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[Applause] [Applause] [Music] by that force that shapes you what would you do if your world had no limitation as the pain disappears as you understand the pain that force that shapes human beings who am i what am i here to give you are a cat every moment [Music] do [Music]
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hello our ultimate breakthrough challenge 2022 family welcome to your transformation give it up for everyone from around the world come on hey it's just your life you're creating here we go [Music] if you're on youtube if you're on zoom get in that chat box where are you tuning in from today [Applause]
welcome welcome welcome my friends we want to welcome you and we want to get right down to business you've got five incredible days of transformation with a very special someone named tony robbins [Applause] what is so exciting about this journey is that you have dedicated your time to be here for some reason whether it's your business your relationships you want to take yourself to the next level you want more passion more zest for some reason you decided that this year 2022
you wanted an ultimate breakthrough and tony robbins is here to help you do that so you have five days you have a journey with him that you're about to begin with the legendary tony robbins so that you can design the next level of your life you can thrive you can experience more of yourself and what you ultimately want in your life there's no one better to take you on this journey than tony and my friends you are in the right space if you're in vip i can see your faces your smiles and you're excited look at the energy here if you're in youtube we've got your chats up uh get inside the chat box and let us know where you're tuning
in from in the world there are so many of you in different places and i know we don't know each other yet right we're kind of unique strangers but we all have one thing in common and get in the chat box and let me know if this is the truth you came here today you came here for the next five days you blocked this off on your schedules because you know somewhere inside of you deep down or right on the surface you know you have another level and if that's the truth put yes in that chat box let it rip let it fr let it fly my friends today is the day that you make that
dream a reality you're about to spend five days with the number one success coach that has literally walked our planet and that is tony robbins and we want to get him on the stage as fast as humanly possible so a few things to get you guys set up for this transformation my name is karissa kuchas i will be kind of like your tour guide over the next five days here to make sure that you have an incredible experience i'll be your teammate making sure that you're set up i'll start the day with you and i'll end the day with you so i'm not here for a long time but i am here for a good time i want to give you guys some good energy
and make sure that you're set up for success so today on day one of the ultimate breakthrough challenge i have a couple things to make sure that you are outrageously set up for massive success here and i really quick want to shout out our incredible vips i don't know if we have a shot that you know they can see this but we have you guys backstage with us your video screens up and your energy before we even started i was just kind of standing here watching you and your energy has been off the charts i'd like to give it up for all of you in our vip community you guys are great and
wherever you are zoom youtube around the world it's morning it's the evening give it up for yourself [Music] [Applause] so one quick reminder for our vips is that tonight you guys have a private q a session with tony just a quick logistic if you have not yet submitted your questions you could ask him anything under the sun our team is going to drop a link in the chat box right now you can submit questions at any point throughout the day if you heard me say vip and
you're like yo i just signed up 12 seconds ago what is that you can join us at any time throughout the day go to and check out what's included you get to be backstage with us and keep this whole experience forever for life all the replays okay um so one quick logistics item before we jump in is that this experience is deeply transformational it's exciting it's riveting and one thing you have to know is that once tony gets up here he's going to be training you every day on a few incredible topics you're going to have some challenges and
some assignments every single day to complete and we're going to be giving away some amazing and epic prizes now if you were with us in our pre-training some of you won these amazing prizes but tony robbins does not mess around when it comes to adding value and so the prizes for this challenge i truly asked the team i said can i win these things they're so good and they're so juicy that to win them you want to make sure that you show up and play full out with everything that you have inside of you if that sounds good give me this double fist bump just like this shout yes in
your screen if you're on youtube get inside that chat box that all caps yes uh in there and we're gonna get started right now so i've got five quick rules of the game okay you're about to train with somebody that is a force of nature which means that you've got to show up prepared to succeed number one for the next five days dedicate the time it's your most precious resource but it's about 90 minutes a day we are on tony standard time so we'll see how that goes but give your all to every single minute that you're here to miss one minute is
to miss way too much i think one of the most beautiful things you can do in 2022 is give yourself this gift this moment this breath this pause to fill yourself up and focus on yourself if that rule of the game number one sounds good double fist bump just like this and say yes if you're in youtube shout yes okay cool next thing is take notes like crazy okay you're gonna learn some really incredible things over the next five days things are gonna blow your mind they're going to be distinctions you're going to have breakthroughs take notes as if you're going to teach this to
somebody else it's going to help this information sink into your nervous system at a deeper level so it's not something that you learn up here and you think oh i learned that one time and i never implemented it these five days are about implementation it's about you really experiencing a deep transformation and saying holy heck i'm proud of myself so one of the ways you do that is take notes drop that in the chat box that's number two magic number three is video on if you are in our zoom family our vip family this is a video on
experience therefore i must remind you um this is a video on experience okay notice what you got going on in your video cameras okay be safe out there uh video on we're just so excited to have your energy here and number four is play full out if there's one thing tony wants you guys to do is he doesn't want you to come here at a 50 if you called up your significant other and you're like baby i love you so much i'm 50 committed to you that relationship it's not going to be too hot okay it's not going to be too strong
it's the same thing with your life i mean it's just your life that you're building here so take that 50 to 100 if you're committed to giving everything that you have because why not put yes in the chat box okay what does that look like that means going all out in the chat box when tony gets up here he'll be you know way taller than me but he's going to be up here talking to you walking around you know training you on concepts that are going to give you transformation communicate with him in that chat box get inside the facebook group we're going to give you challenges and assignments connect with people play
full out treat this as if you were at one of tony's live events i can unleash the power within perhaps 54 hours of deep immersive training show up to this like you'd coach yourself at that that sounds good you know the drill give me that double fist bump and say yes my friends all right magic number five and then we gotta get this day started is rewrite your energy story i don't know where you are in the world what your background is perhaps you've never trained with tony robbins in the past you belong here perhaps this is your first time ever
participating in self-development you feel those nerves in your butt in your stomach those butterflies you belong here maybe you're a 10-time alumni of unleash the power of it i know there's a lot of you out there give it up for our alumni you belong here too and whatever you've done in the past however you've shown up at these challenges or or events in the past rewrite your story what's your standard how are you going to show up here for the next five days because right it's just your life the past does not have to equal the future so today i'm going to ask you to show up in a different way if you show
up for these five days like this and you're like i'm going to put it on and chill and watch it your retention level is going to be at like a 10 okay like high school math class information goes in one ear out the what other my friends so i'm going to ask you to show up with new energy that means your physiology shoulders back if you're in if you're in our vip group let me see it big shift in that body lift your head up ladies let the girls out to play get a little energy inside that body my friends come on here we go
it's the ultimate breakthrough challenge of 2022. all right break that energy in your seat come on [Music] that's it [Music] oh yes all right so one of the first things that tony does to get himself into what we call a peak state as he conditions his body for it you're going to be conditioning your body to get into this
peak state over the next five days he might ask you to say yes jump up and down move your body just play full out and go for it one of the first things he does to get himself in state is every single morning he does a special movement with his body to get himself aligned and i'm not going to go through the whole story but he was like 23 years old he got into a car accident he got this whiplash he tried everything imaginable to get rid of this pain he was even sitting in chairs at seminars because he was in so much pain and then he found this method it's
called the egoscue method and yes give it up for gossip it looks like a lot of you have heard about it before and this method helped him not only align his body but get out of pain and if you've ever felt like you have pain that lives inside your body and you desire more energy he wanted to start this day by bringing you a resource that's going to captivate your body and bring you that vitality that you deserve and you desire probably okay so we're going to bring up a man named brian bradley from egoscue and he is going to train you guys and warm your bodies up today so that your
body and your brain is sharp for tony robbins are you ready for this oh come on my friends i said are you ready for this we've put together a a quick experience for you to view to learn about egoscue method and learn about brian bradley and so sit up in your chairs with a lot of energy this is the beginning of the ultimate breakthrough challenge heads up shoulders back and check this out what would you do if your world had no limitation as the pain disappears as you understand
the pain as you no longer fear the pain this is the world that awaits you here at agassi we call it a life well lived every moment every second every day a life well lived [Music] what would you do if your world had no limitations [Music] one two three my new bluetooth headset
that i'll be wearing for this no i'm not taking orders for chickplayer mcdonald's so do not send me super size me orders or stuff like that um but i think it's gonna work out really well i just happen to have just happened to have uh the pain-free book here uh peter goskius 2.0 i'm going to read you something actually i'm going to show you something first take a look at this picture [Music] get very familiar with it because we're going to be discussing that all week over the next five days we're going to be discussing that spinal curve
to us to us in the posture world that is number one like literally number one and think about that because what you're actually doing right now sitting in the chair built by the lowest bidder it could be putting you in that position so think about look at the bottom picture this is a c curve that happens in the bottom picture because your body gets accustomed to this your head goes forward and then you actually look up at c1 c2 into that position
and your body thinks it's trying to sit or stand up straight so i'm going to be reading from this all week kind of like mr rogers neighborhood i don't have the cardigan and stuff like that but don't kid yourself i'm working on it and when i see you guys as platinum partners business mastery master university upws i may have a cardigan at that point and possibly a mullet wig okay i'm just i'm just saying so let's get you guys to stand up i'm going to get you moving over the next three minutes and then we're going to get this honestly what's coming after
this is going to be an amazing amazing response to what's happening in 2022 and prepping us for the rest of our lives so congratulations for being here let's get you up out of your chair take your shoes off and we're going to go through a quick balance test just shut your eyes for those of you at business mastery last week with me you understand this just close your eyes where's your body weight from left to right which foot do you feel is carrying most of your body weight you're going to feel some type of left side loaded right side loaded is it
50 front to back you know where is it and hopefully you guys can still see me i'm not sure i'm not sure but if you can see me give me some thumbs up um so now just relax your shoulders where's your body weight left to right front to back don't you love the virtual world and that's your gauge where you're going to be to start this week so by tomorrow and by the next day and the next day and the next day thank you so much guys um we're going to be looking at this accumulation effect of where you guys are going and so
now what i need to do is give you some exercises to change that balance from front to back and left to right so here we go let's get your feet pointed straight ahead look down at my feet i just happen to wear some socks that are absolutely totally bitching so let's get you some fun socks today get your feet pointed straight ahead into this fist with the part of your big toes we're gonna wake you up because the big guy's coming after this think
about that we gotta get you up so tony's ready to go i'm gonna take you through two quick exercises then the greatest abdominal exercise ready get you guys ready to go so here we go feet straight if you move get your feet pointed back to straight again hands are in a fist and slightly opened up like that so here we go i just make sure i want to show you a picture hands up here on your temples behind your eyes like this if you move remember check your foot position and close them and hold three two
one open them up pull them behind you hold three two one get those thumbs down one two three back it up two three try to touch them behind you don't succeed pull those in front of you touch them together i want you to succeed at that and for those of you who are making this face like oh usually it's men looking like they're giving birth to triplets i want you to close this and hold it three two one open this back up three two one give me
two more of those this is how tony and team wakes up every morning doing this kind of stuff and that's why we're bringing you this throughout the week because we're combating the sport of sitting sitting is not going anywhere so let's get your spine from here to here and accommodate that natural s curve now having done that arms out to the side feet straight shoulders down shoulders pinned back and now circle forward here we go we're only doing 25 of these let's go at my pace just like this
perfect keep circling from the shoulder shoulders down and back now palms up circle up and back and then we're going to be sprinting we're only going to do like a 20 second sprint per side and for those of you who don't think you can do it trust me you can do this because i need this energy back up because here comes tony we're going to kick this whole event into gear let's get that back heel up get your feet straight cheek to cheek here we go ready set go as fast as you can turn it on and
when you think you're going fast enough you're not give yourself another gear give yourself another gear come on tony can see this he can hear this let's get this up because you're gonna wake your butt up every morning let's go let's go let's go five four three two one now switch legs let's go last 20 seconds and then this thing is going to pop off today here we go ready set go and i will explain to you throughout
the week why this is the greatest abdominal exercise ever give me another gear let's go another gear there we go [Applause] i love that hair too let's go let's go pumpkin let's go your feet are not moving your arms are pumping five four three two one let's get day one started here we go all right my friends thank you brian bradley for warming our bodies up keep your energy up my friends stay
standing who's ready to get this day started if you are getting that chat box say i'm all in i'm ready to break through let's start this day by meeting the man that made this possible the guy that's gonna take you through the next five days shoulders back get some energy we put together an experience for you to learn who this incredible human being is my friends meet mr tony robbins [Applause] i've always been fascinated by that
force that shapes human beings who am i and what am i here to give you are a catalyst for getting other people to change the way they think about themselves over three decades he's changed millions of lives as a peak performance coach and life strategist number one best-selling author whose books and seminars have helped inspire more than 50 million people to transform their lives more than four million people around the world have attended one of his live events it's just showing people that so many things your life you think are difficult or impossible or actually easy if you put yourself in the right state of mind i was looking at the
list of people that you have helped bill clinton princess diana mikhail gorbachev mother teresa nelson mandela quincy jones what do all these people have in common with one another they all were coached by tony robbins who helped condition the mind also think through how to get to places that are unimaginable dwarf magazine just named him 100 most influential powerful people in global finance forbes top 100 celebrity rankings top six business leaders in the world i could go on and on
business is a spiritual game that it's about how do you add more value how do you do more for others than anybody else in the marketplace that's how you dominate we're doing six billion dollars in business i came away with it's not about motivation as much as it is allowing people to tap into what's already there like a catalyst every person in this room who's achieved anything we've had that hunger the question is where's your hunger now i get the phone call when the athlete's melting down on you know in the middle of a sporting event you've got to do something right now to turn them around
