Grandia Saturn vs. PS1 (w/ John Linneman) :: 1.4.2021 LiveStream / MY LIFE IN GAMING

Grandia Saturn vs. PS1 (w/ John Linneman) :: 1.4.2021 LiveStream / MY LIFE IN GAMING


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[Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] good afternoon everyone yeah it seems funny to hear that i was not expecting the good afternoon well you know it's it's it is good afternoon here
but you know uh since we are streaming earlier in the day than we normally do for uh for john's sake maybe we uh maybe we have a few uh a few uh more people from europe here than we usually do uh taking advantage of uh of our afternoon stream which is evening for them that's right it's choking and dying over here roll by my water sorry about that all right so well i mean i guess as is tradition when we do these streams uh we're going to try to do some live
comparisons but i guess the challenge this time is that i'm actually streaming my system over to try yeah and then try is putting that into the obs overlay right so you're sort of seeing like uh double streaming from my side yeah it's you're you're getting the you're getting a watered-down saturn stream here so i mean the clarity is now what we're looking for no no no no but i'm sure you know if some people did not understand the context they'd be like hmm looks like the playstation version
sharper and you know well i'm playing on ps1 digital mod you're playing rgb through a retro tank skart and then sending that to me via discord so obviously there's going to be uh clarity and uh you know uh stream compression differences but obviously so um oh wow you can do the options right from the main menu oh that's cool yeah there's not a lot of options that's different on playstation and something that that surprised me you know i i thought this
this game was released earlier than a dual shock that would make sense for dualshock support uh but but it actually does uh support the dualshock and shockingly enough uses the right stick for camera control and the default is uh you know actually the more modern you know ride is right left is left uh although it looks like you can change it here but uh it's it's almost surreal playing a ps1 game with right stick camera control because that is so
uncommon that is actually you're right it's very uncommon but how about we just get into it sure yeah yeah yeah so we'll start the new game and because we got to let the intro play here we go you can't skip it do you want to play it at the same time yeah yeah yeah let's do it yeah three you do the drill yep three two one go let's see okay switching modes there is a little uh yeah even mine on the ps1 digital had dropped just because the way i've got
uh i've got it set up i i set it to i turned the the variable frame buffer or whatever it's called oh right just because the game is mostly 240p and i wanted i just wanted to be sure i was avoiding you know screen pairing or anything uh this is surprisingly close and in sync though yeah it is obviously yeah i guess um with the saturn feet coming through is a little darker for whatever reason there could be any number of reasons for that
but whatever uh but actually i think one area where the playstation version has an advantage it's just video playback in general yeah i mean isn't that not just this game but isn't isn't it in general because you'd have better video quality yeah the playstation has a nice motion jpeg support so most games look a lot better with uh video playback there was uh there was a two dollar super chat from henry clark asking if anyone saw his ebay link i believe he was i didn't click the link but it sounded like he
was showing some sort of sort of wireless saturn ir or something or rather that's a wireless saturn pad like infrared pad and i've seen it before uh it's expensive but it looks like it uses both controller ports for one or maybe it's for you is this from the time period yes yeah yeah it's the uh i mean it's the hss0125 like that's the uh the device number but it's like it's an official release from uh oh cool from the time
period yeah i have a interesting set of ir pads for the the genesis oh yeah with the double input as well right i mean this seems to be just like the saturn equivalent of that look it's it's 160 uh starting bid with zero bits and two hours left on it uh but it's also filthy uh so i can see why there's people not super excited like that virtual boy that was
making rounds on twitter today i saw i didn't i did not see that one for sale it looks like it was it looks like somebody just uh pulled it out of a dumpster or something yeah it does it has it has uh this saturn pad has some tv controls on it it just has like writing on it for it like the a button has a tv slash video underneath it and the star button has a tv on off underneath the start button it has a
channel up and down for up and down d-pad and volume up and down on the left and right so i must let me have some sort of well these are these are we're actually getting into the real-time graphics they're pretty in sync uh i don't i don't know if it's just because uh your output is a little darker but when that spotlight was over him you uh you could see sort of the surrounding room a lot more clearly i don't know oh they they it's it's darker at first on saturn and they bring it in like this
so that was just the only difference since you asked last night you look tired i keep telling oh yeah we actually get this pretty close this is good no soldiers around oh is he cool this hell slave that's the super chat from yo yo yo yo 267 the saturn homebrew hell sleeve i have seen that i think it's the shooter actually is that is that related to power slave no it's like another it's the guy who was doing the sonic z stream
special part thing uh i think he was also doing um a uh first person shooter if you want a scene of it if that's if that's what it is i gotta see it's just finished see i'm switching over to the counting on you to the stream itself so i can see what the heck's going on here oh is the saturn version loading faster here because i mean you're playing on the ps1 digital all right i am on the ps1 digital but uh
i mean you know i don't i don't know if the if the timings are changed by the length of the voice clips or anything like that i see that probably actually now passing through palm but it does it does look like saturn has 30. uh i think i will i think i was ahead at first and it looks like saturn might be a little open a little ahead right now general ball yes colonel cobresso is saying there's something wrong with the saturn capture that's because uh john is setting it through a retro tank and sending it over
discord from the other side of the world yeah yeah exactly and my mine is mine is direct digital ps1 now something i always notice this shot coming up here uh the scaling on ps1 is not super good it's it's oh yeah this is a big thing right here when they zoom in oh yeah it's kind of a smooth scale it's a smokiest one it updates like every second yeah and you can really see these weird blockiness and they don't zoom in as far and the
logo is placed differently yeah interesting like it zoomed in much further on the saturn side this this is one of my favorite moments in all of games though right here this this swoop we're going to see over the town of parm [Music] like i i'm sure it's a lot smoother on uh on saturn well it looks smooth on my uh setup but on the stream it's hard to say because again because of the discord yeah well see look somebody just said
ps looks way cleaner but that's exactly that's what we were trying to look look at the text above the monitors don't don't compare the clarity no because uh there's no way to do it there's no way to do it between normal and the saturn is also uh smoother than the stream even shows because again discord leg yeah so but there is a lot of slowdown on ps1 in this town but it's still such a beautiful beautiful introduction so somebody says ps1 transparency and better textures but
that's false the textures are not better they are and we'll we'll get into this smoke stack although again i'm looking at the stream here and like we're going to be saying this a lot but it's it's this the fact that i'm streaming it through discord to you uh is killing a lot of the texture detail on the saturn side compression is getting in the way well once once we have control over the game and we can keep the camera still you'll be able to see it a lot more clearly what's interesting i think is like the differences in the ground
texture like there there's more like metal plates and on the ground texture that's the thing right there like that's the first thing we're gonna look once it's done try let's wander around and show everybody how the ground system varies and i can explain it because it's really quite interesting that difference oh justin not you again you just don't know you know i i gotta say i love that the stream is getting to hear the english voice acting i know the english voice acting is
controversial but it's like it is cheesy in such a charming way it feels like there's no you've completely you know it's not up to dedicate today's standard certainly but it feels like there's there's a lot of heart in it you know i just i really love the voice acting in this game ouch yes i i can't read that actually i have played through most of the game uh this year never japanese last year i got stuck on a boss or last year but i need to go
level up and uh beat that boss i was a bit under leveled when i got there that's also due to capture the character portraits are the same actually exact same art also the sprite work is better on the saturn side because it's not scaled in the same way again we'll get to that like that but yeah i guess we're running into the fact that a lot of these differences are going to be hard to see with the way uh things are done yeah somebody was saying try you should put like a little note at the top
like don't compare image quality well you know i mean you can do that if people have critical thinking skills the notes at the top already imply that yeah that's true you're right about the textures seams between them and again once we can control the camera i'll uh we'll discuss that try because then we can uh actually wander around and show why it's different it's really interesting the reason why it's so different that leaves
and you know i can see in the the roofs here there's a lot of dithering in the roof you know which is i'm sure on your version of the game too in some in a different way but yeah no the saturn doesn't do dithering like playstation so there is no dithering on the saturn oh so is it has it colorbanding it's really your fault there's more banding but it's not that obvious but yeah that's one limitation of playstation is the way they handle you know dithering becomes super evident when played
like on ps1 digital or on a flat panel all right it's amazing how pretty close we are actually they are closed uh uh twerking or not twerking does oh chris v in the in the chat was saying oh so we're talking about uh working designs voice acting so it always sounds like they sounded like they grabbed anyone in the office or their friend who wanted to do it and i mean i disagree i i think that you should revisit it and check out especially uh
john truett of galion i feel like that's like a like one of the definitive he's probably acting uh you know situations of especially of that time period i mean that's that's much better than a lot of stuff that you get it's just like it's like dripping with okay like having so much fun yeah i i love his voice acting in that actually it's more like the way the lines work in the game okay so all right let's talk about the the floor because i think this is so again the reason the saturn
version is darker has to do with the way i'm feeding it through it's it's my fault my setup fault actually and he's just so again that that stuff is is a little different so um the floor so right away one of the things you probably noticed is how if you look at look at the saturn version here all the ground lines up with uh i guess like logical where it should like you have the road running out from the bridge there the metal sort of follows alongside the fence
if you walk down here further on the other side of the fence it has its own stone texture right and there's a shadow from the fence as well you know the sewer grates kind of there on this edge if you move there try yeah it follows the follows trying to get an idea so basically you kind of see if you just look at playstation it's literally just a patchwork of shapes and designs and texture right there's it's like a repeating pattern which i you know i always saw my you know as being like sort of also
here let's go to this building here i saw it i guess as being like a industrial city you know uh sure that was sort of just the floor is just totally patchwork and haphazard but it you know obviously the original intent wasn't quite so much that okay so exactly so here's so here's another spot you can see the shadows are missing you see how the metal stuff the metal floor plating goes around the building like it should everything seems properly defined so it's like so why is that
well i think the reason is and again i've never actually talked to anyone on this um is because on the saturn version game arts used the saturn's uh second vdp to do the infinite floor technique essentially the floor is a gigantic like tile map that can be moved and rotated and all done in 3d kind of like the floor and panzer dragoon right um so let's walk over here try walk over to the edge by this fence here
and again this is oh yeah this is interesting you can see here when when he gets there on again on the saturn there's actually grass texture outside of that yeah yeah you cannot get on playstation so here's here's the thing is basically what's going on is um on playstation you can't do this infinite floor plan right it's just not it's not part of the hardware it's a saturn specific thing so instead they had to handle the floor using polygons and textures my theory is that
because the saturn's using a gigantic tile map they were able to perfectly customize every part of the tile uh to match like think of it like a giant 2d game map where they could basically like craft it so that it's the whole thing is unique yeah and it perfectly matches with playstation i don't think you have enough memory to make to show enough textures on a polygon surface like that to have it as bespoke and unique and customized as the saturn version so they basically sort of came up with the pattern that you see there and i
think it just sort of repeats itself across the whole surface the southern version gives you a much better sense of the geography like what surrounds the town you know precisely it's less confusing because there's actually layout there's like this road right there and there's always the metal stuff around the buildings and that's how it should be because it's like a proper tile map where on playstation again it's just it's a polygon floor with warping textures and it's like repeated it's interesting that you mentioned that because about the you know the saturn version
having like an edge to the town and you see the grass outside like that gives you the impression that the saturn version is showing you're you're exploring the entire town but in the saturn version it just feels like hey this is like a segment of this larger town and exactly and you know since i've only played through the the ps1 version i always thought that this was just like a section of a larger town it was just like it was like the slums of yeah yeah yeah yeah so it yeah you understand it much better this way i've gotten a little uh
lost compared to where you are oh here let me see where you're at oh no stop i know where you're at stop uh there was a there was a 10 donation from eric fleener thank you thank you he says uh i'm really impressed by the sound design i'm really impressed by the sound design on the saturn version as you move through the 3d environments and rotate the camera the audio effects will adjust in in volume and pan left and right in stereo that's true yeah that's true yeah um so yeah even here you can see how the
the metal plates and everything are connected to the way they do the tree boxes there yeah like you say it it's much easier to follow the uh the lay the lay of the land on the saturn now here's another cool here's another cool thing try the shadows i mentioned right this is something throughout the game you'll see on all the buildings on on saturn have these shadows i lost track of words i'm i'm just uh it's just in general oops so they're all kind of it doesn't matter that's okay you can go there i'll be there
so basically the whole thing is like essentially they're like drawing these these aren't real shadows projected from the from the buildings it's just something drawn in the vdp layer but what's cool about it is that when you step into the shadow the sprites are darker so they actually fade between the shadow you see so they're lighter there and then you go in they get darker so you actually get the impression of sprites moving in and out of shadow because they adjust the brightness on the sprite according to your position and yeah there is some light transparency it's not great like you can
see through here you can see the building you can see the sprites but obviously saturn and transparency it's tricky but anyway try i'm coming speaking of that i don't know if we can see it in the area i'm in but the the smokestack effect uh is a really interesting uh we'll we'll be back in that area so it is worth pointing as somebody said this this game was very much designed for saturn first and foremost that's why it's so interesting because this is a game that was really taking advantage of the saturn that got ported and the playstation
doesn't have the same kind of hardware so like look at this look at the floor here difference already on saturn we have a different thing here right totally different style floor you get this entry point with the bricks and the metal around you got the sewer grate over here and these stones and then only when you get past the railroad track do you actually see this repeating floor text of the stone texture that is basically the same on playstation however there's the way it is but playstation uses that floor texture everywhere but it's also stretched and so like here you can see and you
actually liked this but i think it's actually a defect in the way they're mapping it to the polygons depending on where you move yeah you see how that that stone there the one that i'm standing on right now uh is i believe supposed to be the same large rectangle that is this one down here but it's you know because of the way this texture is stretched and skewed over the polygon but you know if you think about it that that makes it more realistic yeah i mean i know what you're saying but it looks
