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i see here we go again it's difficult to know where to start with this one there's just so much wrong with this game on so so many levels combine that with the fact that unlike the previous netherrealm games i actually have talks about many of the issues this game has in other videos and finding the right balance between being thorough and not repeating myself is difficult so one thing i'll be doing is linking to a playlist in the i card of all the videos i'm going to reference throughout this one if there's a topic i've got nothing more to add to i'll mention the relevant video and you'll be able to find that there as a supplement to this piece in
addition i'm going to be proceeding on the assumption that you're familiar with my stance on the prior four netherrealm games mk9 and dex in particular if not there's also a playlist of my netherrealm critiques in the icard don't worry none of them are quite as long as this one beware there will be unmarked opinions in this video if you can't distinguish between facts and opinions that's your [ __ ] problem not mine you worthless [ __ ] and if you disagree with my stance on the game you are of course entitled to your wrong opinion but seriously if all you have to say in response is that i'm wrong and you're right without any explanation as to why
you feel a certain way or what makes something good or bad then your opinion right or wrong totally lacks the depth that gives an opinion value and is thus worthless and speaking of lacking depth let's start as deep as netherrealm fanboys are willing to go and analyze the surface level presentation before working our way deeper first the visuals have improved in the four years since mkx graphical fidelity isn't worth praising because it would be embarrassing if it wasn't better but the colour scheme is much improved over the last game i don't think i said the same for injustice 2 last time but like how that game brought colour back to the dcu
mk11 brings colour back to mk fixing the biggest issue with mkx's aesthetic it's no longer ashamed of having brightly coloured ninja characters the lighting is often inconsistent between cutscene and gameplay which can lead to a very noticeable shift in how a character looks but it's not a huge deal the series has had it much worse in the past like the switch version the face scanning tech has also improved allowing for generally one-to-one likenesses of the new face models to appear in the game but i must ask why damn near everyone has brown eyes now i understand if the face models have brown eyes and that's why the initial scans came out
like that but they can change the eyes like with scorpion raiden shao khan and even skin color like ceterion and the revenants but they didn't bother making sure the blue-eyed actor from venice california still has blue eyes when he's barely ever seen with his sunglasses over them in the story it's not just about consistency it's also about variety hardly anyone with a natural eye colour isn't brown eyed and it's [ __ ] bizarre but still the likes of scorpion and raiden's eyes feel more classic than an mkx scorpion's eyes are very milky and white but with details that allow him to emote more than an mk9 which looks far better than the awful
cataract's lucky knights that gave him an mkx likewise raven's eyes look supernatural now but with the ability to emote more instead of like they have coloured lights shining through behind them in terms of costumes there are some really good ones some really bad ones and some that just baffle me classic costumes look generally more natural here than in mkx but the big talking point with the aesthetic was of course the severely reduced skin showing on the female cast you had one side saying it goes against mk's long-established aesthetic with the extreme end calling it hypocritical sjw pandering because of how much skin the men show in some
costumes like baraka's line cloth and the other scene it's an improvement because it's more practical with the extremists calling the other side sexist neckbeard chuds who just want to jack off to the scantily clad women some will say it's not the same for men and women because baraka's lawn cloth isn't meant to be titillating even though this is the internet so you know damn well there are people who are into that and kano's hairy chest has made him more popular than ever especially with gay men so it's not entirely different from a woman showing off a bit of cleavage i feel that going all skimpy or no skimpy is dumb and it should be on a character-by-character basis like scarlet should be skimpy because of how her powers work while sonia should be
more sensibly dressed to fit her serious professionalism and someone like katana should be somewhere in the middle to acknowledge her station and the realm she grew up in as it stands none of the lady ninjas have any personality in their designs anymore no longer expressing anything about their characters or their home nor being distinct as mortal combat designs anymore especially when the lack of face masks for katana and jaden's story mode has taken into account what didn't help matters was the official justification from steve barron being so poorly thought out you wouldn't wear bikini to battle but four in stiletto heels are fine apparently as well as being dumb on
his face it's also insulting to the people who designed those costumes which were actually done by women quite a few times and it sure is a shame there were no female mma fighters involved in the game who they could have consulted about how she was less in a fight than even mk9 jade that would have been a good thing to have on hand but unfortunately they didn't have that it's a strange thing for a series with this extreme level of violence that was never afraid to push the envelope to be getting this puritanical about women showing skin 11 games in especially when stuff like mk9s costumes were outliers and not at all representative of the typical female
looks which is quite apparent when looking at how the female characters have changed since their debuts it is interesting that they eased off on the sex appeal thing with the dlc characters in costumes particularly with sindel so it's not difficult to read into it as netherrealm considering sex appeal okay for villains but not for the good guys and that's not even getting into the [ __ ] awful political references thrown into the script relating to both the changing dress sense for the women but i miss your skimpier attire i do not dress for you shao khan and to donald bloody trump let us make out world great
again is it any wonder the politics of the game was such a huge point of contention when they're doing the post-2016 equivalent of comparing the villain to hitler for easy villain points and then shiva just puts down men and other races a number of times but does not get called out for any of it men are inherently the weaker sex chitin are worse than tar cottons ever wonder why the show khan hate earthrealmers similarly the game has a wacked out profanity filter using its customization system were words as innocuous as mick
and dio aren't allowed i did an entire video point out the absurdity and hypocrisy of that [ __ ] before they even censor the word hell which is used in spawn's default variation and the company is named after the mk universe equivalent of hell plus that part where they actually bleached the word [ __ ] in one intro in a [ __ ] m rated game with extreme violence and aren't you just as creepy as [ __ ] and worse is that intros added before and after leave the word fox uncensored but you still can't use it in variations in case someone names theirs [ __ ] insert ethnic group here and someone [ __ ] cries about it instead of being an adult like you're supposed
to be to play this game except that this other person is a very sad individual not to be taken seriously and just move on the animation has improved some but not by all that much during actual gameplay see the editorial on the subject for more because i'm hardly an expert i appreciate the game including three alternate language dubs by default but i don't understand why they put the language options under gameplay in the options menu instead of giving it its own section or putting it under audio and why do non-dialogue voice clips fall under sound effects and not dialogue the music is about what we've come to expect since mkx bland unmemorable aside
from the music for tournament which is just a new instrumental version of techno syndrome well that and the dlc character trailer music which isn't in the game but is actually quite good honestly i'd say the tragedy of the blandness of modern mk music is on par with the sonic or tekken game having bland music these are series with some [ __ ] great soundtracks even in the bad entries and this just does not live up to that old standard it's got a kind of generic movie score vibe to it now and while i can think of multiple great tracks from most of the midway games off the top of my head i just can't for mkx or 11. and what makes this worse is that mick gordon composer of modern doom
wolfenstein and the first two seasons of killer instincts put his name forward to compose for mk11 and some [ __ ] schmuck over there turned him down he's done intense music to accompany ultra violence as well as fighting game music put doom and ki in a blender and you get mk and they thought this bland crap was a better fit than gordon's work why is netherrealm decision making always so [ __ ] poor i'll talk about the voice actors later but one of modern mk's most inconsistent aspects even rivaling the lack of continuity and story and character designs is the voice cast across the last three games only two
voice actors have retained a role across all three with the rest either being recast after nine and carrying over from x to 11 being consistent in 9 and x and then changing in 11 or having a different voice in every single entry you'd think they'd want to push for more consistency with characters that are deemed important enough to make the roster three times in a row even after dying but apparently not on a related note the pre-fight intros have gotten unnecessarily longer since they were first introduced mkx had a short animation leading into the first line and a more natural flow injustice 2 segmented them more into character 2's
intro animation then 3 lines with each having a different shot and this game has both intro animations then the three lines it doesn't need to be stretched out like this when injustice 2's take was fine i appreciate that the character poses during the exchange differ based on which intro animation the character uses instead of just whether they speak first or second but this can lead to animations being a lot more aggressive than the dialogue requires so your future's looking bright plus the animation chosen when multiple are equipped is set for the fight even on a rematch which is more of an issue for recording intros for a video than normal
gameplay admittedly sadly the writing is much weaker now as there was a lot more antagonism to justify fighting mkx i never considered you an enemy i never considered you at all now that's just hurtful while a lot of elevens are either non-confrontational exchanges with no real setup for a fight you've been to other dimensions each has had its own injustices maybe that's why my soul still burns we are agreed ashtech hearts beat as one cronica will fall before us or setups for awful pop
culture references my god pinch me you're wide awake invasion of the body snatchers who are you ghosts you shall not be named return to your deathly hallow please die there's also a tendency for intros to introduce seemingly canonical details that are at best questionable i stepped out with natara before you and at worst contradicted within the game itself with no clear explanation as to which one is an universe lie you claim to know my father this one killed him for shao khan
jared's death was your doing taking the man's life ended my misery sure intros aren't necessarily meant to be 100 accurate but why use them to give us more details about the characters and set in if the details aren't canonical that just muddies the waters of the cannon on top of the sludge floating on the surface that is the rampant retcons of this trilogy also it's rare that a character has intros that reflects both versions of them in the story it's usually one size fits all or one specific version even if you use the other's costume your revenant still lives he's nothing to me bihan you plan
to marry my choo choo jackson sub-zero have six different intros between them despite having not exchanged a single word in the story outside of sub-zero addressing jackson sonia together back in mk9 but they didn't even make one specific to the older jacks liu kang has eight mirror match intros but non-specific to his revenant instead we get a couple where one of them is evil and one where one of them claims to be his ancestor tsuke even though kang is his given name as of mkx because of kung jin the game does offer a few different announcements though including chronicle robocop and johnny cage johnny is easily the best with his amusing nicknames for
the characters when chosen on character select 1.21 gigawatts i'll buy that for a dollar me no idea how they missed a very obvious opportunity to have kari hiroyuki tagawa who was reprising shang tsung the original final boss and presumed announcer for the series as an announcer how is that not the most obvious thing to do when you have karategawa in the studio recording voiceover and finally the character selection screen went from this awful misshapen diamond to this even more misshapen diamond once all the dlc was out and placement of the cast is
completely random for the most part one row is the five revenant and also kano scorpion is opposite sub-zero but one more in from each and it's noob and jackie cetrione is on her own instead of next to garros etc i'll probably make a video about how bad a lot of modern character selection screens are at some point but know that the one here would be much improved by either filling out the rectangle with one more dlc pack or letting the player rearrange the placements to their liking and don't even get me started on the stage select screen most locations in the game have two stages connected to each other but they aren't grouped together on the menu that should be the first thing to cross
your mind when assigning the positions so the presentation is pretty hit or miss mostly miss summaries are improvements over mkx while others are downgrades but let's go beyond the presentation and look at the game itself starting with the different modes on offer the game is an improvement over the last few netherland releases in terms of the amount of game modes on offer it's never going to be on deception or armageddon's level but we have more than just story online and multiverse at least of course we have the story mode here split into the base campaign and the aftermath campaign that's getting its own section later so all i'll say for now is that i can't
stand the interface when selecting a campaign you go from this really nice menu style with these portraits for each mode with the illusion of internal depth to this bland screen with two generic screenshots they actually changed the story mode portrait when aftermath came out so why not just use the two in this menu it would look so much better i'll also be discussing the crips later so let's move on to the third main pillar of offline modes that still require an online connection to play because [ __ ] you if you can't get consistent internet right towers of time is the sequel to multiverse mode from injustice 2. you enter a tower that will have a bunch of
random opponents sometimes 1v2 or even more and they'll often be random consumables on the opponent's side usually an assist from another character towers are themed sometimes after certain games or groups of characters they rotate out regularly and the rewards are limited to those specific towers with no way of knowing when they'll pop up leaving some skins borderline and accessible there are normal towers tank team towers online team towers and sets of three that used to offer rewards individually but now require you to complete all three to get any of the rewards that can't be gained in the shop each character has their own set of five tower tiers used to unlock
around half of their cosmetics which i'll be discussing in a dedicated section each tier of character towers has a little text plot blurb given with the logic being that this is another timeline where the character deals with another character r faction but the text is often just flat out wrong or bizarre with its claims the rewards in the towers overall are mostly cosmetics the character towers require currency to unlock them and naturally you have to pay out increasing amounts to unlock a tier and then grind out uppercuts finishers and the like to unlock the next tower in the sequence which isn't a problem later on but it can be quite
draining on your resources in the beginning each tower is capped off with a boss which is a basic 1v1 where the opponent gets super armour towards the end of their health bar and sometimes more benefits this makes it so you can't do combos or grapples difficulty is never fun when it comes from simply limiting your existing options the saving grace is that the mode has the option to let the ai handle the fighting for most towers so you can do something else while the game grinds itself unfortunately you can't just leave the system alone because you need to press buttons to move on to the next match or restart a fight if your ai loses the ai can be pretty brain dead under certain
circumstances as well like walking directly into traps often not using consumables when given the chance even to heal up when almost dead or using a move designed to set up a follow-up attack and not doing one leaving them running at the opponent or running on the wind until the move runs its course and achieving nothing the saving grace of the saving grace is that the ai will win most fights as long as they're fair what do i mean by fur like injustice 2 the most difficulty comes not from the technical skill of the ai but from the consumables extra effects like projectiles coming from off-screen or bonus armor and some of them are [ __ ] ridiculous especially when stacked
together in some of the theme towers whoever designed the panning lasers and the landmines needs a slap and whoever decided the consumable that specifically disables ground effects shouldn't affect landmines needs an even bigger one the gauntlet towers are the biggest offender there seriously whoever the [ __ ] designed fubar deserves to be pushed out a window onto a mattress so they don't get hurt but do receive enough of a skirt to make them realise how much they [ __ ] up and strive to do better in the future [ __ ] the larger goal in the mode is to accrue points and get higher in the weekly rates against time rankings to earn better rewards similar to mkx's
faction system but with exclusive skins and time crystals being the highest tier rewards the issue is that those skins are only available here and are on rotation and with only one per week and with certain classic skins taking the slots more often it can take up to a year for a skin you're eyeing in this to become available again the mode isn't fun because you regularly need to use consumables to stand a chance against the enemy's loadout without being a top tier player like when you flat out can't beat a spirit in smash ultimate without equipping a specific counter spirit to nullify their broken advantage again window and mattress there are also classic towers that avoid most of these
issues but the only reward for doing them is a non-canon ending everyone's in non-canon but you get that for beating a character's first tier of personal towers anyway so the only reason to come back here is to record footage of kroenke getting wrecked by the hourglass with different people hitting her and yes all the endings are non-canon depicting each character obtaining the hourglass and what they'd reshape the universe into it has the same issue as armageddon where every ending has the same setup and you can tell the writers ran out of ideas and had to really push to find new angles johnny cages is about his family so jax the family-centered extremist had to have one about the fact
that he's black instead i've covered that before the rules are inconsistent with jackie getting erased by altering an event from 30 years ago while other characters make much larger longer reaching changes and are fine some of them have decent ideas like johnny deciding he needs the bad things in his life to happen to make him a better man and keeping things mostly unchanged or kano getting bored of always winning and giving the sf an actual chance against him but most of them are pretty uneventful predictable or just plain odd for the character joker gets a bunch of cameos from absent characters together to do chaotic stuff shao khan makes himself ultimate winner without even the
idea that he goes insane with nothing else to conquer like an armageddon and katana restores eudenia but no longer feels like an idention as she now considers herself an outworlder and then there are the offensive ones and for whatever reason despite most characters getting new outfits in their endings when they become the keeper of time none of those outfits are available as costumes in the game there's tournament mode which isn't an actual tournament but an offline versus mode that limits you to only official tournament settings i.e one of only three preset custom move sets and only the base costumes for the cast it would be a cool option for people practicing for tournaments if it allowed for ai opponents and let you use
your customized costumes ai battles have you pick a team of three fighters and pit them against another player's three chosen defenders in the best of three series that actually lets you fast forward through the battles unlike t.o.t there's not much to it and there's little reason to play it once you've unlocked all the exclusive skins but you can always use it as a tool to gauge which characters the height here based on which ones are most often assigned as defenders in my experience it was usually noob sonia and or baraka strangely there's no way to set up a custom ai battle just to watch two characters fight the game offers tutorials as well it goes quite in depth on the broad strokes while the
individual character tutorials are just special moves and some basic combos it's more of a starting point for individual characters than anything character tutorials reward a skin while the broader ones reward a few time crystals it's fine but some of the combos are unnecessarily tricky to pull off and i mean so much so that nobody is going to [ __ ] use them so why bother online which i never bothered with had its own race against timelike system every month or so called combat league the rewards here were new themed skins mostly cheap recolors that were given to four characters along with a few gear pieces the themes ranged from blood to edenia
to kaitin to black dragon brainwashing each character received two colours that fit the theme and this was okay sometimes like the blood theme having black and red and white and red recolors but a lot of them were just slightly different shades of the same color like the adenium dark purple and slightly darker purple considering most were just recolours anyway i don't understand why they never used two different models for it having two purple recoils for sub-zero would be fine if there were different models being recolored instead of two slightly different shades for the same one there was genuinely no reason for them to always be the same model for both none and naturally these rewards
