The Trail and the Toll | Critical Role | Campaign 3, Episode 3

The Trail and the Toll | Critical Role | Campaign 3, Episode 3


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oh hello everyone and welcome to tonight's episode of critical role where a bunch of those nerdy ass boys have to sit around and play dungeons and dragons like that yeah uh before we jump into tonight's episode we do have some announcements to get through beginning with our first sponsor of the night hitpoint press sam hey guys remember that ad i did two weeks ago for hit point press and their latest product fool's gold into the bellowing wilds based on the popular youtube animated series by dingo doodles this jungle themed campaign setting uncovers the mysteries of the world's
deadliest wilderness where everything wants to kill you well they're back and they have their own special minis to go along with the adventures including the biggest baddest tourist i've ever seen okay that's [ __ ] awesome whoa it's sharp wow that's huge you can charge it is it heavy it's heavy here i'll pass it around you can check it out you can check this out more at man guys hit point press sponsoring the show twice in just three weeks they must
have okay i have more to do more bit to do they must have just loved my broadway musical as much as you all did i mean that standing ovation you guys gave me in episode one will stay with me forever wait wait what i i don't remember giving you a standing ovation you all stood up and applauded why i remember it like it was yesterday thank you thank you sam you are the funniest person alive oh thank you guys yeah that's not how i remember it at all
actually yeah in fact as i recall [Music] the hell was that song well it was a it was a musical i think it's ready for broadway well i would agree with you but then we'd both be wrong [Applause] person alive that does not sound like something i would say to anyone but my own self in the mirror yeah i would say i'm here that's that's not how it went down uh
the way i remember it huh what oh well thank you for that polite applause oh yeah i was just so so big robby oh my god you saved me you saved my life from an assassin attack it's on a day's work oh robbie you are the sexiest person alive [Music] yep that's how i remember it pretty much well i'm glad we got that all cleared up thanks to hitpoint press and matt
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and thank you so much for supporting our show robinsburg uh yes there are more announcements thank you so much for joining us live on twitch and youtube uh to join in our live and moderated community chat please head on over to our twitch channel and i believe that's the last of our announcements well before we had a lot to pick up on the first couple episodes now we're kind of at a decent pace so thank you for your patience again but let's go ahead and jump into tonight's episode
and welcome back so last we left off this group of individuals disparate lives and goals all brought together here in the city of droussar managed to cross paths by a brief scuffle in the open streets outside the spire by fire tavern caught the eye of sir bertrand bell and as such offered to gain their trust and a possibility for paying work under
lord estras after an invitation uh by bertrand bell you agreed to see it through and met with this uh elderly orc noble like figure within his estate there he seemed interested but wanted to test you and by that he attacked you you all did battle with him in the middle of his fire-lit study and seemed to prove yourself well against this this orcish figure with a a history of
combat and mercenary work and a heart dedicated to bringing justice and a mark of good to a city that he sees fraying at the edges welcome back hi i was distracted i didn't have a pencil and i noticed that ashley's not wearing any shoes [Music] [Laughter] well it's like that person on the airplane and you like look over and you're like oh okay i
i'm not that person on the plane by the way no you're not never you [Laughter] capable in combat lord eric's esteros wanted to see if you had the aligned interests and so he sent you on a brief mission to begin to seal this this pact between you he let you know that there had been some strange elements of thievery going on in one of the warehouses under predage textiles one of the portions of the business that he oversees and looking into this you met
some of the interesting figures that watched this warehouse during the day inspected some of the contents of these crates where some of these thefts had happened and required some strange clues after waiting outside to see who might leave looking a bit dubious in a bit of of questioning and mind probing and getting a read on a few of the members within you waited to see who was exiting after sending auram in invisible sneaking in as dennis the managerial gnome who seemed
to be the most shifty of the group from your your curious probing uh began to dart off in a huff just as the sun was setting and the warehouse was closed locking you behind in a lightless space with a lot of the group in the the alleyway behind it dorian left keeping watch on the front as bertrand bell and imogen both rush off to chase after dennis so where we
come in what is happening how much time has passed so far so far since what since since since it's like since this because like we we said set up camping back like how long have we been back there at this point at this point you've been back there for i'd say about an hour or so i'm getting antsy okay and we still have the drunk guy next to us too right uh more yeah oh yeah he is he is out how long has aura been in singapore that i've been in you've only been there for maybe a minute so an hour for them right i've
got okay you guys all set up yeah and we're kind of keeping watch for a while as the sun began to set people began to leave one after another and then once you were all situated for a bit it wasn't until uh dennis went ahead and closed up locked behind and then bolted in which you guys you two carried off after that you stayed back wanting to stay with the rest of the group so you've been in there for just a couple of minutes kind of fumbling through the dark as the oil lanterns have been completely enclosed off there's light it has a lightless interior of this warehouse we should start with me
because i'm the easiest to figure out just between some crates and a wall that i felt and i've got my blade in hand and i can't see [ __ ] and i am just like listening for anything be it my friend well didn't somebody bang on the door yeah back door yeah the back door right liam knows that was allies but i just heard yes and you got whispers yes that's what happened yeah yes is that what happened yeah i don't remember
that's where all of us begin to talk talking whispers yeah oh so i'm just thinking i'm right so i'm just terrified yeah you were just scared but you've got the message you're too far to communicate with each other now that you've taken off with bertrand yes we don't the backdoor team doesn't know that the front door team is in motion full frontal front don't frontal get it right yes i'm sorry i haven't i haven't written down jesus [Applause] freaky friday what was your the information you passed on
i think it was just like hey what's up how's it going i'm no you were telling him you were letting in oh i was like i was like full frontal is gone yes but we're still cause i told you mentally we should watch our show [Laughter] well that happened right before we ended yeah it was yeah it was a fashion show but i think i was like chitchat um yeah so danny we're fine all right we're good
we're good so are you just currently waiting for something to come through this yeah i'm not doing anything i'm listening for for threat and for anything coming up out of the ground or out of the ceiling not necessarily i mean i'm listening for everything but the walls and the doors are likely them and anything coming up from below or that i can't anticipate is bad that's where i'm at so figure out where everybody else is team backdoor we know he's in there should i keep i'm going to just start scratching on the box
you're now here god dammit maybe we should check in with dorian send one person around to the front and come right back immediately who wants to go i'll go okay no airbus are a different thing in the south um so you you come around the corner and you see standing nervously dorian all right should she like come out of the alley yeah yeah yeah okay i'm not so good oh they just took off i'm by myself what happened where did they go uh
someone came out of the door and and bertrand and imogen just took off after him and i i i i don't know what to do i am all right do you want to come join team backdoor it's quite fun back there you shouldn't be up here alone i look around to make sure that no one is uh clocking the area or anyone's coming back and i go all right guys let's go all right all right come back with them okay so as you head back to join the team back door and you're waiting hearing this odd scratching against the metal charging after this figure one i would
like you both to make stealth checks okay i'm feeling good to not just to not be noticed from a very paranoid individual that you watch as they're darting quickly is like looking over their shoulders and ensuring they're not being followed 13 all right 19. ocean we're pretty surprised as we follow are we up here or are separate like should we take opposite sides of the street or should i i throw my arm right here uh in your head i do not i move away from you and in your head you hear
uh i don't know what the [ __ ] we're doing i just saw you run off and didn't think you should be by yourself oh i was we we're following status right but should we really be oh yeah let's let's let's split step opposite sides we drift opposite sides of the street right as this is happening you watch as dennis kind of stops in her stride and glances over to you in the gym and goes um i'm terribly sorry we're closed for the night
oh oh it's you i i'm not at the oh you know what we are really close to your business aren't we no i i'm just in the area i'm make a deception check [Music] okay [Laughter] 22 22. whoa whoa all right dennis kind of looks at you for a second you can see the eyes are wide and there's like sweat dripping down the side of her temple there's a little bit
of like a lip twitch to the side and occasionally it's like looking past you and in the alley before going right well uh feel free to come by tomorrow or later in the week uh but uh unfortunately we're done for the night if you're just wandering through uh just wandering through all right well you said not to come by until i i talked to your employee do you remember what's what's going on are you okay you seem a little frazzled oh well i had to finish closing up and you know
the streets get a bit dangerous here at night so i'm just trying to make sure that i'm uh making my way you need someone to walk with you oh no because i don't want you to be honest i'm very used to this entire uh this walk i take it every day so um all right but thank you i i appreciate it i just keep walking by the way i just keep getting like ahead of where that conversation is yeah you don't seem to to gain her attention at all right well uh best of luck to you uh do come by once you've spoken with uh thank you so much for your time today of course of course have a good night
puts up the scarf over the head and it begins kind of like no not a dark like a a quick walk and then gets a decent distance away and begins to speed up once more i'm gonna stay a little further behind and i'm just gonna say to bertrand in his mind keep a close watch because i'm gonna be at a distance now not a problem just let me know which direction you're going you know mentally i have to just think it just tell me mentally okay straight ahead so you're staying at thief i'm gonna
stay out of sight of them and i'm just gonna follow bertrand's directions but staying within mental contact with bertrand which is like miles i i have i can be like four miles i got it bertrand can you hear me yes i can [ __ ] hear you just you know because all right uh bertrand i would like you to make a perception check for me please turn left at the roundabout 17 17.
you do watch especially as as the the end of day businesses are beginning to let out and now some of the night shifts are shifting over the socially kind of the energetic social portion of the evening is beginning to to brim and come to light you can see individuals who are getting dressed up to go out for a night in the town you can see entertainers are starting to to fill portions of the street you can see a different wave of carts and knickknacks and and different cellars especially here in this portion of the
lantern spire are beginning to set up and you watch as dennis is just carefully darting through just right of the street and would be hard to follow but you have a keen eye you followed some dangerous things in your past indeed just like the whispering werewolf of the north you hear him what are you talking about you've probably heard of my adventures across many continents but that was one of the beasts i slayed the whispering werewolf remember that have you ever heard of the horrible hippogriff oh [ __ ] hold on
[Music] [Laughter] [Music] back in the warehouse forum has the scratching continued or is that a brief beat um i just i just made sure to go from the top of the door all the way down to the bottom very slowly screech i'm just tapping now yes what are you doing oh you're back oh yes oh sorry hey i found dorian oh hi he's a part of team backdoor now welcome to the back door
how's it going up front uh not so great there is no more team um us front full people full frontal mm-hmm they left him we just ran off no no they didn't exactly they were going to investigate anyway it's just us now okay what uh uh dennis she took off and bertrand and imogen followed her and i i don't know we didn't we're just letting them go without i suppose i have full confidence in imaging okay okay okay new plan
i'm gonna put my ear to the back door do i hear anything make exception check i would like you to make a stealth check with advantage natural 20 on the first oh well they're mine uh taking a i'm so sorry it's a um which check perception check is that 16 nothing absolute challenge okay do you have any way of making things quiet just bringing noise down any anything anything um not today
don't think so okay okay i can make images that are quiet can you make okay you know i can do images that i can make things that are really really loud as well i can do that too so can i holy [ __ ] what are you trying to do okay plan b wait is this after plan a are you abandoning me plan a is [ __ ] now it's plan b all right uh how many people were outside like how many people on the street what did you
see oh when i left my post no one uh no one the coaster was clear okay we're gonna the very least the two of us we're all gonna go this is time to do this go away we're just gonna go out front very casually we're gonna get inside cause it's this is taking too long and we've got a man inside wait but it's about some people will see us going in let me see what i can do about it should we try to go in this door it's a loud door let's unless you can like heat the lock or something we want to see if people come in right are we the intruders we will be that's the hope is this a oh
maybe this is like a reverse timeline situation you know for a chunk and we're about to catch ourselves in the act oh wow i just want to get our friend let's let's go to the front down the door can you quietly melt we try not to make noise can you does no one crime okay is inside why can't he just unlock it yeah that's a great idea i have been trying to get his attention and he is not opening the door wait hang on i
thought the idea was to wait and see what happened well we've been waiting for like five minutes and nothing is happening really not that long oh should we continue to wait or do you need i assistance i'm good um how about you just freak me out if there's a problem all right he's fine did you ask him to open the door oh well i said open the door and he said to stay outside oh if he's fine i guess it's okay but this is just the
longer this takes the mo the more that can go wrong that's all i'm saying i guess i'm so confused on the goal yeah i i'm i gotta say i'm with lauden on this what are we what do we try what are we trying to achieve here yeah i think i've lost track of why we're here the theory was to get in and take a look around and so we can find but it doesn't sound like nothing's happening in there can't hear anything clearly there's nothing there's nothing happening in there it's
nothing to listen to meanwhile two of our associates are on a on a wild chase across town and we're just letting them go there is nothing else to be [ __ ] done other than maybe speed this up herself all right emission's great she's got everything's totally in control if you could make uh straight make either a perception or investigation check with advantage because you are getting guidance from uh bertrand perception or an investigation
correct this is glancing around the town and trying to like discern streets in a rapid pace covered with people you've been to this you've been to this town city for a little bit but you don't know what that well uh 13 13. okay that's not bad actually like you almost get tripped up a couple times and some people a couple of vendors kind of rush out to you and try and catch your attention and you just kind of push it off and as you're still pushing through and focusing on bursting you know the whispers still kind of peek into the periphery a bit and you're having to keep them at bay and as you continue onward you can keep the visual
on bertrand as you can see great because that's the only way i'm going to be able to keep mental stuff with you please feel like there are knives in them oh god i've missed lynch look i can talk to you for like three minutes max if you're out of my sight so so every once in a while just make sure yeah look at trump oh god i got you i got you just keep going jump virtue [Music] a short walk later
you watch as you come to a familiar portion of the lantern district of the the spire where you see the very same weary way tavern that you had previously stopped by dennis rushes into now the at this point in night where the the sun is predominantly gone and the orange and purple hues are transitioning now into deeper blues and eventually the darkness of a star-covered nightscape the interior is warmly lit and you can see many patrons have now arrived and there is music emerging from the open