pretty distorted to my eyes still like you can see the playstation warping going on there absolutely uh there was a uh there's a five dollar donation from yes rats thank you says i wonder why they didn't try to use a sky box for the grass outside of the town or was it not possible to do ah so that is um that's actually down like to skybox would just be like a disconnected like right wouldn't that be like final fantasy that would not that wouldn't look right
that wouldn't connect with the terrain in any way hey buddy you wouldn't be able to rotate it at all it'd just be like fancy tactics well even if you massive land floating yeah it would just be like a floating island in the sky and it wouldn't it wouldn't look great so that's a bad choice i think um but this is another interesting one and i actually can see the case for both versions here the the water is is the most probably the most famous distinction i would say yeah it's it's actually it's the most noticeable even though i think the other
differences are much more significant but this one is interesting i mean technically the playstation water looks pretty darn good it matches the style but the saturn is doing that cool uh warping trick yeah which is uh really interesting a lot of saturn games do that actually and you you it's an effect it's an effect that's just unlike anything you could ever see on playstation but i i would say you know there is an argument in fate you know certainly that looks very cool and has a lot of technical flourish but i think i could definitely see someone making an argument
uh in favor of the playstation water i mean because it's certainly not poorly done there's a lot going on there's like i wanna say it looks like three separate sort of layers kind of moving independently and it really has a very sort of animated film quality to the water that does match the style of the game quite well exactly um yeah go ahead there was a there was a five dollar donation from dreamcast guy thank you oh thank you uh he says uh as someone who owns every version of
every grande game this is the kind of content i'd love to see that's the kind this is this kind of stuff i love talking about too so oh while we're talking try we should talk about the sprite thing yeah yeah yeah so uh you can see it on your side just walk straight down and watch the eyes yeah justin's eye and if i'm going up like the seam on his hat like shrinks and stretches and his eye moves closer together the default the default zoom of
the ps1 version does not is not able to display the sprite that's at the center of the screen at its at its native resolution so it's slightly scaled incorrectly whereas on saturn the pixel art characters at this default zoom are perfectly scaled so that you don't see any of that weird distortion with the sprite itself his hat his eyes everything remains correctly proportioned yeah and then if i walk left and right you'll see that his eye grows wider uh if i'm when i'm walking right and then when i'm walking left his eye
just kind of makes an unnatural back and forth so try just notice something look at yours turn the other way now uh right yeah right and left okay you see look at his hair look at his eye right i'll turn the other way don't move just stand still hang on just yeah stop right there no you see pay close attention to his eye and his hair now turn the other way oh wow okay it looks the same doesn't it yeah right now can you see on saturn it looks just like the playstation version there right
it's it's hard i mean i'm looking at yours from pretty far away so it does right but here's the thing if i turn to the right his hair covers his eye and it's a different shade of red oh there's a separate there's a separate sprite essentially you can also see with his clothing essentially the saturn version has more sprites per character so like this this angle is different from this angle these are different different sprites basically well what about sue's purse you see it uh whether she's facing right
or left yeah see oh that's even easier to see on playstation you see it always you always see her purse right but on saturn look no purse and then you see the purse appear that's that's a strange thing to me how does this [Laughter] he's having too much fun back there uh the uh uh i mean does the sound have more memory to have like more sprites on hand yeah i mean it's one of the reasons why the 2d stuff is always okay let's let's um let's see here so
just do the diagonal then see like if you have that diagonal on that diagonal sue is different yeah her her purse is always on the side facing the camera so essentially on saturn with the extra memory there so not only are the sprites scaled correctly on saturn but they actually have more sides to them there's more sprites per character yeah i was in playstation they just mirror it all over the place generally speaking i don't have a problem with like awkward sprite scaling on games that integrate sprite characters in a
3d world but you know this game just definitely does not do it the best exactly but you know i i do i do have a it's the little things yeah i have a soft spot for games that do have this style though of sprite characters in a 3d world you know for whatever reason one of the games and uh i think it was our big ps4 episode what's up with the fence there on playstation definitely go to the corner now turn the camera like i do um
look at that oh like on this angle like it almost looks like there's a hole in the fence but then when you see that it's one of the triangles disappears yeah it's made up of two triangles and it breaks right so on on on on saturn i mean saturn uses quads quads of course but i mean you kind of see just how much more uh like attention to detail and like uh there's a lot of differences that may not seem huge at first but when you add them up the saturn version just ends up looking much more refined
uh there's a 10 donation from our good friend paul sutton oh thank you who says uh i imported and play through the saturn version as soon as a faq is available to help i love this game bought the playstation version day one and hated the voices so much i never finished it oh i mean i love that's going to be an unpopular thing for i love the voice oh look at uh do you want to go get the shield troy uh sure i i mean we should also do the um we got to do the quest so we can get to some battles right but we should also uh do the um
sort of the look over from the um from the lighthouse i don't i don't know if it's i don't know if it's critical but oh yeah we should do that but you know it kind of just gives a gives a wide view do they handle the stairs any differently between versions like it's just it's just a flat slope it's probably the same yeah it's the same it's just a flat slope for the texture um uh there's also uh 10 10 pounds from uh i'm sorry i kind of advanced
the text too quickly oh sorry uh saying hi gents uh thanks to the three of you plus audi for all the excellent content over the holiday period i just got a crt with hdmi a samsung ws320419d uh will the hdmi input be trash um sorry i can't i missed part of that uh rob norfolk was wondering he just got a crt with hdmi and wondering if the hdmi input will be trash
you know i had a dvi input on my old hd crt and weirdly enough there was kind of some noise in it that i didn't get with component oh that's weird yeah all right try we can um we should probably go and give the shield to guns okay so the ps1 version like the the port to the ps1 was done by sony themselves correct i don't because i know they released it and they did the translation
i don't know i mean that's funny i mean he's like the ps1 looks better it's like this what through all the ways it doesn't well it's sharper well it's gonna look sharper again because because of the stream yeah that that that might just be the misconception that people are having but okay so paul sutton just asked can someone explain playstation can't display sprites that's not entirely um so basically what's going on there is the playstation has
from what i can read from the manual it has like you can do these like fast 8x8 or like 16 by 16 uh well it's actually like two triangles put together where you can do like these fast unshaded uh super fast like rectangles basically where you can map a sprite to or a texture too they basically act like objects so they're fast like sprites so i it's basically the same kind of thing but you're right it's it's not handled in the more traditional way it doesn't it doesn't use like excel
like sprites like you know normally in old hardware you would actually have like a sprite limit like because the hardware was specifically designed to say like handle x number of sprites per line and playstation doesn't have any of its limitations but because you're like mapping this stuff onto the triangles i guess it takes more memory and it's uh and you have to build the whole screen from that okay try what have you done while i was talking i've been looking around but i haven't found anything i forget where the other side is okay so you gotta go down here by the river
uh to find uh i might actually be here there we go oh there's a 159 uh nok i'm not sure what nlk is oh that's uh oh thank you thank you from uh ned zad uh the gara uh emlig and df retro together happy new year from norway stay retro you maybe should have read the message before asking what the currency was oh i know yeah do we have to talk to
gantz again or can we just find the next thing i'm gonna give it to gantz anyway and then we have to deal with his little brother and i can't remember exactly what we have to do there he found the usha no kabuto or motekita that's cute how they have all these like legendary items but it's just like pots and pans and stuff not now that kind of goes with with this with this games like fun atmosphere this uh this door i'm in front of has like you know
a pretty clear like metal thing that's like you know in front of okay so yeah so they must have placed some things manually yeah so uh warren hokey is wondering uh if you can if you can talk about the smokestacks oh yeah yeah yeah yeah uh that's actually one of the areas where playstation has an advantage due to its blending modes uh on saturn so let me i i went and saw a house uh let
me get back out to where i can see smoke stacks there's actually two different kind of smoke stacks in this area yeah exactly they look much more similar to each other on uh uh saturn uh i don't know if they're different at all or not so obviously playstation can do real um alpha transparency uh and with the blending modes it can actually have that cool kind of like effect where it appears brighter near the source whereas on saturn it's just like a they they're probably doing some kind of
vdp trick here to make this work where you can actually but it's not fully transparent like when the car well actually it is you can see the building through there but you can't see ah okay so here here's the trick look at see the edge of the building you can see it so it's blunt so it must be coming from vdp two or something and being blended with with the second with the first video processor and the way it's blended allows for transparency with sprite objects and polygons or quads so like the the building there you can see
it's transparent but the vdp2 generated floor uh is com you can't see it through the smoke so so and that also shows that actually the fog doesn't or the smoke does not penetrate the shadow so the shadow is generated separately then uh although that's also that's also on vdp too then of course but not that little girl shadow but the uh you know the it it's a very nice and smooth fade to completely transparent on the on
the playstation i mean it really does oh yeah yeah yeah so he's right it's it's a it's the vdp one half transparency thing that's right that's why you can only see it on vdp1 objects like these buildings and the sprites but then if you uh if you go over here uh we need to find uh okay wait we have to see this has the black smoke stacks over here oh yeah there's and that's on saturn that's just um they basically look the same as the other smokestacks i think
no see on saturn i guess they're a little cloudier they're not transparent at all they're just completely cloudy you can't see your characters through it so they're a different type so um uh there's also 75 uh uyu i don't know what the name of the the uh currency is from uh alejandra rodriguez saying uh happy new year's hello hello from uruguay thank you oh so i went into gonza's house here talk to his mom
uh where's where is his house is there a is there a map oh here we go look at this this is just one of my favorite things very much like this just like the the entire feel of the story is just so whimsical at the very beginning it's not serious it's like more like let's go on an adventure and uh i feel like that's something that the second game severely lacked and i think that's why i was not oh yeah he really is excited about it once i started playing i can't open this chest because i don't have the key for
it but i bet his little brother does uh the uruguayan peso thank you thank you [Music] so yeah we have to figure out something with his little brother to like trick him somehow where's his brother he's you basically spot him i can't remember the trick here oh okay and then you're gonna follow him or something let's see here so then it's a five dollar donation from for love of the game
uh saying listen to protoculture by dell the funky homo sapien uh classic 90's hip-hop and even has a bernie stollard diss in it whoa wow okay that's that sounds pretty good bernie he had it coming i mean then he runs again i can't say the frame rate other than it targets 30 but in these big towns it gets dips uh into the 20s so
oh yeah all sudden the the trails on the sky uh at least the very first one i haven't played uh second chapter or the third yet uh i've only played uh trails uh trails in the sky one and trails are called steel one and they they both very they very much feel like that although trails in the sky much more so i keep going into the uh well it's the same i keep going into the port on accident i think you know maybe because the port well because like the the zone line
is not very clear oh yeah on there uh electron actually has a very good suggestion for a game that we i'd like to see and become a reality it's a uh 36 great whole starring audi sorely golf magazine i gotta get dang do you remember the solution try i forget what it was oh i mean like i say it's been like it's because it's like i remember you getting the dog i remember being like you know i mean it was like 2010 2011 when i played this so
i don't remember a lot of specifics did you ever play a grandia 3 or grandia extreme yes granny at 3 i actually imported that back in the day oh yeah right when it came out that was one of the first games that i struggled through when i was trying to learn the language it was really hard at first and i had to replay it since then uh i like i actually like it a lot overall it seems pretty cool the opening fmv has a lot of charm to it from what i've
seen there's a lot of yes i i can nihongo hanashimasuka yes but i i mean not extremely like a typical is it extreme like kind of a dungeon crawler it's pretty it's pretty cool though it is a dungeon crawler you're right i've never played it i remember it just kind of appeared and came out out of nowhere oh dang it run he's running again i i haven't found him the second time
yet he just goes between this what what is i don't feel like figuring this out why is this all this part is always so annoying for some reason yeah it's i remember taking in like a long time the first time i played there's a special there's something you have to trigger uh and i forget what it is so i'm just gonna look it up real quick so we can get this done because otherwise you and i we're just gonna be walking around here looking for him because he's just um
let's see here ten pounds from uh from scott turner priests thank you saying keep up the good work guys do our best i got 807 people watching dang on a monday afternoon at least in the u.s that's crazy it's it's it's cool because it's a different crowd than we get usually on our sunday yeah i already i already somebody keeps asking if i'm gonna do the panda trigger and saga episode and
i want to but i have to redefine does i have work to do before i can get back to doing what i want to do let's just put it that way but yes it will happen eventually and actually like i started playing through that a couple weeks ago oh really yeah just like okay i don't know where on the mode i was like this and so this is treasure chest but it doesn't have the key and a couple hours into it did you figure it out what the trigger is the same thing
it's like well i i found it i found his brother the first time but then he ran away and i haven't found them since that's what i heard i heard saga's really short and that's that's good i'm all about short-ish rpgs i talked to his mom i talked to his mom and he said get it she said get it from tents which i guess is yeah exactly and that's something i don't think she said that the before i found the kid in the town though so
maybe he reappears mitchell's game says he keeps running away i got stuck on this for like 45 minutes yeah there he goes he keeps running away get the walk up to him oh could he be in the port no i he when he runs he just goes over here yes hey guys i'll be right back okay get out my son with something okay so i found him twice and he just goes over here and then he's run away again this part sucks does he go into a house or something
no he's he just goes back and forth between this part and he says the same thing every time see he's just like and he says he's running away because i know what he he has this he has the key but he'll admit that he lost the key to the and [Music] see i don't even oh wait is this him oh there he is yes he wait what's wrong he's he's like through this little trash alleyway like you can squeeze through that
fence there don't tell gans uh i can't if you don't tell me no way i'll tell gans i i guess i'll i guess the first one so what's it or so maybe no no no don't tell kids i lost the key to his treasure chest now see you lost the key of the church just holding the spirit sword how'd you know can you read my mind or something so i i selected the second option oh so i think you have to trick him you
have to trick him and say to trick him into saying he didn't lose the key by saying you'll tell gas i haven't been able to catch him yet well he'll i he ran away one time okay okay i see now so gansa is telling me now i said listen up justin the sword is actually hitting in his treasure house or the treasure box in his house yeah i talked against again he told me that oh that's what that's the problem so i okay we'll help you look for it right justin i guess we have no choice okay so now we're going to help him
