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you [Music] is shaky hands they let me fall apart and i know it's just [Music] when i started me [Music] [Music] eyes you brought me back to life
[Music] day just one more song yeah will you be back together again is you can save me
[Music] my job is glorified child's play most parts are working in my brain i can't complain we can find some good in every one some will make us
we're the fortunate ones i'll take the tough times is oh to fear because of a oh i can't complain
oh to be alive complain about the life i can't fight this like got a but you're pulling me closer
makes me like now [Music] makes me gives me oh so
guys still thinking of us it's so hard to forget all the bad things that went on between us [Music] is tonight it was
hanging on your front porch arguing who knew [Music] [Music] is [Music] foreign
[Music] tonight can't bring me down no now today hallelujah can't bring me down can't praise the lord hallelujah [Music] is praise the lord hallelujah tell me all your secrets moments
[Music] when i get there when i get there [Music] his hands let me know
[Music] is is when i get there [Music] deeper i will shout let me know get closer open up the sky for me when you say i'll dig much
[Music] the stars [Music] now you're stuck inside [Music] like crazy [Music] the stars in your eyes
[Music] sunrise [Music] um our eyes all the stars in your eyes beautiful and so bright all the stars in your eyes [Music] is
all the stars in your eyes ladies and gentlemen please help me welcome to the sage karissa kucheng good morning good evening good afternoon wherever you are it is our final day together of the new world new you challenge welcome everybody welcome back we love you we've missed you and it's our final day together get up on your
seats please and break that energy come on break that energy let me see you what are you bringing today [Applause] what do you got today yes tara [Applause] yes do something different it is our fight okay get a little crazy everybody shake your body out welcome back
it's our final day it's day five of the new world new you challenge i see you vips the energy on the fifth day is a little bit outrageous it's day five [Applause] [Music] everybody [Music] welcome everyone to our final day of the new world new you challenge we have been on a journey together have we not some of you tuning in have been alumni of our events our programs you trained
with tony before some of you have been following along for decades maybe have never attended an event and you've read the books done the cassette tapes some of you are first timers here if you're a first timer just raise your hand this has been your first time ever training with tony you're like where's this been all my life if only i knew this when i was 15 you know and then some of you were hanging out maybe your partners were watching this and you just walked by every day and catching it like what are they doing all that crazy tony robbins stuff walking by and and then you see them getting snacks
checking out what you're doing like like oh that's that kind of sounds kind of good that's interesting taking notes here and there pretending they're not interested and then they end up playing full tilt the entire challenge how many of you have somebody in your room right now that wasn't gonna do it and then did it with you and today they're more into it than you're into it right right yes i know what happens i've been around the block here's what i want to say i want to oh i see with the with the
blue sweater that's amazing i want to congratulate all of you i want to congratulate every single one of you no matter what brought you here throughout these five days you dedicated your most precious asset which is your time and you got over roadblocks and hurdles and thoughts that we have about why we should or shouldn't or can or can't and you got here to today and this my friends is the home stretch it's day five of the new world new you [Applause] [Music]
[Applause] challenge so yesterday right yesterday wow i'm i'm wondering how many of you um how your night was last night some of you couples on here just curious how your night was last night after relationship day anyone feel a little bit more connected to their significant other right yep maybe you open your heart you worked on one of your side of the of the of the graphic there the three c's maybe um hopefully you integrated some of the
things that you learned but yesterday was important because it taught us one lesson that the quality of our life is actually truly the quality of our relationships and it's not about what you get true it's about what you give now we can't give to the people that we love or to this world unless who goes first unless we do so it's about us filling ourselves up training ourselves rich in our heart rich in our mind so that we can contribute to this world and that's what you are all doing and that's what you did when you came here
today and that's what we're going to promise to continue to do i trust you will continue to do this well after we finish our time together today how many of you are up for that and committed to that by show of hands say yes absolutely well my friends give yourself a round of applause go for it go for it today is integration day today is the most important day today is the day where you build the muscle is there a difference between knowing the things that you've learned over the five days and actually integrating them into your
life the last thing you want to get is shelf education you fill up an entire notebook five days for free my goodness how much value did you guys get over these five days right show me just with your bodies it's been insane every day tony gets off we're like we're an hour over two hours over three hours over it's like so much unbelievable value don't let it sit in your mind in a book in a journal integrate this into your life that's what today is about today is about implementing today is about integrating
so that this is not the end today but this is the beginning when you walk out of here you are walking towards like the glory of your life how many of you are up for this today say yes so here's how yeah give it up for you give it up for you come on so here's how today is going to go we are going to warm up our bodies one last time with with our favorite person ever that is brian bradley and then we're going to bring tony up here tony's going to bring a special guest up
here i'm going to come back out later for our final daily wrap-up a few minutes of pure passion and then i'm gonna bring back tony to the stage and he's gonna wrap up the entire day with you i know that you've loved ending your days with me but it only feels fitting that on our final day tony's gonna wrap up the day with you so today is the day that you stay the entire time all the way till the end no minute left out who can agree with me on this yes are you gonna make it here all the way to the end of this thing say yes of
course i will be back with you guys to announce our prizes from the relationship vision challenge yesterday i loved watching your videos together and then also the grand prize winner of you know what the peloton is coming later the winner of the peloton later today one person is gonna win the pelican for god's sake give it up for that person
[Applause] all right shake the body out please shake the body out please it is time to begin this day tony's gonna be here shortly but if we've learned anything throughout the five days we know that the first way to change our state to get into a peak is to first transform our physiology or the way we move our body so let's welcome back to our virtual
stage one last time our man it's brian bradley everybody brian good morning hello to 3 30 in the morning somewhere in the world hey guys uh let's step up let's uh we're gonna check our balance here real quick again looks like my camera i suck at it so let's get you to stand up and just check your balance on the last day put your feet wherever you want them close your eyes and think about where your body weight is from left to right which foot is carrying more body weight
than the other which is exactly what we talked about on day one where is it where are you starting today are you starting a little off a little twisted right so a lot of times it's not just a physiology that's twisted that physiological anchor needs to be balanced so that you can accept everything that's going to be given to you on this last day and the last four days so i congratulate you for making it this far this has been an amazing commitment by everybody let's everybody take a drink remember
your uh you gotta stay hydrated forever but i was getting some questions about shoes um great shoe nike is amazing a lot of shoes manufacturers adidas everybody they bend at the forefoot and they bend at the forefoot only there's no movement back here so the entire transition and sequencing of how you walk can be screwed up here's another one that completely rolls up on itself true
barefoot technology by zero shoes new balance minimus makes the same kind of idea great shoe wide box up here for your little hot dogs to not be smashed together what do i like i like them to be a little bit wider i like them like this so keeper here's an old-school vans i bought it because it just looks bitchin okay and i'm the mid-50s guy that loves this kind of stuff so you think about again the vans
that's a keeper and then you have this now you have vibram five fingers which you have to be a little corny to wear these i get it but that one you can put in your pocket i love it one of tony's companies a good friend of mine we were talking and um we were talking about why we at agosto are the anti-orthotics company not in the sense that it might not help people but if you're just dependent on external resources changing your body and you're not doing something on your own then just like yesterday your
relationship with your peloton your carol bike your echelon bike whatever bike you're on or your mini trampoline are all compromised because you're taking the wrong posture to it this is the a-line insert i don't sell them i'm just telling you that this was the one thing on the planet that i ran into that goes in the keeper file it goes into the keeper file because it's one of those things that it changes the way the foot sequences and frees up that little pancaked flat
foot you think you were born with which by the way we were all born with flat feet i just happen to still develop mine so what we're going to do right now i want you to get up and feel your feet so bring it up i just keep checking my timer don't want to be fair to you guys today i want you to think about where your body weight is from left to right and from the inside to the outside of the feet with your eyes closed where's your body weight so i'll point this down so you can see these socks i have on today which are by the way this is how i wake
up every morning and you got to believe that you're talented af okay so shake it out where's your body weight where is it from the inside to the outside that will tell you whether you have the flat foot or the two arched foot or anything like that so now come down here let's get to the kneeling position so kneel down move the chair we're gonna shake this out we're gonna go through these elbow curls again that we did on day one from a kneeling position so think about
this here and here let's go let's get 30 of those if you're sitting then put the arch in your back like i showed you yesterday if you're kneeling that's a good thing because that changes everything keep going that changes how your body is vertical or not vertical and while you're looking at this go you have about 18 more i'm going to show you a picture and this will be a little comedy but look at one dog versus the other
uh right there you see how one has a button the other one doesn't we're trying to give you the butt so that you can take it to all your machinery you can take it to all your workouts that's our big key there so when you start thinking about this kind of stuff finish up these 30 and then from that kneeling position interlace your hands together palms down like this push them away and then take that
straight up over your head so get these close to your ears drop your shoulders elbows here and look up a little bit and just hold that you're going to hold that for 20 seconds good job try to lock those arms out make sure your elbows are not bent and if they are bent and you can't straighten them then bring your arms forward a little bit to straighten them out because you may not be ready to go all the way back yet these are two quick kneeling interrupts i expect all catholics to be doing this
in church that's a little catholic humor for you okay let's stand up now stand up i want you to check something in this position what's changed about the inside to the outside of your feet i'm much more level right now just from doing something very quickly you should feel like you're not as flat-footed as you were before okay so now i expect this last day to be played at a
hundred and fifty percent not a hundred percent remember my socks remember those socks that's in your mindset so now let's go for a full 30 seconds here we go we're going to run today for a full 30. if it hurt your arm slow it down but ready go we're going to wake this up for tony right now let's go wake it up wake it up [Music] keep going keep going keep going keep going there we go there we go
yeah buddy [Music] okay relax i gotta tell you guys something this is key to yesterday's relationship day the family that does a gosu together stays together okay switch legs here we go i have no proof of that but let's see and go in that standing position again turn it on let's go i want to see some of these [Music] ten nine eight faster six five four three
two one thank you guys so much 150 today for tony let's go day five let's go all right give it [Music] brian up in the house on our final day of the new world new you challenge brian bradley we love you everybody one last time giving up for brian bradley giving us his time his intelligence [Music] all right everybody please shake your body out shake your body out
take a big deep breath in big deep breath out you've made it to integration day ladies and gentlemen give it up for everyone [Applause] so [Applause]
today my friends today is about taking everything that you've learned over the last five days and organizing it integrating it so you are clear on your marching orders you understand what is the next step for you how do you get this into your real life because how many of you felt like over the last five days some part of you has emerged like a lioness or a tiger's coming out of you and you're like where the heck have i been my entire
life how many of you feel that energy and who here is a hundred percent positive that you do not want that energy to leave you how many of you are a hundred percent positive this is staying with you so i want to tell you a secret in 2018 i heard tony say something it was to like thousands of people but it felt like he was talking right to me so he was like you know what he asked a question and he said does the training ever stop does the training ever stop and you know those people when you're an achiever and
they're like well when's enough enough you've achieved this and you achieved this and you achieved this when is enough enough does the training ever stop you tell me in the chat box just shake your head just not yes or no does the training ever stop i'm going to tell you this secret write this down the training never stops if you want to be more successful that requires training if you want mediocrity no training required but that's not the group we have here today is it is this a mediocre group
or a great group which one which one show me with your energy and with your body which group we have here today ladies and gentlemen what integration day really comes down to is deciding for your life are you gonna decide for your greatness or for your smallness that is your choice so in our final morning together i would like to make a deal with you
can i make a deal with you nod your head if yes just reach your hand into your screen and give me a virtual handshake here if you're willing to make a deal with me and the deal i'd like you to make with me and with yourself is that you are committed to you and your next level and your greatness and this isn't the end today but it's the start can we make this deal buy a show of hands say yes so i want yes give it up for you so remember that this is just your start this is a taste this is a nugget and the rest of your life is right on
the other side today i'm going to bring up tony here in a second if the energy's right he's going to um spend some time with you guys bring up a dear friend i'm going to hang out with you for a little bit later and then the man the myth legend himself tony robbins is going to be wrapping this day up for the final farewell give it up for everybody so if you're ready and i don't mean if you're kind of ready
or sorta ready but if you're really really ready i'd like to bring tony up to the stage today and i'm just not sure i mean it's day five for god's sakes can you show me with your body are you ready for your training to begin it's integration day [Applause] [Applause] one last time get wild get crazy do something different here we [Applause]
for your final day of training one and the only everybody it is mr tony robbins great energy bradley scrimmer sylvia k i like those moves tina mccaffrey what's the energy [Applause] come on there you go tina
good job 30 kilometers [Applause] moves high fives on the round everybody go for it then grab a seat in a peak state and you know the drill in your chair create more energy than when you were standing go go go go [Applause] [Music]
[Applause] awesome energy [Applause] great job great job [Applause] yes high fives virtually everywhere how you all doing this morning a few great say yes say yes today is going to be our integration it's our last day
well for some of you i'll look forward to seeing you in a few weeks at the upw but i really wanted to make sure this week you really got a ton out of this how many feel like you've got an enormous amount to give you some new momentum in the right direction here say aye so today i'm i keep saying i'm going to keep it tight but i think i can pull it off today i put a format together i think really works uh whenever i learn things that are valuable one thing that's made me uh develop a certain level of result or skill in my life that i'm proud of is because like when i learned for
example neuro-linguistic programming nlp if you've not heard of it it was in the 70s it was like the breakthrough technology i still use it to this day it's one of many tools that i have but back then it was the breakthrough and i remember i went to a course and we'd go in those days their idea of a long day was like five hours but we go like two and a half hours and then take a lunch break and come back when people on lunch break i stayed there i wrote every single thing i could remember i'd scan my notes but then i practiced something because i read maybe two years before that about
how people learn and most of us think if we just hear something then we just know it well you hear it and you may not apply it who's done this for who's listening to something you're excited when home and did nothing say aye so we want to avoid that and one way we do it in a seminar is your four days and nights and you're just living it when you live it live it live it live it and you use your body and you make this conditioning happen it just occurs but to make sure i even have this little time we spent together that you maximize it you got to take information out of your head while it's still current see everything you've ever taste
