Ape Escape 3 (PS2) w/ Tim Rogers :: 2.28.2021 LiveStream / MY LIFE IN GAMING

Ape Escape 3 (PS2) w/ Tim Rogers :: 2.28.2021 LiveStream / MY LIFE IN GAMING


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as i like to say kill me bro all right good evening everyone good evening oh i see that i have brands visible it's not my not my my sponsor i'm not actually a sponsor i don't endorse this drink you just got a big uh box of that stuff like a couple weeks ago oh and you ordered it did you see that on my on my twitter i i uh i ordered it i ordered a bunch of coke zero on the internet months ago
on amazon because here in new york it's it's just there's no cases there's no cans no cases of cans anywhere so i ordered a case on amazon at a premium price because i was very thirsty at the time and it took over a month to arrive and it was just a box of lucy's it was just uh the box was just thirty-five from anywhere that they could it was 23 loose cans and then one 12-pack and it's shipped from an amazon seller
called the beverage company so and they were just floating they were suspended in a bunch of these air pillows oh jesus you know like those those air pillow packs so they were suspended in there so this is one of my fries cokes i'm drinking right now that's like one of the shorter shortages that are happening in terms of for because of the corona yeah there's just uh product shortages a go-go here on this earth right now i guess and look up a couple are really complain yeah well yeah couple weeks ago we were talking about uh
we're playing chex quest when we found this yeah we're playing jack's quest apparently there's this like huge shortage of grape nuts cereal and there are some oh i've heard about this yeah like twenty-five dollars a box on ebay like the ebay list things are like are like in hand fast ship yeah grape nuts huh grape you know what i like grape nuts for i like mixing grape nuts with uh uh other cereals i mean that that's not a joke i'm not trying to it's a knockout i'm not trying to make
fun of grape nuts here i'm not talking trash about grape nuts i think grape nuts are pretty good by themselves but if you mix them with like frosted flakes it becomes like this amazing cereal i i'm pretty sure that much yeah i just can't i can't remember what it was like so uh just so everyone knows uh you know for for those who who lament that we don't use the framemeister so much these days this stream is for you because uh frame monster in this yeah this is this is uh you know playstation 2 480i
you know it does doesn't get much better than the framemeister for 480i games so i was uh when i when i brought up this uh character select screen i was flipping back and forth and sandy was going nuts she absolutely loves like horizontal movement on the tv but she's like asleep right now but like like it's like it goes one way and she runs in that direction goes the other way she runs in the other direction and all she was her favorite video game is the wii system menu
oh oh man she just woke up yeah wait so are you going to choose cheerful girls or energetic boys i i don't know they're really putting a gun to your head with that question i mean i mean like with this guy like he's winning me over with with lunch is his favorite subject but also losing me with jim so i'm just having lunch i got english and music i think i think you got to go with yumi you got to go with yumi you got to i i think i am inclined because uh on the back lottery stream tomorrow night there's a good chance i'll i'll continue this game
and i know that there is an ape escape super fan and that will be most definitely be present and i'm pretty sure she'll kill me if i'm not playing as her so i don't know if you can change it to me but uh i i saw i saw john was i i didn't tune in too much to john's stream uh when when you all were on but uh i was busy that day you didn't want spoilers i didn't want spoilers either i didn't want spoilers for wild arms five either because oh look at look at her backpack that backpack is great so she's got like a little rabbit backpack i'm gonna admit when this game
first came out i'm gonna confess uh i i just chose the boy i played as the boy when i have this rule this is my rule in video games i'm going to give every i'm going to tell everybody the truth here when offered a choice between playing as a girl or a boy 100 of the time i choose to play as the girl when offered a choice 100 and it's always been this except for this game for some reason when i first played this
game i chose the boy i don't know why like i don't even know why maybe because you were forced to be a boy in the first one which is the one i had the strongest memories of i mean you know usually for me like if if it's a character that is like if you're like creating a character and it's like supposed to represent you in some way usually i go for for the boy but like if it's just like you know this character like has a predefined personality then you know one or the other i don't really care uh
but like one time that i definitely did uh play as the girl when like you know it was cod that choice was uh pokemon um the what was the game boy advance uh generation three like the the weirdo hat that the boy wears in that game i i cannot stand that it's a dumb looking hat yeah it's not a good hat like it looks like it looks like it's his hair but it it's it's his hat
it's it's terrible have you ever have you ever watched the anime of the uh the third arc of jojo's bizarre adventure because that hat puts off a lot of people they're speaking of a hat it looks like hair that hat is uh incredible uh you know it's so weird to see that this game man i've never played this game in english i actually have my copy yeah i know we're we're a little less hardcore than john stream i i have to admit decide to get you three oh man i
i i loved when i found out what the japanese uh title of the series was i mean that's and then when you catch when you catch a monkey in the japanese one your guy says get you like that get you you know the the you wanna know the wildest thing about uh ape escape 2 english version i mean first of all it was published by ubisoft for some reason was it ubisoft yeah weird and published this one atlas or did atlas do two and ubisoft did three or what was the story i think this is sony i'm pretty
sure sony no no i'm pretty sure it's not ape escape three apes game is registered trademark assuming computer entertainment copyright 2006 selling computer entertainment okay i thought it wasn't sony but uh i mean i know i know i know sony made it true i mean uh yeah two was uh two was the the ubisoft game but the weird thing about the localization on that one uh well it was published and it was published by sony in the us weird the uh what what okay what's the guy's name
the first game is spike second game is uh like jimmy or something i don't remember what his name is jimmy i i i don't remember what his name is but uh he was voiced by he had like the exact same voice as ash ketchum and the girl whatever her name was was misty like i'm not even kidding like and they were just literally just using the same voices that they use for those characters it was hilarious it was really weird i mean i guess oh god
i will do my best to stay on top of the the donations as best as i can but sometimes we get we get carried away uh i just want to go through them really quick the uh there was a two dollars from uh mitch b who just says hello i i'm pretty sure timothy tim was supposed to read that one hello oh looks like looks like i've got some some some dual shock to drift going on here oh yeah ubisoft did publish uh ape escape too in the us that was that was ubisoft
wanna one second let me get another dual shock too that's weird that they would did was uh sony just not happy with how the first one did in the us they well i was uh i was employed at sony a computer entertainment japan at the time that ape escape three came out uh that was that was during my time there and uh i recall there being this weird sort of uh i don't i don't know if i mean i i don't know if it was animosity
or anything there was some weirdness between sony usa and sony japan um where uh it's it's almost like uh like they didn't want to publish ape escape in the us and it because in japan sony japan didn't want to publish god of war you know right um capcom published god of war in japan did you know that i had no idea that's so weird that it's like capcom did you know that did you know that
capcom published god of war in japan no you didn't know that capcom published god of war in japan because sony japan did some sort of uh they always did these these internal you know i mean i don't know what kind of nda uh i didn't sign any ndas when i when i left there which is interesting uh though i i know that they would do these these long it wasn't just one meeting where somebody banged a gamble at the end and said yes we'll launch that game here
though um god of war just uh went through sony japan's internal gauntlet and did not emerge unscathed they they decided not to publish it and instead pawned it off to capcom to publish and it's just my head canon is that in retaliation sony computer entertainment america was like oh we're not going to publish some y'alls games over here and and that's why and i mean i know ape escape 2 came out before god of war so it's kind of not the right theory or maybe maybe it was the other
way around it's a sony usa didn't want to publish ape escape 2. so then uh sony japan was like well we're not publishing god war does that make sense yeah this is all speculation just like a back and forth like trying to yeah where it's like it's like gap each other essentially so it's like ubisoft ended up publishing ape escape 2 because i mean canonically sony of america just thought they just didn't want to bother anymore with ape escape they thought that it was
not the brand that image they were cultivating because they were the console they had metal gear solid 2 on it right you know they were like that console so they they were leaning into that and they let some other jerks handle let those let those idiots who make rayman handle ape escape i guess is what they were thinking well you know i mean it's right it's it's really pretty appropriate uh timing uh that we're doing this actually because uh i mean all this garbage i'm hearing about japan studio being shut down
like that's oh yeah super depressing because what a disaster huh i mean it's good to hear that a sobe team is uh you know gonna be continuing on and you know i i almost wonder if they would be though if uh if like everyone didn't freaking love uh astrid's playroom you know everyone was able to play that for free if they managed to get a ps5 and everyone loved it but uh yeah i mean it's just it's depressing because i feel like
japan studio like like outside of nintendo like ead like they produced some of the most like dinged charming games out there and i feel like they they really did not get the credit that they deserve for being as like near nintendo as they were in that regard you know yeah um i mean this this game right here i believe represents just uh uh i mean if i if i may be so bold i
believe this is like the apex of sony's internal development power uh in terms of like approaching nintendo it's like look how good this game is look how good this game looks it looks incredible like technically uh uh i mean i i love throwing around the factoid that uh the art director of mega man legends uh was the worked on this the the 3d art i mentioned that in some kotaku video and i can't remember which one it was but yeah it's uh i mean one thing i like doing and i wish
uh i wish more people liked doing this if i can convert one one member of the youth from uh looking at tick tock or twitter to uh looking at moby games instead uh my work is done though it's like i love i love going over to moby games that's sort of a uh yeah colloquialism conversationalism exercise and just clicking on credits you ever do this let's do this for this game let's do it right now i'm gonna see if i can find here's here okay here's what i want to do i want to be able to say that somebody who did graphics for this game worked on breath of the wild
i want to be able to say that okay i want to be able to say that we're going to find out if someone did that and again this is just a it's a conversationalism exercise that you you basically go to you know i have like these i had this theory a long time ago it's like what if dragon did somebody who worked on brett the fire five dragon quarter work on dead rising turns out yeah a bunch of people you find this out by clicking on credits and moby games you bring it up in conversation and eventually you get cited in wikipedia for this it's very strange so um i i already know of mega man legends overlap with ape escape 3. we already
know that um i'm gonna try to find if somebody worked on breath of the wild after working on this game because i believe it and my reasons might the reason this is my gut feeling is because this is such a nintendo level of polish you had sega composers who worked on panzer dragoon doing music for super mario odyssey again you find that out there games clunky right um i i feel like nintendo drew away a lot of people and maybe we can find out why japan studio fell apart maybe there was a brain drain well honestly i remember you know
nintendo was i don't think as technically accomplished as they are now at this time like gaming yeah i feel like was like a technical weak era the wind waker is still yes technical art direction wise technical art alone wind waker is one of the most incredible video games absolutely and then you've also got stuff like uh retro studios they have very good jobs with metroid prime the gamecube but like metroid prime was wonderful looking as well sunshine is good looking but then you've also got
stuff like double dash like i like double dash kind of double dash owns but it's a little bit uh it's a little bit yeah it's a little low poly the character models are very shiny it's a little yard saily but i like on the on the wii though why didn't it really i'm on movie games yeah while you're doing that i'm going to i'm going to read these all right i got it i got to make my text real big i got my glasses off in case anyone in the chat is wondering why i'm not wearing glasses because my because my head hurts a little too much
today um my head's gonna hurt real bad all right i'm gonna start clicking on the credits uh okay uh one second like i just i'm gonna read these yeah go for it go for it uh there's there's five dollars from crazy bingo uh crazy bingo uh says my favorite youtubers all in one stream is this heaven thank you nobody soon yeah if you know what i mean i'm talking about dying live on stream i'm not going to die tonight i don't
think so i hope not especially now that you've said this and now than if it or she had it we're going to try to try not to try not to uh there's two dollars from michael v saying uh hi tim you think we'll ever see ufo day in the life um i don't know i don't know i don't know if those guys have the rights to that that's i mean i honestly don't i know that it was a bit of an ordeal for them to get moon i don't know how qual i don't know how qualified slash allowed i am to say anything
about that though that's all i know i just know that they had it real time they had a real time getting moon uh back so um and there was five dollars from uh amante douglas saying ade lives ade dies ade lives again forever that's true that's true very good he's from the goblin bunker i believe let's give him one of these there you go there's one for you my neck hurts
i love this unity uh default uh texture error looking pink going on in here that's one for the game developers in the audience that's what the unity default texture looks like i mean look at that first of all look at this this 3d model for that dual shock that's beautiful yeah it's just a wonderful god this game looks great i i wonder if the first thing that i worked on yeah it's one of my favorite things about astrobots like the 3d like like the different uh sony you know like systems and accessories
and everything and peripherals like i just like messing around with that stuff and you can zoom in a little bit make them do things i need to play that i have it downloaded i haven't downloaded it anyway i'm going to start clicking on uh artists we're going to start clicking on artists here and we're going to just read the i'm going to start at the bottom of the list and so this is something i want if anyone out there needs a hobby and they need to stop looking at twitter or tick tock or whatever um one thing you could do for me that would be really helpful