look for the key that's what i was missing that's what i was missing yeah okay well i fell down near the river by the cafe i bet's there let's look by the river okay so now i go to this house funny like when i'm in this alleyway like they're looking around they're crawling around on the ground like looking like that so i see what i did wrong said i had to talk to gonz first and then so then i have to ask his mom
so the the river by the cafe is it the cafe justin's house doesn't his mom run the cafe if i remember no not that one non digestion yeah okay this is i figured it out so now that i've done that i can go find taunts yeah you should trigger that event that's that's the thing you have to do you have to do it in the right order you have to talk to gaunts again to trigger this so now he's gonna he's gonna
there he is he's crying okay uh but now i'm not really clear where to look about that he said something about the cafe near the river but i'm not i'm not seeing justin and sue get back in that uh that crawling down uh animation anywhere okay so now i have to look around for it uh did you find it no but he's he said something about losing it near
the corner no i just found it where where where i just do you see my screen right where i'm at it was right there near him there's it was by the cafe what was it near where tince was nose down towards the river between uh i'm near the like i i i don't know no no no no try go up go up this way stop stop no go back go back to where you were now literally follow the wall straight
in front of you now go left then left again in there stop stop stop stop stop stop stop stop go back go back to taunts oh okay so going in here triggers yeah okay okay and then it's in between it's right there there it is okay see we're helping each other you can see the two-pound dimension from yoshio i did not see it asking what is the best port of puzzle
bobble two i don't know the best part of two is i think i think the four is the uh four on the uh on the ps1 and dreamcast is my favorite you know i was i was playing that a few weeks ago and i i i was having a harder time getting into it than i expected all right so i i got okay here he is [Music] yeah i agree with the chat saying about how
without having the the floor design like on saturn it just makes it feel chaotic on uh playstation yeah yeah getting around the town i mean actually let me let me go back into gantz's house and let's see if they're you know how profound the differences are in an interior environment okay so get the all sword uh there's also a five dollar donation from my travis suiter uh saying thanks for all your videos on bvms and pvms what would be your
favorite professional monitor it's tough narrowing down which one to buy well the you know i i always like to say that the best all-arounder is like the sony m2 series which also has like the olympus oev 203 uh which is it's the same tube it's just branded olympus um those are really good because they have two rgb inputs which you can use one for component and one for rgb so i really like those those are really solid all-rounders they're pretty easy
to find the 20 l5 i love but you know it's pretty expensive and of course any bvms are pretty expensive as well um so you know the the i i think the m2 is pretty easy to find oh actually on i should note on mine i have slightly clipped the edges of my capture just so i can make it all fit so oh okay seeing a tiny bit less because of how i did it but uh let's see here
but yeah so interiors look very very similar yeah the only difference is playstation has the better transparent smoke or steam on the stove yeah i mean there's not much going on with i it's not as interesting of of a smoke effect no it's a much it's a much more simplified area as well so this okay so let's let's head out here and let's go to visit guns there's also uh five dollars from the wretched uh asking oh loading is much faster on saturn well and i'm i'm on the i'm on the ps1
i'm on an x station remember actually so i don't i don't know how accurate you know we can't really make it accurate loading anyway we should let corey read this five dollars from the wretched thank you saying that uh do any of you guys get into the muso games i'd love to see any of them get the uh try don't don't continue yet don't continue to try yeah but i know they're they're really niche anymore there we go i know try likes a good musou
yeah yeah yeah i've definitely uh i i i'm in the middle of high age of calamity right now and this past year if you go look at our games we played in 2020 video i go over them very briefly but i uh i finished dragon quest heroes fire emblem warrior and fire emblem warriors this year uh and my first exposure was dr uh dynasty warriors eight on ps3 and like i kind of went into it like thinking like oh these are like supposed to be really stupid games but there's a lot of people that really love them
and like the day after i played for the first time i like just couldn't stop thinking about i'm like this game was so stupid but like like i really kind of want to play it more and uh yeah i mean i wouldn't consider myself a hardcore fan or anything uh but i i i do enjoy them yeah i've only played the first hyrule warriors and i do have dragon quest warriors uh one and two i think i think dragon quest i haven't played heroes too yet but i think i think i think dragon quest heroes is probably the weakest of the ones i played but i still liked it
okay there was uh there is uh 20 and 77 cents from uh seven kerr game oh seven thank you loves to put those sevens in his donation uh asking i just wondering try i know you enjoy the xeno saga series same with john especially seeing his ps2 uh mc list on df uh vf ps2 stream uh and i know corey has his brother's copies you guys remember any of the zeno gears or xeno saga websites from back in the 2000s i don't remember any of the websites no
i don't remember there being websites for them specifically but uh yeah i like this because i mean i've only played i think i played one like one and a half times and the others i've only you know i've only finished them all one time and it's been since 2006 when three came out that i've played hd played through any of them uh but i i did like them and i i kind of do want to replay them um you know uh people ask all the time whenever they pop up in uh uh
in in emlight videos people always ask like oh what game is that because they are you know pretty good-looking 3d rpgs and the second one is really weird after the first one it goes for like this more realistic style but people ask all the time oh what game is that like they wanna they you know something about it uh piques their interests but yeah zero saga three i i i i w i don't use that for like video comparisons because it's got a weird sort of anti-flicker filter on it yeah that has
anti-flicker filters yeah yeah i've grown to prefer not using flicker filters and interlaced so yeah like even though it's more flickery it's like super super sharp yeah yeah especially on crt it actually looks quite clean crt it looks awesome yeah i agree original xbox does not look great on an original uh 4d ice cream you know something something that i learned uh not that long ago i i had no idea that not all xeno saga episode threes had the lenticular
cover i think that was just the best buy exclusive but that's like probably the most valuable ps2 game i have that as well i had no clue i just bought it at best buy i didn't know what it was i think the most valuable ps2 games i earn it's either a haunting ground or a rule of rose oh yeah yeah i got those when they came out so anyway i'm noticing i'm noticing you have a tremendous depth to uh your city back there so yeah i wanted to talk about this this is cool actually
um and this is another hardware thing where basically on saturn you can just do 2d tile maps like old school style uh and i think that's what they're doing there for the essentially what it's not really a sky box because it's not a box it's just a flat background that they added on top of that and with the playstation where it's at and its limits there i'd imagine that you know that would have taken more polygons and more vram to do that it may not have been feasible and they probably dropped it because it's very rare that you see the city from this angle
mm-hmm yeah so they just said uh i i didn't actually catch like what what how that background looked rising up as the camera angle turned on you well let's let's find out let's continue yeah i'm just going to i'm just going to just get caught oh so it's pretty flat which i mean but it works for something it's just a 2d for something in the distance it works though because you know as the camera moves stuff in the distance doesn't move as quickly as stuff in the foreground so you know it the trick works okay shall we continue oh it looks like
when i moved when i moved forward they automatically oh yeah it's automatically what's going on shot them up there justin no that's right are you playing with with him what no um yeah okay so there was a okay the the map is coming up the map is coming up i saw one people asking for that i'll do that right now as soon as i get a chance oh yeah here we go to see the lack of a sky again on playstation versus saturn there
and then we get to explore a new area a couple of donations there was uh two dollars from warren hokey uh saying stream idea 36 great whole starring fred couples i mean i we can might be able to do it i'm into this ah so this another interior and it looks pretty much the same yep yeah and there's also a dollar ninety-nine from uh from eric schuesler saying uh so who's seen tim rogers epic tokimeki uh review
justin and uh john and i have both i don't john i don't know if you watched the whole thing yet not yet not yet i mean you got to watch it you work watch it in parts yeah that's what i'm doing how many times do i have to tell you i'm about like maybe a little bit over an hour into it even so you don't have to sleep [Music] i never took it that seriously the saturn version has voiceovers i'm just not piping the audio through because it would mix with my mic audio yeah so it definitely has voices on saturn
um 3434 is asking if i've checked the mlag cryptocurrency account with all the recent gains to see what uh what ours is worth and yes i mean a long time ago someone sent us like a teeny little bit of bitcoin uh i think at the time it might have been like i've been getting worth like 20 bucks or something like that but it's like 0.0068 of a of a single bitcoin and it was like
worth uh it must i think it was worth like 20 bucks or something like that john i don't know if you've like been following what's been happening well a little bit but but it's been like going insane yeah so that 20 then i think it's like a little bit over a year ago yeah is now worth and sitting in my in our account it's now worth 216 wow that's quite a jump yeah a single bitcoin currently is worth uh
uh 31 000 like an entire bitcoin which like we aren't even close to having and uh i mean even like ethereum is like way up like ethereum is over a thousand dollars i think probably for one maybe all the first time i guess the highest has ever been was like 1400 and that was back in 2018 it looks like i like how the the paper in the waistband the russell brussels yeah
when you walk by it that's pretty cool i agree i like that uh be done i do have do you think we have to get in here other than the the treasure chest item i don't think so uh be down i have a i have like a bunch of other ones like if coinbase has the thing where you can just like answer like watch a couple of videos and you talk to mom again and and uh answer questions and they'll give you like a little bit of like like six dollars worth of different stuff uh so i mean i have like
point five of a uh of a a single ethereum more than anything is the the bat the basic attention token because that you know we're part of the list of you know uh basic like bat creators like you can send bat somehow and we have like a bunch of that but that's it's only worth like 21 cents per for one but i mean if that ever if that like shoots up and gets like really
up there i mean we have we have 736 uh basic attention uh tokens but i mean it's just fun like i like i just have like a bunch of stuff i i really just like have answered the questions and just like leave them in there and i just like it it's fun watching it go up and down huh so you can buy a little bit of bitcoin right yeah i mean just get like a you know like a a very small fraction of one uh
uh dough is it dog or doge coin uh no i do not think so looks like i have so here's what i have i have um hey my son knows about doge or doge but he always says doge i i like how i like how grandia too kept the little little eating conversation scenes so this is interesting by the way did you notice how on the saturn here they sort of like dim this room to make it look more like it's like night
yeah yeah it keeps the same brightness on playstation so it's like a different kind of uh atmosphere the the lantern looks kind of out of place on the saturn version i think yeah it's more animated or drawn looking where it's like obvious bands between each layer like it's like a instead of like a light thing okay let's get get through the story serious in the in the chat thing i trade cryptocurrency weekly it's a ride i'm sure this week has been
crazy it's i mean i just had a fun time watching it you know and just like i just like leave the the money in the account and just it's been really neat watching it go up oh somebody's saying saturn looks soft again so let me explain read the text at the top of the box so first of all because it's a retro tank it's only 40p and it's upscaled for the stream secondly then that that signal that i'm getting is going through my capture card
into obs and then that is actually being streamed to try and then try is streaming that out to you so it's basically being double streamed and upscaled from 480p so whereas tri is using ps1 digital so you get that super super crisp output so it's really just a function of the way our setup is configured to do this like two-person stream across the world yes across the world see and yes being 480p is important because obviously the ps1 digital is going to be higher res than
that so that's the big thing uh there's a six six dollars and ninety cent uh six dollars and ninety uh cents from euro in euros i don't know if they're like i wasn't paying attention 690 and euro from uh from spec from us it's it's not um 480p the game it's the retro tank that does 240p it's 240p output from saturn and the richer
tank is a line doubler uh but spec ops is was saying uh you guys made me spend so much money over the last few years thanks for all the fantastic resources for the tech illiterates like me well thank you thank you i mean we're like we're pretty illiterate we just talk to the people that help us understand it yeah that's not that's not true you guys know a lot come on always learned don't sell yourself short you've learned and now you know that's that's what matters well but i think the struggle for us to learn is what makes
it easy for us to tell it in plain terms or planar terms for people okay so try let's look at this fountain area again this again shows that craziness about the the ground difference how on saturn all those like plates come together around that and again on playstation it's just like that same repeating random pattern yeah there's not really any i mean you can see how there's like part of an angle that goes like up to this part on this side and then on this side that kind of lines up there
too but yeah it's pretty haphazard all right the fountain itself looks quite similar though ex is saying another part was scanline city uh low-key talking me into uh virtuosic pro so if if anybody has not seen online city it's like like the b-roll on that channel is incredible it's like something i would strive for just like his his intro is crazy it's crazy oh try you're right i see why people were saying that stand
next to the fountain here uh so come down to the fountain i don't know which side i'm on compared to you doesn't uh let me let me try to match you here there's a sign that i can see in the upper part of mine right now um uh probably not the like the multi-format you're talking about um press the map button cover that unless there's it comes up in something else but uh the if the when the retro tank 5x
comes out i mean it's likely that we'll do something on that so now you can see uh this actually shows the the ground situation better right yeah yeah you can actually if you scroll over here as well all the way to the oh yes yeah let's go back into the town see you can actually see how the title oh yeah it looks kind of awful on playstation really like look at the playstation version it's just it's that same repeating that's that repeating uh group of
ground textures it's it's very i mean this whole thing is going out of the town this whole this whole map is very like haphazard and like kind of hard to parse right whereas on saturn it almost looks like pixel art from above where it's like you could you can actually get an idea of what the town the frame rate by the way scrolling this is terrible why is it so low it's very it's very choppy lucky well i mean it's looking at a bunch of polygons isn't it or or is it or is it converting them somehow
so but yeah i thought this was very cool i okay i apologize for not bringing up the map sooner everybody in the chat that suggested it you guys were right this was a this was a cool way i forgot that it that it would show this uh makes sense now but yeah this upper corner to the left with the grass that's horrible in place too yeah look at that there's just nothing to it nonsense yeah and you can also see very clearly what the repeating pattern on the ground is too
you can see yeah now you can really see it you can see like see that upside down like that sort of like nevada shape you see yep exactly it's all over the place all right so we can get out of that so i didn't know this was two dollars from the wretched uh saying psa nintendo purged dsiware in the us shop no warning i saw that yeah they did is it does that mean no no re-downloads i don't know about redownloads but the games are no longer available to purchase was there a lot of must-have dsiwares
the only one i think i mean i guess outside of the the way forward ones i mean mine was dark zero yeah i mean mighty mighty mighty flip champs is best on dsi compared to psp like by far uh do you know where we go next john i actually forget what were we doing i wasn't paying mom said something about the museum is that this looks like yeah is it is that oh that's the museum yeah there's five dollars from chris v saying