touched smelled seen heard anything your five senses have taken in it's stored in your brain but the challenge is retrieving it is different than storing it and so when things are still in short-term memory i developed this pattern because i read about how the brain works where as soon as i learn something that's valuable i make myself pull it out of my head i can scan notes that's okay but then i make myself write it down because the writing it down drives the grooves deeper and if i'm pulling something i've remembered forward now i have the wiring in the future when
i need it i can pull it forward if that makes sense to you say yes so what i want to do for just 10 minutes i would do this for 30 but i don't want to do that in our time here but i want to give you a jump on it so it actually happens and i'm going to give you some triggers to kind of remind you along the way and what i want you to do is just jot notes like crazy for the week how many of you how many got more than 10 pages of notes out of this week i'm curious anybody got 20 or more good good good good good so if you have your notes nearby you can scan them but what i'm
really going to ask you to do in these first 10 minutes is just see if you can remember anything and i'm going to give you a couple triggers along the way so let's go back just for a second to day one because it's been a lot of time since that time five days ago and you know the mind takes it all in but what do we really talk about on that day well the first most important thing we talked about is the quality of your life is the quality of your emotions remember and that we all have an emotional home a place we go back to and that it may not be a great home it's like the people that keep moving back in the same house that gets blown
down by a storm every two or three years it's all they know and so some of us what we know is pain or frustration or worry or sadness and so those are primary emotions for many people but you can learn to rewire yourself remember i said many of us have kind of a highway to stress and a dirt road to happiness but we can change the conditioning of that process and i recommend it i want to remind you you might want to go to tonyrobbins.comforwardslash priming priming and there's a little 10-minute
process you could do every day and i'd encourage you to do it for at least 21 days and if you do it for 21 days it's only 10 minutes a day it'll start to condition your mind it'll shift you it'll make your brain look for what's right instead of what's wrong because the survival brain we all have a 2 million year old survival brain right and it's always going to look for what's wrong so you can fight it or freeze and hopefully it won't notice you that problem or run from it that's the way our brains are wired and even though we have a 2 million year old brain it's designed to make you survive it's not designed to make you happy
that's your job so we have to make sure that we're rewiring ourself that's basically what i do it's why do why do we do 12 14 hours a day somebody asked that question seems crazy well the time disappears when you're enjoying yourself because everything's so meaningful but also it's because that's how you get lasting change that's how you get to the tipping point of conditioning where you don't have to think about it you just do it you don't run into the problem of oh yeah i should have done that i understood that it gets in your body so we talked about a couple of things that day one of the most important ones is how do you create
a breakthrough and so what do you remember about how to create a breakthrough right just shot a few things as we come along here what do you remember there were three keys first of all i asked you to write down a breakthrough one where you had something you worked at and not succeeded many times probably were frustrated with yourself till one day something happened and you got triggered to finally solve this what was it was it pain was it inspiration was it you'd had it and remember i asked you what were the emotions or what were
the beliefs or what were the triggers that made it last did you just suddenly see other people able to do it and go man if they can do what i can too did you get so mad you said not another day i'm changing this now and you took massive action and never turned back like what were the triggers and then if you recall there's three keys to a breakthrough so if you want from now on to create a breakthrough what's a breakthrough it's a moment in time do you remember this a moment in time when everything changes where the impossible becomes possible and you act on it there's
something that shifts in us and i said now how do we get there and i showed you how most people get there and i gave you the reverse order so here's a little visual trigger for you right so remember we say what are most people there are three s's for a breakthrough most people start in reverse order of importance they go oh i'm overweight what's the strategy for turning this around and as i explained to you i'm a strategist i know the right strategy could save you 10 years in your business you could do it in two months the right strategy in a relationship will save it and turn it around the right strategy of your body will get
you fit the wrong one will make you miserable so i know the power of strategy it's all i teach but i know that before you get to the strategy the how is not the problem usually the real problem is the story do you remember this the story change your story change your what my friends change your life right divorce your story of limitation remember and marry the truth so anything you're remembering here capture remind yourself i'm just trying to give some reminders along the way anything member out of day one or look at your notes we also talked
about everybody doesn't want to have a problem and your biggest problem is you think you shouldn't have one remember problems are gifts and we talked about an experience in your life where maybe you had a horrible experience five or ten years ago you'd never want to go through it again remember but you look back on it now and you go i wouldn't want to go through it again but thank god i did it made me so much stronger or it made me care so much more or it woke me up how many have had experiences like that in your past some experiences that were horrible but beautiful in the end say i so
everything either grows or dies right what makes us happy progress and we talked about those two worlds we got to master the external world and the internal world into the two we got to start with the internal world because that's what everything else comes out of and it's the one thing you can control we talked about you got to discipline your own disappointment and most important thing is your energy and measuring your energy how many have gotten your energy higher over the last five days just doing this each day say i show me your energy at level 10
even in your chair go come on [Music] and by the way every time we've done this and we've only done this for a short time each day for four days in our fifth day and already you're starting how many are starting to find it easier to get yourself energized already here say i i'm gonna actually start to enjoy being able to trigger yourself that fast say hi so that's why we do conditioning because
if you do it enough you don't have to think about it we want to make this automatic for you so these are some of the pieces that we talked about there and that really the purpose of goal is not to get the goal the purpose of the goal was what it makes of you that what you get won't make you happy but who you become will and so that day we had you really think about what's your old story what was it what's your new story for 2021 and for your life and by the way you know problems while we're thinking about this let me just
show you a two-minute little video about problems this is from a navy seal commander listen what he says about problems here we go one of my direct subordinates one of my guys that worked for me he would he would call me up or pull me aside with some major problems some issue that was going on and he'd say awesome we got this and that and the other thing and i look at him and i'd say good and finally one day he was telling me about some issue that he was having some problem and
he said i already know what you're gonna say i said well what am i gonna say he said you're gonna say good [Music] he said that's what you always say when something is wrong and going bad you always just look at me and say good and i said well yeah when things are going bad there's gonna be some good that's gonna come from it didn't get the new high-speed gear we wanted good didn't get promoted
good more time to get better oh mission got cancelled good we can focus on another one didn't get funded didn't get the job you wanted got injured sprained my ankle got tapped out good got beat good you learned unexpected problems good we have the opportunity to figure out a solution that's it
when things are going bad don't get all bummed out don't get startled don't get frustrated [Music] if you can say the word good guess what it means you're still alive it means you're still breathing and if you're still breathing [Music] well now you still got some fight left in you so get up dust off
reload recalibrate re-engage and go out on the attack give it up for jocko ladies and gentlemen nice job huh oh yes so what if your mindset was good did
anything happen what would your mindset how would things shift if you realize that every problem is a gift if you remember that this key thought life is always happening for me not to me now i may not feel like it at the time but if your mindset is like it's always happening for me my job is to find out how this is happening for me to find the advantage in it you will so being able to change being able to break through by reversing the order putting yourself in the right state good is the first part of that it's creating a different mindset it's a different story
a different state a different story and you'll figure out the strategy how many get this say i let's go to day two and see what other things you can trigger within yourself day two is all about the power of identity right we talked about identity is everything that the strongest force in the human personality is the need to stay consistent with how you define yourself so you've got to be careful about what you attach the words i am to we talked about if you think somebody's your dear friend they're the love of your life their best
friend they're a generous person it's gonna completely affect the way you interact with them if you think they're a manipulator and they're nice to you you're gonna be upset has nothing to do with them it all has to do with the identity you hold for people and later in the week we talked about even in your intimate relationship being careful not to put these stickies or these negative identities on your partner where you start responding to your old labels and your mind instead of your heart and we said identity is everything if you expand your identity expand your life it's like the thermostat remember talked a little bit about this
idea that you know you set that thing at 68 degrees and that's your that's your comfort zone right physically mentally emotionally financially it's not what you want it's just where you're comfortable it's what you're used to but if that thing drops 67 66 65 somewhere around 62 63 60 the heater's going to kick on and go hey this is not good enough and you're going to feel the drive to change things and we've all experienced it right but most people don't realize it happens on the other side too remember if you're at 68 degrees your comfort zone
and you start achieving your goals but it's more than you expected or it happens even quicker than you expected and you go from 68 to 72 to 82 98 the brain goes hey what are you doing you're a 68 degree and you lose your drive and you start to drift down if that's not enough the air conditioners kick on and you start to sabotage to get where you were in relationship or not in relationship with your finances with your body so the only way to create lasting change is to expand that identity and one of the ways we do that is by understanding
what really makes us go and that's we showed you the five to thrive and the next time you're feeling depressed or frustrated or overwhelmed or stressed out you might want to take out this little circle with a triangle and go okay the center of this triangle is my state what am i feeling right now and whatever i'm feeling it's based on three things remember the physiology the way i'm using my body my face my voice my gestures my movements are lack thereof that's radically affecting what i'm feeling right now it's creating it and then what's on top of that whatever i'm focusing on am i focusing on what i
want or what i'm afraid of am i focusing on what i have or what's missing if i focus on what's missing there's no way i can stay happy no matter how successful i am am i focused on what i can control or can't control am i focused on the past the present or the future let me shift my focus let me shift my physiology it will instantly change my state either one by itself can but if you do them both it's amazing and then what was the third thing that controls how we feel language because language creates meaning remember i give the example of my mom
taking uncomfortable feelings and always labeling being humiliated so she was when you attach words to an experience they become the experience biochemically so learning to take control of that we'll talk a little bit more about that today it's so important and then i said you know we can all change our bodies in fact right now put yourself in a state of total excitement like a little kid go have some fun make some sounds like a little kid having a blast [Music]
[Applause] [Music] yes and you can change it that fast and the more you do it the easier it gets and pretty soon it becomes part of your identity to be playful or outrageous or bold right or courageous which remember courage doesn't mean you're not afraid it means you're afraid but you do it anyway you just trained yourself to do it remember we talked about if you wait till you feel like you're ready you're never ready what you got to do is just make yourself do things again and again and suddenly
you'll feel ready because you'll get the result you'll get the impact we also talked that day that the way we shape this all these things are shaped by two things having a compelling future remember that ladies and gentlemen you've got to remember this and i don't see you ever again and i hope i do make sure every day you're figuring out how to make your future more compelling your goals affect you whatever they are part of the problem with the leadership we have right now a kennedy had a compelling future we're going to put a man on the moon in the next 10
years remember land them safely and everybody's like that's impossible what leadership does is they don't figure out how they decide what what i'm going to do why i'm going to do it they have enough intensity that we come up with a strategy we start with the right state the declaration we come up with the right story and we figure out the strategy but if you don't your goals affect you whatever they are and some people's goals are just to like what's what's the current goal in the united states make it through covet that's not really compelling is it right so think about this we gotta have
a bigger bolder view or like make it through these economic times we need to have something we're going for that's the comeback that's greater than we were before and you're not going to count on some other leader do it because you're the leader of your own life we're not here to be the managers of our circumstance we're here to be the creators of our life we have the power to design create take action and manifest what we want that gift has been given to us all whether we use it or not is the only question and then we talked about in business this is critical because it's really your brand
people will get on their knees reach behind something else to get a coca-cola even though pepsi beat coke in almost every taste test over the years people still are anchored to that identity pepsi competed by being the new generation i remember we asked you to think of you know big computer companies soft drink companies you know search engines you see certain companies own that brand they own the category fedex this pass me the kleenex remember and you can do that too remember i gave
you the story of mike glickman right going out and saying you know find a way for pay the trash to be taken away and all of a sudden only one other sale on that entire farm happens in years and years he's still in business today as multiple offices in the area pretty amazing all because he built the brand by doing something for his community not just advertising something and you remember the five keys let's throw them up there to remind you if you're gonna really tap in the power of identity or brand you gotta understand its power how many get it how powerful brand is to control the way you think and feel and
other people feel about you say i and then you got to start to identify and articulate so you might want to go back and refine why should i buy from you for some someone else why should i promote you versus someone else right why and you got to come up with the reasons that are unique and special in practice then you've got to practice communicating that so it comes up naturally then you got to live it and you got to market it and part of how i shape my brand in my head not just my brand but my identity as i told you is that run i did that day you know
trying to get back from those banks in the middle of the night but what i did was incantations not affirmations affirmations you say something over and over again you don't mean it i'm happy i'm not being happy i'm happy and your brain goes bs you're not happy an incantation is when you say something and feel like every day in every way i'm getting stronger and stronger every day and you do it with your whole body your face you do it so congruently so what you're using is the whole triad using your body you're focusing and using the language over and over again until literally you condition yourself to become what you're
talking about here's a fun little example of somebody that somebody sent me a woman who's went to our seminar broader daughter take a look at this now my whole house is great i can do anything good i like my school i like anything i like my dad i ride my cousins i like my aunts [Music] i like my pajamas i like my stuff i like
my rooms i like my whole house my whole house is great i can do anything good yeah yeah yeah yeah i can do anything good than [Applause] [Music] so listen you got to take me serious about this i'm not here because i went to some class for a couple days for a few hours i'm here because
i understood one thing the training never stops if you stop training your mind you stop training your emotions you're gonna drop you have to do successful people do what failures won't failures don't manage their state failures don't train themselves they just get pissed off because things don't go their way they try it four or five times and say they tried everything that's not you or you wouldn't be here so you gotta you've got to give yourself the language because otherwise that language is coming into you from all your past programming it's coming in from the news
