David Wilcock: Human ETs' Full Disclosure in the 1950s: What Did They Say?

David Wilcock: Human ETs' Full Disclosure in the 1950s: What Did They Say?


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oh my goodness everybody this is a very exciting day for me because uh the 1950s human extraterrestrial contacts that occurred in italy and in the united states fundamentally redefine what a disclosure event is as you probably know we are getting mainstream media acknowledgement that there is going to be some sort of ufo truth announcement
we were hearing it was going to be just january i'm sorry i'm thinking december january we were hearing it was going to be june 1st where we would get a certain amount of information now some of the people who i've been speaking to who are colleagues of mine that allegedly have the cosmic top secret clearance which again is 35 levels of need to know above the president of the united states that is the standard entry-level security clearance that you get where
you start to know what's really going on over the years i've disclosed many aspects of this to you and i wouldn't be surprised if new insiders are getting ready to come forward i think there will probably be a number of them that will trigger concurrently with this whole process some of those guys are telling me that based on what they're seeing and what they think is being planned to be released that we're only going to get approximately one percent of the information that we really want to have from a
disclosure so there's a lot of things that we've been sharing over the years and some people have tried to undermine the credibility of certain insiders of mine but there is a clear trend line throughout all of these different pieces of information and that trend line suggests that we have a very robust space development in other words the roswell crash apparently is real let's go let's do the dramatic close-up you like that everybody's been commenting me
complimenting me on these close-ups but it is actually very difficult if you have a big screen tv i don't want to move my face too much on the close-up or else it's it's too much movement so there's a whole etiquette to follow when you have an extreme close-up and it makes my neck really sore so twice of these a week is plenty but i like to hold my head really still so it doesn't look crazy for you on the on the television set anyway what we're now dealing with is uh a disclosure event
that seems to be not exactly what we want and the overview is that we actually do apparently have a robust presence in space uh i actually believe that the pete peterson recording i went back and listened to it again recently he said he had been to 65 different roughly 65 different off-planet locations and so we have apparently a number of facilities on mars a number of facilities on the moon and then when you get out there you find out that there's people everywhere there's lots of different people they're
human-looking but they have maybe different skin color maybe they're taller or shorter and they've been working with our government at least what you could call the government for quite some time covertly it's just not become a kind of a commonly known thing yet that we're having all this extraterrestrial interaction but it clearly appears that these beings do intend to make themselves known to us in the future and they operate on a very funky set of rules that most people probably don't know including the people in the national
security state so the simple fact that they're getting ready to do this disclosure and they're already doing it actually changes the rules of what the ets are able to do because they have laws that they have to follow just like if you signed an ironclad contract and the only thing you can do is is to follow the contract this is the same concept in other words they have to follow these laws they have to make sure that what you could call in star trek the prime directive
is is preserved so when i first started to have what appeared to be extraterrestrial contact occurring telepathically that was in 1996 and it occurred after many four solid years of writing my dreams down every morning and actually learning the language of the dreams and being able to decipher the meanings and this is a very important point learning how to actually communicate with your higher self for lack of a better term to do it directly and to get direct information that's an
incredibly valuable process so that is one of the things that we will again be covering in this year's ascension mystery school 3.0 we're calling it gateway to galactic mind please go check us out at ascensionmysteryschool.com because that discussion is much more interesting and much more broad than i'm able to do in these public videos there's things that i want to share that frankly i just don't feel like doing it publicly and it's new stuff it's great stuff so even if you've seen my material before
we are giving you a lot of new stuff we had a lot of incredible compliments on the first one and i actually showed in the first week's class by the way that proxima centauri our son's closest neighbor actually did have a solar flash only four days later than the mayan calendar end date and i only did that math recently based upon the uh calculation of march 24th 2017 being when the light was first seen and then the exact distance in light
years down to three decimal points for proxima centauri which is i guess 4.242 light years away something like that anyway if you go back and watch sunday's show which you would have to do by subscribing of course it is very very amazing because only on sunday morning before i did the show did i actually calculate it precisely and this is an event that caused our next door neighbor proxima centauri is part of a trinary system you've heard of alpha centauri while there's alpha centauri a and b and they're very large
and then proxima is much much smaller that may account for it being called the dark sun in ancient mythology there's nothing else there that that our astronomers have found that's closer to us than alpha centauri so if we are orbiting another star which i think is going to be the solution to all this in terms of the grand physics puzzle that's another thing i'll be talking about in the class uh if they are our closest neighbor it appears that we have some gravitational capture with them that we are orbiting them and if some kind of galactic energy wave is coming
in that is supposed to create a solar flash or at least it's expected to in so many ancient prophecies that we've been discussing here and you're going to have some more today from the 1950s if this is true if this is what the sun is really going to do then everything else is insignificant everything else is insignificant the only thing that really matters is the fact that this is going to happen and what are the teachings behind it and the teachings again are that if you want to stay with the earth as it goes through this
metamorphic process you're going to have to be at least a little bit over 50 percent more focused on loving and helping other people rather than manipulating and controlling them and if you think that you already are over 50 this is not based on your opinion this is based on absolute truth that apparently they can mention they can measure with what they call the spiraling line of light in the law of one series it's an absolute measurement of how far you've progressed as uh vibrationally i guess
so literally the the beings will get an exact increment of how far you made it so you might tomorrow decide to forgive someone who you hadn't been willing to forgive before and that could actually be the tipping point for you between whether this will be something that you will be benefiting from or where you're part of the great relocation the noah's ark thing where they get put on another planet uh over here real quick in my new book awakening in the dream as you see right here a little bit out of focus
i go through a lot of this stuff so if you don't if you can't afford the class but you would love to engage this material more i've said this almost every time but please again the book's like i don't know a little over 20 and we're not getting rich writing this the books are the least profitable part of my business the reason i do it is is so that it gets out in 15 languages and that you have a hardcover and a paperback after a year paperback's coming up pretty soon uh and i really want the message to get out and so i am long-winded these books are over
500 pages long that i write as much as they will let me there's a certain commercial limit to how far they'll let you write a book and then they say well now the book's too big and nobody's going to buy it so i push it right up to the line about 576 pages but it's not going to feel like it's a long read it's a very fascinating book and actually i had a guy recently tell me that the main thing he wishes is that i had more time to discuss each topic but we crammed a lot of stuff in there there's sacred science all the stuff about the pyramid the pyramid timeline
extraterrestrials migrating to earth from mars uh the exploded planet maldek and how those people got put here and they had to go through a carnival karmic alleviation process where they became what we could think of as uh neanderthals that their bodies were not actually made properly for a third density experience and that was the karma that they all had to go through for blowing up their planet apparently the planet was supposedly a super earth much larger than earth uh that was a garden of eden and had
another earth orbiting it that was what we call mars supposedly when this planet blew up mars was also destroyed by the impact and there's a really great uh thomas van flandern has the exploded planet hypothesis and uh he is a phd accredited and he basically went back and looked and said look mars definitely seems to have been hit by some massive impact as if it was a captured moon of a bigger planet and in fact there's a whole lot of stuff richard c hoagland
came up with the mars title model so if you look at if you look at where the liquid water is on mars today it all clusters on two sides of the moon we'll plant it now but it was a moon so the moon on earth if you think about it we always see the same part of the moon in the night sky and that's because of gravitational capture so over a long period of time if the moon had water because of this gravitational capture you'd see more water on the side facing the earth and more water on the side opposite the earth it's it's some
kind of a gravitational effect that causes this we see exactly that on mars today we see two big spots of liquid water there's still liquid water on the surface and uh they they're clustered into these two areas that are consistent with the mars tidal model that mars was a captured moon of a larger planet that planet exploded all of the debris that we would expect to see from a planet that blows up is there in what we call the asteroid belt
as well as things like the kuiper belt in the oort cloud this was a tremendous explosion very rocky caused incredible damage all throughout our solar system iapetus on saturn is another moon that got very heavily blasted by this debris and has a distinctly different appearance from one side to the other if you go take a look at that you can actually kind of see the blast so with all of this being said it appears that there are people in our national security state who have been dealing with extraterrestrials
face to face since at least the 1940s or 1950s uh and there are good guys and bad guys so some divisions work with the good et's some divisions work with the bad et's and i've been consistently impressed let's go over here i've been consistently impressed by the fact that these guys are bored when they talk about it they're not excited if you find the real people uh they are very matter of fact about what happened and when you start to sit down with real people you hear a whole lot of things
that keep coming up over and over again the same way from different people and that is what i like to see i like to see the compelling links where different people who have never met each other somehow independently experienced the same stuff so we still have a lot of material i've withheld to be able to figure out who's real and also we have a vetting process where we have insiders who can tell us what their opinion is of various information that comes out and the providence of that information so
i have done my best to endorse the information that i think is credible it is certainly absolutely possible that there could be other credible insiders out there who i haven't encountered yet but i do my best to try to let you know about the stuff that is real to me so we're going to be going through this process if all of this stuff is true we're going to be going through this ascension process and again i'm still kind of recovering from the buzz of actually just doing the math of
[Music] march 14th i believe it is or march 24th 2017 when this happened yeah it's 24th and then 4.242 or 424 light years it's 242 i think so i calculated the exact number of days because you can't use months you got to use days so the exact number of days and sure enough it came out to december 25th 2012. so it's only four days off from december 21 2012 which is the exact mathematical end
of the mayan calendar if you've seen my other work uh then you'll know and i'll probably going to do this again in the online course in fact i'm quite certain that i will i will show you in the class how the mayan calendar each level of what it's counting is an astronomical cycle this again is a solid proof for extraterrestrial involvement in human affairs because first of all one of the most amazing things that most people are not aware of is the mayan calendar if you actually look at its length i believe it's about
5125 years give or take the whole length of one mayan calendar right which would be 13 of these uh bach tunes that are i believe 144 000 days long and so when you get when you add all this up however it ends up the math has been done but i might be getting it a little bit wrong here but anyway that everybody can find out the mind calendar is about 5125 days long something like this five of these mine calendar cycles perfectly add
up to the twenty five thousand year cycle that i've been talking about in previous iterations of this class the math is incredibly precise and when i start breaking it down for you what you will then see is that all of the planets in our solar system are very precisely connected to each other the orbits are not separate it is as if our solar system is a giant clock and that there are gears in the clock and each planet's orbit is like one of the gears and the gears are all organized in a way
where they work completely and totally in sync with one another their movements to one another affect everything else that's going on and the second the unit of time that we call one second ends up becoming a very very important universal time quantum which i will argue in the class is actually the heartbeat of our sun and all other stars that they actually are giving off waves that are in increments of one exact second and all of the planetary orbits by the way
can be solved with using the second as your time counting device and this goes back to believe it or not the sumerians so you have the oldest civilization on earth you have clay tablets that they wrote these things on so they're literally writing everything down with mud so with the with the sumerian cuneiform the nasa scientist dr maurice chatelain actually found this one number that was very fascinating and it is a number that expresses all of
the different orbits of all the planets in our solar system as one common denominator so that's going to be a lot of fun to go through that stuff but not all the class is technical and mathematical there's also lots of other stuff but anyway apart from whatever is going on with the secret space program and with ets in the 1950s it appears that these ets they call themselves gardeners and they have a very important role in making sure that life on earth is preserved
and that we don't get blown up so what do these gardeners actually want they essentially are telling us as i've said in some of the previous classes here that loving energy is the essence of creation that the cosmos itself is made from an intelligent energy and even though certain folks identify as luciferians and want to be believing that the god that all the abrahamic religions teach is real is only a half god or demiurge and that the real god is somehow far
away and they say it's sophia but then it kind of turns out to be lucifer so i don't believe that the visible universe is some cheated trick by a bad evil half god i believe that the visible manifest universe is actually a really wonderful thing that isn't just some philosophical dead end that's meant to trap your soul i think that if you really want to harmonize with the universe it's good to understand that these laws are in place and they really do work and it's
essentially karma so a lot of people don't realize that karma is totally exact and you don't get to make the rules there's higher beings that govern our affairs on earth and they make the rules and so these guardians also ensure that the planet is not going to be destroyed and they're ensuring that we're steered towards a golden age type of timeline so with that in mind everything unpleasant that is going on now is not something where people are acting on
their own free will when you look at the unpleasant global things that are happening in the world today whether you're talking about the bad guys or whatever iteration of the good guys and there's many many factions of what i've called the alliance and they have different ideas about how to do things either side of this war is on on earth is completely apart from the many different extraterrestrial civilizations that are here on earth and are ensuring that we will have a positive loving
amazing future and that the negative is exposed and defeated so if you remember in some of the previous classes i talked about zoroastrian prophecy and that there is this end time that they call frachocoretti and that people like you and me become empowered through their own spiritual practices and that evil is gradually and steadfastly defeated by the ongoing efforts of the just which means people who align with this loving consciousness then i also showed you edgar casey
reading 3976-15 which among many other very very exciting things it said that the rottenness of the negative elite will be exposed on a on a great level and he also said if america does not turn towards the ideals of service to others then again must the hated people of mongolia arise sure looks like that's what's going on right now it's it's reached tipping point and so these prophecies are very exciting edgar casey is a great example of somebody who appears to have been in touch with benevolent et's
they put 14 i guess yeah over 14 000 documented readings that are still surviving another 20 000 that got lost in the house fire from edgar cayce if you want to hear what these beings actually have to tell us and they taught us a lot of really cool stuff about diet what to eat what not to eat uh lifestyle you know and and a whole lot of interesting therapies that turn people's medical conditions around when they otherwise were going to die and again casey didn't know anything all he did under hypnosis is go into a deep trance