is go on moby games and just start reading the credits of video games and if you find a game that doesn't have credits listed go on youtube try to find a long play of it that includes the credits and just transcribe the credits for me because anybody wants that's a good idea that's a good idea anybody wants to do that set yourself up some sort of tip jar on the internet let me know what you're doing i'll i'll give you some money we'll see you know we'll see that's something i would just anybody who can just start moby games is a wonderful resource for stuff like that they got box art screenshots
stuff that people like me rely on when i'm making a youtube video for example i i use a lot of moby games stuff and clicking on credits is fun so ape escape 3 does not seem to have complete credits though it's got a lot it has a lot of credits here so i have clicked on the artist at the very bottom and i see the two games she is credited in are ape escape 3 final fantasy crystal chronicles the crystal bears okay not off to the best possible i wish that was a good game but
[Laughter] next artist up uh is credited on two games she is credited on tales of symphonia and ape escape 3. okay i could i could see tales of symphonia she did battle graphics battle graphic design for the for tales of something so yeah that's okay we're gonna keep going third guy um here we go ape escape or ape escape three uh playstation move vape escape gravity rush gravity rush remastered knack and knack two okay so we've got
knack i really wish i would have i i had this in my mind that a bunch of these people worked on knack so now yeah i i i feel like it's not as a as prophetic we're both kind of big fans of knack we like it's simplicity we how ballsy it was to launch the ps4 with that game a game that is you know it feels like a ps1 game i know essentially like it it feels like a game that came out in you know 1997 except you know it's
got this like you know graphics technology that couldn't have been done back then but like my favorite thing about that game is like there is there are literally no actions on the shoulder buttons like who does that in 2013. do they use the triggers no i don't think they do anything with the i'm pretty sure i'm gonna tell you what i don't like the shoulder buttons though i love the triggers yeah i don't like i don't like bumpers i like triggers um i'm on the next one so
i'm going to read i'm going to read some more credits ready this next artist uh mari hamada she worked on ape escape 3 wild arms 5 yes let's tap dragon ball revenge of king piccolo we play motion so we've got our first nintendo brain drain uh someone someone defected to nintendo it's our first nintendo defector uh though technically she worked for uh prope and uh whatever whoever made dragon ball um monster manor and then digimon all-star rumble so we've got somebody working for
nintendo i haven't found someone who worked on uh uh no breath of the wild yet the tomorrow children ape escape three freedom wars international superstar soccer okay nothing really exciting i'm gonna keep clicking this is very fun i'm gonna find somebody yeah it's just cool seeing like certain names or certain uh games show up final fantasy 10 ape escape 3 dead or alive 4. final fantasy we got a final fantasy okay that's good i'm having a very good time with this this is my favorite hobby
as uh just knowing oh some people who worked on blank worked on that this is how you become able to say stuff like that it's not supernatural i don't know this stuff for no reason people always ask how i know this stuff we got a guy uh who worked on uh we got shuhei hashimoto ape escape ape escape 3 battle fantasia playstation move ape escape persona 4 arena god eater burst persona 4 arena ultimate god eater resurrection and he also worked on siren too as a video cinematics director we're
working our way up the list so we're getting i really need to uh learn to understand the siren games because they seem kind of bad but they also seem kind of amazing and i i can't i like that one on ps3 is it one for playstation it's like chapters i think you can only you have to buy a better chapter or something like there's a little chapters there was a european physical release of that they called it forbidden siren which is like what is that supposed to mean
the siren is the sings that song of temptation okay so we've got legend of dragoon resident evil ape escape 2 ape escape 3 devil may cry 2 crimson tears the last guardian okay we're getting somewhere getting somewhere i'm guessing somebody high up in the list is going to have worked on uh breath of the wild so i'm working we're going to skip a couple of these uh kyoko kauya koyanagi worked on legend of dragoon escape 28 escape 3
puppeteer loco roco 2 excellent up here coco roco it's a good game i like puppeteer yeah neat little weird one ape escape two ape escape three legend of dragoon puppeteer last guardian uh i'm loving the legend of dragoon uh uh happening here we got two legend of dragooners in a row i i'm really excited i really need to play that game's good i feel like i got kind of lambasted well yeah yeah
fantasy game if i wasn't like reading ign all the time back in those days i probably would have played it by now i probably play it back in the day but like this is why i don't read reviews anymore because people like i ign just kind of like this lamb i mean same thing with uh god hand like they give it like a three or whatever three out of ten i talked to shinji mikami about that ign review of godhand about 12 times in my life 12 full conversations worth 12 full
uh two hour conversations worth about that ign review like his life split a man's skull his life would probably be a little different right now if it was literally not for the ign review i mean i uh i've mentioned this before and i hope to someday do a review of godhand can't do a review of got hand on my channel until it's uh it's feasible to travel overseas there's a guy i'm gonna visit and uh conduct a good eight 12-hour interview with you know if you know what i'm saying a
lot of people don't appreciate the like the other stuff that mikami has worked on i think yeah i mean i'm glad that like the vanquish got a re-release but i mean the black was just darn good yeah vanquish got a re-release with art by my buddy dan dusalt who designed the t-shirt for us at action button if you go to actionbutton.com shop you can see a t-shirt designed by nanda salt who did the remastered art for bayonetta and vanquish really so just letting everybody know that uh
the beautiful piece of art he did for that game uh and a beautiful piece of art he did for our t-shirt i wonder if he's working on another t-shirt for us over here speaking of t-shirts there is a there's a five dollar uh uh super chat from jonathan hinson who said uh hey tim my my 12 year old son and i are kind of obsessed with your vintage racing and nba t-shirts oh i'm glad glad they have you on tonight have you on tonight uh tonight's stream brother i would advise you to uh keep a lookout for the next action
button t-shirt that might be coming someday somewhat soon sounds like we're on the same page i'm looking at another credit we found another person who worked on knack knack 2 loco roco 2 ape escape and gravity rush and ape escape 2 and ape escape 3 as an artist so we're getting we're getting closer to the top of the list the top of the list is where i think we're going to find although those people another last they stuck around at japan's studio it seems yeah yeah these people who we got somebody else worked on public
defectors so far uh knack two loco roco knack gravity rush apescape123 okay there's a couple of people who worked on all of those i know somebody involved with breath of the wild has to have been involved with this game uh i mean i just want i just want to be able to because i think technical art wise what they're doing in this game is the is uh it's got to be a similar similar to the spirit oh here's a guy with a huge credits list here this is great legend of illusion starring mickey mouse
was a pixel artist darius gaiden uh aqua jack battle shark kadash master of weapons sagaya operation thunderbolt rain hot shots golf elevator action two dude uh also known as elevator action returns fighter's impact okay so this this person is quite storied as an artist yeah oh yeah as an animator and artist okay so that we're getting toward the top of the list these are the senior people who are credited higher uh ape escape ape escape two ape escape
three knack and that two are this person's only credits incredible ape escape apescape two ape escape three knack and knack two what a career i mean i'd be proud of that i'm not even kidding uh what else do we got uh uh okay so rhythm thief and the emperor's treasure xenoblade chronicles xenoblast now they they helped on um monolith help didn't they help on breath of the wild we're getting more yeah yeah i'll take it we're getting warm
i'll take it super smash bros brawl oh that's the one everybody hates yes that's the one that sucks that's the one it's the one with the tripping in it yeah introduce the tripping whoa here we go takashi okuy final fantasy vii xeno gears ape escape 2 ape escape 3 xenoblade chronicles x and the legend of zelda breath of the wild there you go production you did it there you go you did you knew it you knew it would be there and
senior staff senior staff on this game worked on legend of zelda breath of the wild there you go so there's something you can say that's like such a round of applause seven and xenogears also well and final fantasy vii and santa cruz yeah yeah like he was working on that's the stuff he was working with the xeno guy for a while there and then like had this weird like tangent with ape escape like it's got to be uh yeah it's weird and we went from like i gotta go rpg's for a little while went from japan studio to uh what's it called he went from
square soft to sony japan studio to monolith uh and then i guess he probably worked on breath of the wild with on the monolith side probably right i would say yeah he's a production artist he was lead 3d modeler for xenoblade chronicles x so yeah clearly uh there you go see does that make me smart for intuiting that prior to doing it no it's i'm important it's impressive i've just done this i've just done this enough to know that
you can you can generally do that so anybody out there who is uh uh looking into i get asked all the time questions about how to make youtube videos or get started making youtube videos develop a few habits like that and you end up with stuff to say let's say right yeah you end up with like with stuff to say that nobody else i mean that's that's a really really uh i mean i don't know what the word is it's a kind of a picky a pet i was gonna use the word petty i don't know it's it's a petty little tidbit petty and then not that you know it's
just a little little tiny thing though it's uh it's something i feel like a senior senior staff on this game later worked on breath of the wild so there you go there you go i feel like if i if i remember that and when it came time to actually say that to somebody i couldn't do it confidently i doubt myself even though that i read it and it was and i remembered it but then i'd be like well is this actually true yeah yeah see that's that's the problem so the thing is i uh
because i'm the one doing this quote-unquote research for myself um i end up not doubting it i won't i won't ever doubt it if i ever drop that in conversation you know one of the artists on this game worked on uh breath of the wild later breath of the wild is a uh is a triumphant piece of uh of uh oh yeah technical art uh the fact that they got man i mean you see that phone right there that's basically what the nintendo switch is it's basically a flip phone
from i love the nintendo switch okay uh i got one right here it's basically a flip phone with a 512 gigabyte sd card in it that's all it really is um i love it yeah i mean if i uh if i start playing this bravely default to live on the stream i made a long twitter thread about how i was never gonna put it on my tv i was only gonna play it in the bathroom i need i want i need i need to hear the music though i can't i can't do it i would sit here and play it
we had the we had the coolest experience with uh breath of the wild we were it was like a couple days after the switch came out we went to los angeles to shoot a documentary on night trap and uh we were basically when we weren't shooting the uh the interview and stuff and stuff for the uh for the documentary we were just like in our airbnb like playing zelda but they did nintendo did such a good job of like not letting any information get out there so we were both playing the game like on our own systems but we were having completely different
experiences we could tell each other like oh i found this thing at this place on the map and it was just like sharing information back and forth like like it was like on the school playground or something like that yeah yeah i mean it really the only reason it happened was because we we had this misguided notion that we would like come up with we would like be able to shoot some other projects while we were in la we're like well we might never be back like let's and yeah like we got close today it's
definitely uh i might never be back here again sort of place uh by it's like it's very architecture the structure of the place it defies uh you to believe uh any with any degree of confidence that you will ever be back yeah so like i know what you're talking about we uh we booked way too many days there yeah we booked too many days so like we were literally working out like one day while we were there so yeah so yeah
[Music] i was up in oakland uh playing breath of the wild on my tv it was beautiful get a chance to go there when you were in oakland i mean you we went there and we like shot a bunch of stuff with uh a digital eclipse other ocean yeah yep yeah yeah now they're now i'm not really sure what the company is called uh it is right it's it's the digital eclipse into other oceans still both
exist digital equipment is like more of a brand label i think yeah they know what they're doing over there they god darn know what they're doing we had this like like a six month stint where we interviewed uh frank zafaldi for like four different projects yeah i mean i've got some guys uh i've got stuff from that uh digital eclipse shoot in the project i'm working on right now yeah it's definitely been uh reutilized i mean the main reason we went there
really was we um it was time to get some extra stuff to add to the m2 documentary right which speaking of which cory uh corey linked me to uh the time code recently at the end of your pac-man video where you had your your naoki hori like uh story about him randomly just like shouting at you at tgs yeah yeah it was the weirdest thing guy likes my game yeah that you know he was like the
absolute coolest guy like i i could totally see him do that like when we were shooting the m2 documentary we left our we took a taxi there from our hotel which was like 15 minutes away because we we didn't want to take uh well you're in like makuhari we were in uh kashiwa oh yeah yeah okay um have you been to the m2 offices yeah so uh you know he he let us leave our gear there because we had like these huge pelican cases
and with our lights and light stands we had three days to shoot that yes we left the stuff there took the trains back in the evening and then on the last day when we finished up shooting um we we asked uh takayuki komo bayashi who went on to direct the uh the mega drive mini uh but uh he was more like i love that mega drive minute he was more like their like a planner and like social media guy i think kind of at the time and
he was our main contact because he spoke the best english and uh we asked him like could you call like a cab or something for us to come back and like jory just like offered to drive us to his hotel and he had just got home he had just got back from uh tgs and he still like had his like luggage in his car and so like we like went like he like walked home got his car like the staff came down and like got his luggage like out of the car and put the stuff in the car and he like he
drove us back out like that was just like the most like humbled i have ever been like at the end of the shoot like he like the president of m2 freaking drove us back to our hotel like i'll never forget it it was just what a cool guy what a cool guy yeah that was that was an experience um when was that that you went to cm2 gosh it was uh 28 it must been summer 2018.
