They're Hiding The Truth About Our Reality

They're Hiding The Truth About Our Reality


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there is an ancient indian saying that something lives only as long as the last person who remembers it my people have come to trust memory over history while history serves only those who seek to control it those who would douse the flame of memory in order to put out the dangerous fire of truth beware these men for they are dangerous themselves and unwise
hidden deep beneath the canyon walls of the new mexico desert lies a mysterious ancient city a place of magic rituals astronomical alignments and supernatural legends this massive city was lost for centuries when its occupants seemingly vanished overnight nearly one thousand years ago to this day archaeologists and historians are unable to piece together exactly what happened here so we traveled into the ruins looking for any clues that will help us
understand the true history of the canyon what we soon would discover is a history far more shocking than anyone can believe so join us for a unique look into chaco canyon home of the ancient ones the anasazi were an ancient culture that lived in the colorado plateau no one knows why they built their fortified cities but we do know that their entire civilization ended suddenly when they abandoned their homes some have speculated that the nature spirits worshipped by the anasazi became
destructive demons when the community ceased to maintain their sacred laws these beings terrorize the population often appearing to children before taking them away forever the ancient anasazi people had superior knowledge of mathematics astronomy ritual magic and some claim they also possessed supernatural abilities during research for our best-selling book on the path of the immortals i was given the unprecedented opportunity really to sit down with and to film dr don moe's
jr a third generation medicine man who i met with for a large part of the day during our investigation and he told me the oldest legends of the anasazi which he had been told by his great-grandfather who likewise had been told by his ancestors which included stories of the anasazi turning to sorcery to sacrifice cannibalism after they had lost their way
and were driven insane by a reptilian creature which they depict with a halo above his head of all things images of that being are by the way included in the petroglyphs and i believe that they likely attest to the fallen reptile or reptiles of biblical fame which also misled humanity he began drawing in the sand on the floor and reciting the first part of the story
of the ancient anasaze and how it had been repeated to him by his father and grandfather who had also been told by their ancestors and so on a legend that dr mose alone had undoubtedly repeated hundreds of times before at the navajo school now since it was obvious to us that this navajo historian was really indifferent to our camera and our recording plans and in fact i could tell he was really uncomfortable with us
putting him on film but thankfully he let us proceed nevertheless but i sat there and listened respectfully as he proceeded for nearly two hours to describe to this white man what's only ever been allowed a few times in history before and that is the legendary stories of creation of giants of a great flood of a reptilian deceiver all from the voice of the nation's top medicine man
dr mose even sang to us in the antiquated tongue of what i would call old testament history paralleled in their earliest antiquity using the navajo language for centuries tribal elders have been telling stories of unbelievable supernatural events that occurred in the canyon events so shocking the ancient ones carved pictures depicting these events into the canyon walls as a semi-permanent record of what happened here the 15-mile long canyon is home to over
a dozen large complexes the largest named pueblo benito has over 800 rooms and sections that were over five stories tall tucked away on a cliff face hidden behind pueblo bonito lies one of the canyon's most telling secrets three feet carved into the mountainside with six toes each are these six toed carvings showing the feet of a nephilim giant depicted in the bible from the book of chronicles chapter 20 verse six quote and yet again
there was war with gath where was a man of great stature whose fingers and toes were four and twenty six on each hand and six on each foot and he was also the son of a giant legends from all over the american southwest speak of giants six-fingered red-haired giants that used to terrorize these people they speak of evil cannibalistic giants that would terrorize the tribes with their hunger for human flesh these giants are said to have inhabited these areas for thousands
of years not only do they speak of giants however they also mention monstrous creatures that were summoned into the canyon these creatures were carved into the canyon walls for everyone to see not only did dr mo's substantiate the age-old and globally recorded story of those who come through portals and the impact that they have had on biblical and global history past and present not only did he weave navajo
indian myths and legends seamlessly with our understanding of the six days of creation the arrival of the nephilim and their connection to judgment by a global flood followed by the repopulating of people around the world and then a second incursion of the giants but there were several instances in which when i pushed dr mose for greater detail he would go off script actually delineating from the official navajo storyline
to provide greater consistency between history and the way the bible itself recorded certain events for example as moses was following the official storyline the one that you would get from the parks department in the four corners of the u.s about how the anasazi didn't disappear but rather they slowly migrated out of the area and became the modern pueblo indians i expressed doubts to dr mose about that story
and he responded by grinning just a little bit and saying well i probably shouldn't tell you this but and then he proceeded to tell us the older stories that his grandfather had repeated about these mysterious people actually disappearing after they come after they came under mind control from a reptile with a halo this carnivorous creature um suspiciously similar to what
i later described in the path of the immortals book as fiery seraphim which comes from the hebrew seraph the hebrew old testament fiery serpent all throughout chaku canyon are these massive circular structures called kivas the kivas are perfect circles that are built into the earth for the purpose of magic rituals ceremonies and religious practices they were used extensively by the anasazi who according to their own verbal history used the kivas to summon
monstrous creatures into this dimension now another case in point is when i told dr mose of what we had learned from the apache about cannibalistic giants and then god destroying them in a flood and he looks right into the camera and he says oh yes and then he reaches over and he picks up this illustrated book that he had authored that's used in the navajo nation schools and libraries and he opened to show us an artist's depiction of a giant
that had stood between 30 and 40 feet tall and then he starts saying there was this time when the earth was infested with such great giants and alien gods that came down and destroyed and ate the people some of them were in human form others he said were monsters like human animal hybrids which i think the old testament also describes and then he followed that story with the famous navajo legend of the white shale woman
who gave birth to two of the most important characters in navajo mythology the twin miracle-performing sons one of uh whose names literally translates slayer of alien gods and his twin brother and that together those two great warriors killed many of the giants hybrids and the monsters that were destroying mankind as dr mose described these ancient tells
i couldn't help but think of david killing goliath and then later other giants with his mighty men then there was a point where moses paused and he said you know when the christian missionaries first came to america and told our people their stories of the giants and the great flood he said we smiled and let them know that we already knew these stories that they had been told to us long ago by our own ancestors we know that the ancient ones used
petroglyphs in order to document their history and events that happened to them petroglyphs like this the spiral the spiral is found over and over again in almost every ancient culture worldwide the spiral symbol can be found from the jungles of peru to the frozen tundras of siberia the spiral can be seen as a symbol of a portal an inter-dimensional portal used by entities as a transport between worlds this is evident by the petroglyphs and the stories they tell
now let's take a look at some of the petroglyphs we found during our exploration of chaco canyon what we see here are depictions of supernatural creatures coming directly out of the spiral and manifesting themselves in our reality over and over again we see the same imagery carved into the walls literal monsters emerging from these spirals and oftentimes you can see they are still connected to the spiral and other times they're standing right next to it you also see images of humans getting
sucked into the spiral upside down and on the other side emerges a monster this is a common theme throughout the canyon and these depictions can be found at numerous petroglyph sites in chaco canyon and they all seem to be telling us the same exact story during our investigation of the canyon we came across several interesting petroglyphs depictions of monsters dragons grey aliens and weird looking beings but i never found what i was looking for we searched the entire park
for the six toed footprints of the nephilim giants these footprints have been documented numerous times by mainstream publications yet they're nowhere to be found i started to wonder maybe they're hiding the footprints so i decided to stop a park ranger and ask him the conversation went a little bit like this oh excuse me sir can i ask you a quick question and the ranger replies yes absolutely what can i help you find i'm looking for these six-toed footprints that were carved in the canyon wall behind casa bonita do you know where those are the ranger says ah
yes those footprints they're located in an off-limits area unfortunately we closed it off to the public closed to the public makes you wonder what else they have closed off to the public and as we were about to leave the park we decided to go and watch the 30-minute video inside the visitor center and what we saw was shocking they showed us petroglyphs from inside the park like no other we have ever seen perfectly clear images of interdimensional beings with pyramids stacked on top of their head we walked
through the entire park and did not see these petroglyphs so it made me wonder where are these petroglyphs and what else are they hiding from us in 1999 an anthropologist working for the university of utah published a book entitled man corn cannibalism and violence in the prehistoric american southwest the term man corn is the literal translation of the aztec word tiak talawi which refers to a quote sacred meal of sacrificed human meat
cooked with corn in turner's book they provide evidence of cannibalism in 72 ancient anasazi sites including chaco canyon forensic evaluations of bones found at these sites proves they were cannibalized but the question is by whom who were eating the anasazi after the collapse of chaco canyon around 11 50 a.d the remaining members of the anasazi spread out and separated they moved deep into remote canyons and started building their new dwellings high up on cliff
faces or on highly fortified mesas to archaeologists it's as if the anasazi were overtaken by some strange paranoia hiding from some terrible enemy but no matter how hard they looked no enemy was found or was it and keeping in mind that these legends materialized globally at approximately the same time it's more likely than not in my opinion that the universal story agrees with the record of every major culture of the
ancient world in which the astonishingly consistent story is told of gods that descended from heaven and or came through spiral vortices to materialize in bodies of flesh from rome to greece and before that to egypt persia assyria babylonia sumer the earliest records of civilization tell of the era when powerful beings known to the hebrews as watchers and in the book of genesis as the beneca elohim
the sons of god mingled themselves with humans giving birth to part celestial part-terrestrial hybrids known as nephilim the bible says this happened when men began to increase on earth and daughters were born to them when the sons of god saw the women's beauty and they took wives from among them to sire their unusual offspring i believe a record of this first incursion of hybrid humans and six-toed
giants is recorded in genesis 6 4 when it says there were giants in the earth in those days that's the first incursion before the flood and also after that that is after the flood the second incursion when the sons of god came in unto the daughters of men and they bear children to them the same became mighty men which were of old men of renown almost nothing is known about the stones at all the man who had the milk remains
anonymous [Music] there are some that interpret the messages here as a sign of the end of days sign of the end of days in the middle of a field in georgia lies one of america's most mysterious monuments today we are here at the georgia guidestones and you've probably heard of it before but what are they what do they mean and who built them we are here investigating this so so join us for this unique look into the mystery of the georgia guidestones
nobody knows exactly who built them or why the only clues to its origin are on a nearby plaque on the ground which reveals the dimensions and explains a series of intricate notches and holes that correspond to the movements of the sun and the stars also carved into the guide stones our series of commandments that have come to be known as the ten commandments of the antichrist these commandments appear in eight of the world's most spoken languages english spanish swahili hindi hebrew arabic chinese and russian
as well as modern languages the stones also have four ancient languages carved into them babylonian and cuneiform script ancient greek sanskrit and ancient egyptian hieroglyphs we know the babylonian cuneiform was the first written language ever to be used by humans it would also be the language used by nimrod during the tower of babel incident genesis 11 1-9 tells us that the lord god himself was fed up with what nimrod was doing at the tower of babel so what did he do he spread the people all
around the world and confused their language quote now the whole earth spoke one language and used the same words and as the people journeyed eastward they found a plane in the land of china and they settled there they said to one another come let us make bricks and fire them thoroughly so they use brick for stone and they use tar for mortar they said come let us build a city for ourselves and a tower whose top will reach into the heavens and let us make a name for ourselves so that we will not be scattered and be dispersed over the surface of the entire earth now the lord came down to see the city in the tower
which the sons of men had built and the lord said behold they are one people and they all have the same language this is only the beginning of what they will do and now no evil thing they imagine they can do will be impossible for them come let us go down and confuse and mix up their language so that they will not understand one another's speech so the lord scattered them abroad from there over the surface of the entire earth and they stopped building the city therefore the name of the city was babel because the lord confused the language of the entire earth and from that place the
lord scattered and dispersed them over the surface of all the earth basically the lord confused and mixed up the language of people then supernaturally spread them around the world so that the magical information they were working with would become fragmented and dispersed now in my opinion what the georgia guy stones are is the sort of reversal of genesis 11 as seen through the eyes of the enemy as believers we know that the word of god and the judgments of god can never be reversed and everything they do in that
regard will be in vain that doesn't stop them from trying however and the georgia guidestones are nothing more than man's attempt at trying to bypass the creator of the universe good luck with that the true purpose of the georgia guidestones is unknown but what most people agree upon is that the guide stones are meant to instruct survivors of the apocalypse or a major catastrophic event on how to rebuild society written on the stones are what has become known as the ten commandments of the antichrist let's read them
together number one maintain humanity under 500 million in perpetual balance with nature maintain humanity under 500 million well seeing how the world's population is over 7 billion currently for this to occur it would mean over 95 of the world would have to perish can you think of any scenarios that would end with this result i know i sure can furthermore to maintain humanity under 500 million would be in direct opposition to the word of god because god instructed us to
be fruitful and multiply not to maintain the world's population at a certain number number two guide reproduction wisely improving fitness and diversity what does this sound like to you guide reproduction wisely improving fitness and diversity there was a famous group of people who tried to do this exact same thing that's right the nazis this is called eugenics and is precisely what the nazis did when trying to create their master race think about it think about what that means guide reproduction wisely that means they want full control
over the gene pool improving fitness and diversity in the context of dna and genes meaning they don't want average people breeding the peasants will most likely be sterilized to ensure no authorized births will occur again a direct attack on the word of god they're trying to be their own gods putting faith in themselves rather than the most high number three unite humanity with a living new language again this ties back into the genesis 11 reversal they're trying to achieve here the most high god judged babylon and scattered the people
and forced them to speak unknown and new languages and this third commandment is exactly the reverse of what happened in babel again good luck with that number four rule passion faith tradition and all things with tempered reason another blatant attack on the most high passion and tradition sure those are of the flesh and they can be put aside faith however this is what this commandment is targeting they want people to give up their faith in jesus christ and replace it with reason they attack faith in jesus christ because they know those who
believe in him will be untouchable and more powerful than they could ever imagine number five protect people and nations with fair laws and just courts now this one's interesting most people might read this and think well okay this one's actually pretty good but is it really let's take a closer look to protect people and nations with fair laws and just courts okay on the surface this sounds all right because we all have an idea of what just and fair is but what if those who make those rules have a very different idea of just and fair and
it turns out that your just and fair and their just and fair are completely different things you see justice and fairness only come from the lord and all people are fallen and all people are sinners so their sense of justice and fairness can be whatever that specific person wants it to be at the time without god's word as our foundation we are left to our own twisted imaginations and all you have to do is look at your history books under medieval torture to see what can pass for justice and fairness in an unsaved human's sick mind number six let all nations rule