it's coming in on your news is following you on your phone and if you don't stand guard at the door of your mind if you don't program what you want you're going to end up with everybody else asking what everybody else has is not something most of us would want would you say that most people in the western world and we have people from every part of the world here but would you say most people in the western world are really really truly physically fit this is a yes this is no effing way which one is it it's pretty obvious no way are most people really in a relationship where they have unbelievable amount of love and
passion sustained over the years or decades yes or no for most people yes or no no are most people in a place where they're earning what they really want to earn what they like what they deserve yes or no no are most people really happy at the base of their life yes or no right the majority are not so listen i'm no idiot i know most people are not going to have the quality of life they desire and deserve because most people don't make it a study most people basically live their life day to day
they they try to make a living they never design their life and so these few days have been at least giving you some skills towards that area and for some of you gonna go for full immersion and we'll go for it but you've got to design it because otherwise someone else is going to sign a way for you to stand into their plan you don't want to fit in somebody else's plan you want to create your own who's with me on this say i so on day three we start about along that line we want to create our own economy and most of you let me see again how many of you own your own business raise your hands i get a good feel again
it's amazing it's about 75 80 percent of the people and how many of you lead other people you manage people or resources or your parents say i make a little noise out there right so no matter what you do if you're going to be effective at the next level what we talked about on day three was really being in a place where you're able to create your own economy being in a place where you understand what it is that makes you successful and if you recall we talked quite a bit about this whole idea
that added value is the secret the business is a spiritual game whether you work for someone else or whether you work for your clients directly because you own the business your job is really simple you got to find a way to do more for others than anybody else remember the conversation i had with jim rohn trying to figure out why we had no money for food why my four different fathers were always broke and we had no money the good news is it made me feed 100 million people a year good news is it drove me to find answers the suffering i wasn't going to settle for
pushed me but the experience that he gave me was that life-changing understanding that everyone's equal as souls remember that but we're not equal in the marketplace and if you want to be worth more you've got to add more value in order to do that you've got to work harder on yourself than you do on your job you got to add your skills now covet is the perfect time for you to do whatever it's going to take to master this part of you head and heart so you can get yourself to do anything and figure out what skills are needed in the
marketplace what skills will be valued going forward it might be a time to make a shift in your business remember i said there's two businesses you're always running the one you're in and the one you're becoming if you don't run the one you're in you're in trouble if you only run the one you're in someone's going to knock you off if you only think about the new stuff that's fun you're going to miss the day-to-day and you're going to have trouble we got to do both and in order to do that you simply got to do those three things and if you have a business or you're about to start one i'm giving you the most simple tool i use with every business i have 74 companies we do over six
billion dollars in business i have no business school background nobody in my family had any money i just figured out how to grow companies by finding a unique way to add value in the most simple way what was it i hope it's in your notes and you're going to act on it number one was what was it do you remember identify your ideal what client who is my ideal client what do they want what do they need what excites them remember we talked about life's the dance between what you desire most and what you fear most so if you want to
expand your life reduce the fears expand your desires your life gets more broad deep and rich but if you're going to help somebody if you're going to have a client you got to fall in love with your client remember not your product or service and if you work for somebody else it's the same thing if you can act like an owner you'll become an owner but once we know who that customer is what they need what they want what they desire what they fear and we really own what their needs are we fall in love with them then we come up with what step two do you remember an irresistible what offer
so that i and by the way change your offer change your business change your offer change your life talked about columbia house it was 99 cents for 12 albums and how steve jobs just copied it and said 99 cents for a song billions and billions of dollars for a company that was about to go bankrupt and that little company called apple's now worth over a trillion dollars moving towards two trillion trillion with a t it's unbelievable what human beings can do if they can find that niche and you met sarah blakely let's give a hand for sarah what an incredible soul
huh give it up for sarah the youngest self-made female billionaire in history and how'd she do it was there anything she did i told you something that day that was so simple and it probably popped through your head i said eighty percent of success in life eighty percent of wealth is psychology mindset emotion beliefs and twenty percent is the how to the strategy of the mechanics still really important but i hope when you listen to her story you saw that what made her succeed with the things you already have if you use them
courage faith persistence drive the willingness to not give up the willingness to work harder than anybody else the willingness to keep asking keep showing people a better way keep adapting those tools are so critical and so if we put those together and we understand what's really going on we know then that any crisis any problem is an opportunity for you if you can solve it for other people in business so this whole experience about creating your own economy is just like think of it as it's like taking back charge of my life remember i talked
about for me i like taking care of my body or my emotions or my relationships that seem doable spiritual that's doable but money seemed to be this separate thing and it's because i linked pain to having money because i didn't want to be judged and some people do that but eventually you got to come to the place where you say to yourself if i could grow spiritually should i of course if i could grow emotionally should i of course if i could give more be more generous should i of course if i could make more money should i the answer is of course because in order you do that you're going to have to add value to a lot of people
how many follow here say i say i so and just to give you a sense the world we're in today you can get a jump remember i said examples like i think i gave you my buddy of airbnb right starting out trying to figure out how to solve this and it didn't work and it didn't work it didn't work he's you know he managed to pay his rent that was about it for the first five years now he's worth 100 billion dollars this company is and that growth path is amazing uber things are happening so quickly now so i really want you to think about there are ways to get your
message out do you know for i want to show you something i'm going to show you a product that you probably would never be interested in watching or hearing anything about and this company spent a total of twenty thousand dollars might sound like a lot but twenty thousand and they didn't put this commercial on tv they did it on the web and it spread like crazy to ten million people watched it and their sales went up over fourteen hundred percent for spending twenty thousand dollars because they were just a little creative
they hired some people off the web to make this mini commercial watch [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music]
get my hand [Applause] [Music] yes so then we came to yesterday day four and our focus there was on relationship and what do we say the quality of your life is the quality of your relationships relationship with yourself the relationship with your creator however you perceive that to be your relationship with those you love most your intimate love
your family your friends strangers our life is determined by the quality of those relationships but the challenge for most of us is we don't really understand especially an intimate relationship how much people have a different meaning for things the people of another gender or even the same gender can have radically different energies inside themselves different states but they also come up with different meanings then we talked about problems and how problems are looked like by men versus women women connect through their problems
they want you to feel them men want to solve it and sometimes that creates so much conflict between two people that really truly love each other and if you remember we talked about the real secret is taking a hundred percent responsibility that doesn't mean this person will be the right person forever but if you find a way to meet their needs we talk about those six needs and going deep if you meet those needs on a regular basis and you do it for 90 days that person's either going to be out of their mind so fulfilled by you and they're going to reciprocate or they're not and you're going to be a better lover and you'll have now space to bring
somebody new into your life and of course we talked about really what is this the goal here is love and passion and that if your partner doesn't feel like they're the most important thing if school's more important if kids are more important if sports is more important if girlfriends are more important if shopping's more if anything feels more important much less somebody else there's going to be problems in this relationship and so we got to stay out of our head we got to take off those stickies and you met mark and marine and you learn so many different distinctions
like depolarization how important is that that's what destroys a relationship relationships don't end for a lack of love they like because they get depolarized they lack intimacy the only difference between an intimate relationship and a friendship is intimacy and so we looked at what are the things that trigger that depolarization and we went through those four r's remember somebody feels resistance if they don't handle it gets resentment then rejection if they don't have eventually it's repression and we got to just own it and get out of those states we also just talked
about this whole idea of if you want to succeed in a relationship you got to know what messes it up it's those three u's if it's a woman if she feels what was it do you remember unseen and she feels not understood or unsafe she's gonna close down and ladies if you're around a man and he doesn't seem to be appreciating you giving the attention focus or love you want i guarantee you're criticizing him not even realizing it you think you're coaching right remember men are not hairy women looking for coaching
right right closed if you close to him and i know it's scary sometimes but if you close that ends the relationship you might still be together but there's not going to be no aliveness no passion and if you try to control control is not love and so we've got to shift these and but it's hard because these patterns get so wired into us so and you remember you got up and really felt what you wanted in this area think about what it's worth is it worth mastering this area instead of dabbling here's a little video of what a lot of men miss in their relationships with women
here's some instruction it's just there's all this pressure you know and sometimes it feels like it's right up on me and i can just feel it like literally feel it in my head and it's relentless and i don't know if it's gonna stop i mean that's the thing that scares me the most is that i don't know if it's ever gonna stop yeah well you do have a nail in your head it is not about the nail
are you sure because i mean i'll bet if we got that out of there stop trying to fix it no i'm not trying to fix it i'm just pointing out that maybe the nail is causing you always do this you always try to fix things when what i really need is for you to just listen see i don't think that is what you need i think what you need is to get the nails you're not even listening now okay fine i will listen fine it's just sometimes it's like there's this achy i don't know what it is and i'm not
sleeping very well at all and all my sweaters are snagged i mean all of them yeah i that sounds really hard it is thank you ow come on if you would just don't try to see things way do i have to keep it up
yes so it's a hard lesson for gentlemen to learn right but i want you to get so we've just scratched the service for a few days for a few hours but you still got a lot here to work on we obviously have more the real secret is to develop a mindset of what i call can i c-a-n-i means constant and never-ending improvement the only way that you're going to be truly fulfilled is if you commit to constantly never improve i didn't go to a seminar like i said like 30 years ago for a few days and now i'm set
like anyone who's the best in the world of what they do they keep training you look at something like michael jordan he used to get up even in the summer six days five days a week at six a.m and he had to shoot like a thousand shots he started lifting weights unbelievable six-time nba championship no one's done anything he's done in history not even lebron maybe it will eventually but win three championships in a row retire come back and win three more in a row and again and this is a guy that just literally would do 500 jump shots
every practice a thousand jump shots a day twice a day 24 000 shots over that week or month period of time that's how you get incredibly good remember what i tell you what you practice in private you'll be rewarded for in public but if you aren't willing to do that if you're not willing to get through that sense of failure or concern if you aren't willing to push through it if you don't develop some simple daily disciplines you'll just have some great knowledge i don't want this week to lead to knowledge i want this week to lead to action for you because knowledge you know jim rohn just
say to me tony let your you know knowledge will lead you into knowing stuff he said what you really want to do is execute you want to become a man of action a woman of action and so you got to take the things i've done with you this week and not just say wow isn't this wonderful i got so much content all these notes you guys say okay what's my plan what am i going to do so here's what we're going to do today we'll keep it tight i'm going to give you five major action items steps ways of implementing that are really simple just as kind of like your your code to
get you going and moving to the next level and then i'm gonna introduce you a dear friend of mine because last time i did this we did it for seven days and i brought in some of my friends so we got variety of people here and we haven't had time for this week remember one of them and i'm doing this little what i call closing the gap process i actually taught at this person decades ago not even knowing them through my audio video programs this person has been over a billion dollars in business and i'm actually partners with him in the business he helped me make this challenge happen actually convinced me i should do a challenge i was wanting to do like a one or two day thing he said no teddy go for it how many days you want to do i
said well i do a week i do five days so he really helped me make this happen he's going to show you how to close the gap between where you are and where you want to be and then we have a cool little gift for you at the end so let's talk about these five things but before we you've been sitting for a while stand up just for a second shake that body out one more time wake it [Applause] show up your moves show us your moves
[Applause] [Music] [Applause] now stay standing stay standing shake your body out stay standing make a move that makes you feel strong go for it do it again say yes say yes so if we're going to implement what we talked about our first approach you're not going to implement
these things unless you know what you're after does that make sense you need absolute clarity on what you really want and it doesn't have to be perfect and what you want can evolve see some people don't want to notice i don't even know my life's purpose who said you had one purpose and who said it's the same purpose your whole life things evolve so the first step and i want you to stay standing because we're going to do this in your body first is you want to get clear on what you really want and where you really are right we all if we're honest have a gap
between where we are and where we want to be to close that gap we got to know what we want and where we are if we lie to ourselves about where we are then if i had a map the map can help me get from where i am to where i want to be i'm a map maker i know how to do this for people i've been doing it for 44 years so at this point i'd have to be an idiot not to see their patterns that'll get you where you want and patterns they'll make you feel like there's something wrong with you and there's nothing wrong with you just the wrong pattern the wrong pathway so to speak and so
you've got to understand where you where you are and where you want to go if you know where you want to go and you lie about where you are you're going to plot a course you're never going to get there so clarity is power jot that down while you're standing here just right clarity is power the more clear you can be about what you want the more rapidly you can achieve things and again you got to be specific not i want to lose some weight well if you lose a pound you've already lost some weight i want some money here's a dollar right you got to be more clear many of you are actually achieving your goals but your
goals you don't think of as goals they're just the thoughts you're having so we want clarity so while you're standing right now make your move make you move make your move say yes make the sound of unstoppable intensity as loud as you can unstoppable intensity go [Applause] that's it [Applause] stand tall close your eyes and with your
eyes closed right now i want you to think of two things you want to achieve let's just take it to two right now i want you to think of a personal goal and a professional one but i want you to think of something that if you committed to do it and you pushed aside all the and all the fears and all the stories about it's never worked before i never do it if you got rid of all that crap and you would just focus on what you want and why you want it what's one thing you could change in the next three to six months
that if you made that improvement in your personal life and in your professional life two different goals it would absolutely excite you and you know it's achievable if you really committed what's something you really want you want your personal life it could be a change in your body it could be a level of energy it could be getting rid of some weight it could feel that sense of momentum again or is there a goal for you that's in your emotional life to really train yourself to have your brain find what's right versus what's wrong even the middle of
