NeoGeo Pocket Color Selection Vol. 1 :: 3.21.2021 LiveStream / MY LIFE IN GAMING

NeoGeo Pocket Color Selection Vol. 1 :: 3.21.2021 LiveStream / MY LIFE IN GAMING


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[Music] uh hi everybody it's it's real dark in here i didn't realize that my lights had dimmed actually it doesn't look so bad i think we're good i don't see it yet how's it going sandy's uh keeping an eye
out for it we're still waiting you need to check sometimes we somehow got off of like like low latency mode because yeah ultra low i mean i could probably check that out it doesn't even have to be ultra low just like the regular lenses like it has to be like anything that's like better than what it is yeah i don't know just like the past like three weeks or something it seems like the delay has been long yeah um let me see if i can check the stream settings here i can might be able to adjust it now uh
hopefully it doesn't no it's set to okay so it's set to normal latency uh which would make makes sense so i can't change it but we'll have to remember to do that next time yeah low latency or ultra happens sometimes well it's just because you know it's better to be safe about it because this this chat gets so rowdy and out of control we gotta have a delay on it [Laughter] ah so you're just talking earlier about how
it doesn't feel like it's only been it's been less than a week since analog frontiers three came out it's like it feels like it's been like two weeks it feels like a lifetime ago like it does it does it feels like two weeks ago like i i was thinking i mean even like a few days ago i was just like that just feels so distant in my mind when that launched like it's it's crazy to me yeah it was pretty exciting day yeah i
mean it was it was pretty is a pretty exciting day and the reception to it was uh was very good i would say i mean it's not exactly burning up the charts but that i don't think that was super expected because i think that when videos have like a like subsequent parts to it uh they tend to like not do as well yeah absolutely true i mean i think you know i think for a lot of people i think part three is gonna be their
favorite but i i i think part one is going to by the numbers have the best views that's just how it is and i i understand mix up that although when it's all done and we do like a marathon video that combines them all into one that might do better than all of them who knows who knows i mean i don't you know documentary stuff you know you kind of go into it with tempered expectations even if you think you know you know kind of amazing stuff you have in it like you know it's just it's not going to pull in the views on youtube
but that's okay i mean we do them because we want to do them but right uh it's uh you know i think it is actually doing pretty okay because if you look at like how uh the how the growth rate has been like it started on the slightly outside the bottom end of average or views over the amount of time that's been released but now it's like kind of creeped into the middle so it definitely hasn't like trailed off significantly it's kept pretty
consistent right and i think that there's been a lot of enthusiasm a lot of people sharing it uh on on twitter and stuff like that it's been it's been pretty neat seeing the amount of people that that are sharing it yeah it was cool seeing like uh frank zafaldi and so the other folks that are that are in it share it yeah let's see we got a couple of donations one one from vanessa saying uh for five dollars saying af3 is fantastic such an amazing job
thank you well friend and and i i i'll notice but you yourself have a cameo on uh on smoke monster's monitor in one of the one of the youtube from smoke monster's channel that uh that i put in there he's he's like chatting with you in the on a stream or in a video uh and uh so yeah now see uh uh henry clark who everyone has to thank for it launching at 10 a.m on monday
instead of 11 a.m on monday the af3 rock my simulated hardware socks oh thank you and uh five dollars from from red ranger saying great job with analog frontiers three yeah i mean it just it feels good just to it's got to feel good for you just to have it out there and be done because and and i know that like everything that follows will not be nearly what it was in terms of difficulty in putting together part four um you know honestly uh
i mean i i read through the script this week and i was expecting to kind of feel like like you know it i wrote that like a year and a half ago and i kind of expected to feel like i'm kind of gonna have to change a lot of things this doesn't really hold up or this isn't the tone i was going for or you know this doesn't really reflect current times and i i i was pretty surprised i changed relatively little and i thought it was
actually a pretty a pretty fun script like i think it's i i think people will be surprised by part four i think uh a lot of people will look at and think like oh like you know that that that doesn't really seem uh like a logical continuation of the arc but it actually makes a lot of sense especially once part five comes out and i think it's just it's gonna be a different episode is i think it's gonna be it's gonna be kind of funny i think it's
gonna be funnier than the other episodes yeah like it's going to feel a little different and i think that's going to be that's going to be cool like uh it's like everything is kind of set up with the first three episodes and then it's kind of taking a look at part four is like one person who is like like let's take a deep look at like just like what is one person who has done a lot of stuff in this scene and then part five is kind
of like well let's look at the broader community and take a look at what it takes to contribute an idea or to turn an idea you have for a product into like an actual thing people can buy yeah you know so yeah it's going to be it'll be interesting but they're all going to be like comparatively i mean part three i mean that was obviously a very kind academic subject and you know
artemio uh held my hand through so much of getting the script uh everyone uh should not underestimate the uh i don't know how you could underestimate the brilliance of uh our artemio because i mean he is uh uh a gem in the community uh yes but uh you know it it it was like just a little bit over my head like the the depth of all this stuff
and uh uh he really helped uh helped me wrap my head around it and uh definitely and of course you saw how much emulation like especially software emulation stuff was in the episode you know that's definitely going outside our comfort zone uh and even though i had a lot of that stuff kind of already set up i had to use it in a way that was more intensive than i had done before and you know i wanted to be sure that i was representing it well to the extent i could you know with like you know interpolation and stuff like
that i didn't want anything to look bad uh you know using stuff like dolphin uh you know was was uh i didn't have a lot of experience with that before you know recording like goldeneye on that xenia emulator i mean you know so it was definitely a lot of the materials gathering was was challenging just because it was you know like i say a little outside what i'm what i'm yeah i definitely want you to upload a lot of that footage to me because it's just good good to
have it around in case you need the show or something absolutely oh i i record so much i mean stuff that stuff that i mean i actually record a lot of stuff especially in maim that i didn't even use yeah it's it's good to have that stuff around and stuff like like especially if you have some stuff from mame that you haven't used then that'll be good for like the mr video that i'm working on for like certain comparisons if if they're apt uh i see paul mccabe says part three didn't have enough perspectives from the
purists among us who won original hardware but that's what part two was all about you know yeah part part three is all about beyond the original hardware i mean part one and two was uh relatively focused on original hardware and you know our our channel is so much surrounds original hardware and stuff like that that like analog frontiers part three is kind of like okay like some of the people who feel like incorrectly feel like we hate emulation
or we hate you know the methods that they use to play games which is not true at all but you know for those people who think that like you know for all those aspects like you know pc emulators that we've generally uh not gotten too in depth of you know analog frontiers part three as your m leg episode so you know that's giving those people their day uh you know even though if you know unfortunately you know we weren't able to like interview like a
software emulator author or anything like that but we almost had the chance we almost had the chance but you know it it just didn't didn't work out but uh you know you do have to keep in mind paul that uh you know most of the people that we did interview really were were hardware oriented people so uh in spite of that you know here is you know this this episode that's all about uh
emulation so you know it's definitely outside the norm for us and you know of course there is the flash cartridge and the ode stuff in the episode um and also the talk of how maim and projects like that are for uh documenting the original hardware so that we you know can come up with ways to repair it or come up with replacement uh components you know replacement chips things like that so obviously as for the original hardware people but for the most part
this episode is about beyond beyond that you know right yes that's just it is you know it's uh and i see that there was uh a five dollar super chat from uh jeff saying you guys rock amazing fantastic job on af3 can't wait for the next one thank you well thank you thank you there's also uh five dollars from wrestling with gaming saying oh yeah you can see here analog frontiers was amazing according to a rumor to the rumor i started f4 will focus solely on the philips cdi now that's going to be a
huge hit you know it it actually could could be a huge hit maybe i should maybe i should change gears you know i was just watching uh i watched uh uh wrestling with gaming's documentary on uh the ea cartridges on genesis and it is it's so good it is so good and what like the graphics work in it is i love that it almost feels like it's one long continuous shot
i'm not sure if that was intentional or not but it really felt like all of the uh like all those transitions kind of flowed into each other and it just felt like it was one long shot it's it's pretty cool it's pretty cool very much in the same way that you know a lot of the splash wave stuff feels like it's the way the graphics like like transition from one uh setup to another it just makes it feel like it's just uh moving around like the camera's moving around to different
uh shots throughout and it's like never stops it's it's really cool it's it's a great a great uh video that you know dispels you know this idea that the ea kind of bullied sega into letting them have their own uh style of cartridges or like you know reverse engineering their their system it's pretty good anyways i'm gonna go ahead and i'm going to uh switch over to the game so i didn't know about this game at all
but you were sent a review code for it yeah you know it's not something that i was like i mean i was interested when it was first announced uh and then we got like an email saying like hey do you have any interest in looking at this i said you know i would be interested in streaming it so here we are we're going to play we're going to play somebody didn't you do the physical copies already confirmed i don't know they confirmed a physical copy on the uh like on their twitter on snk's twitter that it is
uh gonna happen at some point they didn't say exactly when uh it's interesting that it's called volume one yeah well i mean i don't know how many total they could do uh i mean it's very fighting game heavy uh the interface is pretty neat i think you know you have all the different cartridges um i'm gonna go ahead and start with a metal slug first mission though pretty real yeah yeah i mean you know the metal slug
games here are you know the reason i would be interested for sure right does that show the box oh yeah you can look at the box um oh you can i haven't checked this so you can open up the box that's kind of cool can you zoom in yes you can zoom in look that's pretty still waiting to see oh can i open it further i can i can open it up i can't open the cartridge though i mean it's pretty high resolution stuff right here
i have to say oh that is cool yeah that's fun honestly i i don't think i knew that neo geo pocket games came in cases like that oh no not in the us they're cardboard boxes they kind of had a folding like an opening front on them it's kind of a weird style they were not clam shells like this that's that's really cool looking yeah right you know the manuals are what kind of screw what kind of screw uh does the
cartridge uh have oh i've already backed out but i can uh and take a look really quick oh it's like the like the diamond shaped so it's probably accurate that's interesting i mean this is cool i mean i i definitely when a physical copy of this comes around i'll get it for sure just because it's a way to have these uh neo geo pocket metal slug games yeah let me let me reset the game out
so i was messing around with the different filters and stuff uh display so there's like a you know grid pattern filter but you can also zoom it out however you want you can zoom away into the system someone was saying uh they wondered if you found a way to get like integer scaling well there's no that's kind of the problem is that you don't uh there's there's there's no um
like presets you can only go up or down so you just kind of choose i wish that i had something like that yeah interesting so it's kawaii it's kind of like how the hamster arcade uh archives are yeah or like you have really free scaling but when i tried to see if i could get integer scale in uh versus super mario brothers it seemed like it was not possible yeah i mean it's it's probably like
from what i played uh it's not it's kind of okay if you don't have it because uh the scrolling isn't very smooth so you don't really see it i like that you can so you can have different skins uh so you can just have the the screen or you can have like any model of the system basically uh you can just toggle through so this is the one right here that's the one i had when i was younger
and i have like a silver one now oh i didn't i didn't i don't think i realized you had a neo geo pocket i have it's a silver one i'm i mean i knew you or you have one now yes but i had one a long time ago i even knew you had one now i got one i got the this one here with like the the dots on it when it was on clearance it electronics boutique back in the day back when i worked there well what do you have now i have a silver one now how many games you have i don't even
i don't think i've realized i have like a decent amount of games i bought like a bought a bundle of them i'll i'll grab them after uh let's see you know i i used one that bob sent with a bunch of game boy stuff and i i can't remember if there was a reason he sent it uh um i can't remember if there was a reason he said yeah i think it was just because he said along with a bunch of that game boy stuff he let us borrow for the uh for the rgb game boy episode
you know i i i don't think i really did anything with it but you know yeah a metal slug game with it um [Music] if i need to zoom in more i can you like really tried if you could get an integer scale i'm sure you could i mean it looks like your scaling's pretty smooth yeah i mean when you see into the scrolling is like there's it doesn't seem to have like smooth scrolling so it's uh you really can't tell that's just the
way the game is right [Music] so when i had the system originally i just had i had metal slug 2 and or metal slug second mission and uh and uh snk versus capcom match at the millennium [Music] well look that background with the parallax looks pretty cool like it's it's cool seeing like real parallax
with like 8-bit colors oh yeah it's going kind of kind of a little surreal actually [Music] so that's why i feel like it's kind of okay if it if it doesn't have integer scaling because it's it's not super apparent that it's the [Music] i mean i assume it's a square pixel aspect uh system unlike game gear which for whatever
weird reason is not a square pixel aspect system yeah you could probably use like i see a little dithering on the trees in the background and there's a lot of sort of dithering like on these wood planks and stuff right so you could probably use stuff like that to eyeball the integer scaling yeah should i i can zoom in yeah i'd make it bigger why not
yeah i'll go full screen i mean when you put the grid pattern over at full screen i mean it looks like it lines up perfectly on here yeah does it not does the grid pattern not scale well with no the grid pattern is like on it like you even if you zoom out it doesn't become uneven oh okay well that's cool i don't think the grid pattern would hold up too well on stream yeah i accidentally and still it looks
pretty good oh there we go [Music] but yeah i mean i will probably buy this as soon as it comes out physically too i i'm hoping for a mr corp for pretty soon how much is this uh i don't know how much it sells for honestly is it out yet yeah yeah it came out i mean as far as i know it's out it's possible that it's not i mean they
said that the embargo on it was uh thursday or something like that so so i'm pretty sure that that it's available already this is interesting because it in some ways it looks like more of a platformer than the neogeo metal slugs right like it looks like the level design is a little more layered and stuff yes yes i mean it's right it's it's it's pretty different from the uh
you know the originals but i want i wonder if maybe it's close to what's what's the game the uh the ds one it's like metal slug seven oh yeah yeah which is more more mission based well now i've got metal slug double x on ps4 which i think is a a port or emulation of the of the psp port of metal slug stuff you got that too didn't you
[Music] um was it is that the the xx xx yeah when you boot the game it says metal slug double x oh right yeah i see we got uh we got five dollar super chat from old blade blur oh thank you thank you saying uh i jumped the gun and got mood for my saturn since i'm done with how the rear handles file sometimes your video convinced me so thank you so much heck yeah