top man tony it's not just words you know i mean there's action in there and the structure and what he's saying and it's just given me more passion and more focus and more drive tony robbins allows those people who want to continue to climb mountains declining if you want to change your state and you want to change your results this is where you do it you taught me that life was happening for me not to me and that has been my guiding force through many challenges in my life
so when something horrible happens and i take it and i turn it around and everything changes i have been attending tony robbins seminars since i was 15 years old and i really attribute a lot of my success to those techniques that i learned when i was 15 years old what i love about tony is he's found out the things he loves to do and that is helping people there's an unbelievable gift in life that comes when you can step outside of yourself no matter what your problems are and find a way to help somebody else who's at a more challenging time than yourself people forget what a little bit of caring can do for you know to inspire to
move somebody and that's what i think changes people's lives all change happens with a choice [Music] ladies and gentlemen please help me welcome to the basement stage mr tony robbins how you all doing out there [Applause] i love the energy guys [Applause] nice to see you there paul boo [Applause]
julie [Music] whoa yes some virtual high fives or somebody next by you give them a high five grab a seat feeling great [Music] so nice to see you all out there that i can see and i'm reading some of you sending your message there from youtube and so forth facebook listen this is a commitment to you
to create a breakthrough to make sure that you don't have to have 2022 regardless of the external environment be anything like 2020 or 2021. we've gone through some tough times i don't know where you are in your life right now i don't know what brought you here i don't know if you're in a really tough place maybe you lost a family member friend during this pandemic i don't know if you're in a tough place in your business maybe it was shut down i don't know if you've had some tough times with your kids i don't know maybe perhaps you're doing great many people have figured out now
how to adapt and really start to do well and you're just looking for some new momentum but whatever reason you came here i just want to know i'm here to serve you the next five days this is a commitment from my heart and soul to you and i over deliver there's no charge for this um you know i'm trying to add as much value as possible this came about because in 2020 suddenly i was going to be able to serve people and this is my mission i have 105 companies i do business all around the world in a variety of ways but this has been my life since i was 17 years old this is my 45th year i'm just
about to begin doing this it blows my mind i started when i was two of course right hey stop that but what i say in those 45 years i'd be an idiot if i hadn't recognized i don't have to be smart traveling around the world in more than you know 150 countries that do business 195 and meeting people from all walks of life from the most challenged to the most successful you have to start to notice there are patterns patterns that will make you sad angry
frustrated overwhelmed patterns that make you passionate alive grateful excited driven and those patterns sometimes we start thinking we are a pattern because we've done it so long and what i want to show you this week is you can break through those patterns and truly create a different life without any bs without a bunch of hyper you know hyperbole or positive thinking because i don't believe in positive thinking if you're coming here i believe in intelligence i don't believe you i'm not going to teach you to go to your garden enchant there's no weeds there's no weeds
there's no weeds the weeds are still there right my philosophy is let's find the weeds and pull them out who's with me on this say aye so what i really want to do with you this week is this is five days and it started out saying god people are stuck at home you know normally my seminars you know 10 15 20 000 people in a stadium and suddenly they said you couldn't have more than 10 people together and so i started thinking about people are stuck in their home and it's tough it's tough when you're not moving by the way the reason we're going to bring something in the morning physical just
for a few seconds besides showing you how to get out of physical pain if you have back pain or things of that nature because i've had that challenge and turned it around but also because without energy nothing else happens and most of us have really been doing a lot of sitting because being trapped in some location that's been the way we've communicated through our computers so we really got to move in or have that energy and that's why we're going to include that each day so you make progress but with strong physical energy and the right strategy we can turn anything around because there's doesn't matter what
happens in the external world don't get me wrong it can affect us but there's two worlds we gotta master to have an extraordinary quality of life and that's what i'm here to see if i can help you to do and i know i can because we've done it multiple times before and that's why you've got to learn to master two worlds the external world which you can't control as we all have learned the hard way we can influence it with our votes with our actions with our decisions but we can't control it but we can control the internal world what you think what you feel what you do
and those thought feelings and actions are what shape the results of your life regardless of the external world and in the toughest of times there are answers that can make things work so i'm not into rah-rah i'm into passion i'm into energy you can feel that and the reason we're clapping or moving or dancing is not for rah-rah i don't believe in it because there is a physical science to how your biochemistry changes later in the week i'll share with you stanford did a study on my work and for example did my five-day date with destiny and took people and produced the
result i'll share it with you later in the week and i'll even give you links if you want to read the science it'll blow your mind but the transformations are greater than anything they've ever measured around people that were depressed for example we were able to get people to reduce their negative emotions by more than 70 percent increase the positive by more than 38 11 months later after one weekend with me give you an idea right so thank you for the cheering but i'll i'm telling you that because i want to understand there's a science to what we do and i've been doing this for 45 years and constantly learning and so i'm
excited about what this will do for you but you've got to do your part too you know part of the problem when it's free you know my first time i ever did a seminar well let me give you two seconds of background because you'd have never seen me i don't know if somebody dragged you and brought you here you know who is this guy i'll give it a quick little look um i'm here because i grew up in a pretty tough environment and in that environment um you know i had four different fathers we were totally broke we had no money for food one of the reasons i feed 100 million meals a year now we're up to 850 million meals by the way we're donating a
million meals in your name here out of this program this week so while we're changing lives each other we're gonna help other people and i said i was going to provide a billion meals in 10 years and we're at seven years and we're ahead of schedule so we're going to hit that billion soon and you've participated in that just by being here but my point is i started a tough time and my mom was a beautiful soul i would not be who i am without her i would not speak her name in vain but she also unfortunately got addicted to prescription drugs and alcohol and the mix changed her into a different person
where i had to try and protect my brother and sister where i went through some pretty intense experiences you know thinking i was lying to her pouring liquid soap down my throat till i threw up banging my head against the wall it sounds pretty horrific but honestly i've i knew she loved me through it all her intentions were the greatest and for me it made me a practical psychologist because i had to figure out as a little boy how do i manage her mental emotional state so it doesn't get crazy to protect my brother and sister so it started with that and
then i had no answers so i had no role models there was nobody in my family who had succeeded in business or anything of that nature so while i'm still in junior high school i decided to take a speed reading course and i decided to read a book a day and of course i didn't do that it's a big target but i read about 700 books a little more than that over seven years and they were all in the area of human development psychology physiology and a lot of it was repetitive but as it repeated it be i started to own it instead of understand it you know what i mean it's like you can intellectually say oh i know that but if
you're not doing it you don't know it you understand it and so i got enough repetition and then my life changed because i was in high school i'm i was a sophomore in high school and i was trying to support my family and i worked as a busboy and a bunch of other things and went to school and on the weekends i tried to find other work to help stimulate and my mom had a friend who had done well selling real estate in orange county california in the 70s and he had been completely broke before and so he used to you know revamp a house and then sell it and buy another
and revamp it and he needed somebody to move stuff and so you know i was a pretty tall kid at that stage of starting to i was 5-1 the beginning of my sophomore year i grew 10 inches in a year and so bottom line is like okay he's a good mover i was a hard worker and my dad used to say this guy used to be such a loser and now he's so successful and he goes i don't know what happened and so one lunch time during the time was working this man he goes you're a hard worker man i'm going to hire you every time you're incredible i said well thank you i said but you know i want to know how you became so successful
because my dad said he used to be such a loser only kids can say this stuff right i literally said it to him he said dad said what and he goes well that's probably fair he said you know i really i've had some i had some tough times i said well what changed you he said i went to a seminar i had never even heard of such a thing i said what's a seminar he said well it's where this man takes all he's learned in his whole life and converts it into a few hours or a few days and teaches you so you don't have to learn by trial and error and so you can learn quicker and faster and
eliminate all the bumps and challenges and succeed quicker i said wow i've never even heard of such a thing i said so did you do that he said yes i went to the seminar but this man named jim rohn how many of you heard of jim rohn by the way i'm curious out there if you haven't he was a beautiful personal development speaker at the time and and i said well you know that seminar changed you that much he said yes i said could you get me into one and he said sure and then he didn't say anything else i said well will you and he said no way i said why not
he said because you got to pay for it i said well i work as a janitor i make 35 you know 40 bucks a week at the time and he goes well it's 35 dollars for the seminar i said that's a week's pay and yet he said okay well then just don't go and learn on your own and see how many decades it takes he said or pony up and it was one of the most important decisions in my life i took a week's pay i went to the seminar i sat there and i'd read so many books that some of things he said i recognized i started finishing him i'm you know sit yelling it out in the seminar to this man
but that day launched a different view in me where i just i was so excited i wanted to learn everything i could and i learned some very simple things that day that were philosophical but your philosophy of life affects the way you think and feel and live he wasn't so much a strategist he was more like a business and personal philosopher and he used to say look tony for things to change for you you've got to change for things to get better you got to get better and so he became that initial teacher and i eventually went to work for him and then i just became obsessed
with finding answers and so that path basically grew at some point i started doing my own programs and i just because i'd learned enough to be able to do some small seminars and then i learned something called nlp some of you may have heard of neural linguistic programming and i got to be one of the best in the world at it and i was taking people and i was challenging i'd get on a radio show and challenge a psychiatrist or psychologist and say give me your worst patient i'll hand them in one hour because i am the one-stop therapist right they'd go you're crazy and then i would challenge
them i do these free guest events and you know i started in vancouver canada anybody up there from vancouver canada you see a few right and i did these three get on the radio and you know people would challenge me and i'd say well bring me your worst patient and i remember the first one they ever brought was this woman who had a snake phobia and in this snake phobia she found herself in this position where she'd been treated for what i think it was seven years at the time and if you don't know phobia it's an uncontrolled response to something and the person said you're a liar you're a charlotte
you say you can handle people in an hour it can take years for these types of things and i said well i said give me one of your patients give me somebody you've never been able to cure i said i'm sure you've got plenty of those right if you're going to attack me i know how to take care of myself here right and so long story short i said listen um you know tell me the problem snake phobia describes that this woman would fall asleep she had these vicious dreams a snake was biting her and i don't know if you had dreams like that where they're so intense but your adrenal guns fire off and then you wake up well this
was happening three or four times a night i said well how long you've been treating her and he said seven years and i was like oh bring her that should take me about 30 or 40 minutes right and by making that kind of a challenge this guy got really upset he goes well you know this and i said listen the guy says i'll see you tomorrow night the holiday inn and so long story short and i get the holiday inn i don't know if you've done this you ever talk somebody on the phone and then i can't help it i make a picture in my head of what they look like how many of you do that if you just talk to them on the phone you kind of get a picture and so i picture this huge
man standing near this giant person right with such intensity and i'm watching the audience in those days i introduced myself i got a room for about 500 people and sure enough it's stuffed with people because everybody wants to see the shoot out between me and the psychiatrist and the bottom line is nobody matches my picture of a giant man with a scared woman on his arm that's what i was looking for and so finally i get up and i introduce myself i say i'm tony robbins i want to thank you for coming tonight i said i'm going to share with you some tools
tonight that you probably would think would take months or years to make a change where we can do it in minutes or maybe an hour and i said i know that sounds an exaggeration but it's real and then right at that time like a movie the side door bursts open and this guy about this tall walks in with his woman wrapped around his arm he storms through the crowd to the very front right and then right at that moment literally he goes here's the woman as i tried to shake his hand he wouldn't even shake my head
so i helped this woman get up i sat her in this chair and i said let's start fresh how many of you heard me on the radio tonight almost everybody raised their hand i said well this is the lady in question and i said ma'am i understand you have certain feelings about snakes and i streamed out and she shook and went crazy right so i calmed her down and i said okay ma'am i understand you've had this for seven years treated by that psychiatrist right there i said let's see if we can wipe this out in the next 10 15 20 minutes and then i did a series of these simple techniques to change
the way your mind your brain and body responds to things that's the essence of what i've learned to do and there's so many ways to do it now not just nlp but in those days i know how to do that so i did these techniques and then i said how do you feel about snakes no shaking no response pretty cool but i came prepared so i walked behind her back in here and i reached into this table and i pulled out this little knapsack and as i started bringing it up right beside her it started to move and the audience realized it was about to happen and i reached down and said how do you feel about snakes and
i got quite a reaction screaming shaking the whole nine yards but then i did this little trigger for her and she calmed down and the snake's still here and i said how do you feel about snakes and she goes they're not very attractive and i said okay i said but look at you're not screaming you're not shaking and it's a real snake right in front of you she goes that's amazing i said would you be willing to hold it she goes it's not very attractive i said yes but if you held it you really know you conquered it and then the audience
starts jumping in hold it hold it hold it right she grabs the snake starts to squeeze i said don't kill it right and that launched my career and then that became my signature get a result so you can prove this stuff works with people and so i started doing these guest events and i started doing turning people around with a variety of challenges somebody that was addicted to a drug somebody who was overeating and so that could start to become my signature you know and then gradually i
started working with sports teams individuals i turned around way back in the la olympics that's old i am back in the 80s i turned around the swimmer wasn't supposed to win he won the gold medal and so it just grew from that then i was working with princess diana nelson mandela mother teresa and the president united states and so what made that possible that i want to share with you this week is understanding the power of patterns see most of what we do is habitual somewhere between depending which research project you read 45 to about 55
percent of what we do is habit and the good thing about a habit is you don't have to think right it's like if you're first trying to drive a stick shift car in the beginning and you're a little kid i don't know about you but i was like i gotta do this and this and this and shift and watch the rear view move your mirror too can't do it but you know after you do something enough it becomes automated now you can be driving your car and doing 12 other things hopefully not too many other things but you can right because it's habit but the problem with habit is it stays with you and you do the same thinking same feeling over
and over again and when you want to break through your habits can get in the way of that process so once i understood these patterns i realized there's no there are no broken people they're just people who have certain habits certain patterns that don't serve them and this week in order to have breakthroughs i'm going to give you tools each day and then my request to you since there's no charge for this the payback for you is to do the exercise at the end of the day we'll do a couple we'll give you a little assignment and then you know the reason we have this beautiful community is so you can be supported and you'll see results just
