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right baby maybe so singing out my name can't bring me down everything's going my way praise the yeah hallelujah can't bring me down can't bring me down is
praise the lord hallelujah when the day is the day is praise the lord hallelujah
[Music] shaky hands [Music] [Music] just [Music] is [Music] [Music] but it feels
you brought me back to life [Music] just [Music] will you be waiting see you guys you can save me
[Music] no response still thinking of us can't we make up it's so hard to forget all the bad things that went on between you know we were us [Music] [Music] [Music] who knew [Music] [Music]
remember it was [Music] back to you ladies and gentlemen please help me welcome to the stage karissa
kuchar welcome to the new world say it with me the new you challenge how are you feeling out there show me with your body i said how are you feeling out there do you challenge [Applause] [Music] what's up everyone you guys today is a big day today my friends we are beginning a full out fully immersive five days of training with none other than the titan of self-development the
number one success coach on the planet and you know who that is it is tony robbins give it up for everyone here today on time right 2pm eastern standard time whatever time the zone that is for you you made it here on time first thing that we want to do our team tony we just want to congratulate you for being here and investing your most precious asset which is your time the best investment that you can make is truly truly in your future and i promise you there is no one better to take you on this journey than tony
robbins and you are here today and that is something to celebrate just on its own so give it up for all of you here today the new world new you challenge my name is karissa kuchus or you can call me kk and i will be your guide and your host throughout these five days uh simply put i am your teammate your host in this journey and i am here to make sure that you are completely set up for success throughout the entire five days my primary job is to make sure that you
are all in a full-blown peak state and ready to train with tony robbins so here's how every single day will go i will start the day with you and i will end the day with you and i'm only here for a few quick minutes so i am not here for a long time but i am here for a good time how many of you are up for having a good time for a few minutes at the start and the end of every single day okay so i will give you logistics information i will give you everything that you need to know so that you can be fully fully ready to train with the giant with the titan a
man that's been doing this for 43 years and i see some of you here we've got alumni people that have attended events before you've read the book some of you crazies have been doing cassette tapes for a long time or getting big like giant binders sent to your house if you've been following tony for a long time you're all at different places in the world hundreds of thousands of you and we're coming together today for something that tony doesn't do often only the second time he's ever done it and this is my friends the new world new you challenge and it starts today with day one
give it up for everybody get inside that chat box let me know how you're feeling yes yes yes yes [Applause] [Music] and i want to welcome our friends on facebook here and youtube here and then of course our vips right here and i don't know if you guys know this but if you are a vip which congratulations if you are you guys are backstage with us right now i can actually see all of your faces so you're kind of in the backstage um like quaint you and i together look at all you there you are
um and your energy's been amazing i've been watching you guys just before we went live and you have your highlighters and your pens i saw some of you jumping on your rebounders i saw some of you holding up your little signs from some of our virtual events that tony does and it's just so good to see you all back here again so i want to give a shout out to our vips you guys have such incredible energy already and we just are like four minutes in so that's great and i want to give the vips a reminder that at the end of today that is when your like exclusive tony
and you q and a session is put a hand up if you knew you had that okay that's really truly one of the coolest things about this so here's what i want you to remember you get to submit your questions for q a so some of you already did a lot of you already did yes shannon i see you waving um some of you maybe have not yet submitted your questions because you don't know what question you want to submit yet no big deal our team right now in the backstage zoom rooms and if you guys are tuning in facebook or youtube we're going to drop the link for you to submit your questions if you're in vip
and you can submit them now if you're like okay i don't know what question i have yet because i want to wait to train with tony robbins today then you can think of during the training today because we want to get him up here as fast as possible you can start to think of okay what questions do i have based on what i'm learning today then you can type that up and then send them in all right and you are gonna use the link that our team puts in there to submit your questions and then we'll answer them at the end of the day today give me just a thumbs up in the screen if that sounds good okay great um and then all of you just
so you know you're gonna have five days of training with tony every single day at sort of the end of the training he's going to give you a challenge just by a show of hands how many of you did the pre-training inside the facebook group here okay great i remember i recognized some of you in some of your names uh similar to that we did little micro challenges at the end of each pre-training tony is going to give you challenges as well he's designed these to help you integrate the content so at the end of the day he will say hey here is your
challenge here's your assignment and then you are going to want to complete those by the end of that night so on day one if he gives you a challenge you're gonna have day one challenge and you're gonna complete that before that night flips to the next day thumbs up if that makes sense cool awesome um we are also hypothetically maybe i don't know potentially perhaps maybe going to give away some prizes for really incredible but what is that an applause i hear we are maybe gonna give away some prizes
for full out participation we are going to be watching you and looking inside of the facebook groups and connecting and saying did you post it and if you did and it's really really really good then maybe you would be a lucky winner of some type of fabulous prize and if you know tony at all do you think he has low standards or high standards tell me in the comment box which one so do you think that these are gonna be average prizes or maybe perhaps hypothetically speaking outrageously amazing prizes for full-out
participation which one do you think awesome so this is my little wink wink nudge nudge to you and to everyone that normally hides inside of these programs who's ever done a program before and you get inside and you hide right you hide in the shadows maybe don't post definitely don't put your video on you're one of those people have you ever done that before let me know facebook i'm looking at your comments as well if you ever a hider i want you to look at all those people in blue over here and all the people blue wave your hands this is our our team here helping you uh you're going to join hiders anonymous and
you're going to come out to play okay play full out in these five day challenge can you commit to that to go a little bit more rowdy a little bit more all in to the next five days yes or yes i mean it's only the 2020 it's only your life on the line right it's a new world it's a new you so participate and play full out all right that's all i have for logistics now if you would please shake your body out wherever you're at if you're in your car if you're in your office if you're in your kitchen if you're hanging out with your dog i saw somebody had a golden doodle over there which my favorite kind of
dog okay shake the body out here's what we're gonna do day one i'm gonna train you guys how to train with tony this is a quick mini participation training now he trains giants and titans from all over the world he's been doing that the last 43 years and if you're gonna train with somebody people pay for context a million dollars to be coached by tony for eight hours and there's like a three or four year waiting list or something absolutely insane and you are all about to train with him for five days so
we gotta make sure right we gotta make sure you get the most out of this thing how many of you did not come here to get a little bit of your results you came here to get massive results if you came here for massive results please type massive in the comment box all right as your host your guide your friend your teammate something that i can offer you is insight on how to train like nobody else because i learned it from somebody somebody pretty smart smart guy his name is tony robbins i'm going to teach you right now the five rules of the game if you would
in the comment box wherever you are tuning in from please type up five rules of the game there are five of them if you follow these five rules all i'm saying today is if you follow these five rules and you do you don't just hear them but you embody them you embrace them then these will be the best five days of training that you have ever had in your life okay i make you that promise today how many of you are ready to hear the five trainings put both arms up in the air and then just give me this little like double fist bump right here amazing
number one rule is play full out you only get out of this what you put into it so think and ask yourself what could show up for me that's going to impact my ability to play full out and then correct it give everything you have because your focus and your energy to this equals your power so if you commit and you give everything you have to this experience then you are going to retain information perhaps in a higher level than you ever have before
alright so play full out give everything you have the second rule of the game is that you take notes if you are not in vip you don't have the recordings forever some of you crazy people like me went vip because you're like i want to repeat this and 2022 2023 2024 um but you want to take notes so you have this stored somewhere all right so in a journal or if you're you know typing them up take notes like crazy but here is a distinction you're gonna take notes as if you're gonna teach it to
somebody else that's how you retain the information on a deeper level if you train as if you are going to teach it to someone else all right give me that thumbs up if that makes sense here thumbs up thumbs up okay great that is going to help you and honestly teach it to somebody else at the end of the day be like babe here is what i learned from tony robbins today and share it from your gut and it's going to help you retain the information number three obviously put your video on that's a no-brainer all right this is a tony robbins event for god's sakes people pay thousands of dollars to go to these you want to hold yourself accountable i
don't care what you look like we love you all this is your community no one to impress here just show up and take the most out of this for yourself all right number four is very important it's perhaps the most important thing that i will say all day because it's how you are going to communicate with tony robbins the fourth rule of the game is that you light up the chat box all right how many of you see a chat function either on zoom or in facebook or youtube or wherever you are at if you see a chat function put a hand up in the air
and say yes let's try this again put a hand up in the air and say yes awesome there you are i was like hello um you're gonna want to chat with tony the entire time this training happens like the chat box should never stop rolling all right why when you type it up it helps you remember it so if he says the three keys to transforming your life you know in 2021 are xyz type those three things up throw them in the comment box if he says a quote that you want to like tattoo on your foot because it's so good type it up throw it in the comment box
anytime you hear something that connects with you a distinction type it up put it in the comment box this is going to create connection especially with your pod and your community all right who's up for using the chat box today and every single day amazing you guys are great now the five the number five magic number five the fifth rule um i lied i said the last thing was the most important this is the most important and i need you to shake your body out for this fifth one and then we're almost done together i told you guys not a long time but a good time okay
lean all the way into the camera if you're ready for magic number five please maybe give me a little wink if you could all right great number five oh my gosh i got a wink from the guy in the green right here in the middle i'm watching you i'm watching all of you okay number five the magic number five is energy all right energy is a habit and i'm just curious if we were gonna be viciously honest with ourselves for a second is it possible that over the last 12 months or so maybe we had a little bit of a slip or a dip in our energy levels is that possible how many of you want more energy so it's
just in you you wake up with unstoppable energy your feet hit the ground and you shake the world all right we want this for you as well so energy is a habit you have to practice energy every single day and so over the next five days we're gonna start to condition this in our body so it becomes who you are it becomes part of you physically mentally and emotionally you're training it so it's like a muscle so you can turn it on on your command when you have energy to that level not because it happened to you but you created it
my promise to you is that you will retain this information with tony on an insanely higher level who's up for more energy today and every day i said who's up for more energy today and every day wow you guys honestly tony's gonna be excited your energy is great so quick tip with energy the first way to get more energy in your body is make a radical shift in your physiology what does that mean okay look some of you are already succeeding yes move your shoulders back lift your head up take a look at the way you hold your face some of you
look concerned maybe put a smile on transform your physiology start standing up if you want to change the spot that you're that you're engaging in this training move your body and engage your energy so what we're going to do to get set up now my time with you is done it's been so fun to hang out with you next time i see you is at the end of today when we go over some prizes for full-out participation we've got uh three of you that are going to win some insane prizes at the end so stay all the way till the end and i'll see you back then but we want to get tony up here we can't get him up here until your bodies are
warmed up so that is what we are going to do next and we're not just going to warm your bodies up in any way tony doesn't do anything at a low level he is going to bring someone in that he trains with a movement that he uses every single day to get his body in alignment something he utilizes especially on event days how many of you would want to learn how to get your body in alignment the same way that tony does every single day by chopin say yes okay great i am going to bring up a gentleman who i personally actually love
as well you guys are going to love him he's funny he's sweet he's intelligent and he's going to hang out with you for a few minutes to get your body warmed up quick story about why this is important for you when tony was about 23 years old he got into a car accident so bad that he got whiplash he was in extreme pain anyone here ever experienced pain in your body like so much so that you know at the end of the day you just had to sit down could even play with the kids or the dogs because your knees hurt or something you know he had pain in his body so much that he was sitting in a chair at his seminars
and he thought there's got to be another way but sometimes pain just becomes so normalized you live with it until he learned about something called the egoscue method and an incredible human being named brian bradley we're going to bring up today and this is a method to get your body in alignment and truly experience vitality yeah give it up for him go ahead with that applause i'm truly experiencing the alignment in your body so i'm going to ask you guys to play full out um if you get up out of your chairs then get up out of your chairs with a lot of energy um stand up move whatever is asked of you in this next portion it's quick and
powerful um go for it all right with everything that you have we're gonna put a little intro video up here so you can get familiar with brian bradley and the movement of a gossip method and then we're gonna bring brian bradley to the screen to warm you guys up all right you're already kicking butt it's only day one and uh who's up for a really great experience here for the next five days yes all right i'm team let's take it to the video and welcome to brian bradley what would you do if your world had no limitation
as the pain disappears as you understand the pain as you no longer fear the pain this is the world that awaits you here at agostome we call it a life well lived every moment every second every day a life well lived
[Music] what would you do if your world had no [Music] limitations right now [Applause] [Music] all right guys well uh we're gonna get off to a good start this morning i want everybody to grab their water or whatever they're drinking let's take a quick drink because this is going to be critical for the next five days when you sit
you better be drinking water okay so here we go i promise you there's no patron or don julio in mind no matter what i say today so listen we're going to be um talking about what to do over the next 10 minutes and we're going to be doing this over the five days and we're going to accumulate an idea we're going to accumulate and i know many of you have seen this before
but it always helps you to redo it or relive it so i know some of you might be like well i did this at life mastery or when i go to upw which is amazing you start so you're going how can i get these exercises well here we are again and what i love about my good friend tony peter goski's good friend tony is that he's providing so much content to you this week and i want to make sure over the next five days that we're sharing a bunch of things so throughout the week i'm going to bring up for example a stationary bike we're
going to talk about the position on it and we're going to talk about the make your butt larger machine which is on my instagram i'll show you the post that i did there a couple days ago i'm going to talk to you about the rebounder a lot of people don't use mini trampolines they're amazing a lot of people biohack amazing but the problem is if your body is deviating from this design over here which i'll show you a little closer as the week goes along there's a design blueprint 90 degrees feed straight all that there's a design blueprint for how your
body should look or function on a daily basis for you to get more than 50 off of the work you're putting in so imagine that close your eyes for a second picture yourself working out picture yourself walking picture yourself biohacking picture yourself on the peloton on the carol bike on everything and you're going gee i wish i could only get 50 benefit that does not fit the new world new you challenge that does not fit anything that tony robbins does