i uh i've got your old i can never remember is it rear or phoebe which one uh it's the phoebe [Music] um which i i haven't set up that i've not set up an sd card for it yet which uh you know i i think for my level of saturn use that will that will probably be sufficient for me but i'm i'm i'm looking forward to getting that more more properly set up i i mean i think this game looks really
cool i mean i i i mean i think you should just like keep keep playing it and see if you can beat it i don't know if there's infinite continues or not but uh there's only nine continues i think well that's that's quite a lot uh unless each life is i mean this the second one is actually a lot better than i think on the first one really i mean i think this looks good though uh but the uh the lynx core just came out yeah have you played around with it at
all i haven't i haven't installed it yet i did i did i installed it like immediately on friday morning i think it came out they come on friday is friday or is either friday or yesterday i i'm pretty sure it was friday uh yes i mean i installed it right away just because i was dying to play some some uh warbirds and a lot of these games it had been a
long time since i played them and uh they're they're a lot of them are definitely not as good as i remember i'm not i'm not gonna lie it's like some of it is not amazing but you know it's it's pretty cool anyways it's cool to be able to to play it i think you know especially since i had one [Music] as as a youngin yeah look at all those random okay so you can see the unevenness here on the
background you can see this the unevenness scrolling here let's look for i mean you'll see it it's very obvious like in the trees and stuff and on the uh the girders oh i guess it's just because it's a small a slower scrolling level right yeah i can see it for sure i mean it'd be really cool if you could you could get it exactly perfect but then you'd have to like never touch it again because there's there's i don't think that there's like
a number or anything right i wish that maybe i mean ideally maybe they'll patch in like presets or something like that that'd be nice if they did that that would be cool oh there's uh there's a five dollar super chat from earth prime thank you thank you so you know if you guys ever considered doing a video on oops uh chat's scrolling too fast uh if you're considering doing a video on the options to bring the commodore 64 and
games to modern displays um we both have systems uh with s video i don't you know if there's an rgb mod for commodore uh i don't i don't know yeah i mean to be honest i i have very little experi experience with it although i i am probably going to be using it uh a bit more for uh analog frontiers part four
because uh it will be relevant whoa the scream glitched out weirdly for a moment um yeah i you know it's something i don't have a ton of experience with um but you know never say never uh it's i i just don't know a lot about what mods are available right we do have we do have commodores with like an
sd card loading yep function i forget what the mod itself is actually called though um yeah i don't remember off the top of my head either but uh that's pretty cool but i mean s s video is definitely pretty neat i've got the cables for it and uh i need to i need to get my commodore monitor uh back from steve sometime uh that's a really nice looking uh modification yeah that is like that is the way to play it really yeah
yeah i'm excited about getting that back sometime um and then there was also a five dollar from uh from mitch b thank you thank you saying the only thing this collection needs is a controller with a clicky joystick neo geo pocket fine games with the clicks are almost essential yeah not wrong you're not wrong you know i i hear a lot of people i mean i assume it's it's similar to the neo geo cd yes d-pad but i mean i would say that
i would say that it's actually better than that oh really yeah i mean i i i do not have a lot of experience with that style of mechanism but you know i i i can't say the idea of it does anything for me i'd rather have you know just a regular console style d-pad you know the whole micro switch concept you know i i i never i never learned to love
joysticks for uh for themselves yeah it's i just i like it because i feel that it's unique to the platform and you know using that unique controller is is part of what it's about geez this guy is like crushing me yeah yeah it's just like what you know it's like it's just like using the the authentic controller on the on the on the system you know yeah i mean i can i can definitely understand where you're
coming from uh it but for me like i even if i had the option i would you know if i had the ability to play a game like this with you know the super nintendo or the nes joy cons or on a play i don't know if it's coming to playstation but like on a playstation d-pad or a sega style d-pad like i would i would always choose that over you know some
arcade style input or you know a different kind of stick that's just me that's just me i just i never i i am horrible with joyce uh joysticks i i would probably be better with this kind of controller with the with the neo geo uh style then you know actual joysticks i i suspect i would do better with that but still just you know it's a it's fun to play around with for just a little bit but it just it
just makes my hand so tired and i play so with joysticks i'm just just because i'm not used to them i guess you know i i i would probably not feel as fatigued playing with them but i just like i i probably just work them harder than they need to be gotta work it [Music] uh there was
uh 499 from uh japane thank you saying uh this looks very similar to the gameboy color how comparable were the two handles in specs i really enjoyed your latest analog frontiers video keep it up well well thank you very much i i don't know that much about how comparable they are in specs i mean i think they're relatively close yeah but this seems to have like true parallax support uh which i mean i'm pretty sure you can't do true parallax
on game boy color uh speaking of gameboy didn't i think the uh the game boy advance turned 20 today didn't it i'm pretty sure that it did oh like in japan maybe yes i think it was a june release in the us right yeah yeah it was it was june because it was like right at the end of the school year when it uh when it came out here
yep it was definitely like that's exciting i remember i got my my squishy game boy advance at uh e3 that year which would have put it in june yeah i'm i'm pretty positive it was it was dude because i got a day one that was right at the end of the school year uh [Music] yeah i i really don't know how comparable they they uh
they are i mean it looks [Music] i mean in some ways i i i almost feel like it looks a little better but then the than the gameboy color well i mean if only because of the parallax yeah but of course we're not seeing that in every level but i mean but that was true parallax i mean that wasn't like line scrolling you know right well you'll see when i play some other stuff like like two came out in in
2000 oh okay i mean this this came out in 99 according to the the beginning there like the from the met according to the menu i mean it's kind of crazy to think about how like the the metal slug series in general is like not as old as you think yeah like weren't the first ones more like that chicken leg in here a turkey leg i forget exactly when the first ones
came out but yeah like it was more like later 90s like metals like six might even be like a like an early 2000s game i mean it always surprises waves so it's like yeah it would have been oh yeah that's right it's definitely uh it's post dreamcast death even yeah it's it's crazy how not as old as you think the metals like games are yeah oh well it's weird because there
was i at least from my perspective as somebody who didn't own the like any of the games or anything like that i feel like there was a huge gap in time between metals like three and four and then four five and six came out like less than a year apart but that's just i mean i'm not sure if that's correct or not that's just one thing that's what it felt like at the time that there was a big gap between
uh between three and four you might be right i mean i've looked this stuff up before but i can't remember for sure either i guess like probably when they became snk playmore that's when uh like this the sequels came out really quick when four five and six all came out pretty quick but i i mean i could be totally wrong uh there was uh two dollars from earth prime it's an ever drive for commodore 64. ah
well the thing that we have i don't know i'm not sure if that is the if it's called the backpack it's a mod it's a it's a mod with an sd card yeah and i have a controller a little adapter that lets me use the genesis controller on it i assume this would be like a cartridge that like plugs into the back slot uh yeah that might be i i at least i think commodore 64 have those i have to confess to not being as familiar with it as i should be despite you know having them in my house in fact
despite having included in analog frontiers part three uh a shot of the backside of a commodore 64 from evan amos i cannot at the present recall that has that but i know that the vic-20 does because i grew up with a victory you know the avenger which is the space invader uh rip-off cartridge that goes into the bat
uh we didn't even really talk about him in in the uh having been in a documentary i think i feel like that that might be like one of the most exciting things for people that are watching it yeah i mean you know i think you had more of a sense of uh [Music] of [Music] the sort of reaction with what it would be to that because there was a ton of people like oh my gosh like i had i had no idea
about this guy or you know i had no idea that like this was like the work of one guy uh and they just didn't know about like whereas you and me we contributed to the his kickstart yeah and you know that was relatively early in the channel and he was one of the first ideas or he was the first idea we had for like you know if we get to the point where we can like start interviewing people like yeah we shouldn't have a name like i think he would be really cool um [Music]
if um if you search youtube for evan amos you will find a a much older video from um actually it's like the wikimedia foundation it's like the wikipedia or wikimedia uh youtube channel and um uh there is there was like a really brief thing but you know we shot that originally intending for it to be its own thing
right and we have a lot of stuff i mean honestly when we do the the blu-ray you should just like make a bonus feature just like a huge tour of like all the stuff that you brought out yes yes because there was only just a tiny bit of it uh you know i i almost cut out that little bit at the beginning where he's like explaining how the odyssey works like i was back and forth on cutting that out so many times ultimately left it in because i just thought it was a really great introduction to
not only to have a little moment to spend time on like the first uh commercially released video game console but to uh you know also kind of just give a little introduction and and stuff and uh if i was like back and forth on whether i should leave that in but like i thought it was just a really cool moment because he was so good at just pulling just some random thing that most people know
almost nothing about off of his shelf and like saying something about it like he he's got a tremendous knowledge on these systems that he that he has built up uh over time and uh i i absolutely there's so much good stuff and i that is absolutely uh one of my intentions for uh uh for special features for the for the blu-ray
um to uh to have you know not completely unedited but a you know a sort of a more long-form uh feature uh going through uh some of his collection you know what one thing that uh i i can't believe we didn't get close up i just cannot believe we didn't do um he has this playstation 2 dev kit it is it's just it's so funny looking
honestly uh just how it just looks like a gigantic playstation 2. and uh oh yeah it's it's enormous and i just don't know why we did not get a close-up of it but it's it's so cool and as you can see in the background on a shot but you know it's out focus of course yeah i mean what so many people were thought was so cool seeing that seeing him because they didn't know anything about and you know i i think you kind of realized that that like more people need to know about him
and his work yeah and um you know to me i just felt like oh i think most people i mean not literally most people but you know i i i thought it was a pretty well known thing and i i you know i discovered that oh there's a lot of people who actually had no idea so it made me feel really good about being able to draw attention to it you know honestly like i said it was shot to kind of with its intention of being its own thing and then when i saw right analog frontiers part three i was like you know what
i think i i could work i think it would make a lot of sense for him to be in this so why don't we just make him part of analog frontiers part three yeah um and and i thought it worked out i mean my intention was you know when we did the tom du voice document you know i was i was very proud of it but um and and i'm just cheating like i'm just using rewind because you know
why not why not um uh the people who did watch the tom du voice documentary just like we're very passionate about it it was some of them it was probably the most overwhelmingly positive response that we've ever gotten to a video uh i was just overwhelmed by the response but the views were pretty low yeah and i kind of felt like you know i had a feeling that analog frontiers was going to do better than a
stand-alone documentary and kai made me think like well i feel like more people would see evan's story and it would actually you know not it's not that he doesn't deserve to have his own standalone piece but it's just that i thought that being part of something larger would actually make his story more visible yes uh and i think i think that that worked out for sure and you know i
thought something that was really surprising uh you know when we interviewed jeremy parish uh we interviewed evan in like it was september or october 2018. yes yes it was right after it was right as we went to uh retro world expo and it was it was like it was like the day after we shot bob's interview yep
and uh i interviewed jeremy parish in i believe it was october uh 2019 and uh you know i i mentioned it to him he's like you know that guy hasn't tweeted in like a year i hope he's okay i'm like oh and then like the day analog frontiers part uh uh part three releases you like probably because people were probably
like trying to contact him and like stuff and so like he made like the first tweet in like years so it was it was it made me feel good to see him uh reappear uh if only briefly you know uh just to let us know he's okay so that was that was cool to see so uh so yeah and yeah and his like the second uh
edition of his of his book like i didn't even realize that that was coming and i didn't even it looks great yeah uh-oh i love how it just has like a two on the cover like yeah it's the game i mean it's just an updated version right like it has i think it's got some systems that the the previous one didn't have and maybe some expanded galleries for some of the right well i mean yeah i mean [Music] that's uh wait i mean generally what a
second edition would be i guess but yeah it's cool it's cool i mean i hope that they helped uh get some get some pre-orders and stuff for or people that because he i feel that he is he's kind of this unsung hero especially for content creators who like make videos on youtube like everybody i think who's made a video on youtube about video games has at some point like used one of his videos or one of his images absolutely and
and you know the i i think that i i think it's absolutely true that you know it is the most visible and most widely used and reused work of video game preservation because i mean sure yes people use software emulation very very widely but i i they're also better than who just like are interested in all old games but our old
systems or the history of video games but i think that actually playing the old games isn't really for them but those people are seeing articles on websites and things that have his pictures on even if they don't actually play the game in any way you know yeah so i mean it's i i i don't i don't think that you even need to do any scientific research to determine that his is the most widely viewed work of preservation because i mean it's just it's
all over the place you're seeing it when you don't even know you're seen i mean it's it's a it's a huge impact and the the photographs that he has taken are you know especially of older systems better than any existing photograph that was official of these older systems and you know these systems will not look a day newer going forward then
they right now what he's photographing so you know in in in another 50 years maybe someone will have some amazing camera and be able to distribute the a new photo and a file that will uh be you know so efficient and such high quality and you could you know zoom in to see microscopic texture on the super nintendo but will there be a super nintendo in 50 years that looks as good as what
evan amos has already taken a picture so i mean the photos he has no matter how uh camera technology and file format technology and stuff evolves over time like his photos will be important forever just because of the relative recency in which they've been shot you know yes so it's it's interesting that when you think of it in those terms
there was uh there was a five dollar a while back i gotta catch up on a couple there's a five dollar from junker uh unruly junker hq i assume uh but uh thank you uh saying uh love is him he might they might might be a junker themselves maybe so it might be might be one of the junkers yeah uh uh saying i love this handheld neo turf masters
was one of my favorites hoping for a physical release from someone uh we believe that it was was confirmed is neo-turf masters in this one or is that going to be in another volume uh there's a golf game as it's not neon turf masters though unless it's known as something else elsewhere i mean i i have uh neo-turf masters cartridge of it so i i i have to confess i did not know that neo turf masters was a golf game that's just that's a name that i was the name of a