like i have because when you shift the things we're going to show you this week you're going to see real results and then but you know if you want to come and be part of my unleash the power within i'd love to have you but there's zero pressure this week these five days are delivering for you where you are in your home it's my gift to you but you got to give yourself the gift back by playing full out and by the way each day supposed to be 90 minutes but i i'm about over delivery and this first day will be a little longer but each day is designed to help the day before so don't miss any peace because when it's all integrated you are going to feel a
transformation and i've seen it you know we did this first in 2020 because of what happened and then i remember coming into january of last year we all thought oh my gosh you know the vaccines are here now everything's shifting the world's going to open up we didn't none of us could have imagined that we're going to be going through this for another year and so i said well we'll do one last one so i'm hoping this is my last one with you guys here because it looks like things are changing but no one knows for sure but i want to make sure you have an extraordinary year no matter what happens and that's really what this is
really all about for you so in order to do that we need to make sure that we do a couple things we recognize these patterns right there's all these different patterns inside of us and when we know we can change anything i mean i get the phone call when the athlete is burning down on national television and it's conor mcgregor he's trying to get back out there after having a rough time you know serena williams after you know her sister was killed and it's like how do you do that i got to help turn the person around and get them back in place and produce the results and because i'm able to do that for decades
i built a reputation especially in the sports field but i also got it with you know with suicides knock on wood i mean tens of thousands have been able to help we've recorded them some of you may have seen if you haven't seen a netflix has a documentary called tony robbins i'm not your guru because i'm not here to be somebody's guru how many have seen anybody out there seen that we just had a five-year reunion with all these people that were part of that event and it was amazing because you get to see these incredible results of people
that were suicidal and turned around completely turned around and so i've been doing that for decades i get the phone call true story when the president united states calls and says they're going to impeach me in the morning what should i do and i'm starting with clinton i've gotten that call more than once but with clinton i'm 32 years old and it's like they're gonna peach in the morning my first response is you know could you call me sooner it's tomorrow morning right but because of the pressure of having to deliver
i develop more and more techniques that can create quick change rapid change and more importantly lasting change so it's all about three things and you and by the way i'm going to encourage you jot down some notes because hopefully there's things that are worthwhile and even if you never read the notes again research shows if you just listen to me passively you're going to remember about ten percent of what i said about a month from now i don't want to waste your time if you listen and take notes and you never read them again just writing it down again drives the grooves deeper in your body
and you retain somewhere between 70 and 80 if you engage your body as well now you jump to 90 95 who's up for getting some real results the next five days here say i say i and i want you to think of it this way if you and i are going to transform our lives we've got to just change these patterns and and if you get good at recognizing patterns i mean i don't know if you've read but you know i have five kids and five grandkids i have a 48 year old daughter and a nine-month-old daughter so i have the whole breath of what you can imagine
right and i think about my daughters and grandchildren as well as my kids but especially my daughters and grandchildren i think i read these stories and you know from oxford and places like that and they're talking about by 2040 which sounds like a long time you're going to snap your fingers and be there in the next 17 18 years we're going to lose 45 of all our jobs and was going to be replaced by ai by robotics by algorithms so how do we make sure that we can succeed our family can succeed no matter what really this week is about mastering
three things number one being able to recognize patterns not saying there's something wrong with me there's nothing wrong with you're not broken you just got a pattern that's not getting you what you want and if you can see the pattern and recognize what's making it not work you can also find the pattern that does work and if you look at anybody anybody who's successful in anything in sports and business and finance and investing what makes them incredible is these three skills they at least have two of them they can recognize patterns in the marketplace in a business uh somebody's
great at dancing recognizes how they can use sound and movement to produce a result the best in the world that's what they do my friend tom brady can look at a defense and usually pick it apart final seconds he's done that he's got more super bowl rings than any team so pattern recognition is the first skill you want to learn or give your children the second skill is pattern utilization i know the pattern how do i use it to get better results in my body in my emotions in my relationships and by the way that's what we're going to do this week we're going to cover the gamut of
your life we're going to start here with this day and this day will be a little longer if you'll stay with me because we've got to lay the foundation but each day we're going to cover okay so what do we do so that we have a level of enjoyment out of this life what do we do so we can change my body so i have the energy and strength and vitality what do i do so i have the relationships i want either to create them or transform them what do i do with my time to be more effective what do i do with my career or my business my finances and then how do i really just have a spiritual experience not religious i'm not going to try and tell you what to believe but what's
going to enhance all that and we're going to do a little bit each day and you have a little exercise and you'll kick it in gear by the way it works so we did it in 20 we did in 2021 this will be our last one hopefully because hopefully covert will be passed us by the end of this year if not sooner but what i want you to know is the stories that people have shared are incredible and when you're in the community you'll get those and you'll be part of those and people share with you here on the facebook community as well over these next few days especially if you're vulnerable and you'll share what's going on and what you're doing to make it better because we're all here to
help each other it's a very different community than you signed a lot of times on twitter or places of that nature so i think you'll enjoy it i think you'll find some really maybe some friends from around the world here that'll be there but i've seen people have transformed their relationships or created i've seen people transform their health massively i've seen people turn around businesses in the middle of covid just from this little bit that we did each day for these five days we have one gentleman i think maybe later in the week i'll introduce you to him because he's one of my favorite stories i saw him i've always read the facebook piece to see what people are experiencing
and this guy named matt he was told he'd never be able to walk again in an accident he was in bed for i think it was five years and literally couldn't get out of bed was on oxygen they told me never be off oxygen and couldn't get up to the restroom even to give you an idea literally in the dark naked in bed most of the time and matt somebody said you got to try this challenge thing it's free you can do it while you're in bed from your computer with this tony robbins guy and he was a little skeptical but they got him and do it and each day he got
stronger and he posted in the facebook that's how he found about it saw what he was doing he was over he gained over 700 pounds to give you an idea and you're never getting off oxygen well sure enough each day he improved and he kept going in the facebook group he started doing little weight lifts small weight lifts in his bed he eventually got off the oxygen which they said he'd never do he eventually stood for the first time and was able to leave the room he then actually got himself driving again and then of course i saw him and communicated with him as well and i said listen if you get to where you can drive
if you get where you can walk i said i'm going to fly you to unleash the power within live with me here in palm beach and sure enough he lost 258 pounds let's give it up for matt for starters ladies pretty awesome [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] and here's the best part
he calls me and said well tony goes i i really appreciate the offer and i've lost all this weight and i'm committed to follow through and he goes uh can i bring my girlfriend he goes because i i just got engaged how's that for matt give it up for matt [Applause] and so he came and he and his wife walked on the fire with us and he just it was absolutely spectacular and so he's another example so i could give you so many but i want you to know this is an exciting week so it's kind of like i had a friend one time she said she went
to the emergency room and noah's paying attention to her and this nurse walked up to her just the right moment you know she freaked out not knowing what's going on with her heart and and the person the nurse said looked her in the eyes and said listen you're in the right place don't worry and i'm here to tell you're in the right place not like every answer is here but there's some great ones here for you that can really support your life so what do we need to do when we've been stuck in winter meaning stuck in our homes pushed back had the whole world kind of shut down
the problem with that is you start to get into learned helplessness i don't know what happened to you when this first started 10 days to flatten the curve that was a long time ago and then further restrictions and further restrictions and i know we got people from literally 195 countries right now with us 195 countries every country in the world is represented that the un recognizes so give it up for everybody first of all thank you for coming from around the world here's what i can tell you if you study history if you study history you'll find there
are patterns in history right by the way i said there are three patterns first is pattern recognition then it's utilization so if i want to play the piano i'd probably play someone else's patterns to learn to play music right learn how to use it but after a while there's pattern creation that's what we want to do by the end of this week we want to get you from being someone who's trying to manage their circumstances to remembering you're the creator of your life and the dynamic things you can do to change your life no matter what's happening but whether you do that or not
get me in the camera here right whether you do that or not it really has a lot to do first with your energy and now this is so fundamental this is so basic and we miss it in other words if you're low energy there's the chances of applying what you learn here is really small now i want you to write notes so you take it we're going to get your body involved but the higher the energy in the body the greater the mind and heart and soul works i mean have you ever noticed that when you're really beaten exhausted like it's easy to get pissed off over just about
anything or feel like doing nothing but if there's that level of energy in your body there's a strength in your energy now here's the challenge after we've been conditioned you know by kova to be in our homes and sitting so much and moving less which by the way is a direct opposite of what we need if we're going to be healthy and have a good immune system like if that's where it is we really got to stimulate ourselves again and if you think about energy how important is energy in business or career somebody's super low energy are you going to want to do business with them
right think about it or look at an intimate relationship let's think for a second if you've got two people that truly love each other i mean they adore each other sincerely what kind of relationship they can have well if they're in a great energy if they're taking care of themselves and they're vital and they're strong you've got two people in peak energy states and they love each other what kind of relationship they're gonna have are gonna be okay is it gonna be good or is it gonna be extraordinary what would you say but in the chat box of course it's gonna be extraordinary right
but if you take those same two people that totally love each other and they get the energy drop quite a bit to like you know good how you doing they're pretty good okay better than dead and now it's the same people they love each other just as much but now you know they're stressed because they're doing all taking the kids to soccer practice and dealing with this or these days getting them on the web so they can try and learn from the school and trying to keep everything going and there's a little bit of burnout is it going to be the same level of
relationship you tell me this is a yes this is a no what do you say show me yes or no no it's not going to be even though they love each other because without energy it doesn't get executed and what happens if you get these two people that totally love and adore each other and they really let themselves get burnt out they're frustrated they're exhausted they haven't slept well maybe somebody's been sick right all the stresses around them maybe a cash flow issue in the business because of covid or changes in their career and they're on wherever now
they're both in a lousy state a low energy state you and i both know in that state people say and do things that they don't really mean but your partner won't forget and the only other one is what if one's in a high state one's in a low state that's a dangerous place too because you're feeling good you don't already pull down your partner's like don't you care about me so energy is everything how many buy that energy is the single most important ingredient to a quality life if you do say i say i it really is
so if you do buy that then there's two things you got to ask yourself number one is how often do you measure your energy you know when i take over a business and i have 105 companies now it's unbelievable we do seven billion dollars in business i started with absolutely nothing but i have such great people i've learned so many great tools and later in the week i'm going to show you what do for your career your business and finances and some really cool ways some of the best things i've learned quick things that can shift it all but one of the things i've learned is you got to measure things more often when i take over a business i start measuring the most important things you measure once a
year you're going to have bad years you measure once a month you're not going to have a bad year because you had 12 times to see what's happening and make it better you follow me and if you measure you know once a week you're not going to have bad months multiple times a day won't have bad weeks but measure your energy right now if i asked you where was your energy this same time yesterday on a scale from 0 to 10 or even right now 0 to 10 where would you put it 10 is unstoppable energy zero is dead where would you put it put in the chat box for me or and if you're on
screen show me the number what number would you say you are right now that's it that's a good show that's it okay sam seen five six seven seven six there's a ten there's a six there's a five there's a five okay if i had to make a quick generalization the average is five five or six now there's some clear tens and by the way they're shaking their hands and making noise and everything else because you can't be at 10 without making noise and moving your body that's what's required to get yourself there to give you an idea so think of it this way
here's my core question for you think about it would you ever really want a date of five would you ever want to do business with a five show me a five person do business with right and yet we don't really measure ourselves and also we become like the people we're around and so you don't want to be over the top but without energy nothing else changes so first let me ask you how many buy that energy is the single most important ingredient for a greater quality of life how many buy that if you don't have to
but if you do make some noise so i know they got you there awesome okay i agree then the question is how many of you have days when you wake up and your brain says let's go get them and your your body says i can't get out of bed or how many you have days where you know you're like i i really want to do this but i'm you know i don't want to talk to people today how many days when you think i don't want to talk to people today make some noise if you have days like that but if you're in business or got a
career you got to talk to people and if you fake it like oh yeah i'm doing great you know everybody feels it so what i want you to do is ask what would it take how do you change your energy when it's low because one of the silliest questions have been asked of me my entire career i almost always know when the media's gonna ask the question they'll do a series of questions and you know i'm pretty passionate guy i love human beings i want to make a difference and you know i've had the ability to do this for four and a half decades so they'll say things like well
don't you have bad days don't you have days when you just sit around and watch tv and eat cheetos and watch porn and i go well i do some of those things right but the point is it's not that i don't really have bad days and i'm not exaggerating it's not because i'm so superhuman it's like building a muscle if you're an athlete you build a muscle and you're strong and once you're strong you can use it doesn't mean i don't have off moments but i don't stay there only because i've trained my nervous system to be in a
peak state so when i'm exhausted and i've got plenty of those times trust me i don't know what country i'm in what city am i at what's going on here but i got to get up and deliver how do you do that you got to know where energy comes from so put in the chat box so i can see where do you think energy comes from let me see what you think is where does energy come from okay food food sleep movement food okay let's start with food okay it's not food don't get me wrong food is a source of energy it is not the source of energy i'll
prove it to you how many of you can remember your last thanksgiving or big holiday meal because i know we have people from all over the world who can remember the last big holiday meal you had not long ago right and we have a big holiday meal how do you eat during that thanksgiving or christmas what do you do you go i'm gonna give thanks so i'm gonna take care of my body have lots of broccoli no how much do we eat we eat until we can't move right and at the end you you go oh i'm totally stuffed i'll never eat again and somebody goes pumpkin pie and you go
