Game History.Org Magazine Sub #1 :: 1.15.2021 LiveStream / MY LIFE IN GAMING

Game History.Org Magazine Sub #1 :: 1.15.2021 LiveStream / MY LIFE IN GAMING


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so [Music] [Music] in [Music] [Music]
[Music] so [Music] all right hi everybody how's it going how about a friday night stream i don't think i've ever done a friday night stream before
everyone needs to let me know if my audio sounds okay and uh here we are here we are this is something that chris and i had been talking about for a while yeah and uh hey i don't know if you heard me when i said that somebody in your chat said that this was chinese restaurant music so i was gonna let you if you want explain to the folks at home what music they were listening to oh there was a that was uh tommy talarico's music from like uh from the playstation developers disc
i think uh it came with like the first well i think it was like the first like the first shipment of uh ps1s yeah oh man i'm just trying to see if there's a way to make life a lot bigger in my in the chat here it doesn't seem to be working oh maybe i need to turn on this keyboard that would probably help do you have like a noise gate turned on or something i do is it sound weird because you're you're cutting in and out oh on on the stream yeah like well well i'm
not listening on the stream i can just hear you through that oh let me know if people you're cutting in and out you're not cutting out for them then who cares but i i shouldn't be for you but maybe that's just something that the discord is doing but maybe uh it shouldn't be okay as long as long as it's good i mean you have to repeat myself don't worry about what i said then uh so here i have the first issue that i've received from uh game magazine subscription something
that we both sign up with like right away as soon as they posted it on twitter and basically what it is is that if you sign up for this they will send you one of their extra magazines every month and it's i think it's kind of an awesome thing and you get to help out a good company or and you know and you get you get the good old days there are non-profit organizations they're doing this as a fundraiser so yeah yeah so i mean you're not even helping out a company you're helping out an awesome non-profit group
right right that's right so uh we basically i'm surprised that magazine found its way to your house the way the mail's been going yeah yeah i've i've had some some scary times with certain packages uh not arriving very quickly lately um so hey um do you want me to paste the link in the description yeah if anybody wants to sign up for it they should absolutely sign up for it there's a long link man
um because i just wanted to explain to people that uh when you sign up for this you can say you want only 80s and 90s magazines only magazines from the 2000s or you can just say surprise surprise me and then you'll get something from the 80s 90s or 2000s yeah i have a feeling i'm going to change mine to surprise me i chose 80s and 90s at first but i feel like there's a lot more of a chance of me getting something i already have
then yeah i mean it's very possible that i that i have this already i i don't know yeah yeah and uh i mean in case it's not clear to people you have not opened this yet so we don't know right exactly it arrived on wednesday and it's just been sitting here waiting for life how are you able to stop yourself from opening it uh but i it was it was tempting i mean i had it sitting right next to me most of the time these last couple days i have mine right i have mine right here and i haven't
opened mine yet either so and we're going to do another stream for yours like not tonight but another another day like maybe yeah tomorrow or the next thing we'll do that on your on your channel i'm probably on cgq plus i assume or maybe on the main channel i don't know i mean i guess i don't know i mean whatever maybe maybe it's time to pull out the big guns you know put it on the main channel yeah you never know you never know i think that i mean there's a reason why i'm doing this on our channel instead of doing it on twitch
yeah i feel like it's just gets more attention and more people come and come and hang out this way yeah yeah so are you ready to see what i got here yeah i'm dying of curiosity all right because you should point out i mean they as they were saying like some people like you could get like a nintendo power issue number one yes or something like that i mean it's not like it's it's just random doubles that they have so exactly and somebody did get nintendo power number one this month they had one issue of nintendo power number one they randomly
sent that to somebody yeah all right here we go you guys are going to see it before i'm going to do the old bit head you guys are going to see it before i do oh i think i know what magazine it is oh you're going to be happy oh nice this is game fan issue number five wow i don't think i have volume one issue number five wow this is like before i started reading game fan how about that
that is sweet and you said they sounded like an oh look at look at that comes with a certificate of authenticity a nice little sticker for it you're doing it up right everybody should go and sign up for this because this is a pretty good deal i think that's oh yeah you should mention the price it's against if you do the subscription it's 15 bucks a month one tipping which you know for a new magazine that would be a horrible deal but you know these are you
know any magazine you get like they're collectible magazines that have a value that's not gonna go down so i mean it's not like getting a new magazine where you just read it and chuck it or something that's cool look at that it's like a nice little it's pretty neat that certifies that the item included in this package is a genuine piece of video game history which has been uh de-accessioned from the archives of the video game history of foundation i've never heard de-accessioned is that is that what it is i've never heard that word before occasionally items like this are the
accession when they are no longer needed or when we how is a duplicate all sales of the sessions items are definitely directly benefit the upkeep and growth of our collection well this is going to be a lot of fun someone in your chat named mark dell asks what should i do if i have a lot of magazines i don't want probably a lot of european ones at my parents i mean obviously you could sell them or you could donate them to the video game history foundation oh man that's some sweet cover art right there that is
uh who was the is it terry wolfinger who did the was the cover artist for game fan i know he was later on you know more than i do um i guess we can always look yes april 93. man i would have been a 14 almost like going on 15 at the end of the year there yeah well you got splatter splatterhouse 3 in there terminator cd yep
uh in-depth batman returns review for the super nes yeah game fan exclusive ninja warriors annette again and devastator hot new cds from japan uh an exclusive news on street fighter 3. remember the whole thing was like capcom needs to learn how to count to three and then when street fighter 3 first came out in the arcades it just said three on the marquee yeah yeah all right right away
dang look at this turbo duo buy the best for less so you can order some games with it if you wanted to i wonder how many people actually like sent away to order it you think it's just because they couldn't find it locally bit head did remember he's told that story but he had to he had to order it through the mail oh you know what's really funny is that it says like the total price of this of a sega system 399.98 and it's like using the the uh the sega font that's on like the us covers that should just be illegal
[Laughter] what is that oh you traded in your old 16 bit so that'd be kind of cool i wonder if i wonder if that's what bit head did if you see on the right hand page there they'll give you 50 in credit if you trade in your old 16-bit unit so i assume that includes your if you had a turbo graphics already yeah i mean technically that's not 16-bit so this trade in your old 16-bit unit and get the new i think you can probably turn in like other people's the competitors systems as well
oh yeah i'm saying like i wouldn't you know at this time there's no way i would like give them a super nintendo or sega genesis yeah i'm saying like if you were somebody that had already gotten a turbografx 16 in like 89 or 90 and then you wanted to upgrade if you could give them back your your turbo graphics and get 50 bucks for it that wouldn't be a bad deal yeah i i mean because you could turbo graphics brand new was only 100 bucks back then so it seems so cheap now at the time you know 100 was so far out of reach you know it's
like half a summer of mowing lawns yeah i'd mode lawns all summer to buy a you know whatever super nintendo rpg that was selling for 69 or 79.99 yep right so right away we're getting uh see i'll art by terry woolfinger right down here you know everything you probably know that know that guy no no i do not i just remember his name because he did also did the
uh the art for game go for one minute all right um hey smoke monsters here oh nice just so you know i don't usually drink on the stream but i'm like having a little whiskey tonight because i mean it's friday yeah it's just like any other day honestly that in the in these days and times when you don't have to when you work from home every day is the same all right i'm gonna skip over the letter to the editor
top ten street fighter two sonic two it's a good top ten like well it gives you a sense of like when you know you get a little snapshot like that's what was going on in gaming and like you know this is the april issue you said right so this is like february you know probably february data maybe that these lists are based on i mean that's that top five is pretty great i mean i'd almost say top six because i mean i'm i'm one of the few super star wars
fighting fury two or good oh i guess it is a neo geo i mean i when i think of that time period though i think of those games like their ports which were not very good like the super nintendo versions and stuff yeah i guess i did play art of fighting in the arcade but that's it and i like world heroes a lot i have world heroes two jacks i never think about you know people ask on twitter like hey you know like what's your guilty pleasure game or whatever and i i never have an answer because i don't think on my feet that fast but
i would say world heroes is like a guilty pleasure game of mine because everybody says how that game kind of sucks you know because it's a really blatant street fighter 2 ripoff but like i think that's the first neo geo game i ever played like in an arcade and so i just have kind of a soft spot for it yeah yeah i don't i don't know what the first one i think mine was i mean i don't know i it might have been the first fatal theory yeah but i mean world heroes i liked a lot like i liked it enough for it to be one of the few neo geo games that i
own like the mvs game all right hocus pocus such a weird name for like a code section i think because i wouldn't normally think of them you know being codes although there is a level select for road avenger one of the best games on the sega cd hey speaking of sega cd full motion video games you saw i'm sure you saw that thing that i think it's mobius strip tech is gonna sell yeah you gonna get that uh
i was thinking about it but i'm not sure how much use i'll get out of it because i mean i have my sega cd and 32x like all hooked up anyways yeah and it's just like a handful of games like 32x cd games that i would use with it yeah so i just figured if i wanted to if i wanted to like record gameplay footage of the 32x cd game i could just burn the game right because i mean i have a 32x and i have a sega cd and there is something like like six is
there like six games or something like that yeah it's six yeah so it's hardly even worth it oh when every magazine had they have a a comic did you ever read these like i i mean i guess i've ever what's that i guess i did but it's just i mean they were never very good like even the ones in game pro and everything just yeah you know i guess none of them are as bad as niles nemo but what was the one that was in nintendo power oh that's uh nestor and howard and
esther was it yeah yeah i mean that was it was okay but hardly a draw that just that one pain what does that say blow meister games blow meister games incorporated yeah they're the uh that looks like the it looks like the cover art for which which pink floyd album was at animals maybe i don't know i think they ripped it off i'm not i'm not very well versed in my pink floyd albums i just know the one isn't the one with all the women sitting with their backs to the pool
or is that like was that like a whole bunch of album covers on their backs there's like a poster i remember seeing i don't know i don't know but somebody agreed that it's animals so okay like this one even goes for more than just two pages oh that's i guess this was i guess this was terry wolfinger's time to indulge in whatever he wanted to make do you think he also drew that because yeah that's right really yeah because i got that looks really bad to
me like com well i think the cover art looks pretty good yeah i mean it's not i don't know it's it's just somebody it almost looks like it's like watercolor kind of so yeah although you know here we publish a gaming magazine which is called the bite hard lame fan wow all right now we get into the viewpoint uh which is their reviews but you know it just really takes off like an egm style but there's