were exclusive to combat league which then went onto rotation after the final season the only saving grace here is that they occasionally put the gear rewards into the store and crypt events and that in putting the blood code on the d-pad while a meteor crosses the background of towers of time 10 minutes into every second hour you get a random tower that will net you one of the skins for a hefty fee when you attempt it but it doesn't take what you have and haven't got into account and will often offer one you already have wasting your time on the topic of wasting your time losing your internet connection causes a big one because the game is online only for everything but story mode classic
towers practice modes and basic offline fights that doesn't sound too bad but the crypts and the entire towers of time mode are locked off without a connection and the game will do that [ __ ] awful thing where it automatically quits out to the menu if the connection is lost instead of at least trying to reconnect so you don't lose any [ __ ] progress because that's apparently acceptable in 2019 you [ __ ] incompetence and this is all assuming the game loads up properly in the first place and doesn't require a restart to function on a basic level and this especially paints the switch version as an utterly pointless product everything you spent maybe hundreds of hours obtaining through the
awful grind that is every aspect of this game all of it will disappear once the servers finally go down when that happens the vast vast majority of the game's content will be lost forever because the team didn't bother to future proof it because mortal kombat is no longer made for any kind of artistic expression it exists solely as a product to make money from you now before they move on to the next product and people still act like i'm the bad guy when i call another elm and wb out on this stuff and speaking of contemptuous greed let's talk about the new crypt the crypts received another huge overhaul this time building on the
dungeon crawler style of mkx elevens has to play controller wanderer the descendant of deceptions apepep as he explores shangsung's ruined island for stuff to pillage while shang himself is more than happy to let him why the island is in such disreport if the master of the island is still around i don't know and it's not to make the design line up with the canonical story mode version because it doesn't anyway he's mainly just here to chime in with a comment every so often like how liu kang beat him at the warrior shrine which lines up with the midway timeline but not the netherrealm one sadly once you've done everything and there's nothing else to do you can't reset the world state to hear those comments again
you need a new profile for that regardless the player wanders around opening chess with the three non-premium currencies gold souls and hearts gold is obtained in decent quantities just by playing the game normally souls are slightly more rare and hearts are obtained by performing finishers this is the encouragement to do the same repetitive finishes over and over again more on that later heart chests are the only ones with set content as each base roster fighter has their own chest with some loot to find the other types are all randomized and can be restocked for a price but the actual earning of the currencies was so insultingly low on launch that the devs had to patch the
game to increase the rate to something a bit more reasonable and offer some free currency to make up for the hours players had wasted up to then the dev spoke about it as if each chest was filled differently for each player and they'd have everything by the time they opened all the chests this is not true as it's all randomized every time you reopen the chests and the ability to refill them at all proves there's more to get from the chest than there are chests in the game and you are guaranteed to have opened multiple times more chest than there are at any given time before you obtain everything if you even do get everything because it's all rng and it gets really [ __ ] stingy
with the concept art for some reason you know i miss cool unlockables made specifically for the crypt not just concept art cobbled together to be unlocked though or assets already in the game locked behind crypt chests like remember those fun fake ads from deadly alliance stuff like false eyes sold by kenshi scorpion's charcoal reptile skin cream lee may shoe size or some actual love being shown to sue howe actual content made for fun that incentivizes return in more than timed exclusives or rng ever will god forbid opening everything in the crypts be fun instead of a tedious slog another thing you'll
encounter is the chronic sphere which will spawn randomly sometimes in inaccessible spots and contain some good loot for a small price there is a second type used in crypt events where some exclusive cosmetics are kept these include classical yukang classic shao khan and jax's classic arms it is actually impossible to obtain these integral items outside of these events which have repeated only twice since launch because this game does not respect you or your time and you must be available at all key times to obtain them they lengthen the window for obtaining them months after launch because people pointed out that people have [ __ ] jobs and other obligations
and time zones also exist so having such vital items be locked to a one-hour time span is genuinely disgusting so they extended it to 24 hours which doesn't help that much but it's better than one hour but no 11 is a good game apparently yeah take note of these [ __ ] people you know i tell it to you straight but these are your mainstream game critics structurally the mode is built around obtaining key items belonging to established mk characters to advance such as scorpion spear to pull objects closer or shall count hammer to smash stuff it's pretty cool finding these items but some of the criteria is just
grindy as all hell for example to reach shang tsung's throne room near the end you need to obtain the severed head of every member of the cast to open a door these heads are obtained by performing 25 finishes on that character and the base roster consists of 25 characters making for a total of 625 individual finishers being required to do this it was originally 50 but they cut it down to 25 months after launch and i'm sure some people will say that 25 is fine especially when compared to the original 50 but regardless of whether or not a problem is fixed that is still the state the game launched in and it can't be
ignored because it speaks to how little respect either the developer or the publisher has for you as a consumer to let something like this get into your hands in the first place it was in that state that the game was deemed acceptable to release think about it along the way a number of threats appear like swinging blades and fire spewing spiders i [ __ ] hate these obstacles you don't lose anything from dying and you're reset only a few feet back or sometimes further forward so they really are just there to waste your [ __ ] time as is the lack of any kind of fast travel system forcing you to run all the
way across the map when you need to and the elevator rides are painfully slow as cool as it is to have free reign of the island and being able to walk into iconic mk1 locals once you've opened everything up traversal really just becomes a slog getting around especially in the underground is mostly a one-way journey either way without many looping paths to speed things up which really sucks when you have to head from the courtyard to the kite in hive in the deepest part of the underground for a crypt event or a unique chest you missed all lacked the currency for it's like when you start an open world game and you enjoy the amount of freedom you're offered to [ __ ] around but after a few
hours the sandbox becomes effectively an interactive loading screen between the actual pieces of content and story missions and you begin to wish the game just gave you a list of missions to choose from instead there is also the nether forge where you use ingredients you find to make some cosmetics and consumables it's really pointless and molina's veil still hasn't [ __ ] spawned for me so one of jade's masks will elude me until the end of time the new character collector also shows up in the crypt at certain times and offers a rotating list of trade goods including exclusive skins whose trade components refuse to [ __ ] spawn and there's no other way to obtain his goods
the crypt also has a few cameos from absent characters we find kenshi dead down in goro's lure and obtain his blindfolds see invisible chests and the occasional ambush that just kills you on the spot reptile appears in certain places after you find a statue resembling this film form and you can kill him for minor rewards irmak falls to his death in the pit so he can obtain his amulets sector is strung up in pieces as a puzzle goro is found as a husk on his throne and kano is found as a skeleton at a table as a nod to the original movie which also proves this isn't canon to the current timeline since this doesn't line up with kano's fate in this game at all nor does it
line up with his actual skull and fatalities while kenshi and reptile reuse their mkx designs and reasonably so irma got an entirely new look for this game which led to him being at the top of most prediction lists for dlc but it never happened why they made an entirely new look for him exclusively for a two second cameo in the crypts i have no idea they didn't even put him in the background of a story scene when kotal is seriously lacking in followers in this game i don't think this is as great a design for him as a lot of fans do but i find it baffling that they bothered making a new design if they weren't going to do anything else with it while reptile and kenshi had just
recycled from mkx but if there's one thing that definitely wasn't recycled from mkx it would be the gameplay because mk's gameplay has no consistent identity anymore as is standard for mk but not for injustice for some reason the gameplay has been overhauled yet again the base is still largely the same but with the total overhaul the move sets that we've come to expect from modern mk which makes characters feel inconsistent between games i said it before multiple times but you can't even predict what face button sub-zero's ice ball will use from game to game anymore and that makes long-term investment in one character
across the whole series feel like learning a new character every time a new street fighter or tekken comes out they probably do it so you won't notice that the roster is largely the same between all three games there are small changes like enhancing special moves being done mid-attack like injustice 2 instead of simultaneously with the face button press like prior games doesn't make a huge difference but it can take some getting used to the actual problem is that it's on the same button as stage interaction now which can easily cause a conflict when trying to enhance in front of an interactable which could easily be fixed if the [ __ ] stamp switch button didn't still exist and take up an entire
button by itself for absolutely no reason make it a taut button at least you colossal imbeciles the only notable addition to the gameplay is crushing blows which are heavier versions of the move with a slow-motion x-ray to show the internal damage each can be triggered only once per match and similar to brutalities these impacts trigger under certain conditions like landing the move multiple times in a row or performing it as a punish it's a decent idea and it's good to see the x-ray tech still being implemented somewhere because it's not part of the super moves anymore nor has it been implemented into fatalities as it should have been two games ago the biggest
alteration to the gameplay is the way meter works now in all prior netherrealm games meter works about how one would expect it builds up as you deal damage but more so as you take it with a bonus full pip being awarded to the player who gets the first hit of the match you can use segments of the gauge to enhance special moves perform defensive moves to escape enemy combos or save up for a super move that'll take about a third of the opponent's health off the latter is more of a crutch for lower level players while the former two are the tools of more skilled players simple right well not simple enough as it turns out mk11 changed this system entirely now there
are two gauges offensive and defensive okay that's not too bad putting less pressure on when it comes to decision making but you no longer earn meter nor is it given to help you make a comeback no it just fills up over time now turning it into more of a simple cooldown system and you start a match with both meters already full so you might ask how do supers work now well the new facial blows which i'll tear apart in a minute are granted when the player's health reaches 33 percent just three and if you miss or the opponent blocks you just have to wait a few seconds for another shot yes you only get to land it once per match but
there's no longer a punishment for missing in any other fighting game if your super fails you've wasted all that meter that could have been better spent on other utilities the only downside to a failure here is that you now need to wait a few seconds and try not to die on the sub 33 health you got which isn't even that difficult since your failure doesn't impact your ability to break out of combos like it would have in prior games i get why they made it this way of course obviously netherrealm wanted to make the game more open to casual players that seems to be important for mk given the abundance of mainstream guest fighters and how the subsequent trash level of the fandom is only
matched in the genre by casual fighter super smash bros and while this is a good change for people who are not into spending tons of time learning the game and preferring to just do flashy moves at their convenience it makes me to use far less interesting because the risk versus reward aspect of using it is gone thoughts like do i risk going for more damage now when i might need to escape a combo later or should i save up my meter for a super later are no longer a factor because everything is so segmented and that makes the game less strategic and thus less interesting to play our watch and the hell of it is this isn't just some personal gripe i prefer the new
system when i'm playing i don't like the game enough to spend time learning the characters especially knowing for a fact that that knowledge will not carry over into the next game so this more casual approach is better for someone like me but even i can look at this and say the gameplay just is not as interesting anymore you just spam augmented specials use your super when you have it without worrying too much if it whiffs and rest easy knowing your defensive options are still there when you need them and the game outright incentivizes this approach because of how the gauges build over time if your gauge is full you're not getting any more meter which is wasting it the longer you spend it full the less
uses you get from the gauges so you'll want to use it as soon as possible to get more uses and that just speaks to the game's general focus on spectacle over anything actually interesting that impacts every other aspect of the game from its story to its dlc offerings to the super moves replacing x-ray moves are the new fatal blows which are functionally identical beyond the way the player earns them they're still lengthy supers that a person can't reasonably survive but still do they're still boring and repetitive because every character only has the one they still get annoying because even if your health hits zero by the end of impacts one the move still continues instead of
taking advantage of the segmentation to let it end now and allow the fight to move on this [ __ ] century but they're worse than x-rays because the game makes it easier to obtain one and has zero cost to use in it as mentioned before meaning you see them almost every match the only reasons not to use one are if you're confident you can deal more damage in less time or if the opponent's health is low enough that you can't be [ __ ] asked to sit through a lengthy super that's no longer dealing damage i hear that they even see regular use in high level competition which is not the case with x-rays and then we have to discuss their concepts x-rays showed off an impressive internal damage model being broken with heavy hits which
really helped to sell the impacts of the blows and the mk9 version used darkness and greyscale to better highlight the damage and give the move some style and they were usually only two hits long mkx dropped style in favor of length which ruined the moves mk11 moved the x-ray tech to crushing blows and replaced it in the supers with blood because there wasn't enough of that in mk was there now every major hit just makes the opponent spurt out a gallon of strawberry jam and it looks awful for a series all about bloodshed that's going for realism in its aesthetic the blood in this game looks [ __ ] horrendous the slow motion effects in general look
bad in this game under scrutiny because the bodies and blood often don't match each other's speed correctly this is really noticeable in fatalities the team brought over the slow motion tech from injustice to his victory poses for both victory poses and money shots in fatalities the former is fine but the latter is awful and just tends to give you more time to notice how inconsistent the effect is on flying limbs and blood spurts which combines with how fake the blood looks to make the whole thing feel like you're looking at placeholder blood this is especially noticeable when you look at the extensively detailed internal damage systems being displayed when characters are torn open and these
damage models are impressive and gross but it was not worth the crunch and alleged ptsd the artists suffered to realize them i know people want me to talk about the crunch and the ptsd stuff but really what is there for me to say other than don't crunch your developers or make them look up real go to make realistic inners for your [ __ ] video game we can wait longer for the game and accept less realism or a more stylized aesthetic if it means real people aren't suffering mental and physical trauma and yes i'm sure there are people in the fandom who wouldn't accept that but those despicable [ __ ] can [ __ ] off and die and so can anyone who forces their developers to suffer like never elm and
naughty dog's deaths have these last few years speaking of dying when will it be my turn but also speaking of dying fatalities in this game are needlessly violent and continue to suffer the issue of often taking multiple finisher ideas and blending them together to make the entire cast look like super violent [ __ ] when that doesn't fit most of their personalities i keep saying this but why not just split them into separate finishes and have more per character that would be a godsend when one the ai is designed to employ finishers more often when it wins and two the game incentivizes doing finishes as often as possible because that's how
you earn the rarest crypt currency and is even vital to advancing in the crypt at one point as previously stated so we're having a higher number of shorter finishes would be an improvement over two per character that cramming the ideas for four or five and what's with all the eye trauma what did the team just feel really bad for the person who made the eyeball model because they put a lot of work into it but it wasn't going to be used that much so they just force it into a bunch of other finishes and why does the eyeball come out and peel through the side here when the blood spike went in through the front fatalities are just boring now and they have been for about a decade mk12 is
going to need to do something big to make them feel less generic and boring especially since brutalities are still around and are quicker ironic given the name and more interesting to see employed because of the way they're activated although i do have to criticize one thing about them the classic is the uppercut the head-off finisher which pulls the spine out with it everyone can do this but some characters have an easier time with it like jaden baraka with their long reaching uppercuts while cetrion and shiva have the worst reach to where you basically have to be inside the opponent to land it half the time yes the super tall super buff 4 armed lady has one of
the worst ranges for her uppercut because netherrealm [ __ ] hates you but this move doesn't change to reflect the way the head is removed other than terminator's shotgun which makes the head explode everyone else knocks the head off with force even baraka with his blades they don't cut their blunt force it's another example of how the game doesn't take specific characteristics into account at all for example remember back in mk9 when kratos had distinct responses to certain finishers to not show fear and instead remain defiant to the bitter end because that's how his character is well you'd think they'd take the same consideration for the
terminator the emotionless robot character but nope he shows fear and responds to pain like everyone else even though he cannot feel it because he's a goddamn robot all you have to do is disable his facial animations and use the default setting not make something new but that's too much work apparently it's not like i'm asking them to add fun details like having him give a thumbs up as he descends into the deadpool acid it's less work than it took for midway to make molina's eyes change from katana to tarkatan as she took damage and deception which no one even noticed at the time but it shows an attention to detail that is almost totally lacking in
modern mk or look at devorah's feet i swear i'm going somewhere with this the human feet with natural high heels are gone in favor of new bug-like feats but if she gets skinned the game doesn't have a unique skinless model for her she just uses the normal human wand meaning she has human feet underneath and this is connected to the team not bothering with unique body types like why is liu kang the bruce lee homage generically muscular instead of lean like the man himself because that would require more time spent on a unique damage model that wouldn't be used in more than one game because netherrealm wants to make every mk game feel like a totally new game and
has to sacrifice any kind of cohesion between games in terms of gameplay or aesthetic to do so again you can play kilik in soul calibur 2 and still have a good idea how he'll play in six but you have to completely relearn sub-zero from one game to the next the team only bothered with unique damage models when absolutely necessary like when they added in a robot a cyborg and a shokan and when they needed a female tar cutting skull frost who is a full body cyborg now still has human in it as does the automaton garus and jack has human flesh inside his robot arms which is not at all accurate they added robot image
for robocop and terminator though because guests get more respect and consideration than actual mk characters do and when it comes to the blood colours this game is adamant about not giving anyone anything other than red unless it's their new favorite character devorah or a guest who needs to have it devorah our favorite character had blue blood last time she gets blue how can she not spawn has green blood in the comics of course he gets green you think we wouldn't put in the time and effort to accommodate such an iconic aspect of the character noob cybots had black blood consistently since 2004. nah mate red frost is a cyborg which have
