Ashayana Camelot Project Interview-2

Ashayana Camelot Project Interview-2


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[Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] this is a transposition of race identity look right angelic humans look much more actually angelic we're much taller we actually have six appendages two thumbs um an extra toe and we're much taller and more fine boned and uh that kind of thing which come in all colors right all the skin colors
they were all you know created there the first there are people that were much more reptilian that were in on the biogenesis or helping the dna to get his ascension codes back projects so now you have like people that are part human and part reptilian part human pardon and not be part human hard draconian oh it's just like club universe here and that's okay if we weren't all fighting and trying to kill each other because if you look at what is happening what has been happening our history on this planet even the part we know everybody's been trying to kill everybody else to get the land out from under him
or to take control of their power and you know disempower them it's been horrible and this has been about race groups that hated each other right okay so you have six different races that are coming in for bioregenesis and if you take them back to their home stations wherever their e.t places are that they're from they hate each other this one hates that one and that one is this one oh boy it in the agreement is nobody's going to hate each other we're all going to be nice we're all going to do the thing here and learn to heal and let that go and we're going to get our gene codes back yes the good
thought didn't work that easy because the others raided as soon as they some of their own that defected and came to get the you know the healing of the gene codes the parent races they came out of started coming in and messing with them and trying to get the human gene comes because the human gene codes are priceless they had the diamond sun dna minimum 12 strand some of them had up to 48 strands but they didn't see those very often on the planet so it has been a fiasco down here but the earth allowed this to happen
it the earth as a being allowed as long as time is possible it allowed itself to be pulled into fall but it will take the path of cali rhema step back it will not let itself be used and taken into as food into the black hole system so earth is cooperating with us so we're at an amazing point is what all it is about an amazing point in human history but also in galactic history and the decisions we make now still even though there's these huge influences that do
interrupt our free use of all of our abilities to do whatever the heck we want and manifest anything we want yeah we're dealing with a planetary field here that's a lot stronger than our individual fields are so we have free will within the parameters of the framework we're in but there are still choices we can make we can still choose which path we want to be on and take the steps that that are a part of that path there are things to do if you don't want your dna to go 55 medtronic in december of 2012. they're not that hard
there are some things you need to learn there are some things you need to learn to do with your light body you need to know how my body is you know you need to know some of these structures yeah you don't have to know every part and label every part there's not a test at the end of it as far as you know regurgitate the information it's about getting the activations getting your your body healed enough to support your decision of the path you want to be on it's like heart-wrenching because they think they're evolved spiritual beings and maybe they were at one time or whatever right
or in other dimensions they are but you could just see that they've got no clue what they're dealing with this is how atlantis got to be what it was it's that clueless naivety with a touch of arrogance added yes that it's a lethal combination you would think those would be an oxymoron you would think yeah like they should repel like oil how could one happen without with the other simultaneously but actually it does yeah okay i think you know i mean spiritual arrogance is a fascinating topic
uh that it's it's like a disease that goes throughout the community and um it's it's created a lot of a lot of problems with humans in between personal relationships et cetera et cetera and it comes in the strangest of guises in other words sometimes it looks like humility but it's not that's some of the most um sort of insidious aspects of it when when it looks oh my god they're so humble and they're
so sweet and this and that and like they're the most diabolical character and yet they don't even know it this is where you know and so you almost it's it's it's funny because you can't get mad at them because they don't realize what they're doing at least that's been my dilemma you know with some some of these people you know and i i um my heart goes out to them because there's a being there who who thinks they're doing the good thing i'm probably more than one neighbor yeah right well the other ones
don't think they're doing the good thing they know they're not but it's they're yeah they're doing uh yeah i'm i'm good here we're all we're all hooked up um okay so let's begin again all right we're on to a part now we were talking about the um the distortions in the planetary grays i'll put this on just to start that sequence actually this is just a little both pictures put in one where it shows the natural plane of a solar system the
way it should be with the solar symbiosis and it shows the twisted mass that our solar system is in and up here shows the twisted mass that our planet is in as far as the grids and those things now this this information um is built on understanding the base structures of yeah what the planes are supposed to look like we talked about the larger structures that were maps of the cosmos that showed the interaction you know the interactive gate maps built on the cathar grid and all of that we worked our way down through the probability structures and the galaxy and everything got down to here the next thing we're going to look at that's key
to where not only where we are but where we're going is a part of the structures that have to do with the earth planes themselves if you take one stellar body be it the sun or a star or the earth there's a set of organic planes that are created and they're based on the next one they're based on a template that looks like this now again we're talking spheres within spheres as opposed to just flat you know flat things right on two dimensional paper there this is uh called a particular body
um template or a batiki body it is the dark matter body this is the part that science plays with the idea of dark matter because they can see something creating an effect but there's nothing that's here in matter that is creating that effect so they call them mata you can't see this obviously affecting that the dark matter there is actually a substance that is called dark matter it differs in certain qualities from the matter that you can see and there are templates built on it they occur in a certain stage of the creation process and they're all interconnected with the other structures we've seen
the dark matter template is actually the elemental command template it is where things like atoms actually first start and where they're actually manufactured before they come into materialized form and there is a in the natural organic structures the the dark matter template has what are called 15 jaleezic rings they're called hydrogelesic rings so you've got the rings or the spaces between the lines and the bands in between the jalesik rings are called crystal spans or um
there's certainly depends on what level or these spans or rings or what because we've got rings and spans and a different level of manifestation they're called uh shields and fields so you can think of it in terms of the fields of the rings and the shields of the crystal structures around them this template becomes important in understanding when a materialized body such as the planet because this would be the point of that would correspond to the planet's core and there would be certain dynamics in that
core of the template that would um materialize in in atoms in an atomic structure as the core of the you know physical planet the core has what is called a prana seed in it and we just had this whole long series of graphs explaining how it got there how that you know grows and becomes what the template becomes it is and the purpose of the prana seed fantasy it's supposed to open and close and spark when it does which generates quantum but also allows a direct flow of living energy between the dark matter template
and the light body spirit body and atomic body structure and that flow keeps the circulation going when the prana seed when something goes wrong with the premise and it is forced to close it actually locks up and that blocks the flow of energy into the dark matter template and that starts what's called the bardo process or the death process where ring by ring of the matter starts to pull away from the dark matter template which means it starts to lose its core full form holding blueprint now we're the the sun has just gone through that in
on the 25th of uh march of 2007 and so it's in the process of having its rings pull away they're going to start pulling away from the inside going outward and i forget what ring we're on now ring three or something like that to the hands of mine yeah because yeah something 20 to 20 20 22 is ring 15 and that finally pulls there is a gamma burst that comes from the core every time a ring fully releases so far they haven't done anything where you know solar flaring or anything that could change when it comes to a planet this becomes very interesting because in this template and we'll see what it
looks like in relation to the planet in a minute but in this template those 15 julesic rings are broken up into or form into sets of three and each one of those is a it is considered a plane all right so there are five planes one two three four five in this 15 dimension 15 ring structure right and each of the planes has three julius rings to it this becomes important when we start to look at planet structure we
look at the planet and if you took a cross section you have the core of the planet then you have the mantle levels and you have the crust then you have the atmosphere and all the stuff that goes up to the magnetosphere right this template is actually the key to understanding what is where and there are some very interesting facts that go with each of these jaleezic areas because certain areas have certain characteristics not only of matter like certain areas are liquid that's why we have like liquid core there are certain bands number four five and six will actually be liquid aquifers they're called aquifers
and they're when we see this in relation to the planet we're looking at just one dimensional level of one now each dimension in for example a three-dimensional planet like earth it actually has dimension one dimension two dimension three and what is called its density template or its density body which would be the catharic level so there's actually four levels it would be four embedded templates one like if you take one and then times it by two that would be the next size times it by two in the next size it shows you all these overlapping rings
and in those it actually gives you a map if you take cross section of it it gives you a map from the core going all the way up into the atmosphere of what is where what energies it's composed of and what doorways exist where because there are pass-throughs that exist in certain parts of this there also gives you once you have the base structure of that and you're on a planet that has mutations like this one does with the twisted yeah the the axis is twisted the mercury fields are all the mess that will show in the template of in the
light and matter body template that forms where the natural structures will have impediments in them that shouldn't be there such as the net fields that we've talked about so there are the the when we see this in terms of the planet you'll see this structure but times four where there'll be four of these you know one the next one bigger the next one bigger than times two until we have four of them together and that will give the planetary template of the planes so in one dimensional level you have the 15 layers or 15
rings and which make up five planes so if you have five times four there's 20 planes you'll have 20 planes in one density level of a planetary system this becomes important because in certain areas in between these planes there are platforms of consciousness that can be activated and are being activated that will allow for safe zone spaces so eventually those places will actually open and there will be an interface of planes between here and the hosting systems that we're going into where eventually we will be able to walk through certain grids and if your dna is keyed
to it you will be able to see the other reality field and literally walk out of this one and into that one and that is what we're aiming for what we get out of understanding the base template of the party uh part of our cheeky sorry party dark matter template is we can first see how by taking a cross section of it this is still just one dimensional level of it but just by taking from here to here wherever one of those uh crystal bands right crosses the vertical
center line draw a straight line over from it and it gives you the vertical cross section so from a spherical map you can draw a vertical map which means starting from the core going up you can see what's where at what bands this becomes helpful once we have it all embedded into the four together so we can actually see what's interfacing where and there's some fascinating things that are up in our skies you know around uh besides the van allen belts because we know where the van allen belts are and i haven't even looked up how how far up they are but that's known by science right you know
the inner and the outer belts and the gap between we can judge the distance of how far up what is as far as doorways and those kind of things because the van allen belts give us an actual um you know physically verifiable location to judge the rest is it up above it is you know that kind of thing so these this these spherical maps which were in the process of working on in fact we're going to be doing more of those in this workshop than we have ever before really and the vertical maps these are the keys to if you're going to move
into ascension where's the first place you're going to go first you're going to have to know how to get out of here all right i found a stargate now what right where am i aiming for people do astral projection all the time half the time most the time they're going down wormholes and don't know it that is not ascension they are not stargates now there are ways you can use the facilities that we have organically we have the organic ability to project out of body and eventually we can get our dna dna up to where we can actually take the body with us
but you want to know where you're going first there are certain planes that are totally corrupted there are certain planes that people when they have like say a natural death here get stuck in because of the distortions in the light body structure of the planet so when we unders when we start to see the planes of the the vertical maps we'll look at the spherical one in a minute the vertical maps look like this which is that cross section but this is after putting four of those layers together so you see where each of the jalisic rings overlay and you know so you have 20 dimensions
interfacing so you'd have the core and these are the different things going all the way up there are certain areas the interface directly because we talked about before how this earth has been a hot spot for all sorts of you know warring type of activity because it's relationship in relation to the galactic drama where the star planet called ertha in m31 andromeda is directly linked to the host star that earth was seeded into when it came back out when it was seeded back out in the
amenti rescue mission which was ashalay so you have earth ashley and they connect through the gates directly into andromeda so they were actually earth was holding the galactic host for for the milky way galaxy that's why it's been never peaceful here tara was doing the same thing before it fell so anyway these up here these upper planes that correspond with different layers i'm not going to read every layer right now but this stuff is out there and it's you know it's in various different workshops actually these it shows you where where the interfaces
are where up in our skies that interface directly with m31 where they are crossover points there are certain things called aurora platforms that are in between that are platforms that go through that space that i've mentioned is called the aurora continuum that is between the outer domain radons and the uh middle domain edons right it's that trans transharmonic space and the aurora platforms are there and they have been they're beginning to be activated now because they will allow for a host
that allow for ascension going through instead because you can't go vertical anymore because the gates up above have fallen the terran gates have fallen in in the pleiades system and the gates up above that the guyan gates in you know the density iii system have fallen this matrix is falling and you can't go vertical because of that unless you want to end up in a fall system so knowing where the plane structures are in our in literally right here at home this we don't have to like go all the way out into the middle of the galaxy to find it's right here in you
know right here on our own planet with us there are certain interface points where we have the liquid aquifers we have the the crystal core then there's something called the flame field which is like a thermal vapor then there's a void space then there are the aquifers and whenever you see the aquifers they come in at the fourth fifth and sixth julesic layer in in those templates so they appear a couple times because you've got four of those templates now right so these are the deepest aquifers here all of the aquifers will have
these passageways these natural passageways that are partially in the aquifer and partially in the lower mantle level above it so there are doorways deep down there that you can learn to actually project through and eventually actually take a physical your physical body through there are what they call biomes in the middle mantle layer and they are the crystal temples and there are people who live there at certain angular rotation of particle spin so we're not as alone on this planet as we think there are negative aspects to some of these as well they're not all positive
but fortunately there's a lot of positive ones so up here when we get up into the atmospheric ones there are levels of the atmosphere and again we have where the van allen belts are so you can tell which planes are in relation to where the van alums are you know that kind of thing so these are the projection maps when if we're going to learn how to first bilocate and then learn how to actually translocate and take our body somewhere it's helpful to know where the heck we're putting it because when we get to the point where we can do those things it isn't going to be like you know hop in a taxi and say hey take me to plane four
over there right it's going to be literally a visualization process and at the speed of thought your fields activate and bank zoom you're there you know that's how fast you would actually go through the gate systems you wouldn't be okay now i'm going to step in the elevator and we i'm going in the gate doesn't work that way it's instantaneous and moving at the speed of thought you know so anyway the planes maps are very helpful they're going to become more helpful as we okay what about the great pyramid because it contains uh aquifer as you're calling it um there's
