if you're gonna play one you should play the either the pc version or the uh the psp the chronicles is what one you should be playing chronicles you know i have to admit like that's kind of there's i i've discovered that there's a lot of psp games that have like a 2d art style that like when they came out i was like oh this looks really good i
mean that's what i would suggest it looks like a mobile game yeah time that was such like it it's there it wasn't such an established convention of what like the mobile game look uh is that like at the time it didn't bother me but now i kind of look at games like the like the final fantasy 4 uh one two and four on psp and uh and uh ease book one and two on pfp and i was like ooh this looks really good now i'm kind of like ooh um but but anyway yeah like i i started
uh with oath and felgana which i mean i s psp version but i mean there are higher res versions of that nowadays um i think odin velgana is a great starting point it's you know just a very fat fun fast action game um no fat to the game i mean it's like it's like it's like what like i'd say between six and ten hours or something it's a pretty quick breezy game just very very fun to play
um e's origin is very good um uh e7 is good but i kind of has more fat in it than a lot of the other games yeah well with starting with seven they start to get a bit longer yeah seven and onward a lot more dialogue and and and even just uh yeah well party mechanic too where you change between party members and they have like all like different weapons and fighting styles and stuff so they're a little more complex but
they're still very fun fast action games um i i really like uh memories of celceta i feel like most people like e7 more than sell set up but i like sell soda but starting with eight you know the eight is is also fairly long but they start they introduce like a town building mechanic to it that is really really fun i think and that you find a lot of like people stranded on the island and they add aspects to your
your town or your village rather and uh i think it's that kind of thing that is that makes the newer games a lot of fun i mean i you know i still have yet to play eight but i'm kind of really getting the impression that eight has kind of quickly become like the fan favorite yeah it's definitely my favorite um for sure so i mean that you know that that that and one since that's a recommendation but i i i feel like if you kind of want to play something that's kind of
similar to the series roots but has i think better combat than the bump mechanics i would say start with either other felgana or ease origin ease organ does not have eight all in it but um uh i mean i i think oath and phil gana's that was my starting point and i i would stand by that you know any version of oath and felgana you know that's a remake of three which is kind of three is one of the more unconventional games because that one's actually a 2d
side-scrolling game and i've not played much of the original versions of three like on super nintendo and genesis um i don't love what i've seen of it but i kind of want to play through that version someday all the same um but other felgana is an incredible remake of it that is more you know has more normal ease-like gameplay than the original actually did because
the original is kind of like you know zelda two of the two one with a big piece of corn watch the big piece of corn fly at him no all corn corn love coming up oh no it's like this is something else i guess i thought it was the big piece of corner maybe it's different every time uh well are you replaying this level first i thought i thought i had gotten this one but i guess maybe i didn't because i remember there being a big piece of corn flying at them there was uh two dollars from mitch b saying uh thoughts on
game prices skyrocketing like i mean i know that's been a big thing over the past year i mean i haven't been to my local game shops very much at all over the past year um so i haven't really seen a lot of that first hand uh you know all my game buying has been online a lot of it has been japanese games and you know i've i've always been you know buying good prices or cheaper ones
lately uh you know i bought a bunch of ps3 games uh lately like i said uh yeah i mean i know most of them were very cheap there were a couple that were more expensive than i expected like you know siren blood curse you know i i did spend 65 dollars for the the european version just because i thought it was uh i thought it was worth getting that physically um and uh i mean i didn't have any version of it all even digitally um but i just thought it was it was interesting enough of a game for me to
want to get the physical version of that well i still you know while it was still almost affordable that's expensive uh like but things like folklore that's you know more expensive than i thought it would be um but um fortunately for me like nothing that i've really been looking for in the past year uh has been expensive but maybe you know i would like to go uh uh to go visit my local game shops uh you know sometime uh in the in the
coming months uh and uh maybe i'll have a rude awakening i don't i don't know yeah i mean i don't really know like what i'm looking for that's really expensive right now yeah i mean i don't think that much about what i'm looking for until until i see it you know a lot of times i don't keep like a wish list or anything you know like i i i vaguely know what games i am interested in but like you know i just forget about a lot
of the time you know that that was one of the reasons that like immediately after the stream last week i went to ebay to look for uh you know uh getsu fumadan because i was like i if i don't get this now i will completely forget about i i do i do one i won't or i'll remember it but i won't remember the name i'll have to ask audi every time and you know that that does not feel like a week ago that feels like for some reason like recently like it feels like every week has been like
two weeks i don't know why uh there was uh two dollars for for the love of the game saying uh how badly do you want shawn laden back pretty badly to be honest you know i actually saw uh yeah i i never loved the guy that much but uh you know i mean he there was uh i i saw somewhere somehow i fell across i fell across a tweet a few days ago that um
uh was a video clip of him from an e3 conference some number of years ago and he was talking about vibram and he said he said you know it wasn't a megaton hit or anything but that wasn't the point right and the you know you know there was some cheering in the audience and you know the person who tweeted it said you know that this mostly forgotten speech from you know sean laden from years ago like i often think about how
you know what a cool thing it was to hear a game executive say you know it wasn't a you know a mega hit but that wasn't the point right i think because of that didn't like people thought oh it's gonna it's gonna come on the playstation store because of that and that wasn't that was not the intention but then they ended up releasing it because it created that expectation but uh you know like that really was
like you know that it feels like right now that's not the place sony is in anymore and it's it's concerning yeah you know that there's i i guess kind of a lot of you know i haven't really watched the discourse myself very closely but you know that it it's it sounds like right now sony doesn't you know if it's if it's not if it's not you know the last of us get out you know it's not going to sell
those yeah well i mean there's the stuff going around about apparently that there's like i can't think of anything that i want less yeah yeah i mean like but i want naughty dog to work on less than remaining last of us will i buy it yes will i play through it yes but like i mean i don't know i like i mean i just can't imagine like they're gonna redo it but unless they they add some like major changes to it like i
like i just don't see a reason for it just like i mean i would i would play it because i mean i've only played the the original game one time and you know i'd like to revisit it but like that's just yeah that's that just seems like an absolute waste of their time i mean it's like that is like you know how we we've said like gosh i wish konami were working on a code veronica remake instead of a resident evil 4 remake like because resident evil 4 just doesn't need a remake that badly
this is like 20 times more that like yeah well this does not need a remake it got a 60 fps port that you can play in 4k on a playstation 5. you don't need a wreath like who needs that nobody needs that nobody really wants it i don't think really i mean if it's true it's it's i wonder if like they see like the reaction to that like oh well maybe we shouldn't do this like probably not but