consistently had black blood since 1995 or mate it was red in mk gold so that's what we're going with sector and cyrax are fightable npcs with black blood in the story proving we do have black blood already programmed in who would want a character to have black blood in normal gameplay robocop is mostly robotic and thus has oil instead of blood of course we'll make a weird great blood color just for him hell we'd even patch that into other characters that should have it if we cared at all about consistency in any aspect of our franchise god i bet if reptile was on the roster before spawn he'd have had red blood and they wouldn't have fixed it even after spawn was added like your base game has four
characters who should have black blood and one who should have blue but you prioritize making sure blue blood is available in normal gameplay but black is only there for the two you can't actually play as christ is more black blood in doki doki literature club than there is in this game mk with all red blood is [ __ ] boring guys the variety of blood colours makes it interesting black green orange hell we almost had [ __ ] gold if collector's seven head render is to be believed garrosh had blue when he was first revealed but they made it red during development and cetrione has blew in her seven head render too and i know that it's not as simple to implement so many blood
colours and body types as it was back in the 3d era but that's only because netherrealm insists on going so overboard with the visceral damage being done now if they were simpler they wouldn't need so much detail and could thus have more variety as is the only body types are man more muscular man woman nagnadon robot cyborg and shoko see this lack of variety is what gives me the impression of the team being lazy because this is the kind of thing that should be looked into because it adds variety to spice up the generic obnoxious overabundance of blood and gold that this game has placed a higher
priority on than any other entry in the series three decade long history but they can do it when incentivized to like with guest characters and speaking of guest characters i guess we might as well discuss the dlc offerings for this game because they are predictable and bland mk11's dlc offerings are mostly divided into three sets two combat packs and the aftermath expansion but before that we had the pre-order bonus of shao khan because we're still doing this unlike goro khan is actually part of the story so i'm not sure which is worse locking off a major story character behind
pre-orders new copies or doing that with a character that you removed from the story entirely when they could have had an interesting role in it maybe having to be a side character who then gets playing aftermath is the middle ground option either way it sucks like just make it an early access costume pack for pre-orders or something this practice is just tiresome in addition there's also the option to pay a fiver to unlock frost early excuse me what all you have to do to get her is finish chapter four and you don't even need to be good at the game because we have difficulty options so why the [ __ ] would someone do this it's such a pointless option that
really benefits no one you don't even get a bit of premium currency along with it whoever thought this was a good idea is scum that needs serious disciplinary action other day one content consisted of cold war scarlets because netherrealm is obsessed with russian themed costumes as if they're trying to set up mk versus dc red sun this brazilian bandit k-n-o that i'm not even going to try to pronounce the gold demon scorpion recolor exclusive to the collector's edition with no other way to get it and the ninja mime johnny skin that came with a combat pack purchase the former two occasionally pop up in the in-game store in about six different colours to dilute the stockpool but are not readily
available for people who want them even if they're willing to spend money to get them which makes the whole design philosophy of the game even more bizarre the first dlc offering of actual substance was the combat pack containing six characters and six sets of four costumes first up is shang tsung in both young and old versions on the one hand kari hiroyuki tagawa reprised the role from the 1995 movie and legacy season 2 and is just as fun to watch on screen as he was back in the 90s he just oozes charisma and proves that the slippery serpent shank is the best version of him so i hope he'll be like that all the time from now on with or without tagawa
unfortunately there are two problems with him one is that they wanted to bring back the morphing ability this was easy when the game just needed to load up a sprite sheet and move set nowadays you have to load up a full model move set animation set and unique voice clips which would cause loading problems the obvious solution would be to let him turn into his opponent and he can but they also gave him a selection of moves where he morphed into a ninja and does one of their moves that way there's only one model he can morph into with a few different textures it's not a bad idea and the morph effect is certainly improved since we last saw it but it makes him feel more like chameleon than shang tsung as a result and they didn't
even give him a ninja costume so we can pretend chameleon is back the bigger issue is the movie costume they gave us his movie costume with and without the coat and in multiple colour schemes but none in the all black he actually sported in the film is it really so hard to make it all black or was there some kind of rice thing that prevented them from using a black trench coat see what i mean when i mention these very obvious things that should be the first things implemented but simply aren't making the devs look woefully inept his skin pack was the mk2 ninja pack since he's ninja themed one of three ninja skin packs in this game and they're all just as lazy as they've ever been you know how people
tried for years to discount reign as a dlc fighter because netherrealm don't do repeat dlcs when the mk2 lady ninja costumes have been available in every single netherrealm mk game the reason we keep seeing these over and over again is twofold one it's yet more nostalgia baits two it's cheap and easy you make one model attach three different heads and color schemes and you've got three costumes you can sell for the same price as a real costume pack with three unique models the most work any of these ever got was reptile still being soaring in an mkx but that was mainly because of how his design and moveset had changed making it difficult or impossible to
make a human version work hence the extra efforts but speaking of extra effort despite how easy selling it would be as mentioned there is no umk3 male ninja pack even though they announced the game with a trailer that featured the damn costume some people tried to brush this off by saying they probably intended to have it in the game but plans changed but i don't [ __ ] care they didn't just market the game with it they announced the game with it as the big reveal at the end and they had a year and a [ __ ] half after launch to put it in but didn't you could tweak the existing mk2 ninja model to do it so there's no excuse for its absence the
second character was nightwolf in a classic form and an older form with a revenant variant he has some animal spirits that can augment his abilities and that's kind of it for gameplay he's just nightwolf which is good alongside him came the mk3 costume pack of jax kung lao and kano with sonia as the season pass exclusive yeah no netherrealm never do repeat dlcs nor do they make redundant dlcs of old costumes that existing costumes in the game are already based on instead of giving cabal a burnt human version with a cult like the mobile game got soon after there was a special standalone skin added for free the dimitri vegas skin for sub-zero changing his face and voice to that of
the greek belgian dj who made the techno syndrome remix used in the game's launch trailer supposedly he asked for this as payments as a joke and they just did it his readings get a lot of flack and some compare him negatively to ronda rousey's performance as sonia which i'll discuss more in the story section but i think it's unfair to compare the two because one ronda plays sonia in the story where the performance is more important while vegas is only available in pre-fight intros two he's not an actor by trade unlike rousey and three english is not his first language so yeah i'm going to cut the non-canon cameo by a dj who grew up in belgium some slack the neon lights
on the costume are [ __ ] wretched though if you could choose vegas and the clothes separately this would be way cooler third was our first guest the terminator as a tie into the release of terminator dark fate this one released on my birthday because netherrealm decided to have mercy and hold off on ruining one of my favorite mk characters until the next month featuring the likeness of arnold schwarzenegger himself this character is voiced by chris cox and the impression is [ __ ] awful my arrival here is a mistake i don't get how people can say it sounds like arnold's when it just doesn't cautery fx has a better impression i
just want to terminate the movie that i can take seriously johnny cage has a better impression i'd be whack and those are mostly for the sake of parody not a genuine attempt at passing for arnold as their voices come out of his actual mouth honestly if you couldn't get arnold to do the voice you shouldn't have used his face because the likeness is spot on in his dark fate form at least and that just draws attention to how off the voice is still my mission remains unchanged and worse just about every intro he has is designed around setting up an arnie quote when it's not even his voice
saying it he wouldn't hurt me would you sweetheart wrong what a cage teach you to call me an ugly [ __ ] if they're all terminator references they'd still be cringe-worthy but could still work but this is just painful on so many levels and his costumes continue the lazy trend being dark fate t2 t2 no jacket with caged gym shirts and dark fate without a jacket and with battle damage that brings to mind t2 but isn't available for his younger incarnation and also leads to some [ __ ] stupid moments when the skin on that arm is removed in a finisher there is so little
variety here that terminator is the only character i don't have five variations for i even managed it with collector but not terminator and i love the terminator franchise well some of it i've heard the reason arnie didn't do the voice was because he didn't want to be associated with a violent game which seems [ __ ] since he voiced dutch and predator hunting grounds the following year but i'll pretend i believe it so i have an excuse to say yeah don't put your face in one then you [ __ ] brain surgeon the accompanying costume pack was kind of vague it's t2 sarah connor for sonia but without a change of face or voice sadly tuxedo johnny cage with plastic
looking arms that don't match his normal skin cyborg kano with a body stolen from cyrax and cassie as harley quinn because joker released around that time but they were obligated to release terminator then to tie into dank fart instead of the critically acclaimed clown movie that the mainstream media shot its collective pants over the same way it did over mk in the 90s fourth was twindell i'll save any further discussion of her for the story section but the fact that i have a playlist of breakdowns of why this version doesn't work should tell you all you need to know for now she plays fine even having a quandel like in deception which some people think is enough to counter the
horrendous story decisions and newsflash dumbass it's not her costumes are fine mk3 a dress and revenant versions of both at least her revenant actually does have two costumes unlike night wolf the costume pack was a halloween themed one even though she released in november and there was already a halloween costume pack vampire raiden with her frankenstein's monster garros mummy cetrione none of that kind of wanted to step on me and the so-called classic cassie which most assumed would be her mkx look since her 11 redesign earned a fair amount of ire from her fans but is actually a workout costume that vaguely
resembles her outfit from the comic if you squint and disable the colour of your monitor there's nothing classic about it and it's bizarre that the one time i would have been fine with a nostalgia costume of some kind they lied and pretended it was one when it wasn't really it just highlights how rare nostalgia costume is in mk that's not based on the original trilogy because those fans don't get serviced enough apparently as mentioned we also received a separate halloween pack that wasn't part of the combat pack just so we could actually have some horror costumes in october without interfering with the terminator tie-in the pack consists of day of the dead liu kang wicked witch jade with green skin and jason voorhees
cabal for some reason i like the jade one character 5 was the joker ironically he released around the time harley quinn and the birds of prey released which features harley but not the joker while mk11 released joker but had already released a harley costume his moveset isn't based on his injustice incarnation nor any of his costumes in fact he actually has a pretty good selection of costumes but without anything based on the film he was presumably included to tie into not even a simple recolor or face paint he's still voiced by richard epcar though who remains a criminally underrated joker joker seems like an odd choice but this was clearly a heihachi
and soul calibur situation the first tease for the combat pack had a chainsaw sound and with the guest theme here being violent action heroes ash from the evil dead was the obvious conclusion and then came the in-game notification and email sent out for the pack that outright mentioned dash in place of the joker then the proper trailer for the pack dropped and we had a clearly unfinished joker who looked like a pawn parody version and i mean a very specific pawn parody version because they had to rush to make a design for another guest after the deal fell through and with netherrealm's connections to dc one of theirs made sense but it had to be a character dc was fine depicting killing and being
killed and since joker had a film coming out that year he made the most sense and he's not too bad his finishes are a bit much for joker's capabilities but not for his personality and personality is something solely lacking in mk11 so i'll take joker as a substitute for ash unfortunately this led to ash being requested demanded and predicted every step of the way for the rest of the game's content cycle virgin mk11 over here with joker instead of ash while chad smash ultimates had both since april 2019. alongside him came the dc costume pack featuring the batman who laughs for noob cybots which was a brilliant choice even if i despise that
character and hate that the mouth is a mask and doesn't move killer croc baraka which works well enough catwoman katana which barely resembles her and only exists because katana already has skin tight body suits and darkseid gerus which is fine it's a shame we didn't get something like reverse flash cabal captain boomerang kano green lantern sonja or booster gold johnny cage would be way better than what we actually got the final character of this set was spawn from spawn making him the second character to appear in both mk and soul calibur the contrast is shocking since the tech is now there to render spawn's cape and the effect is genuinely
fantastic combine that with vice president keith [ __ ] david reprising the role from the animated series and some decent costumes spawn is probably the highlight of the entire pack and i'm not even a spawn fan conversely the accompanying costume pack was [ __ ] wank unpainted coastal with her another standard outfit for aaron jackie has spawned with a mouth so it looks weird instead of at least basing it on a canonical female counterpart of spawn and jackie is ellen ripley even though alien isn't in this game the highlight was definitely that one time someone got mad about the jumpsuit having an orange alternate that they then connected to prison jumpsuits and got triggered
because it's on a black character now that was hilarious next came the aftermath expansion it came with four new stages three of which appear in the story expansion that's roughly half the length of the main story and actually does some cool gameplay things it added one friendship per character which are kind of [ __ ] they turn the characters into children doing dumb comedy bits that don't even feature the opponent some people defend it by saying classic friendships didn't either but the opponent was at least on screen so you could infer the friendship was being built here the character just does their own childish thing away from the opponent why couldn't sub-zero offer his opponent one of his popsicles or molina
invite them to her tea party they're lazy dumb and the only good thing about them is that they're a temporary reprieve from the incessant bloodshed the pack also added three more characters fujin shiva and robocop fujin's fine it's good to see his character getting fleshed out a bit for once and his playstyle's all right just don't give him that er run ability with the ai controlling him shiva was broken for a year until an infamous stream clip and a tournament ban over a pistic variation name led to her nerf that's what it takes to make netherrealm get off their asses i guess shame they never got off their arses to fix her lower arms causing problems when kintaro's
arms burst out of her body robocop's fine they actually got pizza well to provide his face and voice for it because he's a chat but having all of his blood be black even when it relates to his face always looks wrong even if it's technically correct pre-ordering the expansion rewarded you with the eternal clash pack featuring mk9 scorpion deception sub-zero the singular 3d era costume to return the trilogy aside from kenshi and quan chi and an attempt at deadly alliance frost but it's just her cosplay and mk2 sub-zero with high heels that serve no purpose being here since neither the original costume nor her current cyber form have them scorpion had human eyes initially
for some reason and despite having all of his mk9 gear and sub-zero's deception masking the game by default they revealed the pack with different gear because netherrealm don't know what they're doing even when making trailers and i'm also told that this is not available as a separate purchase i think they showed up in the in-game store once just after release but that's it you can't get some of the best costumes in the game anymore good job three more costume packs were released for those who purchased aftermath but they released three to four months later without even telling us what they'd be until closer to the release we had 4th of july erin barbecue baraka and summer
katana which confirmed that someone on the team is really into feet i mean look how detailed the toes are you never see anything that immaculately and lovingly modelled the umk3 lady ninja pack was second wasting a pack slot and finally another halloween one featuring teen wolf johnny nurse devorah and what i like to think is a nod to the winter shogun concept for sub-zero aside from that huge miss in the middle not a bad set with sub-zero and katana being the highlights the expansion also implemented deus ex human revolution's yellow piss filter to the menus and hey maybe i don't need a broken in-game
pop-up to tell me a dlc is on sale when i already have the damn thing combat pack 2 was the last really substantial addition to the game bringing the much requested reign molina and rambo i assume he was requested so he could fight fake arnie rayne has some new style with his guitar and his costumes are really good he actually gets four distinct ones instead of two with variants my only problem is that random and pointless bohemian rhapsody reference in one of his finishes like the other ninjas have no affiliation with him they don't get involved he doesn't draw on their power and the musician reign was made as a reference to is prince not queen if you want to shoehorn in a pointless music reference
either find a character it fits like triborg or chameleon or make reference to the guy the character was made as a joke about in the first bloody place rambo is fine he has stallone's voice and face but the costumes are a bit bland the other guests all had an mk themed redesign but rambo gets vest shirtless army coats and rags which is mostly first blood focused his intros and outros reference other films but there's nothing from last blood not even a costume as for molina aside from her costume selection i don't like her in this game she suddenly has invisibility and a serpent tongue like they wanted to
integrate saurian blood into her and the voice he had kari walgren go with is just too cartoonish be gone molina you would banish me sister when she has a much better one she used in a katana mirror match intro another of shang tsung's clones fresh from the flesh pits sister and after the full year of molina stands bitching and moaning and replying to every ed boon tweet about molina needing to be in the game because god forbid she missed out on one game after being in the last two i mean god forbid we don't have the full mk one to two roster every [ __ ] game instead of
letting other characters that haven't been around since 2006 get another chance they even pulled the [ __ ] in response to ed boon tweeting about kobe bryant's [ __ ] death these [ __ ] did not deserve her they have tainted the molina fandom and they deserve to be unhappy i'm sure netherrealm will always at least considering melina's inclusion hence katana never gets in melina colour schemes though that could just be incompetence but i think it would have been better to change course and leave her out because whether or not fanboy backlash is the reason she made it in that one intro there in black seems to suggest it is a million souls cried out
for my return they now have reason to believe their shitty behavior will be rewarded if they do it in future can't wait for them to demand should be an injustice 3 and that new ip they're working on too and another thing about this pack is that they didn't include any new costumes instead they just made the classic costumes available for molina and rain but they couldn't even put any effort in there i mean even putting aside the fact that rain was not in mk2 the male ninja costume has the character's faction's logo on the flap sub-zero has the link way scorpion has the shade i do noob has the brotherhood of shadow and rain has the shade idea a
faction he has never been associated with even once if you get mad when i say the classic costume packs are lazy then your refutation is factually incorrect pre-ordering gave players scarlett's comic costume liu kanga's johnny silverhand and debating which one of these two games has more issues and some sci-fi armor for noob not terrible but not impressive and there's also avalanche sub-zero from the mk 11 ultimate collector's edition i hate there being content you can't get if you didn't buy at a certain time or for an exorbitant amount of money a week after that a costume pack featuring the voices