a liquid um part of it we were in which you can supposedly ascend through and they used to use it as an ascension chamber i used to use it as a wormhole chamber i remember that pit the alligator pit okay yeah is there more than one though yeah in the great pyramid in the great pyramid i'm not sure i remember a big one i just said like pieces of a cellular memory from times when i was there yeah i was a female that hung around there on occasion until they killed me
um i do have an incarnational memory it's not one of my favorite places actually the real hot spot they haven't figured out yet is sakara yeah there's there's actually more under there but there are direct portals under under giza you know gate 4 is in the giza complex and it used to there was always a fight over that one it was always one of the amenti gates oh yeah it was so it is now interfered with oh yeah and has been for
how long forever it's actually where they move the ark of the covenant passage in um when when um around 955 abc period when the atlantean the final islands of the atlantean continent had gone under that's where the ark of the covenant used to come down that's a portal passage that goes from here all the way up to andromeda and they literally shifted it into giza and then of course giza became a real hot spot to try to have the other guys take it away from you and use it for wormholes which there's always fights over it
there were ways to open it that it would lead to the ascension chambers there are ways to open it that would lead to the wormholes and it was always very testy but at this point the amenti gates fell in 2003 to you know to wormhole control the wormhole people control which means the dark force whatever you want to call them i i don't like to be insulting to them but the self-asses they're self-serving ones maybe you know the ones fa's we just use that just you know fallen angelics whatever okay but yeah giza is intense but giza
gate is take it's taken over it's one of the amenti ones that's taken over and we've actually had to recently assist the um the guardians in bringing a portion of the ark of the covenant passage literally shifting it back using christian mercury mechanics back to its old atlantean location which is now in the water but it can come there's an area where it can come down through so we had a trip to ireland that had to do with that yeah so there is a portion of the ark of the covenant passage that is still secured and that means
there's a part of the race morphogenetic field that is still secured that is not completely under control if you read in the voyages books it explains the things that are supposed to happen with the ark of the covenant and all of that stuff well the blue flame that was coming down from terra is now reversed which means it's carrying the opposite the reversed coating which goes with the wormholes because of what happened up in density 2 and density 3 in the last several years so right now we are doing the silver flame activations where we've the guardians have pulled a
portion of the erase morphogenetic field angled it because it's still in the core but they've angled it so it's the passage that goes with it is no longer coming down there so it won't receive the blue flame it'll receive a higher level one that is called the the gold and silver one flame which is the one that actually allows the activations that will allow for the transharmonic as opposed to just harmonic activation of the fields in this tension okay so it's been very complex like that yeah okay no but that that's good that's very good information
um i i do want to ask you at some point they're talking about a uh stairway to heaven having opened up in germany and i'm wondering whether or not that's also a false um stairway so to speak i don't know i'll ask because set up the questions see what they say yeah i don't even know i just got they just commented they said we'll talk about that later remember transylvania all right yeah because it seemed like there's another there's another one in romania or something transylvania
that has recently been found in the last number of years uh somebody sent me a book yeah sarah sent sent me a book on it because she wanted me to know about that and i asked the beloved these things are part i think these are connected to the things we're going to learn about in this next workshop that are the uh 12 plus 24 of the ancient aerosites that originally were guardian sites but some of which got compromised so i wouldn't doubt that it has something to do with that but i haven't heard anything about it yet but that doesn't surprise me
you know half the time it's like ah you just heard about it and here's the dispensation yeah that goes that way so we'll see if it pops up but if not i'll put it on the list of ask them about that and if they want to comment they will and if yeah i mean i don't think that this is a positive um that was my understanding is that it's been created actually it's been created by governments that are working with the probably with the service to self group yeah that would be my
gut feeling on it too yeah but i kind of put that i call it file 13. i won't make a judgment on it until i get you know drastic remember something yeah but i wouldn't be too hopeful you know as far as all sorts of things like that at this point you're just gonna go yeah right here goes another you know fa activation you know great and other wormholes activated great they're doing another big meditation how wonderful well you know they're also you know supposedly like an insider they're selling tickets too i mean it's crazy you know not literally
selling but you know for insiders and so on and so forth and it's just a piece of information that i got i you know i can't even remember where i remember one person who was doing these you know secret big important meditation groups with her et channel people and you were required to send hair for dna no thanks that's not a positive progression anyway to each his own i'll stick with my diagrams and the guardians when we get through the structures that
we were talking about the vertical maps and look at this in terms of just a black and white copy i don't have this in color yet but these are ones we're just actually bringing out and we've brought out the material before but the diagrams you could actually read because they're clear enough because they typeset them for me this is showing the spherical map right and we saw the little one before that was just like a cross section right they're showing the spherical map and when you look at these more closely i'm not going to analyze this here there's other things that you know we've gone in depth of the workshops have gone in depth in these but here here's where you'd have the van allen belts coming in
right so that gives you all right you know that's up in the air coming closer down here this is the d2 crust that's what we're standing on the d2 area we're actually in d2 right that's the telerik realm and that is what we perceive as solid from the state of mind the d3 atomic level so we we always say you see a solid what is exactly one dimension below your state right and we are stuck in the d3 state because of the dna so we are seeing the d2 level as solid so this is the d2 crest to run this is
the then you'd have the level of the mantle's going down you'd have the aquifers inside there the the crust level always shows up at the uh outer ring around the nine level right and that always shows up at this point inside of one of the thyroid grids and that applies all the way up the mental body layer of the planet this this is the physical emotional body layer the next one up would be the d3 grid that's up here and there would be the specific specific areas where the crust of the mental body is
where if you went into the atomic state of matter that would be physical to you if you went into d4 or even density level consciousness which is one step up you would see that as physically solid right these are reality fields that are going on around us all the time and they are populated as well and sometimes we get visitors from them not all of them are positive they started out that way but there are these things here one two three and there's actually one that runs up in here these are net bands we've got
the which one is that the derma net yep the d1 derma net which is an etheric net that runs where let me see what levels this is because you can find exactly where they're running just let me find my crust again that's the b1 crush sorry about that this is d2 and this is a little bit blown up from the smaller map i was working with here's the d2 crust that was the d1 crust i was showing you before this is the d2 crust the derma net runs literally halfway down in the upper mantle and halfway up to the ozone layer
all right that is one of the frequency control nets that are controlling our dna our minds that we're getting broadcast you wonder where channels get their information from yeah it's the internet actually and that one's up here that's the d2 level that's up in the atmosphere a bit higher than the ozone here's the ozone layer and here's the thermosphere area which is the inner atmosphere below that right so moving upward we have the next net that's the the uh the intronet and that's where the channels get most of broadcast from and all of that kind of thing
they're canned broadcasts if any of them uh these if you follow it around where's the van allen's ah the interval is there so this is right on the right in the beginning of the van nailing gap right so it's showing you you can tell where these things are where they're coming from this is what the harp stuff is all about and various things like it they are getting these things activated to kick them out for full throttle when they try to roll the planet and that's what they've been all this technology has been trying to
aim for was that final extinction which they're not going to succeed at yet anyway hopefully by the time they get to around to being able to activate this mercury and making us extinct we'll all be gone anyway all right bye took the spanner gates out so up here we have this is the one that corresponds with the next level which is called the density grid that's the catharic level of matter in the planes this one is called the ego net epigenetic overlay
net that is the one that controls the chemical sheath around the dna that actually tells the dna what to do so these are the bio controls that are being used we have psychotronic warfare and things like that we're getting zapped with stuff i mean these are the nets they're coming through there's a whole other set of technologies on planet that go with this it's called the caduceus network and it's a perversion of the natural structure of the that that figure eight shaped navajo gate they've learned to tap some of the energy off those and twist them into the
caduceus shape right and run an artificial free energy system off it and that's why we never got excited about the free energy system because on the planet earth there isn't such thing as siphoned energy that is being taken off the gates and helping to kill the planet more quickly because of the distortions on the planet so there's a whole bunch of information that we we were shown about how these systems work how they what the planet should look like what the plane should like we end we end up with more planes than we should have because they're split these nets actually split the natural planes
which means you end up with a regular one and a reversed one the reversed ones are called hibernation zones where literally whatever quantum of matter was there it was put on reverse spin so it disappears from here it's not there anymore right it went somewhere it's in the same place but it's on opposite spin so it appears invisible this is where you have places like shambhala earth all the other little channel control matrices that have been working wormhole systems in interacting and controlling here
olympus was another one yeah so all of these things when they started showing us this it was just like oh my god right that kind of thing you know it was heartbreaking i i was quite just bummed out about it but also excited about understanding the planes and of course they they never tell us anything that's really really depressing unless they first give us the antidote they're really good with that they'll usually tell you the good stuff first and then show you what needs to be done and and you go oh okay and then by the way and that's because of this you gotta go
oh yuck so well you might go ah and not even pay attention enough to learn the good part if they showed you all of the negatives first but what's happening with with those groups is that you've got their energy is going into those particular grids and being siphoned off in essence yep and they're also being used as beacons to send energy in to the remaining grids here to control them the people don't know they're being used that way they're being used as energy conduits
to help literally pull the planet into a black hole and uh that's really sad because most of the people who are being used in that way it would be the last thing in the world they would want right you know because they mean the opposite and that's really sad but there's also a lot of the people in those groups that are actually incarnated out of the soul the facile groups and some for them once once it being incarnates though it has free will even if it's out of a non-free will matrix which is always a risk when they when the fa groups decide they're going to incarnate and put their little soldiers on the planet their soldiers might rebel when they
realize hey we can make better choices but they still have the dna link where they'll have a fight in their head you know one part of them pulling this way the other part that way it's really really difficult for people who are born with greater degrees of illuminati gene code because the illuminati gene code is what plugs into the faa matrices and nobody ever comes in alone here we all have yeah we came from some place and we all have family groups and that kind of thing and if you happen to be out of an illuminati family group that's a control matrix that doesn't give you free will and that kind of stuff they will give you a hard time if you
try to escape from them here but that doesn't mean you can't because you can and there are certain things you can learn to do with your bio energy and i am talking about bathroom tripping with your bioenergetic field that will allow you to slow down their ability to push you and to make sure they don't come in your body and just take you over that kind of stuff because they can do that and that's pretty standard way of how illuminati deal with their you know renegades you know they don't give them a chance to be renegades so anyway there's these planes are here but they are the negative ones the
positive ones are here there are these aurora platforms that connect into the aurora continuum and we've been progressively been giving technologies and techniques to work with our biofields and you know in our bodies and our various levels of our bodies to bring in the currents that will allow us to begin to be able to go into these spaces or actually more so open up these spaces where they're in the same place as the other spaces but you could have two people standing next to each other one activated to this
time wave and one to that and they'll see completely two different things right now we're all seeing the same thing because we're all stuck in the time wave that's being run by the mediterranean clock down here as soon as this other time wave starts coming in there will be another option and if we work with technologies that bring that other time wave into our bodies that's why they give us techniques i mean every workshop there's tons of techniques and we must have thousands of techniques by now i think you know to progressively help to fix this part of the life body then this part then this part piece by piece we've been putting ourselves back together you know but eventually what this will
look like what slide will look like is you have yourself activated to a certain level and you will see a gate and a person next to you won't even see it you'll walk through and you'll disappear and they won't know why that kind of thing and you'll end up where you you would there's a place they're going to have that's actually called the mirror ball zone that we're going to learn about in this coming workshop and i just know a little bit about it but enough to know what its end result is going to be there is going to be a place with the higher earth planes that we've talked about that are invisible to us right now because they're on the other side of the net they're free from the nets and we just
don't see those matter layers because of the nets there's going to be a place where part of those planes blend with part of our planes and there's going to be a blend field and if you have the activated blended time wave you will be able to see both and switch between them which means you would be able to slide from one reality field to another and that is the first step in ascension from here the next step would be getting to the point where you could make it permanent because as long as your body is still partially running the time wave here which means as long as you still have that cell donated by the piece of cell from your mother
and your father as long as that cell is still there and not released you will be bound to the time frame of the planet in which that conception occurred right so first we learn to slide and then we learn to span which is do the transfiguration and free that so we are literally free to go in into the the living universe through the ascension passages and that's what we're working on it's the real deal and i know it is i know i remember teaching this in egypt i remember teaching this in india i remember teaching this in atlantis and lumeria and on procyon
and you know it's the same thing we've been teaching over and over and over it's the same thing that jeshua tried to teach back then in you know in the jesus period that was the person they called jesus in these days it was the same thing that before him there were people um in in india that we're trying to teach these are the teachings they belong to everyone there's not one religion that they're a part of through the original legions of the cryst which were the original not just the cbd place the cdd plates themselves were just one part of the translation of the universal knowledge
there's a higher level of those plates that are called the some rather alumbra plates that are from m31 the alhambra place and they're crystal disks actually they're just starting to release information from those when the solar crisis happened and it went into evac they started bringing in higher level information that had to do with the spanners gates and all of that stuff because you weren't going to get out on the regular level of vertical ascension you had to do the go in between the aurora zone okay so it's fascinating actually i do have a question about the cdt
plates as you call them my understanding is that these are actually physical uh at least they're in the 3d world here yeah on the planet and then uh originally your those plates were in hawaii they're hidden in hawaii is that correct not all of them they're hidden in different places but they would bring they would often take me to to the hawaii center they have well through the hawaii portal it's actually the place they took me to is in the year 6529 or something of earth but higher earth it's in the higher earth planes
and before when they were talking about in the books they hadn't made the distinction between the lower earth planes and the higher yet that came much later after we had things like this to show you know what switched to what direction but that's where they were taking me and it was in those experiences that they allowed me to hold them you know so i actually felt them knew they were real so i didn't think i just dreamed it that kind of thing because i knew i was like well i'm dreaming about now you're not dreaming about it you touch it no i didn't yes you did i do it again yes yeah i haven't um i've had uh by location experiences so far
with the um the crystal ones the ones from andromeda but i haven't physically held one of those yet but i'm excited there's books that are supposed to come off those the the kali the kalimshitari book is is going to be very special it's it's the holy book from yeah one of the holy books series from andromeda and they're holy because they explain our relationship with source they explain the paradigm that all of this is about and this belongs to everybody you can take it or leave it but it is the way