it might not be the big hit that they think it will be though because people are people people all been there done that i mean it's probably been free on playstation plus or something like people probably already have access to this game like it's it's it's it's kind of dumb yeah like i mean the current direction i mean you know playstation 5 is off to you know as solid of a start as next gen is off to i mean it's not the greatest part
to the generation for sure i mean the lack of exclusives and stuff but at least playstation 5 does have exclusives i think you know the medium is about the only thing that can only be played on series x right now but right now it seems like microsoft is garnering all of the goodwill yeah i mean they're working for that they're working for that goodwill for sure but i mean i mean microsoft can pull a stunt like like right now like sony is losing so much goodwill so
rapidly that they can pull it microsoft can pull a stunt like buying bethesda and they're still getting the goodwill you know yeah like that's that's how that's how like not that great jim ryan sony is like it's it it is concerning i i you know sony goes through these phases of getting really every time sony has a blowout success generation
aside from the transition from ps1 to ps2 right you know aside from that every time they have this blowout generation they get really cocky and then end up getting like a big dose of humble pie and i hope they get some kind of humble pie again because that i feel is when sony is at their best when they kind of have to like readjust and be on the defensive and uh regain people's interest and trust and i
feel like that's when they're making their most interesting games but oh it's like oh let's close japan studio let's do not let's not do any games that don't sell millions of copy bill not billions but millions of copies you know uh you know what let's let's forget about our old games you know who cares about that old stuff you know that this is not the sony i like and every time you know ps2 blowout generation they get a big
slice of humble pie at the beginning of the ps3 generation and then they turn the ps3 around that becomes really good and then you know so they they go into ps4 with you know very sensible and measured sort of approach and uh you know they you know take the generation by storm mostly because of how badly microsoft had been messaging before the console even released you know they backpedaled all
that before it even released but the damage was already done people would already decide they liked the ps4 vision for next gen and then so sony you know not too carried away with their success in ps4 and it just you know they they're they're doing now we gotta do it again the the the system is very well made aside from the fact that it reads the disc drive and that makes my floor vibrate at random times when it does not need to access
this and it does not need to vibrate that badly but aside from that the ps5 seems very well engineered it has an incredible controller that you know the new features of the controller are really fun um but like they they're they're they're showing that you know cocky side again i think is it's gonna bite them in the butt and i i'm nervous about where sony's headed right there there was another another ram okay
that was a response for the love of the game saying how badly do you want john played back um in 2041 audi is going to be streaming this game probably probably i'll believe it uh let's see so the there is one dollar from yoyoyo saying would you ever replace a console with a 100 perfect emulation with vans enhancements i've replaced my gamecube and we would
dolphin because it's almost perfect i don't get why you would want to play uh why on earth you'd want to play real hardware if it's objectively worse i didn't really catch that can you read it again yes uh it says would you would you ever replace your console with a 100 perfect emulation with vast enhancements i've replaced my gamecube and wii with dolphin because it's almost perfect i don't get why you'd want to uh play on real hardware if it's objectively worse
you go ahead and answer i'm gonna run through that yeah i mean i i i i would keep original hardware around in part because i make a youtube channel right i mean i i feel like i have to have i have to have access to what is that original experience i want to be able to share and convey for you know i i don't i don't want to have some like inflated idea that what we are doing with videos is like preservation or anything but in some sense it could be because we
put videos out there that show definitively this is from the original system this is the resolution that it could output uh you know for as a as a video creator i feel like it's important to have access to that because in some ways also i feel like the um the original resolution for a lot of games creates a more cohesive experience uh you know john was just talking about this the other day like he loves how panzer
dragoon orta looks on current gen xbox systems but he's actually not a huge fan of backwards compatibility um with most other xbox games because of that sort of mixture of like low lower resolution uh hud elements or menu uh part with the high this less cohesive experience he prefers to play it as native revolutionized crt i don't entirely agree i i i do
sort of understand the disconnect between that softer uh 2d artwork versus the high res i understand that and that is kind of argument i'm making um but i think it's done really well on the xbox stuff from what i've seen um so that doesn't bother me too much but i understand where he's coming from and i do think there are a lot of cases where if when you see the game in the original resolution whether it's the hud elements or
background textures or just the way certain polygon models were designed i feel like when you see it in its original resolution that creates the context for why the game is designed the way that it is uh you know that resolution itself may have been a um may have been uh utilized as part of the design choices so and certainly when
when you compare to a crt i i don't think it would be fair to say dolphin you know at 4k on your 4k tv is objectively better than uh 480p gamecube on a uh on a 480p capable pvm or on a hdcrt or on a vga monitor with an appropriate adapter because again that original resolution
to me it crea it creates a more cohesive experience and well i think that in general from what i've seen on the xbox upscaling on series x is better than a lot of other stuff i've seen of how the 2d the 2d elements are handled uh i i i still i mean yes higher resolution i mean you know if a remake of the game comes out you know or remastered with a high resolution in most cases i probably would play the remaster
uh if you know it had nice uh rescaling of artwork or whatever but you know it's still at the end of the day goes down to you know for for the average person out there who's just playing games for their own enjoyment i can absolutely understand that sentiment but i feel like as a content creator uh the original hardware isn't as important if for no other reason just to be able to convey this is the original experience this is how it was designed to be and how it was designed to look you
know so i i i personally could never get rid of it because of that and because of my interest in the original hardware and also just because i like how the original hardware looks who doesn't love having a gamecube in their house right or or let's be honest three uh i've actually got three and a half i guess yeah i guess i have three probably one of them is like opened up though
and wonderful what so but i mean there's a reason for it i mean i have one that's why i say i have three and a half one is one is junk and it's opened up yeah but i mean i have i have a one that has a a gc loader and the other one uh uh is stock you know gc loader and uh gc dual you get it uh there was uh two dollars uh for from the love of the game asking uh corey give an honest review of ballon so far
uh i mean i don't think it's that bad i mean it's it's it's not i wouldn't say it's like special or anything there's finally that that uh that statue i was looking for i mean i don't know there's it's it's it's not a 60 game that's for sure but i mean i i don't feel that it's a i don't think it's bad i don't think it's bad maybe it's just not what people want [Music]
or people wanted from it uh but i think i i don't think that it's it's i don't think it's a poorly made game yeah there's there's there's i think a tendency to [Music] characterize games that are fine is is bad actively bad you know it's the the you know it's the mentality of you know if it's if it's not like at least an 8.5 or higher than it's just it's this not worth playing it's not
worth playing i i understand somewhat where it comes from because it's like people only have so much time people only have so much time like why not play the best of the best but uh at the same time though you know there might be something special in that game that most people think is just okay that like it's like wow like i love this idea and it you know just sparks your tickles your fancy or whatever you know