with the name and the address of someone and then his voice starts talking and his voice knows what's wrong with the person even though they're halfway across the country let's say and they never told him anything no front loading if they have a problem with their kidneys it immediately starts talking about their kidneys pinpoints exactly what's wrong with the kidneys and then talks about the mind-body spirit connection of why that kidney problem is happening because kidneys as you probably know are metaphysically associated with fear lungs are associated with grief
there's various things if you read the louise l hey books like you can heal your life is one of the titles louise hay did a really good job of of breaking down what the casey reading said about which parts of the body symbolize which psychological issues so i do recommend her work anyway back to this guy now the the real essence of what these beings keep telling us is that we are being guided through an ascension process here on earth and most people have no idea that this is what's
going on so the part where most people have no idea what's going on is what they call the illusion the real reason we're here is to grow spiritually the real reason we're here is to ascend if we have progressed enough to do it so any planet that you get born on anywhere in the universe you go through third density which is what we're in now where you don't know anything and you make mistakes and you experience karma for those mistakes and usually you don't recognize that the karma that you receive has anything to do with your actions
but the higher beings are trying to find ways to get you to understand causality to get you to actually understand that when you take actions of either thoughts or actions of negative things against others or against yourself even that there are balancing things that happen to you that seem to be bad luck or random coincidences they're not coincidences so karma also works on a global scale and therefore the people who have been doing things
that are not in alignment with universal truth of you know this forgiveness patience kindness love it's not that they should be held accountable they must be held accountable and they must be held accountable in a way where the world gets to know what they've done and so the 1950s extraterrestrials as you're going to see today told us that this is what's going to happen that that there are cycles that must not be interrupted that are absolutely essential for
the growth of our human civilization here on earth and i believe we are going through the final stage of those cycles right now and this is all part of a massive awakening process since one of the narratives that i've been tracking throughout this whole video series with you is what the heck is going on in that tiny little city on the east coast well big stuff may be about to go down or not so let's go back to the slide and the really bigger question is what is really going on over there
uh we have been getting a lot of reports uh that first of all the lights are off at the wh all the time uh there are journalists citizen journalists who have been trying to call it and and they don't even have a voicemail nobody's going in there uh the lights aren't on at night but now more recently we're hearing all this report of lots of activity helicopters coming and going staff coming and going from these two major
locations now one particular insider who who again is very public and i forget what he's up to now almost 200 000 subscribers uh he seems to be leaking some good stuff and we've talked about him in previous weeks so there's there's a couple there's only really two major ideas that i've seen going around in terms of what the heck is all the work being done for what is going on there there's door number one and there's door number two door number one and again it could be something that i haven't thought of nobody's thought of
there could be a door number three or four but the two major theories that everybody has is number one this could be that the whole that both of these facilities are already being set up for some sort of uh court cases that will be taking place there and i'm going to avoid using certain words now because they're probably looking for those so anyway anyway what we're dealing with is one theory where the
the there are renovations going on or perhaps people are already have already been put through a court case there might may have already been things going on there may have already been trials they may already be filmed they may have been happening in these two buildings that that's one possibility the other possibility door number two to me is equally plausible because door number two wouldn't you think these people might try something like this let me just run this past you
what if everybody is supposedly in these buildings and then they just get wiped out and then theoretically all of the people who were about to be arrested no longer exist and maybe they would even stage it where it looks like you know it's them and there's maybe even you know remains that look like them or would be close enough that you would think or it's just so badly damaged that like you don't know if anybody's really there
or they they tell you that everybody's gone but they're really not and what are they doing they're probably getting into a submarine scooting off somewhere that's entirely plausible because if you think about it everybody's saying watch out for big big horrible things that you don't know what they are and they're and they're bad so maybe it's going to be an e.t type of thing maybe it's the alien card right but then the alien card is that there's a big pyramid in the sky and a beam comes down and whoo up goes these two symbols of of the united states
nobody's in there and there's a lot of work going on so one of the speculations in this line of reasoning is that the work is to install a whole lot of stuff in there that make sure it's going to do what they want it to do and it'll do it the right way probably lots of computerized controls so that if one thing doesn't go off they got another thing and they make sure they get the whole thing they get it done right and it looks really dramatic and everybody is crying and everybody's sad and oh they're all gone now they're all gone now so now since they're not here anymore we can't
hold them accountable i would definitely believe that that's possible because you got to remember these people are willing to do anything so either either timeline could be going on and there's and what we know is nobody's being able to get in there and there's lots and lots of signs of military activity ambulances which again would suggest arrests and more unpleasant you know like the kinetic conflict basically but so i want to go back to
the person i was reading from before and get you up to date on what he is saying because everything i just told you is the context for this discussion so let's go to the slide okay so first i'm going to show you the whole thing and you can see the the three panes that we're going to read so this is the one i said before and again 107 000 members so this is very very public many many people are seeing this besides his own subscribers of course so it says no leaks and something big has been going on for weeks so again door number one is that the something
big is like a trial and arrests and kids getting saved out of tunnels and that could be part of it door number two is well what if it's actually that they're rigging everything up just like something else that happened before where you get this spectacular traumatic event that everybody cries and everybody says oh my god they're all gone they're all gone and they're really not gone okay so here we go next thing so something big has been going on for weeks and then remember i read this to you so he says that he had inside sources
someone as close to him as can be that rules out a lot of people that means it's a very very good source and i believe this i actually do believe this sources at his campaign i can't mention the person at all after he left no one was communicating so that source might be a male so i could have been wrong about it being uh his wife uh that was what i thought last time but actually it said he left so one source i've had friendly conversations with has given me bits and pieces of what he's heard i posted some of it
and again look at this this is a very very heavy statement and it kind of fits in with everything i was just telling you doesn't it about door number two expect a v event that will take place in blankety blank that will result in a hard ml and retaliatory strikes that will somehow remove blank blank and top ranking members of blank for you know what so again i'm sorry if you're listening to this you do have to kind of watch everything get it all but you get the point
so then it said our allies will freak out and declare ml this event could be an ff concerned with the power grid it won't be like ww3 but it will end quickly everything that he's telling you here we gotta go there we gotta go to door number two because you gotta think big because they always need the element of surprise so if we are not surprised by this if we're talking about it now before they do it it's a lot less of a surprise it would still traumatize a heck of a lot of people if they actually did do something like this and if they tried to argue
that all these people are gone but i wouldn't necessarily believe it if it happens i wouldn't believe it at all because of these leaks that i'm reading you right now now back to the slide the official account from this guy mike uh said something very similar and of course he also was was and is very close to our guy 45. so he says i know the military is committed they are not going to wait for the results of the a
you know what they have a timeline when simultaneous missions here and abroad are completed which they haven't apparently done yet so there's a there's a wobbler here in terms of when things are going to happen we don't know when those missions will be completed but they're working on it and it's probably getting to be pretty close so when you have simultaneous missions here and abroad that are completed then they will implement the first phase at this point we have a hard nl population control confessions transitions and transfer of power
i mean this is a very very heavy statement for the official mike account to say especially because there's been these litigations getting thrown around and you don't want to make statements that are misleading so everybody is getting more and more specific in the briefings that we're hearing from these kind of sources so let's read another one this is the same guy i've shown you before this is the photograph i just took and and he's actually just since i started promoting him you can see he's gained like 30 000 members so now he's at 132 000. this
is just since i did the show on sunday that he's gained almost 30 000 members so that shows the reach that we have folks anyway this is very exciting it was just a couple days ago that he posted this now the word is public the m is planning to storm the wh what the hell okay i want to say this it's too good i don't believe it even though i've promoted this guy i want to believe him but i don't
believe him and i think that's the safest way to put this out so that if if nothing happens please don't blame me okay because pump the other guy mike just said look there's missions here and abroad that have to get completed and those are probably wobblers we don't really know when they're going to get done but what he says here it only is going to happen a couple days from now and it's i don't i i have almost as soon as you put out a date that's like this specific and this soon it's going to be wrong so it's not going to happen on sunday okay i'd be extremely surprised if this is
true but i think we're getting in close so anyway let's keep reading this now the word is public the m is planning to storm the wh and and again just back that does imply that it might not be that everything is completely gone that that it all got you know blown to smithereens um it could be something else but there's probably going to be some kind of precursor event we just don't know what it is but at this point if this kind of thing did happen it would be a lot less disruptive than if it happened in january
there would be some significant concerns including the fact that it could very well lead to essentially different aspects of the us fighting with one another and dying against one another and that is the definition of a civil conflict right so this doesn't feel good i mean it's there's nothing really good about this but i want you to be aware of the chatter even though i don't believe that this is what's going to happen i want you to at least read it and i want to have aired it unless some crazy reason it actually happens this way which i doubt i want you to know what it said here we
go i was told it might happen on sunday may 23rd that's folks that's like a couple days away here but it looks like they are going in sooner to remove imposters expect anything this could be it well going in sooner obviously we're already on thursday but again this could be something that you don't ever hear about these could be covert things that are never made public all right now let's go back to the slide gen this is the one of the most important parts because obviously this was a very secure secret thing if it did
happen and our intel by the way does not line up with this again back to the camera our intel is that they don't have a plan and they they could have done it back in january but they didn't have they didn't have the right approval that a lot of people chickened out and the whole thing kind of went belly up and there are factions at least within the alliance that say hey we don't have anything planned there's nothing we can do about this we're not in a position to do this and we wouldn't take any offensive action that's what we got directly but this
person is getting something entirely different and his source if he's telling the truth his source would probably be a lot better than the ones that i'm getting access to which again is all very second hand i get tiny little crumbs of stuff and then we have to figure out what it is nobody is sitting down looking me in the eye telling me anything essentially i'm in the same boat that you're in i just get little tiny things and then i look at what's out there online and that's mostly what i use is the stuff that's out there online okay generals of all branches of the military met in person
obviously in a skiff or secure compartment information facility generals of all branches met in person and agreed the us is in deep peril and they are going to you know what for constitutional republic conflict is between socialism and marxism versus the supporters of constitutional freedom and liberty and they listed the threats so they had this meeting and apparently if this is true they decided that okay
uh enough is enough now we need to do this but do this is an unpredictable thing it's like jumping off a cliff we don't know if it's going to work well or if it's going to be unsuccessful when we have a prolonged very unpleasant thing i think it's going to work well because all the briefings seem to say they don't expect that this is going to take a whole lot of time 3 to 10 days something like that could be some power outages but we'll be a lot happier on the other side supposedly if this is real so next slide i was told last month that the military is not going to wait for the results
of this stuff that's going on where they're counting things up and recounting right because they have all the evidence including confessions such as one from the former director of the clowns gina who was shot by special forces during a raid in europe two months ago and is currently sipping lattes at guantanamo well she's probably not sipping lattes i don't think that's a very fun place to be but they said they're not going to wait for the results because they have all the evidence and it includes a
confession from the former director of the company i mean i'm i'm excited i mean this is crazy and yeah once again um you know go ahead take the channel if you want to but i want to get this information out because it's more important right now that i get this out than whether i'm worried about that next one this is the general whose account has a lot of members and uh maybe it's really him in the past it looked like it certainly was and there's a lot of interesting things that come out on this account that i don't think have any other explanation
except that it's a real person so soon this guy whose name ends in i and starts with an f will have to go in hiding apparently something far worse is going to be coming out about him than what we're already hearing which is already very bad and then he says how to get a new e expose the blankety blank got to do that first i guess dismantle the inside job lie forensic a's in certain states
pressure on judges with data evidence enjoy the show now here's another thing remember i told you last time that uh quinn actually changed accounts and all of a sudden he made a new one that had real at the beginning well now that official real one that he's he's publicly acknowledged this is his account and he's he's acknowledging that he's taking credit for this one he never took credit for the other one but this one is him it is quinn
okay check out what he just said folks we are called to engage in liberty raise the flag say the pledge more is coming get ready so let me just rearrange the words for you a little bit get ready we are called to engage now what do you think that might mean get ready could might indicate get ready in terms of being prepared for the possibility of a power outage we are called to engage we could represent
the notes of the meeting that this other insider i was just showing you said took place a classified meeting of generals where they say they need to engage well that's exactly what quinn is saying that they're called to engage and then he gives you this he gives you this image of the flag with a rainbow behind it suggesting the possibility again of of a rebirth because the the rainbow is a symbol of rebirth the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow the leprechaun stuff there's a lot of positive symbolism here and the rainbow again usually symbolizes like the the glory
after a rainstorm you have the storm the storm is bad we've talked about the storm quite a bit they've used that metaphor quite a bit after the storm you get a rainbow so here he is saying we are called to engage get ready and then he shows you the rainbow after the storm let's look at this one now and again uh there's tons and tons and tons of these kinds of things that come out and um we see many of these so again the question that i was asking before
is are benevolent et's helping out this process in some way are we in fact being guided through some sort of higher intelligence so that these things don't fly off the rails and i believe the answer is yes and so it is becoming kind of old hat and ufology now that yeah you know ufos show up over these new constellations and they power everything down they can't use the weapons everything goes offline there's no electricity even the radioactivity doesn't work anymore they become
radioactively inert and then it just goes away and the lights come back on everything's fine although apparently sometime in 1990 or 1991 all of the weapons on both sides of the cold war were all melted down i talked about that for example in above majestic the movie that we made so and also there was a very interesting sri yantra pattern a mandala that showed up in an oregon dry or oregon i guess they would call it