uh at both versions of this game i didn't notice at least half of these differences loving this idea for a stream like a uh df retro unscripted oh look look look we got we got ray tracing we got retracing hold on try where are you i'm in the museum there's like a bunch of artifacts sitting outside so it's pretty obvious uh chris v if you go if you check out our let me go back outside so i can show you on the map if you check out our live stream archive this is something that that we do with john every year
usually uh john's with me in person and we're able to do it side by side so you don't get this right but if you look at the playlist you'll be able to see if you go back to like each january for like the past four januaries or late december they'll find them found it okay now let's go in here and check this out yeah look at that look at that look at that ray trace i'm i'm i'm forever going to call fake reflections on ps1 and n64 and saturn
ray tracing what was that even achieved though really on this like is it i mean it's just doubling it double it they just draw the same thing underneath a transparent texture or like something like that or in the saturn case i guess it's the vdp ii floor with polygons built beneath it wow this this room feels scaled very weirdly like it feels it feels like a giant's room
this this office i know it does other kids i know but like it's it feels like the scale is off compared to other rooms oh um there's a there's 1077 from uh seven kergan oh wow thank you i've got an update on the the uh the xenogears and xenosaga websites um the xenos xenogears xenosaga websites such as with uh xg perfect work translations and uh
uh and many other sites we're crazy with this type of with the hype and uh forums discussion uh it still ups ah since 1999 i do know about that one i do remember looking at the like the timeline at some point the one that's in the perfect works book i i you know i i have i have serious nostalgia for old like late 90s early 2000s fan sites like huge nostalgia for that cost oh yeah i love it too and there's some
out there that are pretty much unchanged from you know how they were back in the day like the mushroom for mario stuff it looks exactly the same as it did in like 2002. i love that so say that we have uh uh tim rogers is in the chat oh welcome thank you thank you for for stopping in cory has been talking non-stop memorial day [Laughter]
like you definitely have like made my favorite videos that i've watched in the last year and uh i've watched like the final fantasy 7 remake video probably gosh probably like four and a half times like over like a number of months how many hours is that then well you know it's like you know probably 14 hours total like i've spent watching it but it's uh you know
thanks for stopping in hey corey you're the one that turned me on to it actually i hadn't seen it and i really wouldn't do them with premiering yeah yeah i really love it it's amazing work uh but he he was saying that let's go up here i played the first like the first four hours of this game a couple of months back and uh i did not get comfortable sense of direction wise in the in this town at all yeah in all that time you just like never know where you're going i mean it's worse on the ps1 version this town is nuts man it's just like
you never get comfortable i think most of the other towns are a lot easier to read they're mostly they're mostly like single screen too i think no no there's some bigger towns but they're all uh designed in such a way where it's a lot easier to understand where you're at where this one is so chaotic that you kind of can't uh there's there's two dollars from uh for love of the game saying anime web turnpike that's not a not a site that i'm no i'm not familiar with that i i i love i love i love the idea of
like trying to stretch your like location names for websites so far to the point that you're choosing turnpike though like web rings or you know you have like a web ring yes oh yeah like sites they all cover very similar things i mean that was that was when i when i did video for the that's we were part of a web ring at first and they all they all had uh you know like
these little animated gif you know things for what they were that would appear on on all the different websites uh there's also 1.99 from john perry g it's just a cool image of a on on-set chair like a director's chair also worth noting that my good friend thomas nickel has stopped by so hello thomas professor almost uh and there's also five dollars from uh from dubstenhauer thank you uh any console
mods that don't exist that you'd like to see in the future ah i mean the ps2 digital is definitely yeah but i mean that's that's definitely it's happening it's happening yeah yeah exactly oh i mean it would be really interesting you know this wouldn't necessarily have to be a mod if it was done really really well but uh you know i know that there has been some work but i'm not really sure if what the sas is on making it a feasible product uh with the with just you know getting
digital out of a pc engine you know that would be cool because well based on what voltar has been saying about the video stuff on there yeah it seems tricky yeah well at least i guess to do it the right way but also your right try like the furniture in this room is absurd yeah it's like i mean it's bigger on the uh on the saturn it looks like at least oh the sprite the sprite placement's different on playstation he's pressed more against the desk yeah
actually look the same look how the playstation actually has in this room uh shaped shadows for the characters oh yeah playstation actually does tend to have that on this game for some reason that's actually one advantage of the playstation version uh but hey it doesn't have the flipped sprites like saturn so yeah for those that missed it earlier they totally uh uh the saturn has different sprites for each direction whereas on playstation they're mirrored
so you actually have fewer overall sprites per character oh the guy the guy moved he moved forward in my conversation after a bit so maybe maybe he was in the same location on the saturn one at first there is yeah uh there is some good uh hdmi mods for the xbox but i know that uh that dan citrus 3000 psi and and kristoff are working on their own version and i think the thing i like about their mods is you
can you don't lose the analog signal if you install the hdmi i like the having the option for both oh yeah yeah yeah that is actually super awesome yeah yeah that room was so crazy you sacrificed the um the component out whoops the statue is broken the guy realized okay so we got that letter to go to the
ruins i think we do we stop at home first maybe uh can we just leave town can we just go straight to the train station forget i'm gonna try oh do you do you take the train oh okay yeah what do you have to do do you have to talk to mom uh first we gotta go back to mom oh okay find the cafe which again here we are in this crazy town you go castro it would be really cool if they could do a saturn
hdmi but or saturn digital but there's various reasons why i guess it's not really possible and it would require like it's because of the vdps i guess yeah the way they work together the location they just get a pure digital from because they have to work together my understanding is it would essentially mean that you would have to make an fpga replacement for one of the vdps oh look i i'm on the world map can i just go to barnard i was gonna eat dinner first oh you can just get can you just go straight oh yeah you can go to mars
i'm not really i'm not really clear where the uh where the zone line was and by the way this is i thought i thought this would switch to 480i but it actually did not this looks this moot this uh map screaming oh i'm gonna go out there hold on really there i'm gonna go i'm gonna get there on the saturn i know it switches to 480i this world map was a cause of much sadness at the time i i really had a it was a really hard adjustment for me when rpgs went from having like a real overworld to having just points on a map
i see um i see rears to blood with a super chat saying been playing grandia but it freezes on the ps2 ps3 and then later clarified that was the disc version uh you know uh corey did you gift me the digital uh version of this or did i buy it myself on ps3 i can't remember but i the first time i played this game was a ps1 classic uh on the ps3 and and i had no i had no problems and then i later got my physical copy for ps1
uh there's also 15 a 15 donation from need to burn thank you thank you said uh love your in-depth videos on getting the best output of old consoles i've spent a ton of time and money due to your videos unfortunately so have we that's for sure uh yes it is this is true thank you this uh the map i guess is pretty similar on the two i kind of i i see tim suggesting that the japanese font in this game is fantastic and i do agree it's excellent i would have to say for the worst font though to come to mind it has to be
sengoku turb i knew i knew you're gone that that font is a nightmare i don't know what i mean you know it's almost illegible it's the worst font i've ever seen in any video game i i uh you know okay we got to get into battle here i've uh i've i've only been you know started barely starting to try to learn some japanese and uh here we go here we go try stylized fonts are just like so hard for me right now [Music] all right so when it comes in here it's
gonna zoom in let's just pause and don't start right away uh okay yeah it doesn't move if you're on the so this is one of the interesting things i think i kind of hinted at earlier but basically here on saturn they're actually using backgrounds that are made up of it's a 512 by 512 pixels uh plane basically and on playstation due to the vram limitations they drop that down to 256 by 256 pixel but obviously you know it's 5 12 by 512 but they zoom in and out all the time
right so when you're zoomed in like this all the way the pixel um i guess the density of the pixels matches the character sprites i said right so it looks very sharp yeah i mean i can tell even even with even with your window of our windows being so far away on my my other monitor over here uh and with you know your your stream being blurrier uh i i can still tell even from this distance that oh yeah there's a yeah a lot more high frequency detail on the saturn that's exactly so that's basically the issue
it's like on on playstation the backgrounds are just smeared into oblivion is their quarter resolution and pixelated so but anyway let's do a combo but yeah this battle system is superb i love i love the way the weight and action system functions yeah i mean it when it when this game first came out i feel like it was just so unique and oh it was absolutely like exactly the kind of thing that wasn't anything like this before i believe yeah
i mean it's similar to like final fantasy atv except everyone's on one but there's also the aspect of uh character position and also the fact that your characters can be uh knocked back in the turn order or you can knock the monsters back in the tournament that's the strategy right when they get to the point where they take their turn before they execute if you do a quick combo for instance you knock them out of that you know while you have to use that to you have to exploit that to win some of the tougher tougher battles i found well while we're
out here i mean we could could see this in the town but i i really like how this oops like some monsters approaching but i really like how the trees look in this game uh yeah i agree the 3d trees yeah the most excellent yeah they i see the blood was talking about battles don't feel light whereas uh where's i guess uh yeah so like saying oh flame burnum oh yeah i love this you know the the voiceovers in the the english version are terrible but
they're great in their terribleness they are they are one of my favorite parts everyone everyone is great in their terrible illness except for justin who's just is bad i mean it's justin's still charming in a way i think i mean i like this you can tell that the actors brought a lot of heart to it you know it's it's not i i think so i thinks yeah you're very apologetic for the voice actor
it's i i love it it's it's one of my favorite parts of it i can't knock that i respect you that you're enjoying it see like rears to blood is bringing up like brave fencer musashi now i did not i did not like the voice acting on breakfast from musashi this i hate actually where like when you pick up an item it's like do you want to automatically sort it manually sort it use it you know get rid of it like all this kind of stuff like that's the fact that that's the blackout for a second to do that is very annoying
here's ah let me just visit that bridge yeah i bet this could be it's just down the trail right yeah okay here we are ah stop following me enemies uh you know a lot of people uh there's a lot of people that i've heard say you know that grandia is their favorite rpg battle system yeah i mean i could understand that and it's interesting you look at something like the uh the trails series you know it's directly influenced by it even
though it's it's more of a it's more term i mean i did not really enjoy the bowel system and trails and things i don't i don't know if it's i don't know if it's as good as or i don't i don't know how similar it is to like trails of cold steel i haven't played that yet uh we just got a 25 000 clp i don't know what clp is but it's the thing bright pink oh it's from chile yeah it's from chile
it's bright pink as in like i've never seen that color before so maybe it's giants from from nelson painkiller thank you nelson fankiller thank you that's an excellent name that is an excellent and hey guys happy new year uh do you guys know any good skirts any good start splitter solution i got myself a trinitron tv with scar input and i'd like to capture the signal and play on the crt tv at the same time any suggestions shout outs from chile uh uh splitter i'm
not sure yeah i'm not so sure about like a dedicated splitter but like g scott has that's actually exactly what i'm doing right now i'm running through the g start so that goes to the crt and out to the capture device of choice so that's definitely the easiest way to do it yeah i mean that's that's the way i do it here although i do uh i run mine out to an extra next run is also another way to do it so although you're going into a scaler you will need a
uh before the the signal gets to your scaler you'll want to uh yeah let's walk up this way it looks it looks like it's something like lower the ttl here go to the map point try oops hang on i'll wait for you so we can look at least check that out it looked like the bridge over the river was very similar looking it was yeah i think when we get to the ruins it'll be interesting again what's what's the difference between combo and critical i forget
combo i combo is like a two-hit attack and combo's like a single less powerful well it's more powerful than a single one of the combo hits but it it uh goes from command to action faster so you can use it to interrupt enemies essentially that's basically like you're all right one of your cancel moves yeah uh there's a five dollars from for a love of the game thank you saying panzer panzer saga's battle system is absurdly fun uh more likely to degrade you based on your performance in battle
and definitely what i think is kind of cool is it it doesn't really feel like not true at all you know it's just it's like a menu based panzer dragoo so this this one's interesting because this is basically going to be the same because in this case um because this is a this is 3d terrain it's polygons on both saturn and playstation so the playstation just naturally has an easier time handling this area yeah i didn't think of that what's up
back to the world map now we're going to the saruto isek okay what uh what's the um what's the battle transition like on on saturn like it's just kind of this little watery wave on uh on playstation it's pretty cool on playstation i have to say but you'll see uh well i actually made it to the ruins so i'll just wait here for you to arrive so just run up the trail when you get a chance okay yeah i must be really close to the zoom line yeah the playstation background though
even in a small window that is hideous i mean you know if you didn't know any better i can i love the the initial like camera pan that you get here when you arrive at the salt ruins tunnel entry is frightening though those spikes let's peep oh yeah absolutely uh there we got uh 2.56 cents from uh tim mcconnell thank you thing i found a pvm in half-life alex so he's totally right there's also like
a 3dfx voodoo cards hidden in the game uh and when i pointed this out in my video the artist that actually made them uh let me know on twitter so they actually and i thought that was great like they actually recreated the 3dfx voodoo graphics card almost perfectly obviously without the 3dfx branding for the silk screening but like it's pretty cool which one is it just the the original the original voodoo yeah okay oh yeah yeah i i i love like looking for pvms and like movies and stuff now like
they're all over in movies oh yeah you know a long time ago i got a i found a brand new sealed voodoo ii there's a lot of warping on this that's awesome by the way but i i i sent it to uh to lgr and i think he is like in his background for a while there oh no that's pretty old i kind of wish i'd kept it now but yeah at the time i was like well seems like something he might he might
be into that that that's like my video card collection so i'm happy oh really even you have a voodoo three agp so i have all the different voodoo variants but i also finally got the power vr pcs pc x2 graphics card last year as well as two variants of the rendition verite the v1000 and v2200 so i could play v quake uh and v quake is fantastic and super cool very different from geo quake
i need to do a video about that so whatever happened to diamond is diamond still around no oh the diamond vc 5000 it did not go well for diamond unfortunately let's see here it was your troops who made us lay aren't you a little relaxed whoa look at the sprite uh it looks especially warped on playstation there her sprite oh the one with the glasses well i mean they all do but it's easier to see on hers yeah just this leverindus this
particular level of zoom just seems like something it can't handle very well is it a lot i mean yours is so far away so i guess it's a lot still it's still pixelated on the saturn because it's zoomed in but it looked really weirdly distorted i mean on playstation here it looks like some of the pixels are 1x wide and some were actually 3xy so it's it is not only non-integer with like two sizings there's like there's some