okay [Applause] so i want you to realize that think about it when you're at that thanksgiving dinner do you feel like going on a run afterwards or lying down in front of the boob tube right take a little nap because you know food digesting food the way most people eat takes away a lot of energy for them that's why who's ever been on a fast for multiple days three four five days the first day can feel a little tough maybe even a day and a half or two days but by the time you get to the third day if you really do it or fourth
everybody show me who's done it does your energy go up or down which one does it do on a fast when you're three or four yeah it goes through the roof and you've had no food and when you have that big meal you're ready to sit down take a little nap so food is not the source of energy so if you haven't any don't worry about it right we'll get you straightened out but you can do it afterwards what what someone else says sleep okay how many have you ever slept eight hours and you were still exhausted make some noise if you've done this before ladies and gentlemen
it's not sleep energy is physical it's a habit and what happens is most of us don't have the habit so before we do anything else let's do something really simple for your energy would you mind standing up just for a second wherever you are in the world shake your body out stand up just for a second just wake it up just wake your body up a little bit [Music] and here's what i want you to do shake your body out a little bit just shake it out and here's what we're gonna do we're gonna play a simple game if there's somebody in the room with you you can
point at someone in the room if not pick somebody on the screen whether they see or not you're gonna point him and go i own you go ahead try it again i own you no i own you no i own you [Applause] now do we have any competitive people in the house any kind of negative people out there okay good the word competition comes from latin it means to conspire together
what that means is if i'm gonna play basketball with you i'm gonna compete i'm gonna push you hard so you get better and i want you to push me hard so we can inspire and i get better we both get better by competing so we're going to compete for energy so all you're going to do is this movement with energy now movement can come in the form of sound try something for a moment make the sound of being totally excited just for fun go make the sound come on make it really loud wherever you are totally excited
all right how does that feel how many like that feeling in your body there ladies and gentlemen now if you add movement with sound facial expressions with sound it literally changes your biochemistry and fine in fact there was science that i've taught for decades for almost no more than four decades that if you learn how to change your body radically it'll change not only your energy your biochemistry but even how your brain works and so i work with the greatest athletes politicians billionaire businessman guys in prison just showing them how to
change their mental emotional state because when you're in a peak state anything's possible when you're in a oh man the hell state nothing is possible right so learning how to switch in a second not in a fake phony way i might be a maybe a hippie and your brain goes i'm not happy but if you change your body and your mind together you can make it happen so all we're going to do is just be playful and so when i say now i'm going to ask you to we're going to say i own you to somebody on the screen or nearby if
someone's in the house no i own you no i own you and i'm going to go one two three and then i'm going to ask you to unleash your energy like you're celebrating the greatest sporting event of your life like you just achieved the ultimate goal you have the most amazing orgasm whatever would excite you most this is it and i want you to just go crazy with it for 30 seconds who's want to go for just wake your whole nervous system up here say i say i alright then here's what you do point at somebody go i own ya
no i own you oh i own you all right clapping on three we're gonna go crazy one two three go make some noise while you do it [Applause] [Music] [Applause] yes
give a high five or a virtual high five and say you rock baby grab a seat take a little sip of water if you got it so you stay hydrated a little sip of water if you have it nearby nice [Music] and then in your chair create more energy than when you're standing wake it up [Applause] i think
[Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] really good if you feel strong make up this and say yes say yes say yes now do you feel more alive right now yes or no perfect now you go okay now some of you sit down you oh glad that shit's over oh
get back to this stuff right here now make sure even when you're sitting you're in a peak state breathe nice and strong now when a pandemic happened everybody was affected in different ways but most people went some through some sense of loss loss of freedom loss of friends you know maybe loss of company loss of whatever and when we have something that's a loss like a big loss like a death there are these five patterns that we go
through kind of stages a sequence of emotions and you might want to just capture them and see if you went through these or not and i want to add a sixth piece so if you've ever heard about it you know people call it the five stages of grief the first stage is shock right you're just like this is crazy this can't be it's impossible happens if somebody suddenly dies your first response is shock probably the first thing happens someone says we're going to shut down the world we're going to keep you in your home you're gonna have to wear a mask you're
not gonna be able to go to work what i can't go to restaurant what but shock very quickly flips and we'll throw it on stage here show you the pattern it flips down into anger usually for people anger or frustration let's throw it up on the screens everybody sees and when you get in that anger frustrated state things don't get much better right it's still a significant challenge for anybody and then okay we go from shock to anger and you can't stay angry all the time because your nervous system gets
exhausted so you might go back to anger but there'll be a point where you'll go into a sadness because the tension of anger is so strong that we suddenly will finally drop into sadness and some people drop into depression how many felt angry shocked angry and then sad at some point during this time here of covet here let me make some noise if you if you can identify with this and then what happens is bargaining you know okay god like people that aren't religious suddenly go like when
it's really bad okay god if you'll just do this for me i'll do that or like bargaining in their head okay if this happens i can still do that there's this bargaining stage but eventually eventually some people take years to do it some people take months some people take weeks some typical days some take hours eventually there's acceptance and if you're like me and you consider yourself an achiever most achievers are not into acceptance they're into breaking through finding the way making it happen but what i learned over the years it's
kind of like the serenity prayer it's like you know grant me that ability to change the things i can't change and you know be aware of and be able to accept the things i can't and i know the difference so i can have a better life and so there's a point of acceptance not meaning you accept this is how it's going to be forever but instead of being angry about how it is okay this this is just how it is this is it you know better or worse this is it for right now so i got to deal with it and what a lot of people do is they end with acceptance and their life just doesn't
get better i think there's a six stage and that's what we're here to do this week creation once you accept what happened it's time to create life anew who's here to create a brand new year take your life to the next level make this thing happen right then in order to get to creation in order to get that you got to have a breakthrough and that's what this week's about it's not just about information information is useful if you use it but a breakthrough is something different and i'd like if you would for a moment type in the chat what do you think a
breakthrough is how would you define a breakthrough so i can see what you guys are thinking here put it down if you would what's a breakthrough somebody said luke jasper says it's a change right and samantha says it's an energy shift it's a transformation it's freedom it's a change of way of thinking it's movement it's a new purpose it's a change in your pattern it's reinventing yourself it's a brand new awareness it's a new belief it's letting go it's a higher purpose okay everything it's a milestone every answer you've said is a great one there's no wrong answers there but i'll
give you my definition of a breakthrough because it's really precise and i really want this week for you to experience multiple breakthroughs by the way men are capable of multiple breakthroughs later ladies and gentlemen i want you ladies to know that as well it's not only women who can have multiple breakthroughs right so a breakthrough to me if you want to jot it down is a moment in time there's a moment when you have a breakthrough it's a moment in time and i know you've experienced it before maybe you were dealing with something you were trying to change stop smoking
drinking or being so angry or you know you're in a relate have any of been in a relationship way too long who's been in a relationship way too long out there make some noise you've done it like you knew it wasn't right you knew it's not right for them it's night right for you but oh changing it is like oh what what's worse to be alone right but then there's that moment of breakthrough it usually comes often with pain where it's like you know well it'll be better in the future that's why you
stay or it was better in the past but there's a day when your brain goes it was bad in the past it's about the presence it's gonna be worse the future i'm changing this now who's ever gotten to a breakthrough where something you weren't changing you said you're gonna change but you didn't and then one day you hit a threshold and you said that's enough not another day not another hour and you changed something and never went back to that who's done this before make some noise if you've had a breakthrough so that was a moment in time when suddenly it became a must to change not a should
when we should change things if it's easy we change but if not we just should all over ourselves i should i should i should i should all over myself right i should lose some weight i should spend more time with my kids i should make more calls in my business i should i should we don't change but when you have that moment that breakthrough moment suddenly what was impossible is going to happen suddenly your brain says not in a day not at an hour suddenly your day says this is changing now now i'd be willing to bet
you've done this more than once in your life how many of you could think of one i'd like you if you would here's what i'm going to ask you to do rather than tell you how to have a breakthrough which i can show you because i spent my whole life studying how people break through how they go from it's impossible to actually doing it how they go from 700 pounds to losing 258 pounds how they go from totally broke to financially free how they go from all the good ones are gone to finding their ultimate mate this is my this is my work so i've seen it over and over again and i've studied it and one of the things i
want you to know we're going to do this week is i'm a big believer that complexity is the enemy of execution i'm gonna say that again complexity is the enemy of execution when you make things so complex people don't follow through and i think early in my career to try to convince myself how smart i was i want to know everything about everything and i mean it's so complex i could i looked smart i convinced myself i was smart maybe i was trying to convince other people back then i don't know but it was stupid because people
don't use it so i'm going to work hard to make it simple but also work hard to give you your own experiences as well so you'll know so this is what i want you to do i'm going to throw up on a screen for you here i want you to think of a breakthrough you've had in your life where's an area where you struggled to change didn't change didn't change maybe you got mad at yourself or frustrated but finally one day you just changed it all you had a breakthrough and i want to know three things jot down what was the situation that you struggled with
and then number two because i want you to share it if you would in a few moments and then number if you're willing to and number two what pushed you over at the edge in that moment like you could say well you know i've been smoking my whole life and i said i was going to stop and but something made you stop that moment or you've been in the relationship forever and you knew it should change and then finally there's a moment was like that's it what happened in that moment that made you go about making a change for real was it an emotion
did you get pissed off or did you get inspired by somebody you saw something's possible and got excited and that kicked you into gear like did you start to see that this if this doesn't change my whole life's not going to be where i want you finally told yourself the truth and so you pushed through or was it a change like in your beliefs what made it i'd like to know two things i want to know what was the situation you struggled with for a breakthrough where'd you create a breakthrough two what made it possible excuse me what
triggered you to change that day what was the emotion what was the push what was it that made that moment because you talked about it a lot right because if we study how you've had a breakthrough in the past we can use that same formula to help you create new breakthroughs in your body or your emotions your finances your business or relationships or whatever so first what triggered you to finally attack it for good and then third what made it possible was it a new belief like you started saying man if these guys can do this stuff i can do it too
or was it meeting somebody and you got a new coach or a teacher or a friend or somebody mentored you or was it a new philosophy that shaped you or was it a new emotion or was it a new strategy you figured out how to do it right and that really pushed you through or was it a new insight so i'm going to give you just quick two and a half three minutes i'll put the music on i'm here with you but i want you to really think and write down where's an area you struggled and you finally broke through what was the area
what made you attack it then what emotion what thought what experience pushed you over the edge and then what made the change possible to make it last was it a new belief a new emotion a new strategy or new insight maestro let's throw on some music you got about two and a half minutes right real quick if you will and if you want to share it in the chat box once you write it down we'd love to see here we go [Music] anthony minova says my breakthrough is to stop drinking and drugs i wanted to end my life and i couldn't so i changed
everything i've been doing to see what it would be like to living a life that i've never lived before congratulations anthony my life is so much better now samantha i struggled my teens drinking smoking fighting and burst away my trigger was i had to do something because i was becoming pregnant so i found a way to support and create a way to influence them what's your way james pollock's i was feeling stuck in a business partnership went sour i was feeling super depressed every day only three hours of sleep at night i prayed on it constantly
and then finally realized god gave me the tools and i made the changes nice [Music] what was the what was the challenge that you broke through [Music] what made you finally deal with it that day i know what made the change last that made it possible [Music] what was the moment that changed it off
[Music] these are great answers thanks for you putting in the chat i'm reading them all this is awesome guys i hope you're seeing reminding yourself that you could change anything even things that you've not succeeded at before thank you jody davis [Music] my daughter was born and that gave me the impetus to change it all that's gorgeous marcus [Music]
new business was the breakthrough i was a nurse i lost my job i had created a new business in the middle of covid made it a must found the way very nice [Music] very nice after leaving the hospital built the business making 4 000 a month working from home nice job [Music] and if you got one and you can think of a second breakthrough do that one what triggered that change
what made it possible you might discover a pattern here my friends keep it going i lost my music here we are domestic violence was destroying me at it protect my kids my faith stopped me i got the courage to finally leave and now life is so much better congratulations lisa said i stopped smoking if my dad was diagnosed with cancer he beat it and i still don't smoke nice lisa mcveigh it's responsible invest in a multi-million dollar business shut it
down and then one year really realized i was powerless live with my best friend god had more money in my name than i ever had in my life i found a new way nicholas i broke through i lost 100 pounds nice job i got a coach i took action i hit my threshold and then changed it all great job [Music] such great examples give you about another minute and after you've shared your examples you might want to read some others you might be inspired to see what's possible
really cool guys whatever comes you will be just fine if i am yours hold me close i want to feel your love together we are free just be with [Music] 20 seconds left [Music] really thank you for sharing this is awesome i hope you guys are inspired as i am reading how people have turned
themself around i was over 300 pounds kristen says in high school wanted to be a lifeguard to help others i was too unfit to pass the water test and that moment i knew i had to change it all for the better congratulations chris incredible [Music] all right how many of you had a breakthrough you remembered and figured out what triggered you and what you have to go and make some noise if you got it out there ladies and gentlemen show me the energy of a breakthrough ladies and gentlemen yes
all right so somebody raise your hand and tell me what your breakthrough was i see here scott and nancy crystalling here on team looks like five let's call on them let's see what their breakthrough was they've had a lot of energy the whole time there can you bring them up they're on team five it looks like if i'm reading it right get my hand ladies and gentlemen [Music]
[Applause] [Music] right there kissling k-i-s-s-o-i-n-g kissling father coming up happy birthday to carol poochie i see there happy birthday [Music] [Music] are they coming on [Music] [Applause] [Music]
thanks for your patience by the way welcome to my basement everybody because when we first did this we did it down here and i built this incredible studio with literally 20 foot high led screens 50 feet wide that's where we normally do event i can see everybody can do it flawlessly but they're making some final changes before our next to unleash the power within so we're doing here in the basement with you so let's bring them up here and let's find out so you guys first of all what what is the scott you got your own t-shirts tell me the story behind that nice to meet you both where are you in the world tell me about first where are