like it's so small sometimes that it's hard to keep track like i i have this maximized on my screen and i cannot read it is it i mean i can zoom in a little bit i mean i can okay why would that mean that was not a criticism of what you're doing i'm just saying it we can get a better look like that that's pretty good uh what do we got here we got a james bond double 007 for what it must doesn't even say
hey you got a a two pound from injen uk who wants to know where the h last sunday's live stream is oh uh i mean it should be there i mean it always goes right to the playlist i mean it's definitely talking about the audio but you released that like yesterday i thought yeah i mean it's there um but thank you i mean it should be in the playlist because i think that it gets put into the playlist as soon as it it's over as soon as the stream ends hey is that
cyborg justice on the lower left oh yeah that was one of the last few black grid boxes that i needed to get dude those are really high scores a pretty bad game i remember i bought that game well even this not back in the day but i bought it like at a used game store and i'd never heard of it and i was so excited because like how can a game named cyborg justice not be just like the most awesome thing ever and you know then i was crushed when i
played it i mean yeah the idea behind it's cool but i'm more shocked at the uh the 90 and 85 and 87 for blaster master ii because that is that's a major disappointment uh if the live stream's not showing up then i will go ahead and fix that after the stream i don't know why it would be doing that maybe it doesn't say a live stream in the in the title so that's how it usually
puts it in that playlist is because it like searches like based on keywords and i have it say if anything has the word live stream in the title it'll automatically put it in that playlist so maybe i'll have to go ahead and fix that uh fatal fairy two outrun uh 2019 a game that is that was future you know in 93 it was now two years in the past uh not a great game but a pretty good soundtrack on it
is that a basketball game right below it uh no it's hit the ice sorry i just i can't see any of it so it's all very tiny i know it's like it's it's uh it's hit the ice oh yeah uh which i don't really know anything about it looks looks pretty good though uh yeah after that we have adventures of willie beamish which got some pretty high scores too and is that that batman returns right below it is that that's the super nintendo game isn't it it looks like it yeah they got ninja warriors though this oh but they do
so there's full reviews of most of these games later on in the magazine right oh well we should just skip to those then okay cause this is not super readable it's not they're still figuring it out um i think i got a parodius though on the next page magician lord muhammad ali boxing proteus dar ah i can't i can't read it song it just says proteus but it's uh i have
no idea what version it is uh it's it's the first amend cue card for the pc engine so whatever one is on the pc engine and there's like there's nam 1975 which is a pretty good game i never thought that it looked very good in pictures but once i finally got a chance to play it yeah you know it's kind of like they clearly stole from uh full metal jacket are pretty awesome the what some of the stills in that game are like they took
like still frames from full metal jacket and just digitized them like you should look it up it's pretty funny like wow i had no idea yeah uh for those that have never played it it's kind of like like wild guns a little bit it plays like that without the jumping and stuff like that but it's it's pretty good uh we got a five dollar you got a five dollar donation from jonathan g there thank you who said he had to put down his cat today ah and i've been i've been through that i know how that feels so
uh i'm sorry for sure my for sure my heart goes out that's uh it's always rough to lose the pets i mean i haven't had a pet until recently these last couple years so i've kind of forgotten what it feels like to lose a pet i never played this you ever played muhammad muhammad ali uh heavyweight boxing i don't believe so unless i might have you know played it for five or ten
minutes for some reason but um no i've never found like a like any kind of simulation style uh boxing game that i actually liked yeah i don't know what boxing games i like that aren't punch out or super punch out or right whatever they call punch out for the wii wasn't that just punch out again uh yeah but that that's a very good game did you have you played that version no yeah those are i'm saying all the punch-out games are good yeah i don't think i've ever liked a a
boxing game that wasn't one of those but somebody in the chat's mentioning fight night uh fight night three or fight night for the 360 which i've heard good things about i've just never played them yeah i've never played any of those i do have one of them for the uh i think it's the gamecube version because it had punch out the super nintendo punch-out game was an unlockable in it and uh troy got it for the games within games episode yeah i remember that and he's like oh i don't even want this so you can have it
i've never played it though uh and you know the whatever the japanese version of uh what became buster douglas boxing like the graphics are really good on it but it's just it's not very fun at all to play yeah this game do you have you have any strong feelings on the terminator for the sega cd like strong feeling i mean i think it's cool but yeah it is i mean i like it it's got it's got some good music and i remember that's a game i never
played that game until uh joe covered it like in one of his you know i don't know if it was a sega cd episode or whatever but i saw it on his show and that's what got me to try it and yeah i think it's pretty cool it is and the music is very good but is playing it now i i feel that the music is a little bit too i don't know it's like too happy sounding on some levels that it doesn't really fit the mood at all yeah i don't like that when games
have music like that that like like either the music is a downer even though the game's not or the game is like a downer but then the music's not yeah it's like you shouldn't notice it that if music sticks out in that way like that's not good i mean it's good on its own but it felt like it should have been in a different game i always liked the the like the skulls and stuff in the foreground yeah i remember uh i saw terminator 2 in the
in the movie theater you know and then i remember i came home and i'm not like a good artist or anything but i came home and i i think my dad had bought me like a sketch pad or something and like i i i drew out this whole like really cool like scene with you know how like in terminator 2 they would show like the flash forwards oh yeah and there would be like the terminators in combat but then they didn't have like skin or anything like they were just their like skeleton or whatever like i drew one of those and then like i had a like the whole ground was made out of skulls
i wish that's one of those things like i wish i still had it you know yeah i mean i mean have ever really talked to you about the terminator movies um i mean i don't know if i if if you know this but terminator 2 is my favorite movie of all time that's i mean that's a good pick yeah i love that movie i used to come home every day after school and watch it from the time that they break into cyberdyne system to the end of the movie like every day wait why like why only that because that's like when the movie gets
like really kicks in the gear you know yeah it's just like a continuous sequence from that point on but i mean i i just i love it i love it i like the first one a lot too but i've seen i've probably seen terminator 2 more than any other movie have you seen like the newer ones yeah yeah i mean i've seen i haven't seen any of them you haven't seen any of them like not the i've seen one and two and that's it oh then i wouldn't bother with anything
just like let it go from that point on i mean yeah if i could unsee them i probably would wow but i mean it's you should tell somebody you know that like sometimes i just wish i could like unmeet you [Laughter] like no offense but it's just for me the very idea of them and i hated that really in a lot of ways the ending to
the first or the second one like felt very definitive yeah i mean there was an extended ending that really went further to make it more definitive but i i feel like it really went out of his way to make make it like to say like this is it yeah like i don't i mean i don't want to waste too much of the time of the folks at home there but yeah i don't i figure like i thought the whole point of the end of terminator 2 was to stop any of that from happening yeah so that seems like a good stopping
point it is i mean you can say the same thing about return of the jedi like that should have been sort of like the end i i agree with you i 100 agree with you especially now but i mean i don't know like i i if i could unseat star wars star wars like anything after except for uh mandalorian is really good but if i could unsee anything like after returning jedi i probably i would i haven't seen any of those oh you haven't seen any of the prequels
either oh no i watched i saw all the prequels in the movie theater but all of like the sequel sequels like what is that like seven and eight nine and whatever all that stuff was and skywalker arises and what any of that stuff i haven't seen any of it well as uh um although people yeah someone just said bba is saying that that rogue one is good i kind of want to watch rogue one yeah i mean it's it's good it's like the ending action sequence i mean i it's definitely better than any of the other movies that have come out
yeah for sure um i mean like even the prequels like i was i saw them one time and then like i tried watching them on on video and i never watched all the way through but it's weird because you know return like all the original three i can just like watch them over and over and over and over again i just never get sick of them even i mean a lot of people like go after the ewoks and stuff like that but i mean i was like the age i love pg walks yeah me too i mean i was i was i was
five years old when returning the jedi you probably you probably wanted your own ewok yeah exactly i mean and you know like like uh i i one of my earliest memories is like being five years old and going to see return the jedi and then the movie theater being so packed i had to sit on the floor on the aisle it was opening night that's a that's a fire hazard yeah but i mean i just i i don't like mine the ewoks at all
you know you ever hear that mitch hedberg joke no about like you know he was like standing and standing in front of a fire you know what i'm talking about right mitch hedberg yeah like he was like standing in front of a fire exit in a theater and somebody came up to him and said hey you're standing in front of a fire exit you gotta move as if there was a fire i'd still be standing here i missed that guy all right well we'll move on oh we got splatterhouse three you know i didn't play this until recently and you have a good story about
this don't you about splatoon oh yeah yeah you mean uh how i got it yeah yeah that's probably the last because i don't go to thrift stores anymore uh i mean obviously i guess these days i don't know i'm saying i haven't really been a regular thrifter in a long time but uh like i went into a thrift store like probably by now like seven or eight years ago but you know it was already after like you can't find anything in the thrift stores really anymore at least the kind of stuff i'm looking for i guess if you want like ps2 games
or something be all right but like i went and like did my little cursory inspection or whatever the thrift store and i'm like ah they don't have anything and then on the way out i'm like i just want to go look at that media shelf like one more time you know and i went over there and like the first time i had missed that there was a boxed copy of uh splatterhouse 3 doesn't have the manual though it's just the box in the cartel but but it was 50 cents pretty good and it's like a hundred dollar game now isn't it it's like more or more than 100 i don't know i don't
keep track of that stuff but yeah like i sometimes i look on ebay because considering that i got the game for 50 cents like i'd be willing to pay a pretty decent amount of money for just for the manual just to make my copy you know like even if i had to pay like 30 dollars for the manual that means i got a complete copy of spider house 3 for 30 dollars and 50 cents right so yeah i mean that's it's that's a pretty good deal and the game itself is i mean how much have you played it i mean i've
i've spent a decent amount of time with it i mean i like that it has the branching paths i think yeah i mean there's not very loud like as as a beat em up yeah uh there's a very like few moves to doing it yeah uh i mean it's it's it's different from one and two because you can move into the background it's more of a brawler than the other ones yeah but it's not a very deep game right i mean it's just kind of it is what it is and you know either you like it or you
don't but right it doesn't have the depth of like uh streets of rage or final fight kind of experience yeah yeah i mean i don't i only played it for the first time recently i mean i played two i rented two growing up i remember renting two and uh i was really jealous of a friend who had a stereo stereo receiver and hooked his game systems up to a stereo receiver oh man and i i didn't have anything close to that and i like realized that my boombox had rca inputs