extreme non-integer going on here and yeah to answer a question in the chat i do have some matrix cards uh i have like um a mystique a millennium two and like a ge200 i do need to get a g400 actually okay so i'm just chilling here until tri-side is done and then we'll be linked up again for some reason though i feel like this zone with that big camera fly over like had especially much uh uh texture warping and that because
i saw that on the playstation side yeah okay so let's head down there and take a look oh you have the bottom yeah i sort of feel like you see like like around here like there there's some pretty obvious geometry scenes in the uh oh yeah it's it's a lot more noticeable one playstation yeah even though this right here this right here is flat but you can really see the seams so we go uh below i guess yeah we go down the ramp i don't i'm probably i think i'm going
wrong wait for you to get down there i don't remember very much about this the early parts of this game outside of the you know the first city yeah it's a little bit slow going but once it gets yeah it's pretty going pretty sweet okay here we go talk to them i mean the only games that i can i feel like have a really similar feel to this is like the first lunar i was just playing uh i i just tossed in lunar 2 eternal blue on saturn
the other day and i played through the first hour but didn't realize that or it takes like 256 blocks to save which is unbelievably high oh actually yeah i actually don't think i realized there was a saturn version of the of the ps the ps i guess it's the same as the ps1 versions right uh yeah yep yeah i just thought it was sega cd and then ps1 nope it's also on saturday but but the saturn version is only in japan i take it
yes bless but it's a good version yeah and try as you're studying uh japanese you really should play gamers games are really good for sort of practicing i think especially luna arts it's really pretty easy to read and understand yeah i was noticing on yours there's not a lot there's not a lot of kanji on on on grandia here compare compare no i mean but the problem is i'm right now i'm mostly that's the time where you look it up the problem right now is like mostly i'm studying kanji so like just ring pure hiragana
is like kind of hard right now oh i see but that's a very interesting way to approach it from well i i i need to i need to expand my approach a little bit but it's kind of hard to introduce like new new methods of study uh right now like kind of one of the series that i've kind of been looking at trying to play relatively early is like some of the polio polio games because like most of the time like the dialogue doesn't really matter and uh uh you know it it seems to be pretty simple
from what i've seen but yeah did that see okay i don't think i would say ice t is asking uh uh lunar sega cd ice tea's here sorry got my hope slipped here he's uh he's by himself though no no body count uh sega cd or ps1 look at this look at this like mouth walk up to trigger the dialogue try if you can and then oh the camera didn't go down dang it
oh line up the shot there i i really like i really like sort of the the the way the texture work kind of adds that like pink glow coming from the mouth yeah it's really cool right it's just it's just texture work but it you you really get a sense of like the direction of the light with the way that the uh you know the the different parts of the metal are shadowed it's it's it's all it's a nice texture electro ash just sent out a challenge show us your long box collection to get
the view count up challenge accepted but i'm only doing playstation because i have way too many long box saturn uh and sega cd games so i'm gonna do playstation long boxes are you ready for this here we go the textures look quite similar in this uh angle right here okay part one oh no here they come here they come he's he's really going for it long boxes i i think i think he might literally be if if you just stat
make them in one stack you might actually be so i don't have as many playstation as i do for saturn but as you can see you know i consider this being balls deep in long boxes yeah pretty good right you know i i mean oh you might be chest deep in long box okay let's let's let's pause the ground here for a second so we can discuss the long boxes are you ready
so first we have battle arena to shinden right yeah that's the best they've been hearing you talking about that lately of course virtual fighter killer we got a audi favorite game keeley you know pitch that you leaked the blood you know while you're doing this i'm actually going to get the bathroom okay uh you say kill like the blood yeah it's this is audi's favorite playstation game if you ask him about it i i i hope you do you have cr is is crazy i've been a
a uh long box it's a crazy vaughan it's crazy eve on a long box crazy vaughn right here oh man you know we said we used to call that because if you look at the disc on there there's some russian writing on there and it says oh nacho so we called the game oh nacho look at the disc it says oh nacho they're confusing it's like it's it's russian for like warning or something like that yes oh this is a great one wrestlemania
the arcade game can't go wrong yeah gotta have original ridge razor of course uh mk3 the game responsible for for pushing out midway's um uh home console development because sony funded this bad boy and they kicked up really kicked off their development of like doing home console ports themselves because midway had previously farmed out their arcade games until that this was the first arcade port that midway did in-house that's why it's so good
even though it's mk3 yeah oh who's in who's into this though not audi i'll tell you that yeah definitely not audi well i mean from technos american tech news ah huh american tech knows anyone well i mean they have to get excited it's not techno it's just more long boxes need for speed loaded nhl face off yep over here we got road rash
of course yeah battle arena tuition into 3d lemmings ugh no thanks street fighter i forgot three times believe in a thing i have barely played any games oh street fighter warrior's dream i love this box the gex box i'll tell you why because it's gex but if you look behind them there's a cd back there look at that there's a cd because it comes on a cd-rom
wow those things are the future you know i'm telling you man it's got an ad for blazing dragons in there too all the hottest hits oh here we go kingsfield hang on i'm going to try to i'm going to try to uh get you guys a little more uh full screen here one second see i have okay you're right i have the kingsfield um prepaid hint card look at that we can't we can't see where it's gonna
be there we are i i just have discord full screen now uh it doesn't it's not gonna focus on it but it's the prepaid hint card that comes with the game it's like a kingsfield trading card just in case you get stuck because you will get stuck this this game makes dark souls look like nothing this is a game where literally you press new game you start and you just press like forward on the d-pad and within like two seconds you just fall into a bottomless lake and die
like no joke like the first time you play this game you're probably just gonna fall to your death within like like multiple times within the first minute of play and then you're like okay you know maybe you should change like make it a your mission to change the overall perception where you say like this is like the dark souls of this unrelated genre you can say it's the king's feel and here's the here's the thing about long boxes though and this is this is why i get so passionate about long boxes right because you get three types in the playstation
like of course you've got the classic sega style uh very easily broken plastic case here right i i i hate them then you have my least favorite pure cardboard and also cyber speed which i don't like either there's one these are plastic and then yes exactly like off-world interceptor and an extreme do you have any that the uh are are you is the um the like the label and everything coming off of all of them yeah like this one like uh
this viktoki special silver load uh it's peeling a little bit here which is really annoying but if you want a western game and you like victokai i'm a fan of mr tokai i don't know about you yeah skeleton warriors victor guy did a mansion of hidden souls which i think viktor kai also did uh of course uh time dominator first and battle mania daigenjo well dagon joe is one of my favorite
games in the mega drive of course but also one of the most expensive poden return fire how about that so how do you guys feel about show and tell long boxes long box edition return fire i have returned fire i only have i don't have i have a handful of uh of long boxes just really cool that's all that's all you need it's all i think about long boxes is that they're long uh there was a uh 599 from kevin j
james thank you uh saying i just bought a restaurant retro tank 2x uh pro multi format for my ps2 someone offered to sell me their launch backwards compatibility or backers compatible ps3 for 120 dollars do i bite i mean i i do definitely use the pro because you can use it for so much other stuff as well oh yeah absolutely you can use it for something there's too much life too much long box but uh launch ps3s you know obviously uh you
know compatibility is not perfect for ps1 and ps2 but you know very good overall i do think though that that the visual representation of ps2 games through a backwards compatible ps3 on an hdtv is probably the in my opinion the best uh upscaling uh that you can get with ps2 games i i do believe that uh but you know compatibility is a concern um but it does look very very good for
ps2 it really it really it really does wait wait did somebody just say no rayman long box what about two raymond oh there you go that's pretty saturn for the saturn you know but that works i i i love love that raymond the raymond i get the raymond over here you know you gave me a copy of of uh jaguar raymond dragor raymond
i'm not sure if it is because i haven't seen it it is that's right i had that uh that spare copy when i got my complete inbox version of raymond yeah it doesn't have a lot of raymond so i i can't be sure it's not verified that's right at least so try that was a small break into the world of long boxes yeah yeah there were many boxes they were long they were long and they they they reached various heights on the human body
depending on where you were stacking them such as on your desk there's five dollars from uh for love of the game saying battle mania is anti-nintendo propaganda that's why it rules yep exactly so i i feel like the texturing looks really similar on the two versions on on this uh on in this scene as we immediately enter here like it looks really close so again this is actually
where uh playstation will do best in um the dungeon in areas like this because there's a lot of uh um polygons basically yeah but also there's more warbling going on on playstation yeah as i turn this camera like the texture like the ground like immediately in front of justin is doing a bit of an up and down uh there's 4.99 from from brooks thank you so still one of my favorite usernames
brooks it feels like john is everywhere these days crash bandicoot episode of restaurants with you dropped this morning too everything on there again yeah that was a good episode we did that a month or so ago reporting pretty quick that's awesome that's awesome i mean you should listen to the crash one because we go into a lot of history with like naughty dog and all kinds of stuff that's really interesting you talk about way of the warrior a bunch yes
obviously leads you into a half hour discussion on white zombies okay now now commander mullen his voice is i will admit mullen's voice is bad okay we've been talking about long boxes but what about the longest boxes are dangerous and for whatever reason oh wait one of your discs is actually in the 3d this came with both the european and american manual and the european and
american disc the european disk is pinkish and the uh us version is red that's what's actually in my 3do because i often turn it on lightning star squad has the web desert moon squad oh no the phone filler we're counting remember when these games came with foam that's another reason why i love oh i hate foam though foam like disintegrates so bad no yeah take care of it those virtual boy carrying cases though oh wait for the love of the game has
challenged me you also become quite an able agent oh yeah i mean the way of the warrior oh for the longest time i always thought that was their first game but that's not even remotely true uh it was naughty dog's first game but i read something about doing like doing all the uh digitizing of the characters like in there they did they did actually from what that's right they did all the performances in their own apartment was that was that quarantine that was
quarantined the bloody with the bloody wiper dude the introduction movie to quarantine is incredible it is unbelievable it's one of my favorite things this box is hard to open though ah i can't see this is the only only uh 3do long box i have is rotarash and i have to lay it on its side because it throw all my shelving out of whack if i was to have it you know i think actually this gets back to the most shocking thing for me
in 2020 was to learn that tri doesn't like the soundtrack and road rash in the 3do oh i know well i mean well it was it was not a fan of the music of the time period i mean and also the visual style well it was it was more the visual it was more the the visual style the it was it was i liked the visual style i liked the visual style it was it was the caricature scenes that i did not like i did not like all of the characters i liked everything else i liked everything else about the
visuals you didn't like the caricature yeah that's right i i was the character see this i would love to hunt down the original artist for that and have him do a portrait of try in that style oh gosh i mean i love like like something like even myself i'd use i would love that that would be amazing cory would just hate him hanging out we ever did like a podcast or something and we needed art for that podcast we should totally get like uh all of our art done up in the style of
road rash for the 3do i would love it wait try did an impression of the cruising usa interest song oh yeah you need me to do it again yeah you're going to have to cruising yeah because on usa yeah whoa whoa better than anything on the road around town whoa uh i mean you know i i i would i would i would not i would not deny this
dude i just i just watched um that insert coin documentary on oh i got i need to get that off of uh amazon and uh they do they do talk about cruising for a bit and eugene's on there talking about i was always yeah i was thinking about it as i was watching try play it last night that it uses it uses the nba jam font yeah that's right war gods is also in that documentary oh really yeah the thing is though is
they go they go through all that and then they talk about the end of midway and somehow they didn't talk about hydro fingers didn't even talk about revolution x and like showing aerosmith and stuff but they didn't talk about hydro thunder and i'm slightly confused by that i've not watched it yet but just the amount of material that they had available yeah i feel like just doing a film was like it would have been a series man it should have been a series because there's just so much stuff there
that they don't really have a lot of time to to delve into any specific thing for that long of a time amount of time they should have given it to us i mean they were able to do get that kind of access because it was directed by the guy who was lou kang okay that's fair that's true josh yeah yeah still i was pretty happy with the mortal kombat video uh put out last year oh yeah that i did with audi that was a lot of fun
uh there's two dollars from uh for love of the game saying to quote try r4 nah give me cruising [Music] yeah usa yeah the best thing to try is in the insert coin they actually do admit that uh nintendo came to them with a truck full of money and more time to make uh cruising usa like sort of sponsored by nintendo and they were even thinking like well the hardware has nothing to do with all
464. that's so weird and they just put it in there just because of this marketing deal but it's completely unrelated as we all knew yeah and of course the n64 version is um i mean i don't think it's great i think it's uh it's pretty far off the arcade version well well like ain't no driver that's for sure no like i said driver uh uh survival mode like i said when i was when i was playing it last night like it's it's junk food
gaming at its finest to me you know yeah it's it's it's it's it's kind of a i i admit it's kind of a bad game but i've just got a real soft spot for it now i think the the uh what do you say um uh crucial world and cruz and exotica do perform much better on n64 than cruising usa and they have more they have there's more to their mechanics you know you have much more ability to um get ahead
of the other racers and such so uh there you go you know it uh you know those are better games but it the one that i have nostalgia for uh is is cruising usa i i think exotica is like a lot of fun actually because like the flipping over cars mechanic is just like so stupid and hilarious that's it's ridiculous which is something that happens often in this game it seems like there was
some stream stability issues uh earlier but i think it's more or less settled wait did somebody just mention macho man randy savage yeah oh yeah that rocks thank you 2.99 gotta have uh [Music] or or bone saw do we have any uh battle abilities yet like i've just been mashing attacks since i'm not really taking this all that seriously
go ahead yeah i'm just kind of wondering aimlessly currently i don't know let's see if see how far we can get cruising that was a pretty good try i have to admit you did actually channel the experience of cruising usa oh back attack oops signed me to save a meant to recover i wish they would just auto recover at the save points rather than having him
manually it's like come on am i am i actually going to recover well try the re oh yeah i see what you mean when you step into it it should just recover right yeah yeah yeah i don't know that's weird though i really oh man oh wow i just let myself get killed because i wasn't paying attention oh do you even have revival items or do you do you revive with one hp after battle or something i can do kaifuku uh there's a five dollars from craig wan