and like you wouldn't know that if you didn't try it yourself you know you can't go off of the you know general um opinions yeah i see extra dylan saying i don't think the uh ballon is worth my time uh but that doesn't mean bad right right i mean i could see myself finishing it but i don't think that i'm going to get all the statues yeah yeah it's uh
i don't either he seems something about that hat like what's his face really like i mean i i i think he's an interesting design but yeah i don't trust him yeah uh there was five uh dollars from chris schulman yeah and now i mean he's he's my best friend i keep forgetting that chris yes uh what do you say he says speaking of speaking about oh do you yeah i'll do it
my chair just jumps chris all of a sudden speaking of uh the last of us nonsense if you had unlimited funds what game would you attempt to remake and enhance uh and i will go with something that i know for a fact that he would easily be able to guess would be my answer now at this point i would say skies of arcadia [Music] and for fun i mean i bet he would like to say to see a like a full-on remake of of luffy he's a big he's a big luffy fan
yeah that'd be interesting yeah uh i mean hmm i mean i guess for me it'd be it'd be fine fantasy sex yeah i mean final fantasy 6 or chrono trigger yeah oh man i mean i just think about remaking chrono trigger like i just i think that anything that they try to do like i don't think that they would work if they like it like even with unlimited funds because they would they would they would feel the need to add so much stuff to it
and one of the greatest things about that game is that it's like it's like there's no like fap in that game oh yeah and just by yeah stuff to it you're gonna gonna ruin that i think i uh uh but it based on on on how he phrases it sounds like you have like some creative controller over yeah results like we're not totally throwing this off into tetsuya and no miura's hands you know
whatever i wouldn't even i wouldn't trust him to do that stuff because he i mean he has no right so i mean in other words it sounds like you can put together a team but you you've got you know the the power to say yes and no to various decisions or say like you know i think this is going to slow down the pace of the game too much like we really need to keep to the spirit of the original here but i i mean you have a good point like i feel like final fantasy 6 would be a more interesting remake than chrono trigger but the pro trigger is
i mean not that final fantasy 6 isn't almost perfect itself but chrono trigger is like so perfect just as it is on the console it is on yes um you know and part of the reason i say final fantasy 6 as well was i remember in college i i spent a lot of time really thinking this through like when i was in cot like the fellowship of the ring came out the christmas before i started college so like
my first few years of college were like in the midst of the lord of the rings coming out and i remember visualizing like what would fall fancy like if you like and make final fantasy 6 like in this style of movie you know yeah like what would that be like and like i had it all work i think i've told this story before uh but uh i i i had like
titles for each one and i i was going to i was going like i have a trilogy a trilogy of final fantasy 6 movies and part one was gonna be from the beginning up through the snowfield battle where you fight kefka and then tara like you know esperifies and flies away right yeah uh i was going that was gonna be part one and then part two was gonna be from you know the search for tara up
through uh the uh you know kepca moving the statues on the um flowing continent and then part three was going to be the entire world of ruin so i was going to call each part final fantasy 6 world of balance final fantasy 6 world of espers and fall 56 world of ruin that was like oh man it still wouldn't be all out and it still wouldn't be all out
right now wouldn't be come on no but i i was thinking of it in terms of a movie but like you know like i would be okay with them dividing final fantasy 6 up into chunks if they gave it like you know the same visual an aesthetic treatment that like final fantasy vii got you know i'd be okay with it being in parts just because i envisioned it as a you know a uh you know a a college student i envisioned it with you know uh
in this lord of the rings-esque trilogy i think that would be that would be that would be fun but like at the same time like i would be okay with i would really like to see uh like a trials of mana remake of several square yes yeah something that's video games like not just not just the mana series but like i don't know final fantasy 4 5 6 even chrono trigger like i i think they need they need a
little more budget they need to uh they need to manage the geometry better so that there's not so much like popping and stuff like that but like i would be like if you just took that trials of mana remake formula and just like kicked it up just a notch to the next level like i think you could make some really good super nintendo rpg remakes with that it doesn't
have to be final fantasy 7 remake grand scale but if i had the unlimited budget and whatever i would do final fantasy 6 you know with a faithful story and uh and turn based combat in final fantasy 7 remake quality of presentation that would be my answer um uh back to the super chat everyone's dumping such good super chats on us tonight it just makes me feel they're
just they're super chats that make me want to talk you know i can't help it uh there was uh two dollars from uh draco 5017 again thank you saying uh nick of konami at e320 2021 who knows maybe maybe they'll bring goemon back finally we can believe oh look you're sheep man now yeah um gosh i don't know like
what what what could they show i i have no idea is it happening like we we sold uh kojima productions all of our properties i guess this is not the way to do this uh there was uh i'm sorry for however long ago some of these super chats might have been i'm just i'm just feeling long-winded tonight uh chris v uh with five dollars saying uh here's five bucks just for try sounding exactly like i do talking about recent playstation with
friends over voice chat yeah i mean you know and i've not even been like this character design is hilarious i i've not even really been engaging in like the you know the the discourse or too deeply or really following really the whole the conversation at all but you know there's just there's all these little worrying things about you know what what they're doing right
now i guess um oh yeah yeah arrow accurate accuracy is this still the case i'm scrolling down the chat and i'm seeing some people saying my voice out of muffin uh it wasn't i think that was it just discord maybe i don't i think so yeah i don't know why oh is it did it change it seems to be okay now you're getting kind of close to the microphone at times you were like leaning into the microphone sometimes i think that's when it was happening
oh okay i'm i'm laying back now so it must have been discord being funky yeah it seems to be okay though now i looked at the settings to make sure uh there was uh ten dollars from gabe r thank you thank you saying uh sorry for off topic question does an apple a2 m6014 rgb monitor work on a mister or any device with rgb vga or only works with apple computer and when will mr video be up
this video we hope will be up sometime within the spring yeah yeah i mean i'm working on i just got sidetracked on this other thing and just because it was like a subject that i was like randomly enamored with and uh but yes and then now then we have the psn thing like it's it's being actively worked on and uh you know i will try to get this for most of you so yeah um but uh
you know i i don't i had a ah i don't know what would you call it imac my old work you know when they were they were getting rid of uh a newspaper department uh my old boss brought a brought an apple computer by with you know that was one of those like translucent colored ones with the built-in crt i don't know if that's what you're talking about uh and the only reason i took it was like oh like you know
hey vga monitor but that has no inputs so i i don't know if they ever put any inputs into those like all-in-one apple computers i don't know if any of them have like vga inputs or inputs of any kind i'm sure some people in the chat might be able to confirm or deny i'm you know i have very little mac experience myself uh you know and since i don't really have an attachment to like mac i end up giving
that uh that that uh imac to uh our good buddy eight-bit duke uh who uh who's had a little bit of fun with it i believe but yeah once i realized you couldn't it didn't have a vga input i'm just like oh this is just taking up space now so yeah i i i think it might only work with the computer but i'm sure a lot of people in the chat could uh could give a much more definitive uh answer uh