gaming that i knew was on neo geo but i never looked into what kind of is it like an gameplay golf game or something uh not really i mean it's it's arcady but it's i mean it plays it pretty straight okay so big tournament golf is neo you know turf masters yes okay so why does i feel like i have the cartridge i have is neo turf master so okay so his big tournament golf is the same okay so it is
i should probably i can switch over here in a little bit here can you make a save state uh there is no save states i was very surprised that there's no it does not seem to be any despite rewinding unless it just like saves your state when i exit i can try yeah so it just does that does it oh you know what if i go back in though it'll take me right back to it so it doesn't make a safe state just so you can stop and play you can't you can't i mean with the rewind you can kind of cheat but this is kind of a cool way to do it it's
just like oh you know just back out [Music] so maybe i let me check forgot where they are they are what hang on just a second my alarm system is being annoying lately
system low batteries ah while we're waiting for corey uh i'll read uh eb chill 2 he said great video mark you have a tired but content countenance like a great weight has been lifted whatever accolades come your way are well deserved well well thank you i i i don't really feel so tired anymore really i mean this was this is a pretty great week you know i i did a little work
but didn't feel burdened you know i i finished uh fire emblem echoes on the 3ds which i've been working on since november and i started uh bravely default too and so it's you know you know i did a little work but you know i i didn't didn't really work later or nothing just uh just sort of relaxed so i actually actually feel pretty content uh and there was also five
reals i believe from uh mano vincent sue i suppose say it as a proud owner of an ossc i must thank you guys for all the guidance through these years also plans for a dreamcast episode love your content well thank you uh yes there is absolutely a plan for a dreamcast episode i know it's been a couple of years since uh since an rgb 200 episode but uh uh dreamcast will be one of the
most soon forthcoming ones you know it's basically between that and we for what will be the next one and it kind of just depends on what the situation with the hd retrovision cables would be because we feel like that's like the bat the last big thing that people are really waiting for for dreamcast okay so i knew i wasn't crazy i it took me longer than i'd like to admit to find these they were they're kind of hidden away but i knew i wasn't crazy okay what do you have it it neo turf
masters okay did they i mean i don't know if there was something already in the chat at some point the name changed okay so i hang on scrolled up at some point the name changed to big tournament on the eshop as well is it oh or was it a illegal thing maybe maybe uh so the games i do have i have uh so i have neo turf masters i have a sonic the hedgehog pocket vent adventure i can't really see it because of the light oh i didn't i
didn't know there was a sonic game on neo geo yeah there's a samurai showdown two fatal fury uh when is the first contact is that what it is yeah fatal fairy first contact uh king of the fighters r2 uh uh pac-man pac-man and i don't know how this happened but apparently i have a i have two copies of metal slug first mission i don't know why
uh one of them is is the the english release the other one appears to be japanese because one has an esrb i think all these are japanese actually except for sonic so sonic and metal slug are the only english releases that i have weird that's so weird anyways i knew i wasn't crazy about that neo-terpenes i knew i wasn't that crazy let's check out the game i guess yeah let's play it well uh while you're
loading that up there was uh 499 from matt butler thank you hey guys use your vids as a guide three years ago to get my retro setup dialed use frame mice for any reason to switch to ossc not sensitive to lag uh i mean probably not especially if you're not sensitive to lag um i mean the for like 240p stuff the ossc you know assuming it is compatible with your
setup uh the ossc looks better uh than the framemeister again when it's compatible but it 100 the framework looks better for 480i without a doubt um so i'm gonna be the young hero [Music] if you're happy with how it looks especially if you like maybe play like a lot of ps2 or other 480i stuff um i would stick with what you have for now
uh especially because you know they're you know if you're if you're thinking about upgrading or something like that i mean there is the retro tank 5x that'll be coming out uh before too long i'm really excited to see i'm really excited about the registry i mean it it you know the the red the ossc has a lot of great features for power users but to be completely honest i don't use like all most of the real nitty gritty
features on the ossc and it sounds like the retro tank 5x like for me is gonna do it all for ya we'll already do all that and possibly be almost an upgrade uh i mean obviously we haven't used it yet but um it's gonna be real interesting i think um and uh you know and then there's the ossc pro so you know but but these are going to be
more expensive devices without a doubt you know i think they're probably going to be you know double-ish the existing models so they aren't replacements uh you know if if you're if your budget is for um you know the cost of the current unit then you know you should probably go ahead and get that but i think for your purposes especially if you're not sensitive to lag um you know you didn't have rpps or
a lot of ps2 uh i i would stick with what you got because the for 480i the ossc would actually be a downgrade except for the lag department yeah um this kind of little video that i'm working on might be kind of fun for you though i mean some fun information look at that right in the bunker oh i'm i'm looking forward to seeing the face you just finished oh it's not it's not like that in this
one oh hello are you talking about like the actual neogeo one yeah okay i mean they've got interesting but there's an interesting personality to this game for sure yeah i mean it's it's it's in an arcade golf game [Music] how do you feel about like overhead golf games like this and like the nes golf uh i mean generally i don't really
think about it that much i mean i'm i i like uh i like hot shots golf yeah probably when i played more than any yeah i mean i i that that's those are the golf games that i'm most familiar with as well i i never oh right never really played a golf game until mario golf on n64 i might have played like a tiny bit of nes golf at some point or something uh but i've always had a hard time going to that after learning to really play golf games with
mario golf and then some of the hot shots golf games like those are those are my golf games those are the ones i love uh catch up on a few more super chats [Laughter] whoops there we go hit the flag there's uh there's five dollars from mitch b again thank you saying uh uh how do you get all the characters and i got a pretty good aim if i'm hitting that sorry
if i'm hitting that uh flag pole over and over again uh mr b asking how do you get all characters in capcom versus snk without linking to a dreamcast i thought they were characters you could only unlock that way what is that what what system is capcom versus snk for uh well snk versus capcom national millennium is on here uh you can always tell who who made the
game because their name is first so there's there is snk versus capcom that was made by snk and there was capcom versus okay uh there was uh capcom made there's no way you could connect a neo geo pocket to a dreamcast with it with a link cable it goes right in i i think it goes right into like the little uh like the serial port in the back so there there is a cable that does nothing but connect neo geo pocket to dreamcast yep that's that's a little crazy
yeah is your mind blown right now that like it is i had no idea that was a thing that was and that was like before the gba [Music] yeah like how much functionality was there uh you know i i'd have no idea all that you could do with it i love that i mean you're probably past it now but you keep going over this green
line [Music] i do wonder if it gave a workaround for that in the version that is on here that's that's very interesting for sure uh and then there was a two dollar super chat from shadow mask uh saying in small mode in my ps1 today nes rgb is next oh right in the water
and yes rgb i mean that's that's a game changer yeah for sure oh speaking of the ps1 yeah that's one you you got you i got my my mem card pro oh nice shot sorry it gave me a cool graphic when i i got my nice shot and the music stopped well that waterfall looks great uh yeah i got my my memcard pro yesterday i've been very excited about it [Music]
have you done much with it yet uh yes if you go on twitter there is somebody uh i'm not sure if it's the same if it's one in the same but uh john perry on twitter like has been making a uh a pack of memory card saves for each game that will work with like an ode or whatever it will just like uh by it will automatically load up a memory card that has like a variety of saves for that game on it
uh and at first uh you had a set for uh number like memory card number one but what i when i do that like i like to take like the cheat cards and like make them last in there you know it's just so it doesn't automatically load up the cheat card when you first start playing or start using it uh so you went back and changed them to uh to just like default to so they're all number eight i say uh but yes it's it's pretty cool
it's very cool i mean i went i went through and uh copied over all my saves i had used the the ps3 memory card uh save file extractor uh to pull off my original saves into a mcs file format which is like the memory card saves just like the individual saves but this uses the mcd which is like memory card it's like an entire memory card like each one is 128 kilobytes
and i so i had to use mem card rex to create mcd files for each game you know i kind of wonder if uh it would be a good thing for you to do a video on because well i'll i'll cover it in there overlap with like what you want to do with like save file memory card safe hall preservation anyway and i almost wonder if a dedicated
episode on one platform would be more popular yeah well i think i think that that's what i'm going to do is i might just do like ps like just do like memory cards in an episode and then do instead of doing like a big one that covers like a whole bunch of them i think i might just do like a dedicated ps1 because then i could talk about like the next drive and you can use mem card rex to like build memory cards that way and i can there there's plenty enough for a single video just on playstation 1 memory cards yeah i mean that's probably what i'm going to
end up doing i i went ahead and ordered one from the from the uh from 8-bit mods or from kessler yeah for well 8-bit mods was the only ones that i i mean is that is that that's considered the source right yes yeah [Music] yes yeah i i it's ship ships from the uk though i think right uh yeah i mean it didn't take long to get here i mean i think it took like 10 days or something like that yeah
the next the next uh batch is expected like april 11th or something like that yeah so i ordered from there i mean maybe before the end of the stream i'll boot it up especially if you already have uh an x station or i i don't know the extent uh how it is compatible with other odes but i think it might be do you know if what oh it's it's gonna be it's compatible with um
with the mode as well okay because it's it's not even so much the compatibility with the mode it's it comes down to using like the uh like the product number so the you know it it has like a database file on the card that it says okay so this like slus dash zero zero zero six eight is like lunar silver star story okay so it it it bases it on on like the games like like yeah yeah
like or like the serial number of the game like you know if you see like the slus or scus or something like that and it has like a number like every game has that so that's just how it ties it to to uh it can recognize the names and even the the most recent um ps1 digital uh it like downloads this this database and so now when you go into your menu if you're playing a game
it'll tell you what the name of the game is like if you just if you go to like [Music] it'll like tell you all the different numbers or numbers and letters and stuff okay yeah i'm i'm definitely excited to to get that i mean because it's just going to be so handy on the x station and ps1 digital system for sure yeah i i hope you know
it it continues to be reliable uh for the long term because i've always been skeptical of third party uh memory cards and this like kind of came out of nowhere you know like but it seems to be a really well realized product it's just like i'm just not familiar with the source you know yes right you know the makers of it but you know here here's here's hoping it's as as reliable as it seems but i mean so far
i haven't heard anything but good things i see the the replicant 813 uh with the super trip see we had a super chat for a dollar ninety nine thank you so uh corey how did your mem card ship usps or fedex so i did i think i did the cheapest shipping and it showed up uh usps i i did the second cheapest because it was like less than two dollars more to get tracked shipping yeah i mean contract shipping was like 16 and or 16 something and track shipping
was like 18 so i just went for track shipping just because that seemed a lot safer i mean after shipping and like in exchange rate and everything like that it's it comes it's like close to a hundred dollars for it it's still it's still under a hundred dollars yeah it's it's the last one you'll ever need to buy really um well but before that i need to back up uh catch up on three prior super chats there was uh uh ten swiss francs from david aaron
thank you at least i think that's swiss francs uh i'm pretty i'm pretty sure uh oh yep he even says sir swish swish swish can't talk swish now i really can't talk switch cash cash swiss swiss cash for playing this game p.s that's the rgb output on the funny plane uh gbc
screen mod uh i i just got it and was surprised it was mentioned it was mentioned in the notice rgb out but i that that must be a new version yeah i mean who even knows at this point i mean as far as we know that could have been six different versions versions of it i mean there's like four versions in a year or something like that this stuff is coming out every day i i i there's probably something on um i i bet there's something on uh on the
mantra nacho productions youtube channel uh because i and i i just i i need to be paying more attention clearly uh because uh he covers a lot of these new mods otherwise it's very hard to keep up with because uh you know i i covered what i could um at the time that uh that i was doing the episode but yeah they just come out so frequently it's so difficult to keep up uh to keep up with so if
there is rgb hopefully that's not what our channel is about it's not about keeping up with all the different with ips yeah screen mods i i would oh i'm glad that there are people that are that are uh covering that because i would not enjoy covering that uh constantly or in the bunker my favorite you know doesn't uh is it the mick will that
i think has maybe an output mode yeah yeah i mean get in there oh that's that that is news to me but it does make me want to go look and see if uh montreal has a video on it i wouldn't be surprised [Music]
i mean that's the thing i like about hot shots golf is like it kind of gives you an idea of where it's going to land based on the club that you're using i i'm i'm not a big golf fan so i don't know what exactly the club that i need to make it go farther to a five iron it just seems like it makes sense i i think i'm missing something that's a good one uh there's you think you missed a uh donation well
let me take a look [Music] there was a twenty dollar on oh okay yes there was from uh i see it i i got right here so it's from uh from from james p thank you thank you twenty dollars dang thank you so uh thanks for your your well i'm feeling bad i couldn't find it uh so thanks for all your heart your work uh towards the community keep let's keep retro alive
thank you geez thank you so much let's do that i mean that was that was all pretty close to the sort of the the tagline i came up with to describe uh analog frontiers that i put in an intro to every episode you know a documentary series about the people and technology that keep classic gaming alive i mean i think that's that's something i always like to [Music] you know emphasize and anything
is that you know just like smoke monster said at the beginning you know outsiders might think that classic gaming is about old things but you know this stuff is using cutting edge technology uh it's uh it's it's just really incredible the the dedication and passion that that goes into it i mean it's uh it's i mean we really
are just in so many ways uh just so many people are just doing incredible things to to keep this stuff you know not just something that people talk about in the past you know heck yeah it's active and lively you know uh and then there was also another i think just before that one that was 199 from matt butler again thank you uh saying uh thanks for the tip guys i'll hold out for the retro teak
the rt i assume mean the retro tank 5x course there is existing retro tank products um uh but already having a framemeister um it's probably not necessarily what you're looking for but the uh uh the retching 5x i i don't know for sure what it's dear lacy is really going to be like in practice um you know someone was actually just just asking me this weekend um
you know debating like should i buy a retro tank should i buy an ossc and you know based on their needs they were saying that it would primarily be for n64 and ps2 and i said well uh definitely forget the ossc in that case because you know if you're not having a modified n64 there's there's no reason uh to consider that for n65 uh consider
ossc for n64 um but uh you know wait for the retro tank 5x and you know i'll let you know after i've i've had my hands on one you know if i think that the interlacing would be uh what someone would be looking for you know if you know they're playing a lot of ps2 i really don't know what quite to expect i know it's got a few d interlacing modes but we'll just have to see what uh