thank you saying i'll admit to play in the second game and not the first i'm finally playing grandia on the switch but we see a comparison video of all three versions um we definitely briefly considered it but yeah we did we did consider it i mean i still cannot believe that they never gave an option in the hd version for unfiltered sprites so yeah and also the the hd version is directly based on the playstation version
which by the way is something that uh so i saw this game at e3 the hd version audi was with me actually we went to the meeting together and i asked so which version was based on and they said oh it's based on the saturn let me start it up and i'm like well actually this is the playstation version it was it was like this very embarrassing moment i'm not sure they liked me too much after that i was talking i said you should probably allow us to turn off sprite filtering and i was basically complaining about all the
things that everybody complained about and then they're like uh we'll take that into consideration but you know like just get out of here yeah but i was right and they've done tons of like post post release patches for and they never gave that option and there's even situations where uh certain characters for some reason like weren't filtered and they then they patched it so that they were filtered see the thing is though is that when i said they should allow you to
turn it off they they were actually like well then it wouldn't be hd oh gosh it's like an ux filter right that's on it it's terrible yeah utterly baffling to me yeah i mean i just think it you know like hold on like that bad um but i mean like some people might not care but i think it's just important to have it as an option to turn it off wait there's a there's an inferior pc wait the remake of power slave so the
only remake i know of unless there's a new one was of the the one that kaiser did years ago which was based on the playstation version which is power slave ex is there another new version that was released based on the build engine pc version i didn't know about that to check because yeah the pc version of powerslave is it's okay but it's it's not it's not nearly as good i love powersleeve though did you get the most recent have you guys played uh corey
that was about uh play play granny will won or bring granny a two but not one oh yeah yeah oh that was that was what launched the hd top oh man yeah granda i did like grandia too but ranja i like to play that there grandia that that that was someone didn't you say someone like came into your store asking calling it that or something it's not a my favorite though is back in when i started uh composing that tweet
saying that we were going to be streaming it at uh two eastern time uh my my phone uh my phone uh uh said uh it's like grandma so it was it we're gonna be comparing the saturn in ps1 versions of grandma grandma oh man but man do you know like people would call into game stores and
ask for like when games would come out and whenever uh stuff like a new sports game would hit people would be all calling in like hey you got that new 2k1 you got that two you got that 2k2 you just kind of have to intuit intuitively no yeah whatever the most recent one really i i remember when i uh well versus that stuff from like years of it but for me like where i was where i
lived it was a lot of times it was just like the new like whatever wrestling game was coming out oh yeah i uh when i when i picked up uh metroid samus returns at uh best buy um they mistakenly give you the game boy version that would actually be awesome if they had them i'll take a box copy of that um no but um the guy was you know i'm like um i'm here to pick up a game the guy was all like you said
like like he's he's like oh you're here for 2k and i'm like no [Laughter] i mean that happened two years ago with uh clinoa too i told you about this when i went to see the final fantasy spirits within movie and then i stopped at gamestop on the way home to pick up kanoa too came out and i walked in and everybody was like lined up and they just pulled out a copy of like ncaa 2002 started ringing it up
and i asked for clinoa too and they're like oh um let me look i'm like i think we got a copy of that let me see oh yes that dog game i'm i'm here for the pull it out for the for the for the kitty games and it's just it was it's one of those moments where you're like kind of looking around like am i in the right place i love like the mispronunciations the one i always talked about is like the person called a tomb raider called a tom b raider at the time
zombie wreaker oh man it's like tomb raider with a with tomba in it or the the european version of tom tomba i love it when when when games would hit would keep their full um uh japanese titles and people would call in asking about that and that's uh that didn't usually go well i remember like i i don't know why i mean we were just dumb teenagers you know i
i i made up this weird way to say controller where me and my friends we just sometimes call them controllers we do you know we just say you know give me an n64 controller and like one time i called kb toys to ask sounds lewd to to ask if i called kb toys to ask if if if they if they had any blue n64 controllers like i i like i just said it that way like on purpose just to see if she would like
understand what i was saying and she was just like what i said i said uh blue n64 controllers do you have any of this she's like oh uh yeah we got a couple goodbye controllers my uh my friend was just dying that i actually did it you know i i i'm old enough when it was like you know nintendo games were nintendo tapes and the controllers like a lot of parents would call them the remotes
yeah oh the remote of course this is the nintendo remote and then nintendo went and called the wiimote the wii mode well it's we remote some people really don't like you to drop the re part of that oh that's true is a wonderful name and i'm okay using that i'll tell you i'll tell you i'll tell you what what what kind of drives me a little nuts i don't like it a lot of people do this so no no shame if you do it but it bothers me when people call it the nintendo wii i don't like that because it's just the
wii like do i think nintendo maybe should have called it the nintendo wii i think it was i think it was a bad move like try not i think it's okay to call it that because it is a product by nintendo i i i but it is that's not the name of the product i would say nintendo apostrophe s wii perhaps nintendo's wii console nintendo's wii console but it is not the nintendo wii
is the nintendo gamecube is the nintendo switch is the nintendo entertainment system it is the super nintendo entertainment system but it is not the nintendo wii it's just the win is the we buy nintendo or nintendo warrior where shove it up y'all [Laughter] you talk about that week you know talk about that little remote i am talking about that we can dig it oh look at look at the inside of this
this stone head it's awesome i am slightly lost because i haven't paid attention to where i'm going there is that it's awesome it's got this like five p-e-n i'm not sure what currency that is from a lorenzo lorenzo cuff [Music] and there's also uh two dollars from for love of the game saying talk about that we i i am i'll i'll the shark controller for the n64
and it's uh and it's one inch shaft it's it's still on the floor talking about the uh look at this thing analog stick shaft it's it is weirdly strong like it's it's hard to show on the screen but it's like it's really long and i i did not enjoy using this controller last night so i stopped that's right hooky talking about the ps triple i'm talking about that we
and uh there's also five dollars we need him again no with no uh no oh he actually has a follow-up comment saying uh gripping about nintendo wii is kind of nutty save the energy to grip about people that say snezz all the ire it's like in the uk they call it the snizz i found and also the ps the psp is often referred to as the piss well you know i i used to think that uh
i i used to think that that ness was like mostly like a canadian and uk thing but then like i've learned a lot of people in the us say it too say ness yeah now like i tried to say like ness rgb or high def nest because that is what the creators of those products actually call them so i i do try to say ness what i'm talking about those but when i'm talking about the system i just say nes i love the inside of this door like this this thing yeah we're in the
same spot yeah we are i've been waiting for you okay so if we like get like this angle here it's pretty much they they did a good job keeping this one intact i'd say yeah it's uh it's it's a really cool door ah you know i was wondering if we played uh rodea on the wii did you do you have rotated this oh yeah soldier i have the the wii u version that comes with the wii version but isn't it is it the wii version apparently isn't the wii u version
part of the 3ds version the wii u version wii u in 3ds version is like a an attempt to like i don't want to say remake but it's like it's its own thing it's different versus like um the wii the original wii version is the better version yeah and that was developed by naka's original team yeah one was not and uh
i mean i'll play it one day family computer yeah you could say that are you in there saying i would pay money to see try perform at a video game themed concert that is all five dollars to hear them do that into a sing sing the the cruising music into a out of control like pa system dude just think about uh what if you have try and uh meets yoshi together like it's
like daytona usa versus cruisin daytona i didn't try like fires backwards cruising yeah yeah whoa whoa daytona versus cruising yeah you know mitsuyoshi already did a remix of the uh ridge racer theme if you've heard it oh my god it's incredible it's like the original ps1 ridge racer song but like mitsuyoshi singing it like daytona style and it's incredible
i will send it to you all right sounds good so i went back out that's a mistake yeah i did that too i'm i'm not entirely sure how to proceed in here either yeah so this is where you have an encounter with colonel mullen they call him mullen i think in the uh they might some some of the trans some of the translations said uh said some of the texts said hair mullen hair mulen i i this place is confusing
it's just out here again yeah it's not here again i just went out here to see if it was connected or not the wicked john in the chat is saying who remembers rogue galaxy on ps2 i know tri remembers real galaxy i i you know i've never made you break a controller i did not break the controller but i i was using a logitech wireless ps2 controller and i i did throw it way across the room it's it's my only like real controller tossing incident that i can think of
i i'll wait for you to try just keep stepping on the button in the middle oh okay i kept believing last game that really made me lose my mind i think like in just terms of like frustration uh was probably the story mode in uh f-zero gx oh that's so hard it is it's so hard even on like the easiest difficulty yeah i just remember having the control and like twisting it and then i just like started hitting like one of the grips
on it and something broke inside of it oh i i don't i've never broken a controller but my sister and i used to play fighting games a lot and when she would get angry she would unleash violence upon me so one time she literally like whipped me with a belt whoa won a match of dinner live too but it's all good wait i went in from the other side try you went from the blue side you go to
the other side it was different i wasn't gonna lose my patience like i did with f-zero because f-zero story mode is just like insanely hard and then you have to to unlock the the arcade characters you have to beat each mission on very hard oh yeah oh yeah unlocking f0ax that that's actually one of the most devious things ever in a game where it's like the arcade game is hidden in this game but to get it you need to beat one of
the hardest games ever made yeah and i i genuinely think that the story mode in gx is one of the hardest games out there oh even even on like the default difficult you found it okay oh wow these uh heads are are weird oh wait wait just walk up uh oh nevermind so walk up to the first right there that curve then we're kind of matched up and we can kind of see oh yeah you have mine more cropped actually i think but it's fine
okay let's walk forward a little bit yeah actually mine mine looks like there's a little less view but whatever so let's walk up to the to the sun this is an interesting floor texture like i mean it's not the kind of thing that you'd normally see on playstation there's a big seam though right under the uh the round part there's a big symbol that shows how the it's not there on saturn and that's i assume it's just
endless endless floor maybe it's my guess because it doesn't have any of that weird warping it's very clean i'm bad at voice acting uh there's two dollars from uh swift mine thank you saying gonna invest going to invest into a saturn any tips thanks uh the rapper houseman says be rich uh yeah get get them get a mode i guess it's uh i hate to saturn's one of my favorite systems ever but it is um
i've been collecting for it since like 1997. so um it's one of those things where i feel like trying to build a collection now we try is gonna be so expensive to get the best stuff that it's it's pretty brutal yeah i uh i i didn't know that much about the system when i first got it and like i had no idea that the games were so it was so hard to get uh good games so this room is good on both but what i love about this room is the way
you see how they draw all the pillows through the shadows yeah it's really dynamic looking it really makes it look like there's like a huge like burst of light go ahead and walk in yeah yeah welcome he holds fake lighting is really good atmosphere in this room [Applause] that was the wrong voice yeah i just like getting a mode is all right motor of fenrir errors this is this is this is good atmosphere in here right it's a really great atmosphere i
love this uh okay this area the transparency looks better on playstation there that's another that's always where playstation wins transparency oh uh welcome breadmaster with two dollars canadian said any scenario where the saturn could have went won i assume like the entire the entire generation i don't think so sadly [Music] like there's so much stuff i have never even known about and i constantly am
discovering this looks great here i love this this guy is so beautiful i think still the the scaling dated on the on the clouds i don't know if it's as smooth as it is on saturn but it looks great what what's going on don't be scared this is the land [Music] what's her face [Music] i mean i guess it's possible saturn could have won if sony just really dropped the ball and you know didn't have good marketing
you know hey they had gone straight from the sega cd to saturn oh for sure i mean at least it didn't falter as much as like nec because the pc engine is very successful in japan and then the pc fx hit and the pcfx shares the same processor with a virtual boy even which is interesting between the humans and so there's like a weird relationship there but nec provided a lot of parts for things so
look okay we get the cutscene switches to interlaced so we get this like little pause created by an eternal promise yeah on playstation fmvs must just be darker in general because like your your game capture is a little darker than mine it makes sense because mine's all digital right yeah the fmv does look a lot darker but the fmv looks significantly darker yeah i wonder if it has to do with the because it switches to interlaced mode so i don't know maybe there's something else maybe it's how the retro tank handles
interlaced in part i don't remember this looking so dark on the crt itself yeah i played it but it seems really dark and i don't know why i feel like it's game boy color there it is so yes i know i know nothing about this what is it grandia del tripas oh yeah yeah yeah this is it's a cool little rpg where it's like uh you kind of play along some of the
characters from grandia one but you're your own like you can see the dude there maybe yeah it's pretty smart does it actually fit into the does it actually fit into the story in any way or is it just kind of it's kind of its own thing but it's really it's basically related to it isn't any good yeah it's cool it's a fun little thing is it game art did someone else make it it's hudson who's involved with this well it says game arts on there but it
also i think it's a hudson related game i need to look more deeply into this it's an interesting game though you know when justin has this like regular like serious face pose it always throws me off because it doesn't that that that that pose always just like he never looks that way no otherwise like this one this this one where you're answering the question that one's fine but something about the one where he's just like really straight up with his mouth like half open
oh we get takson i said the second one i thought i thought the second one was right can i do better voice acting than the us voice i don't know uh somebody's the first one people are asking about um the grandeur ii ports and that is something to cover but we can't easily switch to that oh no i would switch to dc hdmi for that i mean i mean i i don't have an easy way to play ps2 down here right well i don't even have the ps2 version
yeah it would have to be dc hdmi for me as well but i have no way to show ps2 right now yeah so we can't easily do that but that that was ported by some not so great korean company to the uh ps2 and it's bad so there's the pc version the original pc version and then grandia 3 came out and it's absolutely glorious and that's only on ps2 right yeah that's a stunning game and it has nice 60 fps battles
uh in 30 fps overworld which is a pretty good mix i think for an rpg didn't uh didn't grandia extreme come out before grandia 3 it did it was the stop cap game but like is it is there really anything different about it i mean is it pretty much just enough yes no it's a it's a dungeon crawler oh but it's good like it's not a bad game like you're like you're you basically have this over world but you're like going down underground into these dungeons
basically i i have it i thought it has grand grande combat and so it's interesting you know it actually works pretty well it's kind of a side story it's it's not a bad game well i i'm glad i knew that before trying to play but i do i i got it like uh i think i got it uh sometime in 2019 i got i got picked up and granny of three at the same time i think so grandia 3 has excellent gameplay i don't dislike the story either there are some parts with the story i have issues with i actually think one of the