nor you because you're here so i'm going to get you up in about two minutes we're gonna we're gonna go through two or three exercises perfectly perfectly is the key because you can practice and think you're going to be awesome or you can perfectly practice and you will be awesome and that's what we try to teach our guys in the nfl major like baseball the golf um what else dentists nobody's more crooked than somebody who works over patients
all day like this and never switching sides so imagine the one-sided sport of dentistry golf baseball picking up a kid and carrying them on your right hip while you're doing stuff around the house and never switching to the left for example i'm kneeling in this position my left leg's been forward the whole time i consciously say if i'm going to stay here longer i'm going to switch legs so for those of you who cross your leg over while you're while you're sitting you might want to think i better cross
the other leg over for one or two minutes to allow this part of your back the sacrum and the si joint in here to react in a way that's going to allow that exercise to not hurt you so we're going to wake up the room here at the end of this which with what we call the greatest abdominal exercise ever i'll let you go through these exercises today we're going to come back and discuss them or some other ones tomorrow but i want you to formulate some questions
i want you to think how did my body feel after those exercises while brian's gone and i watched the rest of the content how does my chair feel how does my balance feel how no joke how are my bowel movements today compared to yesterday or did i have my first one in four days because the intestine sits on top of that pelvic bowl and we are going to help you become a hip driven athlete which is what we've given tony for almost 30 years to keep that professional athlete
in his sport of playing with you so let's get everybody to stand up and i want you to get behind your chair find a comfortable position and i want you to shake it out put your feet wherever you want them to go and now close your eyes and now just get calm when you're calm where's your body weight from left to right which foot do you feel is carrying most of your body weight
are you loaded on one foot more than the other are you loaded in the heel of one foot versus the ball of the other now this balance test isn't just to say hey am i balanced it's to let you know that maybe since you're going through such an amazing conference over the next five days an amazing challenge an amazing event you might want to balance your head your heart and your body and that's what this is going to help you do so right now if you feel like your body's slightly imbalanced or loaded
heavier on one leg than the other that's not a bad thing there's no judgment it's just what it is and we're going to improve it right now so open your eyes shake it out again and now i want you to get your feet dead straight so this is what this looks like getting your feet dead straight isn't like this and you can see that i wear some anatomy socks for you so you can see the bones and muscles of the feet which we'll talk about later but i want your feet this width apart between your big toes
and then turn them slightly five degrees inward so the outside of your foot is the straight line that we're talking about okay so now in this position i'll back up again you're going to get your feet pointed dead straight so if you move always go back to this that'll trap your hip drop your arms put your hands in this position so here's a fist open it up to here and put those right behind your temples
with your feet straight i want you to close your elbows together let's go just at this speed you're going to do this 25 times keep going so your hands are right behind your temple try to touch those elbows together allen dunlap team 14. i see you buddy i see you get those elbows touching baby yeah there we go there we go
[Music] five four three two one all right take a break now just from that little interrupt that you just did with your upper body you've got your shoulder blade to do this on your back there's a relationship behind what the rib cage does and the shoulder blades sitting there there's a relationship that they have to have and many times from us doing this all day or us doing this all day or up standing like this all day our upper body learns
to not have them be symmetrical close your eyes with your feet wherever you want them you did something for 25 30 seconds what did it do to your balance you should already feel that your feet are more planted in the ground because the stimulus that you provide automatically gets you into a better position let's go through one more get your feet straight hands in that same golfer's grip position so not here but open it up put them down to your side like this
shoulders are down shoulders are pulled together so pull those shoulder blades together behind you your chest is out bring your arms up and circle up and forward 40 times if you moved your feet get your feet back to straight but look at the speed that i'm using let's get your arms going this direction yeah good job jordan a little bit smaller on the uh circles
a little faster keep going [Music] okay good now just turn your palms up and circle back let's go and while you're doing this let's go we're going to wish evelina happy birthday today i love it thank you for keep that i'd sing happy birthday but you don't want to hear that keep going
okay good take a break now check your balance eyes closed where's your balance left to right feel it that's the improvement now let's get you into this position we're going to wake this room up right now because tony robbins is coming and we got to wake it up let's get into a sprint position your arms will be here at 90 degrees like this and then you're going to be like this and we are literally going to sprint for 20 seconds per side you can do anything for 20 seconds
that's what the method's all about is building stuff that works for you so here we go ready and you're racing me here we go ready let's go as fast as you can come on faster faster faster great job guys great job i need another gamer tracy let's go let's go three two one all right switch legs here we go let's wake it up right now he's coming he's coming
yeah yeah turn it on the faster you move your arms the more your hips wake up the more your abdominals wake up this is the greatest abdominal exercise ever stop wasting your time working out with a 40 turn not good three two one okay great all right ladies and gentlemen the accumulation effect has started you are informed we'll be back tomorrow and then over the next four days please enjoy the rest of this event it's going to be unbelievable thank you brian bradley
everyone give it up for brian bradley our virtual applause here is the chat box send them some love brian you did it again thank you i am out of breath from the running man how many of you enjoyed this by a show of hands hello hello thank you brian bradley amazing and this is important to know tony you know is connected to some of the most brilliant minds across the world and he brings these resources to you so this is not just an exercise to warm up your body but it's another note for you to track
down notes like crazy as if you're going to teach it to somebody else why these are little bite-sized exercises that you can do every single day to get yourself into a peak state how many of you see this all right training number one you already know how to get your body into alignment we haven't even started yet how many of you are ready i'm just curious to begin the new world new you challenge if you are ready please i need a virtual drum roll or actually
let's do a virtual slow clap you guys are going to put a period into the into the chat box you're going to press enter repeatedly there it is come on if you're on video my vips i need a slow clap up in here we're gonna move on to the next segment of today which is when we bring up someone much taller than me to the stage to begin the challenge and end with the slow clap let me tell you what's about to go down how you feeling by the way just let me know just with your energy
let me see your body what energy are you bringing today are about to move on to bring you guys tony robbins but i want to tell you a little bit about why it's so important that you just prepare yourself right now you know tony at this point in his career 43 years doing this he's impacted the lives of over 50 million people from a hundred different nations the leading authority in topics like leadership peak performance sales mastery vitality energy how many
of you feel like any of these categories at all in any way shape or pattern could could encourage you and support you in your life by show of hands and you made it here today you know he has trained leaders and leaders are calling upon him to train he's working with people like michael jordan oprah winfrey hugh jackman russell crowe um you know serena williams you have four of the five past u.s presidents entertainers you know and you are now added to that list add yourself to that list
because in a moment you're going to be training with this giant who's ready for it we are going to show you a quick intro video to tony so you can get familiar with what he's done over the last couple decades and then get yourself ready so please put your virtual hands together and as we throw this video up on the screen just send a virtual welcome to tony robbins i've always been fascinated by that force that shapes human beings who am i and what am i here to give you are a catalyst for getting other people to change the way they think about themselves
over three decades he's changed millions of lives as a peak performance coach and life strategist number one best-selling author whose books and seminars have helped inspire more than 50 million people to transform their lives more than four million people around the world have attended one of his live events it's just showing people that so many things your life you think are difficult for impossible or actually easy if you put yourself in the right state of mind i was looking at the list of people that you have helped bill clinton princess diana mikhail gorbachev mother teresa nelson mandela quincy jones what do all these people
have in common with one another they all were coached by tony robbins who help condition the mind also think through how to get to places that are unimaginable work magazine just named him 100 most influential powerful people in global finance forbes top 100 celebrity ranking top six business leaders in the world i could go on and on and on business is a spiritual game that it's about how do you add more value how do you do more for others than anybody else in the marketplace that's how they dominate we do have six billion
dollars in business i came away with it's not about motivation as much as it is allowing people to tap into what's already there like a catalyst and every person in this room who's achieved anything we've had that hunger the question is where's your hunger now i get the phone call when the athlete's melting down on you know in the middle of a sporting event you've got to do something right now to turn them around top man tony it's not just words you know what i mean there's action in there and the structure and what he's saying and it's just given me
more passion and more focus and more drive [Applause] tony robbins allows those people who want to continue to climb mountains declining if you want to change your state and you want to change your results this is where you do it you taught me that life was happening for me not to me and that has been my guiding force through many challenges in my life so when something horrible happens and i take it and i turn it around and
everything changes i have been attending tony robbins seminars since i was 15 years old and i really attribute a lot of my success to those techniques that i learned when i was 15 years old what i love about tony is he's found out the things he loves to do and that is helping people there's an unbelievable gift in life that comes when you can step outside of yourself no matter what your problems are and find a way to help somebody else who's got a more challenging time than yourself people forget what a little bit of caring can do for you know to inspire to move somebody and that's what i think changes people's lives
all change happens of the choice [Applause] ladies and gentlemen please help me welcome to the stage tony robbins how you guys doing [Applause] how you doing there daniel hugo good to see you zeb so nice to see you all wendy crawford yes how you all feeling out there ladies
and gentlemen well welcome to my basement this is where all started you know when they started shutting things down i'm sure you've had to figure out how to adapt with not only covid but really our response to kovitch shutting people in who are healthy all around the world and you know this is my mission i'm i'm you know i have 74 companies actually 78 companies now and they're in all kinds of different industries and we're lucky enough to do about six billion dollars in business and all sounds wonderful and when covet hit you know about 70 of those businesses lost anywhere from 50 to 80 percent of
their revenue so those you have business owners out there god forbid restaurant owners in places like new york and california my heart goes out to you all around the world across australia anywhere you are and i just want you to know that these next few days my commitment is to show you what we've been able to do in so many of these areas so that you can really have an impact so that you don't find yourself feeling out of control and don't get me wrong there's all kinds of things we can't control we all know that we're in a situation that's unlike any we've seen a long time and with all that has
created even more strife strive politically strife that's gone on racially in some parts of the world the u.s for example but midst of this winter time and it's clearly winter you know some people freeze the death in winter other people figure how to snowboard or ski how to build a great fire how to be with their family how to grow and i really my heartfelt wish is to really serve you in a way this week that'll blow your way that'll really give you the momentum that you need because as i always say there's two worlds to master right there's the external world and listen we can influence it but we
can't control it completely but everything in the external world started in your internal world and if we master this internal world then you're gonna have an extraordinary quality of life no matter what happens see i i've had the privilege now of doing this this is my 44th year i started when i was two of course right but i've been doing this 44 years in about 150 countries around the world and at this point i could be an idiot and i have to see there are patterns patterns that'll make you angry and frustrated and stressed and overwhelmed and lonely
depressed overwhelmed whatever stressed and there are patterns that will make you feel excited passionate playful strong resilient something that'll make you feel euphoric even at times and many times we think it's because of what's happening in the outside world but the truth is we all have what i call an emotional home a place that we go back to and it's kind of like i'm sure you've seen people that you know live in a community where every two or three years a cyclone comes by or storm and it wipes everything out you see people lose all their stuff and
there's crying and there's tears and i'm sure your heart goes out to them but my bet is that many have seen that happen again and again in the community and thought to yourself why don't they move right but it's easy to see when it's somebody else that they should move but it's what they know it's where they've grown up well we all have an emotional home and we don't see it and that emotional home is controlling the quality of your life because my whole life is committed to helping people experience a greater quality of life not on my terms on your terms i don't know what it is you truly want
but i know there are specific tools that will get you through the problems the challenges accelerate your success and most importantly make sure that you have a fulfillment because there are a lot of people that succeed in business and finance and their careers and even have a beautiful family and they're still not happy because their emotional home what they kind of grew up with inside themselves the thing they know they go back to like those people going back to the home that they know is going to get destroyed again and so we want to see if we can't expand your emotional home this week and give you a set of skills tools for
your body for your emotions for your relationships for your business for your career and for your finance in other words let's look at the full picture of your life and i'm committed to give you everything i can in a short time it's challenging for me because the shortest thing i normally do is like a 12 to 14 hour day literally we do five days in rows seven days in a row and people that wouldn't sit for you know a three hour movie that someone spent 300 million dollars to make will go there sometimes dragged by somebody else and within a short time 15 20 30 minutes they get into it because
we use your body so much as well as your mind what i've discovered is you can't separate these two if you try to think yourself into thinking positive i'm happy i'm happy i'm happy your brain goes bs read between the lines i'm not happy right you have to be able to train your body and your mind when they work together there's no limit to what you can experience but you can have a billion dollars and have a miserable life true and you could have no money whatsoever and have a magnificent life because it all comes down to the patterns of emotion you have
if you've got a billion dollars and your primary home the emotions you come back to your brain finds a way to get back there whether it's good or bad is to feel frustrated and angry then the quality of your life is frustrated and angry it has nothing to do with a billion dollars if you have the most beautiful children a great husband wife great family but the primary emotions you live in every day is worry and stress then you don't experience the love and joy of your family your life is called worry and stress in other words if you want to jot this down to start the quality of your life and by the way how many of you
came here for this time because you're ready to go to the next level you're ready to make 2021 your best you want an extraordinary quality of life say i say i that's wonderful i can see all of you on zoom and the rest of you can pop it into the chat if you're there on facebook by the way we have three quarters of a million people over 750 000 people right now have joined us from 195 countries it's unbelievable we have almost 11 000 vips here and we have just donated 1 million meals already based on your participation so
while you're making better we're helping people need it give it up for all the people that we're able to help out there as well ladies and gentlemen give it up whoa [Music] by the way 195 countries that's how many countries the u.n recognizes we counted three times so every country in the world is represented here so thank you we're making a difference but what i'm starting to say is write down the quality of my life is the quality of my
emotions if you have certain emotions it won't matter how much you achieve it won't matter if kobet's here or not won't matter if there's political division or not you're gonna be miserable and if you can find a way to master this internal emotion where you have more gratitude or more joy or more excitement or more passion or more drive or more hunger or more playfulness your life will completely transform because the way we measure our life is how we feel and yet most of us are not emotionally
fit and it's nobody's fault we've grown up in an environment many of us where it's gotten easier and easier and we've gotten weaker and weaker i mean think about technology technology is starting to use us instead of us use technology it's starting to condition us i'm sure many of you have seen the social dilemma if you haven't you should watch it it shows how the people that use social media literally have engineered how to change the way you think and feel so they can get you to do certain things the way they want it it's a little scary but you can take back control