it was yeah it was like it was like april 2018 yeah april wait because what's this no way was it 2019 it was it's the the the has it been two years since that video came out it was like you said i'm pretty sure you said tgs right or no uh gdc i think it was gdc yeah yeah or was it e3 i think it was e3 it was right after uh-oh what was the weather like it was it was pretty hot well i mean
here's the thing like i'm i i live in charlotte so like if you look at the latitude tokyo is on the same latitude as charlotte so everyone talks about like how miserably hot japan is in the summer and like don't get me wrong it was hot but like you know it didn't feel a lot different from home i live in uh new york city right now and i can say quite confidently that uh the uh this the hot summers are hot pretty much everywhere yeah
but uh the tokyo summer uh every once in a while the tokyo summer would get you you know just every once in a while it gets you it's a it is not uh it is not horribly bad every year though the worst summers in tokyo were pretty they were pretty bad i mean i liked it i mean the because the air conditioning is beautiful they actually turned to the air conditioning down just like on a global scale in japan for some uh some green plan they get i was just in
tokyo in september 2019 for a bit working on a thing and it was uh extremely hot it was so hot in tokyo in september of 2019 unseasonably hot that i didn't buy any of the clothes i wanted to buy you know why because i was ashamed to try them on because i was sweating so much so i planned on mild weather and uh being able to uh unashamedly try on whatever clothes i
wanted to no it was just it was over 100 degrees every day and it was like mid-september there was a typhoon too so it was uh it was just all around bad news i mean real really the thing for me is you know i'm i'm i'm not used to city life so like it was just a lot more walking than i was used to and especially like the last day when i was trying to figure out where the heck the uh the entrance to the uh express train to
uh narita airport was like i didn't understand it was the subway like not the train and we were like walking all around at wayno park like trying to find the entrance to this like lugging that huge huge pelican case like yeah yeah a really long like light stand case yeah and i i like i couldn't feel my pinky toe for like a month after that ueno park's got a bit of a like a spidery structure and kind of just yeah it was connected in all sorts of places around the town
well i mean the other thing i wasn't really used to from japan was you know how vertical everything is so like you know we had we had a mobile hotspot so you know we were able to you know use google maps and everything but like i navigating on google maps like i mean corey lived in new york city so you know he was a lot less confused we had a we had uh we had our friend jimmy hoppa with us uh who uh who helped us navigate a lot but um uh just like figuring out like where
things were like vertically is it is it it right in front of me is it below me is it is it above me like is this store i want to go to in akihabara like only on floors two and three of this building like it's i was no longer used to it like like you have to like check out on floor two if you want to buy anything there before seeing what they got on 4-3 yeah i i moved to tokyo uh straight out of college uh well not
straight out of college i graduated from college and then i traveled the world for a couple of months before moving to tokyo and my previous experience uh in a big city was i felt like chicago was like the biggest city i'd ever i mean i'd been to london at that point but chicago was like the most uh the most city-like place i've ever been when i first moved to tokyo and i just loved it i lived in saitama when i first moved there it just it just blew my mind going into a like a
15-story building that has like a different like a used clothing store and a record store and uh and uh eyeglasses shop and a clothing store and uh yeah video game store just all in one skinny tower that's just uh exactly i mean love that it was it was the same situation when we went went out to eat and is like i was not expecting this whole restaurant and you know the elevator doors just open up and it's like this huge restaurant yeah yeah yeah yeah cause i remember yeah yeah gemini wanted to take us to a uh
to a uh yakitori place and the one that he had like seen earlier was closed because it was like nine o'clock at night and so we just like wandered around town looking for another and he's like oh hey here's one it just like did not feel like there was going to be anything there at all and it's like you have like the uh like a sign just showing what's on each floor yeah like if you go to like the yodobashi camera in akihabara oh yeah the eighth floor there's just like 25 restaurants all huddled around
up there oh man i love it i love that stuff though i love the aesthetic of everything also looking like like drugstore clean when you go in these department stores everything looks like the uh i don't know it looks like the pharmacy area of a cvs it's just like the aesthetic everything is just like perfectly clean as though you're on the on on like a future airplane you know like a uh whereas you know if basically any sort of a food court
intended for you know to impress mainstream people in the united stand new york or whatever it they do it up so it looks like some dingy blade runner like marketplace you know with like fake led neon all over um whereas in japan the the actual aesthetic of a of a food court in in east asia is just this beautiful uh this it looks like a drugstore it's weird i'm just thinking of a that yodabashi camera because i was a i'd never been to the restaurant corner
at the yobashi camera uh when i lived in japan but i walked through there when we were there back in i keep thinking it was september of last year which is really sad because it was actually september of the year before yeah yeah i mean that's last year's gonna feel like the last year 2019 perpetually feels like the lag that was last year yeah yeah it's so strange been at home for like a year now i mean i guess this is the conversation
everyone is having all around yeah at the same time you know when they announced that the new final fantasy vii remake dlc uh the other day it i you know uh troy and i didn't really like the ending at first and over time we were we've i feel that we our opinion has changed on it and i i started to feel like strangely nostalgic about that game and i get weird because like at the at the beginning like when that came out that was like right when lockdown started
and i was kind of thinking like oh you know it's going to be fine like we're just supposed to stay home for you know a few weeks and everything's going to be fine this will be all over and this is just an excuse for me to easily sit at home and not have to worry about anything and yeah not feel bad about playing games like all the time and uh you know i i played through it in like like a week and it was like a week and a half or something like that and like for an rpg you know as someone who has two kids like
that never happens like yeah it just took me you know three weeks to finish ease nine and uh i mean i want to play ease nine i'll play it eventually it's good i mean i can i can talk a while for about that one too but uh anyways the you know i've strangely become kind of nostalgic about that time and it feels like a long such a long time ago that and my opinion on the game has changed on the ending at least then i'm like now i'm excited to replay
the new version oh yeah it played at 60 fps yeah i'm definitely going to play that i i have this expectation and uh who knows how true it is though i mean who knows if this is going to turn out to be true i have this expectation that they're going to announce the pc version like and it's going to come out the same day as the the the uv dlc comes out exclusively on the ps5 it's my guess my prediction and then i'm going to play the whole
thing at frames per second on my tv on this i'm surprised that you you've really really um i've thought about it and yes i've considered it and yes i will play it again um if it does not come out on pc on the same day uh uh that's the ps4 free upgrade i guess yeah yeah i mean i'll play this i'll play it at 60. i would rather play it my pc i'm certain can handle it at 120.
uh i would like to play it at 120 frames per second but uh i probably won't be able to uh if it's unless it comes out on pc but i will play it at 60 if i have to settle for 60. but also if i settle for 60 i also get to play with my uh i can play a hard mode save right whereas like are you going to start from scratch if you i mean if you played on the on the ps5 you're going to start from scratch the best way to play that game is to play hard mode with the pre-grinded party like level 50
with all your material leveled up uh getting there it's just like a hundred hours of kind of boring work it's not boring the game is great you can play hard mode with with a non-fresh file no no i'm just saying that's that's to have a fresh to have it uh to have it kind of built up you you need to the hard mode is new game plus only for ff7 remake yeah so you do the chapter select and you can play the levels on hard mode yeah i you can just play them
individually if you want i've definitely kind of been afraid of it but i feel like if i replay on ps5 like i may as well yeah i play hard mode yeah so what what's that what is the deal with like the normal classic mode difficulty i didn't really understand man so i i get a lot of people one of the most common comments on the review that i did at the game is why don't you talk about the classic mode oh man i just never played it i played this game all the way through like four times i never played the classic mode
so i i believe the classic mode is like turn based right well no it's supposed to be but if they pause it they pause the action and you enter the commands is that it no like it it's really not classic like they're acting like it is like i only played it that way on the demo so i i don't fully yeah oh wait yeah i'm supposed to catch him um it uh i i think you just don't have to like physically move the characters and they like you have to actually hit a button
to make them attack but you just like watch them do their thing and then you know you manually enter you know the commands that use up atb and stuff just like you do yeah regularly the difference is you don't have to move although i think if you move the stick like they do move but i don't think you have to if i remember so it's like weird that's kind of like when when when john madden football suddenly i so call it john madden football because that's it's you know it just gets tattooed on your brain that way
when when john madden football introduced the whole drop in drop out thing it's like if you don't touch the controller for two seconds it just starts uh playing for you looks like on genesis right so it's like it'll just start playing the game for you um i i guess that's probably what this classic mode is like but uh the normal classic basically let's apparently there was an issue uh a lot of people felt the easy mode was like brain dead easy on the ff7 remake and then the
easy mode and then classic was uh enticing to some people but it was only available on the brain dead easy mode which is like i did play i i did play one chapter on easy just to see what it was like and it was uh i mean it was like like credit feeding teenage mutant ninja turtles the arcade game basically it was like it was it was very very stupid very i mean it was mindless it's like you just press the you just basically do this the attack over and over again and the guys die
it's it's very simple and uh i mean i feel like the the difficulty in that game was all over the place as it was uh yeah i feel like the hard mode is the real game my whole review hinges on the my thinking that the the hard mode was definitely the way that the game is meant to be played but you can't play it that way right away cause you have to grind your dudes because it's an rpg and then the easy mode was like we should put an easy mode in here because we made a really technical game and the easy mode it just feels like they they they had a spreadsheet
and they just they were able to just multiply everything by like .25 and uh it's now just everything dies faster uh you get more money i don't know what it is you just it's just a felt bizarrely easy on easy and it felt like there was just none of the nuance of the game they could have could have balanced it a little better so i feel like that's why they added a classic style to the normal mode but that's gotta be wise our friend game dave like when he you
know platinum the game and did his video on and stuff i mean he said he said that like the game really does feel a lot more like an rpg like by the time he like finished playing it on hard mode and everything because like i've been kind of saying like you know i i like the game and everything but is it like even an rpg at this point like because every every like modern action game has rpg elements like is this any more of an rpg than that is
and you know dave said that like by the time he got done with hard mode he definitely felt like it really does feel like an rpg i mean like something like fantasy 50 you really have to i don't know hard mode is great so either you guys play hard mode on it no so the thing about the hard mode is that i hate starting a sentence with the thing about blank is the the thing about the hard mode is um uh you don't recover mp at the rest
points oh right right you only recover mp by getting the mako shards by destroying boxes or uh by imbibing uh mp recovery items which you can usually purchase a few of at a vending machine um so you basically it makes money a bit more valuable um though at the same time it there there are these materia in the game there's prayer and there's chakra which uh uh tifa comes equipped with chakra uh earth
comes equipped with prayer um prayer recovers a percentage of everybody's hp when you use it and it requires two atb bars and chakra no wait prayer recovers it's just a spell that recovers a little bit of everyone's hp and you level it up and it recovers more uses two atv bars chakra recovers a percentage of your hp when you use it and it only costs one atv bar so if you play through the game once you'll end up with two chakras and two prayers
in your inventory and you play through the game a second time you'll end up with more so the idea is you just have to use chakra and prayer in other words it kind of turns it into a bravely default like where you're using atb to heal during battle and when you play on hard you get this very rpg sensation of uh you get to the end of a battle and i i got very good at using uh prayer on like the last frame of like a random battle like you
kill a guy and then right then i had my my hot keys because you got to really get good with the black keys where you hold the what's his shoulder but i had it on a paddle on my scuff controller so where you you hold the paddle and press the face button to just like slam off a prayer right as the last enemy dies and it feels very uh and you're basically just forces you to use everybody's atb abilities a lot and you learned that magic is kind of kind of like not super great uh
in that game really i mean by itself i mean i mean you need it to like stagger the enemies right that's yeah yeah yeah so it's not uh it's it's useful uh as like a tool in technical circumstances right so when when you were final fantasy 13 is a similar situation where like physical attacks are like slowing the stagger meter magic attacks are increasing the meter but then real damage is done by regular attacks once there's so magic i mean
when i say magic isn't that useful in the game i guess uh i guess that's wrong magic is magic is extremely useful it's just it's not uh not in the traditional sense where it's like an elemental weakness per se it's mechanically a different thing so like when you're playing on hard mode you are thinking in terms of just maximizing everything that you can do you want to get the maximum effectiveness out of it so um aerith has this uh atb ability called arcane ward where she
lays down these uh this pod thing on the grounds and if you're standing in it you you can there's a chance that you'll cast your magic spell twice oh yeah i love that right yeah so you uh you use arcane ward and you just start using that so basically you get into every boss fight and uh i mean i played with aerith barrett and uh and cloud was my typical party you get into every boss fight and you're just like lay down an arcane ward use the magic that the boss is weak to
uh so that you can you can double it up and you can stagger them extra and then once they're staggered you use the focus attacks to like boost the stagger meter way up to boost the damage percentage up and then if you have a limit break you like fire off a limit break and it feels very rpg-ish it feels kind of like a perfect fusion of like an rpg in a and a character action game at that point so i thought that was that was real neat and it was a very neat game and it really helped me understand like the architecture of the battle system my third time through
the game you know so it's i felt like it was really just buried in there yeah i mean by being called hard mode right well i mean i remember finishing it and then seeing the limitations of like oh you can only heal at the at the benches and stuff and you know after like i i struggled on the last last fight on uh hard mode has no items too which you can't use you cannot use items in hard mode like this the final battle that felt like it's
like no i'm not gonna do this you know i didn't have the the desire to put myself i'm sure once it clicks though yeah exactly well i think that that's you know in in the time that is has transpired since then and you know people have figured out how to do certain things and it's it's easier to find out you know like what's the best way to do this instead of you know figuring out on on your own which is it's fine too uh but i mean at the time it
seemed almost insurmountable yeah i think the game did a fairly bad idea of tutorializing a lot of stuff um no offense to it i feel like like a lot of the they gloss over things a lot like the fact that focused attacks boost the stagger yeah damage percentage got really glossed over like why is that important got glossed over pretty hard took me a lot of experimentation to uh i don't know it felt like they could have explained it they could have had like a battle tutorial that was really
good instead of teaching you like a tiny factoid like 10 battles in a row and then uh kind of just leaving you to discover the rest it's so interesting how like you know everyone ended up loving you know everyone you know maybe not everyone but you know in general it seems like the battle system and seven remake is pretty loved and you know all that all this like all this like modern like stagger stuff and everything like it