disappointing things is when miranda leaves your party because she was like uh like yuki's mom i guess and she like adds like that much needed like jovial atmosphere to the game oh and when she leaves it gets a little too serious at points and oh meet scott there's mutin his voice is really bad it's it
all the other voices i am quite okay with his voice is bad it's real bad go together oh man i shouldn't do that i'm terrible at reading that but it is it's fun practice to pretend you're like a shitty voice actor but like i you know it only works when you're playing a game like grandia where the actual voice acting is so bad even though i know you love it try i'm sorry it's charming it's endearing but it's pretty bad
yeah now now look look here uh mullen you know has that scaling issue where in this particular pose at this zoom level where one eye is bigger than the other let's see if you're right let's see if i can get him to do that that move hold on pause there please zip forward there he goes oh it's like that on saturn too and it's because it's because the camera is zoomed in right now yeah it's not it's not the neutral state the
the the antennas on puffy like really suffer with some weird scaling artifacts when it's so zoomed in just because you know they're so thin [Music] well it's old puffy all puffy puffy when they do the the puffy like cheering attack that is extremely cheesy
i mean how how old are the is justin and sue supposed to be i always thought they were supposed to be like nine and three really no just kidding no they're not that young but like justin's probably like 14 or 15. yeah i think he's a teenager and sue is probably like 10 or 11. but you know the thing about japanese rpgs is is like by the time you're like 25 you're like an old withered man yeah world exactly like i think like arin and final fantasy 10 is something
he's like 29 or something what no or in his 30s or something it's like insane he's like just like i've seen everything you know i mean i was always amused in the manual for final fantasy 7 you know since like 31 or 32 or something like that but like his description is like like why like an old pilot who hasn't forgotten his dreams [Laughter] yeah i mean i i do remember being sad
when i was like when i turned like 21 22 years old and i realized that i'm like older than almost every japanese rpg protagonist yeah like the main character from like the original like beer yeah what he's what like 35 well like the oh like like oh like daddy near or brother near daddy near well we talked a little bit about it a couple weeks ago he's actually supposed to be an older
yeah he's a poor guy the remake or remaster that's coming out because that is really weird about it you know he's like so untypical protagonist and it's just because he's just like he's just like kind of a ugly guy he's like an ugly old guy oh man when i see somebody's 22 and i'm just thinking like the saturn was almost dead in north america and like you know like all those times that we lived through and it's like yeah yeah
people weren't even born this stuff was happening it's just extra old i mean it's it's so weird to me that like you know systems that came out after i graduated from college like there's people old enough on the internet to be talking about how it's like their childhood i mean try you were always blown away when i said i was i was seven when the nes came out yeah i mean the nes already existed before i could remember anything and like it's still so weird to me to
hear you say that like oh you played like fall fantasy 7 in college that's so weird to me like because i play it in high school first year of college i mean it came out when i was in middle school but i played it in high school yeah i picked up a ps2 in my first year of college oh i i that that's the kind of boss like i love when you have a little flourish on like killing the boss i mean the best one is the final fantasy 6 style
that's like you know you have that at the beginning but you have the rays of light coming out of this and low explosion that's always good i played something not that long ago i don't even think it was a square game but it did the i love that that's gotta make that noise yeah uh i uh uh thanks thanks beto betobetotapp is saying uh how is the switch version of tube i had not played it i ordered the physical from
iran it's actually not bad like there's a few things i don't like about it but um it actually i think the battles are 60 frames per second which is an upgrade from dreamcast yeah and it's been upgraded to support widescreen it but the ui and stuff is still weirdly filtered and kind of ugly but is it based on the dreamcast version um i actually don't know i don't know what the i mean it's not not for the ps2 it's not the ps2 version ps2 version was so it probably is derived from that
so yeah the grandia 2 port is dramatically better than the awful awful uh grand e1 port which is just it's like you take the ps1 version and then you make it way worse that's basically what they did just by making everything smooth it looks like a real cartoon so hd bro it's hd
yeah i forgot i never ps2 version of grandia 2. legendarily bad but if you want to see the opposite then again got to play grandia three because it's a superb looking yeah yeah because i mean it's the only game it's the only system it came out on right yeah and it was a later game it was 2005. so it was yeah it really uh rare two-disc game on the system that's right i love the soundtrack to that too
so we can go back to parm move wait what going back to parm okay for a second there i thought you were saying you go back to arm in three and i'm like wait they're actually connected like i think that's a that's a missed opportunity it was a missed opportunity to continue in the same world i think because that's one of my favorite things about the lunar games is that they take place in the same world that they are direct i don't understand why they didn't
actually do that yeah i don't know where home is it's near the fountain i guess yeah i i understand it gives them more freedom but at the same time like i just think that it's it's nicer like it's it's so much more rare to have sequels that take place you know that are direct direct continuations and i think that's one of the things that makes lunar one or two so good is the fact that there is so many direct continuations from the the first one
yeah that's that's really cool yeah i'm trying to think of other games that do this um i mean that's probably one of the better parts about metal gear solid four when you go back to um again from the first game of shadow moses when you go back to shadow moses oh yeah yeah the way they did that was really cool especially because first part of the entire game honestly yeah you get the flashback via ps1 graphics but then when you actually land you land outside of
that area and you run into the forest and the music slowly fades in and it's like this abandoned like over snowed version of that original makes me want to just play that part of the game again i know that was really well done because it's like a like a creepy abandoned version of shadow moses basically yeah it's really cool i always love that yeah i wonder if that game will ever show up on anything else oh some it's metal gear solid 4 is very flawed but to say that there's nothing
good about it is really unfair yeah oh is oh is somebody saying that i liked it i mean three three is like clearly i feel like going back to it now i bet i would like like it i i liked it a lot when i played through it the first time i i feel like going back to it now i would like it even more i feel like mechanically it would be difficult to go back to because i i feel like it was it did not really i i feel like it didn't really follow like typical like third-person action
controls of the time and it's probably even weirder now oh yeah it's stupid it's been a long time since i played it oh so you can emulate mgs4 now oh wow okay so it looks like that's what gotta go harbor yeah okay you said the same thing that's a just across the bridge okay uh follow the area by the grassy gate yeah the grassy gate how does it run like in retrospect does mgs4 like run pretty decently
um so it's mostly 30 frames but it does have some pretty nasty slow down in spots and it has this annoying issue on ps3 where if you like look at the sky it jumps to 60. that's weird okay when you get it try hit the map hit the map yeah look at the difference here on this map there's no shadows or the sh the lack of shadows makes this really hard to parse look at that oh yeah the playstation version is just like garbage
here compared to yeah there's nothing to it wow that's a huge difference tony morrow is saying mds is being run on an agdq this week i wonder how much time will be spent waiting for the chapters to install they they had a patch for it that made it so you can install everything oh that's right yep you can insert that's the whole reason i got the game the legacy collection is because that is a version that has the patch already installed on the disk yeah oh no way i need to get that then
that was like the main reason i got it i guess we have to talk to a guy at the cafe i don't know if that's that's home oh i know where that's at i don't i wouldn't say that i wouldn't say the male gear solid 4 was a mistake even though it's like it re it does have some jumps and logic obviously like all all of them do yeah uh i i think that it it did everything that it could to tie up as much as it could i think metal gear solid five
was a mistake oh well gameplay-wise it was not a mistake but story-wise story-wise yes it did not it was unnecessary yes i will i will forever believe that mgs five should have ended at uh outer heaven like beginning of yeah metal gear it should have yeah if it tied in to where like you know solid snake was like you know
going on his you know mission from the msx original that would have tied everything up nice and neat but or like i mean if you're like if you like think about like twist like it wasn't you know like where he uh was the fake big boss in metal gear one like if it ended from his point of view of like oh you know there's somebody sneaking in yeah i think that that's it's if it ended there they would brought everything full circle and it'd
be done no you know i mean there would be no need to have like a mgs survive i mean the thing is with mgs5 is obviously the last year so development was really rough yes yeah uh i mean the gameplay in it is amazing they clearly they were on the right track with the gameplay it was phenomenal but yeah yeah it's it's fun to play but like the the story was unnecessary and
and so slowly revealed like most missions you go on don't feel like anything important no i know that that's the it's just thankfully the gameplay was solid enough where it worked i mean it's just like the actual main story missions were so few and far between you know where the person we're supposed to be talking to is and you know what if they they said a child there's so many little
things that could have been done i think to would have made people uh more satisfied with it like if they had made it so that the real big boss you see at the end had david hader's voice like that would have fixed everything that people had with like every problem that people had with keeper southerland oh it's this guy maybe the child was a bad translation i'm pretty sure she said child or boy said in japanese as well hmm
and i mean that would have made it totally worth it for them to say like hey this is uh it's not the real big boss so it's okay that he has like the different voice okay so real big boss so the problem is you got you also got ground zeroes the thing with uh kiefer sutherland was obviously he was like barely in the game right yeah and that's typical of hollywood actors so in video games but this is what one area where i really have to give a
cd project credit for cyberpunk because you know obviously keanu reeves is in that game right but he is really in that game i mean there is so much keanu reeves in that game like he is basically like like a central character to the store so much he does the whole thing he's in there all over the place which really surprised me like even just like incidental dialogue and the stuff around the city you see him popping up all over the place because he's literally implanted in your head so you see him in the world all
over the place and he's like you're like second conscience almost so you interact with him a ton he's your colonel campbell kind of except for he's like you know 50 years dead and like converted into some kind of like weird ai form that he didn't know about now he's trapped in your head johnny it's almost like johnny mnemonic actually which makes a lot of sense golden jupiter studios was saying what would happen if mgs4 was also on the xbox 360.
it would have to come like on its own hard drive right or like a usb stick or something it would have been an issue for storage yeah for sure i mean there's that one picture though so final fantasy 13 got ported to 360 and it was three discs right and the reason is because it's four or four i'm not sure but the reason it was so big was because it had video files right so they compressed those down they looked bad but they were able to do it
metal gear solid 4 doesn't really have that like there's very little video in the data is other things and i actually think it would be pretty tough to really compress it down with how the game was made to work on like dvds um and with the way they had to install the game to the hard drive for it to be smoothly playable and 360 didn't support that at the time uh i don't know i think it would have been it would have been tough and technically i think it could have been done but not the way they
programmed the game right the way it was wouldn't have worked well on 360 i think that's what i think it'll be interesting but it i i can't say if it'll ever like show up on anything else i suspect it will not because i mean who i i i don't know how much konami has of the project file anymore and even like i don't know it's just it's a pain to work with that stuff right
i almost don't see it happening for that reason it's kind of insane to think so it might not so the thing though is for a long time i you know i'd always been guessing about what blue point was doing next and i went back and forth between demon souls which was correct and metal gear solid 4. i always thought that blue point could have really done an amazing job if they could really not just like duplicate the game with new graphics but like really rethink the game i would really love to see what they could do with it
and it wouldn't make sense because they've worked with metal gear before yeah right so like i always thought like hmm that's gotta be the game it seemed it seemed like a perfect choice but in the end oh yeah no no no where's the uh the adventure blue point need needs to fix the intro to metal gear solid three hd remake it just like video file that doesn't look very good i don't know there's not many videos in mds three i don't know what's wrong with
what the intro is though i guess this guy's what part of the what part of the intro i'm assuming the the snake eater credit no most of that's all in real time oh i thought it like so remember even on the music isn't synced to the video i guess exactly wait did they did they change it somebody did they change it was it coffee in the english side oh yeah they're talking about java or
the guy's name is java the guy's name is java that's the bar on the japanese version yeah yeah game seasick is no fun but the coffee gives me a nice buzz this is oh no he says sake oh it's funny i think he's buzzing quite a bit yeah the sake gets him drunk and gives him a great feeling that's funny so that's the coffee gives
them a great buzz i am my the espresso that i've been drinking last few months gives me a nice buzz every morning it's called knee buckling espresso ooh that sounds pretty intense yeah it's good so man i'm i'm so lost in this town where is the exit this way i think it's this way there we go oh i guess do i have to wait till the next
day i think you're asleep yeah there's nothing available on the map right now yeah i pre i think we should go back to the uh the restaurant and sleep how many uh how many save files do you have available on saturn uh you have as many as you want until you fill your system ram ah okay i can probably show you in a second what i have there's that two euros from daniel black thank you and there's also two dollars
from john perry g old jpeg uh do 4k tvs downscale for 1080p devices like dcm hdmi oh i mean they display it they upscale that signal to to it 4k yeah i don't know what you mean by downscale i think he's just wondering if but but do you mean upscale yeah i think he was thinking is go it goes the opposite way well i mean the the reality is every digital tv does an upscale of some kind
if it didn't then it would just be in the middle of the screen you know maybe like just yeah small i mean i'm ready for playing waiting for you to get to the dining scene okay plane uh playing 1080p stuff on my 4k tv like at a normal viewing distance i think my tv uh scales it really well i mean if you get up close to it it's so it's it's a it's not like a nearest neighbor up scale or anything but it you know it looks good it looks good wait so they go skip ahead to justin
i want to see what so they that's weird unless they call them jinsan in the japanese version java java unless maybe they're make trying to make a joke on the coffee place yeah maybe i don't know that's weird uh didn't one company have a 4k tv that line double 1080p to 4k i think panasonic's panasonic yeah but pansock stopped selling tvs in the us like years ago which is really still
good you can still get them here do they still have that feature though yeah uh i don't know when the last one they did though so maybe it has been a while but the thing is though is with the current oleds i don't really think you need it that much because like the upscale quality is already quite good with very minimal uh blurring the older oleds had more blurring but they've since dramatically improved it and it looks very very crisp yeah i don't think it's all that necessary but i would love to
see like a a device that does like 1080p 720p you know two you know 2x 3x yeah lag free you know like in theory like every retro device that's coming out right now that has good scaling built into it like if it has sharp pixel edges that effectively makes them future proof you know what i mean like it would look like a native 4k output with no added lag
in theory you're totally right oh well okay so so i guess in case there's new people to the chat somebody said the saturn is supposed to look better but the ps1 looks crisper again the ps1 looks crisper because it's the ps1 digital whereas the the saturn side is me doing 240p to 480p via the retro tank 2x and then sending that signal to try via discord so you're looking at a discord stream of my 480p