on uh on that one i saw that there was uh eric benoit was a new member uh there was five dollars from uh mega x6 uh saying what what games are you playing for fun off of youtube i've not been playing anything i gotta be honest i've just been like working on on this video and i've like not been playing anything i've wanted to play stuff for fun but i just like haven't had uh the timing is not
but i forget what it was no i mean basically i've just been working on like other stuff uh and have not been playing like like really any games these like like last two months probably the last month or so since since he's nine i haven't played anything like really much i feel like that's a bad idea like me going up along the side there i was thinking about going for him i feel like that's not something the game would want me to do but i'd probably i'd be curious if you could i know but i
don't think i could go any further i think that it just resulted in me falling through the geometry probably bring another suit back here later yeah um i've been playing bravely default too i'm like 50 some hours in i i feel like i might be really close to a plot twist of some kind it feels like kind of what we've been doing up to this point has kind of been done uh i feel like the next step might be
craziness or something so that's it's been pretty good so far it hasn't hasn't annoyed me bravely default one kind of had a a twist that was cool from a story perspective but frustrating from a gameplay perspective and i'm optimistic that that's not the direction that bravely default 2 will be going down but we shall see um yeah i've been enjoying that so uh i'm i'm i'm torn on what i'm going to do after that like part of me kind of wants
to get monster hunter rise even though i've never gotten into monster hire before despite trying uh like i just keep looking at that and thinking man like i kind of liked what i played at the demo like it feels like i might it might click with me more than any previous one has i still just don't know maybe like i don't know sixty dollars is a lot to spend on a game that i just i just but i'm i'm nervous that i might not lie you know yeah
but like it seems like i might i don't i don't know i'm i'm unsure i don't really know what i'm going to play next after after uh bravely default 2 yeah that's it for for right now there was uh uh two dollars from george frankly saying uh when i hear skies of arcadia i spend money that's right pokemon snap the new ones at the end of this month isn't it i guess i'm waiting for near and i'll
play that once that's new i'm sorry it's not like i'm not gonna i'm not playing any games i will be playing games soon [Music] i was thinking are you gonna get pregnant right away yeah i mean it's probably you know the experience i had playing it with my kids the the with the last time it won't be exactly yes it's i don't think it's gonna be able to be recreated but you know i'll try we'll see what happens pokemon snap uh
one of the uh one of the games that i ended up buying for ps3 was oh that's right japanese version of africa um which i guess the american version of that is like crazy expensive and like i tweeted a picture of it on the mlig account but that alongside with that and uh genji they just played was just like oh i got my virtual e3
2006 kit in the mail and then after that i had to go re-watch one of the super cuts of the e3 2006 because that's just like i feel like that might be like one of the most enjoyable to revisit like e3 moments ever like it's it's so bad but it's so fun it's just e3 sony e3 2006 it was it was maybe maybe the most fun train wreck of any train wreck i've ever watched
yeah i guess the the wii music was a not even a fun training trainwack training no it wasn't and i mean that that e that that e3 conference from nintendo was like like the primary uh the primary uh uh impetus for me going and buying a playstation 3 that very weak that's how bad that conference was
that's so interesting because i didn't it just happened to be you have to be lucky that it was right around the time the metal gear came out i guess yeah but anyway like so i got out i feel like it was a lot later in the generation than that i mean 2008 but anyways i got i got africa and um uh you know some people replied thinking like oh my gosh that game is so expensive like the japanese version is pretty cheap it's like 20 dollars um
no not necessarily not the cheapest ps3 game all things considered pretty cheap um you know i i i would not have spent money on the american um which was weirdly published by natsume which is like not even a company i really associate with the playstation 3. like i'm sure they've released some stuff but i just like yeah i think what else really there was uh five dollars from potbelly punch
uh saying uh word of ps3 patches going down seems to be uh a european psn outage or issue so much panic that fake info is spreading fast did that happen today i published that or parsed that um so is there a is there a european psn outage because of people thinking ps3 patches are going down or something sony gave no indication that i mean they in their press release i mean unless
they're withholding information which would be really really crummy uh they gave no indication of anything going away except the ability to purchase games downloading games they don't act like it's going away patching games they don't act away like you know the other week you and i played contra hardcore i didn't even know you could still or or hardcore uprising i didn't even know you could still connect
yeah yeah it's surprising right but no indication that anything or cloud saves no indication that anything except uh except the ability to purchase is going away i don't know does does the boy character have different levels or something what makes you say that because i i bet that the
the people that you have to save for each person is different or each character is different uh well i mean i played as the boy in the in the demo and still the corn it was still the farmer yeah okay so i'm caught up on super chats [Laughter] i i hope i got everything yeah i don't see any anymore here so here's something that was uh was was irritating me
uh i was telling corey about just before the stream now i've got um i'm not wearing them right now because don't really need them when i'm not the one playing games um but uh i'm just listening to corey on my speakers but you know i've got these sennheiser hd555 headphones that i've had for probably like twelve speakers more years oh there you go
lick shot lizard um anyway um one of the things i like about those sennheiser hd555s um is that when you're wearing them your voice doesn't sound any different your voice doesn't sound muffled and if there's someone else in the room you can clearly hear sound pass through the muffs of those headphones very clearly so like when i'm streaming
i have my headphones on so i can hear you but i'm actually listening to my game sound over my speakers and so the external sound you can hear clearly now i was doing research and it seems that the technical term i call them like open air i didn't know yeah your you're my voice is getting muffled again i don't know if i have anything yet i don't feel like i'd have anything to do with like my input well i mean it's probably just bit rate right maybe it sounds
weird it's it doesn't sound like like mechanical like it usually does it's just like it's just like no i found okay now yes it sounds okay now why i mean i didn't touch anything so i don't right i i don't know i don't know anyways i mean it can't be like my connection or anything so anyway um you know i can hear myself clearly and that's that's great and i i did some research i think the term is open back versus
closed back headphones you know open back you're supposed to be able to hear people around you uh they might be able to hear the sounds coming out of your headphones whereas you know the reverse is true of the opposite where it's not as easy for other people to maybe hear what's on your headphones and which is good you don't necessarily want them to but sound external sound is muffled but i love them for streaming because it's very irritating to be talking and hearing your own voice be muffled
um it's just they're very good for streaming well i see i see q46 in the chat saying all open headphones are this way try and no no they are not and that's why i'm annoyed right now um maybe maybe what happened you said how long do you have those last ones you had i am for for like 13 years and they've always sounded like this i remember like but maybe they didn't no they did because i remember i mean maybe they'd gradually become