front door space in a kind of a welcoming display you can see there's a a couple of dancers on stage that are in the process of doing this kind of hearty jig performance most people seem either not drunk enough to be appreciating it or focus on the food in front of them but it is a lively place with many different tables and spacious uh areas and dennis just kind of vanishes into the crowd from this distance oh [ __ ] um my notes are so organized but just for everyone else did we stay at the weary way tavern before the spire by fire it's firewood fire got it okay
so uh denas makes her way into the crowd um i'll i'll i'll push in and just try and keep eyes on but i'll also like pull the the band out of my ponytail let my hair go into my face a little bit so i can just kind of mask the sides as i push through with my little shawl trying to get get eyes on her okay okay just trying to keep eye contact i'm here for the pantene pro commercial i'm outside where did you go where'd you go
inside the weary waiter where are you all right there we stayed at the weary way we did or the spider by fire we drank at the spiderweb fire and had a fight there but we stayed at the weir we slept at the wayway right yeah that's what i thought are we really oh you're right actually i'm so sorry i'm okay you're absolutely right so daddy it's somewhat familiar it's not danny's fault it is not yet i have no idea he's not used to having good um notes feels like it's been four weeks since i said i know really how does it feel because it's been a long week so since then since the hairs down uh uh just as
i'm looking for danis also like looking at the room real fast just to see if they're any familiar faces anybody that works for lord esther ross or anybody else that might be clocking me with this shaggy make a perception six six glancing across this room you have no gauge on dennis there's probably about 40 or so patrons in this room and the room could hold well over a hundred comfortably um well
not terribly comfortably but functionally not a fire hazard necessarily yet um but within the current group you do not see a sign of dennis um you can see there's the the bar in the back there's a number of kind of alcove almost bench seats that are situated there's mostly full a few that are kind of empty uh you can see there are two different staircases that lead to different portions of the upper in area of the tavern you can see a number of tables in the front where people are eating laughing some are doing some some mild gambling with dice or cards it is
what you'd expect of a lively uh cusp of night tavern atmosphere but no sign of your quarry and it's kind of it's going the music's going so people aren't really checking i mean it's like a healthy vibe in the place right yeah it's not quiet okay uh just simple process of elimination i'll try and keep pushing towards the back of the tavern and also keeping my eyes on the two staircases to see if she happens to move up just trying to get to the other side see if i can see anything imaging um i get to the outside of the tavern and um i'm just gonna kind of stand on the outside okay um i
probably shouldn't follow you in here i i'm afraid she'll notice me again i can't i can't see her oh you can't to see if maybe she she cut through okay you dart around the back of the tavern check the alleyway you can see there is a uh uh kind of older half giant is in the process of dumping looks like rotted vegetables into this small trough like container on the side and again just mulching them kind of stops and except you can i hope you are how how do you get in here
i can't find the entrance anywhere back where you came there's a big door oh thank you so much you're welcome turn around keeps crunching them uh yeah no sign of venice in the back have you made your way in yet no i was checking out the bag bertrand are you looking at the staircases i mean should she maybe go upstairs i'm gonna look i'm looking what do you think you you're right your eyes are scattered
around the room but you're having a hard time focusing meet me inside meet me at the bar use a code name i'll be posted up try not to look like you're hitting on me you just hear me sigh in your head are you okay are you making an entrance are you trying to slink it i'm just gonna try to slink in and also like how do i avoid like i'll just walk straight over to the bar are you doing anything to adjust your
appearance or i know i mean i stayed here last night i mean i don't know i i have purple hair you know i'm pretty well to be fair to be fair that's true there's a lot of of varied people from all over alexandria here uh people who uh largely within the city all walks of life it's a colorful crowd so it's not like you stand out like a sword okay okay bertrand's doing his best cia thing he looks like val kilmer in the same where he's being the french poet
[Laughter] i don't have a disguise bertrand plus i mean it's a tavern people come to drink did you use my name berry berry i started looking around three three looking around the room here you you do not have eyesight on anybody that looks resembles dennis looks like your eyes have failed you i think we lost her all right
we've got to work on your clandestine skills what are you talking about we should head back to the group what look now we can tell them where to go right i mean like this is a new lead unless you want to hang out around the back i'll go get the group let them know what's going on and and uh yeah you just keep looking like yourself and make sure that you know he doesn't leave here
i suppose you're right young girl what are you doing are you still looking around or you just kind of make another perception check out the radar okay eleven wow and the vibe at the same time get the hip out [Laughter] as you flip your hair um on the left hand side as you enter the left what would be the left-hand side of the uh the weary way you see one of those
little alcove booth like sections there is a small figure that currently has their hands around a mug and this is kind of sitting there looking out over the crowd nervously um that's all you can make out with 11. hot hot tick hot what what are you why are you keep saying huh now that you know where she is this is the break we needed imogen let me get stealth to check if you're managing to not because you're in you're in the eye line of this particular booth that you have not noticed
be cool honey bunny circle four four okay no that's all okay is is she uh over my back shoulder or like is she is she behind me if you're if you're at the bar and you're leaning on this arm she would be kind of over oh i can see her you can see her don't turn around don't turn around she's in a booth at your six o'clock did she seem does she look like she sees me did she see me i'm looking at you so i know well i'm leaning i'm leaning so you
can look kind of past me no look every time you do that i see you you look more drunk than i do dennis has moved from the booth and has vanished from sight oh no [ __ ] come come with me help me outside um make a deception check both of you oh god get word all out of your system now what did you get what'd you get i got a nine five five all right so what are you two doing well he wanted to walk outside so that's
all we're doing meet me outside meet me outside yeah um yeah i think i i think we're being kind of obvious are we uh i say it you're right i just i think i'm we're gonna plan to go out the back but is there any sign of her up the stairs or up up in the up door area up door upstairs not currently no [ __ ] uh eyes towards the door nice where's the front door you mean yeah like did she is she heading towards the exit you do not see anyone heading towards the exit looks like her i saw
her for one second maybe let's let's go is the booth empty no it looks like the booth is empty yeah let's go check out the booth i go sit down like like you're my dad taking me out for a night i've been doing this for years she could be invisible so just act like you're gonna sit down and maybe she'll be like so maybe on our way [Music] what's the matter maybe on her way to the booth
we should just swing our arms around just in case you know she's next to us it was like one of those kids in a dark wave dance night just by yourself in the middle of the dance floor [Laughter] there is a uh a figure with a a sloshing stein in their hand wearing you know work leathers kind of a a light gray
skin with horns curled around their ears shaved head looks like they've had a hard day's work watching both of you and just and then moves away try the mead um you head to the booth yep and you just what windmill in this big we're just kind of getting there in the way you know just swinging our arms a little harder than normally all right as we walk over nothing catches your hands or arms okay well is there a depression in the seat
cushions of the booth make your perception checker or investigation check your choice 17. no there are none right don't be suspicious don't be any well if i did an investigation it would be 19 any sort of like business card that she dropped i don't know is there anything there that looks like might have been from uh it looks like the mug that she was holding was left behind on the table but that's it get a dna yes the sound has
got his teeth locked in all right back to the others yeah sorry barry sorry barry meanwhile what are the rest of you doing ashton yeah you said you had a plan i do what's your plan we go around the front all right we open the door okay and we all go in because clearly there's just nothing else happening because half the group walked away how do we open the door i will try and
pick the lock should i once again just have auram open it for us or are we like setting up a challenge you know for practice oh no i i keep forgetting you can talk to people maybe yeah maybe have him open the door so but here's my here's like i think when i'm confused what are we supposed to be seeing if someone came in the building and if we're in the building how do we see if someone comes in the building there was supposed to be someone out there and they decided to do this instead i
wonder if someone um maybe it's it's not a good idea that we're all in the back because what if someone walks in the front right and i don't know so should we have a new front door team well some folks should go in so that orem isn't alone in there right and we should investigate the space as well right and if you need someone to stay in the back you know i i don't mind doing that if you if you want i'm gonna need you for a second if we're
gonna pull this plan off well she's in the dark i don't know can i maybe under sentences i do not believe you can i don't think i can i'm pretty sure i can't but i i've i've got a i've got a i've got a light i keep it i keep a light in my bag pretty good um vision yes clearly okay yeah so maybe i can go inside that's not that's that's a good idea and then we'll take it from there and then we'll have two people inside someone in the front someone on the back everything should be fine who's covering all of our
bases who's staying in the back probably be the two of us and put you back in the front in the front yeah okay less suspicious somehow i don't understand we're going in well not so long okay okay okay okay great good luck i'm going to get used to this yes would you open the door danny just one second the back door i will move towards where i heard the scratching on the door okay okay if i well do i find it do i have to
search for do i will say a little bit of time you're aware of the surroundings you were in here earlier when it was lit so it doesn't take you too long to get there yeah you do kind of jam your leg a little bit uh you do get to the door and you you reach it and you see there is an area where a handle is as you tug it doesn't move and you guys if you recall the the back door is it's sealed it's sealed maybe tug it a little harder oh hey the other door maybe maybe it pushes in but there's a push-ups
can you hear us through the door very very faintly now that you're all right up against it are you okay in there i can't see anything but nothing's happening yeah let's go on the front door why is the door sealed i accept that's weird they locked it up because business is done for the day no no they would steal from the outside the door is sealed but is there a gap in the bottom like in the bottom of the door like a normal door that you said last time there was no gas no gap there's like right it was it's like a bit yeah it's it's it's it
was a barn sliding door that's been like sealed and welded again let's just go on the front doors i just asked if you could try the front door on my way all right okay we'll go up front all right we'll come up with you are you okay back here okay make some words i hear noise we'll come rushing we'll hauler [Applause] as you go i'll just say like if anything happens back here i'll send you a feeling that's so sweet oh and also i'll just cast guidance in case you need it for
the next minute or so that's a good feeling yeah it is all right all right so you all make it back to the front door as you're kind of fumbling through back to the front portion of it where the door is there and you can you can let's make an investigation check for me sure with this advantage because you're dealing without any vision here real bad yeah real bad that is uh four you find the door but you are not quite sure how the mechanism that locks and bars this door functions you don't know
where if where there would be like a turn portion or or a knob or a slide that gets it open it's just barred and you're not quite sure how i think i can reach the um you're gonna have to open it from your side oh [ __ ] um okay yeah i don't know no try the door make a strength check for me is what i've been waiting for this is everything i've been waiting for okay with guidance this is straight straight oh wait wait this is a strength
modifier yeah uh okay so because here's my question always a good thing with them okay okay it's a it's a ch uh just not a saving throw correct even though they're the same okay so um that is a 19 total minus three pretty good pretty good so 16. okay not bad not bad as you pull on the door you watch as the muscles tense and the your shoulders they kind of pop out of
the socket slightly from the pool and as you focus even harder there's this like odd magical darkness that kind of like swells around the muscles in the shoulder and reinforces as you tug once more and the door kind of it doesn't open entirely but it you can see the metal on it kind of bends a bit and whatever mechanism is holding it shut it appears to be somewhat damaged and lessened in its strength nice but i didn't open it it's still barred
all right um okay so it's barred it's barred is it barred from the inside it was barred i just gotta pop my shoulder back inside all right well okay well what is it locked [Music] it appears to be locked i i am frantically looking over my shoulders while these two [ __ ] make a perception check yeah yeah yeah okay before it's in perception uh just
straight 14. 14. okay glancing around nobody seems to have currently gained any attention though there was some noise from the pulling of the door and the knocking and such upon arrival uh so who knows how long it'll be but currently you feel no prying eyes did ashton come up to the front no did we hear it in the back the noise oh you would have heard a lock picking kit oh um okay it's not like my forte well but i could try you could give it a
try you've already used your super human strength that was amazing that was really cool felt so strong oh my gosh that was just so neat oh thank you all right okay i think you should try it oh you're not here you kind of like crack my fingers a little bit okay is there some does does it have a lock that's it does have a lock that would be pickable yes it looks like the the damage the door may have done good to it may have done bad to it you're not sure it did
something it it may have hindered or helped your attempt but if you want to go ahead and pick the lock i'll try to hide her with my body okay show the shoulder for sure yeah yeah yeah nothing's happening are you proficient are you proficient in lock picking i'm not proficient no you just have them i just have okay so just go ahead and roll uh d20 and add your dexterity modifier all right it's an ability check not that one this one you do not have guidance i do not ha that's overall 20. that's great plus
uh plus two so 22 22. as you get down there with the lock picks you you it's the larger you know kind of opening for the lock there and you can see inside some of the springs are already kind of busted and whatever kind of created this latching bar mechanism that closes this warehouse is partially damaged and as you get the lock pick in there it's not quite gonna get what you want but your finger can get inside just kind of like slide my fingernail up a little bit in its bed to give it a little bit more
length you find that one last little metal tumbler and as you pull on it as you retract the finger on the inside of the lock you hear the rest of it slide open in the door oh my god it's good to see you how's it going um this is gonna be fun come on come on and i'll show you the place let's go all right all right good luck and i'm gonna shut the door behind us okay are you in or out who's in yeah oh
they're out i don't know i went i went in oh i'll stay outside i'll stay outside i'll stay outside and i'll watch all right go go get some stuff i'll scream you'll scrub and i'll never get it to you guys both of you you can hear you can hear it faintly you guys are listening for it so you can hear the sounds of the door opening and then closing again i feel like we should split up just you and me just go two different directions i don't know why it just feels like that's what we're doing today i'm just kidding no i just i respect the
urge uh yeah these these people okay okay something happened over there and we're not hearing have you heard a creepy voice in your head uh no no no not at all uh not not in a while anyway they have good instincts though you know they just need a little bit of um guidance and and help focus i got the door open apparently i've heard they got them yeah ah let's just let's just