image yeah on tries versus his direct uh ps1 digital yeah so re read the labels on the top of the monitors and the reason i'm using the retro tank is actually just because on streams it's easier to have like a zero fiddling device the osse you know i always configure it per system usually and it's just it's one less thing to worry about when getting streaming i mean remember that we are not comparing video quality we are comparing graphical techniques
and the ps1 is not crispr in this case in that and so much as that they are identical resolution but um you're right technically because the the ps1 is actually that digital output from the ps1 digital that is going to be the sharpest and and and you know possibly that's making it look seem brighter as well you know you don't have to yeah exactly you can't do this with saturn right now and i'm not sure you ever could uh do you know what we're doing now i assume that the
new location would be on the on the map but i know i was yeah exactly i thought i thought they were they were talking about they were talking about going to the place where the where the oh train station oh i i actually have no idea what the train station is where is it i haven't been there oh it's uh right go down by the fountain yeah uh see that big green building at the bottom of the screen
oh okay that's it is wondering what the best way to play grandiose one in 2020 would be just play the piano or a different way saturn version absolutely and apparently the english translation is quite complete yeah i understand the official translation from yeah it's based on the ps1 translation yeah so if you have a way between that that's a good way to do it but i mean if you have the ps1 version is still a very good way to play it i would say
if that's what you got also the saturn version with the english translation does it retain the japanese it retains the japanese voice acting i assume yeah i don't i don't know i mean i assume because i wouldn't insert the english voices i assume i assume they would not but i mean there there are there are people and i me and corey and i aren't the only ones that unapologetically love the english voice acting it has it has a very distinct charm now
there is some of that cool like sort of uh sort of glowy blend mode going on with the steam from the train on ps1 here you know i have this memory of of uh you know i had a day off of work maybe it was even a snow day and i i remember playing the i i don't know if if it's soon or if it's much later there's a train segment where you fight those like lady generals or they're i don't know if you fight
them directly but they're like they're there i don't know if this is part of that sequence or not but like oh the truth oh that's right is this no this isn't it but you're right later on when you're on the train right there's that whole long sequence yeah i mean it was sort of more of an action sequence that was fun yeah i like it i i i have a very distinct memory of playing that segment when i it must have been a snow day from work or something and i was i just i remember and again it was a good day for people saying they like the crispiness
this is it's entirely down to the output method that's being used uh if you play the saturn and playstation version on the same screen on like a crt it's going to look the same in terms of like pixel clarity yeah so the saturn version the saturn is not a blurry output no saturn and ps1 i would say are very comparable in fact i mean you know saturn has no dithering though so more banding i guess well not necessarily it's just it's it depends on the game so wow look
at it look at this is are we in the same area right now or not because like my ground looks terrible compared to yours come over to the house i have no idea where that i don't know where the house is yellow arrow oh i for some reason is does the arrow point you to your destination no no no no no don't follow that that's not where i'm trying to go though okay get back on the tracks oh you so you got the barrels okay did you get to the wall here
yeah okay now turn around face the other direction go to the to the rightmost track oh okay follow it here's the grass and then yeah exactly and then you can take off the trail over here you should find the house that's another uh five dollars from john perry g uh looking to clarify the 4k tv and 1080p signal thing is saying so devices that run in 1080 don't need to upscale to 4k tvs for example the dc hdmi played
on 4k tv what's happening there so it displays proper i mean when you your play is up scaling it exactly the display takes the input and upscales your tv has has computer chips inside it that your your tv is a computer it does that exactly uh if it if it didn't do that i mean every tv does that if you didn't do it you can have like you can have it show the unupscaled on some tvs and it will just show up and it'll be surrounded
like you know in a uh yeah a one-to-one like yeah one to one yeah but pixel no are some tvs going to do it better than others absolutely yeah yes but um but every tv doesn't like it you know usually when we're talking about upscalers like in the reason to use an external upscaler it's because those devices devices like the frame meister the ossc the retro tank they are designed for video games
uh right and we're we want them because they they handle oh my god i keep seeing these comments i like the ps1 version it's so much sharper i don't think we're going to be able to get this through to people it has nothing to it's not the game it's not the system it's it's it's the method we are not in the same house john is you know jonathan you cannot judge the sharpness of this on this stream it's 100 and it's impossible to
to compare that aspect of the image you cannot you cannot gauge that at all uh dan it is it is funny it's just i keep seeing it come up and i'm like i put those labels on the top of the monitors please read them yeah but it's the only thing we could do you know like streaming from uh europe to the us via discord and then sending that out normal normally we do normally we do these streams
in person during and everything i think it looks pretty good i think there was i think we did a really good job with this layout yeah i know it looks good considering the distance it really just like anything with brightness and color and like sharpness is not something that can be compared with the way we're doing it no it's not really fair it's not compressed and remember we're not we're not here to analyze sharpness we're we're here to analyze the the different techniques used by
the different versions of the game and remember this is a saturn game originally the ps1 uh version has some very nice effects but uh it can't perfectly recreate the way that the saturn it was it was designed on the saturn yeah maybe for this you should have you should have actually just used a retro tank yeah that's a damn output it would be cool to see this uh stream with the psx over the retro tank as well yeah it's just this is an es1 digital it's easy but it's a little it kind of you know
for me though i was already set up with this but yeah i mean it's it's true maybe i should have but i didn't even know that you were going to be using the retro tank until this morning anyway so oh that's right yeah i'm laughing at paul sutton's comments saying like do you think do you think having the thing saturn having such a soft picture helped playstation beat it yes so i wasn't even paying attention to the conversation did did he give us the pass or do we have to do something now what are we doing do you think turning into sharpies going into the dungeon
the tv that saturn is is running on would help it with the mixture actually actually we're gonna we're gonna take care of business right now you guys like sharp you guys like sharp all right we're gonna sharpen are you oh now we're talking ooh it's so sharp yeah i mean that's what it would have taken for the saturn to win you know when there was that comment earlier saying do you think that the saturn heifer had a chance
uh is there anything that they could have done and i i'm ready to revise my answer now the only way the way it could have been cruising sharp is by sharpening the uh artificially sharpening the image yeah well you know i mean that's that's not here's how we fix it i'm gonna make it sharp and just so people don't claim about it being too dark oh yeah there we go there we go there we go now it's like super bright super saturated and all the way short
i'm sure the artificial sharpening sold lots of copies of xenoblade chronicles 2 and xenoblade chronicles definitive edition and i cannot find the this freaking dungeon i keep man ps1 version looks a lot better deep fried saturn oh man that's too funny oh here's the speaker tripping balls i'm playing playing grandia hd remastered quality
like well who what what makes the hd well the fact that we have it sharpened and you know the contrast is cranked up brightness and saturation now that's that's what the h that's what makes it hd it's like a 1998 hd crt you you should you should have sent me like uh like like the absolute lowest bit rate possible so that like everyone should like intuitively
understand that oh it's being streamed we'll do a comparison where it's like like like the ps1 digital versus something else and we'll be running it like in like an rf do you mind starting the stream over i have said i had to look at such a dark and soft image this whole time let's go back to the beginning of the game and start it over well do it again all right yeah so i was like oh man the the saturn version has like all kinds of
macro blocking in motion yeah like what is up with that it's like it's like watching a it's like watching the stream like a like 120 by 160 video blowing up the 1080p from in from discord 1998. uh justin gibbons says uh i appreciate the humor to it but a critical person and me immediately knew i should have not been on ps1 digit feels like just some fair competition
well no we know it's just for fun i mean i think the real thing like it's not so much about like clarity the the idea was to like look at more of the the like the like the game's effects and stuff like that which we did i i thought the labels on top of the monitors would have been clear enough for people to understand but we know for next week but we're not yeah but the thing is you know a lot of people a lot of people misunderstand the difference between
visual you know image clarity and graphics you know there's comments all the time they're saying oh you guys care about about graphics so much why don't you get a ps4 of course this was before ps5 but you know uh it's like well yeah i have a ps4 and by the way we're talking about image quality not graphics like you know like that's not what we're looking at so like
i i would i if we were trying to to do like i really wanted to make it fair i would have been playing grandia and i would have been sending it to try we get a retro oh yeah that's true i mean that's yeah i mean we got we got had a pretty good turnout for us and i feel like this worked really well that this is something we should do well enough yeah i mean that the ps1 version's so much sharper it's so much brighter yeah i mean if you know i i would have brought down
the retro tank i mean you know it's you know my setup here is designed for playing ps1 with the ps1 digital right now you know so i just i thought i'd just oh that's fair use it use it as it is uh especially since i knew you since you were saying it to me over discord anyway like i didn't want the focus to be on the sharpness so i was like well it doesn't even matter what i'm playing it on because my wood probably looks still looks sharper than yours yours would still look sharper yeah yeah um uh benton reed smith is saying uh we do another live
head to head i mean i i think this is something we could probably do more often honestly uh in the future but if you do want to watch some more of these head-to-head things that we've done with john if you're looking on the front page of our channel and you look at the this livestream archive playlist uh we've done one for the last like every december for the last four years yeah that's right yeah that's that's more fair because the first uh the first year we did was was a symphony of the knight
saturn versus ps1 oh yeah that's right i remember that the second year was was sonic adventure dreamcast versus and we did uh did we do ps1 versus 3do or we did like stuff like uh like total eclipse and road rash total eclipse oh yeah oh try this guy game over i did yeah and uh last year we did turok uh the original n64 versus the switch
oh yeah uh tomb raider is one that we've thought about doing before which makes a lot of mix makes a lot of sense john did a great tomb raider video like it's one of the earliest df yeah it's pretty basic now but there was some cool stuff in there like i mean that was one the first one i remember really seeing you take something and uh using like the wire frames oh yeah when i unwarped the i found somebody had found like a hex code that you could like unwarp the uh quads
on saturn to just show them all like facing the player that was super cool [Music] there was uh two dollars from john perry g asking so why don't older systems look right on today or 4k i assume in you know in addition to you know asking about you know why they don't have enough skill we'll see like external upscalers like frameworks or ossc wretched tank they're designed for video games and the scalers that are in your tv are not designed for video
games right but i think it's also because you know like older games being blown up to 1080 it's like a much bigger jump with like less to work with in the first place yeah another another another aspect of it too is just you know they were designed for crts which you know don't have that fixed pixel display so i mean a lot of tvs like interpret 240p which isn't exactly like a like a standardized
like a standard signal anyways that's right uh sort of like you would have 480 tsc yeah a standard to do that right so basically they um i mean yeah there's just a lot of things going on i mean usually they're they're most tvs are trying to de-interlace 240p but there's nothing too de-interlaced and that just makes it even blurry so it's it's really because yes you know the devices that we use the external upscalers ossc etc they are upscalers but they're designed for video games the the the stuff in
your tv is designed to upscale like you know dvd content or whatever where the smooth edges are more desirable now some people would say the same about video games uh and there there are fair arguments to be made in that favor where the smoother smoothing you know maybe it's better uh all of us here disagree but um you know that's that's fair that's that's just your opinion a.i killed me so some people might love how uh
how the how grandia on switch looks you know that's okay we don't we don't agree but that's okay uh oh i'm actually just using the retro bit okay so we're getting close to the end of the stream and i let myself die there yeah i i don't see us really something in here i don't i don't really see us getting getting to the end of this dungeon to be honest this is a lot of fun even just like seeing this stuff at the very like earlier parts of the game
yeah i mean it's been so long since i played beyond like you know the first couple of minutes of this it's nice to have a save that's just a little bit a little ways into this game now too so i don't have every time i try to record footage from it i'm not like it's that same although you know the the flyover is such a good comparison oh it is it really is yeah but i got to put in you know we got to end with with this kind of thing there's that there's
two pounds from yo-yo yoshio 267 thing uh asking any idea why virtual hydelide runs so so crap i feel like john that would be a really good april fool's df retro virtual highlight that okay that's pretty funny actually that would be pretty funny you are going to finish for some uh some children of course going to go out in style here a little too saucy for for the uh look at that guy are they are those real
photographs of people yeah that's awesome yes but i mean do you have i don't know why it runs so crappy i think it's probably it's just poorly programmed i guess yeah exactly it's poorly made we played like three hours of this game i i'm i'm impressed we we played so much yeah
we got a good way in there well that's a long game but still that was cool yeah it's one of those games that has very very little fmv and you know when a game doesn't have a lot of fmv in it excuse me and it's uh two discs it's to be a long yeah that's for sure like xenogears was very much like that even though like the seconds just basically just like cut scenes that first disc is like 30 hours or something like that
just in case people have missed this before you're taking up like so much space on the screen it's it's ridiculous yeah well this is saying that we should do another stream with the worst video quality possible like we did with sneak king so i don't know john i don't know if you ever saw that but we did an april fool's stream on an april fool's day like three years ago before like try was running like the xbox it was like like the stream was called like getting the worst picture from your xbox and it
was like run through like some like thing into a vcr and then to an rf and like through like a ridiculous vga scale i tried to make run through as many things as i could and like the sad thing is like it was not as bad as i expected it to be joe redfer was all like i am very disappointed i can clearly see what's going on i actually got up to it and wiggled some of the wires and it made it look a lot worse like if
i like unscrewed the rf cable like just enough uh like i could make it look really difficult to see what was going on i'm i mean i'm here playing the role of audi are you playing oh man i wish i wish he was watching right now because we're playing choi niki and bubsy oh well i guess we're both playing the role of body the bubster uh at first there i i didn't realize it was bubsy i thought it was gonna be like something like
blasto oh no blast dude yeah that that game is more playable than it should be i used to yeah it's been a long time since i've even tried it oh wow now now look the playstation two dollars saying uh try play the the ps1 version of joe joe anaki uh you might i might i i don't have japanese games on this yet i don't think there's any i don't think there's any american
version of it on ps1 i don't think so uh there was 4.99 from michael i sing it's the saturn being streamed through