start with fall fantasy 13 and like you know we we've talked about this with john a lot like i kind of feel like final fantasy 13's reception would be a lot different today than it was back then because it was like oh everything's got to be this like big open world game and you know if it's not like open world then like it's you know it's behind the points and like i i i thought it was kind of a worthwhile experiment in like bringing the japanese
rpg like down to its like bare necessity elements because like in most games like most rpgs like is really like walking up to every npc and talking to them like out of obligation fun like you have to like and then you have to talk to them again see if they say something different and then you have to talk to them another time if they say something different the second time to make sure they don't say something different a third time
like five fantasy 13 was just like you know maybe that isn't fun you know like i i had no problem with there being no towns yeah yeah i didn't mind there not being towns but uh i mean i was put off by uh at first and then toward the end of the game i i liked it a little bit more and i wrote kind of a negative review of it i i want to say the first thing the first thing i ever read of yours was like
some write-up you did about on like fall fantasy 13 launch day oh yeah yeah kotaku wanted me to write something about it god that was what 12 13 12 years ago lord long time ago but uh yeah i wrote up a thing um but the more i think about that game uh now like the more i like it i i think that game's real good i played through a bunch of it last year uh i actually ended up playing a bunch of it before my remake review when i did it all right i ended
up just playing a whole bunch of 13. the that on that xbox one x they they uprezzed uh they put in all the high-res textures 1080p cut scenes all of that oh yeah yeah yeah yeah that's definitely how i'll replay it if uh if i do something today because we both did platinums on it yep try and i did i'm glad i'm glad i uh i got that like a month before my ps3 died because i would have been mad if i lost
that save yeah all right so that try that was that was so that's the first thing of tens that you read i i'd like to talk about i think the first video that i of try was uh he did a um a vid or not like a really like like an ad for uh left rousers oh yeah i remember that i mean it it's just it's really just your voice almost the entire time just
like very very close to the microphone yeah and uh it's it's still pretty funny like that that stuff that you did like you know we watched the night after i showed him that you know i watched your octodad one and um oh yeah i remember that octodad one i made that left rousers one in two hours it feels like you just sat down and you just like wrote about something yeah just like off the top of your head and then recorded it but it's it's very it's it's really really funny the game's real good too
yeah yeah i i think i played it on stream a few weeks ago on the vita version i played on the pstv oh yeah remember that vita i was i was looking i was like trying to get a vita tv uh last year oh yeah and then uh like days or not last year last year lord and then days later uh sega just announced that they were releasing persona 4 gold and on steam uh oh yeah or that they would that they just had and i was like oh okay and then i guess i never went back to
trying to get a vita tv they're kind of expensive now but they're not that bad they went way up and now they're kind of going down a little bit so there there is a because you can get persona on steam yeah that's gotta be why right i i still think it's funny that like our best performing video last year was that playstation tv slash vita video yeah i mean i like there's a so if you hack your system there's a thing called uh sharp scale which makes it so that uh it does an integer scale of the game
instead of like you know how the pstv makes it look all smudged and like you know puts like a bilinear filter over the whole screen and does not look good just like removes all that so everything is like super crisp and pixel perfect essentially and it's it's it's a real game changer changer for playing those games on the system i really want to uh i got i got to get some more uh some more video game equipment over here in general
i'm glad that bob's helping you out with the oh yeah the the playstation ps1 digital yeah yeah that's my my number one most wanted thing because i've got a couple of ps1 games i want to play that's pretty amazing yeah i mean thinking of thinking of playing some ps1 games pretty soon what do you think i think i'd say yeah i mean the ps1 like as time goes on you know i i say this all the time but when i was younger i never thought that
i would like ps wouldn't be something that i was like really passionate about but now it's like yeah but i'm just like i'm really like nostalgic for the system just in general because it just there's something about all the games on it you know it's kind of like this period like the last like 2d focused period of like games that were in 240p and like look really good on a crt and it's just there's just something about it yeah but i mean i you know what's interesting to me is like uh
you know since i was so much more like gamecube focused during like the ps2 era like i think the ps2 like for me uh has been such a more fun system in recent years than uh than the gamecube like like i i like the ps2 a lot more than the gamecube just because like delving into all the ga the library of games that i like skipped over during the day in favor of gaming youtube like i i had a ps2 i just i didn't play it i didn't buy as many
games for it as i did the gamecube because like at the time i mostly only played like rpgs on like my ps1 and i branched out a little more on ps2 but i was like you know ape escape like i play platformers on my n64 you know like i'm a bit biased for the playstation 2. uh but uh i i like i like just kind of thinking of all the weird ps2 games that are out there that people don't talk about like this right like yes here like wild arms five like
i mean japan only games like i think berwick saga and armo dyne are like two of the five best strategy games ever made you know there's games like that on the ps2 that just don't really i mean the berserk game on ps2 garo den break blow fist or twist games like that love games like that there's a whole bunch of games on the ps2 that people don't uh they don't know about or talk about but uh i recently i recently collected a folder of 131 i'm looking at
it right now it's called my psx good boys folder it's the good boys folder 131 games that i've never played for the ps1 it is an incredible crisis in there oh no i played incredible crisis in fact uh one of the guys i worked with at sony was the former uh guitarist of the tokyo scott paradise orchestra the cacho of the section we had a great time playing that on stream a couple weeks ago oh yeah kanazawa-san was his name he he was a he actually quit tokyo scott paradise
orchestra to work at sony music which then became sony computer entertainment uh or the branch the part he was in um kind of zawasan yeah so that's that's basically how tokyo paradise orchestra ended up scoring a weird little video game i know that game though there are there are japanese ps1 games that i have never played that i've always wanted to play and i sat down a couple weeks ago and i just typed up a list of off the top of my head games that
i was aware of that uh i'd never played and then i also i went and i did a little bit of internet and i found a couple of games that uh based on graphical style alone uh i was instantly interested in and most of these games have like no fan translations or whatever so i'm like i wonder if that's like a sort of thing i could i could do just play those uh would people watch streams of that like i don't know there's just games that yeah games that i feel like nobody's ever
nobody's ever talked about um well okay i i have played a lot of these games a lot of the games that i typed up when i decided to start typing up games a lot of them were games that i'd purchased like at bookstores in japan and i'd like playing around with or in all the years i worked at sony i often met people who would uh uh they would they would you know talk about games that they'd worked on back in the old ps1 days or whatnot so i ended up learning about having a lot of video games games like
planet leica you know playing it leica i i i can't really i i'm not one to drop names of things unless i can simultaneously be showing video footage of it um yeah like the game planet leica was a game i got interested in and i purchased it at some kind of bookstore and played it for like 20 minutes and i was like this completely owns i feel like such a cool person for knowing about this games like that my baby is here in case anyone hasn't noticed this is my child his name is bibity babis we call him bibby babis
you want to say something [Laughter] he's got nothing to say he's a lot of people in the chat like so our a lot of people in the chat are mentioning uh my neighbors have a little poodle and his name is pootie booty yeah and he just like toy poodle mini poodle i i don't know like i mean he's old i don't really know that i've never been like a dog person i've always had cats growing up and still do now so i don't know the differences between like
different kinds of dogs but i'll tell you the difference between dogs and cats is uh i'm not allergic to every dog cats are just constantly blasting they're just reverse vacuum cleaners of themselves just constantly that's why their hair all over yeah i'll keep going and even if you like pet them then it's like get all over you it's like there's no escaping it yeah just like their hair is just it's yeah they're reverse vacuum cleaners what they are so they're just blasting where's my my
little dog surprisingly little of his hair gets anywhere my neighbor is like he's always like yelling at his dog he's like he's like an older guy and i think the dog is pretty old too and he's just like come here booty booty definitely a stream a stream meme with our uh yeah booty booty i like those i like those little poodles i like them yeah
yeah i mean i think that the poody just wants to like see other people and this is like right across the street so pootie kind of like walks into the road to come over and visit so i think that's why you just get so upset like you know inserts the outlines like get freer booty you know you gotta say with like this the accent a little bit pooty i like those little poodles yeah yeah i mean these booty's pretty nice but uh i think i think that we if we ever see pootie out there
we always try to like sneak out because we know if he sees us he's gonna come over to see us he's gonna get yelled at then too oh yeah get happy get yelled at sounds like me back in the nes era i'm talking about my mom and yelling about my game tapes being on the floor oh get those game tapes off the floor that's my mom actually never yelled that i'm i'm i'm stealing my my friend brent porter's a favorite joke i mean i i i remember the game
my god darn game tapes off the god darn basement floor my my uh my neighbors my neighbor's dad was like literally confused like how you when you put a nintendo game inside the system it like started from the beginning every time but you you didn't rewind it when you turned it off oh my god i'm gonna i'm like way behind on uh some donations so i'm gonna go ahead and read through these i apologize to
everybody uh there was a seven 799 australian from someone named uh uh it says insert credit with a question mark uh and there's also a donation from john john munger for 4.99 saying tim said to see you leave insert credit did that just happen i had no idea oh yeah yeah i uh i have recently uh uh uh decided to cut down on a couple of my uh
my activities uh so that i have time to uh what do you call it do stuff work more yeah i've got a i've got a couple of things that i'm working on that uh have really squeezed my free time down to pretty much zero i'm doing this stream because uh because i i promised you all i would uh though in the in the future i i will uh i will have to be i'll be turning down a couple more things than you i think i can totally understand that i mean
yeah i had to i was on that podcast for every single episode they ever did and then i i guess uh i just i i decided to got to cut down on a couple of things for a while at least because you know you if even if you're not recording you're thinking of you know like you're preparing for it in some way or another and it just like stuff yeah you know it's like i just want to feel i need to like relax once in a while here it's a whole lot more it's uh i mean
there's there's a i don't know when i was working at cotaco.com i think is that i think that's what it was called there's some website i work for taco taco i think there was always this uh you know i made videos right um and it was my my job was to make videos and i made them i made usually about a video a week sometimes too i i was proud of having a couple of weeks where i did five videos um and uh i i
i developed a style of video that i liked to make and uh let's not even talk about what it is let's just assume that it's ethereal right so i i i uh i had like a style of video that i liked to make and i was like i'm gonna make more videos like this and i recall hearing someone say why don't you just make videos like this instead like easy ones like these people on youtube look at this and i'm just like ah that's not me and even if i was making videos like
that uh i would want to make them a little bit more like maybe like this and i'm getting being very nebulous here uh it's like it's it's uh i can't uh if if i'm gonna sit down and make like a 10 minute guy in front of a webcam yo what's up welcome to my channel what's up with video game news today you know like uh if i'm gonna make videos like that there's no way i'm not gonna i mean though it may be a 10 minute video there's there's no way i'm not going to
spend an hour uh on each minute you know and then spend spend an hour thinking about each minute outside of the filming of it you know before the editing of it the preparation and whatnot it's uh what i'm trying to say is there's there's just a if a guy is on a podcast that's an hour long every week it's it's i don't know there's there's a lot more than just being there for the hour right yeah yeah and uh and uh like
people ask me all the time and you know i i feel like i'm being mean to these people but people ask me all the time they're like you're doing this review of cyberpunk i'm working on a review of cyberpunk 2077. um my inbox is is crammed with people being like why aren't you streaming it dude you should just be streaming it and then use that footage from your streams for the reviews and i'm like ah man that's that's a that's a great idea uh but also uh streaming the game is
is definitely uh uh i mean i don't think i don't think people uh uh there's they're still out there people just kind of think their streamers uh their their favorite streamers are just kind of having fun playing video games right you know and it's like oh man it's pretty hard yeah i mean i'm sure there are harder jobs out there obviously you know it's not brain surgery or whatnot you don't have a person's life in your hands it is it is really exhausting
in a way that is so much different from you know just playing so i played through cyberpunk i spent 244 hours uh playing through the game multiple different ways on different systems and hardwares and i'm glad i didn't stream any of that because 244 hours of it yeah yeah yeah it's like i mean maybe i could have streamed 20 hours of it i don't know uh though i i just uh i feel like there's just thoughts that you don't
have right when you're streaming when you're streaming the game yeah because you have to think about the chat and like you know but if people are enjoying it anyways like i mean yeah i think that's the reason why we do like our sun we do streams every sunday night and that's like basically it sometimes we'll do some extra uh streams here and there but for the most part it's just like you know we like we'll play through an entire game like if we can finish it during that stream but we won't uh resume it if we don't
finish it we won't like like stream the rest of it right right well i mean and two like generally we pick games that you know like this game has some text in it but for the most part like you can figure out how to proceed without reading very much and like but anytime i stream a game where like i need to pay attention to what npcs are saying or else i won't know where to go like something about being on stream even when i'm not like paying that much attention to the chat room just some about being on a stream just puts me a different mindset where i
like can only pay so much attention to what like characters and signs in the game are actually saying like you just you think about it differently it's it's different like for the stuff that you do you want to make sure you get like your normal like thoughts on the game like over the course of yeah there's a horrible state i have to be in while i'm uh while i'm playing a video game usually uh in order to like prepare for the
the sort of stuff that i'm gonna end up doing in the review and then during the process of editing um i mean that toki making memorial video was i worked i must have worked like i say i worked 17 20 hour days in a row that's a little bit of an exaggeration i think it was a there were some 16 hours and some 18 hours and some 14 hour ones in there though i mean it's it's like a lot of work to do all that editing because i'm doing it all by myself uh
yeah i'd like to i'd like to have a full-time staff at some for some reason i thought you had an editor recently or you were uh yeah i hired an editor for like a little bit there yeah i had a couple of guys uh they're good guys uh good fellas uh they they helped me out for a couple of videos though they're they they both have part the full-time jobs and and everything and it was it was a nice experience to learn uh what it's like what my expectations are to work with someone uh like to like uh and i basically learned
at the end of the the experiment i learned that i don't really know what my videos are yet that makes sense i don't really know what the exact thing is so it doesn't exactly feel right to have somebody yeah working full-time until i know exactly what i want them to do so i feel like i was not very good at uh working with those editors both the you know consummate professionals as they were uh
though uh i'm looking into getting uh getting the projects kind of structured just saving up some money so that i can you know hide some people full-time want to hire at least one person full-time i've always been kind of curious about what your you know your the your uh like how you write everything like do you ever like change anything like after the fact because if you shoot all of your on-camera stuff and you i i assume you record your entire script on camera