dry lake bed there's it might be that people built it uh there's there's sort of like this idea that people actually did build it but even if they did i think they were influenced to do it by higher consciousness so that the same result would be achieved which is that there was a marker put down at the time that these uh weapons were destroyed by the et's they've made it very clear for many many years they are not going to let us do anything crazy to ruin the planet so for that same reason i don't believe
that some sort of outrageous flip into a totalitarian world is going to happen either it they could try but there are cycles in place that have to be followed in which we have to get this global awakening and to me what we're seeing on earth right now is a very clear example of the hero's journey and we're right at the point where the villain is about to be exposed and where really amazing triumphant things are going to happen so back to the slide in the 1950s the
ets gave their own disclosure so this is another extremely extremely important point that i want to bring up to you we're going to get the official disclosure but the ets that are the good guys have already said through other sources they don't like to talk to the national security state can you imagine i can't imagine why but they are they don't like the deception they don't like the trickery and so what they prefer to do apparently is contact private individuals who have the right spiritual vibration and then those people
are given the messages that they want humanity to know so the first story of 1950s et contact is of a group that called themselves the acry so let's go to the slide you see how that's spelled and this comes from uh there's a wonderful documentary called ilcaso amicizia which translates out of italian in english as the friendship case this is the picture of the documentary and it says here uh this is a
ufofandom.com it's a ufo wiki okay the friendship case amicizia means friendship is an extraterrestrial contact case that began in 1956 in europe involving many hundreds of people in several countries so i'm going to read a little bit from this uh the friendship case started in pescara italy in 1956. writer bruno samachicia was considered the main contactee who started all this and then got other people involved also included in this
group were stefano breccia gaspari de lama and his wife mirela and breccia's respected status as an academician and a scientist inspired gaspari de lama to come forward with his story as of i guess somewhere in around 2010 i think his or 2009 is when this happened so here's a picture of bruno samachitia now apparently what was going on with bruno samachitia is that these beings felt that he had the right vibration he had the right
intentions the right uh focus that they contacted him so what exactly is it that happened human looking beings showed up for uh bruno and they began communicating apparently this included getting taken on board their ufo craft they had bases underground and he and others were brought into these bases for extended periods of time some of some of these people stayed with the beings and never left
very strange things were happening for example uh bruno and others who were involved in this could go into a room and then they would put a tape recorder in place and then they would hit record and a voice would appear on the tape when you played it back and it was this interesting very hypnotic sounding voice that was saying very positive spiritual things they would have objects materialize in the room and that those objects included sometimes things like a crumpled up message that was actually written out on
a piece of paper for them and these beings would appear in front of them they looked like us they looked human some of them were shorter some of them were taller and they let us know that they really were interested in helping us so i want to read you a little more from the ufo wiki first here so uh we talked about again how breccia's respected status as an academician and a scientist inspired gaspari de lama to come forward with the story so here is stefano breccia
and here is gaspar a dilemma and so if you go to ivancey.it this is the first iteration of his disclosure when he made this video it is fascinating and then uh it turned into this documentary on italian television so here's gaspari dalama today and here he is posing with stefano breccia i believe he's on the right and this is back in like the 1950s when this was happening so these two guys both were contacted by
these beings and really really interesting things started to happen so bruno referred to the beings as the w56 and it was simply uh the year that the contact started 1956 and i forget what the w was for he said they told him and this again is in person so he didn't have to like wonder if he was getting real information they showed up in this case the w56 are a group of beings who have been on earth for millennia they are scientifically and spiritually
advanced way beyond what we have they can project their physical bodies to either be tall or small they can make it range from one to six meters in height and they appear a lot like human beings they identify themselves as the acry and they said that they have a sanskrit way of writing their name that is accurate and so this apparently is the original sanskrit for acry how many tattoos am i going to get now of the acry on people's arms when they see me in the grocery store probably a lot
you want to tattoo that go ahead it's it's totally cool with me so this is some reenactments some pictures that were drawn for the television show of these beings so you got a tall one and a short one coming in and the tall one this is kind of what he looked like based on an eyewitness reconstruction and this is these are the three guys gaspari bruno and i forget the other guy uh but there was a core team and so you can see the size reference i mean this this guy the tall guy was literally
twice as tall as they were and so they met on the beach and they all had these these very cool interactions and then eventually they would always walk off and they would go somewhere else so contactees many being scientists this is important because of their credibility factor these are not you know just fools these are very credible high-level people they were in regular communication with a group of benevolent human-like beings who called themselves the acry and they were primarily operating out of bases that are underground and
underwater although there were hundreds of clear photographs movie sequences and tape recordings that showed a variety of extraterrestrial craft and even some of their crew this case is little known even in the ufo community the primary reason for the high level of secrecy was that the case was continuing and many of those involved wanted to remain incognito so apparently people were continuing to get these contacts with these beings that included ufo rides and going underground
to see their bases up through the late 1970s so mid-1950s through late 1970s over two decades of these interactions and so just to give you a sense of how high level some of these people were back to the slide one of the people who was keenly involved in this was consul alberto perego a major high-level government official in italy who did not want to get dragged into all this stuff and be called a ufo fanatic
but yet these were all happening people were getting these so these contacts so in 2009 there's the right date um i knew it was somewhere around there engineer and university professor stefano breccia broke the silence and openly spoke about the friendship case for the first time really this whole thing had been completely lost in history breccia's involvement with these beings and with the principal humans involved had been deep and lasted for many years and breccia had formed a close personal friendship with some of these beings and we're going to read from what i
believe is his words in just a minute here the first book he came out with was called mass contacts there have been other books since then um i had a hard time getting through this you know it wasn't like the tightest read it's he's a scientist and so it's not like a user-friendly necessarily read but there's a lot of interesting stuff in there as an engineer he was naturally interested in their technology and he studied it up close on at least one occasion he was allowed to fly in one of the acres craft for some 90 minutes
and could observe its functions well not only that but supposedly the et's allowed people to photograph the controls inside their ship so if you watch ilcaso del amachizia these are the actual photos i know it's it's really cool the photos of apparently what are the controls inside this thing so here it is tilted to the side and then here it is zoomed in and so you can see it's very strange looking it doesn't at all look conventional but
if you know i mean how do we know how this works it could be something that is involving the use of telekinetic or telepathic energy i don't know but supposedly this is real and here is a picture of gaspari dalama's hand as he's pointing to some of the photographs that were taken of these acry now this i found this thing on openminds.tv that actually clarifies the case very nicely it was published on november 5th 2009. so uh oh and i don't have any animations
on this one it looks like so you get the whole thing at once that's my bad anyway there's the link and uh so openmind says or actually no this is a this is an article they copied and uh i believe that he's talking about breccia this is my opinion but we don't really know if it's breccia it could have been gaspari to llama but i think it was breccia and again in 2009 breccia went forward so this all makes good sense that it was him in october 2008 a person got in touch with me who having learned that i was interested in
crop circles wanted to make my acquaintance i went to meet him we talked for more than an hour and then this person asked me if i could help him divulge a very important story in an objective way this person could not for some reasons come out in the open himself thus he needed an intermediary which was this person so again this i believe is stefano breccia all right let me fix a couple of these slides real quick everybody because i want to just i'm so obsessive about this i've got to
have oh there the flash bulbs are on this one okay good there we go no problemo oh it's only one flash ball all right well we don't have time to fix that so we're just going to keep moving sorry about the lack of bullet points the story of friendship or simply the story as we always called it is a true one it involved a group and i believe this is stefano reading so this is his testimony so i've skipped ahead now to where he's telling you what he experienced okay and i've never seen anything else that gets this specific so this is the best
resource it involved a group of italian and non-italian people for many years between 1956 and in his case 1990. so these ets were still contacting him all the way up to 1990. some of these people including myself are still alive we had direct face-to-face meetings with the friends also called the w56 who are extraterrestrials coming both from planets in our own galaxy at a distance of a hundred thousand light years and from other galaxies that's interesting here on the earth they
reached the maximum number of 200 i guess there was some kind of law they had where they couldn't have more than 200 people here so they had their maximum number of 200 people living inside underground and undersea bases some of them along the adriatic coast at a depth of about 20 kilometers or 12 miles so now this is a scene from the documentary on italian television that shows you the location of one of these underground facilities this is what it would look like from the top down and then this is where it would
look if you see it underneath the ground so this uh interestingly enough what they say in the documentary is that these bases are temporary they're created by some sort of process where all the ground underneath the earth is simply pushed off to the side by some kind of energetic technology that they have and it becomes a much thicker solid mass around the edges of this room
okay so you have a room that's like a big rectangle that they created the room and here's where it gets interesting they have to make sure that the power system is always running because the whole thing is constantly at risk of snapping back and closing on them if they don't leave the power on where it gets very bizarre and more like what you would expect with extraterrestrials is that apparently if the group that the et's were contacting did not sufficiently work
in a two-way fashion with them if they didn't have a give and take then the ets wouldn't be allowed to stay on earth they wouldn't be that their technology wouldn't keep the base open and it would close up on them actually so what sadly eventually happened is that they the the people in this group enough of them went negative that the ets did have to withdraw they couldn't keep the bases open anymore they the the technology apparently won't won't hold the ground open for them
unless they're authorized to be here so if so so this is where it's it's really cool because a relationship got formed with these beings where if you want to get the rides if you want to go see their underground facility you want to go tour their ufo for 90 minutes you want to hang out with them you have to pay for it and this is a common thing actually a lot of people in this world want everything for nothing but these beings actually said if you want us to work with you you have to you
have to help us too and we're going to help each other so what did they want as payment interestingly enough they asked for things like clothing and food so in the uh in the in the storyline what we hear is that these people in order to continue to be in contact with these et's they would load up truckloads filled with fruits and vegetables and and groceries or uh or clothing or in some cases both
they would have the driver park the car park the truck and go in for like a one-hour lunch break and then they would tell him we're going to unload the truck while you're gone what actually would happen according the documentary is that all of the items inside the truck would vanish instantly the beings could portal them out anytime they wanted and so really what was important is the group and you remember there were some wealthy people in this group so they they were paying for the food paying for the clothes and then making sure these
deliveries happen with the truck at the right time at the right place this was part of how the contract was established so the higher beings are are specific about this they're not just going to hand you things they you also have to give something back and that's part of the initiation okay so back to the slide once again the first historical base was located under the area of ascoli piccino a small town in central italy now i shall briefly refer to things that derive exclusively from what i was involved in personally
during an extensive part of my life and from our direct conversations with the friends i have live voice recordings of these or viva voce with the friends own voices so here's the thing folks let's just say that disclosure becomes a big deal let's just say that the people that are giving us disclosure try to come out and say well the beings have never talked to us we don't know what they want we don't know what they've said they've never they've never said anything that is a lie i'm sorry maybe i
shouldn't be that specific let's just say it might not be true but either way however you want to frame this we as a society should not tolerate a partial disclosure because the people i'm talking to are saying you're only going to get one percent of what we really know here so even apart from all the other stuff let's go back to the 1950s and let's look at what these beings had to say well look people like if either of these guys are still alive and hopefully they'll stay alive
uh gasparilla stefano breccia they should be asked this this story about the italian case should be brought back up and the reason why is that there are hundreds of photographs there's voice recordings of the beings talking the beings would pose for pictures they would actually tell you go at this point at this time we will show up in the sky and you can take pictures of us and it actually worked you're going to see those pictures in just a minute let's go back to the slide so friendship gathers together various e.t populations that are different from each other
both as regarding their physical characteristics as in there are tall small and giant friends and their provenance there are friends from other universes and dimensions however all of these beings share a fundamental choice towards good i.e they are what we would call the positive benevolent et's right human et's friendship is a sort of transversal confederation on the basis of a common ideal of life and thought though great diversifications remain between populations and individuals and between personal choices this is the
very opposite of ideological standardization and apparently again he got to meet them in person so he's speaking from an informed perspective and once we start to realize that ufos are real why wouldn't they have done something like this in the 1950s especially with all the hardcore evidence that was left behind and the impeccable credibility of the literal hundreds of people who were involved in this thing the population whom we personally interacted with is composed of individuals men and women like us who are physically
very beautiful this is important so they look great some about three meters or ten feet tall while others are quite tiny however these are secondary aspects only what is important is what they represent beyond the various typologies and endless folkloristic singularities the friends are our elder brothers they are human indeed in comparison it's we terrestrials who are less than human they are much more human than we are this is the first time i've ever heard this this is really cool
they are much more human than we are and that is why they do not show themselves they are too human for us it is easy to flatter them but envying them is even easier due to their perfect humanness so the idea here is that these people look great they're in amazing physical shape they're stunning to be around and they have all these abilities that if we were more human and our pineal gland is activated let's say then we would have these abilities
because the human being is much more powerful than what we have now and the human being appears over and over and over again all throughout our galaxy and likely throughout the universe and if christians have a hard time with that then once we get back to the idea that the logos the christ was the mind of the galaxy if jesus comes here to embody the logos then that would mean that other planets could have beings that look human as well and they all ultimately are part of the christ and that why limit the christ right if we're
finding all these intelligent planets where intelligent life could occur because they got liquid water and nasa is now saying we got potentially 40 billion of them that are earth-like just in our galaxy 40 billion earth-like planets in our galaxy this is official nasa you've seen me say this before it kind of makes more sense that there would be some sort of universal mind that everybody would be governed with if you look at this idea of one infinite creator cosmic consciousness and a living organic biological