keep a lookout put our ears to the wall i i i feel like they're gonna [ __ ] something up yeah you're right yes the plan changed um what are we doing you know i'm not entirely sure i don't think we ever knew what from the beginning so it just kind of feels like we're making it up as we go oh it is dark in here yes uh i'm gonna pull out my moon touch scimitar and it's and it lights up better two episodes
[Laughter] you want to just sit and wait i mean that was the first idea right this is a new idea um you said you found something in here that seems suspicious or no oh earlier yeah yes yes like a residue of something do you think there's more to investigate in this spaceship brimstone residue did i know that though yeah we do we
knew i'm going to take a look around okay oh boy i haven't been in here yet it's nice so who's doing what uh i'll also get arm since since we can see together if he stays close enough and you can see in the dark i can see in the dark so i'm going to do like a perimeter pass and kind of um just look around and see if i can find any like things that looks like hidden entrances or
weird vents ventilation shafts that we didn't really notice before like ways that people could maybe make a perception or investigation check oh okay you know if you need anything just do the terrible thing again and we'll come what what terrible thing uh as you were all right okay i'm no longer guided or blood no no that was just once 14 14 you it takes a little bit of time to do like a thorough scan of the chamber by looking around aside from the storage
boxes and crates and you do see the same crates that you managed to uncover um that are still you know while the lid's been put back onto them loosely uh it confirms what they had recently they had previously seen as they were entering the warehouse and looking about but no signs of any sort of hidden entrances doorways are there any desks around um not within this main room but there are a couple of other chambers if you want to go ahead and yeah well let's check out all the chambers okay in the interim
with the rest of your i'm going to take out my pan flute and just kind of lean up against the outside of the door and just start playing okay my pan flute okay very nice you guys can hear the panda flute okay is there anything around right now is it's pretty quiet back here pretty quiet the the drunk guy is starting to rouse a little bit he's like my mind if i have a sip i'm just gonna
he's got a bottle right he's got something or no uh he looks like he does you go and like grab forward he isn't reacting to you doing so and it is empty oh [ __ ] he just slowly gets back up and kind of like hobbles off and wanders out of the alley and back into the rest of the city kind of rooting for him yeah i mean i hope he he does something with his life he's living his best life that's funny you think that that's it that's his best life sadly i do hmm
i don't know i don't know about that you know aim aim low oh i don't know about that either i feel like he might have a lot more uh you know more to accomplish than just being a a a a waste of space who's just sort of drinking his troubles away well that's not that's not necessarily a waste of space i mean i mean this that's that's a person going through [ __ ] probably i mean like what do you imagine bring it bring it tell me for that fella for that fellow
well um just just what do i imagine his life could be yeah i'm bored please i just feel like um he he he he needs something in his life you know like the the pro the problem that i find with with not not the problem i don't want to be insulting or anything but the issue that i that i find with some of of you soul-touched creature is that you always you always know what you want you know but you don't always see what you need
and i feel like he might just need some help seeing what that is it's like a hobby or something like that yeah an interest an inspiration like like for instance for for you like what is the thing that you that you're like trying to get to that you that you think that you want maybe that's a very interesting question self-reliance uh certain amount of freedom to move about those are good goals it seems like you
have a lot of that all right i've got some of it i've got some of it it's it's complicated you you're not free to move around oh you know i don't i i've got some debts oh that uh you know that kind of hangover and you know that's just kind of what the money's about honestly you're always asking for jobs and whatnot i got i got some some stuff i'm working through and i'm working through it i'm working through it no i thought they one step at a time that's fantastic
yeah working through it yeah yeah it's the debts it's the money thing it's the money well it's it's money it's favors and you know some reputation issue you know i can be difficult with people no really no you're great i i appreciate that but to be fair i haven't hit you yet like in in intense anger with a giant hammer that's true that glass hammer does look pretty intimidating it does i if it makes you feel better i
you're you're just too adorable to smack with that thing well i appreciate that but or if we did it would be like you would get to hit me again it would just be like something oh i don't know if i could do that i would i mean like i keep seeing you trying to use that buzzsaw and i just god i'm just rooting for you yeah yeah well i'm just going i feel like i'm a little sorry as the conversation goes on and the sunset turns into night oh no oh no the stars are going to peek through the sky inspecting the interior of this
warehouse you begin to look about and most of the the small chambers here look like break rooms and you know uh some side storage spaces that aren't currently being utilized because it isn't a very full warehouse and it looks to be a small office cart right here actually uh there is an office a door that is locked lockpicks go ahead and roll d20 at your dexterity modifier come on oh not not as good not good this time nine nine
it's not bitching right at this time bertrand bell imogen oh yes you returned to the warehouse oh oh to the fine [ __ ] we were coming we were both heading back yeah oh i thought you were going to stay there [Music] you both returned to the warehouse as you arrive you turn in merchants there behind you and you're surprised to see that you were staying behind i thought you said come barry follow me we're going back to whatever no where
[Music] thank you i was just passing the time um so team back door sort of became full frontal and now they're inside okay and a couple of them are also in the back and i'm just keeping watch in the front oh all right well we followed dennis the boss ladies yes we followed her all the way to the wayward wayward tavern uh weary way weary way from every way and
um we lost her in there but she was in there and then she saw us and no no what i mean did she see us i don't think so no i mean we were we were being pretty sly okay yeah well i don't she didn't see you yeah she was hard to follow she was hard to follow i kind of lost focus in there and i apologize for that it was a bit of amateur hour we [ __ ] up at least we know where she went she had
a corner i will not judge at all i know this where's everyone else inside oh yes ashton and and should we go away from the front door perhaps just in case someone does get here and then they just see us stand in here i open it it's you can go in we can all go in oh well i can still stay outside no we i mean i mean i could i i could stay you go i look i've made myself
oh you look very different should we go inside sure are you sure barry yeah i guess i can do a bird call if someone comes ah oh all right or you can okay are you gonna be like across the street just keeping an eye how are we gonna i'm gonna have loudness send a message to you every once in a while just to make sure that you're you're safe all right i'll do the same thing where i just inform her of my position every how often five seconds okay uh okay yeah actually
do keep me posted because we can talk for a few minutes every five seconds i think at this point the two of us come running around the other side you know because there was a weird [ __ ] sound that just happened i heard a bird the [ __ ] was that it sounded like a big bird that was i'm in disguise oh my god we're going inside oh you're going inside all right i don't know what's happening did you want to get in there into the store yeah yeah i think this is like an office or something maybe we could find some papers i have a pick too
step back oh really go ahead and slash the door and i'll make it a disarming attack it's a 10 plus uh it's a 16 to hit the door yeah it definitely hits okay 12 plus my superior 17 points of damage the lock oh that was perfect do your thing let's go are you coming are you going to stay you watch her i'll watch you in the room
we'll watch each other it'll be great all right sort out sure it's really dark in here i'm just i'm by the door okay oh good are you okay glad to have you back yeah good good well old machine stay together you guys hold hands or something i'll i'll go get them okay run through the darkness [Music] okay let's go let's hold hands while we investigate it is it is a relatively small chamber
it's about ten by seven feet um you can see there are a couple of small tables and it looks to be almost like a roll top desk that is currently closed gorgeous um that's it you know i had one of these desks in one of the cabins that i used to live in i was like along the way and it was just abandoned and i kind of fixed it up a little bit you put a nice little stain on it excuse me so they don't make them much very much anymore all right so um anything yeah it's a road club desk right here okay
what else do i see oh wait you said desk um the other two other small tables it looks like they have uh some scraps of material on them a couple of small tools going in the desk are you in the room i'm i'm making my way through the larger factory toward you so you guys can see oh oh you know what i'm running toward you with light as you do that i'm gonna just cast dancing lights oh great but i like that's a really neat trick you got thanks i appreciate it i'll put it back and i'm going to scamper back into this back toward orange
see what they're looking through the interior of this desk uh you find there are ledgers and and collective you know books marking ins and outs within the warehouse dates and materials delivered materials distributed it's you know a fairly by the book breakdown of the passage of materials in and out of the product textures warehouse it it looks like there have been a couple
of mentions of missing materials but they've it's been helpful heavily make an intelligence check for me does it look like it's been doctored or something [Music] just straight intelligence check what is my intel okay oh yikes that's a two for a three total oh okay it there's something about it that just looks a little off and you're not sure why what does the hand feel like what does your hand feel like lava colds
a little clamped what are we talking about like unnaturally cold okay like walking in from being out in the winter yeah like someone was like really bad you know like me like someone who has really bad circulation just gets really like and it's like almost a little um ever so slightly tacky feeling okay a little porous as we wander into the room uh i'm gonna say so yeah yeah
um so bertrand and i followed dennis and she's over at the way weary way the weary way she's over at the weary way tavern okay um we lost her but you know i i remember mr esteros said that what he wanted more than anything was us to take care of the source of of the problem and it very much seemed like she was the source of the problem all right did you did you did you have any idea where she was headed next no
and we kind of lost her but maybe if we head back over there we could we could track her down my horn starts flipping to that book yeah look it looks um you're smart it looks like it's like um i just drifted it's uh look at those lines it looks like um it's smudgy almost like it's not looking about right well if you've been intelligence checked it just kind of want to appear over the top of arm's head the lights kind of just spark and flicker about
investigation 19. it looks like there have been initial findings in one handwriting and then it looks like it's been smudged and then rewritten to downplay the amount of goods that are missing uh you're saying two different scripts in in multiple different dates over time whenever there's there's any sort of indication of uh theft it looks like there has been uh intentional use to kind of downplay the amount or retroactively alter
the information okay it's an inside job yeah and can we find anything else that has this secondary handwriting on it to prove that it's actually dennis making those notes that's such a good idea okay keep looking through the desk i guess i will say because you are there in the desk at your disposal there are a number of uh essentially invoices that have been signed off for other vendors and distributions by dennis and the handwriting does match
so we take both of these books worst case scenario we can take these back to mr esteros and um get 150 gold for finding the source right we could however go over to the weary way tavern and see if we can track her down and maybe take her out or or take the source out whatever it is i'm not saying take her out but maybe you're in some wool and lemon you want to kill i'm just i'm and interrogate her sure or or stop her sources or something sitting in the street
she did look mr bertrand is sitting in the street um is that safe it's behind it doesn't matter he looks he looks sleepy really disheveled um somebody should look in i don't remember what i was thinking well we have evidence now we do have evidence oh that's what i was gonna say she seemed distraught when i ran into her when i talked to her on the street like she seemed like like i don't know like she was in trouble almost was she carrying anything like uh like it was a delivery or something not
that i noticed like maybe someone's making her do that maybe someone's making her do it so if we follow her maybe we can find out the greater source you know we could confront her with this it's a smoking gun that's true take this and take an invoice yes so we can show her we can yeah fold up an invoice put it in the thing okay put it in my bag and you saw her at the weary way yeah that's where you left her yes that's where we lost track of her okay maybe the ladies gay is in on it i get really uncomfortable and in taverns you
know i start feeling funny and i don't know i just lost focus and i i apologize mr brown only in taverns or is it a specific thing with taverns or it's it's it's crowds it's crowds yeah um anyway do you think we should head out maybe and get out of here well it seems like we have enough for part of the job question is do we want to settle for that or do we want to try to
wrap the whole thing up i'm i'm hanging out watching all this i assume can i find an address for dennis is there anything is there anything around that's just got an address on it or anything like that make an investigation natural 20 for 21. natural 20. glancing around even just pouring through the papers and some of the drawers isn't it you feel pretty confident that there is no address for dennis or any records that indicate that present
so at least you know you're not missing i was going to say like nothing valuable or interesting otherwise or weird you find a handful of copper and a silver coin that are just kind of been left in a drawer keep the silver i throw the copper and like on the floor fair enough we could uh take a shot at going to that tavern or or maybe i wonder if we could go to the theater and find her co-worker and i don't know talk to her or lean on her
one front door team oh boy goes to the tavern the back door team oh no we're not doing that anymore it does seem like we should at least swing by the tavern to see if she's still there right we should probably do it soon in case she leaves you know she did seem a little i mean what time is it quick no since since you left and caught up with the group i'd say it's been a little a little over 10 minutes 10 minutes 15 minutes she could still be there all right yes he said evidence was good but i believe
he said a person was better yeah he did he said that's right yes he said 150 gold if we can discover the source of it and 300 gold if we can stop the source of it all right to the table [Music] i'm gonna say in his head bertrand hmm did you hear we're we're coming out yep don't clear up okay head out so we're gonna hit the tower is anybody
on the street if we come out of the building is anyone going to see us make a perception check [Laughter] six [Laughter] coast looks clear clear let's go go team alpha knock a little bit more [ __ ] over on the way out just just to just to thrash the price just a little bit sure i'll help yeah [ __ ] this furniture it's been a theme okay it's good to make it look like a
robbery oh that's why we're doing this for fun too let's be let's be fair you know what this is the fun part on the way out maybe we can grab some fabric some clothes or something we see and we can just kind of cover ourselves up so that it's a little less obvious it's us at least the ones that were in there before are there pre-made clothes there are yeah there's a number of pre-made outfits as well as just base material to grab in here if you want to just grab stuff on the way out that covers us i'm going to throw on a tunic yeah great throw in like a little capelets
that can cover my face yeah all sorts of colors your disposal yeah great all right if we go over there to the to the weary way though it feels like you don't want to be there for reasons but also and maybe bertrand maybe not because she saw you or did she's here burger oh he's out there waiting outside okay so you exit the warehouse catch up with the bird what are you doing or you could call in because we're oh
you changed your appearance so i had keen eyes i miss nothing what did you discover we found a book and some [ __ ] we're going to go back to the tavern we're getting paid or we're going back to the we're going to go back to the tavern if we don't find her then we can you know still go to mistress yeah good job let's go lead the way okay you trek across following the footsteps that you two previously walked to the weary way