covid in the middle of political unrest all that stuff that you didn't let the external world control you or you just train yourself that you're going to wake up every day and prime yourself so that your brain and your body and your emotions are ready to crush the day to enjoy the day that you'll do something different than other people who do nothing basically they get up roll out of bed and what do they do eat have some coffee maybe watch the news or the today show or whatever they're not doing anything conscious to make their brain body and heart and soul
feel fully alive but you can maybe you got a goal for yourself it has to do with your relationship something you want to transform a closeness of passion and aliveness you're committed to creating or finding someone that you're going to share this experience of life with and you describe who you really want in your life in every detail and what you don't want so you're clear remember clarity is power and then third question would be who do i gotta become to attract this person and to keep this
person in my life it's the most important question of all who do i need to become that's what this week's about new world new you what's the best of you what do you want to shape what do you want to improve your relationship or your body or what do you want to improve in your financial area your life what are you going to go learn or master in the next three to six months what would you go after in that area or maybe it's something to do with just your business or your career what could you improve specifically i
want you to pick one personal goal and while you're standing if you can if you have an ipad or a piece of paper i want you to stay standing so you're using your whole body and if you would write down the following write down what those two goals are separately what are you going to achieve what would excite you what specifically would excite you if you really made it happen and then write down why you must why you will achieve it because remember i said reasons come first answers come second so tell us
write down what is it you're gonna achieve be specific within three six months or whenever and why why even if it gets difficult you're gonna follow through what will it mean to you to make this happen how would it transform the quality of your life if you really pushed through and you took no excuses and you made this happen how good would you feel if you'd already achieved it that's it
jot it down but feel strong while you're doing it in fact just for a second shout the word yes as loud as you can go right where you are say it again say it again say it again now right from that sense of certainty right from that sense of certainty keep standing while you're doing so you feel strong what precisely are you gonna achieve by when why [Music]
what would be beautiful about this how would this change the quality of your life how would it touch the people you love if you achieve these things [Music] what would you do if you grew your business also or your career at a whole different level what would you be most proud of if you made this happen get a goal that's exciting enough it'll get you up early and keep you up late you've got strong enough reasons to push through when it gets difficult get a strong enough set of wise that
you're like i'm doing this whatever it takes get clear get something excites you i like that size you said you just put on the screen there yolanda i see you awesome [Music] got about a minute left [Music] some of you are putting in the chat thank you wow bonnie losing 100 pounds over 10 years is pretty awesome
bring the passion back to my marriage turn back to a life that feels like rock and roll buy six companies wow do an iron man quit smoking take my career to the next level nice and that [Music] that's it find the person i want to marry triple my revenue grip being a control freak change me and change my world transform my body get super toned finish my dissertation grow and
master my craft hundred thousand dollars a month in income wow get mentored by tony robbins thank you trip to peru growing personally lose 25 pounds finish nursing school solo show empowered teens great financial freedom lose 30 pounds be energized every read two books a month go to the upw with tony a public speaker become a public speaker read a book a month start my coaching service get debt free
start soulful relationship nice triple my business take control of my money read 30 minutes a day wow you guys this is awesome great now i want you to just stop for a second close your eyes put your notebook down and just imagine because most of us know that the greatest athletes in the world are able to create momentum and do things they've never done before because they get it in their head and the mind starts to take over that reticular activating system remember that part
that notices things when you program your brain with what you want that part of your brain looks for answers so i want you to close your eyes and i want you to step in your body and imagine it's six months from now or even a year from now and you've achieved both of these goals and you're feeling the joy of it all and then just right now in your body just imagine you're there seeing it feeling it and create the sense of celebration remember how we wire our brain make the sound of what you're going to feel like when you achieve both these go
as loud as you can go celebrated like a little kid [Applause] that's it that's it that's it that's it [Applause] that's it that's it now double the excitement double it double it [Applause]
yes if you've got something that inspires you that you're excited about that would give you a reason to use some of these tools right now to get to the next level say i say i okay grab a seat feeling strong but when you sit down once again create more energy like you just achieved it again just wire your body for pleasure one two three go
hey guys [Applause] oh yes all right so let's assume this is going to be something you're going to do more of that maybe in the morning when you're doing your priming one of the three steps is seeing your top three to thrive the three things in that case that you want to achieve most and you experience them as real and you wire your nervous system it's how things get manifested how many follow here say i but step
two if you're gonna really create a sustained breakthrough you've gotta crush you've gotta destroy you've gotta annihilate and replace any story of limitation so one way to do that is get clear so i want you to sit up in your chair and i want you to be as honest as you can i want you to think what have you suffered about now i would never use the word suffering i'm an achiever we don't suffer right we don't even have problems we have challenges right the words affect us but how many of you
during covet or during this time or loss of business or challenges how many felt some pain that seemed to not go away for a period of time that's what most people call suffering right and so we need to overcome it but jot this down if you would all suffering is not in the fact all suffering is not in the fact it's in your perception of the fact it's not a doubt all suffering is not in the facts it's in your perception of the facts so for example you know somebody can say
to me oh my god i'm suffering i'm so depressed because my mom died and i have compassion i completely understand but what they're saying is not true and when you lie to yourself you just get stuck in the lie the truth will set you what free so you got to learn to call it titan tell yourself the truth and here's the truth you're not depressed because your mother died you're depressed because you think she shouldn't have you're not suffering because of the fact you're suffering because of your perception of the fact your perception
is she shouldn't have died as if you and i are god and have any power in that area right so if you can start realizing you know okay covet cova doesn't create suffering our perceptions of how we're dealing with covert has created suffering i know there are things that if outside you've had an impact but you can have pain and not suffer suffering is when you ongoingly get stuck and so the way to get out of it is crush the story that's limiting you so i want you to look at the two goals you just wrote down and i want you to be honest start with
the first one and write down what are some of the excuses or another word for that is just limiting beliefs that you've had that have kept you from making that result happen before or you did it but didn't sustain it why what was the limiting belief what was the story i've tried everything i'm big you know mine was i used to be 38 pounds heavier than i am now and my story was i'm big boned which is true i'm big bone but i'm still 38 pounds lighter than i was and i've kept it off for 30 years right so what is the story what's the limitation
around having a great relationship what's the limiting belief that you've told yourself because you tell yourself something over and over and over again it can be an incantation or an incantation same spelling different emphasis whatever you repeat with enough emotion and enough intensity you're going to believe and once you believe it you're going to find support for that beef i tell you look for brown you'll see beige stuff and color brown to feel successful right we'll color things to try to meet our expectations even if our expectations are negative
so jot down right now what are some of the stories that have gotten in the way and what's a new belief that you're going to take on instead that'll get you to follow through what was my old story that kept me from doing this in the past i know the time i know the money i know the energy i got three children i gotta get into soccer practice you know love always doesn't last for me there's something wrong with me i'm not enough what's the story and then what's the new story that you need to adopt in order to move forward on these two goals i'll give you three minutes with some
music here we go [Music] [Music] i see you nice kisses there you go [Music] what are the old beliefs that have gotten in the way what's the new belief you need to shift change your beliefs to change your life
be as honest as you can the truth will set you free [Music] what's the old story what's the old belief what are you gonna adopt instead what's the bigger truth and if you have difficulty finding the truth change your physiology get strong make your move right now where you are on the chair make you move make you move say yes say yes right from that place you'll get the answer from that place you won't if you
drop down you got about a minute and a half you are a force of nature there pamela i see you [Music] nice [Music] that's it nadia what's the truth that will set you free what's the old lie that controls you what's the truth that'll set you free and how can you destroy annihilate or at least replace the old limiting thought
30 seconds [Music] maybe put in the chat what your old belief was what your new belief is [Music]
good good i'm seeing you put in the chat this is awesome 20 seconds uh ten seconds left all right stand up stand up again real fast just shake your body out whenever you do things you want to get in your body as well now remember i think i mentioned to you maybe i did it with a vip group i can't remember but jim rohn taught me a philosophy that changed my life i hope you remember if not i'll just remind you now it was the philosophy of stretching when i said you know i'm i'm having these difficulties and i don't understand i'm working so hard
and he said tony you need to understand the philosophy of stretching so what's that he goes it's a simple belief if i can't then i must i said if you can't then you must what do you mean if i can't jump off a cliff then i must he said no don't be stupid he said if you say you can't do something but you know if you made yourself do it you'd be a better human being a better father a better brother a better business person a better human being better anything then you must immediately say that i must do it and do it with no hesitancy i don't care how
you feel i remember saying well that doesn't feel like a very secure way of living if you said if you want security go to prison right if you want freedom you got to step up and so i started training myself and if you start to feel your limitations come up some old story i can't do this for whatever reason i'm not old enough i'm not too young i'm to this i'm not i don't have enough money i'm not funny enough i'm not a tractor whatever i don't give a damn if i can't then i must it is one of the single most valuable habits i built in my life
and so what it does it gets me to do the hard things because i don't stop and think about it's like if somebody goes to break the wood at the event and they hesitate and hesitate you hesitate so long you get in your head you just got to make yourself do it once we show you how and you will so i want you to just write down your body shake your body out and i want you to say the old belief like an idiot is saying and like right yeah i want you to do that three times where you what we're doing is scrambling it's like if you ever had a in the old days cd music and music on a
cd and you know if you have a cd in your head of a belief you already have and i try to put a new belief on top of it it's not going to work but if i pull out your old cd and i take a needle and go back and forth back and forth back and forth back and forth it'll never play the same way again and then your brain will be open to something new so let's scramble it by using a funny sound make it sound like you're like almost like you're like a little kid having a temper tantrum so let's say your old belief was i'm too young i'm the educational money i want to do that three times like a little kid all right
ready go scramble it go come on scramble it come on tammy that's you too i'm watching you tammy come on you can do it do it again make it a little crazy okay stop shake your body out now think of that same bs belief system and see if it feels a little different just thinking about it now by using that voice and by moving that way now i want you to own the truth so i just want you to say out loud your new belief so it's like youth is
power use his energy maybe your old belief was i'm too young whatever it is i want you to do it four times out loud strong just say your new belief so it's like a rhythm in your body ready go music maestro [Applause] [Music] do it again [Music] do it again one more time and really own it and then celebrate like you just achieved it go celebrate it like you just achieved it go [Applause]
come on [Applause] cool look at that army there you go bonnie [Applause] yes high five somebody around or virtually go you got it brother grab a seat feeling strong now you know what you want you got some clarity and i know you can do more of this later
you've kind of loaded your brain with some of the tools we made again by jotting those down now you know what you want you know why you want it you know what's gotten in the way you don't need where to go so the third step is watch your language what does that mean in fact we're gonna give it a specific term watch your tv language it means your transformational vocabulary big words remember the other day we talked about this idea of the five to thrive and the center of it is the triad which is determines what you feel
what the meaning of things it's going to mean something different if you're sitting like this and going oh my god rolling your eyes talking like this with this tone of voice you're going to get a very different input than if you're like what does this mean how can i use this the states you're in control everything this is a different physiology than this your brain functions differently here than it does here also what we focus on as you learn controls what you feel if you focus on the worst possible scenario obviously you're going to feel fearful
or angry or stressed or worried if you focus on what you want with great clarity that's what makes someone a great athlete a great business person is their creator they're not just managing what's given to them they decide what they're going to make happen even though it looks impossible and then they figure out why they're going to do it they don't figure out how write this down avoid the tyranny of how avoid the tyranny of how some of you set a goal and it's really exciting and then the next thing you do is try to figure out how to do it that is the wrong sequence
because if you've never done it before you're going to feel uncertain and when you feel uncertain you usually don't act how many follow what i'm talking about here if it makes sense say yes say yes so you want to avoid the tyranny how you want to first get crystal clear what you want and fan the flames like really desire and figure out why you want it why you're committed to it and then you start to focus on the how but when i say watch your tv what i really mean is part of this triad is the way you're using your body what you're focusing on
but the third part is the language you use and i mentioned this before write down the words you attach to your experience become your experience biochemically the words you attach to your experience become your experience biochemically so i'll give you an example i have a friend who uh is well i had two friends one they were both business partners of mine but they had radically different personalities and so the three of us are together in business and let me just give you a quick example
without giving you the whole all the boring details here's the core of it we were in a negotiation for an opportunity that was huge for us if we succeeded in very painful if we didn't it was something we had something the other side really needed also to succeed so it's a good relationship you would think right they need us we need them so my way of doing business my life has just been listen let me add more value let me do more look so in a negotiation i didn't understand how some people negotiate some people need to fight for something or they don't value it
me i just want to make it work for everybody so i come in and i told the other side our strengths our weaknesses i was totally straight and i gave him our bottom line of what we do without exaggeration not from a negotiation place and without boring you with the details i was naive i was a young guy and one of my partners as i was talking this i could feel his stress the other one was kind of okay with it and then what the other side did was instead of negotiating good faith they tried to take the information they gave them and manipulate the situation
to be incredibly unfair in negotiation and so without going through all the details here's what matters our reactions see what people do doesn't affect your life your reactions to what people do or say affect your life and today with social media people are like everybody's got a comment and if you're looking for affirmation you shouldn't go to social media because it doesn't matter who you are or what you're offering there's going to be a segment of people whose entire life is about trying to tear somebody else down because they haven't done anything with