over like in uh in practice uh and then there was also ten dollars from multiplex thank you thank you hey uh what's up guys how have you all been i've been gone for a bit my internet just came back on the ice storm and huntington was bad was out for four weeks wow the latest keep up the good work four weeks wow that's that's that's that's shocking just no internet wow
[Music] that's yeah that's that's crazy i i i have a hard time really processing that that's [Music] well i mean thinking about that i mean it makes you wonder you know if like how you'd feel about it afterwards yeah it might be you might feel like a like a changed person you really might i mean i you know it's been it's been a few years since i've had like a full fledged team i'm playing against
this exactly is like the opposite although they they do have midnight blue ken on there i've i've kind of decided that midnight blue is one of my favorite colors i have my midnight blue uh dual shock 4 and uh they're a little bit of midnight blue in your plaid shirt right there yes like that and green are my favorite colors yeah you know it's been a number of years since i took a full-fledged vacation but
but i do gotta say i uh well you know sometimes i do try to go pretty much on a total like internet hiatus and it's you know it's it's nice i i always found that like when i did that like certain like like think like websites i would go to or things i would read like just almost as like a habit that you know just wasted time like i
would find that like when i came back from like an internet hiatus i would like just not really have the interest in just like wasting my time on some of the things that i used to do on the internet you know yeah you're just like oh like wow i really don't need this it's it's definitely nice to have a little distance from the internet sometimes even if it is uh you know kind of critical to life in some ways i guess but uh it's also nice to
put things into perspective i suppose you know so but i'm glad i came back so you can watch analog frontiers i'm glad you enjoyed it and then there was uh five dollars from axiom thank you thank you saying i recently refound my passion for bringing classic gaming into modernity thanks to your videos doing a console mods doing console mods for money again after a 10-year hiatus oh wow a lot has changed i mean
10 years ago we weren't even into mods first you know we like the first mod i really got was uh you know he has rgb i guess i think so like that was that was like the first like mod that i got for a system like apart from like tearing the tabs out of my super nintendo myself like we didn't know about rgb
10 years ago we didn't know about pvms although i used a pvm every day at work at the time well yeah i mean i there were pvms that didn't work at my work as well i mean i used one you know it's funny because in my like thinking back on it like in my uh in the encoding room where i worked for years uh before before the channel and everything you know we had a 20 out of five in there it's just crazy i think that we just
we we had access to this technology and just didn't realize we just i i thought this sv was the best you could yeah super nintendo and i mean i've you know i was preaching the good word of this video over here you know i mean it blew your mind when i told you about it yeah the ground dithering in this great wall level looks like it would be good for helping dial in an integer scale if it's possible yeah in the background too in the mountains yeah but it's just like all those like squares that are kind of
standing alone just make it really easy to see if some of them are a different size uh but yeah i mean that's that's cool i mean you know we were we were into our classic consoles but we didn't know that you know there was all this stuff you could do and of course a lot of it hadn't been developed yet i mean there's so much that has been developed in just you know the past several years i mean it's it's a booming scene for sure and then you know with uh dan and kristoff and woozle
forming pixel fx i think uh you know we're only just starting to get going in some ways with yes these internal mods you know uh there was also two dollars from gaming blows asking how's the input lag on this game i assume on this game i feel like it's pretty bad like i'm hitting i'm hitting it like my thumb is off of the d-pad before it even even starts to
jump this uh this reuse stage is a pretty striking recreation i'd say for the 8-bit yeah i i mean i think a lot of stuff in this in this game looks really good what's so weird about the style of this game though is like there's so many colors but the characters are too tough yeah i wonder why [Music] i mean i i do not have the original here it's very possible that it is not like that in the original but it feels pretty severe to me
but the way these controls the way these games control is kind of is different anyways because uh since the system only had two buttons you the longer you hold down a button decides how powerful the attack is so like holding the button down longer is like a fierce punch so that might be the reason why there's a little bit of a little bit more input lag but i'm i'm finding it maybe it very well could be how bad the d-pad is on
on the pro controller for games like this [Music] oh you're using a pro controller yeah uh there was uh five dollars from jonathan henson thank you saying uh watching the stream on my pc crt monitor and can't believe how great it looks it's colored levels and viewing angles destroy my fp monitor i'm trying i i i feel like i should feel bad for not having off the top of my head what fp would stand for
the ffp oh flat flat panel flat panel yeah oh yeah you know i know you know even though it's not a very special crt i mean i've got i've got that nice nec one but like the one that i shoot everything off of for analog frontiers off-screen stuff is just you know i can't even think off my head with the brand is like kbl or something like that it's a very typical um uh
consumer crt monitor you know nothing particularly special about it um but uh if i i feel the look is is appropriate for for what i i want to go for with all that off-screen stuff i use because yeah you know i i wanted to be very conscious of not using like screenshots or anything of websites and stuff like i wanted i wanted like analog technology to look like something that still exists and
that you can still use and you can you can reach out and touch you that know you know sorry i do enjoy a nice little vga monitor for sure uh there was uh five dollars from uh from frank says keep with the great work guys enjoy the channel do you guys think the switch will be a great console for ports of other older handheld games uh i mean i think that's a pretty good use for it i mean it's nice to see these games in
particular getting a re-release anyways yeah just because i i think it's kind of surprising honestly it's it's really nice to see hope maybe this will pave the way for some uh like a wonder swine collection you know oh i'd love that yeah i mean i hope that wonder swan eventually comes to the mister cause i i feel like that's like a big one that yeah is is thoroughly needed the 32-bit platform i feel like it is i
think i think it might be but i feel like it i mean it's going to be possible i think it is possible but i'm just saying that my the level of complexity might be part of why it hasn't happened yet um because i'm pretty sure it's very close to gba in terms of capabilities um but you know i mean me personally i'm not like really hung up on the idea of you know oh this is a portable game originally like
you know gotta keep it portable um i mean in some ways it makes it a cool fit but like in other ways like you know i think a lot of the excitement around my pocket comes from like like oh like i want to be able to play these games handheld like they were originally made to be but like for me like i'm just as happy playing a handheld game on my tv so you know the docking aspect of the pocket is actually
more in some ways more interesting to me but you know i might be surprised i i could definitely see myself oh no maybe taking it away from home more than i think um and then there was 499 from t seoul thank you saying uh i just got a physical neo geo pocket color import do you have any suggestion on import games that can be played without knowing the language probably almost all of them honestly yeah i mean i don't think are there like really rpgs well there's an action rpg on this collection that i've never
played before i should i'll put that up after this i assume yeah yeah i mean it's not a platform i would expect much of much in the way of like rpgs or even action rpgs but or i guess there is one so i i'm actually quite curious see uh yeah i mean you know neogeo the neo-geo brand is all about action games you know [Music] this is going to be quite this could be
close oh no he's going to get me oh yeah but i'm sure like stuff like the fighting games metal slug games i mean all those for sure would be super easy to play without knowing the language i would say uh there was also five dollars from brian thank you saying uh thanks for the work you put into your channel it's it's helped me relive my youthful memories in ways i never thought i never thought i ever
could well well thank you thank you hopefully uh hopefully uh maybe it maybe it inspires more than just memories uh you know maybe maybe also uh check out uh some of the games and uh you know whatever method of your choosing you know i i i i always like to say that you know retro is is just as much about
revisiting old favorites as it is uh discovering stuff that you never played before and coming to love it you know retro uh doesn't just have to be uh you know you don't you don't have to have an attachment to these games from childhood to um uh to still enjoy them even if you've never played them before it's not it's not just nostalgia uh and then there was uh 499 from mark dell
thank you uh saying i think in 10 years we'll we'll all just be sitting inside virtual rooms with our vr headsets and having fpgas in them for retro gaming i mean you know it's it's it's it's possible uh that uh you know people will that that virtual reality will become something that uh that uh you know
people will have that level of control over to program and develop for i mean guess it absolutely could happen i mean uh you know virtual reality is you know more of a platform than anything and if some virtual reality platform was really open uh you know i guess if it was if it was uh high resolution enough uh you could you could have
virtual crts in there somehow i i don't really know quite what to expect from the the far future of virtual reality honestly i don't really know how far we can we can push it oh i messed up right at the very end well and we got uh five dollars from dominic rinaldi thank you saying uh try i'm going for a loose n64 set i own 114 and got the must-haves any games besides the top 10 most costly i should grab
now while affordable um i mean you know i don't know a lot honestly about like what what's like going up in costs on n64 and uh and and stuff like that um [Music] you know because i've you know i think i've had the must-haves for a very long time you know especially i mean even even from back in its day i i probably had most of the
the absolute must-haves um but i'm just gonna drop a link uh in the chat here to my backloggery page actually i i should have made a direct link to my n64 page let me let me do that but you know i i like to think that uh that my uh my n64 uh
backloggery uh my my set of games on there is is a is a good set of games i won't uh i won't say that every single one of them is amazing or anything but it's uh not necessarily a bad uh a bad look at the the system stuff how many n64 games do i have anywhere else one more ghost trick according to uh according to the overall totals
i've got 75 and 64 games some of those might include some japanese duplicates though i'm not sure if there are any compilation games probably wow so that that's actually probably a pretty accurate marker of how many individual n64 carts i have [Music] years ago um uh some you know i say kid you know he was
he was probably like try the dark arms beat buster 1999. dark arms beat buster beat that was probably uh this kid was probably like i don't know like 14 or something and uh i had some some n64 games that uh were from a friend's collection and you know he just said you can just do whatever with him keep them whatever
and uh someone were boxed um and uh one was uh air fighters assault one or two at least one at least two if not one are relatively valuable and uh i i i sold one to this kid at this yard sale who was like so excited about it because uh you know i i felt like i gave him a pretty good deal and you know he he said he was he was
you know we're working on hoping to have a complete n64 set you know it was cool seeing someone that young who you know was not alive during the n64's heyday uh you know i kind of have an interest in it so uh i was i i felt good that i was able to help him along and getting one of the you know probably one of the more difficult games to collect for a reasonable price [Music]
i'm definitely not i definitely don't have intent of going for complete sets of any particular uh console but uh but n64 is definitely a a interesting one uh to go for i think that's one that you know is ambitious but also one people can kind of wrap their their hands around you know this is obtainable [Music] uh and there was uh don 99 from mark del
again thank you uh saying follow up to my weird vr question look up emu vr oh is that like um like some sort of emulator setup for vr let me google it real google it and see if i can look up any images oh okay it looks like it kind of looks like uh oh you know i think i saw i think i saw some image of this
not that long ago of this game no no no no of this muvr it's like people it's like it's vr thing where you're like looking at like a crt and you have like a game shell with a bunch of cards next to it like it's it's almost looks kind of like a higher fidelity version of that uh that genesis collection uh bedroom not to say it's like super high fidelity looking but that genesis collection
bedroom's not that good looking i use it in videos a lot though so what is this game this game looks interesting this is uh it's called uh dark arms beast buster 1999 yeah he has a gun i wasn't quite expecting that oh you thought it was going to be like a knife them up i thought it was going to be like a hack and slash or something
looks looks kind of cool uh and then there was three dollars from squid of legend thank you uh saying uh ips modded dmg and sp after seeing your video thanks well well thank you i'm glad you i'm glad you enjoyed it i'm glad that you were able to despite my own frustrations in that video i'm i i i'm always glad when people say you know hey i'll watch this video and no i i decide to go for it you know i i'm
that was very much the point it was more like okay like i was frustrated i was annoyed but like maybe you'll see that and see like oh well like you know i think i can i i think i'd do this better than he did it was never my intent to discourage people uh who you know i thought doing that would be something they would enjoy and like i said you know i haven't paid that close attention
uh to what has come about since that video so you you've likely got much better mods than i had you know i mean that that whole scene is moving so fast right now it is so hard to keep up um and like i said i i really need to uh to catch up on on what uh what's been released on macho nacho productions because i feel like i could learn a lot about the new mods that come about
just by just taking a glance at his channel for just a little bit you know yeah like there there's got to be a lot of stuff [Music] [Music] but he's like well done let me explain about development uh craig juan says i have a confession to make i absolutely hate graveyard stages in games they give me the creeps don't judge me y'all i mean that's that's actually kind of
cool i think like you know i in in in uh in most games i would say they don't give me the creeps unless it's like a legit horror game but i i actually think that's that's cool to feel unsettled by something that is supposed to be unsettling right like it's supposed to to give you that that feeling even if like maybe most people just see
a graveyard and you know just a non-horror game they don't think much of it it's still probably you know it's something that is supposed to be unsettling you know it's actually it's actually cool to be scared and creeped out by games because that the easier you are to scare then the easier it is for uh you know that the intent of this kind of atmosphere to uh uh to be achieved so nothing wrong with
that at all sometimes i wish i could be scared more [Music] i saw that someone was asking uh when the when the mr episode is coming and uh that is something i'm working on currently but i'm also working on another one another episode it's uh simultaneously it's a bit more a bit more casual and more like this is kind of something fun that i randomly found and like wanted to do a
video on i didn't really find it i just like thought i knew about it but it's just like you it's just like your passion for it like how it came out yeah it's just kind of fun it's just it's just kind of a fun little episode that'll probably happen before but uh the mr episode will be out before analog frontiers uh uh part four the way i i anticipate things to go it's gonna
probably be like that uh fun episode like that like little episode i'm working on and then also then mister will be out like either after that or like uh shortly like i'll probably follow it maybe uh if i can't get the mystery episode done in time i'll probably release another one of those like marathon videos and then the mister will come out and then probably uh analog frontiers four yeah i mean depending on how quickly analog frontiers part four goes like i've even
thought like if it just like goes way faster than expected like you're just gonna move to the next one and then i would i would see it like this thinking like just depending on how things fall like maybe even whole i just debate on how our release schedule is looking like maybe even hold on to analog frontiers for like for just like a minute yeah like if the mr episode is like actually pretty imminent if it's still gonna be a ways off though then you know maybe go ahead and release