worn out and more and more thinner the materials become thinner over time and it was it had happened at such a gradual rate in over the course of 13 years more it's become more the sound has become more transparent over time i don't know but i know when i first got them i'm like this is great my voice doesn't sound muffled when i'm streaming my like doesn't sound muffled to me i'm not talking about you guys hearing bubble i'm talking about from my own experience it's just
irritating to have a conversation when my voice feels like it's uh muffled or that for example i was wearing headphones while there was someone else streaming in the room like with me like in person like it's it just it's nice to have that sound pass freely so i ordered first of all i and i'm returning them i re ordered some phillips headphones that were i was looking at sennheiser first
because i love sennheiser headphones um like even the ones that i have that cover my ear and do block out sound like the the cheap ones they're like 20 i love those i love how they sound um you know i've bought like three pairs of them over the years um because one eventually the the stuff started flaking off uh and you know i was on these black flakes on me all the time because that fake leather or whatever that's on them you
know so i got another pair and then at some point i accidentally fried different i wonder if you could get different uh pads for them well um hang on let me let me finish my stories uh i eventually i fried this because i plugged it into a headphone jack that i thought was a headphone jack and it was not a headphone so i got a i love those i love those cheap sennheiser headphones but again those are not the kind that freely the sound freely passes open back or whatever
so i got these phillips ones because like you know i was reluctant to get something that wasn't sennheiser but uh i saw that it had you actually plug in the core and i was like oh that's cool you can pick your own cord or like i could like sometime like attach like a wireless adapter to it or something and have like wireless headphones optional that'd be cool so i thought that was really neat i ordered them and i was like okay they seem really
cool you know now i put them on as like they get my voices and they were called open back headphones my voice was muscle so i put in a request to return them to amazon and i was like well that's the last time i buy headphones that aren't sennheiser i order hd559 because they're they're like i assumed they were probably the most similar to the 555s that i have now uh and they
uh they were like you know there were like a hundred dollars whereas like most of the other ones are like two hundred dollars i didn't i didn't i didn't i just wanted an extra pair because those are you know the plastic is starting to fall apart on them and i i have ideas for how i could use two pairs well so i thought well i'm just gonna get you know a pair of very similar headphones because i love these well these five five nines come and i'm all excited i put them on my
head and it's like dang it my voice is muffled when i i can't hear myself as clearly and it's not as bad as like you know other headphones certainly but it's it's not the open back experience that i am accustomed to so what is the deal q46 says my 428 desk office beater headphones are like wearing
nothing that's what i want uh i think henry clark saying 560s are even better now is that is that a sennheiser is that are those let's try the hd60 560s 560s henry clark's saying i just upgraded my hd555 headphones same as try after 14 years they've been amazing the hd 560s do you i mean do you
understand what i'm saying we're like you put the five five fives on your ear and if it it the external sounds including your own voice don't change is is that the same experience you're talking about with these uh uh uh 560s because they're driving me crazy because i'm like i there has to be another pair of headphones that gives me this feature that i'm looking for from the 555s and i just assumed
all of those sennheisers of the you know that higher-end sennheisers in this price range was was like that intercollege is going to do a direct comparison right now give them five minutes all right i'm gonna go to level six i'm just doing the first scene of each of all these what was the model number on again hd560s i'm gonna i'm gonna look that up sizer hd i'm guessing that there's eight worlds maybe seven worlds it looks like there's enough more
enough for seven more or one for one more level the girl and the kitchen oh this is a different looking level it's kind of nice i really you know i i did a search for this i see that there are the 560 obviously they're just two hundred dollars but like at this point like i feel like i might just have to do it i'm not getting what i'm looking for out of the ones that i'm trying i'm not gonna turn them like it's not what i want um i don't know like i feel like maybe i wonder if it's something your discord is doing it's like causing yeah because i haven't changed any
settings here or it's just it's just working like just my internet not having enough bandwidth or something uh pass test test i mean i mean it's just when you're talking after a little bit it will go muffled nothing weird going on i mean it's probably just internet issues i don't know what else it would be i mean it seems normal to me i mean that kind of stuff happens this this level was also in the demo but i don't know yeah at the corn level this and i think maybe one other
ah um another set is the uh um you got the gear prints there's also the the hd599s on amazon here that are the same price as the 560s both 200. i really don't want to spend that i might put 200 wow i mean for good headphones i guess you know really good headphones i guess it's not that bad but
i don't i don't want to spend that much i might i might just put it off if if i'm gonna have to spend that much i might i might put it off but um uh they've also got these five nine nines that come in an ivory color it's like it's like kind of this like ivory white and like chocolate color scheme and it looks amazing i almost ordered those at first i was like you know i'm not like the biggest audiophile in the world
all i want is headphones where the sound passes freely through them while wearing them i'm like i looked at my amazon history you know going back to whenever the heck i bought those five five fives and i spent like 80 or 90 or somewhere between 80 and 100 on i forget exactly what it was but you know so i thought oh okay well these these other headphones are in the same price range so they probably are like exactly the same just a different just a different um
just a different uh amount i mean i i'm guessing that there's seven worlds in this oh let's see you see andrew marvin sticking up for the 599. i mean i i do like the color scheme of that ivory see aaron in the chat saying was the m like mail address i will buy you a set of kpf i'm not sure what kpf is i mean if you want to spread it spread the good word of your
your your own favorite headphones i uh i would uh uh i would graciously accept uh if if you ever want if you ever wanna there are um if you go to the uh from the main youtube page if you click on the about tab there are mailing address uh p.o boxes for both me and corey we don't we don't live near each other so we have separate po boxes i wouldn't the the
kpf i don't know apf i'm not sure if that's a brand or oh cos oh there's like got some shoes out here apparently they're apparently they're cheap yeah just something about this game like the way the characters look it makes me think of like in the way like the the the movement of the characters it makes me think of uh uh what is this um that one cartoon the cg animated
um miraculous uh miraculous and cat noir i don't know something about this that makes me think of that for some reason you know yeah just go to the main uh youtube page for my life game you know slash my life well technically if you just scroll down in the on the page that you're on uh oh the description in the description it should be at the very bottom of the description okay yeah mine's the north carolina one
oh we got a uh yeah twenty dollars from from roy camacho [Music] uh uh with the ps3 internal clock that uh requires a validation to uh reset once the the cmos battery dies once this all happens all the digital gains in the ps3 won't work without the sign in will the service uh with the service down will they still work um that's something we've been talking about a lot i mean this was this was fiercely debated in the the m
league discord the other day like there people have been saying this is an issue but there there was like another video there was like another video where someone was demonstrating that it's not an issue if the battery dies you just like you get the time you you set the time on the ps3 via the internet and you know and then it's fine uh now what we what i don't know i don't know if someone knows this but what i don't know