the universe works and you can work with it or against it and there's no big guy that's going to get mad at you if you do something a different way or you go in the opposite if if you act in ways that are opposite to the will of source which was a loving will and and giving free will the universal matrix itself just the energy dynamics is set up on to be eternal will give you consequence to action and if the worse your actions get the worse your consequences are going to get if you end up with yourself in a black hole
you're going to go and space does return it isn't because god did anything to you it isn't because somebody else did it's because you got yourself a bit twisted in how you were acting and you were getting the feedback what goes around comes around what you're putting out you're gonna get back and there's nobody that can buffer you from that you can you know pray and do 500 holy mary's and it's not going to fix that it's being able to hold the frequencies whatever frequency you're holding and however you're acting and thinking and acting you know like conducting yourself energetically will be the consequence you get back
and there's really nothing that can stand between you and hit and that was the agreement coming into materialization for everybody the first time they came in from the god source consciousness field so there's no big bad angry god in the sky which is nice to know it's a relief after all the religions telling us there was these also become flat maps which of course would be maps like you would get you know at the store right yeah it's a globe turn flat and they are they do have the mercata adjustment you know for the sphere
kind of thing so this i mean there's a lot on this that's why it's a bit hard to see but if you look closely you can see it this is actually showing where the old atlantean continent was in the atlantic ocean there it's showing where old lumario was right there it's showing a number of things here's the united states over here right in florida down there and here's africa and europe and stuff up here all right now these things here are interesting this is the equator line right now if we look up here at the sphere
right there's a little sphere up there representing the globe the staff line is the vertical line right and that would be the the axis that it's rotating on the planets rotating on and then there's the chamber that runs from you know front to back and then there's the rod that runs side to side east to west these are all twisted up right now by the way they're not like east is not east west is not west and we're upside down actually in terms of the natural uh the greater maps that were our universe is a part of we're actually like for eartha for
example earth is still in its natural position in m31 in relation to the larger maps that that's a part of its north plugs into the center points and that's where those cathar grids come in the north that the top is north is true north um urtha in m31 still has its north in the north position um our north is actually our south we're up literally upside down and then shifted 23.5 over so it was 180 plus 23.5 shift but just walking around on it looks like
yeah that's up that's north right so that's what we work with here we went through a whole series of things that showed the twisting and distortion of the rods in the chamber where is the front of the planet where is the back we where are the true sides right we have this thing called the greenwich meridian that everything seems to be based on this has to do with the air there are natural chambers that should run front to back and natural chambers that should run east to west and these are all twisted as far as the numbering that has been put on here
these triangles here would be now if you took that sphere and flattened it out right there are four points on that sphere where those uh rods and chambers come through right so you would be able to chart them they come out along the equator line if you looked at that like i just put it in an angle so you could see that there's four chambers right so there would be four opening points they're called fontanelles where these chamber energies come through the front and back the sides and also the top ones so there are six fontanels on the planet one on top one and bottom and four along
the equator these are actually spinning vortice sets of energy that under certain conditions are supposed these are supposed to be interacting with the natural sun that has the same thing in the solar symbiosis cycle but because of the planet being twisted they're not they've actually been the rods have actually been split at various times from i think the first was around 540 million years ago and this planet was reseeded this solar system was receded 550 million years ago all right when the follow terror happened so it was very soon after that
in those type of numbers that they first started to mess with the rods and it started to shift things the movements of continents and things has had very much to do with people playing with the rods when they shouldn't have they split them at first it was just splitting them up right where now you had two versions of them and they split it up to the tropic of what's up there is a capricorn of cans the cancer is not right yeah so they split them and instead of running on the equator there's a set that runs on the uh tropic of cancer
and then the other guys that they forget if it was the green we call it the green team and the red team the green team or the annunaki and the red tape or the tracks the green dragons and the red dragons etc so we just use it that way just to instead of trying to it's like and there's like 20 on that team and 20 and 19 the greens and the reds let's leave it at that so i figured which ones did it first but then the others pulled part of it over at a different angle but on the same drop of a capricorn so now you have these things sorry cancer and now you have these things here's the
natural part a third of the rods were left where they're supposed to be and they still spin as they're supposed to then you have the green ones and the red ones i think it's green and green over here and right over here but it might be reversed i don't have the color version it's been a while since i taught this but you get the idea in between them if you get one spin in one way one spin in the other it creates a sinkhole in the middle you wonder how that continent that used to be that big isn't there anymore that one right there they sink hold it
which means they literally get those going it creates a field that literally dissolves the matter right turns into an oscillating wave and takes it somewhere else they took this to a place part of the quantum of this planet is now called phantom earth because it has been taken in into full foul zone but we've had we're in the net part we're not we haven't fallen fully phantom yet and there's another part of the quantum of the mintage that has stayed in the natural configuration and that's
called median earth and the higher earth planes are part of that are connected to that we're stuck in the middle right now and most of the grids are going down while some of us are going you know up as those groups go to their muted triangle has to be in that that has to do with the wormholes actually there's a whole set of wormholes they call them the phoenix and the falcon wormholes they're right off the coast down around here like is the coast of florida or north carolina it's one of carolinas yeah right up in there then there's another set over here the la the lack of stocky wormholes that the
other guys control the boudoir control those on the west coast oh this is a mess what they've done to this planet is just it's heartbreaking but the planet as a being allowed it because it allowed itself to be used as a nursery it was used in a way where the angelic humans were appointed here not just here either not just on earth but they were created to actually be the the templar guardians of this time matrix and the ones that were seated here um were allowed to interbreed with certain
races who entered the emerald covenant for bioregenesis which means if they were losing their ascension codes to the point where they were going to go into full fall and they were going to end up not being able to even incarnate back into a body that had ascension codes the races that went into that type of trouble these are the choices they made in their you know existence and their race existence if they entered emerald covenant we would literally help them get their gene codes back and that's how we got in trouble down here where there would be you know we'd be allowed
to intermarry and those kind of things and children will be born and the gene code will be brought back in the next generation where it would lift their gene code but what it started to do was drag the angelic humans down and then everything is done on purpose to sabotage the angelic human ones where they got our gate codes because our dna was keyed to the stargates here and theirs wasn't they had only wormhole access they would be brought through because it did not have wormholes in the beginning here and they would be brought through and will come in agreements they could come through and heal
earth allowed herself to be a place where this healing could take place but the ones we healed took over and right now you have what used to be an angelic human race and a whole bunch of other different races that look very different right if you interbreed something enough and shut off certain parts of the dna in this one and turn up certain parts that are similar in that they start looking more and more alike this is this is a transposition of race identity look right angelic humans look much more actually angelic we're much taller we
actually have six appendages two thumbs um an extra toe and we're much taller and more fine boned and uh that kind of thing which come in all colors right all the skin colors they were all you know created there to be first there are people that were much more reptilian that were in on the biogenesis or helping the dna to get his ascension codes back projects so now you have like people that are part human and part reptilian part human paragon and not be part human draconian oh it's just like club universe here and that's okay
if we weren't all fighting and trying to kill each other because if you look at what is happening what has been happening our history on this planet even the part we know everybody's been trying to kill everybody else to get the land out from one room or to take control of their power and you know disempower them it's been horrible and this has been about race groups that hated each other right okay so you have six different races that are coming in for bioregenesis and if you take them back to their home stations wherever their e.t places are that they're from they hate each other this one hates that one and that one is this one
oh boy it and the agreement is nobody's gonna hate each other we're all gonna be nice we're all gonna do the cristic thing here and learn to heal and let that go and we're gonna get our gene codes back yes the good thought didn't work that easy because the others raided as soon as they some of their own that defected and came to get the you know the healing of the gene codes the parent races they came out of started coming in and messing with them and trying to get the human gene comes because the human gene codes are priceless they had the diamond sun dna minimum 12
strand some of them had up to 48 strands but they didn't see those very often on the planet so it has been a fiasco down here but the earth allowed this to happen it the earth as a being allowed as long as time is possible it allowed itself to be pulled into fall but it will take the path of calirem a step back it will not let itself be used and taken into as food into the black hole system so earth is cooperating with us in in this whole hosting movement earth doesn't want to hurt any of the
beings that are on it including the ones that have hurt her that's i mean the earth is an amazing consciousness and i remember a couple times i just feel so awful about oh my god our poor earth really drew into our earth and i could i could feel and i got kind of like a verbal translation because i have like this translator aspect to my consciousness that can take the direct impression don't cry for me i'm all right i'm choosing this path i'm okay but you need to be okay and you need to
help them be okay okay you know it helped and i knew it was coming from the earth consciousness and asking me to raise my consciousness up a little bit more and even though it looks like a horrible thing and it's not a pretty thing um it's not pleasant it would have been nice if earth could have done her whole ascension thing but earth feels that this was the best she could do for the races she agreed to host that she looks at all as her children and that you know if you were being you know i call her
she she's really a he she it you know it's a consciousness field it doesn't have gender really in that way but the earth loves its children and if this is the best it can do it doesn't want to abandon the children they're going to fall it could have shaken them off like fleas a long time ago but it didn't because it loves them so this is an agreement of a very very high order with the being that calls itself a planet and a bunch of races that are trying to heal it's just when you're stuck in the little bodies as one of the beings in one of the races watching it it can look very
scary or harmful or you know gosh that's tough yeah very diabolical um well but this is an interesting dynamic to to think about which is that the earth has chosen this path the one we're talking about here and allowing this what you're calling an evac for the next 200 years to allow the beings that want to get out of here and go other places to do so with their bodies or with just their light body i think that is also a choice that we
haven't talked about well right now we still have the potential to heal the gene code enough where we can actually do physical ascension i understand that will change very abruptly on december 21st 2012 unless we do stuff before the fact to stop what's going to happen in the planetary grids then because right now the human dna is keyed to the planetary grids and the majority of those grids are going into the 55 death star activation it won't complete but it will be enough
to shut down the ascension codes in the biological bodies permanently but i do know that somebody might not be our group we might be too old and tired honestly i don't know because you you know use up enough of your quantum and even if you can get your you know put your dna back together you just do bloody tired right so it's easier to barter out and just get your spirit out and for yourself yeah so we're not sure it's going to be you know our group it might be the next generation sure but there needs to be a group that does this because if not the human race will become extinct if
there is not at least a breeding set brought off planet physically with the ascension colors restored what the human race was will no longer be because it will have been mutated into something completely different and those potentials will be lost it will become extinct now the consciousness will go in various places but the race has a line in and of itself would become extinct and that is not desirable because there are still a lot of beings in the cosmos that think the human angelic human race
was a pretty darn good race the i'm not even too thrilled with us but there's a lot of beings that think it's a you know a prototype gene code worthwhile having and so somehow there's going to be at least a small group of people who do get off into full ascension get off this planet into full ascension the rest will stay here some of them when well after after the host after the gates close plan is still going to be here there's still going to be people on it um but it's going to become more and more
obvious if it hadn't already that um being here very long isn't going to be an option so there's going to be a huge rush for who can get in the air the fastest and out of the solar system because they're going to realize what is occurring with the sound there's going to be something in that case they actually their their choice is only to go by a vehicle you know physical uh vehicles that's what they will try to do the ones who end up staying here yeah and there will be grid wars over who has the resources but will there be
any positive groups any groups taken off by positive beings at that time right vehicles the vehicles would serve on purpose if a being didn't have the ability of the dna to pass through the gates but still it was close there's a certain level of protection and kind of like atmospheric support that the vehicle especially the plasma ships which are different than just metal ships that they can afford a being but they can't be permanent it has to be a being that would be able to if you get them through
they have to be able to move through and hold the chain on the other side right so it would if they could do that yes if not they would just assist them off once the body died naturally they would assist the soul out or the not the soul because it souls on density too the consciousness out of this level so but that's 200 years from now as long as everything holds okay just to i'm not going to spend a lot of time on these uh as far i just wanted to show the the fact that they exist and how these pieces fit together we're down on
the planetary level now we've looked at the planetary rods and the split rods and how they form sinkholes and all that kind of stuff there's specific locations you know longitude latitude of these things that you know this information is published i think this was in it's one of the sliders more recent workshops i think this was the ireland workshop but if you take one of those um you know those four fontanelles right where the roger the chambers come out each one of those points is a very specific point on on the planetary
grids and you know longitude latitude can be found so we do have the longitude and latitude of those vertice sets what they do is through the planet they they actually come together right so you'd have this this one this vortice on this side and the other one on this side and when they make them spin they're supposed to be a natural spin to them but when they make them spin and they send them in the same spin set they act and then send the other set of them into the opposite spin they can actually crack the plates at the equator and shift wherever they want you know they can turn one up this way and the
other that way and they could literally rearrange the plate structure and they've done that before in small ways what they they were planning to do in 2012 was the the final one and it would have ended up in the one extinction that did take out the humans this time they took us out twice before this is the third seeding and the last one here um but there are two other seedings of the angelic humans here that they were remnant taken off and frequently in ships they got some of us out through gates but there was also some ship pickups because it was fast
and they had to get them out fast before they weren't going to get out so it's another one of those dramas they didn't use the rods in either of those extinctions a little bit in the first one the 5.5 million years ago they call it the wall in time they used them but they had tried to decimate the humans first and whatever was left was taken off planet before they move the rods at that period so we're dealing with is this amazingly huge set of mechanics that is so far beyond what our science can even fathom right now they don't know what a fontanelle on a planet is
they don't know what a rod is you know they're just saying oh i think there's something called torsion fields yeah tube taurus fields right yeah we'll talk about torsion fields in a minute because it's the torsion fields that aren't natural markov fields are natural but unnatural markov fields can be generated to create torsion fields which are external vortice sets that can harness things and move things and that is what is part of the atlantean death star merkaba structure so when we talk about the rods and how they work as vortices they