you on earth uh so we are in florida oh in florida ladies and gentlemen give it up for florida [Applause] what what's the story behind your shirts so this is our a business scott nancy electric business we're our coaching business yeah so we go by our meeting yeah and we like to shout our name i like it good good marketing well tell me you guys have a lot of energy what's a breakthrough either one of you tell me what was a breakthrough you really struggled with
didn't do it didn't do it didn't do it and then one day you finally did and then tell me what pushed you over the edge to finally deal with it and what made the change possible what made it last so thank you for having us uh again again last year on new world new new world new you so incredibly happy to be here oh that's oh no that's great one of the one of the breakthroughs that i've had in my life was
getting over suicide and the and the want to commit suicide wow um you know you said what was the the edge there and it's funny that you said that i was standing on top of an eight-story parking garage um about to step off the edge and what would you and by the way in order to do that just for everybody to know anytime someone's you know because i've dealt with this for thousands and thousands tens of thousands of people over the decades when someone's killed themselves there's only one core belief they believe at
some level dying would be less painful than living so somehow you got to that point what broke the pattern what that made you finally change that uh honestly an angel you know i i truly had the belief that i i wasn't loved i didn't belong here i would never have love and i look down at this black and white world that i lived in about to step off this building
and this woman looked up at me in a red dress and she caught my eye and she was crying staring at me on top of this building and i thought oh my gosh somebody actually cares and it was a stranger right somebody that i have still to this day have no idea who she is um but she saved my life wow and from that moment i truly put everything that you've ever taught me into effect
oh give him a hand for that that's incredible [Music] [Applause] that's amazing uh you literally were pushed to the edge so to speak and now the woman in red is beside you so and you've got the love of your life it looks like so congratulations give him both a giant hand thank you very much give him a big
hand [Applause] yes let me see if i can give you a shortcut and then as i give you the shortcut now that you have an experience you've written down you can see whether it's true or not because over the decades i've met so many people and studied what broke them through they didn't change they didn't change for a decade then one day they changed how many of you the trigger for change was enough pain that you got to the point where it's like i can't take this
another day another hour make some noise if pain was the trigger that made you finally change you hit a threshold of pain you may have had pain before but but this was a different level that finally pushed you over the edge where you had to deal with it now some people will do it based on pleasure it isn't only pain but i found about 90 of the people when there's something they haven't broken through they get enough pain and they find that part inside themselves when they push through but that's different than what makes it last what makes it possible is they hit enough pain and then
it's enough emotion or it's a change in their beliefs like all of a sudden people care that's the change in belief that happened in that moment and by the way the moment he described this has happened lots of times it's amazing what something as simple as human kindness can do to people i'm reminded as he said i can't remember the man's name but there's a gentleman who's very famous um and he wanted to kill president nixon and he didn't want to kill him because he hated nixon he just wanted to become
famous and so he knew if he killed a president he would be a famous person and so he plotted the whole thing we know all the details because he actually kept a journal which they found later and the long story shortened he planned this he thought it through he got so organized to make this thing happen he was so structured to make it work and the first place was before nixon he was just going to go kill some random people and he stopped to have a final meal at mcdonald's of all places
as he goes into mcdonald's and the woman behind the counter the young woman really was super warm and nice like like a level of niceness and kindness he not felt before and she looked at him and she goes are you okay and he was like yes i'm okay and she was super warm he had his meal and then she ended her shift and she went a walk across the bridge and sure enough he walks across the bridge and she stops to look over the edge and he's got this gun under his coat
and he's gonna shoot people and she goes oh my god you're the i just met you hey are you really okay and he wrote in his journal i just couldn't make her witness that so then he waits and he's gonna go after nixon and nixon got out of the car and is walking during this parade and he's got the gun under his coat in his hand he's three steps from him he knows he can grab it now he's got him in his sights and he gets bumped really hard and he whips around in total anger
and it's like a 70 year old woman and she goes oh i'm so sorry oh i'm so sorry and then she sees in his eyes this hurt this pain this anger this hurt and she said i'm really sorry are you okay and the same exact moment true story he's got the chance to kill the president become famous and he said i couldn't do it in front of her and he didn't do it he later went after governor wallace and shot him and made him a quadriplegic and he's still in jail today
but twice stopped killing people by a little act of kindness i only tell you that because it's amazing how little things can change people or at least shift people now obviously he needed a shift in beliefs and emotion other areas it wasn't enough for everything but it's really powerful so here's what i want you to understand i'm going to give you a shortcut and you tell me if it's true but i want to give in reverse there's three s's that create a breakthrough if you understand this you could say i want to change my body and you'll know exactly where to start
and what to do i want to change my finances this is where you go i want to change my relationship this is where you go i want to have an impact on my kids this is where you go i'm going to give you these three keys for a breakthrough in reverse order and the reason is meaning reverse order of importance order matters the dog bit johnny johnny bit the dog it's the exact same ingredients different order different experience especially if you're johnny right so i want you to i'm going to give you the
order that most people take this in and why they don't achieve breakthroughs and then i'm going to show you the right order which is really simple so let's start with where most people start if you were having a problem with your weight or your body or your relationship or your finances or your career most people's first focus is finding a strategy to change it they ask the question how do i change this and that makes common sense but it's the one of the worst things you can do let me explain why write down this phrase the tyranny of how
you don't want to get caught up in the tyranny of how what does that mean most of us when things aren't working and we finally say this has got to change we look for how to do it have you ever done this if you said i'm going to do this use i'm going to make this goal happen i'm going to do this amazing thing and then your brain goes how am i going to do that i've never done it before and so your brain goes who are you kidding who's had this experience where you got all excited about a goal and then your brain goes who you get and the reason is
you've never done it before so you quote don't know how so that makes you uncertain now when someone's in an uncertain state imagine if you took the greatest athletes in the world you know a great quarterback like tom brady or you know lebron james or whoever and you made them play with uncertainty you know they're not going to execute creating certainty in your body is one of the most important tools we're going to use this week when you don't feel certain how to shift that but when you try to think how to do
something listen martin luther king didn't know how he was going to get people to change our culture and while our culture still needs much much improvement in this area we voted twice as the american people for an african-american president and voted him in twice his culture shifted from the time he had a dream he didn't know how he knew what and why he knew this is what needs to happen and why it needs to happen that's how breakthroughs occur when president kennedy said within this decade we're going to send a man to the moon and return him to this earth
successfully hopefully the people at nasa were like we don't know how to do that that's impossible but what leaders do is they decide what they're going to do and why they're going to do it and then they can go get the how but when you start with a how it tends to make you uncertain so for example let's take a simple example this is a wild number i just by the way all of you are my vip i'm sending you my brand new book called life force i've worked on it for three years i'm super excited for you and for the rest of you i hope you'll pick it up i'm donating all the profits
we're feeding 20 million meals to feeding america and the balance is going to alzheimer's and cancer i'm not taking a dime so it's really cool it's the greatest breakthroughs in medical science things you think would happen 20 years in the future they'll give you more energy strength alternatives it's phenomenal but the reason i'm bringing it up is if you're going to have a breakthrough and you're trying to figure out okay what's the strategy it seems common sense but one of the things in doing the research here is one of the reasons we have so much illness
and so much poor immune systems is three out of four americans now are either overweight or obese we are the fattest country in the world this isn't fat shaming it's just what it does to our health it really is horrific in fact if you if you're worried about covid check out what the cdc says number one risk factor other than age number one obesity overweight or obese to eighty percent which study you read the people that died of covid that is the number one risk factor you know what number two is fear because when you get
really scared it changes your breathing you're overwhelmed that's according to the cdc i put it in my book it'll blow your mind so we can control those things but here's my point why are so many americans and by the way american culture is now affecting everywhere even in china many of my chinese friends are here and japanese friends are here yeah hello out there to you guys nice to see you yes my italian friends are waving and my german friends and my french friends and my friends in the uk south america we got people from
195 countries but here's my point if three quarters of the population is overweight is that a strategy problem is it that it's we're overweight so much of the culture because we don't know how to be fit and strong or healthy we don't know how to lose weight no is it because the the information on how to transform your body get fit and healthy is so expensive no you can get it for free right you go on right now on the internet you can have a million different people giving you
information you could download books for free you could buy a book i mean think about is it that only the one percent has access to this information hell no you have to almost hide yourself from the information about it fit and healthy it's everywhere if you and i right now wanted to get fit and healthy and we wanted someone to help us to do it how far would you have to go to get to a gym or someone who could help you well some of you could hire somebody to come into your home so it's not really a how problem don't get me wrong some people have the wrong strategy
i remember years ago the cover of time magazine was the atkins diet some of you may remember that and like 15 of america was on the atkins diet i remember at the time thinking what are these people doing any diet where you got to pee in a stick because you have so much acid to keep it balanced and your breath smells that bad ought to be a clue this is not a sustainable solution so sometimes don't get me wrong we do need coaching on the strategy and i'm a strategist like i spent my whole life finding how do you
save someone five or ten years or how do you do something in a week instead of six weeks to get a result so i'm a strategist and i'm still telling you it's not the most important thing because i can give you the strategy and you still may not apply it have you ever gone to somebody and they're like they're frustrating go look here's what you do here's how to do it and they're like no no no i've tried everything i've tried who's ever done this before or something you know what i'm talking about here say i say i because the problem is not the strategy we can get the strategy
the problem is the other two elements to a breakthrough and the next one right before that is the story the reason people don't improve so often is because they have a story about why it won't work so if a person's overweight what's the story if you say to somebody listen i really want to help you i know you're overweight i mean i'm not judging you it's not a fat shaming thing i just want you to have all the energy vitality and strength and freedom you deserve and they're like no i've tried what will
they say i've tried what does everybody say i've tried everything no if you tried everything you'd be fit and strong right and they go well i've tried thousands of things really name them well i've tried hundreds of different approaches name them well i did do these three stupid things that don't work over and over again or someone's not in a relationship and what what's the story well all the good ones are gone right or they're gay and i'm not or i'm gay and they're not or something right the story
blinds us and keeps us either from even finding the strategy or if the strategy is right in our face we won't see it when the story in our head is a certain way because our expectations color what we notice let me do a little exercise for you just two seconds here's what i want you to do sit up in your chair sit up in your chair have nice energy crank a little energy in your body real fast ladies and gentlemen come on [Music] [Applause] some of you guys got some awesome energy
okay now just try something with me for a second now it may not work because it's the room you know but i want you i'm going to give you one quick look i want you look around your room and notice everything that's brown and i'm going gonna give you a test in a second look behind you look around you everything that's brown in the room you're in don't miss anything okay close your eyes now tell me everything you just saw that was red [Applause] raise your hand if you're seeing more brown in your head than red make some noise if you're seeing more brown than
red okay open your eyes and really look for red look for red anywhere you can you'll be going on the screen you can look at the room look around you anything that's a room look for something that's red look for anything you find is red all the red you can find all right here's my question how many of you found more red this time raise your hand make some noise if you found more red why did you find more red because seek and ye shall find asking the door shall open right that's an old phrase pretty important one
we will find whatever we're looking for so once you have a story that this is my life you won't see anything to mess up that story because your mind wants to confirm itself in fact i'll prove it to you you'll see things that aren't there how many of you out there want an honest answer by raising hands and those of you that are not visual with me put in the chat how many of you saw beige things and called it brown just so you could count more things and feel successful come on how many saw burgundy and called it red just so you could feel successful
right so i want you to get this please hear me your story controls your life chain write this down change your story change your life divorce the story of your limitations and marry the truth of your unlimited nature that's what will change your life if you got a business you have to change the story to grow the business if you got a relationship and it's not going you want you got a story about your partner a story about yourself a story
about men a story about women if you don't change that story i can show you the best strategy on earth and you won't apply it how many know what i'm talking about here say i say i but if you change the story literally now if no one gives you the strategy you'll create one or you'll find one change the story change your life but here's the next thing the story's like the glue that keeps you together now if you've got an empowering story it'll keep you going even though the things around you are driving you crazy or seem impossible and it'll get you to find the
right answers the right solutions the right strategies but there's one more that should happen even before this and it's another s so it's easy remember your state your mental emotional and physical state this is the single most important thing and i'll prove it to you can you remember a time when you were really pissed off at somebody really frustrated with someone who can remember time you really pissed off at somebody or even yourself right do you ever notice when you're really pissed off with
somebody you can suddenly remember everything they've ever done that's ever pissed you off or even with yourself but watch this if you're in a state of joy if you're in a state of falling head over heels in love do me a favor wherever you are in the world whether you're on screen or not make the sound of being totally in love just make the sound whatever that sounds like come on make it okay for some of you it's been a while based your reaction right let's try it again the sound of totally love maybe in lust as well you're over
the top excited make that sound go for it now when you're totally in love with somebody what's wrong with life tell me what's wrong nothing isn't it true it's like you know and by the way what will you do for somebody when you're totally in love what will you do for them come on what will you do anything right anything and they go take out the trash like take out the trash i'm happy to do it what else can i do for you right but after seven days or seven months or seven years or
seventy years somewhere between seven days and seventy years they go could you take up the trash and go what do i look like your janitor [Applause] you know i know what it is we used to have so much passion what happened see your mental emotional state controls your story and then your story controls whether or not you even find the strategy or implement the strategy does that make sense it's like if you're in a lousy state and i'll give you a simplistic example let's say you're it was your kid you're at the dinner table lunch table dinner table