oh yeah whole script is recorded on camera so that you get that that audio flow right um couple of things i so i i make sure that so the way it works right now is in order to film my script i have to get on an airplane right like i literally have to go somewhere to film it and that sounds inconvenient and and i mean it is because and you know your script is to be like exactly where you want to be when you get on the planet it forces a whole
bunch of uh it forces an element of reality onto it yeah uh it forces this reality where it's like i know the script has to be very locked up to fact check everything if something slips through my fact checking i have a really good time uh visually indicating it on the video by putting some words on there and being like oh actually this is wrong and then getting comments where people uh out themselves as first of all knowing too much and second of all uh not actually having watched the video i
just listened to it instead where people are like oh you got this wrong and it's like oh yeah i know it's tangled up in a cable under my desk i don't know what happened i was sitting weird on my leg my leg is right now hold on i'm uh i'm starting to get sort of i uh i've got have you has anybody in the chat ever had pericarditis you know pericarditis i got that right now uh you were describing it before the stream it doesn't sound just
letting everybody know that it's it's not good it doesn't sound fine i'm going i'm going to my doctor on tuesday and uh i hope to be prescribed a i've been taking uh anti-inflammatories over the counter which is the city md urgent care uh recommendation um uh my health insurance kicks in and uh what do we got two hours and 25 minutes two hours and 25 minutes baby i got
health insurance uh is there a reason why it had to be on a certain a certain amount of time or did you have to get approved for it or whatever and then and then it starts so i guess i die duh tomorrow i forgot yeah it's forgot that it's february february it starts up it starts up on the first day of the second month after you apply for it so i applied on january 29th which means i get it on march 1st
they like to squeeze you any which way they can i feel like with the amount of money i'm paying they should they should give me like one day early at least because i'm hoping to get prescribed to some kind of a medication that is more effective than the ibuprofen i have been taking uh night which is uh are you able to get like dental and stuff are you getting dental and stuff too oh oh yeah daddy's got dental okay uh it's uh that's that's the kind of dental insurance i have so yeah uh yeah
i uh yeah i'm i'm going to my doctor on tuesday i'm going to walk in with uh i'm going to have a i don't even first of all i've never had a i've never written a laundry list out i don't know what a laundry list is uh though yeah i'm gonna go in with a laundry list who actually lists their laundry i mean i understand that the laundry list is like when you when you deliver a bag to like a service i'm noah i'm no white collar uh white collar
guy who drops off a bag at a laundry service you have the list so you know you got everything back is that what a laundry list is it's it's it's like a taco i guess it's gotta be make sure you make sure they didn't uh they didn't hold anything out on you so yeah i'm gonna go in with a laundry list of of complaints to my new primary care doctor on tuesday yeah like yeah doing doing laundry in new york is like the thing that i miss the least i think about living there we've got laundry in our building which is nice so i did just live in the oakland for
seven years where just kind of been in new york for uh pretty soon it's to be four years i've been living in new york oh wow so uh wow you know there's a good luck that's my i don't know that's the only sound on my soundboard i have that makes me think of living in new york for four years so i've lived here for four years and uh i don't know i lived in oakland for seven and i had washing machine and dryer in my apartment in the apartment for that whole time first time in my
adult life i've not had a washing machine in my house in japan everybody's got a little tiny washing not everybody but a lot of people have little tiny washing machines it's not it's not some what even in like tokyo yeah yeah well they they have a little washing machines they're beautiful these tiny little washing machines and then i had little hooks in my ceiling that i could hang up bars to hang a laundry pole from so i could hang up my laundry inside the apartment it was real nice it was always fun to smell the laundry
in the apartment to smell the uh the detergent do you ever see yourself like leaving new york i mean now that you're kind of in this position where you're you know being stuck in the house for forever makes one think why am i even in new york at all right because that's i mean that was one of the reasons uh my wife and i left because after we had had our daughter there was we were certainly not taking advantage of a lot of the things that we had oh yeah previously so it's like why are we even here i'm pretty sure as soon as it's uh it's
it's legal and kosher and safe to go outside uh it'll just be an instant instant man new york owns all over again so it's like right now it's easy to uh i don't know two three twelve times a day just be like i don't really need to be in new york what the heck what is it it's depressing to be in new york it's not really depressing it's just like it's depressing to be anywhere right now but it's uh i was like if i still lived in california it would be 70 degrees
outside i could just sit on my porch it would be nice here it's all gross outside it's like i don't know once once it's okay to go outside it's gonna just be like oh man i can get some pizza i can go to chinatown i can you know do this it's like i don't know new york's pretty good it's just it's just very very very easy to be negative about one's uh neighborhood right now right absolutely absolutely can't even can't even go to target i haven't even
been to a target forever used to go to the target in brooklyn and it would just be like ah i love oh yeah it's like a big uh that big shopping center thing there's like a best pie in there too atlantic terminal it's called which is the weirdest name for all atlantic terminal and the thing is if you go to it you're going to spend this money and you like you can't take the subway home because you don't want to lug everything you're going to buy homes so you got to take the car service home yeah we're just now we could walk it was a it was a long walk but we would do a
walk every once in a while from that target they're faking the moon landing in here yeah i i definitely value you somewhere i value the time that i had in there a lot because i think that my desire to walk has carried over like ever since uh living there there's so many people we that we know around here that will not like walk if it's like two blocks away it's like
we will walk as much as we possibly can here because we've just been conditioned to do it now well you you kind of live in more like a neighborhood now though where like you can i will not now or not like since last year since moving to the new house we're kind of like way out in the burbs but i mean there was like i mean not way out in the verbs i mean it's like you know we could we could walk to to town but it'd like be take a little while before we were just kind of in town i mean where i live there's nowhere
i could go within walking distance other than that flea market but it's not a very good flea market i moved to oakland california from tokyo japan and my first two years in oakland almost two years i did not own a car and i just walked everywhere and then one day my friend was coming to my house just coming over to hang out in the afternoon and uh and she got
robbed at gunpoint um her and her friend both they like they both got robbed wow at gunpoint like two blocks from my house and i was like oh and then the next time i walked to target i was like this is kind of ridiculous for me to be walking this distance across this highway like street uh uh you know through this completely empty landscape to a target or to be walking across this bridge to ikea and then i eventually got a car um so i was just like treating it as though
walking was like a normal thing to do the supermarket was a kind of a treacherous hike from my apartment and i was just walking because that's what i was used to uh because you know tokyo you're just gonna walk everywhere all the time and it's it's it's luxurious i didn't even know it's luxurious to walk anywhere um i think i i think i probably gotta go uh because i'm starting to i feel a little tired uh again it's it's the pericarditis that's cool uh just really quick i just
wanted to read uh paul sutton's he had a 49.99 donation oh that's big yeah that's enough to buy ape escape 3 in 2006. but thank you paulie it says uh uh two-thirds of the triforce of youtube's gaming related videos excellence what a freaking uh what game is that freaking good luck clip from it's killing me and uh i guess the other uh entry in in this trip is digital foundry
oh yes yes that's the triforce yeah yep i like that color of that donation uh yeah that's a good cause it matches my uh my hue light bulb behind me you see that i've got it on myself oh yeah yeah bla i've got it on my screen like maximized here so that i can uh see it better so you can see it blasting my face yeah i think i think jim was saying that the the sound boards are are a secret if you if you know what it's from you're not supposed to say i know that it's wrong all of a sudden
if you uh send me a dm on twitter i'll tell you because of the amount of your donation though perhaps someone in the chat has already said it i i recognize them but i'm drawing a blank i'm drawing a total good luck bingo i i can i can give some hints because i i oh there it is okay what's this one what what game is this from oh oh that's streets of rage yeah also which one though which one uh i guess it's two two
that that is maybe my favorite sound effect on the genesis that's like it is from streets of rage too yes it is what game is this game is this from what's uh street fighter 2 on the super nes it's from the arcade version but that's close oh what is it what is this from i mean obviously that's that's that's fine that's like a punch and street fighter 2. that's true and uh this this one is easy nice uh everybody knows that one uh this that's a sound i made by combining
multiple sounds though it is nominally the shotgun from doom uh what about this everybody knows that one what about this one oh that's mario world uh in the stage yeah i recognized the smash tv now i i knew i knew that i i uh if only i could have actually won one of those 2600 inch tvs that you collect in that oh god i love it big money big prizes
i love it yeah good luck you'll need it some of my favorite voice samples absolutely yeah i mean marcus phoenix impression here it comes ready nice not bad huh the try hasn't played into any of the gears games i haven't got they're so good yeah i was pretty burned out by the end of the third one and judgment was kind of i felt played it out of obligation do you play bulletstorm uh you know i i have
the old school explorer version but i've not really played it much oh like they're they're locked and loaded big boy remastered diaper version or whatever it's got some like comically stupid name to it yeah that was kind of a a game with like a bizarre and somewhat annoying script that actually just kind of owns how how like completely stupid the writing was uh but uh monday the 16th that's a good nightmare on 8th street
nightmare monday the 16th nightmare on 8th street okay okay buddy somebody had a good time writing that one oh god pericarditis thank you for uh for for hanging out has a lot of fun having you on hopefully i hope you feel better soon and everything gets it's worked out i want to see what my doctor says it's going to be fun to have a doctor yes it'd be a big relief somebody you can just go and see and be the same person every
time instead of you know whoever whoever's on whoever's at the drive-through window at the urgent care yeah man like i was i was telling you all before the stream i've been sleeping with a bunch of pillows up against the wall uh in my bed uh like making a no country for old men reference so anybody in my discord who hasn't watched uh we were talking about no country for old men last night it was on my mind because of the way i'm sleeping so there's the guy el ultimo hombre uh last man stand and where is he when
josh brolin goes and gets him he's got the briefcase full of money so that's me every night is a sitting dead with my back to a tree uh that's how i've been sleeping he's pericarditis do you have to later like lean your head forward or put it back or how do you even do it ahead i i've been keeping it pretty straight up but uh uh it ends up kind of rolling backward i got like this really bad like eight in my neck like right here it's horrible gosh if i'm not sitting like this i'm uh
generally pretty uncomfortable and i thought i felt tired today well it's uh it's a little bit of both i think yeah that's uh well i hope everything gets taken care of i hope that you know your doctor is able to help you in the way that i hope for the first time a doctor is going to look at me and go oh i know what's wrong with you yeah and give and then uh open up a drawer just gingerly slide a drawer open and there's like a single pill and a little plastic bag
well i wouldn't i wouldn't get i wouldn't get that hopeful but yeah i think well i mean what i'm paying for this helmet shirts well sure i uh i definitely uh i hope with what i'm paying lordy yeah oh she's just gonna look at me with a magnifying glass and go oh i know what's wrong with you [Laughter] one little pill in a bag take this and i was like oh uh and she's like and drink a full a
full glass of coca-cola zero and i'll be like this is exciting i need three chocolate chip cookies i'm like wow you know and by the time you uh get down to your uber you'll be right as rain that's gonna be it's gonna be very good oh my god that's what i want hopefully she doesn't offer me a choice of two pills because that would be yeah that would be too much like which one of these will
fix you and the other will cause you great despair and i'll be like what is this legal is the is does the hippocratic oath not prevent you from presenting medicine as a choice okay well i so i you're going on tuesday so i mean yeah hopefully that'll be hopefully it'll be a major breakthrough oh yeah so hopefully by then i'm going to spend all day tomorrow uh
probably sitting like this and just kind of hoping i don't uh pass out yeah i'm sleeping i mean you probably sleep so little during the night that you just feel like you're sleeping all the time you know you grab some sleep as much as you can i guess it's bad i i slept on the sofa off and on all day today i watched that wanda vision show i watched all of it that's pretty good pretty good yeah it's it's it's all right um i guess i'm i'm trying to wonder how what i enjoy
about it that is not related to the fact that i've seen every single one of those movies twice so yeah but i mean you say you're a you're successful fan of the movie um i i watch them um and uh i love going to see them and yeah it's their perfect excuse to have a bunch of popcorn i love the fact that there's this ongoing series of movies that is interconnected in that way yeah i think if i were if i were much younger i feel like it would be my number one hobby i'd have notebooks full
of stuff exactly like my hero academia filling up notebooks with match-up stuff like i'd be going wild on them i i talk about with my brother i say you know we used to like dream about this kind of stuff when we were kids yeah made these movies you know of like because you know we were marvel kids growing up you know like even when he was like not super popular iron man was like the comic that i i bought when i was a kid and yeah you know we said you know can you even imagine you know
this happening you know like they have these movies and they all can they all connect we were we were so hungry for that stuff we were reading all those comic books down at the shop on the military bases we lived on and we were reading every comic we were reading west coast avengers whatnot yep you know so we we were so hungry for that nonsense we were leafing through west coast avengers getting yelled at by the you know the the old guys don't read the whole thing in here you know you don't just come in here and read my west coast avengers all dog earning it up
dogging up my west dog earing up my west coast avengers i'd forgotten about west coast adventures yeah it was like the it was the avengers i'm i'm gonna go ahead and say to an 11 year old living in fort meade maryland it was the avengers that sucked it was the avengers that i don't get this what is going on here who's this this u.s agent who is this guy he's like he's like kmart captain america um it was uh it was the avengers that sucked um but uh yeah yeah as we were reading all
those comics it was the sort of thing like dark man comes out in theaters and we're just like obsessed with dark man that's like that's all that we could get was a movie about a made-up superhero the dark man owns though dude yeah the only thing that gets me a dark about dark man is is like so obvious that it was written for bruce campbell and it's so weird to see liam neeson basically be academy award-winning he played rob roy he played uh oscar schindler yeah
but after dark matter and then there he is in dark matter you see him in dark man catch him in dark man as well while you're while you're taking the tour then they made like two direct video sequels to it oh yeah i've seen both of those die dark man die the death of dark man yeah giant dark man dies i think that's unreleased dark man 4. the death of dark man 2 the death of dark man dark man 3 die dark man die
man dark man was good i don't know what the sequels were actually called oh dark man 2 the return of durant yeah yeah and then dark man 3 is die dark man die the dark man the sam raimi didn't do the the second and third one i i assume no i think he was allergic by then uh he he was definitely not involved with the first and with the second and uh and third one i'm gonna have to i'm gonna have to go okay i'm starting to i'm starting to feel too tired
all right all right oh there's pericarditis this pair everybody look up pericarditis i'm leaning forward so that it feels better well that actually does feel much better but thanks for thanks for hanging out that's great happening if anybody watches these next videos it has any pericarditis medication that they can get up to uh upper west side new york manhattan just let me know uh i'll let you know if there is just buzz me yeah just just buzz me up this insurance how much how much longer we got on the insurance