and likenesses of raiden johnny and sonia's actors from the 1995 movie were released none of the performances are particularly good since live and voice acting have different fields plus the actors sounding off due to the 25-year time difference between when they last played the characters and now and the movie versions are not the same characters as the mk-11 versions raiden's very dry and serious dialogue isn't suited to the jokey christopher lambert version andrew bowen consistently kills it as johnny and the dialogue is generally more quippy than london ashby's version but at least bridget wilson isn't as bad as ronda even if they didn't really translate her face over well it looks like it's the
wrong size and her head is a weird shape this was the final piece of content the game received and it really speaks to nether element wb's obnoxious focus on nostalgia pandering don't get me wrong i adore the 1995 movie and lambeau and ashby are a big part of that but there was a new movie released during this game's lifespan two if you count 20 21 releasing before the announcement of the game being over and yet there was no content included to tie into either of them no 2021 costumes or actor likenesses no recolors with or without cell shading to celebrate scorpion's revenge at least a combat league season isn't too much to ask right it's like
rambo not having anything based on his new movie i don't even like those newer movies but this is basic brand synergy and marketing whoever is in charge over there is terrible at this and one more thing for the love of god netherland wb if you absolutely must give influencers early access to dlc even earlier than the early access the actual paying customers receive for buying the [ __ ] combat packs limit it to gameplay only don't let them upload the endings because then everyone just knows and people who are holding out for the release to earn it themselves are inevitably going to get spoiled because social media exists and spoilers are
borderline inescapable you [ __ ] dinosaurs and you know what else should have been an easy win but was dragged down by incompetence greed or both the biggest new addition to mk 11 is the customization system this one is entirely different from injustice 2s where you'd mix and match certain pieces that mostly look the same and that you'd inevitably get rid of later because the stats assigned to them became insufficient in the [ __ ] multiverse towers mk11 doesn't do the stat thing thank god it has you begin by selecting a costume by default base roster characters have six costumes and dlcs
have four which is a [ __ ] lie only aftermath and combat pack two characters have more than two the actual system is that you're given two versions of the characters past and present for characters who are still around like raiden present and future for characters who only exist in the present like cassie and past an ancient past for those who only exist in the past like baraka each costume then has three variants with 10 colour schemes that have to be unlocked individually johnny cage for example has his present military self and past actor self present has the default a heavy jacket and a tank top past has a jacket topless
and tank top and each color scheme is designed for the base versions which can lead to some very samey alts like how classic johnny has three sets of pants that are barely any different because the colour schemes were made for the jacket version with no consideration for how samey the topless ones will be and thus how unsatisfying unlocking them is there are occasionally small changes made to certain details between variants but you can't mix and match those parts like how topless revenant liu kang isn't allowed shoes or how the flaps on subzero's outfit change between variants the game is also missing a ton of very obvious colour schemes which i've
addressed in a separate video already but in brief the obvious black and red for johnny mkx black for sonia or hornbuckle green for liu kang are totally absent despite the team having to come up with 10 different colour schemes for each costume so you'd think their first ideas would be things that already existed in the past even though combat league rewards are mostly reskins they didn't think to add these later going for mostly girish themes that look good on maybe two of the four characters that get them but that's not to say the base game doesn't have its own first share of girish alternate colour schemes like half of sub-zeros gear is in a
similar boat each character has three gear slots where you can customize certain items and weapons some characters are handled decently enough like scorpion with his spear mask and sword being selectable while sub-zero has his mask ice axe and these pointless items on his belt that you'll barely even notice during gameplay it's even worse for some characters like jackie's little shield grenade which is really only seen in her facial blow and a couple of finishes scarlett's bottle of blood that scene for about a second when she produces and throws one or terminates grenades which are so heavily covered in effects that you can't even see them some characters clearly need
more slots like erin black having both guns separate while his hat and mask are only in set combinations some of these items get very samey despite the lack of legacy options you'd think that the team would have gone through every past set of cyber arms for jacks or cyber eyes volcano for example and made sure they're all in the game before having to come up with new ones but only a few such items exist like scorpions mk9 and x gear this contributes to them being so samey especially with items multiple characters share so many sunglasses for johnny cassie and terminator or masks for jade and scarlet look very similar
and it makes one wonder why they didn't just have a shirt pool of these items for use by all of them a character has sunglasses here's all of them for any of the characters that use them icons are assigned to your variations as kind of a shorthand to help you remember what each one is i guess like giving scorpion a spear icon to remind yourself that the move chosen a spear related or a classic sprite for a classic costume it should be an inoffensive addition but not only do you have to unlock them all separately but you get white gold and black and red versions of each each unlocked separately and it's clearly just used to pad out the reward pool and make it take longer to get anything of
substance and i need to ask why are icons even a thing when the arguably more substantial round end taunts can't be customized i'd like to be able to pick and choose them in accordance with the theme like i can with intro and victory animations but that's simply not an option you unlock them and then you can never turn them off again simple things that are bafflingly not options for the player and why is it that even with the content cycle over the number of brutalities available for each character is still listed as x out of question mark you know how many there are there aren't going to be any more added another issue is how this all relates to the story mode where
everything is also preset first some costumes like the oshtek disguises worn by the two monks are not available they made the models so why not make them available for the player they even did an osh tech theme for combat league in which liu kang got a new skin but it wasn't this one even though someone found the models in the game files at one point second some gear slots have blank options like face masks for the ninja characters which have to be unlocked for each of them while obvious things like raiden's hat and amulet or johnny sunglasses don't even though the story mode doesn't depict raiden with an amulet or johnny with sunglasses seriously essentially his first few
seconds of screen time here johnny hasn't canonically worn sunglasses in the game since jade's chapter in mk9 but we can't take them away and it's not like the models aren't designed to lose these items since fatal blows crushing blows and most fatalities remove them anyway so you can see the pained expressions of our intricately detailed face scans sure some finishers require the opponent's face to be free but you can plan around that have devorah scratch the opponent's face before she vomits in their mouth as a way to remove any obstruction and easily justify their mouth being open as they scream in pain have cybot push the opponent's mask off when his hands come out of their mouth
this really is not difficult to do and it makes it harder to appreciate what you've actually made with the systems because most close-ups are going to remove your contributions at the very least the items should be visibly knocked off by big hits to sell the impacts instead of just going poof and then coming back for no reason remember back in mkx when masks were simply smashed through by the opponent that was so much more impactful than the mask just disappearing between shots the other issue is the fakeness of the system it alleges that each gear slot has 30 items but even if we ignore the sameness of them it's really closer to
15. most gear items have two versions usually one with a set color and one that adapts to the skin's color scheme but sometimes it's just a normal one and one with neon lights attached that are often as girish as the distinctions between mkx variations speaking of variations this system is intended to replace that one by having the player select up to three extra moves that version of the character will have the idea is good as it allows the player to better create a theme like a sword focused scorpion or a drone focused cassie but there are still weird limitations placed on it and i'm not even talking about the fact that they made a game with customizable move sets
and didn't include shujinko chameleon chameleon or triborg even after three sets of dlc characters for one you can't match the characters to story mode versions as they can have up to four of these moves available but the player is limited to three at best i say at best because some of the moves take up two slots which limits the combinations you can have they did something interesting with shang tsung a few months after he released where you could equip a three slot item that gives him all four ninja morphs at the cost of a few base special moves it would have been cool to see this with other characters like an all drones option for cassie that removed
some gun moves to make up for it alas no such thing was done sure that could have made them a little unbalanced but it wouldn't matter because of how these variations work in competitive modes or rather don't some moves are outright banned from competitive play and are only allowed for offline modes this is an improvement over what the system was for about a year where you could choose one customized version of a character to use online but had to choose one of two preset move list variations thus making that entire aspect of the customization pointless for many players for a year thank god you don't have to unlock moves too but that just speaks to
netherrealm's absolutely [ __ ] priorities with this game the entire game is built around customization the rewards you earn in story mode towers of time combat league ai battles and the crypts mostly consist of skins gear icons taunts and intro and victory animations the other stuff you get are concept art gold to spend on chests in the crypt that unlock more customization items tower consumables are exclusively used in towers of time to further your advancement towards more customization stuff and time crystals that i use in the rotating store to buy more customization stuff and let's talk about the [ __ ] store the store works on a
rotation system every day or two different items are put in stock and you can spend the premium currency time crystals to buy them for exorbitant prices but because of the rotation you rarely have an opportunity to get something you actually want and it's usually put in a pack with other things you can unlock normally which you'll want to do to save the crystals for shop exclusives and combat league stuff you missed especially when a dlc character dropped and had stuff you might want in the store alongside the intros and stuff you knew you could unlock for free in towers but might miss the chance for a skin you really want that isn't obtained in character towers and oh yes exclusives because some items are only
available in the shop which works on a rotation so once you have enough crystals you might have to wait months to finally get a chance at what you missed or you could pony up some real cash for the premium [ __ ] to get it now and you can't trade in gold for this stuff leaving most long time players with 9 million 999 999 plus gold and nothing to [ __ ] spend it on why can't we just have a store where you can simply buy the items you want with the gold you've earned instead of relying on the rotation of the store or towers of time and all this for a system that you can barely even make use of anyway it's [ __ ] sad that tekken 5 had a better
customization system back in 2004 at least that let you choose three different colors for the costume and if you compare it to modern games with these systems like tekken 7 or god forbid soul calibur 6 this is just embarrassing at least those games don't have a tendency to fail to save changes to your customizations because it's all server based which is an issue that has frustrated me to no end when making this video be failing to update intro animations when i want to record them or failing to update skin choices and that's not even getting into the fact that the game has consistently failed to properly save portraits for dlc skins since launch instead defaulting to a
base game skin with the only known fix being a complete reinstall which i don't want to do because i still remember when the only way to get the eternal clash skins to work on ps5 was to have the ps4 version installed too and they might have fixed that since but i shouldn't have to risk losing access to those skins again just to check maybe that's why the game is almost afraid to let you actually use this stuff there's the aforementioned online issues which were finally resolved around 18 months after launch you can't use this stuff at all in the story because the cutscenes are still pre-rendered you only get 5 slots per character limiting your ability to freely switch costumes between matches
the way you could in mkx and if you think the game shouldn't have more slots just because you wouldn't use them please jump off a bridge [ __ ] no no mattress this time and i'm not even going to touch the augments that tweak certain stats when assigned to certain gear pieces because it's such a nothing system all i'll say is that the third slot every gear piece had was locked for a year and all xp those gear pieces had earned for adding augments got reset when they finally unlocked the third slot and overhauled the system because netherrealm have no idea what they're [ __ ] doing and speaking of not knowing what they're [ __ ] doing
the story mode is unchanged from injustice 2 which is a shame because seeing what new and unique gimmick each game tries was about the only hope for change and improvement we've seen over the course of this era since the gaping flaws of the structure still remain i have an entire video on the subject but i'll discuss how those issues affect certain story elements as they come up i'm going to be criticizing the writers a lot in this video because the writing is often the worst in the franchise but i want to make clear that i understand that not every issue is on the writers sean kittleson and dominic cianciolo some of this will be down to demands
from ed boon wb etc more people than just the writers had a handicraft in this piss-poor tale so when i say the writers i'm being a lot more broad than just meaning the two dedicated writers whoever is responsible for that particular thing i'm discussing is who i'm referring to now that i've made that clear let's get into the story itself the story opens before mkx's post-credits scene at raven's sky temple raiden is torturing shinnok at the jinsei chamber raiden now has red lightning which isn't consistent with any previous depiction of dark raydom but it's fine it's a solid visual if a
tad silly i like it i'll be discussing the cast as we're introduced to the characters starting with the return of richard epcarr and troy baker as raiden and shinnok respectively both are as good as they've ever been in the series but etc stated that this will be his final time playing raiden which is a shame because he really has been the perfect raider since 2008. it's also a shame because he is the only voice actor who has been here for the entire trilogy other than jameson price as the announcer and it's even more of a shame that he wasn't given better material to work with for his final time playing this character he's embodied for a little over a decade chinook says that
raiden has embraced the truth that shannok was cast out for speaking but this is never elaborated upon i guess it's just that god is dumb and evil is rad he also laughs at raiden's threat since raiden can't kill an elder god the wording seems to suggest that it might be possible despite mkx establishing that it's not more on this later raiden repeats his line from the end of mkx there are fates worse than death suggesting that he likes the line so much here but he decides to use it again later when threatening the revenants there are fates worse than death he creates a blade of lightning and seventh
shinnok's head he cannot use these blades in gameplay outside of fatalities he then puts the still living head on a table and leaves the reason he does this is so our new antagonist kronecker can enter the scene even though raiden leaving right after laying out his plan to use shinnok as a warning against the revenant seems like it should come right before he does that but he leaves first then comes back for the head then takes it though maybe he's just gone to change into his mkx dark raiding outfit and bring that cap for shinnok that will let his head roll when it's thrown on the floor which their evidence will then replace with this one despite raider not
bringing it another way to make this scene work would be to have raiden create his blade cut or fade to shinnok's head on the ground at liu kang's feet as he picks it up and places it on a table using this opportunity to establish his motivation for the early game at which point kronecker arrives there instead making this all more efficient and less convoluted anyway cronica walks over to shinnok i'm pretty sure she never walks again after this scene because she can levitate she claims that raiden has once again upset the balance of history hearkening back to the intro of mk9 keep this line in mind because i'll be referring to it later to debunk a theory some fans use
to defend the big plot twist after the title we moved to a special forces base for chapter one next of kin cassie cage yes we're still on this awful character chapter system sonja enters to give a speech to the troops observed by johnny is it intentional that johnny's primary colour has gone from blue to green and sony's has done the opposite only cassie and jackie are present of the four combat kids takada and jin are completely absent and not even mentioned in the story nor is kenshi there are intros that suggest takada is either on a mission or preparing for his and jackie's wedding jin has returned to the white lotus but he's not even mentioned
when the shaolin are revisited he's also referred to as lao's nephew in intros which is flat out wrong cassie and jackie have had design overhauls with cassie having a look that i prefer but i do admit that it makes her look less distinct than an mkx this look could easily have been used for a younger or rebooted sonia while the other was very distinctly cassy jackie is fine even if her footwear looks too soft for her new range of kick-based attacks i do like that the game actually makes use of the customization stuff here by using the versions of the outfits with less armor while they're not on missions i wish the system had been used like this more
often i think the only other instances are like johnny cage and liu kang sonja in all blue while everyone else is in green gives a speech about the sf's history as earth's defenders she claims it's been 25 years in the same line she references fighting shao khan which combines with johnny's later line about it being two years since mkx to suggest that mkx's time skip really was 20 years not 25 which is still really hard to believe johnny's the only one here with the same voice actor from mkx andrew bowen who continues to crush it in the role becoming the definitive version of johnny for me cassie has gone from
ashley birch to erica lindbeck whom i prefer overall and does good work with the material which is less cringe-worthy in the story but her quips in intros are generally worse than the mkx counterparts i'm king of hell and i'm queen [ __ ] of [ __ ] mountain and yes like in mkx johnny and cassie are generally very serious in the story but non-stop quip factories in the intros as if they're completely different characters some people might argue the situation in the story calls for seriousness but that doesn't really hold water when they're up against the likes of shinnok and shao khan and they just make fun of them
jackie has gone from danielle nicolet to fellow arrowverse actress megalin echikun wokey jax any ideas actually woke i'm not sure that's right megalin was also vixen in injustice 2 which is amusing because of this intro from that game it's like we're jackie and takeda what are you talking about ryan play more fighting games mari and then we have sonia first off her outfit is just the one from mkx but in blue with black not being available at all probably to hide how lazy they were second and more prominently she is now voiced not by trisha helfer who was the best sonia but
instead by ronda rousey now we don't know the reason so much of the cast changed in this game some attributed to the voice acting strike that impacted injustice 2's dlcs or the subsequent changes that came about because of the strike it's not too late to walk away your concern is appreciated it's where you go from here that matters but whatever the case may be ronda rousey was a terrible choice for sonia her delivery typically is either way too forceful or very flat and bored sounding coming off like a movie actor reprising a role for a game on ps2 for the paycheck and giving no [ __ ] about the
project because they think they're above it all some fans dismiss criticisms on the ground that ronda is supposedly a huge fan of mk and sonia in particular but one would then assume she'd be more enthusiastic about playing her and put some actual effort in and besides that's not an excuse to cast someone who is a terrible actor in her movie and wwe appearances never mind voice acting which requires a different skill set other fans will compare this to the midway titles like mk4 and deception where barely anybody involved was an actor but at least they tried it's like comparing dynasty warriors three's english voice act into dynasty warriors
nines campy overacting beats out flat unenthused reading of the lines every [ __ ] time rhonda's casting was purely done for marketing reasons so they could wheel her out at the reveal event not because she was in any way appropriate for the role any ring i step into is mine any ring i step into is mine ooh yikes i guess it could have been worse any ring i step into is mine if we had to have ronda rousey be involved why not just make it a skin like dimitri vegas one skin that has rhonda's face and voice in a few different colours and make that the pre-order bonus instead of shao khan there's an idea if we