on it so i ran like the the audio into my boombox yeah and it sounded terrible i like it's not that bad is it it's not that bad oh man that thing was on on on fire with the number threes huh is that good i haven't played rolling thunder threes i haven't really played it either i mean i love the second one uh and the first one's good you know but
the second one has a two-player co-op which really makes it takes it to a whole new level i think yeah uh i haven't really played this one though neither of them looks like it has has some jets a jet ski level that looks like something else there at the bottom too yeah is that how it's pronounced moai is it i mean that's how i always said like you know what all like easter island heads right it must be my head i've i mentioned them in one of my videos and i didn't get raked over the
coals for the way i said it so it must be okay was it in in reference to to gradius though or gradius well that's the problem is that that's probably what it was that was when i was when i called gradius gradius and so it was like people were so offended by that they didn't even think about the the way i said moai had i wonder why they are such a part of gratias like is it just like they're a striking looking thing it seems like a pretty random thing to put in there yeah
and a space shooter shooter of all things oh maybe the guys that made gradius were just like really big fans of knight at the museum oh are they is it in that are they in that i mean have you not seen night at the museum that's the uh the ben stiller movies right yeah they you know hey you got any gum gum calls them dum-dum dum-dum got any gum gum i mean i i have them on on digital because my kids like them but i haven't really watched them i mean my my daughter was amelia earhart one year legitimately
good movie i haven't seen or i think i saw the second one but i don't remember it really but the first one's really good my daughter was amelia earhart for uh halloween one year because of those movies you were no my daughter oh okay oh just to answer someone in the chat like i say fazanadoo just cause like i learned that it was fazanadu but growing up we all said facsanna dude yeah so like i don't begrudge anybody that pronounces it yeah i don't well i don't care how people
pronounce anything but um like i think people have said back santa do long enough that you have to consider it like a legitimate pronunciation you know you are not wrong it's ev it's funny because i think that trident trusts me to to say it right uh i mentioned i mentioned it in the the nt mini noir video and in the script you like put in parentheses he said than uh do what's that he wanted me you wanted to make sure i said it right
that's my try impression by the way oh do it again but xanadu but that's i mean that's why he that's what he said he uh he wrote that in there it might even be in the subtitles for the episode i don't remember removing it over here we have james bond the dual uh a game i've never played it is it genesis or what is it uh yeah it's a it's a it's a tengen game it
looks kind of good honestly i mean it kind of looks like uh like like a delphine software kind of game with uh you know like flashback or something like that yeah yeah i mean i i might have to check that out it looks looks kind of good and you know it has it looks almost like a like something like like elevator action returns in a way i love that game yeah
huh if anybody in the chat has played it let me know if it's any good uh even drinking your whiskey man i have been yeah can you tell what is it by the way you didn't it's something my wife got it's like um i specifically read the name of upstairs all right and i i was like i better remember this for the stream and i cannot tell you what it is it's no big deal i just thought maybe it was like you know a name major brand you know like it's not a major brand it was like it's cheap
it's cheap because i drink it so infrequently which i guess is you you would think if i drink it infrequently i would get something more expensive yeah well but then if you bought something expensive you'd really like it yeah and then you would you'd be drinking it frequently instead of infrequently you ever um you ever mess around with uh japanese whiskey no no i just noticed like now you go to like costco they'll have like all these japanese whiskies too that's like their new thing
i just got a costco membership i think during the summer we've only been i think three times we had to we had to make a rule that we'd only go when we absolutely had to because every time we'd go we'd put like five hundred dollars on oh that's normal but then i started thinking like you know you spend all this money because like there's large portions yeah and you're like oh this is worth it but i feel like if you actually bought that much at a regular store it would probably equal out to be the same thing
it just seems like it's so much cheaper because you see all at once yeah like i always joke that costco is like you know you have like the dollar store and like costco is like the ten dollar store i feel like everything at costco is like 10 bucks yeah we got sean quinn in the chase like i never get out there without spending a hundred dollars yeah no you have to yeah and every time i go there i'm like you know we need to get a new tv for the living room because our living room tv uh we got it like right after my wife and i got married so that would have been 2008
yeah so starting it's starting to show his age i'm like i'm gonna get we should get a new one and you know that one's like 48 inch i'm like if we're gonna get a new one we're gonna get something like 60 or so yeah 60 or 70 and like the idea of having a tv that big yeah i just can't imagine it on the wall and it would probably weigh a significantly less than the tv that we have yeah i mean i don't even know how big my tv is because my neighbor gave it to me but
it seems big to me i don't know you know oh anyway just quickly i don't remember if i ever told you every time so i used to have this uh this like older japanese couple that lived across the street for me they were probably like in their 60s i would say and um they would just go for walks in the neighborhood and so we kind of got to know them a little bit and we just chatted up with them a little bit and like they invited us over to their house for dinner one night it's like we go over there and they made like it was like all this homemade japanese food like they were literally just here visiting for a year from japan
like they weren't like they weren't japanese-american like they were japanese people that were just like hanging out in america for a while you know for a year i went over there they made like tempur like fresh tempura and like yakitori sticks and stuff yeah but anyway like i got i went over there and just got like completely wasted because like the husband was just like a professional drinker you know yeah and like he would bring me a new beer like every like two minutes and if my old beer wasn't empty yet it was like i was insulting
his like hospitality like why why do you still have that beer you know yeah and like anyway for some reason i was telling them about costco and they'd never been to costco and so we took them there first of all they spent like six or seven hundred dollars at costco and this is like an older couple with no kids they just spend it on themselves but we go over there and like they they went over to the liquor aisle and they bought like i assume you've seen the bottles of jack daniels they have at costco like i mean they're they're like two liter bottles at least yeah
they're huge and they put like i'm not making this up they put like four or five of them in their cart and i was like oh are you are you buying like jack daniels to like send home to your relatives and he's like no this is this is i just just want to drink this yeah but then like when they moved out like when their year was up they couldn't take it to japan so like they had all this stuff that they needed to get rid of and so like they're like freaking out and like giving us all this stuff like here's like
soy sauce and like like a huge bag of chopsticks and like here's a bottle of sake and like some kitchen utensils because they didn't know what to do with it but all that jack daniels was gone you're probably secretly hoping for that did were they the ones that gave you the tv no different neighbors oh okay i'm very popular in my neighborhood you know are you i mean i don't know i was making a joke but i mean i got people giving me chopsticks and tvs so i'm doing all right yeah you know just
got to hope that somebody might have some old games that they'll discover i mean you kind of make it a point like if you meet somebody and you don't really know no you're just like somebody in your neighborhood yeah yeah if you ever have a chance to talk about games like i don't like to like talk about it but you know if it ever comes up no you know like hopefully they'd say like oh you know we got a whole bunch of other stuff in the in the attic no but like everybody in my neighborhood is like old wow like my next-door neighbors they gave me the tv they're like retired and like the
japanese couple they were like retirement age and like well i was a good age because they would have something cool but so a few months ago uh we went to this garage sale uh just like a random garage sale uh i mean my daughter was like looking for things for her like her like baby dolls and uh we've like stopped at this one house and this guy was moving out and he had all this stuff and i bought like this huge thing of like atari games an atari system and like everything's like in
great condition right like a 2600 yeah and like like a whole bunch of games and uh anyways like i was like talk and a bunch of game magazines and these are game magazines i'm gonna send off to uh one of the people from uh like the gaming alexandria people and they're gonna scan them it's all like like atari computer related stuff yeah and like like analog magazine stuff that's like not you know it's like way earlier than this and uh but that's cool that you're setting that because a lot of that stuff that hasn't been scanned yet
right exactly you know and they're all in great shape and like they're gonna they're gonna scan them and they're gonna attribute to the person who i bought them from you know he's like like an older guy and all this stuff is just like in great condition anyways i don't know how it came up but i was talking to his daughter who was helping him move out like sell his stuff so he could move out i assume like into assistant living or something like that anyways i was talking to her i'm like and he had a whole bunch of other stuff that he wasn't sure if he was gonna get rid of and i said you know like if he ever decides to like wants to think about
selling it here's my number and you know you know kevin give me a call and you know we'll we'll see if if there's anything that i'd be interested in anyways i got a call from him tonight and he's like i have all this stuff you know like in boxes in my basement and uh i my my daughter said that you gave her your number in case i wanted to get rid of any of this stuff and like if you want any of this stuff for real cheap you know it's it is yours because it's just going
to go in a dumpster so he has like all this stuff like uh like an atari 800 or atari 400 computer like all this stuff like works yeah so i need to find a time to go there maybe you can get a tandy one thousand i don't think he has anything like that i wish he did but it's all like atari mainly that's what the cool kids have now you know is tandy i heard and i usually find them for real good prices on uh on craigslist when you mention craigslist i i
forgot i'm glad that craigslist is still around because it seems like like services like offer up and stuff like that and facebook marketplace really started to probably take a lot of the like the good stuff away from craigslist yeah i mean probably i would find more stuff if i was plugged into those other things but i just yeah i just think the craigslist you got a two dollar donation there from aaron welch she says you have to take a drink every time you turn the page but
at the rate returning pages your drink is gonna last for a while exactly i will take one i don't want to do it right now because i got some fatal fury over here like this should i it means like a mega shot hey that's what we should do one time with these videos like you should start taking shots while we're doing a read-through of you know like drunk history or whatever yeah yeah yeah i mean i kind of embarrassing myself i'm such a lightweight these days
so it's you know like this is going to be plenty for me and i will have a headache from it before i go to bed probably fatal fury see this is the genesis version yeah i mean i don't think any of the console versions like the home console versions of it were very good they did they just felt bad especially compared to like street fighter 2. i mean almost every super nintendo fighting game felt bad next to street fighter 2. oh and we got blaster master ii
i guess i'd take another shot huh you said that was secretly one of your that was like one of your hidden gem genesis games you told me one blaster master ii yeah uh yeah i mean i think it's one of the best games on the system you told me you wanted to do like a whole video about the history of blasphemy yeah and interview the developers of it and everything uh no it's terrible it is really really bad and it should have been good uh but i don't know why like i think like had a european developer and well there you go those european