it but you know i've definitely thought of that because part five is going to take longer because i i have more writing to do for part five but part four i think is gonna go pretty quick because there's just not gonna be it's it's not as difficult of a topic and it's not something where i'm going to have to gather as much materials for it right even though you know it's still going to be a pretty long episode i think it's going to be under an hour
but it's still going to be pretty long it's going to be the second longest episode overall most likely i think i'm pretty sure it'll be longer than one [Music] dead [Music] uh there's a 4.99 donation uh from franklin brown thank you thank you saying uh corey your video game commercials video is one of my all-time favorites i often revisit it and he plans to do something similar in the future and i'll tell you i would love to do another
one of those i found i went through some of my old vhs tapes and found a bunch of commercials but one of the things that i think makes that video so watchable is just how good a quality those recordings were and that is something that my own vhs s tapes did not have and the sound is all kind of is kind of jacked up on them uh but i mean i could see myself perhaps doing something with it um a friend of the show kind of like
restored some of the audio to sound as good as i could possibly could but it's it's still very muffled sounding i mean these these were off of videotapes that i had probably had five hours of stuff on them so they're like the uh like the super long play uh type and one of the reasons those other ones were good is because they were like the shortest form of like they were like two hour tapes you know you can uh record for two hours in high quality or you could
record in like lower quality for six hours but i would love to do another one it's just that i it's tougher because i've set expectations of how good the the commercials look in that first one and if it i feel like it might be disappointing to people if they don't look as good i'm gonna run to the bathroom really quick and then okay i'll i'll play some metal slug second mission uh i'll uh catch up on super chats while you're while you're gone there was uh two
dollars from potbelly punch thank you saying uh should should talk to laxer slash ultra embedded for psx core uh i i i don't i i assume you're talking about the uh the mr uh uh playstation core yeah i i don't know much about what the status of it is uh but that's like i i feel like that's definitely like the big holy grail right now for for mister like that and like saturn
obviously like i think people will kind of feel like if if that is achieved then like it's definitely come a long ways for sure i i really don't know how soon to expect that to come i mean i i imagine it's it's going to be a a lot of work and i'm sure has been a lot of work uh but i i i i'm not as clued in on the comings and goings
uh as corey is of uh you know where projects are along on mister that's definitely definitely exciting um and then there was uh five dollars from craig juan thank you uh saying that what you just said now try forgotten my fear graveyard stages inspired me in a way to power through thanks for that well you know like i said that's that's what you're supposed to feel that's that's that is the intent of graveyard stages
i i think one of the ultimate graveyard stages is uh is uh half-life 2. you know that's that's kind of uh that's one of the things i love about that game so much is it just like it changes up the atmosphere and the gameplay and the flow of things just so frequently over the course of the game like it's just it's a fairly long game and it just is constantly throwing fresh things at you and
that graveyard stage is definitely one of the most memorable parts of the game well that's you know that's that that's a relatively stout graveyard stage to power through but i i i think you could do uh uh mad monster mansion and banjo-kazooie you could handle that oh half-life two so you've played through the graveyard level and half-life two if you if you play through the graveyard level in half-life two i think you're good i i i think you can
handle anything i played pc games i did play half-life 2 on pc originally um i i don't play pc game like i don't know like between like 2006 and 2000 like 2006 and 2008 or 9. i kind of went through a little phase of pc games and that and then again
uh like well i was kind of off and on between like 2006 and 2013 with pc games you know i i got like my first computer that would run games pretty decently in uh 2005 or so um you know i played oblivion on it i played half-life two on it um
ultimately played final fantasy 11 on it well that was another computer but you know i i i kind of took a break from i didn't play a lot of pc games outside of final fantasy 11 kind of in the middle of that period and then i got a new graphics card for final fantasy 14. which you know obviously launched in not a great state but then i ended up using that graphics card to um i i tried to rewind it because i
was like sorry i really needed to see if it actually said in the the the text in the intro head interest that the top brass tip tickled pink with pf squad success in the first mission i tried to rewind it the top brass were tickled pink man i mean if the top brass is tickled pink then i mean you've made it right exactly you've
made it i i was like i i saw it out of the corner of my eye and i had to i started rewinding i was like did i really just did the text actually say tickled pink so i had to rewind and i was like it's at the very beginning why don't i just reset the game but i just had to see the top brass tickled pink with pf squad success tickled pink i'm just just just tickled pink oh this one has voices on it
um but it sort of sort of finished my uh my pc gaming ramble i i i played like the tomb raider reboot and like um bioshock infinite and like a few other things when i got pretty decent graphics card um but then like when the when the ps4 launched like i kind of stopped pc gaming pretty hard
just because i was you know just much more gain solidified and like having less interest in digital releases and you know i was like well you know i i can play these same games on ps4 and i can get a physical game you know so i you know that was kind of the end of my last phase of pc gaming but you know this is interesting this game i didn't play on occasion not often this
has like it has like a bunch of voices but every time it says the voice like the game chugs for a second oh i i mean i i don't hear the voices but i see them i see you chugging that's interesting it looks like you're so in the first game i think you were marco did you have a choice of who you play ass in the face no not in the first one this one your was this guy's name like cam camera or something like that oh probably like you had a choice of another
character though right theo maybe yeah theo and arie i think are the [Music] the girls there and most of them although like i think like between four five and six i think there's like several other characters that sometimes come about uh there was uh five dollars from mega x6 thank you saying uh try how did you like fire emblem echo has been i've been debating whether to play awakening or echoes neck
i mean both are are very good uh it it i mean it was great i liked it a lot um it my least favorite of the 3ds fire embl fire emblem games is definitely um uh fates for sure i mean fate was still good but it the story was just like so bad
i mean i i don't really play fire emblem for the story so much but the story in face was just i i thought it was embarrassing like that um this is kind of like a homage to like in the hunt right here i don't know if that's what it is it's supposed to be is this this thing looks a little awkward to control right that's fine um echoes is great though i mean i would say
you know awakening i mean if you want to i mean visually uh echoes is actually a very nice looking game for the 3ds like the 3d graphics are really good looking at it um you know the i remember awakening got a lot of flack when it launched for people were so weirded out by the fact that like the character models don't have feet like the leg the legs just kind of end
i forgot about that and like that never bothered me at all like they look like hooves oh look at look at this uh i mean i don't know if you've changed screens but this background would be awesome for darling and the uh yeah the size is just it's just nothing but dither um like i i thought it was kind of a charming style it didn't bother me at all but like the
the visual quality uh of of the series on 3ds definitely goes up game over game and uh echoes is it's actually quite a nice looking game um so i mean if that uh serves anything i mean it was nice for me you know with the most recent fire emblem games i've played being awakening and then fates like it was it was it was nice playing a uh fire emblem game for the first time in a long time it wasn't about romance and making babies
[Laughter] i mean that's become such a core part of the series which don't get me wrong like in awakening it's integrated extremely well into the story and is is kind of awesome i i they're they're i like to compare it to like a fantasy version of a particular movie but i'm not gonna say what movie because that would that would spoil the plot but it's
it's it's kind of it's really well done in awakening um in fates it is done so laughably horribly bad it's it's it is i mean i i haven't played faith i mean i haven't played any of them but uh it feels like fates is like not even supposed to be like a like a proper entry in this series i mean it is i mean it's definitely i mean you i mean you consider like you know
corin came to yeah came to you i mean it's definitely the direct follow-up to i mean it just seems annoying that also it you can't even like get you have to have like the limited edition to like have the whole game on cartridge i hate that like that just makes me never want to play it anyways yeah it's it's i mean it's still a good game but like it just feels like
just the way that they execute it i did not think it was that good but i mean you know fire emblem's still fun to play you know um but like the way that they handle like the whole like children aspect of the game just like it feels like it was really shoehorned in because they're like oh my gosh we discovered that people really like your game if you you know have them make babies like like fire emblem was apparently
like really on his last legs as a franchise and was it really well working was like kind of their last chances from what i've heard and then like it was just this like really masked hit like awakening was just like a huge hit and they're like oh well the reason a lot of people liked it was like all of like the romance stuff and but like it worked so well in the plot of awakening
uh and in fates it just feels like they had to figure out a way to make it work without doing the same thing awakening did and it just falls completely flat it's so so stupid i mean i'll i'll i mean i it's fates uh so i'll i'll i'll spoil this miner i mean it's not really a story thing because it doesn't it doesn't fit into the story in any way it fits into the story of awakening and in fates what happens is
you when when uh when you know two characters fall in love uh they have a baby that they put into the deep realms and in the deep realms time passes differently so basically because of the war that's going on they think their babies will be safer in the deep realms and they won't be able to be found by the the the bad guys
and uh and you know and be subject to this war and then so like when you go visit the deep realms to check up on your kid they're like the same age that you are and they've like grown up without you and then they're like oh like let me join your army again so okay that seems it's so stupid it is so stupid it's so stupid like
it's like okay i can maybe understand the first baby that your that your army has like they think like oh this would be a good way to keep them safe let's put them in the deep rounds like no one else knows how to get to the deep realms which by the way like the deep realms is like not really that much a thing of the story although maybe it gets a little bit more integrated into it if you play the revelations part which i didn't but it it it's like maybe you do one you're like oh
geez like this kid like totally grew up without us like this sucks let's not put our babies in the deep realms again and they just keep doing it it's so stupid i won't spoil the the way that it's integrated for awakening though because um but uh uh and now i believe three houses has that aspect again which the deep realm huh the deep realm or no realms
a romance and children mechanic where eventually you can play as the children but i i i have not played three houses yet it sounds like from what i know though that it sounds like a good implementation and fate is so stupid that is a long-winded way of saying if you were burnt out by fire emblem shoehorning making babies into it then boy howdy go play you some fire emblem echoes because you know
you know it's just normal firing well i say normal fire emblem i mean you know it's actually got some pretty unique stuff like dungeon crawling um and things like that like early on echoes is much more focused on like more battles but shorter battles like there's a lot of you know you can kind of grind it out in echoes if you want it's very different each character can only hold one item at a time there's no durability i forget some of the other games might have gotten rid of durability
um i forget but regardless it's a very good game both awakening and echoes are very very good but they but they are different so it was it was nice for me playing a game that um you know went back in some ways to some older mechanics but also did some things that were completely unique to it um so both are very good hard to go wrong but you know if you want to see like the technical progression
echoes is much more visually impressive a lot of people have said that the the gamecube version is a good one to start with but where does what about uh those of who played three houses that is that a okay one to start with if you wanted to i mean i assume that it's probably positioned as like a good place for people to start if they wanted to i mean it might be i mean honestly almost all of them could be these except for the wii one right the wee wall well not only is that we
want a direct sequel to the gamecube one but like it's also very difficult yeah i mean i don't though like starting with um awakening you know they added the casual mode where right where you don't lose them permanently like you select difficulty level and then casual or classic like separately they aren't they aren't tied together i see so you can play on easy but make it so that if you do lose somebody on easy they're gone right yeah yeah or you
could i mean in theory is it possible to like it's it is pop i assume that it's possible to make the game unbeatable that way like if you lose enough people like you basically are screwed that you would never be able to beat it you have to start from scratch probably i mean it's never happened to me but it's probably possible i mean the first few times i played fire emblem 7 that was the first one that came here like i didn't actually finish the game like not not because like it became too difficult
or anything but because i you know i it's weird that i have so many of them and i haven't played any of them i mean but i literally i guess i have all of them except for fates [Laughter] when i think about it and i say that out loud it's like how did that even happen what all the ones that came out here yes you've got the wee one yeah i got the we want the nintendo store like after the uh the wii u had already come out and it was just
they had a ton of them there i bought it as like brand new yeah i believe like that at the world store that's crazy um i mean yeah i mean honestly though now like almost any of them are pretty easy to get into if like you were afraid of like the the permadeath mechanic i mean you know i i have been a a hardcore like permadeath person in fire emblem for a good long time because i felt like
that was one reason that i didn't finish the first gba one at first because i you know i was resetting the game a lot when the map didn't go my way and i felt like you're depriving yourself of like having like a real experience with it right and it it it also took away the tedium of like oh i feel like i gotta reset like no you like you commit to the consequences it both makes the game like a lot more
intense and you know you also then aren't resetting all the time which is boring so yeah i i was a big proponent of permadeath for a long time uh but i was talked into playing fates conquest with a casual mode and that's that's the really that one's supposed to be really hard right that's the harder one i was talking to doing that and i said okay well fine i'll try it and you know and like i you know i i i i kind of feel
like uh now that i've done it it's like there's no turning back like i kind of feel like a filthy casual now you know uh like it's like it's like well i did it i did it again with fire emblem echoes but like part of the reason i did it with echoes was it was kind of like well i'm already like behind one game in the series like i really want to get to fates but i don't want getting through this one game to be like this huge ordeal you know yeah that was that was one
reason and like the game started off really easy but then it got pretty hard so uh it was probably for the best that i that i did play on casual but i'm i'm undecided on what i'll do with three houses but or or when i'll even get around to it but i i i there there is this fear that it's like there's no going back but like deep down i want to i want to go back to classic mode but i'm just like i don't know if i can now that i'm now that i'm a filthy casual that you know it takes long
enough for me to get through an rpg as it is [Music] yeah there was uh huh yep there's no going back you know i made a lot of progress on i'm bravely default to this week though i'm already like 12 or so hours into it all right well based on what uh what duke is saying i mean he sounds like he's put like 70 hours into it
have like not played any games these last couple weeks like period i gotta tell you i i hooked up the mister to my living room tv this morning i had my coffee and uh you know just just for the fun of it you know see if i can maybe get my kids like interested in it and uh i cannot believe the level of input lag on that tv now i mean that that's it's a 1080p tv from 2008.