internally resolving external disputes in a world court again who is in control of this court is it mr antichrist himself because it's another case of giving too much power over to a small amount of people and we all know where that's gonna lead us number seven avoid petty laws and useless officials petty laws useless officials what is their definition of petty is it theft prostitution assault what about murder you see when we're left up to our own interpretations the
lines become blurred number eight balance personal rights with social duties balance personal rights with social duties so what you're only allowed to have rights once you complete your daily tasks welcome to costco i love you costco i love you no thank you we are created as free-willed beings by the most high and there is no law or quote social duties that can take that away from us number nine prize truth beauty love seeking harmony with the infinite prize truth
the question is whose truth is it because we know there are many different versions of the quote truth depending on who you talk to here's the thing that most people don't realize there is only one truth and that truth is the truth of our king jesus christ outside of that nothing can be trusted the rest of this commandment prize beauty love and seek harmony with the infinite is nothing more than new age idealism brought forth by lucifer in the garden of eden and lastly number 10 and last be not a cancer on the earth leave room for nature leave room for nature you see all
this is is another example of how godless people worship the creation rather than the creator because they exchanged the truth about god for a lie and worshiped and served the creature rather than the creator who was blessed forever amen now there are many more things we can talk about with the georgia guidestones i can go into detail about the astronomical alignments and show you what happens on the spring and summer solstices i could talk about the man who paid for the guide stones to be built or the fact
that he used a pseudonym r c christian we could look into rc christian and connect us dots to the secret society of the rose cross or the rosa crucians we could look into the rosicrucian mysteries and how they are reportedly involved in mind control and brainwashing activities we could look at their former members and see that a man named sirhan sirhan was a member of the rose cross and just so happened to also be the assassin of robert kennedy we could examine the location of the guidestones and see that it's in a location that is considered a safe zone
in the event of a nuclear winter a magnetic pole shift a meteor strike or any other global catastrophe but we are just going to skip all that stuff because this whole thing can be broken down into its most basic components a group of satanic occultists erected a monument that is designed to last through the apocalypse this monument is a symbolic attempted reversal of god's judgment in genesis 11 reuniting the scattered fragments of the babylonian mystery schools back into one people one
language and one god which is lucifer these occultists can try all they want but it won't make a difference why because they've already been defeated they're on the losing side and at this point their only hope is to turn away from their sins and embrace our lord and savior jesus christ so there you have it the georgia guidestones what do you think about this place what's your opinion on the commandments that are carved into the rocks do you think these stones were built to withstand the apocalypse please
leave a comment below and tell the world how you feel about the guidestones and if you haven't done so already don't forget to hit that like button and until next time thank you all for watching and god bless you all if you feel like there's something wrong with the world you're not alone millions of people around the world are looking around and seeing a world they don't recognize people look around and they see what's happening in the world and they're frightened and i'm here to tell you there's no reason to be scared and everything is under control if you
have this one simple thing you don't want to miss this video hey what's up everybody anthony's productions here so things are happening huh it seems like every day things are getting worse and worse we have not only the things that we see going on that are obvious we also have things that are happening behind the scenes and things that a lot of people aren't talking about and in this video we're going to talk about some of those things but first before we get into anything i want to do something i'm going to read from the
bible here the book of romans chapter 12 verse 1 therefore i urge you brothers in view of god's mercy to offer your bodies as living sacrifices holy and pleasing to god this is your spiritual act of worship do not conform any longer to the patterns of this world but be transformed by the renewing of your mind then you will be able to test and approve what god's will is his good pleasing and perfect will
so do not conform to this world what does that mean it means be a non-conformist you know you see the world going one direction go the opposite you see people doing one thing do the opposite and you might you might think oh why would i want to do the opposite of what other people are doing because that's what the lord wants you to do you know the world is just it's it's fallen it's a terrible place things are getting so much worse and the lord doesn't want you to be a part of that he wants you to be separate from the world he wants you to be
with him at all times you know you just i know it's hard to do it really is and it's especially with all the things happening and all the loss of freedoms that's going on right now a lot of people they're tempted to just you know give up and just conform to the world but i'm telling you our time is running out you don't have that much longer to wait and if you're worried about what's coming don't be the lord is going to take care of you i mean if the lord is with you who can be against you nobody look behind me the person that created
everything is on your side he's got your back i mean how much more clear can it be you know people are starting to just become a little bit anxious you know i've noticed it i've noticed in the comments people asking what do i need to do to survive get a bible and read it the lord will take care of you jesus said look at the birds why do you care about what you're wearing about what you're going to eat when the birds don't care right the lord provides for the birds
how much more is he going to provide for you he's going to provide for you way more right now what do birds do to survive it's easy they fly around they get seeds they land on flowers they utilize his creation to survive and i think that's what we're supposed to do too we're supposed to be in his creation we're not supposed to be separate from it we're supposed to be a part of nature everything on this earth was made for us and you know the world is trying to separate us from that they're trying to keep us inside they're trying to keep us
separated from each other and we know that that's not what the what the lord wants we were made to be with believers we were made for fellowship we were made to glorify god with other people we weren't made to sit alone at home watching tv in the dark all the time i want to tell you guys a little secret about me so my ancestors actually helped build this country what does that mean it means that my ancestors fought in the civil war
against each other and my dad fought in the revolutionary war against the tyranny of the british and also my ancestors have been traced back to plymouth rock where they fled the british and set up their own territory so what does that mean means that even people like me who love this country we love what it stands for and everything about this country is just it's in our blood people like me
we know things are things are not getting better and things are never going to get better so when i said earlier things are under control well what exactly did i mean by that well i hate to say it but things are under control in a way that you probably don't want to hear you see the bible tells us exactly what's going to happen step by step play by play and when i say things are under control they are absolutely under control but the lord is in control not man not people the will of man is irrelevant in these times you know why because the
will of god is going to be playing out in our everyday lives more than you can even imagine so i think we really have to just let go of the idea that we can somehow stop what's coming or save our country or save the world because we can't you know evil has taken over and when evil takes over there's no turning back i mean look what happened in the garden i mean everything we see all terrible things is a direct result of that so if you want the world to get better
if you want peace if you want to see good things happen your only option today is to turn to jesus christ and if you already know jesus christ well keep reading your bible keep praying and keep asking him for guidance because what's going to come on this earth he said is going to make men's hearts fail them what does that mean people are gonna look up in the sky and have a heart attack like they're just gonna fall dead like that because they're so scared of what's coming so i don't want you to fall into that i don't want you guys if you're watching this video don't be scared don't be frightened because
god has your back and you might be thinking well i don't have anything to prepare i don't have any food the lord will provide ask him for food ask him for supplies and you know what what happened to the israelites when they're in the desert for 40 days right 40 nights the lord provided them man up from heaven you don't think he'll do that to us i mean i i honestly do i think that if the time comes the lord will provide us with supernatural food why because we are his people and he loves us he doesn't want to see us
get sad and depressed and you know anxiety filled and hopeless he wants to see us hopeful because the king is coming back and when the king comes back guess what it's party time that's our super bowl i want to be there i want to be there with him right next to jesus when the bottomless pit opens up and we can just start ripping into these uh demons basically so i don't know about you guys but i'm excited for it i'm not excited for what's going to happen i'm not not excited for the chaos
that's going to ensue before these things happen i'm not excited for mr ac to show up on the scene i am excited for the two witnesses though that's going to be pretty cool so i don't know guys i think that's pretty much it um things are happening chaos has not quite shown his face yet but it's building up to it right our system is so fragile right now i mean we know about the shortages we know about the 500 000 container ships that are sitting off the coast and
for some reason they're not being allowed to unload them so we know about the the shortages we know about everything coming uh but the one thing we don't know is when exactly and the timelines but luckily we don't need to know that because the lord has our backs so if you're feeling stressed out if you're feeling anxiety just pray read the bible pray give all of your stress to the lord he's going to take it away from you and what's he going to do he's going to fill you with joy and peace
a peace that you probably haven't felt in a long time and i'll tell you what the peace of the lord is probably the best thing anybody's ever seen or felt because it's just it melts away everything so if you're feeling it just pray you know i want to thank you all for watching this video also one more thing if you happen to like my content you know and you want to see more stuff from me check out my other channel destination nowhere i don't talk or anything in it it's literally just nature videos i love i love god's creation i love
nature so i'm literally just taking the camera into the woods going for hikes or just nature scenes so if you like nature videos check it out the links in the description destination nowhere and until next time thank you all for watching and god bless you all it's time to get right with god because jesus is coming very soon he's at the door it's the apocalypse end of days the judgment day the end of the world my friend jesus warned that in the last days many are going to
grow cold the scripture says because iniquity shall abound the love of many shall grow cold and he said this is going to happen in the time he called the beginning of sorrows and folks we're living in what jesus said i believe there's on my heart that we're living in the beginning of sorrows we're living in a time of unprecedented greed rampant iniquity sexual perversions beyond
and jesus said in those times in the beginning of sorrows many hearts are going to grow cold and he said they're going to turn away this is not the day if you've chosen this day if if you were still walking with a cold heart you've chosen the wrong time this is not the time according to scripture to reject the loving call of christ i hear people say i can get right with god anytime i
choose i'll know the time i'm not ready yet and i'll know the time i i have some things i want to accomplish in my life and i have friends and i want to enjoy myself and when i'm when i'm ready i'll come to god now there's some problems with that and there are issues that you've got to understand because coldness leads to hardness those who receive not the love of the
truth will fall into the deceivableness of sin hardness a heart that is beyond the influence of the gracious pleading of christ they placed themselves beyond the pleadings of the holy spirit it's a self-imposed exclusion with no intention of ever obeying the call of the gospel no intention ever no matter what preachers preached no matter how
the lord himself could come down in the flesh the bible said today many would not believe coldness leads to hardness now is the time to get right with god because this generation is lost secondly has lost the fear of god there's no fear of god left in the land because remember that god is not mocked this past week i come out of the apartment and there on the bus on the side there's no god have fun london all over the buses
there is no god that's party and you see if you have no fear of god you have to invent a gospel of convenience and this is what's happened in america and around the world you see man can't get away from that nagging sense and that's the holy spirit who says there's death and then there's judgment there's a day of standing before god to give an account and the bible makes it very very clear there's a heaven and there's a hell
and there's a day we're going to have to get an account and there is a hell and and jesus said there's a hell of fire and weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth a darkness that can be felt and there is a hell but but you see man has to invent a gospel where there's no god and that's where we are in the united states around the world right now no hell no heaven this is it so just live it up and have
have your time have your fun you see the devil knew that he couldn't take that out of his gospel because everybody at lee said he's a good man he was a teacher he's a prophet and so he brings in a jesus that is tolerant that's the key word right now tolerance tolerant toward everything there's no such thing as sin there's no such thing as a sinner there's no such thing as judgment and so they can try as they will but now the spirits speak the latter
times some shall depart from the faith giving heed to seducing spirits and doctrines of devils speaking lies and hypocrisy having their conscience seared with a hard iron now see what i'm preaching to you now is mercy it's if i i was thinking last night the bible said there's a narrow road that leads to eternal life and there's a wide road leading to destruction and you see them coming the road and they're heading pale mouth or over the hill and there's a
glow on the other side of the hill and you know i stand there any man of god who's standing there and saying turn back go back go back friends i say that's mercy that is mercy [Music] what i'm giving to you now is the mercy of god who so loved you that he put you in a seat in this church this day and said today now
is a time to make it right no one knows the time or the hour but jesus told it's going to happen what's going to happen prior to his coming he gives very clear evidence jesus said there'll be wars there will come false christs but don't be terrified because the end is not yet then nations shall rise against nation kingdom against kingdom great earthquakes shall be in diverse places and famines and pestilences and fearful sights and great signs in
the heaven and then he said don't don't be concerned about the wars and earthquakes he said but then shall they see the son of man come in a cloud with power and great glory but one what does he mean by what then listen to what he said when men's hearts fail them for fear and for looking upon those things that are coming on the earth it's one of the sure signs when everywhere there's fear men's hearts are failing them just watching
those things that are coming on the earth it's the same spirit that has come here this year now been here but now coming in a special way of invitation i'm pleading with you i haven't harangued i have not pushed i speak as an oracle of god i've humbled myself before the lord and said god i came here 50 years to win 50 years ago to win souls and god promised me that
many would be awakened because he comes now i'm going to close in just a moment but i want to remind you of hosea 11th chapter 7th verse my people were bent on backsliding from me but then all of a sudden you read this how can i give you up how can i give you up please hear what the spirit is saying in the 11th 14th chapter first verse
verse 4 i will heal your backsliding i will love you freely for my anger has been turned away from you see god's not angry at you he's not mad at you he's pleading with you saying now jesus said come unto me all ye that labor and are heavy laden i'll give you rest take my yoke upon you and learn of me
for i am meek and i'm lowly in heart and you shall find rest for your souls take on my yoke it's easy my burden is light you'll find it's not difficult when you come to him and say lord come i repent i give you my heart i give you my sins make me new lord i'm troubled yes i've been down i've been in despair and i have not known peace but jesus says all i'm asking you now is coming
it's about those marvel movies yeah i used to love those but something ever since i became christian yeah there's something inside of me and isn't it interesting the way hollywood is beating this drum about the return of the titans thanos the mad titan uh sam worthington who was in clash of the titans and wrath of the titans starred in a movie last year who went straight to netflix called the titan and the new godzilla movie where they have rebranded them they're no longer mutos which is what monsters of unusual size or whatever rebranded them as the titans the original and rightful rulers of earth because again presenting them as titans
the original and rightful rulers of the earth the titans are still around in fact i argue in my book last clash of the titans that they are somehow still influencing things on this earth even though they are currently chained in the abyss revelation 9 says they're going to get out for five and a half months at the end when when the nephilim returned and we understand that the uh the nephilim the spirits of the nephilim that were destroyed in the days of noah in the flood uh were barred entrance into the afterlife into the netherworld into heaven basically condemned to roam the earth that was the belief of the early
church that was a belief of the jews in the time of jesus and through all you know the old testament period um it wasn't until augustine in about the fifth century that that belief went away he also basically turned the church away from believing that the nephilim had been created at all um ezekiel though saw it and this is the thing um you know god bless people like l.a marzulli have been you know teaching this for a long time he's right the nephilim are returning