in order to take control though we have to become emotionally fit i don't mean intellectually fit i'm talking about what fitness is a state of readiness i'm sure you've heard of emotional intelligence those skills those awarenesses that can all interact better with human beings have a better quality of life potentially and i think emotional intelligence is wonderful but this week is about emotional fitness see you can have a capacity and intelligence and not use it right but fitness is a state of readiness like i am ready right now to move to do this and if you wire yourself if you train yourself
to be in the best emotional states possible you're going to find everything in your world will change because the mental emotional state we're in controls what we feel and therefore what we do and if you want to change your results you got to change your actions you want to change your actions you got to change the pattern of emotion if you want to change the pattern of emotion we got to change what you do in your head and with your body and by the way each morning we'll start out with some of that igotsky work because i really want to get you so that your body when your body feels structurally strong when everything is centered your emotions are different as well and
so we're going to warm up each day with that and you'll notice if you're not familiar with my work that i train people not just up here but in here when you put these two together there's literally no limit to what you can experience because ultimately what controls our life the most what controls the quality of your life you could say the government it certainly can have an impact these days as they've kind of infringed on business and choices trying to make things healthy but they've been a lot of side effects hundreds of millions of people according to you and 200 million people are going to go without food because one
of the side effects of trying to protect against covenant and shutting things down cos places like tanzania where they have 80 of their income comes from tourism they don't have money for food so we're in a pretty intense place we got to start with us make yourself better it's kind of like if you get on an airplane what's the first thing they say if we run into a problem the oxygen mass will drop down grab it and put it on your put it on your child immediately is that what they say no they say put it on yourself that sounds so selfish but why because if you don't put on
yourself you can't help your child so we're going to start with us and then we can start expanding helping others and we're already doing it you know in your name a million people are gonna have food that didn't have it before but more importantly when we get stronger these next four or five days it's not just gonna affect you it's gonna affect your kids your husband your wife your co-workers the people around you you understand that this and this the head and heart that's where the whole game of life is played and if we want to see what shapes our life it's invisible forces corny as that may sound i mean what affects your life the most
things that are invisible radiation too little we're dead too much we're dead we have to have that perfect amount that this planet of ours seems to be in this goldilocks location just far enough away from the sun just close enough for life to flourish think about electricity electricity most people have no idea how it works but they use it all the time it's invisible electricity is how we're able to have this experience around the world in 195 countries right now electricity can be used to light up a city or can be used to kill somebody
so every tool every invisible force has strengths and weaknesses we have to learn how to use it but the most powerful invisible force i believe is human emotion right what we do with our head and heart because anger rage love compassion those invisible forces shape the quality of your life more than anything else on this earth and last night i started reading i got so engaged i think i started around 11 o'clock at night i literally didn't stop going through your videos and your descriptions to literally 6 30 this morning i was
just i was so touched by all of you and there's so many people i could reach out to but i saw this woman sabina becker if you're out there i just want to give a shout out if you didn't see sabine she's she was a flulidomide baby meaning she was born with portions of arms and not rush she's learned how to use her feet to do everything but the beautiful thing about her is her mindset she is a master of her emotions she's emotionally fit because she can do things with her feet most people can't do with her hands and her mindset is i'm one of the lucky ones because i survive when the few fall into my bodies that survive
and here's how i'm living my life you know i saw you know i want to give a shout out to lisa as a kidney yeah no no excuse me lisa mitchell out there in australia she's in a hospital bed right now she's returned responding right now from having kidney cancer surgery once you know we're sending love out to all of you i mean there's so many of you i've read about your marriages about what's happened with your bodies about what you've gone through and losses in your families and i just it's overwhelming so i feel a great commitment to make sure these next five
days really make a difference for you i know so many people are in a tough place but we got tools to make that difference and i'm not saying that some hyper positive optimistic i don't believe in positive thinking i believe in intelligence i believe in seeing things as they are but not making it worse than it is that's what most people do they make it worse than this because they're afraid to get their hopes up and be disappointed but if you don't ever get your hopes up if you don't ever get disappointed you're never going to find your drive we have to discipline our disappointment because there's going to there's plenty of it
we're in the middle of winter there's going to be more we're not done with what's happening in society so instead of sitting there and hoping it gets better and praying it gets better how about you pray and demand that you get better that's what this week's about who's up for five days of total intensity and make this stuff happen here say i say i so in order to get that in our bodies in order to get to that place to master more of that internal world to find the emotions that will get us to follow through instead of pull back change our relationships change our
career make it in the middle of all this craziness still turn it to your advantage we're gonna have to make a psychological change but to do that requires a simple fundamental that we all know and few people practice energy energy is life when your energy is low what happens to your psychology to your mindset when it's low enough you've been a place where you're just so exhausted so laid out it's just like oh my god i can't handle more of this stuff and then what happens in that state
everything is difficult everything is a burden everything is hard and as a result you don't do a lot of things you could do but when your energy is high for whatever happens let's say somebody got you laughing or you when did a workout and you're feeling damn good and your whole body is engaged and you feel this aliveness now problems are things you love to attack you rip them open you you spend five percent of your time on the problem and 95 your time on the solution that's what makes you a leader so for us to get to that we need to train ourselves to be energetic and so that's not so if you've ever seen my
seminars and we've got 10 20 30 000 people and you see them jumping and leaping and clapping and dancing what is this it's not it's science in fact i've been teaching for literally it's my 44th year doing this and in those 44 years i worked in 150 countries around the world not all 195 150 and i've worked with people from every country obviously i've seen every culture one of the things that you start seeing when you're around people that much you have all these experiences you start seeing these patterns and one of the most important patterns
is frankly the energy you have so right now you're in your homes and like you know when we first started this i did this last july and i had this experience probably like many of you and i got to tell you i didn't deal with it well i don't want you to think i'm some superhuman and i was like oh this is easy i wasn't like that at all this is my mission i got all these companies that's one thing but this work is what i live for this is what i've made for and when all of a sudden i remember i had this big birthday party for my 60th birthday and i don't want to party and then i got everybody agree that we
make the party to raise money for underground railroad which is one of my favorite charities it saves children you know right now we have more children enslaved around the world anytime in history it's insane imagine it was your child so we raised 14 million i added 5 million was quite a birthday and i was like wow 19 million bucks we're going to save 25 000 children's lives children that are praying right now that someone's going to rescue them and their prayers are going to be heard and i was just overwhelmed with so much joy and grace tears and the next day in the middle of this high somebody called me
up and said hey are you going to cancel your unleash the power within event up in san francisco up in san jose and i was like last year i was in australia i got mercury poisoning it burned a hole in my esophagus i lost a third of my blood supply almost died and the doctor says you're here for four days i said i'm middle of the seminar i'm going he goes you can't go i said you can't keep me here so we finally made a deal i got a wheelchair and i finished my seminar there in australia that's how committed i am so you get a sense i said cancel an event are you insane and then two days later the california state government said
nothing more than a hundred people we had 12 500 people there and so we had to cancel then all of a sudden they canceled us in amsterdam and in london in sydney australia literally all over the earth that started happening so what do you do when everything you believe in everything you're about everything in your family is suddenly is disrupted well a lot of people just get really really pain a lot of pain in their body in fact if you know anything about death there's these cycles of how to deal with death that people describe the
stages that are pretty universal and as i look back on it now i can see how i went through those stages and i'm wondering if you did the first stage when you have a deep loss like when there's a death when something ends the first one is just shock like what someone said are you kidding me that's not possible and that's what happened when they called and said we're canceling all the events around the world everything you do people need me the most now i got the tools it's not ego i know i can help because i've done it for 44 years in 150 countries it's like these people need this now and they're going to keep me from doing this
it's insane so first there was just shock then the second stage you usually go to is anger or frustration and i was like so frustrated how many can relate how many went through some of these stage yourself total shock when they told you you're going to send your kids to i'm going to keep you home shut down your restaurant what right and then anger and then what happens out of the anger you you can't solve it so now you start to bargain some of you bargained with god you know i was bargaining with god i was bargaining with governors in other states saying vegas we'll go to vegas we'll just move everything to vegas they're never gonna shut down vegas and
they shut down las vegas we'll go to texas texas is its own country in america practically they're never gonna shut it down the governor says i'll never shut it down i see some texans out there smiling right and so but he shut it down it's like okay we can't do it anyplace in the world fine they won't let us do more than 30 people at that point it was 30 to 50 and then he kept shrinking it we'll do it in movie theaters i'll get a thousand movie theaters right and we'll put like you know 20 people in each one look at 20 000 people and then they shut down movie theaters then they said to me
all right we're going to go to churches they're not going to shut down churches you can't do that you can't have costco be open and close the church but they did so then i was left with what do you do well i could give up i'm not about to do that the bargaining didn't work so then i went through the next stage sadness how many went through a place of sadness or even almost a feeling of depression raise your hand so you go through that stage and it's like oh my god it's a sense of loss it's a sense of sadness it's like oh my god the world is the world as we know it over
and the only way you get out of that and it's not it's not part of being an achiever most of us out there how many of you consider yourself to be an achiever part of your identity is i find a way i make happen look at almost everybody right well if you're an achiever you don't just accept things and so but the problem is there's a formula for for suffering not for stress but for suffering and that formula is you get some massive stress that comes in that you can't control and then you fight it the more you fight it the more stress you have
you have to step into a different mode that's not part of most of us or on this this virtual room we're doing this in together and that is you got to accept it not accept that it's right or it's fair but except it is what it is and i got to deal with it and so if you get to that point of acceptance that's usually what he tells people where they can finally start to let go and be okay but i don't think that's the final step personally if you're gonna really have an incredible life we need to add a step after acceptance is you must create a new that's what this whole program is about it's a new world it's not just a
new year it's a new world it's going to require a new you and me we got to find a bigger and better part of ourselves so no matter how big the challenge is we know that who we are is more than anything that can be done to us and we know we can find the way but that means you got to create a new and so in order to create a new you got to let go of what was and i just want all of you know i don't believe in this term new normal there is no normal the world is always going through cycles and we're in the middle of winter but you know people when things are going well people think it's going to be great
forever and it never is life is cyclical it's seasonal right so if you have springtime and then you've got summer hot summer spring spring's great it's growing hot summer you kind of get tested in the fall you reap and then you go to winter like what always follows winter spring time so when people think it's going to go good forever they're wrong and when they think it's going to go bad forever people now talking about life as you know it it's changed forever it's never going to be great again listen this winter is going to last longer than you and i wanted to i bet that and we're not done with
winter but we can learn how to make winter our season so that we're not sitting around hoping for some day when it changes and by the way winter will have a new springtime i don't know when but i know it'll open up because i'm a student of history thousand years of roman history 550 years of anglo-american history i know it because i study the cycles of how human beings and emotions shape our world and how they change what follows the night no matter how tough the night is the dark night of the soul you wake up and it's a new day so i really want us
all to start to think of this week as a way to create our life anew we got to decide what parts of me have to start to bloom what parts of me have to grow what parts of me have to expand so no matter what happens i can have this incredible extraordinary quality of life does that make sense because sitting around hoping is not a strategy and you wouldn't be here if that was your mindset so i really honor you for being here you're extraordinary people and i don't say that lightly i feel like we're brothers and sisters here so i know we can do because we did this we decided to do this back in july
because everybody's there and i thought how can i help well we're going to go online and do it so we did it here you're in my little basement here but after we did this i my brain started going it's like i don't want to do things like this i want to make this like a live event i'm used to having 12 15 20 000 people in a stadium and rock and roll music and people going for 12 14 hours a day out of their mind i was like i can never do that in people's homes but we did this even this short format i got ideas and i was like okay i just need to bring some technology to this i need to change it
so we can show you we built this incredible stadium the only reason we're not there right now is i just upgraded it so i'm literally back in my basement while they build it for my next event but we literally have 20 foot high ceilings you know 50 feet wide 180 degrees around me on both sides and i can see everybody clearly and bring you close and have the conversations with you and people have an app where they can click on some of you have it i know from the zoom people that's where you're hearing some of the clapping and laughter people push that button it sends a signal here and makes the sound so we have interactivity and now we've done more of this i've had
people literally that have wanted to do a seminar with me forever that haven't been able to that now can do it from the privilege of the home they have to leave their children they have to drive to fly to another country not to play for a hotel and so now out of this horrible experience of covid not all my companies are perfect they're all growing we're all figuring solutions but the mission that i'm in i'm able to do and serve so i just want you to know this week is for you and we're gonna do whatever it takes and i'm gonna go about two hours to two and a half hours a day i said an hour and a half but i rarely do that you have to understand
i normally don't go less than 50 hours and i'm not here to do the minimum for you so you can stick around i hope for all of it and those of you on zoom of course afterwards i'm going to do one-on-one q a with you as well so we'll go a little bit later for that as well but i want you to know this week can be a creator of momentum right momentum it's like it takes more energy to get out of the earth's atmosphere with a rocket then once they're out of the atmosphere it takes one 100th of that energy to get out of the solar system like you see a sports team and they get momentum and they start to dominate
if you learn how to change momentum you can change anything so let's start with what are we going to start with energy energy is the single most important thing how many of you out there have your own business raise your hand if you own your own business so i get a sense wow wow so the group that i can see so far it's around 85 90 that's usually who is how many of you don't own a business are in a place of leadership you either manage people or your mom or a dad you have to manage or interact with people and influence them say aye awesome
so if you're in those positions the way you lead is with your emotional state like if there's a problem and people are freaking out and you just come and go move i'll handle it it's not ego you just feel that certainly people like wow that's somebody i want to deal with but if you go i don't know what do you think what should we do oh shoot i don't know what do you think right you can't have the certainty that gets you to follow through and get results you aren't going to get that with low energy so jot this down if you would you cannot