also talked about briefly that the this one the one that goes east west or left right through the planetary body is the rod the other one is called the chamber as the front and it goes front to back and that also comes out this opens this natural chamber at certain points opens the back the rear part of it is referred to as the bardo chamber and at certain points in ascension a natural process occurs where that bartow chamber would open that allows for the different things to take place in a beings or a planet's
body that allows it to go into light structure so it can go through you know gates and go to another space the chambers are opening on this planet they have specific locations as well and again if you turn this around yeah if you if you took this paper and bent it you know where you at least have the circular part you would see that this point and that point are directly you know front and back from each other what's funny is we had to do the calculations of where is the real front of the planet because it's all twisted the greenwich meridian is not the
natural front back or sides and we have the calculations of what actually is the front and back and all of that that matters when you're trying to line up angular rotation of particle spin with certain planes that are not in the net because if you get it going the wrong way it'll go into the matrices that go with the wormhole structures so they were teaching us the basics of understanding these things so we understood what directions our particles needed to learn to spin in there was a time we were hoping to get some of the planetary grids out
of the fall where literally some of the quantum from here could be shifted and it would almost look like well would look like in the other places in the higher earth spaces that are also physically manifest it would look like new islands appearing that the land grids that we could get out the chance of doing any of that now is very very slim because of the the thing that happened with the sun the solar issues and also the activation the 55 activation that's going to take place in 2012 that can't be stopped if they tried to stop it it would actually implode the core and now it would all be history so
um chance of getting grids through is is not like as far as planetary goods is not high there may be little bits that can come through here and there i get a feeling i don't know i haven't talked about it yet so it's maybe a potentiality that's still on the board but they're not going to talk about it until it becomes a stronger potentiality but as far as uh the planet will go its course it's chosen its path of uh cali rhema step back and that's good that's better than calidema fall because you know it's like okay i'll i'll work with you you know the consciousness on the planet to a degree i'll take this much but uh i'm
not going there right you want to go there that's your choice but i'm not going there there's a whole bunch of people and a whole bunch of illuminati races here that they they don't have an ascension code left in their bodies they're not going to make it out in time they need too many generations to regenerate those codes and there's only 200 years before the gates close a bunch of them are choosing also the path of cali rhema step back where they will go through their you know natural bardo process and then go back through the ring of fire back to the edoms and then come back out and try again
yeah and that kind of stuff where you come back out and you're not in false status anymore then it's kind of clean slate and okay your choices again will bring you know bring the consequence so you have a chance to get the ascension abilities back but you come back to where you started like the the frequency level where you started so it's you don't get to like come back and have a peer down now you'll come back in the same frequency zone that you know in the outer domains as you left in kali rama so we're at an amazing point is what all it is about an amazing point
in human history but also in galactic history and uh the decisions we make now still even though there's these huge influences that do interrupt our free use of all of our abilities to do whatever the heck we want and manifest anything we want yeah we're dealing with a planetary field here that's a lot stronger than our individual fields are so we have free will within the parameters of the framework we're in but there are still choices we can make we can still choose which path we want to be on
and take the steps that that are a part of that path there are things to do if you don't want your dna to go 55 megatronic in december of 2012. they're not that hard there are some things you need to learn there are some things you need to learn to do with your light body you need to know what the hell like body is you know you need to know some of these structures yeah you don't have to know every part and label every part there's not a test at the end of it as far as you know regurgitate the information it's about getting the activations getting your your body healed enough to support your decision of the path you want to be on
there are people who will be more comfortable with the path of kali rama there will be more people who are comfortable with the path of calidema fall because i figure heck it's more fun right for now right that's okay god source allowed in the creation loved everything created everything out of love and imbued everything with its own power it had the power to create as it chose and we were given free will but part of the creation was it would be
an eternal life system so that meant a set of physics boundaries were set in the structure itself and that is what we play ourselves against it's not god getting mad and sending to the hell we send ourselves to hell you know if we go in that direction so we're in an amazing juncture in our history this is just some of the gates some of the gate locations you're not going to be able to read this you need a micro magnifying glass for it but these are the identified with longitude and latitude gate sites we know of so far both the positive ones and the negative
ones and the ones in between and the list isn't finished i have a feeling we're going to get some more this weekend i have a feeling with the aerosites yeah so but is it possible for you to name some of the major uh ancient gates that are active or becoming active well one of my favorite is machu picchu okay that's magical yeah there's always a part of that that stayed safe even when yeah it turned messy we've gone back there three times and we've brought groups back
three times um let's see yeah that's the only spanner that's been identified yeah they didn't identify any other spanners did they no yeah the spanners are those core gates yes yeah yeah they've been still on like you know they'll interact through a set of gates that are referred to as the ark hub gates the ark of the covenant gates which are in different they were an interface system that if amenti fell they would still you know hold the passages out they haven't given the specific locations
of the core gates yeah except for one that's referred to as shayland seven it's spanner seven and that is the one that's uh it's actually mesa arizona but it connects into scottsdale and phoenix and we used to live out there they had a secure spot out there yeah so okay yeah so that's one um i mean they're all over the place i'll just read a couple here there's so many it's like yeah whatever there is a stargate that's of course well very well known in iraq
um at least one and yes is that uh considered to be one of the gates of amenti that was taken over let me see which one was i know iran was yeah which one was baghdad yeah i'll just read them the amente gates and the ones that fell you had sg-1 through sg-12 sg-1 was it's in was that halle at the south pole that south pole um the other one we're sitting on it with sarasota florida
the grew all and that's a control gate and that's why we're here that's one that we still were able to keep interfaced with the other interface systems where they couldn't take that because that's a control grid for for here that this used to be um part of the atlantis region um in the ancient days then there's another sg3 is in bermuda islands sg4 is cairo in egypt actually egypt giza and cairo in egypt in that area and it actually interfaces through several
it comes in through the yeah the the the big pyramid ships but it's also angled through into cairo and into saqqara and filet i believe in those areas okay yeah machu picchu is gate five um in moscow area russia is gate six lake titicaca peru is gate seven and um we went there too that was interesting uh sg8 is in zion china
uh sg9 is in bam pow i can't even raise the tiny banthas in tibet we wanted to go there but the grizz weren't safe enough to do it sg-10 isn't abandoned iran sg-11 is an available in england and sg-12 is in monster france and we went there as well that's where the cathars were massacred yes remember that one too i was just personally yeah so they were the main amente gates now the gates that are using there's a whole
bunch of things also called q sites which interface with the gates there's 12 of those one for each gate there's uh gates that connect into the parallel earth stargates which now are under the control of the you know the fall force um they were the let's see who else we got here the ones we are using now there's a couple sets the interface the arc the they're called the arc of the covenant hub gates or the arc hub gates and the um polarian gates which are a
set of polarian gates that interface with through that aurora time continuum that that i was telling you about so let's see where are we oh yeah there's the trinity gates they're the ones that actually will step down to a d3 because most gates you need um a minimum of a d4 but usually d6 six strand activation to take a body fully through but the trinity gates were designed to actually if you had third strand activation you know the three-dimensional consciousness you could still go through them
and go into safe spaces until you can get up to six strand activation so you can finish the process the trinities are this is so tiny um let's see trinity one is malibu beach california malibu 22 is belize city belize in central america uh 283 is off the southwest coast of goa india four is staten island new york city five is southwest of
something i can't read tusk in tuscany italy um six is in the at adam andaman sea off the coast of burma and that has something to do with a number of years ago there was a tsunami or earthquake or something out there because they did something to that gate the other side did um okay but these are the trinity gates and you're saying they only requires three stamp strands yeah but they also require to be plugged into the other ones the larger gates the the arc hub gates
but the trinities are like a step down for for beings that won't you know if you had to use the gates and you only have three strand activation you'd spontaneously combust your body if you went through you know a gate that your dna is not activated enough to hold the frequency of okay yeah and let's see so almost i don't know if the hub gates are on this one i think they put this together before yeah the hub gates we have a whole book on the hub gates actually whole like okay and the nature of the hub gates is what well they they're they're the arc hub
gates they run off the ark of the covenant portal passage between here and the andromeda galaxy right okay so so they're required um or six what were they 12 yeah that their base is 12. and for anybody to get 12 strand activation here yeah 200 years not highly likely that's why the hub gates certain beings that come in with certain contracts would be able to use them if they were fully activated but what they're doing with those if we
get those activated on the planet which they have done then they can plug them into the spanner gates which you need 24 strands to be able to pass through alone but then they're plugging them into the the trinity gates which steps it all down so the trinities would allow passage of someone that has average you know dna activation levels so there's a whole bunch of the dynamics are very specific you know and a lot of the when the zetas were doing abductions you know earlier in the you know a couple years 20 years ago
um they were like trying to figure out exactly how to calibrate that beam because they were losing people in flight right well let's grab that one oops i mean seriously just vaporizing people because it's all about frequency it's all about electricity and how much electricity the body can hold and handle and what we've been doing for 10 years is progressively building our bodies ability to hold higher and higher dimensional frequencies and now we're bringing in the transharmonic frequencies that come in from the aurora continuum so it's really the the courses or the
techniques that the guardians have been giving us are the the fastest way to get your your light body spirit body structure healed and your dna activated because they are working with the highest frequencies that that are available on the planet but if you want to do a path of fall or something it's not going to get you there right you know if you want to go metatronic you don't want to do these techniques sure yeah seriously if you want to go you know play in black holes and do a battlestar galactica scenario and like you know have
soulless robots roaming around or become soulless robots and try that out well that game is yeah do the mediterranean marker but because that's what it'll get you but if you really want ascension and find out what it try to remember what it's like to live in a free system this race has been raised especially the third seating under no freedom this has been a prison planet and a warring planet it isn't like this everywhere there are places that just aren't like this and they're not socialist governments and they're not communist no they're sinocratic where people just
get it and they act pleasant toward each other and they wouldn't hurt each other and they wouldn't hurt another being and they wouldn't hurt their planet and they make decisions based on that love there are places in fact the majority of the places in the cosmos are like that we are in an exception system where all sorts of the extremes of free will have been allowed to be tested but we don't always have to choose to be in that but once you're in it you need to finish the cycle and get back out or you can get ensnared in it so that's kind of where we are that's why there's no hostility toward the
people that are choosing the other paths it's usually them being hostile toward us for pointing out the fact that that's what they're doing it's like sorry anyway right because if they had it their way they would do all the twisted mechanics have everybody on the planet thinking that was great and doing it and they're taking the free will away from people to make a conscious choice we are showing look here's this body of information here's that one compare them see which one makes more sense before you just go jumping into any one of them we tell people go read that go research
that sure check it out you know if you're a little worried that it's frequency might bother you we'll like run a heart seal and you know put a protection field around and then check it out you know we don't tell people to avoid things the other ones are like don't do that oh don't read that stuff oh it's bad what are you afraid of seriously and that's what it is because if you put the two the two main paradigms on the planet are the one coming through the tothian stuff the paraclete order that kind of thing and there are two versions of it there's the anunnaki version in the direct version but it's really the same occult sciences and they are teaching the death star
remember the stuff and then you have our stuff if you put the two together we have not withheld anything we get it it comes right through it's given public there's no quite quiet inner circle pulling strings there's no here donate this there's no here hand over all your percent none of that stuff you know and they like to say oh you're called cult why because we're giving power back to people we're saying here here's what your anatomy looks like here's what cosmic structure looks like here's how this applies to this and this is what the geometry should be this is what they're doing just compare them
what makes more sense if you like that one go for it so exactly now one thing i would like to get through i'd like to get through this pack there's a couple of things that are significant but one thing we've talked i've talked about the word um merkaba quite a lot and again it means moving light body right and it is there's specific structures to natural merkabas and to unnatural matrix right a basic microbus structure it's called the bivecca markova which is the smallest form of
them is a star charger header shape right if you look at it flat it looks like a star david shape it's actually known as the star solomon that david but yeah that goes back into the history of solomon and david and jesus and stuff yeah and yeah david that was annunaki okay yeah and that's all right anunnaki's fine but um yeah let's just keep the history clear on that one uh yeah and i i mean i have some random
questions that we can talk about at the very end so to signal when when that might be okay i'm trying to get there no it's okay we're good we got it right it's okay no it's all good okay now any of these structures by the way if people want to learn more about merca but there's quite a decent section in the cathar 2 3 manual the cathar healing system but the the two three second and third level we've talked about these a lot but anyway this is the basic structure of them and the classic krishna merkaba will have an electrical top spiral or at
least in this universe has electrical top spiral some of them actually have a magnetic top spiral not in this universe though but they'll have an electrical top spiral and a magnetic bottom spiral the electrical one will spin clockwise and bring electrical energy in and the magnetic one will spin counterclockwise and bring magnetic energy up and out right so yeah if they are the the the two cones do not spin in the same direction all right that is the big difference between a death star merkaba and a natural crystic the natural
christian mercy but will always have one of the spirals going in one direction and the other one going in the opposite direction whereas with the death star merkaba they will take one set they'll tell you you have two so you have two markup of fields one star david shape and another star david shape you spin the one star of david's shape this way and the other that way uh-uh that's the same spin spiral set that is a phase-locked marker but that is a death star microbiome and they're combining it with the one from the parallel universe to make an
unnatural blend between the particles over there and the particles over here to drag you into the toro worth time rip all right and the ratios are different a natural merkabah here at bivecca level starts with the electrical going at 33 and a third spin and it's uh what is it rotations per trillionth of a nanosecond i believe is what that refers to and the bottom would be at 11 and two-thirds and there are increments of speed that if you go to the density two level of it it goes up to you know the speeds go up the characteristic one of the the uh
death star markov is one of the numbers is i think it's the electrical one is 34 and they spin it counterclockwise with the whole thing right and the other is 21 which are numbers that are in the fibonacci sequence and the fibonacci sequence is the anti-christic spiral harness that is meant to harness the natural crystal spiral expansions which we haven't even gotten into so i mean we have all the you can compare this stuff and it's just a no-brainer when you see it all together no wonder they don't want a public discussion um anyway so the natural mark of the structure is