their own life it's why they're frustrated why they spend all their time online attacking people they don't know so if you're going to really succeed you've got to understand how to control your reactions and one of the ways to control your reactions is to be conscious of your vocabulary there are certain words you overuse so here's an example the other side does this what they did could have a hugely negative effect on us all three of us but all three of us did not have the same emotional reaction one of my partners went absolutely
bizarre first of all i was angry i was really angry because i was sincere i gave these guys these things so we could do this in good faith and create a great relationship and this is how they're starting i was mad as hell i was angry i was pissed off those would be the three words if you want to write them down so you can compare them angry frustrated pissed off right mad as hell my other partner was not even moved by this like i was almost pissed off that he wasn't pissed off does anybody know what i mean like like don't you understand what these guys
just did this and he's like yeah you know it kind of annoys me and i went annoys you i even hated the word annoys annoying is annoying word sounds terrible it annoys you now that i'm not as hell you know i'm a little annoyed i'm a little peeved you're a little peeved and then in the middle of this my third partner he goes ape he gets ten times more intense than i am he goes don't you understand what they're doing i'm enraged i'm livid i'm gonna kill these son of a
i'm like dude calm down i'm trying to calm him down because he's more intense so in the middle of this experience i had this great breakthrough because i was like wow this is weird one of my friends he's got no emotion about this he's annoyed and teased i'm pissed off and this guy's enraged want to kill somebody we're all having the same information come into us but we're not having the same experience and i realized the first guy my partner i've never
really seen him pissed off have i ever seen him pissed off and i thought i have it and i said to him i said i can't believe your reaction to this he goes well it's not worth getting you know pissed off about i'm a little peeped i said paint that's such a weird even word he goes well i'm also annoyed annoyed why aren't you angry matt as hell and he's like why don't we kill them i'm like calm down calm down i'm trying to calm him down it was so contrastive i couldn't help but miss it and i said to him
don't you ever get pissed off don't you ever get him you know he goes don't you ever get enraged and he goes no i really don't and i fought for a moment what about that time a couple years before maybe three years before my friend was audited by this irs agent my friend's a very wealthy man he built many businesses and this particular irs agent just seemed to have it out for him and so he did things that were not even legal and my friend sued the irs and won took him four years to do it but he won and he got all his money back which is pretty amazing but i said weren't you
pissed off during that time go did you want to kill him he goes no you know he said if you really get upset the other side wins wow that's an interesting belief isn't it because if you get really upset the other side wins you lose your calm you lose your center i thought well i've never thought of it that way i think if i get pissed off and i get energized and i'm going to handle this right but you know what i noticed he never gets really upset the most it gets his peeved and i get pissed off all the time i get mad as hell when things don't work out but that's
the language i use which obviously makes my biochemistry get more intense and then i look at my other buddy who i multiple times how to calm down enrage i want to destroy them you know what they did is that's what i use it's it's immoral they should be they should be shot and he's just going crazy and i found his belief is if you don't stop people that take advantage of you i was like wow all three of us have the exact same event but we're not having the same experience
and that's what i began to realize think of your brain like a funnel and life experiences things you're seeing hearing tasting touching smelling things people are saying to you all those things are coming into you but then you have to give it a meaning so the funnel comes in and many of you have a set of let's say like if you're making a cookie or cake like a cookie cutter and there's certain shapes there's certain words you use for anything that's uncomfortable like my mom was humiliation anything even comfortable was humiliation and so she had this explosive feeling of being humiliated
over little so here's what i'm saying to you watch your tv watch your transformational vocabulary and i started saying well what if i use p then i started a laugh this peeves me this annoys me i eventually developed one i like because i used to use the f word about it like this is effing terrible i was like this is fascinating did they manage to screw us so heavily in such a short period of time right and i would break my own pattern by changing my transformational vocabulary find words that
soften your upsets and find words that strengthen your passion and your things that move you forward jot it down and here's what you do just for one second write down two emotions you overuse that don't serve you could be anger pissed off worried sad depressed and what's a word you could replace that with that would either soften it or make it make you smile like i go on from this is so frustrating this is so fascinating right i did it playfully just for a second write one down that you think might be helpful for you real quick
i'll give you 30 seconds put the music on maestro [Music] [Music] all right did you get a couple something playful for time's sake i gotta keep moving so but if you'll get yourself and then you
just rehearse doing it like start to say you say oh that's really pisses me out this paves me and if it breaks your state or your pattern you're gonna find yourself finding one of the few things that gets in the way is some negative emotion does that make sense and we all have patterns of negative emotions so if you can identify it and then rewire it condition it that's what i do in the events but right now this is you same thing in the event by the way we have a process called the dickens pattern it's four and a half hours long which sounds long but at the end of it you are completely rewired we come up with the
three most limiting beliefs in your life and we decimate them so there's no part of it in your body and then we replace it i don't tell you what to believe you decide but we take you through the process so it's in your body again this just can't be something you think about you got to train yourself to do it so when the problem shows up you crush it right away fourth key to really having a breakthrough that lasts massive what action there is no replace for massive action i don't care what it is massive write down massive action is the
cure-all people tell me all the time i've tried everything would you try they tried four things they did over and over again that didn't work but you look around you see the people that succeed at the highest level you know somebody like walt disney 302 banks turn him down colonel sanders a thousand and nine knows over two and a half years sleeping in his car in his rumbled white suit before he got his first yes i mean change the eating habits of the planet unfortunately right but the truth of the matter is it's there's no replacement for that massive
action and so what i always say is if you get a dream you get a goal commit an act do something right then please write this down there's a principle i taught my kids i live it and it's very simple never leave the site of making a decision again never leave the side of making a decision or setting a goal without doing something in the moment while you're in state to commit you to follow through because otherwise you get in state you're excited you set this goal you make this decision i'm going to lose them i'm going to do whatever
and then you go home and then you get your slacks and your texts and your emails and your phone calls and your kids and you get knocked out of what state and you lose the momentum so in order to make sure i follow through when i get in state make a decision while i'm there i make a phone call i enroll in a class i hire a certain person to coach me i book a meeting i do it right then i don't have to go do it right then but i have to lock it down in my schedule remember when i said talk about it it's a dream envision it it's exciting plan it and
it's possible but nothing's real to it's on your schedule when it's locked in and you're following through that's when you're going to get the result so massive action write down two massive action steps you could take right now towards your two goals you got 30 seconds what are two massive actions what's a little action you could take today to get you to follow through and improve whatever you want to improve in your personal and business life what do you need to commit to what do you follow through on what do you need to get what resource do you get is it an education is it a training
is it someone's coaching is it an insight do you need to have a meeting to discuss it do you need to end something write down two actions that if you took them you'd make major progress towards your two goals 30 seconds that's it [Music] what are the actions you could take today what's something you take today to commit yourself to follow through make sure you go to the next level what's a little action what's a big action
that would guarantee long-term progress what's something if you took action on it today you know you're following through you know you're committed you know it's going to happen where are you going to get the resources to go to the next level what could you do right away what could you schedule what did you enroll in who could you get advice from what could you do move you forward right away so the breakthrough actually happens and it lasts two actions for each one
raise your hand if you got two so i can see you got him how many got two okay about 20 seconds all right let me give you an example of the impact of this if i may i can remember years ago my daughter jolie she was always wanted to be a dancer on broadway and we lived in california and i knew this was her dream and so i encourage her any way i could and she would go and compete in all these
dance competitions and she'd win over and over again and one christmas she came home she was a i think a junior in college at that point getting straight a's really proud of her but i sat her down and i said hey joe i said how you doing on your dream because people forget about their dreams they get caught up in making a living or studying or whatever she said what do you mean that's you know exactly what i mean how you doing on your dream to become a great broadway dancer and she said well dad you know i've done this competition that competition i won first place and four of those in a row and i said that's what i'm concerned
about honey i'm concerned you're competing against people you're better than and as a result you're not going to improve at the level you need plus if you want to be on broadway i said i don't see how you're getting closer to your goal while you're in college and she goes dad you told me to go to college i said i think i was wrong not wrong about college just about the timing i said honey i think you look at me and you say my dad's a genius and i said of course i am but i said really what makes me a genius is when opportunity comes by whether i feel like it whether i feel
good whether i feel strong i'm going to constantly try to find a way to reach out and grab that grab it by the hair that opportunity and not let it leave me i got to find a way and i don't let opportunities go by i don't care about all the money or the time you know me i've always found a way that's why i'm in the position i'm in because i take action on what i dream about and i said my concern for you honey is you got a lot of skill i think you could be a broadway dancer but i'm your dad so i'm biased i said i think you got to do something
different she goes well what are you suggesting i said i'm suggesting you leave college and go try your shot in broadway that you move to new york city you get a place and you study with some of the best acting coaches and i said i'll support you i'll help you pay for your place initially for the first six months but then you've got to support yourself i'm not going to have you be an actress that sits around on their butt and we'll help you get some of the best coaches and let's see what you can do from there and she says dad when are you thinking i should do this i said when would now be
a good time and she looks at me and said right now middle of the semester here at christmas i said when's there a better time to pursue your dream you can come back to school but there's a timeline on a dancer unless you have that sense of urgency you're not going to succeed it's not enough to be good a sense of urgency that makes you take that massive action is everything and she pauses for a moment i'll never again she looks at me and she says well you know maybe maybe i should talk to somebody in the industry about this i
said oh yeah get someone else's coaching people pay me a million dollars a year to get my coaching and you're going to talk to somebody else she laughed and she goes no dad she goes you know i understand you always talk about get to someone who's the best i said i'm just teasing you i said i think that's a brilliant idea who are you thinking of talking to and she said well she said what about jay over at caa we had a friend who was a top agent at caa which one of the big agencies in hollywood i said that's a great idea call him ask him i said maybe i'm wrong so she leaves the room i instantly call
him a true story i said jay i said listen i just told jolie you know she wants to be a dancer on broadway i told her like she should move to new york she should live there and compete with the very best because the best they're not here i said am i full of am i right don't he goes no you're absolutely right she's never going to get that here i said well then tell her that i hang up the phone she literally comes back 10 minutes later and says he's on the phone he's busy i said call him again right true story so she leaves and comes back about 90 minutes later they talk for like an hour
and she came back she goes daddy he agrees with you says you know if i'm going to do this i got to do this i said well father knows best right so i move her and by the way my daughter didn't grow up like i do she grew up in a castle literally overlooking the ocean in del mar california i grew up with nothing so i want to get her tough so i said we're going to get you a crappy little apartment i'm going to help you do it and pay six months and i'll pay for the coaching but you got to make it happen so she went into her credit she went from this little beach girl in del mar california san diego to the
coldest winter i think new york had had in like 15 years and she had to be toughened up and then i don't know how many i think it was about five months later maybe six i was going to new york and i told her i was coming she goes oh dad i really i can't wait to see you i said great i said i'll come to your place and when i landed there was a guy with a sign and it was for me and my daughter sent me a limousine i was like i don't know she's paying for this right and then he takes me and he drives a different direction that i remember getting to her apartment
he took me straight down to broadway and there we go in front of the play called tommy top one of the top shows in broadway at the time and i see my daughter's name as a lead on the sign and i go in and she's waiting for me and in six months my daughter's on broadway give it up for ladies and gentlemen give it up oh come on give it up so don't ever leave the site of setting a goal including today without doing something that commits you to follow through don't let the time go by don't lose your
momentum momentum is everything finally step number five if you want to guarantee your breakthroughs last if you want to guarantee you have the quality of life you want give much more than you ever expect to receive if you give much more than you ever expect to receive you will be in a position where you'll never have scarcity you know so many people live in scarcity you're fearful about how much money they have they're going to do this how they're going to do that and the reason is they constantly focus on themselves and there's nothing wrong with that but it will never make you abundant
we become abundant by adding value become abundant by doing more for others than you'd ever expect to receive and you get something more than just economic abundance you get emotional meaning you get a life where nobody wants to be a horse trader nobody wants to be just doing something to get something if you can truly put yourself in a place in your business or your career or your life or your friends or your family where my goal is give them more than they could ever dream of and never go like oh but what am i getting because sometimes you give to one person ridiculous amounts and they don't even
appreciate it but then if you pay attention from behind you somebody hits you with some love or abundance or something else it doesn't always come from the source you give it to but how many of you believe that if you give and give and give it does come back in a multiplied approach yes or no how many degrees say i say i and i gotta tell you i i think i always have the mindset of this but mindset and execution are two different things i can remember vividly you know working for jim rohn
and i was driving my old 1968 volkswagen baja bug right at the back of the engine exposed i had to pull up to these hotels where they were doing the fancy seminar for jim rohn and you know i was wearing a two-piece blue leisure suit with a fake gold chain i got the leisure suit at the thrift store for 50 bucks and i i was just i was gonna make this happen i pull my 68 volkswagen up front in the hotel and i go to the valet and turn the thing off and it would explode make this huge noise on hand on the keys take care of
this baby right i go in there and i'd be like so committed but i can remember god i've been working for jim for about nine months and like i was really in bad shape i'm i got a bunch of people to participate and go to seminars because i believed in it wasn't even about economics for me and i went to work for him i had no money i convinced the bank to loan me the money so i could go to his event so i could eventually work for him and i was just turning 18. it was a lot of money it was 1200 bucks that was more than my home my
home was my car i was sleeping at but i found a way to push myself i found a way to get myself there but even after all that and all that hard work you know i succeeded for a while then things dropped out i didn't understand aspects of the business and i remember one night i was driving home from orange county california where i lived in this place called pomona california i was on this freeway called the 57 freeway and it's almost near midnight and i was on the edge of tears because i was like god what what's wrong
i'm doing i think i'm doing everything right why isn't this working why am i still struggling why am i so broke i don't need food right now and the answer flashed through my head and i still have to this day i used to keep these hard written bound journals you know hardbound journals and i had one on the seat beside my mail folks and i pulled literally right around midnight off to the side of the road on the freeway and i just wrote down i got the answer i wrote on one page i wrote the secret to living is giving i just started to cry