tavern approaching it is as loud if not louder than it was when you last left it looks like the the usuals have definitely taken up the space you can hear what sounds like a violin already just kind of rousing a group around the small stage the right hand side of the interior people are drinking people are talking people are laughing people are shouting it is a boisterous atmosphere okay before we go in uh imagine maybe you can stay outside with with me but we're pretty well suited these [ __ ] be witches so we'll just uh let
you guys go in and get you a shot shall we what do you say all right go get them do all of us know what dennis looks like we describe her i describe her to everyone i'm gonna go in okay uh who's going in i'm gonna go in i'm going to get a drink and hang by the front door now strolling as well um i guess maybe drive back i've been on the back door all day so sure sure why not i'll rejoin the back door i'll describe what the back door
looked like just so you know what to expect okay okay those of you who are inside what are you doing he said you're getting a drink getting a bar sitting by the door looking around make reception check yeah that tends to go okay not this time natural one i rolled i haven't been there this place is crowded it's very crowded and it's you're no luck so far glancing and seeing a person of that size i mean you only just got here
i'm checking the ceiling yeah i mean is the band full on playing or they just set it do you see they're playing or setting up uh there is a person with with like a small fiddle playing and you can see there's other performers that are kind of in the process of getting instruments ready like like a backup performance i'm gonna walk on over to them with the musicians vibe and uh and ask them um excuse me uh i know you guys are about ready to play but um have you seen um a small gnomish woman around here this evening um maybe uh
looking a little bit nervous out of place anything like that and uh slowly pull a silver piece out of my pocket and just kind of twirl it in my fingers make a persuasion check come on come on let's go come on let's go 21 the uh the this isn't one of the fiddlers this is somebody you see is pulling out this like long sitar like instrument and is the process of getting ready to start tuning goes uh there there is a patron like that and
indeed they've been sitting over there for a bit but uh absconded up that staircase about uh three minutes ago i'd say thank you so much have a wonderful show tonight and i'm going to shake his hand and palm him the silver goes ahead and takes it and did and uh enjoy your knife you too who's in here are you gonna perform uh what i'm talking to the musicians i figured you were figuring out a tune to play no
no i'm we're doing plan b i'm doing plan b uh so he said three minutes ago he saw dennis go up those stairs just three minutes ago two sets of stairs like towards the back and the one to the right was what they appointed that way let's gather everybody and get up there then right okay should i make my [ __ ] way up there very impressed do we have we don't have everybody yet can we no longer let's
let's get everybody back okay doesn't even connect you can mark off three copper yep short short [ __ ] yourself as we see him come outside did we lose her again no no we got her we gotta come on oh oh oh oh make sure all right imogen if you need if you need anything in there just just uh i'll i'll be right next to you all right yes i'm gonna start clumping at this i'll be right on the other
next to you you can be in the middle of the question that's so comforting actually thank you it's a stairway surrounded by like 50 to 100 people yeah it's a busy room yeah what you're trying to do i'm just walking up the stairs oh [ __ ] you guys are talking working this out you see ferns already just going up the staircase without you i love the initiative i'm going up true okay as you all begin to follow behind heading up this staircase and it goes up to the second floor of this
this this multi-floor establishment here um you get up and turn the corner and you can already see it's a long hallway and there are just doors right and left this you've now entered the the in portion of the establishment and you can see room doors it's probably as it continues down more before curving to the left and you get you get the sense from the outside and now that you're you're you're looking in the front is where most of the the the kind of party atmosphere happens and then the building itself is a large square behind it and it's three stories up and it kind of around that square is where all the building all the
additional rooms and the interior and exterior are you saw some balcony fronts out the front of it so you get a kind of a general vibe of this this large rectangular structure um so you curve around the way you see it on the hallway and there's about five or six doors on each side of the hall before it curves to the back um letters uh you had the ability earlier to open your mind up i heard your thoughts can you do that again to hear other people's to see if you can
hear her down the hallway i would do it but you can't i'm a little overwhelmed she can i can't she can okay it's just a lot for her all right i can it helps if she's very capable i believe and that's wonderful that you're sticking up for your friend i i can open up my mind and hear some thoughts um it helps if i can see them but i will at least be able to hear if there are people in rooms you know would you recognize the thought pattern i don't know
i only use this spell once in this campaign i can uh you can use the spell to detect the presence of thinking creatures that you can't see but i don't know if i can really hear thoughts that way i would just know that they are there you can search for thoughts on 30 feet of view once it's [ __ ] penetrate barriers so so yeah you can use this spell to take the presence of thinking creatures you can't see i'll say and then if once you've acknowledged them then yes you might be able to okay discern that same okay um
then yes i will open open up my uh my inner gadgetry and try to sense uh the thoughts of those around me with detect thoughts okay um and then i guess i'm just gonna keep my hand on on his shoulder i'll just kind of go around the perimeter of the hotel that hallway yeah just sort of feeling all righty continuing down kind of rolling forward and concentrating uh first room is the rift of any sort of thought
the next room has two individuals and you take a moment to focus and even just the surface read they are it is primal amorous you continue uh the next one to the right there is a person sleeping not familiar the next room nothing you come around the back bend and there
the first room on your right as you turn which is kind of out facing towards the next street or alley into the back of where the structure was you sense many figures like just an initial impact as you kind of come into the space like one two three four five nine ten and this room isn't marked as like a suite or anything different uh it's one of the larger rooms but they're but but you're not sure you know you're not familiar with the space and what's there but um
but you but one of the uh even just an initial impact you can gather or glean a familiar thought pattern as to the person you met in the warehouse earlier wow i i think i think we got uh i think we got something um in this room that's wonderful but there might be many others in there as well sounds like a like a lot maybe we can uh scare them smoke them out
oh i had that idea too it feels like a bad one but you can like vaguely hear are you are you at the door or are you all right i saw right yeah on the other side yeah like maybe someone said hanging back up the hall remember are we all together or we're [Music] a message to you and let you guys know that this is the door this is the girl were you traveling along with them are you staying back um
yes i would i would have traveled with them okay because i'm light you do hear very very faint voices from underneath the door that fresh cut grass pointed out and it sounds does it sound like her perception check that's better uh 22 22. did you kind of hear some of the whispers it's just hushed voices you kind of get low right to where the crack under the door is and listen and you hear i don't really have much outs
to say there was some rough looking folks and uh an old man started coming around asking questions about deliveries and i think i really [Music] there was some woman who came by a business ran into her again i don't i'm just getting uncomfortable i think i think we're being found out there's a pause in the voice a second voice unfamiliar voice comes through uncomfortable because you cannot be
trusted to keep your mouth shut because you are incapable of handling yourself tell me should i be uncomfortable as well i will do this i just start thinking she's in danger she's not dangerous no no not at all i just i thought i thought you would want to know most definitely and i thank you did you tell them anything else a pause well i suppose we need to adjust our supply
lines hello look into it dennis i appreciate your contributions i will be no longer acquiring your services oh no i kicked the door oh no okay oh god no make a strength or yeah this would be a strength check against a locked door i start clomping i but does not push open all you hear now at this point is and
i'll slash the door too now i'm going to let me know when i'm close enough false life on myself okay calling it now i'm knocking on this false life is on i'm going to cast ready to hit all right armor on myself on yourself you got it all right and go ahead and make your attack roll she's just choking on the grave you guys oh sorry figure out where i put my rules again there we are all right uh uh yeah okay let's uh hit the
hit the door ah [ __ ] sakes he doesn't want to say i'm actually i just threw everything because i hadn't set this up um nine i rolled a nine you hit the door and it impacts but yes but from the angle that you're coming at and rushing it just glances off the wood splintering it further the door is damaged but it is a sturdy door and you guys are having a rough time with it the rest of you have now rushed up to the door it's always the [ __ ] doors i swear to god um the rest of you have rushed up now uh what are you doing can i see is there a
crack to where i can see inside not enough no not enough um is this like hotel space uh are we are we getting clocked by the the rest of the establishment there's nobody yet this all happened very quickly and the hallway is currently empty [Laughter] you knock does everyone wait after the knockout uh ashton and who else oh i get one more there's three on three four you mentioned no yes imagine yeah 13 to hit
13 the head does hit go ahead and hold it oh thank god so you said auram ashton and imagine yeah correct you got it i brought up your room service and these two are like whoa i just don't believe how shitty these rolls are okay um nine points of damage nine points of damage the door splinters in a bit and you can just barely begin to see through and what did you duck the hell under his gigantic hammer i rolled a 23 and i got eight points of slashing damage
the door splinters open off the hinges broken scattered to the side elements of it just fall to the floor and skidder forward i'm instantly going to tell a kinetic shove whoever is next to dennis like like just push him back five feet if i can you glance in make reception check he wasn't there yet oh that's weird i liked it uh perception 14 14. you going to do that
nobody oh [ __ ] there's nobody there there's nobody do you run into the room and look around no no just like the door the door you don't see anybody from the door all you see is from the other you see there's uh there's a closed window that leads to a balcony you can see what looks to be uh there's some some like torch like magical torch light kind of flickering in the chamber giving a little bit of of ambiance to the space you see what looks to be some sort of a heavy armoire or some sort of a furniture closet on the opposite side there's a table in the middle of the
room with some chairs um but in the low light here and just glancing beyond what you can see right now no person no dancers not not right now the door's open i'm gonna run in and smash the closet see what the [ __ ] in it the door's open okay you rush into the room go over and roll on attack for the club 22 22 roll damage all right we hate furniture apparently yeah 12 points it's gonna move it's gonna move i know it
you slam into this large cabinet just breaks in as the doors fall into it and the the top structure if it kind of collapses inward you skip back a minute and you hear on the inside of the cabinet and you see movement coming from the splinters at which point a voice from behind you goes oh interesting i wasn't expecting more visitors you glance over your shoulder and you can see by the desk kind of up on top of it some sort of a humanoid figure in the dark shadows of the corner cloak kind of wrapped around the shoulder peering off
the front end you see this sallow kind of pale dwarven face with a very like kind of scraggly kept chin beard that looks patchy and nasty kind of greased hair pulled back just amongst amongst the black cloak and clothing it's just almost like a floating head we're talking like uh the weird flashes of pazuzu in the exorcist they're just kind of staring at you from the far corner and you hear other strange skittering throughout the chamber and that's where we're gonna take a break back here in just a minute to see where
this goes i completely forgot to take a break good night uh yeah we'll be back here in just a few minutes and we'll pick up from there finally after all these years with the hardships and emotional turmoil and steven losing his leg right we finally found it the treasure of the jungle it's the fool's gold 5e campaign setting and welcome to our kickstarter oh god based off of the youtube animated dnd
series fool's gold it's your potassium fool's gold into the bowling wilds is a 5e campaign setting with everything you need to survive the world's deadliest jungle where everything wants to kill you like this thing what the [ __ ] is that and sheep we got new classes races items giant mechanical dragons charts we've also included a full adventure module so you can play through the entire open world campaign of fool's gold with your own party there's quests
npcs and lots of lore to uncover about the mysterious disappearance of the ancient foreclaimer race it's pretty wacky don't worry about spoilers everyone plays through it their own way and i'm pretty sure you're not going to make the same horrible choices we made so hey uh back the fool's gold kickstarter campaign today at and help bring this chaos to your table you know thinking about this this may have been a bad idea
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[Music] we now go live to a special address from the president hey dweebs now as your president i've been kind of killing it lately i gave global warming an atomic wedgie i
balanced the budget by selling my pog collection and i saved the queen of england from that octopus but my kickassery is far from done according to this chart that i made an estimated 35 of you are still a bunch of nasty goobers but don't worry i have a plan operation gag me with a spoon it's easy sleazy according to this study that i wrote if every citizen subscribe to critical role on twitch we could reduce maximum
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gail is it true that if you subscribe to critical role through prime gaming you have to re-subscribe every month uh yeah i do it right after my monthly prank call to peon o'brien next question does critical role have exclusive emotes for their subscribers uh doi of course they do i like the hello bees one cause bees are cool i replace my whole security detail with a bunch of bees that think i'm their queen last question yeah with all due respect is operation gag me with a spoon a real policy or are you mad
goofing am i mad goofing what do you see me scarfing milk duds while doodling ding dongs on the skymall catalog listen i know i'm new to this and i admit that when i made the wish to be the boss of everything i did not know the witch that works at woolworths was listening but falsey and bargain are not i am the president now and i have an obligation to lead this country so to answer your question no i am not mad goofing
security take him out later shot rutgers [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music]
so [Music] hello everyone and welcome back so i feel like we should roll on the shirt who's the one who's the one oh there you are right there after trashing this piece of furniture yeah [ __ ] that furniture i was gonna say that's right yep this wouldn't be dead center you got pushed there and imagine would be i was knocking right in the center of the door sorry about that and there's the dwarf
right over here in the corner uh where did the rest of you want to be out in this hallway i was knocking so i think i probably went right in warm and inferno pressed i guess right behind you i would probably be with fresh-cut grass look at that little bed okay dorian no i'll go to the left closest to the door as possible and then bertrand probably over i was still down at the bar but let's say i that's right you have a door break yeah version is not present oh oh i
thought you were upstairs no no i was going to keep an eye on if other people like came up behind you someone might want to send a message for their turn real fast i guess i should ask does anybody in the bar downstairs hear the like and look up towards the feeling i mean it's pretty loud and there's music playing and it's a bar here and people drop [ __ ] all the time roll perception check this is not strong for me man i don't know why you'd you do hear the repeated impacts you see a couple people like hear it and kind of
look up the stairs but nobody's really like paying immediate attention let me go [Laughter] all right so it'll take you two rounds to get here fully booking it on a move uh you can get there in one round if you use your action surge i will make it an extra i'll do i'll go ahead and use it okay so you won't be there for this round but the next round you'll be able to fair enough the edge here we'll say it a full sprint so initiative scores can we have 25 to
20 20. uh dirty 20. oh yeah all right two of you has the higher decks i have a plus two plus three first always already what's your decks plus two plus two oh [ __ ] you guys get to pick who goes first now you get ladies first okay good all right oh 17 for me okay what was ashton uh 16. and 17 city magen no 16 for me or i just 17. you're 17.
