What is waiting for us before the coming of Mashiach? Current events clash with biblical prophecies

What is waiting for us before the coming of Mashiach? Current events clash with biblical prophecies


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so after a very long break hashem uh i'm much better now and able to go back to teaching i know many people were asking inquiring and wanting to know why there's no classes going online and i'm sorry and i apologize that i don't put publicly my medical records uh but since rosh hashanah wasn't so well and uh took some time
to get much better it wasn't as bad as two years ago but uh bad enough so i couldn't really function on daily basis and teach and and i know a lot of people ask and there are a lot of people are bothered why are we not getting updates because you're not my doctor and you don't need to get updates of my medical situation as it is it's hard to be a public figure and to have everybody in your business it's a little bit of intrusive and i try to keep things as much as i can private to myself which is hard as it is everybody knows
every cough i make everybody knows about it so hashem i'm fine hashem decides when you are a commission and when you're able to to to do your regular activities so bok hashem i'm fine nothing to worry about at least i hope and we're going to have a very long lecture so before i start with the pre-lecture i'm just going to for the ones with a very low short tension span i'm going to tell you
what we're going to learn because a lot of pictures a lot of people go online they see the video they see three hours or i'm not watching this one so i don't know how long it going to be it can be an hour it can be three hours uh so a lot of people they see the length of the video and i want to watch that so i'm just going to say what we're going to talk about today so for the ones who might find it it's worth sitting till the end then we'll do the pre uh pre-lecture the announcements and we'll continue so in case you have a notice
i'm sure you did but in case you haven't noticed the world is a little bit in a pretty shaky place uh more to say it looks like the world is about to collapse at the moment so the most common question that i get is what do i think uh what's what's going on what's the current events and what was my prediction i don't predictions i'm not a prophet i can see the writing on the wall and give my analogy but the most popular question that i get
is what do you think is going on so i can tell you very simple today what is going on and hashem constantly speaks to us through many different messages the writing is on the wall and hashem will give us the messages for the holy books that we have and also through the leaders so to say of the world hashem gave control to the salmikhmem samekhmem the name of the devil so some people call him lucifer some people call him
the devil some people call him satan yeah he has a lot of names but the reality is that hashem we call himself gave him the control over the world and there's a reason for that and we spoke about that many many times it doesn't mean that hashem lost control over the world but right now evil was ruling the world but it has conditions and one of the condition is is that the evil regime has to announce constantly what they're doing so you just have to listen to what they're saying it's very simple
and they're already telling us hashem's agenda not anybody else's agenda hashem has a plan and he's telling us the plan through this world government is very very simple you don't have to be such a genius to figure it out today what we're going to do is i like going to the text people are asking me all day long different questions that even now for the last few months was very hard for me to talk i have pain problems in my lungs it was hard for me to talk but i have no problem with typing so all day long i was answering
questions and i will take this time to also apologize for the ones who are sending messages and they're not getting an instant answer then i said that numerous times we get every day thousands of messages through whatsapp through email through facebook through so many places i don't go through the messages until it comes to me it will go through a long list of filters but a lot of people are upset i sent a message 30 minutes ago i didn't get an answer well you can stand in line there's 5 000 messages before you and
when we're going to have the time we'll answer so a lot of people ask me all these big questions which are legit i can tell you already that a popular question that i get and we will have to do a very thorough class about it is if the earth is flat or is it a ball oh that's the one everybody's like what is your opinion do you think they over flat earth so i don't have opinions i tell you what it says in the torah but that's going to be a whole class in itself there's a lot of difference of
opinions even in the torah about this whole concept whether the earth is a ball or what we are taught to believe or whether the earth is flat like many people believe so we'll have to do a class about that but the fact what am i saying that because all the answers are in the torah don't go to any other source i don't go to answers for nasa but i want to know about what's going on with the planet i go to the torah with that said we're going to go today what the torah has to say about the time preceding the
coming of mashiach which is pretty obvious if you didn't figure that out by now we are in the days before mashiach is coming that is clear as daylight now we're going to see what the torah has to say about the preceding time for the coming of mashiach and then we're going to go to what the world leaders are announcing to us and see how they meet together to see that really the message that hashem is conveying to us is pretty clear so i know many people don't like hearing it but right now there is a evil regime
that is controlling the world whether you accept it or not whether you believe in it or not that's the reality we spoke about it many times i'm not going to even elaborate on that but we are controlled by a bunch of psychopaths that think that they rule the world which for now and it's as it seems they are ruling the world they're calling the shots but they're really puppets in the control of hashem don't think for one second that neither one of them has any type of control there are what is called we call it the axe in the hand of the wood chopper
garzenberg they're nothing that's why if we give them any type of importance of fear then we're really falling in between the lines of heresy and idolatry because hashem is the one who's running the show don't fool yourself for one second and don't question any event that happens in the world everything has the stamp of approval of the master of the universe everybody is fixated by the holocaust that happened 85 years ago hashem was the one who made the holocaust by the way and if you think differently sorry
to tell you that's heresy hashem is the one who ran the show he orchestrated the show he gave the approval you think that a human being can do something without the approval of the master of the universe hashem is allowing things to happen for whatever reason which we're going to attach that also today but mainly what i want to focus on today is what is waiting for us before the coming of mashiach how long it might take and of course everything is just understanding from the text and how the text
is kind of meeting exactly what our world leaders are telling us which is basically very very simple and i i know a lot of people it's very hard for them to connect the dots so today we'll help you connect the dots so right now the world leaders are running through a certain pattern which they call agenda 2030. prior to that there was agenda 2021 and now they're working towards agenda 2030. now if you go on the un's website and read about agenda 2030 it would look
to you like a real good humanitarian loving caring plan but it's not but as i told you before the deal that hashem has with the summit is that he has to say what he's going to do of course they manipulate it with cushy cushioning it with nice words i'm going to tell you that straight out they're going to cushion it with nice words that the main the the majority of people will fall and believe to that but the reality is that hashem forces islam to announce
what he does one way that the [ __ ] that that he does it is that he will take and that doesn't work in english it will only work in hebrew is take hebrew words and mix the order of the letters and then you're going to hold different meaning but it's the same letters that's how you can see a lot of clues in what's going on is what is the hebrew word that they're using like i gave that i'll give you one example of many because i said that in previous classes that we are now fighting what is called galute the yavan is greece so in two weeks
we're going to celebrate hanukkah and a lot of people think okay was you know some this uh there was some disagreement there was some disagreement between the cultures and there was some minor war and then we're going to intensify donuts it doesn't work like that there was a a a holocaust there was a call for annihilation and you have to learn more about the the story about chanukah but what's going on right now is exactly what was going on by him at the time of hanukkah at the time there was a ruler antiochus and he
didn't want to kill anybody he says i'm not planning here to kill you i just want to control you because i want you to be my slaves and i don't want you to leave and believe in the torah i want you to believe in our theories it's called that the control of yavan and you see that now that anywhere that you will find the words yawn in it which the translation means greece but don't don't look at it as greece just look at it as yawn you'd have none and i have a lot of lectures online which i actually recommend for you to see now if you haven't seen it because
they're all connected to hanukkah about this idea behind yevan so you see now in israel all the concepts that want to take us away from the master of the universe and the torah will fight you'll find the words ivan in them so you know the idea of sports comes from tarbut yavan from this industry of greece i mean they had three major cities one of them was sparta and they introduced sports into the world so this is not a jewish or religious or
torah buying concept torah tells you to keep in in good health but say going and worshiping a team or a an athlete and making a whole thing of it this is not what the torah teaches you so if you look in israel and around the world where do they draw millions and millions of people into stadiums to worship a group of people running after a ball or whatever and it's great it's completely out of control how do you say a stadium in hebrew it's so you have the word yawn in it so it's
planted in there another thing that they do is that where do they carry most people into malls to do shopping and through window shopping and the kids hang out in the mall so how do you say hello in hebrew kenyon again you have the youtube nun in it so they plant the same plants these letters in everything and we don't get it we just see it it's like oh no this is a the modern world we have to fit with the world no it's the way the same will manipulate the reality
to distort the truth and to get us away from the torah everything is done to get us away from the torah so the leaders of the world and i'm going to call them leaders even though i don't give them any importance we're just going to call them now the leaders of the world they have to announce what they're going to do but they're not going to tell you straight out you have to understand in between the lines so today really what i want to cover is on one hand agenda 2030 what is basically explained
to us is going to happen in the next nine years which is almost like eight years already because we're almost done in 2021 and how does the torah look at it and how do the sticks the scripts how that fits with that and why is that important because when i read text from 2500 years ago i can say okay you know maybe it was a fluke maybe it was maybe it was a prophecy but when you have a prophecy or text and it fits perfectly with what's going on now in the in in our generation that's
already not a coincidence we have ancient texts corresponding with what the world leaders are telling us okay that's then you have something in there and then you can read between the lines and all is that why so you can more see more clear what is coming if you see what's coming then you prepare yourself the right way and then of course what to do you know to look at the text is nice to analyze what is said that's also good but with darkness what's to do okay you convinced me now what
so our sages explain hamas the action is what counts so we need we we need action we need what do i need to do telling me where the world is going to that's one thing but what do i need to do so bazaat hashem today is a very special day it's tuesday as many people know pamaytov people say that they don't even know why they say that when hashem created the world on monday he didn't say kitov on tuesday said so tuesday is a powerful day but today happens to be also the hilula the outside the passing there of a great
sadiq who lived here in swat was known as the average rabbi avraham dove and there's many many amazing miracles about him if you had the chance go down to the cable to the to the grave he has a show here uh look him up look the stories up i don't know waste our time on that but it's a very powerful day and he was a very very powerful sadiq who saw the the earthquake that's coming to spat and he went to his community at the time he says whoever wants to be safe come and
be with me and the story you know the story was that the earthquake destroyed the city completely just his shule wasn't destroyed you can go there there it's it's then down down the street where the hardest quarter is and uh very very special sadiq who lived here in the city and he saw the earthquake we also are going to have an earthquake very soon whether it's physical or or not that's irrelevant but the ground is going to be
shaking stronger than what you can imagine you just need to be prepared and how to be saved from this coming storm so with that said this is what we're going to talk about today and much more hopefully i'll try to make it as short as possible and to the point that at least that you and the viewers can come out and with not only seeing clearer what's going to happen but what what do i do what can i do to change anything which you can't do much to change you just need to mold yourself to the situation
and hashem hopefully with hashem's help will be able to do much good but the name of hashem will be able to do something and be successful with that so just quickly a few announcements announcements before we start is that i mentioned already on a friday on a video that i recorded and sent out that we started a few courses and we'll be starting new courses and which will all go on that smooth website some of them we already started
we just went through the introduction we wanted to start some of them were already had a few classes one of them is the gates of reincarnation that we started the dusa the gates of holiness the meaning behind our names and the analyzing of the letters and the the planet that's we don't like calling it a planet it's called kohaviakov the star of jacob and which we already made a lot of classes about about that from the tsar the underground civilizations and the seven layers within the ground
and then we'll throw in some interesting things about the earth if it's flat or a bold continuation of the rav series and many many more interesting series and classes that we're going to go through they're all can be found and only will be found on that smooth.com website so i recommend that you go register to the website i will do a video not today i want to waste our time about the different courses how to find them what to do different programs i want to start we talked about it for a long time but do uh to not use for you it's easy you walk
here but the many people around the world if they want to see the classes live so we're going to do some live sessions where we can more interact with the viewers with questions and answers so i don't want to waste our time now on that i'll do a video in a day or two and we'll announce everything where you can find how to participate and follow everything based on the shame before we start one more thing for the viewers online not for you is share the video wherever you can like it share it whatever the terms are so many other people can see it i don't know what i'm
going to be saying today youtube has the the the the how do you call it the bad habit of removing videos when they don't like what you see what they see surprisingly i can't even imagine why they would do that but so i don't know how long videos last on the on the internet so better to share it as soon as possible that it will get out there and if it is removed it means that i was right and if it wasn't wrong doesn't mean that i'm not right but if it was removed i
was very right i annoyed somebody that's how you can they tell the difference when they if the video is removed means you're talking the truth yeah you know what you're fi you're laughing about that the downgrading of the algorithm some videos cannot be found you go on youtube and you look for them they cannot be found if you go directly to the url you'll find it but if you search for it you're not going to find it so all the videos that are a little bit more informative i'm talking about my videos yeah some of them you can't find
a video that i gave last year the fall of the new world order if you type it you're not going to find it you have to actually go into the to the url and then that's how you find it but whatever listen when you speak the truth then many people don't like when you step on their toes and then the truth is going to be removed and we're going to talk about it very clear today so share the video it's important that people will know i'm getting all day long messages from people who are are are at the verge of despair what to do i
can't i wha what can i do people are losing their jobs people have to relocate people are going completely crazy no advice no guidance no shedding light on what to do and if you think it's crazy here it's much more crazy in many other places and i'm getting all day long questions of people now i got a letter i am going to have to be fired because i don't want to take the vaccine what do i do what do i do here what do i do there people can travel people can do only i mean this is just the beginning so we have to understand it's not so
simple and at the time of of madness then guidance is very very important so hopefully today we'll be able to do something uh another quick thing i want to say i wanna personally thank everybody or anyone because now a lot of people knew that i was sick many people were praying on my behalf so i'm gonna i want to personally thank the ones who are and i mean a lot of people tell me we read tea lean we do this we do that a lot of people i don't even know so i'm gonna
publicly and personally thank whoever mentions my name and prays for my health and any type of support it's great thank you so much i appreciate it i don't tell people thank you every day i can't take tell everybody thank you so i'm gonna take the opportunity to say everybody thank you for everything that they do uh i appreciate it i see everything i hear everything i know everything well not everything but enough to see what's going on so it's not that i'm ignoring shalom a lot of people are