um where i differ with la and you know i've got to give him credit because without him and his book nephilim which was a novel that got me down this path i would never i wouldn't be here right now but i think ezekiel 39 is is a clue but you got to understand the worldview of the prophets to understand what ezekiel was writing in ezekiel 39 he's writing about the culmination of the war of gog and magog and gog was the old testament antichrist figure okay he is the figure that john in the book of revelation calls the antichrist
that is the same war that culminates with the battle of armageddon which is fought for the har mo aid god's mount of assembly which is zion the temple mount in jerusalem ezekiel says god said that he will prepare a place in israel for burial of magog the forces of magog the valley of the travelers east of the sea refers to east of the dead sea and it will block the travelers the key is understanding that travelers in the old testament concept in the old testament world
were spirits that would travel or cross over from one plane of existence to another in other words the realm of the dead to the land of the living and the places where he identifies east of the dead sea are places that during the exodus the stations of the exodus refer to a couple of places that are named for these interactions with the spirit realm one of the stops in the exodus one of the stations of the exit is called ovoth which means spirits of the dead it's based on a root word ove which means
medium the medium of endor that saul went to see was the ove of endor in fact one of the giants killed by david's men ishbi we it they condensed the word ishbi banab is how it looks to us in english ishbi ben of ishbi son of the necromancer son of the medium and he was of the descendants of the rapha the sons of the rephaim the rephaim were these spirits that the amorites the canaanites
believed were the spirits of the mighty men who were of old the ancestors of their kings they were called in canaanite texts called by scholars the rephaim texts written about the time of the judges where these rephyim were summoned through necromancy rituals to the tabernacle of l mount hermon where l they believed would speak words of revivation to resurrect these spirits that were called warriors of baal
and in these texts they're described as warriors they mount their chariots and they travel first one day and then another and at dawn of the third day they arrive to be resurrected like jesus who went down and preached and proclaimed to the spirits in prison until dawn of the third day when he arrived except that he really was resurrected and ezekiel in ezekiel 39 says this
is where these travelers will be buried one another one of the stops on the in fact the mountain where moses was led by god to get his only view of the holy land the promised land climb this mountain of the avarim in hebrew that means travelers mount nebo is the mountain of the travelers it's right there across from jericho in the plains of moab and that's where this demonic army will fall now i believe that the nephilim
will return i believe they're going to be the demons who possess a human army i think by this point the restrainer will have been removed the church will be removed so i pray i'm right that we won't be here for that day because that's the day of armageddon and when this demonic army comes against jerusalem to try to claim god's mount of assembly just like lucifer in isaiah 14 i will establish my mountains of assembly on mount zephon
raise himself above the stars the angels of god on that day when god personally takes the battlefield which ezekiel describes the travelers will be destroyed and interestingly in that verse in ezekiel 39 he says then the world will know i am the holy one in israel that phrase is similar to one that we see in the old testament many times the holy one of israel ezekiel 39 after he destroys the antichrist army in the war of the battle of armageddon
that ends the war of gog and magog he becomes the holy one in israel because he's in he's on the battlefield so yes that is when i mean the nephilim have always been here if they're the spirits of those who died in the flood they've always been with us because demons have always been with us but on that day they will be inhabiting the bodies of the i believe this army that comes against israel it will literally be an army of the evil dead like the ultimate zombie apocalypse god puts a stop to it and what does it mean
when ezekiel writes in ezekiel 39 11 it will block the travelers the word translated block is only used one other place in the bible it's in deuteronomy the verse that talks about thou shalt not muzzle and ox when he treads out the grain muzzle i'm not quite sure what that means but if we take it in context of what paul tells us in first corinthians 15 that you know we shall not all sleep but we shall all be changed we will be resurrected maybe that's what god is saying i will block the travelers they're dead and they are staying dead when the rest of
us are resurrected into new glorified bodies [Music] this place was already i think was already demon infested uh there was a a horrific murder that occurred there six months before we moved into the place the the blood from the murder was still in the the front room of the trailer like we had to clean that and it wasn't just a little bit bit of blood i mean it was a pool of blood in the in the room covered with like clothed clothes this
is josh peck and you are watching end times productions i was astral projecting and meditating you know i was like leaving my body and all this stuff and i do believe that is real i believe that can happen i just don't i now understand why it's forbidden in the bible uh it'll it opens a spiritual door where just anything can come through so i lived in this trailer with with my wife christina we uh just had our first uh daughter jaclyn and i i was doing all this new age stuff
leaving my body and all of a sudden um we just got like a flood of demonic activity in the trailer [Applause] [Music] it didn't help matters that this place was already i think was already demon infested uh there was a a horrific murder that occurred there six months before we moved into the place uh which is why it was so cheap i only had five hundred dollars to my name that's all i had to to buy a home for my my new wife
and i and and you know our daughter and uh so uh it was all i could afford come to find out and i didn't find out until after i bought it but i bought this trailer found out that a girl had been raped and murdered there uh really sick stuff but it was so bad and this this trailer park was so unkempt that the the blood from the murder was still in the the front room of the trailer like we had to clean that and it wasn't just a little bit bit of
blood i mean it was a pool of blood in the in the room covered with like old clothes and carpet squares and things so we when we first looked at the place to buy it we didn't see that we didn't see it until we went in there and picked up the clothes and saw there was blood all over the place it was it was awful and it had been baking in the sun for six months so it was it i i think that was already a demonically charged place we just didn't really know the extent of it until after we moved in uh my daughter who was she was one at the time and she was having night terrors all of a sudden
she's never had a problem with that before or since uh but she would wake up just screaming unconsul like just you couldn't do anything to calm her down you know like all we could do is just like hold her and she would just scream for like 20 minutes until she'd fall back asleep my wife and i were both having sleep paralysis almost on a nightly basis we would see the exact same things we would see what's called shadow people now but we recognize them as demons we would see the same types of demons doing the same things and so it wasn't just a shared hallucination or anything
like that it was stuff that was actually happening we were seeing stuff in the middle of the day we would see these these dark shadowy figures walk by our window in broad daylight we had a we had an atheist roommate who was you know helping the bills and stuff we had an atheist roommate who didn't believe in anything and she was seeing stuff too she was seeing orbs just like manifest and then shoot towards our room and she would say that like she would just get like this feeling of of like anger from this thing like this thing just seemed really angry and evil like she would use words like
that this is an atheist that that was like every day and it was i mean it was like hell on earth it was horrible and it finally brought me to a place where i had to realize okay i am not in control of the situation and we cannot live like this so um when all that was occurring i had just learned about this guy named la marzulli i had never heard of this type of christianity where people actually investigate this stuff uh and and l.a uh he and i are really good friends now um but you know i never
heard of him he i saw him on a show he was talking about how he came out of the new age and so i took a chance and emailed him and i'm thinking this guy's on tv he's not gonna he's not gonna write me back but uh his wife peggy actually got a hold of me and said hey l.a wants to talk to you are you up for a phone call and i was like yeah you know so the next day i he called me we ended up talking for an hour or so but he gave me a crash course in spiritual warfare and he said you know what i'm saying now that you know all of this stuff is real um and but the the good news is that
if you use the the authority in the name of jesus christ you can cast this stuff out you can close these portals you know you can you can stop this from happening but you got to recognize it's not you by your own power doing it it's jesus granting you his authority like you can use the name of jesus it's his authority it's his name it's not anything we're doing but we're allowed to exercise in that if we follow jesus so that's what i did finally i submitted to jesus and became a christian and gave up all the new age stuff so that also helps answer the question
what can christians do about this stuff it first is to recognize it's real it's all real you know evil forces exist demons fallen angels all that stuff exists but what's also real is the authority in the name of jesus christ so um i went through the whole trailer one day and i went into every room and i commanded stuff out in the name of jesus so i would say in the name of jesus i command you to leave this is a house of god from now on you know no evil spirits are allowed here i command every portal to be closed in the name of jesus and i
went outside and prayed in the name of jesus for a hedge of protection around the trailer and because that was something else la said would be a good idea and from that day on it stopped it was done all the demonic stuff it just it was just like in the blink of an eye it was gone uh the the foreboding feeling that we always got in the front room of the trailer because of the the rape and the murder that happened there it was like it was cleansed spiritually it was kind of it was like nice it was like a nice place to be all of a sudden there was a feeling of comfort that was never there
before and uh it totally changed our lives and that that that's when i realized there is real power here this is like this goes far beyond uh new age astral projection stuff remote viewing stuff i was doing before this is real like this is actually real uh and so that's when i decided well i didn't really decide it was more god laying it on my heart that i i wanted to i wanted to do what l.a was doing basically i wanted to write books i wanted to speak at conferences i wanted to inform christians about the reality of
the spiritual war that we're all engaged in whether we recognized it or not so that's what i'm doing to this day that's what i'm doing in this uh in in this film and uh you know i just i just praise god for uh every moment of it there there there's real things that are happening that most christians aren't aware of and so but it's good and it's encouraging to see more christians are waking up to this kind of stuff amazing so to anybody who's watching if you're going through this or if you fear that you might have to go through this someday or even if this is just something that you're curious about and
maybe you feel a pull maybe there's something in you that knows that there's truth here that there's reality here i would i would implore you to call out to jesus pray to jesus ask him to come into your life and from now on just spend your time learning about jesus get into the word get into the bible you know you don't have to know everything up front jesus doesn't require that of us you know we just have to take that first initial step of faith ask him into your heart tell him you know that he died on the cross for your sins because none of
us are perfect we're all sinners we're all in the trenches together but jesus died so we don't have to bring those sins into eternity with us when we die if that happens if we die and we bring our sins into eternity we're eternally separated from god we can never be reconciled at that point but if we accept jesus's free gift of salvation then we can be saved and we then we can be reconciled back to god when we when we die we can be with him in eternity in heaven so i would just ask that if you feel that pull even if even if
you don't feel it very strong but you feel that there's something there um and you know that this isn't all you know just a just a bunch of garbage that uh that's being told to you but you know you know deep in your heart that there's something real here call out to jesus ask him to reveal more to you uh spend your time learning about him call out to him ask for his free gift of salvation you won't regret it amen what is on this tape the truth about our government's involvement in a global conspiracy of silence about the existence of extraterrestrial
the world is full of these deep underground military bases that are paid for by black money of course there's the magneto leviton trains that are connecting them all and you try to warn people and get killed and men's hearts will fail them for what they see coming out upon the earth i'm darren geisinger and you're watching end times productions [Music] and i feel like the humanity they're going to melt it all down just in time shipping no one knowing how to grow anything or make anything anymore it's all building this house of cards really
really tall they're going to pull out the bottom card they're going to let the cities depopulate themselves they're going to reduce the population back just like the georgia guidestones mentioned they're going to let all of that happen and they're going to birth this this out of our desperation and when our moment of need when we're hungry when we're dying make no mistake that the earth cracks open smoke and things come out i think that people are going to be at a state when they when when the in the pre-flood stage when people's thoughts were full
of evil all the time i think that we're going to get into a state where uh especially if we take the carrot where we are upgraded that type of a person who's taken this upgrade no longer has the ability to repent people wonder why the mark of the beast is an unforgivable sin it's because a jesus was fully human fully god he died for full humans to pay the penalty for full humans you are no longer under that and when the book of enoch and other books talk more specifically about the giants says there is no salvation for them they're reprobate creations they're they were never designed to exist there's no
ransom for them when people become that then in the future if this happens you can get a crisper genetic kit for 175 now on amazon so we're on the cusp of this if they could become something else a you might not be able to be saved just from that but let's say you open yourself up to someone who can't repent anymore and these these things that have been restrained can fully occupy you well you become evil continually then and then add need and want into it desperate times you're talking about total chaos
i mean yeah i read stories of sailors who are abandoned at sea and in lifeboats and it only takes a week a week and a half for for them to be eating each other and we're talking about hardened military men that are believers and you're what do you what are you looking at miami in baltimore st louis l.a what are these inner cities going to do when they're used to living off monster energy drinks and ho ho's and all of a sudden this whole thing is pulled out what what is that going to look like uh so you add want a need onto
altering ourselves into something else and and christ said there's never been a time like it before and never will be again and if if the days were not shortened there would be no flesh left alive we're waiting for jacob to give us that stew and he won't yet until we give up our final and i believe that when we do that and we become less than human and that starts to spread through the whole population when we are no longer a majority of humans we
have given up our authority on planet earth that the heavenly father has given us and that's when the restrainer will be pulled off we no longer have authority on this planet earth and men's hearts will fail them for what they see coming upon the earth a very famous satanist known as aleister crowley and then his pseudo student jack parsons who is the founder of jet propulsion laboratories those gentlemen were both into magical workings that could undoubtedly have led to uh opening our world to other entities
that that could come through it seemed like at the times that they were doing these incantations that the ufo sightings uh burgeoned took off and so that's where you know our own government started creating programs to try to handle all these sightings and deal with it it seemed like the evidence was supremely there that it looked demonic it almost looked it looked like an invasion but yet as as some very powerful groups were trying to push that warning
other more powerful groups are pushing the e.t solution that they were indeed superior beings visiting from other worlds so talk about a subject that churches like to avoid ufos abductions what does that mean and are they really from other worlds what does an et mean and you know i think if you're if you're in your facebook feed if you're a truther you're often going to see in your scroll or your feed you know aliens or demons don't be fooled unfortunately i actually do not ascribe to that view
that is that is an oversimplification of a very complex problem demons are the disembodied spirits of the giants that died in the flood and they are our great nemesis there is no doubt about it unclean spirits and demons haunt us and as the apostle paul said we fight against them and i have cast away an unclean spirit twice with sleep paralysis using the name of jesus barely being able to get it out of my mouth after a couple minutes and it stopped immediately truth and people should cling to it that is powerful this is where we're in and
all that war and so i think that people need to come away from this interview or wherever you're at more armed more equipped do not fear try to make it easy on the editors at skywatch by not doing that all right so what is spiritual warfare spiritual warfare is really the engagement with the spirit realm uh these principalities and powers that the apostle paul wrote about i mean he made it very clear in ephesians chapter six that's the letter that he wrote to the church at ephesus which is in turkey uh where he said uh we wrestle not against
flesh and blood his point is we're not wrestling against or contending with human opponents even though we may see people of a different political party or different lifestyle choice or different skin color as the enemy that's really not true the true enemy of mankind of all mankind whether we realize it or not it's not you know us humans one against another it's really these principalities powers thrones dominions cosmic rulers of this present darkness paul was talking about spiritual