that and it has a specific speeds it has specific polarity orientations they call it a fin right because when you're dealing with you're not just dealing with two combs you're dealing with um if you take a three-sided pyramid right two three-sided pyramids one going this way and one you know the point down one with the point up so it's a star tetrahedron shape that would you know be the shape so there are between male and female genders there are differences in whether the top fin is pointing forward or the top fin is pin you know going backward and those kind of things so we've dealt with all of that we've got the polarity
levels of them and all sorts of information on them but what's most important is understanding first of all they exist right just because you can't see them doesn't mean they're not there and they're part of your natural anatomy a mark of the field isn't just a vehicle that you activate so you can go through a stargate it's an organic part of the circulatory system of the cosmos and of your own interdimensional body everything has some form of a merkaba system all right to see this a little more clearly it's the same same drawing it just shows a little bit better the radial field around the mercury field there's
something called the radial body this is part of the light body structure it has what's called the trion field out here uh no sorry the rayon field out here is its outer border it has in here is called the trion light field and in here it has what's called the miage magnetic field and that is the natural structure of a simple bivac of markiplier merkabas also have what are called shields that's the deflection field that spins as like a shield just like if you look at the milky way galaxy the pictures of it it has that big disc right well they
have a disc that's caused from their spinning and it also has to do with the quantum of energy that's spiraling out into expansion around them there's a whole bunch of mathematics that go with that but this one shows the the shield a bit better so you have your radial field your radial body it's called the radial body the around the round areas and they're not round they're spherical right as opposed to flat round then you have the vortice sets the natural vortice sets fit on the cathar grid structure right they fit perfectly into that and this would be the shield
and that's a spinning shield around now we have mercury fields around us and the shield actually comes out and spins here right the natural ones the other ones actually sit lower and they're not supposed to like there's a whole difference in how they fit but that's the natural by becca merkuba and i believe their two or four vector is how many vectors they can time vectors they can actually interact with the next stage after we get that foreign activation is this one which is called a double bivecca merkaba field
which is two of those put together right and that would give you twice as many time vectors and gate systems frequencies that you could process and move through the next one from that isn't going to go too fast is called the akasha marker and this one i believe these are six vectors the regular ones are six vector and then they go up to 48 vector but they start with this where there's that cathar grid structure again right they have a double by bivecca one at the top a little double by back one at the bottom and this huge structure that looks like
a crystal umbrella right and that spins but these are much faster than the smaller ones and at a certain point this is the one that if you're going up the natural thing if you could go up from density one to two in three and four and up to the ekka part which is at the center this would be the the one you would activate to get up there but since we can't go up the vertical chain anymore because the density two three and four in this matrix have fallen right we have to activate even larger ones that can go through the transharmonic you know time shifts into the aurora
continuum so you go for this one this one looks like this this shows it a little bit better that's more of the structure of the single akasha merkaba all right yeah and all of these these mathematics are very precise yeah and the way things fit together oh the alignments on some of these were brutal especially doing them by hand oh my god right but just getting the cathara grids to fit together the right way to make those maps was brutal and then you have all these other forums that are built on them they
have to align just right so yeah they're very precise in their math and what's interesting is the math is actually held in the picture when you look at that picture if you did what's called optical pineal induction which means you look at it and you can actually blur your vision just a little which actually helps it to focus just a little bit not quite crossed right there's several spaces you can focus but if you focus the certain spot in this breathe it in it will actually be in the activation and be able to feel the ripples right coming in and the more you work
with some of the other clearing your light body and healing your light body techniques and things the more those things work much quicker and you can look at a photograph once you have your vehicles operated and every image you see has behind it an energy encryption right uh literally a radiation signature and that is how as once you become like you know a rishi being that can move at will you have an adept you would simply visualize a place and that would trigger the math in the system and
tell this tell your whole body system where to go and you'd be there at the speed of thought so it's quite a very neat process and it is real that's what's amazing here it's almost become kind of like a sideshow act as far as you know most people don't even think ascension is real some of the bible people think the ascension is real and they're expecting you know god to inhale them up and up into the sky in the rapture and stuff and like good luck with that right you can't bless you i mean at least they still have some of the words right the rapture is actually called the rasha patau and it's actually
what you do with yourself once you hit the transfiguration stage and you turn your your standard mortal atoms into patau which are the eternal atoms they're composed of eternal radiation that is no longer finite so some of the words that have come through in not just christianity but at other places do go back to the original cdd plates and the maharata text translations so anyway that's the next level of america that gets bigger and then next thing and we've been working on this for a couple of years now i think
um you have the one we just looked at right the akasha markaba and then you have another one pointed upside down put them together it forms this structure it's called the chrystar crystal capsule right and they are spinning fields and in here that i don't have it on this drawing but there are energy systems that come out they actually look like wings but they're energy as opposed to not solid bird wings right so this is where the concept of angels and things has come up you know through our our history they're
winged human type things though but anyway the next stage is the chrystal crystal ascension capsule this one will allow you to go in certain places you can enter certain levels of that aurora transfermatic field with it but you can't enter completely now to completely move through and be be free from the it's almost like a mathematical ladder that you can go vertical you can go horizontal you can go diagonal but you can't do this right in this one you can do a little bit more
of this we can go into the aurora continuum but you still have more angulars you don't have quite as much mobility of vehicle the next stage and this is what is needed actually to ride the spanner gates if you're going to take a body out in a spanner you would need one of these they go from 24 to 48 vector and these were just starting to activate we activated the first one we're beginning activations of the first one and again let's take two of these right
and put them together and it forms a capsule the one capsule comes goes along with what they call the stardust blue activation set and we did that in the last workshop and then the next one we're going to do in this workshop goes with what's called the starlight gold activations and forms another one of those so you end up with two of these in the same place and then there's one more activation and these are all part of what's called the silver seed activation silver seed awakening will activate this huge one around you that is the one that this can tumble in any direction while this tumbles in any
direction so you can actually go in any direction in the aurora continuum and it also does other things there's also the structure of the crystal temples that we we are assisting the guardians and activating on the planet at key sites where they literally form and if you have your dna coated to it eventually be able to see them and you'll be able to walk into them and somebody's standing there that didn't have it would see you walk and disappear would that person go did i see a problem is there a person there right where you would see the structure and you would know it was
there you'd see it like as an oscillating yeah thing in the air you'd walk in breathe and go ah yes hi everybody i'm on the other side now well meanwhile anybody behind you be going where'd that person go i didn't see them i mustn't that right so this is this we are beginning to activate these not just in our personal bodies but the sites that were key to the natural gait sites that were key to activating these like we when we do the grid work here on the beach we we started activation of one of them
last time we're gonna do the next one the next one this time so we'll have the double one here and i think we're doing the initiation of the bigger one here and then there are ways to spread that through the network which we're gonna work on here we have these new activations coming through in this workshop that i didn't know about until like two or three days ago where they gave me the itinerary they're called mirrorball activations they're very very interesting they use the aurora continuum frequencies and we are beginning those activations it will actually trigger these
remote when you activate what are called the ancient aerosites and we're going to learn about that in this workshop but it's like a blanket frequency that gets transmitted where all of the sites that are keyed to activate this type of transharmonic doorway will simultaneously activate so that will be done during this period that much that just came in i didn't know that sometimes i would be talking like and then the line comes in right and they give me oh thank you i didn't know so this is what we're working on this is the kind of marker you do not want to
activate that's that twisted one with the same spin spiral set it snaps its connection off to the natural to its natural center point it can't build into those forms at all it is very limited in frequency it is uh i believe it's they end up as five dimensional or sets of five dimensional they're based on like fives tens fifteens as opposed to twelves and you know the the natural coatings this is the the death star merkaba and uh as i say here
it creates an inorganic torsion field which is that tube tourist net field around you and also creates this yin yang flow you know the yin yang symbol i used to like those two but they're cute oh well they are the classic sign of the tube taurus if you look at them it's the constant recirculation of energy it's a closed energy system which is what these are they're closed from bringing in this circulation from source they're closed from allowing something to circulate back out there's no inflow and there's no outflow they've got a set quantum that's at their core and
they will burn out if that quantum isn't fed and that's why these are used that the torsion fields that they generate are used to suck energy off living things to draw them into their core to keep them going they are vampire machines and the beings that run on these are vampires they just don't have big teeth and stuck blood you know they suck energy instead so that's another difference between them between the styles i'm not going to go into all this heavily and yeah i might as well all right i'll finish it i'm just kind of right because i'm looking at these but i just got a nudge just finished with this one he said okay
this is this goes along with the death star merkaba again you have that blue move doom configuration that pulls the cathar grid into an unnatural skinny elongated configuration that does not have 12 uh gates on it and it creates the bulging in the field look at how humanity i mean we're supposed to be long and lean right it's a struggle to stay along and lean on this planet because there's this weird thing that happens in here where it's like i've felt some of these when they when they start medic when some of the mediterranean activations happen in the
grids it almost feels like somebody grabs you in the middle of your spine this way it goes and pulls them and compacts them together because that is what this thing does it compacts the energy inside of it and squashes it down that's why the earth actually has the bulge around the equator because it's being squashed right pulled in it creates that poison apple field around you and our fields would look just like the planetary fields with this and this is what they will stay as unless we do something to change it and that's why they're showing us this so we say ah maybe we should do that yeah
let's change that in here like you can forget the sun part but again you would have the torsion field net around you and that would be controlling your horizontal controlling your vertical like that that twilight zone or whatever wasn't twilight with outer limits i think they used to say that and you would have the closed circulation system this is a system that actually is cut off from the flows of the spirit body what it does is it takes takes a portion of the light body quantum and twists it in reverse to create a false spirit body so there's two flows
but it completely blocks any inflow from the actual genuine spirit body and it traps the consciousness that the part that's stuck in the atoms right from the rest of its own identity and it's you know it's really just a really sick technology and it also creates these they call these the trumpets these are there's a little picture of them but where you have that poison apple configuration it creates these big vortices up here they're almost like satellite dishes and on the planet that's exactly how they work and they move with the wobbles to pick up the signals
coming from galactic core through the black holes coming from the parallel system and keeps us locked in it's literally a set of satellite dishes there's also a set that comes out here and here it's it's a nasty machine so we can undo this in our own fields but it isn't let me snap your fingers and say oh i wish it away it's gone good luck with that while you're on this planet it takes work and we've been doing that work ultimately what that mess is made to do is remember these are maps um just to for the final on the messy uh death star marketplace if we
remember that these cathara grids interwoven right this is um one becca system right we'd have our universe here our parallel would be here these are meant to link the parallels unnaturally to force them together into a harness field and that can be dragged and ripped out of its matrix and taken to wherever they're you know pulling it from so this is what the whole purpose is it's a feeding machine and that is the death star merkaba and it it's it looks like and
we talked about the light units that are built on the vesicle pisces it actually creates fields like that and then pulls those pisces together into one harness and is a completely unnatural way it just distorts and totally twists the natural laws of physics as they apply an eternal life universe and it creates a finite lifeline and what it can do is temporarily sustain whatever is in it as long as whatever's in it can feed off something alive because it can't generate its own quantum so it has to continue feeding and there are systems that
are built on that their bodies die so they clone another one and try to stick their consciousness in that until that wears out and they keep doing that and if that were if they get to a point with cloning where just doesn't work anymore and they can't even sustain a biological you know unit and that's when they start going to raid other things for gene code where they can start getting things that they have any compatibility with that they can start building again because they end up as consciousness they get stuck in a ghost-like form because it doesn't have a biological form anymore and that limits the arenas it can play in
so some of them you know do those games to save their race and give them back a biological you know presence to each his own but that is not ascension so these are what we are teaching about to show how they're supposed to look the other structures of those progressively building merkabic structures that is ascension that is what your fields are supposed to do that is what the living cosmos is built on now this stuff let me see what is most important evolution is understanding right
yep oh this is just a little chart this had to do with there's a summary of like how many years of work went into all of these it's a summary of the like from the creation point the stages of creation before you get to this is the like re-evolution when creation starts in a being or thing or a cosmos or even an individual begins a new life a new creation it can be the creation of a new cosmos or an egg and sperm coming together to create the potentiality for a new baby to be born here right there's a whole set of cycles that happen there's the
creation that is the creation and evolution of the eternal consciousness and uh it works from the microcosm to the macrocosm all right we have the pre-partici creation cycle which is something we learned after this chart was made they actually taught us these things and took us back to what happened before that right then there is something called the navena and nouvena partici birth cycles we're just these participants you know primary units of consciousness the primal substance of creation where they are born then there's what is called the ceta
akushita cycle and this is where the spirit body is born first and then the light born cycle which is where the light body is born then there's something called the starborn cycle which progressively these are the different aspects of the light body spirit body physical body that are birthing and there are specific cycles and time periods like if you're going to take the point of conception for example there's a specific point they start with like 12 seconds and 12 minutes and then 12 days after conception what parts are occurring you know and that
ends up in the gestation of the baby and the baby coming out and that kind of thing at the lifeborne cycle then we have the god-born cycle and there's a series of i mean these had huge graph series with them and huge explanations of you know what the processes were and finally get to the christ-born cycle k-r-y-s-t and this is that point that still point of turn around where a being fulfills and activates all of its frequencies in its template you know its natural frequencies and is able to go into the chrysler vehicle and disappear from the outer domains
and go back into the adashi return domains in their mashayahana that is the one that has gone through the russia path which is not that rapture it's not something you shoot up from the yeah it's literally you've transfigured your um mundane atoms or your mortal atoms into eternal life substance atoms and you'll hold the form of that body that will be what you look like like the lifetime that you do that in will be the form that you have but it will be a form that you can choose to change at will you can choose
to have no form you can choose to have your main form as being an orb which is like saves on housing seriously i think about it if you just manifested a body when you needed one right i'll go in a rack there i'll like you know be a cat today or whatever but anyway at the end it starts somewhere and it the the expansion cycles end somewhere and they end naturally when they turn back around and start going back in towards source and then there is a whole thing if a beam goes through that it goes through the adashi return cycles returns