sending messages i don't answer the messages it's nothing personal it's not that i'm getting uh sitting next to the computer no when is that message coming in so when i see the list of the emails that coming in i'm like oh okay maybe i'll clone myself so but we're not gonna be talking about clones today so besides that the world is crumbling and falling apart which is pretty obvious the only way out of it is only the
coming of mashiach and i will say another disclaimer before i start which i said all the time my message is not only for jews my message is for everybody because jews and non-jews are in the same boat the redemption is for the jews and non-jews alike the mashiach is not a jewish mashiach he is but it's not for the jews it's worldwide global it's for the entire mankind the gentiles who are worthy and have the merit will be part of the
redemption so we're we're in it together so it's not a jewish message it's a message for everybody which is very important because a lot of people think that the this whole headache is just for the jews but what about other seven billion people so it's for everybody so really there's no way out of the the quicksand that we're in people think in a year what do you think is going to happen in a year you think the corona is just going to disappear the vaccines are going to wear off and we're going to
back to normal so if you're living in that type of illusion then stop believing that because it's gonna get worse i said that two years ago well almost two years ago when the corona started don't think we're ever going back to the pre-corona situation or status it's never coming back we're going to be stuck with it until mashiach comes and it's going to become worse and worse because every time we come a new variant and a new headache and a new nonsense
and more things it's not gonna get away we're not gonna have the how would they call it a pre-coroner forget about it erase it from your database we will never be how it was two years ago we're never going back to that place which is the best news that we can get because it means that the only direction we're going in a one-way street is towards the redemption well i don't want to go back to how it was you want to go to back to how it was
what was good was how it was everything was bad we want to go towards the redemption and the redemption is good now i said that many times the redemption and the process of the redemption is compared to a woman giving labor i taught that in many different classes that that from tafshin which was 1939 which symbolically the holocaust started but that's what this all calculates and i gave a long lecture about that's how i got to the calculation which i didn't get to that i'm just reading out from
the zohar but the law explains that in tough sheen that's the the the date that it gives which is in our and not our but the organ calendar is 1939 we saw a huge shift in the world that's when this all says that the the pregnancy started and then we go through seven to two years of of the pregnancy and pregnancy you know first three months the woman throws up and nauseous and not so easy usually pregnancies are not so easy and
then of course the third trimester is hard but once the woman goes into labor that's it goes into labor it's painful it's hard and of course once the woman is in labor then the pain increases and increases and increases till it's almost impossible and then the baby comes out that's what our sages compare the coming of mashiach so we're now already in the labor process where the pain is going to become stronger and stronger and the ones of you who don't know then a woman that goes in labor first she gets contractions every two three hours
and then every one hour and then every 20 minutes and then every minute and then the contractions slowly become stronger and stronger but the end result is the birth of a child so we're going through the same thing this is the analogy that our sages give so really the entire situation is all great news meaning that the mashiach is coming but now of course comes the big question so when is it coming is it coming tonight is it coming tomorrow where when do you think mashiach is coming is this over anytime soon is this over in a month are we going to be dealing with this now for another 10 years
so i'm just going to give you my opinion and i'm going to tell you why i'm giving that opinion my opinion is that we're not going to get rid of this so fast so if you're looking at my positive optimistic alone finish the whole thing but my realistic point of view is that it's not coming anytime soon it's going to take a long while till hashem is going to squeeze the living life out of us till mashiach is going to come
what am i basing it on so today we're going to read a part from the talmud attracted sanhedrin paige sadiq 97 for now just listen don't now go look and open the pages i'm not going to read all the pages i'm just going to read part of it later on you can go and read it i'll send also the online viewers the link with translation that you can read it yourself but we spoke many times about the the a lot of information about before the coming of mashiach the goku magog war and many other things can be found in
traxxas and handling in pages 90s and on so yeah we're going to focus on page 97 and it gives us a clear view what is going to precede the seven years before mashiach comes and the talmud is saying there very clearly that the son of david mashiach ben david is going to come at the end of a sabbatical cycle which will fall on a jubilee year now really we don't know we lost count of the ovil
nobody can come and tell you when is the evil is going to happen jovel is the jubilee year the 50th year but according to a lot of the sources that we have in seven years is going to be the event now we just started a sabbatical cycle we're in a sabbatical year in schnita so we're not really starting one can say are we starting are we finishing because it's the seventh year the shmitah is the seventh year so really we're starting the cycle next year right
either way you're looking at it we're going to start a cycle of smita means sabbatical year seven years six years we work the land and so forth the seven years we don't work the land which is corresponding to the seven days of creation which is really six days of creation and then on the seventh day was the shabbat same thing with the year the with the cycle of the of the world six thousand years the world will exist in the seventh thousand year will be a day of shabbat
and i explained that also in one of the lectures how the cycle of the year is going to be of the world is going to be 6000 years and then the last millennium the last thousand years we're still going to be here but in a state of shabbat and what does that mean and i explained that in other classes which we're going to touch a little bit here so really when we want to know what's coming let's see what the text say and after when we see with the text sale we're going to see what the maniacs or the rule the world say and then we'll get a pretty clear picture that
according to my opinion and it's not a prediction i'm just interpreting what i read is that we're going into a seven year roller of madness and what you're seeing now is just the beginning and after the seven year of craziness madness and completely upside down then mashiach is going to come and again i'm just i'm i could be wrong i'm not giving here any prediction i'm just telling you what what is the text saying
now interestingly is as i told you before the master of the universe made this meme that he has to announce what he's doing so of course you're not going to see this man with your own eyes then he's we're going to have to see his followers or his worshipers of the puppets that he's using what are they telling us obviously that's a divine message so if in 1992 1993 that's how far back
they signed the the the agenda 21 agreement which was signed with 178 countries in the united nations you don't just go on the united nations website you can read it although when you read it from what it says on the website a lot of it sounds very nice and we're going to interpret a little bit and explain what they're saying but in 2015 again they signed another agenda 2030 to make the world a much better place and then of course there's all these
meetings and recently was a meeting by all the world leaders about the the the world's situation and so forth you have to just see what they're doing so really when we want to see what's going on let's see what the text says about the coming of mashiach and we'll take it from there and then we'll explain it so again if you want to follow we're intracted sanhedrin page 97a and we're going to read as follows i will read translate explain and so forth and it's talking about
in the end of page 96b about the fact that hashem is going to rebuild the falling sukha of david and it's talking about that so i'm just going to read one sentence back it says by omaha in that day in most of the references when you read about bayo mahu in that day song about the day of the redemption so hashem is going to the translation on that day i will i will establish the tabernacle of david
that is fallen which is because malhot david the kingdom the rulership of david it doesn't exist so in the day mashiach comes that's the day that hashem will re-establish it and it says as follows and it's very very interesting because this was written whether it was the composed or written or was said but i would say it goes back about 000 years and it says what's going to happen before mashiach comes and it's unbelievable but a lot of people might brush it up but i find it fascinating
because it says as follows the generation that the son of david which is referring to is going to come translation in the generation in which mashiach comes decreases and as we saw in the last 10 years how we're losing all the major rabbis of our generation how many rabbits we have left so i'm not doing over the last two years that many died from whether it covered or murdered whatever but look
how many in the world i'm talking about scholars and leaders we lost in the last 10 years 20 years how many we have left barely any and the rest the rest of the people their eyes fail with sorrow and grief now maybe it doesn't apply to you but many people who were sitting close to a great rabbi and then that rabbi passed away from the world they don't know how to deal without their leader it doesn't matter which group it is but look at how many great
leaders of groups talking about religious groups died and there's no real leader to them and i know there's going to be a lot of discrepancies and but look for example the lubavitch movement the laboratory passed away whatever it's 20 plus years ago there's no successor there's no next lubavitch rebbe now of course a lot of the lobbyists says no he's alive and we're not going to get into that issue right now it's irrelevant right now
but there's no other leader of course if you speak to a lot which is to tell you no the rebbe is alive and he's leading us yeah but i'm talking about somebody physical that came in and took his place and that's not only in lubavitch it's in many things so look in this party yosef also died a few years ago is there a next leader somebody came inside of him no okay so the son became the chief rabbi of israel but that's a political job that's a job from the government that's not a spiritual leader who's the who's the one who came instead of about
how about yourself so and that's just one example remaining and of course people can find many ways to argue with what i say i'm telling you what i see it says here very clearly that the scholars will slowly slowly decrease and the rest of the people and the rest of the people their eyes fail with sorrow and grief and i think almost any person in our generation has grief for whatever and their eyes you look at people's faces very most people are behind the face they might hide behind a fake smile
there's a lot of sorrow and a lot of grief then it continues and saying wow let's set translate it and troubles increase and the harsh decrees will be introduced before the first passes the second quickly comes i mean i can say that in each and every one of us you can relate with what it says here grief sorrow sir
every day another problem comes up now even if it's not in a global level it's in your own personal life people get evicted from their house losing their job losing their shalom loved ones sicknesses diseases all sorts of problems so the here it says the translation it's i don't like the translation troubles but okay fine we'll go with this translation and the cars decrees how many decrees harsh decrees are you affected from just today
in the city of zfad in the hospital of ziv a baby was born the parents cannot see the newborn baby because they don't have the green passports can you imagine a newly born baby three kilometers from here in the hospital of zeb the father and the mother cannot see the baby because they didn't get their vaccine and they don't have a green passport this is madness this is this is harsh decrees and how is this saying it here in a very
periodic way before the first one ends the second one already started so if you're looking in a global way okay so there are obviously many harsh decrees but even look at in your own personal life now most people they smile they look a little bit hopeful and but people you know it's late at night when you turn the light off and you put the blanket over your head everybody's dealing with a lot of problems and your problems are worse than my problems but everybody has problems i mean to me my problems are worse than
your problems but that's the reality i don't know anybody right now that says everything's amazing everything is i mean if you are like that then either you have an amazing attitude to life or you're in denial but the sad reality is that whether we have a lot of problems our sages have taught shavuot interestingly it says in the week that the mashiach comes but our commentary says shabua is a weak means the cycle of seven means this at the
seventh year of a sabbatical cycle now it comes and it says very interestingly so pay attention because he says here at the end on the seventh the seventh day or seventh year which means has to be six years preceding it right so in the first year meet cayenne quoting a verse from the book of amos chapter 4 verse 7 translation and i will cause it to rain upon one
city and cause it not to rain upon another city this is what's gonna happen in the first year pay attention because this is the seven year cycle that i'm talking about what does it mean that in one city will be rain on the other one will not be rain the time of the talmud no water no crops no crops no food now they there's not much of that issue but meaning that on one city we'll get a rain in the other it means that in one place will be good in another place would be bad and that
can be explained in again in a global level that in this city there's a lot of bad decrees in this city not or in this family or in this community or in this country you all live here now it's fun drive one day to ramadan let's see you walking in the street without a mask and about being harassed or many other things here people just walk around i mean the here is so much laid back than in other places so in one city it's good one city is not good in new york people are driving
going crazy from all the decrees go to denver there's not much of a problem there maybe there is i don't know but the problem is the the fact is that in one place will be good the other place will be less good next this is the first year second year the arrows you know let's see what the translation here says i'll give you my quick arrows of famine will be shot so expect a very severe famine now if you read through the lines if you're aware what's going on you see how they're already preparing us for the
famine just a few weeks ago if you noticed or not here in israel miraculously all the cows they made a whatsapp group and the cows decided to stop providing milk did you notice that there was a shortage of milk in israel you didn't you're looking at me like you noticed right talking about the soya milk milk amazingly there's one cow who organized all the cows in israel
and made sure that neither one of them will provide milk at the time of sukkots was a conspiracy by the cows that's what they fed everybody all this shortage of milk really what happened to the cows but they're rebelling now there's a shortage of milk 72 years this country is established suddenly there's a shortage of milk why what happened to the kids or the cows so they're psychologically already preparing you that there's going to be shortage of
things but you have to see how the the demonic way of presenting everything is very slowly one time there's a shortage of this one time there's a shortage of that so it says here in the second year it's gonna start getting the arrows why is this saying it's not gonna come in one shot it's gonna be like an arrow suddenly a week no milk another week boom no butter then next week no water slicier in the third year
huge famine that's what they're planning you can read it straight out on any website that they're telling you how what they're planning the famine in the world uh translation third there will be a great famine and what's going to be the result um many people will die women men children so in the third year it's divided into great famine and a lot of death death shalom and then and then pious the pious men and men of action men of action means people who
uh follow the torah and mitzvot will die and the torah is forgotten why by those who study it because it's going to be deaths and famine and shortages of everything who's going to have time or the energy to learn torah so on one side we have a severe famine no food and as a result from that many many diffs so start stacking up your barrels with the grains or whatever you want to do i'm not going to tell you what to do now you figure it out by yourself but
there's going to be a great famine and after that because so much death then the torah is going to start diminishing and diminishing and the torah is the power of the world on the fourth year sova venosova translation during the fifth year there will be great plenty and they will eat and drink and rejoice and the torah will return to the ones who study it oh sorry that's the fifth year i jumped one during the fourth year
there will be plenty but not plenty what so there's gonna be a lot but you're not gonna get nothing out of it it's going to be another way of deception so again and later on i'll explain a little bit more hamishit in the fifth year on the fifth year there's going to be great plenty and everybody will eat and drink and rejoice blah blah blah and the torah will return to those who study it so kind of looks like good news in the fifth year now on the sixth year
basis on the sixth year heavenly voices will be heard that's why a lot of people are saying that they're hearing the blowing of the shofar and around the world people are recording all these sounds but the voices means that the announcements of the coming of mashiach in the seventh year milhamot on the seventh year is going to be the big war what our sages called gogo magog uber says and at the end of the seventh year the son of david will come
so we have a little prediction from the talmud what is preceding the coming of mashiach now i'm not going to read all the texts but i'm going to tell you now that they went into an argument for a change that many of the sages said what's the big deal what you said now happened already we had all this so the answer the sage is answering you're right it happened but not in this order and not in the what is predicted in the sixth and seventh year there were the colors the