manage what you do not measure you cannot manage what you do not measure now the number one thing we have to measure is our level of energy because it's going to affect the way your brain functions the way you interact with other human beings whether a problem knocks you to your knees or whether you truly step up so that energy is critical now think about this on a 0-10 if your energy is a 10 it's that 0 to 10 like unstoppable energy literally anybody give you anything and you're going to pour through it you're going to find a way
if your energy is like a 5 if it's a 2 or 3 it's over let me give an example let's say for example you're in a relationship with somebody let's say the two of you truly love each other i mean adore each other and you're both in these peak high energy states and you love each other how will that relationship go you know it's gonna be a great relationship it's not gonna be poor it's not gonna be weak two people in great states around each other loving each other extraordinary magnificent what do you have the same two people
you left energy drop down to you know pretty good okay good not outstanding amazing magnificent but you know good these two people love each other just as much is it going to be the same quality relationship yes or no yes or no no way no way you know it even though they love each other because your state affects it all now what if instead of in a peak state or even an okay state and it has nothing to do with each other both people get in a really low state they're stressed out they're exhausted they've been locked up forever the kids
are home everybody's fighting for bandwidth trying to get things done it's like i can't even go outside and all this is going on and they still love each other but their energy they allow it to get way down here low is it gonna be the same relationship yes or no you know it's not going to now people are going to say and do things they don't even mean but their partner may not forget it and it hurts now we've got problems the only other position is one's high energy one's low energy that's another danger zone because this person's want to stay good why aren't you feeling and they might even get in the fight over this
so your energy's got to be measured so shake your body out just for a second and if you would tell me on a scale from zero to ten where's your energy before we started here today before we started zero to ten before moving everything else where was it would you put it just put it in the chat for me real quick okay five seven seven a nine a seven eight a five a five a two a two a three a seven a six a five a four a six a seven a nine okay if i look at this it looks like the common number the mean numbers in the five six range
so i have a question for you would you ever want to date a five are you gonna want to do business with a person of a five of energy is a person of five energy gonna break through and build their business find the way to be financially free have this incredible racial relationship hell no so your energy affects everything how many buy that you don't have to but if you do raise your hand if you believe energy is one of the most important things to success say i so what's the problem the problem is energy is a habit science now shows about 48 of what we do
every day is habitual meaning we say some of the same things we think some of the same thoughts we have some of the same emotions even if the environment changes we have this emotional home this habitual home we get back to you know what's interesting you can become awake and you can change where you live emotionally you can shift it all but you will not do it without energy so if we agree energy is one of the most important elements to success in life then question is this where are you versus where do you need to be and secondly where does energy come from
let's say this morning i wake up sometimes one of the dumbest questions i've been asked in the media my entire career is i know when they're going to say it they get this look on their face and they say things like well you seem so energized your energy is really strong and but don't you have bad days don't you have days when you wake up in the morning and you're exhausted and you're just like you know you you just don't feel like doing anything and you're you're watching tv and eating cheetos and watching porn and i said well i do some of those things right but it's so silly of course i've had bad
times but i really don't have bad days anymore it's not because i'm super human it's like a trainer like if you train your muscle you're gonna have a strong bicep right and i've trained myself emotionally to be emotionally fit so it doesn't mean i'm perfect i don't feel any bad feelings during cove but i felt all those feelings but i didn't stay there because i trained myself and i keep training myself and i measure where am i zero to ten and if i'm at a seven i couldn't come out here and serve you to seven i wouldn't be tony robbins i wouldn't be able to serve people now i can go to twenty on a zero ten scale and then drop down to eight nine
ten feel comfortable but i'm showing you the tip of the iceberg when i need it all that energy's there how many follow what i'm talking about get a sense of what i mean by this say i perfect so what we need to do is say if we need more energy where is it gonna come from where do we get the energy from guys tell me put in the put in the chat box where does energy come from i want to know where you think it comes from chop it in the chat box so i can see okay comes some mindset comes from the body comes from my chest comes from food comes from food okay hold on a sec i'm seeing food food hold on a second
okay let me have you consider something different don't get me wrong food is a source of energy but it's not the source of energy now prove it to you how many of you can remember a time a holiday in america like thanksgiving or christmas around the world wherever it is a holiday where you get together with your family pre-covered right and what do most people do they have a big giant meal and what do you eat you go i'm just gonna have vegetables because it's thanksgiving i want to give thanks to my body no what do we do how much do you eat on those holidays how much a little or
a lot come on guys show me with your hands which one show me the volume right yes usually we eat so much we're so stuffed at the end what do you say oh i'll never eat again and someone goes pumpkin pie and you go okay but at the end of that do you feel like going for a run you playing football soccer whatever do you feel like no what do you feel like doing lying down and having a nap so sleep excuse me food is not the source and then people tell me sleep i saw several people asleep how many of you've ever slept eight hours and you're still freaking
exhausted raise your hand if you've ever done this before say i how many about a day you had no sleep like me because i was reading all your stuff all last night till early this morning and yet something happened and boom you were awake all day full of energy something stimulated how many done that as well say aye so guess what we're about to do that now so how do we find that energy it's a habit but it starts with the way you move the way you breathe and we use your voice now let me show you what i mean i've been teaching people for
44 years top athletes billionaire businessman how to shift when they get people come to me and usually two extremes they're the best in the world and so they want to get better because they're always looking they know a little change like a little 10 degree change i'm going this way no i'm going this way take it out six months from now a year from now you have a different destiny different destination so they're always looking for the cutting edge so they come to me i also get people when they're having a tough time because that's when people get driven to do something when it gets bad enough when they go through a real tough time and i gotta help them to shift and
the first place i always start i have to start was with the energy because inevitably when somebody's stuck if you've ever been stuck what's your energy like high or low show me guys high or low which one you know damn well it's low so where do we get that energy that habit we use our body we use our voice so for example 44 years i've been turned athletes around business people around the serena world's williams of the world the conor mcgregor's right the pit bull all the people around the world i get to work with every walk of life entertainment business sports finance and in every case i start with a body
so why well study was done at harvard finally four years ago proving scientifically what i've been teaching for decades and here's what they did they didn't do everything i teach they just did postures i want you to try something if you would please stand up please stand up if you would shake your body out you can adjust your camera if you can if you can't it's okay i can see it and what i want you to do really simply is i'll show you first here's what they did they took students and elderly people they people of all ages and they tried something they called it
power posture so i want you to put your hands on your hips like wonder woman or superman or something like that batman you know your shoulders are back hands on your hips just breathing fully and here's what they found within two minutes keep doing it but some of you aren't breathing i see you still breathe that's it i see you there good good good now while you're doing it for two minutes if you just stand like this and breathe fully shoulders back your testosterone doesn't matter if you're a man or a woman your testosterone will increase by 20 percent in your body that release in your body which gives
you strength and drive but also just doing this for two minutes and they found your stress hormone which is cortisol will drop literally by 25 percent and your risk tolerance your willingness to go do something you were afraid of changes by 33 in other words you're 33 more likely to take action than you were before if you just stand like this for two minutes the other one they have is seen a guy you know who's got his arms behind his back and his legs are up at the desk at the office that does the same thing believe it or not now i don't do this i show people
how to produce the energy by movement and voice so just for a second do me a favor no matter where you are i want you to wake up your nervous system so i'm going to ask you some things that sound weird but they're scientific and one of them is the way you make sound affects the way you feel radically it changes your biochemistry it also when i ask you to make a sound if you'll just do it instinctively not think about it it makes it go to the deepest part of your brain the reptilian portion of brain which wakes up your nervous system so right now while you're standing like this just try something make the sound out loud don't worry
about anybody be around of being totally excited what's the sound you make if you're totally excited make that sound go go go go do it again out loud and double the intensity of the sound go for it all right now now are there any are there any competitive people in the house any competitive people in these 195 countries oh good competition in latin means to conspire together if we're going to compete we're going to conspire together to make each other better if i'm going to play basketball against
you i want to push you as hard as i can so you get better i want you to push me as hard as you can and make me better so we're gonna have a little competition of energy all week long we're gonna give out some prizes we'll look for the people who have the most energy here and so i want you to shake your body out and i want you to try something i want you if there's someone else in the room i want you to point him and go i own you and if there's nobody in your room look at the camera and look for somebody else on the screen or me whatever you want go i own you but say like you mean it with authority and playfulness go ahead try it come on there chris kina tata you can do
it come on i'm watching you guys do it again i own you come on michael quick i own you one more time like you mean i own you baby all right now shake your body out and when you say i own you what you're really saying is i challenge you you low energy person and if there's not somebody with you you're doing it virtually and here's what we're gonna do for 30 seconds i'm going to ask you to use your body like a little kid like you're celebrating like like never before not
like a boring adult because why are we doing this jumping i'm talking about like a little kid who's playful who's ever felt playful as a little kid how many of you as a little kid ever did this did you ever like walk into the living room you're walking like this and all of a sudden your little kid you go right and walk off like nothing's happened who's ever had a kid do better than that kid say hi good i want you to imagine using more energy your voice your body celebrating like a little kid like you just had the greatest victory of your life we're gonna do it for 30 seconds and
it'll wake your energy up if you want to go for it raise your hand say i say i okay we're gonna clap and when i say one two when i say three i want you go crazy here we go one wake it up two three go crazy go make some noise [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] come on now natalie stroup god on your feet my sweet
use your whole body good girl i like your daughter virtual high fives or high fives go forward and then grab a seat feeling strong now when you sit down don't sit like you normally sit sit like you're in the
command chair of your life in fact right now when i say now first take a little sip of water if you got one there take a little sip of water if it's right beside you stay hydrated you get tired you're usually dehydrated most of us don't drink enough water all right now from your chair i want you to create more energy and sounds than when you're standing for 30 seconds ready go go crazy come on
[Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] if you feel stronger make your fists and say yes say yes say yes awesome okay so let's shift gears now so what are we all dealing with we're dealing with something we call problems right how many got some freaking problems many of which had nothing to do with you
even that were created by changes in the government change the environment who's got some challenges to deal with out there say i say i so i remember years ago i was 31 years old i was 32 maybe and i got a phone call from a man named norman vincent peale and norman if you don't know him wrote the original book called the power of positive thinking he was a religious leader and he's like the world needs a different mindset because we're all finding what's wrong
by the way i have a simple phrase i remind myself and everybody else what's wrong is always available isn't it there's always something wrong if you look for it but so is what's right what's right is always available as well and training your brain to do that is so critical because otherwise problems will overwhelm you especially during certain times like winter when several challenges happen once financial emotional your body your family that's a winter it doesn't matter what winter is outside it's the one you're experiencing inside and we've got to be able to get ourselves through it and out of it so in
order to do that we gotta understand something different so norman calls me up it was early in my career and says i really like to meet you how about you come and be my guest at one of my seminars it was up in toronto canada so i was totally honored i flew up i go to meet this legend he was 92 years old i was 32 that's right so a 60-year difference between us and i remember i said norman i said i said how come you're still doing seminars at 92 and he says well tony there's still a few negative people out there right and i remember i had this chance to be
imagine somebody 92 like when he was born there was no cars right this is years ago right 30 years ago roughly a little less 28 years ago no cars no computers we're not going to the moon think of all the things in his lifetime 92 years he'd seen so i said norm and i said i really want to know i mean you've you've lived such an extraordinary time in history such a long part of history what's the most important thing you've learned what's the most important thing people need to know to have an extraordinary quality of life and he didn't hesitate a
moment he said tony they need to understand the power of problems i said what do you mean by that he goes well most people are trying to avoid problems they think if there's a problem that's happened they've done something wrong and he said they don't understand that problems are gifts he said they don't understand the value of it in fact i remember you know years ago you know people quoted one of things i said decades ago and it was you know if you don't have problems it said first of all the only people without problems are people in cemeteries and i smile and
they say yeah i heard that phrase he goes yeah i said that in 1932 or whatever it was right it's like holy and and i said and he said but tony they don't finish the whole quote my quote was you know only people without problems are in cemetery so if you don't have a problem get it on her knees and start praying for one because i'll never forget how he said this he said tony problems are a sign of life see if you don't have problems you're either confused or you're calling it a challenge which is wonderful but
everyone has it if you're in business you have problems and what makes you a great leader is you solve problems quickly you're not focused on the problem you're focused on the solution but he said you know when this really came to me tony the power of problems he said i was speaking at this public speaking event and i was at this day i said there was a luncheon first there was a group of speakers and one of them was gene tunney gene tony was the world boxing championship of the world the champion of the world back then and he said he was unbelievably muscular fit like he'd never seen a man before and he said he was sitting beside me at
lunch and i said can i ask you a question jean he goes yeah he said how do you get muscles like that and gene tony's response really he wasn't you know norma wasn't prepared for it he said he turned to me and said do you really want to know are you just asking and norman said in his head i thought i'm just asking but i'm not going to say that now no i really want to know right and he said i built these muscles by every day pushing against unbelievable amounts of resistance and that's what sculpts these muscles
and gives me this power this strength and norman said he thought about it for about an hour afterwards he said tony i realized god gives us problems for the same way to build our soul's muscle our spiritual muscles because in dealing with those we have to push we have to break through and he said that's what sculpts our souls that's what makes us proud of who we are my original teacher was a man named jim rohn anybody ever heard of jim rohn out there some of you jim rum first development speaker i went to work when i was 17 years old
and i remember you know his whole mindset his whole approach was for things to change you have to change for things to get better you have to get better and it's just like wow you know i began to realize problems really are gifts in fact if you look at a great movie a great story any great story imagine someone here's their story of their life you watch a movie you read a book here's the story at the beginning of the story the main character is like really happy she or he is really healthy they have
incredibly passionate loving relationships they have a great family they love their career they're financially free their spiritual life that's how it starts and then about a third of the way through the story the person's really happy they're really healthy they have a great family their finances are great their career is great they feel spiritually and physically alive and you get to the last portion of the book and they're really healthy and they're really happy and they have great relationships and great finances everything's perfect who's gonna go to that movie nobody right because what makes us alive what