two hours and five minutes and the insurance takes effect i can go to the emergency room actually the lady at city md told me that that i should come back on monday uh when i went there the other day like if you want to see the other doctor sorry and i was like i was like she was like you should go to the emergency she's like if i were you i'd just go to the murder get the prescription and i was like oh um actually they have better imaging there and i was like oh yeah i was like i don't have insurance and then she goes oh well then you can make an appointment for monday and i go
monday i'll have insurance and she goes oh so i would just go to the emergency room one day and i was like or i can go at midnight on sunday and she goes no insurance doesn't take effect until nine eight on your first day of coverage and i was like what a horrible they're stealing that what a horrible thing for a person to know off the top of their head what a sad thing to know off the top of your head right yeah just well you can't you can't just walk in at midnight you gotta you gotta wait until night because the health insurance company has
to activate it on there and uh is the explanation so they're gonna strut in there with their latte or whatever sit down at the computer and just go through and manually click uh manually click the happy birthday boys button on everybody's everybody's profile they're gonna send me a little happy birthday message happy birthday i've got insurance man this game sure does own though doesn't it oh yeah yeah it's i mean just joyful i feel like
looking at it this is it's it's a pretty big jump visually from the the second game it is yeah the characters are a lot bigger the animation is just like a lot more involved yeah but before i go do you guys want to know something real about this game yes one of the uh senior artists later went on to work breath of the wild you know i think i i think i heard that once before you can kind of you can kind of see it yeah you can yeah you can i i hope uh i hope to hear that
drop in a future video oh yeah yeah well i should probably do a review of this game at some point maybe we'll see now these reviews take so long to make yeah it's just another thing you got to add to your list because everything takes so long that you probably feel like there's a lot of stuff that you could do but then you start to realize it's just not possible yeah it's just not possible so perhaps that is a theme of my cyberpunk video perhaps perhaps that is the theme of the video we'll find out soon um i guess i'm gonna
let you all go thanks for watching the stream everyone and thanks for inviting me on here yeah absolutely thanks for coming oh yeah i had a good time i'll always enjoy hanging out yeah i'm getting like loopy i'm uh i'm too tired now i want to go my insurance party is coming soon oh yeah uh good night and goodbye take care later all right if you want to switch to the tube i'll go back and i'll
read through some of these a lot of these uh these donations i i really apologize it's gonna be so so far back here i'm gonna switch to yeah two person i did but it had uh it had uh the ndi source uh like an old uh whatever remembered from the last uh time i think that uh bf0189 who donated uh two dollars to super chat over an hour ago
i apologize talking about looking through uh moby games you know saying i do the same thing on disc cogs with music so probably look through different kinds of different records like different producers maybe who worked on other other albums maybe just musicians uh and uh there's a clause the bat claws the badger who had 4.99 through super chat thank you said uh i just bought a japanese imported flip
phone and i'll let you know if it's like my switch i'm really sorry that it's been like i did not i'm usually pretty on top of it uh but sometimes you know the the conversation just starts going you got it got away from me tonight well that was to be expected tonight yeah exactly you know i'm like not in the screen at all like you're sending me that's like a weird layout hold on well first of all i need to to crop the black out of
the edge there all right actually why don't you call me back on the just our regular chat okay sure thing should be good now yeah oh um she has gone crazy as likes going to the bottom no idea
like moving as fast as they uh the nintendo direct um okay so uh uh there's five dollars from red ranger who said uh i just beat breath of wild today i really enjoyed it i almost had 100 hours in that game i i i feel like embarrassed that i only have like 75 or something like that like i definitely there's a whole like town building aspect that i didn't even touch that i even know about until like like after i'd finished the game i forgot
about that yeah um there was uh two dollars from mark sterny more like narc sony who said i feel betrayed that the uh the yuffie is ps5 only uh i think that's kind of a weird decision it is like i i i actually didn't watch the event i was just reading about it afterwards so like it definitely surprised me when i heard that oh i mean i guess i wanted to incentivize
but like it's so stupid too that the ps5 version is 70 dollars like and it comes with a a download code for the uf dlc even so even the physical ps5 version is gonna it's gonna be a download code yeah okay well in that case like there's like i mean oh a male pro if it was on disc i would like probably buy it yeah but wait a few years and pay like 15 for it like square enix
actually does really good um uh like well not just like holiday or black friday sales like they do several throughout the year but they do tend to have like good like black friday cyber monday sales and um uh is there a monkey down there um so like i just i i i figure eventually uh you know it'll it'll be really cheap i've gotten a lot of cheap physical games because
uh on the squaring store because they just like some of this like they're still selling like ps1 games on the square enix online shop ps ps1 ps2 ps3 xbox 360. i mean they've got all kinds of stuff there still yeah yeah i mean there's oh i don't know like i i i'm excited to replay yeah i mean do we know how much the dlc is going to be
i don't know i well i think what i think is interesting is like that one character that's with youth is like probably setting up how uh sid is gonna play i'm guessing oh does he have a lance i didn't i don't even look that yeah or like what is it like a like a partisan is that what i would i don't know how you say it i mean it's uh yeah i mean i i gotta be honest like listening to tim talk about hard mode like actually kind of makes me it makes you want to do it it makes me
feel more excited for it because it's like oh like it sounds like it sounds intimidating at first but like once you learn to play it and use like the skills correctly it kind of sounds like it's really awesome yeah uh robert carlson is saying that i'm hoping the uf ps5 is ps5 exclusive because they're taking advantage of the ssd or some of the some other aspect of that i mean honestly i i i mean yeah i mean if they're going i mean in in terms of justifying it but like i
kind of doubt it like it would be weird for it to feel tangibly different like i saw like a back and forth comparison like of like you know cloud immediately gained off the train and ps4 and ps5 versions there's like a lot more lighting effects going on on the uh yeah on the ps5 version so i mean it's i'm really curious what what's going on what's going on look i mean the the first thing everyone wants to know that does the door have a texture
exactly like are the like the the glasses and like toiletry trinkets that are seen by the sink have a few more polygons so the dlc is going to be twenty dollars say what the uh dlc is going to be 20 you you say it you fee because i've always said it you fee but i've heard people say yuffie i've always said i originally said yuffie but then i started hearing yuffie and i mean it it is officially you fee so okay
uh so there was uh two dollars in the super chat saying the uh the march game club voting is up until tuesday night the discord uh uh myth and gaming discord game club which is available for for uh patreon and uh youtube supporters and it looks like the uh the games for march are blascore
for the n64 uh mystical ninja starring goemon oh duck dodgers starring daffy duck wow it's like all n64 oh man uh rocket robot on wheels and mischief makers i i need to actually the rocket is on my on my backlog but man i i i i i could go for playing through goemon on n64 anytime i never played through uh through mischief makers i should
probably stream that one week oh yeah i mean it's it's a tough game to learn i mean it's it the controls are unique like you have to you have to really be ready to kind of open your mind to uh some non-traditional controls for sure yeah it looks like the theme is uh n64 games but without top tier without the top tier popularity well i mean you know the third party games although i guess yeah blast corps
i mean that you know i something that i i've you know an idea i've had for a a post analog frontiers world is like just do a video that's like 20 or 30 like good like don't get into them in great detail but just like 20 or 30 good uh third-party n64 games just you know do my part in dispelling the myth that
there are none well it'd be a learning experience for me for sure like i i know that you know list video might be a little bit low-hanging fruit but you know what's what's wrong with it every now and then right yeah totally um but mischief maker seems like it'd be fun if it ends up winning maybe i'll play that uh but maybe i'll do that on a stream i was thinking about after uh after was it thursday was it thursday that we played we
streamed uh yeah it was thursday justin goblins resurrection i was like you know maybe i should play super eagles and ghosts on stream you've never probably i've never finished it now how far into it have you played gosh i think i may have only played to the second or third level uh so not very far and you know like i think that playing it playing like the new version it's like you know like i i feel that i'm probably
better at games now than i was last time i tried it so it that's so this weird position i found myself in where i used to think that i was i was used to be way better at games than i than i am today but now now i'm starting to think that like i'm better at games now than i have been at any other point in my life i don't know i don't know exactly how that happened yeah i mean you think that like as a kid you're like more open to like learning
uh you know some some maybe some of the weird mechanics you know like an rpg that you know you gotta really learn how to do this or that well but like yeah it somehow does equal out that you know you probably are better now than back then yeah it's just there's certain games that are really time consuming like there are games i know i was better at as a kid than i am now like you know referencing uh blast core like
i i was really really good at blast corps back in the day back in the day um but uh you know revisiting it now like there's only like maybe two vehicles that i play very well in that game like it takes you know it takes some it takes some effort for sure to sort of learn the eccentricities of each vehicle right um i just want to say really quick i see
uh uh william william in the chat really like is saying hello to us over and over again so i just wanted to say hello back who william william ah in the chat just saying hello hello hello uh okay so uh [Applause] there's two dollars from from uh jonathan g saying uh there's nothing better than ps1 on a pvm
and that's that's that's that's true i guess i think the the thing i'm i was messing with you about earlier is that there is was a new ps1 digital update all right and a new um x station update that it will if it if it reads the disk id you can have like custom settings which is awesome per game basis so that that's like for the games that you know might have a problem with uh certain hdmi modes you can have it
avoid that if you if you uh set it to you know they have alternate settings how i i i don't really know anything about updating the the ps1 uh digital like does the x is it an update for the ps1 digital or the next station update for both for both can you update them like together no you you do the extation one by putting the files on your sd card and ps1 digital is wireless
right yeah i think i i think uh i think dan put my wireless credentials on it right i'm surprised because there's been since you've gotten yours there's been i just never i feel like he's never thought to check for more updates well i i you're you're a lot more on the ball with it than i am with updated stuff than i am for sure i spent a lot of time yesterday just kind of updating some stuff and i uh i had to laugh who who were we talking to yesterday when i was talking to
you sean quinn about updating oh yeah yeah yeah you're just like i was just i just thought i was so [ __ ] you're like oh well i'm actually like just spending today like updating stuff and i'm like of course you are spending the whole day doing it's like a couple like like a couple hours like i downloaded it i don't remember how you put it but i mean it just it was funny to me because like we're so polarized on updating stuff yeah i'm always like oh it's such a big deal and you're just like you're just like man that that's that's a good saturday
[Laughter] well i mean like i i downloaded the updates for uh like there was um updates for the mega sg uh super nt and the mini noir like all in the same day oh yeah yeah yeah they all had new updates was there anything notable about them uh well apparently the uh the mega sg it makes it so that uh paprium will work i still need to try my my dead copy of that which i got to say really quick like i don't know what's
going on with watermelon but like they're just like you know like they wouldn't they need to get like their money from paypal like they like paypal froze their funds or something like that uh but i just want like some sort of response to my whatever like my um service inquiry that i sent through the to their system you know it's like because i just need to find out what i need to do to like get eventually get my country replaced just like some sort of like acknowledgement
that they have gotten it i guess and i like i understand like they don't have any have any money like all their money is frozen but i mean i i think that probably myself and probably a lot of other people sent uh inquiries about stuff like that like i sent mine is like second week of january but i mean hopefully hopefully they get that work done then they can handle all their uh their service stuff
shooting like look how she like runs when she's like walking backwards while shooting it falls here's the deal with the watermelon they're bad but i mean i just i i just he's some sort of you know like if if i'm going to get be able to get it replaced or what eventually like it didn't have to replace it now just say like you know say like we got your your your message i mean they should do this for everybody who sent them uh
like repair requests um uh there was two dollars from uh potbelly punch who says you said zoku gusen oyo is a fun unknown unknown ps1 puzzle game i have to look that one up no i i i i shouldn't say this because i've had a copy sitting in my ebay cart for like three weeks and i i didn't see any other copies on ebay but there's a there's a neat um weird puzzle game that
actually we came across a few weird puzzle games when me and drum and lin were going through uh uh a bunch of super famicom games there's one i i don't even remember how to describe how it played but i just remember we had a lot of fun with it it's called uh dharma dojo on super famicom and like you you're like these like monks with hammers or something and you i don't remember how it worked i just remember it was fun i don't know why i said that because it's been seen in my ebay car for three weeks and i think it's the only one on ebay
i don't know if i'm gonna buy it or not but you know yeah robert carlson says the email i got from watermelon recently read like the writer had a stroke and i mean very much like the included piece of paper it comes off like that as well but i mean i think it's just because maybe is maybe his english isn't isn't good but still like i just i just need some i just wish we could get some sort of response like i understand like they have this other stuff that
like they can't respond to like their uh repair requests but they can start a uh what is it change.org petition man you know i i gotta say it's i i i kind of forgot how how darn decent ps2 games could look on the on the framemeister it's been a while yeah they look they always look pretty crisp uh so is it am i seeing things when i see that this game has some screen tearing in it oh yeah it definitely does like i i have
heard that it has performance issues uh michael's workshop i did not get the limited edition version i'm very happy that i didn't i just got the standard edition it comes on a regular case if i had gotten a limited edition like i'd be so annoyed with that stupid cardboard box i mean there's a reason why i just like never buy limited editions anymore because i just i hey i don't have enough room and two like they always come in like stupid uh they have like stupid boxes i mean i
guess i did i got the the the ease 9 limited edition because i knew it was going to come with a regular sized case inside of it um what is it uh we got two dollars from uh from chris ratz who says hello guys how's your week then i'm pretty good i'm okay i i felt i even though i only i i didn't have as many days available to edit analog frontiers part three as i wanted but i still felt good about the progress i
made you're closing in on the end i mean you shot a photo of the thumbnail i made the thumbnail today so you know i'm getting close i i i i don't think i'm going to finish next week but i think by the end of this coming week i'll be very close yeah so you can probably expect it like the release like the week after next probably probably probably i mean you know the the last phases of it are are definitely going to take longer than you know they probably should because
you know i you know i want to spend a little extra time on audio balancing and stuff like that but it's it's getting pretty close yeah and i'm working on this uh this mister video what's wrong and it's it's kind of nice because i've actually shot like a whole bunch of like like a ton of b-roll already of it so at least when i'm like editing it like i don't need to go and shoot a lot because uh same needs to go pee i think so hang
on okay that's fine um i was originally going to do a video on the ghosts and goblins uh resurrection i was going to do a fun video but then i saw the digital foundry video and i said ah i don't know if i really need to do this because everything that i was going to talk about was already in there anyways so i just felt like you know i'm just going to focus on like doing like evergreen stuff i was i was thinking about doing i've been creating a list of stuff like like doing a a genesis black box