sounds and the voices and the big war so we had in the past famines and all that but not in this order so when we have this order then in the seventh the end of the seventh year mashiach is going to come next now we're continuing and if you're reading through the page i'm jumping i'm not reading everything now it says i mean in the time of the way it works each time a different tana or different sage will express his opinion of what he says and he says abhi says something different don schmidt
and they're not different he just adds in the generation the son of david comes not now let's explain that because there's different ways of explaining it during the generation that the son of david comes the hall of assembly of the sages will be designated for prostitution i'll explain to you first the simple explanation that the talmud is saying very clearly that our rabbinical establishment and
the rabbinical courts and any rabbinical establish that it controls the torah it's going to become a place of prostitution meaning there's not going to be a real true rabbinical authority that controls the torah which i'm sad to say but that's the reality most people don't like hearing it think i'm so talking bad about rabbis and so forth but many of you has experienced it firsthand but the sad reality do we have any type of
rabbinical control over the torah no we don't the corruption that you can find in the battery name is like beyond what you can imagine in any subject whether it's in conversions whether it's in kosher supervisions whether when it comes to gi team for divorces almost in any way you are if you would see the corruption that's going on out there you will throw up you might not see it i see it and many others see it besides the fact that
nobody gets along so what kind of what kind of a rabbinical establishment do we have this group doesn't get along with this group this group badmouth that group that rabbit goes against this rabbi the corruption is unheard of now again this is going to be as they say time will tell many in their rabbinical establishment come off as pious and great men i guarantee to you that very soon they're going to start popping up like mushrooms after the rain you're going to start seeing the corruption
behind many great people who are not that great obviously and it's going to be very embarrassing and i said that already 10 years ago and you see that slowly slowly all these molesters and all the corruptions that are embezzled with money and bribes and stuff you'll see it constantly hashem is going to expose all the junk slowly slowly eventually you'll get to the point that you see what corruption is going on right now and i don't want to talk too much about it people get very very touchy you talk
bad about the rabbis you're going against the rabbis some people coming up with all these theories that i'm not saying anything i'm just saying what's what i see in front of me and the stories of corruption that i see i don't want to even get into into that and most people had already their encounter in seeing the corruption i'll give you one example of many which again like a broken record i will say that many people don't see eye to eye or will disagree with me but a young lady sent me a message a few days ago that she's on her way to conversion
and now the rabbis don't want to convert her unless she gets the coveted vaccine what's the connection between this and that can you tell me a halal connection between the two let's say hypothetically for one second that i have no say pro or against the vaccine all right doesn't matter what's the connection to the conversion there's no connection not even one connection there's no likely base why a person cannot be
converted because she or he didn't take the vaccine and it doesn't matter right now if i'm pro against the vaccine it's irrelevant we're talking torah right now no opinions so how can a bait ding prevent from a young woman to convert because her the opinion is that she doesn't take the vaccine sorry to tell you that straight out corruption that's not real rabbinical authority that's not applying the thought what does one have to do with the other now come up with any excuse you want to
come why the bait deen doesn't want to convert her it's irrelevant you know that 100 years ago in soviet union people died in torture and agony to squeeze in one little mitzvah so now rabbis cannot shalom lose their position or a job because the government is telling them what to do that's what's going on right now rabbis are going with the government because they don't want to lose their job or their position or the the the finance they get the how do you call it the taxiwing the
the budget what you're willing to go against the torah to bend the rules because the government is putting pressure on you i'm sorry to tell you you're not a rabbi sorry that's the fact because a true rabbi says that's the torah i don't care what the government says i don't care what the rules of the evil regime i'm telling what the torah says so this is exactly one example remaining i don't want to stop on that touchy subject but this fact is that that's the truth it was predicted i'm going to say
it again let's read it in english again the whole assembly of the sages will be designated for prostitution now it doesn't mean that's going to be prostitutes going in the great assembly but i'm sorry to say it in that way but when a woman becomes a prostitute she sells her body for money here their sages are saying rabbis will sell the torah for money for power for control for status
just on that we can make a whole class but i'll stop over here you got the point and i'm not bad-mouthing anybody there are great individuals great rabbis great scholars i'm talking about what the talmud says and i unfortunately see it with my own eyes next this is all the predictions of okay the galilee will be destroyed and we live in the galilee by the way i don't know what it means when he says it will be destroyed but i'll ignore it for now a lot of the things what they're saying
i don't want me to ignore it but a lot of the things that the talmud says might not make sense to us but the galil at the time was a place of torah and you see now by the amount of graves that are around us from the point where we're standing go 30 40 kilometers in a in a diameter of 30-40 kilometers you're surrounded with hundreds if not thousands of graves of sages from all generations the galil was a place for the torah we're not going to touch that now maybe
we'll do another class about another time but from all the sources that we have the tabernacles is buried in spots i spoke about that already the tabernacle served moshe rabeno and the entire nation of the jews 40 years in the desert and then many years till the beta magdash was built where is the tabernacle well they publicly put it in public storage for 99 a month where's the tabernacle it was built by marcia roberto and betsal so all the signs are showing that it's buried somewhere here in swat that's why
you feel this magnetic force here in sfat holiness but for thousands of years the whole galil was the center of torah so when it says it will be destroyed it means that even that is not going to be sustainable we're not going to have it here and where do you see it then again everybody's fighting with each other and there's a lot of other interpretations i don't want this class to be too long we can do other uh subclasses explaining everything i just want to go through it so i can put all ends together next translation
and the galvan which the the [Music] commentary says it's a place a place called bashan it will be desolated but something i read a different commentary very interesting the how it's written in the talmud is bethlehem but if you switch the bet with the vav you get the word gwil you know what gvl is when you write a parchment for sephiroth it has to be written on a grill
it's a very specific type of leather and this is a a complete leather that you can only write a cephalo and you can only write a sephiroth on that type of leather it's called guvil there are three types of leathers that you can write philly mezuzah a megillah but has to be written on aguaville the parchment yeah not paper paper is not the right term rather the parchment but there are three types of letters that we can write these holy articles like the filling mesoza
megillah and a sephir torah but can only be written okay that's that's the word exactly clef is a parchment and the clef can be written on three different types of leather but that has to do with the mezuzah interference in megillah but a sephiroth has to be written on a specific type of leather and the term the the name for it is called vil gamel valve you'd love it the word the talmud is used what is it saying it's saying that
you know what let me first explain something before and then we'll continue to this when i said that the the great assembly will become a place of prostitution this is one way of explaining it rashi on the other hand which is the most famous famous and common commentator it says that the religious rulership will become like prostitutes okay that's how she's saying don't don't complain to me one goes rashi says that now what does it mean
like i told you before that religious leaders rabbis etc will sell the torah for money and you see that straight out now there's another commentary the commenter is called yada rama he says that that the people will establish their place where they hang out to a place of um you know what they do now bars discotheques and so forth in the olden days people will get together to learn torah now people get together
in the places of prostitution and so forth but there's another explanation very very interesting this is called this is can be found in a book called as the contrast there is called and he takes a verse from the book of michele proverbs chapter 29 verse three and he says the translation is one who keeps a company with harlots wastes his wealth
okay that's what the book of proverbs says so in a different place in the talmud interacted with page 1664 64a it says translation or free translation the talmud says any person that says oh i like that angle of the torah but i don't like that angle of the torah ends up losing the wealth of the torah now unfortunately you see in our generation people do what it's what's comfortable but comfortable for them
and when it comes to the torah oh that i like learning because it's interesting then i don't like i don't agree with that so when a person a regular person does it that's bad but when with a rabbi who will disagree with a certain opinion because it doesn't fit with his way of his teaching that's really wrong and then the person ends up losing the entire wealth of the torah nobody just today i told something something to somebody about the quran that person said excuse my language well
the torah is stupid that's the answer i got for that specific thing it doesn't matter what oh how can you say such a thing you say the torah is stupid because you disagree with something that says who's asking you nobody's asking your opinion so that's the problem with many people that they like this they don't like this i'm willing to do that i'm not willing to do so i'm sorry to tell you that's what the the september otsum says when it says that the bedvide becomes like a
prostitute what do you do whatever you want who asks you what what you want or what you like or you do what do you disagree nobody's consulting with you that's what the torah says whether you like it or not same thing is that what he says here that's what it says in the talmud that some people will just learn what's what they like and what they don't like oh that i don't want to hear about and in our generation how many rabbis i mean every day just in the last month i'm not so following what's going on because i i don't really care but from
what i know just in the last month three people who pretended to be rabbis teachers or jews were found out to be missionaries right as the father and son and then there's some guy from lebanon whatever who married some girl that they found out that he's arab and now another guy i think a rabbi tubiazinger had an encounter with him who was really a rabbit he's not even a rabbit he's not even jewish he's a missionary you know how many rabbis you hold as a rabbit they're not even jewish and they're online the junk that they
teach the junk that people teach out there people follow them some rabbis have i mean you can't really call them rabbis they have followers thousands of followers but if you really listen to what they say you're like what now you maybe and i'm not trying to insult anybody but a person who's not so learned in the torah hears it and says wow that's amazing what the jesus genius put somebody who knows a little bit about the torah and listen be like what where are you bringing this from
so that's the problem and now the internet excuse me it's like a place of prostitution anybody puts a a video up there every second the day there's a new rabbi with 15 000 followers and the junk that they say you can't even imagine what junk they're saying now maybe a lot of it makes sense and maybe a lot of this is the truth but all you need is one two percent of lies so that's what's going on suddenly the torah became a business and every shmo becomes now the chief rabbi of the world opens a facebook page
talks some junk and then everybody's like wow and then what happens is that you have thousands of people doing all sorts of things that had nothing to do with the torah but rabbi so-and-so said that you know many how many times i get but rabbi so-and-so said that what and the the things that i hear sometimes i can't even hear them not too long ago i told you that i can't find the video because they probably removed it somebody told me oh i heard the all says this and that not that i'm some genius in the zone i
never heard of such a thing i was right by so and so said it so i go to rabbi so-and-so's video and he's standing with a book like this with a beard yamaka black suit the whole gear and he's standing with a book i don't know what book it is and he's so to say reading from the zov and he's saying whatever junk nonsense that he said and he's actually giving a page so i got on my bookshelf and i pulled the book out i opened the page nothing okay maybe it's a mistake one page back nothing i went 10 pages back 20 pages
back 20 pages forward nothing has nothing to do what he's saying there so of course i said okay let me contact the men comments are closed you can't contact the person so here we have a rabbi thousands of views on the video saying in the name of the song something that has nothing to do with the torah that people feel people follow that so here the talmud says everybody that the torah became now like uh some merchandise and he's comparing it i'm excuse my language it's not my agreement to prostitution you do
whatever you want so you just from that one needs to learn you have to find one rabbi that you believe in that you know is authentic and you listen to that rabbi somebody emailed me not too long ago a question and she said in that question you say be me say a rabbi x says sour soul but i love both of you i love a lot of people so what i told this poor lady you have to decide
on one rabbi i'm not going to tell you right now if rabbi x is good bad authentic true it's not my business what i think about this individual but i said you can't have two rabbis what if you have one rabbi who's sephardi and one rabbi is ashkenazi so he will tell you this he will tell you that so who's right so you the torah says assalah appoint yourself a rabbi not only a physical rabbi that you talk to a democrat you go on till mashiach is going to come there's different
interpretations whether who's more right it's irrelevant you know that a lot of the pisces ruling is different than sfardi so how can you have two rabbis choose one rabbi follow that rabbi if he's the authentic one and then you go into all these acidic groups this kasily group goes like this that group goes like that doesn't mean they're wrong but you can't have a rabbi from this group and a rabbit from that group and a rabbit for this group you're just gonna get confused besides the fact
that half of them i'm sorry to tell you you have to really look very careful i can tell you that ninety percent of what's on the internet is junk that they don't it's not even worth listening to because what happens is that they feed you 90 truth 95 truth five percent is complete venom heresy now you're saying but look the guy has a beard somewhat i know a lot of people have beards yeah but the guy has a hundred thousand followers so what what does this doesn't mean how many followers they have you know the best greatest most
greatest rapper in our generation don't even have a facebook or youtube so the amount of followers doesn't mean anything so here just to summarize that is that the the unfortunately the torah becomes like whatever they want this guy learns like this this guy learns and i'm telling if i will tell you stories that i hear and a lot of it is from innocence not too long ago some young guy came and he told me uh listen he used to come here through all the shabbat meals he told me this shabbat i
don't wanna i'm gonna eat at home but i wanna know i have fish i wanna know if i can warm the fish on shabbat so i said okay it depends if you spar the ashkenazi if you ashkenazi you can warm the fish you can warm things on shabbat see if you're sardi and the fish has a little bit of a sauce or something and you can warm it on the hot plate she says well i'm ashkenazi so you can warm the fish so he asked me and again he's not an evil guy shalom he tells me can i ask a safari friend to warm the fish to me
what if you're ashkenazi and you follow the pisgah of the rama you cannot warm the fish on shabbat you're going to come now to a safari friend tell him warm the fish for me but again he's not doing he's not he didn't ask that from being evil he just doesn't know but the sad reality is that most people are misguided when it comes to the torah because now it's popular to have a youtube channel and a facebook group or whatever it is and now every says every second ace some new guy comes out
now i'm not saying all of them are bad but the majority are and a little bit a lot of a lot of it is missionaries a lot of it is business a lot of it is money a lot of it is is is hooks for a person to become a heretic yesterday i saw literally so i read the article you see the guys they look they look like they look like rabbis the perot and the beard and everything and you know how many rabbits are online that they feed you junk that you can't even imagine then they cause the person to become confused so when it says
that the bet vadiel is not this is the best interpretation that i like but why am i saying that because later on it says means means you go here you go here you go here you go here you go here you go here so when i told you the parchment the ville is that you know you go and buy uh to fill in they'll tell you which tab you want you are you want the but you're safe whatever you want it's like the the the simple people they don't know where to go one time they hear one time they hear
them now in bristol if nobody they they don't know what whoa whoa whoa choose the path where you're going on it was never like that by the way people had their rebbe and that's it they followed now there's internet so today i like this guy today i like that guy because this guy's funny and this guy gives me kabbalah everybody's learning kabbalah nobody knows anything about kabbalah but everybody's learning and teaching kabbalah another big factory of money people are like see all these groups of