makes us grow is facing a challenge my teacher jim rohn said something to me when i was 17 i'm 60 and i've never forgotten it he said tony what you get will never make you happy who you become will make you really happy or really sad and i found that to be totally true in other words the purpose of your goal is not to get the goal the purpose of your goal is who you become to get that you can take over all the things or accoutrements that i have the privilege to have in my life today and you could never take away who i've
become as a man what i've contributed to human beings and that feeling inside of ownership that comes from that kind of growth so my goal for these five days is give you some momentum in each area give you some strategies give you some insights and just get you to focus because where focus goes energy flows and most people focus on what they don't want and so they experience more of that turn on the news and all you're going to hear i mean news people are good people but they're a business and guess what people keep saying we're in an information society who are we kidding the information
society died a long time ago there's too much information true we're we're drowning in information and we're starving for wisdom and when you turn on the news what do you get nobody bad it's just they know they got to get your attention we're in an attention society now they got to grab your attention they don't inform you or educate you their job is to startle you your child may die by drinking water fill them at 11 right you know they're going to attack the capital and destroy everything let's put enough troops there more than we've had in vietnam
afghanistan and iraq all at once these overreactions and everybody gets engaged and they spend time online they click on things because that aggravation that fear sells in journalism there's a phrase if it bleeds it leads so you have to divorce yourself and start guard at the top at your own brain stand guard at the door of your own mind jim rohn used to say to me tony he said listen to me what happens if your best friend puts sugar in your coffee it seems better yet what if your worst enemy
put sugar in your coffee what's going to happen you have sweet coffee he said what if your family member your closest friend somebody you love by accident drops one drop of strychnine in your coffee i said you'd be dead because that's right life is sugar and strychnine and watch your coffee and you gotta watch what you put in your brain right you got to take control of that process so people believe that there's something wrong when there's a problem and i'd like you to write this down if you were just a simple phrase really simple and that's this your biggest problem is
you think you shouldn't have one your biggest problem is you think you shouldn't have a problem and yet problems are a sign of life that's what makes us grow so it makes us feel most proud if you own a business and you found a way to succeed and you have those early days where you're struggling with cash flow to survive and somehow you made it through whenever i'm sitting down with buddies of mine who've made a billion dollars or more and they have huge empires what do we all talk about the early days when we're struggling because you have so much joy from what's come from that growth
see every one of us in this room is probably experiencing some stress in our lives and all of us i don't care how rich you are how beautiful or handsome you think you are how funny you are how many people love you how much anything you have how many beautiful children the only way you're going to be able to stay fulfilled and happy is you got to keep growing we grow or we die i'm sure you've seen so many beautiful souls who have taken their life people you may have really enjoyed think of some of the comedians you know that have taken their own life
committed suicide think of designers that have done this anthony bourdain the guy on cnn took his life this beautiful man because when people stop growing we stop have something new to give and we have nothing new to give we feel like our life is meaningless so if you and i are going to change all this we got to say problems or gifts and my job is crush those problems learn from those problems and expand how many of you right now in this room this virtual room of ours around the world how many of you can think of something that happened
years ago that was horrible you'd never want to go through it again if you could avoid it you wouldn't want anybody you care about to go through it again and yet looking back on it now three four five ten years back you see the grace in it you see that it made you so much stronger it's made your life richer even though you hated it or it made you care more because you had so much pain for it how many can think of something like this that at the time was horrible but now you see the grace of it here say i say i then don't wait
what if you developed a new belief what if your new belief is life is always happening for me instead of to me because what we're going to talk about this morning a little bit this afternoon here is the story of your life for many of you is a trap because the human mind tends to look for things that are the most painful because it wants to avoid it and so we tend to remember that you know there's a difference between what we call the remembering self and the experiencing self a nobel prize winner made this distinction you go to a concert let's say it's a
classical music concert that may not be your style it doesn't mind personally but i can appreciate it and you're in it and it's just gorgeous and the musicians are amazing and everything is in unison and then somebody dropped something bam bam crash and it just jolts everybody for a moment but then the music comes back in and you drop back in and your experience of the full two hours was gorgeous but your memory will be that freaking person who dropped that thing and jolted everybody that's the way the mind works not the heart the mind you have to learn to discipline
and direct your mind because otherwise your experience of life is going to be modified because we tend to look at what's wrong more instead of what's right so for you and i when it comes to this idea of problems just remember no one no one is going to get by without experiencing extreme stress in their life no one i remember had i did business with some people for many years and thought they were my friends and unfortunately i get a phone call one day from the cfo of that company saying i'm leaving the company and tony have to tell you your partners have been screwing you for
five years they've given you false financials here's how they've done it i can't in good conscience stay with the company knowing they did that to you and i want to tell you about this so long story short i confronted these people first i said i'm sure you didn't do it deliberately please look it up and fix it they dragged out because tens of millions of dollars i finally had to sue them it was one of the worst experiences i can remember ever happening and yet i grew from that at such different levels and years later
i just forgave them moved on i got most of my money back walked away from it still stayed friendly with him because it's like i don't want to carry grudges you know what good is that doesn't help me it's like you know when people say i'm going to resent this person i'm going to hate this person you know repenting somebody hating somebody is like you know taking poison in your own body and expecting someone else to die right it's the one that's hurting you so i was like letting go and then i get this phone call from one of these people and he's telling me about his child who has this severe
rare disease and here's this man who's made a billion dollars and a lot of it's done well in my mind some of it wasn't so well and yet he still got pain so what does extreme stress look like it sounds like this somebody in your family with cancer heart disease so many of you mean your stories like that are going through that right now or have recently or have lost someone because one or three people get cancer wanted to die of heart disease right it's going to touch all of us at some stage that's not being negative it's just what is in your lifetime people around you are going to experience stress someone's going to have a burglary or
horrifically maybe be raped or your home's going to burn down or you're going to lose your job or somebody you love is going to die or move away or separate aren't you glad you showed up for this positive seminar this afternoon but it's true right so the key is not stress here's the key we got to learn to use our stress not let stress use us just like technology learn how to use your stress not let stress use you and here's what extreme stress does if you can get through it like i have a friend who was in vietnam uh
and he was locked up for seven years in north vietnam in a you know communist prison and they literally put him in isolation he and so many other people put him on on a cell where the floor was like on an angle like this chained his feet up here and wouldn't go to the bathroom so he'd pee and the acids would run down down his back and burn his skin off they abused him in every way seven years and i used to bring him to speak to my audiences because i always want people to realize you have no problems what you think is a problem someone else would love to have your worst problem is
somebody else's dream and so sure enough he'd speak people be deeply moved but i remember seeing one time when the irs came after him and he wasn't even slightly stressed he goes tony i've had the north vietnamese doing this what do you think the irs is going to possibly do to me so here's what extreme stress does when you push through it and we all got to push through it because most of us have it right now the world has it three things jot them down if you don't mind number one you're gonna discover how strong you really are who here has already felt i realize you're much stronger than you thought you are pushing through this already many of you
it looks like right number two when you push through and realize how strong you are you're also going to discover who your real friends are who really loves you and who you really love because when things get rough that's when your real friends and family are never and everybody else exits and thirdly you build an immunity to future challenges you literally develop a pattern to be able to deal with anything because it's almost like your muscles have gotten stronger your mental emotional spiritual muscles have gotten stronger and so we want to make this happen and by the way most people think a world without problems will make them
happy in fact i've seen studies i'm wondering what you guessed in north america i don't know what is in every country but i just saw the study recently north america they asked people two questions us and canada they said what is the greatest thing that ever happened in your life that was the first question what do you think the number one answer was the greatest thing that could happen in their life i thought they'd say fall in love with the ideal person or something like that no number one winning the lottery winning the lottery and ideally a hundred million dollars or
more right and the way is ask them number two what is the most horrible thing what would be the most disastrous thing what would be the scariest thing what would be the worst thing that ever happened to you and a lot of answers but the number one answer was 60 plus people gave the answer becoming a quadriplegic those are pretty extreme differences when the lottery become a quadriplegic so here's my question because you're dealing with things in your life right now that i'm sure are stressful it's just part of life right so here's my question which one of these people do you think
is happier three years after the experience after they win the lottery or after the quadriplegic which one put in the chat box which one do you think is happier three years later jot it down real quick for me if you would put it down there so i can see in the chat box go ahead there you go okay good good good now almost all of you are saying the quadriplegic and you're wrong i trapped you it's the obvious answer here right no it's not the quadriplegic but it's not the person that won the lottery either do you know what happens
within three years we have an emotional immune system within three years if the person who has a quadriplegic is not put on drugs that's the exception the bottom line is they're both as happy as they were before it happened because the quadriplegic now is excited about being able to move their finger like is awe it's excitement it's amazing and the person made all this money and thought it was going to make them free now they're dealing with people trying to take their money family members that are demanding it the irs is coming after it people are trying to manipulate them and they eventually get back to where
they were so i want you to know whatever you're dealing with i hear you i feel you but you can solve it but the first thing is not to have the delusion the problems are going to go away here's the goal get a better quality of problem right apple computers try to you know deal with a problem they were going bankrupt and then they came up with itunes and the ipod and it was so successful it created a new problem there they didn't have enough of them and people were mad distributors are mad so then they went to china and made them faster and
cheaper and then people were mad because they scratched and they got a hundred million dollar lawsuit against them but that was a quality problem for a business that i was doing two billion dollars in music sales how many follow what i'm talking about get a better quality problem here say i and that can happen if you make this psychological shift so here's what i want to give you for this day two skill sets i want to share with you but before i do just for a second stand back up because you've been sitting too long i know you're all over stand up just for a second shake your body out if you would please stand up shake it out shake it out put a little music on there and i want you to
shake your body wake your body up on three shake the building one two three go wake it up come on now show me some of those dance moves nice job kevin emily i [Music] catherine ann wilson i like those moves baby lynn oliver you never be come on move down marty show me what you [Applause] [Music]
[Applause] got [Music] come on wake it up make a little noise [Music] all right make some noise let me hear you
high fives or virtual high fives go all right grab a seat take another quick little simple water if you would so you stay hydrated again if you start feeling tired or your mind feels like it's you know having a hard time focusing it's usually dehydration what's weird is when we're dehydrated we don't actually feel thirsty the body kind of shuts that off a lot of times you think you're hungry you're actually thirsty so sweet a little more water than you normally do while we're doing this just to keep things going now i'd like to talk to you for this day one on how to create a breakthrough
how many of you need a breakthrough a breakthrough in your business or in your career or your finances or your body your emotion you're like who's got one you want up there say i say i so in order to have a breakthrough we first got to understand is what is a breakthrough so if i asked you right now what do you think a breakthrough is i'm saying you need a breakthrough what is it write it down if you would real fast in the chat let me see what you got what is a breakthrough this person says i'm i'm having multiple breakthroughs tony well men can have multiple breakthroughs too
ladies just so you know right right a realization a different level a break there's a win a release someone said getting to the next level a decision conquering something can be a breakthrough an aha moment new habits are a breakthrough a release a next level achieving a goal a change all your answers are great but let me give you my definition of a breakthrough if i may because i've spent my entire life obsessed because i get the phone call when the athlete's burning down on national television serena williams her sister's just gotten killed what do i do i got to get back on the court and
i got to turn him around or i get the phone call when a child is suicidal or an adult and knock on wood i've never lost that experience in all these years thousands and thousands of people that i've got the chance to deal with and so it's not because i'm so smart it's because if someone's going to kill themself they have a belief whatever you do is based on your beliefs and the belief they have is living is more painful than dying if you shift that belief they're going nowhere does that make sense so whatever we really want to make happen to have a breakthrough
we got to be able to see there's multiple ways to make that happen but what is a breakthrough it's a moment in time please jot it down a breakthrough is a moment in time when everything changes when the impossible becomes possible and you do something you take action to make it change it's not just thinking about it it's this moment where everything seemed impossible and also you go oh my god i can see what i need to do this is it what's impossible is now possible and you take action and the key word there is words a moment in time
i remember i saw a movie one time i i don't remember which one it was but had this phrase in it where the person says all you need is five seconds of courage and you can change your whole life it's true right you can change your whole life in the moment of decision if you just get yourself in a courageous state that doesn't mean you're not afraid courage doesn't mean you're not afraid courage means you're afraid but you do it anyway right so the bottom line is a breakthrough is that moment in time so now my question is what is the trigger for a breakthrough raise your hand if you have an area of your life
in the past where you struggled you were frustrated you want to lose weight you didn't do it or stop smoking to do it or a relationship thing or a business thing and you're mad at yourself because you kept saying you're going to do it and didn't follow through who's ever done this before raise your hand if you know what i'm talking about awesome so raise your hand and say i if there's an area you struggle with over and over again until one day finally went no more not another day not an hour i'm changing this now and you did something about it and changed it who's done that if you did get your fist up here hand up here and say i say i
great because i want you to know i'm not going to teach you something you haven't done i'm going to teach you how you've done what you've done the past so you can do it again so that moment in time was triggered by something something triggered you finally change it i'm wondering if you remember what it was and something that made it possible to change it so here's what i'm gonna ask you to do right now i'm gonna ask you to sit up in your chair and whether it's on your computer or your ipad or a piece of paper and pen i want you to jot down if you would please
write down at least one breakthrough you've had where you struggle with something for a long time smoking drinking eating a relationship a business thing finance what and then one day you finally hit a threshold and you finally broke through you had the breakthrough you got the insight and you acted on it and changed your life for the better and here's how i want you to do this i want you right now i'll put up on the screen for you right now here's the steps i want you first write down what was your breakthrough what's the situation again were you strong for a long time you finally broke through what was it and then secondly what was the moment