is is that sony service is it connecting to something else like you know like when your phone gets the time is it getting it from verizon and when you when windows gets the time is it getting it from microsoft are they all just getting it from something else i don't know um henry clark knows what i was talking about by the way he says duane eliza no mountain dew herbert camacho president camacho is was from the uh from from idiocracy never seen them
[Music] um but uh yeah i mean well yeah i mean we don't know if it's gonna if it's actually gonna happen or if he can i mean we don't even know if it's a sony service there yeah like i mean here's something i can tell you like at some point the ability to pull um uh uh cd album titles
and track titles uh went away like i it hasn't been able to pull anything for years uh when i try to rip cds to ps3 so where did it pull that from i i don't know uh the time we we don't we just don't know if that's gonna be a problem or not um i mean maybe someone knows but i don't know um but i i'm i'm less concerned overall with my ps3
digital library like i mean i mean obviously i don't you know i want to try to protect it and and do what i i can um but i i don't have like an over i mean i've got a good chunk of digital games but it's not overly extensive i'm more concerned about my physical games you know making sure their their passion everything i mean as far as we know we don't know of patching service or any other services going down yet of course it's you know almost certainly
just a matter of time but and that's why we're kind of prepping our systems now there's never there's no better time than now like get your ps3 systems ready for the long term like is it a good idea to do some preventive maintenance on that battery is there is there a way to provide a backup battery for the backup battery i i don't know if there's some solution i mean it's something we would love to know more about
before we do a video it'd be nice to know a little bit more about it um but yeah i mean right now i'm more concerned with just getting my my physical stuff together i don't really know how much if anything i'm really going to spend uh you know i spent some money uh on some last minute like uh virtual console and and we wear games uh but playstation
3 i'm i'm not sure if i will or not and you know there's always the possibility that someday i'm just gonna have to you know hack one of my two ps3s and you know pirate away i mean the sad reality is that i don't i don't understand why sony wants to do things that actively encourage piracy i mean don't get me wrong no no no no shaming on piracy on things
that are not actively sold i mean that's you know that is a failing of the industry and you know pirates are you know even though i i try to limit how much i myself engage in piracy i i i acknowledge that that is that is the long-term future of preservation there's no there's no way around it uh and you know ultimately that will be what saves the ps3 library i mean that's it's it's plain the plain and simple
truth even though i would like myself to you know for my ps3 used to be as legit as possible for as long as possible but that won't be that might not be forever you know i don't know do we know how long those batteries are supposed to last yeah i have no idea i mean i feel like this is an issue people would have been talking about much earlier like i mean
sega saturn batteries die like every two years oh my god more than that's like being generous it's really stupid how that's being obscenely generous i mean like i want to say that the batteries on those die like every three like three months i i i when i got my saturn i put a battery in it and like it died so fast that i like i've never i've never put another one in yeah i wouldn't even be surprised if it lasted a month
honestly um there was uh there was a uh five dollars from from good old jpeg john perry saying uh saul uh on the news a story about monkeys on the loose in cincinnati i'm hours away but i immediately thought ape escape real life yeah i mean my wife came home and says you know i pair i just heard on on the radio that there's there's monkeys loose you're from the from the zoo
you know i i i remember when i lived in cincinnati uh you know as a kid i was at uh i was at uh the i was at the zoo with a friend and his mom and like i remember we were going walking down this like you know sort of outdoor corridor that was you know connecting
sections of the zoo and there was this zoo employee running down the corridor and he goes get out of the way bobcat coming and i'm just like my heart like skipping like and then like a bobcat like you know like construction vehicle like comes around the corner yeah like i like in retrospect i have no idea if he was like if that was like an everyday joke at the
zoo like they're just like i gotta get him or if he like completely innocently like did not have any idea like the fear that might strike in a person when they are in a zoo [Laughter] no well that's kind of horrifying see uh the pram battery in the ps3 is very different from the saturn battery s4 but yeah at the moment your ps3 tells you you can't play the game games he paid for
paired away i i mean it's got i mean i assume it's synced up to sony servers but i feel like all those things should be synced up to uh like like a worldwide thing that would basically never go away would never go down yeah i don't oh so there's i don't know there's only enough things on here for for uh for six for six of course one one problem two is just
you know for the long term gain your ps3 online you know so i've heard some people already have like uh security on their routers that the ps3 can't use right and you know both of us you know you can't you you can't the ethernet's broken on my slim and you're super slow right well you know you can't even you can't transfer games from like your uh vita to like if you download games on the ps3 and transfer them like
over the network or via usb cable to uh your vita you you can't do it if you have uh two-factor authentication set up on your on your uh sony account oh really it doesn't work you gotta remove you gotta turn that off transfer and then you can turn it back on afterwards i see that uh that uh auto underscore named pledged one dollar ah now i wonder if
uh auto named is called reitot named in japan um apologies if auto named does not get that joke it is in the chat that's after 11 do you want me to should i just pick something else play something else for a few minutes no i'd have to download something else what you got on your ps5 well i don't really have any thing on here i mean we can look at
i could probably download something fast no kill your internet or kill it kill the stream nah but small i mean i could always just turn on my what what about cursed castilla yeah that's a disc game though i had to go and grab it i was just looking for something i could download i i feel like you could install a like lightweight disc game faster than probably
download something i think joshua helmucky wants rez i can download that fast this is another one that's free right now i think oh yeah there's that there's that ab zoo you know what i really hate about the ps5 is like i don't understand why when you delete games from the hard drive like it keeps these empty icons on here oh that's dumb yeah i don't know i don't know anything that wasn't on the front uh
with it was it hadn't like you know been pushed off they like they have got to add folders to this soon yeah like like if they never add folders then like the menu experience is like gradually getting worse every generation yes i mean this is still better than the xbox interface but it's
it's a little it's not quite where i want it to be there's ace of seafood there is the ace of seafood the eighth of seafood i guess i have to log into the other account sandy did you manage to get any sleep me see if i can go back to the game here how long is that well it's seventeen percent i'm not quit here i like how it works there's no excuse
it's true yeah i can't i can i can't believe that we're added later but still oh there's a photo mode uh looks like there's some curiosity about ace of seafood oh yeah well i streamed that ice cream a long time ago yeah how do i get out did you ever beat it no how do i get can i get out of this it's a one-button game so you can't actually get out of the photo mode once you're into it [Laughter] i'm still born with 3d game heroes out
of photo mode yeah that's pretty it's pretty uh crazy the ace of seafood is epic kind of is uh i don't even know if there's any conventions even happening this year i mean well i don't know if anything's like for sure confirmed or not there's uh five dollars from jamie luna thank you hey dudes just wanted to say how much i love you keep gaming and hope to see you again at the retro world expo oh