kabbalah talking like minimum students of the rizal you know there's another big mascara is like making a business out of it really think these people are teaching kabbalah sometimes i see people that they're not even jewish and they're talking about kabbalistic terms you know kabbalah you you are enough authority to teach kabbalah what kind of a nonsense is that and you really think that the real kabbalist will teach you kabbalah no i can already tell you no but nevertheless just to continue vagablania like i told you the ville
is the the parchment that you write the torah i read another interesting commentary that the people who their business is torah they will not have business and the people who are trying to make business because of the torah then the torah is going to become a business which unfortunately that would work that's what it is next and again i'm going real fast because i see we're taking too much time and i have a lot what to say but next next he says
translation uh and the residents of the border who flee the neighboring gentiles will circulate from city to city and will receive no sympathy i will just now explain that in one way of many 90 years ago when people tried to run away from europe from the holocaust everywhere they went they got a closed border right now you're gonna get a lot of close borders too people allow will give their house
all their wealth to aliyah nobody can do aliyah anymore for years i've been telling people do just the papers don't have to do the physical aliyah just do the papers now it's impossible nobody can do aliyah anymore the border is closed you know how many people if they would open the border now half a million jews will be here tomorrow how many people in america north america south america europe will jump on a plane within a second it's impossible to do alia now even if you have the papers it's almost impossible so there's many types of ways to explain it i see it very clearly
again the the the residents of the border who are the residents of the border people want to come in now now a lot of people saying now israel is also a madness why would you want to go to israel okay it's going to be crazy all around the world i'd rather be where it's the most safest i'm not saying that israel we're going to be licking honey here every day it's going to become crazy here but it will be much better than anywhere any any other place next israel translation the wisdom of the scholars will diminish
that they don't need to explain the real scholars who listens to them the real scholars not the ones who have 50 000 followers on youtube because they sell you junk they're real scholars nobody's going to listen to them nobody's going to take them serious unfortunately and sinful sin fearing people will be despised so in israel the secular despise the orthodox in the world
anybody who's thor observant are also despised but even now in the circles now we have a new uh a problem vaccinated not vaccinated pro-vaccine not pro-vaccine all this but the ones who are real sin-fearing people doesn't matter right now quran or not corona they will be despised you see how a person i can be not me okay i'll give a different example a person can be a genius in the torah knows the torah inside out had followers
from here to north america if his opinion is against vaccines suddenly everybody wants to listen to him he's a scholar no i don't listen to him why not that i care i can care less i'm publicly saying that you know how many followers and students i so to say lost when i share my opinion oh i was your rabbi for 10 years but one time i said one thing that you didn't like i'm not your rabbi anymore which i can care less
but what kind of a torah observant are you because in one opinion you don't agree with me and specifically about the covet vaccine doesn't matter if i'm right or wrong it's irrelevant right now why you were my i was around for 10 years you came to me with everything suddenly i say don't take the vaccine no no he's against the fda so even the ones who are sinful people will be despised and you can interpret in many different ways you're all smart you're all wise you figure it out yourself it's pretty pretty clear what the talmud is saying and of course it's very obvious every season in front of
their face it's not that we need too much interpretations here and this part of the talmud is finished by saying a famous quote upnei haddo kepnay hakelev and the face of the generation will be like the face of a dog now for many years nobody really interpreted the right way but from a year and a half ago everybody started walking in in the streets with a muzzle so the face of the generation looks like a face of a
dog everybody's people talk to me i'm like excuse me i i i don't understand what you're saying and i'm not making fun of everybody but that's how it is it's the face of generation looks like a face of a dog everybody's walking with a muzzle but let's read some other interpretations not my jokes about the reality the talmud says when it says that the generation the face of the generation would look like a face of a dog loyalty by show them they won't be embarrassed by the other
which that's the reality you see people are shameless they don't care what people think they dress how they want walk how they want say what they want there's no there's no way shame between people another interpretation what this is what the talmud says it's talking about only the leaders it's not talking about the people it says like the leaders of generation why because if you walk with the dog it seems like the dog is the leader right because the dog walks in front of you every few seconds the dog turns
around to see if you're there but if you would bring now an alien and they would look at our civilization they would say oh the dogs are the leaders they fall they lead and when they make their business the human bends down and lifts up their excrement and and they're being fed and they're they're the leaders right so the talmud says the leaders are going to be like leading dogs that really they don't lead anybody they just walk in front and the the real true
leaders are the people and the leaders are just they're not doing anything which that's the reality you can can you point your hand on any normal leader in our generation right now now just did you understand this chaos in this planet is led by a thousand people that's what it is so seven and a half billion people are in a chaotic state because some crazy thousand people it may be wrong maybe 1200 people but that's what you're talking about a group of psychopaths that are running the world and they're the leaders and they're so to say
leading the everybody's going after them i'm sure you know the cliche that everybody's walking and where are we going we're going after him who says he's where he's leading you the says something very very powerful he says that when you hit a dog with a stick the dog doesn't bite you he bites the stick the dog doesn't know that it's you that it's hitting him he thinks it's the stick that's hitting him so he will bite the stick the frame says
right now each and every one of us is getting hit by the stick stick of hashem the staff of hashem right we're all getting hit but we don't understand that these strikes that we're getting is from hashem we think it's from the government we think it's for my boss i think it's from my ex-wife not my ex-wife hashem my wife but i'm just saying people think that the slap that they're getting that you did it they don't understand that it's hashem that's giving you all the slaps all the slaps that you're getting to your face
right now it's only coming from hashem so you can be upset at your boss firing you you can't be upset of somebody saying slander or lash out against you or anybody who does something bad against you why are you upset of them hashem is now sending the slap so the time says the situation is going to be in such a way that every slap that you're going to get you're not going to look to hashem and say i'm sorry let me do chuva and repent you're going to look at the person and do something bad to you and then people are upset at the government and upset that the whatever
the department of health aren't upset on them they're not doing anything it's hashem that it's doing it that's the what the hafetzhime says i find it's very very interesting next it says as follows which i like the most you can relate i'm sure you can understand it says translation is very very simple the truth will not be found can you see the truth in front of you how many people most people don't see the truth most people have a screen of deception
in front of their eyes and they don't see the lies and the manipulations and only that people don't talk truth so the talmud says after that the face of the generation would look like a face of a dog then the truth will this disappear and it's quoting a verse from the book of isaiah uh 59 verse 15 vati if you read the the verse isaiah 59 15 and the truth will be
lacking and he who will turn away from evil is considered mad isn't that amazing that's exactly what's going on the truth will be lacking the truth is not on the news or on billboards or anywhere else everything that you are being fed is not truth by the way everything roman 21 is but what you hear on the news social media billboards governments agencies all lies no truth and the one
who turns away from evil i don't want to listen to this it's considered mad two thousand years ago they knew what's going to happen interestingly it says means missing but the root of the word is a herd like a flock of sheeps now why is he saying that he says that the truth will become like a dariven limit like herds and they disappear and the truth just disappears
now interestingly there's another commentary that i like a lot that it says the people that seek truth will have to find refuge in the in the desert to disappear it's going to become so bad then you're going to have to run away from all these smart cities and the ghettos that they're building that you're going to have to hide in the mountains or in the desert so it says so i like the fact that yeah there's no truth can you see the truth anywhere you go whatever they tell you you really believe what they say i don't believe nothing
now interestingly another commentary says heard so we know that we talked about the sheeple sheeple how do you say ship shipu shipu most people are sheep they just go after the turkish of the other sheep in front of them they don't even look who the leader is where they've been been taken to they don't understand the sheep don't know they're going into the slaughterhouse but he says something interesting that every person thinks that his way is the right way i'm right everybody else is wrong
and unfortunately you see that a lot in the in the uh world of the torah that you'll meet a person from a certain sect or sin group and they think that their direct is the right way you don't know what you're talking about my way is the right way you're wrong next what does it mean that the truth will be lacking amrit that the truth is going to be like herds that go and disappear now interestingly and again i'm not reading all the texts you want later on
you read the text here it says something interesting the uh translation and he who departs from evil oh no sorry uh and that who departs from evil is negated anyone who deviates from evil is deemed insane by the people i have not much to add but interesting says mishtole
it says call me any person that moves away from evil mishtolle the translation is deemed insane by the people but it says here then the world will call him a fool so if you come and say i don't believe in the masks you're a fool i don't believe in the vaccine you are a fool you are held as a psychopath next okay let me skip a little bit it's it's very interesting but it's talking about a story about the cern
city that their thing was only to talk truth and nobody died before their time a premature death and one person came to the city and one time a neighbor came knocking on the door and the wife was taking a shower and he didn't think it's appropriate to say my wife is taking a shower so she said he said he's sleeping and his sons died and when the people came and said how come your sons died then they asked why he said that he said not a hundred percent the truth then they said okay
that's why your sons died i'm not going to read the whole story it's important to know that you have here a very powerful message that hey you can't see the truth it's very hard to find the truth now what doesn't matter who you turn to whether it's a government whether it's doctors the cdc the fda the the the anything you don't know what they're what they're thinking truth is not truth even people every day they come up with a new with a new a new truth but that's one problem the problem is
that you have to read a little bit more deeper between the lines and understand that most people don't live their life of truth now for that you have to question yourself how truthful are you thinking about the government forget about agencies forget about anything who cares about them are you truthful are you only speak truth so it's taking us to the story by saying that the person lost his son his two children because he didn't lie he just a
little bit didn't say the entire truth and the theme of this town that nobody lies there and are they all never died pre their time before their time so the time was coming and telling you you have to question yourself how truthful are you don't ignore ignore right now what the world is giving you are you truthful do you always say the truth and i can tell you already that hashem hates deception and lies hashem loves true people
three times a day we pray we say yo happy are the ones who dwelling in the house of god and then we say hashem is called the master of the universe is close to all the ones who call him the ones who call him in truth now the translation if you read it in hebrew the holocene the the hebrew slang is that they really call him but the quest that really what it means are you coming to hashem with truth are you manipulating and lying to hashem you can lie to anybody you want
there's two entities you can't lie to you can't lie to yourself if you do then you're a fool and you can't lie to hashem you really think you can lie to hashem well if you think or if you do then you are a fool and hashem says you want me to be close to you only if you're coming a hundred percent with truth you're right but it's two separate things because some people won't lie to hashem but they lie to themselves but the fact is that i want to analyze that you go and do your own homework by asking yourself do you lie
to people that's the first problem hashem cannot stand liars do you lie to yourself that's another problem and do you lie to hashem and if you want to be close to hashem karov hashem you want to call to hashem and you want to shame to be close to you only a minute you know how many people see me in the street or hear about my story and people people tell me in the street hey are you the guy this crazy guy right he died and
i'm not crazy i died i'm not crazy but uh you know how many people tell me in the street yeah tell me what what happened to you i said well it's like a five hour election now just give me the short version there's no short version go to the internet you'll see a video of my entire experience no no just give me one thing so if i have to summarize my entire experience in one word is that hashem cannot stand liars if you want to be close to hashem in the
world to come in eternity don't lie you cannot lie don't even bend the truth this world in the name in the the term of our sages is called alma deshika the world of deception the world of light and the world above is called the world of truth if you are not following a path of truth you are not going to fit in the world above end the story that's how i can summarize my entire experience my outer body near the experience it's all about truth it's not how much torah you learn it's
not about how great you do them it's vote it's how truthful you are to people around you to yourself into hashem so the talmud is giving us the story about this town again i don't want to read the whole thing you can read it yourself i'll send you a link with translation but the point to take from that because we need to come we start narrowing down you need to be 100 truthful if you lie your prayers will never be heard if you lie you bring on yourself all the worst energy in the world
because hashem is not a liar and hashem says i want you to resemble me and very hard to find sharia myth by the way it's very hard to find people who are a hundred percent truthful no bending corners no telling stories this is the truth whether you like it or not that's the truth so i can tell you already we can even stop the class now the main message i mean not the main but a powerful message you need to take will not start working on your medata emit how truthful you are
it's not easy very very hard to be 100 truthful this means you can never lie and yeah sometimes you have to say things that you the people might not like next and i'm going through pretty fast i didn't want it to go that long another time another stage who says in the generation when the son of david comes youth will humiliate elders and the elders will stand in difference before the youth and the donna will rebel against her
mother the calabre and a bride against her mother-in-law the face of the generation would like the face of the dog the inhabitants and the son will not be ashamed before his father don't need to explain anything here the hutzpah in our generation is unheard of and again this is just telling us how it's going to look before mashiach comes never in the history of the world was how it's
in this generation i'm only 47. when i was a kid never have i even think of the the the same arrogance and chutzpa to a teacher you think i ever answered to my father if i would dare to open my mouth to my father now children just talk to their parents like as if like i sometimes hear our children talk to their parents i'm shocked it's not that i'm some dinosaur and my
parents generation to talk back to a teacher or to a rabbi or to the parents i'm not talking about right now how people i'm not i'm not going to get into that because sometimes it's needed but 20 30 40 years ago who would answer back a judge or a police officer there was respect now people talk to the police officers like they're other criminals the problem is that half the police officers are criminals it's a different problem but you've seen the generations even in our generation
you know the the honor the respect that we gave parents and teachers was totally different level than what i see in our generation and go now to people who are 60 70 80 years old they're looking what's going on here and it's it's it's it's unheard of next doesn't need to explain too much let's run forward next another time the generation that the son of david david will come arrogance will prefer proliferate
sorry yeah arrogance will plur proliferate don't have to explain too much you see what type of what's going on here yeah of it and the cost of living will corrupt people so they will engage in deceit but i will just say the cost of living will be very very high you don't have to explain anything in that here there's a a very interesting comment there and i'm not giving you all the commentaries and everything just the
good ones distinguished people judges politicians and so forth will be crooks and go and rule and we will be deceiving vegeta and the vine will produce its fruit but nevertheless the wine will be costly and it's talking about wine because at the time of the talmud wine would be a huge thing but now you see that there's abundance of everything why do you have to pay 40 shekels a kilo