that made you change it what triggered you made me write that word what triggered me what made changing a must not a should it was a should before i should do this i should do that in one day no more like maybe have you ever done this how many of you've ever stayed in a relationship way too long who's ever done this before way too long right and why'd you stay you weren't even happy because like being alone might be more scary than being with this person i'd rather deal with the devil i know than the devil i don't know right but you may have come across a day where
you'd also say well it'll be better in the future or it used to be good you change time zones if the present doesn't feel good but if you ever had a breakthrough in a relationship it's probably you probably went you know what it's been painful in the past it's painful now it's gonna be painful in the future i'm out of here who's ever finally got out of a relationship because your brain went no more who's done this before say i so i want you to write down a breakthrough it can be personal it could be your body it could be a business one write down at least one if you get more than one if you get more than one down great but then what moment triggered you to
finally change it what was different at that moment did you get so mad or do you get so worried or did you get so excited or did you get a role like what triggered it and then finally what made it possible to have that change last was it a change in your beliefs about yourself or what you're doing was it a change in emotion or you just got more passion or you got pissed off enough to change it was it meaning somebody had already succeeded you thought god if they can do that i can do this you know was it learning a new skill
that made it possible so i want to know what was the breakthrough you struggled you turned around what was the moment that changed it what made you finally do at that moment what trigger and then what made it possible what strategy what insight what person what emotion what role model what new belief made it possible and i'm gonna have you take four minutes and do this as fast you can okay sit up in your chair we'll put some music on rock and roll
[Music] [Music] if you want to put it in the chat i'd love to see it as well if you choose to but at least do it for yourself what was the thing you struggled with you finally broke through and how did it change your life what triggered you to finally make the change a must and what made it possible was it a new belief a new emotion a new role model a new skill a new strategy let's figure it out because there's a pattern here if you get one done and you can do a second one with all three questions do it as well because then you'll notice a
pattern [Music] [Music] [Music] take a look at a breakthrough you've already succeeded in it'll show you the pathway for a new one zeb merson you look like you're really committed to this process nice job douglas sheehan you as well
[Music] pamela russell good focus well i guess that's why it's worth bonnie hey you changed your occupation after years of studying and working in the field what made you finally change it and what made it possible if i told those that are sharing it thank you for sharing i'm reading them all thank you come by quick but i'm getting
[Music] i it smoking on the phone with my arm in a cancer treatment realized how disrespectful it was to her i'm disrespectful to my own body nice [Music] job [Music] that's why [Music] what was the breakthrough what finally made you take action and what made it possible for it to last
how's your life better maybe one last question how's your life better because of all this because you broke through how's your life better greater more beautiful more alive [Music] about a minute and a half left minute half left it's something else on there how's your life better today because you
broke through nina perez when you think about it you can smile every now and then i'm watching you there you go what a beautiful smile [Music] that's it gabrielle nice troy miller [Music] oh wow they're coming in like crazy guys thank you this is gorgeous look at these breakthroughs you've all had in your relationships and your body
your mind your emotions and your businesses see what's making it happen you got about 30 seconds left [Music] this february just like the one that gave you you stole the best you had to about ten seconds left raise your hand if you finished already you've at least done one with these three questions so i know where you are great let me give you another 30 seconds then another 30 seconds
it's worth like a dime mind when occurs if i told you how i feel there you go natasha harris while you're doing this in a nice place [Music] nice lori levy [Music] jody jackson nice to see you
[Music] kevin donkey [Music] [Applause] [Music] kev mins okay finish up all right time come on back now how many of you were able to discover a breakthrough and what actually triggered it because you dealt with it a lot of times didn't follow through and more important than only what triggered it but what made it possible how many got some answers for me here raise your hand have you got some answers good then we're going to call on a couple of you real quick and just check
in with you so my team in the back since this is different than my normal studio let's go let's grab somebody here and bring them up on screen for me if you would give it up for him ladies and gentlemen all right looks like we got emily here emily how are you can you hear me oh guys she's she's got her mute on still gotta unmute yourself or she's there we go still muted somebody give me some help the first
time we're doing it here we're doing this now across multiple platforms we got zoom we've got youtube and we got facebook so if you saw what was going on in the back of this place to make this work and blow your mind here we go can we get somebody back on where we can hear them real quick raise your hand if you'd like to share and we'll grab you if you like to share grab one there and bring them straight up there we go looks like jennifer here i'm still seeing her turned off guys please
little help there we go can i can you hear me yes i can hear you tony oh wonderful happy new year yeah i have been dreaming about this day where i get to talk to you i put red lipstick on today and i said today i'm gonna be tony and i'm gonna talk to him i looked at myself in the mirror and i said i am doing this jennifer look look look look i'm not taking this off until i make my dream come true
about making my movie telling my story and telling tony oh my god this works well you're you're powerful because you must give her a hand everybody give her a hand making such a huge difference in my life whatever okay so jennifer you you're very powerful you managed to shut somebody else's mic off in order to get this done you want to pick so tell me tell me if you would what was the area you struggle with and then what made you break through like what funny pushed you over the edge
and then tell me what made it last what new belief what new experience what new skill what new emotion share it with us if you would okay so what came up for me right now um it it's always the same thing when i was 18 years old i unfortunately was left alone unfortunately fortunately because i see the grace in it now and i see what what amazing gift that was i was left alone with my 12 year old brother and nine month old sister and i was 18 i just graduated high school
and my parents and everyone got deported until this day my dream is to bring my mom back to this country and where are you what country in the world are you i'm here in cali but my mom is venezuelan and i was able to bring her to mexico so now i get to see her more and my 99 year old grandmother as well so i'm getting close i want them here with me in my backyard right here in cali so what tell me this what what was it that finally got you to push through when something seemed impossible
for me it was um it was anger and it was fear of being separated from them uh and them going to foster care okay and so i had i stepped up at 18 years old how did you step up what did you do i what did i do i said i remember i remember taking my sister from that from the babysitter's arms that wanted to keep her and and said i will call foster care if you
don't yeah it was crazy so i said um i'm leaving i'm taking them i don't know how i'm gonna do this but i'm doing it and and so my my boyfriend at the time and family and friends supported me and i was able to keep them with me raise them and um give her a hand for that everybody that's beautiful give her a hand save your own raise your own siblings it's beautiful really beautiful who's that beautiful man behind you there's my husband my husband my beautiful husband and here's my beautiful son right here
hey guys nice to see you all well listen i really want to thank you uh i'm just for five seconds because i got to go next person but you mentioned something about making a movie is the movie about your family is that what it's about it's about yes it's about and i had just won miss teen miami a week before all of this happened just so you know so um so for me but my dream is to let people know that never give up on your dreams um and to keep your family close and united and um and so it's remembering it's always
remembering your your your um never letting people it's it's that um determination yes it's that determination to prove that you have the power today just me talking to you tony just me talking to you right now it just reminds me like you you just need to choose it you guys honestly everyone that's listening to me around the world you just need to really believe in yourself and look at yourself in the
mirror and go you deserve this so i want i want everybody to see the pattern here and we're going to walk through it in a second i'm going to give you all a shortcut so from this day forward when you want to make a breakthrough in your body or your relationship or your finances or your family you're going to know exactly what to do but i want you to notice this happened she was not prepared she went probably through some of those same emotions like shock and then anger fear all those things but she created something new she eventually took charge and what did it a change in her beliefs and emotions it
was a combination of the fear of loss of our own family and the anger that someone would do this to them those two invisible forces fear and anger immobilized her but then she started to develop a belief that she was possible that i could do this she found people could help her because she was so committed the world opened for her she found new ways and she still is give it up for a big hand for ladies and gentlemen nice job really nice meeting you and your family nice job jennifer somebody else raise your hand who can tell us your breakthrough let's do one more who's out of breakthrough
[Music] there we go how about there you go how about scott and the nc crestling up there if you can see them or somebody else grab somebody quick there we go sam take me up there i saw that sign give it up for him [Applause] [Music] bring him on up please bring somebody up there we go looks like jason how you doing jason guys we're having a habit here there we go jason can you hear me
yeah i'm doing great tony thank you where are you in the world jason uh southern california another southern cow person awesome down in l.a or san diego where uh just below l.a so ontario california oh i know ontario i grew up in azusa san gabriel valley i know they uh all the time for plumbing from plumbing that seems appropriate based on my history there tell me brother what was the area you struggled with and then you finally found a way to break through what triggered you to finally follow through and what made it possible
what new emotion what new belief what role model what skill if you wouldn't mind oh it was uh i just started out my new business and i was also going through a divorce with my wife high school sweetheart situation long story there but it didn't work out so we decided to go our separate ways but it was incredibly hard because she was so ingrained with my family so the the financial burden starting out the new business and doing everything alone it was just taxing me just just 24 7 and there was a point in time when it
looked like the bank account wasn't going to survive it looked like the business was going to struggle and what i just the the point of despair i would say and realizing there's no going back and then what i what i learned throughout that process was to take your problems and internalize it into fuel yeah keep the furniture going and i just realized that at that point in time i could get up at three in the morning and i could do 20 jobs a day and i could pay my own bills and i could get everything done and nobody would see the stress because
i turned it into the fuel so that they could only see the success because they only see what you allow them to see and it just it's it's it's incredible so you so i want you all to hear what he did he got to a point where there was so many stresses he was in despair despair means you figure out i don't know how the hell to do this i don't i can't do this but there's some part of the human spirit that if you push it that far and if you don't let go there's a part of you that'll say f that screw that whatever language you would use in your experience and something in you steps up doesn't it
steps up and says i'm going to handle this i've got to find i'll find a way i hear people all the time tell me about tony i you know i can't do start my own business and how did you start yours i was going to high school i was working as a janitor making 40 a week in the middle of the night because i went to school i go literally and do clean up these banks i take buses there an hour and a half to get there an hour and a half back i could work for two and a half hours and have six hours of work because they paid you for the result must be hours so all night long i'm up doing these things and that's what i did
like i basically when i got out of school my next approach was okay i gotta pay for my life nine to five but i always tell people what are you doing from six to two because that's the other eight hour process that i built my career on and then eventually you get rid of everything else but what he said also is critical there's a point where he decided to burn his boats if you hurt him like i'm not willing to accept anything but success i don't care what it's going to take i don't have to have to work all night long i'm going to do whatever it takes i always tell people if you want to take the island burn your boats because as long as there
is a way out the human mind oh this is too scary it's overwhelming i don't want to do it and you'll run out but if you've got nowhere to go but forward the human spirit is amazing and what we'll do if we're committed beautiful job give a big hand everybody give another hand good job one more one more we got one more raise your hand if you like to share i'm not scott and nancy christian they keep showing pick me pick me up there up in the right hand corner there we are there you are
let's even grab them my normal stadium would grab them easily in the far right corner number two from the top pick me there you go there you go bring them up give it up for them they're working at it [Music] scott and nancy can you hear me yes nice to meet you guys wow you're holding your sign up i had to go for you guys you're doing everything to get on there so tell us first of all where are you in the world uh right now currently we're in florida in the united states very nice i am too
great place to be a lot of freedom down here isn't it nice tell me guys what was the area you struggled with for so long couldn't get yourself to do it and then what day what happened that day that finally made you push through and then what made it possible that it really worked tell me so uh for me it's been my whole life not taking no for an answer i grew up i was abused i grew up in a in a really tough situation and everybody told me i couldn't do what i wanted to do
and i did i ended up in the movie industry for 30 years wow and then i had an accident and i had i had wanted to get out of the business or change what i was doing i wanted to produce and i kept saying i'm going to get out i'm going to get out and another film would pop up with money and i'd go ah and i took your course the robin's madonna's coaching course to become a life coach we both did wow and i kept i kept putting the money for the film industry
over what we could do to start our life coaching and i kept saying like no i'm gonna we're gonna do that we're gonna do that and it took me getting blown up in an explosion and having to learn how to re-walk how to re-talk wow how to get balanced in not only my physical state but my mental state yes and every doctor told me that i wouldn't walk again that i wouldn't speak correctly again not taking no not listening to the yeah that you can't
nobody ever has you won't i don't i don't accept it yeah and now we've had a life coaching business for two years that's thriving and now we're going to produce a movie about my great grandfather who wrote the cuban national anthem wow that is give them a hand ladies that's beautiful give it up for them that's gorgeous listen uh you know you are showing the formula for what anybody does they we hit a threshold you guys all know what
you mean by a threshold a point we go no more none of the day not an hour now yours took blowing up to do it some people have to blow up inside get really pissed off or get really worried or they get inspired but we need a level of emotion because what i said to you when we started this was the most powerful force in the world the invisible force of your life is human emotion human emotion starts wars and it can also create peace human emotion is what's causing people to get married or divorced human emotion is what gets you laid
gentlemen right human emotion is what makes the whole world move but most of us are not directing our emotions until we have to and so you had to have to but use the explosion to finally do what you always wanted to do it's like horrible i'm sure try to at least talk re-walk and everything else but it also brought so much mental muscle not just physical muscle i'm talking about psychological spiritual muscle in you made you so much stronger and now like you're somebody i don't have to know anymore about you i'd recommend somebody to you for coaching
because not only i know you've been trained by my work that helps but honestly it's because you've lived it i don't want to i don't want somebody to coach me who's fat about how to get fit i don't want to go to a doctor that's ill i don't want a psychiatrist who takes you know zoloft to tell me what to do and that's i don't go to somebody who's broke financially who's selling me on their stock i want to go to somebody that's done it for years and years and years under the worst circumstances and you deserve great honor and so does this beautiful lady beside you is this your wife uh
this is my wife and my support system you know she yeah i was gonna say you didn't do that by yourself it doesn't sound like it sounds like you guys were together through it all so i we really honor you god bless you both give them all everybody give a big hand please very nice thanks for sharing [Music] [Applause] yes so let me give you the formula shake your body out in your chair just shake it out get that energy in your body shake it out check it out make up a noise while you're doing it ladies and
gentlemen come on [Music] normally you know we we pay as cap rights we do all our normal music but unfortunately facebook even with the rights being owned would knock you guys off if we use it so we got this other music hopefully you're able to use it create some energy now how do we take a breakthrough what's the overall pattern let me give you the pattern because here's my mindset so you know i'm about action and results you don't get results without action it's not enough to know what to do lots of people know what to do they