we both were 16 yeah what's your my dax is two my dex is plus two oh [ __ ] what's your favorite my dax is 15. yeah same no [ __ ] my my correct then fresh cut grass i did the very tail end you got it so dorian you're top of this realm you all you did was watch uh after the door gets broken in imogen walks in looks a bit confused right as she kind of gets pushed to the side as you see ashen
run into the room you hear yelling and then the smashing of furniture and this weird voice beginning to emanate from somewhere in the room what are you doing i'm gonna sprint in all right because i'm stupid five ten fifteen yeah so far as you take in the space and all you see currently in this room is just like the in the low lit space this one dude in the corner and ashen across the way near a smashed cabinet ashton what's going on thing kill me killed all right
where is it where's homeboy right there he's here you have 15 more feet of movement i believe and do i hear others do is it like is are these voices like circling around the room it's just one all you hear is one guy talking it's his mouth uh okay i'll just uh okay i'll leave him right now in a moment of panic i will just turn to him not move anywhere i'll unclip my hand axe and wing it in his noggin all right are you staying put are you getting close i'm gonna stay right where i am and you watch as the head kind of like shifts in the cloak and it just kind of scrapes off the side of the wall and is
now your axe is in that corner you'd have to retrieve it to use it again i know you mean the [ __ ] is returning i know right yeah uh uh and can i move anymore or am i you're 50 more feet of movement uh i'm going to make way for my homies i'm going to sadly back into the corner by that picture hang on wait wait everyone pause all right cool so finish yourself about action all right cool uh finishing dorian's go la now you're up with fern on deck oh [ __ ] all right [Music]
imagine uh are you just coming in shadow creepers i think so and i'm gonna what doug look all creepy people you know sorry dogs [ __ ] what am i doing what are you doing i'm gonna hex him i'm gonna hex him oh wait wait [ __ ] it's not going well does the heck's making it jackson i don't know your turn next is about this action bonus and then is it
but it's a spell oh nice spell but then i just want to make sure i can't do a um god damn it are you doing this to me right now um i can't do two bonus actions i can't do a bonus action as an action session in action's what you got o-k um [Music] then i will start by hexing him first all right nice nice yeah solid solid solid solid i'll do that in the lpa and then
i have uh oh um i'll do chill touch okay yes you can touch yeah yeah range because of the spell sniper uh yeah that's right [Laughter] so i'm going to sling some like black liquid from one hand and then with the other uh you see coming out of the wall like a big ghostly skeletal spectral hand that just reaches out and yanks him
and smashes his head up against do you roll through attack or it's a uh savings to attack go forward i think i do take position maybe do that yeah range spell is hard okay um yes yes 21. 21 hits go ahead roll damage [ __ ] balls what [ __ ] what piece of [ __ ] uh one damage but oh oh oh and hex thank you thank you
okay four damage yeah four damage and um how do you want he can't regain hit points got it okay so is the clock the spectral claws straight through and try and pull him from the top of this table just kind of glances back at you two creepy things looking at each other [Laughter] all right are you gonna stay where you uh [Music] how um how much more movement do i have
uh that would have been 15 to get there say 15 more feet i'll do another 15 to um start kind of clearing the doorway and i'm going to stick to the forest wall that i can for yeah but if i can move even you know what that's funny that's good that's good right there there you go all right that finishes your go that brings us to firm with bertrand on deck as you spend this turn arriving we'll get there [Music] you're winded on the stairs okay i am going to um
come in and peek around the door because i know they're shooting something in that corner okay so five ten and that's about the time that you can kind of glance and you watch them like rush in and start shooting things to the left so you come in and immediately look at the left and you can see this like long black cloak that's kind of dripping over the edge of this table and this this pale dwarven face looking back at you can agree okay uh i am going to shoot an ice knife at him all right you go and release the ice knife and
from this cloak before this is the first time you've seen this figure doing it and the cloak opens up from where it's standing kind of perched on this table and in one hand you see there's this long rapier and the other there's a there's a dagger and the dagger hand just shh deflects it and he watches it spatters into ice shards under the wall you [ __ ] i'm going to uh i'm going to tuck in um to the other side of the wardrobe over here yeah all right so up against the wall you know he's
right around the corner there around the corner all right it's your turn all right yeah uh bertrand you're up with auramon deck you oh god i'm taking that glucosamine action surge pick up the double right that'll get you we'll say about there this elevation's a [ __ ] [Laughter] i've seen uh all uh two of the ladies run in and look to the left and i can hear that voice too so i uh do a dive and roll
between um just straight between my legs yeah straight between your legs what i was gonna say and then bounce up and then just juke left immediately towards where i know this [ __ ] must be 5 30. does get you within melee okay i'm gonna try to what weapon is this uh weirdo holding it looks like a rapier and a dagger okay i'm gonna try to knock the uh rapier out of his hand that hits that's a 23 23 hits and he has to make a strength save to hold on to the rapier all right
uh with the 14 yeah 13. it just drops to the ground right uh that's right right on the ground and uh that is ten points of damage then i will action surge and try to knock the dagger out of his hand yeah let's go okay uh but that totally misses so it was way too low that's a great time okay hell yeah so you rush around the corner this this tiny little wedge shield forward blade out you carve the side and you watch as the rapier goes to block your blow but that wasn't the
intent you'd carve into the arm a little bit but deflected off to the side it scatters the ground and kind of falls partly underneath that chair uh looks back at you dagger's still out you got to swing again and it just catches and parries your blade with the second strike here with me all right finishing arms go it is now this person's turn they're going to leap down [Music] onto the side here
and people pick up their rapier because that will trick well it's a [ __ ] um but now wilton's still at you fine it's us i was gonna go ahead and go and make four attacks against you yeah yep to the rapier and two of the daggers so that is going to be a 23 to hit yes 26 to hit that's yeah uh so both those with the rapier here
we'll say our uh 15 points of slash or piercing damage like get you both in the torso twice yeah and then now with the dagger uh it's going to be a 14 and a 20. yes so the dagger gets you for seven points of piercing damage [Music] pulls back i'm just kind of glancing at you a little bit and then as a bonus action
i'm gonna go ahead and uh disengage and keep shifting a little bit further this way yikes and that's as far probably as you can go because half his movement was to get the weapon right exactly so uh that finishes their turn ashton you're up with imogen on deck oh you are not i am running full speed i'm gonna i'm there's like a weird phase to me where like where like kind of a little slightly redder version of myself keeps
running the opposite direction just for a little wisp like a candle and a blue version runs through the door like a little candle like they're just popping off of me and i run i'm basically gonna shoulder check the wall swing and around and try and nail that [ __ ] right into the wall okay backswing go for it roll for an attack uh let's do uh yeah [ __ ] it i'm doing a um uh a bit of the the thing where you uh reckless go for it the thing where you you hit [Applause]
uh okay so that's those big [ __ ] houses and i'm also putting in a chaos burst into this cause [Music] uh so that's also going to be uh how much force damage uh that's pretty good so uh it's going to be base of seven and then six seven eight nine ten eleven twelve three and then fourteen points doubled yeah 36. you can use your reaction to
uncanny dodge and reduce that by half okay [Music] it's eighteen eighteen points of damage you slam into the chest but you watch the last second kind of like puts the shoulder down and it glances off the shoulder armor it did a hit and it cracks into the wall and you can see like the stone and wood there can slightly crack at that point i'm going to liquefy you i like your gumption did you say forms were coming off of you
yeah like a little wisps that keep going different way little blue and red wisps that keep and there's like a weird that's a comment that's happening all right that finishes your turn yep all right imagine you're up all right um i'm gonna stay right where i am and just open my mind up as much as i can and shove all of the all of the coffiness whispers i hear from downstairs right into his head okay so isn't it whispers yes all right okay so on a fail
save on a success does it do anything i'm supposed to say half as much damage and doesn't move away so it still takes half got it okay so that's 3d6 11 13 capped 10 people 13 have so six all right as you release the whispers you can see like the right eye kind of closes and twitches for a second and then shakes it out um you stay where you are i'm gonna move only bay
boy uh oh invite i'm gonna stay yeah i'm gonna see where i am you got it is there any sign of the little gnome that was in this room uh you're not in the room no i know i'm just curious uh okay finishing the engine's turn now up again against the wall both blades in hand uh ashen to the left side kind of as it recovers from the impact kind of children oh here we go and you start hearing the sounds of
tiny feet and scraping claw and from outside of the broken furniture from the chest behind you from under the table from under the desk it looks like somewhere in the neighborhood of about seven or eight of these small creatures emerge from the shadow you see these kind of gray leathery faces with toothy mouths and these like jet black eyes no nose they have these hooded cloaks from tattered material of different like darker shades and
a couple of them are holding blades and you can't make out much of their form under the cloaks beyond these kind of clawed feet oh god these guys are no joke what do you know what these are yeah well we don't know maybe they're cool yes oh no god damn it not again oh it's a hotel room fight bed bugs hey bed bugs no joke oh they're all now going to make tracks there's two attacking you i know
with claws seven and uh sixteen yeah all right you take [Music] uh four points of piercing damage reduced to two plus four points of necrotic damage uh not reduced the other one comes to you that one has advantage because it is technically flanking with him uh so that's gonna be a 16 to hit uh hits hits you take three points of sorry four points of
piercing damage to two and four points necrotic damage [ __ ] there are uh this one's gonna go ahead and dart forward towards imogen while those two currently knock some [ __ ] off the table uh the one on imogen go ahead and go with this claw nine this is i believe i'm pretty sure step back yeah you can now see if it's lashing at you the hood kind of pulls back a bit and it has this this kind of weird almost rubbery leather like
texture to its gray skin it looks humanoid but monstrous at the same time we recognize these you've you have encountered one of these before yet uh damn it there are two now currently going after london over there uh one roll is a six to hit yeah still i think it's 20. so one of them kind of like it looks for an opening and can't find it boy you're distracted and focused on that with another one jumps up grabs onto your back and just goes and starts tearing into your shoulders uh
your happy reactions are the same as yourself you take five you take five points of piercing damage maybe she likes it so five points piercing damage and eight points in necrotic as it begins to just tear into you 13 total is it how much okay loudness middle uh there is now this one here is gonna go ahead and rush in towards you so the one that's attacking uh you fern
national 19. oh no we had 24 to hit you take oh uh six points of piercing damage and eight points of necrotic damage yeah they're not they're no joke and the one that is currently focused on you that's going to be uh a 19 to hit it's [ __ ] you take yeah yep two four points of piercing damage yeah and ten points in a crowd down down down no no i'm not even in the
room people yeah we're not even throwing a whole round yet oh my god that finishes there go fresh cut grass your turn i'm gonna roll into the room will they get i guess you can get over to here but you're not between two of them i'll just sort of say uh well smiley day everybody how's it going oh my situation situation situation oh boy oh boy all right uh i will cast healing word on our
our friend aurum okay um for five points of healing that's my last spell uh it's been a long day and then i will boy um you know what boy i'll use my action to try to see if uh dennis is anywhere make a perception check nope nine nine at glance no damn it
all right does that finish your turn i think so because if i move more they'll get an attack of opportunity right they will no i'll stay put all right dorian your turn boy yeah [ __ ] uh all right i'm gonna go uh and that one's got um i'm gonna rush toward the one right behind laudna and try to um try to get him in the back with my scimitar you've got it so thank you you've got it i'm gonna try again you have an advantage on this because you are technically flanked with lodna that is very good i know oh
[ __ ] me what is it that's five and then yeah it's nothing it's uh twelve yeah twelve just hits oh wow they're little yeah okay what was your first roll eight okay and then plus five plus twelve ah six plus six is twelve twelve points of damage as you might rush rush to go ahead and help uh lodna out as as this one is currently untouched and it's kind of been done or you see the other one leap under her back and start slashing as she
like recoils in pain you come back and as you swing you carve into its back and as you finish the rest of your blow no resistance met it to the ground okay okay they're weak little [ __ ] they're squishy they're very squishy and then i'm going to go over to london and i'm just going to say uh get him and i'll give him my bardic inspiration all right so uh do you want to move to her you will this guy over here will get an attack opportunity against you if you move out of his combat range yeah yeah i wonder
she's our cannon oh yeah let's do it all right so you move over it's going to swing towards you and that's a 12 to hit it does not nice so if you're just barely using your cape to kind of like get in get in the way of it it's trying to swing at you with it it looks like it has a small dagger uh and make your way along and go ahead and inspire her finish your turn it does all right finishing up dorian's go we have vladina with fern on deck i'm gonna take uh the icker from the goopy thing that he just sliced open and having his bargain inspiration i'm gonna take it i'm gonna just like lick my fingers