universe right so sure enough human can go a lot farther than it does here and so these beings are actually more human than we are isn't that something back to the slide other populations in the universe have chosen evil and so he's saying there are good and evil et's this is very important and evil is often represented by the adoration of energy and knowledge science well there you go this dualism between good and evil is fundamental in order to understand both the still ongoing struggle which is
the struggle over who's going to win this thing the good guys the bad guys and why it is so hard for truth to be disclosed to the inhabitants of our planet the struggle between good and evil has always existed in israel it is not an invention or a stage effect this is all coming to a head right now folks so these beings were telling him all this stuff beginning in 1956 or whenever he got contacted the wicked are not the result of a failed scientific experiment they can freely choose to change and follow the good that's nice this struggle between good
and evil also entered the life of the terrestrials in our group and transformed them into particular beings and again what ends up happening is when you read when you hear the documentary some of the people started to behave selfishly and the beings had to withdraw and so they lost their ability to work with this large of a group of people because of the selfishness of certain members in other words if you start turning negative the beings will cut you off and they will ghost you essentially and that's that appears to be what happened here back to the slide
we had various types of experiences both mental moral and phenomenal so we had face-to-face encounters with some of the friends we had conversations with them we saw their saucers and other flying objects that had different shapes and we had very close sightings of materializations and dematerializations he's talking here about things like physical objects popping into the room in the middle of thin air they just show up and fall to the ground there's a lot of that stuff that happened to them there were visits and even long stays inside the underground bases
so this is a very significant contact and again up until now for the most part we've had a very dismissive attitude about ufos in the mainstream media in the global community people want to laugh they like to laugh they like to make fun of people they like to insult this is not something to be insulted so what we're going to show you now is the magazine from italy domenica del corriere and this magazine features photographs
that were staged by these beings and before you look at these photographs i want to remind you that they were extensively there's hundreds of these photographs i'm only going to show you a few they've been extensively analyzed by forensic experts for decades and no one has ever found any evidence of foul play or it being smaller objects that were thrown up into the air and photographed nothing like that there is no credible evidence of fraud here and in these cases where these photographs were taken you had groups of people
who all saw the same thing in some cases while the pictures were being taken so this is amazing these very likely are real ufos that you're going to see from the good guys benevolent human et's so here we go so first of all i'm going to show you the the photograph of the magazine domenico del corriere and this is uh the first time that these pictures were published so what we're seeing right here is is one of the posed pictures where they posed for the shot they said get outside and we're going to show up and and we'll
pose for this picture so there you go and if you look at the craft you can actually see that it has a plasma sphere around it has a a corona you can see a nice round circle around the craft well that's probably from its energetic discharge as it's flying in the air so in this case interestingly enough they said that due to the slippage between dimensions that there is a little area at the top of the craft where it kind of looks black and this is like some kind of uh i guess
it's like an event horizon of the wormhole they're using so the black dot on the top of the craft is not real it's just an artifact caused by dimensional warping so other than that what you're seeing is a nice saucer with a domed roof and this thing was flying all around you can see it's the same trees it's flying through the air apparently other people were witnessing this and it's going in and out of of you know focus as per the background where it's located
so then you have another shot again showing you this black thing on the top that's the dimensional warp effect here's another interesting shot of it and here they are getting closer to the ground these shots again have been forensically analyzed and this is one of the ones where apparently they were able to get it done without the black dot appearing over the craft so you actually here can see the ufo itself and you can see the faint outlines of two people who are standing
and posing for the picture that was being scripted now of course of course of course so many people have felt based they're emboldened by the mainstream media at least up until recently so many people have felt that they can be arrogant rude uh condescending disrespectful insult our intelligence as as ufo researchers or just ufo enthusiasts oh this is bs these pictures are staged it's so fake it's so phony they're out of focus
well part of the reason why they're out of focus is apparently that they're not quite in our reality here they're they're warping in and out of our reality and you again have to go back to the fact that you have consul alberto parago a high-ranking military official who was directly involved in this meeting these beings in person hundreds of people involved top level scientists many eyewitnesses audio recordings all kinds of stuff that all has come out so again back to the slide uh
many many people saw these tall giant humans meeting with them and and they were saying we're get we're going to give this a try we want to talk to you guys and see if this is going to work see if we can approach you see if we can talk to you tell you some things and maybe kind of move the ball forward it didn't really work out that way but here again is a nice up close zoomed in shot of this craft now is it possible that somebody could fake this i guess it's possible but again the italians
themselves have been studying this for decades so some armchair researcher who just wants to be loud and arrogant doesn't know as much as the people who've spent decades actually studying the negatives the original negatives and finding no evidence of fraud investigating people under polygraph they're not lying this is a huge huge story so back to the slide now i'm going to read you more about this case these experiences marked our personal lives deeply and indelibly and caused us to become particularly
vulnerable to the laws regulations and conventions of our own reality and society where we continued to live and work with the exception of a few of us who did choose to spend the rest of their lives together with the friends what we experience with that with the friends goes beyond any imagination well doesn't that sound really cool i don't know i mean i would be tempted to just say yeah let's go let's go and that actually was mirrored in this movie here
cocoon uh where you know the the character wilford brimley we won't we won't get sick we won't get any older and we won't ever die right and so the old people decide they don't want to die so so they all get taken up by the et's in this beautiful ascension ending for the movie this might actually not just be fiction but apparently is based on truth as a consequence absolute silence with other people has been the most
normal reaction from us together with our continuous thinking about our experiences over the decades it was and still is a kind of mental mulling and a constantly growing awareness of what actually happened together with the realization that it cannot easily be put into words doesn't this sound like somebody who actually is telling the truth doesn't this sound like somebody who has had an experience or a series of experiences that changed his lives so dramatically why would he want to talk to people why
would he want to have everybody go right i mean we know this is what happens so like yeah they're not talking but finally they came out with this documentary and we at least got some of the information some of us paid a very high price for being singled out and we were abandoned in our established work and social life patterns that's very sad some of us kept it a total or almost total secret only opening up to a very few people others told the story but gave a partial or modified version of it on purpose
isn't that interesting people weren't telling the whole story why there are many reasons and they are complex because there are things that one cannot just say even when one has decided to speak out and i will bet you i will bet you that one of the things that they're not saying yet is the solar flash because i'm going to show you in just a minute here other ets that are probably the same people contacting americans in the 1950s and in that case they did tell us to expect the solar flash so
we're going to get there in a minute but also i don't want to run this forever we're already an hour and a half in believe it or not although i did start 10 minutes late back to the slide furthermore much of the information has been heavily distorted trivialized manipulated and interpreted in totally arbitrary ways there has also been contradictory information given so that a thing has been said and immediately afterwards contradicted thus generating doubts and in the end incredulity on the part of the readers or listeners
the presence of the friends among us is subordinated to certain laws that they have to follow that depend on factors that are hard to explain in words for they belong to the subtle levels that is the non-physical levels of reality among these there is the law of ambiguity duplicity and deception since this characterizes the condition of terrestrial humans well here we go this is exactly what i expected to see and i just found this today to make some this particular article where we got a lot more clarity and i'm
so glad that i found it the law of ambiguity duplicity and deception how could that possibly be good well in the law of one they talk about it all the time and they call the first distortion of the law of one which is the law of free will and what they say is and the other thing that the law of one calls it very similar to this and maybe it was the same terminology it's just getting translated out of italian they called the law of confusion and they said it is very important that they not give us absolute solid
proof of their existence on a global level because if they did and then people saw that these were beings with god-like abilities they understand universal law and what happens well enough to know that a good percentage of the population would then start worshiping them as the gods that have returned but they don't want to be worshiped they want us to go up to their level they want us to level up to where they are which is what this ascension is about so then we're actually greeting them as
equals not as gods we're greeting them as equals on an equal footing with equal consciousness equal understanding equal emotional maturity so that we're not constantly thinking about what other people think about us worried about what we look like how we sound and and constantly self-doubting and judging ourselves and then obviously judging other people so they're trying to bring us to a higher moral and ethical standard and both sides are arming
humans so the good guys are arming us with telepathic transmissions and other things they're protecting us from any bad stuff happening on earth no catastrophic will be allowed to occur but at the same time they're also giving us philosophical teachings it turns out that the american contacts got a lot more of the philosophy parts but the commonalities between the italian accounts and the american accounts are incredible and i would highly believe that these
are the same people and they just tried it out in two different areas but i'm getting a little bit ahead of ourselves here so again the law of confusion is what the law of one calls it where yeah they'll show up for a few hundred academics in in italy and some people in america they're not going to show up on a widespread level and just let us know they exist because people would worship them so what they have to do is reach certain numbers of people first and level the whole planet up to them we are now leveling up to them where they will greet us eventually as brothers and sisters who are equals
okay back to the slide thus all these negative elements where they have to hide the existence of themselves these are not secondary elements they are a crucial part of the rules of the game and they can come into play at any moment including the moment when an attempt toward disclosure is being made such as at this present moment and so this is actually what they were saying in the article but it's way more true now
right because these rules could come into play at any moment so just because people here on earth think that they're going to do a disclosure of one percent of what they know if what i've heard is true and i hope it's not i hope this disclosure is totally awesome but i i'm expecting that it won't be as much as i want or any of us really want anyway it opens up the possibility that the ets could do their own disclosure the law of confusion is now satisfied because they've come forward so anything is possible folks and this is
the ets themselves telling guys like gaspari and stefano and bruno what's going to be happening in the future back to the slide the friends are not the only extraterrestrials who have come to the earth so they say individuals from various other populations are among us because the earth is a very particular plant inside the economy of this part of the universe others have said that we've heard that the earth is like a garden of eden that it has far more complexity in terms of the genetics that it can have on earth
so that basically almost any life from any other planet could be brought over here and dropped off here and it will survive if you put it in the right area there's not a lot of planets that can do that so apparently we have kind of like a museum of a lot of the best stuff from around the galaxy that's all been put here on earth in terms of life forms because this planet can actually handle that other planets might not be able to so again very interesting correlation between independent testimony that others have said and what these alleged et's said to the italians
back to the slide the aim of the friends presence is not to study us they know us quite well in fact better than we do ourselves the aim of the friends presence is to help us in fact the friends are extremely unhappy about the very high level of hatred violence and injustice that we see on the earth this is exactly what they say and all the other sources i'm going to be telling you about in in our course and they are very unhappy about the anti-humanistic trend
of our science and technology being able to see our thoughts and feelings the friends can see what we hide behind our masks words and smiles so they're here to help us and it's a spiritual assistance right other populations are here for other reasons and the abduction by extraterrestrials of terrestrial humans on earth as well as the creation of e.t human hybrids is a reality that the friends personally told us about as far back as the 1960s and i mentioned this because today there is talk in the
media about it and i remember what the friends said so many years ago well isn't that interesting before the alien abduction thing was ever like a big deal except for maybe betty and barney hill was the first real acknowledged traditional alien abduction in the 1960s but prior to that there was nothing and it wasn't like the betty and barney hill story really got all that popular at the time so here's a case where somebody independently was told the same thing that later came true and that's interesting that's validation if you assume that he is a credible
insider one more time back to the slide the friends told us a lot and yet they only told us a very small part of what they know including what they know about the activities of other populations already among us such as when you feel that your best friend or your lover is telling you the truth that's the kind of thing people say when they really have the experience right compared with all the other populations visiting the earth the friends have a quite peculiar and precious characteristic to offer us they have a very special and close connection
with the subtle levels that regulate the destiny of our planet the destiny meaning are we going to have a positive planet or a global fascist dictatorship so they have a close connection to that they're going to make sure it doesn't go down the negative road and they're connected with what they call the soul of the universe beyond the physical or phenomenal level thus the friends have a sort of general control over everything that occurs on earth including what's happening now but they are only allowed to intervene under particular conditions everything
happens as in an extremely elaborate chess game with rules i cannot even touch upon here but again the basis of the chess game is that we determine what the et's can do our free will determines what they are allowed to do that's why when more of us pray or meditate and call upon them for help they can only act based upon how many people are doing that the law of one they quantify it and they call it the calling so if you're wondering what to do and it
and you don't want to spend any money praying is a darn good one because it's free but when you do that each new person who's praying according to the law of one series which again is derived out of this 1950 zt tradition it's the logical outcropping of it it was based on people's love one came out of okay the law of one started with these 1950s contacts and it is a christian ultimately a christian teaching it it affirms the reality of the christ of jesus it does do that it says that he was the embodiment of the galactic mind
but for me the real validation is in the hundreds of scientific points that it makes that i was able to independently confirm and i've done this throughout four books now and there's a lot of it in the new book awakening in the dream as well so the we have to authorize both the positive and the negative so both sides have to play by these rules when we're dealing let's go with wide shot real quick we're dealing with the cabal their rules are okay they have to tell us what they're doing so what do they do they advertise it in all these movies with all seeing eye black and white tile
floor the masonic arch the the square encompass symbol is sometimes used uh there's there's a bunch of these symbols that have appeared and a lot of themes that have appeared so they and again the the great pyramid on the back of the dollar right with the all-seeing eye on top of it that's another example of them hiding it out in the open this is what is normally being done this is the way they normally work okay and uh these rules basically are