as whole with their full memory matrix that's the difference between doing space dust fall and returning a space test your memory matrix is shattered you just you know you're still precious to god source by your undifferentiated units of consciousness and when you go back whole then you can actually birth as a star where what was once a being a human being can actually go through this cycle and the next thing they will incarnate is is a star and that's a whole different level of you know of evolution that you probably can't even
put words on while you're in a human form you know in these languages but this is what evolution is really about what ascension is about is natural evolution organic evolution and that's something that this place is losing touch with hugely and eventually this knowledge will be completely gone they don't want this knowledge in fall systems so they usually get rid of people who who carry it but fortunately this is still a blended system that's why we're still living and breathing and still trying to say yo last call yeah for the christ-star train
um whatever anyway all of those cycles each had this was a summary of the massive diagrams that's just from that one cycle just to give you an idea uh this is just showing the starboard cycle and each one of these was a full page with all explanations of all the pieces and parts and all of that so it's just an amazing structure the structure they've showed us the processes involved with those structures it's just i look at it just like wow yeah i might not like the job because i uh you know i'm exhausted because the workshops are always crazy with time and
everything and it doesn't go the way i wish it would as far as that but look at this stuff how could you not go out and teach that i'm so grateful to know this because no matter how bad it is out here no one can ever take home away from me again i know it i feel it that feeling that i always had of that connection to god's source it just went and expanded like right gotcha no more fighting with those little god concepts and warrior gods and you know god sends you to hell like that's not the god i know right there's a feeling a presence of that
eternal you know creative force the god source whatever you call it doesn't matter it doesn't care what you call it right that's a human thing uh i have a question here because this star-born cycle are we talking um that for example the pleiarins and andromedans have they gone through this are they still going through it at what stage are they um the andromedans that we're talking about that from ertha and and those guys um well everybody
goes through this actually a uh a fertilized egg in the womb goes through this and it's right at this point where's the diad right here at this point this the light body has grown this big you got the physical body growing in the womb right you already have the spirit body that's already huge right that illumiradonna one with all the probability dominions right and like we're talking about a fetus here goes to be a baby and when the birth point happens is when this
this cell of the light body grows then through the process they call it the birthday chart through a very specific process of accretion of frequency taking it from the spirit body into the physical form bonding the spirit energy with the atomic form and therefore expanding the atomic form the light body simultaneously grows when it finishes that cycle it will go into what is called the unicyc atom it will become you know the full core of the light body structure from which the rest of it grows
but we have these structures in out here we to get out here in the outer domains in our incarnation implies we started at the core came out to the inner then to the middle and from the middle came out to here so we have these structures behind us in time in that regard so they're part of our extended uh anatomy that goes with our extended family of identity with our other simultaneous incarnations that was that answered whatever the question was i was trying to do no actually because what i'm trying to do is in other words if we have
certain uh you call them guardian alliance um guardian beings they're coming to help sort of rescue the planet at this time and bring in the ascension mechanics and so on uh these individual beings are at a stage in their development and where are they in this chart or are they on another chart in their development you know because it's now the guardian alliance has millions and millions probably billions at this
point because of the levels we're dealing with of members some of them are in various stages ahead of ours that are still in a 15-dimensional time matrix that haven't gone through christ our evolution yet but they're still working toward it but the ones we are dealing with now that give the information and that are actually orchestrating this this loadout evac they are the adashi uh ascension adapts they have completed this process and they are in those cycles those adashi cycles that after the expansion you make the turn around and you go back and they are in the for those three
adashi cycles that are yeah going back towards source and a few of them are actually well they wouldn't look like beings as we call beings here they would look like stars or suns because they have completed that so it's there it was funny we kept having mission upgrades right where okay we're talking to this group you know for we had the general ones from the guardian alliance then we had the ianni and then when the drama escalated more the adenai came in and then the andrea and then the
there was like six seven upgrades and then we met the aquiferian and the bendy aquari and the uh uh oh the aqui and the aqui el and these are the ones that are there they are they've gone through the process you know so because at this point the only way to get off the planet is going to be using these spanner gates so you can't you can't actually teach somebody something like that they couldn't just tell us what to do if they don't actually know it themselves and
it's kind of funny it's like you can't give what you actually don't have and it's when i when i do the teaching stuff when we come in it's what i like about the workshops even though i hate it at the same time because it makes it frustrating so you don't have my program to walk in with but we all learn at the same time where the wave comes through i learned it right there as it's coming out right okay they're saying this right and this is where i'm up in the room going okay it's this this and then i have to explain it we all learn it at the same time but if you don't have a certain frequency and you you're not going to be able to convey that frequency to someone else
so in order to um is it it keeps us all a very interesting space i find where there's not some elite member that knows everything and you know walks around with their nose in the air and just yeah floats on clouds and that kind of stuff i learn it they learn it right it just goes i just happen to be you know the like little drain pipe that comes through but we all learn it at the same time so it's all very very even there's not a hierarchy of snobbery there's another you know who would spiritually wear the new stuff or anything like that happening
and i like that about it anyway where are we this one is just to point out this little bit down here is just a uh micro version of those probability maps that we showed where the milky way was where m m 31 was where the parallel is this is just showing that these the these configurations actually there's a microcosm of them actually running in our heads and in our bodies so we're directly connected to them there's certain vortices that connect us directly to certain spaces here one of the spaces
that we first opened um it has what do they call it the uh is that the macha hana vortice i think they called it that yeah it was actually the the first part of the host we could bring the frequencies through the mess that is in in the galactic court and actually have a tunnel of information that would be able to reach us here so they could continue bringing in the frequencies and the the information that manifested here in our through our own mechanics and in our brain it's actually a vortice that comes out
to the right and goes up and you can feel it and they they're also teaching us how to project up and meet them halfway so we orb up and meet them they'll come down and sometimes we'll like use like you know projection versions of ourselves or sometimes we'll just hang out in orb and do direct cognition but we're teaching people how to do this they would like people to learn how to do this because people do need to be walked through this process this isn't a simple ascension cycle this is a mess down here and there's very little time left to fix
that as far as dna and things that's why they really are extending you know as much as they can to assist us with that the only thing they won't do is walk into our bodies and take them out for us that's not allowed just like they don't allow the channeling where they won't you know come into your body and use your face and talk to people no because that can actually violate your dna right not to mention theirs so just to show you know there's lots more that that showed at the time in that workshop but it's just to illustrate that those maps and everything and the frequencies that are rhyming there are directly connected right into our
biology they're wired right into our brains right into our electric system as well as our subtle body fields what the whole thing comes down to really is the battle of the spirals well we left off on the dueling spirals the uh eternal life crystal spiral and the menotronic or fibonacci spiral which is part of the the star markov technologies these spirals again are actually the core currents of energy to spiral out for the expansion of any form be it the light body or the spirit body
these spirals come out from the core quantum and the core quantum and the eternal life system is the the infinite god source consciousness field so with the crystal spiral there's it always maintains an open connection with its source with its center point where the mediterranean spiral does not it doesn't even have its own center point when you look at how it's constructed on the golden meaning or golden mean rectangle well the the spiral will come out the crystal spiral will come out now here is an interesting configuration it looks like an upside down leaf with a
little flame in the middle right what this is is you have one spiral crystal spiral that comes out in expansion clockwise and that's in what's called the itori side of the cosmos because every one of these spheres has one that also spins in the opposite direction which is called the adore side so we are in the tori systems and the expansion of the spiral or of the energies there is clockwise at the same time
there is another quantum and a spiral that counter spirals out on a counter-clockwise rotation which is the expansion spiral for the system that goes in the opposite direction just because it's going in the opposite direction doesn't mean it's negative it's they're just this this is the structure where you have the tory side and the dory side if you have one something spinning clockwise there is another one that is a companion that spins counterclockwise the systems are separated even though they're in the same place they're on opposite angle rotational particle spin so they're visible to each other they pass right through each other but these spirals are are synchronized
with each other so the crystal spiral spirals out on the they refer to as the electrical spiral spirals out on the clockwise and then the more magnetic one spirals out on the adora side and at a certain point they cross over and meet at this axis right and it's this this is only shown a little bit of the expansion like where it comes out from the center and does one round same with here there's a whole set of things that happen when eventually they meet up here and in the first cycle before they meet here they actually meet here and there's
something called a flame cycle a flame shift cycle where when the two currents meet they merge and do a replication and create a flame the eternal flame living flame and then that shifts to this position so you have the eternal flame from the first time they encountered each other in the small set like with a small set here this is showing it did this one round small set then it's coming out again when they come out again they cross over down here and this creates certain passages there are certain things that not just it's not just this
spiral but there are these little spirals that come out on each of them that form those little petals that come out on each of these uh and what are called octants these breakdowns that are actually part of the time clocks of how these work as far as the time cycles how they work so you end up with the big the main spiral and then these smaller spirals that send energy back and forth through and that's what forms that pedal effect inside so at certain points now this is actually a time cycle that has dates plugged in that started with
last year last april of 2009 right when certain activations took place that put us in this you know this is the last round of this cycle the round of the spirals which means there's going to be the place of the crossover happening here but before that there are these things these axes right here this one running here which is the zero length this is where actually the spirals start is the zero line and i believe that's the four and like when you're counting them this would be zero one two three
four axes right and five six seven back to zero is there right right um there right here there are certain currents that come out here that are referred to as the monadic passage that's where the spiral goes from being in one density to expanding into two densities so going from a three-dimensional spiral to a six dimensional spiral that opens something called the monadic passages and they allow for what is called the formation of the jade body which is a six dimensional it is a six dimensional body that is
transharmonic that can that activates those those uh they call them the amarya merkabas those really large ones the last ones we talked about so we just went through this period march 15th of 2010 is when the atorius side of the monadic passage is open over here we're going to have another period where the monadic passage on the adore side which is that counter spin side opens and there's going to be a point before that which happens when this is around september 2nd of 2010 this year where they cross through and it begins opening
this area which is referred to as the amarya passage so there's a set of things involving these spirals and these spirals are actually coming down through the um through the probability maps that we looked at you know the milky way and you know m31 and all of that they're actually spiraling down through those through into our solar system through into our planet they're both coming down there's a certain point where the metatronic spiral is also doing the same thing coming right through the galactic core interacting through our solar core coming down into our planet core so it's not shown on this one but
there's a point if we just looked at the one spiral that that is the clockwise one coming in that we saw on the other diagram when that comes around it's right over in this axis right here when that metatronic spiral starts its takeover right where it goes past interfaces it and then tries to bend and harness the quantum so it's right over in through here and that right there is really the point where it grabs it we're going to start feeling resistance and pull even though we've got the magnetic passage open there's going to be more influx
of of you know positive energy coming in our strength feeling energy that you can feel from the christian spiral coming in here there's going to be there is even more over here when the monadic passage on the adore side opens but it's like from that point until this point which is august 6th of 2011 that that's when the the things that are going to end up dragged into the mediterranean harness that that will be the strongest point of pull that's when the ink will happen when they start frequency-wise being pulled over the dna starts being pulled over
into the harness at what point does that pull that sort of negative pull really start a little before that actually give me a date for that this one starts let's see around february 16th of 2011. okay so february 16th to august 11th did you say um yeah august 6th august 2011 6th of 2011 yeah that that is a point where the dueling spiral effect you know will be will be felt yet we are we have two of the cr three of the christian
activations the one that just happened that we're starting to feel the perk on now right the one that's coming when a part of this uh amarillo passage opens that's the vertical passage and then there will be another perk when the adore side of the of the monadic passage opens so we'll be getting strengthened before you know the crystal spire will be getting strengthened before it gets hit with the the mediterranean harness so that's why in this time period if people start just even working with trying to link with the crystal spiral that that's the first step
and that's not that hard that has to do with that code that's floating around over there called the alaria that we'll talk about before this is over um it's the beginning it's you're not going to fix your whole light body structure you know maybe in you know 5 million years by just staring at that code but that is the linking code to link into what's called the reservoir that is being built of crystal spiral frequency in in the core of the planet so this will be the period of most resistance what it's going to look like in the mass drama i have no idea because as these as as this stuff goes on the real the real fight isn't so much
between the christians the christians are opening these passages where they will have enough strength if they're working with their you know with with christic intent and they have the dna to anchor it they will you know pretty much ride through that but in this period you have actually a metatronic spiral coming in and you know takeover spiral with two competing groups controlling it it's like you have a spiral and one part like one line is red and one line is green and they are fighting not just to take everything but to take
everything away from each other so that's where there may be wacky stuff in the mass drama that occurs you know flare-ups over here and over there and somebody's throwing bombs at each other or whatever so that that is a bit of a like i want to be interesting to watch the news that period right just to see as we move past this the this is where the harness will start and one time wave is going to follow the mediterranean spiral and go into the harness effect and the other is going to go past it so we're already got the two time waves
going but the chris the krystic time wave is just starting to come into activation it will grow stronger as these monotic passages open when it'll go through this period where the christian spiral will be strong enough to not be taken over by the other but the rest of the planet that's sitting there doing nothing and you know not bothering about it doesn't want to know about it doesn't even know what the word chakra means right we'll find but the planet is going to anchor that metatronic spiral and it's going to activate the metatronic part of your dna
if you don't do something to change that right because it's just quantum override the planetary field is bigger than yours quantum wise and it's going to you know drag you in to the same configuration of the planet so the the planetary body itself is going to allow that harness to occur yet we're going to be riding the sec that larger time wave which is actually it's a slower time wave this starts to accelerate and compact and get faster and faster and tighter and more squash feeling where this starts to expand and seems like it goes slower