as i start to crack my head and i'm gonna do my uh uh form of dread uh-huh so kind of once again uh black i like lick this black icker and then it's like starts pouring out of my eyes and i can still hit things at a range while i'd be at disadvantage because he's up next to me as long as i don't hit him like i don't want to hit the one that i'm basically if you want you want one that's right against you it'll be disappointing correct anything else it's okay oh by the way
as just just to interject here real fast um as it falls into two pieces in the ground no okay shut up just burst in a flash of fire it turns into two leaving ash behind it the body is just incinerated into ashes but the heat is immense i need you both to make dexterity oh okay oh [ __ ] me what i know five uh but you only take one fire damage all right sorry continue your turn um
cool so former dread real quick i get um temporary hit points let me do that sorry sorry by the way do not stack with your well those are gone now so it's fine um they were already gone but that is good to know okay and then um i am going to eldridge blast to the dwarf go for it across the way
uh yeah 20 total 20 yes 20 total hell yeah and he is before you roll hex damage roll for concentration because he did take the damage from the previous um uh sure ten i'm okay yeah you're fine yes so go now good sets yes max damage on that that's max 16 plus three so 19. nice with hex and he has to make a wisdom-saving throat or be afraid
a feared uh that is going to be a failure that is an eight years oh let's go so right in the view as are we all let's go lana you just won the lottery are you happy there it is sorry look at this fancy little camera there cool cute looking yeah okay really pretty well done is that your turn that is my turn all right finishing your go it is now uh fern's turn with bertrand on deck okay so um i'm standing up against the wall
and i'm gonna um start turning into a constrictor snake shape i haven't seen that yet so in a while sorry the snake is like a um a bright green with little um yellow snails around the body with red eyes and um little seafoam tufts of hair hey where i'm from some snakes have hair
um okay so so i am going to lovely lizard i'm gonna take a bite at the one in front of me quick question just to double check on this for decent shape books out yeah right that's what i'm double checking here class it's an action to change oh it's an action to change it okay okay if you if you don't want to do that we can totally do that i'll still do that all right you got it and i'll just stick my tongue out you
got it that's my turn you got it all right it just growls back at you and kind of lashes out with it's like kind of black and pointed teeth um the tongue itself is almost jet black inside it's gray face too it's an awful thing it just looks like these like vacuous spaces without light um all right finishing your goat is now bertrand with ormond deck save some for me i can come in the room yeah i'll say like you can get about there perfect i'm coming to [ __ ] snake no no i'll take a swing at the dark little
scary individual right in front of me yes you just like push right past imogen you see the creature it's not like hearing her from the front and you get right on its face go uh and i'll wager plus plus three oh yeah uh that is uh 21 to hit that hit's going damage i don't know what it means but i like it there's a gambler's rapier but it has consequences if it goes wrong um nine nine points of uh slashing piercing damage nine points pierce damage
it is now on the edge of your blade like impaled you see it grab it like it starts spitting out blood it's still alive splits in two on the ground uh i need fresh cut grass fern imogen and bertrand to all make dexterity saving throws [Music] two points of fire damage thirteen oh thirteen success you take one point fire damage sixteen one point of fire damage flips two points apparently okay but it is destroyed all right does that
finish your turn all right and that brings us to orem with the dwarfs up next all right so he just came to uh i'm gonna use a bonus action to use uh a second wind got it so i oh good get 12 back hell yeah good and then i'm gonna do that thing where from my back i flip up onto my feet and uh roll along this little critter's back and uh stab into his back you got
it laura bales you could have added d4 to your save oh it's twenty five to hit the orb that definitely hits oh that would have made it eleven five points is that safe you also would have had if you're attacking big bad you would have had advantage also it wasn't bad that was okay next to him right okay so as you go like you stab in the back you land back over are you coming over this side uh no because i'm wary of that guy and i'm feeling [ __ ] up so i'm gonna stay
right where i am naturally okay uh that finishes your turn yeah all right the dwarf kind of like looking at you with this intense look of fear in his eyes children and is going to go ahead and put its hand forward and as it does suddenly all the torches in the room kind of begin to darken and um before anything i want to i want to cast temporal morass temple more ass right constitution uh speeds halved and no reactions till the
night he loses all right okay uh so you watch him kind of slow a bit suddenly in the same way that you watched uh you kind of flicker the red and blue there's almost like a a dragging gray imagery off of this door as it tries to move like it's slightly slowing its pace kind of looking at you angrily staring back at london releases its hand the lights dim and the chamber is now filled with darkness oh no magical darkness
we can assume yeah um so currently ashton and uh and aurum have no vision it's just black um and count to spell i know someday okay here we go that finishes their turn question i can't see [ __ ] no um
swing away reckless attack towards big big go forward so i guess i'm just one die then correct all right yolo uh yeah i'm bringing it back 20 to hit 20 hits knew where they were uh it's interesting you go to swing like where they were you swing backwards to go for it and you hit this way nice
uh let's put a chaos person in there just for sure uh maybe some all right all right let's do some lightning damage so i get a little little power floor there here we go big money ah that's pretty good to four six seven uh 14 points of uh normal damage and then [Music] oh god damn seven points of lightning damage nice and then i'm gonna just turn so i'm facing that way now you turn the face
that way you you feel the spark in the burst and you're used to in shaded spaces especially when lightning charges off the weapon it creates light but there is none whatever this darkness is it is absolute you know i'm feeling it [ __ ] i'm going to book full speed away from away away okay please run into something oh yeah it's going to be like over this way you mean yeah yeah okay full speed will get you way over so just once i'm out of it i'm going to stop okay
you get to the edge of it uh you do feel a swipe towards you from two creatures as you move that direction uh that's going to be from one of the smaller ones for a 23 to hit yeah you take six points of piercing damage to three and nine points in necrotic oh my god oh my god that ain't good and the other strike is going to be a 15.
uh that's my ac so it does hit that's going to be six points of slashing damn or piercing damage sorry okay you okay now that finishes my turn for now [ __ ] i made a bad call and that finishes my turn for now all right i made a bad call oh no all right finishing your go action image and you're up [ __ ] i can't see anything in there well you can see our the one creature at the very edge actually no because orum would still be in that so all you can see is the one
that's currently engaged with laden on the opposite side and the one that is currently engaged with fresh cut grass and the snake formerly known as fern take a chance uh i'm gonna go for the one that's engaged with fern since it seems like everyone else has the other one oh the storytelling is not there because it is splattered so you can see it oh okay great yeah let's look um and i guess i'm gonna have to be a little more accurate here i can go ahead and just save this anybody have a healing potion uh i think i might have a hand okay good
really do you have one this for this yeah just one about one yeah then let me pull it up for you because i can do that now oh great yeah somebody's gonna drop i have a a bedroll and a water skin oh somebody dropping it because we're back at the same table again that was awesome um nobody's down down yet though right this one's close it takes a lot of skill i wouldn't see him he's in the darkness some got his ass kicked yeah [Music] i'm going to
walk up behind the one that's attacking ferny snake and um i'm just gonna grab onto his back and cast shocking grasp go for it roll and attack if you want to move into partial here you can go ahead and make it a uh yeah so you're kind of stepping into partial darkness over your shoulder so part of your arm vanishes somewhere else's perspective but you're still visible but you have advantage in the attack role because you have the creature this is 12. total 12 12 versus ac that was with advantage i rolled a 12
plus four to hit that it matters but there you go 13. it all it all adds up eventually five points five points of damage to that one plus two you're [ __ ] all right you've been hitting just nothing as you chuck it you watch it kind of like it doubles over for a second and then wriggles out of your grasp the cloth kind of tears out of your hand or hands a bit and you see it kind of shred you can see part of its gray body beneath exposed from where the material is kind of damaged by the spell but it's still
standing there do i have movement enough left that i can get away from the darkness and just like kind of circle around it around here you mean uh or back over this yeah just like oh i'm kind of there with can i get on the other s what we're hearing yeah to get out of the darkness there you are you are on this side and you're just outside of the spirit darkness all right all right imogen that finishes your go it's now their turn oh boy so these two one of them is going to rush up towards
you ashley yeah the other is going to move over here towards orem [ __ ] here we go this one is going to uh there is the two against orm that is going to be a 16 to hit no get the shield up and deflect the first blow as it comes down this one's actually wielding a dagger and you you barely catch the glint of it as this one's like just barely out of the shadow and you pull out of the side the other one however out of the darkness comes for you directly and that is going
to be a 12. they both this year there's one here that has now been just damaged by you imogen is going to go ahead and lash out with a back claw towards you there's gonna be a 16 to hit oh man yeah okay you take uh four points of piercing damage and 12 points of necrotic what the [ __ ] are you okay i'll take half of that would that just be the net with how much
12. it's the total attempt to be 13 total no sorry it was four points and then then 12 so 16 so you take eight points of damage instead and you get eight temporary hit points oh yeah that's for the time being absolutely cut grass we'll see what happens okay all right and there is now one attacking you yeah they didn't start he didn't stay out sorry he didn't start his turn nobody rushed in towards you that is going to be a 13 to hit nope you stepped out of the side as you watch it emerge from the shadow and you just barely get out of the way
and there's someone against you wadner that is going to be 22 to hit you take seven points of piercing damage [Applause] and nine points in necrotic oh my god who knows oh no okay and that's going to finish their turn not again fresh cut wraps you're up with dorian on deck i better use some of this pain um
i have my um grappling thing on do i need to be away to use that or can i use that sort of point point if you want to find the one right in front of you you get to point blank but it is disadvantage in the attack role because it is a technically arranged attack at some point then i will shoot it at the one across from me near uh i guess laudana okay go for it um i get no bonus on this attack it's just a straight roll 16. that hits okay okay what does this thing do okay um it's 1d10 uh
uh for damage you should if you flipped it inside out it's a solid color too oh do i do that seven points of damage seven points of damage to that one um and if the creature is medium or smaller they are grappled indeed that's good and also if i believe choose to pull it towards you if you on a hit you pull the creature up to 20 feet directly towards you if the target is a medium or smaller creature or pull yourself 20 feet directly towards the creature oh if it's large so i'll pull it towards
me why not it just gets yanked over as the you know grab like got it in his arm and pinned its arm to its body and it's like okay oh [ __ ] and i've dumped those eight temporary hit points into it yes yes you do you do and do an additional eight damage and you watch as you pull it in it actually you hit in the arm you pull it towards you and it impales on the front of your grapple cannon
wow well that was fun murder full extra kick let her say [ __ ] it burns into ash i need to make it a second just you go ahead and make a because you did pull it out of 17 17. you take one point of fire damage all right get over here yeah that's exactly what it was get over here that's my favorite scorpion variant [Laughter]
might as well finish him yeah that's all i can do oh my god oh boy that was sick that was the one that was on me yes you're up you watched the creature that you were both engaged with just go get pulled off and just wrecked by your little automaton friend over there oh so that guy that was riding between us is no longer there pulled off and killed off oh good job oh no no problem uh you're eager to help and uh but even with that i'm just torn
cause laudana and ashton are both super [ __ ] up right they're looking pretty rough yeah yeah all right and i'm gonna i'm gonna reach london is right next to me right correct i'm gonna reach over and tap on our shoulder and like do the best that you can and i'm gonna cast uh cure wounds on her great uh oh uh six and three so nine for you all right thank you and then i still got my scimitar right i'm gonna use my i'm going to use my movement to sprint right into the darkness to arm
yes i love it with my with my blade out we love a brave boy you jump into the darkness and as you get in there the light [ __ ] vanishes and at that point you realize oh this is not normal shade yeah black around you okay brave that that finishes your turn you smash into the table and tripod all right now you're up with fern on deck so can i see anyone outside of the darkness there is one that is currently between uh imogen and fresh cut grass and furan
oh perfect okay uh yeah returning the favor to fcg um i'm going to eldritch blast the one that's right in between them yeah that's good um very good uh very good uh 22. it definitely hits no damage that's [ __ ] but you know we take what we can get that's okay okay uh so that has three uh 10 damage total ten damage and
he has to make a oh god he would if he wasn't all of a sudden just scattered to the ground you watch the head just pop and what would be blood instead is ash by the time it hits the stone as it begins to burn and watch it this minor burn up as the body incinerates leaving nothing but charcoal and dust behind i need uh imogen fresh cut grass and fern to make a victory one point of fire damage one you said yep 19. one point of fire damage wow
uh 17. one point of fire damage okay okay okay okay okay okay okay oh are you again you stand there uh can i back up i'm gonna get kind of in the corner over here yeah easy enough to do it okay um that finishes your go that brings us to fern with bertrand on deck oh are there any more visible or uh creatures are they all in the dark everyone everything right now is in shadow okay and you don't see dorian you