developers well with their uh damaging water droplets i'm pretty sure this game has plenty of damaging water drops in it hey death metal jim in the chat brings up uh fangoria did you ever watch uh bangoria or not watch uh read fangoria the magazine uh i didn't really read it but i i do remember seeing it you know i remember seeing it pretty often and i do know the name fangoria i wonder when do they stop making that
magazine um i don't know ask uh ask him death metal jim that's a pretty great name death metal jim definitely sounds like somebody who probably had a subscription to fangoria for many years i'd much rather read uh fangoria for several hours than play blaster master ii it's just like such a disappointment after the first one because the first original is so good yeah and like even even the the sofia
tank looks terrible all right now we got the flintstones on the genesis man e-storm is like doing every single review yeah that game is actually not that bad and you know i was actually thinking about this uh the other day why was i thinking i was reading through an old game magazine like one time i did a read through and you know they were talking like the the magazine had some festers quest coverage
in it and i remember i i mentioned even in the video i was like why like why did they make that game because that was like a couple of years before the like the new adam's family movie came out so there's no it wasn't like a tie-in it was just like here's a here's a game about the addams family like have fun yeah but like not even like a man character of the of the in the adam's family yeah i mean i didn't know who i had no idea that fester's quest was based on a
character from the adams family until the uh the adams family movie came out like in 1991 or whatever all right well i guess you didn't watch a lot of adam's family but uh but so then like the other day or maybe it was yesterday i was reading you know i just got all those uh video games and computer entertainment issues and i was reading through there and there was a review of a gilligan's island game for the nes and and then now i see here are the flintstones but you know what it was making me think
about though is i feel like in the 80s and up into the early 90s those were actually popular shows to show in syndication yeah i mean that's what i saw so maybe that kind of makes sense i mean some of those shows kind of had like sort of a second life as like you know just shows that were shown in like syndication like you know on yeah random weekends or maybe like during like weekdays when there was no programming to put on so well exactly i mean that's when i remember seeing stuff like the flintstones because you would never see them in the morning when you got to go
to school but if you stayed home sick you would see that maybe around like like 8 30 or so when you're already in school yeah there was also a three stooges uh game so yeah i mean the same thing was there little rascals little rascals game was there i don't know if there was one because that's another one i remember seeing all the time the little rascals oh yeah and then somebody else in the chat mentions nick at night you know because nick at night would show a lot of stuff like that too i used to like watch i used to watch mr ed on nick at night
oh okay yeah you know the talking horse yeah oh yeah well you've seen horses a horse of course of course yeah yeah i see that uh that uh i'm not sure whoever's name is has the japanese characters i think their japanese character is saying i love lucy nes is one of my favorites uh you know that lucille ball you know from i love lucy is from the town that i grew up in i didn't know that that's like their big claim to fame at this point
well keep keep doing what you're doing and soon you're going to be there right yeah uh you could totally make a game based on the if you thought about it like you could make a game based on i love lucy sure especially now like like the chocolate factory episode like that would be a level for instance anyway yeah i see brian north saying jamestown yep that's where i grew up is jamestown new york uh x-men for the genesis i'm not a fan about yourself
same yeah i mean it's like terrible music in this game it's like i never got into the x-men though because i wasn't really in the comic book so that's not the kind of game where i would have been excited about it i mean i wonder if this was bef this must have been like shortly after the x-men kind of had this big revival when the uh when they like the new x-men number one came out yeah because like jim lee was doing it freshman in high school and that was 91.92 yeah so that was like the only time i mean that was the time where i kind of got back into buying comics it's right around
like like 91 92 93 right around the time the image comics first showed up you know yeah it was spawn like i have a bunch of those x-men comics that you're talking about but like i would buy them just because like kids at school were buying them yeah like i would go to the bookstore and i'd buy it and have them put it in a bag with the backer board but i wouldn't actually read them yeah because i was only buying them because i was like trying to be cool yeah and every single uh issue had like a special cover on it
yep like a lenticular cover or a hologram holographic wasn't there like four different issue number ones i think of that magazine something like that but i mean it was there was just so many they were like raising the price and showing like selling these different cover variants and i mean i guess that's caused the big crash in in the comic book industry because there's all these gimmick covers and stuff hey i don't know what this has to do with anything but uh vinnie in the chat wants to know do you have any classic
prog rock on vinyl uh i mean i probably do like the you can kind of see i could all the records that i have is like right behind me that's like cameras it's like that little entertainment center right there i uh i had a friend who sent me like got rid of all his records and sent me like five giant media mail boxes of records yeah several years ago and i mean i can't even tell you what was in there it was all like pretty good stuff
and i mean all the stuff is in there i think i have like i think i have like every single allen parsons project album on vinyl so i get i mean that's prog rock right but i think i have like one i mean it's like it's like rush rushes is prog rock i mean i appreciate it i think i would call i mean i don't know um oh yeah death metal jim has some yes on vinyl too yeah yes is good stuff i'm pretty sure that i have some of that in there all right oh here's your game right here
wasted potential yep you know that was probably better than black hole assault which i mean different developers and everything but i'd rather play this than black hole assault where's the potential uh let's skip right over there yeah i got outrun 2019 i i liked it because i had the the roads that went up in the air that was one of my favorite things about f-zero is that you're supposedly on this racetrack that was floating miles above
a giant city yeah and this i guess so i'm doing something similar but i mean i don't know i just i just know the music i i have this too because it's a on the black grid boxes but no i i think the first time i played played it was on the sega channel oh really you had the sega channel yeah yeah i mean for like four months probably i was probably the only person in my entire town that had it
yeah i didn't know anybody that had it and there here's hit the ice hit the ice it looks pretty good i assume it yeah i mean it was popular in the arcades yeah i mean yeah i think it looks very like nba jam hockey nba jam-ish yeah uh speaking of of nba gm have you have you had a chance to watch that insert insert coin documentary no the the midway documentary i wonder if anybody in the chat has seen it
i watched it last week uh it's it's pretty good but i feel like they should have just made a mini series out of it there's just there's so much in there that it really give them a lot of time to get into anything too in-depth yeah they could have easily made like a five-part mini-series out of it i mean because easily nba jam could be its own pretty long episode yeah of something like that i mean it i mean they they move through everything pretty quickly
yeah i mean it's it's good but i i wish that they had just you know like made it five times longer oh elemental master every single review on the genesis game is is by e storm which was dave halverson the mullet himself right yeah that's a good game dude elemental master oh okay i was going to say i i figured it was a renovation game a lot of renovation games kind of have a
similar look like that like the uh is that wolf team that did it or uh is that what it is yeah telenet japan [Music] it was renovate renovation was like the american arm of telling it japan but they would publish a lot of wolf team games i see but i mean they all have a very similar look like it uses the same ground look as like granada
or something like that that's also a good game although people a lot of people don't like that game and i don't get it i think granada is a really good game i think it's just because it doesn't it is does not look good you know it just like seems like everything's too small and just like kind of has it has a dirty look to it yeah but that's the genesis man yeah um i mean i'll i will tell you that i wrote it off based on screenshots i saw in magazines i didn't play until years later had
really had really cool art cover art that's it yeah although it's funny because of the way the cover art is the logo because it says granada with the app and it has like that thing that goes around it that looks like two x's on the end like i've seen people call the game like granada x or x granada x and it's that's just the frame that they're putting the granada word around yeah yeah i mean it's it i i remember thinking that too thinking like man it looks like
is this is this a sequel to it it's we're not a 10. what's that it's granada 10. what happened to one through nine uh you just skip over time gal time gal is it's okay i mean i we did a i did a video on this like years and years ago i covered like all four of the fmv games from wolf team all right and out of all of them i think this is the one that looks the best because it's almost like they drew
they drew over all the original uh frames of animation so it just has a very crisp look where it just looks like it's a like more of a sequence of of still frames versus like video yeah you don't get all that weird compression stuff yeah yeah uh but it is it is super super tough uh john perry juice that's what i'll do in my tv from 2007 that's actually i'll bring it down here this is like do you have a tv down there
well i mean i want to set up a area for the kids which is kind of what this is right here because i there's like i have but you're saying over on that side like behind you now like right over here right yeah all right oh see that's that's the tv that's where i put the tv i'd mount it on the wall right there but there's a couch right there that used to belong to uh like my grandma and when she passed away you know we got the couch and it's like down here and i want to turn it into like a you know like a basement
place for them to uh to hang out as well like i mean they can hang out like an area rug down there yeah i mean i have like my like whole area back here behind me yeah but this would be like more for them which is kind of crappy i guess when you think about it oh willie beamish willie beamish you know i never finished this game i think that uh pushing up roses did a really good video on willie beamish just talking about how how weird it is and kind of mean-spirited the entire game is
uh and this game just had the craziest longest load times like you'd think that the game was broken every time because the load times were so long uh but i mean i don't know i had a friend who bought it i i got it when i bought it like a whole bunch of other sega cd games like in the same bundle but i mean i would never play the disc of this anymore because it's
because of the load times yeah and his his frog is named horny just in case he wanted to know and then there's the ninja warriors you know i was just we did a live stream with uh with john lennon on digital foundry a few weeks ago and he played the sega cd version or the mega cd version of ninja warriors and i had always kind of thought it didn't look look like a very good game like it just like visually this version of it is not very good but it has like this whole like weird
movie about zun tada on it which i had no idea was even on there didn't like a sequel to that game just come out on like the ps4 somebody just sent me a game oh did they send it to you well like a viewer sent it to me not the company uh yeah he liked it so much he bought a copy and sent it to me it's awesome it is uh you're thinking of um like ninja warriors uh the ninja saviors yeah that's it uh before last year or
last year not this in 2019 that was my my game of the year oh well all right uh it is awesome it is a very very good game it's it's a it's kind of a remake of the super nintendo version which was uh ninja warriors again yeah which was kind of a you know a sequel to this uh it takes that same style of graphics do you ever play wild arm or not wild arms uh wild guns reloaded no well you should you should check that out too it's the same developer
where they take like these these old like title games or uh netsumi games and update them like right now they're doing pocky and rocky i think like a like a remake of pocky and rocky yeah um what did john tell me like about how the first level of uh ninja warriors like the the music is called like daddy mulk but it's like it's like a mistranslation that is just kind of stuck around for a long time it's like it's like it's like something
