PlayStation 3 - Games Still Worth Playing :: 4.9.2021 LiveStream / MY LIFE IN GAMING

PlayStation 3 - Games Still Worth Playing :: 4.9.2021 LiveStream / MY LIFE IN GAMING


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[Music] hi everybody how's it going howdy hey how's it going we're back it's time for more uh ps triple madness
over here yep yep uh i saw some people talking in the chat we wanted to clarify that this is not a replacement for any kind of episode uh we did it we did a stream last week on digital foundry with john audi and this is just like our little counterpart stream i guess to that so yeah we are playing to do a uh you know i i i i do have to say i i i i i'm not a huge fan of the title that that is written on this stream games still worth playing
i mean i feel like that's i feel like that's a slight at the system i feel like that is not in the spirit of people who who play retro games all the time because that's right good games are always worth playing i will say though for those wondering uh audi surly was supposed to be here as well but and i quote he has um he ate some funky eggs and taking some funky dumps so things are i think uh
i think i think it was those things with some of those bad roms on sunday oh no i heard about this there's some of those bad rom dumps he's taking some bad rom dumps maybe yeah yeah taking some bad rum dumps he should have should have got the no intro uh set there i guess no intro eggs uh so it was already a super chat uh from uh chris fratz uh saying since i don't have the money for a super np anyway i might as well toss the money over to you guys well
well thank you that's uh i i don't know is that is the super nt uh new orders gone up already they have and apparently there's some issues with um the order process right now oh really this gets a hundred dollars more than a hundred dollars now really i mean i got it day one that's what a extradillo 99 is saying i'm just scared there's also a one euro from daniel black with uh no uh no but thank you yeah i got this they
want you know i i really want to replay this because you know i liked it at the time but i i think i was this was this came out at a time when i was you know and i still am you know very into you know sort of very hardcore nes style platformers and stuff and i was you know looking for a you know a good challenge and stuff like that and my platformers and this you know is is much more of a you know yeah narrative
and visual experience i guess it is yeah uh and so i i liked it but i didn't like love it and i think i would appreciate it a lot more now yeah i think a lot of people probably blew it off at the time because it looked like some like it looked too similar to a little big planet by the way corey did you want to turn on the sound for the game uh yeah it should be on i don't hear anything oh i can't i can't send you guys oh sorry okay
because i'm using i'm using a physical mixer instead of i see a csc so so everybo so everybody's hearing it then it's it's just not us but either way yes this game is awesome actually you know what this game holds special meaning to me as well because uh the demo version of puppeteer is the very first thing i ever did for digital foundry really really so that was
that was the because i i loved the demo as excited for the game and that was the first thing i ever did that's so cool so pretty interesting i'd say yeah it's a lot of fun i mean they were able to just like because of the way that you know everything is presented is like this set they're able to like do so much with uh with every scene i feel yeah exactly it's from a from a game play perspective i mean it's kind of
like little big planet but it's it's a much more you know curated uh design experience [Music] did we have some other super chats i did see a couple i can bring up the stream in case there's something that i missed oh yeah there was um try you on a computer right now yeah can you tweet that the stream is actually live i did a
a preview for it earlier but uh it might be easier to do on my phone yeah or you can just like yeah you can even just retweet it probably um uh there was a uh five euros from ivan andrus saying would you trade a ps5 for a sputnik five oh maybe not the sp i don't know maybe i i would trade it for one of the other ones though keep your eyes peeled for immune spikes so i can always get another female to stay alive
it'd be good to have an excuse to be like you know i just i i can't i can't cover this right now i don't have one uh i love the spider puppet head you have there yeah i think it's amazing gosh look how good this game looks still i just can't get over how awesome this looks like it's a shame that it never got like a 60 frames per second release on like ps4 or something but even still like this like it is just
unbelievably beautiful oh you can use the and you know what this makes me really sad coming off of all that stuff that was been talked about again today and recently about the restructuring within sony it's like they're basically setting themselves up so that a game like this could will never exist again from them i know it's it's really sad because like i've said before but like japan studio has this like nintendo level of polish to their games that's just so good
like you know i i know people like you know beat up on knack but those are those are those are well-made little games and you know looking in the chat it's like you know what i would take the sputnik 5 as well no nothing against it it's just if i have to give up the ps5 you know what is this that's the russian vaccine oh oh so i like that name though but yeah i would totally get rid of my ps5
for one of those it's just it's clear they had a lot of fun making this yeah like the way they do those transitions there like how all the objects have like the physics going on and so it looks like everything kind of slams together it's so cool i mean what what an amazing visual design this game is just top top tier and this i mean this holds up really well yeah it's it's a game that's two generations old like this looks better than a great number of
games on the switch and honestly ps4 and ps uh xbox one as well if i'm honest uh this is a really good looking game how many different like heads were there i i that was a mechanic i kind of forgot about to be honest yeah same here what other game there's something i was just thinking about games where you swap well yeah i want to do i want to do a stream where i show it to try and like try to talk about it i got a hamburger head
even though the fact that i've professed that i like that game has gotten me some annoying heat really you're the guy that likes that horrible game so you see you have zero taste and i'm like okay oh i'd rather be that guy than the guy who likes assassin's creed valhalla but you know but that is so annoying like people people like take one one game that you like and they're like well you have no taste that's so annoying people do that all the time people are people are allowed to like
what they like yeah exactly i i admit i have some weird tastes in some types of the games that i mean so i mean in my opinion like people should be like disappointed that they don't like a game themselves because it's like oh i'm missing something that someone likes like i wish i could like that too i feel the same you know when like a when like a big like new fighting game or whatever comes out like i don't really get much enjoyment out of
fighting games but i always feel like i you know i i see people like hyped up for it i'm like oh like i i wish i could feel this too but i don't see it's like that for me with um i guess most recently something like animal crossing like i look at that i don't like animal crossing at all even though it's very clearly a fantastic product but i feel like i'm missing out on something there every time i try it i just i don't know i can't get it there's something there that doesn't work for me yeah i wish i wish i loved it i mean
like in the here and now you know uh uh monster hunter is like that you know everyone's playing monster and i i i've kind of been popped into rise i think after i finished bravely default 2 i'm going to pick up monster hunter rise but uh you know i'm like all nervous i'm going like once again i'm just going to be like this just isn't clicking with me but it looks so much stronger than the other i ones i have to tell you that i have that same problem i like no i know we've talked about this i like it i think it's a good game
and i have played it but i ne just like the other ones i never really truly clicked with me in a way where i'm like this is amazing it's just like this is this is cool yeah i don't know what it is i i wish i loved it more i'm i know like i like i kind of want to give it a try again just because it seems like this is this is like the closest the race it's been to something that looks like something i would get into and like i'm worried like i don't know like maybe i'm i just don't know
if so i just don't know like so i'm still on the fence but i'm thinking about it maybe you can tell me this try somebody in the comments said this as well like that ballen wonder world's mechanics are baffling what is baffling about them it's a one-button game what's baffling about that uh i i the one thing that baffled me when i played the demo was i was like wait any how do i go back in the menu yeah but every button is confirmed you don't go to the menu that often so it's not
right right right so that so that confused me at first but then i was like oh it's a one-button game which i can totally respect i mean i am you know i think i think games these days put have too many functions just because there's buttons to put functions on you know uh i you know that that's one reason i like nes games so much is i feel like the limited number of buttons encouraged the development of more streamlined game design more you know they they thought about like okay what do we really need or
you know what functions work well with our limitations that's that's that's the kind of game design that i like so i do like the simplified nature of it but the bell and wonder world demo for me i just it just seemed janky it just seemed like there wasn't anything interesting going on from a gameplay perspective other than just pure exploration but i mean you know you've been talking about how once you play the real actual game that you know you're finding it
compelling in a way that the demo doesn't really convey yeah i mean it's ultimately a game it is about exploration and using those different powers you get and it has that thing where you want to revisit levels and explore these different worlds using all these different suits to essentially like find just like you discover so much more about the levels when you go back like what seems like a one level when you first play it you go back and realize there's all these other areas that you could have gone
my burger head and and like uh i got i got that burger you were saying like some sometimes like when you go back with other suits or whatever it's like oh like it almost feels like i'm not even supposed to get here but i can right and somebody's saying on giant bomb they were saying about abilities have restrictions designed to counter experimentation it's like no no that's not it at all like those restrictions are key to making it so that you actually have
to think about which suits you're wearing and what you're trying to do at any point in the game and it's i don't i'm utterly baffled that people find that baffling people people don't like limitations in games yeah that's a bad feeling i get and that's weird because like you you have to have limitations for interesting design exactly like i don't understand like if if you could just do anything
all the time then that's not that wouldn't be interesting there that that's probably why a lot of people just don't really take to retro games because they're just like well there's less you can do with these games or this hardware you know like but to me the limitations are what make it interesting yeah exactly like i like that kind of stuff i think that's uh it's it's kind of engaging to figure that stuff out like not to say that the game is perfect or anything because it's certainly not
but i think it's a it's a very solid b to your platform game and it's a got a really cool aesthetic and the sound design is excellent it's just it's it's a lot of fun and thankfully it is a lot it does play faster than that demo yeah because the the movement and that was one of the that was a definitely felt like a sort of a technical issue where it was just like the run animation did not feel correct with the way that the character was moving it seemed out of sync with
yeah exactly and the movement was slow and also people always say you hear like the costumes that don't allow jumping there's like 80 costumes in here and maybe like six of them don't allow jumping but it's okay because you can swap to anything else that has jumping and those suits then have their own special function that's unique well i mean people you don't need to jump all the time i mean you know you compare bionic commando to buy on commander re-armed too i mean
yeah jumping everything takes away what is unique from bionic command exactly sometimes yeah because there were people that did complain about that like oh i want i want to jump and then they added it and it breaks the game it's worse uh let me catch up on super chats again oh yeah you do that give me a second okay okay uh there was uh five dollars from james thomas saying uh perfect stream today my two terabyte ssd for my ps3 is getting here managed to uh swoop a super nt this morning as well
perfect day so far dang it nice nice yeah i just saw from a friend of mine as well who just got uh managed to get one which is cool so it sounds like it was difficult to order one but people are getting them so that's great that's good yeah yeah i mean i use my super nt on your on your your uh your your open box mechanical keyboard see here's the thing i'm expecting corey to like zap out of the frame and like end up in the game now not only that but
i mean it's not like getting some water gosh darn it what was it uh it's diet coke oh no i know right but luckily i think these mechanical keyboards are made to be like to come apart really easily so you can yeah i have this one i don't know why you can see it on camera but it's like this really thin aluminum slab and like all the keys kind of sit on top like that which is kind of fun oh yeah yeah i mean i was not even thinking about getting a
mechanical keyboard until recently and then i messed with one at target like this is actually a lot better than i remember it being and i've liked it a lot since having it but this is like and now there's diet coke now there's that coke in it i love how it says intermission in the game maybe we should take uh continue the super chat yeah yeah yeah yeah there was uh there was a 27 or 90 reals from zany shelley thank you uh saying awesome ready for some imlig and df retro stream for a friday afternoon of working from home you guys
rock your mind sucks yeah that's what i'm talking about yeah it wasn't very much they got in here at least but at least they can take it apart well hopefully you can take the keys off where it got and kind of clean them up i mean like that would be stupid if they made it so that you couldn't do that with this you can usually take keys off i wouldn't replace it and stuff yeah where's our boy yo-yo yoshio at is he here yet uh there was uh two dollars from chris
fratz uh saying uh there are still people that like assassin's creed yes you know it really surprised me in us in a way that ubisoft continued that series into this generation because so try i think it's important to note that when you talk there's basically two assassin's creed series almost right because ever since origins the game the entire game is so different that it's basically a new series really the pre i mean the older ones were about
exploring a city environment and they definitely had some open world issues as well but there was something more engaging there but the last three have become these like obscenely large like open world for the sake of being open world kind of games at least for me personally where there's just so much there so much downtime just spent going between places and it just i find them happening unbelievably tedious and there's no challenge to it there's never any interesting gameplay ideas it's just
like it's just it's just checking off the checking off the the markers but what's sad is that there's so much talent in that team they've pulled off such amazing technologies the game looks amazing you know there's great stuff in there and the stories has potential but it's so spread out just for the stupid checklist stuff i mean i i i lost interest in the series after uh i mean you know assassin's creed three like you know you had the the nolan north character
who it it felt like it was like leading up to this big finale and like it really didn't feel like the end of that storyline amount to much of anything and then i i played uh black flag which was it kind of felt like well this is i think is about as good as the series can get and uh like i was just like but i you know these games are okay but i don't like absolutely love them so i think i'm done and i haven't i haven't played them
since so you made the right call um there was oh we gotta we got a triangle in here oh he was uh he was in the stream on the df channel last week uh saying this game looks literally tasty yeah burger hat colors especially the burger head is great there was 999 from uh the polyester pimp who i think was also in the df stream uh saying uh do you think that's a good
name it really is do you think sony should make a more expensive full backwards compatible ps6 instead of a cheaper diskless version also uh shout out to my college art teacher for giving me cliff nick for minority report not exactly sure what what uh dude wait you don't know what flipnick is no you no i don't are you kidding me i don't know what it is are you kidding me wait really oh i don't
flip nick ultimate pinball is one of the coolest pinball games ever made it is basically adventure pinball audi can attest to this i think i showed it to him as well for the first time and we played this together and i think just like what these tables like imagine like these tables like all these little like biomes suspended in space with crazy 3d rails everywhere and just uh just an absolutely amazing presentation and it's like all these challenges where it's like you'll go to this one place to