saw both dorian and aurum vanish into the the black magical mass and you just hear sounds of movement in combat okay here's a question yes so with the constrictor snake um constrictor snakes have blind sight correct that's a good druid right there i'm gonna start slithering into the darkness okay slither into the darkness you can tell that there are two of these right by the side of where orem and
uh dorian are which direction do you want to go okay can you see the big baddie do you have snake earrings on right now i sure do holy [ __ ] i love it um okay oh boy oh boy oh boy where's the big where's the big baddies uh you what's the range on blind side hey you were ten feet ten feet so yeah no you don't know where okay so as you move up here you immediately can make out the two of those yes so i'll just go naturally i feel like it would be yeah perfect okay
so i'm going to take a bite attack go for it oh that's awful oh let's say it was cocked no it wasn't technically you do have advantage no i know you don't i guess i'm sorry that's my bad okay there'd better be a way to get into it well not from where she was placed unfortunately yeah okay uh that didn't hit would you roll a seven seven doesn't have unfortunately good try okay okay all right that's it say your turn okay that's very listening prince gone
brushroom you're up with auramon deck uh there's uh no enemies outside of zugu right nope there's just a darkness why am i philippines i will run to the edge of the bubble and call out friends where are you a reply anyone reply do we hear it yeah bertrand okay you're in there that didn't help at all you know you know the basic direction where they are and you kind of saw where they vanished these were dory ran into so can i split the difference and just run in between the two and swing
oh my god [Music] you run into dorian oh god damn it and that's as far as you can get there unless you change direction okay you hit the back of dorian take a swig 15. what's your ac dorian it is 15. what do i do what does he do oh no this is the best it's 10 points [Laughter] i know how to get out of here do you want to leave no you just saw me run in here
and i'll just i start taking steps back out of the bubble oh my god take your attack do i get one i'll allow it i just wanna unarmed strike try to open palm do it do it do it [ __ ] you three the red hot paint on your cheek as you just get the biggest backhand you've got a few backhands in your time but this one this one shakes the room this is like we're talking anime fight scene quiet after this everyone in the
room just goes oh god let's see people just like in the darkness but yeah i stumble out of the bubble go finishing your go there is now orem's turn man i'm in the darkness and i've just started are you there lots happening so uh i know you have two dudes right next to you that even though you can't see you can sense them so what i'm gonna do is i'm going to make as if to run and use a superior superiority die uh as a bonus action make a fainting attack
okay which will take me from disadvantage up to a straight roll correct so i'm going to go as if to run and then immediately pirouette back and slash in a circle thank you 21 26. yeah that definitely hits going real damage although for all these fire damages do i need to be rolling for concentration on that they're one but they're like one point left throw each time just roll it for me that is 13 points he's gone but he's still hit without it 13 points 13 damage slashing down chief
oh right first one just a razor pirouette as you as the blade cleaves through here i need you to make a dexterity saving throw yeah i'm good at those i'm near the luminaires 17 17. great you take one point of fire damage i'm looking really bad for these things um yes bless is gone unfortunately no good good looking out on that too except keeping it legitimate dm's pat i wanna be dm's pet peeve
it cuddled it closed okay all right that brings us to ashton here um all right um is did that creature actually somehow back into the darkness away from me or no it's it's visible at the end okay they are visible yeah um okay i'm going to take a swing at that thing go for it am i going to do a reckless robbie keeps looking in the zip kill the damn thing anyway so man uh yeah that hits
okay um oh yeah definitely hey man you sat next to travis uh that's seven eight nine ten that's 13 points of damage it crumbles underneath and kind of spatters for a little radius about a foot in every direction before burning up magnetic series i have an advantage on this dexterity uh thank god because all right that was terrible uh 19. one point of fire damage angling so bad for this fire damage like it's
consistently twos and ones this is nice good for you i know now i can do more than that i'm just really and i'm going to run around the darkness towards everything okay five and 25 is right here and you're kind of in the middle all right that'll do it as long as i wanna dorian's over there stay away from me imagine you're out oh god okay that's right this is so dumb i like that
i know where i can hear right in front of me where everybody is fighting right i mean like it's just super noisy so i'm gonna go run into the darkness past it as far as i can into the room which direction straight into the corner into the back corner okay into the darkness okay i would like you to make a dexterity saving throw because you are running through furniture and other things in the way well blind so let's go seven seven
you run past you kind of shoulder check into somebody you you kind of thought dorian was there and you can hit dorian a little bit move past kind of stumble in another creature hit a chair you take two points of bludgeoning damage from the chair hitting you like right right right you know when you move also the creature you run past gets an attack opportunity oh [ __ ] that is going to be a 14 to hit nope oh because major armor that's right
okay you run and you just keep running you haven't got to the edge or a wall yet but that's your movement okay you can just keep going if you want to no um um no uh i'm gonna stop where i am and i'm gonna cast uh i'm just gonna put my arms in front of me and close my eyes really tight and cast shock flare all around me okay yeah so an explosion of electricity just flares up all around me
the guy all of you hear this weird like low bassy sound and the air suddenly smells like electrical fire cool that's all you know though go ahead okay okay that was the most cocked ever 10 points of lightning damage okay is that your turn yep you got it all right that brings us to the last one's turn uh i can i see it or not like five no it is you've been there five ten yeah it's 15
feet from you unfortunately the one that's left oh yeah there's nothing i was hoping the bad guy was no it was a good it was a good call it was a good call but you didn't get the one that's near aurum unfortunately we got one thing but that one is going to attack you orem i don't know if i got anything that got you though you guys no i was hoping the big baddie was right one two five points of piercing damage okay hey and ten points in a graphic um uh not action search i keep confusing
the two terms i know all right and that's going to go ahead and finish let's go oh there's i don't know what to do yeah there's just a void of darkness before you in this room you hear combat you hear friends yelling in pain your creatures shrieking yelling an anger yeah did i hear anything when i did my right still pretty bad spell nothing i'm not i'm all right i'm i'm sorry i'm not in double digits or anything but i'm all right wow
uh i mean i don't i don't see anyone i can't do i can't do anything um [ __ ] uh i i don't know where anything is [Music] i could blind fire no i don't want to do that i will i guess once again use my perception to try to no this has been rounds dennis is dead by now
we've had like at least three rounds of combat yeah dennis is dead all right i will um i'll go to the edge of the of the darkness and hold my attack action until i see anything dangerous i suppose okay yeah this isn't necessarily dead it's been like 30 seconds max but if it's a it'll be through well if there it would be three wrong yeah it's possible we'll find out no one has seemed to see her right up again walking all around this place
that's true she might be in the cover wait didn't we break up the cover there's a second cover yeah there's there there's furniture over here there's furniture over there is that furniture broken or this is the other one that one is not broken well then i'll go open that that'll that'll be my action i'll go open the cupboard see what's inside i just pull the door off let's throw it away i mean yeah yeah totally pull it open it looks like there are some like sleeping linens that are provided for the chamber but nothing
else in there i'll just look through the linens and try to tidy them up a little bit i think there's a gray with the whites you should be over here you can hear the one creature that's currently hurrying and fighting with aurum and is kind of just just right in front of you as well here but i can hear it you can hear it yeah i'm going to use my movement to go straight toward that you take a step and it's like right there like jimin is hearing you're like oh it's right in front of you god i just i wanna i'm gonna touch orem
i wanna reach i'll i'm just up to you yeah you can reach for them or you can go here you hear the creature there and you hear orman payne like blink okay i'm gonna i'm gonna reach out for uh i'm gonna reach out for arm okay and and do i uh i'm gonna try and cast cure wounds if i can feel him okay yeah i'd say i'd say uh you nothing to all right the finished return uh and while i've got my hand on his head uh i'm also gonna i'm gonna say to him i'm gonna say
i'm not feeling so well myself please help us and i'm gonna give him bardic inspiration wait wait can i can i do that with with it's already on somebody clarification can i yeah you think about inspiration it can do multiple to a single person multiple but you can give it to different people okay yeah so i'm going to give it to horror yeah all right that finishes your go let's bring it to lodna with fern on deck all right i am going to move up to the darkness ah oh i'm not sure if my eyes are the dark
we'll work with this is the dark dude um starting first level you have dark fishing with a range of 120 feet when you reach third level in this class you can learn the darkness spell which is the californian sorcerer's point and cast a spinning two sorcerer's point you can see through the darkness created by the spell oh so i can see through darkness spells but i don't know if it has to be mine or if i can see through his it's as if you spend two sorcery points you can look through cast darkness okay sorry specify again what it what if you reach your level in this class you learn the darkness spell which doesn't count against your number of sorcerers
you're not third level in that class yet unfortunately that is true yeah that is true but something i look forward to but i have darkness so i can't see through the darkness you peer in and it is just void [Laughter] shadow that doesn't like me i am going to and i have zero idea where anybody is i am going to uh start kind of charging it looks like sinew uh and almost like a um
like a jacob's ladder that i start making but out of like uh like yes um dripping bloody sinew and i wait i'm gonna hold my action i'm gonna say imogen i'll shoot where you shoot i'm gonna wait and hold my action for imogen's turn and attack wherever she attacks okay you got it finishing your go it is now fern with bertrand on deck okay that guy is right next to you you before you can still hear moving and shifting
right next to you is this as a servant okay i'm gonna take another bite attack go for it come on snake come on solid solid not for twenty okay um i'm just gonna turn towards it and then just slowly just open my jaw very very wide and just on top of the head you know when snakes are trying to like eat something it's just real slow yeah roll damage and double it
okay what's that [Laughter] [Music] okay um so that would be seven points of damage no i'm sorry eight points of damage eight points of damage yes this is the last of these sticker creatures how do you want to do this i'm just going to keep slowly just chomping down just real slow just while while he's
just screaming while it's getting muffled in there yeah okay all right i'll say situationally as you swallow it you hear me roll the dictionary saving throw with disadvantage [Laughter] did you say dexterity yeah uh 10. uh with disadvantage that's a disadvantage yeah yeah okay three points of fire damage oh it makes sense that that would do the most it incinerates within your gullet you manage to spit some of it out as it flashes but you still catch the brunt of the snake's still alive
it's still alive cool yeah all righty that finishes your uh so it does um there's another person there's there's somebody else in here the initial dwarf that was in this chamber is has vanished into that darkness okay okay i'm gonna start slithering over there yeah and you got blindsided yeah i'm gonna just start you slither over towards where lana is or imagine sorry imagine over there yes and it's just imaging over in that
corner i give her a little uh snake on her arm i don't know i'm here that's inappropriate all right that finishes your go that means it's now bertrand with ormonde can you but you don't see anybody else over in that corner aside from the gym uh i'll just walk to the edge of the darkness and take my rapier and hold it in my hand and hold an attack if an enemy becomes visible you've got it that's it okay
that brings us to orem i'm basically gonna do the same thing i'm gonna roll back uh lean on uh dorian and just uh hold us the blade up waiting for anything to poke out because you've got it's rough in there okay so holding holding attacks at the ready uh finishing your go ashton you're up [ __ ] [Laughter] um i'm going to move into the corner where i first saw
the the gross gross little creature yeah um and i'm going to hold my attack okay there are weapons at the ready looking into this shadowed shadow consumed portion of the chamber can i drop rage you drop rage no all right imagine i'm gonna say very loudly um i remember a door over here there was a door and i'm gonna start walking towards uh towards where the door was where i remember the door being can i feel anything yeah you go over and come to the door as it touches you [Music]
you push past and this door is now open you enter into what is you step out of the darkness and you're now in a separate bed chamber with a large canopy bed uh and what looks to be a second balcony oh i think he came through the bedroom and i'll run out uh do i see any trace of him door open onto the balcony anything uh i mean the opening of the balcony is up the windows open so can i can i look out do i see anyone running on the street or uh
uh i'll say roll a perception check out decisions [Music] looking down over into the alley kind of glancing around it's it's low lit in here um you do not see anybody at the moment all right so finishing that we'll say we're technically now out of combat so we'll go ahead and bring this down to what are you doing as you all hear image and shout this uh i'm gonna uh hearing my girl i'm gonna run out to this balcony over here and see if i see anything okay
go ahead and roll a perception check all right five you see me [Laughter] yeah no nothing nine uh nine total but i mean yeah no glancing down the alley same thing you're both not catching sight of anything in particular i'm gonna open that trunk and see if dennis body is shoved in there you go ahead and shift over to the trunk you go ahead and lift it up inside it is empty it is a storage trunk okay that's awesome where did this body go i'm just gonna