don't do what they know so when i work with people the if you've met people been through my seminars like unleash the power then they go it changed my entire life what changed their life is they wired themselves for action they found a way to break through they found a way to do the things all these people did but not have to wait to get enough pain to do it and in order to get to that portion of breakthrough you got to also understand you got to keep it simple please jot this down complexity is the enemy of execution if you're in a business or if you're in your life and you want to lose weight or
you want to build your business so you want to increase your sales you want to do whatever it doesn't usually happen because we make it too complex complexity is the enemy of execution if we're going to execute we got to not just know what to do we got to develop the rituals or habits that make it happen automatically in order to create a breakthrough you got to understand and execute three things because this is what i found try to take every break that i've ever seen and simplify and simplify it to the crystallization of what really is the core here it is if you're gonna have a
breakthrough the single most important thing that you need to do have a breakthrough people rarely do first in fact i'm gonna give you the three keys to a breakthrough and they all start with an s and they've already revealed one i'm going to give them to you in reverse order of importance what does that mean i'm going to tell you the order people usually do this in which will explain you why it fails because there's a sequence to success if i said to you the dog bit johnny versus johnny bit the dog i used the same ingredients all i changed was the
order but it's a very different experience if you're johnny right so what we need to do is know there's a sequence to creating a breakthrough and we usually will eventually stumble across it but by giving you this shortcut today i'm going to give you what i use now when i want to change anything in my business and my life and my business and my finances and my body with my kids this is where i go so i'm going to give you the first the way most people go so i'm going in reverse order so most people when they're not getting what they want if they don't give up and they don't
just blame people that's what most people do but if they're people like you and i like we're gonna find a way right so what do we do we look for the right strategy and that makes sense in fact for me it makes total sense i'm a strategist that's what i do i'm a business and life strategist all i do is figure ways to get you the result quicker faster better more easily and i'm no genius but i've been doing this for 44 years my 44th year at this point i'd be an idiot not to see there's these patterns you know patterns everybody has i get a
phone call in the middle of the night years ago and surprise the united states and he's saying they're going to impeach me in the morning tony what should i do not trump that's a different one i'm talking about clinton and my first response to him was well could you call me sooner it's the morning for god's sakes right but then i got to figure out what to do to turn him around and he's busy trying to figure out the strategy and he didn't figure out what really needed to be done i had to walk him through that so there's strategies for everything the right strategy in your business could save you five years
right strategy in a relationship could get you out of all this pattern of fighting or overwhelm or feeling unloved and reconnect right the right pattern with your children and you're gonna have an incredible family and there's different patterns for everything so i teach strategies for business strategies for finance strategies for your body all these that's why i spent my whole life doing and i didn't make these up i found people that were getting results remember i said my teacher jim rohn used to say success leaves clues if someone is really successful for years and years and years
they're not lucky if somebody loses 20 pounds and they gain it back i don't mean much but if they take off 20 pounds and keep it off for a decade they're not lucky they're doing something different than you're doing if you see somebody's in a relationship and they have incredible not just love but passion as well and they've been together 20 years they're not lucky they're doing things different than you are in your relationship so i was obsessed from an early age i wanted answers because i was fat i grew up in a family i had four different fathers i was not popular and i love people
right i was just like all these struggles we have no money for food that's why you know i feed some of you know 100 million meals a year i donate every year i said i'm going to feed a billion people over 10 years i'm in year number seven we're already at 700 million meals so i'm not doing that because i'm so good i'm doing it because i know what it feels like to suffer and i don't want anybody else to suffer and so i it made me become more to be able to figure that out so if you're gonna have a breakthrough most people are trying to figure out the strategies let's take a simple example how about um let's say overweight
70 of americans are overweight it's the largest level of fat in any country in the world and unfortunately those around the rest of the world are beginning to model us you see it even happening in china even in japan you're starting to see some of this but china a big example and so we're all starting to model the same behaviors so okay i'm overweight and i want to deal with it how am i going to do that what do most people do they look for a strategy they look for a diet or an exercise plan makes common sense right just one problem the real problem is not
usually the strategy now don't get me wrong sometimes people like they're going on a diet like let's say the atkins diet and i don't remember like 10 years ago time magazine had the atkins diet on the cover of time magazine 15 of americans were doing this one diet and of course like all these fat diets kind of disappeared because if you did the atkins diet you had a pee on a stick because it made you so acidic you know some people would collapse it's pretty horrible and your breasts smelled so bad you ought to be a clue this isn't sustainable
right but everybody was doing it so they had the wrong strategy it worked for a while because when your body's got acidic you pee like crazy you lose a lot of water weight right most people they don't feel good they eat a little less but it wasn't sustainable does that make sense the problem wasn't usually just the strategy though because if i said to you how hard is it to learn how to be fit and healthy and strong and the world we live in today you gotta like is it be are people not fit and healthy because it's so complex
because the information is only saved for the top one percent because it costs so much money to get these answers no you and i know that's all bs you have to pretty much hide your head not to see all the ways to make yourself healthy if right now you wanted to get instruction how to get fit and strong where could you go right now from the comfort of your own home you could download some books right you can watch some videos some audios you get instructions you can get coached online god forbid you could actually go to a workout facility in the future when they let you
right and most people would drive around and think it all through i hear people go yeah you know i'm going to get an exercise program together you know i'm just i'm going online i'm studying all these different trainers i'm reading all this stuff and you know i'm going to find the best one and get going i'm like oh we're going to go you don't need a dream somebody get behind you go run right you know you don't need this you just need to get going who knows what i'm talking about here say aye you need to get momentum right so strategy is beautiful i'm a strategist it's just that's where people go first
they're focusing on how and how is not usually the problem the real problem is usually your story the story that you're telling yourself what is the story throw it up on the screen for people you got strategy but you also got story what is the story it's whatever you tell yourself over and over again a set of beliefs you tell yourself over and over again until you feel certain right beliefs equal certainty if you believe nothing's going to work you know the whole world's coming apart and you believe that you feel certain
about that you're not going to do squat to make your life better because you know it's not going to work why be disappointed how many follow what i'm talking about here if you do say i so you're not using the strategy because you got a story what's the story i've tried everything come on if you tried everything you'd be fit and healthy right couldn't have tried everything i've tried millions of things millions really list the millions of things you've done well you know i've tried thousands of things well listed well i have tried dozens of things will
tell me and they'll tell me three stupid things they do over and over again that don't work that's their idea of trying everything if you tried everything you find the way what's gotten in the way is the story or if you're single and you haven't found a great relationship or the other one's falling apart it's like you know i'm messed up that becomes their belief if you believe that you're not going to ever have a relationship or all the good ones are gone or they're gay and i'm not or i'm gay and they're not or something like that see the story you tell yourself changes everything please write this down change
your story change your life change your story change your life here's an approach divorce your story of limitation now don't get me wrong i know there's limits right now there's coveted squeeze there's places where you can't do things there's all kinds of things that are outside your control but there's always a way i'm here with you right now because i said there is a way to help people still and to still have the impact right in the middle of it even with people at home and then this little thing in my basement here grew into these stadiums and now it's grown in me reaching more
people in the last five and a half months than i did in the previous two years i'm able to help people in any way because i developed this belief a different story right change your story change your company change your story change your life divorce your story of limitation and marry the truth of your unlimited divorce capacity story of limitation marry the truth of your unlimited capacity now some people get a divorce and they go visit with their ex don't visit with your limitations cut them off right
just commit this is where i'm going now because if you put yourself in a place where you have the right story you will figure out the strategy or you will find the strategy or you'll make one up you won't need someone else how many have you ever been with someone and they've got a problem and you're not being egotistical but you've been through it so you know you can help them and then you try to show them what they could do to make things better and they like fight you on it like no no this will never work and they tell all the reason who's ever dealt with somebody like raise your hand say aye if you've dealt with this
say i see they can't even see the strategy right in front of them because they're hypnotized by their story our stories can literally shut us down i'll give you a simplistic example when you're a kid do you ever have an experience where maybe you're sitting at the dinner table you're having dinner and your mom or dad says could you get me the salt and you're enjoying your meal and you don't know exactly where the salt is you don't know the exact coordinates of the salt so you say as a child i don't know where
the salt is but your mother father's having none of that oh you know where it is it's in the kitchen on the second shelf go get it and your head go i don't really go get it in your head i don't know what the salt is i don't know the salt is there the salt is you keep saying this with certainty i don't know the salt is you open the cupboard you look up and down it's not here and your parents say it's on the second shelf in your head you go i don't know the salt is and you look around i know this it's not here and they walk right next to you they reach right in front of your face and they go what is this who's ever had an experience like this knows what i'm talking about say i
say aye so here's a question was the salt did your mind did your eyes i should say did your eyes see the salt yes but your mind would not allow you to perceive the salt because you've been telling yourself a story over and over again i don't know where the sauce is and so you create in psychology what we call as a blind spot they call it a scotoma it means you literally can't see what's in front of you because your belief that you keep telling yourself has gotten in the way i can't tell you the number of beliefs people have and i understand
with covet with political division with racism well all these things that are going around us but you know what guys none of these things are really new they've always been there some are new the way we're responding covet is new but there's always something there's always going to be a winter time there's going to be a spring where it's easier and grow there's going to be a summer where you get tests there's going to be a fall when you reap it all and there's going to be another winter that's life and our ability to travel through those seasons and enjoy ourselves is how we create breakthroughs but let me just say this if you want to the glue
if you feel stuck the number one thing you're making you stick is a limiting belief a story or maybe a couple of them i've tried everything all the good ones are gone oh my gosh you don't know what's happened to me my mother died my father just died i mean i read again until 6 30 this morning so many of your notes because i wanted to feel it and i wanted to own it i wanted to be able to have compassion and connection where you could feel this is not just somebody talking at you i hear you i've been in those places if i told you the stories of my life i wouldn't bore you but you would take your breath away scary
horrible painful but instead of hanging on to that i changed my story my mom i i love my mom dearly she passed away almost a decade ago i never spoke anything negative out here but one day i was in new york city and i was with a group of young kids and their moms all single moms about 80 african-american and they were in a really tough environment you know the husbands weren't there the mothers were struggling and the kids were really struggling and a lot of them been through abuse and i was telling them listen guys you
know your past doesn't equal your future it doesn't matter what you've been through your biography is not your destiny you can create it and i was telling this and i could see them look in my eyes i could read their minds oh here's this tall white guy who's you know wealthy successful however they perceive me to be and so i said let me just tell you a story and i told them my real story with my mom and my mom's a great human being i wouldn't be who i was without her but when she drank alcohol which was daily and when she took prescription drugs which was daily
she became a different human being and she was vicious and i try to protect my younger brother and sister they're five and seven years younger than me and so my mom would grab me i was five one in high school by the way i'm six seven now i tell people the difference is personal growth right but i i grew ten inches in a year but i was this little guy and she grabbed me by the hair and smashed my head against the wall she thought i was lying she put liquid soap down my throat till i threw up and it would be very easy and it for a while was true was to feel like i'm a victim to feel like the person i love most is trying to harm
me this is insane or to want to attack her back but somehow god's grace i was like i can take this and my brother and sister don't and it actually made me become a practical psychologist as a young boy i had to figure out how to predict her moods what to be able to do for making her not going off the rails not get upset not to do and i i literally became obsessed with what makes human beings think and feel and do i would not be who i am today if my mother had been the mother i wanted her to be
that was grace that she wasn't i can say that with total sincerity do i want to go through that again would i want you to go through that hell no but i chose a different story and that's the only reason i'm here today my story is i'm still in control of my life i can deal with this i'm going to learn from this i'm going to use this to help others not suffer and that's when my life's work do you really think i would go out and probably feed 100 million people a year if i was well fed i'd love to believe that i'm that conscious and caring i think it's because i suffered with no
food at thanksgiving and christmas and somebody fed my family and i was like oh my god strangers care change me completely made me care about strangers so some of the what if the worst day in your life became the best day that's your job is to find that empowering story because when you do everything in your life will change now don't get me wrong sometimes it is a strategy problem like i'll talk to guys sometimes i'll say who's a single guy in this audience and some chachi guy will raise his hand so i'll go up to him and say hey how you doing and
i'll say listen uh i got a test for you i said you're single right he goes yeah i said well i want you imagine you're with your girlfriend and you're driving your car for maybe 45 minutes or an hour and she turns to you and she says hey do you need to stop to pee or to get a drink and i said and you're not thirsty what do you say he goes no he keeps driving and when he does that he's i said i now know why you're single cause every woman knows because every how many women when you hear guys say you ask him are you hungry are you thirsty do you need to stop you all know what you're really asking you're looking for
connection you want to talk with you you want to consider it you might need to stop but men they don't mean that they're just men's strategy is when we communicate it's called explicit this is what we mean this is what we want women are implicit you guys all are detectives you know what you mean when you say that so i turned this guy and i said okay let me explain she's not asking you know whether you're thirsty or not she's wanting connection with you she wants to discuss it she may not even know she needs to be until she talks about it that's how the
feminine brain works right i said so what you got to do instead is not say oh i'm not thirsty you gotta connect with her and you gotta say oh well maybe we need to stop honey are you thirsty and if she says i don't know so let's stop right and ladies will start cheering because they get what that means men don't so it's not his fault but then i try and coach him to do it it might take three or four rounds for him to do it because he's so in his own head then i'll go to a woman and i'll say okay imagine a really attractive man you've really attracted to him he's handsome he's got great
presence looks in your eyes you feel him and you're really attracted and you get up the courage to go up and have a conversation and eventually you say listen you know would you like to have coffee maybe on thursday you know balloon or lunch and he says no what does that mean and women will say things like oh that means he's not into me that means he's not attracted that means he's probably gay because i'm attractive and he's not attractive so come up with some meaning right and they come up with 20 meanings and it's usually i'm not enough