that we have to we humans have to be inspired by these beings inspired by their message we have to take personal action so the personal action is to not just sit there and wait for something to happen but from these beings perspective yes do they want do they want works as christians would call it yes to a degree they do they want you to go out there and do positive works but a single moment of pure consciousness means more to
these beings than a lifetime of works so if you if you really develop your meditation and if you can get to the true state of nirvana or samadhi or whatever these ancient traditions called it just you as a soul reaching out to the one infinite creator making that handshake and getting that that telepathic interaction in your meditation which is what i'm gearing the classes for on sunday now if you go to ascensionmysteryschool.com every sunday i'm leading you through these guided meditations that will help you connect
with your higher self and they're very beneficial so when you can make that connection then you are actually helping even more than any other method so truly honestly the most important thing we should all be doing is trying to live in a meditative state throughout our lives trying to not get angry because there's so many things that can make you angry right now there's so many things that can make you sad there's so many things that can make you depressed that all lowers your frequency for lack of a better term
so and then people are like well david you should do more global meditations well we're doing them what twice a week now uh now that we're we're in the middle of this class but anyway the most important thing you can do is to try to be peaceful all the time to try to be happy to try to have loving thoughts and to try to have forgiveness for the people who are around you whether it's your own immediate family and friends or whether it's people that you're meeting just in the course of your day when you go to the store what these beings want for you to become
is a person who's cheerful who inspires other people who actually makes them feel good about themselves when you talk to them you're lifting them up instead of knocking them down you're getting them to smile you're getting them to feel loved and then you're creating other people who are inspired and then they go out and create other people who are inspired it all sounds like a big old hippie 1960s kumbaya right but that's what the beings message really is we all are going through something on
earth that is unveiling the negativity so that we can look at it and choose to do something different so again do you think that it matters when you're getting mad yes it does it does matter when you have a moment of anger it does matter when you have sadness now i'm not saying you should avoid these emotions uh in fact it's very negative to repress these emotions and not honor them and not honor what they're telling you this is one of the things that traditional religion sometimes lures people into is this kind of self
martyrdom that can happen but instead of the self martyrdom what's more important is embracing the service to others philosophy gearing your life towards being a positive person being a loving person being an accepting person a patient person a forgiving person it's such a simple message it's the message of ageless wisdom any human being who taps into cosmic consciousness will immediately start downloading the same kinds of concepts
and the law of one even tells you that the two basic concepts that you're that you're gonna download first is uh to meditate and to be more loving it's not going to get more complex the message isn't a complex message it isn't hard to understand it's just that we get caught up in our own delusions and we don't realize what's really going on that we're in a class life on earth is a class and there's a hidden agenda and there are teachers and they're studying this so is santa claus real
no but is something like santa claus real where he's keeping a list of who's naughty and nice absolutely 100 and the stocking and what gets filled in your stocking has yet to be revealed but we have a pretty good idea what to expect because if you do this if you're actually going to go out there if what i'm telling you today inspires you to be a nice person and you're going to go out there and kick butt and be be this really cool amazing soul then guess what go way over here now you're doing the right thing you're
doing the right thing so it's so simple there's not a whole lot of difficulty or complexity to this did you like the pink shirt by the way i said you know i figured it's 1950s i'm going to wear a pink shirt and green pants and that way i'll hit it out of the park with everybody who's trying to take bets on what color my shirt is going to be i'm sorry all you people that bet blue you lost you got to pay up sorry about that but anyway um yeah so somebody here says tracy says it's the message of god he said to keep
forgiving someone no matter how many times they hurt you rey okie dokie says perfect love casts out all fear the actual feeling of giving love is a frequency that is felt as a feedback in itself and that is what heals dna as jc said in giving you receive what you sow so shall you reap so you guys are so smart i mean like you already know a lot of this stuff so i only want to really tell you things that are new ageless wisdom is great and i'll remind you of it but you guys already know these beings don't change and and whether it's an ancient zoroastrian or
hindu prophecy or whether it's in the 1950s it's just be nice is it so freaking hard to be nice can we just be friendly can we just be cool to each other wouldn't the planet be really nice you wouldn't need to fight wars anymore because there's no countries trying to take over the planet anymore because everybody's being nice and then we could use the military to explore space and peacefully heal the planet we have all these troops if they didn't have to fight wars then we could get them doing other stuff and that's with with the company that
i've been developing we have a garbage technology and this is real you know these units cost about 30 million dollars to make but if you have one of these units you can put in municipal solid waste which is the name for trash they call it msw and it can the the 30 million dollar unit can do i believe a thousand metric tons a day and what comes out is a million gallons of distilled water a day and a hundred thousand gallons of diesel fuel there's no atmospheric by-products folks
there's no atmospheric emissions there's no pollution you don't smell anything the only thing you get is liquid water diesel fuel which we desperately need especially after what just happened in the southeast united states and you also get carbon black which you could use for a fertilizer for for crops look i know the people who are doing this i've seen the prototype my wife has seen the prototype we have films of it working so we have the prototype that's one of
the hardest things with a tech upstart is people are like well do you have a prototype well yes we do we can show you the prototype we can show you films of it running we can get it up and running again uh right now i know where it is and uh it's not running at the moment but we could easily get it set up again so we are in the process of raising funds there's some very promising things going on i'm not going to talk about it at all until we actually have it but it looks really good so there's a lot of excitement going on because why wouldn't we want to make this garbage technology why wouldn't we want to start cleaning
up the trash because if enough of these are built then we could actually not make any trash anymore all of our trash could be converted into useful things like water and fuel and if you say oh fuel it's good even if we got anti-gravity and free energy which i think we're going to get it's going to take probably 20 years for society to change enough where everybody has access to these vehicles wouldn't it be cool during that time if we start processing all of our trash
and turning it into fuel turning it into gasoline trash to cash and the other thing that's really cool for anybody who's investing in this is that after only three years of running the machine at a thousand tons a day the fuel that it generates is more than enough to pay for the cost of the machine so what literally happens is after three years if you invest this initial amount of money after that period of time all it does is make profit and clean up the earth how could that be bad it couldn't be bad
the only way it might not make profit is if fuel becomes valueless because everybody's got free energy but again even if we get that declassified in this disclosure which there's some hints that they might do something like this and the salvator pious patents already there's a compact fusion reactor that he has which is way over unity way over unity and he has an anti-gravity machine called the hawk or the hybrid air underwater craft which they've already said apparently works and you know they've alluded to the fact they already have this it looks
like a flying triangle so isn't it something that here we are today going through all this stuff trying to understand what in the world is going on over in dc is there an event that's getting ready to happen are they going to do nothing are they going to do something and if so what are they going to do when are they going to do it how are they going to do it and what is the relationship with disclosure apparently happening somewhere around june 15th we're thinking we're hearing that it's probably going to be close to june 15th rather than june 1st
well it could all be leading up to some really really cool stuff but i don't want to see disclosure i don't want to see the authorities telling us that this is all we know and only the information that we told you is credible and all the other information there is to know oh well they're lying and they're lying and they're lying and they're lying and they're lying oh david wilcox we're not going to talk about that guy and blimps stealth blimp oh come on
that i'm afraid that that that could happen i'm afraid that they're going to try to sideline all other information except for their information but look the ufo subject is so vast there's there's just warehouses full of data and probably warehouse is full of crashed disks too at wright patterson or wherever the hell they are and we deserve to know the truth so enough lying guys you gotta stop lying and so when we go back to this we need to go back to
yes the et's tried very hard to let us know they exist through groups of people in the 1950s but the negativity on this earth was so high that these people were intimidated and they never really came forward to the degree that they wanted in fact the americans did more to get the message out after they were contacted in the 1950s then the italians did because the americans led to entire works of words where the beings themselves
came through and gave their philosophy so on sunday oh and it's a it was not it's not 4 4 right now but it was just 4 44. on sunday i'm going to go through a lot more of this kind of information but it's it's extremely fascinating okay back to the slide compared with the science and technology of the other extraterrestrial populations the science and technology of the friends is quite different and singular because their technology is shaped directly upon
the laws of the world of the spirit isn't that something it is a science and technology that has no connection at all with ours including our most innovative aspects of quantum mechanics yet the friends also have another and more usual science and technology that they partially tried to share with us especially in the fields of electromagnetism and i think we're going to see what that is in just a minute here but this aroused feelings of avidity which means greed or jealousy i guess possession competition and omnipotence
in us so the friends retired from this sharing project this is a critical statement to make okay when you read the law of one they said that they contacted people in the 1950s and that the people's egos got involved they started to think they were hot stuff they started to berate other people they started to think they were gods that they were special one of the things i've learned and by having you know dream and telepathic interaction with these benevolent beings since
well the dream started in 1992 or yeah 92 and then the telepathic stuff started in 1996 four years later after i had done my dream research every morning i wrote down the dreams remembered them wrote them down studied them analyzed them and got pretty clear about what the messages were and how i was being guided it became telepathic for me in 1996 and the law of one does tell us that they contacted people in 1950s they got egoically involved and they realized we can't reach people
in person it gets too religious it gets too weird the only way we can really work now is telepathically so i only got telepathic contact many others in today's world have only gotten telepathic contact there's evidence that in-person contact might have been resumed but it's very very rare if it ever happens at all usually they're going to reach you telepathically it will start in your dreams you will hear things in your mind you will think that it's nothing you will think it's just your imagination but there's going to be this so-called
still small voice once you understand meditation according to law of one you're not supposed to block out all your thoughts you're just supposed to not be thinking them there's a difference when you start to meditate you will learn there's a difference between the thoughts that you think and the thoughts that arise spontaneously without any effort and without any doing on your part when you're in deep meditative state according to law of one that is the voice of the creator so even if you don't take ascension mystery school which again ascensionmysteryschool.com
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doesn't get answered fast enough i want you to understand that we're getting hundreds of letters and we have very few staff so we're working as quickly as possible to answer your emails but it might not be right away okay so please just be nice to everybody they're working 11 hours a day they're working really hard and we're really happy that for their for their effort so we're doing as quick as we can anyway back to the slide so again they said that the the contacts aroused feelings of jealousy possession competition and omnipotence exactly the
same thing it says in law of one and he obviously didn't read it so that to me is ver verification the friends look at this this is wonderful the friends have won a great war in the universe against the evil populations but the game on the earth is still completely open both the minds of us terrestrials in the group forever linked to the friends by an ancient pact and the minds of the terrestrials whom we address as is happening now which includes you hearing this right now in this live
stream uh this is how we're involved in this war and let me just look at one thing real quick here uh oh yeah we got 10 500 concurrent viewers right now so we are way over the minimum grade that we need for the meditation effect to kick in so we almost 11 000 10 391 is right now it's going up and down that's awesome thank you guys for showing up uh and i hope that this is worth it and i hope that most people are telling me don't be
worried about the length but i am going to keep it under three hours uh so the minds of you you listening to this as you're hearing this you are involved and again it's because if i and the beings that i'm talking about if we can inspire you to just be a little bit more friendly a little bit more patient a little bit more forgiving a little bit less angry a little bit less judgmental a little bit less jealous then we've accomplished what the whole
mission of our thing on earth is for is just to get you to be nicer just to mellow out and relax you know and people are so riled up right now and it's like look it's gonna be okay the world is an illusion it's not material it's not made of physical matter matter is a projection of consciousness that's what these beings tell you everything is a thought and therefore everything is malleable there is no destined outcome that your life is going to be on
if you think oh no i'm not going to make it you still definitely have time to change that if you think about how many times a day that your thoughts and actions are going to cause stress in people anxiety in people fear in people anger in people defensiveness if if you're the one that's making other people defensive if if you're the one who is like always angry and and everybody has to apologize to you and i'm not gonna hold you accountable
okay if somebody else is sitting next to you don't like nod your head okay but if that's you and you're routinely confront confrontational and all this kind of stuff you're not getting it your life is not doing what it needs to do our our goal is to be nice and to be to be positive and patient patience is one of the hardest ones man and forgiveness is one of the hardest ones if not the hardest one the negative don't have the strength
this is the thing they think they're so powerful they think they're so tough and they're taking over the world right but they don't have enough strength to let go of things they don't have the emotional maturity to be able to forgive that's why if they were smart if if i was gonna try to play for the negative side and this is a total thought experiment because that's the way i like to do things i like to play chess let's take a thought experiment in my mind if i was running the negative and they
were going to do this in january and just kind of take over right i would like hold off for a year i would want people to have a good solid year where they think everything's cool before i show them anything crazy but if you start trying to do all this stuff massive tax increases massive job slashing and now something that's becoming widely acknowledged in an an unprecedented in in world history for a country of this size
well maybe not because it's happened before but to pay people to bribe people literally a nationwide bribe to not go and do your job to not go work and it's actually working really well i forget what it is but like 35 percent of americans right now are living entirely on benefits 35 percent that's like a third more than a third of everyone one out of three people are not working
what and it's okay i get it i get it it's really cool to get 800 a week if you're not used to even making 800 a week but what they're trying to do is make it so that everything collapses so they're giving you a little bit of a bribe now so that we on our own through our own collective laziness and they think we're all lazy folks i'm not lazy but they think that we're lazy if enough of us are lazy and we take the bubble money we take the helicopter money
nobody goes and does anything society collapses and we did it to ourselves but we did it because we like 800 more than we like the planet being safe that's the latest crazy thing that's going on everybody's got this choice now well do i take door number one or door number two do i take the money or do i take the hard work well look the money might not be bad for a while maybe you need a break maybe you've been working hard your whole life and you need some time off i did it okay and look what what happened afterwards i lost