keep tossing the room then if this is what we're doing okay we're in good plans yes but i don't want to come back this way can i look under the bed and see if there's anything like a doorway under the bed or anything sure make a mistake and check letters will help i'm sure or i'm still kind of in front of me like maybe got him by this so you see 20 30 20 30 20. okay we'll get that in a second uh as you you see how how uh london is off on the balcony looking over the side and you hear image and shouting and they're kind of like in the
process of looking for where this individual might be hiding or running you go ahead and start inspecting around you look under the bed uh you do not find anything under the bed but as you begin to kind of feel on the ground you kind of begin to push into the darkness and feeling along where the table was and underneath the table on the opposite side you touch what looks to be a boot of some kind i'm tossing furniture in the main room and i'm probably gonna make my way i'm not
being subtle about it i'm gonna make my way into the bedroom okay i will have limped my way over to where laudana is and i'll actually leap down to ground level and see if i can spot or run away okay so you leap down what's everyone else doing i'm gonna i'm gonna i'm gonna like since i'm in your image and i'm gonna slither over to where at this point we'll save the purposes of this he is gone and you know generally where everything is in the room is the darkness still it's lingering wow can i use since i
whatever this is can i just use my my telekinetic pull and like pull the whatever it is toward me yep to the chairs like kind of get shoved out of the way and you watch as a limp female gnome body [ __ ] it's extracted from the darkness covered in crimp chairs well i'm coming i'll roll over to where i heard this call and uh do i see this dead uh dennis indeed
uh pale and bloodied i'll i'll cast just in case uh spare the dying but i don't know if that if they're still looking fighting okay make a medicine check okay 19 plus things plus five fantastic you go ahead and cast spare the dying and go over inspect and there is no pulse to this body it unfortunately did not survive
between the time of whatever and now looking at it you can see there's a grievous wound from the bottom of one ear across the throat and almost taking the head off the neck [Music] what are the rest of you doing as you jump down trying to yeah reception check room i'm going to the hole close the door block it there uh there's definitely leave much of the door uh you can see there's a few patients kind of like out in the hallway leaning going kind of glancing in the direction of where you are looking a bit concerned by the sound
it's all right stay stay in your rooms stay in your rooms please everything's fine make a persuasion check your own syndrome yeah persuasion or intimidation your choice 13 13. okay most folks tend to like whisper and then kind of go back into their rooms they're they're not likely to get involved in something when an authoritative voices them not to i take the pieces of the door and just kind of advantage on perception halfling luck and bardic inspiration i got 24. 24. okay
glancing around side to side i put my snake head on imogen's boot i've made my way out of the darkness and into the body and sort of look her for a minute and i'm gonna i'm gonna unclip my uh cape and just sort of give her a shroud real quick and just cover her up just because it's the door's open it's unpleasant having dealt with these these guys before i i imagine you and i would start looking around for entrances places they could get in in the room it
was interesting though because they were they were with him yes they were different this didn't explode no and they had red eyes these ones had black eyes you've seen these creatures before yeah a cool name did you name them that or did someone tell you that's what they're called no apparently they're um they're like rats in this town yes oh they're essentially little treasure thieves goblins they sneak into people's rooms our
wonderful landlord shadonna she's been dealing with them for a bit and we helped her defeat them but normally it just seemed like they were out to come in steal knickknacks and treasure and you know go add to their little awful but innocent yes these seemed different like you said mutants yeah have you ever seen so many of them well yeah they come they come out like she
said they like vermin run nords orem gets a running start with his boots of striding and springing leaps and grass the bottom of the uh balcony and rolls himself up without issue she finished checking the bedroom to get the [ __ ] out of here is that a mirror over there yeah that is it i'm gonna slither over there and then drop wild shape once i get to the uh mirror okay it's a little safer that's pretty good for that sign you go ahead and make your way over to the mirror and drop a like and i'll go over is there a reflection
start mending the door to patch it so we have a bit more privacy all right so slowly being the door begins to magically extend and repair itself for the pieces that bertrand put up to it i would say we've been uh successful in our task we've rooted out the problem and uh found the person that was also the victim but i guess we could say is responsible i i'm not a fan of perhaps taking a body to lord esther we could always and i cast press a vegetation and clean
the body up we could pretend she's drunk and bring her to him and act like our friend we could does anyone um have any artistic talents uh a sketch of her perhaps in case he knows who she is i i'm very good at drawing it might behoove us to leave this scene and not be affiliated with it agreed just leave it here i feel like everyone saw us come up here
we weren't personally i see two options we leave her in the bed leave the place ransacked something happened or push her over the edge of the balcony and get out the other way well hold on now i mean did we inadvertently cause this in any way yeah yeah we did no well she was so what i mean what exactly she was stealing but she was stealing for someone she was in bad
business with a bad person and bad things [ __ ] happened it happens well who's here who was first on the scene did anyone hear anything before we i did i mean we were there but i got my ear down by the door she sounded like she maybe had been giving them what they want and that went sour i'm gonna go over to her body and check her pockets sure go ahead and
roll a general investigation check general investigation 15 15. you do find uh about 12 silver 15 gold pieces um the keys to the warehouse i broke the door but those are the things of importance and interest that you find it could be other locks did you check that room or your balcony is it i i was looking at i looked under the
bed and stuff i keep looking around the room but oh i'm like sorry did anyone check that they're checking other parts right then i'll say as an extension as you're tweeting earlier which you did wrong um under where the desk is um there is a portion of the wall where the the kind of baseboard like structure of it is splintered and you kind of get your fingernail under and pull back a bit and it leads to a hole
in the wall about a little over a foot across from side to side that descends into the orum the wall of the building itself yeah uh can you come here for a second sure oh look at that can you fit in there yeah yeah are we a bit worse for where before we start jumping in the door boy i don't feel good yeah [Music] i mean we could shut the door and just uh
lay low for a bit i don't know if that's an option we made a lot of noise i personally want to get out of here we can always come back we can always come back you do begin to hear heavy footfalls a series of steps making their way from the far of the hall towards where you are though the door is now closed and moderately repaired by you you can hear i start to push the boards up and put the chair in place in the desk should we just uh tail it off the balconies
let's hotel off the balcony do we need to take this body or we're leaving i don't know how we did anyone did you sketch um is there any parchment in the room where i i pulled out the uh there's there's not really time i'm not taking a character behind it she's just not here how does she look how does she look after you she's cleaned up but she's just well she's still wounded but there's no blood we're in decent dorian come here uh and i just like pull him in and uh
i'll like open up my shirt a little bit um hey the door by the way still did you open the door uh i just like peek out all right so there's a bunch of furniture that orem just pushed up against it you kind of just i'm giggling against the door no i'm sorry i'm missing i was covering the hole under the desk and slid the chair and gotcha so yeah so so the door isn't able to yeah you open it up and you can see there's uh two head like strong looking humans who you've recognized briefly as your scanner
earlier is kind of like the the peacekeepers of the internal space you can see they both look like they're related but uh one looks a little older and a little more haggard the other looks a little younger in spry and greeting you at the front you can see as one of the employees who normally passes out you know food and drink amongst the patrons as it's ordered uh it looks to be a half elf with kind of a light sunbleached hair um kind of like you know sun dappled skin with uh a smattering of freckles and these
dark brown eyes uh kind of glances at you hello uh we've been hearing complaints about oh my goodness we are so sorry not the first time uh we're too noisy we can tone it down yeah yes please make a deception check come on come on well you guys are both roll individually or one of you can have advantage who's got great deception yeah i think we both have pretty good but i don't know this
is your idea okay okay he does have good roles maybe we both roll one of each one that's cocked because they're good deception that's one okay 30 20. oh that's great that's iron 16. 16. it's kind of glancing over you a bit glances over at you if you don't mind you're bothering the other patrons well you can always tell them there's room for a third you do see his cheeks flush hear them all begin to slowly make their
uh their steps towards the far end of the hallway while they were doing that i just start ushering people towards the back one leg over the railing oh gosh i just lift his leg perfect [ __ ] are you people i'm just yeah i'm taking the body and i'm dropping off the office we're taking this body we should do it i've already got it wrapped like santa claus not on me i just dropped the balcony uh you would yeah you would yeah two points of blood damage uh not a sprained ankle but like that's
you're gonna have to sleep on that's gonna smell i use bird to break my phone roll it i'll skip up the image you take another two points of bloody damage yeah we'll we'll flutter we'll flutter down the balcony yeah i gotta go flutter i got my boots on i'll print this carrier thank you i'll use my grappling hook to sort of lower myself down oh my god so cute all right well my one you all eventually make your uh your jump off or descent from the upper balcony into the alley behind
the wheely way tavern what do we do now get over to the restaurant uh yeah i think we just go to a tavern and then no we go to estrogen yes we go to all right now five pints this whole thing to blow over it comes in pints all right so as you arrive to the well i'd say for the most part you're carrying you're carrying a limp body uh who is who is currently taking charge in
the uh the transfer of uh i've bundled i've bundled the body to the hammer like a like a like a hobo satchel and then like tighten it up as best i can to just look like a big lumpy mess all right it yeah it doesn't know he doesn't know yeah i'm strong that's [ __ ] okay you trek away from the lantern district back to the core spire to the exterior of the
estraza state there at the door you are greeted by evelyn who peeks behind the door uh is this good news or bad news yes next [Music] i'll be right back everyone steps away all slattered with ash and blood a few minutes pass before the door opens once more everyone goes please to the dining hall and
you all step in and immediately met with a very sweet smell almost like a fresh bakery of some kind um like there is a uh something fresh out of a warm oven and just there's this there's a sweetness and a warmth to the interior it's very different from how you came here last time you all head off to where you saw lord esteros had all those weapons hidden from the breakfast for the morning but now you see the long table
is set for eight people and on the far end you see sitting the somewhat grumpy in appearance lord esteros and his kind of thick uh familiar burgundy evening robe tucked around his glasses on kind of sitting there arms crossed looking over you as you arrive so how has gone the journey very well very well indeed bertrand bell
and his sorcerous swords have delivered as promised i dropped the bag on the table and what is this well this is half your problem i pull out the uh the ledger and the the note we took from the office pulls it forward his massive hand almost like covers the whole paper as he pulls it in and reads it over that is the whole time well yes and no
she was working with someone else [Music] do you know who you know we we were working on that um he was very creepy we saw it you can describe him pale sallow dwarf you see the the cunning eyes of this aged orc kind of going back and forth in the head trying to place the description that you give of this figure before kind of giving a nod
uh i'll see what i can look into he came in with the like a team of shadow creepers a small hole in the wall we call them as children shade creepers shade creepers gosh darn it i knew we were saying that yeah that makes more sense that's like people kept looking at us weird when we were saying it is [Laughter]
there kareem pestilences on this city but yeah but these ones were special when you killed them they exploded into flame and and their eyes weren't red they were black they looked almost like undead shade creepers i have a little heartburn she ate one what what i'm impressed and this let me open it up you see evelyn in the background kind of like oh look at this house you know how to
deal with this he doesn't flinch really he kind of like gives a look for a second and then well it seems that those who deal in dangerous realms run this risk that's exactly what you said take care of it and this is my responsibility i will make sure that the family is compensated and uh i do not think it's necessary to have to sell her memory with this truth but i am perplexed as to who she was
working with and why you don't recognize the description that we that we gave i do not but is this the extent of your report oh uh well there's some more details yeah um when we were investigating the textile uh place that's right we're smuggling we we found some uh some missing items but also we found some some powder broomstick stone residue in multiple crates but they'd been
smuggling or hiding or ferrying around from someone he sits back in his high back dining chair and as he does it kind of shifts and creaks there's the the mass of his shoulders you can see his straining as he thinks kind of stroking the edge of his chiseled chin even in his age you could see this is a handsome work who is based on the the scars that peek through seen a lot of the world to an extent for the life of me i cannot imagine what
shade creepers other ilk would need with broomstones i thought maybe this thievery was related to the ivory syndicate but this is a shift in the journey i was not expecting well i thank you very much well