absolutely could not have tricia helfer back nor dana and baron from dcu and mk9 they should have gone with jennifer hale who is in the game anyway as cronica not only is she one of the best voice actors currently working and she played sonya back in 1995. lieutenant sonia blade special forces we got a tip a wanted man was going to be on the ship but her work as commander shepard gives you a taste of what her modern sonia would be my clan isn't bound to your laws are you trying to scare me spectre and it's a hell of a lot more compelling than ronda rousey sleep walking through her lines including scenes that are the bulk of
the cage family's drama in this game but more on that when we get to it sonja says that none of us victories have come without cost with a nice subtle look from jackie to set up her and jax's story this time even if nothing actually changed for jax during mkx since he'd already retired before then despite sony claiming that jax's discharge was recent did he come back full time for a couple years and then retire again she mentions jax's wounds but he didn't receive any in mkx unless we're to accept his mkx ending were he's ambushed by aaron black as canonical despite it never being mentioned again throughout the scene you can notice multiple extras using the
same faces which is jarring when they're in clear view because the camera lingers on one shot for too long i do wish the game would justify cassie and jackie not wearing the basic uniforms too i know a lot of media does this to give characters more distinct looks but it's very rarely ever addressed sonia caused cassiope to promote her to commander if she can beat sonja in a fight which is apparently an sf tradition i feel like this would make more sense if this was the outer world investigation agency from the old timeline which was formed by sonia and jax more easily justifying such an odd tradition where they want to make sure only the best received
promotions in this organization made to deal with otherworldly threats once the fight starts cassi's new drone enters the picture some fans don't like her having a drone and i do think that it would fit jackie better but i don't mind it too much my issue is that it's never acknowledged in the story itself think about how useful a drone with a camera on the front would be on operations but cassie solely uses martial arts and guns in the story after the fight cheering can be heard as cassie helps sonia up even though no one is cheering as the camera shows to gather troops or are we to assume the four soldiers casually watching from the opposite side during gameplay are filling the hangar with
chairs by themselves and strangely even though he appears in the background during normal gameplay and is currently standing in roughly the same spot suggesting that this alignment was intentional johnny does not appear in the background during story mode johnny hugs cassie while sony smiles which is nice what's also nice is him and sonia actually kissing which feels really rare to see in games somehow johnny's off to star in another ninja mime sequel which is a meme i wish they'd let go of already it seems like that's the only thing that's ever brought up about his career in the nether elm era still it does confirm that he didn't quit acting entirely for the military life even
after getting back with sonia raiden arrives referring to sonya by rank cassie by name and johnny not at all which is dickish general blade cassandra cage what is it raiden raiden plans to preemptively strike at the revenants who are amassing an army of demons sonja asks what the target is and then brings up a hologram of the target herself rather than having raiden do it the plan is to destroy shinnok's cathedral to [ __ ] another elm army sonia cassie and jackie go with as raiden confronts the army himself as a diversion he tells another elm army to withdraw but i'm not sure what he's supposed to expect them
to withdraw to since this is the home turf it's like if i broke into your house and told you to go home more the demons just casually walk closer to him and make no attempt to actually attack him even as he raises the ambulance and starts lasering them to death they could easily gang upon him on mass but they do nothing and just die will yukang and katana send out more forces giving sonja's team an opening to get inside kazi has both a rifle and a machete which are not used in game not even through the customization why does she have equipment only available in gameplay or cutscenes and not the other i feel like there are too many lengthy
shots of the squad slowly advancing like we get it guys look at the length of this video let's move things along a little faster after about 10 years they finally find a chamber where shinnok's head is being kept i think as a power supply for something cabal and jade show up cabal has a new mask that i don't think fits him and jade's absence in mkx is never once acknowledged even in an intro we did finally learn who the mystery woman who possessed jaden her mk9 ending was though she appears in jade's non-canon ending here and isn't actually identified and had to be on twitter by the writers and she's jade's mum yeah eight years of waiting and it's
just her mum whom this game says gave her up to xiao khan and nothing further is done with the character no name no insight into her motivation for giving up her daughter no explanation is offered for what made her so powerful or what she wanted to possess jade for nothing just shallow fan service that was too shallow for most people to even realize it was there good job the revenant aesthetic has changed a bit since last time swapping out the yellow glowing parts for a more generic red jade tells the troops to eliminate raiden if he gets this far and it's like yeah obviously but then maybe she saw what those outside were doing and wanted
to make sure these guys weren't that stupid jade is now voiced by mail elite who has something approximating a british accent but i'm not really sure why since no other identions have that not even the royal family she's not bad though i'm not sure how cassie recognizes cabal as a burn victim when his skin is barely distinguishable from jade's but she calls him one of kano's goons and sonia does not acknowledge that he fought and died for earthrealm more on that later sonya heads off to set the c4 while cassie and jackie fight the revenants cassie loses her gun to cabal and he's the second fight rather than david lodge cabal is now voiced by
jonathan cahill he's one of the performances i've most seen get criticized online but i don't think it's all that bad of course i still prefer lodge's deeper voice but cahill is still fine after the fight the game does that thing where the defeated opponent vanishes between shots presumably to excuse cassie not trying to kill cabal here to let him be used again later and this is also where you might notice that post fight cutscenes are always designed on the assumption that you won on the left side of the screen making the shift back utterly jarring if you were on the right especially in tag chapters sonia says she needs 10 minutes because the
support columns are further apart than expected despite the distance visually not being that large and the chamber itself being pretty small jade reports the intrusion while cassie's team comes under siege from another wave yet another shootout ensues and you kinda get sick of the constant focus on the sf in this fighting game another group attacks from behind and jackie beats them all one at a time which makes these demons seem even dumber than the ones fighting raiden since you could maybe argue they're being cautious around a literal god but this is just jackie briggs liu kang and katana enter the fray and cassie fights katana who sports a shao khan-esque mask possibly intended
to be his actual mask despite what we'll see of his design later i have to question why katana would ever wear a mask reminiscent of the man responsible for the deaths of her parents but i'll save that for later and discuss the other issue with this mask this is our first example of something that exists in the game for the story or other modes but we cannot have ourselves the mask is available in its forehead position but actually covering her face is not an option katana is now voiced by kari walgren and i can't fairly compare her and karen strassmann's takes since walgreen is my favorite voice actress so i'm biased towards her but i think at
the very least i can say that the softest spoken human version is better with walgreen while strassmann's take on the [ __ ] outward slash revenant version is superior strassmann's molina is the better of the two unquestionably though jackie goes down to liu kang who then causes a cave in around sonja then fights cassie she refers to him as the chosen one which is a term that comes up a lot in this game to refer to him and i cannot stand it maybe it's supposed to mean that raiden chose him after he proved himself the best but it carries destiny vibes that always take away from the character's accomplishments because they were destined to be victorious
rather than earning that victory all by themselves he's voiced by matthew yang king replacing tom choi from the last three games i'm not sure which one i prefer overall but the difference is that king's take has more of a chinese accent and feels more reserved than choi's often more emotional take it's debatable which one fits the character more but i think choi was a better revenant if nothing else cassie decides he's a lost cause and fights him ending the fight with a very generic [ __ ] you this next scene is frustrating sonja is buried and there's no way out she orders cassie to leave so she can
detonate the explosives which cassie is eventually forced to accept lindbeck and rousey both do their best work here which in the latter's case is really not much but it's fine she actually has some emotion in there now the writing is good the facial capture is superb the music adds to the emotion of the scene and lin beck kills it cassie's team retreats and somehow makes it through the massive demons to reach raiden who teleports them all back to base as the temple collapses but yeah the first woman of mk is dead in the opening chapter solely to motivate another character after this so
much for that whole awoke thing your mother died a warrior's death may we all be so fortunate this line seems too dispassionate of raiden he's corrupted into caring too much about earth realm to the exclusion of everyone and everything else not into not caring about the people of earth realm and this is basically the closest to an evil act this corrupted raiden does in the entire game johnny arrives on the scene and the phenomenal aspects of the prior scene continue as he hugs cassie this could all have been spectacular if not for the weird writing of raiden and the subpar delivery of rousey i mean this scene is
the death of sonia blade the version we've been following for two prior games and a death she will not be coming back from so we really needed someone who could carry the emotion which rousey just is not capable of back in the nether realm cronica appears and restores the spire there's a lot to be said for this scene first it's frustrating to have all the achievements of the chap to be immediately undone second is even more pointless since the spy will not appear again in the base game story only in aftermath so this scene only exists so cronica can prove her power to the revenants third shenox head will not appear again despite kronecker taking action now being a
direct response to shinnok's fate fourth the opportunity to bring back sonia through this and do something interesting with her is passed up on and finally are we to assume that cabal and jade died inside the spire as it collapsed and are restored here they don't appear in the scene otherwise so honestly if they'd kept the spire destroyed that could have justified any revenant absence by claiming they died in the collapse rather than suggesting they were killed by raiden and in trolls that are then contradicted by aftermath raiden destroyed my revenant he took no prisoners in the nether realm war
cronica takes the two revenants to her hourglass where she claims that her attempts to keep the realms balanced have been tainted by raiden which i'll be using in the previously mentioned debunking of a fan theory strangely liu kang says that the past is the past and questions how raiden's actions could be undone despite him knowing about the visions from mk9 so he already knows that time can be altered more asians raiden you still see the future kronecker plans to rewind time to the dawn of time and restart everything she wins the two over by saying her new timeline won't include raiden and that's it she doesn't appeal to anything specific to them like saving edenia or
stopping khan's rise to power or anything like that just that there's no raiding because the revenants have no personality in this game and are just generically evil in forces for cronica we then cut to the colosseum in outworld where kotler is about to execute one of our other newcomers collector collector is a tribute gatherer for shao khan basically an evil tax man and he does very little of note in the story making him wonder why they even bothered to introduce him in this game instead of waiting for the next one aaron black is also present but he'll only be making cameos in background shots and having no dialogue until aftermath it would be so easy to add irmak and reptile alongside
him but they're completely absent and it's never addressed ferro and tor at least come up in an intro as being dead by devorah's hand the osh tech have a totally new look now sporting body paint to better resemble kotel which i like but the lack of any models featuring the masks from mkx is weird retroactively it feels like the mkx ones were a holdover from shao khan's regime who have now been replaced or have swapped over to a style more in line with coastal speaking of coastal's body paint actually looks like body paint now with patches of untouched skin to better sell the idea than mkx where he looked like his skin had actually turned green and the paint
is more blue now like in the comic it helps him be more of his own character than just a poor man's ancient ogre we now enter chapter 2 time quake kotal khan kotol luckily is still a voice by phil lamar who continues to do good work with the material he's given i appreciate that the ching guard on cortez's helmet is split into part so it can move more realistically than the stretchy rubber armor most game characters were but for me i feel like kotol for all the spectacle he's making out of this execution really should be speaking so that the crowd can hear not just a volume where collector can hear you know your master is dead
so is his law this is when the titular time quake begins we jump back and forth between the colosseum and the sf med bay where cassie is in a bed despite not having received any injuries last chapter chronicle uses the sand of time to pull past incarnations of characters from the time of the outworld tournament into the present johnny sonya and jax arrive at the base cassie seems more focused on johnny than sonia strangely but they have little time to comment on it as raiden soon turns to sand and is gone this gets a limp justification later but for now let's talk about the waste of dark raiden mkx featured the
reveal of raiden's corruption and its post-credit scene this sets up the concept as a significant component of the follow-up story but we see here that he's gone before the first fight of chapter two despite this however you couldn't get away from marketing that featured dark raiden over his upcoming past incarnation the game was announced with a trailer featuring dark raid and prominently game magazines had exclusive art of dark raiden looking like he's going to square off with kronecker and he's the default version in the game seen on the character selection screen and the first version the player is given for customization that last point applies to a lot of characters in the
game as it's the past versions we'll be following for the bulk of the narrative johnny jack scorpion liu kang and kano are the only characters with both versions being prominent in the story for most the present version is a generic villain who only shows up to job to the heroes a character who dies early on or a background extra the reason is that the default versions are supposed to be the present versions as a rule it's a [ __ ] dumb rule because these aren't the most prominent versions of them in the story but then i suppose it's consistent with the dumb way mkx did things a scorpion sub-zero once again do not wear these default outfits in the story with scorpion being undead
in his default but human in the story and mkx had the older human forms of katana and the two monks that weren't even canon while this game also uses what are essentially alternate versions of the characters from their actual story mode defaults this is all yet another example of both netherrealm's over-reliance on 2d era nostalgia particularly mk2 and their refusal to let the story move forward and have actual consequences sub-zero's revenant transformation in mk9 was dropped after a chapter in mkx and decided transformation was dropped even before then and now the consequences of the massacre are entirely undone because
we've now got younger versions of the cast to replace them negating the it can no longer be undone plot point from mkx those versions of the characters that we followed for the past two games are largely abandoned and left to their fate because we have classic versions to replace them it's like a more extreme version of earth 3 oliver queen replacing his dead regime counterparts as dina's husband and his green arrow netherrealm has a serious commitment problem because any time they set up something new in this new timeline they just undo it the first chance they get for i can only assume fear of alienating the 2d era fanboys who will piss and
moan if they don't get the full mk1 and 2 roster in every game exactly as they were back in those games this kind of thinking is holding the series back while i may disagree with a lot of the new ideas in nether arms games they are in fact new combat kids and not too hot on jackie and cassie but the group could have become a core component of the franchise if they didn't drop half of them in the very next game and sideline the ones they did keep to focus on the previous generation again for as bad as tekken's story has gotten it at least kept jin as a prominent character in the story up to tekken 6. they didn't demote him from the central conflict just
because they brought kazuya back in four this series seriously needs some new direction someone willing to try new things and not just fall back on mk2 nostalgia again so we cut back to outworlds where collector frees himself in the confusion just as the characters from the past arrive despite them being pulled from as we'll later learn right after kung lao defeated the deadly alliance the roster here is suspect half the characters present in mk9 are absent while aaron black is present and with his new backstory eren being here makes no sense i won't even get into how liu kang and baraka are the only ones here whose designs are in any way similar to
the mk9 looks but i will discuss some of the new designs as we go johnny's absence from the scene will cause some eyebrows to be raised seeing how he was here with raiden and smoke at the time not with the sf same with jax being already fitted with his metal arms despite how soon after the irmak encounter he's presumably from dominic stated on twitter that the characters aren't all from the same point in time but there is nothing in the game itself to suggest this is the case and i'm hesitant to accept the inconsistency as proof because aaron black is here so i'm inclined to assume that he was just covering for a continuity error which is par for the course with this game's
slipshod writing sadly after all why chronica brought these heroes into the present is never addressed not even questioned by the cast or the fanboys if it was just an accident when she tried to bring the villains through that makes her look like a screw-up and it raises the question of why other characters present at the time smoke shang tsung quan chi reptile irmak molina and motaro were not brought through as well but this is just a tip of the cronica is a dumb piece of [ __ ] iceberg so everyone is confused by what's happening and the soundscape and coastal's movements do a good job of selling this confusion raiden is quick to pick up on time
shenanigans likely because of his own then ongoing interference with time coastal confirms that scarlet died between the comic and now though we never learn how he's happy to learn that jade is back right before khan comedically shoves her aside to an actually comedic music sting he threatens kotel and the crowd cheers it's not clear if half the audience was brought with them or if these are just contemporary people who would rather see shao khan take the throne back from kotal the game never suggests that anyone outside of the fighters and the tarkatans are brought through time though so we're probably supposed to assume it's the latter as the two khans
clash let's talk about shao khan here first off the new design is trash it looks absolutely nothing like his mk9 or mk2 looks the leather editions really don't suit him and the weird draconic elements are never explained some fans speculate that shut the [ __ ] up it's pure conjecture no attempt is made by the game to explain it which is a serious problem when this is supposed to be the very same shao khan we saw back in mk9 i also do not like his new voice rather than bob carter he is voiced by ikemati who was atrocitus in injustice 2 and went on to play jackson scorpion's
revenge he works fine in those roles proving that he can do a good job but his atrocitus voice does not suit shao khan it works for a being powered by his rage but this voice sounds too much like khan is projecting a threatening tone i'm sure you could find another character this voice could fit in mk but for the series staple antagonist whom we always come back to because it's what the fanboys crave he needs a voice i can take seriously still he's hardly the worst in that regard khan just swings his hammer around like the dumb brute he is now while raiden claims he's heard kotel as a man of honor more on this at the end of the chapter when raiden and
liu kang interfere baraka makes his way over to kotol sporting his classic metal blades even though the game otherwise defaults him to bone blades for no reason how does he even produce a spark by scraping those together codes will suggest that the tarkatans are all dead again more on this later barakah is now voiced by steve bloom whose voice initially sounded too much like his reptile voice but they fixed it for the final game disgusting earth roma as coastal fights his way over to jade he is taken below the arena by scarlet one thing you may notice is that she unlike human katana and jade is wearing
a mask for whatever reason only the villains consistently were masked in this story not the heroes and actually this also applies for mkx where scorpion and sub-zero stopped wearing them after turning good it's dumb and arbitrary the dialogue reveals scarlet's retcon backstory rather than a flesh pit's creation she was an orphan taken in by khan no matter how out of character that is for him i'll be covering this retcon more in another video but i have to stress that this retcon is absolutely an intentional change and not a simple mistake because she has one game and one comic to draw from not three decades