else um i forgot what he said it was but he talked to somebody you know you were telling me how john told you that um mortal kombat 3 for the playstation was like the first home port that was done in-house yeah i remember you told me that and i was like taking notes because i was going to put it in my video you know but like i looked it up and it was like midway bought some little developer and then that was like the first thing
they had them do was like here make a home conversion of mortal kombat 3. oh so it's not that's not exciting so i don't know like how much i consider that to really be like an in-house thing well he was telling me that he heard that that sony gave them a bunch of money to do it themselves so that must have been what they did with the money they just bought somebody else to do it yeah because i i forgot i have it in my script i forgot how much money it is but um it was when bernie stoller was still one of the vice presidents at sony they paid midway like several million
dollars so that the only version of mortal kombat 3 that would be on any 32-bit console was like they were basically just trying to screw the the saturn yeah and say like we're only gonna have because it still ended up coming out on like the genesis and the super nintendo because obviously those are not right 32-bit but yeah like midway got like a really fat check for that game so i wouldn't be at all surprised if they use the i don't know if that's the kind of money you could buy a game studio with but i mean i don't know how much a
game studio was going for in like 1994 right but i mean then they just turned around and released ultimate mortal kombat 3 on everything right i'm pretty sure there's a statum version of ultimate yeah no yeah uh there's an ultimate moral combat three on the saturn yeah i mean that's a different game right because that was a that was a whole separate arcade release as well yeah as aaron walsh says it's still technically in-house then it's it technically is but i'm not going to put that in my video because then i then i feel like you have to kind of
explain like well it was this other company they bought it and like so i just left it out but still i i've heard that that version of mk3 is pretty good but i mean playstation version yeah yeah it's practically arcade perfect i mean it's that's a big deal but at the same time i mean this is mk3 i think in just in general it sucks well it's just like it's just such a disappointment it goes too far into like the jokey
kind of stuff that after after two because two really elevated the first one and then i felt like we're gonna take uh this violence and make it more slap sticky and three like it was almost like they ran out of ideas of what to do so they just like made it yeah more slapstick uh uh zero beast this thing is this new magazine put out by video game history foundation or is that part of their old magazine packs that you can buy this is the the old magazine packs that you can buy
you should post that weekend there again i put out a magazine though i'd read that maybe it'll happen yeah all right moving on oh what is that this is this is a net again this is the the sequel to uh el viento was it that a net uh an futabi or something like that i think it is like something yeah whatever and that fudata futabi or something i i think that's what it is or something
it's like it's got both a net uh from el viento and ernest evans in the same game wow and it's a brawler and it is not very good have you played ernest evans only a little bit it's such a weird looking game yeah just like the way the characters are put together yeah i mean i can appreciate them trying
to do that exactly but it's just it does not look good yeah it's like yeah okay uh see i knew it was like yeah something like that uh i always show this though when i have to show something from the sega cd this is a nice exclusive japanese exclusive game you consider that like a showcase game then i mean it's not very good but it looks good in short clips
oh oscar gomez says when are you guys going to do a collab with scanline city is he still putting up videos like i want to know what that guy's deal is scanline city because like it says he's camera workers that many videos and like he doesn't have very many subs but like his video like that guy has to work in like the industry because like like those video the quality of those videos is like top-notch yeah yeah his intro is insane yeah i mean he could just make a video
it's just like an intro and then that's it yeah and it would look better than most videos on youtube oh we got devastator i have no idea what this is devastator is that a shooter yeah i mean it's just it's a hot new animated cartoon appearing in japan it's another wolf team game man they're just like cranking them out it looks kind of cool though it makes me think a little bit we're gonna put these blind read-throughs like i should have i should have the mr set up
yeah and then like you can be like hey what's this and i can like boom load it up well as as we were i mean we didn't really say it but i mean ideally what we could do is if these are coming every month like we can make this like a once a month thing well like egypt twice a month yeah twice a month like like do yours and do mine do yours you know alternate back and forth like every two weeks yeah you know what this kind of looks like it looks like the knot is it grabs the
impressive version of that uh what is that what's that turbo graphics 16 game like the vigs viggs tactical armor or whatever venus tactical gladiator yeah yeah i don't i don't know like i have that game because like i think one time i bought like a lot of like four turbo graphics games on ebay that i got like a pretty good deal on yeah and i got vegas tactical gladiator and like i don't like it but you know bit head's always talking up that game and so it makes me want i'll go play it
again and i just still don't i don't i think he's got like the nostalgia glasses yeah or something i mean that is a game that looks fantastic in screenshots oh for sure but playing it's like oh you can't even jump i i don't think you can jump it's just like i thought you you could you had like little thrusters i thought right yeah but i mean i just remember thinking i look like it looks so good in screenshots and when i played it i was like oh it's not very good
all right so what do we got over here on the previews oh yeah sonic cd mentioned android assault is that is that on there is that i don't know why they're bringing it up maybe barry arm or whatever yeah the event the revenge of barry arm uh i mean was there a previous game in that like is that not the first game in that series like what happened that pissed off barry arm that they're getting revenge that's a that's a damn good question
well i'm just saying maybe in japan that's like part of a series and i don't know i mean i've never had it maybe maybe maybe a devastator is the uh is the prequel to it somehow you know it's funny the only game i see in there i see final fight but yeah what else is in there uh we got still feed it's so small i know uh golden axe three you know i don't how do you feel about golden x3
a lot of people don't like it but uh john lennon was saying like i john lennon thinks it's awesome yeah so i think that maybe he should make a video or something on it or he can really that should be the next df retro yeah he can why that's a good click-baity title yeah golden x3 is is good actually yeah just call it that oh yeah we got night striker um what people that if you don't like golden axe three you're dumb
that's the title of the video uh night striker a good game i should have bought that when i was in in japan uh it's i really like the arcade version and have you have you ever played night strike or are you familiar with it no uh it's it's a taito game it's kind of like a space harrier like where you're but yeah you have a car and you fly through the city and all these tunnels and stuff and uh the arcade the arcade game had like a space harrier style
uh stick and it's really good music i have the ps1 version but there was a there's a mega cd version that never came out here and it's actually kind of impressive yeah so if i had the mr hooked up we would we'd be checking it out right yeah yeah let's we should we should do that and then you know i'll i'll play when you do your read through yeah that's what i'm saying i think we could totally do that yeah i mean i wouldn't be able to be on camera but i'll just send you my feed i'd just send you the feed right you'd
have to switch over like okay no more face camera although i probably could do it using the uh using obs new virtual webcam why can't i just like build a layout yeah of like using my webcam and the mister screen and just send that to you and you can put that into that's what i'm saying into the picture frame yeah and over here we have uh three is it three x three eyes three by three eyes i always used to get confused by the name there was a nes game also yeah
i don't know and if it's like three three three eyes three x three eyes i don't know uh we got a five dollar canadian donation from donovan stewart thank you saying a random queue just bought a cheap rc to hdmi 1080p adapter from amazon now my n64 games are widescreen they don't they don't look stretched but are they they are definitely you buy a retro tank donovan is my question so do that but um
yeah probably stretched but you might be able to go into your tv's menu and and change the aspect ratio exactly that's that's what i encour encourage you to do yeah you know what's going to be very crazy or he could just throw his n64 in the garbage and like play something good instead but i don't know you know what's actually crazy is coming up on this ad here like there's like been barely any ads in this magazine at all have you noticed that yeah which is too bad because i like
looking at the ad i know back in the day though i'd be like man that's the ad on every other page well sometimes you know if you got one of those like christmas issues of egm like that could be you know maybe too many ads yeah although i mean when i was a kid i would have thought that's too but reading it now like the ads are just as interesting as the content so right batman returns snes very good game yeah
i love you guys throw guys into the background i mean that's just throwing them in the background is really novel i think and it's not really done in any other brawler that i can think of yeah it's very satisfying yes like throwing someone through a window yeah and then it kind of alternates and he has like the uh like the more shooter type levels oh they're not they're not straight up shooter but they're kind of running gun-esque [Music]
i have not seen this movie in forever though a lot of people have been talking about it recently saying like oh it's a christmas movie you should watch it around christmas time and it is but i just i i assume you saw it in the theater no really yeah really i don't know why too because you saw the original you saw batman 89 in the theater though right on day one man yeah and then you then you didn't go see batman returns in the theater nope did you not like batman 89
i didn't see batman returns until like years and years later like i had no interest whatsoever that's that's because no because you know what happened is is i was like i got into batman i was kind of being like a little like hipster kid like when i got into batman there were no batman movies there was the adam west tv show i mean so like batman this was like in the late 80s like batman wasn't really that popular right right i mean he was one of
the major you know comic book heroes i'm not i'm saying outside of that there wasn't all this like batman uh hype going on right and i just kind of decided like i'm gonna be into batman and so then i was like i would go ride my bike to the comic book store and like i would buy up all these like old issues of batman from like the 70s and stuff and read them and i got like super into it and then when the movie came out like i said i went and saw it on day one and i really liked it but then like all of a sudden like everybody was into
batman and so then like for me it like wasn't i didn't think it was real anymore i was just like whatever and everybody's all batman fanboys and so after that i was just kind of like over it you know so much so that you just like i don't even want to see batman returns i i mean i just needed to pick i should have picked a new esoteric superhero to follow like i should have gotten into like the green lantern or something you know yeah well i i didn't think the batman returns is very good at the time but it's been a long long
time since i've seen it i wonder if i would feel any different and i mean i saw batman 89 like multiple times in the theater yeah i mean i just remember that's like that is the first movie i remember where it was just a summer movie that was just a complete phenomenon it was like everywhere and i don't know like i i probably saw it like four times in the theater over the course of the summer
wow and the only other movie i would i mean i guess after that like i think i think it was was uh dick tracy came out the year after than that after that and was it came out in 90 hmm i think so that might be right it might be right i saw that one in the theater too and it was it was definitely like i mean my brother went and saw dick tracy multiple times in the theater and i swear it was like he was like