for tomatoes it's unheard of thank you did you see the prices of fruit you know how much tons a day they throw to the garbage of food and vegetables and you know why so the prices will go high and it's not only it's in israel it's everywhere why would you pay my life goes to buy fruit it's the cost is not normal why there's an abundance to a point that the the farmers are throwing
their their crops their fruit and vegetables to the garbage only for the prices to be high so he says the same thing the the vine will give its fruit but nevertheless it's going to be expensive technically it should be completely cheap or free no 20 years ago i lived in the united states 20 years ago about maybe i'm wrong in the numbers but about 50 million americans were on footsteps and what do they get as food stamps they get these coupons to go to the
supermarket to buy all the junk my wife at the time says why can't they just uh have fruit and vegetables this land endless land here and just give the food free to people so instead of them eating the junk and it's costing money let let the the the ground the earth give its fruit give people tomatoes and and oranges and of course they want to give food stamps because they want people to be dependent on the government and they want people
to eat all the junk but the the prediction from the talmud is there's going to be an abundance in fruit and vegetables but nevertheless it's going to be expensive which is really unheard of why do i have to pay so much money for fruit next verne and the entire monarchy will be converted to heresy and that's exactly what's going on here it says monarchy i would say malhot would be more of the regime the government oh
heresy nothing is is pro-god doesn't matter which country this is this is relevant to all countries there's no in anywhere in the world uh government that is religious okay in israel they let you do a few things well that's only it's uh pretending and very clear it says the monarchy will be converted to heresy it's all about heresy all against hashem and there will be no inclination among the people to accept rebuke there's another that i don't really have
to explain pretty simple until the entire kingdom will be converted to heresy so in the beginning of let's just focus on israel for a second in the beginning the israeli government was very pro-religion right now look who's sitting in our government sometimes you you you you can't even fathom what the mks are saying i mean what's going on i forget about now other countries
but even you know you go look in other countries same-sex marriage all these weird things that are going on i mean that's heresy so forget about the governments of the world just the government in israel they're pretending to be pro the torah they're a pro the torah so the entire kingdom of the entire monarchy i would rather say a government a regime will be converted to heresy everything is about against hashem and again i'm jumping a little a few of the lies here he says another
interesting thing our sages explained quoting a verse from the book of the valium 32 third chapter chapter 32 verse 36 for the lord shall judge his people and atone his servants when he sees that their power is gone and there is none none shut up or left that's what the verse says but the explanation says that instead of following the torah i'm
just summarizing basically what it's saying instead of following the torah they come up with all the new traditions that's not a torah and they come up with all the new traditions and you see in israel they're doing it the most in israel there's the deception is the worst because they build so to say the state of israel as a place for jews but has nothing to do with the torah and it's all one big deception and slowly slowly that it will go against the torah here it says
another interesting thing and ben david and the son of david will not come till the traditions will overpower so again you'll see that it's all going with traditions but messiah can also be read as muslim is a traitor like in the world war ii the nazis would come and people would be like they're there they're hiding behind the wall over there that's a musil that they give in other people so it says muslim people will start doing it now here
maybe it's hard for us to relate but very soon when they're going to come and force vaccinate people people will be like the unvaccinated they're there that family you didn't hear it from me and now you brought their governments are bribing people to tell who is not getting the vaccine and i know now it sounds and again i know some people get very upset with what i say i'm just saying what the text says which i see it clearly what's going on right now and it doesn't matter right
right doesn't matter right now a lot of people are good people doesn't matter what they think but the fact is that we're going to see and experience that very very soon that people are going to rat on other people who are the ones who are doing aob we saw that in the holocaust we saw it in soviet union 100 years ago that people just ran out on other people next and ben david bob the son of david will not come when i'm saying son of david of course i'm tangled till the students will diminish what does it mean the students will diminish
the commentary says the ones who are rebuking people to do chuva will slowly slowly slowly diminish how many people really out there today making people do chuva telling you you are a great jew you are amazing hashem loves you he will forgive everything that you do that's not making a person dochua that's deceiving the person to telling him you're doing amazing you can do whatever you want but if somebody stands on a podium and tells you you're not observing shabbat you're not modest you're not covering
your hair you're not eating kosher people don't like being rebuked you're telling me how bad i am yeah i'm telling you how bad you are so it says ada sheritma the ones who are rebuking people and making people do chiva slowly slowly will be diminished and what do you have a handful of rabbis who are telling you how bad you are they're not doing it because they hate you if i tell you now that you're doing something bad i hate you telling you you're doing something matter you're not doing what the torah says and then of course will come the ones that i said before that are making a business out of the
torah no it's okay just give a 36 donation to my synagogue i will pray for you i mean you'll pray for me you're desecrating shabbat how many synagogues in north america people drive to the synagogue the rabbit doesn't say anything why because you're going to stop donating right and i saw it with my own eyes i gave a lecture in california a few years ago and i just sat there i don't even know how it came out in the lecture then i said there that you're not allowed to drive on shabbat to show if you live far away stay at home
you're not allowed to desecrate shabbat to go to the synagogue and you're definitely not allowed to drive that's desecrating shabbat came the end of the lecture people were standing around me asking questions there was one guy who was standing patiently till the last person left he came to me a man in his 60s crying with tears telling me i've been driving through the show for 20 years on shabbat the rabbi not once told me that i'm not allowed to drive you are the first one who's telling me i'm not allowed to drive on shabbat 20 years i'm desecrating shabbat and the
rabbit didn't have the nerve to tell me i'm not allowed to do that and why why couldn't the rabbi tell him listen i love you i love that you come but i'm sorry to tell you you're not allowed to drive on shabbat you do whatever you want i must tell you you cannot desecrate your butt by driving why couldn't you say that because you're afraid of the donation coming in or not or the support to your organization that's the problem how many people are telling you straight out to the face you can't do that and how many people are angry at me
because i give them the answer they don't want to hear but i'm here to to run a popularity contest i don't care if you like me or not you ask the question that's what the torah says i told you already some guy not too long ago was trying to get a hold of me bombarding us with emails with i have to talk to the rabbi it's one short question it will be a minute finally gets on the phone call with me i'm not gonna take your time i just have one question i'm allowed to do this he asked me a question i said no
he says are you sure i said i'm very sure are you sure i'm not allowed to do that i said yes you're not allowed to do that you're the ninth rabbi who's telling me that you called me after asking an eight other rabbis if you what you thought i'm going to tell you yes you're looking for the rabbi who's going to tell you yes and the problem is that that's the thing how many people are really telling you straight out to the face you know my famous joke that a person
comes to the rabbi and tells him rabbi my donkey died i want you to say kaddish for the donkey kaddish for the donkey it's an animal i can't say kadish for the animal for the ones who don't know kadish is a prayer you say when somebody dies he says rabbi you don't understand the red the donkey was part of my family we have this donkey for 20 years he was my business partner i want you to take a dish for the donkey
it's an animal i can't take a dish for an animal he says rabbit you do not understand he was dear to me i will give a donation to your synagogue please take a dish for the donkeys i can't say qaddish it's an animal so says rabbi you know if i'm going to go across the street through the reforms rule and give them a hundred thousand dollars they're going to say kadesh for the donkey so the rabbis say why don't you send me the donkeys the son of david cannot come to you the ones who are mahzirim will diminish in diminishing diminish another
and ben david the son of david david will not come till let's see how it's translated here it doesn't even translate it says till the pruta puta is like a scent or 10 cents a dime a nickel it's basically saying the son of david cannot come till the there's not going to be money in the pocket okay so many can interpret it that you know in the last 20 years
there was a great transformation in wealth people were very wealthy lost their money whether with the with the uh attack on 911 a lot of people lost their money then later on 2007 2008 for real estate in the united states and then then there after the banks and madoff and so many things people lost their money so that's one way of saying is that yeah people are struggling even now in our generation most people are struggling it's very hard to make money right now people will make millions don't make that anymore it's now very
hard to make money so clear interpretation yeah son of david cannot come to you it's going to be very hard financially but i explained that a year ago that the the evil regime is going towards a cashless society that everything is a digital currency then ben david cannot come we're not going to have money anymore it's all going to be digital next and ben david the son of david is not going to come to all the people till they despair from the redemption
how many people are losing their faith we're waiting and waiting mashiach is not coming he's not going to come i can tell you that thousands of people are falling into despair that the redemption is not going to come mashiach is not coming anyway if he didn't come up until now he's not going to come let's skip a little bit i'm just going to read one more part and then we'll go uh we'll we'll go to the next part there's a whole discussion in the talmud about uh that
the the prophet elijah eliao is talking with rabihuda and they're talking about how uh says that liao says that there has to be a certain amount of jubilee cycles in the world and he says in only the end of a jubilee year then mashiach is going to come so beauda is asking elia when he's going to come before the end of the year in the beginning of the year says i don't know
i don't uh i don't i can't answer you that but it just says something very interesting later he says that there has to be 85 jubilee cycles minimum 85 jubilee cycles in the world and only after that mashiach we're much more than that because if you do 85 times 50 it's about 4 200. so we're already in 5700. but nevertheless he says something very interesting here uh and in the last jubilee year mashiach is going to come
and during the final jubilee the son of david will come and like i told you before we lost count nobody really knows where we're holding but from the information and the uh knowledge that we have is that this end of this now we're in a in a sabbatical year in the end of this cycle that's going to be a schnatio which means that in 19 if we're going by the the georgian calendar then by 1988 but 2028 should be 29 should be a
schneiderville and that's the time of redemption of freedom and so forth so that's important to know now what i read up to now and i made i tried i didn't want it to go so long because we need to learn more now about the what's going on in our generation and then finally the the the what we need to do but very briefly from what we read now in the last hour and a half we see very clearly that the talmud knew very clear what is going to happen and how
it's going to look before mashiach comes and you can't argue with one thing that we read here everything that we read here we see it in front of our eyes the behavior and the status of the generation and prior to that we read how it's going to proceed seven years prior to the coming of mashiach with that said now let's go and see what the regime of the world is telling us in other words and how that fits because going by the prophecy then one can say
listen a lot of it already happened or it could have been also 10 years ago or 20 years ago but when everything fits together and then you're looking what the world is telling you then you can say okay let's put the dots together now as i told you before that the master of the universe made the same the satan the devil that he has to announce exactly what he's going to do now he's not going to come and come and tell you straight out to your face i'm going to kill you i'll give you one example of many everywhere around the world whether you
want to believe it or not concentration camps are being built most of them are already ready also in israel there are 13 concentration camps now you think somebody's going to call them a concentration camp so go on the website of the cdc and if you want i'll send you the link and it's talking about the program everything is with very nice words they're talking about the program what they're planning on doing with the ones who are not vaccinated
and it says there clearly no there's not no filters that the ones who are refusing to be vaccinated will be have to be taken now they're not using the word concentration camp the nice word that is used is a green zone but it says they're black on white go to their website and read it with your own eyes a description of a concentration camp a gated area that you can't leave no visitation no going in no going out
but there's no word concentration camp a green zone if it's a green zone of course i'll go to a green zone because green is good but they're basically telling you they're going to put you in a concentration camp now the thing is again nothing is coming with words that you will say oh my gosh they're building concentration camps the fact is that everywhere around the world listen 10 years ago before the pandemic i was talking about the fema camps that
are built in america at the time was 800 fema camps these are concentration camps whether you want to agree with it or not you believe it or not now it's 900. in america there are 900 concentration camps in the united states everywhere in the world have been built concentration camps now i don't need to share with you every video and every post and everything oh look at it for yourself but they're building concentration camps greens oh sorry i'm sorry green zones
okay so in the green zones no visitation nobody goes nobody comes in nobody comes out read the description you read the description with your own eyes your jaw will fall and this is on the website of the cdc and many others so why am i saying that because everything is out in the open but with very nice terms now to make a very long story short not to make the video too long i spoke about agenda 21 2021 in one of my previous videos and i thought people just go on the on the website of the un
and read it yourself so some people are like listen it's 400 pages don't read it so you don't want to educate yourself don't come to me i'm going to give you answers you have to educate yourself you have to go and read it yourself i can guide you and help you but the fact is that if you see what's going on with the world leaders whether it was the economic forum in davos just listen to what they're saying there you hear the the prince charles how he talks you hear all the world leaders how they talk schwab how he talks just listen to what
they're saying and they put the dots together so i want to very briefly go through the goals of agenda 2030 because agenda 2021 was signed in the 90s by 178 countries in the u.n all agreeing in 12 2015 agenda 2030 was signed and you can it's publicized it's not that it's hidden you can read it but it's basically the plan of the world leaders what they're planning on doing
now when you read it wow it sounds like utopia the it's the best but you have to interpret what they're really saying so i want to clearly quickly go through the the goals of a agenda 2030 to explain to you how it really is and not what it really says so you can understand a what they want to do b how it's connected to what we read before and for the ones that are watching the video we're going to put this these goals on the screen and then you can go by yourself to the un website and read it yourself so that i'm making something
up so very briefly i'm just going to go through the 17 goals that the world leaders signed what they are planning on doing and they are doing nobody's consulting you nobody's asking you everything is forced here did anybody ask you if you are willing to drink water that is full of poison did you did you ever get a letter in the mail asking you are you willing to be going to put fluoride in your water i didn't get a letter like that you got a ladder like that so why are you putting fluoride in my
water why are you spraying aluminum from the sky from chemtrails did you ever ask me why are you experimenting experimenting on me all your poisons did you ever get a letter of your to sign or consent so basically you have psychotic world leaders that are doing whatever they want without your consent and nobody's saying anything this is unheard of so let's see what they're saying in their beautiful words and then i'll tell
you how i see it the first thing that in the goals of agenda 2030 is end poverty wow so nice of them that they want to end poverty in the world isn't that amazing just today somebody sent me you know how they send all these pictures on social media and whatsapp so you see a kid a skinny kid you see all the bones lying on the floor i don't know where the kid is africa or some third world country and it says on the top a football player
can get 200 million dollars but to feed this kid nobody can feed this kid that's what's going on in the world to give billions of free vaccines that can be given but you can't give that money you can't help poor people and starvation for all the ones who got the coveted vaccine or the flu vaccine did you pay for that no it's free why can't you take those billions and feed all the hungry people and there no we're gonna end poverty
okay how are you going to end poverty there was poverty in the last 100 years there's probably in the last 2000 years but in the last 100 years how did what did you do to end poverty our great world leaders so they said no no we're going to end poverty what do they really mean by saying end poverty translation centralized banks imf which is international monetary funds world bank the federal government will control all finance