uh so it's pretty severe and it made almost anything that i try to play like almost almost unplayable you know i uh i i used the time sleuth on um this 720p sony lcd it was actually the first like lcd tv that i bought um i i primarily actually bought it to play
final fantasy 11 because i was dissatisfied with how the pc version looked uh connected to that hdcrt it just for some reason like just my pc did not work very well on that tv um so i thought well i think a fixed well a lot of it was it was just it was very blurry and difficult to read because you know it the the level of clarity was below
like for hd resolutions it was below what you would get on a fixed pixel display like it was just hd was not especially hd on that screen um and so it was just pc did not look very good you know it's unlike if you connected 720p to a real vga monitor like seven hd actually did not look that amazing on it uh so anyway i got that mostly mostly i mean it was fun fancy i love the instigators so
um uh i i had a point with this what what were we talking about uh uh oh yeah that that that tv so i bought that tv on 2010 and you would expect the input lag to be horrible right yeah it's been at my parents house for a long time now and i actually tried the time sleuth on it not that long ago like the readings on it were insane like good really like i should try this
i'll try the time sleuths on the upstairs tv tomorrow see where it ends up like i almost don't know if i believe it like i played i played some mister on it and like it felt good it felt responsive but i still like i'm not sure like like it was like i want to say it was like it might have been like five milliseconds or less like i was really shocked like [Music]
i i i'm almost not sure if i believe it because like the screen also has like a ton of ghosting so i don't know like to what ex like if ghosting can like throw off the time sleuths um uh readings but like i i i i need to go back and and test it again because i i just like i could not believe how fast it was like it was the fastest thing i'd tested outside of a crt i'm just like there's there's no way
that this sony lcd like it doesn't even have like a selectable game like it just you know just it just does really quick before we i see there's a couple of donations come in but i want to propose this to see if anybody would be into that into this uh would anybody be okay if i spent like the last half hour of this just kind of playing some uh atari links on the mister anybody enjoy that at all let's see let's see what people say i'd
be curious all right well uh while you get an idea of um what people want uh john perry g old jpegs uh two dollars saying excellent work yet again on analog frontiers part three enjoy it well thank you thank you very much all right people are saying do it all right it was as you know a whole lot of work uh and then also two dollars from warren hokey thank you uh saying just saying
thank you for analog frontiers uh uh shall i read that that thank you in like a a beetle voice like thank you i'm i'm not sure you know i just i i didn't i wasn't able to warm up to that so i don't know if that was if that was a good good beetle or or not uh but thank you i mean obviously uh as you all know it was it was a lot of work it was a lot of work um i'm i'm feeling i'm
i'm feeling inspired and ready to move into uh uh parta part four though and i'm i'm excited knowing that it's not going to be nearly as difficult uh is this the first time one of my uh one of my mr backgrounds i made has appeared on on stream yeah there was one or two of them in analog frontiers i know that the ghouls and ghost one appeared maybe another one i forget um i
actually uh if if anyone uh is curious uh about like uh how to size things um firebrand x has this really cool video about um sizing uh screenshots you know that would obviously be like a one-to-one pixel sizing square their pixels to size them to have the correct aspect ratio um
and i wish i could remember the website that he shows in the video off the top of my head but if you go to his five brand x's youtube channel you'll find these videos about sizing screenshots and they uh there's this website that has like the pixel stack of every system and he showed how you divide one number by another number and then you that gives you the number that you need to multiply the horizontal
axis by to get the correct aspect ratio and it worked awesome like you know he was showing it in i i didn't give it a shot um uh but what i did like to make these backgrounds i um mostly i just went to was the only way to do it is in huh no no no i did it in photoshop but you should um firebrand x brought out the
yeah okay it's making sure [Laughter] um uh but i i went to and um you know copied the screenshots found a part of it i wanted to use that would fit you know in a 16x9 area and made them the correct pixel aspect ratio it was really interesting for some i did a couple of arcade ones and like cps1 and cps2 like
have ultra high horizontal resolutions and if you don't aspect uh correct them for aspect ratio they they just look way fat also this this game is kind of neat looking yeah i mean this was arguably the killer app on the system oh yeah it's a pretty good looking game and you know as an afterburner fan yeah it kind of looks like a slower afterburner which actually seems more my spot
and you know what it has smoke trails on the missiles which i mean it was hugely important to me like inexplicably important to me i i don't know why but i mean so you owned this game as a kid yes i mean i bought when i bought the system this was the game i got with that it's even got some hills the ground looks fantastic uh it's it's actually really impressive like i mean i i i personally feel that afterburner is too fast for me
yeah i could understand that like i'm sure if i like really sat down and like tried to get into the game i would i would i would come to appreciate it more but like every time i try to play it i just feel like it's too fast spay barrier is pretty borderline but i feel is a little visually easier to take in uh and there was also two dollars from uh
or vegra i'm not sure how to pronounce it um still wondering why this collection is 40 freaking dollars wow is it really that much it is oh the the idea that is a little surprise yeah that's well i would pay that for a physical version but yeah well i do think that's a little a little much i feel like they're going to have a hard time maybe selling it for that price
yeah beyond like how can you have to get volume 2 though i saw someone saying uh play uh ninja ninja gaiden yeah i saw the arcade version i forgot that that was on links yeah look at those hills those hills look great you know there's a version of ninja gaiden 3 on here too oh i forgot about oh you should play that
i'll play that after i played after this i don't think i've seen it in action but i think i saw some screenshots and i was like what it looked way closer than it had any right to uh for those who who may have tuned in though uh after we switched over corey is not playing the og of pocket color anymore he is now playing uh atari links on the mister yeah just just because you know just you know we usually end around 11 so i figured it'd be fun to
just play some of this on on stream you know just it's a good juxtaposition like an older handheld you know against the i guess comparatively it was a later handheld versus this uh there was uh there was uh a 499 from a tr uh a trynan uh 9000. a train nine thousand i'm guessing that's eight um so you know this looks like a game to be an easter egg in a strong bad email you know you're so right like this ninja
gaiden well i think i think it was talking about the uh uh oh that's right i forgot this fast forward too so this this cory has fast forward and rewind or maybe this actually like the character style of this kind almost does look like something that would be able to strike that email i think like i feel like the atari lynx resolution kind of does fit what you would expect out of some of those uh home star runner games i i i need to play stinko man
uh uh level five or whatever whatever it is the final level that like came out after like 10 plus years has gotten longer than that so the slow action is the game's normal speed yes and yeah it's it's not great i mean even the arcade version is like is not great and but i just think about how i really wanted this game on the system and i i played the arcade version you
know i i guess i like seeing a little green tearing is that is that inherent to the core like is there a weird refresh i mean i have no idea i mean or is that just how the games are i don't know i mean it's it has been a long time since i played any lynx games so i can't tell you if that's just how you i mean this is the first like public release of this so i mean oh i guess that's not how i do that
i can jump straight at that no i see i can restore the save states let's try it let's try it again and um when you were selecting your next game and you know the text was scrolling on the on the game title uh in the mister menu there was actually screen tearing there too so i wonder if it's it was out putting a weird refresh zoom one perhaps it does have a weird refresh i remember
somebody saying that but it yeah i saw some screen tearing there i think it does because i think i saw somebody say that it's like a really random one really random refresh a hand i mean i turn on the buffer so it doesn't tear is that um oh there it is buffer video there we go there we go that's better [Music] okay about these these cut scenes that look better than the nes version
that's for sure you know i'm kidding i'm kidding they don't they're pretty cool i mean they're pretty close actually i wonder if uh i know i wonder how well balanced this version of the game is because you know despite what people say like once you once that nes game clicks with you ah this is i i i think the ninja gaiden three has the best lump the best level design on any of us
oh period yes wow that's i mean that's that's pretty major i mean i've heard you say you know you've gone the bat for the game overall a lot but you've never said something that bold when when you really look at how the levels are laid out where the enemies are placed where the items are placed there is an intentional flow
to the levels that just feels masterful whereas the level design in the previous two games is i like like i cannot believe how how bad the music is in this game i want to turn it up so people can hear it better it's it's it is so bad um but you know everything is very intentionally placed
whereas you know the first two games i mean their classics don't get me wrong but the level designs are very happy the enemy placement's very haphazard in this game there is clear thought about where every single enemy is placed where every single item is placed where the platforms are placed i mean it when you understand the level designs in this game like
it they are they are absolutely incredible [Music] i've seen calls for turning it down visually at least i mean obviously it's the sprites are very scaled down but it looks like the level designs are shockingly faithful i want to see what the sand level looks like the quicksand oh yeah parallel or you know line scrolling actually i'm almost there anyways um
the music i'll have to bring up the i'll have to bring up the um the ark stream archive it's so it's it's so bad or i could just and what's weird is that your life bar like depletes in reverse so like see how it's full as i get hit it gets like little marks on it you know it looks like all of the nes artwork was just like nearest neighbors scaled down to the lynx screen which
[Music] i mean i mean it looks obvious this is you're like that's so bad i mean i'm impressed that you know it looks like the level design is relatively faithfully preserved you know yeah so it's i don't know i think it's it's interesting for sure but no like i mean you know when i you know when i think of games like you know
mario 3 or whatever like i freaking love that game and it's got great level design but there there's not necessarily anything about like the level design itself that like stands out as like head and shoulders above other stuff like when i think of super nintendo i think of donkey kong country you know the whole the whole trilogy i think
that the level designed in those games is better than almost anything else on the system almost anything else in my opinion to me this is like this is like donkey kong country levels of good on in terms of level design on on nes it's it just it is sublime once you understand how to play these levels
i need to see what the next level looks like i just i cannot believe that i just let myself die i thought i thought i had him hanging with the very end there's no checkpoint [Music] i wonder if it's like that all the way through wouldn't it be funny if that was the way it was [Music] i mean i mean if it uses the the japanese version enemy placements then it probably wouldn't be that hard
but i mean the last level you know what one level design criticism i will level in ninja gaiden three is at the last level i i i have never gotten through the last level without rhino like if you either dine or run out time because if you die your your time resets and then you know you'll be at a checkpoint of some kind but like from the very beginning of the level the time limit is just so restricted
i'm sure if you were like actually a speed runner you could get through the level without nine but i'm pretty decent at the game but i'm no speedrunner i i can't get through that level without trying out finally oh on my screen you just got to the boss you've only hit them once [Music] yeah let's definitely remember to turn that uh latency feature yeah back
normal next next week here we go oh the music i mean the music here is at least it's kind of recognizable but it's not great the sword sound doesn't sound so bad parallax i'm still waiting to see oh there's there's definitely no parallax okay but you know the spirit of it seems to be retained i see uh cabooses retro obscurities in the chat says i don't know i feel like
donald count country one's level design was too much orient around a do a variation of common sense to find the secret and jump into this spot in the air to skip half the level i mean you know i i think a lot of people think that donkey kong country is all about like you know secrets and finding stuff and that's only like to me like a small part of it um it's it's much more about the flow of hip-fire music if they thought that other music
was bad pit fighters music for the longest time i would just consider myself a closet pit fighter fan um but but donkey kong country the whole series to me is really more about the flow of the levels less so about the secrets you find i mean that's that's sort of a fun side thing in a way but to me it's it's all about the enemy placement and uh sort of this flow through the level and the way that you can roll through enemies and build up momentum as you boom boom
boom through each one and then you can use that momentum to do this leap over over a gap and how you know when you roll if you do a roll off of a ledge you do that jump in midair um you know there is sort of this mathematical escalation of [Music] the concepts that the level throws at you over the course of a level you know they'll introduce sort of an idea early in the level
you know there will be two of a certain type of enemy and then there will be three of them and there are sort of these increasing patterns of certain challenges that that level sort of has a complete realization of by the end of the level and then in a lot of ways the the concepts of each level are kind of unique within itself you know there are obviously recurring enemies and concepts and things but each level sort of has sort of a unique sort of concept was he like putting his
shirt on when it's like he doesn't have a shirt on right there he doesn't have a shirt on but then he just stands in a certain way and he has a shirt on it's like it turns blue or gray this definitely looks a little little framy just just it's a little bit just a little bit um is there [Music] is there uh there there was a uh it looks like there was a donation from
yeah not in the chat correct it's it's uh it looks like it was a a streamlined stream labs uh it says from truck 6402 with five dollars thank you so always look forward to the sunday night streams i hope you're doing hope you're both doing well i was doing great until i until i played pit fighter i'll tell you i've been doing great this week i mean it's it's it's been a feel-good week for me
[Laughter] not not having to work on analog frontiers part three anymore it's out there it's out there uh do you want me to do do you want me to do uh we want you to do ben brodie's because i think you do better than me i don't know if i i don't in my mind it always sounds really good i gotta get real close here two dollars but you have to say it like the mk announcer
ben brody wins i i i i wasn't totally sold until you said ben bertie wins that that that guy sold me on i think i think he did pretty okay uh friendship friendship uh and then uh there was uh five dollars from good old show ah uh saying uh uh