call it and your mom and dad you're eating and you've been starving and you're starting to eat your meal and your mom or dad says hey get me the salt and you're you're starving in the middle of your food and so you say i don't know where the salt is you're not lying you don't know the exact gps of the salt right i don't know what the salt is but your parents aren't going to accept that get me the salt it's in the kitchen you know it is get me the salt and you can buy an artist you get me the salt no i don't know what it is you get up and what are you saying while you're walking in the kitchen i know the salt is i don't know who the salt is i don't know what the salt is so what are you doing
you're in a lousy state you're telling yourself a lousy story it says i don't know where the salt is over and over again you open the count of near the cupboard you look up and down you go it's not here they go it's on the second shelf you look i don't know the salt is it's not here they walk right beside you the reach right in front of your face and they go what is this who's had an experience like this before make some noise if you have this experience before something like it right so what just happened did your eyes not see the salt yes your
eyes saw the salt your mind wouldn't let you perceive the salt it blinded you it's called a scotoma because you told yourself over and over again the story i don't know what the salt is while you're in a lousy state see the power of our mind is amazing one thing i wrote about in this book if you get the book of life life force i hope you'll read the last two chapters especially it's a big book but the last two because after i show you all these things you do physically to transform the stronger the mind still has the ultimate power and harvard did a study you all know
placebos right where you can give somebody sugar water and have a change well the bigger the intervention the bigger reaction our biochemistry changes you can give somebody a small pill versus a big pill you get a bigger reaction give them an injection that's false a bigger reaction a false you know surgery they've done this with knee surgeries they took one group the va did this and everybody got cut open was put under and the nurses didn't know who had the surgery or not because the doc did it and guess what the people that did not
have surgery just cut them open put them out put them back up woke them up they thought they had the surgery that group healed more that's why the va no longer pays for that surgery but harvard did a study where they gave people a red pill and they told him it was an amphetamine something would speed them up it was really a barbiturate and guess what they're given something that should have made their body slow down but because their mind believed it they sped up and they did the same thing with the blue pill it's going to slow them down was actually amphetamine should have sped
the body up your mind can overcome drugs that's the power of your mind so we've got to make sure we're in the right state with the right story and then the strategies become really easy to apply so what you want to do is reverse this order you want to start by putting yourself in the right state that's why starting with energy for as simplistic and silly as that sounds it changes your biochemistry later the week i'll show you what stanford proved with the work i do with people when they go four days and nights with me like and unleash the power within and why
11 months later in the middle of covid their life was still completely transformed their emotions their biochemistry all of it because they literally rewired the way their nervous system works that's what happens when you do it day and night night and day and immersion so what i want for you today is i want you to be able to make a breakthrough so where would you start if you don't like where your finances are if you don't like where your relationship is if you don't like where your body is the first thing we've got to do is change our state if you don't do that first you're going to be in this lower energy state you're going to get in your head
by the way i tell people get in your head you're dead and you're gonna think about it and you're gonna go well you know i've tried that before and you know i you know i did do this you didn't you didn't do it in a peak state you didn't do it with the empowering story so that you'd actually execute by the way you go well i understand this i know this knowledge is not power ladies and gentlemen knowledge is potential power execution trumps knowledge every day of the week who's with me on this make some noise execution versus knowledge right
so i'm going to give you one more quick tool in our time stay with me because it's really important but then at the end i'm going to give you a little assignment i'll tell you in advance what it's going to be what's a story that's been limiting you what's near your life you're not making the progress you want your business or your career or your relationship or lack thereof or the lack of passion right you got love but not passion or something with your kids or your body and if you really are committed making a breakthrough then we gotta first get you
in this energized state that's why i do live events i do them where literally we're you know most people won't sit for a three hour movie right where someone has spent 300 million dollars they're bored but i'm able to get 15 20 000 people 30 000 people literally to go 8 10 12 hours a day mostly 10 12 hours a day they never thought they'd do it because they're so rewired and every day gets better and there's more and more energy so even in our little format here just through the screen we can still generate this so you want to start
with your state and here's what you need to know you can change your state very easily let me show you a simplistic one so remember i said i've been teaching people this for 45 years change your body change your state then all of a sudden in a new state you'll get a new story and then you can get the strategy if this makes sense to you so far make some noise so i know you're getting it here i know you're with me here make some noise great so harvard about i think it was three years ago four years after i've taught this for 40 years finally came out and proved what i did what actually
worked and they did this study just on postures they called it power posture it's a lady at harvard did the study and here's what they found is pretty wild in fact why don't you try this just for a second stand up just for a moment if you would just for a moment stand up and here's what they found if you put your hands on your hips like wonder woman or superman or something like that your shoulders are back hands on your hips standing nice and tall so you're saying just like this and when you stand like this put the stats up there to blow people's minds in two minutes keep standing but
breathe some of you stop breathing for some reason i'm seeing you there keep breathing head up shoulders back hands on your hips feeling solid within two minutes with your man or woman doesn't matter your testosterone will increase in your bloodstream approximately 20 on average your stress hormone which is called cortisol i'm sure you've heard of it drops 25 percent if you just stand like this hands we have shoulders back for two minutes your risk tolerance your willingness to take a risk which by the way it seems to be
the thing risk seems to be the word become a four-letter word in our culture no one wants to take a risk for anything can you imagine the pilgrims who came over here knowing they had a one in three chance of living the first year alive it's just so they could have freedom looking at us hiding ourselves out afraid of something that you know right now is approximately 99 survivable it's pretty crazy right maybe 99.7 depending which research study you do so this will change your biochemistry it also works you see the guy at the office and he's leaning back like this his legs are up
like this same thing starts to happen for some reason it changes the biochemistry now i don't have people just stand like this because standing is passive but if you use your body like try this just for a second if somebody's depressed you tell me how do they stand somebody's depressed put it in the chat box what's the first thing you notice is somebody is depressed what do they do what's the first thing you notice that's right they kind of slouch someone says hunched over their shoulders dropped they're kind of looking down so their head tends to look
down their shoulders are down are they breathing more full or more shallow would you say guys which one full or shallow that's right shallow so are you talking loud and fast or quiet and more slow that's right quiet more slow you know now how do you all know this could you practice this at some point haven't you come on right we've all done it at some point so here's what i want you to know if you change the way somebody moves the way they breathe like what if we started this thing out and i said um
good morning um i'm tony robbins and um welcome to breakthrough and um over the next 7 000 hours of this program so i'm not saying you need to be like me by the way but you need to be able to shift gears does that make sense you need to be able to use your voice different your body different and the more you do that the more you will feel different write this down if you would you can sit back down write this down write down emotion
is created by motion emotion is created by motion the way you move determines the way you feel now this is pretty darn important because if i want to feel different and i don't move much different there's not much chance of it remember i said most of what we do is habit so when i was this little kid i was like you know when i i suddenly was on my own trying to figure out what to do i started reading about how changing the way you use your body would change your mind because i was gonna have a hard time with my mind i didn't stand on the
edge of a building as quite as dramatic as our friend there did but i was like i don't know if you have been that place where you're like there's no reason to live i had that experience because i was separated from my family and i was living my own you know it was christmas eve my mom got upset and chased me out with a knife she never would have killed me or hurt me but i wasn't going back in right so i slept on a hilltop and it rained and the next day it went to a friend not a girlfriend but a girl who was a friend i went to her house with their parents and they let me sleep in their laundry room and i was completely depressed
and what changed my life was studying how to change my body first and then how to change my mind in fact i can remember i i took a little bit of money i had like 13 bucks i had my pocket and i took these buses and i went to this bookstores about 12 miles 13 miles away in a place called claremont i was in california and i bought this book called the magic of believing by claude m bristol and in that book i began to realize i could change my beliefs by conditioning my mind but i also had to condition my body and when i put those two things
together i was able to change everything in my life so i want you to know you can change your emotions and by the way please write this down also really important in fact let me ask you first what determines the quality of your life how many of you want an even greater quality of life even if you've got a great one now who wants an even greater quality of life let me hear from you if it's true that's we're going to do these next five days we're going to give you little tools that are going to stack start small and each day get better so we get momentum when you get momentum it's easy to do
things that used to be hard but when there's no momentum it's hard as can be so the energy is the first start with that but if you and i want to know what creates the quality of our life it's not how many things you have i'm sure you know somebody had plenty of things and committed suicide know of someone right people that had everything actors actresses i mean where's kate spade she a billion dollar business was loved by people around the world took her life only a few years ago or the gentleman that used to do the cnn
piece on food around the world anthony bourdain took his own life it's insane so things don't make us happy it's you can have huge number of people that love you and still not be happy if you're going to have an extraordinary life it comes from having extraordinary feelings or emotions please write this down the quality of my life is the quality of my emotions the quality of my life is the quality of my emotions and as we'll discover this week
we all have what i call an emotional home it's a place we go back to no matter what happens in our life because it's what we're used to like i'm sure you've seen people who go through a storm and they lose everything you have tremendous compassion this family lost everything and then three years later they rebuild another storm and takes everything and about the third time you might be asking yourself why don't they move right you know but they don't move it's because what they know it's their home but we have emotional
homes how many of you know someone who always finds a way to be worried about something if they're not worried about something in their own life they worry about other people right how many of you know somebody is always angry they're pissed off about something if they're not pissed about something personally they're pissed off for other people who knows what i'm talking about here how many of you know someone who's not really funny but they think they are they think they are and if they think they are they end up laughing so easily that you might find yourself laughing at the dumb stuff they say for real right so these emotions can
be catchy so in a day or two here i'm gonna have you dig a little deeper because your emotions the ones you live with are very strongly tied to your story is your story that you that life is you know a battle and so you're always in a fight i mean what you think of this for a second it's easy to pick up someone else's story when we're growing up we don't even pick it consciously and it starts to direct our life if life is a battle what's life like
there's always a fight there's always someone after you if there's always a challenge for some people they don't think they're a good fighter i'm going to get hurt there's a lot of fear right but some people have a different story what if your story was life as a test jot down if life's a test what's your first reaction put in the chat box life is like what if life's a test then what's life like put it in there real quick so i can see what how you think of it if it's a test luke says i might fail
it's competitive there's lessons i better succeed that's really difficult i'm gonna have it's it's competitive again i have to study harder i have to work there's homework there's stress okay what if life was a party what if your story is life's a party what's life like tell me what that's like if life's a party what's life like man look at the ghost so fast now wonderful grateful exciting fun a blast okay what if life is sacred if your story is life sacred type it in what's it like special it's peaceful it's a blessing
it's pure it's precious by the way do you feel a different energy when you think life is sacred versus life is you know a battle versus life is a party what if life is a dance write down if life's a dance what's life like if life's a dance what's it like oh you do it with others it's joyful it's fun there's laughter it's flirty there's emotions there's a vibe it's intimate it's magical it's great shape it's exciting so let me ask you a question this is just one part of your story
what's life like you know especially with covet it's easy to think this is forever but i want to remind you life is seasons and we all have winters and we all have springs and the good news is spring always follows winter if you were god wouldn't you do it that way i mean come on what follows the night thank god the daytime if you had one of those rough nights right so and then there's a hot summer and then there's fall will you reap and then there's another winter so we're in winter and when people say the pandemics forever that is the
biggest bs on the planet no pandemic's been forever no war has been forever no problem is forever the only thing is forever is your soul so what would you know what's life like has a lot to do with your story so which one is it is life a test a battle is it a party is it sacred is it a dance which one is it i see some of you saying it's all of them no it's the one you decide it is because once you decide how it is you're gonna find brown everywhere
right or burgundy red everywhere once you decide what to look for you're gonna find that's why it's so important to change your story by the way is your story that you are the victor or the victim are you the queen or the princess or the king are you the jokester right are you the one that's always struggling are you one trying to align with god what role do you play and who are the challenging people in your life and ultimately what's life about so our
story affects our energy but our story will change when we're in a different state when you're in this euphoric powerful passionate state you're going to come up with a different story so change your story change your life but the best way to change your story is change your state and then you can get any strategy you need if this is making sense to you at a really simple level like it really makes sense make some noise so i know you got it out there ladies and gentlemen all right well great then i want to give you one last quick tool but i want you to do it with me and let me give you a little background and then i'm going to give
you your assignment for the day i told you we'll keep it tight we do a little bit longer today but i want to give you some real value and something you'll bite into and make use of so today so far we've talked about the power of patterns you're not broken we've got to change our patterns we can change anything that we've got to be the creators of our life not the manager of our circumstances we've gone through a couple of these pieces but most importantly that if we want to break through we got to start with a state change and it's hard to do but it's not that hard we can step it up we can use music we use movement we use x we can use
anything get the energy strong enough now in a new state we'll come up with a new story and we can get the strategy but i can help you accelerate this with a little tool and i'll give you an example of where i've used this i work with a lot of athletes and you know athletes who've worked their entire life whether it's a boxer or a tennis player or a football player a basketball player i've worked with them all i am fortunate enough to have nba championship rings from multiple teams i work with the golden state warriors the mavericks from dallas i've got them from hockey from working with a team that
first time made it after 40 years washington to get their stanley cup um i've got it for the la dodgers going to the major league baseball so all these teams i've helped you know i've got what most players want to have and i treasure and appreciate the gift of these things where i've been able to contribute but whenever i'm doing that these guys know what to do right it's not that complex they've worked their whole life but they get in a slump or they get in a place where they can't turn it around they get stuck who's ever been stuck who's ever felt stuck
especially last couple years someplace felt stuck say hi so if you want to get unstuck we get stuck because we're using only a small part of who we are you can get stuck because you get stuck focusing on what happened in the past and so you aren't taking care of the present and building a new future or you might get stuck on a view of the future oh my god it's going to be horrible and if you believe that whatever you focus on you feel you're going to go in a lousy state lousy story and you're not going to solve anything