entities who have rebelled against the creator of the universe and who basically want to destroy humanity and they're doing it by getting us to fight with each other so paul was trying to tell us hey look spiritual warfare guys that's what this is about it's against these principalities and powers and it begins for christians on our knees it's hard because as humans especially as men we see a problem we want to fix it but we're operating in the natural realm you know we've got our natural senses we see a problem and oftentimes that means
fixing the person we disagree with but that's not it the enemy already wins if we already approach that other person with hatred if we as christians want to fulfill the one job jesus gave us which is to make disciples of all nations we have to quit making ourselves a stumbling block between the people who don't know jesus and him amen all right well you kind of answered the second question too but maybe we can go a
little bit deeper into it what specifically are the principalities and powers that the policies are are they you said they're spirit beings now they uh if you can just expand on that a little bit maybe the principalities and powers that paul wrote about uh fall into a couple of different categories i guess the easiest way to describe them would be fallen angels and demons the difference between fallen angels and demons is a simple one fallen angels can manifest corporeally we read in the bible a number of times where
angels interact with humans and do physical things they eat a meal with abraham they eat a meal with gideon they they fight with the citizens of sodom and things like that angels can appear in physical form they can actually do physical things too because we read in genesis chapter six about the angels who saw that the human women were fair and chose wives or perhaps just took wives demons on the other hand
are totally spirit they need to inhabit a physical body in order to interact with the physical plane uh or you know they can they can oppress us which you know can be a feeling of uh depression or or dread um uh anxiety uh stress um in the worst form most intense form demonic possession is where they actually overwhelm and take over a human um it's probably not as spectacular as what we see in the films but it's there
are cases where it does having talked to deliverance ministers or exorcists uh it sometimes gets that spectacular that gruesome that dangerous that frightening but um those would be the powers principalities thrones dominions the way paul writes about them there's got to be some kind of a hierarchy there because those are terms that could also be applied to uh human figures of authority but in the context that he wrote it's pretty clear he's talking about inhuman entities spiritual forces cosmic uh cosmic forces
um but yeah we normally don't perceive them as humans and it's probably best that we don't in fact god made it pretty clear to moses that he didn't want humans trying to contact the spirit realm do not consult mediums do not talk to necromancers because we as humans are not prepared for the interaction we see a being that is indescribably beautiful a being of light and we assume he's one of the good guys but as paul warned his readers even satan appears as an angel of light
the demonic realm the spirit realm they really don't have anything to gain by scaring literally scaring the hell out of us they would rather lull us into a false sense of security amen brother amazing so are the 70 sons of god from the deuteronomy 32 worldview the same gods worshipped worldwide from india to peru yes and the interesting thing about that number 70 is that it doesn't necessarily refer to a specific actual number
uh now the bible makes it clear that we were talking about the same ones the gods of the nations because in genesis chapter 10 where we read about the sons the descendants of noah the so-called table of nations there are 70 listed there but in the ancient near east not just with the hebrew culture but all across the ancient near east the acadians the amorites everybody in the ancient near east understood that 70 represented the complete set in other words not one left out so in fact we see that number elsewhere in the old testament like the 70 sons of of
gideon who were slaughtered by uh was it uh abimelech you know even though gideon by the way said i don't want to be the king i'll just make an ephod for myself and you know stuff but his son abimelech or you know uh illegitimate son his name means my father's the king so yeah interesting and he's the one but he but by did gideon really have 70 sons that seems unlikely but it means that all of them were killed except for the
one survivor so the number 70 means all of them the canaanites believed that their chief god the creator god l who um his mount of assembly was mount hermon which is the northern border of israel lebanon and syria today where the watchers descended and made their pact to take human wives uh he held court there with his 70 sons the 70 sons of el you go back a little further in history into the about the time of abraham
and there was a city in northern syria by the name of ebla no i'm sorry imar imar not far from modern aleppo where uh scholars have you know dug up you know the clay tablets and found the records and all that and there was a an annual festival held in the spring uh where the people of emar would sacrifice 70 lambs this was usually done around the the first day of the first month the first of nisan um or you know about two weeks before the the hebrews would later celebrate
passover they would sacrifice 70 lambs for dagon who was their chief god who is just l by a different name degen and the 70 gods of the city again representing all the other gods of the divine council all the other gods other than the chief god the king of the pantheon degan so you've got the canaanites believing they're the ancient amorites of imar with their seventy gods the interesting thing about the 70 is that when god gave the feasts to moses
let me let me back up i'll save that for just a second when god gave the law to moses on mount sinai um but before he gave him the plans for the tabernacle he did something interesting he called moses and said okay you and your brother aaron who was the high priest aaron's two sons and the 70 elders of israel come up mount sinai and so no one else was allowed near the mountain okay so you touch the mountain and you know god would smite you but aaron moses the 70 elders of israel
climb the mountain and they be this is this is in exodus 24. they beheld the god of israel and he did not touch them he did not harm them they beheld the god of israel and ate and they had a meal up there on mount sinai the 70 elders of israel now why did god do that because now wait a minute how is it possible we're told that you man cannot see the face of god and live well this is where one of the examples in the old testament where we see the second power in heaven we begin to get a
picture of the trinity in the old testament yes god the father in all his glory when he passed by moses who was in the cleft of the rock could not see his face because it's it's overwhelming but god in the flesh we see the angel of the lord in the old testament in a number of places that is god in a form that humans can perceive and he called these men up his holy mountain and had a meal it was a symbol of what was going to happen well well it's a symbol of what's going to happen when we are finally restored to
the divine council when god finally brings us back into the divine council which we got kicked out of when adam and eve disobeyed but this was a message to the 70-70 meaning all the gods of the nations this is what is in store for humanity you're toast and you're being replaced it's like the prodigal son the parable of the prodigal son we will someday be welcomed back covered with pig dung and and smelling awful and looking horrible and god will
welcome us with open arms and that is be the restoration of humanity to the divine council his message to the seventy gods again representing all the gods of the nations now here's the thing the feast of tabernacles in the fall i wanted to talk about this in my time today and without getting another hour i couldn't get into it the spring festival this ancient city of uh uh emar pagan city sacrificing 70 lambs in the spring okay around the time of the passover which is when jesus was sacrificed who john the baptist called
behold the lamb of god who takes away the sin of the world okay jesus was the perfect land to sacrifice the fall feast which was the feast as rabbi zev para talked about earlier today the feast of tabernacles when god gave that feast to moses he said okay here's the plan it's a seven day feast a seven day festival on day one you sacrifice thirteen bulls day two you sacrifice twelve day three eleven etcetera seven days counting down by one each day seventy bulls sacrificed
the bulls in the ancient world the bull imagery is connected to these pagan gods over and over again el chief god of the canaanites called bull el chronos chief god of the old gods of the the greeks the titans his name comes from a semitic word meaning horned one and yet god giving the feast to moses said okay here's what passover here's what the the feast of tabernacles represents represents god delivering his people from all the other gods of the world all the other gods of the nations 70 bulls
the complete set not one left out they are sacrificed god has delivered his people from the pagan gods the all the gods that god allowed allotted to the nations of the world and as zepp pointed out when jesus came the first time he was sacrificed as the lamb at passover in the spring when he comes back it's tabernacles time where god delivers his people from the gods of the nations it's beautiful that's amazing it's just mind-blowing and how everything's so perfect and just kind of fits together like that it's just ah i know cold shows all right um so it's
like almost like you read this when i wasn't looking because you're just going through my question let me switch batteries before we die sure [Music] yeah a lot of what we think we know about tammuz and semoramus comes from um alexander hislop and his book the two babylons which was written in the 1860s if i remember correctly and he meant well but he had an extra grind against the roman catholic church and there's a lot of research that's been done since the 1860s a lot of texts that have been found that he did not know about could not
know about because they were still underneath the sand in iraq and syria like the the text from ugarit not found until 1928 some of those not translated until the 1970s 1980s so a lot of what we know about that period of history he was drawing from herodotus the greek historian who whose audience was very open to stuff that made the the orientals um persians uh the the
you know what was left of the acadians and so forth babylonians look bad because herodotus was writing at about the time the persians were you know marching to try to destroy greece so you got to take what herod has wrote with a grain of salt sema ramus was probably an assyrian queen whose name was shamu ramat she ruled as regent for a little while in the late 9th century bc which would be about 811 810 bc to about 800 bc now his lot taught that she was the wife
of nimrod nimrod was the king of uruk now assyria is northern iraq around mosul and kirkuk where the kurds live uruk was down in southeastern iraq that's where the sumerians lived the bible calls it iraq e-r-e-c-h the rook u-r-u-k is what uh it was is how scholars transliterate the name but today we still call it iraq same name 5 000 years after nimrod lived it's the same name
but there's a period of history that scholars call the rook expansion when that city in southeastern iraq dominated the entire fertile crescent as far north as southern turkey they controlled raw materials trading posts basically they dominated for almost a thousand years all of the fertile crescent from the persian gulf to the mountains of southern turkey well nimrod would have lived somewhere in that period when iraq essentially dominated the known world
but about 3100 bc 3000 bc suddenly it all fell apart it all fell apart and scholars saying i'm trying to piece this together now i'm doing some study on this and i'm not well schooled on this so so take this you know as uh tentative but something happened around that period of history that caused a real disruption in society scholars know this and say yeah okay for some reason these uh settled cities and something just there was some disruption there and everything just kind of went to pieces for a while well okay that kind of sounds like what
happened after the tower of babel incident where god confused the languages and suddenly there was a real reshuffling of of the the societies again is there any smoking gun no there's not but nimrod second generation king of uruk after the flood was in southeastern iraq shamu ramat queen of assyria which is northern iraq quite a distance away and about 2 000 years after nimrod died so nimrod and semaramus
wrong millennium wrong nations tammuz uh was de moosie in the ancient sumerian and he was in the saint he was another king of a rook in and around the time of gilgamesh i forget the order on the sumerian king list but according to the legend he was um married to the goddess inanna ishtar and he was from he was a king of a city called bad to bera and the way the story goes uh demons wanted to drag inanna's son who was the patron god of
this city bad tabera to the netherworld and inanna said don't take him take my husband instead and so damuzi got dragged down to hell and he became the first of the ancient near eastern dying and rising gods down in the netherworld for six months then back and you know corresponding with a cycle of vegetation when everything turns brown oh de musi's dead this went on for a long time obviously because ezekiel saw it the people weeping for tammuz damuzi in the temple and this would have been in the sixth century bc around five ninety
five eighty bc after is yeah ezekiel had gone off with the first wave of refugees to babylon so well they're weeping for the god because the vegetation is dead and so he's down in the netherworld and uh so they're mourning the loss of the god as part of a ritual and then in the spring when things begin to green up again then everybody celebrates and uh you know perhaps fertility rights i i've not studied this a lot this took place at the temple mount yeah but there were other dying and rising gods around the ancient near east for example uh adonis to the greeks
melkart who was a god of the city of tyre around the time of ahab and jezebel which makes the incident on mount carmel a lot more interesting because melkhart as one of the dying and rising gods would be in the netherworld for half the year and above the ground for half the year we know from a text found at the city of tyre that there was a ritual performed similar to the drink offering where you pour out water for the god
this is based on an older ritual amongst the amorite peoples and the mesopotamians going back at least to about 3000 bc or well at least 2000 bc based on what i've read where you have to pour out a drink offering and offer food to your dead ancestors which you'd summon through a necromancy ritual they'd do it every month on the 30th day of the month when the night of no moon that's a kind of a side point here there's a ritual today where people will pour their drink out for their dead friends is that a continuation you think
it may well be because it may well be in fact in the ancient world mesopotamia was considered so important that uh the the poorer of water was a an epithet or a a name a way of describing your heir you know your heir your oldest son would take over the responsibility for performing this monthly ritual which is called the kiss boom k-i-s-p-u-m you would have to lay out it's not like kids laying out you know cookies and milk for santa claus on christmas eve this was a ritual where you had three parts where you had a communal meal with
the family would get together and eat then you would have the calling of the name where you call out the names of the ancestors you know you have the food sitting out for them and then the pouring of water and so the heir who took over this responsibility would be the pourer of water if a couple was childless they would adopt an heir as the pourer of water in some cases they would make inheriting the estate of the soon to be deceased contingent upon him performing the ritual because in ancient
mesopotamia it was believed that if your descendants didn't perform the ritual correctly and stood out set out the food and the drink you would you were condemned to eat dust and clay for all eternity kind of like what god condemned satan to when he kicked him out of eden you will be you crawl on your belly eating dust and clay forever this is why abraham was so freaked out he was getting to an old age and he didn't have an heir and here's an interesting thing he said you know eleazar of damascus is going to be my heir except that the word translated as
damascus hot damasec was probably wrong according to a scholar i've read about this ritual he said it was probably ben messeck which means son of the cup son who pours out the water eliezer will have to be the son of the cup and he's not even related to me and then god gives them an heir isaac but abraham didn't know any better because the concept of shale and abraham's bosom all of that had not yet been revealed to the prophets god was teaching abraham where he was
and taking him from there now this hydroforee this this yarid ritual uh was uh known uh even perhaps as far back as uh the time of the watchers on mount hermon a scholar named edward lipinski very famous they call him orientalist specialist in the ancient near east was did a very important paper about uh l and the abode of l the canaanite creator god uh mount hermon the explorer sir charles warren in 1869
climbed mount hermon in september of 1869 he found that the he found an ancient temple dated to the greek period so you know after alexander the great conquered the levant a temple with a stone there was like four feet high 18 inches wide 12 inches thick you know granite or limestone and inscribed on it were the words in greek those who by the order of the most high and holy god those who swore an oath proceed from here now you know anyone's studied mount vermont and the watchers know who swore an oath
on mount hermon these angels who came down on mount vermont and said well 200 according to the book of enemies but again 70 is a representative number meaning you know all the gods of the nations but these 200 were condemned to tartarus afterwards those are the prisoners that jesus proclaimed to in first peter 3 19 when he was dead in the flesh but alive and spirit went down and proclaimed to the prisoners the the mount herman transgressions yeah
the way dr michael heiser puts it he says uh to you know and i'm paraphrasing what mike says but it's like jesus went down there and said bet you didn't expect to see me here but here's a news flash on the third day i'm getting out of here and you're still dead so what the other thing that that sir charles warren found on the summit of hermond is that the the summit is scooped out like it would been basically excavated to receive these offerings this yarid which is based on the same route as the name of the jordan river
remember that when you transliterate from semitic or hebrew to english the y becomes a j it means to come down to pour out the jordan river comes down from hermon to the sea of galilee so this this ritual where you pour out this water uh may have been performed on the summit of hermon and what edward lipinski the scholar wrote was that uh herma or rather warren also found on the summit this this low stone wall that forced you to circumambulate to the summit as you as you walk up to
it which is similar to the ritual that's been performed down to this day in mecca where you have to circumambulate the kaaba with the kaaba always on your left well that's exactly how you so sir charles warren in 1869 asked the question is the practice at the ka'aba was did it originate here so interesting now here's the other thing we know as i said that this ritual was performed for the god of tyre melkart by one of the roman emperors i think second century a.d which is long after