saying uh five dollars but you have to say toasty no you gotta say toasty toasty toasty we're gonna play something here we go you know it's you know what time it is look at this look at his hard drive oh lynx hard driving oh i can't wait i'll take it imagine imagine look at that that that that that like sprites or background scaling or or maybe it's
just by hand no no no the the the links can do scaling the links has it has hardware scaling and rotation okay okay well that that hard driving title screen i was i was impressed so how does this compare to the genesis it's it's nowhere near as good as the genesis version i mean it's this is like really really bad you know i i think about like how difficult all the hard driving games are to control like you just like slide it's like you're
driving on like pure ice all the time and i feel like i was always afraid like when i like when i was gonna get my license i was like man like what if what if driving his heart is is as difficult as it is in hard driving because it is it is nowhere near as difficult in real life as it is in hard drive well i mean i think most video game driving is harder than real life like like you know i've never played an open
like an open world game where like i felt like i was actually driving my car in a way that felt like a wave would like not ran into that sign and i exploded other than like i guess final fantasy 15 where you know ignis just drives the car for you all the time if you want him to
uh there was a couple of donations there was five dollars from uh from aaron welch saying uh someone please photoshop a video try going on one of his monologues while a nuclear bomb goes off in the background he pays no attention that's it's it's very true this is very true once i start going on something it's just like i have tunnel vision on that conversation until something distracts me and then i don't even remember what the original point i was trying to
do didn't even have the instant replay music like literally the reason to play this game is because of the instant replay music well i guess the lynx sound hardware just couldn't connect it can't handle it like the instant replay reason instant replay music is the primary reason i like that game how did you crash like starting
to go up that loop-de-loop oh my god it has like they have a ver has a version of toki oh man you should you should do a video of all about toki for april fool's yeah yeah yes yes you should uh and there was also five dollars from uh larry hastings with with a comment i think you can relate to saying i got
links in his first year the eternally best game for the lynx is chip's challenge but maybe puzzle games aren't so great for streaming yes i mean i'd agree with the name chips challenge but i don't know what chip's challenge like that was kind of an older game too i you know i i feel like i got this game i got not toki i got i got my links uh with my birthday money the like you know the day after christmas and i think i was really disappointed
although you know it's time you were disappointed i thought you were really into no no no i was not disappointed it but at the time i remember thinking like because because the lynx had a backlit a a backlit color screen and i was like i i could not understand like the idea of looking at a screen in the dark and it like not being backlit which makes sense i mean when you think about like a tv you know you always have like you know it illuminates the room
and you know like i never had a portable that i couldn't that i couldn't see the screen so i just assumed that if something had a color screen in it it was going to illuminate so it had a color screen and i was just like oh you know that's so cool i can you know like what made it yeah yeah i thought it was the color that was made like light up i see so like the game boy obviously you're a lot older when the game boy color came out but like you you have probably been like gosh like nintendo had must have tried
to make a color screen that didn't light up yeah i mean it makes sense though doesn't it right i mean i can understand it from up from a kid's point of view i can understand it um let's see here there's not a lot of games on this system though oh is everything fit in one folder yeah so a personal favorite of mine at the time was uh i guess it really shows off the is shows off the hardware as electro cop
oh yeah that one's definitely interesting oh you played you played this one before uh i've i've either seen you play it or i i think i saw you or i think i i looked at video of it or i saw you play it i don't know i i see it in some context i just can't remember what it was because you can see the scaling here you know you run into the background but it has this this theme music that
is unforgettable to me i i think about it uh fairly often actually this music that's on the first level here which i think that is the only music in the game the the horizontal scrolling looks terrible [Music] but i mean you know what it kind of makes me think of it kind of makes me think of like [Music] like a fixed perspective version of the
like the windows maze screensaver [Music] how do i get out of here the music here is like what is i wonder what the frame rate is though because it looks i mean your character is so large that you like can barely see when things are coming for you it's interesting for sure though it's interesting i mean yes there's a lot about it that's like not that great but it feels like kind of ambitious the link's resolution has to be lower
than gameboy right looks so huge i'm going i'm gonna look it up gameboy is 144k link's resolution mysterious blue powder found in megacorp research facility this old electrocop you know it turns into a mysterious blue powder that's why that's what they're doing is they're finding they're building electro cops and killing them and
snorting them uh atari link's resolution is 160 by 102 so it's 102 p okay so it's pretty it's definitely lower than game boy uh wikipedia here though says uh it says three million sold which i mean you know i don't think that's that bad not bad there was also another uh ben brodie
uh saying true or false eggs benedict is the best reference uh i mean it's up there it is up there if it is not one about jeez you know i i like benedict i i will you know if i am out i will uh i will and i see that it is available i can see myself getting that you know i i have to confess like when uh you know obviously this has to happen in a good while but you know on
the occasion that you know i might have breakfast out with my parents uh my dad will often order eggs benedicts and uh i i have to ask every time what what what exactly is eggs benedict and i never remember what i did yeah what what is it what defines i don't like the uh like like the boiled egg like it's kind of like a a weird kind of uh
like a boiled egg like uh without a shell and then it's on the uh like i i feel like it's not a boil bag i think i think the the thing that i will always go for over it is uh a poached egg yes that says with holland yeah yeah uh big fan of uh huevos rancheros mmm which is is good
i mean it for me it's it's it's it's if i'm if i'm ordering breakfast out it's it's really hard to say no to an omelette like just an omelette with a whole bunch of stuff in it yeah like i like a ham and cheese omelette well i mean i like sausage and peppers and cheese and ham and just give me a bunch of stuff in omelet i love omelets
play some road blasters unless there's anybody oh desert strike is on here he holds them up and topped with a poached egg yeah let's play some dirty larry hollandaise sauce do you know what i got like a yellow it's kind of like i think it's like yellowish you know english muffins are are okay i i'll i'll eat them if that's what's available but like i i'd rather eat a bagel or a biscuit than an english muffin person but that sounds really good but i i just kind of wonder what that
same thing would taste like a biscuit or a bagel instead that's dirty we're playing dirty larry i think i think the title screen said dirty larry renegade it says renegade cop running dirty larry renegade cop look at him he's getting yelled at by the chief [Music] getting yelled at again oh he's oh he's like out for justice
he's looking he's such a good cop [Music] look at that you know i'll tell you what else i like you know i mean if some i i love like some specialty pancakes or waffles like i i love like chocolate chip pancakes or you know waffles with some sort of you know strawberry or cherry topping on them i mean that's pretty good too but
oh it says this game has up to jump oh look at him he's like he's blasting everybody uh there's two dollars from ben brodie saying uh true or false uh skyline is better than gold star and that is absolutely true 100 percent i i don't even have to think about it skyline is is better than either i thought you just like dixie i like dixie the most but uh i i will tell you in the last year i have found myself going to skyline more often
than uh previous uh previous years and i do like it quite a bit i mean you know i i i i was like riding his motorcycle on the sidewalk i mean uh skyline is i mean obviously not really around here so i you know i you know my parents used to get a lot when i was a kid and i would get a cheese coney at skyline as a kid um you know so i i as an adult i have had
fewer opportunities to fully sample their menu um but i i i have uh on a couple of occasions while driving home from your house uh stopped it like a gold star chili like an hour down the road you know for for lunch and uh i i really liked i really liked it uh the one thing i will say though is as far as i can tell like gold star chili's
tend to be like more of a full-service sit-down and uh skyline chili i think is more fast food so i guess skyline is probably more convenient i don't know i mean skyline has a dining room as well i mean i always felt like why did they like have like servers and stuff no but dixie chili is is a sit down is that what you're saying well like like it what oh dixie chili is is a sit down place and skyline is
more fast foodie than than i thought you're saying versus like gold star gold star is like the same thing as well but even even you order like at a counter though like uh gold star and in my experience with gold star you know like they're you know quarterly you sit down and then you know a waitress you know takes your order that that's been my experience with gold star but you know i i i i i i like all of that
cincinnati chile but i just i i don't have uh i don't have the opportunities to uh to really make the the the firm comparisons that i would uh like make well this is gremlin graphics it is it's john and audi are all about them gremlin graphics it's uh it's switchblade too i mean i had never even played switchblade one you know i hope i'm not missing any like
important plot points you know there's a lot of references to the first game on switchblade too i've uh i've i've i've joked to john and audi like if you search for gremlin graphics on google you'll find this like icon of this like hand-drawn like green gremlin who looks like he's not up to no good making trouble like could you imagine
if like gremlin graphics was still around and that was like they were like one of the big players in the game you know and then like when when like that gremlin graphics logo appears like at the beginning of an e3 trailer like people go nuts like you knew that it was like you're about to get something you've been looking forward to for a long time yeah like it's this is this is going to be the next it was that you're about to see something that is that is
every single time is goatee material [Laughter] uh i mean i i just i i would uh i i would love to glimpse into that alternate reality where where gremlin graphics is like they like have their own e3 press conference yeah and then and then microsoft buys them oh another another two dollar true or false from ben verde
uh true or false burger king is better than mcdonald's uh i will say true i will say false i i've had a feeling [Music] uh i i will say that i i in more recent years i have come to appreciate mcdonald's more than i have in a long time like i've always kind of considered mcdonald's the bottom tier of fast food um
although you know they have a pretty good breakfast um but you know i like them as a kid you know mostly because i got toy with it you know uh but like mcdonald's regular hamburgers i just don't think are that good but uh i i have come to kind of appreciate like a big mac big big yeah and you know i really like the uh the new the new spicy
uh chicken nuggets that they have i i do and they've got like some new chicken uh chicken sandwiches that ner that nerdy chip the callahan is up to it again suddenly stops eating lunch melinda the mental marvel is sitting down next to him nerdy chip the callahan uh but in general i i i i say i like burger king more i like i'd say i like a whopper more than a big mac but i do like the big mac too but but the the appreciation
of a big mac is more recent for me but you know the burger king is not terribly convenient where i am right now like there are burger kings in the area but the closest ones have closed um there was two uh dollars from mo zamboni thank you uh asking me lancaster barbecue smithfield or other uh best north carolina barbecue you know i always forget like which you know i have to confess i always forget like lancaster barbecue is that like
the vinegar sauce or the red more red sauce i can't keep them straight um i they're all the same at this point i like both styles i i gotta be honest you know when when the subject of carolina barbecue comes up i i have to say you know even as a north carolinian i i have to admit i uh i've kind of come to really like south carolina south carolina is uh uses a mustard
based sauce and it's just kind of a little different from your other barbecue sauces and i really like that mustard sauce good it's pretty good um uh but you know i i a lot of people like to fight over you know oh what region has the best barbecue or whatever but i think one of the most fun things about barbecue is that everyone has different barbecue uh and uh you know even though i do a
poor job of remembering what the distinctions between a lot of the different ones are i think i i i think the fun thing about barbecue is that it's it's always a little different you know everyone has their own specialty way of preparing it or a special sauce or whatever you know that's that's what makes barbecue and experience these are the regional variants uh and there is five dollars from scott lennox asking uh any future videos about mr in the to-do list and absolutely there is there is a video
about mr in the works it will not be the next video but it will be you know sometime this spring um is you know cory is going to do pretty much a blowout video on you know the the current state of minister and i mean it's going to be as it's going to have as much in there as i can put in there i mean there's no way it's impossible to cover everything yeah there was there were a few credits there will definitely be some shots of uh dracula the undead and the atari links in there though [Music]
um there was uh the entire game is just bram stoker reading the book to you a couple of people that criticized uh some implications in uh analog frontiers part three that mr might be difficult or technical um and you know some people took issue with that and i one thing to keep in mind the interview with jeremy parrish was you know from 2019 i think a lot has
changed since then in terms of how it is to set up a mister and stuff like that but i st and i debated do i keep that in there and i thought well no it's still relevant because again the audi you know analog frontiers is supposed to be a broad audience um it's not just supposed to be like the hardcore retro fans i don't want to scare hardcore retro people away from considering whether a mister is for them um but uh any amount of diy any amount of
you know complicated setup mr is something you have to be serious about you do have to be serious about you do have to be willing to work for it and i think it is fair especially when you're considering you know many consoles or even something like an analog fpga console that man this looks kind of great road blasters yeah it's i mean i liked it in the arcade this is one that i definitely wanted i mean it's one of the faster looking games on the system for sure
yeah um but you know you compare like to an analog system or the avs like those are ready to go like even if you don't fiddle with the settings in them like you're still getting good results like uh they're just ready to use easy to use like that's what a lot of people believe frankly me too i mean i have to confess i have never set up a mister from scratch you know my my best choice it's really easy especially with the uh
the installer no it's it's a lot easier than it has been but i mean it still takes yeah i i i've said it before i think that it is much easier than setting up a like a retro pie but i mean you i i i agree i mean retropie even saying up like retroarch i think can be kind of annoying like i it is not made with the implication of committees i think a lot of people think that people want to fight against the mentality that maybe mister is more complicated than emulators or more complicated than raspberry pi