like open up another place which then like oh and it starts out in a jungle uh and then it like you cause the ice age to happen and then it freezes over over and then you have to climb up a frozen waterfall with your ball and it's just like well it's again it's so wild i recently got i haven't played through it but i've played that i played the demo and that's what sold me out was um oh shoot what's it called i'm drawing blank on the name um the the there's like a current gen game
that's a pinball adventure uh yoku's is it yoku's island express oh yeah yeah yeah that seems really good it's like a metroidvania uh pinball game yeah it's yeah it looks like absolutely gorgeous on switch um i don't know what it has to do with minority report though i think they swap they traded it either way try oh oh seriously hunt down flipnick also pinball what what system is it for
that's for playstation 2. interesting it's an enjoyable simple action amazing pinball game for you is it is it released in all regions yes man i'm excited you haven't played flip nick because it says no i i was completely unfamiliar with it but as for the backwards compatible ps6 i mean obviously they should i don't i don't think it'll happen i mean uh that would be a nice replacement i i would pay extra for like a full backwards compatible
system but i i don't think it should be necessary though yeah i don't know backwards compatibility is kind of a it's a curious thing i mean it's like i would pay extra for it but at the end of the day i probably would still play the games on the original systems unless they had compatibility that was like i'm on microsoft's level well it's pretty much like the the 360 generation upwards where i think it makes sense because even like i actually don't like original xbox games much on xbox
on the newer xbox really so the problem well some of them panzer green is great but the problem is a lot of them have very low-res like 2d artwork throughout that's all yeah that's true and horribly filtered and you have this weird mismatch that always bothered me somehow i mean i i i have not spent a ton of time with them but i mean i i've been very impressed with what i've seen so far uh there was uh there was uh uh a hundred i believe rubles again from uh triangle
uh saying uh yeah i i would with a statement i i fully agree with reject keyboards and brace controllers with two buttons right there yes i'm all about it you know keyboards to me are a tool uh i i can acknowledge the the the validity of the argument that you know aiming with a mouse is more more accurate uh i i don't really care because i i'd rather have
comfort than ray like accuracy so i'd rather play a shooter or whatever with a controller saying on my couch like you know a big tv uh i just would i just prefer that rather than sitting at a desk and playing but i i just do not understand where the i mean i'm playing on youtube if you're used to it but like keyboards uh like i just don't see the argument for that being a superior input method from a for from a controller especially because i mean you don't have
you don't have a left analog stick you know character movement is not going to be as precise without that and you know when i was going through a phase of pc gaming like you know a decade ago uh i i actually got a playstation move navigator controller um before i had like even a playstation move for any other purpose uh and i used it with my computer
to um to basically replace you know the wasde or whatever you however people say that out loud and the other you know the other keyboard functions i used that even though it wasn't true analog control but to me it was just more comfortable than using a keyboard but you know there is something to be said for people you know just just being used to it just like people are just used to playing smash with a gamecube controller and you know i do think gamecube controller is one of the best controllers ever made but i've never really
understood the argument that it's better for smash other than that that's what people are used to but yeah i suspect that's right uh there was uh two dollars from uh doesn't merced uh all aboard the donation train for cory's keyboard yeah he might need to spend some money on a replacement it seems like it's going to be all right i i i literally just got it like less than a month ago so hopefully i mean that it wasn't a discount price though wasn't it
no no well i mean it was oh it was off but i mean it was just like it's just like a logitech one i thought you got it like a like an open box store or something like that oh no no i've gotten other things at an open box store like furniture and stuff but mm-hmm uh the ps4 sounds like where you got your new uh b-roll table yes there was uh twenty dollars from uh for the love of the game thank you so much thank you the love of the i find retro game tech more interesting
too you want a reflection in a modern game set reflections equals one reflections in a saturday game infinite planes with weird per pixel distortions and scrolling scan line palette switching yeah i agree retro tech is very fascinating yeah i mean and you know every game and every system is so different and how they achieve it's bespoke different yeah bespoke that was a word that i learned from digital foundry
oh yes it shows up often well i mean it's more of a british word i've come to life pull it down yeah that's one of my favorite i never actually i never actually conquered this but whenever i turn in writing uh to richard for editing he always has to british eyes it and i probably should have been doing that myself but i just i can't like somehow color correctly and there's a bunch of
it's really interesting oh speaking of which um let me see if i can find the link um you know i actually have not read through the entirety of this article so i don't know if it was britishified but um we did um [Music] if you go to here i'm going to paste the link in the chat here wireframe dot raspberry pi
oh wait i'm not signed in actually so never mind um but if you go to or you just google for wireframe magazine and download the latest issue issue 49 um i wrote an article in there about you know connecting old game consoles to modern tvs and it's you know i i think i think a lot of our regular audience would really enjoy reading it because you know it it gets into it's kind of an
introduction to the subject uh you know starting from a different point than we did when we did some of our earlier introduction videos you know so uh you know it's got stuff on on retro tank and gbsc and you know that that kind of stuff uh in it uh so i i it was fun to ride and i think it would be a good read for people uh if they want to go check that i mean you know you can get a subscription to the magazine but you can download the pdf for free and just uh just see it if you go to the wireframe magazine website but anyway
and we're also like uh john you're also doing something for the uh the lock on lock on uh volume successful on their kickstarter i think that's that's super cool actually yeah i love old magazines and so i think it's fun to do retro gamer's been doing good stuff on on there already and it's good to have another one yeah hopping into the ring and i really hope that they are successful but it seems like they're they're reaching out to a lot of folks to get the right people involved yeah uh
hopefully yeah yeah but yeah i want i i need to actually read through the uh the wireframe article because i was curious if it would be britishified or not but i i thought it was really cool that like of all you know all people like you know uh a magazine owned by raspberry pi foundation asked us to you know write an article about you know original hardware i thought that was that was really cool it was it was a fun challenge um the the one thing that i that someone in our discord pointed out was that
there is a there's a a table like a like a a box that where there was the section on scart was like jammed into the text of the s-video section instead of accidental by accidents that gained its own uh section the table but yeah i just wanted i think just say this level just like the cutting mechanic is so cool yesterday it feels amazing doesn't it yeah what button do you use to do it it's perfect square square
yeah but i like that you can pick up speed doing it it's just been a long time since i played this yeah it's really fantastic it really wasn't it wasn't a budget game i think mostly it i don't know it may have been 39 in it was a 40 game i don't think it was a 60 game but it was probably a full price game over here let me oh were you were you already on europe yeah i have the pal version yeah well there is actually no real pal
version anymore because those are all hd so the same i'm i'm gonna search for it on my amazon orders because i'm pretty sure i ordered on uh pretty sure i ordered it on amazon here we go ordered on september 8 2013. uh view order details at a price of 39.99 all right oh man this was this was before i had to pay sales tax on amazon so it was just
straight up 39.99 no tax no shipping uh i think we're way behind yeah we are we are we are we are i'll i just don't want them to get lost i mean i have the i can look them up the uh the stream labs my puppeteer one as well oh go ahead uh there's uh two dollars from michael v thank you saying uh which console you gonna get saga frontier on i i went ahead and pre-ordered it for switch because apparently there was going to be a ps4 physical but then
it was canceled the only physical i believe is going to be switch so i would get it for ps4 just because you know it kind of makes sense to play it as a playstation game i suppose but uh yeah i'm gonna get for for switch although to be honest i once i actually get around to playing the game you know a couple of years ago i did get a ps1 version of that i really don't know if i'm gonna play the original version or the the remaster i guess it depends on how happy i am with how the remaster looks once i have it in my hands
uh real quick i will say i got my price it was 34 euros for puppeteer oh okay so pretty good yeah and i ordered it at the same time as killzone mercenary for the vita it seems she's 35. so those those were ordered together on uh oh yeah you were in france at the time yeah what else did i ordered back then oh my my xbox one edition day one from uh december 23rd 2013 but my ps4 came from the us so
there was uh there was uh 200 rubles from a triangle again thank you saying you want a reflection in a modern game calculate visibility for another camera fix post processing effects calculating world position right taa velocities using a different matrix et cetera et cetera i mean it certainly is complicated well there's a there's there's a lot of ways to do reflection for sure but yes i guess that's the thing is when he's when the the previous guy said oh you just do this simple thing and that's only possible because somebody would have
already written the technique for it like in a middleware unreal engine then yeah it's pretty easy to turn on reflections but if you have to write all the code yourself there's a lot obviously a lot more to it yeah i mean the uh and you know it's the way that it functions is relatively similar between platforms as well yes exactly there is i think i think what the previous commenter was getting at was you know you you have to kind of have a customized technique per platform exactly uh yeah
wow we we really did get a lot of super chats all of a sudden um we were almost caught up and now we are not uh there was uh five pounds from mr onion thank you thank you saying uh i would have bought the ps5 if it would have been backwards compatible with the ps2 not so much for the ps3 or ps1 as they are weird to emulate i i uh i mean yeah i mean i i it would be nice if they would do that i mean they absolutely could if they wanted to but it just seems like the current
sony leadership has very little interest in putting value on their older games yep i don't think that they really care right now and um i you know i don't know enough about the company structure to say but i do feel like jim ryan is basically uh sony's don matric and that's how he's going to be looked back upon yeah it's that same kind of guy that has these like is super corporate and wants to do things a very specific way and
i don't we're going to see how it goes i hope it doesn't because you know don matrick did a lot of damage uh with the direction of xbox and it took a long time to push it back in the right direction yeah yeah i mean i mean and the closing of japan studio is just like the latest thing that's just so cool terrible i mean it's very frustrating i i you know i mean right now the ps5 is off to you know a solid start but there's like kind of little red flags like that that make me worried you know
same uh there was uh ten dollars from uh sonic x9 thank you uh saying uh the nintendo switch port of samurai showdown 2019 is a very impressive 60 fps target ue4 coming from uh the awful switch port of snk heroine's tag team frenzy are you familiar with these these uh ports have you got direct experience with them john well tag team frenzy came out earlier on it was like a 30 frames per second fighting game
on the switch i think that was unreal engine 4 and it was a pretty bad showing but then yeah i haven't actually seen samurai showdown on the switch yet but that's great if it's actually it's the new target the the new game is pretty the 2019 game is pretty well regarded isn't it oh yeah it's excellent yeah and there's there's a xbox series x version that's like a complete edition and it's 120 frames per second too wow which is great so i put in i put in killzone three i've never played this
really okay this game is beautiful visually i just i figured it was kind of a interesting late generation game to put in here i mean maybe it wasn't exactly but i don't know i played the first one but i haven't i haven't played this one you know i played the demo of i think it was two and then i got a shadowfall at ps4 launch and i you know i i did not enjoy what i played of people either of them people i did not seem to love shadowfall but i think it's actually a good game
i i i felt something about you know i don't remember specifically what my complaint was but i felt like the way that event triggers worked in those games really bothered me like it felt like it felt like something i did should have been the action that moved forward you know the team opened up the door or something i i don't remember exactly what it was but it just felt like something about the ordering of event triggers was shattered from that though because it's it's a little bit more open
the good thing about shadowfall though is if you play it on a ps5 it's finally a locked 60 frames per second yeah which is awesome um there was a uh yeah this is a new one this was uh 10 uh pounds from simon etheridge thank you uh saying i just got home from work and saw you guys were streaming happy days just the thing to cheer me up after missing out on my super nt alerts going to my junk email junk for that
that is very unfortunate we had heard that people were uh we're having trouble with that but yeah we're glad that uh that you got to got to join on the stream it's it's fun to do these afternoon streams uh every once in a while because you know we there are uh people in europe who uh uh sometimes uh do appear in our uh our sunday night streams uh but uh in general it's a it's a little not not exactly the ideal time for people in europe so we're always glad to see uh see see you guys here on these
afternoon streams um yeah definitely there was uh five dollars from david saying uh df love keep up the passions oh thank you david thank you much appreciated this is this is really good looking uh isn't it i mean i know i'm looking at a small window but it is yeah it's amazing right like it's kind of like wow they were doing this on the ps3 and speaking of uh speaking of gorilla like do you think i mean i i feel like like they won't come back to this after i think verizon they're probably
not going to come back to this series now no probably not i i i was i was gonna say like i i feel like uh a 60 fps patch for zero don like has to be a shooter right i don't know so that game is weirdly optimized at least and based on the pc version at least the pc version is weirdly demanding it's very tough to get to 60 frames per second so i feel like there might be some some kind of issues that they'll face i don't know
because whether to hold off on playing through because i still haven't played through it i mean i've had it for a few years but i still haven't played it i really don't know i i really don't know i mean maybe i i'd wait a little bit longer just to see i mean doesn't it have like a pretty good like motion blur implementation so like i mean it's it's pretty good looking at 30 if i recall from the little i played of it oh it's very yeah it's very smooth in that but yeah just look at this killzone stuff man like yeah this see this is the thing about the ps3 generation is like so
some of these developers were really pushing boundaries on this system yeah i mean i think that killzone probably got a bad name early on because they came out with that unbelievable demo and then you didn't see or hear anything our unbelievable demo for killzone 2. that there's no way it was going to be real and then when they finally did release the game it was fairly close so it was just very different that's the thing because that was just straight up cgi right yeah and i mean they've talked about this before that trailer was not
intended to be shown in that capacity oh really like no like that was an internal trailer meant to show concepts they had for it right and then they ended up putting up on stage and as i understand like when the guys at gorilla were watching the e3 conference and that came on i think they all like kind of freaked out because they're like wait a second like we don't we don't this is impossible yeah like like what what are you guys doing and i feel like it was a similar thing with the motor storm trailer as well where that was meant to be a conceptual