the confrontation of mount carmel but think about this melkart was the city god of tired the bale of tyre the lord of tyre at the time of ahab and jezebel when elijah confronted the priests of baal on mount carmel as part of this he sent a servant down the mountain to get water from a river to bring it up the mountain like on mount hermon and poured the water out on top of this it wasn't to make it hard the wood harder to burn it was to mock this ritual that
had been done for this god melkhart god reversing the rituals of the pagan gods to make a mockery of them and then of course he used the weapon of the chief god of the phoenicians and the canaanites and the amorites to consume the sacrifice you know we think of fire from heaven like a flamethrower no he was using a lightning bolt which was the chief god a chief weapon of the storm god had who's usually called baal in the bible so oh and here's the kicker mel carter
was just the phoenician name of hercules so the priests [Laughter] so the prophets of baal who were destroyed on mount carmel may well have been priests of hercules who was one of the dying and rising gods like melchard so the questions that elijah was taunting his priests with make more sense oh maybe he's sleeping oh okay maybe it's the wrong time of year and he's in another world he can't hear you or maybe he's on a journey remember the myth of hercules ready to go perform these
labors to redeem himself after killing his wife and children because hara drove him mad so maybe he's off you know trying to collect you know the golden fleece or whatever i forget what the myth says but it makes more sense when you understand what they knew back then that we have since forgotten because we don't have the worldview of the prophets and apostles amazing amen he said l was the chief chief guy of the canaanites yeah the creator god of the canaanites okay so is
there a connection in the hebrew translations l is translated as lord god correct well it depends uh in some context it probably does refer to right is god is god right it became l became the uh generic term for god in the semitic world okay in fact it became so prominent that some scholars now are convinced that uh the name of the old god of the sumerians and lil okay which they used to believe was based on the sumerian
words n which means lord and lil which means wind or ether or something um they're now believing that that's actually just a corruption of the semitic meaning god of gods that in other words instead of being a sumerian god that enlil who was then replaced by marduk in the babylonian cosmology which they just inherited from the sumerians more or less was actually a semitic god who was
brought from the northwest where we find dagon same god different name l same god different name kumarbi of the hurians and hittites same god different name baal heman of the phoenicians same god different name their points of origin all point to northern syria or southern turkey not far from the mountain where baal baal the storm god was supposed to build his temple mount zephon so the the [Music] this old god this l or il ilu you know
god of gods this old i argue is actually kronos of the greeks saturn of the romans king of the titans who like the watchers from mount hermon was condemned to tartarus second peter uh 2 4 says that the angels who sinned were thrust down to hell that's how most english translations read but the greek word translated hell is actually tartar which means tartarus thrust down to tartarus in the greek mind that's a different place from hades that's a special level of netherworld prison
reserved for the the old gods supernatural threats to the divine order reading my questions seriously because terrorist hell was one of the things i wrote no tartarus is a separate level reserved for those that is the abyss so how so a human goes dies without being saved they go to hell yeah angel dies they go to target well i don't know if they they die per se i don't know that they will actually die until they're thrown into the lake of fire the second death but yes there is a special prison that's reserved for them
is that where henry groover uh saw are you familiar with that stuff i'm not i've met henry a couple times that i've not heard that story um yeah it's uh apparently he was translated down there and saw them pretty amazing stuff well it's it's similar to what enoch reported in the book of first enoch with the uh the the flaming mountains in the netherlands yeah the mountains in the netherworld that are burning which relates to the stones of fire that um god talked about in ezekiel 28 the divine rebel from eden who walked amongst the stones of fire
are they separate entities or is that lucifer disguising himself is lucifer pretty much well i argue that lucifer is bale and it's mainly because of the connections we see in the bible in isaiah 14. lucifer which is really kind of a mistranslation the hebrew is which means lightbringer son of the dawn shakkar was actually a deity in the canaanite religion of dawn but when jerome translated the bible into the latin you know the vulgate translation he used the roman or the
rather the latin equivalent of lightbringer looks ferrous you know light bringer and we english speakers have just sort of adopted that as a personal name lucifer well again it really just means lightbringer but isaiah 14 says that what he was trying to do was to establish his mount of assembly in the heights of the north the sides of the north the uttermost north uh there are a few english translations that actually get it right this actually points back to the mountain that was sacred to the storm god bale
or haddad is was his proper name baal just means lord which sort of became a proper name over time but it was also considered sacred to the storm gods of the hurians called teshab the storm god of the hittites called tahuns the storm god of the greeks called zeus actually fought a major battle there against the god of chaos typhon at mount zephon well the phrase in isaiah 14 translated sides of the north heights of the north uttermost north yarkate zephan is only used three times in the bible
there psalm 48 where mount zephon was compared to mount zion it's kind of some word play actually howard cephon heart uh you know heart zion but the other the only other place it's used is ezekiel 38 and 39 you can tell i don't speak hebrew ezekiel 38 and 39 and ezekiel identifies that as the place from which gog of magog will bring his troops you will come from the uttermost north yeah you will come from the archite safon
mount safan now here's an interesting thing baal the storm god who is the chief god the king of the gods you know considered called a son of l in the canaanite religion but he became the king of the gods by defeating the god of death and defeating the god of the sea similar to the tension in greek mythology by the way between the storm god zeus the god of the sea poseidon and the god of death hades in canaanite religion baal had to defeat the god of death mott and the god of the sea called yam in
order to become the king of the gods the greeks got their religion from the canaanites well amorites really but so anyway um that that mountain mount zafon was so important to the hebrews because it was so important to their neighbors in canaan that uh safan became the word for the compass point north in every other semitic language from the ancient near east the word for north is simal but in hebrew it's cephalon that's how important that was because of its
relationship to that god so in the new testament jesus confronted by the pharisees says oh he's casting out demons by the power of beelzebub which means baal the prince baal the prince of demons i guess jesus also in uh revelation two in the letter to the church of pergamum this i know where you live it's where satan's seat do is where satan dwells satan's seat in pergamon well that was the great altar of zeus who like baal was a storm guy so satan to jesus
okay and jesus by the way replying to the pharisees connected beelzebub bail the prince to satan so jesus identified the storm god as satan isaiah 14 storm god lucifer so yes lucifer is baal is satan it's all connected now how do we figure out which gods and which cultures are the same from one that see how does that how does shakespeare put it that way madness lies they lie we don't know i am under the
opinion that the ancient goddess of sex and war ishtar inanna kind of split off her personality by the time of the bible because to the canaanites of ugarit and the canaanites who lived around and by the way for clarification canaanite is just a geographical designation like babylonian the babylonian empire of hammurabi the great was founded by amorites they were amorites the canaanites who lived in canaan they were amorites it's like saying i'm a chicago ite because i was
born there no i'm german swedish welsh english so the amorites were the ones who lived directly timeline speaking it goes from about 2000 in the around the year 2000 bc the amorites somehow emerged from a period of chaos in the ancient near east which is what we would call today iraq syria jordan lebanon israel the amorites came out with amorite kingdoms in control of all of that everything from what is now iraq to northern egypt in fact when the
israelites were in egypt they weren't egyptian kings they were under the rule of amorites amorite names in fact there was actually a pharaoh during that period whose name was jacob yeah yakubhar jacob of the mountain they don't teach you that and the gods that they worshipped were semitic gods baal astart ishtar reshef the god of plagues and archers and chariot warriors who and i didn't even mention this today is apollo of the greeks and romans
the gatekeeper of the underworld oh yeah revelation 9. he's the king of those in the abyss opens and lets him out it's all connected so the amber yeah the amorites had this belief they were the ones who worshipped their ancestors they were the ones who worshipped the rephaim and some of them through necromancy rituals and god when he confirmed his covenant with abraham said your descendants are going to go to egypt they'll come back and they what do you say the fourth generation because the iniquity of the amorites is not yet complete
he tied it to the iniquity of the amorites guess what the amorites were also the forefathers of the phoenicians of the arameans who caused so much trouble after the time of david for israel and for judah the arabs and the gods of the amorites who were still worshiped in arabia into the christian era like the moon god seen the war god and this is what i was getting to with ishtar and to start split off a male aspect so during the time of the judges when a
start the goddess of sex was worshipped her male aspect athar the war god was likewise worshiped the gods of the amorites continued to be worshipped in arabia and i argue in my forthcoming book that they formed a coalition that emerged from arabia in the 7th century as a religion that will be the world's largest within the next 50 years amazing all right well you just answered another couple more of my questions over here zeus also zeus lucifer all right so yes
zeus is lucifer and thor which is sad because we really like the thor movies but when you know when you're watching thor on the screen he's the storm god which means okay well it's yeah it's about those marvel movies yeah i used to love those but something ever since i became christian yeah there's something inside of him and isn't it interesting the way hollywood is beating this drum about the return of the titans thanos the mad titan uh sam worthington who was in clash of the titans and wrath of the titans starred in a movie last year went straight to netflix called the titan yep yeah and
the new godzilla movie um yeah where they have re-branded them they're no longer mutos which is what monsters of unusual size or whatever rebranded them as the titans the original and rightful rulers of earth and when i saw that when i saw that trailer i actually enjoyed the first godzilla movie oh so did i i thought it was great i was a manager at theater at the time it was a great time and when i saw the trailer for the next one i was excited for like 10 seconds and i was like wait a minute what are they trying to do here i'm wanting to watch it because i i just love me a good monster
movie but um yeah it's also for the programming because again presenting them as titans the original and rightful rulers of the earth the titans are still around in fact i argue in my book last clash of the titans that they are somehow still influencing things on this earth even though they are currently chained in the abyss revelation 9 says they're going to get out for five and a half months at the end when they come back the nephilim spirits of the dead nephilim come back in the end times do you believe they're going to be back in their physical bodies as giants or their spirit bodies possessing
humans through like mark of the beast technology when when the nephilim returned and we understand that the the nephilim the spirits of the nephilim that were destroyed in the days of noah in the flood uh were barred entrance into the afterlife into the netherworld into heaven basically condemned to roam the earth that was the belief of the early church that was a belief of the jews in the time of jesus and through all you know the old testament period um it wasn't until augustine in about the fifth century that that belief went away
he also basically turned the church away from believing that the nephilim had been created at all ezekiel though saw it and this is the thing um you know god bless people like l.a marzulli you've been you know teaching this for a long time he's right the nephilim are returning um where i differ with la and you know i've got to give him credit because without him and his book nephilim which was a novel that got me down this path i would never i wouldn't be here right now
but i think ezekiel 39 is is a clue but you've got to understand the worldview of the prophets to understand what ezekiel was writing in ezekiel 39 he's writing about the culmination of the war of gog and magog and gog was the old testament antichrist figure okay he's the figure that john in the book of revelation calls the antichrist um that is the same war that culminates with the battle of armageddon which is fought for the har mo aid god's mount of assembly which is zion the temple mount in jerusalem
ezekiel says god said that he will prepare a place in israel for burial of magog the forces of magog the valley of the travelers east of the sea refers to east of the dead sea and it will block the travelers the key is understanding that travelers in the old testament concept in the old testament world were spirits that would travel or cross over from one plane of existence to another in other words the realm of the dead to the land of the living
and the places where he identifies east of the dead sea are places that during the exodus the stations of the exodus refer to a couple of places that are named for these interactions with the spirit realm one of the stops in the exodus one of the stations of the exit is called ovoth which means spirits of the dead it's based on a root word ove which means medium the medium of endor that saul went to see was the ove of endor in fact one of the giants killed by david's men
ishbi we it they condensed the word ishbi banab is how it looks to us in english ishbi ben ove ishby son of the necromancer son of the medium and he was of the descendants of the rapha the sons of the rephaim the rephaim were these spirits that the amorites the canaanites believed were the spirits of the mighty men who were of old the ancestors of their kings they were called in canaanite texts
called by scholars the rephaim texts written about the time of the judges where these rephyim were summoned through necromancy rituals to the tabernacle of l mount hermon where l they believed would speak words of revivation to resurrect these spirits that were called warriors of baal [Music] and in these texts they're described as warriors they mount their chariots and they travel first one day and then another and at dawn of the third day
they arrive to be resurrected like jesus who went down and preached and proclaimed to the spirits in prison until dawn of the third day when he arrived except that he really was resurrected and ezekiel in ezekiel 39 says this is where these travelers will be buried one another one of the stops on them in fact the mountain where moses was led by god to get his
only view of the holy land the promised land climb this mountain of the avarim in hebrew that means travelers mount nebo is the mountain of the travelers it's right there across from jericho in the plains of moab and that's where this demonic army will fall now i believe that the nephilim will return i believe they're going to be the demons who possess a human army i think by this point the restrainer will have been removed the church will be removed so
i pray i'm right that we won't be here for that day because that's the day of armageddon and when this demonic army comes against jerusalem to try to claim god's mount of assembly just like lucifer in isaiah 14 i will establish my mountains of assembly on mount zafon raise himself above the stars the angels of god on that day when god personally takes the battlefield which ezekiel describes
the travelers will be destroyed and interestingly in that verse in ezekiel 39 he says then the world will know i am the holy one in israel that phrase is similar to one that we see in the old testament many times the holy one of israel ezekiel 39 after he destroys the antichrist army in the war of the battle of armageddon that ends the war of gog and magog he becomes the holy one in israel because he's in he's on the battlefield so yes that is when
i mean the nephilim have always been here if they're the spirits of those who died in the flood 6 000 years ago they've always been with us because demons have always been with us but on that day they will be inhabiting the bodies of the i believe this army that comes against israel it will literally be an army of the evil dead like the ultimate zombie apocalypse god puts a stop to it and what does it mean when ezekiel writes in ezekiel 39 11 it will block the travelers the word translated block is only used one other place in the bible it's in
deuteronomy the verse that talks about thou shalt not muzzle and ox when he treads out the grain muzzle i'm not quite sure what that means but if we take it in context of what paul tells us in first corinthians 15 that you know we shall not all sleep but we shall all be changed we will be resurrected maybe that's what god is saying i will block the travelers they're dead and they are staying dead when the rest of us are resurrected into new glorified bodies what is the black awakening um it's related to the red horse
prophecy in revelation it's related to uh second thessalonians two when it says about the day of the lord the parousia that day will not occur until the apocalypse of the antichrist and the apostatia the word rebellion or revolt that's all really defined in the prophecy of the red horse but here's where the term came from and why i used it purposely when i started dealing with richly abused individuals then we dealt with military oriented highly trained
you know program shooters and assassins inside of them when we began to deal with them i dealt with someone from fort bragg for quite a while and a few others we're sitting in a lake continent lake they reached over ripped open my shirt to see if i was wired if i was wiring and recording them and they were the most sophisticated satanic warrior type person they knew five six languages they knew the ancient twilight languages they knew how to conjure they knew they knew how to use beltashari okwan all these old
piktish languages of the druids to summon they were they are the real luciferian they've been through many human sacrificial things so they sat there to tell me some of those things what they've been involved with how they sacrifice a human i'm listening to all the stuff from them and then they said to me you have no idea russ how many of us there are out there how many satanic cho they use the term chosen ones you have no idea how many you have no
idea what's coming we smell christian blood we are waiting for our day and when the call is given millions of us will be released and they looked at me and said you believe in revivals and you believe in pentecost and the power of god you believe in all that we believe in the black awakening a multi-continental release of power to activate the program demonized where they've weaponized the