i don't even know how much probably 35 pounds i would i would guess uh i i i don't always want to be doing this in front of the public because frankly we have very intense opposition and then when the system itself starts to turn against you and if you talk about stuff that you just get wiped out it becomes even more of a buzzkill to want to do this but right now obviously everything is looking really hot we're in a very very intense moment here and don't expect it to stay like this very long this is a kinetic
moment of change rapid change let me just read some comments here oh somebody's ruby cole he holly says i'm from the government and i'm here to help uh ray okey dokey says the compassion of the wicked ignorant is the cruelty is cruelty that's the proverb you can only love as you know how to love uh it's going too fast i can't read all this but uh ariel darkstar just said less hours uh you guys want me to stop is that really true i don't know i could stop
uh but i mean i have some other information that i'd like to get through first so yeah let's let's just blow through this and not keep talking because i want to get to one other point before we end and i can probably keep the two and a half hours in fact and this is so critical folks i'm so glad i saw this just today this war quote unquote also is taking place in our most intimate spheres like whether you take the money or whether you make sure the planet isn't going to collapse because nobody's working right which one are you going to do here the war takes place in our most intimate spheres
and on levels we are unaware of which makes the whole matter very difficult and hard to express the teachings of the friends have not yet been divulged well not in italy but they did in america but when they are they will allow us to deal with this intricate conceptual and experiential muddle with a new awareness transcendence of what we also call god is at the very core of the teachings of the friends this should not be confused with the soul of the universe we mentioned above
here we have the very opposite of pantheism this is monotheism as one god right for now however i am obliged to stop here though this spiritual message is by far the most important point and the main reason for the friends presence among us as they themselves told us and so again just to summarize some other notes here and i'm really sorry that i didn't have these animated right that kind of stuff drives me nuts as an ocd guy but whatever it's not that big of a deal
so in in summary hundreds of people with high social and cultural status were involved the documentary tells us that there were other european countries that were having similar contacts and we also find out that it was happening in siberia south america and australia during the same time frame and then again the extraterrestrials were physically materializing in front of people they had telekinetic ability they allowed their ships to be photographed they took people on board the ship they took people into their underground bases and the message from them again is we
need to go in and solve these final mysteries whoops see if i hit the button the wrong way it becomes very unprofessional so these u.s contact cases gave us more of the message you do not want to miss this part folks so there was three georges in the us contactee cases they're not the only people but they were sort of the most prominent ones you have george adamski you have george van tassel and you have george hunt williamson so these are the
three georges now georgia damski uh is the guy i'm going to talk about the least of the american contactees but he among other things did have a very strange radial pattern around his belly button that was like a scar and apparently they've removed this organ that i heard about from people in the ds called the omenta supposedly there's a very very dangerous surgery you can have where this placental material from your mother
called the omenta it's it's very it's rich in blood vessels and it's intermingled with your intestines around the belly button what these people in in the in the cabal apparently have done is they cut that thing out because it's got your mother's dna in it and your antibodies are constantly attacking it supposedly it greatly weakens your immune system if you have it and if you have it removed then you get a lot healthier i had heard about that operation it's very dangerous because it's so easy to bleed out if it's not done right
so it's extremely dangerous i do not recommend it but supposedly a lot of ds people were getting this done therefore having heard that already when i went back and read about adamski and that he had this cut out scar around his belly button that looks like a jagged edge around it well yeah that's probably what they did they probably wanted to keep them around longer and they knew that if you take this thing out you do it right that you actually apparently the people who get the omenta taken out you don't have you don't get sick at all your immune system is much much
better but again if you eat superfoods and do the right thing you don't get sick anyway and you don't need to have some crazy dangerous surgery so again i don't recommend the surgery if you could even figure out how to get one so now we have the next guy here george van tassel and he essentially became kind of like the godfather of the modern ufo contact d movement he got the money together he was a pilot and he had he got big money together and what he did here
is he built these ufo gatherings in giant rock which is a little area of joshua tree now giant rock is the supposedly the largest freestanding boulder in the world or at least one of the largest freestanding boulders in the world here's a picture of someone standing on top of it and i will also say that the native americans believed that this mountain had incredible energetic properties well sure enough when you have a gigantic single piece of stone you're going to get an effect very similar to a pyramid
that stone mass is actually transforming the energy that's all around us that i call the source field consciousness itself is transforming and raising in this area so if you're around giant rock you will get this consciousness enhancement and believe me when i went there i could feel it i could feel it big time let's see another picture of giant rock now back to the slide so here i guess for a little while somebody hauled a car up to the top so you can see how massive this thing is and then they actually built a restaurant slash meditation gathering
room underneath the rock they actually hollowed it out it's no longer there it's been filled in but at the time this is what it looked like there was a whole cool little restaurant down there you could actually get served food and they would meditate and and and get ready for these ufo contacts so here's another picture of the area that was underneath giant rock that you could go to here's a collage of a variety of different pictures again of the giant rock thing now what's important is that every year they were
having these ufo gatherings there where thousands of people would get together and celebrate their knowledge of ufology and some of this included uh alleged contactees so the name of the restaurant was called the come on in inn really funny pun so here's the picture of that uh and uh so this is george van tassel and his wife and they ran this restaurant and it is reported that howard hughes would land his plane
just for a piece of pie made by van tassel's wife era or ina i can't eva eva above so yes so howard hughes and they talk about this in law of one too a little bit howard hughes was the big money guy so howard hughes was flying in his aircraft there was a private airstrip in joshua tree that he could land on at the time and he would go directly underneath giant rock and have dinner or lunch in this come on in restaurant george van tassel also ended
up working with the beings that were being contacted here and tried to build a machine that if it was successful would have been a portaling device where people could have actually portaled off to where the et's wanted them to go we have to meet them halfway we build part of the work george van tassel actually started building this machine called the integratron but according to law of one the the the rules were broken and the et's therefore withheld the final instructions that would have made this machine actually work
so you can go to the integratron today you can go visit it uh the building is still there it's all made out of wood just like a pyramid or at least most of it was and there's a there's a area in the middle that you can stand in where there's a tube kind of thing up to the top you can look through the top and see a little hole and you the acoustics are incredible you hear all the sounds from around the room and it's a very interesting kind of time warping acoustic effect that you get when you're standing in the middle or sitting in the middle of the thing plus another very strange thing i
noticed in in the integratron is that two people can be whispering to each other across the room and based on its very unique acoustics you can hear they're whispering all the way across the room like it's happening right next to you all of these acoustic properties apparently also helped this energetic aspect happen where it could have functioned as a portal but the beings were very specific in saying that it has to be available to everyone apparently howard hughes wealthy friends said we're going to
spend the first two years and use it just for the people who put in the millions of dollars and then we'll let it go for everybody else and they had firmly decided nobody's getting in there except for the people who paid for it and their close friends for the first two years that decision is why the beings pulled out similar things apparently happened in italy as as stefano breccio was telling us because we just can't handle it so we weren't really ready mature enough for this technology yet but but they tried so back to the slide
uh so there is giant rock airport because again it's very flat so howard hughes could land there that's what it was called so they had these huge huge annual ufo gatherings that did literally attract about 5 000 people standing out there in the middle of the hot desert and they got their beach umbrellas and they did it i think in like march april so it was still starting to get pretty freaking hot out there and among the people who would visit were various people who claimed that extraterrestrials were contacting them
in person and in this case this woman said my flight to venus so she is one of the contactees who was allegedly taken on board the ships and flown off to a cool place like venus here's another slide where it says giant rock interplanetary airport aircraft welcome typical for a ufo conference right well this was in 1954. so here is george van tassel posing in front of the integratron which he says the integratron is a time
machine for basic research on rejuvenation anti-gravity and time travel so you can go there and you can see it in the background originally by the way the entire dome was built to lift up off of the bottom of the building and be able to rotate on its own gimbal okay that part of the construction was actually never completed but apparently the rotation of the entire structure was part of how it was going to work and i'm sure it would have been fine except that again he wanted to only have it for the rich people for the first two
years and the being said no you're done cut you off very sad but that's what actually happened so in the next slide here we have george van tassel on nightly television you know discussing his contact with the the television show host long john nobel the space visitor whose name was solganda spoke english to him said van tassel so van tassel was one of the people who had et's showing up in person in joshua tree they looked human
and they took him on board the ships yeah that sounds familiar sounds like exactly what we were just talking about in italy during the exact same period of time except remember breccia or i'm sorry gaspari no who's the first guy's name bruno bruno samachicia he was the first one to get contact that wasn't until 1956. so what i think might have happened is that the beings were starting to see the van tassel thing go off the rails the integratron thing you know they had to pull the plug and
then they said well okay maybe this avenue isn't really working maybe we shouldn't give them so much philosophy let's go somewhere else on earth and let's try again let's contact them in person tell them who we are tell them that we mean peace we come in peace you know and let's just see what happens and unfortunately they got disappointed in that case it was until the late 1970s they had to cut everything off with most people but again they didn't really get what they wanted out of doing this because people are not ready they either think they're a god or they get a big ego or then other people start
worshiping them and none of this is what the beings want okay back to the slide so people were being contacted and there were communications happening and how did these communications occur and what did they say well the first thing we're going to explore is what may have been the very first attempt these zts made by radio telegraph now you might say to yourself what the heck is radio telegraph if you look at the picture here i'll cut back to in just a second
it's the idea of sending morse code over shortwave radio because sometimes in shortwave it's so weak that you can't make out what somebody's saying you know all this kind of nonsense but you can hear it even if it's really really staticky so it's a very secure way to communicate wirelessly it was essentially the original email other than the fact that you could just pick up the telephone and call somebody but radio is more cool and back then long distance calling was
almost impossible so you could play around with shortwave and get a lot of stuff done so according to the the other george george hunt williamson there was a group of people who were being contacted beginning in 1952 where they were ham radio operators and they have the radio in their house and they're communicating with people by telegraph but then very precise signals start coming in and the precision indicated like it that it was done digitally which of course we wouldn't have had in 1952
but the beings totally would so these communications were very precise very fast almost as if they were done mechanically which again i believe they were but what starts to happen is that it's an intelligence that's communicating with the people and it starts telling them that they are extraterrestrials that they came from elsewhere that they have motherships that they're here to help us and in some of these cases once trust was established the being said
go out into the backyard and people would go out into their backyard after being told to do this and a craft appears and it actually takes them on a ride so several of the people who are the 1950s american e.t contactees apparently there was six groups where there were at least six groups in the book that we're going to see where they were contacted by radio telegraph and then they actually got an in-person contact where the beings appeared to them in person after these in-person contacts usually
what would happen is that it would change over from in-person to telepathy once you identified the beings once you identified what it's like to be around them and the telepathic communication that you can have with them in person then you could recognize it when they weren't there in person and that's the way they preferred to communicate and they gave us some very very amazing messages through this particular method now let's go back to the slide so dr wilbert b smith was the canadian
radio communications engineer who ended up getting brought in to investigate these radio telegraph communications and he was also a recipient he was one of the six groups that started to have this happen directly to him so the contacts began in 1952 oh and and i guess instead of six it was 12 because these are these slides were taken right out of the book so 12 different groups i was off by half 12 different groups were independently contacted and wb smith was one of the people who was personally contacted by his radio
telegraph and george hunt williamson who apparently his real name was michelle d brenovich he wrote this book called the saucer speak on these 1952 and above contacts he did not reveal wb smith's identity but if you go to presidential ufo.com which is grant cameron's website he's one of the great ufo researchers in my view grant has some great documents on there that clearly show communication happening between wb smith
and george hunt williamson and additionally to that the the questioner for the law of one his name was dr don elkins he was personal friends with george hunt williamson and so in his copy of the book which i saw when i stayed at their place l l research in in louisville kentucky in the margin where it says the scientist in george hunt williamson's book he wrote in w.b smith because williamson told him it was w.b smith so if you actually see that it's written in there so i
guess we could ask l l to take a picture of that part of the book where he wrote in that that's who it was but it's not necessary the point is there's documents on presidential ufo.com between williamson and w.b smith so that's who the scientist is if you go find this book the saucers speak which is a very amazing book even today back to the slide so the et's explained that our solar system if you summarize what all the different stuff was saying this is the total of what they say
the ets explained that our solar system was moving into a more highly energized region of our galaxy that this would create measurable increases in cosmic ray bombardment and our entire solar system would be transformed by this process well doesn't this sound familiar and they gave this message to world governments well yes so in in short if you come back on sunday go to ascensionmysteryschool.com sign up there we have a payment plan now uh
so it's 111 a month for three months or if you uh took one of my classes before you can sign up for 222 but that's a one-time payment okay um anyway we're going to go through these 1950s emails well they're like emails right but they're they're they're transmissions um and we know actually who got the right stuff so so let's let's keep going here so back to the slide uh wb smith's identity was hidden in the books because he had a security
clearance with the canadian government and as i said the telegraph messages eventually switched to in-person contacts which then led to direct telepathy where people are getting telepathic messages and they would dictate them and write them down okay so smith at these yearly giant rock events there were various people who claimed that they were having telepathic contact with et's and somehow enough of them figured out okay there's like a woodstock for ufos i want to go there so every year in the 1950s w.b smith was
going to these conferences he was meeting the contactees and he was talking to them and finding out if they were accurate or not and so going back to the slide wilbert smith created a 100 part questionnaire to examine all of these would-be telepaths and this questionnaire was based upon things like uh you know questions that only he knew the answer to so a small number of these people all across the country gave answers to the questions that were