thing and i think if i recall what i heard was like you know that they had that trailer that showed up and the guys that were working on the game were like oh geez we barely have like white boxes going around the track and people are expecting this and it's just like you know it's amazing for this game though they're both gorgeous in the end yeah um there was uh five dollars from the land of obscusion saying uh your feelings on the coach to
unlock complete times players too and homefront the revolution the coast literally got just got published how long ago yeah corey linked me at something about but i didn't fully understand the details so so okay so this is this is great um so matt phillips the guy who did tanglewood very nice guy i i love matt he's a good dude um so before he did tanglewood and all that he actually uh he's worked in various developers over the years a very good programmer but he did spend some time working with free radical when they had become cry
tech uk i guess so you worked on home front the revolution so he included a essentially you could use an arcade machine and play like some levels from time splitters too and they were rendered in like high-res and i think they're like native 4k on like xbox one x or something oh my gosh you get like 4k 60 version of time splitters too but it turns out he actually had hid the entire game in there so it wasn't just the demo levels like the whole game was in there and apparently even you could link
together like those virtual arcade machines and play multiplayer something you couldn't actually do in the game but it was something that kind of programmed in wow as far as i understand uh but apparently like and they mentioned this recently on on like kind of uh fun easter eggs that were hidden in games that people worked on and had like lost the codes to like unlock it or something and it sounds like they've been found and people have unlocked the whole game in there oh wow
so so i mean you can you can do it without any weirdness you just code in the game itself that's what i need to check i i don't know the details yet but it sounds like it yeah yeah that's the case that means we basically have a 4k 60 uh remaster of time switchers 2 in there which is i mean one better get the game it's probably going to go up on price now and that was kind of a big flop wasn't it yeah i actually don't mind that game i i played it it's not bad yeah very very glitchy at first but they they it's solid on xbox one x and presumably
series x yeah i mean i'll i uh need to be uh to be looking to pick up that game because that i love times players too is insanely good um there was uh five dollars from paul sutton uh saying uh i'd be chuffed to bits to learn john's favorite color gray doesn't count um probably like a deep a deep blue color i i know me and uh corey are
uh are green yeah and i also like i like midnight blue a lot based on you know i used to always play as midnight blue ken in street fighter 2 and i got a midnight blue ps4 controller midnight i've kind of been liking uh i i've kind of been into orange is like kind of a more vintage kind of color lately i got i got an orange a used orange couch for my retro room uh upstairs that uh uh
you know i think i think fits in pretty nicely all the way retro i wish i had a spice uh gamecube controller i really do oh the spice orange cube and i have a spice orange cube and a spice orange gba with an enhanced lcd in it no wait that the spice orange one is the one with the uh the ags101 screen in it and then i have another one that has an ips screen in it those are good there was one there was a 100 i believe uh swedish
bucks from nelasco swedish thank you saying i just ordered flip nick as fast as i could before the prices go up thanks to your awesome stream thanks boys and be safe that means is it a pretty cheap game i don't i think it's pretty cheap i don't think it was ever super expensive um so uh let me check real quick oh yeah it's pretty cheap yeah so uh before i forget there there was a uh there was a non-super chat uh donation from uh
uh streams for three dollars thank you saying uh uh kind of disheartened with the ps vita store closing down it's a great system for emulating older systems by far even more so than any cheap retro handhelds but going forward the games on the vita are not uh are not getting the emulation love treatment um yeah it's too bad i mean i feel pretty happy you know with my uh my sharp scale pstv at least yeah i mean i'm uh i'm i'm i'm probably
gonna work on uh maybe getting a a vita and a pstv hacked pretty soon i was gonna do it the other day but i was just i was just way too tired and i was afraid that i was going to screw up um and just because like because of how unreliable the proprietary official memory cards are uh i you know i just i feel i feel like i i have to have a backup oh yeah way to
play those games on if you know using uh you know either the vita to micro the micro sd to vita game card adapters or the usb external storage on um on ps tv just because it's more reliable those i've had a lot of trouble with those uh a lot of trouble with the official memory cards it's very unfortunate oh you get some changing perspective here are are you playing as the bad guys right now i was yeah
he started out actually yeah and um the hell gasps is that what they're called yeah they're pretty creepy looking i think like the sound of their voice and stuff aren't they like aren't they like humans that went to another planet and they like went on like a separate like evolution branch or something like that something like yeah but corey that villain that was just in that cutscene with the enemies there that's he's actually played by malcolm mcdowell all right really yeah it's a pretty cool um there's a cover system in this that is
kind of unique it's still unique actually yeah it's uncommon by the way this game can be played it can be played in 3d and with the move controller and i actually know at the time i played this with my hmz t1 the sony 3d headset with the two oled screens in it in 3d using the move so i actually did the thing and oh you look so stupid when you do it it feels it felt cool in a time before vr
it felt suitably close to what vr kind of would be and it was it was neat oh you could run and if you hit the cover or the duck button you slide yeah absolutely you can slide into cover it's really cool but yeah i was going to say uh malcolm mcdowell i think it's been a number of sony games hasn't he he was he was a character in god of war three i think he look how good this looks just all the stuff going on yeah i'm impressed with this cover mechanic it's
it's unique for an fps also the thing i love about this game is the hit effects the impact like as you shoot enemies the way they react to your bullets and fall fly back i feel like they actually really they nailed that in this game yeah um like look at that that's it's fantastic there was uh there was five dollars from uh from mr sad face uh saying i love bat compat but people need to buy those systems more the wii u wasn't popular the ps3 got
more popular after they dropped it etc well counterpoint playstation 2 playstation 2 is one of the first big ones to really go big on backwards compatibility yeah selling console of all time yeah i mean they uh oh you know i don't i don't think there's a quote i don't think there's a correlation there it's so strange how they they went all in on backwards compatibility and to look where sony is now where it's just like who who even plays old games you know it's it's unfortunate but
uh you know i think the the ps yeah i mean i guess the ps3 did get more popular after batteries compatibility was dropped but yeah you're right there's no there's no correlation it's not that people didn't want the feature it's just that you know they they finally got the crap together with the system yeah exactly i i don't think the future of backwards compatibility has anything to do with uh popularity of it yeah but you know i've said before you know i'm sure that you know the message that
you know sony management got out of the playstation classic failing wasn't well you know we had crappy emulation with pal versions with and a in a not really that great selection of games to begin with that's why it failed you know no they're just saying oh well people just clearly do not want our old games who cares no one cares it's unfortunate um uh there was uh uh two pounds from spartan two thank you saying uh
i i i totally uh misinterpreted this at first saying uh i enjoyed the recent mag stream with chris corey and i i thought he might have been talking about mag for the play cs3 that's what i thought that's what i thought oh magazine yeah i haven't i haven't seen it was uh was that on chris's channel yeah yeah yeah we did it did he get a good one this time uh yeah well it was his last last months it was uh it was very pleasant yeah it's
it's really fun you should be on one with us sometime yeah i'll do it definitely it's just like the timing is really challenging because he's on he's in california so even more it's gonna be tough yeah and you guys like can't get through a magazine in four hours well i mean yeah it usually takes us a while i've also been wanting to do um something like that but like with richard yeah and like one of his old magazines basically like
do like live readings and flip through all that stuff and i think that would be a lot of fun um there was uh 1999 wow from uh eric schussler thank you saying uh part of the shame is that there's absolutely no inclination from sony to celebrate the platform just a black and white death certificate okay the stores are going away why not celebrate the legacy on social media uh yeah i mean yeah big time i mean
but at the same time like you know their engines i think in a sense they're they're trying to like why would they celebrate something that they're taking away you know they they they know for sure they need to play into the uh messaging that like yeah you know it doesn't really matter you know we're we're we're we're taking this down so that we can you know we uh realign our resources to uh you know better support the ps4 and ps5 stores you know yeah exactly that's not you
know why would it's up to us but but i i i think they should still they're missing out by not celebrating their history anymore oh well i mean just as just in general i mean you know if they if they had a way to to do that on uh ps5 aside from you know playing ps2 classics to emulate for ps4 on ps5 you know that's as close as you can get right now yeah i think you're right though about that playstation classic really um screwing up the perception of it yes yeah
because because it was a bad product it was very poorly made and that's why it failed it was i mean the external factor of it is fantastic i mean the console itself yeah physically the hardware inside is good too it's just the software side is terrible yeah and my understanding though is that if i if i am not mistaken i think people have said that of the many official mini consoles like it's actually the most powerful it's actually the best one to like you know emulate other systems oh
oh yeah that's what occurred to you um there was uh five dollars again from chris pratt's uh thank you saying uh shameless plug but we had this being talked about in the chat we had a discussion on the uh on what is retro on the latest retro rgb riders podcast uh yeah i'm playing i was i was gonna listen to that the other day uh but i didn't i i need to listen to that my rule is 10 years yeah it's a 10-year cut off anything that's older than 10 years
yeah i mean my my definition for the past several years has been anything with analog output like as it's is it's primary i like that idea yeah anything that anything that lacks hdmi like that that's my rule for analog frontiers at least in general like that's that's that's why you know i called it analog frontier some people were confused because it's like the games are digital but it's like well but they were designed for analog output the games were fundamentally designed differently because they were designed to interface with a different
type of tv and playing those games apart from that analog environment is a challenge that's right so that that's kind of been how i've defined it for analog frontiers but you know obviously the past several weeks uh people have been having a lot of nostalgia for ps look it's got destructible environments too i can shoot through this yeah and it breaks apart i mean that's like i forgot about that like red faction that was like like a whole thing with with that and here it's just like just part of it that's cool you don't
even see that in first-person shooters now no it's it's not that common yeah they were really doing some crazy stuff with this um there was uh five dollars from uh for the love of the game again uh thank you saying uh matrix nah at least he green lit some weird from soft games ryan is the new bernie star all big flashy games no small fun japanese ones maybe but i don't know man it's like i feel like that quote of why would anybody play those old things from jimmy
yeah it's pretty much the same as the uh we have a product for people like that it's called xbox 360. like it's that same kind of like thing that's i forgot that quote what was the full context of that i remember it now but it was like the during the interview for the xbox one they asked him like okay what about people like in the military or those that rely on consoles that can't connect to the internet and stuff that's right he's like oh well we have a product for those people it's called xbox 360. yeah it's like the way you said it it's just it's a pr nightmare
yeah everybody was like oh no i mean i don't but up until the xbox one reveal i don't i i don't remember people really having a thief with don well more that they shifted everything over to connect for a while yeah this guy he's pretty brave look at him oh that's funny he's just chilling but the thing is like during the matrix 10 year you saw the connect focus you saw them shift away from first party games
and focus really heavily on just third-party stuff well yeah at the end at the end he like just mixed all of their internal studios and it took you know phil spencer a generation to start building that back up that's that's what suny's doing all right microsoft was like hey we're just going to double down on all these triple-a games like gears and halo and forza it didn't work out for them yeah i know great sony's you can see that with what sony is doing it's it's a little more it's worrying because
like their studios are tremendous so i'm i'm sure there's still going to be amazing stuff coming but i really think the appeal of playstation has always been this wide variety and sony itself has like was responsible for a lot of that uh so it's it's a real loss to see what they're trying to do here you know what's really cool about this is and you don't really see us in a lot of uh first person shooters is it just really really has a sense of chaos like there's like you don't really get the sense of that like a giant battle is waging
in a lot of games like this and you know like with all the like the the sparks and stuff in the air it just it i don't know it feels very like i don't like real it it does it it has a really cool feel to it doesn't it like it's very very cool i agree um also this this level in the uh when played in 3d uh was awesome because of all those particles in the air you see so it really felt like thick atmosphere
uh we gotta up in audi's neck of the woods uh go check up on him and make sure he's all right for us would you um says uh pour one out for uh quaint sony games and raise a glass to continue df and emily cooperation oh it's is that andy yeah that's we we had an interview with him last night oh on df what what a nice fellow uh it's cool that he's here what uh what were you interviewing him for oh he interviewed us oh okay nice
so it was fun we ended up talking a lot about donald duck actually which is why not because that's something i i only really learned when i moved here is how donald duck was huge he is huge in europe in a way that's like almost hard to comprehend like uh mickey mouse has nothing on donald duck over here and donald wasn't just viewed as like this cartoony kind of there's a whole series of books
on it it's just he's big he was an institution um there's a i you know i i don't know what the developer was but i just yesterday learned about a a japan only super famicom uh doll duck game mahoud boshi yeah yeah yeah that is it is any good that's good man if you i feel like if audi were on the chat we he'd he could talk a lot about this yeah i did not uh i did not know about uh that game i i
i was intrigued you know i i've never i i also looked up uh gameplay footage i've never really tried it uh the molly mallard game oh maui it looks kind of awesome like it looks like there's some very unique sort of set pieces yeah it's super cool it's actually from that same kind of era of like all the hand-drawn uh animation and artwork that you would see in some some of those disney related games it's cool it's cool i like this game a lot um there was uh speaking of games that i
was looking up yesterday i don't remember what what led to this mitch b had a five dollar super chat thank you uh saying uh thoughts on games that were dlc only going away only example i know of is american mcgee's alice's dlc from madness returns can't be bought stand alone yeah because i was looking at that yesterday because i was looking i was looking up madness returns for some reason and i saw that the regular alice was was released on ps3 and 360 but i couldn't i couldn't
find like a a listing for it and so i was like what how was this release so yeah uh that i mean that's an okay port is the um is is is that also playable on current gen xbox i know the madness returns is i don't think it is it's a standalone game okay so that has a separate conversion yeah but you i mean luckily we i don't think need to be worried about that going off of
xbox 360 anytime soon and that's right and also that's probably the version of madness returns i would i would get do you have to have madness returns to buy that though um it's f i have the game out there actually and as far as i recall on ps3 and 360 it was just a download code so can you see the code you can re-download so can you not can you not get it if you get a used copy only if they didn't if they redeemed the code then yeah you can't get it yeah but a lot of those codes have disappeared tired