digital one world currency and cashless society that's really what it means in poverty taking everything that is right now establishing the finance world and they're controlling everything and then again what i'm telling you now is all said publicly go to all the videos of the economic forum in doubles what i'm saying now they're saying everything and i'll you know i'm not going to repeat it it's going to make the video way too long just rewind the video but basically saying control of all the banks in the world all the money
in the world no cash cash they can't control you know how much money i have in my pocket well i have three shekels it's not going to help me much but the point is you have cash nobody knows what you have but when there's no cash i can control you next end hunger and achieve food security so pious of them to end the hunger i don't know i'm i'm younger than 50 years old the last 50 years i did not see any world organization ending hunger
did you see any program to end the hunger no i didn't see how they're planning to end the hunger now you would think that they would take all the agriculture land in the world and start planting vegetables and fruits and give it free to people that's ending hunger right their idea of ending hunger is we're not going to have fruits and vegetables anymore everything is going to be gmo that's their that's their solution so mother earth gives me crops for
free and fruit and vegetables and with that you can hunger no we don't want to do that we're going to burn all the crops throw the fruit and vegetables to the ground but we'll give you gmo next goal number three good health and well-being so nice of them that they want all of us to be healthy i'm cheering what's in their definition of good health mass vaccination that's it that's what they're saying good you want me to be healthy so why are you killing me
with radiation and why are you killing me with chemicals and many other things but you care about my health right you know i see so caring about my health what are they talking about caring about the health mass vaccination and codex elementaries look it up but that's how they think they're going to make people healthy so the vaccine according to them is going to make me healthy from what i know a vaccine is to prevent me from getting sick so you're
not making me healthy you're just preventing me from getting sick i don't understand the math here next goal number four equity sorry quality education their quality education is called you and propaganda that's really what's quality education how many people getting quality education i didn't get any quality education you know where i got quality education in yeshiva
not in school not in public school for them quality education it's called un propaganda what does that mean brainwashing through compulsory education which is that's what's going on in the last 70 years brainwashing through compulsory education next goal number five gender equality what do they really mean force control sorry population control through forced family planning go and google family planning now it
sounds very nice family planning so nice that you're helping me plan my my family please go online google family planning and you'll see what it means you know in china they don't allow you to have more than one child that's family planning i will plan your family this is called population control next goal number six clean water and sanitation my heart just melts clean water if you think you're drinking clean water
then think again all the water in the world is controlled by the world government all the water in the world is contaminated with the fluoride and other chemicals there's no such thing as clean water and even the six-pack that you buy from pollen springs it's all junk by the way and no filter in the world will will take the garbage out of your water end of story no place to argue here and also the rain water from the chemicals that they're spraying that even the rain water is contaminated clean water what a joke
the water is not clean look it up educate yourself that you cannot find clean water there's no such thing as clean water and sanitation did you walk lately in the streets of spa did you saw the sanitation here i i didn't see much sanitation here taking all the the sewers and throwing it into oceans and burying it into the ground there's no sanitations here but really what it means privatize all water sources
you're all residents of the state of israel you pay for water right you got a water bill lately what kind of hot spa is that you're making me pay for water that doesn't belong to you i have to pay a water bill and if i won't pay they're going to shut down the water it's not your water why am i paying for water i pay other taxes i need to pay for water why and even if you're cleaning the water or whatever you say you're doing let the
government pay for that what kind of a fraud is that i have to pay for water now you know that the company that provides water in israel i told you that already a few times a private company does belong to the government you know who owns the private company that owns the water and provides the water in israel bill gates bill gates owns the private company that owns the water in israel what besides the fact that shimon peres signed an agreement with their
jordanians that he's giving them all the water from the jordan and the kinetic who made europatopas on the water i mean really when you're looking at it what hot spa it is privatizing all water sources so they can put fluoride in the water and do whatever they want in the water and you have nothing to do about it by the way unless you dig in the ground and start looking for a will and by the way you know in israel i don't know how it is in other countries try to dig a well in israel we went once for a hike in one of the the the
forests around here there was an open well spring from the from the ground i'm not exaggerating we've been five minutes rangers on horses came what are you doing we're hiking why are you next to the water what is it your business it's your water a hiking how do you know that i'm here even hiking from the thousand drones you have about me above me looking what i'm doing five minutes ranges and horses game get out of here can't even take my own water i want to dig in my own backyard in israel it's illegal to dig for water
and you're not allowed to catch rain in israel rain water you catch rain water in israel it's a criminal offense clean water and sanitation such pious individuals goal number seven affordable and clean energy that's the the biggest joke affordable i don't know i got lately on my last electricity bill 2 000 shekels very affordable and clean energy what's clean about the energy that you're providing me
first of all really what they mean they call it a smart grid and a smart meter nothing smart about it besides the fact that i said that already not once or not why some people get very upset selling you electricity is the biggest hoax in history they are not providing electricity they are not creating electricity in these power plants they're just creating pollution that's what it is tesla already proved how you can make electricity from air
that's what they're doing you can make electricity by yourself why do you need the the electricity company to give you electricity so don't go far just put some panels on your roof you have your own electricity you're telling me sick affordable and clean energy what's so affordable and what's so clean about the energy you're doing but they're talking more about smart grids and look up all the terms that i'm telling you look it up i'm not going to start here and sitting and explaining everything to you look it up all the information is out there what's a smart grid next goal
number eight decent work and economic growth come on decent work how many people are unemployed everywhere in the world decent work and economical growth oh what you see up now is just economic going down really what it means it's called the trade zone by mega corporations they don't want mom and pop businesses you're not going to have your own stores
you're only going to buy products from amazon from iai iphone or itunes or whatever the name it only from the great from the big corporations you're not gonna you're not gonna have stores anymore you will only be able to buy what's called from mega corporations next goal number nine industry innovation the titles are so nice industry innovation wow sounds like
industry innovation means toll roads and remove free travel no such a thing as street travel you're not allowed to travel it's going everything's going to be zones you can't move from one place to the other that's the renovation goal number 10 reduce in in in equality inequality that's basically saying that they're going to have regional governments or in in basic words ghettos okay
reducing goal number 11 sustainable sorry sustainable cities they're telling you in big in in other words that they want to build very big cities that are built to the sky all of course guarded and gated no people living outside and basically saying in other words this is what's called big brother data surveillances now if i live in a farm in the middle of nowhere how can you monitor what i do if
i decide now to take myself 30 kilometers out of the city get panels i'm off the grid i don't want a phone i don't need a phone i don't want to do anything i don't want to be dependent on you so how are you going to follow and monitor me you can follow and monitor me so you have to do data surveillances goal number 12 responsible consumption responsible consumption this is basically saying in other words population control chipping people
control food etc etc that's basically what they're saying 13. goal number 13 climate actions climate actions what they're talking about is called carbon taxes you saw now the great uh meeting that they had of old grill world leaders they want to start taxing you what's called carbon taxes okay that's their climate actions goal number 14 life uh
life below water what does that mean you know of course it's talking about pious things cleaning the oceans and so forth all the life under the ocean really what it's talking about control of oceans you can't swim you can't trade you can't do anything on the ocean because if the oceans are controlled what are you gonna do are you gonna move things from one place to the other next goal number 15 life on the land environmental restrictions that's really what it means
controlling all resources so you have zero control of any resource you are dependent on the global government to all types of resources goal number 16 peace and justice a lot of peace and justice is out of control really what it's talking about an international court force people together remove the second amendment that applies in the united states but around the entire world second amendment means that you can bear arms
and control over region which means that everything is going to be separated into regions the united states is not going to be the united states anymore israel is not going to have the state of israel it's all going to be divided into regions what bennett and shakir were talking about a few months ago that israel is going to be divided into 13 zones you can go from one zone to the other i mean they're talking all out in the open i'm just summarizing everything to you justice peace and justice the last
goal global partnership saying in other words remove national sovereignty and basically promote globalization of saying in other words controlling the world so these are the 17 goals of agenda 2030. when you read the goals without the explanation that sounds like wow what a great world we're going to have very soon but basically we're saying to you in other words you have zero rights we're taking everything that you own you're not going to own anything we're
going to own anything you're not going to work you're going to be getting your food and your sustenance from us which is not really going to be food it's going to be gmo you're going to depend on us you have to follow our instructions we are going to control you now up until now you know in business there's something that is called inventory now what happens if i'm a business owner and i have a lot of inventory and i'm stuck with my inventory what do i do then i sell my inventory for reduced costs just to get rid of the
inventory and whatever i so i do a sale do promotions and whatever i can sell then what do i do i have to get rid of it so for many many years we the human beings we were the inventory because we were creating work and labor we were the guinea pigs for many things but no they don't need us they're saying that by 2029 90 of what humans do for labor will be replaced with a.i
with robots by 2024 most of the industry will be covered by ai basically saying we don't need you anymore because everything is done by robots therefore we don't need you so we're going to reduce the population of the world to 500 million and everything is just said in the open it's not that i'm coming with some conspiracy saying in other words and here is where i want to stop here and just edu you educate yourself go learn about agenda
2030 go and see all the public videos of the economic forum in davos where they're saying out in the open exactly what they're planning to do one state after the other now why am i saying that because they're already saying clearly you know that bill gates owns most of the farmland in the united states go look at it online everything is out in the open farmers in the united states are saying that they are being paid one and a half times the cost of the crops
to burn the crops why to create shortage it's not only in the united states in israel the farmers do the same thing they throw some tons hundreds of thousands of tons a day of crops and tomatoes and vegetables is being thrown to the garbage why for the prices to go high to create shortages eventually what they're trying to do they're not trying they're doing is that by next year it will be a famine in the beginning now go go by what we
read in the talmud the first year second year third year that's what it's going to be now they're introducing it in a very unintimidating way i'm telling you the shortage we had for milk in this holiday of sugar nobody questioned you're not asking why there was shortage of milk seriously i'm not i'm not joking with you you couldn't get milk for two weeks why what the the cows went on strike
and they're feeding people with nonsense by saying no because of the holiday there was no manpower to pump the to milk the cows and last year there was manpower and the previous year there was manpower and the pre this year very interesting suddenly this year there was enough manpower and let me just remind you that most of the agriculture work in israel is done by foreign workers so they're not observing this the holiday and people don't ask questions oh yeah there's a shortage of milk
ask questions why to start introducing to you that there's going to be shortage of things so if you're going to what the talmud says in the first year there's going to be shortages not salmon that's just going to be shortage what did they say will be rain on this city and no not rain on that city you'll have some here and some not here you know where i got my milk my mother came to visit me from natani i told her buy her milk here we didn't have milk there they had milk so they're not going to come and throw
at you right in one shot everything it's going to slowly slowly build that you will accept now if there's going to be a famine in a year no if there's going to be a famine in a year are you going to question why there's a famine why we should be a family give me one good reason why i should be a famine next year and there will be trust me you're not going to get away with it and the following year will be a greater famine and notice that i'm claiming prophecy that's what it the the the globalists are saying to you that there's going to
be short food shortages why because then when you stand in line if you are vaccinated then you will get government assistance which will not be food will be gmo by the way you're not going to get food you're going to get genetically modified food if you comply with the rules and if you're not then you can starve to death and people are going to starve to death so everything that they're saying here which are their goals they're going to do
it's not threats it's not ideas they're going to do so it's just a matter of time before all the economy economy is going to collapse everything is going to collapse and they're doing all these uh this beta testing so a month ago whatsapp facebook and instagram suddenly disappeared for a few hours would you really think that one of the most sophisticated software in the world that is worth billions suddenly it
collapsed come on and what happened to you how did you communicate without your whatsapp oh my gosh i can't send the ones and so it's not nine hours you didn't send a whatsapp message big deal people were jumping off roofs they don't have my facebook so you have to see what they're doing constantly they're constantly throwing these uh these little tests to see the reaction you know they did it in israel a few months ago that they had riots in jewish cities by arabs
the arabs that rioted in the jewish cities are not the arab residents one of the cities the test city was loaded because it's half jewish half arab the arabs were protesting and rioting in lord were not lord residents they brought arabs from other places they started riots arab riots in jewish cities to see how people react to see if we go to the street with weapons and fight them or to see if we lock ourselves in our houses and are afraid what was the result people locked
themselves in houses and they were afraid did the army come to save anybody did the police show up don't you no the answer is no but do you don't you think that then when there's riots in the city the army will come in and stop it what's the big problem to bring in one little brigade you stop the rights within three minutes so the thing is that people are too busy with what's going on they don't see really what's go really what's going on i'm asking you please be quiet at night
for five minutes and tell me if you hear all night all day and today you don't hear it because there's buses and cars and why their drones above me all day long why you want to give me a good answer why am i constantly there's drones above me no you don't see them they're too high up why everything is controlled why everything is monitored why everything is recorded why why why why why people don't ask questions so they're coming to you the world leaders who are pretending to do a uh uh favor to you telling you what their plan is nobody's consulting me
did you get a survey lately about the the 17 goals of agenda 2030 asking if i agree to that i didn't get a survey like that did you get some questionnaire or anybody asked you are you willing to give up your government for a world government who says and i agree with that who says that you are going to control me and the world is silence did you see what's going on in australia south africa canada
and nobody says anything australians are doing videos come and help us think anybody's doing anything if anybody cares some other people don't care what can you do you think you can do something and the next in line will be canada what is going on now in australia it's going to be next in canada and after that it's going to continue going elsewhere so the australia is the pilot that's where it's starting people are being removed from their homes because they wrote a comment on social media and so forth the thing is that they're