and i realized that that's how i started out but i got so caught up in my frustration that it wasn't happening at the tempo i thought and things weren't coming together that i forgot it was all about giving it wasn't about getting it was a beautiful shift and my heart was open and i started to do better but then you know when you're new at something or it's a career or business a relationship anything you're going to screw up parenting you're going to screw up initially and so i started screw up again and the cost was huge because i didn't have any
money i moved to venice california not venice italy although venice california is kind of a nice place now it was a dump back in those days and i moved in this 400 square foot bachelor apartment and i was feeling sorry for myself every day and i was eating i didn't do drugs and alcohol because all the people around me growing up did that and they were pretty physically abusive so i never did that but i use food like a drug i gained 38 pounds in about six eight weeks less than two
months and i was fat and i was frustrated i was sad and i started watching general hospital which was a soap opera i used to make fun of people that did that i was there for luke and laura the wedding scorpio i was there right somebody laughing must know what i'm talking about from way back when and one day i was so broke i don't know what the hell i was going to do i'd not paid my rent i not paid my electrical bills and i had you know a handful of money in
my pocket i know 23 24 22 something like that i don't remember the exact number i thought how am i gonna eat and so i thought i'm gonna use my brain here i'm gonna be really efficient i'm gonna go to an all-you-can-eat salad bar and load up for the winter see if i can make it last and i knew there was this place called el torito and marina del rey if you know l.a marina del rey is a real upscale community venice is right next door is a real down community and i didn't take my car
because i wouldn't be able to pay for the parking i needed a little money i'd left so i decided to walk it was only i don't know two and a half three miles i walked there and my whole life changed at that much i'll tell you what happened i got there and i came in and the place was beautiful it's right on the water where the boats and marina harbor would go by these yachts and it's a completely different lifestyle so i went there i think i need to feed my brain to think about abundance instead of scarcity and it was all you could eat salad and taco bar so man i
loaded my plate about as high as you could imagine and i stuffed it all in man i was like i'm i'm loading up for the winter this should last me a couple of days right and while i was eating my my seat was looking towards the window and also faced towards the front door and the front door the restaurant opened up and this beautiful woman walked in i couldn't help but see and feel i mean she took my breath away she was so beautiful and then i was waiting to see was a man with her or not right it's like i'm gonna be the stud that's gonna get this
lady and sure enough there was a man and he was about i don't know three and a half feet tall and he's wearing a three-piece suit and he was so elegant he held the door for his mom and he came in he held the pulled out the chair for her and then he's having a conversation with her and he was completely connected and present with her i don't know it was about it but it just moved me i don't know maybe thinking about my own mom i don't know what it was but i just felt this i don't know this emotion like this beautiful young boy and
this beautiful relationship they have and so i got up and i paid for my meal i don't know i was like 5.95 it was really cheap in those days i got six bucks so i don't know what i had last 19 19 and some change i think is what i had left and on the way out i had no plan for this i saw the boy he looked up and her eyes met so i walked over to the table i walked over to him and i didn't look at his mom at all it wasn't about that and i said look i want to shake your hand and i said what's your name he said whatever charlie i can't remember spend so many
years right there's charlie and he says i said charlie i said i just want to shake your hand because you're a class act i said i saw how you held the door open for your lady i saw how you pulled out the chair for her i saw how you're right here with her taking her lunch like this and being with her i said you're a class act he goes well she's my mom i said i said that's even more classy he said well i'm not taking her lunch because you know i'm just in the third grade you think it was eight or nine years old you know and i said yes you are taking
your lunch and i had no plan for this i just spontaneously reached in my pocket and took all the money had in the world 19 and some change and dropped it right there in front of him and his eyes got biggest garbage can covers and he's like i can't take that i said yes you can he said i'll come i said because i'm bigger than you are and he laughed and i didn't even look at his mom i just shook his hand again i said have a beautiful lunch and i floated out the door and then i realized there was no car there
i had to walk home but you know i i probably look like a crazy white person skipping because it was like i was so freaking happy and it's counter-intuitive isn't it like i should have been thinking what the hell did you just do you have no money for food now you have no money for anything you just like to give the last pennies you have and it's gone and yet instead of feeling scarcity i felt joy and i went home and i i wasn't fearful i wasn't worried about the next day i
probably should have been but i wasn't and i woke up the next day still in a great state no money no food but no fear i've never felt that way in my life i always i grew up so dirt poor we had no money for food all the time that to me was like the anchor of life oh my god what are we gonna do i didn't feel any of that and then i started thinking what the hell am i going to do it's around noon and in those days we had the snail mail not email right and so i got all this mail and bill bill i can't pay anything started to
feel that tension inside and then i saw this handwritten outside envelope note clearly wasn't a bill and i opened it up and uh it was a note from a man that friend of mine that i had loaned twelve hundred dollars to thousand dollars to when i had no money but i knew he needed even more and for three months i'd been calling and calling and calling he didn't return my calls and i felt so hurt like i was there when he needed i need my money back i need it now to survive
and the note there's this beautiful note saying i'm so sorry i'm gonna return your calls i've been so embarrassed you were there for me when i needed it most and i've not been there for you and i could hear by your voice that things are really tough he said so i put the money together and i put even interest and he gave me a check for twelve hundred dollars i just sat there and cried my eyes out and they weren't they weren't sad tears it was grace tears i could feel i could be there again right now and i was like oh my god this
is so beautiful it's so beautiful 1200 then i could i could live on it for a month right and i thought to myself why is this happen and i don't know the real reason but we get to choose the meaning and i decided what this mean was i did the right thing and i'm being rewarded i didn't do it for stars in my chart i didn't do it for positioning i didn't do it so that woman would like me i just felt was right and i did it and when i was in the most scarce place of my life
i gave everything and i was rewarded in the level i can't even describe that day changed my life forever because that's the day that scarcity ended in my life and i've been in a lot of crazy situations over the years and you know running companies in the early days some of those companies look like a little bankrupt and i they didn't and i never lost that feeling the feeling that comes when you give more than you expect to receive
there's nothing that will fill you up more my brothers and sisters than to give when you think you can't i hear people all the time say oh you feed 100 million people every year and this and that that must be nice when i'm rich i'll do that but they forget if you don't give a dime out of a dollar you're sure as hell not going to give a million out of 10 or 100 million out of a billion you got to start where you are and if you feel like you got nothing go help somebody that's worse off than you and i promise you i promise you you will get out of the
scarcity that 98 of the population probably lives in it's not about money it's about creativity and caring and if you can push yourself to give in those situations not only will your heart grow but your own experience you will teach your brain when you give it all that there's more than enough and that might be the most important lesson of all for all of us so this week has been about given to you i don't even know you but i feel like some of you at least those on zoom i've
gotten to see your faces has been so beautiful and i hope i get to serve many of you in march but whatever you do i hope this week was the beginning of new momentum i hope you won't be settled for just where you are i hope you'll take some of these five things and act on them get clear what you want get clear what's been stopping you and annihilate it right watch your language figure that massive action plan give more than you expect to receive my friends and i promise you your greatest dream whatever you think that is will become nothing compared to the life
that you'll live so let's go out and grow so we have something more to give and that's the rest of our lives that's not just these five days and i want to thank you and salute you we're not done we got a few more things about to introduce a dear friend but i just want to thank you for all that you give and stand up and give it for energy up for everybody [Applause]
that's right make some noise [Applause] yes so now i want to give you a gift and uh grab a seat feeling strong but the gift is you know you meet some people and you know how we talk about stickies somebody called me one day and said i want to meet this guy and it's so silly because i'd seen him on
some infomercials he teaches real estate and a lot of other things and and honestly i used to hate when i had infomercials and people would say oh it's that infomercial guy or you know because you know oprah doesn't have that because she makes money by selling all kinds of toothpaste you know anything that's advertised but mine i had to pay for it myself so i'd buy my own time and so forth and so you get put in the category with all these scam artists i hated it and yet i heard this guy's name i'd seen him on infomercials and i
judged it in my head i'm embarrassed to say it because i now know his soul is such an incredible human being and so i said okay well you know i'll meet him but i was being nice but then dean graziosi and i got to meet and we had this lunch that lasted about an hour and a half and i was like wow this guy he cares he's got an incredible soul you know it's like psalm is like a salesman and he wasn't but he was good at marketing and all of us know here that if you own your business and you can't market you can't sell you don't have a business everything on earth happens because
somebody sold it the computer you're on somebody sold you to the house you're in the carpet that your feet go on the chair you're in the economy stops without that and yet unfortunately we think of salespeople we think of a white shoot salesman we think of somebody who has no integrity somebody just manipulates us when i got to meet this guy i was like wow he's amazing and he had studied my work 20 years before and taken some of my process i was so impressed by his dedication and how he took what i did and really used it did over a billion
dollars in business he comes from nothing just like me and so he's a dear friend so there's a process i've developed over the years called closing the gap and so he's going to take you that process i think nobody better can do it so if you do me a favor and you favor give it up with all your energy for dean graziosi ladies and gentlemen [Music] how you doing brother
all right you know uh first off before i get to this quick little exercise that i think is perfect after what tony just shared i just want to say a couple things first congratulations for being here you know the whole world talks about wanting more needing more deserving more they should get more but most people won't take the time to do it and to see hundreds and hundreds of thousands of brand new people even in tony's world to be here to play full out now you think this is full out this isn't full out go to a upw that's when you get real immersion but to play full out and to be awakened
i just know what that feels like because it happened to me 25 years ago and before i do this quick exercise first off um when you see tony share from his heart and i know you all feel it i want to tell you there's something a phrase i heard many years ago be careful when you meet your heroes because they'll let you down and tony was my hero 25 years ago i bought an infomercial that shifted and course corrected my life and when i met tony i met someone that behind the scenes
he's more the man than you think he is in when you everything you see he's doing you feel his heart he's given so much to you guys he's more of that man he does things behind the scenes that you would never know he takes care of people he donates he contributes he serves he doesn't sleep at night worrying about impacting lives so um i think we should all give it up for tony robbins one more time in the chat you know and it's addicting believe me since we've been partners and friends for the last decade he's pushed me deeper stronger better than i've ever been but
i want to tell you 25 years ago i did what some of you might just have received in the last couple of days you got tony robbins for the first time and he got inside your head i watched the comments i read thousands of comments 25 years ago i got that information i was on my way to being successful i had a car business i had a real estate business but i was all messed up in here and the world told me i was crazy my family told me i was crazy to you know that information learning from from someone is going to shift your life and they were wrong
and when i implemented that my life got easier faster quicker and i had more success than ever before without this and without the stomach ache without the stress without using all pain to drive me who in here has ever used just pain to push you forward you know we feel like we need that sometimes and we really don't and tony robbins gave me that over two decades ago but then i have to tell you really quick those of you who already got a ticket for upw congratulations it's going to shift your life this has been amazing but this is more um i think i heard tony say
this is more um um i'm trying to use the right word this is more so even though you think you see tony going intense for three hours that is just inspiration what upw is is transformative it gets inside your soul it gets under your skin for those who have been you know it tony sticks with you because he cares so much when he's got you for four days straight oh my god but i have to tell you so a decade ago tony when we first met he says come to a upw and i'm like oh you know i've been studying tony's stuff and i watched a
lot of his videos i listen to all those audios i'll go if he wants me to and here's what i want to tell you even maybe you coming here and when you go to upw what you think you need what you think you want is not usually what you leave with and before i give this quick training i want to tell you i went there going to see this guy that transformed my life he's now becoming a friend and i want to watch his event thinking i'm going for one reason maybe i'll get some tips on business go a little faster quicker which i did
but tony might not even know this at that upw he did an exercise on day three that changed my life forever again this is great inspiration but not transformation on day three i forgave my father and i know i won't go deep into it today but we all have our past and my father had a tough childhood in childhood he was the youngest of 12 physically and sexually abused and he didn't do that to me and my sister but he took it out us and out on us in really crazy ways and i went there thinking i was going to get an edge on business i was going to
get a personal development buzz i like that energy tony because i was going to be in perfect state which i was but at that event i forgave my 10 years ago i forgave my father the last little bit that i needed to forgive him i didn't know i needed that i didn't know i was going to get that but it shifted my life i'm in the most amazing relationship of my life my wife and i have intimacy passion love connection friendship we have three amazing children my businesses grew because i got something i didn't know i needed and tony gave me that and that's why i
can come here today and want to share and want to serve and want to help my brother out because he's given so much to me and i just again i just want to say to those of you who have a ticket or getting a ticket go and play full out you don't even know what you don't know you have no idea what you're really gonna get okay so now let me just um let me just share these four quick things now what the exercise tony went through is brilliant you have the best man in the world truly teaching you how to shift your mindset so you can thrive in this changed world
this is a new world right that's an absolute fact the world may never go back to where it was so we must adapt we must pivot and we pretend we're going to pivot sometimes we pretend we want but sometimes guys sometimes we just get addicted to the learning and we get addicted to the state of mind we must get in addicted to the immersion and the uncomfortable action it takes to actually shift our lives that's why you go to upw that's why you learn from tony that's why i still learn from tony do you know that was a decade i went to
my first upw i've gone to 10 since then this is not a once you don't go to the gym in a weekend work out like crazy and you're in the best shape of your life right you got to keep going and i know so many of you have gone multiple times but anyway uh what i'm going to share is an exercise that i learned through tony through my own business and i i don't even know if it's where it all came from the foundation all came from tony but it's my quick way and it's an exercise i do four times a year and truthfully i want to share it today because it's been the biggest game changer the biggest needle mover in my
life because i can access it in moments now tony already went through this so the first one and write this in the chat anchor this in the first one is where are you tony already decided already said that you got to be honest with where you are you know we all say i'm blessed i'm grateful i'm happy that maybe you are but there's we're all should be blessed we're here 150 000 people die a day and we didn't so we are blessed but it doesn't mean you don't want more if everything was perfect you probably wouldn't be here today or going to ubw or going to your next level this wouldn't be this wouldn't be the