dude you know like i tried to let me i realized i never redeemed my my code for uh playstation all-stars for the vita version and i try to do it and it's like it doesn't doesn't work like this offer has expired because you know when you do all the cross buy stuff yeah i wonder if there's a way to actually get that to get the co the console version of that game because that for the video that would be disappointing huh or of what oh alice of american mcgee's alice yeah oh
man i remember is there no way to get it so it actually is very specifically i heard that it says activate your online pass oh it's from that era is it is it somebody told me that american mcgee is a clown is that true [Laughter] he's a bozo oh bozo that's right oh that's great um not really we've never never met him no i've not met american mcgee uh it doesn't actually say anything about
exploration but it it this isn't an online pass yeah yeah that is here's what this is interesting though this is before manuals were just gone you actually have in the corner uh it's impossible to see the camera it says manual included on disk so they put this little black and white leaflet in here with legal stuff and i lo it has a table of contents i love this uh page one getting started back cover limited 90 day warranty
and if there's there's no other way to get the port of that game though that's so disappointing isn't it yeah yeah i don't remember how well it ran i mean it was i mean there's some other stuff i don't know if i have anything like that on here let me pause this and look it through what i have so the the ps3 came out i got a ps3 when i was kind of really hardcore in the depth in the depths of buying a lot of digital games i was way into the virtual console and i had sold off a lot of stuff in the years before this so i you know i was buying
rebuying a lot of stuff on virtual consoles so i bought a lot of stuff on psn and also in the 360s so i got a lot of stuff here uh three city or is that one thing that i mean you can't buy any other way as far as i know is if i can find it you when you bought the castle of illusion you pre-ordered the cast of illusion uh hd remake you got the the m2 version of the genesis one yeah part of the uh which have been called the um
vintage collection collection that's right yep um man i was playing i was playing pixel junk shooter the other day and it's just like i just wanted to keep going i i i forgot how fun that was yeah the m2 developed a neo geo station has been delisted oh yeah and i only got those i got those for the uh for the documentary that we did and you couldn't even you couldn't buy them at that time and i went on to gamestop's website and you could still buy codes so i bought i bought codes for uh
i'll select two uh alpha mission two and magician lord and you can redeem them and they still work because they have if they if they're selling them they have to be able to be able to work right or interesting but i mean here's another one like the japanese on the japanese store like the spelunker collection nowhere else like when that's gone and that has you know a bunch of different versions of that game oh and mighty uh mighty flip champs that that game you know the dsi store can you buy dsi games on 3ds still
i have no idea no idea if you i know the dsi store was taken down but mighty flip champs is a great game oh yeah it's much better on ds though than psp and ps3 because the horizontal orientation of the screen does not work nearly as well as the vertical one oh right right right uh there was uh five dollars from uh nikes zero thank you say and uh try playing killzone three using the playstation move and navigation controls it's very precise
and fun to use it is i can that's that's something i get i you know i'd like to try that that was why i got the ps3 version of uh goldeneye reloaded i i want to i want to try move controls in that sometimes oh yeah but that version is very impressive like i i had i did not know it was 60 frames per second uh you know i played through it on the wii reloaded i i think i think that's such a neat game like just like re like i know it's a totally
different kind of game uh compared to um compared to the original golden eye but like i just love how it like totally reimagines the entire golden eye scenarios like a daniel craig uh thing you know it's just it's it's very cool the amount of sort of uh re playing re-envisioning of the whole thing um there was uh two dollars from david again uh saying praising both resident
evil chronicles hd uh uh with the move you know i i just got uh or it hasn't arrived yet but i ordered the japanese physical bible select collection selection it's another one but it's like we have we have the one that has code veronica and uh yeah the revival selection is the one that has kudvaranka and re4 right uh the one that has dark side chronicles and umbrella chronicles uh i i don't remember exactly what it was called but but i ordered it
uh which is uh cory look at that floor in that room anything to have is it in here okay no it's flat i was seeing if it was it had like an illusion of depth throughout the window what's uh what's interesting about uh dark side chronicles in particular is that it's got like it's sort of got this framing device uh where uh you use uh leon like from like when leon and kraus krauser were like working together oh
yeah that's right um kind of did you see that did you see those water effects there i can go i was just now i was just thinking though like how let's say how would you say may i have a glass of water um but i actually want to know how would corey ask for water in new york city uh i'd just say just like if i'm ordering it yeah i don't know can i can
have i glass of water oh you just say water like that yeah all right there's no there's no new yorkness to sustain water oh well i mean like i i don't have a real accent or anything even though i you know i didn't i grew up but you know it's you know what's so funny is we'll occasionally get a comment just saying like this guy has the thickest midwest accent i've ever heard in my life
and it's like literally neither of us are from the midwest yeah but i have a i i am from the midwest so i i have a suitably thick midwestern accent the thing the thing about uh being from cincinnati is that you often end sentences in uh like a position or uh like like where'd i put the thing at where them cookies at where are the cookies at
where are the cookies at one of uh one of one of my favorite things that kevtris says that uh you might hear a time or two in uh analog frontiers part four is uh is such a thing such a thing he's like he's like there is no such a thing or i i or where would i find such a thing such a thing i love it it's one word such a thing such a thing um there was uh
two dollars from rat face i'm trying to figure out what that avatar is it looks like some some tatsuya no mirror like either kingdom hearts or like final fantasy vii compilation of final fantasy vii type character uh saying uh ever consider doing a podcast that'd be dope hmm that would be dope yeah that's a good idea [Music] we probably we talked for way too long probably about everything which is good for everybody every
episode every episode would be like three hours yeah [Laughter] and we probably have the subjects yeah and we probably have to we probably cover way too much in every single one or cover everything dude i know like imagine if we did like an episode on like all the the sega developed capcom games or super fx chip or something like that man country the dreamcast launch like all that stuff man hopefully
that'd be wild it's gonna be wild i i have a shotgun pistol it's just called a shotgun pistol that's kind of amazing yeah i like i like shotgun pistols pistol uh there was uh there was five dollars from uh jeremy rutz saying uh what about the interactive kill zone 2 demo that was made available on ps3 called behind the board yeah so oh you have it on your system yeah that's great i i hang out it's cool i'm gonna go into this is that all right
if i can i'm back on the game you can play more killzone three on your own time you know you know something that uh that i i i was surprised to find when i put in my uh the i just bought the european physical for uh siren blood curse and it it actually has like if you go to the video tab on the cross media bar there's like a a series of behind the scenes videos that you can access like just from the disc and i i wonder if that's something i've
overlooked on any other discs that i have i mean there's several there's often times like extra things you can install in the game tab of the uh cross media bar but i usually don't go to like the other sections when i put a game disc in so i wonder if i've overlooked anything else i wonder i don't know um oh here we go there was uh 499 once again from the polybit a little bit i can't talk the polyester so in in quotation marks i assume
quoting uh you know a a sony company board meeting uh so how do we make game preservation slash backwards compatibility profitable i mean you know that that is obviously what they're thinking but it makes you wonder like what could they like is there a way that they truly could i got to slow it down yeah i know it's amazing isn't it i don't i don't know what oh look you can do like hang on sorry there's like intensity or reflective materials so pixels are yeah
so it uses a deferred renderer so you're seeing all the different elements that are used to make the final image there so like the normal maps you get the depth buffer there these are all the different buffers that they're stored it's too bad that all games don't have this that would make your job a lot easier dude that nobody would do that but i mean do you think this is add anything to resources i mean to have these or if you paused it at any point and you could like look at all these different things do you think it would take away from
like any resources like too heavily oh i i i don't think it would be too too difficult to pull off it's but it depends you know not every game uses the same setup like this is just a classic deferred render so it makes a lot of sense you have all these different buffers to look at look at that you can do this too oh yeah um there was um there was uh uh ten dollars from joseph childs thank you saying uh since native 1280 by 720 tvs aren't really a thing
what's the best way to upscale 720p games uh you know something i would love to see and i i think will materialize one day i mean i've definitely talked to people about this kind of concept and they're like oh yeah i've thought about this before but you know i think that for you know the small scale kind of products that come out of the retro community i think 4k is either just out of reach or just barely in reach i would love to see like a no lag
nearest neighbor scalar scaler or one of the i've wanted that's so bad for so long but nobody you know 1080p and 720p i think it would look really good because right right now the honest best way to put to view 720p is the crt hmm yeah it is like a vga crt looks real yeah if you get like a i know they're hard to get obviously but the widescreen crt monitors like the fw 900 of course there's a few others uh those are really awesome
for 720p yeah i've i you know i i've been really enjoying i set up at my parents house a um a 2004 projector a marantz projector that i got you know at a at a in a thrift store for uh 35 and it's it was like i think a pretty high-end like home cinema projector for its time you know mid mid high-end i would say
um and you know it's native 720p and like stuff like you know xbox 360 ps3 even like you know switch games like you know switch games that might be like you know sub 1080p like uh you know just kind of getting that super sampling effect on them it stuff looks great on that in 720p oh yeah uh you know you know what set 720p and dlp was always a good fit yeah rear projection dlp sets were one of the
only fixed pixel displays that actually came in actual 1280x720 uh it's rear projection of course but you're talking about a front projector i am talking about a front projector and there are also occasionally something sure it's native 720p usually they were more like four by three resolutions but if it's an actual 1280 by 720 then yeah that's that's perfect for that yeah it's it's a it's a 69 resolution because if you if you um plug in uh like an ossc i'm pretty sure
it's not it's um that's super cool it's letterboxing never really messed up or pillarbox not letterboxed so yeah i think projector that's an episode i would like to do maybe later this year when uh analog frontiers is done i really want to do an episode about analog frontier uh about uh this is another thing worth getting i don't know if this is still on there and how much this information in the middle yeah i mean this is really really cool at the time especially if you were into into the metal gear lore like
waiting for uh mgs4 to come out and there was stuff marked as spoilers and once mgs4 came out oh yeah oh see it'll only it'll only unlock certain things if you played mgs4 and uh you'll be able to but the thing is i don't think it works with the with version 2.0 save data oh that's right oh really that's a bomb because it didn't detect any and i definitely have some on here if you used to use from what i recall
when it unlocks stuff it's like everything that's like spoilered out when you unlock it it all just says nano machines see you can have you complete information pertaining to milk yourself for until you've completed that until you have completed that game i wonder if you complete if you were to complete the game then you can move data onto a ps3 with usb right so you could like find a save for these if it's not really your version right it might be no you can decrypt it
though there's ways to get around that but then that would probably like pop trophies that you didn't earn and that would be like yeah eating or something oh well oh no sony cares about the ps3 at this point so i mean if you're into this kind of stuff it's cool it's like kind of like a web page you can it has all these keywords you can just like then you can you know click on cobra unit and it'll give you a whole bunch of stuff and tell you about each person i've always got like links yeah i don't know if this is still available either that that reminds me of this uh the document
of metal gear solid 2 right which you know an actual retail disc that's all behind the scenes stuff on that game like that's insane that that actually got made i love it that stuff is on the hd collection though isn't it i don't know if it i don't think it's all there maybe i doubt it because this has like all the model viewer and like all kinds of stuff in here you can like open up cut scenes and maps and like fly around with a free cam and like do slow motion on stuff like the killzone thing
there was uh five pounds from uh couch multiplayer which is which is always a good one uh saying uh has anyone mentioned calling all cars that name is familiar i don't know david jaffee game right oh yeah oh that's right there's also 1080p 1080p60 another one i used to use calling all cars for testing uh flat panels when i was shopping back in the day so that's how i used to shop for tvs is bring systems to the store and like connect them up and just
compare and contrast that way there was uh 499 from eric schussler saying that after 20 plus years of playstation heritage clapham's golf lands on apple arcade only a new everybody's golf and all but name would have been a great ps5 release yeah i saw uh i saw screenshots of that for the first time yesterday i'm like man this looks really good uh i i hope they're still on good terms with sony and we'll make uh continue to make console games because i i mean yeah i can't play apple arcade i
don't i don't have any ios devices so i know what's wrong i don't know what's going on i i tried booting uh linger and shadows and it seems like it's got a black screen but i'm just waiting to see if it's just taking a while what's the heart what's the hard drive light doing uh well now it looks like it's still going i think it's there it goes it just takes a while to show up i guess uh there was uh two pounds from engine uk saying uh watching try and corey at
not 4am upside down world yeah you're you're there pretty often uh on the sunday night streams uh so uh i i don't i don't know if staying up to 4am is usual for you or not but uh yikes i can't do that yeah i can't do it either like i'm i'm done by like one o'clock is pushing my way past my limit i have to take my cane and hobble over to the bed uh i i'm guessing this is uh
uh th this is calling back to the the water discussion earlier but uh again two pounds from couch multiplayer saying i swear i had a god hand skit after the stream warner i don't i i've not that game outside the few minutes i've played of it on pcsx2 for analog frontiers uh what the hard drive is it's not flashing so i need to i'm gonna have to reboot it here oh this is weird
whoa cory that time i i think you need to you're not allowed to drink diet coke by your computer anymore well like you've washed your problem with this yeah um there was 4.99 from joe moonger thank you uh saying uh is it i'm very busy sorry uh is it unfair to expect game companies to preserve their products regardless of profitability it's not something we see in other industries i i i mean it's
i mean i feel like game companies could opt a low cost means sort of a sort of a a system for you know feeding their finished games into some sort of preservation system that is also has a a front-facing public presentation that might you know involve buying classic games for money or something but i feel like companies could make something that in theory is relatively
seamless and low cost right to allow them to do that but i i don't know if anyone has adapted that yet because i mean you have like microsoft you know they've got this whole backwards compatibility team that you know has to be very hands-on with how they uh present legacy titles uh which is awesome that they do that but you know it's it's honestly a miracle that they do it at all yeah it i i don't know