right i mean that's just the way it works so with athletes it's always 80 psychology that's also true of business people it's also true of children and 20 is strategy we got to make sure we make a change in psychology so i do have all kinds of tools but i'll just give you an example uh two years ago um conor mcgregor uh reached out and conor had you know had a big loss and he hadn't fought for almost a year and he was really angry and he's angry because he's one of the best fighters in
the world and he got beat and you know he was angry about the person he fought with he felt certain things were unjust and unfair and so i was called in and he's got an amazing team working with him and he was really training hard but they said tony can you help us you know create some of these final little shifts and i said well you guys have done all the hard work let me help with the easy work so i met with connor and he's actually a really great guy really generous man you know he gets a little crazy sometimes and he's kind of like muhammad ali you know it's like puts it out there from what can be perceived as a lot of ego
but he's worked his guts out to be in that position and it's also part of the persona and being a fighter and all those things so i read through all that and i got to know him he's just a really good generous human being i watch how he is behind the cameras when there's no one around how does he treat people what's he like he's really a special guy and really disciplined really focused but we all have different parts of ourselves and if you only use one part of yourself you're going to not be able to solve a problem and so i want you to jot down these four parts real fast just as a reference and
then in a moment i'm going to stand you up and i'm going to ask you to do something that might feel a little bit uncomfortable at first because you just haven't done it before but i'm gonna ask you to just trust you don't have to do it perfect so i'm gonna give you four archetypes just imagine you've got more than these four parts of you but if we use these as a metaphor and you're finding a problem you're not solving it's probably because you're stuck in one of these you're not using more of yourself if you use all of yourself you're going to come up with a solution and you're going to be in a better state so the first state is called the warrior
and the warrior state is the part of you that just finds a way that's going to break through that's going to push through the part of you that won't give up the part of you that sees the problem and says i don't give a damn what it is it's a willful part it's an intense part it's a strong part how many of you ever had your warrior feel alive or something happened maybe somebody tried to do something to your family and your warrior came out make some noise if your worry is nothing so what i did with connor and i and i would share all the details and share this little detail is i had him stand up which you're going to do in a moment and
i had them stand up and i said i know this sounds weird but i know there's a warrior in here there's an undefeatable person inside you there's a party that won't accept limitations a part of you that'll break through this part of you that will push that has unending strength and focus he goes yeah and he goes so what i asked him to do and you're going to do the same in a moment as i said i want you don't think just touch where does the warrior live in you just intuitively where's the warrior so he touches that part and then i said now this is going to feel really weird so i got everybody else out of the room and i said
i want you to make the sound of the warrior now when i have you do this so you know i want you to instinctively make any sound you don't have to think you shouldn't think your first gut reaction comes from your subconscious and by the way the reason i have you cheer and clap and all those things is it changes your biochemistry it changes your state but also when you make sounds it goes to the deepest part of your brain the reptilian part of your brain the source your brain where all the fear comes from and you can free you of fear if you make the right kind of sound so right now just for a second make the sound of excitement again in your body
total excitement come on make the sound of excitement now make it even more fun fun and exciting legend i'm fun and excited [Music] and by the way how many feel better just making the sound how many feel good right by the way when you're a little kid did you ever have a little kid or you ever a little kid yourself and see a little kid do this they're just being calm and they walk through the living room and suddenly they go whoa
and then they walk like nothing's happened right who's ever either been that kid or watched a kid do this make some noise if you've seen this right they're spontaneous they're alive you know how old somebody is by the way they move and the way they sound they barely talk they barely move right so i'm gonna ask you make the sound but i did it with conor and he made this incredibly intense like growling sound and then while he's touching that part and making the sound now we found that part of him
i said to him i don't want you to think i said i just want you to finish this phrase say out loud the warrior says meaning himself as a warrior the warrior says all you need to do connor is this and i had a tape recorder and he said it and then i had them say the warrior also says and i said don't think it's like going on a rant the warrior says in order to break through this time you need to do this and so we wrote it all down and there were these beautiful insights i said now your warrior and my opinion has been overused
when you got angry everything was a warrior but i said conor what you used to be known as mystic mac you used to be able there's a magician in you that's the second one you want to jot down a magician and the magician is the part of you that imagine someone who sees beyond the perception someone who's able to see what nobody else sees someone's got a big smile on their face they don't have to work as hard as the warrior because they know perception is everything change your perception it changes how you feel it changes what you
do it changes your life and you can change perception that easy once you know what you're doing and the magician knows how to do it the magician has cool strategies the magician knows i can do this little thing and make it all the magician doesn't get so caught up in the story because the magician knows they can change the story they can change in a moment they can change a frog into a prince a prince into a frog that's a magician how do they do it they say certain things over and over and get there so i said used to be known as mystic mac
where the magician and you would see the person's move before they made it he was actually known for that like a level of intuition about his opponent and then he knew it before it happened and they beat him to the spot and knock them out and i said but when you're angry all the time and you're only using your warrior your magician is underused and that's why you've been stuck so i said where's your magician i had him point and figure where's make the sound of the magician and what does a magician say and he kept saying it saying it and we got totally different
answers than the warrior the third archetype is the lover and we all have a lover in us you i don't have to explain to the lover the lovers about love lover loves life loves people loves the people you live loves what you get to do loves it feels grateful feels alive where's the lover in you make the lover sound and the lover said you aren't enjoying what you're doing anymore you need to come back to why you did this in the first place you love being
around people you love the fight for the game it wasn't about being angry you flowed more and we got all these different messages and finally the fourth area will hit is the sovereign the king or the queen in you the sovereign or the king or queen and when he got the sovereign his whole body changed touched different spot made the sound he got all these pieces of advice then i had the the king and the magician talk the king and the warrior and as they integrated he was transformed he said it's the
greatest i felt he said this is the greatest i found i felt so certain we went out he was fighting this guy named cowboy this is two years ago and i was there and the next morning met with him again met with him about 15 minutes before he went out we got all the parts of him alive and he went out and he knocked him out in less than a minute and the first portion it looked like he may have gotten hit and was out of it but then he saw this moment and headbutted and moved the fight was over i think it was 47 seconds but you know what it was the coolest part for me he brought me in the octagon to
celebrate with everybody it was a fun experience but the best part that made me so happy was watching connor in the middle of his victory stop his celebration and go over and hug cowboy and said you're stud you have some records i don't have and he was just like acknowledge this man his lover and his magician not just his warrior the king in him and then he went over and he thanked cowboys grandma was like his mom he was such a class act
and he was victorious and in his victory he acknowledged he said i was lucky enough to see the spot and everything else he has he was humble it was a different experience now he's since you know had some challenges again and kept angry kid but i want you to know if you're having a problem you can solve it so i want to give you this little technique real quick then i'll give you assignments so are you up for it stand up if you would please stand up shake your body out just for a second wake your body up on three one jump and shake your body two
three go come on wake it up [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] so [Music] [Applause] if you feel strong make a fist and say yes say yes say yes
all right stay standing so using your whole body stay standing and what i'd like you to do is stand nice and tall and i want you to think of the part of you that's a warrior the part of you that can push through any challenge how many have ever felt weak and then something maybe somebody did something towards your family and the warrior came out right like well you're not going to settle you're going to find the way you're going to push through nothing's going to stop you who's got a warrior inside them you got a warrior make some noise let's get it up there
so here's what i want you to do i want you to just don't even think just forgot first gut reaction touch the part of you where the warrior lives touch that part of your body and keep your hand wherever that is and now i know this sounds weird but you understand now touch that part and just as strong as you can make the sound of your warrior go make the sound of your warrior do it again make the sound of your warrior one more time in the sound of your
warrior all right all right keep touching it keep touching wherever that part isn't you keep feeling it and one more time you're gonna make the sound one more time but then after you make the sound i'm gonna say tell me what the warrior says and i want you to say this the warrior says and then say your name so the more warrior says margaret or whoever it is holly i'm seeing you brian the warrior says and i don't want you to think just let the warrior answer the warriors
oh let's do one thing so that this has a context i want you to think of something that you need to deal with in your life how many have something that needs to change needs to improve and you're kind of putting it off because you know it's so busy or it's overwhelming to deal with that as well but you really it's time to deal with it you want to deal with you want to change you want to deal with the problem who's got something you need to change or deal with within yourself or somewhere else [Applause] then i want you to have the warrior
tell you the warrior says all you need to remember all you need to do all you need to experience is what so all you need to remember all you need to feel all you need to do is what so that's how you're going to finish it so we're going to make the sound of the war we're going to touch it and then i'm going to say the warrior says and you're gonna out loud wherever you are in the world and whether someone is there or not you're gonna say the warrior says say it out loud all you need to remember all i need to feed all i need to do is what to solve this all right and then i'm gonna ask again
the warrior says what else the warrior says and just push yourself and it feels weird at first but it'll get better if you'll do it more who's want to go forward here say aye say aye all right make a move that makes you feel strong make a move that makes you feel strong make you move make you move good now touch the part of you make the sound of the warrior go do it again the sound of the warrior all right now without hesitancy say out loud the warrior says all i need to remember all
i need to do is what the warrior says in that situation all we need to remember all i need to do is what do it again the warrior also says all i need to remember all you need to do is what all i need to feel is what one more time just let it come through the warrior says all they need to remember all i need to do is what wait make the sound of the warrior again make the sound of the water as you touch it [Music] all right one more time the warrior says
say it out loud the warrior says all i need to remember all you remember all i need to do is what all right now how many of you got something useful region if you got something useful as an insight make some noise if you did good good good great now the more you do it the better you get and again i'm doing this super fast because i'm already over our time i want to get you out of here but let's do the next one now now think of the difference between your warrior and your magician
your magician is the one that can just make anything happen and he knows it so he or she is not stressed the magician knows if you're stressed out it's all perception it's just the way you're looking at it there's another way to look at it that'll change everything the magician knows the right strategy and what's not working at all can suddenly make you the money or suddenly change your body or suddenly attract that person the magician is totally confident it's almost like an inner smile the magician because he knows he can make anything
happen he's not stressed at all he has a damn good time i want you instinctively touch where your magician lives touch your body where your magician lives that's it and keep your hand there and now the magician makes a very different sound than the warrior just trust it make the sound of your magician out loud go ahead make the sound of your magician that's it make the sound of your magician like the sound of your magician that's it
and now one more time make the sound of your magician keep touching that spot and simply say the magician feel the magician speak to you the magician says think of your situation that's that you want to change or you want to deal with the magician says all i need remember all i need to do is what and just say it out loud the magician says all they need to remember in that situation all they really need to do is what and touch it again make the sound of the
magician again touch it make the sound and again say the magician says all i need to remember in that situation all i really need to do is what the magician knows doesn't it doesn't she all they need to remember all they need to do is what in that situation [Music] raise your hand if you've got some nice answers that are different from the magician raise your hand if you've got some different answers to magician make a little noise if you got some different answers to magician
just take a second and write down some of what your warrior said and your magician said just for 20 seconds stay standing just write it down you type it or whatever what does your magician say to do what your mission say to remember what does your warrior say to do notice they both have different tools for you instead of just one tool you got multiple tools here that's the way to do it my warrior says my warrior says my magician says my magician says all i need to remember to deal with this all i need to do is
what deal with the situation turn the situation around experience it differently okay now you can do more of this on your own later come back to me now if you would thank you stand back up shake your body out shake it out get out of that state and now there's a lover in you right there's some part of you that's made nothing of love that craves love that wants to give love that enjoys love even if you've ever been hurt i'm not talking about the hurt i'm not talking about past experience
i'm talking about just love just there's a lover and you reach out and touch wherever that is in your body the first instinct where is your lover touch that party wherever it is and then as you touch that part of you feel the lover in you and make the sound of the lover just whatever it is it doesn't matter what it is make the sound of the lever that's it make the sound of the lover again that's beautiful that's it
that's it shawna that's it john nice look at that big lover there there he is feel that lover and now make the sound of the lover again touch that part make the sound of the lover again and now just simply let the lover speak to you but by saying think about that situation that was so stressful or you wanted to change but let the lover take over the lover says all i need to remember all i really need
to do is what in that situation go ahead the lover says say it out loud touch your heart or touch to the part of your body that's the lover make the lover sound and then say the lover says all i need to remember all i need to do is what in that situation then do another one the lover also says all i need to remember all i need to do is what do it a third time my lover says all i need to remember
all i need to do in that situation is what that's it all you remember all i need to do is what raise your hand if your lover's giving you some nice input a little different input than the warrior right different insight maybe than even your magician yes jot it down just real fast a couple of things you remember i see some of you already doing that just type it real quick or write it down what lover says all i need to remember all he really need to do all i need to bring to that situation is what
you see we get stuck because we're only using one part of ourselves this is just one of thousands of techniques but it's one we could do quick and you do with yourself you can even have a friend there or put a tape recorder and just say it out loud and then you can write it down later on if you haven't used the app otter i have no investment in it but ott er you can dictate it's better than siri and it types it out and records it for you so you could do an otter and do this on your own later okay let's go to our fourth archetype final archetype we're almost done shake
your body out just feel a little playful make a sound that feels fun what's a sound that feels good to you make a sound that makes you feel great make another sound that makes you feel great all right all right now there's a sovereign in you there's a king or a queen part of you what's the difference the sovereign the king or queen they're not caught up in the battle because they live long enough they've been through so many battles they know it's not the battle every