demonic powers to these super soldiers are they waiting for a specific time to unleash their power yeah they are because they have to do it at the moment the antichrist is like you read the second thessalonians two that it's caught the echo the restrainer is holding back the apocalypse of the antichrist the unveiling in his movement so right now he's held restrained as soon as the he who restrains is removed as soon as that occurs we have
white horse the release of the antichrist instantly we have the release of the red mul it says the whole earth a rainy peace is taken from the whole earth and all of a sudden it doesn't give the details but all of a sudden on a global scale people are released to begin to in the greek word is spazzo slaughter begin to slaughter people it's used of animal ritual butchery to begin to slaughter individuals that's exactly how they defined it to be back
in the 90s and we've heard this again and again and again so that scenario fits the masonic version of chaos before a new order it fits father maradon from the black the cathedral of the black goat you know his book the devil's bible it fits that scenario too so some of the oldest darkest occultists the idea of chaos first a collapsing of everything so that a new order can rise that's all by design uh and we've been given a heads up in prophecy
but all prophecy has boots on the ground it'll it'll it'll all you know eventually happen so i do believe that millions and millions of these trained programmed altered demonized super uh soldiers we want to say it or not they believe they are the they're being raised to help bring the antichrist in when i was in when i was in england just a few months ago their top guy that deals with sra wilford wong 25 years so
first time i meet him i pull him aside and i said listen you've been doing this 25 years yeah i said you know all about programming and demons all that yes i said i looked right at him and i says wilfred why are they here in england instantly he said they are here to collapse our government they're here to help bring in an usher in the antichrist in a new order he didn't know anything he didn't have he already here he knew that's true in germany when we were in germany when we went to vadersburg castle that's true in poland we went there that's true in
switzerland it's two in canada so when we talk about our research in 38 years worldwide there may be well over 100 million generations of them and if even half or even if even if 10 were intact like say united states remember the shooter in vegas look what he did look what that guy did okay notice what would happen if 10 000 of them or like are like colorado homes or like jared in
arizona what if 10 000 of them were released in one week that's their that's their plot plan and biblical prophecies ahead of that to say here is what is going to happen and from that a you know global monetary collapse and from that that's all that chaos is coming so revelation 13 a whole new order with the antichrist can come scary stuff yeah it can be it's it's scary for the world for us
we know no matter what yeah yeah so man it's just all right so does sra exist and if so how prevalent is it in society today yeah satanic ritual abuse and i can say it this way it not only exists um satanic ritual abuse is inseparably connected to multiple personality disorder all of society knows since the late 70s and even the sm-3 disenforce those are the diagnostic manuals for psychology they all know that multiple all of a
sudden multiplicity started showing up everywhere they call it did now so the secular world had they they're registering you know millions coming in for diagnosis on that now they don't know how to handle the satanic side so i'm going to tell you just straight out after 38 years of dealing with it not only is sra real here in the united states that there are millions of victims by design uh that there's now generations of them we deal with 65 and 70 year olds they're
the first generation then we go to 40 year olds and 20 year olds i got 8 year olds and 12 year olds we're dealing with because if you don't stop this somewhere they do it to the next generation that's by design that's the way it's supposed to be for them so but it occurs in selection um it's generational it caused you simply to say that they they bring a lot of trauma to the child to cause split and personality so that they can demonize and or begin to program you're
going to be a witch you're going to be a conjurer you're going to be a programmed shooter all kinds of these things happen and then they're raised in that system and they're raised to keep all of that hidden down and just have kind of little joey up or little sally up and they may not know until they're 15 16 they may not know what's inside them until later on but millions have already showed up at psych wards all across america since the late 70s to this day more coming now here's here's the other
side of it we've been to canada scotland geneva switzerland germany poland they're all over there we just got back from scotland uk and we met one of the guys there one of the leaders in the whole nation on the subject and same issue it stems from the original nazis creating a master race wherever the nazis went in the early 50s rat lines all around the planet wherever you see them going to escape then you see the r the rise of sra
so we need to rename this sra are the that's the tools to hammer this in and to augment these people and to bring the demonization and to create them but really it is part of the master race development that started back in the late 30s and himmler's goal was to create 200 million of them that was his stated goal are demons scared of holy spirit-filled christians they they sure are there's many times many times if a real spirit-filled
strong believer walks into a room obviously they know that like that one demon in scripture jesus i know and paul i know but who are you because they didn't have the spirit god so they know us so and i think usually they they might even feel us coming or sense us before we even sense them but let's remember greater is the holy spirit in us than any demon so we should have great perception too but when we do walk in a room yeah i believe out of all my experience let alone scripture
uh they know a real spirit-filled believer and what will they want they'll want to try to stay down or get the person to leave the room they want to get out of there we got to remember james they shudder they tremble even at the name jesus so a real believer that knows who they are know what they're doing they walk into a room it's the other way around even though they want to play the game scare you and do whatever you know all that kind of stuff the authority we've been given is so decimating to them that's why they go out screaming at
times they scream and screech going out at times because that authority is so overwhelming well can the person be demon-possessed and not known um i believe that they can be demon-possessed and think it's something else a new age i've got a spirit a psych i got a spirit guy i've got a uh we had one lady come in i have a family animal ancestral animal spirit and this
is a good thing for our family so he said let's test it the pastor that was in our offices just at the doorway he looked and said in the name as soon as he began to pray and he said name of jesus this they she called it a bear spirit this demon manifested and just was ready to attack him and growl he rebuked it cast it out of her she went to the ground she began to cry she said i had no idea i didn't know what it was we've got to remember satan can masquerade remember that scripture he can masquerade it's
the word metta skinsmodzo he can morph his presence tactically for deception without changing his nature so he can get into you know that's why people believe aliens are you know this or or uh ancient you know the the great white brotherhood and things like that these ancient spirits they their their power to masquerade and and play and and tactically do whatever they need to get the allowability to get in so i do think some people have stuff we've seen this they have stuff
they know something's there they're not you know maybe they opened a door somewhere whatever but once somebody comes to express authority and all of a sudden full-blown manifestation occurs they're like i had no idea i thought it was just a you know helper spirit guide i just thought it was an enhancement and they have no idea the depth of it and uh so it can be they don't know the full depth of it until some engagement occurs
is it possible to cast the demon out of yourself through fasting and prayer yeah it is i think again as as a believer you know when you get saved now there might be people and and when i say possession i mean if a demon like like mark five that guy couldn't get saved on his own that guy couldn't do anything on his own because he was so controlled so ultimately that level of possession you need an outsider to help them and then lead in jesus and look what happened in his life so but when a believer does have some kind of attachment something or whatever
else and they realize or whatever they they were deeply into something and then they come to the lord but yet some you know something they didn't close the door on uh i believe in what some people call auto deliverance to where hey well if you know your authority i even believe that if you know you all of a sudden the believers realize that something's here and it shouldn't be because i'm a believer now jesus delivered me just going to the lord that can happen he because it's not you know he wants everything cleared out anyway so you can have a deliverance that way or if your
believers say well i know my authority and you know but but know the the legal right know the reason why it's there is so that you can you know renounce that doorway or that practice and say never again you have no rights here awesome all right so are some people more susceptible to demonic attacks than others yeah i'd say well and again excuse me it would come down to number one if you're lost ephesians chapter 2
satan is the prince of the power of the heir the spirit who now works and those who are disobedient so when you're lost he has rights to you anyway not just to jump in and be full possession you need more even more access but he has rights overall you're lost you have no defense so the issue is if you've been raised in a family of psychics or voodoo practitioners so even if you're raised in some stuff or if you open the doors you don't know you know you're just going to go out and do you know smoke up and do acid you get in that world
those kind of doorways can open little by little by little so um i think some are more vulnerable depending on what's around them if their moms or dads were witches or satanists and things and they've never repented and so the spirits want to come down to the next generation so even that is an extra um pressure uh when a son or daughter you know they didn't do anything but because the mom and dad open the doors they want to come
down that family line and go after so that so a son or daughter or even a grandchild may have more undue pressure so are generational curses yeah i believe they're real in in and they're called familiar spirits in the old testament meaning they're familiar with in the family line or familiar with an area so if my grandfather was a satanist and he was really a practitioner first when he died he would want to do a ritual to hand it all down all those powers down to somehow but if he doesn't and the spirits come out or even their
spirits are on him they're always looking for more access and they want like in the old testament they want the whole tribe they not only want the the grandpa or the dad they want the family then they want the trial that's why the whole tribes were infested they want the they want everything so they're going to go after if a dad or mom or grandmother grandfather opened those big doors um it gives that that spirit even you know because while either way they're just going to come after to
bring influence doesn't mean it doesn't mean a grandson or granddaughter is going to be automatically influenced or or taken over or they're going to become a satanist or or a witch um but there's undue influence because of the moms and dads or or anybody else you could be in a dormitory in college and you got a guy that's you know deeply into something voodoo and practicing spirits whatever and you're in the same room you're gonna have problems you can be vulnerable to attack uh vulnerable to influence to you know open a gateway to let them in so
in that sense yeah you can be more vulnerable okay next question what can a christian do to protect themselves against demonic attacks initiated by other people through the use of black magic rituals and or spells i'm glad you asked the question because that's all of us have regular warfare as believers you know we read in ephesians 6 you know our struggles not against flesh and blood but against those principalities and powers and we're commanded to put on the armor of god so we can be strong and bold we also have been given authority and this
is important for us to know because you saw in the crowds we just saw here i asked how many here know your authority 90 over 90 did not jesus had to give you authority to trample the tread to bring a crushing blow to the work of the enemy and to overcome all the power of the enemy so what's happening now is and what in all the sras know this for you know decades now they've been summoning spirits just like the old testament summoning spirits and sending them with assignment or putting a demon on an
object to give to bring a curse voodoo can do this uh santoria could you know in a lighter level but still do this uh the saint of death in mexico with millions and millions the drug lords are doing it they're they're doing rituals and doing human sacrifice to fight each other at times too so when a demon is summoned and sit against you and you feel there is a sense that there is a real impact um the awareness is number one but the authority you have if you'll respond immediately to say that lord
this same first lord what is this what's going on here the spirit of god is in you what's going on here but immediately respond i renounce this i command this to be broken you will have no effect on me i rebuke this and then i pray for the sender lord engage them whoever they are or like an astral projection too but whoever they are if they have summoned and sent we've had some high magazines do stuff and blood rituals and we've had uh pictures drawn pictures sent to us of a child sacrifice saying russ we did this
for you and they conjured in sin so and the good news is we can preempt a lot of things every day when i'm in my prayer time i want to lord is there anything that's been done anything set my way i want to hit it now um are there covens now what we do is we locate these underground groups and we map them out on paper and we target them we come against anything and all the demonic stuff they're doing we pray for exposure we pray for god to engage the
people to bring them to their knees to save them so you look at saul of tarshish how god brought him down um i think that can happen too amen amen all right um ken next question can demons jump from person to person or do they stay in one place they can if there's access not like the movie fallen to where just you brush somebody and whatever else now a highly demonized person notice in the scripture jesus didn't touch them when it came to healing he touched and
power went out to heal when it came to manifesting demons he just spoke and and he didn't touch them because they they're going to want to try anybody who knows demons and powers and we hadn't we had an uh voodoo really heavy duty uh bokury um and well actually he he always got himself a bobble out so he would want to come with all the demons in him and he would want to grab to really he would try at least to try to want to release them on you so um
but it just in passing somebody um they just don't have a right there's always they have to have some kind of right in order to really you know grab hold of decent can a christian be demon possessed a christian cannot be demon-possessed like a non-christian non-christian has nothing in them so they can be body soul and spirit completely taken over the greek word for we read in english possession it's the ominous oi meaning demonization so there's levels to it so i don't believe
a real believer born again okay you can have attachments you can have of course obviously they attack and they do other things in your life but a real believer we read in ephesians 4 if you give the devil a foothold the greek word po taupon meaning you give the enemy a legal right not possession but to grab a hold of an area and then you have a level of demonization that has to be dealt with repentance and renunciation brings freedom so not the exact same way
as a non-christian okay how is it possible for a saved person or a person who claims to be safe to manifest for a safe person to manifest again that idea that here if here they are and they've gotten into something and there's a there's something hanging on right here so that if you go after that if it's strong enough um that there can be that kind of reaction now there's another issue here for the sra people we work with where their personalities have been split purposely split for this purpose so you
could have demons on parts of them and and see nothing up here and similarly on just a regular believer that if they have grieve the spirit of god if they have given into something to give the enemy some kind of right or whatever else to hang on to there can be a real sense of manifestation from that let level um and that's a pretty serious issue that's why the spirit of god says you know uh when it deals with the anger side of it
because that can cause that not immediately a person can be angry and no demons you know what but if you stay in the old if you get into the flesh the old sin nature long enough and and you stay there well then the enemy has a legal right you've given him a foothold so you have a real grabbing a hold so there can be manifestation there may not be the same like in like you know we see lost folks and we've dealt with people fully like mark chapter five where the word speaks
through their mouth and does everything else um if uh if there's someone that says they're a believer and it goes that far then we need to question where they're at you know do you really know you've been are you were you really born again and we need to find that out then so just testing it checking it and and lower you know a lot of lead in that you know to do you know discern and and and figure that out but but uh deal with the demonic stuff if they're lost for sure lead in the lord um
if it's any kind of like how could this be then just say lord just just pray it through and see what they got into but i would i would if they show the same similarities as a total lost person in possession we need to say were you do you really were you really saved um because in romans 8 if you have not the spirit of christ you're known as does the catholic right of exorcism work or is it just focused um
i'm going to be honest when i say if a real real born again believer who has authority uses some elements in a very a very obscure way because there would be some mention of jesus and authority but ultimately i would say no because you can read the demons all day long they just have more time to mess around don't you know even like reading scripture that's a fine thing to do jesus never did it the apostles and
those in the book of acts they never did it they all did the same thing so nothing within it's it sounds really religious it sounds you know the things that are being read it all sounds powerful but you don't use a ritualistic formula in order to get rid of demons that may have come through a ritual so jesus said i give you authority and the way he did it he showed how he did it and how he did it all along he trained the others to do it when they understood that they did it