all i know is that when it when it gets right down to it and somebody goes into a board meeting like okay why are we spending x amount of dollars on this thing uh it's very easy for them to probably make that decision to say oh to shut it down yeah i mean you know you know what i shouldn't play in infamous two i should play the uh the halloween game that came out for it like the blood blood uh something oh yeah which is gonna go away like that'll go away it's like it doesn't exist anywhere else
so i'll play that um i'm gonna be right back so i'm gonna get something all right um there was uh five dollars from anders matson thank you saying uh two quick questions one worth picking up gun con 3 only a few compatible few games compatible right and two can you download game updates when the shop closes we think so yeah i've gone through and installed everything and downloaded all my updates for all the games yeah i mean i i i have i've been proactive
and and preparing uh uh that but uh it's we think so they've made it sound like you can the only thing that's really going away is the ability to purchase um but you know it'll probably go away eventually for sure it's for the gun con 3 i think that's something that corey would know more about i mean i i don't have one because uh they released a disc of uh um
raising time crisis raising storm that includes raising storm time crisis for arcade mode it has like the the original version of time crisis four on ps3 has some sort of like story mode where you like actually move the characters in that first person environment and corey says it plays like so bad um and then also dead storm pirates so you can get that and it's compatible with playstation move you don't need a gun con
three uh so like that's the only thing that i know of that i would have wanted to play with a gun con 3 and you know that version of the game the time crisis raising storm lets you play all of those games with a move controller instead so um uh so i i i i don't know i i'd be curious to hear corey's opinion but i would say no probably not worth it yeah i wouldn't well the the gun con 3 is just really obnoxious
anyways just like the whole all the setup that it takes is not fun no i forgot oh that's you guys are talking about that question of the the gun con three yeah yeah oof yeah gun con three we'll stick with the gun contour and just and and get the uh the move the racing storm compilation raising storm that lets you play with playstation move instead so yeah i got to get a better gun though for my
my move i got one of these move guns you just put the move into it and it's just it's not very comfortable and i think that i didn't pay very much money for it i mean i i would have no problem just using the move whoa dude what somebody's saying on xbox for alice madness returns you can play through the first game as it's available in the options menu also it's on game pass so like okay well there you go really so so if you if you just have regular madness returns like as a disc like do they do they give automatically give you
regular alice i don't know if you need that online pass thing still but we'll have to look into this yeah because i i i really i i mean i'll get the xbox version of that soon if uh i mean i i want to get that game for xbox 360 anyway but that would be amazing um you know this game you know i i uh this looks pretty good actually yeah i played it i mean not not this halloween game but i mean just
infamous too in general like i i played infamous one back when it came out uh and i i didn't love it so i skipped infamous two and then i got second son and i really enjoyed it you know i'm not a huge open world game fan but uh i i really did like second son a lot but then you know i know a lot of people including corey kind of consider infamous two their favorite oh yeah i think it's definitely the best one and uh i uh you know i i
i got it a while uh maybe two years ago or something um never never even put it in my system and so when i was you know downloading patches and installing games um on my ps3 in the past couple of weeks i uh i booed up uh infamous too and like i could not believe how much better it looks than infamous one like if this one is not a good looking game well it's even when it came out yeah but you're right infamous 2 is a massive step up
is is really crazy what what a jump in visual quality it is it just just like animation and cutscene quality too um yeah it just is a much better looking game and also second sun for being so early on ps4 was absolutely amazing it it visually it holds up very well if you play it now uh in high res mode you get a lock 60 fps on the ps5 so it's very smooth too yeah first light was really good too
i die i assume this halloween game is not as involved as first light or is it not i actually don't know i totally forgot about this yeah same can you buy it uh without infamous two is it like a standalone it's it's a standalone game you can't it's not part of it also it's gonna it's gonna be honest yeah yeah yep and it's it's not that long you know i was able to do all the everything i i
platinumed infamous one two and you know i don't think this one had it had a plan i'm trophy but i mean if you look at my stats i hit i've done everything that there is to doing it one of the uh one of the things i like killed him infamous one for me was uh there was like two of those like power node things you know the little the little you know the little uh banjo-kazooie note
equivalents you know what i'm talking about i forget exactly oh yeah yeah of course but um i uh there were like one or two that i could never find and the game does not have a breakdown of uh like where the missing ones are located like what region they're in so it could have been anywhere in the whole world and like i feel like the only way to really do it would be to like start the whole game over and then not
move into new areas until uh until you completely cleared out like the set number of nodes and uh whatever they're called and uh in the in you know the area you have been in so that i was just like so annoyed because it like it seemed like such an easy game to do a hundred percent and it wasn't because you got to do two playthroughs for sure oh yeah i guess
yeah but then like i think i once i couldn't find all of the the power things i i think i just lost my desire you see stuff like this like going around on the electric lines i didn't i didn't love the first game this makes me think of uh what is it sunset overdrive oh yeah yeah yeah um there was uh the there was five dollars from the shelfables or the shelf fables i'm not sure let's say shelfables um
with a pretty cool like t-rex uh icon uh saying uh thank you uh saying um i think it may be a good idea to talk about all the dlc that will be unavailable in the future too can't get that stuff physical at all i know and that's going to be like so overwhelming for us to like i think do everything i mean i suspect corey bought more dlc than i did i've never been like not a lot though i didn't buy a lot either i've never been like overly dlc hungry i guess
basically for me i really liked my nerve as a den for bioshock 2. oh yeah and i enjoyed the the mass effect dlc mass effect 2 yeah those were that was really good those are some of the only ones i ever actually got into and i i almost re-five ones were pretty good i've never never played them uh there's there's one where you uh yeah you go with cr you play as chris and jill in spencer's mansion like you know
when when chris thinks that jill dies uh you you you play that mission the other one is um after uh after uh you save jill uh you play as jill uh and she meets up with uh josh and they uh they have a little mission and then you like there's like a scene uh later on like at the very end of the
game where jill is like contacting chris with some important information and so like the purpose of the mission is to like actually get to the like the broadcast tower where they can like send that message it's pretty neat i i it makes me realize that for as many times as i played through re5 i don't remember very much about it you're like like who who is josh i don't know i i remember man re5 for me was a very special release oh yeah specifically because that came out uh
it was the time when i bought my second pioneer kudo plasma so during that transition i had 250 inch 1080p plasmas or not one wasn't 250 inch plasma's in my flat i bought two copies of re5 a friend of mine came over and spent the entire weekend there and we co-oped the entire game each with our own 50-inch players wow 2009 which was like a very epic thing to do and uh we enjoyed the heck out of that oh yeah i mean it is it is my favorite like
3d online co-op game i've ever played like i i've never had a better experience with online co-op in a 3d game i mean it's just the only one for me that i still look back on more fondly i guess is system shock 2. playing that with playing that person oh my goodness that's good i mean it was like outside of like final fantasy uh final fantasy 11 and uh like you know various things on
like the ds and the wii like it was i feel like it was it was really you know i i found fantasy 11 you know mmo and then like ds and wii like some competitive multiplayer games like mario kart and stuff but like i feel like it was the first time i'd really ever played an online just like co-op game um you know i know a lot of people like think re5 was you know the beginning of a low point for the series but i
love that game i love it too yeah it's so fun like i i think it is an excellent follow-up to re4 i agree i really love it i mean re4 is better but not by nearly as much as i think most people i agree make it out to be it's and also they're pretty close for me they're pretty close well it's also certainly flawed i actually am a fan of resident evil 6 b2 i think the gameplay loop there is
really good yes the controls are amazing you can do a lot the main problem is the game doesn't explain the controls but like it there's actually a lot of really interesting mechanics kind of embedded into it uh and the the like sort of in the use of like your stamina meter and stuff like that i mean i don't remember all the specifics of how it works but like once you like read up on some of the things you can do it's like oh this is like actually plays really well you know when i was um making sure all my games were installed i
i put in the uh this is not a it's not a good looking game i can tell you that even at 720p this is looking much worse than i remember it looking um uh but i i put in re6 and uh i've still never played through like the uh 1080p 60 fps version on last gen consoles i have the ps4 version bob just never played so try here's the thing here's what made the game rough at first was when it launched initially uh the in the original release version
it had a very very very low fov uh well i mean i played it day one yeah okay see i still liked it okay day one but i found it a little bit annoying because it had this limited fov it had this very tight camera placement character and then the frame rate itself was really low it was very unstable so it just kind of created this impression of uh it was a little bit chaotic at first and the game didn't really teach you how to play it so yeah like they had like a million tutorials for like
hold x to do this thing like the simple stuff but when it came to actually executing like real combat maneuvers they give you no idea yeah like why you would ever do any of those moves and i don't mind that it's i actually enjoyed figuring it out but i think it's just you combine all those elements together and it makes a bad first impression yeah yeah but you should you should seriously try playing uh the updated version yeah oh yeah i will someday the wider fov the higher frame rate like it transforms the but you know i have to
say though when i when i booted it up i had you know my most recent save was like in the middle of the china section of uh leon's story like i didn't like really play it like i didn't like move forward to where i got into any combat or anything but i was just like looking at him like wow like the ps3 version of this game still it looks better than i thought it would going back to it like it it like the image quality i thought was relatively clean for the system yeah it looks good for the ps3 it's just the
frame rates really and you know lots of good lighting effects and stuff i was i was i was impressed it really put me in the mood to replay it because i i don't think it's a bad game i really don't know i like it i i don't think resident evil ever had like a really bad period like people don't think like it's not always been pretty consistently good i mean it's it they've definitely had different phases but i never i don't think it's ever been bad no exactly uh but uh there was um i was going somewhere with something i don't remember what it was so why
don't i just move on to the next super chat which was paul sutton again thank you uh uh saying uh i've tried many many move guns uh out of them all the official sony shooting attachment has proven to be the most comfortable okay so it's good to know it because it looks weird you know because you want to have one that looks cool i gotta destroy this the pig boss in 10 seconds i don't even understand like doesn't make a lot of sense to me there we go i got it
you did it is that an eel maybe there was uh an another for uh from uh anders matson thank you saying uh tied to my gun con question just ordered my first ps3 and ff13 slim partly to play japanese ps1 games how do peripheral games like ddr time crisis 1 work on ps3 uh i i have successfully played
uh gun con games uh on a ps3 uh connected to a crt i did not think it was yeah is it um i forget does the ps3 do 240p without putting analog no it does not yeah so it will be 480i but um although i'm you know i'm pretty sure it worked i i know that i know that for sure that 480i um like 480i gun con games like you know uh
on like ps2 games like time crisis two time crisis three ninja spirit uh time crisis uh uh vampire uh what was a vampire vampire night um all you know those 480i games i know for sure work on a ps3 when connected to a crt i don't remember a hundred percent for sure if i tested um if i if i tested ps1 games but i
think so it will be 480i it won't be 240p but i think they work i think they want okay but i know for sure the gunk on it oh dude stop stop corey that mean look at that main menu in trash panic i love it they put in elsie they put an lcd tv in the garbage yeah but those actually look like they're in good condition the lcd looks terrible so that's where it should be though chalkboard on the wall oh i remember what i was gonna say earlier when we were we were talking about re6 i was
remembered because i i saw dude in georgia and the chat was like i said are you six is good or we are we still part i scrolled away from it are we are we still uh should i try to play are we still in the game sack alternate lawyers really quick do you want me to try to play time crisis for with the move i can i should be able to do it you know it's gonna take me a minute though to set up okay okay that's fine should we bring shales back for that or [Laughter]
um what i was gonna say was um you know you were talking about the how they updated to have a wider field of view that was um that would that did bother me in um the evil within one and then i'm pretty sure that also got a patch it did there's a wider field of view not only was the fov limited but the original version had giant black bars so it was presented in ultra wide only but it was like it was like supposed to be like the the cinematic aspect ratio i i don't i don't actually believe it
because i think they were having performance issues that launch version if you look at the version that's on the ps4 disk especially yeah it is so bad like i cannot believe they burn that to disk like people always say oh your games are it's useless without day one patches and usually they're wrong most games are fine off the disc but even within the evil within is not fine off the disc it is really bad it's really bad yeah i uh i did not like that game nearly as much as i worked too
corey can you can you put on the corn theme while you're setting up [Laughter] believe it or not i uh i did catch up on super chats wow there's 737 people watching right now heck yeah it's because it's it's the ps triple this we ain't talking about that we she i i i i thought i talked a little bit about it we're gonna talk a little bit about that we we did we did just a little bit though
yeah well to move it looks like a deal dough [Laughter] oh you can you can play better versions of those wii games on the ps3 for sure you know umbrella crackles dark side crackles uh um dead space extraction i love dead space extraction oh yeah this piece expression is awesome that's a that's a good one oh man we definitely need some corn love on here oh dude georgia says uh my ps3 can barely load anything do you
just mean like on the system level or like in the shop because i mean the shop does perform so badly uh it's well thankfully sony has a solution to that shut it down shut it down have you looked at the vita store lately no i haven't i heard it's weird really bad though it feels like they haven't like uh kept tabs on it at all so there's all these like broken icons and myself oh i mean it's been that way for for all from almost the game where you would find a lot it wasn't maybe it's gotten worse it's
it's really bad now i mean it would happen occasionally for it feels like it's like i mean it is abandoned but like you go in there and it's like hot new games from like years ago it's like the hottest games and then it's like half the things are broken not accessible like it just it looks it's so bad the thing i hate uh on uh playstation tv is that there's this like metal slug advertisement on them on like the front system page has been there since the day those things come out and it's
never changed i can't fault that i mean yeah i mean metal slug you know if you're going but i mean it's just like this unnecessary page that is always loaded well the poor vita i like the vita uh there was uh uh two dollars from uh for the love of the game again saying uh shout out to jimmy hoppa's ps1 on ps3 video legend oh is is for love of the game from the uk i wonder because i hear that a lot but with my uh