doing exactly what hitler did in the 30s you think the holocaust started in a day the nazi party was established in the 20s hitler came to power in the 30s 33. in 39 the holocaust didn't start in 39 and started the cooking the real problem started in 42 nobody did anything because it came in very small stages and small increments instead of people getting their act
together and doing something they let it happen i have friends i lived in new york i have friends in new york new york is going to be one of the cities that they're going to run their pilot new york is going to be a ghetto now slowly slowly they're starting to close and close so i'll give you one example out of many i have a friend in new york and i know maybe the friend is going to be watching the video but there are many friends with the same story so it's not necessarily you but that dear friend and there are many of them so but one of them told me not
to long ago that he got a notification from his boss that if he's not vaccinated by november 15 he has to leave his job after working there for 20 years and if he doesn't get the vaccine he's going to have to leave he's not going to get any benefits no uh rights what he had as a regular employee that worked there for 20 years as a good citizen and definitely not getting unemployment etc etc etc so he says listen i don't know what to do i have five kids i don't know what am i gonna do
he says i'm starting to almost give up and just to take the vaccine and you think that if you're gonna get the vaccine then it's gonna solve your problem so two months from now they're going to force you to do something else and three months from now they will force you to do something else once you bend that's it you're going to you're going to continue bending another rule another rule and another decreeing another decree oh sorry so what's my solution well pack your bags and get out of the city and the answer i got you know how hard
it is to relocate with a family i said well you know how hard it is to live in a ghetto you know how hard it is to live that you are going to be in a lockdown and you're not going to be able to go out about out and buy food because you don't comply with the rules that's a little bit harder than moving now with your family so what am i going to do we'll move out what didn't you get with my answer but it's very hard okay so you decide whether it's hard now or it's gonna be much harder when you're gonna be imprisoned in your own home
and it's not that i'm talking theory people in australia cannot leave their home they can't co can't go and buy food they can't socialize with other people you say something wrong you get arrested and this is coming to a city near you so you get your act together now now in this class i actually don't want to talk about what one can do but i'm already telling you look at the writing on the wall start getting prepared the right way what am i trying to tell you is that he'll take what the talmud is giving us
straight out what is going to happen the seven years preceding the coming of mashiach how the generation is going to look now take the writing on the wall with the globalist the evil regime that is controlling the world whether you agree with it or not whether you are acknowledge it or not that's what's going on don't think you have a government you think the israeli government is really israeli government you really think that we voted you did you vote for bennett how can a man with four mandates get become a prime minister when bibi got 31 mandates and then somehow he sold another two
mandates and he's the prime minister and people believe that how can a person that get only six mandates become a prime minister when another candidate with 33 mandates is not the prime minister they really think you have a government and you really think that the government is working for you giving now 53 billion dollars to the palestinian authority why don't you give it to the israelis you're giving it to the to our enemy so not only in israel any place in the world you really think you have a government that is working for you
somebody told me not to longer also lives in new york he says i'm moving to florida why are we moving to florida i told him it's like abandoned it will work for a year yeah but florida is a republican state the governor i said okay you're right so that's the solution for one year because very soon there's going to be the elections in the government for the government governors in florida and they're going to rig it too so you're going to get democrats governor and the control is going to go over so you okay so you were able to save yourself for one year so now you're going to start hopping from state to
state so the point what you need to take is a look what our holy sages have told us thousands of years ago is going to happen and if that's what they said this is what's going to happen go on the guideline now take what the rulers the leaders of the world are telling you they're telling you straight out there's enough websites that the information is not censored don't go to youtube you're not going to find anything you know just for the joke i wrote in google and in youtube
what is agenda 2030 before i now prepare the class it's a joke what really comes up on google and on youtube you really think wow those great leaders how they really really really care about us but then when you go to the not censored websites then you see really what's agenda 2030. and you really think they're going to tell you they're going to make you a prisoner now why would they tell them no no it's all for your benefit it's for
the greater good it's only for you so don't be naive and don't be gullible read the writing on the wall and see what's coming now can you stop it i'm waiting for an answer can you stop it no that's it i don't think you can don't try you can't stop it you know why because it's hashem the decree it's not these evil people's decrees it's hashem running the world you can do all sorts of manipulations try you know still places like israel and
many other countries uh declare themselves as a democracy so you can still sue and fight but very soon they're going to tell you okay that's not first of all there's no democracy anywhere democracy is worse than than anything else but there's no real democracy here you think there's a democracy but it's not a democracy but as long as that the country is saying that it's a democracy okay so you have some rights that's going to go out of the window very soon so the only thing you can prepare you can prepare on the physical level how are you going to dodge the
bullet as much as possible how you go into survival mode that you can survive what's coming which is not that simple because if there's going to be a famine then you're going to have to prepare yourself how you're going to feed yourself and your family for the next two or three years taking into consideration that almost anything that you would want to do is illegal so everything is going to have to be in a secretive way now a lot of things are not so easy to do but i know dozens if not hundreds if not
thousands of people or see the writing on the wall they're moving out of big cities because the big cities are going to be attacked and i know hundreds of people in america they say i can't do alia i don't i can't go to a different country like all the countries are crazy and there's some countries that are still normal you can find some countries in africa that are kind of normal south america but i don't know many people who want to go and live in zambia or to live in kenya where some people do some countries in africa they're not going to let anybody come in there they had enough with the
bill gates's vaccines they're not going to let them come in anymore but people in north america so they go inland you can find a lot of land they're not going to come and look for little villages in texas they're going to go to new york and los angeles and chicago so this lecture i'm not going to tell you what to do there's enough information out there or we'll do another lecture what one needs to do to start protecting yourself and i know it sounds like very neurotic but start protecting yourself they're passing a law in israel they're trying
at least that law enforcement can come into your house for any reason with no warrant with no questions asked and just pull you out of your house so expect a knock on the door naftali bennetts our prime minister is going to say calling a mitsahakesh is an operation or can also be interpreted or translated to a sale or to a promotion hakesh badelit la kish it means knock on
the door when we were kids we were recruited from our school to go and fundraise for different organizations like the children that come with cookies in america we would be recruited in elementary school to walk around with this uh like a receipt document and we would ask for for donations for whatever organization give the receipt and they would make promotion who would be brings most donations and blah blah blah and all the
money would come into some uh account and then we would get over to the organization if it ever got to the organization but nevertheless they used to call it the operation of knocking on the doors and everybody was if now somebody would knock on the door of course and everybody would donate and we would be so proud of ourselves that we collecting money for whatever organization to save the chipmunksies in some mountain in africa or whatever it was so bennett is saying we're going to do if taques badell at an operation then we
knock on the door so in the beginning they're going to knock on the door and they're doing that trying to convince you to get the vaccine why don't you will come and pick you up but at some point it's not going to be convincing it's going to be knocking on your door and pull you out of your house and do to you whatever they want to do not whatever you want so of course you have to be prepared for anything and i'm already telling you it's not being doomsday rabbis some people call me it's not being negative or nirotic or
it's coming don't think it's not coming because whatever they're saying they're going to do they will do in the beginning is going to come come very very nice just today the government was talking how should they what's the word in english uh when you want to give incentives how should they incentivize that's how you say motivate no they want to give incentives for people to get the vaccine because they're advertising that in israel most people got vaccinated it's not it's not
true for the first round of large amount of people god the second round it reduced the booster maybe maybe a few hundred thousand got it now of course they're saying that millions got it but the real truth is what you're seeing on on the on the news it's not real truth so they want to give incentives and what if you read the incentives that the government is is saying why you want to give me incentive for to get a vaccine if the if the virus was so deadly you need to convince me
you don't need to convince me i would go by myself so it's all being done in a very you know quiet way in a nice way with nice terms and everything is for the greater good and all sorts of but you have to understand that nobody's acting on your behalf and nobody cares about your well-being nobody cares what you think this is a dictatorship a control and whether you agree with it or not that is what is coming has nothing to do with conspiracy theory it's a conspiracy but not your theory
that's the fact whether you accept it or not listen also in the holocaust nobody accepted what people said don't you think there were people that came from the at the time was the land of israel wherever it was called palestine came to europe and told people to run away you know the time was one of the greatest of the kim of the last hundred years bala who lived in yerushalayim who used to hear kodesh with no doubt that he had kodesh divine power he came to the to europe in
1933 34 35 30 saying to them there's a black cloud over europe ran away people mocked him people told him that he's a conspiracy theorist nobody took him serious and he wasn't the only one i told you not once and not twice my grandmother lived in berlin she was 17 when they ran away from berlin the night before crystal nach can you imagine my great grandfather had a business was wealthy was a millionaire had real estate houses all over the place
can you imagine getting up and leaving with his three kids with a suitcase and people telling me how am i going to leave new york with my family well you get you took us out of there and you go to somewhere safe because very soon you're going to be in a ghetto now you're going to have dogs running around it's going to be a digital ghetto you're going to move out of the zone you're going to be zapped why because you're surrounded with antennas drones satellites any move you're going to do you're going to be attracted in within a second and you think they're going to send the dog
in to zap you with a with a frequency a low frequency that's it you're going to be zapped on the floor and you think you're gonna be able to move so it's much easier to run away now i know it sounds crazy running away what are you talking about we're safe yeah i know we're safe my great-grandfather and my grandmother when they ran away from berlin they went through to my grandmother's grandmother telling her we're running away night before crystal night i gave a whole lecture about it i'm going to repeat it they told her we're running away from
who from the nazis but they're coming to kill us i don't stop with your conspiracy theories already so also in the 30s nobody everybody was no not everybody but a lot of a warning of what's going on because you think hitler didn't say publicly what he's doing in 1937 hitler imagined hostile stood on a podium said he's going to exterminate the jews because they are infecting the world he said that and people are wow great leader
so what's the difference now there's no difference so on the physical level yeah you got to get prepared and uh okay maybe we should do some classes how you get prepared but you have to get prepared and it's not so easy i know it's not easy listen i also made aliyah six years ago with six kids with a dollar to my name i didn't have money i have nothing people told me what are you gonna do in israel i don't know what i mean you don't know i'll figure it out
but i'm i i told zambia i'm not staying here because now it's easy to do aliyah i'm talking about six years ago and you know why it was easy because i got a uh how do you kill financial assistance from nephesh benefit from the israeli government was easy to do aliyah then well even then it wasn't easy by the way but it was easy now you're gonna slap to your face let's see you do aliyah now people are dying to do aliyah aliyah means to to come to israel if you're jewish
now let's you see you're sneaking into israel so six years ago we i had six kids we came to israel like a pilgrimage 28 suitcases i land with a baby a three-month-old baby don't have a dollar to my name on the morning of the flight that i'm doing only i called my mother it was five o'clock in new york in the morning 5am in new york 12 o'clock in the afternoon in israel my mom is telling me when you're landing today where are you going to stay i don't know what i mean you don't know you have six
kids you can't crash on my couch and says well i don't know when i get off the call with you i'll go on airbnb and i'll find a place to stay are you crazy i said no i'm not crazy and sure enough i get off the call half an hour later i found the place on airbnb because it was easy then and even then it wasn't easy and when i came to israel people don't what are you are you out of your mind no job no money six kids what are you gonna do i said well first of all let me run away while i still have my health and i can
easily get on a plane try to get on a plane right now can you go to the plane so easy and everything that i'm saying now by the way is everything that we read here now i'm not going to repeat every little thing that we read from everything trying to get on a plane right now there are hundreds of thousands of jewels all around the world dying to do aliyah open the gates half a million jews we have here tomorrow what did we read before that the people on the borders cannot come in no here we have it
now a lot of people say israel is also crazy here okay it's going to be much crazier everywhere well i'm not saying in israel it's going to be not so crazy i don't worry it's going to be crazy here too but i rather the crazy here than the crazy there because israel at the end of the day is the most safest place in the world now of course then our gentle brothers and sisters are going to say i'm not coming to israel what should i do well you have to find a place in the world where you can be safe yeah and start doing it right now when it's easier when you can still get seeds
without being shot very soon it's going to be illegal to plant your own seeds in some states it is already you're not allowed to buy seeds so slowly slowly it's going to be closed down why because all the goals that i read to you now if that's the goals it's basically saying in other words that's what we're going to do whether you like it or not so on the physical level yeah you have to be prepared and i'm sorry to break your heart we're not going to talk about it in this class because i want to move forward what is really what really you
can do then we'll try to uh conclude so we're going to be going back to the same page in the talmud just page b not a 97 b and it says as follows tanya we have learned by rabbi eliezer in israel if you will dochuva if you will repent you will be redeemed where did we learn that from from the book of jeremiah chapter 3 verse 14 right return wayward children i will heal your
iniquities okay comes to him rabbi yeshua and says wait a minute wasn't it already said in the book of ishayah isaiah 52 verse 3 genome counts for you were sold for not and without money you should be redeemed what is the answer to him we have to do chuba chuva means to repent answer to him it says in the book of malachi
chapter 3 verse 7 return to me and i will return to you yeshua answers back and says it says in the book of jeremiah chapter 3 verse 14. became hashem is telling us and i will take and listen to this one from each city and two from each family not everybody will be in the redemption and i will bring you to zion hashem says yeah
i will redeem you but not everybody now comes rav a sage and he says all the ends passed or all the ends of days that were calculated past venus you want the redemption to come and the matter depends only upon repentance and good deeds when we will repent then we'll be redeemed don't think it's the evil government that is driving you crazy it's the master of the universe that is opposing
all these decrees on us not bill gates not charles and schwab not any one of these psychopaths it's the master of the universe that is throwing these wolves to bite us and the answer is to re read and it says as follows if you do you will be redeemed veem love but if you won't do cuba going to live in this psychotic state forever he says no ela
who's going to appoint a king over them it doesn't have to be a king like with a crown and the king means a ruler that his decrees are worse than haman and you're going to do falsely because when there's going to be a ruler like a man that says i'm going to kill you then you're going to have to do chuba so you have to do some love now or you're going to have to do shiva from a lot of fear and pain but hashem is going to make you do chuva whether you look it doesn't matter how