the exact same way any believer just expressing that authority to expel jesus used the words ekbalo to get out um i and the reason i think that the the roman exorcism manual is is scary wrong uh in the in the bad sense is that it gives demons time to do a lot of things it just that reciting things you could read it you could read a scripture and even
get mad i've seen people take a bible and hit something on the head and or do something and it it makes them mad or they take water they say it's holy water and throw it on them and the demons can play a game and act and display you got to remember they are they are extraordinarily supernaturally smart wise and tactical in all they do we take we're supposed to take authority take charge and engage them and and as soon as possible get it all out so i uh thoroughly thumbs down thumbs down of the roman exorcism manual amen
all right why do they always go after the children in sra and other uh cold practices over adults for instance okay we'll see first of all it's normal normal when you go to the old testament moloch and the bales they wanted the baby they treated the children um explained to me by satan is because because it's a higher level of blasphemy to god against god it's uh and for some reason the demons love bringing that kind of harm they
to you we look at a child and automatically we're going to protect them save them guard them whatever it takes they look at a child they'd eat it alive they destroy it they'd torture it gotta remember that's their nature and so if they could show more of their nature to a defenseless child they love that that's why some rituals are called demon rebels or satanic rebels the younger the child here's exactly what dark undergrounders have said to be in
rituals um the younger the better and we never kill them right away we prolong the torture why because we have to raise the energies the terror the fear and then little by little letting some blood out because blood is the and all that torment it's like think in terms of rats and garbage smelly old garbage draws the rats a ritual with all that torture with all that pain ultimately prescribed by the demons in
the first place it draws them and once they begin to open the blood gate that's what they attach to in the context ritual then when a child or a human is killed that's when the demons are released to the practitioners so it's all about their un unsatiable hatred of god anything they can do to harm humanity harm innocence as an attack on god in a sense um there's no question uh
in their nature they don't shed a tear they don't have any mercy um so they'll harm and and they and they love that as part of the entrance uh to come into the side it really is unbelievable to think that there's people that can do that without any i mean like you were saying yesterday how how do you not smack him in the head with a two-by-four you must have there's times your knees just like well there's there there's some people right now it's like good news is we're working with some people law enforcement people they're
going to go after them and uh praise god if they get jailed i even told some of them in pennsylvania if they go to jail praise god they go to that because we realize this pedophile's like that satanist ritualistic pedophiles they don't stop until they get stopped do your stuff man keep doing it if you want well our website is and on that website it leads to all the stuff we have hundreds and hundreds of hours of training all of the audios everything
all the courses are free and you can get trained up get educated you know learn things and so shatter the thank you and my name is russ disdar all right russ i really this what about the individuals who refuse to have this number implantation we expect some minor resistance especially from highly motivated religious groups but eventually hunger will cause even the most zealous to conform to our program gentlemen i believe that within a year two at the most our one world government
will be a reality if we continue on our present course it is my opinion that we could present the devil himself as a world leader and the people would accept him [Music] [Music] the clip i just showed you was from the 1981 film entitled early warning initially this film didn't get much attention however it is now 40 years later and people are starting to notice something a little bit strange here
see for yourself i would like to thank each and every one of you for your hard work and dedication to our cause in reviewing this year's progress let me say that we have been highly effective in conditioning the people's minds to accept our solution to the world's problems the energy crisis here in the united states was exceptionally successful worldwide and we expect similar success with our upcoming food shortage our labor leaders have made great progress by causing confusion and work
stoppages in all areas of the world financially the dollar is being devalued even faster than we could have hoped politically the public has lost total confidence in any form of government threat of universal war is a daily possibility as you know we ourselves do not need to hold any visible office of leadership as a matter of fact it's better that we do not we control the finances news media food transportation energy we control everything
it is important that you as world leaders keep our program before your countrymen with our world bank and computer program operation we now have the capacity to control the financial affairs of every human being on earth by giving each person his own computer number anytime his number is used we would know his financial situation at once he could not buy or sell anything without his computer number it will simplify their lifestyles tremendously the end result will be a one world
monetary and government system that we alone will control yes what about the people who forget their number or their cards are lost or stolen we've made provisions for that by using this laser imprinter we can painlessly and permanently fix the person's number to the back of his hand or his forehead if he so desires the numbers would be easily read by this new ultraviolet scanning equipment for the purposes of demonstration i've had such a number imprinted on myself once this number is in
it cannot be lost nor can it be changed now are there any questions what about the individuals who refuse to have this number implantation we expect some minor resistance especially from highly motivated religious groups but eventually hunger will cause even the most zealous to conform to our program gentlemen i believe that within a year two at the most our one world government will be a reality if we continue on our present course it is my opinion that we could present
the devil himself as a world leader and the people would accept him [Music] so what do you think about this clip from the movie please put your opinion in the comments section and if you haven't done so already don't forget to hit that like button and until next time thank you all for watching and god bless you all if i were the devil if i were the devil if i were the prince of darkness i'd want to engulf the whole world in darkness and i'd have a third of its
real estate and four fifths of its population but i wouldn't be happy until i had seized the ripest apple on the tree the so i set about however necessary to take over the united states i'd subvert the churches first i'd begin with a campaign of whispers with the wisdom of a serpent i would whisper to you as i whispered to eve do as you please to the young i would whisper that the bible is a myth i would convince them that man created god instead of the other way around i would confide that
what's bad is good and what's good is square and the old i would teach to pray after me our father which art in washington and then i'd get organized i'd educate authors in how to make lurid literature exciting so that anything else would appear dull and uninteresting i'd threaten tv with dirtier movies and vice versa i'd peddle narcotics to whom i could i'd sell alcohol to ladies and gentlemen of distinction i tranquilized the rest with pills if i were the devil i'd soon have
families at war with themselves churches at war with themselves and nations at war with themselves until each in its turn was consumed and with promises of higher ratings i'd have mesmerizing media fanning the flames if i were the devil i would encourage schools to refine young intellects but neglect to discipline emotions just let those run wild until before you knew it you'd have to have drug sniffing dogs and metal detectors at every school house door within a decade
i'd have prisons overflowing i'd have judges promoting pornography soon i could evict god from the courthouse then from the schoolhouse and then from the houses of congress and in his own churches i would substitute psychology for religion and deify science i would lure priests and pastors into misusing boys and girls and church money if i were the devil i'd make the symbol of easter an egg and the symbol of christmas a bottle if i were the devil i'd take from those who have and give to those
who wanted until i had killed the incentive of the ambitious and what do you bet i couldn't get whole states to promote gambling as the way to get rich i would caution against extremes in hard work in patriotism in moral conduct i would convince the young that marriage is old-fashioned that swinging is more fun that what you see on tv
is the way to be and thus i could undress you in public and i could lure you into bed with diseases for which there is no cure in other words if i were the devil i just keep right on doing what he's doing so now that the official government ufo report is public we have to talk about a few things [Music] the u.s government is saying that yes something is definitely going on
according to the government multiple unknown physical objects have been picked up by various military sensors between the years 2004 and 2021. these objects have been locked onto by the military's most advanced fighter aircraft and weapon systems we know that the weapon systems and target acquisition avionics and f-22s f-35s and even late model f-16s are classified so their true capability is unknown however it's been said that an f-22 can lock onto a bird from 30 miles away while
traveling over 1 000 miles per hour and what the government is reporting is that their most advanced classified systems have locked onto objects that defy the laws of physics objects that achieve speeds unfathomable by our standards objects that seem to blink in and out of existence and many other military sensors have picked these things up as well it's not just aircraft they've been tracked around u.s navy vessels most frequently as well as high security areas that include nuclear weapon storage
and at least publicly the us military is claiming that these things are a national security threat and is requesting more money so they can get more data however what goes on behind the scenes especially around topics like this is anybody's guess now let's just let this all sink in for a second the us government is admitting that ufos are not only real physical objects but also pose a national security risk this is not just science fiction anymore these things are as real as can be but what
does it mean for us you see this channel has been going over the ufo phenomenon for quite some time and what you're about to see is all of my ufo content consolidated and edited into one ultimate guide to ufos so please share this video to anybody who has questions on the subject because it might just be the difference between life and death after all these years it finally happened the us government has come out saying that they've recovered quote off-world vehicles not made of this
earth this top-secret pentagon report is said to confirm everything ufo researchers have been saying for years the roswell crash bob lazar area 51 and skinwalker ranch all confirmed by actual declassified u.s government documents but why now why is the government releasing all this info right now the world is on the brink of chaos we have covet 19 riots in multiple cities across america growing civil unrest and some say we're on the brink of a new civil
war so why the sudden rush towards ufo disclosure well it's simple really and former president ronald reagan has the answer to this question i occasionally think how quickly our differences would vanish if we were facing an alien threat from outside this world [Music] in order to understand what's happening in regards to ufo disclosure and the
admission by the government that they've recovered craft not made of this earth you need to look at the bible the bible is 100 percent clear on this matter and it proves that these ufos are not piloted by so-called space aliens but rather what we would call fallen angels in fact the bible talks about a great end times deception involving ufos but we'll get into that a little later in this video right now we're going to take a look at some of the latest articles coming out on this matter on july 23 2020 tucker carlson shocked the world
when he said this on his live fox news broadcast this is a fox news alert there are new findings tonight in the search for extraterrestrial life the new york times reporting that a secretive pentagon unit tasked with investigating ufo sightings is quite likely releasing some of its findings soon and those findings could be stunning particularly for people who have doubted the existence the pentagon has been conducting classified hearings on ufos for more than a decade we know very little about what they found but apparently just recovered
are off world vehicles not made on this earth that's a direct quote the following day multiple articles were released going into more detail the intelligencer reports on july 24th 2020 quote the pentagon has reportedly found off-world vehicles not made of this earth also fox news releases an article entitled quote with pentagon ufo unit in the spotlight reports mention off-world vehicles not made of this earth let's take a closer
look at this fox news article quote a long hidden ufo investigative unit within the pentagon will make some of his findings public according to the new york times report the unit which is now part of the office of naval intelligence has spent over a decade discussing mysterious events and classified briefings according to the news outlet a government contractor told the times that he gave a classified briefing to the department of defense in march describing retrievals from quote off-world vehicles not made of this earth the unidentified aerial phenomenon
task force at the office of naval intelligence was described in a senate intelligence committee report last month the unit standardizes collection and reporting on unidentified aerial phenomenon any links they have to adversarial foreign governments and the threat they pose to u.s military assets and installations the report says however the committee remains concerned that there is no unified comprehensive process within the federal government for collecting and analyzing intelligence on unidentified aerial phenomena despite the potential threat
it added the new york times reports that a small group of government officials and scientists believe that objects of quote undetermined origin have crashed to earth and been retrieved including former senator harry reid while some have been found to be man-made materials there are question marks over others the publication cites eric w davis an astrophysicist who worked as a subcontractor and a consultant for the pentagon ufo program davis who now works for a defense contractor aerospace corporation said he also gave briefings
on the recovery of unexplained objects to staff members of the senate armed services committee and the senate intelligence committee on october 21st and october 23 2019 respectively the article goes on to say in speaking with the new york times reid said he believes the government and the private sector may have retrieved materials from unidentified objects after looking into this i came to the conclusion that there were reports some were substantive some not so substantive that there were actual materials that the government and
the private sector had in their possession reed said in an interview reed's comments are the latest from the former lawmaker in june 2019 he told nevada's knpr that he wished lawmakers would hold public hearings into what the military knows he said they would be surprised how the american public would accept it reid said during the wide-ranging interview why do you think they're so confident people will accept it could have anything to do with the inundation of propaganda material such as ancient aliens and the like now for those of you
who are unaware there was a man named bob lazar who claimed that he worked in a secret government facility named s4 and his job was to try and reverse engineer these off-world vehicles and try and figure out how they worked there was a decades-long drama surrounding bob lazar and his story but many independent investigators and journalists have concluded that yes he is telling the truth recently bob lazar was interviewed on the popular joe rogan experience podcast and he said something that would go on to send shockwaves through the ufo
community at least one of them was part of an archaeological dig so it's old at least one of them is old i don't know if it was the one i worked on but i remember something to do with an archaeological dig that means it's not just old it's ancient so bob lazar is claiming that at least one of the nine off-world vehicles was found in an archaeological dig interesting the bible tells us about a time like this a time long ago filled with high technology genetic
manipulation sorcery and wickedness we refer to this time as the antediluvian era or the time before the flood of noah which also coincides with the new age teachings of atlantis christian author g.h pembert wrote extensively about this in his book entitled earth's earliest ages timothy albarino does a good job at breaking this book down in his albarino analysis here is a clip of that video concerning the days of noah pember has much to say
he believed that the very same vices that led to the judgment of the great flood in the second age were destined to be repeated in the closing chapter of this present age and so lead to the final judgment that will descend upon the earth in a fury of fire before the coming of the lord he takes particular interest in what he terms the eruption of fallen angels into the world of men as recorded in genesis 6 which subsequently fomented an explosion
of rebellion and wickedness that brought the world to ruin pember defines seven causes of anti-deluvian corruption and analyzes the extent of their influence in the society of his day as we review these seven points we must keep in mind that they were written in 1876 they may be summed up as follows a rapid progression in the mechanical arts and the consequent invention of many devices whereby the hardships of
the curse were mitigated and life was rendered more easy and indulgent also a proficiency in the fine arts which captivated the minds of men and helped to induce an entire oblivion of god the appearance upon the earth of beings from the principality of the air and their unlawful intercourse with the human race it should be abundantly apparent to any rational mind that these seven causes of anti diluvian corruption are not only present in the society of
the 21st century but have greatly metastasized and grown to full maturity since the late 19th century when pember first recognized them in the dawn of their infancy in other words although these seven points accurately describe the days in which george pember lived they are frighteningly more relevant to the days in which we now live portending the imminence of the final judgment and destruction of this world and the return of the king
now jesus christ himself warned us about this when he said in matthew 24 37 quote but as the days of noah were so shall also the coming of the son of man be are we living in the days of noah 2.0 i believe the answer to that is yes and this ufo disclosure is just the tip of the iceberg alright let's continue on in order to understand the next piece of this puzzle we need to take a look at skinwalker ranch and the defense intelligence agency's secret program named advanced aerospace weapon systems