that'd be awesome i mean retro world is uh definitely definitely one i'd like to go back to i who knows when they're gonna have one i don't know if they've if they're speculating they might have one this year or not [Music] i i mean it's crazy to think just how long it's been you know what i'm gonna do i mean i have this on my i feel like i could turn on my ps4 fast enough before i'm gonna just do that
yeah i mean we haven't been to a convention since gosh it's been was real the last one retro world 2019 i think so yeah well and then there was the the uh like tech get together in in cincinnati but that was kind of different that wasn't like a full-on convention but uh yeah i think it was the last regular convention i mean gosh all uh i'm looking forward to going back to one sometime i mean
i mean i mean i haven't seen i mean this is the first time like since this is probably the longest stretch that's been that uh you and i haven't seen each other in person since uh like since we've written person for the first time yeah like it's been like a year and a half or longer since we've we're just at a year and a half
since we last met up in person and like the first time we met in person was magfest and gosh i couldn't even think what year probably 2011 10 years ago yeah jeez how old would you have been 10 years ago 32. like i gave it like it's so weird to me to think of you being like 32 years younger than me at a time that i knew you yeah 32. like i remember
you know we always you know teased drum for being the old man of the back lottery and i remember when uh when we streamed um uh four swords adventures like that it was like i think one of those days that we were streaming it was actually drums 30th birthday and like we had gotten together the year before to play um new super mario brothers
uh wii u in 2009. gosh it is so weird to me to think like like we've always joked that drum is the the old man and yet like i i've met him in person when he was in his 20s it seemed like he was so much old at the time and it seemed like he was so much older at the time yeah well i mean he was you know one of the older people in the gaming communities that like isn't
it wild to think that like it wasn't that long ago that it feels like oh someone who's like almost 30 is old for the gaming community like that wild yeah it's unfortunate really like i remember it wasn't even that long ago that um like we met like i think it was when we
met happy console gamer at um uh too many games yeah you know you're like oh my god i think he's like i think he just turned like 40 or 41 or something i was just like i think he's only a little bit older than i am but yeah but you were still in your 30s at the time and like i just i remember thinking like like i just i never thought of like like people in the gaming community that
i was like interacting with like like like it just felt like there was no one in gaming that old outside of life executive and some of like the long time like creators like shigeru miyamoto or whatever it just feels like like i didn't have any friends in like in the 40s and now it's like so scary that like like most of my friends are either in their 40s or very close to it
and you're on a downward slope towards it it was it was not that many years ago that i just like the having friends that were 40 years old seemed unfathomable why it's just like that's so old and now it's like not that weird for like like to occasionally run into someone it's like oh they're in their 50s you know yeah like it's it's so wild like it doesn't
yeah i mean you think about you know so 10 years ago i was 32 and in 10 years when 10 more years pass again i'm gonna be 52. i mean my sennheiser hd five five fives are older than that the older than like when you and i back in the first time yeah there was a 499 from clutch caveman uh saying uh big fan guys thanks for everything you do well thank
you thank you hope you're enjoying the res got a uh got a 8 30 rez head dorsia vanessarius says 40s are the new 30s and joshua hamachi says 40s are the new tweens it's it's wild hot time is weird man have you played this do you have this game you signed up for the free you got the free copy of this yeah if it
was free with the free games like i mean i i want to play it after i now understand what what's the guy's name uh why why did i have i forgot last week too miss a gucci to say you mean yeah yeah like once i like after i played tetris attack i was like oh like well then you tried childhood did you finish child of eden i liked it yeah i mean this is i mean this is it's basically child of eden but like
without the video yeah i mean child of eden is essentially like the spiritual successor to this and it's not even like like the actual straight up sequel to it i mean you you you have the unpopular opinion of liking child of eden more yeah i just like the poppier music in childhood of eden i think it just works better and i think that's one of the reasons i like uh uh tetris so much too tetris what's what's the uh what's the uh
most accessible physical version of this game like it's like the each hd version like pretty expensive at this point yeah i think they're just doing a reprint of it really yeah well i thought it comes like a special case or something yeah yeah yeah they're they're doing like they're i think there's like a reprint of it happening but it comes in like a weird like eco uh eco-friendly case but you know it's been patched many times
so like that probably be the one to get so it'll probably have all the patches and stuff on the desk i'll look into that because yeah i i mean yeah i know i can play for free on my system now but like i i know i'm not going to commit to it unless i'm unless i buy it you know that's that's just how i am so if if it's not expensive i'd i'd be into i don't know how much the uh like the the reprint is i'm not even sure if it's still up for order anymore it was it i am on an im8 bit
for the reprint uh i don't think so i don't remember though there's a two dollars from john perry g thank you saying what systems are you guys cutting off collecting at i will stop probably stop collecting once everything is completely 100 digital yeah yeah i mean once it gets to that point in general like i i i i won't say i would like never buy a new game again but like
because you know like you know shoot you know i would probably want to play mario and zelda and resident evil and final fantasy but like i don't think i would as enthusiastically consume new games at that point and i would mostly focus on you know the backlog of things that i do own physically but um i mean you know i i guess i
i do trend in the collector direction these days as much as i sometimes try to deny it yeah i mean you just gotta admit that like to an extent i mean just say i'm a collector of good games i'm a collector of games that i like i'm a collector of games that might be interesting to do videos on well i mean i mean i'm in this weird place i don't expect to be good per se but like i just think it's there's something about that i
consider interesting for one reason or another well and if it was cheap and it was bad but it was interesting for some reason i you know i might i might buy i just bought haze on ps3 because i mean i know people don't generally like that game but you know it's made by free radical so it's got you know golden eye heritage in it that is interesting and interesting enough reason for me to want to own a game and and play a game like i mean i i'll you know i'll suffer through a you know
mediocre game if i just think there's something interesting about it or something you know some connection to a developer that i like or whatever you know i you know i'll i'll play it but you know i i i buy games that i do intend i do envision myself playing playing it and beating it and marking it beat off my backlog now i know that my backlog has become extraordinary in recent years
and uh getting to zero again may never happen unless uh games go all digital and then i mostly do focus on you know uh the the existing generations with physical games um you know so but uh i mean i don't you know i mean i have a lot i have a lot of switch games like i i have really bought a lot of switch games um in ps4 games now ps5 i've only got
one game so far i've only got demon souls um but you know i i mean you know i i buy games i want for systems i have you know no matter how new or how old i don't you know have like collecting goals in general i mean there's no console that our or handheld or anything that i would envision myself going for a complete
collection for certain series maybe you know like this game never got a physical copy and it's not really i've got every i've got every physical kirby game except you know i don't have like you know all the japanese versions or anything like that but i've got a version to represent every physical kirby game including superstar stacker from japan you know i like i like collecting alternate versions of resident evil