nearly identical and in fact discrepancies in their answers were later explained by the sources as their own personal biases and predilections tampering with the data so this is really really interesting um a certain number of people all across the planet or whoever was at these giant rock conventions were getting interviewed he has a very precise list of a hundred questions that are specific questions and he tells you what some of the questions are
and approximately i don't know how many people but a certain number of these people a handful of them all answered these hundred questions that are very specific exactly the same way and some of the questions had answers that he knew the answer to but only because he had a classified government clearance so if you don't have a clearance why would you know the answer well if the et's know the answer and they tell you then that's why you would know the answer so this was a very very rigorous vetting
process and it produced a series of people who actually passed and who gave accurate information well thanks to the pioneering work of dr don elkins and l l research we captured those books we know what these people said we know what the authenticated 1950s contact said and it's very intricate but we're going to go through some of the best stuff on sunday but really what they end up telling us is that the solar system is going to go through a massive transformation
the sun is going to change it's going to give off a bunch of energy the orbits of the planets will change doesn't this sound familiar david isn't this exactly what all the other prophecies you told us before we're saying whether it's silestrian prophecy egyptian prophecy hindu prophecy zoroastrian prophecy greek prophecy roman prophecy it goes on and on and on and on so many different things islam talks about it christianity talks about it judaism talks about it mithrism
talks about it it's everywhere and now we have to kind of re-educate ourselves because this knowledge didn't disappear it just kind of got buried so that's why i'm digging this stuff up because if it was ever important it's important now so the bottom line which i'm going to make a lot more clear on sunday is that the 1950s et's completely reiterated what the ancient prophecies were saying even though it appears that the contactees were not aware of those prophecies
because in these books you don't hear them talking about how you know what these people are saying is the same as what it said in zoroastrianism it's the same as what it said in islam you don't hear that these people got it independently and again to me this further underlines that the ets are real and this is what they want us to know and they have a message and the message is get ready because a big big evolutionary quantum leap is coming and there's cycles that you have to go through before you can enjoy this now stefano and those other guys out
there in italy um bruno samochichi etc we also heard that they got technological information and that this is when everything started to go wrong well apparently this is the second time they tried this because technological information was also given to the contactees in america one of the things that w b smith said is hey because he started he basically w.b smith started making friends with the people who were really in contact with the et's and so he starts interviewing the et's
directly using these people as telepathic conduits and apparently the woman he liked and used the most was francis swann and based on how much time i have i think we're going to do it on sunday not today this amazing stuff that francis swann had you're going to see documents from the fbi of fbi agents that went to meet her at her house i think it was in maine in a really small humble house and the beings actually began trying to communicate with them by doing
some pretty interesting things that scared them noises in their ears huge amazing like sound pressure that went through their whole bodies and the beings were trying to set up a mass contact they were trying to use these fbi agents to talk to our government and they said they had 5 000 mother ships that they wanted to appear in our skies with so we're going to get into all that on sunday so again ascensionmysteryschool.com if you want to see all that stuff i don't have time to do it right now so
in the technology that uh wb smith said hey look how are we supposed to know that you guys are real could you give us some cool technology or something could you teach us something new what they did is they said yes we will teach you that there are areas of reduced binding now reduced binding apparently means that the ship like an airplane could could have a very bad accident as it's flying through space in certain areas that there are these energetic fields on earth where at certain times the rivets will liquefy the metal literally liquefies at room
temperature and the plane just comes apart you don't want that to happen so they taught us how to find out where these zones are so that we don't fly our planes through them they actually taught us how to do this and it's a it's essentially a subtle energy or vortex energy detecting device that they built and if i if i made these myself i could probably sell them i've never actually done that but here we go uh so this technology allowed him to measure what we could call the global grid this geomagnetic grid on earth
well here's the bottom line all you have to do is take a fishing line and stretch it almost to the point where it's going to break and this puts unique stresses on the atoms which apparently cause subtle energy to become much more responsive so we actually have a surviving picture of this detector so what you're seeing here is exactly how it needs to be built you have this is what the et's told us through this telepathic contact you have brass caps on the top and bottom of an aluminum tube
inside is a nylon fiber and you have to stretch it really really tight right before it would actually snap and break and the way you put it under that compression is that steel spring that you see there at the bottom then the only other thing you're doing is you wrap the wire the the monofilament around a spindle and the spindle is connected to a needle which then has a numerical gauge to give you a sense of what number of strength you are at so the story goes that the monofilament will expand and contract depending on where you are
and you could easily tell where these vortex points are now according to the 1950s data they actually tested this and what they found was that there were these circular areas there they're like large circles and they slowly move they don't stay still but apparently there's a big one around toronto and that it was a problem because it would cause buildings to be weak and they would try to build the building properly but then some of the bolts would liquefy and and the building would start collapsing while it was under construction
and they'd have to do it all again so this is something that would happen pretty often um this binding problem and and planes coming apart so i don't know if anybody's even built these successfully now this is the kind of thing you need some r d for but it's it's one of the things that they did now the other thing they did is they they gave you the detector but then they gave you the generator so so you have to be able to generate the beam as well as to be able to detect the beam right because if you could generate the beam
then you got the beginning of the thing and that's where you can start to actually have a usable technology including something right that could potentially be like a wi-fi internet but without electromagnetism that would be cool if we could use these fields there's lots of ways that we could benefit from it so back to the slide they call it the caduceus coil and the caduceus is essentially based on this idea of the two snakes entwined but what you do here and please don't do this at home but you know i can't really stop you but
like if you're gonna build this don't aim it anybody okay because that's very dangerous and bad so please don't do that but what you do here is you have an iron core ferrite as it says and then you take these wires and you wrap them across the core in the dna spiral shape interesting when you do this and this is an example of somebody who did this this is john louis no da in 2005 who took just a simple old copper wire and wrap it around what looks like a
toilet paper tube and then you just all you have to do is run the current through this and then he has i guess a soliton detector and sure enough when you run current through this thing you get this wave response on the other side now here's another example of somebody who built one of these with the iron core and the wire that wraps around it so the way that the contactees told us this works is that you will be able to run current
through this wire that's wrapped around the core and you will see the current dropping you will see that some of your energy is disappearing but you don't know where it is apparently when you cross a 90 degree angle of electromagnetic fields and you take two electromagnetic fields and you collide them at nine degrees and i'm probably getting a lot of trouble now there's some people that don't want me to tell you this believe me because this is the secret to a whole lot of technology okay nine degree crosses in the wires and then
it creates a non-physical energy beam that you can generate in one place it'll travel right through a brick wall you won't notice anything but on the other side with the little fishing wire thing you can detect the beam and it works so eventually i believe that this could be used for very positive purposes because if this technology is is done properly it can heal if it's done improperly it can cause damage so this is not something to play around with so again if you if
you actually do try to build one of these please don't aim it at anyone because it probably won't hurt them that badly a coil of this size isn't going to do too much if anything but just please be sensitive to that if you try to experiment with this back to the slide now so what are the conclusions that w.b smith came up with as a result of all this stuff the conclusions were telepathic communication is very real and can be repeated different sources were giving nearly identical answers to these technical
classified questions and the bottom line is that they think something is going to happen throughout our entire solar system now next i want to read you we're not going to cut back to me yet this is the actual uh scan that i took of the paper that is a transcript of wb smith's talk that he gave live in 1958 in front of a conference called why i believe in the reality of spacecraft and in ascension mystery school i'm going to
give you the links to all these documents so that you can read them ascensionmysteryschool.com again i'm just going to go through it quickly enough if you want to read all of it i'm pausing enough here that you'll have the time to do that and the whole document also is on llresearch.org by the way they have an archive in there where this and other things are located so this is the thing that i actually wanted to read to you okay um and this is about how he was asking these 100 questions the procedure in checking contacts
was to ask a number of innocuous but significant questions and compare the answers with the answers to the same questions that we obtained through other contacts the questions were of the type like this do people live on the planet mars if so what is the general shape of their houses that's pretty darn specific right are there people on mars and what do their houses look like if everybody starts answering the same question hmm well we know there's people on mars we know there's bases on mars we have humans on mars the people on mars use coin money
if so what does it look like holy crap that specific yes altogether some hundred or more questions were involved the results were spectacular to say the least among the contacts who might be classed as authentic there was almost complete agreement among the other alleged contactees there was extremely poor agreement or none at all of course where agreement was general but one or two points didn't fit an effort was made to find out the reason for the discrepancy in each case it was found that someone had injected a
terrestrial idea or comment frequently of a religious nature instead of transmitting faithfully that which was received so one of the things that the beings would have trouble with is uh people wanting to throw in a bunch of christian jargon i remember one time when i was in virginia beach and i was working for a singing group called sounds of joy and i played percussion for them we would go to senior citizens homes and do corals chorus so we do christmas songs
other stuff during the year um i liked it and i did it for a long time and it was fun to bring joy to those people but one day i was trying to go to rehearsal and i went to the wrong place and i ended up going to a church on a wednesday night gathering that they had and what i saw was that the pastor was giving really good information that seemed to be coming directly from source in other words i believe that this particular pastor was getting a telepathic contact with benevolent angelic beings and he would say things that were so beautiful and so
deeply meaningful and inspiring but also it was like he he'd kind of get a thought idea and then he'd have to get another one and the way that he would get the next one is he'd say and we're washed in the blood of the lamb and the christ the the holy blood of jesus is coming down upon us and he do this so he had a standard set of things that were in that vein that were usually the same kinds of sentences or very similar sentences and he'd say maybe four or five of them and that would be like what would jump
start him to get another download and then he'd he wouldn't say any of that stuff and all of a sudden he's talking again in this very interesting way and i'm like yeah this sounds just like what the beings say so we have the gift everybody has the gift when you speak from the heart when you speak from a place of inspiration you will at least be partially guided partially inspired by positive beings and the more that you can learn to meditate and get yourself out of the way the better so what was happening in this case is that people were getting mostly
the right information telepathically but then they feel like they need to throw something in about jesus and sure enough the beings say well okay yeah i mean most of what we said here was right but here they kind of steered it a little bit too far into a religious vein so that's about the only thing that was happening incorrectly with the people who were answering questions like what do the houses on mars look like and what kind of coins are they using and what do the coins look like if they use coin money at all how do you get all these people that answer these
crazy questions the same way occam's razor maybe ets are real and maybe they're actually talking to these people wouldn't that be something oh my god maybe just like edgar casey how else did he know what these people's medical problems were 14 000 times documented we're going to have to deal with the fact there's higher beings and that they're talking okay and what are they telling us they're telling us to get ready for the solar flash so but this is the thing i want you to see so back to the slide uh so it was frequently things of a religious nature
that were the only distortions we were getting so now i'm going to read some more stuff here's another page you can you can peruse this is again a photocopy i took and here's the last page and so i want to read you this first and i'm going to read you two more excerpts after this one of the most important things i had to realize was that we are not alone the human race in the form of man which again this is 1950s right so now it would be humans the human race extends throughout the universe and is incredibly ancient
there's humans everywhere just like everybody else has been telling us right also the the the appearance of the human in physical form is only one of its many manifestations along its path of spiritual progress whoa that's cool our civilization here on this earth is only one of many that have come and gone this planet has been colonized many times by people from elsewhere and our present human race are blood brothers of these ancient ancestors these lineages isn't that interesting
is it any wonder that they are interested in us to orthodox thinkers this may seem strange but not nearly as strange as our ideas on random evolution i am informed that science is really much more simple than we imagine and all the component parts fit together perfectly without any corrections well they told him that in the 1950s then they gave us the proof in the 1980s in law of one and that's what i'm now doing is putting all that science together and it is amazing possibly we should start over again and
reassemble our knowledge in a different pattern and this time fit the pieces of the jigsaw puzzle together properly without trimming the edges i feel sure that if we were to do this and accept the philosophy upon which this new approach must by necessity be based we will be able to enjoy the technology and the way of life which is demonstrated to us by the presence of the spacecraft and our brothers from elsewhere so exciting all this stuff about science and that's what we're doing in this class by the
way so this is the this is the most exciting thing of all these people from elsewhere have much greater knowledge than we have regarding the sequences which must not be altered and while they have every desire in the world to help us they may not do so at this time without running the risk of significantly altering sequences that are very necessary for our development let's just stop right there for a second the sequences that are very necessary
for our development if you understand what these et's teach us because remember the 1950s contacts that we're going to give you a lot more of those on sunday they directly segued into law of one two of the beings that were supposedly being contacted in the brown notebook by walt rogers you'll hear a lot of this on sunday the brown notebook has hatton and lottwe as the two main beings that supposedly were talking carla ruckert and don elkins were reading this brown notebook extensively
and it essentially tuned them so this is another really cool thing that the law of one teaches you when you expose yourself to the extraterrestrial knowledge they claim much like the gnostic concepts and this is one area in which i really love gnosticism i don't like the demiurge thing but i love this part living information information that is alive and not only that but information that once you come in contact with it it actually
gestates your spirit body it creates an awakening there's a frequent metaphor in these spiritual traditions of an egg it's called the orphic egg a lot of times the idea being that you in your current form are like an egg but most people never hatch out of the egg to crack the eggshell and to actually be reborn that only happens when you come into contact with this living information the information is alive