weekend you know this these five days you'd be doing something else because all of us are either moving away from something painful right you're here because there's something going on in your life that's not perfect it might even be a little painful and you want to move away from it or maybe life's okay you're not you're not in dire straits you're not in a rut but you know there's more you know there's another level you know at the end of your life you want to be able to say to your maker to yourself i squeezed all the juice life had to offer i
squeezed it all out not hey you know it was okay i played status quo we don't want that right so you're here because you either want to move away for some from something or move towards and that's okay we all have to be honest tony just said this earlier you need a starting point just like gps in your car right so i really would love for you to think about where are you at this very moment because we're talking about the gap right and that'll make sense in a moment so where are you and you could put it in the chat at any time we have so many great people in the chat you guys been playing full out so that's your starting point
that's your gps once you know where you are with honesty and feeling if you're not happy if you want to move away or move towards the next thing is to know where it is you want to go right again i'm taking what tony just taught and teaches way deeper in upw and date with destiny and all these great events and i'm making this all in 15 minutes where you want to go is so important because the one thing and again tony taught me this two decades ago the one thing that our brain defaults to is really what we don't want for about seven years straight i did a
an event a month in las vegas and i would bring someone on stage and i'd say what is it that you don't want out of life and they would ramble it off like it was memorized i don't want this i don't want my wife to bust my chops i don't want my husband not to believe me i don't want this job i don't want this money i don't what i don't want and then i'd stop them abruptly and say well what is it that you do want and the number one answer was that's a really good question or let me think about it so we're if we're talking the the terms of gps right we're in ferraris because we all
go faster in today's world than ever before these little devices allow us to go fast but we don't have our gps on and we don't know our destination all we're doing is driving down the back roads 100 miles an hour avoiding potholes but not getting to our destination so i like to do these two quick things to make sure that i know exactly what my compelling future is so i could stare at it every single day because the biggest sales job you have to do in the entire world is sell yourself on why you deserve more why you should be more why you should be the woman the man that god meant you to be
if we don't sell ourselves on that the media the news our self-doubt our subconscious will absolutely bring us back to the person that settles and screw settling i've never met anybody happy and settling so if you know where you are and you know where you want to go here's two things a dear friend of mine and partner in a business we did years ago he's a father of eight he's an incredible human being his name is ethan willis he's a church leader and tell you this story really quick he takes the 16 to 18 year old kids from his church and a bunch of dads white water rafting and they go to colorado and they get
there and it rained for four days and i guess rapids go from a one to a five and they were a five out of five and all the dads are a nervous wreck like we're not doing this we're gonna bail on this and the the the instructor comes out and says dads take a chill don't worry i got this boys get in the raft so they get in the raft and he says guys i made a mistake in the first five years of being a guide because i would take this finger see this finger and i would point and say hey boys don't
hit the rock don't hit the down tree don't go into that big rapid and he said every time i'd point they'd look at it and we'd go right into it we'd slam right into the rock slam right into the tree and he said now i call this the positive point he said i promise you we'll be fine because all i'm going to do when there's a rock or a tree or rapid i'm not even going to tell you it's there i'm going to find the clearing on where i want the raft to go and i'm going to point towards it and all i want you to do is paddle your guts out to where it is that we should
be going and you don't have to worry about the tree but since i did that we haven't had any raps flip over you know he was just being funny we haven't lost anyone he said it as a joke but the fact of the matter is so many of us are pointing at the rock the downed tree and the rapid and we wonder why we run into it over and over and over again so to find out exactly where it is you want to go is that clearing is that compelling future and we have to point towards it one great way to do that in my life is to pretend it's one year from now and it was the greatest year of your life
what does that look like to you what's the greatest year of your life if you're back here again next year with tony and it was a year full of confidence courage you feel alive you look amazing you're you're leaning into who you're supposed to be what does that look like i'd say today at some point write that down like crazy because that's your compelling future and you need to you need to have that positive point towards that compelling future and you need to sell yourself on it every single day there's a lot of things out there wanting our time wanting our energy wanting our
everything and if we don't focus on where we want to go it's easy to get lost on the back road so if you know where you are and you know where you want to go now we got a destination this is the part that shifts everything for me again and that is understanding why the hell you want it you know when tony said what is it that you guys want i was watching the chats come in so fast people said i want to triple my business i want to buy six companies i want to get out of debt 100k a month i want intimacy my relationship i want to fix my marriage i want my health to be on another level i want to lose 40 pounds all of those are amazing
but i want to encourage you to get that thought from here and have it really sink into your heart on why i did this exercise with a gentleman named joe stump i hired him as a consultant he ended up hiring me as a consultant for his business and we shared times and i said i wanted my i wanted my students to have more impact i wanted to take this more serious i want him to dive in don't want him to dabble just like you guys i i'm telling you you're like don't dabble with this don't let this five-day challenge be the end guys let this be the beginning
right don't let this be the end let this be the beginning and it's the same thing i want from my students and my clients so we said have you ever done the seven levels deep long story short i'm not going to go through it but really what it was is he asked me why would you spend 10 grand for me as a consultant and i told him and he said i think i said because i wanted to step up i wanted my clients to have more success and he said to me well why would you want your clients to have more success and i think i said take the industry to another level i said well why do you want to take the industry to another level i want to leave a legacy i'm not going
to go through all of them but that's kind of how it went and for the first four or five questions it was kind of right from here legacy next level business impact people's lives but then what happens if you ask yourself that question seven times is it goes from your heart or from your head to your heart i mean my physiology changed i felt it land in my heart my breathing felt different i felt different i'm sitting around with my team members and this gentleman i just had met one time before and i remember getting emotional and i said
he asked me why the previous question and i said because i never want to go backwards i had never said those words in my life i just did remember i remember at that time my mom not having money and working three jobs and getting evicted from our trailer park and and her her hands hurt from cleaning houses and painting houses and and cutting hair and i just didn't want to go backwards to that i got so emotional because i was learning a real why and he said okay why is that important to you i'm glad that then if you're a parent you know i thought about my kids and i said i want my kids to have choices
you know i didn't have choices as a child um i want them to have choices not raised entitled brats this world does not need more entitled children so i'm all with you on that but i wanted them to have choices and i was so emotional tears are coming down my face and i'm going to encourage you to do this in a day when you have more time and he said i thought that was it he was dean you didn't have children when you started so you have one more question left the seventh it's seven levels deep not six why do you want your kids to have choices and it came out of my mouth and i said
i want to be in control of my life and i never said that but what i thought about was moving 20 times by the time i was 19 having you know five dads and four moms and crazy moving and and being pulled out of school and being in a cul-de-sac with a stepdad i love and then i'd have to leave it's like i was never in control we all have our own story but i realized in that moment what what made me fight to get there was i want to be in control i'm not talking about a control freak but listen success to me control is
today i will pick up my kids from school today i brought them to school this morning i get to coach the little league and coach softball and be the dad i want and wear i have 100 great t-shirts because that's the way i want i don't wear fancy watches i don't that's just because that's me but i want to be in control of my life and when i look through that lens and that's the reason i said where are you where do you want to go the next thing is to know in your heart why the hell you want it because it's so easy to give up i'm glad you won 100k a month in six companies and passion in your
relationship and and all these incredible things in your life and get out of debt but the first time you have a hiccup and you think i just want to be rich i just want more money it's not enough you watch tony's intimate story about handing all his money to that little boy he found something so much bigger in his heart how many years ago was that decades ago and still tears in his eyes he has emotionally connected to that that will last him a lifetime and we all need that because will things go wrong will people let you down will the deal not happen yes and if
you go i want to be rich that's not enough to get up and try again and if it fails it's not enough to get and try again you got to go from here to your heart because all i know is i am never going backwards my kids will always have choices and no one's taken control away from me i will do what i want be the man i want donate the money i want be the father i want the husband i want the leader i want work on my continued growth and i get to say no to the things i don't want i will fight for that i will die for that and nothing can stop me
and again you just got so much of this with tone and those of you going to upw you're going to get so much more but i want that quick that quick little buzz for me is something i go through at least once a quarter in my life and it snaps me right back because the world wants to pull you back in you know we get concerned with the uncomfortable action when really our next level of life lives on the other side of the thing we fear the most the only way we attack that is to get in our hearts stare at our compelling future sell it every day so if you know where you are and you know where you want to go not where you don't want to go you want
to know where you want to go and then you include your heart the only thing left is how are you going to get there what's the bridge how do you bridge the gap and that's why you're here and that's why you go to upw that's why you gain capabilities from someone who's already been there literally tony robbins the reason i'm here is he changed my life two and a half decades ago thank god i watched that infomercial in the middle of the night when my dad told me i was crazy for buying it
thank god i did thank god 10 years ago i went to a upw and gained that information i didn't even know i needed it freed my heart to go to another level in business and love and passion and being a dad forgiving my dad made me a better dad so if you know where you are and you know where you want to go and you know why then this is your call to action find a way to gain the capabilities from someone who's already been there to get there we don't have time in our life everyone listening right now we don't have time in our life for our
own trial and error life goes by too quick and learning from your own trial and error is kind of dumb if people have already been there i try to teach that to everybody i teach that to my kids i wish i would have known it sooner if you are ready to go to that next level then gain the capabilities who's been there and the reason somebody who's been there the reason i am sharing this is because tony's been through multiple down markets he's been through relationships and he's in the most amazing relationship in the world him and sage inspire us every single day with the relationship day oh my god can
you feel their love don't you want that love from somebody who's doing it don't you want multiple businesses don't you want the best body of your life don't you want that old story to stop costing you money that's the kind of capabilities we need so when i'm here and through my heart i could say i love that you guys played full out and you've been a part of this challenge i love watching the comments i've been a part of all of it as busy as i am i watch this entire thing i love all the new people but it's not enough and i'm going to encourage you to take that action and make sure you get a
ticket to upw tony created a price that he's never done before legit you can't get a ticket for 345 and when the tran the challenge goes away that offer is gone he's included all kinds of bonuses or great bonuses just for the challenge and yes last year it was disappointing when tony did the challenge and it sold out so many people were disappointed so i'm giving you an ethical nudge to say don't let this be the end let this be the beginning of your transformation
gain the capabilities if you're brand new don't stop here immerse yourself if you're alumni you already know you need to go to upw at least once or twice a year especially at that price and now we have the opportunity to do it from home oh my god listen i love love love going to upw in person but i have to tell you personally watching everybody in their living room with their family you can bring in your husband who is skeptical you can bring in your neighbor just being honest you can bring family members over to join you you don't have to try to sell it to them when you get home i love the fact this
is virtual and especially the arena tony made so i'm just going to encourage you and i'm going to add one more thing in here and i know tony's coming back kk's coming back tony's coming back i know they're giving away some amazing prizes so don't go anywhere but here's what i want to share tony talked before about business and marketing and tony and i work together we talk literally every single day and more ethical persuasion right how do you serve like i don't feel like i'm trying to sell you a upw ticket i know for a fact
if you're on the fence thinking about it i would be doing you a massive disservice if i didn't push you to do it because you'll miss out on something that could change your life like it changed mine and so many other people if you've been to upw and it changed your life let everybody know in the chat it's it's unbelievable what tony does and how he gives of himself so i'm providing it's not selling it's service it i'd be doing you a discredit a disservice if you didn't but here's what i want to do i want to throw in an ethical bribe for any of you who are thinking about it so you take action today
so if you go to i think it's upw if you get a ticket today before midnight i do a training call ethical persuasion and that's how to ethical influence ethical influence ethical persuasion how do you influence how do you persuade without being a cheesy salesperson how do you influence people to take action and something that could serve them how do you grow your business how do you influence your children your relationships your friends in a way that comes through your heart that service not a cheesy sales presentation
listen when you understand the principles of ethical persuasion you'll never sell another day in your life but you'll impact forever and without sales without marketing really does anything grow this is a training that i've gotten paid over a hundred thousand dollars to do it's not a five-minute training is it a total immersive training on how to ethically influence to get that yes i'm only going to ask that you only use it for things that can serve people and they're great products or services if you're selling gambling to someone with a problem do not use it if you're selling alcohol to someone
with a problem don't use it but if you're ready to take your business your family life your career to another level this is my favorite training it's the one everybody talks about again i've been paid a hundred thousand dollars for this training and here's the deal if you go to upw virtual and grab yourself the cheapest ticket tony's ever done some of his staff are like no that's crazy but if you grab a ticket before midnight tonight i will invite you to ethical persuasion ethical influence training and i'm going to do it live for you guys after upw so you go to upw
play full out and a week or two after i will go live an immersive full day and i'm putting that in because i don't want you to miss out on it i know if this event hits your heart then it's time to go if you're new don't let this be the game let it be the beginning if you're alumni you know you need to go once or twice a year especially at this price and i would just love to see you there and i'll be there as well i get to speak on day four we'll rock the house so i know this is what we're doing so right now um we're gonna take a five minute break and
when tone when uh when the five minutes is up kk will be back tony's coming back and they're giving away some amazing pride surprises and some cool stuff but you got a five minute break you got till midnight tonight and you'll get my bonus so during the break go to upw grab a ticket and uh come back when you come back in the chat let tone know you're in and i appreciate you all so much thank you for allowing me to serve thank you and remember again you learned so many great things from tony you'll learn more my quick little where are you where is
it that you really want to go why do you want it from your heart when you have that you'll overcome everything and then truly the last thing is the bridge how do you gain the capabilities to get there because remember your best thinking got you where you are today sometimes to go where you want to go we need that next level thinking that next level capability and uh you got an amazing man who's helping you do it i appreciate you guys so much i know you got a quick five-minute break don't go anywhere upw i'll see you guys in a bit give it up for dean graziosi everybody
[Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] shake your body get some energy [Music] [Applause] thank you dean thank you team thank you all right i know you guys are going into a five minute break and guess what