for the love of the game is usually in our uh uh our our uh regular chats and donating in dollars so oh yeah that's probably not that never mind i hear that a lot though oh well somebody say it do i prefer saturn or dreamcast um i probably saturn honestly i love them both though oh yeah i don't know if this is going to work but it's going to it's worth a shot mitch jarman was asking anyone to
remember folklore i finally got folklore unfortunately i mean it's not like an expensive game yet but it's it's more expensive than your average ps3 game so if you're watching it you might want to go i kind of wonder if ps3 games are gonna see a rise at all yeah i mean you know even xbox 360 games could potentially have some sort of impact from this just because like people are going to be looking into this generation more or they might realize like oh the backwards compatibility is you know really valuable you know i i want to get these discs uh
it's it's it's going to be interesting seeing what kind of impact it you know both direct on playstation stuff and indirect on you know other platforms yeah definitely uh there was uh uh kyle rogers kyle uh with five dollars thank you saying i just bought my very first you know it's not a bad camera but it looks sepia turned like in like an old school film or
something that doesn't look bad um saying i just bought my first ps3 what game or games would you absolutely recommend besides last of us or uncharted well of course if you have a ps4 you can play better versions of the last of us and uncharted and yeah ps4 or ps5 um you know in terms of games that you can't play on any other system i would say first of all the ratchet and clank games um especially uh tools of destruction
uh like the tools of destruction and uh kraken time are the main ratchet and clank games on ps3 they've never been really good off of it they are especially cracking time is amazing amazing game so good um then there are like two smaller uh ratchet and clank games um there's uh quest for booty which is a download only game in the u.s you can't import uh i always thought quest for booty was
like tries like weekend life [Laughter] um there's uh that was only downloaded in the u.s but so you won't get it if you're going to get that version there is a uk or that's right physical but it's it's going up in prize it wasn't very expensive as of just a few years ago when i bought it but it is going up in price and then there's also into the nexus which was a game that released like a month or less before the ps4 launched uh which is also kind of a smaller one
but all those uh highly recommended uh there's also like all for one and full frontal assault which those are not you know anything to write home about but all of those games every single one of those ratchet clank games is only on ps3 you can't play it on any other system and they are extremely extremely good like if you like i i did not play i played like a little bit of the first ratcheting clank on ps2 during this day but didn't
it didn't grab me at that time for whatever reason and so i really got into the system with or into the series with the ps3 and i i was just blown away by what i'd been missing out on because they were so much fun to play that's right yeah all right who's ready for some time time crisis four i am re i am ready let's do it uh man puss for booty is still up to mine for me quest for beauty is still pretty cheap uh if you buy it in
europe new copies are more expensive but if you um you can find used ones for pretty cheap over here what what what kind of surprised me was uh when i installed it uh the other day um it uh you know it had a normal like boot up and installed from like a you know in-game installation i kind of expect it as a game that was uh developed primarily for download
i kind of expected it to be one of those games that installs from the cross media bar off the desk but it's not oh yeah the main characters in this game look so douchey i can't even believe oh dude they do they're so douchey look at these guys good lord this is some serious d-bags there it's it's that's what it's almost to the point of parody though yeah i kind of love it and you wonder why the enemies are
coming for him they look like they belong in like the ninja theory uh dmc that's like i want to play back here i i man so let me think about some other ps3 games real quick uh that would be interesting i have my list up actually just looking through here um it's kind of exclusive on there i mean we talked about a lot of that stuff last week i guess but if kills in two and three is cool no motor storm the three motors one game is really really great racing titles ridge racer seven of course i love that
siren blood curse is really solid and that got a physical release over here um i would say valkyria chronicles was really good yeah that's got hd version now oh yeah yeah 3d game heroes of course oh yeah of course amazing oh uh this core some of the armored core games are interesting like armored core five is pretty cool actually from software i like that one also um
blur you guys remember that oh yeah that's a racing game isn't it yeah it's a really good racing game it's the pc version is actually not that good so it's one of those cases where like it has it still has weird issues now so actually the ps3 version is pretty solid of blur interesting um let's see here someone mentioned uh yakuza dead souls is that uh is that only on ps3 still yeah yeah that's only on ps3 that's a good one i mean it's it's actually pretty janky but it's funny i like that game i don't know i
hate having to hold down the button on here to uh yeah i mean i missed that having it on the like the gun con too like doing it down here someone uh someone mentioned uh katamari forever is that is that only on on ps3 there's like i get i get like getting confused with like the xbox threesomes yeah that that's only on ps3 that one you know i i've never truly loved the katamari game more than the first one yeah i mean uh i've not played that many of the
sequels though to be honest but like it always seemed to me like they were they got too focused on like special objectives and like the the fun part of the game to me was always just making the biggest katamari that you could so even the uh the computer-controlled guy that that helps you out here like he looks really douchey too it's really funny just like how everybody is are you talking about player two or is there another no the other guy here that shows up hang
on he's gonna help me in a second those enemy beetles look pretty douchey as well yeah uh hang on earlier there was a uh a non uh there's a super chat it was not a super chat it was a uh there's two of them there's uh two of them an hour ago i guess oh no no no no no there was one an hour ago and then the other one was like afterwards from uh dalton 32 389 for five dollars thank you and i'm sorry
no i missed it it's uh uh did you guys talk already about the the cmos bomb i guess oh that thing we didn't talk about it that's that's awful but i mean that's just like they're saying the seamless battery dies or whatever like that you lose access to your games yeah digital games at least i guess but there were also people saying that like oh you like just have to get the system to connect to some server that you'll probably have i i don't think that comes i don't think
that the system time comes from sony right i think it'll probably be fine for a while but i i agree that i don't like the idea of a system being tied to a service like that you know what i mean yo absolutely but i i it sounds it sounds like i mean we need to know more obviously but it sounds like that concern might be a little overblown but for the time being but oh we have ease in the chat you want to try
uh ease i like the letter e and i don't know why oh uh again although i do see somebody asking how big is my sega cd collection and why is this best sega cd game corpse killer hoops killer is not the best sega cd game you turkey it's it's it's interesting but uh i have a lot of sega cd games actually i should pull those up let me look what i got
here okay so i have 42 sega cd games so some of my favorite earth from gym special edition you know barry arm is awesome i don't know if that's any better i was hoping there would be some sort of reload function where if you just like point it upwards it would go back in the cover oh right i saw that uh someone uh was talking about psn volume one is a must
buy if you can find a physical version of tokyo jungle and fat princess and there's like at least two other games in there i believe but it is i understand it's like game profoundly expensive which is you know it's not shocking but there is a japanese version of just tokyo jungle which was the only game i cared about out of the games that were it also has beautiful cover art actually i love that one which oh the tokyo jungle one yeah yeah oh it's it's awesome coverage it's so cool it's just it's just like a wide shot of the street
with like the little pomeranian there's nothing there he's just like staying in front of him you're like what what'd he do i certainly it's a beautiful cover so i actually kind of prefer having that version it does it is it is japanese text in the game but uh you know it's it's not expensive so if you only care about tokyo jungle i recommend getting that version um oh man i i just had my uh my collector's thing open looking at the games that i have and i realized like
right now uh i was looking at the different playstations i have 241 playstation 1 games 306 playstation 2 games 164 physical ps3 games uh 208 physical ps4 games 92 vita games and 83 psp 92 vita games physically yeah wow that's i'm i'm bowled over that's a lot yeah
that's impressive i like these systems though uh so you were talking about the tokyo jungle i didn't realize that this was like super expensive is this uh best of playstation network volume one yeah we were just talking about that yeah it's i can't believe how much it goes for it well i mean it i mean it's very obvious why well yeah you have it there right there how much how much is it going for i just heard it was expensive like i've seen it for like 150 dollars oh i'm i'm almost surprised it's not
even more than that to be honest i mean i mean it was 20 valuable eventually but you know again there are other options at least for tokyo jungle you know one game that i just got mostly just because i i just feel it's it's notable because of uh uh you know of of its infamy from the reveal in 2006 but i just got the japanese version of africa oh yeah
which the us version for that is extremely expensive uh and i i posted a picture of where i uh yesterday where i got uh i got genji uh and africa in the mail on the same day and i was just like oh man i got got my virtual e3 2006 press kit oh yeah but uh but there were some people like oh my gosh africa is worth a small fortune and my my finger is like high you know unintentionally half covering
the the saro rating on it yeah so it's like look i did not pay the price for the us version you know this this was not very what if there was a light gun game like this but it started tim and eric that would be i i would like to see what would happen i just want to see light gun games come back this period i mean yeah well you know it's big speaking of which there's uh five dollars from the phantom knot saying uh it's funny that time crisis five is still
an arcade exclusive round one arcades in the us have them though i personally thought it felt too rough i mean cory and i played it uh unfortunately we didn't we didn't uh have enough credits to finish it but we played it at a uh what do you call it uh buster yeah yeah yeah we played at one of those and uh actually actually i'm wearing the shirt at missouri we went to missouri gamecon uh that was uh that was where we went they had time crisis five and we're like
so excited we thought it was awesome oh like we we thought like like wild dog in it is just like over the top that it's it's unbelievable we we had a really fun time with it like i i really hope that somehow gets a console release someday but it i have heard other people criticize it but like john are these these are the cicadas right here dude yeah the cicadas are coming they're coming for you
except for they'd be all in your face and all like that exactly yeah just like that oh yeah i forgot to introduce you uh there was uh 499 from uh jepicondyle thank you uh saying uh long live the ps3 well you know it's it's in the hands of the people now isn't it the ps trip ps we can't uh we can't uh count on sony to be uh bringing that to us anymore well
sergio there says would you recommend playing ps3 games at 720p rather than 1080p and the truth is most ps ps3 games don't actually even output uh 1080p because what you get on your screen is not what you said in the system 1080p is like a max it can do some games will scale up or run a native 10 and ep and most of them just like drop the resolution of the output when you start a 720p game yeah the the screen the screen drops and they'll say like you know on a capture card it'll be like no signal for a moment
because it's switching to 720p um but there are cases like final fantasy 13 is the example i always think of yeah the menus and fmvs especially like the fmvs and final fantasy 13 are like some of the highest quality highest bit rate fmvs like ever basically it looks they look so good to this day like you know most of the time a lot of the time when you see
fmv and like new games like they're the they're not they don't play back very smoothly the bit rate is poor you know i i you know john we've talked about this before i think there's a lot of loading happening behind the scenes when they're playing fmvs so just fmv quality is not a huge priority for a lot of games but final fantasy 13 they are they hold up so well they look incredible oh yeah it does and when you play the game in 1080p it makes a difference the fmvs look absolutely incredible
yep um so uh so yeah i mean there are there are advantages uh but aren't there also some games john that play that will try to do 1080p if you have the system set to 1080p but they run smoother if you actually set the system to 720p yeah or or is it or is it the other or is it even further down where they run better at 480p or something i forget actually i've tested myself there are games that run best at 480p
and then they run a little bit less good at 720 and then if they had a 1080 mode they actually run the worst then so you know honestly this game would not be from this generation if it didn't have a turret [Laughter] section although it's probably doing sections before other things but yeah i would say that's actually not it's it's not the norm one of the worst actually was early on there was you
remember full auto full auto two it sounds familiar it was a combat racing game the first was on 316 and they put full out of two on ps3 and then also like marvel ultimate alliance on there and both of those games had native 1080p modes that ran so bad like 15 20 frames per second so um yeah i mean but but i think it's important to stress that that is not like the standard that's right by any means like
by and large a resolution does not system level resolution does not play into game performance so i never get the latest get the test models like what the test model is going to play blu-ray or something like that oh yeah that's right i mean i have one of those test models and they are nice because everything's region free including the backwards compatibility but but you can but you can get around hdcp by using certain hdmi support
what he's saying is that they don't i i i was pretty sure on the test model you can actually turn hdcp on if i recall but i i haven't actually tested i thought it was i thought it was hardware based maybe so you can never turn it off oh no on a regular ps3 but the test model right uh the debug stations those uh those actually allow you to have hdcp off like within the system itself so that's one of the nice things about
him uh there was uh five dollars from uh craig wan uh saying uh these heroes from time crisis four could be a little less douche just saying anyway a little bit just yeah just saying uh anyway great seeing you guys what a way to start the day oh thank you uh there was also there have been there's been another little little surge here uh there was
uh uh five dollars from allen batsford thank you saying uh like light gun game-like action has returned in vr gaming that's that's not true that's actually true yeah vr is awesome for um like and studios and in fact one of my favorite things is still uh i always mention this but i have to mention it again new retro arcade which is that virtual arcade that you can play in vr on your pc and you basically build a virtual arcade it's got a super 80s aesthetic which just feels awesome to be there in vr you can get all the cabinet artwork so
you know i have an arcade set up with like all these classic arcade games but you can also use uh like the time crisis games and such in other like light gun shooters inside the virtual arcade and you play it with motion controls and everything so well you know like the hand controls like from the oculus rift or whatever you're using so it actually feels like you're in vr playing on a virtual screen in this virtual arcade using your hands and it it just it feels incredible it's all it's really great
there were there were a few uh several uh free games that sony was offering to everyone on uh i i assume you could redeem the ps4 but a bunch of ps4 games a lot of them were vr games that they're offering for free for i i'm not sure how long but i think there were a few light gun like games like was it was it it's called like far far point or something like that oh far point yeah i've i've not played it but i mean
that's like some kind of vr shooter right it is it is it's fun um the thing the thing is though is again psvr the headset's fine but using move as a vr controller is so bad like compared to what the pc offers like i love psdr headset but man seriously have you tried like actual like proper hand track controllers in a pc vr setup uh that's music i've only had like a couple of opportunities to try pc vr
uh music it feels amazing i can't hear it oh it's just believe me it's really bad okay i mean it's it's not to my preference yeah yeah douche rock yeah uh there was uh there was ten dollars from like uh like like things i think like shine down or something like that maybe not it's a little bit faster than that but i don't know like that's not something i listen to very much you don't listen to the douche rock