like chasing the dragon you know it was so he wanted it to be as good as batman and have like that kind of experience and just like go and see it so many times but you know dick tracy is just not that great even watching it now i only ever saw it the one i don't think i've ever seen it again i mean it's it's cool but like there's all these crazy looking characters and then they kill like most of them like in the first three minutes of the movie yeah i just remember watching that movie
and just thinking that like that watch yeah that dick tracy had like oh we'll never have anything like that it's crazy how fast things have advanced you know like yeah but it's like a speaker you could have told my like 12 year old self that someday like apple like i don't have an apple watch or i don't have a smart watch at all but like if you told me that was going to be a thing i would have been so excited you know yeah like the other day i was playing if you saw i've been like tweeting about playing with this mrcade thing yeah oh yeah you know and so like yesterday i did
before i was playing super mario brothers you know on on the mister cave like if you could just like take a picture of that and like go back in time to like 87 and show that to my 10 year old self hey you're going to have this you know when you're like you know like 40 years from now or whatever it would have blown my mind i've i've been enjoying enjoying your mr kid stuff i mean i was telling i was telling a pork chop earlier today from mr add-ons i was like man like seeing all uh chris's
like photos and videos and stuff of the mystery case like make me want to get a an astra city like really soon because just the idea of yeah when you the first thing you post is like oh i put nhl 94 on there like that is such a good idea i'm just like putting nhl 94 on a uh like in an arcade machine oh look we got uh because that would have made money you know but you know the cool thing about about that is like you can map
like the the trigger for the coin slot is like a it's a button basically and so if you go into the mr menu you could you could like map it so that the coin the insert coin is one of the buttons and then you could probably set it up somewhere and be like hey you want to play in hl94 you know 25 cents make some money uh i see the video game history foundation is in the chat right now what i i uh made them a moderator and we're enjoying the uh
game fan issue or volume one issue five uh so chris and i are going to make this a like a monthly thing we're going to he's going to in a few days or maybe like a week or something we're going to read his magazine and then every month we're going to like alternate back and forth so it'd be you know every two weeks probably i guess it's gonna kill me to have to wait that long to open mine but i'll live all right let's let's i got
more batman we'll skip over the batman and we got the terminator but that's this i mean the terminator on the super nes i mean i don't but that's based on the original movie yeah yeah i have never i've definitely never played this before like a cd game but uh chris you want to post a link to the uh the magazine uh subscription again if people want to want to take advantage and sign up for it
there you go there you go then there's a wolf child a uh a game that i've really never played i mean i've certainly never played this version uh maybe maybe i've tried out the the sega cd version that's about where i'm at with it i've tried it out but i haven't played it extensively yeah i mean games about werewolves don't really do anything for me no no not really i mean altered beast is enough for me
is shapeshifter a werewolf game ah shape shifter yeah i don't know if i've ever ever played that all right hey shadow run oh we got a i got joe from same same game different uh same name different game is in here as well yeah i didn't want to bring up what he said but you know yeah i've tried to convince you to do that multiple times i'm like come on man it could be my life
in classic gaming quarterly think about it chris and i just like love going through old magazines so yeah this was this was obviously something we were all the way into when we saw that this was something that was you could do it just really like reliving the the old days of getting game magazines in the mail yeah what what magazines were you subscribed to when you were younger many of them i couldn't afford i couldn't afford magazine subscriptions when i was a kid man yeah i mean
i i would like ask as a like a gift or something like that i think i only got like i was subscribed to egm for a year maybe yeah i just used that my best friend had a subscription to nintendo power so i used to read his but um like i would have had to ask for that for christmas or something you know yeah yeah what about uh chat you ever play shadow run on the super i actually i have this i i gotta it was given to me uh yeah matt machesky who does the the
theme music for our channel uh he got went to an estate stale and got like like a ridiculous amount of super nintendo games he doesn't even like collect games or anything like that he's just like oh yeah you know it seems like something i should buy and he bought like a huge stack of super nintendo games there's stuff like chrono trigger complete and box and all this other stuff and he like gave me like most of them that he didn't you know he didn't have
any interest in or interested in like like spending the time to sell yeah and this was one of them and i've never really played it yeah i haven't played it i i mean i've i've played the genesis game which is a cool game uh people the few opinions i remember reading about are saying that the genesis game is better but they're really like they're very very different games like it's not like two different ports of the same game yeah and there's there's a sega cd one
or a mega cd version as well that's completely different and then you got bob over there on the other side yeah b.o.b this game's not that bad actually i think i mean i could i could see that in a magazine read through and i was like i could see the game's charm yeah i mean this is a game that i think i've thought about it recently thinking that maybe it was probably not that bad at the time it probably it doesn't didn't i remember it looking that good but
now i kind of want to play it yeah i mean i think it's it's like a cool you know if you're bored on a saturday afternoon or something i don't know if you're if you're ever bored on a saturday afternoon but it's the kind of game i never would have played except you know like i said i was in a magazine i was doing a read-through of and so i played it and i was like yeah this game is actually pretty cool it's got like like the whole intro cut scene or whatever is is actually pretty funny to watch but uh that's the kind of game i would have rented like when i was in high school it's an ea game it's just weird that
yeah for the most part i think like ea on the super nintendo is not something i generally think about is like being a thing at any point because they were such a staple of the genesis that i mean is there any any uh super nintendo game that they released that is kind of like a big like a classic now i don't know they just mean nothing i can think of but i feel like there's got to be something or a couple of somethings but i mean i
feel like most of the ea sports games on the super nintendo were not that good although uh nhl 94 and nba live 95 are both really good but um you think of like non-sports games oh poster pack rat says populist is the populist populist any good on the like i feel like i don't know you want to play that on a computer you don't want to really play that on any home console if you can but it's populist is interesting that i remember buying that when it came out and
i always just like could not understand it and i was so annoyed with the sound in it and then i i had a friend who borrowed it and then his his mom freaked out because like he was playing a game where he was god yeah like no i will not let you play this did you see what video game history foundation yeah i sold 11 more subscriptions for us that's amazing i think helps us a lot thank you all yeah absolutely i mean if we're going to do
this story effect all all the all the time uh do you ever do you get worried about running out of magazines i mean that would be mine yeah that's my worry it's funny i've told like i've told at least two people just that i know like in the real world because i was excited about picking this up with you know picking mine up today at the post office and i'm like telling people about it and that's like everybody's first question like well what happens when they run out of magazines i'm like i don't know then i guess the promotion's over but yeah i mean it seems like people are
still donating magazines to them and stuff so i mean hopefully the supply of doubles is not going to dry up anytime soon i mean i bet there's a lot of people that are just buying one you know there's an option just to buy one month right i'm pretty sure wait you mean just buy one once instead of doing a subscription yeah i think that there is an option for just buying one there is yeah because i think it was saying it's 25 off if you do a subscription instead of just getting oh right
all right moving on harley's humongous adventures i've never heard of that game i've never heard of it either it's definitely like it's a claymation game though actually well i i recognize this character it's just it's one of those you know before clay fighter you know they have the digitized claymation characters uh the characters look cool but the backgrounds look pretty terrible i don't know but who knows how bad can it be honestly that's what trying to always
say how bad could it be it could be pretty bad yeah yeah what's that game on the other page i don't recognize that super widget super widget yeah i don't know anything about this either um i don't know like it looks like it looks okay but the main character looks annoying those seems like those kind of games are like more popular like in europe you know yes exactly like i was reading it's
an atlas game though what's that it's an atlas game though oh that's cool i was just like uh yesterday i was reading um i have a bunch of issues in this magazine called mega and it was a uk based uh you know mega drive mega drive only magazine you know and you know it had like the top 10 list you know for like the previous month and like the number one game on their list was tasmania which like here like would anybody have
even really cared that much about tasmania just like over there like these these cartoony platform games were so much more popular in part i think because i think video game censorship was a lot more aggressive yeah over there and so i think a lot of these kind of games got kind of shoved down people's throats over there on like home computers and then on the master system and then on the mega drive because i'm saying like
what i'm saying is like back then you know you would go to school the next day and be like oh man i've been playing tasmania and they'd be like oh man that's awesome and like here you know if you had gone to school and been like oh man i'm really having fun playing this game tasmania you would have gotten like an atomic wedgie and then shoved into your locker and you know it's like you think about all those like the looney tunes characters and they were just on every everything for a while there and it was like in taz was on everything
but yeah i just remember when it fell out of popularity among kids but you know i still know knew a lot of parents you know i'm sure there's a lot of parents out there now that still have polo shirts with sewn in tweety birds or whatever on them you know what i'm talking about like yeah yeah i just i remember uh remember my my high school girlfriend's uh dad a had a polo shirt with with tweety bird
on it uh so if you see what uh game history foundation says a month ago i would say we're good for a year but to be honest we're getting concerned now oh man starts listening donations to hopefully fill them in well just gonna just gonna write it until we can't explain if i start getting doubles maybe i should send them to frank instead of sending them to you yeah totally yeah here we got god's uh mindscape game i mean i don't know like
i know the look of it but i've definitely never played it is that originally an amiga game it looks like it would be yeah i mean there's this it looks good but it looks like the backgrounds and all the tiles look really busy like there's just like a lot of stuff going on and it looks it looks like a an amiga game for no particular reason i've been like really tempted my amiga is just sitting right over there on the shelf i've been like super tempted to pull it out and set it up oh yeah
yeah and guys it's like the most amiga of amiga games i've messed around with some of the amiga stuff with the mister yeah but that game list is just so long that it takes five minutes to like scroll through it no that's like the amiga like there's so many games in the amiga that that's the kind of thing where it's better if you like make a list yeah you know of like some game like you know go do some reading or watch some youtube videos and like make a list because otherwise
yeah that i mean that that list on on the mr core is ridiculous because like you know i have um the amiga that i have my friend todd sent it to me and then he gave me one of those gotek uh floppy drive emulator things are you talking about todd from terra onion yeah what are their todd is there that's true there was the one on different strokes and then there's todd from tara um anyway uh he sent me when he sent me