tony is coming back to wrap up the night with you all right before you go to your break i've got a bunch of questions from you guys like logistics about this event so i promise you i am going to be so unbelievably clear about every single option that you have to go to upw and i'm going to tell you exactly right now so put a hand up two thumbs up in front of the screen if you are ready to have every single detail that you've ever needed
explained so clearly that it'll blow your mind if you're ready say yes [Music] [Applause] okay i'm gonna be quick go through all three options and then you guys have five minutes to get your asses into upw it's coming up in 30 eight days are you ready my friends i i need that a little more energy i said are you ready my friends
[Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] okay let's dive in first things first you guys upw you've been experiencing it the last five days but nuggets of it it's not just an event it's a concept called unleashing your power within you don't need to be empowered you are the power if you tap into it the reasons why we don't do things is because we have patterns or thoughts or fears or emotions or frustrations
that run our life for a long time this is a this is an event where you smash that there's three options for you dean told you guys this is like literally the lowest price we have ever ever done an event for i mean tony's even uncomfortable with the price but he wants there to be an option for every single one of you to go so i'm gonna give you all three options right now every detail every question that you have i should answer most of them right now and then you can go get yourself enrolled um you guys have this package for the challenge only so it's our last day together it's your last chance get into this event
are you ready first package awesome first package gets you in the door all right this is called general admission this gives you a ticket to the virtual event march 4th through the 7th fully immersive interactive studio 365 degrees tony just built it it's the first time we are ever doing an event in this new sto studio you're going to get three pre-event fast-track training sessions with myself you'll be inside of our upw facebook group community and i say that for those of you that do not want to do this alone
you do not have to you're going to be with a community from everyone around the world and then on top of it even in this short package here 345 bucks you guys are going to get meals donated to feeding america on your behalf 25 meals this package is normally like over a thousand dollars 6.95 is what we're selling it for but if you go to the website normally if you're in the challenge you get it for 345 dollars and i said this to you yesterday that is eight dollars a day from now
until the event is that something that would be worth it for you eight dollars a day for your life yes [Music] [Applause] [Music] my yes my goal is to make it feel absurd like oh my gosh is that actually truly possible it is and you should feel how crazy that is my first event i ever went to i paid 1 695 for one ticket and you guys are gonna have 345 for an entire fully immersive full tilt four
day event okay that gets you in the door if you're somebody that's been thinking like how could i possibly do this like if you don't have the money you've got to go to this event this is the only time you'll ever see a price like that at 3 45 okay second option i'm super excited about this one because it's packed with bonuses and um dean actually shared with you guys a super super awesome bonus for all of you tonight at midnight i'd love for us to just say thank you to him i've actually done that training and it's so dang good and you're gonna get that every single one of you that gets in by midnight so give it up for dean
and the ethical influence bonus yes yes yes yes [Music] so the executive package is for those of you that want a little bit more depth you want to go a little bit deeper into the program you're going to get everything else that comes with the package you guys are going to get all four event days which i talked to you about briefly yesterday you are going to get um event materials that show up at your house inside of a big box you're going to have your workbook a board that you're going to break on the first day i'll talk to you more about that later um but you're gonna have all of these
materials in your event box that are gonna come all four days and then three really incredible bonuses the first one is you're going to have a upw implementation mastermind after the event why is this bonus so important to you if we could have a moment of really raw transparency and honesty right now are you guys up for that can we do that we've been together for four days can we just be honest with each other how many of you have ever gone to an event maybe i don't know perhaps like a challenge that was free and left it and you were like i'm
so freaking fired up i'm jazzed up i'm committed and you go back to your life and then nothing changes has that ever happened before has it ever happened before ever so we're gonna solve that for you ahead of time by giving you guys this post implementation mastermind this is after the event how are you going to go back into your normal life and integrate what you learned so it's in you you're going to be training it physically mentally and emotionally so it becomes a part of you and it's not something you have to try to do it's just natural it's automatic
it's like you built it like a muscle all right that is that implementation mastermind the second bonus that is so dang good throw it up on the screen for everybody please the second bonus is you guys are going to have a private virtual we're calling it a lunch experience but just brace yourselves okay we've got some special guests and we have thousands of people that go to this event we're limited at i think about 20 000 because of our zoom limit but those of you in this just in this challenge are going to have a lunch experience with special guests the third bonus this one's so good
before i worked with tony you guys i used to run up and down lake michigan at 4 30 every single day with my headphones in listening to a program called personal power and some of you oh geez that have been studying tony for a lot lat long ass time right 25 years maybe you had a cassette tape of personal power anybody here i'm seeing some heads nodding right you had cassette tapes of personal power you know this program uh lucky for me i got the app version on our breakthrough app but this
program will transform your life and the reason that tony wants to include this bonus an executive is because you have 38 days from now until the event and that's time for you to get momentum the most important element of success please write that down is momentum you don't want to lose it you want to keep it so there's the thing called net time no extra time you'll be listening to personal power in your net time from now until the event and then i'll be with you guys for your pre-training and we'll be going through
some of those things okay that that retails i think at like 300 or maybe a little bit more or something it's absolutely insane but that audio program truly truly is so unbelievably good so that's also a bonus and then 50 meals are going to be donated on your behalf here is why yesterday or two days ago or whenever i talked to you about it i said that executive should be your target because those three bonuses everything included that's like a 2500 package and if you're in the challenge only okay after this thing the website's gonna switch and it's gonna move back to what
it normally is in the challenge only all of that is going to be for you 795 bucks i wish i you know was had better off the top of my head math to give you how much that is a day um but it's pretty dang cheap for your whole life all right 795 bucks for me is a trip to whole foods so um think about this in terms of what you're willing to do to create these transformations but it's really about immersion so my suggestion always is always shoot for that middle one um if you have the ability to do it go
for it because that's going to give you a really rich bundle of bonuses there okay and then the third option is for some of you here all right some of my people that like a red carpet experience or you like to get a little bang for your buck the third option is seriously so juicy and i'm actually going to show you um a little footage not yet but i'm going to show you in a second so you can see two things you're going to actually see what the upw event looks like inside of our studio then i also want you to see what a
normal in-person upw event looks like when we don't have to be virtual but we can be in person together and the reason i want you to see this is that you can actually be emotionally connected and feel what the experience looks like feels like smells like taste like so you can imagine yourself there how many of you would like to see a little bit of the behind the scenes of one of these events right okay i'm gonna show you in a second wait you guys are so antsy come on the diamond package is so great because you're gonna get everything for the event that's march
4th through the 7th you guys want to block off your entire day pretend you're out of the country um but the bonus you're gonna get in diamond you have a bunch of them read them on the website um but the biggest bonus that i want to share with you today is that you are going to get a free ticket to an in-person upw event with tony robbins anytime we could have upws back in person come on
so not only are you guys going to get an in-person ticket you're going to get a front row ticket in our diamond section this is the floor seating all right this is like creme de la creme this is like so close to tony have any of you ever been to i'm a chicago girl so i love sports i play college softball but i think of like a baseball game when you sit right behind home plate is there a difference between doing that and sitting in the outfield i mean i know it's fun in the outfield you have a beverage and get some sun but like way different experience right there is
a massive difference at a tony event from sitting front row on the floor so close to tony he's walking up and down these aisles high fiving you guys calling you out communicating with you one-on-one it's like he walks by you and your hair moves because he's so you know he's such a force of nature that's how close you are in the diamond level seats you just get that to do that on its own that ticket values at like over six thousand dollars people are paying to sit there you're gonna get that included in diamonds so you're gonna get a virtual ticket and an in-person ticket and all of the other bonuses together
that's over like almost eight thousand dollars of value in the challenge only please hear me when i say this if you go to the website any other time it's not going to be there in the challenge only you are going to get that entire package for 16.95 all right i know it's ridiculous it's ridiculous come on so really i want to show you guys the difference right now between that ga option and the final one there is an
option for everyone so right now if you're outing yourself if you're doubting yourself is there is it fair to say that out of those three options there is an option for every single one of you to do this thing yes or yes can you make this happen yes or yes and just really quick i saw somebody say i really want to go to this event dang it i'm getting i have my virtual wedding on that day i said you know what 50 of weddings today marriages today end in divorce cancel your wedding go to the event get married at the event all right that is how important this is have i
ever let you down have i ever let you down before ever i'm with you every day day and night in the facebook group here with you and i'm saying from my heart to yours get your ass to upw and if it's not everything you said it would come find me at the event and i'll freaking pay you back all right are we up for this and those of you that own a business would you say that about your product that is how much i believe in this and that is how much i believe in you five minutes baby get yourself into that event and then i will see you back here in this virtual stage
we are coming together and tony's gonna come back here and before i go i do want to tell you one story if you're up for it i mean that was such a delay i feel like never mind i'm not going to tell it do you want to know the story that i was going to tell you okay now i've been hosting for tony for the last about seven months and some of the feedback that we get in the chat is like who is this chick where'd she come from she's peeing glitter on the stage a bunch of energy
what's going on and i never really get personal with you guys hardly ever but i thought that this would be a good time to just share a little bit of a ron real story that's honestly i don't know how it'll be when i tell it but i'd like to be really open with you and share with you a little bit about my experience and my family's experience and why i actually care about upw by the way i don't get anything for this i just love it so much and i want to say from my heart to yours and just connect with you on it so if you would be willing to uh hear the story even if it's kind of
shaky for me to get through i'd love to tell it to you so i started working for tony after like a brutal interview process like brutal interview process but i gave everything i had to it and on paper there was like no way i could ever do this role all right i didn't mean any of the job description and um there was a sentence on the job description though that said like uh if you believe you are if you do not believe you are in the top two percent of applicants save your time and don't apply and i for some reason wasn't jaded yet because um i saw that i was like if you do not
believe i believe i'm in the top two percent but i have no experience i have nothing on my resume like nothing that could do this but i had something in me that said go for it and i grew up um listening to tony robbins on cassette tapes with my mom in the car that's how i knew about him and um i got the job all right i'm gonna save you the back story there but it was month after month after month of training and the only person that i wanted to tell besides my mom was somebody in my life that i looked up to so much somebody that's a blue collar worker we
have a family business this person is my dad and i am a hundred percent greek uh i don't know if we have any greek people here no greek people and come on and uh my dad i don't know if any of the men on here can relate i'd love for you to just share but like is man of the house uh built a family business uh his way of adding value and love to our family was putting money and food on the table and so i grew up for a while of him not really coming to my sporting events and i didn't think anything of it was just
him working in the business and adding value and serving and giving to our family and so um i saw that there was a tony robbins event coming to chicago which is where i'm from my chicago family here and i bought a ticket for my mom and i to go at 16.95 each swimming in debt at the time but we go to this we have an incredible experience i start working for tony and i'm thinking in my mind my god there's one person that i know that i'd love to have this experience and it's my dad and i think i can relate to some of you here that maybe you have someone at home
that you went through these five days and you're like i need to get that person here or my my partner here my friend here you're thinking of someone in your life that could use this show of hands yes yes and so um this was my experience at least and so i went through maybe six months of working with tony and and coming up with ideas of like how do i get my dad to go to this and i was originally trained in sales and so i had learned from tony that it takes seven no's to get to a yes if you didn't know that write that down seven knows to get to a yes usually
people give up before they ask the question because they're afraid and i asked my dad about four times like you know in every different way i could think of my gosh dad you should go to upw you should check this out like i think you'd love it i think you'd find a way to evolve the business right and the business he poured all of his time into but he was never at home and i'm thinking and noticing my gosh my dad could apply some of these things he has some of these patterns and it could change everything how many of you want your daughter to tell you what you should do and does any anybody here right
not good in my house and especially he doesn't want another dude to tell him what to do i don't need to go to tony robbins have somebody tell me how to grow my business and do my thing and he just thought this was nonsense self-development in general was nonsense so i asked him about four times and at this point i'm so unbelievably upset i'm like crying and i asked him one more time i remember we're all in the kitchen and i asked my dad i was like well maybe you just go to upw and he looks at me and i thought i truly thought in that moment i was about to break through
and he says don't ask me again and i'm like absolutely devastated because i know the transformation that i went through and my family and my mom and my brother and i thought it's never gonna happen for my dad and so i gave up and we were back in los angeles california at a team training and at the time i was traveling about 350 days out of the year literally for this role and um i said to um scotty who was my boss at the time
and still is and somebody i look up to a lot and i was telling him this story and it took a lot for me to open up and i said i asked my dad i went again even though i was scared and i asked him and i knew that it would transform his life and his business and my parents life together they have another chapter like they think that it's over they're going to sell the family business and it's done but i know there's more and i said to him i'm like i asked him just like you said one more time and he and he unleashed no pun intended um not in a good way and i'm crying
and scottie looks at me and he's like kk what are you crying for and i'm like what do you what do you mean i just told you he said no and he says and if you if you're following this tell me he says how many no's does it take to get to a yes and of course i laugh for a second he's like how many times did you ask and i was like four i have to go again after he just like screamed at me so i booked a flight home from los angeles to
chicago that's a long trip to get my hair done and it's um that's true honestly true story and it's about 5 30 in the morning and that's when my family has deep conversations okay there's sunlight pouring into the kitchen and i have coffee and my dad's having coffee and i walk over to my dad and you know if you're in business then you know that you need to add more what or at least change your narrative and try a new perspective so i thought i need a new angle here so i say dad um can i talk to you and he says yeah koosky that's his nickname for
me and i sit down with him and um i said you know i'm going through so much you know i'm traveling full-time i'm you know going through deep transformation i'm giving everything i have to my career and the person that taught me to do that was you you know somebody that um day in and day out would leave the house in the morning i wouldn't see you too late at night like show me what hard work really was and i'm about to go to this next event in dallas texas and i'm not gonna go um with the team