and just expands out with a different time quality and that's going to be coming more and more into in in into our experience as we move through this the when we get to here now this is interesting we start we move into 2012 here at this point there are other passages that open here that correspond with the ones on their opposite vector right so this begins our journey into 2012. there are various activations that happen in each of these stages and again this is where you got the two
time waves running and it it's important to pick you know to choose which time wave you want to ride and to actively interact consciously evolve and interact with the frequencies of the one that you want to follow that path or the other will just you know take you down the road with it when we get to this point over in here this is uh they call it the 12 12 12 12 11 11 11 point for various reasons that have to do with other dynamics on other graphs but this is the december 21st through
22nd 2012. all right this is the point where you've got full and this is the point where if it weren't for this other crystal spiral coming in this thing would have grabbed what of the crystic spiral coming in grabbed it rolled it over and this is where it would create pole shift it would push and drag the whole thing right in the pole shift it would have dragged the planet into pole shift it would they would have shifted the ray would have shifted the rods as well and it would have been the last extinction that's not going to happen because the crystal spiral is coming in
and it's creating it's not creating enough to stop it because if you try to stop that that metatronic spiral once it starts it'll implode in the core so it once it's activated it's going to go and it's going to take something so what could be done is what the acoustics are doing is the the counter pull of having that larger slower spiral is actually going to just slow a little bit the speed of that so it'll hit 55 but not a full 55 activation it will not be able to do the blend with the parallel side to form
the 55 that then goes up to was it 33 55 80 something whatever in the mediterranean sequence they won't be able to make that leap and we're going to hold them there for 200 years while the gates are open i'm sure they're not really thrilled about that we're not fighting with them we're just holding standing standing in the cryst so there's interesting things that are going to take place during this period that we'll look at before we go to have to do with the procession of the equinoxes and what is actually aligning because there is a blast from the past
that's coming in from the center of the milky way where it's actually coming in from the parallel side through the center of the milky way and it's going to interface directly through our sun with our earth and it's meant to hit the rods and it's meant to knock the rods to actually make them spin and it would spin one one way one the other and literally crack the plates of the equator and i mean something like that there's no life left on the planet after something like that and this is what the whole um 2012 thing was about with the the mayan calendar and all of that they saw an end
time they were warned about it they were told they were going to be taken off planet and in the ancient days the mayans were because they were connected with the annual races and uh you know so they were told that you are children and will come and save you that kind of thing you know when the end times come this end time was known since uh like that this drama would unfold at this time since 22326 bc because that was the last stellar activation cycle when the gates open they cannot do this when the gates are closed it would just blow up the planet so they had to wait to the next natural increment when the gates would open and then they
were going to go for the final you know the final conflict drama and that's what we're watching so it's not a new drama it's this is the end of a very old one but it's it it isn't the greatest outcome that could have happened it wasn't when the voyagers books were written what was hoped would occur but the choices that were made on this planet by the consciousness field here they could have done more with that information they didn't no i mean i was the one with the little workshops and the ones teaching the other paradigm had much bigger ones and that was fine it just meant who was running which merkabah
right there was a lot of people running the antichristic markable mechanics every person is a unit of energy on this planet if half of those had spun their mark of us this way we might have held the bridge zone project but it didn't it was a choice that was made by the consciousness on the planet and that's okay you know we're still standing we'll still stand on the crest even if only three people show up you know it was never about how many but it is as far as the grids go the grids were oversaturated with the
amount it was not just from years also from other things that are being done like harp and various other machines that look like museums in france and things like that that are actually machines that are set up to create very specific repeated patterns of cycling pulses right even sometimes there are like speed limits set on very busy highways to keep a certain pulse in the grids that 55 is real popular oh yes i mean it is there are people that
consciously design these things in this in this planetary culture this isn't an accident nothing here happens by accident and rarely does is it anything to do with what it appears to be you know that's just the way how the illuminati game works here but it's like get over it you know we're gonna we're on a prison planet and there's still an escape route this is good right one of the things that's important is when people are confronted with some of this information it can be overwhelming oh my god i just want to be dead you know get me out of here no
dead is not the answer the worst thing a person can do is commit suicide right now because you will your consciousness if you drop the body on purpose the consciousness will be stuck in this field you want to be a ghost here while it goes down your body is your greatest gift right now because in your body if you run it the right way if you bring in the proper frequencies it will be your salvation it will actually anchor the crystal spiral because you have human codes and that will bring you out of it and you won't want you want at that point you won't feel like it was so horrible
you can deal with this honestly you get over the shock and you're gonna go well i'm gonna have a good day tomorrow anyway right and you it's an adjustment process when you're processing this kind of a huge amount of information that you've never heard before but i just want to you know make it clear that suicide is not the answer that's how to get stuck here it's not worth doing there's always a solution to get out your body will help you you can anchor these frequencies in your body and it will set your spirit free so whenever even if you do a normal you know bartow and your body eventually dies
you won't be stuck in the 55 activation but if you leave because you can't deal with the thought of having a 55 activation you're going to be stuck in it so that i just wanted to say that because i know this can be intimidating to some people all right so anyway now excuse me so what i want to do is get to the point where we talk a little bit about some of the things that do occur so that big mystery about what's aligning with what though the galactic chord does something oh that was in 1983 i mean they're all like the internet though they're saying this this group is saying this that's saying that everybody's trying to figure out what this big galactic core alignment is
because honestly on certain ways if you lined it up it actually happened somewhere in the 80s that's not the alignment it's not about that it is about the rods and the chambers and what they are doing so we'll look at those in a minute but this this little time cycle here it's about the spirals and how they're expanding out and the simple thing that people really need to do is they need to decide which path you know do they take this information seriously enough to say well better be a better safe than sorry you know i'll try i'll just let's try that crystal spiral and see if i like it you know if you don't like it you can always go
back to the mediterranean way no problem there's no like nobody holds you here you know what i mean it's it's a free will thing um but anyway i want to get to the the the graphs that have to do with a little bit on the body too but before that i want to show you one more thing on we're back up way up the top in our cosmic matrix seeing our little becca system with the black holes next to us that are trying to suck us in and that kind of thing up here again is the aquarium
matrix that is where the crystal river host groups are coming from the the adashia depths are coming from and they are literally sending a frequency bridge down it's actually acting like a respirator for this planet because it's coming down it partially goes through the solar gates but only partially but it's coming down and it wraps almost like two currents that come down and they're meeting in the center the core of the earth if they weren't doing that in the core of the earth there's a thing that happens in the solar system and it's just part
of the natural mechanics of the solar system if you have a sun that's prenticed closes and it enters its bardo cycle all of the planets or stars in that system that have the natural circulation with it will follow suit they will all close their predecess and they will all prepare to die together this planet was going to go into that if that happened all the gates would shut except the wormholes and this is actually the cosmic respirator at the moment there are two currents that are coming down the uh what do they call that again that's a big word anti-static lower by tongue on that all
the time ancestor passage they call it and it is literally frequency currents that are coming down and forming a loop coming in through the earth rods i imagine and literally holding the core open so the premises doesn't close so the gates can still circulate energy and so the host can go and that will stay for 200 years and when that pulls up it the premise it's going to close and the natural process of bardo for the solar system is going to unfold so whoever does stay here after the 200 years is going to have a very interesting evolutionary experience because there's going to be
progressively more limited resources you're going to watch ex species go extinct at hugely fast rates because they went out right you know they're just like okay out of here we're leaving the planet you're going to see large groups of people doing that be it from earth changes or wars or whatever because it's it is the last call but we've got 200 years before that point comes fortunately now what the solution is is we need to reverse mutate as much as we can the light body structure and
turn back on the spirit body light body flows that have been blocked by these fields and get the junk dna to reassemble so it can process the natural atomic and chemical changes that would occur in a body when it goes through the activating numerical process because it is a biochemical process the part in in the process called fetal integration that is when the consciousness from the spirit body begins to enter the fetal body in in the baby right and starts to come in it starts to bond the spirit body consciousness into the atoms
it's actually partially bonded into the atoms it's called the jari that's the part of the consciousness that actually is stuck with the atoms the part of your living consciousness that forms your atoms and that part if when you go through a natural um bartow or ascension cycle the the jari is freed and the atom is able to go through a biochemical process that involves an element or a transient element called celestealing there's something called a celestyline wave this has to do with the substances
they used to call white powder and blue powder gold all right they're monoatomic but they're natural monoatomic atoms form and they allow the body to become a superconductor where the angular rotation of particles spin on the atoms can shift they blend instead of annihilate with their antiparticle they're natural antiparticle and they can go into ascension so the biochemical processes that we're working on they're directly connected to the dna directly connected to the epigenetic overlay that is triggering the dna and telling it what it can and can't do the techniques that we've been working with
all along have progressively started with fixing the light body structure then different layers of that and what's called the crystal body structure that's part of the light body structure then we went into turning back on the core flows of the spirit body structure now we're working with what's called the ajay body structure which is the part of this anatomy that brings those two together and allows the core flows to happen where you can actually go into orb these little orbs we see in some of these photos and those kind of things eventually we will be able to turn ourselves into those as a traveling medium what you don't see with an
orb a natural orb would have its merkaba fields moving around it right they're the parts you don't see but you might get a photograph of the orb itself right you can also have orbs that are coming from the other system as well where they are using the death star merkabah and you can't tell just by seeing the orb you would have to be able to see the structures of its system and whether it had a poison apple shaped magnetic field around it or whether it had the natural thing that looks like a butterfly which is the natural electromagnetic field so anyway when we're going to think about reverse mutating it has to do with techniques not techniques in a
laboratory where you have somebody go play with your dna you play with your own dna by literally first of all knowing what pieces of the anatomy you're trying to turn on and trying to heal and working with them directly through certain breathing techniques through certain uh visualization exercises through certain projection exercises there are even certain movements and some some uh yoga moves that have that the guardians refer to as logas because you also use energy work with the chakras with them and things there
are things to do that help the body to get into the space where these things can be repaired so you do become able to do these we have structures in the body that have to do with these were in the some of the earlier teachings it shows the density one body and this would be your density two body if things were normal right now say you could say this was your earth body and this is your terran body terror and density two right but we actually have these fields uh and each density level this would be your soul level body and this would be your incarnate level if you had the density three one here you'd have your oversoul then you would have your avatar that you
would have your rishi level now to this is three dimensions here this is three here they each have their radial body structure they are connected but these have to be opened which so these become a six dimensional structure because the gates that we're going through require the six dimensional structure that actually has a 24 to 48 strand capacity which is where the host comes in and those fancy merkabas come in but part of what this is and and we have the light body training courses that are in like the k23 manual and that stuff they teach you how to open these things
like this part of how do you fix stuff right let's see there's certain activations that will then now now this one's starting to get different shaped right you do certain other activations you still have your spherical one up there but this is starting to look like a flame right and then when you finish those sets of activations you've got your flame body activated that's the six dimensional aspect all right now before we do this there's one thing that can be done to link with
that spiral when it's coming in with crystal spiral when it's coming in and at least then you're linked with that but if you want to actually try to clear this the other mutations out so you have a stronger field and so you don't get that metatronic pull as badly from your own dna as the meditronic one's coming in there it's worth working with these technologies if you haven't done the activations before and there's tons there's a newcomer set of of techniques and activations where to start this process but it is a process and you don't have to like you know bury yourself in it but you know a
couple times a week do that or you know do a little bit of that and try to work with the technologies and also you know ask the guardians to say you know would you help me with this another thing i want to say about asking the guardians i get a little tired of people saying oh the guardians attacked me they came and they they had astral sexism hello that is not the guardian guardian alliance does not do that that's not allowed no sexual contact whatsoever no abusive they don't yell at you they don't tell you to do things they don't say you have to they don't say you must if there's something they'd really like you to do because you think it's in your best interest
they'll request that you do it but you can always say no so if open report and communication does you know come there's all sorts of things out there calling themselves guardian alliance that are not and you have to be careful with that our dna right now if you've done nothing with your dna to get your line clearer it runs two lines it'll actually run three you can run acrylic one a green one or a red one which means an anunnaki wanted rack one or a crystic one so we've all got you know combinations of those codes so anyway i just wanted to add that in there because we get a little tired of hearing people he's like
i'm gonna go to the newspapers like well good luck with that but that's not us you know what i mean that's not our guys they don't do that in fact we've taught against that and we've taught to watch out for that for ages if they were going to do that they wouldn't be teaching not you know to look out for that because people are doing that make it clear that other people who offered to activate the dna for you at the same time exactly yeah there's been another thing that um some well-meaning or not people have done where they'll say oh you know i'll give you a session and i'll activate your
12-strand pattern for you oh i'll activate uh-uh there's nobody that can do it for you but you it has to be you that does it you have to choose there are simple techniques they're not hard they're simple meditation techniques it's really funny when people first start them they usually fall asleep halfway through the tape or maybe a quarter of the way through the tape because the dna can't hold all the frequencies it brings in yet but the more you use the tape the more you'll find that you can stay awake during it right even if you don't stay awake you're still picking up some of the activation the point where you can actually stay awake through the whole thing means you
expanded the dna activation level enough to hold the level of frequency that that tape was bringing in all right so as far as having other people fix you when it comes to dna activation you are much much safer to just look at various techniques feel which one feels better for you and use that one and not have somebody else because you know what nobody else can activate your dna for you but they can transfer things into your dna that weren't there otherwise they can implant you that way and some people are being used that way sometimes they don't even know it that they're well-meaning but where did they think like what kind of egos does it
take to say i'm going to activate your dna for you hello get your ego in check you know what i mean so anyway let's talk a tiny bit about monotonic gold because there's a there's a lot of misinformation about that yeah we put out an article about that quite a while ago it's don't take it it doesn't start there there is a natural version of that an organic version of that