applications program or awesoap by the way i have a video on skinwalker ranch please check it out if you haven't seen it already you can find a link in the description or in the top right corner of the screen okay so back to asap investigative reporter george knapp reports that a high-level pentagon official visited skinwalker ranch during the asap investigation while he was there something strange happened to him he had an experience upon further investigation the pentagon actually came to the conclusion that what was happening there was demonic in nature
here is george knapp telling the story in his own words the skinwalker story comes the attention of the defense intelligence agency the scientist who sees it he goes to bigelow they go visit the property he has an experience something appears inside a house that only he can see he doesn't say anything about it he goes back to washington meets with harry reid in the capitol and two other u.s senators he presents them a study of ufos and related phenomena not just like atip looking at flying saucers that encounter
us military but something more expansive they put out a contract bigelow creates an organization called bass puts together a team of experts 50 or 60 employees looking at whether there are connections between blind saucers possible aliens and all these other different phenomena the program goes on for a couple years and somebody yanks the funding the reason that the dia suddenly became worried about all this weirdness that was being reported at uh skinwalkers because they thought it was demonic and they thought we might be invoking satan in here these were fundamentalist christians in the
pentagon who pulled the money because they thought it was the devil they pulled the money because they thought it was the devil you see the bible talks about this end times deception where demonic entities will trick mankind into believing that they are space aliens coming down upon the earth luke 21 26 quote men's hearts failing them for fear and for looking after those things which are coming on the earth for the powers of heaven shall be shaken sounds a lot like an alien invasion doesn't it now let's take a look at some clips of some prominent
christian researchers and authors and see what they have to say about this matter but i don't believe that there's life elsewhere in the universe that was that was i don't think we've got brothers and sisters on some other planet someplace i don't hold to that view at all what's interesting is with the abduction phenomena it parallels what we see in scripture it really does if these are fallen angels they have the same properties and the same abilities as the good angels have and so we see when when peter is in the jail cell chained to a wall a good
angel appears to him peter looks around he's not sure he's a sleeper awake mind fog angel tells him to get up peter gets up his chains fall off of him manipulation of space time and matter the jail cell opens up by itself there's no lock no there's a lock but there's no key to that jail cell opens up peter finds himself in the hallway all the roman guards are switched off they're asleep roman guards who fall asleep fall on their own stores the next day thank you so roman guards don't fall asleep they go outside to the courtyard the gateway opens up by itself the huge
prison gate they walk a little bit the angel disappears that is exactly the same type of circumstances and dynamics that we see in the early abduction phenomena people are switched off matter is floating through walls floating through this it's the same deal the fallen angels are doing the same stuff that the good angels do only for very nefarious means and the subduction phenomena um we've i've interviewed dr jacobs and it's it's nefarious the ending in this thing um i believe i believe is incredibly malevolent very nefarious it's not good
for human beings at all and i think as jacobs believes also that this abduction phenomena and so-called subsequent breeding program has reached its conclusion i think they're real i think they're absolutely real and i think that they are a major deception a major part of deception though in the in days i think that we're going to see out of the skies we're going to see uh because that's where the scripture locates what in the greek is called cosmic crowders arkon these beings are there and part of end time deception you see
the uh the numbers uh just off the charts nowadays so i think they are absolutely real they are there they're not what the world thinks they are when jesus said that in my father's house there are many realms many rooms that's the word of you so i think it is dimensional uh whether it's layered or just uh multi uh that i don't know but but um i think there's realms different than ours and they're just beyond us or around us uh but i i i think that they're realities also
um and i think that's where we're seeing things coming through our side from those other realms we need to understand them as the spirit of god reveals them in the original greek cosmic crowder arcone excusia these beings were um different in specie or type i mean they're all the same in nature but they are they are huma i mean they are huge in the sense of uh in comparison to humanity they're uh a super human uh they're beyond us so when when i think in terms of um
we us contacting them like we deal with deliverance there has to be a doorway for them to get over if this is uh kind of the wall between the worlds here um and they're wanting to get over and biblically we know this we know this in dealing with deliverance they want to get over to this side there's no question so the issue is how do they come through the barrier how do they come physically through or to where they're manifesting through so i believe that means there has to be a gateway doorway portal a greek word used as taupon a legal access but the idea also of
um away so i think that on this side of the fence if we have learned what i believe would be given by them occult means whether that's psychic meditations or ritual summonings sacred tones uh whatever the method in calling across through this barrier um that is a call that is a summoning we as believers in christ we call in the name of the lord jesus christ we read in
psalm 68 summon your power oh god so um the the laws of engagement are the same when it comes to the dark side now here's the biggest issue i have of the dark side it's all absolutely real they're more than than you know they're more than we can we can even com you know imagine but the other greek word i want to always emphasize is metas gizmodzo the word that says when satan is able to masquerade transfigure as an angel of light that's the physics of the dark side literally to be able to morph their
appearance without changing their nature well ufos are obviously unidentified flying objects some are man-made some are from some other source the popular concept is that a ufo is an alien spacecraft piloted by aliens from some other world some of the star system i personally don't believe that having worked in a project with dr teller edward teller the ufos we're seeing today are primarily all
satanic vehicles and we have built a number of these underground and underwater undersea bases for these fallen ones and we were getting our technology from them and we were letting them do genetic experiments on humans and animals here um in the late 70s just after i left the organization in the late 70s we were kicked out humans were kicked out of our own bases by these uh alleged aliens they had had us build infrastructure to build technologies that they needed in a war that's coming are going to finish
anyway against jesus you know yeshua i think the evidence points to only one thing that these so-called space aliens are not from space at all but rather they're fallen angels who live in another dimension and they will stop at nothing trying to convince mankind that they are saviors of this world and we should follow their lead at all costs well sorry to break it to them but there is only one savior and his name is jesus christ not human get it something non-human but intelligent a
non-terrestrial intelligence [Music] do you believe in aliens extraterrestrial beings for those of us who read the bible it's clear extraterrestrial beings not only exist but they've been here since the very beginning since before the earth was made the book of job chapter 38 verse 4 through 7 quote where were you when i laid the foundations of
the earth tell me if you have understanding who determined its measurements surely you know or who stretched out the line upon it to what were its foundations fastened or who laid its cornerstone when all the morning stars sang together and all the sons of god shouted for joy end quote what this verse is saying is that when the earth was created there was a race of beings called morning stars or sons of god who sang together and shouted for joy after god created it quote we may deduce two logical conclusions from
these verses first that they are not referring to literal stars but the sentient sons of god and second that these sons of god are older than the earth itself since they were present to witness the primordial foundation the motif of the morning stars and biblical paralance is meant to convey pre-existence and preeminence in john's revelation jesus declares quote i am the root in the offspring of david the bright and morning star while writing to the brethren in colossae paul affirms
the preeminence of christ quote he is the head of the body the church who is the beginning the firstborn from the dead that in all things he may have the preeminence as the firstborn not only from the dead but over all creation jesus is the original morningstar and the preeminent son of god the morning stars and sons of god are children of dawn the second born in the family of god they represent an elder race of beings that are both pre-existent and preeminent in
relationship to all others save the son of god himself the first and foremost over all creation end quote an elder race of beings otherwise known as angels they were there to witness god creating the earth and by their very definition they're extraterrestrials now we know that angels can look like people there are instances all throughout the bible that prove this point the most famous one being in hebrews chapter 13 verse 2
quote be not forgetful to entertain strangers for thereby some have entertained angels unaware so angels can look like humans act like humans sound like humans and pretend to be humans but deep down they are far from human let's not forget that lucifer himself is an angel and when he fell from heaven he took one third of the angels with him one third or 33.3 33
where have we seen that number before is it possible that the masonic obsession with the number 33 is in fact a way for them to pay homage to the 33 percent of angels that fell from heaven i say yes but i digress december 8th 2020 the jerusalem post releases an article entitled quote former israeli space security chief says aliens exist humanity is not ready let's read it together and see what we can find every time this article says the word alien
i'm going to replace it with fallen angel because that's exactly what they are quote this galactic federation has supposedly been in contact with israel and the u.s for years but are keeping themselves a secret to prevent hysteria until humanity is ready this article is by aaron reich december 8 2020. has the state of israel made contact with fallen angels according to retired israeli general and current professor haya mashid the answer is yes but this has been kept a secret because quote
humanity isn't ready speaking in an interview a shed who served as head of israeli's space security program for nearly 30 years and is a three-time recipient of the israeli security award explained that israel and the us have both been dealing with fallen angels for years with a shed clarifying the existence of a galactic federation the galactic federation in new age theology there is a group of so-called quote good aliens who call themselves the galactic federation of
light or the ashtar command they've been making contact with psychics and channelers for decades now and their message is always the same it's in direct opposition to the gospel of jesus christ you see it's the same exact lie lucifer told eve in the garden of eden it's their calling card and they always resort back to this promise of ye shall be as gods let's continue reading the article from the jerusalem post the 87 year old former space security chief gave further descriptions about exactly
what sort of agreements have been made between the fallen angels and the u.s which ostensibly have been made because they wish to research and understand the fabric of the universe this cooperation includes a secret underground base on mars where there are american and fallen angel representatives if true this would coincide with the u.s president donald trump's creation of the space force as a fifth branch of the us armed forces though it is unclear how long this sort of relationship if any has been going on
between the u.s and his reported extraterrestrial allies but rashid insists that trump is aware of them and that he was quote on the verge of disclosing their existence however the galactic federation reportedly stopped him from doing so saying that they wished to prevent mass hysteria since they felt that humanity needed to quote evolve and reach a stage where we will understand what space is and what spaceships are as for why he's chosen to reveal this information now a shed explained that the timing was simply due
to how much the academic landscape has changed and how respected he is in academia end quote so there you have it in my opinion this is a soft disclosure they're trying to warm people up to the idea of some space brothers and sisters who are looking out for humanity but we know that's not true we know they're fallen angel entities who are intent on deceiving mankind so what do you think about all this are fallen angels pretending to be space aliens or do you believe that there really are people from other planets and
all they want to do is help mankind please leave a comment below and tell everybody what you think about this if you haven't done so already don't forget to hit that like button and until next time thank you all for watching and god bless you all [Music] very mysterious shiny lights have police and residents puzzled this pilot who flew barack obama says ufos are real and he's seen one first hand the triangular shaped flashing object appears to be floating above the capital city so this large disc oh yeah massive it
was following you it was pacing us here's this giant red ball just above the clouds unbelievable oh it was four species four different species at least have been visiting this planet for thousands of years what you really need to do to get a handle on the ufo thing strangely enough is to do your homework in genesis chapter six and i wanna want you to notice the first two verses and i want you to pay attention that the first two verses are
a single sentence many people stumble because they don't realize that's a single sentence now you see why what i'm getting at in a minute genesis 6 verse 1 and it came to pass when men began to multiply on the face of the earth and daughters were born unto them that the banaiha elohim the sons of god as it's translated saw the daughters of men that they were fair and they took them wives of all which they chose
one verse now the question is this strange phrase sons of god uh that could mean anything to us let's find out what the text really means sons of god what it is in the hebrew is remember hebrew goes from right to left so if you're watching the slides here remember all languages go towards jerusalem nations that are east of jerusalem go from right to left the language nations that are west of jerusalem go from left to right so just breaking so
hebrew aramaic arabic sanskrit they go right left anyway so if you're reading the hebrew here recognize it goes from right to left elohim the the sons of the god now sons of god elohim is a term that's always used of a direct creation of god adam was a direct creation of god you and i in the natural are not
we're sons of adam that's our problem that's what the book of romans is all about and but as many as received him to them gave you the power to become the sons of god the term has technical meaning in the new testament as well as the old in the old testament this term in the hebrew in job 1 6 job 2 1 job 38 7 is always used of angels because they are a direct creation of god in the new testament also luke 20 36 also the book of enoch now i don't misunderstand my use of this as a as a
citation here the book of enoch was very popular from about the second century before christ in the second century after it is not an inspired book i wouldn't treat it that way but it is useful in understanding the vocabulary and the grammar of the time and clearly the book of enoch this term is used there also to refer to angels and it deals with it greatly the septuagint and the septuagint also makes it clear that we're dealing here with the angels as we think of them
now in genesis 6 it came to pass when men began multiplying the face of the earth and daughters were born unto them that sons of god saw the daughters of men that they were fair and they took them wise all whom they chose the word sons of god of course elohim sons of god direct creation term for angels saw the daughters of men now by the way what that really says in the hebrew is banaf adam daughters of adam now when you get down to verse 4 of genesis 6 it says there were nephilim in the earth
in those days and also after that when the sons of god came in unto the daughters of men and they bear children to them the same became the mighty men which were of old men of renown what this verse seems to indicate is that these nephilim were offspring of a strange union the sons of god these are angels according to the hebrew precision here they came in unto the daughters of men daughters of adam incidentally this is
not just cain and seth and any of that this is the daughter these these are daughters of men and they bear children to them it's those children that are the nephilim now what on earth is the nephilim that word nephilim is a key word we're going to talk a lot about that nephilim means the fallen ones it comes from the verb nephall which means to fall be cast down to fall away to desert that's what a nephilim is a deserter in a sense what the passage portrays and it's very
difficult for many people to absorb this it portrays fallen angels these are not the good guys remember when satan fell a third of the angels fell with him not all of them but a group of them apparently and we'll talk more about this in a minute chose to try to create a hybrid race by cohabi but i don't know the technology uh i'm not going to get into that but they apparently uh uh were see angels can't multiply angels are eternal there's a
reproduction is a process for mortals but at the same time satan's got a problem a third of the angels fell with him so he's got a deficiency of two to one in any war that comes in right he's got to find a find a way to strengthen himself this may be this is just a conjecture that floats around now the offspring or nephilim they're also called the hagi barim the mighty ones and now where the confusion starts to set in is when this hebrew passage was translated into the greek and septuagint
the word they used for the nephilim was gigantis it sounds like giants and it turns out they were giants but that's not what the word means gigantes comes from jigas which means earthborn so in the hebrew they're called the fallen ones in the greek they're called the earth born and so let's keep that in mind the fact that they were giants is like upon yes they were giants but that's not what the word means it carries a different meaning let's go on a little further in verse 9
of genesis 6. it says these are the generations of noah noah is a just man and perfect in his generations and noah walked with god terrific verse we've all read it but most of us may not pay attention to what that's really saying these are the generations of noah noah was a just man and perfect in his generations what does that mean well the word perfect in the hebrew is tamin what it means is without blemish
sound healthful without spot unimpaired what that verse seems to indicate is that noah's genealogy was unblemished now this comes on right after the verses