worth of storylines they just randomly decided to change her backstory and absolutely nothing is gained from the change other than this and one or two other mentions later scarlett's role in the game would not change an ounce if they kept the old backstory making one wonder what the [ __ ] point of changing it was same goes for scarlet claiming to be a master of blood magic when her wanting to learn it was the entire reason she was working with havoc in the comic i wouldn't mind as much if one of this game's writers hadn't written the comic too scarlett is voiced by beater posniak a polish-american actress who actually won a voice arts
award for her performance at scarlet and for the life of me i cannot tell you why aside from the accent she made up for the role there really isn't anything noteworthy about this performance there are much better performances with the likes of raiden and scorpion so i do not know why scarlett was the one picked out and given an award for a fairly pedestrian performance that often feels dragged down by having to include this accent i didn't know this was possible shao kahn's been hiding secrets he will teach us everything i'm also in story mode because she tends to drag her lines
out more there for some reason better to thrive and shock and squirt than starve in the streets we should co-mingle our blood magic why waste yourself on that edenian interestingly scarlett also saw changes made to her design after the initial reveal back then she had short black her which survived for a few alternates but most of her costumes stick to the long red her she's known for maybe they changed it because she looks more like mira from killer instinct than she did scarlett they didn't fix it in ending art but let's ignore that she's another character who
doesn't sport her default costume in the story probably because it sucks and doesn't suit her at all given how she absorbs blood through her skin making an outfit that covers her up a bad idea of course that power probably got axed along with her old backstory so jade arrives on the scene and she and coastal kiss because they were apparently a couple before her death yes all throughout mk9 jaden coutel were an item which is why they never mentioned each other before now and why courtell never got involved in the nether arm conflict to save her and he will never meet her revenant needless to say fans
generally did not take to this revelation well because it comes out of nowhere and only exists because sean kittleson likes writing romance stuff i've addressed the rampant shipping mentality in this game's writing in another video kotel explains his absence from mk9 by saying khan betrayed him and imprisoned him in the flesh pits to be experimented on by shang tsung why khan would betray such a powerful general the one he originally tasked with assassinating reptile but then let him live when coastal asked for his services in the invasion of earth realm when exactly was he imprisoned it can't have been long if the invasion was right after that comic flashback eren black
enters and jade just leaves to help the others instead of helping coastal who just now declared he wouldn't lose her again eren is once more voiced by troy baker but now with a lighter tone and a thick southern drawl because the entire industry just collectively decided at some point that joel from the last of us was baker's best role and so we should emulate it in every other role but only for established characters who don't already sound like that aaron here is basically an entirely different character between his more chaotic and flirtatious personality and his new backstory rather than an actual cowboy from the old west who was hired as an assassin by shang sung in exchange for
freedom from aging aaron is just some [ __ ] from texas who joined kano on an outworld adventure despite it being made clear in mkx and the comic that eren was never part of the black dragon you could join the black dragon i can barely stand one of you while this retcon removes basically everything interesting about eren from mkx it does at least serve a narrative purpose as coulter will be on the good side meaning so is present terran while his past self is a villain who hangs out with kano granted we already have another black dragon in the game and if past eren was originally in shang tsung's employ there's absolutely
no reason not to have him just be part of khan's faction or leave him out and give us past and present scarlet that works as well kotl heads back up in time to witness khan smack and jada side while no one tries to help her weren't raiden and liu kang just fighting him why did they stop and where the hell is kitana throughout all this kotel claims outworld rejected khan's pointless wars while the crowd cheer for this pointless fight that features shao khan generally beating up everyone after the fight devorah arrives in swarm form to break up the battle which scarlet and eren just rejoined off-screen at some point making the prior fights with them
entirely pointless then devorah pays through a sand portal even though the bugs clearly suggest she was already here why not just have her form from bugs and make the portal open after that to this one actually khan's group all flee including the now fully clothed collector but the portal closes as devorah disappears which looks weird the animators should have given it another second before closing it i do like her more angular head now it looks more unique than the smooth head she had last time but of course there's no story explanation for it coastal talks with
raiden and claims that earth realm and outworlds work together to beat shinnok and acts like raiden's corruption is what caused unease between their realms not the fact that coastal [ __ ] betrayed earth rom to join shinnok in chapter 11. i know this isn't an attempt at a retcon because scorpion calls him out for it in an intro for trying to kill takada that's just about the only acknowledgement of kotal's betrayal the story mode will continue to act like kotal is some just ruler rather than criticize his blatant hypocrisy and underhandedness until it brings a different point all together against him we really needed at least a line where
johnny arcassi tells raiden what happened and he says that their best option is to put that in the past for now and work with coastal and his resources liu kang says goodbye to katana before he raiden and kung lao head to earth realm the presentation of his relationship with katana is of being close enough for her to hug him goodbye even though the only interactions up to now are him pretending her assassination attempts never happened and not under smile and his attempt to free her from her chains that's it but for some reason this game is resuming from the invasion era relationship for some reason katana's voice has a mask filter despite
her not wearing one i can't leave while xiao khan threatens outworld the game is normally really good at having a distinct effects for masks and not having one for an exposed face even for different kinds of masks at times i still grieve my wife and son i still grieve my wife and son i still grieve my wife and son except reign taven and dagon must die but won't that unleash armageddon and it would be easier to fix if the cutscenes weren't pre-rendered i'm also not sure why liu kang wears his gauntlets with the thick leather on the inside and laces on the outside what if
they got cut while he was blocking and the gauntlets came off in a kite in hive collector fills khan in on the last 30 years khan is for some reason incensed to learn of melina's execution despite having never been portrayed as caring about her as a daughter before she's never been shown as anything more than a tool for him cronica enters the scene with her enforcer guerris and a mysterious woman in a hud who is very obviously frost i have no idea why she's wearing this robe other than to hide the reveal from the player it always pulls me out of a story when a character's disguise is to hide their identity from the audience and not the characters
cronica claims to have stopped time but in what way her actions have stopped time is unclear maybe no one will age i don't know she also claims to have merged past and present which doesn't really make sense with how the past versions will be shown to affect the present versions later nor does her motive for the merger but i'll save that discussion for later for now i'll just say that the merger is not an actual merger because only a handful of people and a statute come from the past the world state otherwise is still the present and little of the passage represented in the grand scheme of things supposedly the plot was conceived as including a future version of the
setting as well which may explain cassie and jackie's other costumes but it was axed due to being too complicated imagine how few fights anyone would win if there were three versions of them all back at the base johnny's trying to figure things out while being annoyed by his past self raiden and cassie enter costing us a potentially interesting scene where the present characters see the uncorrupted raiden and the monks and learn about khan's return this could be where the coastal discussion happens i guess it's up to me to write that then right raiden explains that as an immortal he exists outside the normal laws of time which will seemingly be
disproven later but if that's the case then why is there no evidence that this affects the elder gods in the same way as far as we know when raiden talks with the elder gods later they're the present versions and this raises the subsequent question why doesn't kronecker pull shinnok's past self into the present erasing his present self the same way raiden is that's kind of a massive [ __ ] plot hole in this narrative the real reason is probably that someone high up just really doesn't like dark raiden and should have vetoed his inclusion in mkx like how dc should have vetoed batwoman proposing to her girlfriend that time instead of approving it and changing their mind a
week later it's weird that cassie's just over here talking casually with raiden and still not acknowledging that her mother who just died a few hours ago is now back this next bit is timed weird sony and jax look over at past johnny we cut back to them for jacks to have one line and then the two johnny's just walked past with past johnny mid conversation trying to get his future self to star in a movie with him it's really abrupt instead of checking his nails he should have been already talking with his other self to make the scene progress more smoothly speaking of sonia she's the only earth realmer whose look does not change aside from clothes
between the two time periods her face was tweaked after fans complained after the reveal event so i wonder if they scrapped her second look while they were reworking her face or if perhaps the reveal event was her older self and her younger self always looked like this either way it's weird that her age has doubled and she's not aged a day then again kerrianne hoskins has an age in 30 years so i guess it's accurate jackie leads the monks in and liu kang is now wearing this weird jacket and shirt combo that looks more fitting for captain jack sparrow than liu kang no idea where he got it from and he's sadly going to wear it for the rest of the
game reading says he's been having visions for months which would suggest that the attack on the wushi academy and the start of the outworld tournament were secretly months apart doubt he leaves to confer with the elder gods and sonja approaches cassie cassie struggles her way through telling sonia about her future self's death great performance and just as good facial capture for cassie anyway and the score's pretty good this morning we were on a mission and you gave your life to save it but then sonia whose face looks oddly rubbery and stiff compared to cassie's has this reaction to her own death son
of a [ __ ] seriously this time it's not just the awful delivery of rousey it's such an inhuman thing to say it would have been better if she just sat down and said nothing before the moment can be ruined further jackie calls cassie over to tell her about a nether realm incursion at the shaolin temple liu kang explains that the subterranean dragon grotto has the ginsei running through it in its water strange then that this never came up in mkx no reason shannon couldn't have gone there rather than sky temple the expressions of the two monks just as they're about to be told their fates are great and this leads us
into chapter three shaolin monks liu kang and kung lao there is a brief conflict where kung lao is unsure about trusting raiden while liu kanga's total faith despite them being pulled from right after his faith in raiden started to fail rather than will yoon lee kung lao was now voiced by sunli malhotra he's fine it's hard to get attached to any of laos three voices in this trilogy without buyers from their other roles i really don't know why it's so difficult for them to have some consistency in the cast they spot a monk murdered on the steps and very slowly walk their way up which is a recurring problem in these cutscenes where the characters very
slowly walk their way over to something or somewhere like during the netherrealm mission and you have to keep in mind that we have a video game to play so it would be nice if these scenes could get to the damn point already but yeah we have a second massacre of the shaolin which is maybe a couple days since the last one for these two and no this massacre does not come up again and in fact we see a bunch more shaolin later so i'm not sure what the point was other than possibly as another nostalgic reference to mk2 and no despite how obvious it would be kung jin does not appear here nor even get mentioned remember when i said they couldn't
possibly [ __ ] up by not giving us an encounter between jin and lau in an earlier video i should probably stop giving netherround the benefit of the doubt this game has two kung laos each with a different dynamic with jin and we get nothing jin might as well have not even been a kung for all it mattered in the end after a weird bit where lau was painted as a slacker who skips classes making his misgivings about not being chosen for the tournament even more petty they get through the first trap and encounter scorpion who throws his spear right in front of them rather than right at them while they're standing still naturally he's working for chronica who offered to restore his family and clan you choose your
character and the other goes to stop the traps rather than patrick seitz voice of scorpion from dcu up to scorpion's revenge the year after this scorpion is now played by ron ewan who apparently played scorpion in the unreleased third season of mk legacy mk generations he works well as the wise grandmaster hasashi but not so much as the revenge field scorpion he just lacks the intensity that sites brought to the role the issue is that sites did not know he'd been replaced until the game was announced you know he's only been playing the character for a decade and has probably already recorded some work for the upcoming animated film but
kojima replaced david heater a snake after a decade and a half so it's fine if we do it too and he wasn't the only one they screwed over like this needless to say this is pretty [ __ ] up strangely when this scene was featured in the reveal event story trailer scorpion's mask was black but they fixed it in the final game i honestly have no idea how something like that makes it into anything shown to the public i mean it's not like scorpion's mask has been consistently yellow since 1992 or anything anyway the room fills with poison gas and scorpion teleports out in what a lot of people call a dab but it looks more like a tokusatsu pose the
monks are trapped in a cage for a few seconds before it and the gas are removed so jaden scorpion can enter genuinely no reason to include this bit because it makes jaden scorpion look [ __ ] stupid j says their plan requires the two to live but it really doesn't we later learned that harm inflicted to the past version affects the present versions but the present versions are already dead so would anything really change by killing them as long as you have someone turn them into evidence in the netherlands soon after it's not a big deal and this also raises the question of if lau was removed from shortly before his death surely him not being dead yet should
rewrite his revenant's history and make him human again right revenant law will even acknowledge paslow's life being saved by chronica's actions later in this chapter and an acknowledgement of this fact could have helped to set up cassie and jackie's fears about their own existence later on the time travel rules in this game are some of the most inconsistent and poorly defined i've ever seen it's like looper they even copy a bit from looper in aftermath and before we move on i need to address something i've seen a few people say but the past characters aren't from the original timeline some people genuinely thought that and i feel i need to say that the game is quite clear they aren't
as again things that affect the past versions also affect the present versions but not the other way around if they were from different timelines that wouldn't make any sense at all liu kang asks jade what happened to her even though you'd think cassie would have told them all about their evidence earlier scorpion is still referred to as a revenant in this game instead of a spectre which is ludicrous when you have him and jade stand side by side and have all these very clear differences between them meanwhile jackie calls newberry then an intro and he insists he's a wraith that gets to stay correct but the face of the franchise doesn't okay guys
you pick your fighter and the other fight scorpion if you as i imagine most players would change character from last time then the other character has an off-screen rematch with scorpion since we're not fighting him ourselves here this really could have been anyone like katana but i don't think liu kang ever has anything to say about her revenant if he fights jade lao says he likes to reel her better despite having never interacted with her and then the fighter goes to help the other against scorpion which is the only time something like this happens but i don't see why they should need the help as they enter the
dragon grotto we cut to raiden just now arriving before the elder gods strangely nobody in this scene acknowledges outright that raiden is from another time it's here that we get our first introduction to cetrion the series second playable elder god this place and the manner in which the elder gods appear before raiden are totally inconsistent with how mk9 portrayed them of course they claim that they will be a race with everything else which raises the question of why they won't step in to help raiden addresses cetrion specifically despite all of them speaking to him they send raiden to find cronica's keep to claim the hourglass
which will make far less sense later on and it's strange that this is the first time raiden has chronic his name in the story but he has no significant reaction to it cetrion speaks as if raiden already knows cronica is involved and given what we later learned about cetrion's involvement one has to wonder how much the other elder gods know about all this the elder gods assure raiden that his destiny is his own and he isn't guaranteed to become dark raiden which is set up as if raiden fears becoming that even though we barely saw him do anything to justify him being so hung up on it raiden's only heard about it from cassie and we've only seen him be a bit
out of touch this would be more justifiable and interesting if both raidens were around and clashed over their approaches to protecting earthrealm but no why would we have dark raiden as a prominent part of this narrative that's supposed to highlight how much things have changed since mk9 the monks find garrus taking something from a very high-tech device that feels at odds with everything else the shaolin have been portrayed to have access to the revenant versions of the monks arrive they insist that raiden is responsible for their fates with liu kang claiming raiden wanted the glory of defeating khan he was actually planning to let him win but the human versions just don't see it as raiden's fault this
is the most interesting fight choice in the story as you choose which character's mirror match to play out skipping the other fight entirely not sure why we needed to fight jade again instead of letting us fight both monks and decide if it's mirror matches or not this time the other character just wins their fight proving definitively that the revenants are weaker than their human counterparts making them impossible to take seriously and considering that this mission will end in failure and their revenants aren't trying to kill them i see no reason not to have us end the chapter by playing as their evidence to set them up as a threat they confront garrus and kung lao immediately decapitates him but
characters are only allowed to be pragmatic and attempt to avoid fights when it's fruitless gareth despite his intimidating voice by dave mitchell are we the baddies no not that dave mitchell dave b mitchell despite his intimidating voice and his supposed unkillability gareth is really over hyped by the game he claims to be a fixed point in time becoming stronger with each death despite this claim he will never win a fight of course and jobs harder than [ __ ] kano he actually loses more fights than anyone else in the game if we count aftermath for some reason he can no sell their punches but one hit from some nunchucks staggers him enough
to drop his ill-gotten gains liu kang fighting him leads to guerra saying that kroneke has a keen interest in him which is set up for possibly the worst twist in the history of fiction also the other character goes for the viles garrus will steal him but lukang will have them in the cutscene afterwards regardless of who goes garrus then freezes the two in time which is a power he will never employ again nor does he use this opportunity to capture them instead he just takes the vials and gives them to cronica when she arrives chronica's excuse for not killing them is that their revenants will be wiped which again makes no real sense no excuses given for not capturing them though back
at her keep cronica meets with shao khan katana and sektor khan has nothing to say about what appears to be his mask or one styled after his at least maybe taunting katana about becoming like him after her betrayal and that katana has no problem working with and standing by the side of the man who killed her father and led to her mother's death speaks volumes about how lacking in character the revenants are in this game rather than corruptions of their former selves with their ideals twisted into villainy and motivations steeped in specific desires each one has for the new timeline kinda like they were in mkx they're just generic bad guys for the
villain side outside of mirror matches i think liu kang is the only one who actually has anything specific to them to say if not for the claim that they would be erased if their past selves died they could be replaced by any generic villain from the series and bugger all would change kronecker says she can do her thing now with the jinsei water from the dragon grotto even if she neither calls it that nor explains why she needs it she asks when carmel deliver his army and he replies that it will be once cortal dies keep this line in mind for later raiden returns to the sf base after the monks have making one wonder why raiden takes so long to