not that much all right there was uh there was the dodge from evie chelsea saying uh hey cory and try i won my first auction on ebay first auction on ebay wow um for the namco 109 with the sensors uh what what was the one is that is that the gunk on i don't know i mean my gun con 3 i it's such a hassle to take out and get set up for one game essentially that i just after i did that video i haven't used this since i did that that time chris's
video i'm looking up what the namco 109 is it is yeah i'm just thinking gun con 3. these guys like they could just easily kill me look at they're like off of my face and like none of them even shot at me uh evglt also also said uh corey someone is selling time crisis 5 cabinet for 13 000 pounds i sent you a tweet and after this chat it's only 12 uh 12 not 12 994 pounds i you know i thought
something to think about i i don't think that my wife would be very cool with that coming into the house i don't know where i'd put it and put it i put it in our bedroom probably it wouldn't put anywhere else uh and then there was 199 once again from the polyester pimp saying uh ride the hell retribution next i i oh or his favorite yeah i don't have it i think i know i think i think i have an idea of which game that is i think it's considered pretty bad
right yeah yeah that's really bad yeah it's like one of those famously bad games yeah unfortunately like the way things are going it's gonna it's that's the kind of game that uh blonde wonderland wonder world is going to be in the company of oh let's yeah that sucks yeah but i mean that's just like based on just like how people are treating it i guess this is going to be on the same kind of list as corey i think there was a non-super chat
one sure from ra rock saw solid productions uh yeah let me let me scrub here uh yeah thank you three dollars from uh rockstar yeah rock solid production saying that thank you guys for helping me educate and inspire uh me and my channel over the years start question for you do you have any have opinions on the otaku game start switches uh instruct instruction cables are half the price of
hd rush revision and i have three additional systems to connect uh to so there was recently that one otaku start switch that came out it must have been like last late last summer uh and and bob did a video on it and apparently it it like severely degrades the video from like a ps1 like if it draws more voltage or something like that so there is a review of it on
on retro rgb on the youtube channel yeah um and but the insurrection cables are definitely uh very good i mean they are uh you know just a more affordable readily available option and if you don't need like you know the the crazy like coaxial shielding and stuff that uh like you get from like retro access um you know then you know the the insurrection cables are you know readily available and an
excellent choice um you know obviously with the with like the retro access coaxial ones like you're gonna wait a little longer and you're gonna pay pay a bit more but you know i that is what most of my setup is because i do have like two daisy chained skarts uh g-scart switchers you know and so i'm doing a lot of routing with them and it does make a difference to have you know the the best shielded cables you can and that kind of setup but if your your setup is not going to be overly complex the interaction cables
are are excellent choices all monster cable all the time the blue ones um and then there was uh also ten dollars from nikes zero thank you uh saying um there's another peripheral move for move called the ps move racing wheel motion sensor wheel that works with many racing games like little big planet cardi mod nation racers etc it's like a wii wheel but for move
uh you know on the back lottery stream on monday we were we were talking about uh we're just talking about motion controls and uh mario kart wii and uh and uh you know our our friend uh drumble he he was what's going on there i thought corey hit with i'm doing [Laughter] yeah we were talking about just recently
like our friend drummle he uh he was all about the motion controls in mario kart wii for a long time and he got like the gold wheel and online mode where like a gold wheel yeah if you like one a bunch of races like using motion controls you got a gold wheel and you know you would encounter like a lot of people with the gold wheel on mario kart wii online you know there were people who were very good at but in my own experience you know i played 50 cc and 100 cc um with the with the wheel
and you know i first i was like oh you know this is kind of fun right and then once i got to 150 cc i just could not win at all and then the very first time i ever tried playing the game with the nunchuck uh i like lapped someone on the first track of the mushroom cup on 150cc and i'm like okay that's that's a difference yeah so i switched over to nunchuck and never never looked back
so yeah it's uh you know to be honest you know i i know john you're a huge fan of racing games i have never used a wheel in either the arcade or at home that even where you know they they have like some resistance and some pullback to them and stuff i've never used one that actually felt like driving like real driving like
just a wheel yeah like i've never used one that really truly felt just like using a real car i've only used one and it was at e3 two or three years ago they had this gigantic hydraulic like car thing that you would sit in with like a steering wheel set up to play four to seven and like the whole thing like i mean it was a beast this is it was huge this is not something most people would ever have at home but they melted a giant screen on it and you
get the steering wheel and that was actually pretty darn convincing wow it's about as good as i could imagine while being stationary i mean do you do you prefer to play racing games with an analog stick uh i actually i've had a lot of fun playing some games so i prefer playing like sim style games with the wheel like i felt like gran turismo is a lot more enjoyable with a wheel are there are there like current gen or last gen like wheels yeah there's some there's like official ones are they are they
like officially uh uh i can't remember but there's there's some there's stuff like fanatec especially they put out pretty good wheels and uh that have a really nice feel and good force feedback and those those are pretty good um and i think it helps for arcade games though i don't know like ridge racer ridge racer is a d-pad game for me which is which is one of the reasons oh even even the modern even the modern ones yeah oh yeah they're d-pad games man
oh sandy yeah well care so come here oh and i have a little competition i can't really see her very well oh there she is um there was uh there she there we go i have no animal here except for my son he can get a little crazy sometimes there was uh there was five dollars from uh ben
brodie i don't know if it's on john's screen but this is a request for john uh saying five dollars but john has to say it like dr light from mega man 8 and try has to laugh like dr wily from mega man 8 after john says it oh my gosh i might not get it done wait do i have to read this you have to read this like doctor super chat you have to really like dr light and mega man do the wildly laugh five five dollars but john has to say it like a dr light from mega mega man eight and
tri has to let laugh like dr wily i can't do it [Laughter] i love that little that little sort of like hesitation he asked for he says it's so good oh my gosh dr wowie uh corey there might be another non-super chat in here sure thing uh yeah from eric a dollar from eric saying uh sony backwards uh b backwards compatibility is a feature often requested but often ignored
also sonny bank roll bankrolls their engineers to create an awesome backwards competitive backwards compatible solution for ps5 which is it i thought it wasn't a valuable feature um well i think that i don't know i i think that they just determine and determine what is uh like worth it there's gonna have to be different people in charge at sony for that to help why am i i tend to agree oh here's uh here's a good question that john might have some insights on uh
five dollars from ncr ranger saying uh what are some multi-platform games that are worth getting the ps3 version of over the 360 counterpart oh man i mean you know one one from back in the day of course would have been again final fantasy 13 much much better on uh ps3 especially because of the fantasy 13. the video but but on the flip side you can play the 360 version in 4k on current gen systems but the fnv
quality is still it's it's better than if you played on real 360 but it's still nowhere near actual ps3 video quality yeah the switchback yeah i guess um just browsing through again real quick to think about this because there's not there's not a lot that's the thing is i mean later in the generation they were they were hitting a pretty close pair like like burnout paradise you know the need for speed games those are pretty much have parody dante's inferno was had parody between them oh bionic
commando re-armed and re-armed two are better on ps3 for sure um what about the bayon commando 3d game which i think is actually pretty good that's a mess on those consoles dude it's so it's got so many problems pc version is the best for that by far but there is there's a version for it it is there's a version for uh it's it's backwards compatible on xbox one oh is it really wow okay i'll have to look for that version um
i think portal 2 was that also in 360. yeah it was yeah it's backwards is the ps3 version better it was slightly better if i recall probably not anymore though no it wouldn't be it would not be the optimal version to play i mean that was that was the version i played back in the day i mean that's such a good game oh star ocean four uh the last hope that ps3 version is better than the 360 original
what about uh what about vanquish vanquish vanquish is much better on ps3 really the xbox the xbox version of the mess has like non-stop screen tearing that's kind of surprising considering like you know bayonetta is famously totally better totally different like technology behind those games um what about uh what about binary domain that's again i really like that game uh that's pretty bad on ps3 there's a lot of stuff i play i did play it on ps3 but for the 360 version i got that
much smoother and then also there's a pc it's a that's a really neat game though i like it a lot yeah so i mean there's just a handful of games that are similar or better on ps3 but during that generation the 360 really had an advantage a lot of stuff anything that used unreal engine was almost always much better on 360. i mean wasn't um i mean if i understand how the ps3 works correctly like doesn't it have like
very little like native gpu processing and there and they're basically expected to create gpu functions on the cells oh so hold on somebody said sonic generations and ps3 except in the 3d mode but no dude sonic generations on the ps3 is is a choppy miss compared to the 360 version uh both of those sonic games they're really sloppy in the ps3 not good i don't know so wait you were saying again try uh oh well i mean i was just thinking
like i remember i i believe it was a an old old richard article on like uh yeah i think it was digital yeah so the rsx the nvidia gpu was definitely significantly less capable than the 360s gpu it was a huge bottleneck for the system uh but the cell processor when used well essentially a lot of the best developers as far as i remember they they really leaned heavily on cells spes to sort of make up for the weak gpu
so like i know like in some games like per object motion blur for instance was often done on the cpu uh yes three games and a lot of other things were also done on the cpu to save gpu time so it seems like a lot of games really offloaded as much as they could uh away from um running on the gpu so it's almost it's almost like the ps3 like graphics were largely rendered in software not really but like a lot of passes were
done interesting on it to sort of improve performance and it worked because that's why a lot of the early stuff is so choppy because yeah people were still figuring that stuff out and then you know later on in the generation developers really started to utilize the what you could do with those speeds so uh there was uh two dollars from uh from uh goodnight irene saying uh such a cute dog well thank you i think so as well uh
saying by the way have you guys tried rpc s3 is that the uh pc emulator for ps3 i i have not oh it's good i've tried it it's actually really really good i'm i'm impressed with how it actually improves performance a lot on a lot of games that have like so it's it's a pretty significant boost i would say are they are the uh requirements uh pretty steep or not as bad as you'd think they're not as bad as you might think it's it's very reasonable i would say
so definitely worth trying just to get a feel for it because it's uh it's pretty impressive uh there was uh five dollars from uh random piece thank you saying uh under ps3 account management transaction management you can access your download list that uses the old psn ui highly recommended over psn store yeah uh we we discovered that you can like if you load up a game that has like a function that takes you to the playstation store for like
downloading um uh dlc or something like that you can also access your download list that way oh man it's so much better you know it's so so crazy to think that i used to be like when sony announced that they were making a revamp of the store i was like kind of excited for it i was like oh yeah i bet that'd be great and then it was so so garbage the old one was so much smoother it just runs so much better it really did right like it was they they really dropped the ball on that yeah but i i didn't know that
you could access that um outside i think i think i remember using that actually and it does help a lot yeah it's faster i should go down that and make sure i've got everything downloaded i i think i do but i mean there might be some dlc or something that's not so i i might have to have to check that out there was uh uh uh 20 dd dkks i'm not sure uh what uh what currency that is uh i'd be
very curious from jonathan yannick thomason thank you uh saying uh most obscure game that you guys love obscure oh um [Music] that's a really tough one because i feel like once you start talking about things they become less obscure yeah okay i'll tell you one that's really obscure so i actually have a sealed copy of this but i also had a uh
um a loose disc but this one [Music] oh it isn't the it's called nine the last resort and it's a um it's a weird pc graphic adventure from back in the day and listen to this so executive producer robert de niro featuring characters cher christopher reeve james belushi steven tyler joe perry uh had a weird all-star cast but i've never spoken to anybody else
that's ever played this game and i don't know like i feel like it was like weirdly missed and then along the same lines a lot of other pc stuff like i loved um rocket jockey for the pc i had so much fun playing rocket jockey it was published by sega even on the pc and nobody seems to have heard of that either or like very few people have played it and so the when i think obscure it's kind of stuff like that uh but yeah
um i uh i mean you know my traditional answer to that question which i don't think is really that obscure but like this was you know before i had started buying like a whole bunch of you know a lot more games now than i used to have like my like my token kind of obscure game in my collection used to be kiwi craze on the nes which you know is much better known in europe and uh japan than it is no and that is the u.s
not obscure here that's for sure yeah yeah new zealand story is very well known over there but over here like it was pretty it was it was pretty obscure in america you know but i would not consider that obscure anymore um like you know thinking of you know weird pc games i i think i've mentioned this to you before john uh oh he just he'll be right back is it oh but you can i mean if you you can mention it again when it comes back yeah
uh there was um there was a five dollars from uh rears the blood uh saying i tested uh alice madness returns on the series x and the original alice does indeed work on there is also free to download from the store now is does that mean madness returns is free to download or you or the original alice is free to download or can you just cue download alice without madness returns either way this is this either way this is very good news uh
and i i need to get uh because that's something that you know you probably wanted to play i've wanted to always you know i i might have the digital version now i'm thinking about it yeah that's the game i've always wanted to play which one are you talking about alice uh rears the blood was saying that uh oh uh i tested mass returns on the series x and original alice does indeed work on there is also free to download from the store now so that's cool this is very good news maybe pick it out i like these games john i was gonna say you know you were
talking about weird um weird uh pc games i think i've mentioned this to you before uh someone uh had a stream on the back of lottery a couple of years ago uh a pc game called eastern mind oh that is so weird and and like i i know that when when i mention a game that you haven't heard of i i know it's got to be pretty obscure right yeah i actually don't know that one uh it is so funny oh wait seeing the
ad though i remember seeing this ad in a magazine there's like this green face there's like this weird face yeah like you like start off the game by like just like clicking around the face and like turning the head and like finding a way to like get inside the head and you like eventually like click through the gear okay i need to check that out the game expands from there it is so weird and like what's kind of interesting about it is you create a character
that is made up of like i think it's like eyes nose and mouth and there's like something like three or four of each and over the course of the game you have to make like you you're you die and then you have to be like reincarnated as another character and over the course of the game you have to like create every combination of like eyes nose and mouth to be a different character and you like realize