some version i'm not enough but the truth is all he said was no for thursday at noon ask again how about saturday at five okay right so we all sometimes we miss it because we do have the wrong strategy i don't want to make it so it's not strategy it's just usually the stories what's really in the way change your story change your life how many get this here say i now by the way story once you build a story you only find what you look for try something right now in the room you're in
i'm gonna give you a test sit up in your chair set up your chair some energy create some energy in your body real fast create some energy guys come on wake it up okay now try this i want you to look around your room and notice everything that's brown look behind you look around you if there's anybody there brown hair brown anywhere look for brown anywhere okay close your eyes now tell me everything you saw in the room that's red or green how many seen a lot more brown
than red or green raise your hand say i okay now open your eyes and look around the room look for anything you find that's red anywhere red or in case there's no red green look behind you look around you books anything how many found more red or more green this time for sure raise your hand if you didn't say i why did you find more red or green because we get what we look for so once you have a belief once you have a story about your life and how it's been you got to remember the past does not
equal the future write it down the past does not equal the future unless you live there the past does not equal the future unless you live there if you're trying to drive into the future using a rear view mirror and you're looking backwards you're going to crash and once you develop a belief or a story it's not that hard to change you just have to draw a line of this animal that's every time you start to say it go i'm not repeating that story anymore that story is hypnotizing me into my own limitations i did this to me during the
beginning of covet i can't move to different cities i can't do it you know in movie theaters we can't do it in churches i can't do this in people's homes they'll never be engaged to that level that was my belief but because i care i had to break through that belief i developed a new story now i got a new way of reaching even more humans i'm trying to show you all breakthroughs usually start with this change in story sometimes it's strategy but story usually first if you get the right story that empowers you you'll figure out the strategy or you'll find the strategy otherwise we
could show you the strategy and go i've tried that what is this try try is when you don't think you're going to succeed so you get a half-hour effort so you can say i tried it you didn't actually execute you didn't do whatever is necessary right so to change this to change the story is to change your life and you can do it quickly and you can do it easily but there is a third element to creating a breakthrough and it's the most important one it's even more important than your story and that is your state your mental emotional
physical state see have you ever been really gotten pissed off at somebody and then when you get pissed off you remember everything they ever have done that pissed you off who knows what i'm talking about here say hi say i you remember all the they've done because you're in state of remembering they did right by the way who's ever raise your hand if you've ever fallen head over heels in love i mean out of your mind in love with somebody raise your hand make some noise say aye if you got that come on
okay come on let's see come on for some of you it's clearly been a long time because there wasn't much energy in some of you on that one right but when you fall in love with somebody you remember everything that's beautiful about them don't you oh i love this about her and this about him i love when he does this i love when she does that who knows what i'm talking about you make all your friends sick you talk about the person constantly they want you to shut the hell up who knows what i'm talking about here right so in the beginning by the way when you're in love with somebody
what will you do for them fact before you do that do this make the sound of being in love nice and loud go for it make the sound a big love some of you need to add like falling in love and ecstasy or joy or whatever okay but when you fall in love with somebody what will you do for someone you love what will you do for them what will you do for them come on guys what will you do anything isn't it true if you're really in love like if they say to you uh could you take out the trash you don't go take out the trash go take out the trash of course take out the trash what else can i what else can i do for
you but after seven days seven weeks seven months seven years 70 years somewhere in there one day they go could you take out the trash and go what do i look like your janitor i don't know what happened we used to have this great passion and somehow it disappeared see i tell people if you do what you did in the beginning of the relationship at the end of the relationship there won't be an end i'll say it again if you do what you did in the beginning a relationship where you were just lit up by making them happy what made you happy was making them happy if you
did what you did in the beginning relationship at the end there won't be an end you'd be in a different state does that make sense so your emotional state determines which store you come up with see if you're all exhausted and burnt out and you aren't taking care of your body and you don't train yourself and you're in the middle of covid and oh my god i'm watching more of the news let's watch some netflix ah in that state the story is life's over or the story is life's a or the story is something that'll keep you from finding the very
strategies you want now listen to me here's the good news you wouldn't be here you wouldn't have self-selected you know didn't cost you anything wasn't hard to get on here but you still showed up the real key for this next couple days is each day here's how i want you to pay me back i don't want any money from you i want to deliver for you but i want you to deliver for you if you get results i know you'll eventually become a client i'll be able to serve you or you'll tell someone else i know it'll work out great i'm not worried about that but you gotta pay for this by pushing yourself once a day at the end of these little
sessions i'm going to give you a little challenge and the challenge should make you slightly uncomfortable or maybe a lot uncomfortable but the way we grow is we push through what's uncomfortable and suddenly the state of being uncomfortable disappears and you can change that state my friends two ways jot them down a radical change the way you use your body a radical change and what you focus on and if i gave you a third one a radical change in your language but we'll talk about this more tomorrow but for right now if i want to change how i feel i can change my body i can go
for a run i can go push myself to lift weight i can go jump in the pool or go take a freezing shower any of those things are going to change your entire biochemistry i can stand and put my hands on my hips but i don't i use my body use my voice you use my energy if i were to speak to you more like this temple here and i said guys i'm tony robbins and you're not and i'm here today to share with you how you can have more personal
power in your life and over the next 7 000 hours of this seminar how many could feel the difference in the tempo just in your own body and voice right so if you see somebody who's standing like this they're let's put the camera up and they're they're depressed what's their body like instead of me showing you what's a depressed person's body like so i want you to see your body affects your state where's the shoulders in a depressed person guys where show me down where's their head down are they breathing full or shallow
shallow are they talking quiet or a little louder which one if they're depressed it's lower right now how do you know this because you've practiced this before haven't you we all have right but if you take somebody's depressed and you get them stand up shoulders back move their body breathe use their voice with intensity and tempo their entire biochemistry changes 10 times faster than just standing there with your you know hands on your hips in other words you can train yourself to change your state the other way you can do is change what you focus on because write this down
focus equals feeling whatever you focus on you're going to feel whether you like it or not you're going to feel it it's going to affect you if you focus on you're supposed to meet your husband or wife at 7 00 pm at the restaurant you get there at seven they're not there some people get pissed it's only seven some people get worried but what if you've been there since seven it's 7 30 they've not called they've not texted they've not shown up then what some people get say i'm really pissed off some people say i'm really worried
they have the same event but they didn't have the same experience because of what they did with their state the person who's pissed off goes they did it again they always show up late they don't care they're probably screwing around with somebody else so if you imagine that you're going to be angry and hurt the person is worried what did they do with their focus like oh my god what if they're in a car accident and so whatever you focus on you feel even if it's not true and when the person shows up finally guess what if you're really angry you're going to treat them way makes them never want to show up if you're really worried
you're going to treat them different our experience of life is controlled by the way we use our body and our focus so if you want to have a breakthrough let's change the sequence the way you get a breakthrough like people i don't know what to do you're never going to do in this low energy state so the first thing change your body right try it right now stand up if you would please stand up shake your body out shake it out shake it out nice and strong and i want you to make a strong move a move that makes you feel strong anymore go like yes make a move yes or yes do something that
gives you that kind of energy this is not a good move like this like i'm showing you now if you have breasts i wouldn't do this one i do something different you get the idea right so now right now in your body i want you to make the sound of unstoppable intensity as loud as you can go unstoppable intensity come on let me hear your louder that's it that's it that's it that's it nice job christine valley that's it good good good good
[Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] yes so shake your body out and i want you to stand tall and i want you to close your eyes and just for a moment let's take a look if we want to solve a problem i'm going to give you one last thing really quick we want to solve a problem we need to change our state but another way of describing that is there's
different parts of each of us so i want you to imagine just for a second that there's four parts of you there's more than four my wife i have names for all her parts because sometimes i'm talking to one person and this other person shows up so i got to know who i'm talking to it's the same woman different names different personalities right so all of us have inside of us a warrior now when i describe the war in you as your standing i want you to stand the way you'd be standing if the warrior was in charge the warriors the part of you like the man who said before who just wouldn't accept no they blew me up
they said i'd never walk again talk again screw you i am doing it i know many of you know what this feels like raise your hand if you felt times when your warrior took over where you really just pushed through no matter what say i say i stand right now nice and tall i want you to breathe deep and just for a moment i want you to imagine the warrior the one that cannot be stopped the one that is relentless the one who will discipline their disappointment and keep going forward if that person's in charge in you i want you to just do this instinctively we're
going to do it real quick because i'm almost out of time i've gone over but i want to give you this touch the part of your body well before you do open your eyes i'll give you a context so you know why we're doing this so some of you are familiar with like um the ufc if you're familiar probably know of conor mcgregor he's a incredible great he's got he's had wins and different belt levels he's an extraordinary human being and conor a couple of years ago fought a guy named khabib and he was unstoppable till he got to khabib and he got beat and he and khabib had really bad blood with each other really bad like anger like after the
fight they went and fought just like ridiculous right and so i was brought in with connor and connor has an incredible team of people that love him and conor has just got a huge heart and you know it might look like ego on the outside but as a fighter you gotta have that level of confidence but after the fight he kind of lost his joy and he stayed in only one part of himself the warrior meaning the person is gonna push through no matter what this focused anger i'm gonna do whatever it takes and you know what he could have done that and beat almost anybody but habib
baby was just an unbelievable athlete in this area and conor using only one part of himself wasn't successful so i'm telling you this because in the middle of covid with challenges to your business challenges to your personal life challenges that we're facing economic challenge all the things we're dealing with you need to use more of you to solve things and i'm going to give you a technique to use more so what i did with conor is i got him find this warrior i'm going to do what you what i did with him and then i had him realize there's another part of him a magician so i want you to do this first touch
where your warrior lives if i said instinctively where's the warrior the unstoppable part of you where is it in your body touchword is you it's different for everyone there's no right or wrong touch that part of your body now to anchor it in i'm going to ask you to do something instinctive don't think i want you to make a sound make the sound of your warrior from that location go do it out loud go make your sound do it again make the sound of your warrior one more time make the sound of your warrior now now keep touching that spot now i'm
asking you yell out loud because if you just do it in your head it won't activate your whole nervous system so we want to activate it touch that area and as you know are your warriors the unstoppable part of you there's a color you associate to your warrior just the first color comes your mind what's the color what's the color good so feel that feeling of your warrior feel the color make the sound again twice go make the warrior sound go make the warrior sound go one more time go now as you touch that area i want you to think of an area of your life where
you're having difficulty could be with your body could be in your relationship could be with your kids could be your business could be your career it could be your level of happiness or frustration not getting through feeling overwhelmed or stressed where is an area you need to make a change and you're not making as much progress as you want i'm going to give you this quick little technique okay touch the warrior how many know the area you need to improve first of all raise your hand if you've got an area you really need to improve need to change fantastic touch that area one more time make twice the sound of the warrior as loud
as you can go from that part do it again go that part now as you touch the warrior you the unstoppable part of you is you touch that part the instable part i want you to finish this phrase out loud the warrior says all i need to focus on all i need to remember all i need to do is what and i just want to instinctively say the first thing comes to mind touch that part of your body feeling strong shoulders back breathing strong say the warrior says in that situation all i need to do all i need to focus on all you need to
remember is what and say it out loud the warrior says all i need to remember all i need to focus on all i need to do there is what and then say it again i have a warrior tell you another thing the warrior says all they need to remember all i need to do all i need to focus on is what say it out loud to really start to solve this all i need to do all i need to remember how many got some good answers from your warrior raise your hand if you got some good answers so i can see whether you're getting it or not fantastic all right and just trust
yourself some of you trying to come up with something perfect first thing comes out of your mind all right now let's just play with this for a second there's a magician in you so for example in conor's case the warrior was so intense he was missing the magician the magician is a part of you that knows it's all a game the magician knows everything changes the minute i change my perception magicians like the think of arthur you know in the mythical times right think of somebody's got this little smile and they know they can change it all they can turn a frog into
a prince a prince into a frog right they know it's all perception they're having a good time they know when it looks really impossible there's something i can do that'll change it all and there's a part of them that kind of enjoys it it's kind of playful about it the warrior is going to break through the magicians going to show them where the breakthrough is see in connor's case they used to call him mystic mac because they'd say he has this ability to like almost know where the punch is going to come from even before the guy initiates it and there's so many fights he won that
people like how did he see that how did he know that but because his warrior was exhausted how many got an exhausted warrior you've been fighting the fight for a long time and the warrior feels a little worn out right quite a few of you i see all right so he needed to use other parts of himself and the magician has different answers so touch just instinctively where for you does your magician live touch where it is where's the magician for you touch it touch that spot beautiful now make the sound of the magician be a totally different sound make the sound the
magician as you touch that spot whatever it is go ahead do it again make the sound one more time that's it and feel the beauty of your musician feel the smile that musician has inside you the magician knows i can change all this there's a way the magician in me found the answer my warrior was still fighting the fight trying to find another city to do this and trying to get it in church and all of a sudden the magicians when i finally said this got to be done my magician goes you're going to do it in people's homes and you're going to find a new way to do
it that'll make it active not like we're doing now when everybody's on zoom and we've got twenty thousand of you we can all see each other interact it's a different game i'll give you some technology so we can do all these things my magician figured that out while i watched other people's businesses go under in the same industry we've grown geometrically and we're living our mission so your magician has answers your warrior doesn't and your worry has answers your magician doesn't that's why they're a great team what if you went into the fight of life with a team within you instead of just one part of you overwhelmed
my bet is overwhelmed at your warrior so touch the magician make the sound of the magician go ahead try it again make the sound do it again make the sound good what's the color associated to your magician what's the color associated with your magician that's it now touch that spot and repeat finish this phrase from the magical party the part of you that can see it could change all in a moment a perception could change at all a new approach could change at all say the magician says think of the area
you were upset by the area you're not improving the magician says all i need to remember all i need to do i need to enjoy all you focus on is what