the amiga he he sent me a gotek drive with that already has like the usb stick in it yeah that he loaded down with games and it's the exact same thing it's like you turn it on and it's like here's a list of like you know 3 000 games or something so like when he told me he was saying that to me like i just started watching like a bunch of videos and like making lists of all the amiga games i wanted to check out but i mean there's so many cool games i was just telling somebody in my
discord because there's a guy in my discord that like he just wants to get like an old computer but he's not sure what you know like maybe an apple ii maybe like a tanning 1000 but you know maybe he doesn't have a lot of rooms he's looking for just like one and i was trying to tell him like if you're only going to have one old computer like get an amiga dude cause like there's enough games on the amiga that you could have that be like your only video game system and i think for the rest of your life you wouldn't run out of stuff to play
and the only downfall is that like most these games are made with a controller in mind that has like like one one button or something like that or two buttons yeah i think the amiga is actually capable of a two button controller but and then mostly this game like it all have uh up up to jump which is like one of the things that i hate them out i hate the most yeah i don't do i ever tell did i ever tell you what i did to solve that problem on the mister do you assign it to a button well i don't use the mister i use my amiga but um
well yeah on the mister then yeah you can just assign jump to a button but uh i i have a neo geocd uh pad the neo geocd controller yeah i that's that's like the controller i use on my amiga and then i like made because i had to make a controller adapter for it and so i made it so that because the amiga or the amiga the neo geocontroller has four buttons and so i map i took one of the buttons that wasn't going to be used otherwise
and like tied it into the up so you can still push up on the d-pad but you can also use this button for up so now i have a jump button for games like turrican that's nice that's a good way to do it that's that's really creative yeah well that was like the main reason i wanted an amiga originally is i just wanted to play turrican on the amiga yeah there's no way i was doing the whole up to jump thing so but i think that's if i remember correctly i think that's the way the
genesis game is i think on the genesis you can still push up to jump if you want to but they also have jump assigned to one of the one of the buttons on the controller so are you gonna you have any interest in that the uh turrican collection that's coming out well yeah i got it pre-ordered nice but i only aren't there there's two discs right or there's two there's two releases yeah i'm not sure how it's if it's changed at all since then because i think there's a lot of people that were annoyed that the fact that it was getting split up like that but i'm not sure if it's changed or if
it's i know that that is as uh they have assigned jump to a button on the old game but yeah i i pre-ordered one of them but i pre-ordered the one that had the games that i was more interested in playing so i wasn't aware did you know that like apparently mega turrican on the on the genesis was like is awesome it is awesome but it was originally gonna be a konami game it was gonna be published by konami and then they passed over it yeah i think i read that somewhere
which is crazy to think about so mega turrican was written specifically for the genesis and then got ported back to the amiga so this king arthur's world is a game that i have uh i got in that same bundle i got a shadowrun with i never really played it but it's it's it uses the uh super nes mouse oh that's cool i don't even i don't even really know like what what games
work with the super nintendo mouse besides mario paint i wouldn't maybe like that is there a super nintendo there's a super nintendo version of lemmings but that's probably before the mouse came out maybe i i've never owned a version of lemmings no uh i always just remember playing it in the in the computer lab in school yeah i have livings 3d for the playstation oh is that going to be in your upcoming video uh it's a long box game isn't it
yeah oh yeah i have no idea what this is kataro's adventure okay so this is a japanese game obviously japanese exclusive game looks kind of cool though it does look kind of cool it looks almost like mystical ninja-esque goemon-esque i think we definitely need to do that though with the mister although if you get some of the later later issues we won't be able to do that like later time period although i could with my setup and everything and we can at least have it ready to go and then we'll just see what
magazine i i might have stuff on hand anyway so if there's newer stuff yeah uh so this did this game get a us release the uh what is it is it is it like musia mucia lucia m-u-s-y-a i don't know i mean i i've never seen it in a store but as far as i know i did get a us release i've just never seen it in person the guy has like this like bow staff with a blade
or what is it called a uh it's like a partisan it's like not like a part is it a partisan that's like a spear type thing well to me that's something you use for trimming the branches on your tree yeah okay good uh good vibe collecting this thing yeah i got a us release i just never seen it in person but i have played it on the on the sc-snes and we got kendo rage over here which is not something that i've i'm pretty sure i don't think this got a u.s release but it
the name sounds like a dead but when i look at it it looks almost like like a valus game when i think about just writing like a little blurb like this like they have to do for these however that's what i was thinking about uh when i think about just like writing a little blurb like this has just got to be so easy just to write a paragraph about a game
what just like this you know like oh are you looking for something different well if so have we got a game for you you know yeah it could be anything it's like a template kendall rage is definitely unique for a side-scrolling action title but like did they do you think they even had a copy of that game to play or do you think that was like we went to the tokyo game show and like saw it and were able to take some screenshots i think they had all this stuff i'm pretty
i'm pretty sure that they had all this stuff because i mean was it die hard was a import game store before right well it was a game store that also sold imports yeah yeah so i mean they probably just imported everything but do you think that was out yet oh yeah i bet it was i mean it looks like they played three levels of it that was that the there is american version of this of kinder region that works and hey with a few cosmetic changes
this game could be could turn out to be a worthy snes table we'll keep you posted so there was a us version of this but i guess i just reskinned it i don't i don't know what this is new gear okay that's like the french spelling for a noogie like when somebody gives you like that yeah and it's it looks kind of cool though i mean yeah i mean it looks like an over it looks almost like ease-esque yeah i was thinking about playing through e's book one and two like on a
multi-part oh you should totally do that because people really like you know people that enjoyed my live streams when i did them seem to think that the pinnacle of my live streams were was when i beat zelda 2 yeah live stream and so i was thinking i could do that because because i've never beaten uh e's book one and two really yeah like i've played quite a bit of it but i've never beaten it like well i i had never beaten zelda 2 before i did it in the live stream so i mean
that'd be kind of cool you know yeah i mean the first ease is really really short yeah i mean you'd beat that in two streams easily yeah uh the second one is quite a bit more involved all right by which you mean ease book two or the other yeah okay uh what is that what is that ease ancient e's vanished book two the final battle
i think that's like the full title of it what's that because um exhaust heat exhausti heat two dude that looks sweet that looks like a you know x-zero rip-off it's like like f-zero with like pseudo uh f1 cars f1 uh i don't know like i don't know like it looks kind of good but also looks like kind of crappy you can drive f1 cars though over here uh it's called exhaust heat exhaust
heat two it's the second one don't ever have a pad at my desk uh what is the guy saying at the top uh saying the parts you ordered are done do you want to start another project i'm going to zoom in on them here yes it looks kind of crazy that's it ancient ease vanished the final chapter okay so there's no book two in there
oh zoomed out too far i think we we now they got two more subscribers we're gonna we're getting out of magazines man we're gonna run out of magazines yeah the the the entire stash is only gonna last for three months now but i mean it's fine it's not like you pay up front for a like a year or anything like that they just charge you just be i'll be sad when it ends that's all yeah because this is likely the only time
maybe i'll get something really bad and then i'll be angry and then i won't but i mean this is likely the the last time that we'll get like game magazine subscriptions in our life probably yeah yeah that's kind of sad it does have laser belt laser blasters yes i guess that must be the the names of the car cars oh i'm gonna drive the wild bear oh there's there's taz right there yeah this is
the tasmania for the super nintendo uh what about um i mean there's tasmanian on the genesis but but what about uh what was the the um super nintendo road runner game death reality death death valley rally was that it sounds right i remember egm gave that the game of the month and then we rented it and it was it was terrible oh you can still yeah that's right you still can order new video game magazines
about old games like old school gamer magazine in the us yeah and like retro gamer but i mean i'm not like a subscriber although i guess i could i mean i buy retro gamer every month uh from my local newsstand but oh you can get it at your newsstand what's that you can get it from your newsstand yeah i always had to go to barnes and noble to get it well i live in a small town man we don't have a barnes noble right but i mean it's like i never knew that other places other than barnes you have like one of those like shops
where you can go in there and they sell like newspapers and magazines and soda and then like cigarettes right and candy you know so um but i remember having a thing where like you can you can like have a subscription where they put your name on a list and then like like i subscribe in air quotes to retro gamer and pc gamer from the store and anytime a new issue comes in they call me and i go get it
oh that's cool yeah because like i don't want to subscribe to retro gamer because i don't want the the magazines getting all messed up in the mail yeah like pc gamer i don't care about but i just kind of do it to support the store because i just like that store and it's an excuse to go in there and it's like two doors down from the post office so like i'm already going over there to get my mail anyways you know when you talk about going to like a store like that yeah i have this i have this memory of going to a like kind of a new store in uh
where i grew up in jamestown new york and i remember going in there and buying people all grew up too exactly exactly even you know that uh ten thousand maniacs and natalie merchant from there too anyways uh i remember going there's this new stand is called the humidor and i remember going in there and buying an issue of egm i think it was the issue of egm that had uh it had iron sword
wizards and warriors two on the cover so i had fabio on the cover yeah and be honest that's why you bought it i i think it was the second issue of the magazine that i got and i uh i remember buying the issue of the magazine and giving like paying the guys like this old like guy who was working there and he was just like really really mean to me when i bought the magazine yeah i have no idea like why he was mean
to me because not like i was causing a problem i was probably really excited about getting this magazine and went in there my mom was probably some like in the next place over or something like that and he was just like really mean to me and i told my mom that he was really mean to me and she went in there and like yelled at this guy afterwards i never went i never went back in there then i closed down whoa wow look at that jeez scott uh risig racing i
apologize if i'm messing up your last name scott rasig with 99.99 geez thank you saying happy new year to emily and cgq thank you thank you thank you very generous that's very very genuine generous generous as you can see i've had too much whiskey i guess at this point yeah sorry scott uh cory's been drinking not something i do very much on on stream i was disappointed but you know it's his show
i'm drinking i'm drinking lacroix because i have respect for the people who are spending their evening watching us are you really drinking lacroix um well because i finished the i drank a beer i finished it oh sorry my life been my my life on whiskey i used to drink more whiskey on the streams like several years ago and then it started giving me a really bad heartburn in the middle of the night so i stopped well i didn't know you could
you know what's interesting getting heartburn from whiskey oh yeah i mean it gave me like heartburn and like acid reflux in the middle of the night not fun is that still the same game on the left there yes exhaust heat too so so it really is an f1 game like unlicensed probably but yeah i mean that's wow no i really want to play it it's weird that they have like such a big spread on this game because it looks it looks like f-zero