video where it's just like quickly looking at every uh black box uh black grid box genesis game i could just you know just blow through it pretty quickly but maybe not we'll see we'll see what happens uh but i mean i feel that the mystery video is is priority and that'll be out after uh analog frontiers part three because i guess we don't want we wouldn't want to release before anyways because there's a lot of mr stuff in analog frontiers three and this would
be a good follow-up because maybe maybe analog frontiers three will get people interested in the mister and then uh yeah they want like like make i'm saying that the the mystery video will be like the video that follows analog frontiers three and it's good because analog frontiers three might be uh like might get people interested in the mister and then the missed then that uh uh video will be nicely timed for people and
yeah i mean i have this whole bit in the in my mr script though and it's like i think it's it's very important uh like i'm gonna put myself like on camera and saying this directly to it where i say like you know the mr project is an open source diy it's it's you know mr is the open source diy project um there's like so many uh moving parts within the whole scene that there's no way i can a i can't cover any everything and b the amount of things that will
change like that could possibly change like immediately after i release the video yeah it's there's like so many different things that could just like be out of date like within within like minutes you know uh update script on it uh yesterday and uh for some reason i was under the impression that like uh neo geo pocketer or atari lynx or something was supposed to be releasing uh atari link so release is releasing in
april oh okay hi hello what is it um are you antsy for some playtime i'm sorry sandy it's my it's my playtime right now uh there's there's five dollars from eb chill two who says who said uh getting bionic commando advised playing what are you doing you're getting right in my face do you do you want to sit on my lap
is that what you want you want to sit over here here come here okay um there you go there's five dollars from there's five dollars from eb chill too it says uh getting banned commando vice from playing chain dive tonight definitely recommend decor if you haven't played it already i'm not familiar with what does chain die sounds really cool wait what about black commander rearmed some some game called the chain dive it's it's like biot commando rion oh oh i think this is the gamestack has
like covered this one it's a it's a uh it's it's a japanese only ps2 game can die put that on my my ssd um there's also two dollars from uh from from blake romo who said uh toy story 2 on the n64 is a hidden gem oh yeah who made it yep uh i don't know i mean i guess toy story too even a toy story on the genesis
i didn't jam too i hid a hidden gem you know a long time ago we almost did a video it was a play on hidden gems but it was called hidden gems where it was like characters named jim they were like in the in the periphery of like in within games like maybe like like uh um npcs and stuff like that i i i i i i even record a b-roll shot or a g-roll shot or two
of uh of a gym in in xenoblade chronicles x which i was i was i was playing around the time we were considering that it was going to be an april fool's video yes hidden gems yeah i doubt we'll ever make it so if someone wants to steal that feel free yeah hidden gems yeah jim powers the hidden gem um i should let me look at let me see if i can find the script for it i can see what we got on here
um isn't like isn't like the secretary of defense and metal gear solid a gym i think like one of those characters you talk to yeah i don't know if we still have i mean i have to solve the script for it i'm not seeing it here ah let's see here um don't be caught up after this it says uh we had five
five pounds i think from uh from jamie maxwell i always got the euro and the pound sign mixed up well the euro looks like an e and the pound sign does not look like an e it looks kind of like an e like a capital e with a curved top on it it looks less like an e oh oh well uh but jamie maxwell said uh saying you sent you a lovely to an email love the stream nice to see ape escape represented hope you're both well and
safe keep up the amazing work thank you i will check the uh the email after after the the the stream tonight uh but in terms of the uh the mr video like i have a pretty big outline i showed it to to some people and a lot of people had some suggestions but there's there's absolutely no way that i can cover everything in it so what it's going to be very much like a primer uh for people looking to get into it like i'm gonna go through like building a mister and like setting up the sd card and just like different things to
like useful aspects of it and then i'm like i will get into like the av settings obviously like like like unifying video options you know like you know things that you have control over and things to look out for but you still need to like you still need to choose your like interpolation for every core i think right well recently yeah yeah but these are all like a lot of that stuff is all very similar menu options right i mean the the number of things that you actually need to tweak on a per core basis is like not
that intimidating right well but recently they just uh a lot of chords were just updated with uh integer scales like even though it doesn't say like i'm not sure if like the way that it's implemented is like exactly like worded is the way that i would prefer but if there's like a uh you know there's vertical uh integer scale options there's vertical and horizontal integer scale options but the way there is they're like they're rewarded as like
narrow and wide where they're like you know like probably like a 3x or a 4x so like uh horizontal so like narrow looks like too skinny i guess and wide might be a little bit wider but it's i think it's much more preferable um i mean eventually it'll be worked out in a way that is uh that like reads a lot easier i think
it would be cool if he could if there's an option to be like if there's like a like separate uh listings for like horizontal and vertical and you could just like say like 1x 2x 3x you know you can just do it like very similar to uh um like the analog stuff where you can just like choose like like 4x vertical and uh 4x horizontal you know like if it's just it's 5x uh 5x is the possibility as well
it's officially supported now because i know it was just like a beta thing so it is but i think you have to go i think there's certain things you got to change in your uh ini file like i haven't really messed around with it because i will when it's available can i talk about on every core now or i think so i think it's system-wide most main ones i think it's system-wide like the 5x stuff is just like right now the like the default is like a 4x vertical
uh but yeah i see uh like like how to how to bluetooth this thing i definitely find the scan line and gamma levels a little daunting i never sure what's an optimal setting i mean it really just comes down the way you think you looks the best i mean to be honest i i use skin lines so little for my own personal use like i wouldn't even really feel comfortable like recommending like a specific setting for them especially because like you say it is it is personal preference anyway right
um i guess the the playstation core is like is getting getting kind of close really yes yeah i mean that's what people are saying i think that that uh i'm not sure if it was on the minister might have been on something else like an equivalent fpga uh where they had like after everything they got uh ridge racer is booting on it oh wow like it was on like a dev board
or something that could well i mean it's like it's an equivalent board i guess i mean it's not the same as the uh the de-10 nano but maybe it maybe it was i mean i it didn't look from the from the photo that i saw it did not look like it was i'm sure that there's somebody who can elaborate more on it um but it's uh i mean it's pretty it's pretty exciting i think and that's the scariest thing
about that is that you know that this thing about the entire library of of games that you need to add oh my gosh yeah you can you use multiple usb devices yes yes yep so you can get like another 512 or whatever yeah and just add to it uh i mean for ps1 do you think the speed of just like a like a actual mechanical drive would be
enough because that might be the way to go for like playstation oh yeah i mean you what i would do for something like that yeah i mean you could use a mechanical drive or you can use like anything connected through uh usb is fine i just i just like those little uh sandisk ones because they're so small yeah but i i feel like they got a new uh uh wi-fi adapter that just is like doesn't stick out very much it's about the same size as
the uh as like the uh flash drive so i just i i want to take my make my aluminum one just like really slim like not have like a lot of things like sticking out far from it you know and then i'll pick those other parts i put it like i i got i got a second mister i built a second mister uh so that i could you have something i have to take apart i don't want to take apart my main one like a whole bunch for this video so i felt like it just made more sense
to get a second because i can always come up with a use for it anyways sure and uh i'm just using all those extra parts on uh on that i i actually like minimally deconstructed mine for the thumbnail photo that i just saw oh right so usually you have that pcb case right yeah yeah or it's a like a clear um a clear acrylic or whatever like it's a it's like a green it's like a clear green
right but i still i still thought it looked more interesting for the photograph with the top off yeah i thought for sure i thought it was just more recognizable it was more recognizable i thought was the thing because i took a bunch with it on and then i was like i i don't know if like some people some people might not know what it is or it might not look like anything like it looks awesome like there's you know there's there's a lot of things that just
look great in person and a lot of things that you know a lot of things look great in person but are difficult to photograph and then a lot of things that like like i think you know that clear mr case looks awesome in in person but right like photographing it is a little difficult and like the opposite is true like you know i i've made no secret i like much prefer like the plastic uh super nd and mega sg stylings over the
the metal uh nt mini which you know the indy mini is fine in how it looks but like it's it's just not my preference right but uh yeah but like in like photographing though like actually shooting video of the nt-mini systems is really fun i think like it it looks like to me it's just the thing that looks better in photos than it does in person whereas the ops is true of other things i see there's a five pound donation from
ingen uk who says i'd love to use i'd love to have the option to use an external cd drive with the mister to play uh pc engine cd games and my mental and i think that like i think it would be really cool if that was possible i mean just like you can you know all of the uh the pc emulation that i recorded for um uh analog frontiers part three uh of ps1 stuff was all just putting my own discs in the system i
didn't i didn't load any isos for ps1 just because honestly i i decided that was quicker and easier than getting those on on the computer like i just put them in it worked no fuss it would be really cool if somebody made it so that you could use like uh like a retrod to like interface with a cartridge i wonder if it could something i don't think i don't know if it would be possible to do it in real time though
right i mean i don't know i like maybe someone could yeah uh i see that see uh brian renau reno brian reno is in the chat of saying ps1 core is being developed on a diligent rda7 fpga board um and uh scott snyder is wondering what cables i use with my mister um i'm just using hdmi and i like for my uh my i o board i just like have a um like a like a vga style to component
and i guess i have like a bluetooth receiver a wi-fi receiver a single flash drive and uh i i'm using a like a logitech computer keyboard uh i use you know it has like the little track pad for use for a mouse and the reason i wanted to use that is because you can use that with uh and this is something you don't have i just copied them that you need to probably put on your mister is a scum
scum vm oh yeah so so do i i'm pretty sure you can't have scum vm like on your on your flash drive it has to be on the internal card oh okay because it's not even like a a supported system it's a script you gotta run oh okay um so is so that's the thing that uh the retro is doing is that are they doing like a uh i'm scrolling up to see another chris fratz's
i forget what the actual post was about but i saw i saw something not i think it was something he wrote on retro rgb um uh about um the sonic d compilation was was mentioned which like kind of like sparked in my mind like you know i i should probably add like one quick sentence and analog frontiers part three to uh like acknowledge like decompilation projects because like that's something
that's come about in the past year or so that [Music] has not really been something i've considered before like uh you know a route of preservation that allows for like native ports rather than emulation i mean it's not it's not very uh wide field yeah of options but uh you know that it is a new route that people are taking for
you know some very specific games so i thought i should write in a quick a quick mention i mean you know something that i think is important for or maybe not important to remember necessarily because really i would like people to not realize this when watching it but you know the vast majority of analog frontiers interviews were shot before mr really had taken off right like before most people were even aware of it we weren't aware of it
we knew i mean mister isn't the focus though i mean that's that's the good thing is like in the the format that it's in it's not about any specific thing it's about like everything is kind of going on all the things that the these all these things are contributing to this larger goal right but you know after a certain point became apparent that like you know it'd be kind of weird without uh without you know a bit bit of a good bit of focus on
and you know so like i interviewed jeremy parrish after mr was starting to become a thing so i you know he talks about mr a little bit and then like when we interviewed smoke monster like that was really kind of meant to be for a different thing uh but then i was like well you know he talks about mr a lot so like it's you know so in the end it you know it all really worked out uh yeah but you know
um it's just it's it's interesting to think how like you know i keep saying that you know as embarrassed as i am about how long the whole series has taken it's actually good because then there's like things that might have been overlooked that you know luckily aren't going to be right uh and also like things that may have been like hot news at the time that i might have been tempted to focus on too much
but then like you know i i kind of kind of been able to step back and see like okay what what sound bites like have stood the test of time because like you say it's not about specific methods so much as it is about like the general idea of a lot of this stuff you know right yeah i mean i'm i'm excited to see it too i've only seen little bits of it here and there so i'm pretty pretty excited yeah i i showed you the
the shinobi three audio comparison just because i wanted your opinion about it that yeah i you know shinobi 3 sounds sounds real bad on justice too i think like the the uh like sort of the wind instrument sounds i don't know exactly what what they're supposed to be but they they they just sound really especially noisy on the genesis 2. yeah yeah
i mean that's it's it's getting close and hopefully this this one's gonna end up being like the uh like the hardest one i that that is uh that's my hope for sure yeah i have a long time i can't imagine the next two being even remotely well i mean part of that they too is like it's such a uh it it's such a daunting subject that like almost feels out of my depth
yeah and uh but but you've learned so much i mean both of us have learned like a ton like even just like you like you know uh like the conversations i've seen you having with artemio about stuff yeah well i mean that yeah he has such a good way of like making you making both of us understand yes i mean you know like the magnitude of certain aspects uh i mean our tbo like practically may as well be like a co-writer
on analog frontiers part three because like i have consulted with him about so many things yeah uh i mean it would not be what it is without artemio's help because i mean he he just has a way of sort of communicating like the just so i don't even know how to put it just like the the enormity of what preservation is
like is it's it's overwhelming i think and it goes beyond what i think most people feel that yes preservation is yes i mean we kind of got into this a little bit like during our sound preservation uh panel that we did with uh with artemio and uh and chris from displaced gamers last week at the uh at the uplink 2021 uh online convention but i mean he just talked about a lot about how like there's a lot of stuff and even just stuff like talking about like
talking with him about certain aspects of the mister you know like it made me realize like the mister is doing is doing excellent but i mean there are certain things that like even it's like not close on like there's certain aspects that i didn't even realize was even a thing like the uh you know like the analog video output the way he explained it to me that it's like it it's not like a replication of what the system does of what the original hardware does it's like as
what does he say it's an idealized uh replication or do or emulation of the analog output from like say a genesis like it might be it's like basically like a perfect analog output i mean of like like the genesis video signal and i mean wouldn't it when it comes down to it too i mean you know so many systems you know across all emulation have been replicated through you know various forms of analysis but only so many have been
like decapped and even decapping isn't like a hundred percent guarantee that it was reverse engineered correctly i mean they're right we really i mean we have gotten things so close on a functional level but you know something artemio mentions in distinguishing like the difference between like artemia does a great job of distinguishing like what high level he said he doesn't say high level emulation or low level emulation
he says high high-level approach or low-level approach and it has more to him i believe to do with the approach that the developer took and that you really calling a emulator a low-level emulator or a high level emulator is kind of arbitrary because certain aspects might be towards a higher level certain aspects might be working towards a lower level but it's you know it's it's all over the spectrum it has more to do with how