and therefore certain concepts if i simply tell you the concepts those concepts are alive and it reawakens according to these et's some part of you that already knows that this is true and then that's called attunement and so when you start attuning to what they call the living information the information that is alive right when you attune to living information it gestates this process you become the orphic egg
you are then reborn and this is why jesus does say in the old in the new testament that you must be born again yeah there's a lot of born-again christians who have really really in some cases grossly offended others and nobody wants to hear this stuff oh born again god god come on david i can't stand this look i want to be clear on this folks i knew that the great pyramid was a monument to the coming christ in 1996
i knew in 1996 that the law of one series was very christian and validated the divinity of jesus says that he is the embodiment of the logos the galactic mind okay so but here's the deal i grew up in a family where christianity was not seen favorably my mother had really bad experiences with it and i understand why okay so i didn't want to link the law of one to christianity i've resented the link actually for a long time i just
i didn't want all this religion at all so you may have noticed even following my career through the 1990s and through the double zeros did i ever link the law of one to christianity no did i ever link the pyramid to christianity no why am i doing it now because i think i've grown up a little bit i've gotten more mature i hope and in my maturation i said you know what i don't want what i want i want what thy will is to be done what does the creator want and it's like wait a minute
david if you know that the law of one is christian and you know the pyramid is christian you really ought to tell people and don't worry about it and in fact what the law of one teaches us is so much more interesting than regular religion that like yeah it's linked to christianity but it would be as if the seraphim come back and say okay you guys we're gonna give you a lot more because things have gotten so screwed up that you really need to have this and that's what i think is going on and they were starting this in the 1950s
so when you come in contact with living information you start thinking different thoughts why do you think different thoughts because the part of you that is a spirit becomes alive and it starts talking and when you meditate it will be something you can hear so this is part of your your cosmic awakening okay but what are they saying here if you go you take these these 1950s et's all that material was put together it was stored at l l research
they read it they got attuned if you study the right stuff if you hear the living information and you keep exposing yourself to it by reading it and hearing it and watching videos where it's talked about then you actually become potentially attuned so that they can talk to you directly in other words if you expose yourself to living information sufficiently enough it actually does raise your vibration to
a point where at least temporarily these beings can speak to you so for example you might then be able to meditate and get yourself into a very blissful consciousness where if you follow the protocols you can get this telepathic information fairly cleanly but again i always encourage people don't ever assume that any telepathic source is 100 accurate always assume that there are hidden gotchas in there that that would be very significant now one more thing that shows you the 1950
zt's never left i have to jump ahead a little bit here so let me just do that and this is the last little thing i want to show you guys because it will blow your doors off okay and then we're going to have a lot more of these prophecies and stuff that we're gonna come out with later okay so and then okay got that so we have uh let's go back to the slide now there's a stunning modern prophecy that has occurred at giant rock and in light of of i really am grateful
about how much more racial harmony we're getting on earth this actually happened to a woman of color the woman of color is srinatha devi and she as you can read here she is the woman who got this prophecy from the beings apparently came through very accurately as you're going to see why in a minute this is very shocking okay srinatha devi is the founder of eagle winds of enlightenment center a small spiritual center in a rough area of los angeles started almost 30 years ago she spreads
a message of world peace and unity and has been recognized as an international ambassador for peace and universal peacemaker for her service now i haven't actually met her yet i would be totally open to do so and when you see what happened to her and how incredible this is i would say she should be included in disclosure i would love to see srinatha devi taken seriously given her honor and asked what happened to her and to tell the story because this is unfrickin believable and i had to end it with this
okay back to the slide so on february 23rd 2000 an ancient prophecy was fulfilled in a very very dramatic way so according to the prophecy and this again came to her apparently through basically like a telepathic process giant rock symbolized our mother earth and she had come across a native american tradition i guess it was told to her where the native americans were told by these human beings these human et's that one day giant rock would actually
split open and that when this happens a new era would be revealed hmm so srinatha devi brought a number of powerful healers to the desert these are people with established track records as healers they all got together with her at giant rock to pray and meditate the date that this grand summit of all these great healers happened was february 19th and 20th of 2000. during this time she was apparently
getting telepathic information from these angelic souls that were telling her that the earth is going to react to us because not enough people were doing sacred ceremonies and so these people were were told that they should pray for the salvation of the planet and that if mother earth accepted their prayers the rock would split open on its side and relieve the pressure if mother earth refused their prayers
meaning that we're all doomed the rock is going to split directly down the middle and this would foretell a very serious cataclysm on earth now again this rock had not moved for millions of years it is the largest freestanding boulder in the world and remember again she's telling us okay look the rock is going to split open who in the world would be daring enough to make a claim like this because if if the rock doesn't actually
split open you're done like you lost your credibility so it's kind of amazing that she was in the right telepathic state to even get this information and trusted enough but she's obviously been doing this for 30 years she's a great experienced meditator and she's been in contact with these people so they're telling her that the rock is about to split open in in the fulfillment of the native american prophecy but depending on how it's going to break whether the prophet whether the prayers are answered if it breaks down the
middle we're totally screwed but if it breaks off to one side then the world is saved and everything's gonna be fine again why in the world would giant rock ever break right back to the slide so this is about what it looked like at the time that she was uh saying all this stuff normal giant rock remember this was february 19th and 20th three days after she was told this by again what is probably human beings talking to her telepathically on february twenty third two thousand it
actually happened now if you are still awake we got nine thousand eight hundred people watching this live if you don't get the arms standing up if you don't get the hair stand up on your arms when you see this i don't know if you're really paying attention because check this out she was told this we have all these witnesses they documented it they wrote it down three days later this is what happened giant rock you ready watch the slide i mean my god
my god it broke right on the side which means the prayers were accepted it fulfilled an ancient native american prophecy at the location where they said it was going to happen with the rock they said was going to happen with three days after she told people this is about to happen and again because it broke on the side this means that we're saved so the rock actually split open on monday morning february 23 2000 revealing what started as a gleaming white interior it has long
since weathered the witnesses to her prayer included father john a priest from los angeles lori joy pinkham and will clark after the rock split open they gathered at devi's house less than 24 hours later and when they did they got two rounds of mysterious ball lightning quote unquote probably wasn't even lightning they saw these orbs these visible large orbs that shot through the house first on a north to south line and then east to west well this sounds a
lot like the four directions doesn't it yes so devi said that this appearance of this this sphere of energy which is very likely not lightning but an actual intelligent being the being went through their house north to south and then east to west in order to let them know that the prayers had been completed the rock broke successfully and we are going to be okay for planet earth it's kind of a big deal when they tell you that a rock is going to break and then it does it's kind of a big deal sorry skeptics if you can't handle this
you gotta i mean come on let's go look at okay now here's what it looked like as time went on you see the shattered piece is starting to weather there's starting to be stains on the on where it broke and here again is what it looks like from the side with more stains and it's getting more and more weathered so in short folks this is exactly the kind of thing that you could do if you had anti-gravity you could take a very thin beam
and you kind of just gently nudge the rock apart with anti-gravity part it in half after you tell people three days before that's what you're going to do you got eyewitnesses so look that was in 2000 and what they told us back then is everything is going to be okay so apparently they knew in 2000 with this prophecy that we were going to be okay and that is so exciting to me so we're going to wrap it up here um did you want to say anything sweetheart or
do you want to play some bowls well do we have any okay yeah so come on in and uh you can put on that mic and then we'll unmute it so uh yeah what we're going to do now is get you into this meditation but before we do once again um we're going to go through francis swann we're going to go through all the different prophecies of the solar flash it came through these 1950s contacts and a lot more really amazing stuff including more about meditation how to connect on
sunday ascension ascensionmysteryschool.com is the website uh we are again offering a huge discount of if you have ever seen any of our stuff before you get it for 111 off uh so that's a really great opportunity and there's a payment plan so you don't you can pay 111 and then do that again two more times as the months go by if we're still here if not then then you're free [Applause] but what i'm going to do right now is i'm going to lead you through meditation where we're actually putting this into practice
putting this technology if you will into an applied science because maybe right now as i'm meditating with you you you might be part of what these beings the 1950s were telling this is happening through stefano that by simply coming in contact with this living information you are going through metamorphosis i want to help that metamorphosis along so without further ado let's close our eyes somebody said thanks dave awesome i
appreciate that and now taking a nice deep breath breathing in and just letting it go after all these centuries all these ancient prophecies telling us that the world will be transformed are we not surprised to discover
that these so-called angelic beings the word angel translating as messenger are here today they never left us it's very relaxing to realize that the earth is highly watched over guided and protected and if these beings have the ability
to split giant rock on command after telling people they were going to do it three days before why would be why would we be so inclined to doubt the greater whole of the prophecies they gave us maybe as you keep relaxing more and more going deeper and deeper you start to notice that yes there are thoughts when you're meditating it's just you don't have to work to create them
pay attention now to what thoughts just naturally arise in your mind as you listen to the bowls and i remain silent for approximately one minute just listen and hear as you tune in any thoughts that you get any visual impressions you may receive any voice fragments of speech that you might hear just now listen so
[Music] [Music] this is yours to do anything you want with and the more that you learn to just let the thoughts go by not really grab onto them or try to own them but just let them flow and experience them without getting too excited this is the voice of the universe you have the power to ask the creator for help and receive
direct assistance you have the power to call for a better world for peace for higher and greater technology that incorporates the spirit and we ask for this and we affirm this now today we affirm our protection we affirm and acknowledge that these higher level beings needed to
stay out of the picture so as to not interrupt cycles that are extremely important for the global awakening of humanity cycles that right now have brought us to the precipice of destruction to the global all is lost point the dark knight of the soul
feeling this warmth this living white light this amazing sentient consciousness as you keep breathing just imagine that white light imagine that that's all you can see is beautiful radiant intelligent loving beautiful white light and maybe you can even tune in to the living information that tells you that this white light is home when you think of home the truest
deepest core of what home really means and what it feels like in your body to have the perfect home the perfect location the perfect environment the perfect view nothing you'll ever find on earth will feel anywhere near as much like home as this white light does if you are lucky enough to experience it in its fullness let us now take this white light
and send it forth to all those who are working for the liberation of planet earth at this time those in the alliance those who are undertaking these very dangerous missions with incredible uncertainty let's take this time to thank them for their service to acknowledge their struggle to let them know that we are aware of what they are doing and we thank them and we honor them beyond all else
this is truly critical work that must be done for the cycles of human evolution that are fulfilling themselves at this time we ask that they have strength protection guidance durability and steadfast resolve to complete the mission and to do so with the least amount of difficulty that is necessary and then we extend out to all those on
earth who are suffering sad terrified fearful of what they are seeing uncertain as to how these ancient prophecies coming true could be anything but bad thinking maybe it is the end of the world having apocalyptic fears what's next what's next let us also strengthen them and hope that they will learn to have a greater sense of trust and all of this is being very carefully orchestrated by beings that are far more intelligent
than we are it's all meant to look very natural and organic not to look like it is being guided and steered by higher intelligence at all this moment in time on earth is supposed to look like the dark night of the soul it's supposed to look like the final abyss the bottomless pit the trap from which there is no escape and if you have found yourself believing that that's what it is let's just take a moment to reflect upon
all the ancient prophecies we've discussed and all the modern contact e reports hundreds of people getting contacted by human et's getting to visit their underground cities getting to visit their ships some of them leaving with the ets and never coming back which doesn't really sound that bad people being contacted in the americas by telegraph and then by telepathy and in person and once again the message is
that humans are about to evolve into something far more interesting and all you have to do to be ready is just be nice so let us again take this energy and send it to the entire planet earth let us strengthen the earth as our mother our sentient mother and tell her that it's going to be okay that we have your back we will ensure that this is not going to go off the rails that we will be safe and we will
co-create the world that we want to see for where we go one we go all and so it is and now i'd like you to breathe your way back into the room wiggle your fingers wiggle your toes you might want to stretch your back take a nice deep breath this is where if i have a live audience i get everybody to hug each other i say give your neighbor a handshake or a hug whatever you feel is appropriate to you and that way everybody feels the love a little more
is that thing about the rock breaking in half not the most stunning thing you've ever seen i mean wow can you imagine being part of that group where you were told this was going to happen and then it actually does i will never believe i will never believe it i will never believe it okay that's fine maybe you need 25 000 more years i don't know buddy but look this is really compelling information and it's going to get a lot more intense it's coming up in a couple days here on sunday so if you haven't already signed up
we have reopened the cart we still have the payment plan in place ascensionmysteryschool.com and in if you don't want to do that again we have the book uh about 20 25 something like that and most important is to keep meditating and keep your positivity up focus on the positive attitude focus on the benevolence of what's going on don't get caught up by the fear don't get caught up in end times mania because this is apparently what we needed to see so that we can all go
together to the source of love just like the quran says if each nation were to faithfully practice the words of its own holy prophets again because i know you got a lot of good stuff that happens when you open up your mouth and i like it's always that short notice at the end i know i'm sorry about that well i hope that you enjoyed that i really enjoyed that tonight i thought you would i didn't see i don't tell her about what i'm going to do so that i get to see what the reaction is yeah and i had an interesting dream last
night where you know sometimes in our dreams these beings you know come in and i had this really beautiful uh tall blond-haired woman it was like a lighter blond-haired woman coming maybe it was solganda you know so if people that's true don't want to take the course uh with us then there's a lot of there's probably what like 30 hours of information yes and now we have a beautiful studio so anytime we do something it's going to look great yeah so we're excited we're working
really hard to get everybody you know into the membership areas and we're going even deeper into all of this stuff together so we're continuing but yeah the most important thing is that all of us stay um positive and and happy and taking care of ourselves patience staying focused on good things because we we our thoughts are so powerful that we