over the course of the game these like very incidental uh characters that you ran into are like actually you like another reincarnation of you like you play the role of something else that you encountered over the course of the game and sometimes it's something really unexpected uh it's it is a strange but interesting uh i don't know if it's good per se but it is super interesting that is interesting ah
so i'm putting this in because i you know i haven't really played it john i'm sure you played through this oh yeah i finished that back in the day it has some amazing cutscenes i uh i i played a little bit of this the other day uh for the first time i mean andy circus was pretty heavily involved with this he was enslaved he was but i don't know both of them he's in this one too really really he's the villain in this game huh and he does an awesome job in it you know i i feel like i feel like a lot of people have very mixed feelings on
ninja theory but i've honestly really liked every game of theirs that i've played it was written 23 years ago yeah me too they're actually i just remember the side though i i just see somebody mention them that they picked up belong wonder world chat and that's cool but i do want to caution don't buy the switch version it's horrible so uh i i assume the ps4 version is pretty okay it's really solid on ps5 but switch version is a technical mess
so definitely avoid that uh there was uh two pounds from uh couch multiplayer again saying i changed the title to lassie watches ps3 gaming yeah i do think that'd be a better title than games still worth playing but this game is it's pretty breezy right it's like four hours long or something i think it's pretty yeah it's quite short there's a lot of people who like this game did not get good reviews i think because one it was short combat you know pretty simple or or
or you know nothing really all that new to it but uh i i think you know it's a good tight experience yeah yeah and i i think that this is going to be a game that will feel will be regarded in the same way it's probably the order 1886. yeah you know it was disappointing to people yeah at the time but then has become or will be thought of as like you know a very tight cohesive experience you just kind of exactly yeah
exactly uh there was uh two pounds from uh spartan two thank you saying uh alright what's the most expensive game you own uh for me it's definitely either snatcher or poplar mail at this point yeah it's snatcher price i have snatcher as well uh but i think i think a panoramic cotton might be worth more than that now i don't know it's they're comparable i mean i was both up there the most that i've spent was
on a loose shantae cart um but i for all i know i could own something else that's more expensive but you know obviously i i bought it before it became really expensive there was something something i learned about the other day that i have that was a lot more expensive than then uh i realized i think it was a conversation the m league discord and i'm i'm trying to think what what was it um
i i ah what was i i wonder if i could if i could search the do a search on the discord channel uh one of the weird ones thinking of that is uh i mentioned it before but uh lost in the rain the ps3 game i still have a sealed copy of the english language uh disc version of that that's really exciting now right it's so rarely for sale but the couple times i've ever seen it sold it went for like well over 500 bucks so i i don't know there doesn't seem to
be a lot of those out there there's also a japanese version that's in japanese that you can get much cheaper oh i think hang on what was that let's see oh yeah yeah yeah i guess like dragon quest five on ds goes for like 250 dollars and that's got it that got a reprint it was really uh it was really expensive for a while and then i got a reprint or at least maybe new new old stock was found and then it went down a bunch now i guess it's back up
i just saw a thing that dragon quest 8 on the 3ds is like getting up there close to 100 now really i i mean you and i both got a copy of that uh for like 20 walmart clearance like uh two years ago yeah wait so so dragon quest five is up there now because i actually have a sealed copy of that still on the ds version yeah yeah the ds dang i didn't realize it was going for that yeah i had no idea either but yeah that's uh okay i mean
of course like you know i i think like all of the like the dia the ds and gba castlevania games i think are pretty valuable like those are games that i just like never even considered like not buying right away yeah yeah i i want to think uh harmony of dissonance like i bought like a few weeks after it came out but like otherwise i bought all of those games day one like i just i gotta have my castlevania day one you know i mean i just i wouldn't have i wouldn't have done otherwise yeah that i have them all
actually that was that's funny the um weirdly my the third ds game uh after portrait of ruin which one is that again uh with the witch oh order of ecclesia yeah yeah order of ecclesia that's the one that one's up there now too i bought that one in um in paris so i got the pal version of that version uh in the thicker case because it was the first time i ever visited france back in like 2009 or something and i remember seeing it at a shop and i
was like oh i'll just get this version because it's weird to have a ds game that's like this from this region oh weird so this has a god of war style dodge on the right stick yeah oh yeah so no no camera the camera actually moves with uh r2 and l2 there's some tearing but that's that's okay yeah there's a lot of screen tearing in this game unfortunately that's right you use the the the shoulder buttons to adjust the camera yeah but for the most part it's like kind of a oh but it uses the analog
crease the triggers that's it's interesting i mean i i i i did not play beyond this little battle here um there was um there was five dollars from eb chill today thank you saying um my biggest issue slash joy on the ps3 is figuring out uh how to use analog for crt or hdmi on a flat screen uh analog for crt or hdm i mean i i think it only outputs one at a time
so i guess you just you would have to plug the unplug the uh composite or i i you don't have to unplug them it's just if you have hdmi plugged in you have it set to analog the system will always prompt you when you turn it on like do you want to switch to hdmi uh and then says uh my obscure game would be initial d extreme that sounds cool john do you have auto modelista because that's another one that is it's getting up there like i think the
gamecube version at least is expensive i used to have them i i won that i won that in a contest and i uh i uh i traded at funko land like way back in the day oh really yeah yeah that's an interesting game isn't it it's it's one of those cell shaded games that i think at the time was that was it it was said that it didn't play as good as it looked and then it was forgotten about for a
long time but i guess it's probably actually pretty decent like it and you know it makes me think of a game that is not expensive and actually got re-releases that uh that self-shaded fps game the 13. oh oh yeah that was not that was not very well received was it yeah i liked the game but the the remake was pretty bad yeah i remember hearing it ruined the style oh really yeah i remember hearing there was a lot of uh backlash against the remake
um there was uh uh 50 in okays again from andy long thank you sandy again uh saying uh heavenly sword is a technical masterpiece but enslaved is their best in my opinion enslaved a lot yeah i mean yeah i i i i should is is that backwards compatible i don't i should get the 360. i've got it on ps3 but i should get the 360. dude you oh man the ps3 version is
you know the other week yeah it's it's it's pretty it's pretty rough but it is i mean you know it's a it's a fun game to play but uh yeah it's definitely pretty rough but i mean yeah i mean i didn't have a 360 back in in this generation you know um you know i i i think my favorite game is it look it looks like um enslaved is on there dude so it is on the back it's compatible with this i'll have to buy it i see it i bet it runs pretty
pretty decently then i mean it probably runs perfectly at 30 on there anyway i'm sure yeah i think it's perfect um but uh yeah i like ins i liked enslaved a lot but i think my favorite ninja theory game is uh hellblade i'm really looking forward to uh sending a sacrifice oh yeah i i thought that was just a really great and interesting sort of just it had great combat i mean a lot of ways like heavenly sword you know is this kind of this very
tight focused uh sort of shorter experience with you know some great uh combat mechanics i guess i wonder if it's a really interesting presentation for that game i was just i thought it was really really good yeah she's gotta be freezing oh that guy's face always bothered me because the characters look so good and what nicely modeled overall but something about his face feels off to me maybe he's a bad of does look like andy circus though
that's not the bad guy i know but the the the when you see him i mean the guy who i believe is the bad guy you see him he kind of does look like andy circus definitely yeah you've you've played a little further into this than i did did you have to do anything in particular or did it just i just gotta fight oh cool how do you block them they just happen i mean it seems very simple to play but that's a lot of the fun yeah it's there's
actually motion control stuff coming up oh really which is which is not terrible but um you have to control you like fire something i forget what weapon her sister uses and you actually control the trajectory of it with the motion control i'm just unlocking special features here like crazy special features oh yeah just it says so and so unlocked like crazy i mean it's it seems pretty cool i mean i could see
spending like like an afternoon playing through this yeah i mean i mean if it's like only like four or five hours like the ideal way to play it i would say yeah a fun breezy experience yeah the ps3 has plenty of fun breezy experiences i mean it seems like the kind of game that might have been like targeted as like a download game if it had come out like when they were releasing games of this scale at that time well i don't know i don't know i think that this was
definitely a like a showpiece for the system oh it was but i'm just saying but it was an earlier game though is what i'm saying like later on it might have been different yeah right because i mean it wasn't um i remember being on the show heroes like there was a clip of it on the show heroes at the time man i see somebody talking about uh 360 games how they're all scratched up and everything and it got me thinking again about how did you notice like when you when you buy like a used game in japan it's like they'll be like oh you know they're super damaged you know
cautious you get it it's like oh it's like 99 flawless it looks like you just get out of the spring crap but there's like one tiny mark in the corner and then in the i feel like in the u.s you get something and it's like perfect condition you get it it looks like somebody drug it over the gravel or something yeah and like spit in the manual and crumpled it all up good condition yeah it's such such a a cultural difference there and it affects the pricing a lot more too yeah exactly i'm just skipping the
cutscenes i'm sorry the cutscenes are the best part though oh here's the gun you're talking about i assume oh yeah there it is there was uh 10 pounds or 10 yeah pounds pounds from uh sandy b no no relation to sandy the heavy dog sandy d uh saying uh would you rather have to make yourself look as much like donald trump as possible including toupee and very orange spray tan five days a week or only be able to eat mashed potatoes
for the rest of your life what kind of okay that's a very weird question why neither neither of those sound uh terribly appealing that sounds horrible though but yeah can you find the mashed potatoes yeah i mean mashed potatoes can be a good base i guess for yeah flavor this is so weird um this guy yeah i can't get him i can't get him
okay hold on that's not the motion control part oh i see interesting so you can like guide it in the air oh wait oh yeah that's kind of awesome there's no emotion that is that is that is it that's like how do you how do you think she shoots this air oh yeah it's very that's right it's like basically sam raimi yeah it's like shot it's kind of awesome corey's the ultimate salesman for uh motion control i can see him on stage in an e3 demo you just move your controller to steer the arrow
it's like second nature i was watching like i can't i can't hit this guy after i bought him it's like skim his head you know the original uh right in between 2006 uh yeah oh yeah yeah like i had to go back and look at i totally forgot about the one where the guy is like you know moving the controller to fly the ship and like keeps like bumping into like oh yeah the stuff oh my gosh
i'm coming so closely hitting him every time it's like it's like literally just like going between us like [Music] that time to hit his crossbow it hit the wood on his crossbow motion control i don't remember having this kind of trouble to be honest so i don't know what you're doing it's like hitting his gun [Laughter] oh my god it's impossible oh my god what on earth
come on okay i don't know if that's like actually hitting him now maybe it's actually hitting him can you like loop it back around and then hit him from the back no i mean if i could do that it'd probably be easier than doing what i'm doing i mean my goodness yeah look at this and and people wonder why lair got flack at launch that that video clip and i i'm not even sure what game it is that they were showing with the motion controls and that e3
dwarf 2006 conference but it is it was is so funny it's warhawk okay yeah it is so funny i i mean you got to go back and look at that you know the the the those those super cuts of that conference i'm just thinking like what if this was part of the conference though like got corey up there doing that it's so natural look it's like like this you just you just move your hands it's like magic i mean i feel like it's easier if i
don't actually try to control it i feel like you've gotta be doing something fundamentally wrong how do you shoot that arrow how do you think she shoots that like does all that crazy stuff he's given up yeah i mean i missed 11. oh this is running it over there on the side uh there was uh like it's always so close too that's the thing that gets me it's like it's literally like inches away from them these guys have got to be feeling like they're invincible like they can't
like this divine intervention here there's uh there's i was meant to live through all this there was a five dollars from robert hernandez thank you uh thank you saying uh if you had to recommend the xbox one hardware to someone who skipped that generation which hardware revision would you recommend and why i mean is there any reason other than cost to not just buy one of the current gen ones we would i mean to not buy a series x instead of a
xbox one s or xbox one x like you can't i don't like xbox one x they're not producing it anymore it's like it's oh that's true there's zero reasons why hit a split box one x or an xbox one just get a series x honestly yeah i know physical is not important to you then you know series s you know is yeah i mean i i i mean everything should run better on yeah the new systems like everything like the only
there is zero reason i mean xbox one x i mean other than like uh are connect games compatible i don't even think i don't think connect works anymore at all like i think it's removed or maybe i guess the games might the games have to work right at least on xbox one but i don't know about yeah oh i'm knocked them into the i got well i guess the problem though somebody mentioned is that it is actually still difficult to get the xbox series x yeah yeah and obviously it's expensive
but like i feel like expensive but i feel like you're i mean once yeah if you're gonna get into xbox at this point there's really zero reason to not get the series x over any of the others unless you find like an xbox one x for like very cheap yeah yeah i mean if you know if it was basically free then that'd be a good way to get started but like i there's just almost no reason to have the 1x round anymore yeah i mean i
am not even uh i haven't even turned mine on except for to see if it does i retired it pretty much other than if we have to use it in a video but yeah um i would you know i was shocked that not even the the xbox one vcr does 480p like it's not even it has that a safe mode you can boot into but it's like right it's like 480p but or 640 by 480 but like the box like the actual image inside of that box is like window box inside of
uh 640 by 480. oh i was i was surprised that that's it's not even an option yeah yeah i mean i guess the one unique thing about you know an xbox one series system over a series system i i should have phrased that better a xbox one system rather than a series system you know if for whatever bizarre reason you had a use for the uh
the hdmi input you know that is no longer a feature uh it does you know make ossc more compatible so capture cards and stuff that's true though there's other solutions to this yes wing wink but um uh that's probably the only thing i can think about for it yeah i uh i did use it one time to stream a uh pc adventure game that was
not cooperating uh and it wouldn't uh it wouldn't display on the on the screen that i wanted it to display on no matter what i did so i just fed that monitor i i was just like okay you win i'm putting that monitor into my xbox one and playing it that way because it was an adventure game you know point-and-click adventure didn't even didn't even matter uh but i was trying to stream it
and that was the easiest way to do it so it can have its obscure uses for sure but oh man somebody mentions that xbox one has an optical toslink port and the series doesn't oh but that's and that's that they they decided to remove it based on user data i believe but the uh when they first showed the series x