battle will have the ups and downs but long term here's who i am and the king or queen is not here just to get the king of queen is here to serve that's what makes them great the word hero in latin comes from servo which means servant the hero serves the king or queen serves those around them that's what makes them great greatness does not come by saying you're great greatness comes from great service because then you greatly touch the
hearts of people and they're pulled to you we're missing it so much in our culture where everybody's trying to make everybody else believe what they believe or attacking people for their having a different point of view but none of that really is what humanity is made for so the king knows the truth the queen knows the truth the sovereign knows the deeper truth there's no fear in the king or queen they know they're guided so breathe deep and feel the sovereign in you the king or king within you that has this wisdom and this strength and
this knowingness there's no fear in the king or queen there's a larger perspective they've lived such a full life touch where your king or queen lives just touch your body wherever your king or queen or sovereign lives keep touching that spot and then make the sound of your king or queen or sovereign go ahead make the sound do it again make the sound of that king or cleaner sovereign that's it do it again make the sound of the king
or queen of sovereign one more time make the sound of your king or queen or sovereign that's it now as you touch that part in a moment you're going to make the sound again and this time you're going to say the king or the queen or the sovereign whichever you prefer king or queen says all like that situation that was bothering you that need to be dealt with all i need to remember all i really need to do is what and then say it again the king also says the queen also says all they need to
remember all they need to do is what all they need to focus on is what all you need remember all you need to focus on while you do is what all right touch the king or queen or sovereign and you make the sound of the king or greener solomon go make the sound of it now make the sound again of your king or cleanest sovereign that's it that's it that's it that's it now
say the king or queen says all i need to remember all i need to focus on all i need to do is what go the king the queen the sovereign says all i need to remember all he need to focus on all i need really do is what that's it say it again what else the king also says all they need to remember all they need to focus on all we need to do is what in that situation one more time
touch the king or queen make the sound one more time just for fun feel the aliveness of the king [Music] one more time the king or queen says all i need to remember all i need to focus on all i need to do is what in that situation write it down write them down whatever pop through you real quick just write down a couple stay in state you can stay standing even if you want just real quick [Music] real quick that's it that's it that's it
that's it all i need to focus on all i need to remember all you really need to do is what i'm seeing your faces you're so beautiful i can see many of you having real insights some of your real emotions about this that's beautiful some of you just clear direction that's beautiful as well gorgeous gorgeous all right i know there's more you can write but stand back up one last time stand back up if you would and now just real fast and again i'm doing this in hyper speed i apologize because i'm over on time i want to get
you out here but i don't want you out here without just a few seeds because you could do this for yourself right you can go in and put yourself in the state of the warrior and make the sound and feel it and you could have a tape recorder or you could write down afterwards what the answers are do it with your you know magician do it you love her do it with your king or queen but then let's do this what does the warrior say to the king first gut reaction touch where your warrior is touch where your worry is make the sound of your warrior ladies
and gentlemen make the sound of the unstoppable part of you the part that will not be stopped feel it and now the warrior says to the king what the warrior says to the king just say it out loud the warrior says to the king or queen what and then what does the king or queen say to the warrior just feel for a moment just imagine just feel it come through the warrior says i'm here to serve you king the king says
we serve together we have the answers together not apart what does the magician say to the king just first reaction say it out loud the magician says to the king o king o queen o sovereign what and what is the beautiful king of queen sovereign say back to this beautiful magician in you [Music] let's play with it a little bit i know i'm doing this super fast
but you can play with this more later but just play with it right now what does the lover say to your king the lover says just say it out loud the lover says o king o'queen no sovereign make the sound of your lover once again touch it where your lover is so you feel that that's it and what does the king or queen say to the lover [Music] and finally what does the warrior say to the magician what does the magician say the
warriors see how they support each other warrior says magician i will the magician says the warrior i will what for you what does the lover say the magician and the warrior and just get a feel how many of you feel like there's new perspectives inside you about the situation new answers really simple but powerful make some noise if you've got some really nice new answers and feeling okay then do this while you're still in state take a nice deep breath close your
eyes exhale and moan like you're enjoying the moan take another deep breath in feel energized and close your eyes while you're standing and i'd like you to do something really simple i want you just to think about what does the story have been your life been about has it been about a person who struggled to do something and achieved something was it a person who always achieved was a person who hungered for love or
truth if you had to say what your story has been about even the ones that not so good stories may not have helped you what's been a story in your life life's a struggle is life dance life a game what is life life a gift is it a party what's the role you've been playing warrior magician lover comedian
joker knight queen king what's life been about struggling to do what to achieve what to experience what what emotions have gotten in the way what story has gotten in the way of your progress in a relationship or in your business what's the limiting story the needs to go i don't have the background i don't have the education all the money i know the resource i don't have i don't have what's the limiting story that's got to go change your story change your life
what's your life's new story gonna be about a person who is passionately looking to grow or live or love or share what a person is gonna find the way a person who does find the way a person who grows and expands a person who gives what's life what's your new story going to be instead of the old story what's the story that would empower you what's the story that would strengthen you so what's the story that's held you up until now what's been the limiting meaning what's the new story of how you're going to love your life going to
be decide right now my new story is going to be inspiring the role i'm going to play is what the emotions i'm going to feel are what what emotions do you want to feel every day that'll power the new story of your life is it gratitude is it joy is it determination is it love is it courage is it faith [Music] is it playfulness what is it that's going to be the new story of your life what's the new
emotions that are going to drive it what's your new story going to be about change your story change your life [Music] how many feel like today you've got some ways to think about breakthroughs and make breakthroughs happen you've got some new ways to find parts of yourself you're going to create a new story and a new life who's up for this ladies and gentlemen this is just day one ladies and gentlemen [Music]
give it up for everybody playing fallout [Music] that's it that's it [Music] so i'm gonna have kkk come to show you what we're gonna do which you're gonna give out a little prize or two stick around for it for just two seconds and then all of you on vip we have a private q a we're gonna do for about 15 minutes afterwards so stick with us but your basic assignment is to go online to take your camera on your phone and say my old story about my life was this is it that's in the way these are
the limitations i felt these feelings let me tell you my new story this is who i am this is what i'm going to create pandemic or no pandemic that's how i'm going to live this won't make happen go on a rant tell us your old story and then contrast it what's your new story and how's it going to change your life and you're going to do that in the hashtag news story challenge and we're going to go live and we're going to share and i'm going to pick some i'm going to read them tonight and listen tonight rather watch them and we're going to get out some cool prizes tomorrow but i hope this has been helpful this is day one every day is a
building block have you had a good time great power all right well i love serving you i'll be back in a minute with vips give it up for kkk [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] so [Applause] [Music]
[Music] [Music] i been killing you [Music] [Applause] [Applause] let's go [Applause] ultimate breakthrough challenge of 2022. you guys are off the charts give it up for everyone around the world giving it their all
look at youtube facebook our zoom family our vips you've been absolutely incredible one more time crank that building wherever you are in the world give it up for yourself reach your arm all the way up to the sky fold it behind your back give yourself a pat and say i'm so proud of you [Applause] you guys are amazing all right listen up it is time for our daily wrap-up this has been an outstanding day if you're feeling pretty good right now put both
arms up in the air and say yeah baby so i gotta share something with you can you come all the way in close just all you in our vip come in close i want to see your faces um it's only day one can you even believe that you've got four more days of this transformation you guys have been amazing give it up for everybody so it's time for our daily wrap-up i'll be with you at the start and the end of the day we want to make this spicy and quick because vips we got to get you back here but my friends this is the most important integration part
tony has designed for you a daily challenge that's right what does a challenge mean it means you push yourself past your comfort zone i want you to put into the comment box push past comfort zone what are you gonna do your assignment for the day let's pull it up one more time it's to figure out what the heck is your old story what's your new story and how will that change your life so you're challenged today are you ready for it my friends you're gonna go live in the facebook group yes johnny yes
tiffany yes teresa jane kermidger room five i see you you're like go live what you're gonna grab your phone you're gonna go live in the facebook group and you're gonna use the hashtag new story challenge we're gonna give you a new challenge every single day and you're gonna go on what tony calls a rant how many of you feel like you got a little more energy in your body after day one okay do you get why he says energy it's not to just scream and jump it's to create clarity in your mind because you have energy in your physiology so we want you to do that in your rant you're gonna hold your phone up you're going to
say what's your old story what's your new story and how is this going to change your life and you want to do it with passion now listen to the criteria this challenge is important because based on the challenge you're going to win some insane prizes you don't want to miss a minute of this challenge 90 minutes a day you i mean today you know tony standard time you get what i mean but be here every minute we've got insane prizes that you're gonna get every day and the eligibility requirements are this you're going to record this video in under two minutes
i'm talking to the person out there that likes to go for 27. we're not going to watch that two minutes or less okay you're going to use the hashtag new story challenge and the deadline is midnight eastern time tonight why because some of you are like i'll do it to what tomorrow we don't play that game here this is your life my friends do it immediately when we get off the new story challenge while it's fresh in your mind we're looking for creativity we're looking for originality we're looking for dedication and playing full out please throw in
that chat box hashtag new story challenge and let's get into the prizes why is it important you do this challenge because you're gonna win some insane prizes tony creates these he's passionate about these and tomorrow you're gonna come back and win five of you are gonna win prizes based on this challenge come on five of you my friends prizes and you could win a couple swag bags it's gonna give you uh tony in your pocket he has an app called breakthrough we're gonna give you the ultimate edge breakthrough program that's on his app uh you can win some merchandise items it
might be a hoodie it might be a shirt it could be a blanket we're gonna send this to your door some other surprises but the big kahuna the grand finale my friends is that three of you out there based on your challenge tonight are going to be winning a ticket to the greatest event in history by tony robbins we've been doing it for 45 years and it's called unleash the power within come on where's my alumni in the house so let me tell you something i could sit up here and tell you all the ways that unleash the power that is great but i
want you to understand what this prize is and what's on the line for you you got a big challenge to do tonight because you could win four days 54 hours if you liked this this is nothing and you want to take it to another level i want to show you what that next level is check out unleash the power within i feel like i have unleashed this inner version of me that i never knew was there transformed recognize limiting patterns and old beliefs and that was an amazing breakthrough you know at the end of the day what tony did was got me out of my
head and into my heart and just made me more comfortable what if you live by the philosophy that whatever happens in my life life is always happening for me not to me even if it seems painful it's for me there's a lesson there's something i'm going to learn that's going to make life even richer where i was in my life i had lost my mom in december of 2019. i had a lot of anger i was just carrying
around this frustration of wow there's so much more i have to give to the world and i'm like not realizing my potential specialists have told me at the hospital in 2017 and 18 seven different times that you were not walking again you need to accept that you know [Applause] like a combination of everything it's like you cry you laugh you dance and you connect with other people that are similar than you just two weeks after
that event i lost eight pounds i'm full of energy i see things differently i took massive action to make my businesses a reality when i started beginning to shift my mindset a lot more that's when i got my license that's when i started going outside that's when i was able to walk so there's a lot of things going up the drive i started working out more because that's when the shift began i'm literally a miracle like i'm surprised i'm even alive honestly that's what makes me so grateful since i started coming to upw i've built a business that we actually have nine different unicorns
in our portfolio of investments that we invest in we've got an amazing wife we actually have an eight week old um that eight week old has become my entire world it's literally unbelievable it's the spirit and soul inside you that's beyond the body or the mind it's on this beautiful journey called life we're here at earth school learning learning the lessons of life it's not always pretty but it's always beautiful it's not always easy but that's always deep and the deeper we go the greater this life is the more meaningful this life is
all right my friends i told you unleash the powers in we are not messing around i'm just curious who here would like to win a ticket to unleash the car within it's in 51 days by the way if you'd like to win a ticket i'm gonna need to see a little more energy because i just heard from from the big guy that we want to give one away right now i i'm just saying what i heard would you want would you want something like that all right my friends i'm gonna give a
ticket away right now to somebody that has been playing absolutely full out and i want you to know our team is watching they're in the facebook group they're in youtube with you they're in zoom with you they're looking for your energy your creativity your willingness your openness they're looking for those of you tapping into your warrior tapping into your magician take what you learn and apply it to this challenge this one person did just that and is going to be spending 54 hours with tony robbins in 51 days march 17th to the 20th ladies and gentlemen put your hands together
and please help me award the lovely laura ruffalo unleash the power within everybody there she is and we got a dog you got the whole family you're going girlfriend yes you are ah are you gonna bring him with you and the dog it's virtual you can bring the whole family oh so great congratulations laura and i want just to honor you for being an example for everybody your energy your participation you're on your zoom you
got a pen in hand taking notes like what crazy everybody thank you for your participation you're so lovely of great energy and you're crying come here give me a hug come in here come in here ah we love ya we love ya let's give it up one more time you're so beautiful thank you [Applause] [Music]
all right my friends we've got a final important announcement um and please let this be an example for you tony's always watching like literally always he's in the facebook group late at night watching what you're doing and that shouldn't be the reason you do it it should be for you but recognize that there are people looking for your greatness so step into it take this challenge the new story challenge and play full out and you can be just like that tomorrow hugging crying going home with a ticket to unleash the power thing so tomorrow we start again at 2 p.m eastern time sharp
on time don't miss a minute we're going to be talking about the power of identity but today is not over our vips we are getting started in like five to seven minutes and there's still time to join this will be the last time i mentioned vip um but it's so great if you guys loved today who loved today who loved the crap on it today if you want to keep today forever and go back and watch it for your whole life you're going to get the replay you're going to get all of the recordings from all five days to keep forever you're going to be fireside q and a with tony
every single day of the challenge and a ton of other bonuses that you have so bring a friend send it to your friends and family breakthrough if you feel like this impacted you today don't do this journey alone we're here to give we're here to grow together invite your friends and family with you bring them to vip we'd love to have them but is where you can upgrade