games that i really don't need uh i like you know just like oh you know the the the japanese dreamcast version of code veronica x or whatever and you know the the ps3 physical copy of that has code veronica and resident evil 4 in it and uh you know just all the all these unnecessary versions but i i buy them when i see them for cheap
i don't you know i i i don't have any intention of like oh i'm going to have every version of every resident evil game no but i just i just like having them i just like having several of them uh you know i just i think they're interesting especially when they can be got for cheap uh but uh you know i i don't have a lot of like completionists
collecting goals or anything stuff right so it's it's a curated collection i've got every mario game or every mario you know tangentially related game for n64 you know i've got all the mario parties i've got dr mario 6. that was the only reason i bought dr mario 64 when it came out like this is a collection that i had when the n64 was still you know a thing like i
i just happened to have bought over the course of the generation every single mario related game and i didn't have a lot of interest in dr mario 64 but like it was the end of the generation for one and there wasn't a lot else to buy in 2000 in the year 2000 would have 2001 i think it came out in 2001 i think i think it was the same year the gamecube came out it's like there was like two games
worth buying on the n64 that year so it's not like i was spending my money on much else you know other than some playstation games and some super nintendo games uh you know which were still cheap at the time so i was just like well i i can't like in this generation where i own all of these mario relay games every mario relay game for the system and just like skip out on dr mario 64. so i gotta get it so i got it when it came out
that's a collect that that is a collection that i've owned since they were new but uh yeah so yeah i mean i just you know i buy what interests me for what i have it doesn't matter how old or new it is but i don't buy what i don't want to play if i want to play it i buy it or wait for the price to go down shoot it's too bad this game never got a physical release
i thought it was going to happen man i really like it yeah i'm not doing i was doing okay for a while there but not so much now there was uh there was five euros uh from a francisco atunes thank you you're either staying up really late or waking up really early says uh thanks for all your work since res was originally on dreamcast timing is perfect to ask would you consider an rgb 200 episode on that console and oh yes
absolutely that's 100 probably the most requested one honestly yeah i mean i think that when uh once you finish with analog frontiers like i think that that's gonna be like probably one of the first things that we tackle probably like like like we'll need to ask steve like how close the hd retro vision i mean i think that they're really close because like they had packaging and everything already made for them and i mean like if they're close enough to like
to for us to be able to get our hands on like you know retail equivalent samples then you know i'd say it's i'd say it's time to do it because that's like the last big thing that would like feel missing you know an episode on the dreamcast like it would feel weird knowing how eminently neat those are coming out now we intended to do dreamcast in 2020 but then you know nothing in 2020 happened as you know expected
we did not do i mean it's been embarrassingly long since there was an rgb 200 episode uh and and i apologize profusely for that you know i may maybe this is risky to say but i think the geometry episode will happen in 2021 yeah i mean i feel like whenever i bring my uh at some point this year i'm gonna have to bring my 20 l5 to steve because
i i i i i don't know if i can make it to the end of the year without my 20 hours i need him i need him to work on it um i feel like after that i'll feel like okay it's time it's time to make this happen yes i've not really played this version what what what version just of ultra street fighter 4 like on the on the ps4 well it was originally on ps3 and 360 right
yeah i uh i i have not seen a lot of this game in action i i've i've always been very confused about how well or not well-regarded uh it's i think it's pretty well regarded like didn't it launch kind of with like a lot of incomplete content though that kind of no no i think you're thinking of 5. oh okay i couldn't even keep my head if this was the most recent one or not no no five is the most recent one
i'm not i'm not great but i mean i don't know i'm not bad uh there was uh five dollars from z crest saying uh do you find gentlemen have any insider info on the retro tank 5x uh yes but how much we can say yeah let there be a little tease for you i guess i'll just say that you should definitely be excited for it but i'll also say i do i don't know the final prize but you should not
expect it to be like you should expect it to be more than like a fair bit more than the retro team pro or the ossc like it's you know it's very much like a you know top enthusiast level gotta have the best for everything kind of kind of proposition ah omiglio is saying have any of you had any troubles copying psp data from ps3 to the psp
uh you might want to try to see if if you have two factor authentication on your sony account you should see if if that's affecting it you got to turn it off if you want to transfer stuff i hope you're ready that's the problem that i had last week joshua mckee has has very high praise for the hitboxes in this game yeah apparently they are perfection huh we gotta we got uh ten dollars from uh 90 demons oh thank you yeah i hope you got those
90 demons under control saying uh your channel is the reason i collect and repair and revive retro consoles and games i seem to lost my way in my 20s but since you started your channel you reignited my passion thank you well that's awesome to hear uh it's you know it's always kind of mind-blowing to me uh you know we've heard a couple of people uh tell us that kind of thing and like it kind of blows my mind to think like
we have inspired people to um like work on consoles like you know repair them and work inside them when that's like you know kind of a little bit outside our comfort zone you know like you you have you haven't you haven't worked on soldering as much is uh why does cammy not look like cammy it's not because it's not camping i know but it is canon who is it uh well there are
cammy is like is part of like as part of this group of uh of like of m bison's like private assassins or something like that oh is she like a clone um i'm not sure if they're clones or how like like the full on story is behind them but she was like brainwashed or something like that and was able to escape i see um yeah anyway i mean i know corey has
dabbled in lightweight modding but you know certainly nothing uh you know like complex levels like you know nes rgb mod or you know anything right it requires really fine stuttering look how casually these people are just like wandering around staring at these trucks while you're just like fighting like well every time somebody falls down hits the ground like how they shake but they just like don't even look at it like they just
they're enamored with these trucks yeah they're excited about it yummy that's that's awesome to hear that we've like inspired people to go above and beyond what what we ourselves feel comfortable doing we we just like we like you uh the result of the mods we like utilizing the mods but uh uh creating them or installing them outside my my comfort zone
uh there's uh two dollars from dustin kramer who uh you know i i don't have uh much of an answer for this because i don't really know of any outside of uh the the of shin long yeah i mean that's that's definitely the most iconic ah someone was tweeting recently about like if if something of that similar caliber happened uh of that shenlong uh april fool's trick if they something
like that happened today like people would be so mad [Music] because i mean at least with april fool's stuff you know basically within a day that it's that it's fake but imagine like never essentially never being told that it's fake and you're like people are just going to arcade spending tons of money and time to try to get this and it's just it's not really actual it's not real
i i remember like a lot of stuff when the idea of like editing photos was seemed impossible i remember they would it was so mind-blowing they had one screenshot of of sonic the hedgehog running down the the hill from strider and it was just like holy cow like how's this even happening but then another good one was like was simon belmont being unlockable in uh ninja turtles to the arcade game there is uh
some like photos of that speaking of april fools uh did anyone catch uh wayforwards uh april fool's trailer for uh for uh are we soul mates or just being way forward uh a way forward dating soon because i i i did the trailer for it and even