teleport while the monks get around faster with at fastest a jet kung lao isn't reassured by raiden's claim that the timeline can be changed despite there being evidence to the contrary before he was brought to the present we get an okay bit where johnny forgets for a minute that sonja isn't his sonia i wish he went on a bit longer to show how sonia's death is affecting johnny and give sonia a glimpse into the man he'll become and give her some insight into how she could have fallen for him cassie tells raiden that sub-zeros reported heavy losses to the link way because of sektor's return with raiden knowing about sektor's coup years ago it's not
clear if he knows this because of his visions from the midway timeline from being filled in by cassie or if we're to assume sektor was already grandmaster before he and cyrax showed up in outworld and raiden just somehow knew it's also unclear why the table display seems to be overlaid on top of the light fixture above them cassie says that sektor is using the same factory from years ago even though it was in a jungle not a quarry and it blew up in the comic and no other than the colosseum there is no evidence that places from the past have been brought to the present only people i kind of like raiden's surprise about hanzo being a grand master as we
transition into chapter four fire and ice sub-zero and scorpion what i don't like is that this is another joint chapter while it makes sense this chapter is built around sub-zero and scorpion will be receiving his own dedicated chapter later on so i don't see why sub-zero couldn't have his own two nor do i like that the title places fire first but the user have said fire is listed second and that title is a nod to the unmade shaolin monk sequel about scorpion sub-zero which i have to mention so people won't get mad that i didn't sub-zero in his best solid snake cosplay scopes out the factory that
sektor apparently uncovered got back up and running and managed to capture enough linkway to convert into an army to defend it in a matter of hours as cassie recently confirmed it's the same day unless time doesn't pass anymore and we're just not told hanzo then shows up equally unmasked sub-zero is still voiced by steve bloom fortunately no other link wait ever appear so i guess we're to assume that every single one was killed or captured while sub-zero got out scot-free strangely this parallel to the events of mk3 is never acknowledged he claims he can get help on the inside and they knife some poor sentry to death before going inside yet
for some reason even though they're supposed to be sub-zero's guys converted he shows no remorse when dealing with them another slow walking scene ensues and we see the very inefficient cyberization methods with lots of dismembered corpses scattered around with a convenient linguay medallion lying around to confirm that they're linked way cyrax and frost enter to reactivate the machinery despite having no new subjects and the machinery just starts sawing them apart for no reason frost has a fatality where she puts the brain in a cyber body but if that's the process then why is this person having their head cut into this whole factory
sequence was not thought out at all cyrex is the inside man with sub-zero's plan being to disable his neural inhibitor so he can shut down the cyborgs via their shared network a shared network that didn't trigger an alert when they killed that one guy outside sub-zero freezes frost so that her road can shatter when she breaks free and reveal who she is despite how obvious it is it's not like her presence on the roster was kept secret even without the option to buy her with real money in the in-game store not only is her her an awful blue karen haircut instead of the cool icy look she used to have her cyber body is more human than the others suggesting it was a chronic
augmentation which no one else gets and this body has a detachable head and a cybernetic spine but it has a human spine during finishes because consistency is for chumps she's also still pissy about the alliance with the shirt i do which along with her sudden obsession with cyberization i have explained the problems with on wasted potential basically she's written like this was supposed to be sector but the decision to make frost playable led to her being included in his place also sub-zero acts like this is a betrayal when her bio makes clear that he banished her after the scene in mkx so it really isn't even though kelly who is
back as devorah frost is now voiced by sarah cravens who was power girl in injustice 2. her performance gets a lot of flack but i honestly don't think it's the writing that's the issue granted her tone is a tad one note constantly projecting like khan does but projecting an entitled bitterness rather than intimidation but again i think it's because that's how every line out of her [ __ ] mouth is written the other character fights cyrax who then activates some other cyborgs which the other character will fight while your character fights cyrax at no point will either character attempt to free these guys from sex horse control despite how
easy it is soon shown to be they aren't named characters so they get to die cyrax is voiced by ikamadi whose voice works better for him than shao khan hanzo briefly relates to cyrax's slavery if he fights him but it's just one line sadly noob then enters the scene recognize me little brother yes he already met you two games ago the score seems to think this is a big reveal strangely this is the same b han who was thrown into the solenado in mk9 not a past version in fact neither sub-zero has a past incarnation in this game even
though that has so much story potential with their human and brainwashed cells being active at the same time and having clashes between kwaliang and his cyber counterparts as well as his two evil brothers but no we need two canoes and cabals who don't contrast at all instead [ __ ] clown shoes speaking of clowns bihan is now voiced by sean chiplock and they've got him doing this awful doctor claw black doom impression still trading on my name chiplock isn't a bad actor but this just does not work and it's weird because it's not consistent with mk9 you are not worthy of the name
and the other language dubs don't go this far with it except the german version and worse jameson price who voiced behind last time is still in the game as the announcer so unless he didn't want to reprise the role for whatever reason there is absolutely no reason not to have him reprise especially since the normal voice would have made it easy to give sub-zero a b-han skin that changes his voice and intros to be hans bihan you must answer for your crimes seriously who the [ __ ] thought this was a good idea oh and they didn't give him
the default gigalike mask and reaper hud instead opting for this awful metal equivalent of his old mask that exposes his ears and just ruins his image even more than his edgelord spikes do there's a reason mk mobile went with the hooded version of this mask instead because those guys actually do know what they're doing also his skin is more of a brown in this game and is inconsistent with his arms in his mk2 outfit because nothing about this character is allowed to be in any way competent even his colour options are all crap cronica has offered him a new clan and you pick who fights him the other character presumably fights cybot sub-zero winning has him repeat bihan's words to him from
back in mk9 we share blood we are not brothers we share blood we are not brothers only you need the butt in the middle to present the two sentences as opposing sentiments as in they aren't brothers even though they share blood without it is presented as one sentiment they do share blood and are therefore not brothers this is basic english yes that's how the line was presented back in mk9 but it was in direct response to quillian colin and brother and that immediate context makes it work in a way that it doesn't when isolated like this sub-zero helps psyrax up the dialogue is
some of the best in the game though it's nothing spectacular sub-zero voices how he can relate to cyrax's experience and cyrax comments on sub-zero having gotten old i'm not sure he should recognize hanzo since he's older and as far as we know cyrax never saw him unmasked but it's fine and ironically hanzo actually looks older in his younger incarnation when unmasked while sub-zero looks the same aside from his beard also minor but cyrex should know what's happening with the time merger unless he has total amnesia of his time under sektor's control while the two playable characters stand around awkwardly like they've been scolded by their mum syrek
says he can shut down the factory and all the cybers connected to it sektor then arrives voiced now by dave mitchell sektor attacks your character with a flamethrower which sub-zero blasts with ice like in the comic scene they're rehashing here while hanzo just know sells it even though i'm fairly certain hanzo isn't supposed to have any powers now that he's been restored to human he didn't display any of them in mkx's story mode after all or are we to assume that as a revenant hanzo's powers weren't granted on death if hanzo was chosen we reiterate mkx's retcon that sektor gave quanchi assistance in return for the slaughter of the shiraidu even though they were slaughtered two years
before mk1 in return for bihan obtaining the mapping mythologies and yes mythologies is still canon it's referenced in aftermath hanzo then says for harami and satoshi after the fight as if sektor was in any way responsible for their deaths really i think the line is just there so sean can prove he knows their names after getting them wrong in the comic as per usual the off-screen activity of the partner character doesn't begin until sektor is defeated god do i need to make a video on how rarely the other character actually does something cyrex says goodbye sub-zero says they'll restore him cyrex says he can't live as a machine which is an
insult to the character who lived on for a decade after cyberization in the old timeline really it's just an excuse to remove him from the plot since he's only an npc still the writing is mostly good here putting aside the continuity issues and the rehashing of the comic scene right down to cyrex's death to destroy the factory i know an intro claims he's still alive but the story never suggests that this is some of the strongest writing in the story but as is often the case the storytelling is held back by the structure sub-zero's chapter is shared with scorpion even though the latter gets his own chapter later every fight in this chapter is made for sub-zero his apprentice his brother and
two former clan mates and because this is everyone's first appearance in the story the only one who gets any resolution here is cyrax since he shares a move set with sector and the latter will be returning so there's no need for him to return to frost and noobs show up later and subzero is robbed of any resolution to his stories with them this game arguably more than any other really shows the inherent limitations brought about by the campaign structure imagine if sub-zero was able to deal with frost sektor and bihan himself instead of having them be dealt with by characters with no connection to them in other people's chapters actually make this trilogy feel like it has arcs that go
somewhere instead of dropping them all in the finale and making the whole thing feel disconnected and yes in addition to achieving nothing which i'll explain in a second all four of sub-zero story fights take place in this one stage and two of them are against functionally the same opponent you'd think he was a huge fan of richard roundtree for how much of the shaft netherrealm gives him garris brings cain owed aaron to sector to fix him up with a two long shot of them round in a corner and ask them to replicate sektor into an army so yes there are still cybers to come in the story making chapter 4 entirely pointless imagine if this chapter was moved too much later in the game right
before the final fight subzero could go to the factory with cyrax after having freed him in an earlier scene and the two face off with sector frost and b han ending with all three of them being dealt with plus all the cyborgs being shut down killed or freed and maybe sub-zero sacrifices himself to achieve this leaving the linguist in the hands of cyrax for the final fight president kano then enters with an orchestra sting that treats him as a big reveal followed by an awkward silence that i have to assume is intentional [Music] given that he's bald past kano looks older than his counterpart the only real
indication that present kano is older is his tattoo instead of michael mcconaughey from the last three games kano is now voiced by jb blank which is another performance i see criticized a lot but i really don't see the issue where i do take issue is that both knows have very similar eyepieces that are based on the original neither mk9 nor mkx had eyes that looks like that and this is a good chance to show off the gear options give present keno a more advanced one like you see in mkx and give past kano one that's simpler closer to the mk9 one i have one more comment about kano's gear that i'll save for
later i do like how gay past kano is for himself though and how uncomfortable that makes eren over 50 and still a ripper he's over 60 actually he was already 35 in mk1 and a little over three full decades have passed since then that's probably why we never fight this version in the game unless he break a hip honestly making him more of a cyborg to keep up could have been a cool way to go with his design and it would have justified the skull acting like kano was some kind of reveal chronic has promised that the black dragon will run every market whatever that means really it's just a way of saying they'll be rich and the sf can't stop them which
kano achieves in his ending but finds it boring that he never loses it's one of the few endings with something interesting to say and one of even fewer that wasn't horribly bungled in the execution back at the base jackie can't get through to jack's i like johnny acting as a mentor parental figure for jackie and jax's absence which we haven't seen before despite how close the two families are we then cut to the briggs farmhouse the camera pans along a corridor with photos of jackson jackie on the wall jax and his best barrett wallace cosplay why does he look so military when he's just at home is turning his house upside down to find his phone but can't reach jackie he sits
down and cries showing off how good the facial capture is and falls asleep with a bottle in his hand kroneker then enters the scene and offers him and his family a better life in the new era where jackie never joins the military it's not revealed just yet but vera jax's wife and jackie's mother has died in between games this serves as jackson's primary motivation for the game becoming extremely overprotective of his daughter to the point of it being his dramatic flaw and for a lot of players this motivation did not justify jax's actions throughout the game here's the issue we don't know vera she's mentioned by sonya in mkx and she
appears in two or three scenes in the comic one of which gives her no dialogue and there aren't even any pictures of her on the walls of the briggs home she is not a character she is a concept the concept of jax's dead wife and jackie's dead mother and this game makes no attempt to make us feel their loss so it's difficult for us to get invested it's like how assassin's creed 3 didn't bother to showcase conor's relationship with his mother before she dies and gives him his motivation actually vera kinda looks like zeo at first and so when jax does bad things in this game it's hard to empathize unless you yourself have lost a partner like this
i've got a wasted potential planned where i'll be providing an alternative to this but you don't need a big rewrite to communicate the loss if jackson sonja had come from another point in time vera could have been brought with them or she could have appeared early on and then died or you could use the pictures on the walls that we very slowly pan across there are two ways you could use this shot to convey some of what jax is going through first include some pictures of vera i get that you don't want to make an entire character model just for this even though you could at least make the picture jackie drew as a kid feature her so get the face models for jackson jackie to do a photo shoot with another
woman to play vera and use those pictures it's not like live action would clash so much with this level of graphical fidelity that a simple filter couldn't fix it or option two have some spots on the wall where there is a nail and a discoloured patch of wall to suggest that there was a picture here before but jax can't bear to look at pictures of his wife and has taken them down just simple things like this can help to make up for the deficiencies in the writing backing out worlds we begin chapter 5 truths revealed jade i'm not quite sure what truths are revealed here the title is kind of like resident evil
revelations nothing is really revealed here jade certainly doesn't find out that kotel [ __ ] devorah kotel confirms that the tarkatans are extinct meaning he enacted genocide which no one has an issue with jade says some tar cutters were trapped too the kaitin's lost hive but no one makes a big deal out of that either a lost hive of kai tin another enemy race of which we only see one member you'd think someone would acknowledge that this is a big discovery raiden leaves to consult the elder gods again kotal dispatches katana to form an alliance with shiva possibly as a nod to mk4 it's a shame raiden doesn't suggest
it and cite visions of her success with goro as just cause for her to try with shiva shiva's always respected your opinion more than anyone's which is why she had nothing to say to katana while holding a captive in mk9 as kotel leaves katana is jealous over the attention and devotion jade is showing to coastal out of nowhere as if she's aware of how bad the writing is not only for bringing this relationship in out of nowhere but also how jade's entire character now revolves around him instead of her friendship with katana and loyalty to edenia jade thinks koto will show loyalty to katana if she forges an alliance with shiva but i've no idea why
coastal is the ruler of outworld and katana has no claim to the throne and coastal isn't exactly the kind of guy who'd give up his power that easily i've already addressed the change in style of the character designs but jade's outfit is just awful they went so far in the opposite direction even though this is supposed to be her mk9 outfit so it's a massive visual continuity issue and it's [ __ ] brown her name is jade her name comes directly from her colour of choice all the other ninjas get to keep their primary colour but not her and there are other outfits that have better approximations of her previous outfit
and with green as an option but no she gets this awful outfit that covers almost her entire body like a severe overcorrection of her mk9 attire and it's bloody brown or purple or burgundy no one really knows it's like they got mad that fans complained when she was first skinned in mk mobile and decided you want brown jade here's your [ __ ] brown jade i mean even the planned mk miniatures collection has recognized that and is using a different costume for jade and this is why the cut scenes would be better if rendered in real time like street fighter 5 so we could change her outfit to something more suitable and more consistent coatel and jade have
some not great dialogue where jade calls him a noble warrior despite the revelation that the tarkatans are extinct which can only mean he did it he says no other woman succeeded in bedding him because none of them would jade except for devorah but you know we don't talk about that in the story mode but this brings up another issue with the writing of this game coastal just treats past jade like she is his jade but like how past sonia is not johnny sonja pass jade is not kotal's jade the game really needed to add some awkwardness here to make their dynamic interesting because at least then we could say that the
retcon served a purpose as is the only reason the retcon was introduced was to have jade work with kotol which would take more effort to set up otherwise again gonna do a weighted potential on this coastal quickly proves jade's assessment wrong by ordering the tunnels of the hive be burned to smoke khan out but huge bugs attack and jade is dragged into the tunnels and brought before her revenant who just so happens to be waiting here jade easily gets free and the music just overpowers the dialogue here like balance your damn audio netherrealm i would not trade katana's friendship for anything except
cultural's blue painted [ __ ] it is pitiful you mean like how you serve katana and cronica even though jade has a mirror match here we still don't get to play as the revenant to give her some presence as a threat as is she jobs harder than [ __ ] kano angerus by the gods it's true this is what i've become all you need to do is have the revenant beat jade and have coastal come in for the save or have the first fight be revenant jade versus coastal then have human jade come in for the save and defeat her how do netherrealm keep having games with multiple versions of the same characters
and still fail to give the villains any wins when those characters get chapters jade hears coastal shouting something then we smash cut to him falling into the hive with devorah again awkward cuts that mess with our perception of time and the pacing of a scene dvorah stabs kotel in the shoulder and that's another thing to keep in mind for later she starts vomiting maggots into his mouth but jade interferes the attack amounts to nothing and jade forces devorah to tell them where khan is in return for her life stupidly we later learned that jade really did let her go instead of killing her and coastal was presumably simping too hard to protest despite the
fact that devorah betrayed him and his law would see a bread thief executed they find the tarkat in camp which jade and a few oshtek infiltrate with no effort despite numerous times they are directly in the tarkatan's line of sight one of them is even voiced by jameson price because we can't let him be behind again but a tarkatan who speaks their made-up language is fine they quickly run into a female tarkatan who is terrified of them but she's not the one who raises the alarm it's another tarkatan whose location in relation to jade's group we don't know so i don't know why the female is here if she doesn't raise the alarm or later defend
jade for stopping her from being killed they flee deeper into the camp where jade becomes separated from the others pursued by inconsistent numbers of tarkatans between shots these ones have the bone blades and no explanation is offered for why this is there are so many explanations you could come up with from different races of tarkatans to baraka's metal being a gift from shao khan or something he did himself to make himself more efficient to kill her but we get nothing of course the blade bones can still slice through flesh for some reason jade has little trouble finding her way through the tarkatans until she reaches collector just as kotal's forces arrive after the fight coastal has the
tarkatans lined up and set for execution starting with the female from earlier he offered shao khan refuge and let the treacherous devorah go but tarkuttan's existing name ethnic cleansing apparently jade steps in to stop him despite being racist towards tarkatans herself in her last appearance good boy strangely even though shao khan arrives right after this and only been able to capture coastal because the latter got knocked out by his gf coastal didn't have colette to line up for execution too which would make sense for him to do considering he was trying to execute him earlier on and then it wouldn't go through this time because of khan's