than in an organic ascension process or even just stargate past a passage process that the body secretes itself that there used to be a horrible period in egyptian history and atlantean history where angelic humans were captured as soon as they did a gate cross and killed so they could scrape the powder off their skin before it evaporated because if the ones that didn't have gate codes took a little bit of it it would give them a temporary burst where they could force themselves to engage it becomes
addictive and it becomes uh it actually destroys the body if it's not made within the body itself and it's a product of a natural transient element called celestiline we've talked about this gets into some of the the heavier atomic things that we've we've talked about in some of the workshops that has to do with a substance called hydrolase which is living water sort of um yeah it's water with nitrogen isn't it it bonds to it yeah it's a natural state of water where the water here is actually mutated because of
the way the planetary grids are so as far as taking the outside substances you know if you if you have to take something because your doctor tells you you have to we say you know don't throw away medical advice right now we're all walking a double line down here like if if i had to i would go to a doctor if the doctor said take an antibiotic i would we we don't tell people to to stop medical treatment or even psychiatric treatment you have to be careful there and find somebody qualified enough and awake enough themselves to respect your choice of spirituality right because a lot of people look for
psychiatry a lot of places you go say yeah i've been astro astral projecting and it's getting on my nerves i'll put you on a drug right oh you're having no actually i'm having astral projection hello you know if they can't deal with that conversation find another doctor if it's a physical symptom there are certain things we can work to help fix in ourselves but there are certain conditions that if you want to keep the body alive longer you may have to have that you know what may be intrusive at the moment and that's always a personal choice you know i would probably
be much less likely to rely on a doctor for myself than i would be for my child for example right i might take chances with me but i'm not going to take her you know with my children or someone i love or you know my husband or something so that's personal but we're not one of those groups that say oh everything has to be holistic and you know it you know eventually yes eventually we'll all go back to being breatharians and we won't have to eat because we'll be able to do solar symbiosis and actually create hydrolase in our body just by breathing air and sunlight and that's what our bodies are supposed to do they don't do that really well
right now so if you try to be a breath or any time to starve to death and get very sick so there are places we're right now in a space of evolution where there are think changes we need to make in our biology just to hold the essential potential and to start activating it and then there are changes that will come naturally but if you try to force them you're going to actually make yourself sicker if you some people went on the big vegetarian kick now i would i like the concept of vegetarian but if you just eat vegetarian your fields get very very high and buzzy and they fit right in with the mediterranean acceleration
that has been going on with the sexting clock that's why we've said you know a bit of protein if you if you really can't stand meat protein fine if you want to be vegetarian but be aware that high buzzy feeling that you get this is not good all right that's too much electricity it means you're processing too much frequency coming in and that means you're going into that time wave that's very choppy time wave that's connected with the metatronic activations so there's so much trickery where it appears to be a good thing but it isn't always what it appears to be you know those kind of things so as far as monatomics i wouldn't touch them
you know feel the same about colloidal silver honestly right now that's just a personal presence preference if somebody wants to do that but just the feel i get and the the guardians kind of go hmm that's going to work because we're not going to get into it but it's like yeah just trust your feelings okay not for me so i just kind of use my own radar with that and really they try to support um becoming energetically self-sufficient as much as possible of course we still have to eat and and those kind of things but um you
know relying on all sorts of vitamins all sorts of drugs all sorts of foods all sorts of this all sorts of that all the time weaning is a good little bit but if you're say taking meds for manic depression or something don't just throw them out the window you're going to have really bad results because that crosses the blood-brain barrier or whatever it gets in the blood system and you can have really bad withdrawal you gotta stage those kind of withdrawals and some of them are just not worth getting in in the first place if you start taking monatomics it will create a dependency in the body
even though science has not identified that yet and it will also do something that something else does too and for some people that's good but for other people they have enough of that happening and it shouldn't there are certain substances now that i won't name them but they're popular supplements they're not drugs there's just supplements but they actually accelerate the speed at which frequency from the light body processes into the atomic structure that can be good for some people who have a sluggish field in certain ways but it can actually override and take it
into mediterranean twist for other people whose flows are faster or even normal so it's very individual with that with those kind of things eventually we'll have more guidelines and eventually they're going to let us know a little bit more about what foods are more metatronic than others and those kind of things which would come down to what trees are mediterranean and what ones are christic what animals what yeah i mean it gets to the point where it's hard enough to look at what teaching sets you know and what people are affiliated with them you know it's almost heartbreaking in a
way to have to see which is going which way but eventually as we work with our bodies especially if we're serious about getting the physical body through i mean you don't have to get a physical body through to be able to ascend what you do have to do if you are just saying well you know i can do a normal death and you know that gets my spirit out there's one thing that's very important and this is one this shows you the horror that's been around here how many teachings and how many systems cultures from the past that can even be remembered very bodies when you bury a body it's trapped the
verb the body cell it is anchored to that space-time location the spirit is trapped to the space-time location if a person borrows out there's a natural process the chakra is shutting down the dark matter template's separating the consciousness pulling itself out and up and it needs to release the body cell cremation is the way it was always done now normally if your body your dna is working the right way you wouldn't have to worry about somebody burning your dead body for you because you would actually transmute it yourself
and just like have somebody lay it down in the room for three days and it would disappear because you would turn it into vapor and pull that part of your consciousness out and there'd be a little dust left and that was the the booty left from the body cell that was the donated quantum from your two parents that gave you the fetal pattern to begin with so this is one of the the horrors here how many religions are teaching to bury that is the absolute opposite of christian teachings of ascension teachings and it's heartbreaking but there are a lot of rescue missions that do go on
in the planes you know the various plane structures of earth because the guardian groups know this and people are getting stuck here for eons right so there are particular times when they when the guardian you know uh they're called way showers will come in and actually again round them up and say okay there's certain things you have to do they have to release that connection and that's um quite a physics mechanics thing kind of a little bit like brain surgery but there are guardians that do service them so if you have people that you love that died and are buried um yeah it just you know you might want
to put out a good word to whoever the way showers of the crist are and they're not always just the guardian alliance people there's lots of adashi adepts and people out there that handle these things but if you want to solve that problem in the first place if if you're not planning on getting your body to the point where it can do a full transfiguration because it is sometimes a lot of work at some point you're going to have to change your diet at some point you're going to have to spend more time focusing in in you know say meditative spaces or projection spaces then you are focused here and that can you know get in the way of your life down here um it's okay to die as long as you do it well and
take your quantum with you and that means cremation and that's another thing that people might hate my guts for sorry yeah since they're hating my guts i might as well say the other one is on the other end the fetal integration one yeah you were wondering if i was going to do that yeah might as well in the natural process we we've it's been explained very very clearly the fetal integration process from the point when an egg and sperm come together i mean down to the first 12 seconds a second what happens well part of the spirit body goes first
what part of the the light body starts to grow then as the yeah the flesh is expanding out etc 33 to 56 days after conception is when the soul can start to integrate or the spirit can start integrating into that body until that point yes the body is alive it is being fueled by the quantum donated by the two parents if a being dies in that period it is not attached to the body yet it is not stuck
so there is a window of 33 to 56 days when if a person aborted let's say that doesn't mean we support abortion people really should be spiritually aware enough not to get themselves in that position in the first place but down here that can be difficult sometimes especially in like if you're raped or something like that but 33 to 56 days usually the 56 to the 56 end now like the way the mutation is running here before the spirit can start to integrate into the fetal body because if it did it would explode the fetal pattern and it
would kill the fetal body so there is a window there where yes you have a baby in there and yes you have a spirit that's probably wanting to come into it but it's not in yet it will start fetal integration 33 to 56 days and that's another one so if everybody really wants to not be not like me they can play with that too and i'm sure the catholic people won't be happy with me at all and i'm sorry i won't even get into where the bible came from the council of nicaea in 325 a.d and rome decided to want to unify all its territories and called everybody together and created the canaanite
bible by taking pieces of old records from various places so we all have our own beliefs and i really hope the people of other faiths can respect ours and we will respect yours anyway bring it back on the grass like that with these okay no that's absolutely fine talk about just hitting every little bend well that's what we're doing that's what we're all about here it just felt like it was the right place to put that
as much as possible pushing the envelope well it's already been said i mean these things have been published and said in our workshops but i've never been on youtube well get ready at some point we want to talk about the 2012 from there on what happens and the fact that that's not the end of the world and that they they're not going to extend ascend on that day and so on so forth yeah their story if they're going to send on that day meant you're going to become extinct on that day
right yeah if the mediterranean crew had their way anyway i want to show a couple of things because i want to get to one point that shows something that is important that has to do with the what to do the linking code there is a linking code and i'll show you how it works the first size you want to they're asking me to put these up just to get a view on these these are we we showed the light body structure of the the flame body and the activations the night the part of the activations that when you do the flame body it also begins activating these parts of the field that are part of the chariot of fire
so we activating those parts they build up to activating the chrysler vehicle the murkable levels the build up to the chrysler vehicle and that builds up to activating the ammo just hold it there okay now [Applause] and back to the alaria i know that's not the allergies the illuminati that's the spirit body structure right i wanted to point out in the spirit body structure again those 12 lines right
it's actually six vectors that form 12 event horizons right that's where the flows are this is something very important because between the russia body which is the dark matter template and the spirit body there's something very interesting that happens these things are called chambers now on the light body structure these 12 chambers would be called fire chambers on the spirit body they're called alluring chambers they are actually the chambers within which they interact with the
dark matter body that form atomic structure when the body is working properly this is how stars actually birth atoms and they don't just birth a few like three primary ones and they all bump in together and then form the next couple it doesn't work that way when it's actually functioning normally a planet star or a person generates their own 144 elements prime elements that then go to form the natural chemicals that would be in the body and all of that kind of thing
so there we have the template the the human aspect of you know of this mixed race we call humanity the angelic human aspect does have the core pieces of fragment dna that correspond to each of those 144 elements right now on the planet the planet body is not manufacturing 144 elements because of the mutations but we can begin turning them back on in our own body because we are connecting now not just to the metatronic spiral that is working here but we are progressively
connecting our bodies into the chrystic spirals that are being hosted by healthy living systems which means there's an alternative of energy flows that we can use we can begin the process of activating our alluring chambers and the learning chambers are interesting if you take away all the other things like in you know the spanner gates and all that and just look at the basic structure on one density level just like when we looked at the uh the the the things that became the spherical maps where there were four
of those sets right embedded well this is four you have one for d1 d2 d3 and then then what's called the density level one and that's the one that corresponds to let's say the space between d3 and d4 all right so you again have a four level structure each one of these on like say on d1 manufactures a set of 12 a set of 12. these each manufacture one of the elements one of the 144 elements when you take it all the way up to the like 12 dimensional structure you will get 144 elements so each line corresponds
with a certain specific set on d1 it'll be this on d2 it steps down to that on d3 on d3 it's sorry it steps up to that we went through a whole series of things that explained this process in depth right as far as how the elements are manufactured how they're supposed to be manufactured in the natural structure of the spirit body and um and it didn't had our own atomic chart like the you know the kind of looks resembles the atomic chart that you see you know in in you know in physics class or whatever but there is another way to instead of like analyzing and memorizing each one of those by their
proton number and all that kind of stuff because that's what it is it's in proton numbers that's how they're that have science here keeps track of it it's the same thing it's the same atomic chart you have you know your hydrogen you know all the way up to things that don't have names yet because they haven't found 144 here because they're not here yet there's a way to trigger the pieces of dna that are connected to each of these we still have the dormant encryption in the dna but because it's not manufac materializing on the planet because of the mutations it isn't assembling in the dna or our bodies and some of those elements are
essential to the biochemical processes of transfigurative ascension there is a way and again if we look at this this pretty little thing this is again putting the flows back where we just had the lines showing there the lines with their atomic numbers on them right this actually is the there's four layers to this which corresponds to the four sets there and it has its 12 flows each of these has certain sets of colors that not only go with what comes up the center line but if
you'll notice on this one i have it upside down if you notice on this one it has to do with a circulation where energy comes up one of these and then flows down these it actually comes up through i believe yeah it goes out which ones are actually a tunnel some of the this is the interface between the 12 lines that are of the spirit body and the 12 lines that are the light body and there's an interaction between them and it's through that you also have the rasher body in there there's three different currents running they actually form the
the the elements that are the atomic elements and these flows that actually come up here and i just have them going over here and then come back down here so there's this interaction where these base elements here will come up and they manufacture other ones as they interact with the currents that are coming up here and these currents split and come down here and that's going on all the way around right so there's this whole set of mathematical interactions that take place in the structures that that unite the um the russian dark matter body the spirit body and the light body through which the atomic body is formed and
these numbers correspond to the uh the colors that correspond to the frequency bands of each of these there would be a color there is a color spectrum that goes say one through twelve one is red you know d1 is red d2 is orangey three is yellow all the way out to d12 which is that white you know the liquid light white color so the colors correspond to the frequencies and the frequencies the colors correspond to these colors would change on each line because the numbers change it's called the mix master and this has to do with
quite a complicated process of what angles which dimensional level is at so they're not all on the same you might have axiatonal line one say here and then it becomes line uh four on this level and then it might be line six on this level because of the shifts in these spheres where they're not all with their twelves pointed up in other words so it is literally the atomic creation factory that our bodies are supposed to be that a planet body is supposed to be a star body supposed to be to begin triggering the activation of those 144
presently dormant most of them elements in the body this code can be used through optical pineal induction now it works a bit in its black and white form where it shows its number correspondences and the number correspondences correspond to colors and to uh the information that is actually on this chart right the the technical mathematical information but it is most powerful when it's in color where its colors radiate and we've been very very fortunate there's a lovely lady named sue from england that work
does all our code work and she does an amazing job with the you know taking the codes and it's this code it's called the alaria rashitan and this is the linking code into what is called something that's actually activating this weekend that is called the uh they call it the orb reservoir