the developer approached any given component of that system during the development process of whether it is really more of a high level or low level and you know he artemio obviously comes very much from you know kind of an arcade mindset and a maim documentation mindset and keeping his actual pcbs functioning and stuff and
uh you know if you make high-level emulation it works you know it works on the computer you can get the result you want but like let's say you need to fix your arcade pcb like just making it work isn't good enough you need to understand the process to make the actual thing work again because you know it's i mean it is it's you know it gets crazy all the different angles
of it here's another gadget i'm going to warp over to you yeah i mean this one's over an hour right yeah it's it's most likely going to be just over an hour it it keeps it keeps uh uh going back and forth with uh the game boy episode um on you know it's it's competing with the game boy episode to be the longest episode that uh we've ever done i mean it's like right now the timeline is at 103
but you know there are certain areas i've left gaps for like music and stuff and you know i don't know how those are going to close in or expand but it keeps going back and forth i i think it will ultimately be just a hair shorter than the game boy episode but it could still be longer yeah i i don't know for sure yet well it's gonna it's gonna be cool it's gonna be cool to see and then i mean then you're like on the downward slope yeah yeah i think i mean four is going
to be long this is this is the peak that you're you're reaching right now it's exhausting like i can barely remember what's happened from one week to the next i mean of course that's been you know the entire past year but like especially lately it's just like sometimes things just seem like a blur now because it's just like the enormity of what this one episode is is oh yeah russian we're gonna say can't we see my pvm in the next episode oh yeah it'll i mean you're gonna have
to really look for it it's a subtle cameo but it is there i think this is one of the neatest gadgets in the series like you actually like drive the rc car all right the right stick are you you feel like you're liking this one more than the second one yeah i think so for sure like they're like you know it's got more performance issues than two but you know that that you know i'm i'm not a frame rate snob it definitely feels like it's more
creative i mean the second one was good but it was just very much more of the same and it had like the first one to have like the time travel theme the second one didn't really have much of like an interesting theme this has like the different like sort of movie theming concept right but i also like how they have like the uh uh i like how they they add like the transformations because that was like the big the big problem with two i thought was just you know there was very little
new added to it and this one relies on a lot of the same gadgets as well but like the transformations kind of add sort of a fresh some fresh moves to your repertoire and i'm not using them as much as i probably should a good thing to keep be mind under the bathroom i know that we're i guess a few minutes left i'll be right back yeah i'll try to try to play another level or something after this training [Music]
retro pcs you know i i i i was hearing on the retro rgb podcast i was listening to it today about like someone making like a actual working version of a unreleased uh of a unreleased uh i'ma drive like what they call the um voodoo but apparently it's like something
that's gonna be like super expensive i don't understand the little camera shooting thing like if that gets me something 1500 i think bob was saying 1200 but whichever it is it's yes ain't cheap not noticing any air lacing artifacts i
i mean i'm playing on the framemeister so it's pretty i mean there there is screen tearing but that's not the framemeister's fault that's just the game monkeys wearing red pants are especially scary ones when it comes flying right at you when their monkey lamp is fully lit that means they're about to attack you so be on your guard
this uh oh that's interesting i wonder if uh i i mean i'm assuming you could only go on one side of here i i assume if you're playing as the boy it would automatically open the other [Music] side all right what did i miss well nothing really we're talking about those if you heard about this like voodoo card that never came out
that like someone made like a working version of it like i assume it uses fpga or something of the voodoo five yeah i think four was the last one i think right yeah yeah some someone like has made like a working voodoo five really this it's gonna be like fifteen hundred dollars oh oh cool i mean it is cool but it is but 1500 that's well that is a little bit pricey
i i i want to make a a retro pc someday yeah so yeah i've got even even though like you know i'm not even a huge pc guy but i i've got i've got some parts that that could be used as a good base okay voodoo 5 did come out so this must be oh i thought i thought i heard that it didn't come out now that i think about it i think that is i do recall seeing blue five so is this gonna be the voodoo six i i i
don't i don't remember but yeah i mean i i definitely have an interest in building a retro pc as well i just need to i have like a space and every like a spot for it and everything yeah but i mean there's like a whole thing that i can't get involved in right now yeah i mean i i've got i'm gonna spend the money to do that i'm gonna get a i'm gonna get an astro city first i got a spot right there for an astro city see if i can do this and do the ndi
stuff real quick because i got it working the other day right or last time i i i i should probably look into uh at least getting a uh like a graphics card or something for such a project because they're probably only gonna get more expensive yes oh we got something you see in that yep that's a little little jerky it's a little it's a little small
yeah but you see like i got a spot right there for national city [Music] uh we got a uh ten dollar donation from kurt mcnamara thank you thank you so that every snes has slightly different sound timings because of the inexpensive ceramic resonator driving the apu 100 accurate emulation is really more of an aspiration than a practical goal yes i i agree and apparently like they it gets it changes depending on how warm
the system gets yeah that's what uh what we learned last week with the sound panel yeah but you know the the thing is you have to have as accurate of information as you can now while we still have you know functioning systems to reference you know because the further we are from the mark and the information that we document uh
you know the the further off the mark that people in the future when they you know designed their re-implementations uh you know that they're they're gonna be even further off the mark you know so we just have to get as close as we can and and have as accurate of information as we can documented but you know yeah i mean it you know at the end of the day it's it's going to be just
how you know it is as long as is functionally indistinguishable you know for plane you know that's that's that's one thing but you know i've got the boat ready you want you want to send accurate information into the future so that you know whatever they have that are beyond fpgas or the crazy ways that they might have to re-implement something you know right you know the more accurate information they have the closer they can get
yeah um paul sutton says i i don't get the love for free astro city and yeah i mean i i don't i don't need one but i just think it'd be really cool to have a machine like that down here i was actually like completely unaware of that until like not that long ago i guess like yeah i i wasn't really exposed to the idea that like that's what japanese arcade cabinets were
until yeah yeah uh until you know we went to japan and it's like oh like they they don't they don't have the same uh they don't have like the same like unique cabinet designs that we have i mean i i like the mr kade would be super cool to put in one right they do require maintenance like i i understand and that's that's okay that's okay with me but i mean
like i just think it'd be really cool to have one to sit down like like getting putting a mr cade in it you know and then occasionally play like my the pcbs that i do have i think that just would be really really fun they have that out here you you really need to have a space here at your pcb how much are they well there's no way i can really play it because you need the special controller can you not like just like have something that would adapt it uh maybe i mean i don't really know how
i mean how was it set up on astr cities i don't think it is i think that's on that had its own cabinet they had like the like the sit-down cabinet even in japan yeah i get well yeah we did see some sit-down cabs in japan uh scepter severs is saying how many pcbs do you have um i have i think i have five i got ninja turtles uh thunder fox final fight earn off
i forgot you have card off street fighter alpha i think that's it you should you should shoot some b-roll shots of your karnov if you haven't ever shot any before i would i i i would enjoy something oh that's right you needed some rk b-roll stuff didn't you yeah i mean you gave me some some stuff that we already had shot but i i'd like some fresh stuff too i i haven't i haven't really edited the i'll be editing the arcade part next week
but i i've i've only edited a little bit of the arcade stuff so far uh we got five dollars from john perry g thank you so i actually had and still still have that same phone i think he might be showing an ape escape 3. there's a pony and it's red same exact button layout and wheel scroll oh wait is this where i just came from uh yeah i mean out of all those like street fighter alpha and uh and final fight are the only ones that are on on the mister at least but i mean i saw chris from classic
gaming quarterly uses a mr uh mr kate in his and his astro city and he just like he has nhl and hl94 running on it and i feel like if nhl 94 just like got an arcade release and at the time it probably would have done really well like that seems like a cool idea for an arcade cabinet okay so paul you guys are you having a virtual on machine i don't know i don't know what beast buster's the second nightmare is but
i mean and virtual on camera has got to be fairly large uh scott snyder has ninja turtles ninja strolls 2 and simpsons yeah like some fresh arcade pcb and also like connecting to a super gun would be nice some b-roll of that whoa is that is that supposed to be an actual t-rex or is it like a park ride thing uh i see like uh some people are talking about retro pcs
and like that's one thing i haven't really dug into too much on the mister is the uh the 486 core that's in it you can run like windows you can like you can run windows 95 i think on it wow can you run games yeah i mean that's what that's that's what it's for it's like to run pc games like but how capable is it at doing those uh i mean i know that it's like it had a ton of work put into it over the last year
um i don't know what is fully playable but it's like there's like a lot of stuff that's playable i i i mean that is obviously like that's one of the ones that i haven't followed super closely i just know there's been a lot of work done with it but i i tried to like set it up but then it just uh sat on the install for a little while and nothing nothing happened i think i gotta put the the ao4886 like that i couldn't uh i could the virtual hard disk on my sd card
versus the uh the usb i couldn't figure out how to use the amiga core the mini mig i mean it's it shouldn't be that hard you just like load the vhd file i think it's like a virtual hard disk yeah i just i didn't know much about it and didn't look too hard into it uh it can run doom i think that there's even a separate doom and stall that just like runs doom
by itself should just have a core for doom i think it might but i might be wrong oh no the source is a toilet you know uh my son told me today that he thinks that we need to start calling the bathroom poop town okay you know apparently that's that's like the new name for our bathroom is poop town poop town yeah [Music]
i mean i think that's fine it's he's not wrong yeah i'd see uh somebody's mentioned uh tony galvin is mentioning just like just said the snes and it made me think of this snes with like five games that i saw selling for like 200 bucks on facebook marketplace today that it looked like someone took a hammer to the side of the s super hunting house and like knocked off like half of the plastic and what were the games
it was it was like uh pilot wings pilot wings was the only good one there was there was a bubsy in there um i don't know it was not it was not really anything anything great you know they they've probably like read one of those like if you've got these old toys from the 90s you're rich toy you know articles yeah well i just thought it was funny because it was like it's not like it was just like hit it was like there
was like a chunk missing like someone hit it with a hammer and like a chunk of it just like shattered it could not be put back so yeah i i need to get into the the 486 core a bit more on there i admittedly when it comes time to do that segment in the in the the video on the mister like that's something i'm gonna have to figure out but i mean i can't get into every single thing yeah uh in depth with
it and that's why i came for the idea of maybe covering a bunch of aspects that all the cores share and then i can do like a smaller focus on like several of the of the cores and just like looking at them i mean honestly like if at some point in the video you do a full scroll down the core list of like each i mean there's over 100 cores
100 but like i mean i'm not saying like all in one shot but just like over the course of the video you have b-roll that goes through like all of the console cores all of the computer cores and you know you know hit hit a lot of the key arcade stuff like that would be enough for people to be like you know what this you know this this does the zx spectrum does i don't even know if it does zx spectrum but you know what i mean like you know
they'll you know they'll identify something that they are excited about you know right yeah i mean that's exactly the thing i'm just i'm gonna do everything i can but it's just like important for people to understand that there's it would be impossible for me to cover everything and uh i'm just gonna i it's like just it's what i say at one point is that i really say i encourage you to take an active role in getting the
most out of your mister like kind of like if you're if you're gonna do it like you know here's here's some resources of places to follow what's happening with it like i'm gonna mention like the uh like the classic gaming discord and stuff like that just like different resources for people to get involved if they want to right i mean you have to be hands on with it i mean that's yeah you know i i think you were you know you often talk about how mr can actually be easy
and it and it can be but right um [Music] uh you know i i still think though like you know when i interviewed jeremy parish you know he was talking about how it's it's very technical and you know you have to be really serious about it and i think his experience at that time was based on a time when getting started with mr was more difficult but i still think that statement holds holds up because you do have to be
serious about you do have to be willing to you know figure out some weird things put some things together manage your sd cards you know look up resources to learn more i mean you you know i if you buy an analog console if you buy a super nt if you know how to put in a super nintendo cartridge you know how i'll work a super nt you know right i mean but then also you do you are you do need to take an active role in like getting new firmware updates
you you do i mean and getting more out of it yes you know using the options but you don't have to you don't have to to just make it work and it'll look it'll look good and work well out of the box although i wouldn't say exactly the same about the indie mini noir because the the video settings that it shipped with were were kind of bonkers but right but for the most part but i mean people that are i think i think that are looking to get into the mr like they
you got to go in and say like okay you know it's it's not it's important to not look at it like oh this is annoying that i gotta do this you got i think to get into it you have to feel like hey this could be kind of fun it's it's definitely been a gradual process for me you know i've i've been so afraid of it for a long time and uh but you you figured out a lot just like sure in recent weeks you you've taken an
active role in like getting the best out of it too even yesterday where your your atari 2600 stuff wasn't loading and you found out that oh it needs to be like the directory needs to be all in caps i mean i i don't know if i i didn't look that up myself like i i tried various things i tried playing it on the sd card i tried off of the usb and then when it said uh that you you couldn't it said the directory that it was
looking for was atari 2600 and i had atari 2600 but only with a capital a and i changed it to be all caps and it worked i was able to find the roms so like yeah i mean you know you like you say you do have to take a active roll i guess but you know again uh while you know the the analog stuff those are enthusiast devices as well but it
on a totally different scale of of usability and the level of uh you know involvement you need to have with it right yes so i mean they there is definitely overlap in the mr and analog audiences but they there is also a ton of not overlap as well i mean it's it's uh it's very different right
well is that going to do it for put another week in the books yep yeah i'm i'm glad i managed to uh get a start on uh ape escape three here yeah maybe uh depending on what we do on the back lottery stream tomorrow i i may even continue it continue it there so i'm looking forward to today i beat bowser's fury uh the other day actually 100 completed it it was
it was not that involved to get everything it was pretty it was fun i enjoyed it uh i i still need to beat the last few worlds of 3d world but uh it'll it'll be nice uh it'll be nice to have another another platformer to work on uh my finished 3d world yeah i mean i finished ease nine last week and i i was thinking about like starting some other stuff and i like randomly
popped in uh the ps4 version of uh memories memories of self-seta memories of celceta and i just been kind of playing that because i don't remember very much about it and it's just kind of nice being able to play it like not unaffordable