i think that was easier for that to be the point of comparison it's just that some work is required for this uh and you know that that might be too much work for some people but it was not meant to be directly compared to anything like raspberry pi or anything because you know especially based on your experience setting up raspberry pi is very very convoluted i think even just using retrograde i get annoyed with it like it seems like you can change something in the in the in the retropie and yeah i have no i
would have no idea how to get it back but you know uh uh but i mean you know how i am with stuff like i i i i have had hacking my playstation tv on my backlog forever forever and i've almost done it a million times and then just like uh put it off like you know how i am like it would have been such an ordeal for me to actually like get off my butt
and set up a mister from scratch you know well i think if you did it now you could really do it if you know the the you know the like the steps but i mean you could do it in 15 minutes and be like up and going in like less than 15 minutes really like more like after running update all and everything like that you can probably be you know you have everything and what i've told you know what i've told those people who you know
criticized a little bit uh is that you know the video corey is working on is you know it's it's for you know more of our regular audience yeah and uh he is very much going to show how mr can be easy you know it's not like we're it's not like we're saying this is a blanket statement is the channel that oh mister is complicated but that was just i thought that was appropriate for analog frontiers yeah because i think this shows where you know i think there is
this mentality of like oh well who needs you know a super nt who needs an avs you know mr you know here's the mister we don't need anything else and i strongly disagree i think there is absolutely a place for all these other systems that are much more ready to go and i you know i i find it easier to learn everything about those systems you know just by messing around with them you know you know analyzing those sort of ready-to-go systems is
is kind of what i'm good at um you know whereas you know mister i mean it is a whole other beast and you know i one of the one of the comments i responded to said you know i know mister is is easy a lot easier than it used to be certainly like i think i would have had a lot of difficulty setting it up at the time that i got it if it was not pre-configured um but now you know i'll take your word for it and i'm looking forward to seeing how you show saying it up nowadays in the video i'm
looking forward to that but um you know one thing i told you i said you know i'm sure you can think of a lot of people in your life who love retro games but you would hesitate to recommend a mister to them because you're thinking oh yeah can really visualize that person like like are they really gonna put it together right i mean i like what gave it to pre-configured are they really going to keep it up to date are they going to are they going to just give up at the first sign of trouble
well that's the thing like i i feel like in those situations if it was somebody who was like interested in retro games i would like get it for them as a gift and build it for them and basically make sure that it's like in a place where can just like everything can be played and they would never need to like really run the update but but you know there's also like spots of trouble where like you know i've done something where i accidentally got into like a usb
loading mode like it's really right just do that on accident yeah to switch the usb controller and like i was like oh my gosh how do i get out of this because like when i reset you got to like restart yeah well i like turn the the switch that while like turn the system switch off and turn it back on it was still in that mode i'm like oh no how do i get out of this and like don't you like hit like the actual reboot button on the system itself i think yeah i mean i don't know what he's talking about it's very easy
to accidentally do that like and if you don't have everything installed on the on the s or on the on there you it's you if you hit back and it takes it to the screen it like defaults to switch the usb so if you just like hit back and hit confirm like twice you would switch into it and it'd be pretty it it can be convoluted of how to get out of it yes so i mean that's what i'm saying like mr is broadly speaking probably for most
people watching this stream mr is for you but i don't think mr is for everyone and i think that that there there is a large number of people that you know pre-configured fpga consoles you know fpga console is designed for one system that interface with real cartridges or mini consoles like like it is for them but i was not under any circumstances comparing it like is being difficulty of comparing you know setting up a raspberry pi or whatever
but anyway that's that's enough rambling about that there are uh uh that was oh that was a response to a super shot so but yes that is i'm gonna play some cadillacs and dinosaurs as we like yeah and ask to answer these last couple uh questions i'm gonna play some cadillacs and dinosaurs i was playing this this morning and i never really played it but the soundtrack and cadillacs and dinosaurs from capcom is so good that well i don't know anything about the game but the title is amazing yeah it's based on
a comic book oh um there was also two dollars from aaron welsh uh say here's here's another another uh regional a regional variant fight uh tru uh true or true real chili has beans uh i mean again just like with barbecue i think that you know part of the fun of chili is everyone makes everyone's chili is different um personally i'm i'm not the biggest fan
of beans in general but chili is one of the few foods that i do like beans in i i also like barbecue beans like you know if you've got you know some barbecue sauce on your beans uh i i like that um i i so i do like i i guess i think of chili with beans is more complete chili but in in truth some sometimes i kind of like chili without beans better um you know uh
like more like texas style chili i think is uh is like no beans and i i really like texas-style chili the texas roadhouse has uh his really good chili if if anybody is not he has a mister and not has not played this game you got to play because it just has rock and soundtrack that's a three-player beat-em-up oh it's a it's a three-player beat-em-up that has four characters but only three players yeah and it has guns
i hate it when that happens though well i think it's nice because it gives you more options uh okay the next is true or false parties is better than wendy's that's actually a little tough uh i barely had any any hearties so i can't really do that yeah i mean hardy's breakfast is extremely good um their their their breakfast is very good um great biscuits um [Music]
uh i i i would say i killed that guy and he's flat out to like drop like this cooked uh pork chop dinner or steak dinner look at that burger it's like a good-looking burger um i i would say i probably overall prefer wendy's though but like wendy's is definitely a lot more accessible for me like hardee's is just you know they're [Music]
there's there's not as uh many of them around here but i i like them both parties is i guess a little bit more like a special treat i suppose you could say also uh this this boss's name is vice tea sorry i killed that girl there's a little dino a little raptor he looks like what he's like he's like yoshi from the the mario movie um also two dollars from ben bernie
saying fact montgomery inn has the best bbq ribs i i don't think i've ever eaten montgomery inn i i i don't is that is that is that a chain i don't really know too much about it really you know to be honest like ribs is is only something that i've like more recently common getting into so it's something that i'm interested in branching out and trying the ribs from various places a little more um there's a really good barbecue place
called jim and mix but uh i think next time i get that i think i'm gonna try the ribs like i mean i've had ribs you know in years many many times in years past but it's never really been a go-to and i i've like more it's more it's always been like you know it's a lot of work for what feels like less meat that you're getting compared to having regular bark but more recently i i've kind of come to appreciate uh you know the what what
ribs bring to the the table for themselves also your life bars look very final fight with us oh well i mean that's kind of is this sleeping it's cps one it's like cps 1.5 okay look at you like you like beat beat up triceratops her her whenever they show her like portrait full screen like her her character portrait is very like looks like very like 50s comic book
yeah looks like the pokemon but it's definitely got a retro aesthetic but like the the other characters like the enemy characters don't so much seem to have that aesthetic uh and then there was five dollars from uh larry hastings saying uh try the secret game in battle zone bigger and neater than the real game on uh tank configuration press option
one twice uh option one press pause that didn't didn't that come up in like uh was it a game sack video or something the secret game in battle zone and maybe it is i mean i i don't recall it i've definitely seen that brought up a couple of times before or oh no i think it was a df retro video maybe ah yeah it definitely seemed interesting i i don't remember specifically but i remember thinking it
seemed interesting ah then i i know you already fulfilled this uh yeah let me call for your game surfing sorry to play it longer it looked pretty impressive uh two dollars from ben brodie saying two dollars but you have to admit your love for what a burger you know uh i heard what a burger was expanding i i heard that not too long ago i think oh i don't know if they'll they'll be too near me or anything but
uh you know anyone you meet from like texas is going to uh be all about whataburger just like people from l.a like will not let you leave la without having in-n-out burgers people from texas demand that you try what a burger uh i i have had what a uh while passing through texas or uh other nearby
states uh in the past and i i i i liked it but i i have to confess to not particularly remembering enough about the flavor to if someone you know gave it to me again you know it gave me if someone had a blind uh uh taste test i would not be able to distinguish what was the whataburger what was the in and out you know yes well both were good
uh but i just haven't had them enough times to uh really say what defines a whataburger and what defines a uh an in-out burger or or anything else oh i'm this guy now i'm mustafa now he shows up with a rocket launcher uh there was uh also two dollars from blake romo saying street fighter what console i showed up late uh no this is this is cadillacs and
dinosaurs on the mister it's the cp cps 1.5 game unless he is actually watching like oh earlier like an hour and a half ago and maybe seeing some neo geo pocket color yeah in which case that was that was snk versus capcom on neo geo pocket fighter or neo geo pocket color so if you are watching that point in the stream speaking of burger look at that
burger i i i hamburgers are one of the best recovery items still waiting for this i feel like this is a it's a hidden gem right here it does look really good that does look like a good burger yeah i mean this this looks great yeah he's got this level as good as the first level yeah all the music is goodness
episode three hell road i mean it looks awesome i i agree like i i really want is it new to mr or ah a few months ago i guess look at that car take the car be safer go for it let go oh just driving through i'm driving through these dudes unstoppable kirby uh has a two dollar super chat uh
advertising uh deep fried ribs at scratch fried chicken in greensboro i'll i'll maybe uh maybe have to remember to uh try that is this a is this a mini game or an actual level all right the dude's name is hogg though i can this looks this looks awesome
like i wonder how multiple players would work in this stuff i don't know i got a machine gun now this game does look awesome i'll have to remember it next time i need to capture uh mr arcade footage i'm gonna play a different character i don't know deep deep fried ribs almost sounds like going a little have they gone too far at that point play mvm
jack d shows up for this rocket launcher i guess the shotgun's this big weakness uh i see those five dollars from ben brodie saying if the press professor deep down love and admiration for space harry but also say this like the space here announcer and hum the theme uh uh space here is doing great that's all i can do i can't i can uh five dollars but you have to pressure
deep love that deep down love and admiration for space harrier and also say what this like the space area announcer and hum the music [Music] oh wait no that's that's that's that's not space here yeah that's that's flashback um just just go with it just go with the splash wave uh but you have to professor deep down love and admiration for space area it's it's it's doing great it's
five dollars oh there's pizza we got pizza oh when you eat the pizza his voice his voice goes that's good the cup of coffee is like huge i know you know i was talking i was talking to my mom today and uh she's like i'll use that that tervis cup that i i i got yeah right this this thing this giant thing right here she's like you drink your coffee out of that like i like coffee i'm not gonna i'm not gonna drink this much coffee
in the morning i mean this is like but you don't have to fill the cup fill it it's like like 12 it would be like 12 ounces of coffee i don't i don't need that much all right i'm i'm feeling bad that i'm like totally drawing a blank on the space area do do oh i just got shot in the back you're gonna you're gonna they're gonna pay for this but he doesn't he does that spin punch he says fi
final uppercut that's this that's the super move is the final uppercut ooh just like shooting these guys directly up against the wall always and when you he's like turned into like like what is it like he's like totally gibbed he got he gibbed him and then threw that grenade i mean just like turn into like bloody chunks oh brody's saying two dollars but you have to talk about your favorite coffee in which case i i just have nothing to say yeah
uh so coffee is my my current favorite coffee that we get like we get delivered uh ever every month because we're afraid to like live without it is uh is is called knee knee buckling espresso uh it's good you know i i think i think i've said this before but like you know sometimes if like i'm in a hotel room you know where
the where you know there might be you know the people that are also in that hotel room are you know possibly coffee drinkers but the you know amount of space between where you make coffee and where you poop is like you know pretty close and when you're in bed you can probably smell whether someone is making coffee or whether they're pooping and when i'm like first waking up in the morning and i smell something i have to think really hard about is this
is this coffee or did someone like dropped a really warm and smelly like wow like the fears between coffee smell and poop smell are slightly crossed in my brain that's great because like that's i can't even imagine how that's like even close i don't want coffee i'm basically sponsored by trade coffee uh i mean is that i i like the knee buckling espresso is there i'm not sure if it's like a hopefully uh
is that what it is is trey is is trade coffee is that is that who makes the knee buckling espresso but if you know what if if it is and if we want to be uh if we want to be sponsored by knee buckling espresso uh i will definitely take a free lifetime supply and i will i will mention the buckling espresso on every live stream that i'm on every every week so if anybody looks like your luck just ran out i like the sky i like when you continue it's like you put punching this guy in the face
watch it jumps right back in oh okay yeah stone street coffee company that's right so if if stone street coffee company wants to sponsor this with like a lifetime supply uh i will mention the stone street coffee company in every single stream at some point um there was uh two dollars from mozambique again thank you say it uh weirdest port on mr also love analog frontiers well thank you
the weirdest poor um i mean like i guess like the archimedes is that it they the uh acorn archimedes is that zephy considered the weirdest i mean i honestly like when it comes to like the micro computers like i have no idea what would be considered weird and what wouldn't you know i feel like i'm not really in a in a position to judge i mean i think it's a little weird that we've got stuff like vectrex but you know we're only just now getting