arrival but instead he's just gone from the scene raiden arrives in the elder gods domain to find it in ruins cetrione enters and blames raiden citing chinox decapitation as the catalyst once more painting this as a key event but still not having shinock's head appear again after chapter one cetrion reveals she is chronica's daughter and shinnok's sister and is loyal to chronica she starts talking about balance between her light and shinox dark because what this series from mature audiences needed was some kingdom hearts [ __ ] about darkness and light between this and the power of love [ __ ] from mkx this series comes off like it's written for 13 year olds why not
make them the elder gods of life and death it fits both their aesthetics and gets the same basic idea across without literally talking about good and evil as if they're measurable components of reality and if shinnok being active is so vital to this balance how is him being sealed in his amulet for two decades not enough of a problem for cronica to intervene your mother's logic escapes me and the concept of an antagonist seeking balance between good and evil seems like the setup for a morally great character who has somewhat noble goals behind their evil deeds but cronica has absolutely zero nuance and wants balance not because it benefits
all but because she just does and this is just a tip of the chronica is an awful character iceberg but we'll get more into that later i can't stand that cetrion is a full head shorter than raiden you'd expect an elder god to be taller than a lesser god or at least as tall it's like how raiden himself is dwarfed by everyone else in the latest movie she confirms that this is set after the last fight by mentioning coastal's capture so raiden really is just that friggin slow back at the base jax is practicing with his metal arms talking about his arms as an upgrade in a way that suggests he really has just recently gotten them jackie tells him
about his stint as a revenant and this is where it's confirmed that vera is dead the writing is pretty good here it's funny how it's in the small character focused moments where the writing tends to get good while the actual plot is [ __ ] atrocious and i'm also put off by how young jax looks compared to his mk9 self and how his present self isn't much older visually keep in mind jax is older than sonia he was a major while she was a lieutenant she was 26 in mk1 so he was easily over 30 at the time over 60 now but his present self has not a grey hair on him while his past self looks burly 20. like
here he looks like an 8th grader on disney channel and then over here he looks like an 8th grader on riverdale i've always had the feeling that people forget jax is older given that sonja is the main sf character and was ahead of the oia in the old timeline but jack should look at least a few years older than sonia cassie showed sonja how to work a computer as we enter chapter six more in the home front johnny cage the johnny's watched sonja younger you i saw him you swear to tap that at the earliest opportunity okay look a lot of people like the contrast between the two johnnies but i can't stand it yes johnny's the character with the most
clear arc in this trilogy yes he has changed a lot since mk9 however the sheer level of brain dead audacity on display from past johnny here feels incorrect yes he was very full of himself back then yes he pestered sonia even when she told him to stop but this is just going too far he honestly wasn't this much of a [ __ ] it's like when the 80s ninja turtles show up in crossovers in a portrayed as incompetent joke characters to provide contrast with the more action-oriented successor shows everyone reacts with shock if a little too slowly yes madam he did say that can you hurry it up a little sonia and
cassie respond in shock but this has no burden on either of their relationships with him mainly because they're going to be too wrapped up with their own forced drama for the foreseeable future president johnny drags him out by the ear and sonja asks how the hell do i ever sleep with that guy the better question is why does your delivery sound like it was cobbled together from two different takes how the hell do i ever sleep with that guy and her delivery when she awkwardly realizes she said that in front of cassie is another flat delivery that continues to prove that ronda rousey was an awful choice for this role who's your father
i can't believe i just said that now you want a really petty criticism when cassie says he grew up the subtitles capitalize the g as if it's the start of a new sentence it's not it's a continuation of he get your [ __ ] together the computer randomly scans sonia and pulls up her file she doesn't stumble upon it or look it up out of curiosity the computer just does it on its own which is pretty dumb considering the ramifications will affect sonya for the rest of her screen time we get more awful uncharacteristic dialogue from past johnny who claims to be the best fighter here raising the question of where the monks are since they won't be
showing up during the fighting to come it's almost as if all these unrelated sequences should have been happening simultaneously to justify characters being so segmented instead of characters just disappearing for extended periods of time or just sitting around and doing nothing past johnny is basically portrayed the same way he was in scorpion's revenge and battle of the realms a guy who sucks at fighting and can't back up his ego even though mkx made it clear that he is one of earthrealm's best fighters beating scorpion sub-zero and even shinnok yeah johnny had his powers but that just protected him from chinook's magic he was still a good enough martial artist to take shinnok down and a small
opportunity was missed with the gear system by having the sunglasses past johnny pulls out to replace the wand's future self breaks being the exact same and not a different model personally i think that would have been a little funnier sonja pulls up the incomplete audio recording of cassie having to leave her and immediately goes to confront cassie for abandoning her which some people defend as her being emotional over learning about her death even with how lackluster her reaction to it was earlier but those people don't know what they're talking about this is totally out of character for army brat sonja blade daughter of major herman blade she hears cassie given the order to leave in a burly audible recording
and goes right up to chastiser for leaving her behind for the sake of the mission one would think that sonia would understand that such sacrifices are sometimes necessary and might think to ask cassie for clarification on the situation but nope she's just an impulsive idiot who doesn't consider that her daughter might feel bad for having to leave her mother to die earlier that same day this is awful and exists only to provide petty drama between the two until the scene two chapters from now resolves it the base comes under attack from the black dragon and cyberlink way despite them supposedly being copied from sektor's augmented body the other cybers are
visually identical to those seen in chapter four aaron enters the hangar and has a shootout with the johnnies even though they're on the same side in the same scenes past johnny will not be playable during this entire chapter which means he won't be playable in the entire story mode it wouldn't even be difficult to implement you just have the player choose which one to play as and then make different dialogue for each one facing off with a given opponent or just switch between the two per fight past johnny's cheek is grazed by a bullet giving present johnny a scar this is how we confirm fully that the past characters affect the present ones aaron stops shooting just because he loses his
rifle even though he still has two pistols johnny is surprised to see aaron as a black dragon making one wonder if he's only supposed to have joined them in the time merger thus making it less inconsistent with mkx but still strange that he'd then be kano's right hand man with eren saying he picks the winning side before the fight jon equips after that he chose paulie i know i criticized sean for over-indulging in classic mk quotes in the comic but this was a prime opportunity for a test your site reference you chose unwisely johnny meets up with the briggs's off screen and enters the wrecked command center
cass is there but they took sonia why the black dragon would leave sonya's daughter current ceo of the sf branch opposing them i have no idea you'd think she'd make good leverage as the cyber's trying to take sonya away johnny comes out in a tank blowing it up to take out an enemy jet it's a shame they didn't bring back qtes on mini-games because that could have been a fun way to do this scene unfortunately as it stands with sektor returning to where he was standing when johnny arrived the sequence basically may as well have not happened at all johnny then says that sektor was dead when johnny beat shinnok except he wasn't sexo was killed around five years before the end of the time
skip so he was absolutely still around past kano arrives and johnny whacks him in the dick before he can shoot him after the fight johnny is shot in the knee by present kano who has passed johnny at gunpoint really kano could just shoot past johnny now and wipe out three of his enemies with one bullet another jet arrives and an unburnt cabal enters the scene with past kano and the hostages aboard the villains leave cassie gets a tracker on the jet and raiden gets the survivors out of there before a bomb inside sector detonates and wipes out the base why they didn't just have a normal cyber destinate instead and keep sector around remains a mystery but yeah sector is dead and
sub-zero will never get proper closure there the group arrive at the shiraidu fire garden where hanzo gives them refuge for the rest of the game it's not clear where sub-zero is at this point and also no we will not see any other shared idea in this game even though it's kind of suggested that they're still around the monks and sub-zero are just here now as raiden fills the others in on what he learned raiden says cronica isn't driven by vengeance despite how personally she took chinook's decapitation and something garrus will say later the monks returned to outworld to help katana in chapter seven coming of age katana i guess katan has just been negotiating with shiva the
entire time why not just say that raiden already sent the monks to assist katana before the previous chapter happened to explain why they weren't there shiva agrees to the alliance if katana can get the tarkatans on her side we then see kotel only now being loaded onto a wagon for the coliseum despite jade having knocked him out an entire chapter and at least two time jumps ago is this some time dilation [ __ ] like in final crisis scarlet finally returns to torture the captive jade and since jadie's having her head touched they changed her model to one without a hood which is clearly not the same outfit the monks disguise themselves as oshtek and take katana
into the camp katana has her mask on now despite not having had it up to now and i have no idea why they felt the need to include it here but not anywhere else since she first showed up and kung lao is bald here like his revenant and most of his human skins but the default story mode one has her under that dumb cap they gave him i i guess it's just part of the cap then scarlet sees through the disguises and katana jumps over her to get into the player one spot this hasn't been an issue up to now in this game since the characters usually walk into position during the cutscene to gameplay transition plus katana jumping over scarlet serves the purpose of cutting
off her retreat so it's justified for once after the fight the monks are back in their normal clothes the body paint gone and kung lao has his hat back they really should have just kept them in the disguises for the rest of the scene and had them change back on the way to the coliseum afterwards and did jade just have to sit there and watch while they'd change clothes and clean themselves baraka arrives and a fight breaks out during katana's clash with him the fight is called off and baraka lets katana speak she removed her mask off screen making one wonder why they gave it to her in this scene at all she uses her resting [ __ ] face and promises to help baraka kill kotal if he refuses to treat
barakah as an equal the audience is very on board with coastal's execution so the people of outworld respect only power that or they just hate courtois that much can't say or blame them then again considering they all are either giving a blank-eyed stir or are coming on the spot i'm not sure any of them are thinking straight just as khan is about to execute cultural the battering ram gets the gate open and katana leaves her army inside including present eren who hasn't been seen since chapter 2 and proud shiva way in the back there for some reason katana approaches with a weird swagger before attacking him collector intervenes and is mad that
katana is throwing away her privilege of being khan's daughter she spurs him even though he won't appear again in the story so she may as well have killed him coastal ambushes khan with pocket sand the feathers in his headdresser back now after being gone while he was in the stocks did he go and find them and put them back in i think it would have been cool if they stayed gone to show some minor battle damage you know before the major battle damage of getting his back broken and yes kk in a wheelchair kicking a wheelchair he started off hating tarkans now doesn't really occur i get it stop katana intervenes and there's somehow a huge gap between the two cons as a
result of the camera pan did coastal roll out of the way after katana intervened did she roll him away with her foot or was khan just seriously about to hit nothing with his hammer the dumb [ __ ] and then there is a clear difference in audio either level or quality or filter between can't cut scene line and in-game line i kept you only to appease your mother do not expect mercy this time look look [ __ ] wrong katana gets him down unmasks him and slashes him across the face rather than kill him she just
blinds him despite how much of a threat he is and how much she's personally suffered because of him and like collector he's out of the story after this so there is no reason not to kill him but the game doesn't even do a good job of communicating that he's still alive given how quiet and still he gets jade unironically thinks she can change coastal i know you're hot it can change he makes katana the new khan not kahnem which i've discussed before but before you point out that i said earlier that he wouldn't give up his title easily and that i'm thus proven wrong consider that outworld needs a physically capable khan to lead
into battle against the current threat and katana just beat shao khan while kotal can't even walk he really had no other choice she's now officially out of your league to steal a clip from pokris looks why is kung lao of all people the funniest character in story mode seriously why is he the quip machine instead of johnny and cassian's story mode now before we move on let's talk about baraka i've seen people wondering what i think about baraka's development from the loyal lackey of whatever villain is currently in charge to a champion of his people who wants fur treatment for his slave race i like it
it's good that he finally has something of his own to strive for and to see him get a victory for once i'm partially biased because my first exposure to baraka was an mk gold where he died in his own ending and after how much of a jobber he's been the last four games it's just nice to see him on the winning side for once plus it's hardly unprecedented for him to have ambition seeing how his endings in mk2 trilogy and armageddon went just a shame his ending has him basically kill everyone who's not a tarkatan lame at the fire garden raiden claims that cronica's keep is beyond the realms which will later prove false i think not as in raiden
being wrong in the story just inconsistent writing do you know of caron raven karen what are you talking about that replaced her with kari walgren no hanzo is talking about karon the ferryman of the netherrealm as a taste of the awful greek influence this game has taken raiden somehow does not know who he is but hanzo thinks karon might know how to get to the keep so he and sub-zero set off raiden says that the dragon grotto is now sealed as if that could realistically stop cronica or garris who can teleport and that the well of souls on shangsung's island is the next greatest source of energy even though he said upon arriving at the fire
garden the first time that the sky temple where the actual ginsei chamber is located has been compromised so kronenko could get what she needs from there if raiden's assumptions about her needing more power holds true jax and jackie head to the island raiden warns cassie that if either of her parents die she'll go too not only does he use just their given names which is very unusual for him especially right after calling cassie by her full proper name but this raises the question of where present johnny is since he's gone from the plot as well these games just love dropping important characters from the plot midway through without explanation jax is gone after capturing quan chi in mkx
all the society members drop off after cyborg reclaims brother i and half the cast of this game are already gone or will be soon don't make me make a video about that as well for [ __ ] sake sonia wakes up in kano's fight club in chapter 8 um fight club sonia blade they've taken her gauntlets meaning she can't use moves associated with them in the next few fights you can trigger her animations but the move won't work even her facial blow is off limit since it uses them it's nice to see some kind of gameplay shake up like this in the story but it's sadly the only one here until aftermath cabal enters the scene and it's weirdly shot like a reveal as if
there's mystery to who this opponent is but we already saw him earlier so i don't get it present kino has told him that sonya burned him to rile him up he dashes into the cage with super speed which he shouldn't have yet because he got those powers from the operations kanan shang tsung did on in post burns in mk9 maybe it's a device on his back with all the tubes connected to it but there's no explanation for it maybe it's done for gameplay purposes but there's no reason they can't lock off some of his moves for this you know because they do it with sonia in the same fight now let's talk about cabal's role here if he's from the same time frame as the other characters whose origin points we know he should realistically be a cop by
now however his bio claims he was a rookie cop who was bought off by kano and joined the black dragon try to face turn didn't take they have completely inverted his arc and made it make absolutely no sense with this version what the [ __ ] were the circumstances surrounding cabal's transformation into a revenant if he was black dragon around this time he wouldn't have been at the cathedral to get killed by sindel this is the problem with netherrealm retcons they make grand changes to the canon that make the story impossible to follow because they don't think about the ramifications of the changes they're making the incompetence in the writing of this game really is something else
and cabal being black dragon here could have worked with the old backstory he can be one brought from a point further back in time two secretly working with the sf revealing his true colours once cassie enters and gives a signal all three brought back into the bd after becoming a cop because kano lied to him and chronica's camp backed his claims up this really is not difficult you know what else isn't difficult given a more convincing performance than ronda rousey who is at her absolute worst here don't believe every rumor you hear i'm done entertaining you clowns get in here you cowards johnny is brought in to fight
sonia i won't fight him cut this [ __ ] you'll kill us whether we fight or not that was absolutely terrible it's the worst delivery i've ever heard in my life the story is clearly important to the team given how much time and resources are put into each story mode and the fact that the game's launch trailer was focused exclusively on the story and voice acting is an important part of communicating that narrative i don't care that ronda rousey is a big fan of mk or of sonia she should not have been cast as anything more than a dimitri vegas-esque bonus skin for sonia the
main canonical version of her needed someone who can actually act to avoid dragging down every god damn scene the character is a part of ronda was clearly cast solely for her celebrity status to sell more copies and you will never convince me otherwise i pray that nether element wb never pull this [ __ ] again because even without the petty drama with cassie sonja is ruined in this game by ronda's performance especially when putting scenes with the much more convincing erica lindbeck and andrew bowen the fight is interrupted before gameplay can begin when cassie enters and the black dragons make no attempt to shoot her with the guns in their hands
she also never needs to reload no matter how many shots she fires aaron enters the cage and shoots and knocks out johnny erin goes down easy and cassie gets sonia her gloves back just a small thing but this was a chance to utilize the gear system by having cassie give her a new set that she brought with her they get outside where present canoe attacks with a minigun he uses his cybereyes x-ray vision to predict when cass is about to pop out of cover and shoots her in the shoulder with a minigun and she's fine this isn't like getting sniped with a rifle this thing would have torn her [ __ ] arm off but she's fine other than a minor wound that doesn't even keep her off her feet well
that in the brain damage that led her to popping out of cover as kano was already firing and somehow she will recover from this better than either johnny cato changes tactics and just fires without using his eye to keep track of them allowing sonya to get the drop on him and disarm him she does a as she fights her gauntlets for some reason kano retreats and sony runs after him instead of shooting him with her gauntlets or the pistol she's later shown to have or trying to use the minigun he dropped just so past kanoa can ambush her even though he could have done that were they already were both kano's approach and sonia easily beats present kano by beating on his past self
which he feels too for some reason that i'm sure doesn't exist if simply hitting the past version hard harms the present one how was present kano able to stand right after johnny kicked his past ass or after this fight here how do mirror matches work surely every time revenant liu kang hit his past self he should have been hurt too see the scars make sense because they're long-term damage but the simple hurt doesn't and it's only here to remind sonja about the rules so she can exploit them and to make this scene even dumber the transition to gameplay changes pasqueno's chest piece and this isn't like a mistake in a pre-rendered cut scene this can be easily fixed with a
patch by changing like one line of code and at the end she says let me give you a break which is just a reference to the original movie i'll give you a break during the fight present kano got his