you're going to look at it then it goes a little bit more i want to skip a little bit but he ends by saying that if we do chuva then hashem will redeem us if we don't do chuva we're going to have to go through a very hard state of i don't even know how to call it but we're going to have to scream to do chuva and the sad news is this is a prophecy from jeremiah chapter 3 verse to 14 i will take one from a city
one from a city and two from a family and i will bring you to zion how many people will come to the redemption 500. you know who's going to come to the redemption the one who does too well how do you do chuva then let's go to the story that the talmud says it's all about truth you have to be truthful honest you can't lie you can't deceive you can't trick you have to be
an honest individual that's not everything to do but you have to do chihuahua each and every one of you because everybody's going to ask me now but what do i need to do what do i need to do well don't lie to yourself and you know exactly what you need to do juva it's very simple i know what my weaknesses are now if i lie to myself and i say no it's because of then i'm sorry to tell you i just lied to myself be truthful to yourself and i know what you do i know what my weakness
is one person is their weakness they can't wake up in the morning to pray you have to pray wake up in the morning you can't wake up then be truthful and say oh what am i kidding it's hard for me to wake up another person is looking in the wrong direction another person talking about another person eating kosher another person being dressed models you know what's your weakness then be truthful to yourself and do chuva chuva means to repent hashem will forgive you shem wants you to do chuvash and wants you now to do chuval from love
when it's still easy it's already not easy do now tuva from love and i know i'm gonna get this question how well be truthful to yourself when you know your weaknesses you know your desires you know your lusts you know where you fail then work on that now it doesn't mean that you're going to be successful but at least you acknowledge the problem and at least you try and at least you put effort and you look up to the sky to hashem and you say help me i know i have a weakness
here i want to repent and the sad reality is that the prophet says clearly and i think it's more clear now to see not everybody will be redeemed seeing already what casualties we have how many people die from all walks of life jews non-jews observant jews how many observant jews died in the last year and a half now i don't know if they don't have the merit to be in the redemption hashem just wants to spare them the atrocities that we're going to see
many people died and left the world because hashem doesn't want them to see what's going on you know that abraham avinu died the day that they sab as left the world i don't want you to see where your grandson went to what sorrow it would do to avraham avinu to where his son goes his grandson goes to see him a hoodlum an idolatress so sometimes people leave the world because hashem doesn't want them to see what's going to happen but the sad reality is
i'm saying sad because it's sad for people it's really a very good reality because the days of the coming of mashiach are numbered like i told you before the optimistic part in me and the faithful pardon me hopes that mashiach will come tonight or tomorrow wednesday is also fine and of course we should do whatever we can to bring the redemption faster smoother but listen i'm a very realistic
individual i see things as they are i don't put myself in some dreams or i can ignore the reality thank god a shame gave me a good quality i see things exactly how they are without analyzing it too much we are being led and we are going straight into a disaster whether you're looking at it in any direction and look at it i think it's my personal opinion it's not a prophecy or claiming anything i think we are going into a very hard cycle of
seven years exactly what the talmud said in this first year of shemitah we're going to go into seven years and you know why it fits perfectly with the world's agenda because if you count the seven year cycle plus the jubilee year it's 20 30. now i'm not claiming anything michelle's gonna comment i'm not claiming nothing i'm just making a quick calculation on one side we have our sages telling us how it's going to look on the other side we have the agents of the same himself
that runs the world he has a full control over the world his works for hashem but he's controlling the world right now the power and the control of the world is given to the hands of the satan the devil the stomach himself and he operates through all of his agents they all look like humans some of them are humans but they're running the world with suits and ties with beautiful terms we're going to end poverty you think hitler looked like some
some killer i mean to us he does because we don't like him but for the rest of the world he was what a leader great leader stalin too by the way they're all wearing suits and all throughout the history all the world leaders that wanted to take over the world they all looked pretty smart obviously they were able to carry with them thousands and hundreds of thousands of people so the world leaders now don't be fooled by a suit or because somebody has a
royal background who cares and they're telling you straight out this is our agenda saying in other words this is what we're going to do so take now the agenda of 2030 put it now with what we read now kind of fits together here the talking about controlling the food in the world here we're talking about a famine here they're talking about closing the borders or whatever regions and anything that they're talking you can right away compared to what we read from what our
sages said and our sages that's what's going to happen before mashiach comes so we have two options one option is doing amazing chuva made amazing repentance from love and hashem can change anything anything can be canceled and and the redemption can come tomorrow the sad reality is that we're not so united to be able to pull such a thing and if this is the case then we're going to see with our own eyes very horrible things so now you have to do chubas so you'll be protected you and
your family that's the only thing what you can do to repent says in the book of the linking david will fall from one side ten thousand from the other side it's nothing going to happen to you and of course there's all these questions and you know everybody's questioning the same thing with the holocaust listen six million people were murdered in the holocaust you know how many people i i guarantee to you that the ones who are standing on the trains for three days in their own urine and excrement and people dying on them
they were like this why didn't i run away why didn't i run away why didn't i listen why didn't i run away i guarantee to you besides the fact that most people know nothing about the holocaust people don't understand that they were willingly going on the trains look at the videos look at the i'm not talking about schindler's list look at the actual videos look at pictures you see people were forced on the on the train people went on the train with their suitcases if you know they're going to kill you why are you going with your suitcase why
aren't you fighting wouldn't you fight if i know i'm going to be murdered anyways let me fight let me die on a few of them people were closed in ghettos for years couldn't get out of together from the frustration already from hunger from diseases when they were told go on the train we're taking you to a work camp and you're going to work and we're going to give you showers and get food people just went up on the train willingly in our position but the second that the gates closed after the the train when the train was drove into the concentration camp that's
when they figured out they were fooled people up until the showers thought that they're going to take a shower oh you're going to take a shower if i know you're going to kill me why would i take a shower you know when people figured out that they're going to be full they're going to be killed when they asked if i'm going to shower where's the stop where was the towel then they realized that they were fooled most people don't even know what was going on in the holocaust people were warned people were but people also really trusted the government people trusted their government why
would the government do that i'm sure you heard that question already not once and why would the government want to do such a thing because they don't care about you you think bennett cares about you or any other mk for that uh respect you think biden cares about you justin trudeau cares about you think anybody cares about you they don't care about you exactly what we said leaders are the dogs i don't care about
nothing the the municipalities the regime the government who cares about you so you have to read the writing on the wall we are already in the next holocaust and you know subconsciously for years they were brainwashing us with a slogan never again so because subconsciously it's already in your mind oh we can we can't have another holocaust because the sticker said never again brainwashing you for the last 50 years
never again they're putting pictures all over the place of skinny people in a concentration camp and then they're putting a picture of the israeli pirates pilots or the special forces with machine guns never again so say psychologically oh we have an army right now never again little did you know that the army is going to be the one who's coming to take you the concentration camps but manipulating the mind for so many years unfortunately most people are asleep unfortunately these people are going to
be marching straight into their death nobody from the globalists care about anything that they said here it's all about killing everybody but the ones who are smart they're going to have to do whatever actions that you're going to have to do so you have to you can be gullible you can't be naive you can't be and then other people says why are you talking about this talk about torah for 10 years you're teaching torah why talking about this because it's my responsibility and my i i i how do you say i have to
how would you say that in english my obligation people say to me stick to the torah you're good in teaching torah i don't want to hear about your conspiracies you don't want to hear them shut the video i'm forcing you not forcing you to do anything that's the comments again stick with the torah when i'm sticking the torah the torah tells me clearly what is coming to me and i'm going to follow it and you either follow it with me or not you do whatever you want but i have an obligation if i know i have to say and warn you think i want to
be now sued in charmaine they're going to come and file a lawsuit to me in the heavens why didn't you warn why don't you say if you know say you don't want to believe me don't believe me don't have to you don't want to like me don't like me you can unsubscribe right now i don't care how many people like me or not i i care that my wife likes me that's it my kids you can like me too i can care less and it's not that i'm not nice or something i'm just telling you the things how they are now again a large amount of people are completely out to lunch nobody to talk to completely
brainwashed completely following the the the the sounds of the how do you call it the guy in english i don't know how you're calling the guy who was going with the flu and all the rats are going after him how do you call him pine pinter you know most people already programmed most people already hypnotized brainwashed for the last 50 60 70 years then they were brainwashed perfectly done and they just go straightly
into the grinding machine or there's a minority that they see what's going on now i can tell you already it doesn't matter how much you prepare listen i'm preparing for the last two years for the for the worst of all and you have to prepare if they're warning you there's going to be a famine start preparing when it's easy to prepare in many different ways and be careful because all of you are marked and all of you are monitored and in our generation how they mark people is first of all who's complying then that's
one group and the ones who are not complying what's the level of of danger so if a person stands and warns everybody the mark is he's very dangerous he's not complying but he's dangerous some people are marked as not complying but they're not dangerous they just don't comply so you have to understand that they're after each and every one of us they're not going to let you go so easy so you have to prepare on the physical level but i can tell you that the ones who are attached to hashem hashem will decide who's going to live who's going to die
who's going to be redeemed who's not going to be redeemed everything is in the hands of hashem if hashem decides to take any one of us that's hashem's decision you can't argue with that but the purpose of the class is that you have to understand that everything that's going on was already predicted you cannot be fooled by nice slogans i talk to people all day long and when i tell people just the other day we were arguing with somebody and
somebody didn't like the the fact that that i said that we are in the holocaust how are you comparing the situation to the holocaust i said well it's worse than the holocaust at least in the holocaust people knew that they're they're there they're going to be killed here people are willingly going into the gas chambers and the person was very upset that i was comparing what's going on now to the holocaust i said this is a holocaust just it's a little bit more sophisticated same slogans for the greater good a lot of survivors are saying at the same step
yeah a hundred percent listen my grandmother's a survivor i'm coming firsthand my grandmother was 17 when she ran away from germany and many others as you saying hitler did the exact same method if you think if you go try to go on the time machine but how germany looked in the 30s so in the beginning started all these little decrees jews cannot shop in the same stores the jews have to walk on the gather not on the sidewalk slowly slowly and you know what was the main theme
that the jews are spreading diseases so now the unvaccinated are spreading diseases it's the same shtick so the point really that we listen we can talk here now another three hours i don't want to lose too much of the tension span from the viewers [Music] unvaccinated all right lock it down yeah so i'm just going to say it loud for the ones in here in austria as of today the
unvaccinated locked down it's listen it's also in australia it's going to become like wildfire now the thing is that they're gonna what i said before about the ones who are giving over other people very soon in many different places the ones who give over the other ones will be uh uh rewarded for that and there's a lot of goodie two shoes that are gonna be like so you have to also be very careful who you talk to what you say you're not gonna know who's gonna turn around against you
and don't think for one second nobody knows anything about it people say okay i'm gonna your phones are monitored your social media is monitored everything is monitored every step that you take is monitored you can't get away i'm just telling you that don't think for a second you're not you're just now being rated or ranked how dangerous you are so there's one rabbi who was murdered last week of course the media will not dare to say that he was murdered he died from a sudden death rabbi dov berkovic who went very forcefully against the government and
talking about how corrupt everything and the pandemic and against the vaccines and suddenly he got hit with a deadly virus and very unfortunate he was murdered he was taken out because he ranked very dangerous so the more the dangerous the person is marked then people are going to start disappearing very soon so you have to be unmarked as dangerous you are marked as not complying but you at least don't be marked as dangerous and yeah it's going to become
very very crazy now most people they can't listen they can't hear that one day they're gonna knock on your door with five policemen six foot five with two dogs arms get out of the house what do they do get out of their house what are you gonna do what are you gonna do seriously what are you gonna do you're gonna fight them and put you to the ground in a second and don't think that day is not coming and it can be in the street can be anywhere it's all for the greater good it's for
your benefit now again a lot of people now will freak out what am i going to do what should i do well first of all you need a shame on your side you need to repent you need to be the best student on the bench to be the best in the eyes of a shame that doesn't mean that's going to help you but at least that's the minimum what you can do a because you want to have a shame on your side b because maybe that will uh somehow help to reduce the severity of the problems
you know i there's one thing that i didn't read to you i think i skipped it here i'm gonna go back to to to the attracted of uh sanhedrin there's one of the verses saying here it's talking about that we are waiting for the redemption hashem is waiting for their redemption so what is delaying the redemption now if you're going to go now with a survey around the world and ask people jews and non-jews non-jews are also waiting for the redemption by the way they might in some cases have the wrong
picture of who's the messiah but they're still waiting for the redemption but if we're waiting for the redemption and the master of the universe is waiting for the redemption so what is holding it what is holding the redemption mama kev this is the common denominator we want we both want the redemption to come what is the divine attribute of judgment that prevents his coming as it's written and it's taking us to a verse in ishaiah isaiah chapter 30 verse
18. for the lord is god of judgment middata we sin boom right away there's a prosecution against us it's called the attribute of judgment now if i do a sin right now i can be the greatest rabbi in the world beard from here to the floor learn to have a morning tonight but i did want sin the way there's a lawsuit in the heavenly court of course this is called midatta dean i don't care how pious you are the more we strengthen the attribute of judgment it goes against us and the
story nothing you can do i don't care it doesn't matter how pious you are how observant you are so we have to sweeten the judgment you can't remove it by the way that's why on yom kippur we don't say that we remove the attribute of judgment we say that repentance and prayer and and charity they push over the evil of the decree where does it push over on the wicked people you can't say cancel it so we need to now focus on
sweetening the judgments reducing seeing as much as possible you have responsibility when you're about to sin later on think wait a minute the entire scale of the world is dependent on me right now whether i open my mouth and gossip right now on so and so or not that's how i think that's the thought that i have my mind i also like to do certain things thank god i don't like gossiping that's a problem with many people but everybody
has their weaknesses and when i'm stumble across a opportunity to sin my thought process is wait a minute it's not only me i'm going to now strengthen the judgment of the the divine attribute of judgment against the entire world and hashem created the world with rules he can't just eliminate medata deen the attribute of judgment the judgment is theirs it's a lawsuit or i think it's corrupt
judges like in this world they just move away the case