but with f1 cars yeah i'm gonna check i wrote it down i'm gonna check it out but i mean maybe it's just like really easy to take screenshots of so they just they decided to uh just go with it but over here in the previews they're talking about the the ces so i mean if this is a galaxy force 2 on the bottom left
right here yeah oh no star fox oh whoops uh looks like an early version of the first star fox uh yep can you feel the awesome power of the super fx we can and so will you uh so we got final fight two up here of course tasmania and breath of fire i'm a big fire i'm a big fan of the first uh breath of fire game never really played the other ones although i do have them all i actually don't have two but you
haven't played the playstation versions three and four i mean i had them but i i i mean i i don't have two i've almost bought it multiple times but two has what i would consider like one of the worst english translations of all time on it like it's right there next to wild arms 2 for me where i just have no real interest in playing it because the translation is gibberish basically
so this had me thinking though like so if this if we're looking at uh april 93 yeah uh two months after this magazine came out is when i would go to uh uh consumer electronics show i went in in may of 1993. the very end of may maybe it might have been early june i remember it was like two weeks before jurassic park came out is when i went to the ces i'm sure you was you're saying it was
the summer ces in 93. yes so i mean i'm sure you could just look it up i mean i was still i was still in school the school year hadn't ended and like right where i went to school at school wouldn't really end until uh went let out for summer until probably like almost the very end of june like around june 26th or something like that june 23rd maybe because in new york state we had the had the regents tests for like high school kids and they would have to take these
standardized standardized uh state tests i see so they'd keep everyone else in school until the high school kids were done with that oh this thing did who did a video on this was it uh wrestling with gaming inline city on this on the championship joystick who somebody did a video on this recently yeah i agree i remember that i feel like it was was it wrestling with gaming that did it maybe
either way like this thing was awesome and uh you know my friend and i who were both like big uh street fighter fans both bought it and it was like it was like eighty dollars eighty ninety dollars you you had that yeah but then i returned it because you know i spent nearly 100 on a arcade stick but is it is it cool or you returned it because it's crappy
uh i mean it was good but it was like i just returned it because it's like i didn't really feel or whatever looks like it probably kind of sucks but i mean it seems like it's got arcade parts in it yeah i mean i i think it the video that i watched on it uh said this like really well made yeah it just it looks like it's in like a project box from radio shack but yeah but i mean at the time i've never had anyone so i don't know you know when you when you think about this this looks like a looks like a real
uh arcade stick when you compare it to something like capcom's own street fighter 2 stick for sure for sure like it may have been fine for all like playing with it but if you wanted something that felt like the arcade game you'd want that something like this would would strike you as more of something you'd want especially since it like you know it has the bat top stick on it which you know a lot of people don't talk about very much yeah or don't like them that much but those were pretty ubiquitous i'd say in
the early 90s yeah okay so the unlikely toad is saying it was wrestling with gaming excellent there you go but yeah i mean we we both bought it and then we both returned it because it's like we just we spent all of our money that we saved up on this arcade stick it's like well yeah i feel like it's it wasn't worth it yeah hey did you end up picking up one of these uh eight bit dough sticks uh i didn't it's pretty good really did
you get that for your for your mister yeah and i um but now you got the mr kate and i don't even care you what but now you got now you have the miss arcade and well that's true but uh i i got one of those astro city sticks for the uh the astra city mini and i you can that works with the with the mister but is that pretty good is that 8-bit dough stick pretty good i mean i changed out this i put in a
i put in a different stick and i put some button dampers on the buttons i mean i haven't really um i haven't really used it that much just because i haven't really been playing my mister lately because i'm recording all this you know playstation footage right but i mean i don't know it seems fine i mean it's a cool i i pre-ordered it like when they made it available for pre-order so which was like forever ago but i mean it seems like a cool stick uh craig wine is saying i plan on getting the 8-bit dough stick would you say it's worth it i plan on modding mine how much is it like
i forgot that's yeah that's that's what i was about to ask him i forgot how much it is i want to say it's like 80 bucks or something i mean is it wired or wireless i don't know what else it's compatible with like can you use it with like a ps4 or ps5 or i don't i don't know like i see the the same name different game is saying bat top octogate concave buttons for life and i mean i would i'd go along with that although it's not a popular choice but i mean that's a group that is what i know that's what i knew or what i know
like from arcades well it's funny though because same here you know but then like once they started using convex japanese style buttons i just like them a lot better so but still i mean this feels like playing in the arcade i mean i would i would be consider like i'd be interested to try out one of these but i think these are really expensive now and there's not very many of them made yeah i have no idea how my friend and i got each got one from the same electronics boutique
i think we had to special order them and we still ended up returning like that yeah it's kind of crappy of us oh we still got a turbo graphics section here turbo tunes bomberman 93. bomberman you big fan uh you know i'm really not just because i don't have anybody you know that i could play that with yeah i'm not i'm just not sure how much fun bomberman is single player
i wonder how much i don't know if my kids would like bomberman that might be fun mate you know if they were just playing it with each other they might think it's pretty fun yeah riot zone i think i might have that game i mean it looks okay i guess yeah yeah the characters are kind of generic looking this one guy is doing this special move where he's completely flipped upside down he must be spinning and he has both his arms out yeah that's pretty sweet this guy right here he looks like the uh
see he looks like the chief from snatcher what's the chief's name in snatcher he kinda looks like him if anybody remembers what the chief's name and snatcher his name is let me know because that guy looks like he'll come up with a chat i'm sure yeah benson cunningham doesn't look it kind of looks like him thanks for coming gillian oh look at this only one page dedicated to the large lords of thunder have we talked about whether or not uh
you like lords of thunder more than more or less than gate of thunder we have not talked about that but i like i like lords of thunder a lot less than gate of thunder i i'm the same way i'm the same way like i i don't have an issue with gate or with lords of thunder like it's a cool game but gate of thunder is like on a whole different level for me yeah i mean gate of thunder is one of the best shooters on the system i think yeah and
it's not too difficult no no if somebody's not like people who say that like oh i'm not good at shooters like that's a great one to start with because it takes a while before it starts kicking your butt you know yeah and i think the people like if they're looking for a good first shooter yeah because you can get pretty overpowered early on and even if you even if you die you only lose the weapons that you were equipped with at that time like on that specific uh type of shot so you still have your
other ones i don't know it's just it's just really fun to play and the music i think is a lot better i mean i'm sure that the sega cd version fixes a lot of like the uh the music uh it's just like it's too high-pitched sounding on the uh on the turbo graphics i think i think it's hard to see that he thinks that uh lords has a better soundtrack than gate of thunder does interesting i mean i i think that overall i like that
music that plays during the opening cinematic of gate of thunder is so awesome it is but i i really like the the la or the second level music yeah that was the that was a level that really solidified it being like one of my favorite shooters is that that's bond three yeah yeah even looking at it now like these huge sprites are really
impressive i mean it's just it's it's so big that you would think like you know like i would i would want to have this system you would think the system is more powerful than it is based on just like this large sprite yeah someone in the chat called gun boo says you should have bit head 1000 on to talk about gate and lords of thunder well i don't know if corey's tried i can't get bit head to come on my show so i mean i can't believe he wouldn't go on
yours he's shy yeah but i mean he's been on he's been on some streams before well for sure as he was on a pot he was on somebody's podcast yeah i don't know he's probably uh he's intimidated by my addiction that must be it i don't know why he keeps he's brought that up on his show like at least twice talking about my addiction just like you're the way you pronounce words yeah yeah like it's too perfect like you know he has like perfect
diction which i don't think i particularly do but i always feel like you kind of do i have to admit what have perfect diction you do yeah you have pretty good addiction yeah i don't but i mean i think that yours is very good i don't know i mean you sound like monty you said there's there's some big diction x big diction energy yeah the new bbe
that sounds like a good t-shirt yeah [Laughter] there's a little cj on the front and big diction energy on the back [Laughter] yeah i i think you should you should go with that i mean you know you're very good at enunciating your words yeah well it's funny because i think i do that on purpose because otherwise i'll mumble yeah well i mean i have the same i i tend to mumble a lot
i get kind of carried away i mean i i've really been trying to make a concerted effort to stop in my day-to-day life i don't know like sometimes there'll be something going on and i'm like i need to like go and do something i will like tell my wife i'm going to do it but i'll also mumble it so that she has like no idea what i said like i gotta go and do it and do i gotta i'm gonna go grab my water or something like that i will say it so quietly and she like i where have you been
or what did you go and do it's like well i went to i told you i was like i could understand you i've been making a like a specific effort to do better at that see so they were still a store at this time i have no idea how long the store lasted i don't know i don't know i'd be curious a little road rash reference look at this 24.99 my friend um my friend anthony used to live
in that area somewhere um because he used to go to i don't know if you remember there's you'll see ads in the back of some of these magazines for a place called games express yeah um that was also in in roughly the same area of los angeles and he used to go he used to go shop it at games express and like i think one time he went he took the bus and went all the way over to die hard and like there was a sign in the window
that like you know they were closed for lunch and i think he had to leave because he had like he was in college i think he had to go to class or something yeah like he never went back so it's too bad yeah it's really too bad but he went to games express and that's cool and and game dude must have been around at the time too right yeah i've been to game dude that's i got my copy of um shadow of the beast for turbo cd i got that at game dude oh really
game dude's weird like you go in there and they have like have you ever been to game dude yeah so you know how you go in then they have the price lists like you just they have that big rack you know with all the different sheets for like you know genesis right right you know and so like you know you grab it or whatever and you know it was the price list for like turbo graphics and turbo cd games and it's just whatever the price is on there that's the price and i went over to the the turbo display case and there was a brand new
sealed copy of shapeshifter but like they don't have like a new price and a used price they just have like the price and so like i paid like 25 bucks for a brand new and sealed copy of of shadow of the beast is is it oh okay so shadow of the beast is the japanese version of is that shape shape shifter is like sorry did i say shape-shifter black yeah no that's two different games okay i might have i might miss spoken but
no with shadow of the beast okay i don't know i don't have shapeshifter that's a pretty good that's a pretty good deal i went to to to buy a copy of shadow of the beast for the uh for the turbo graphics cd and it's like over a hundred dollars now like the whole reason to have that game is because of the soundtrack i think yeah i think that game sucks but it's got an amazing soundtrack yeah i mean that's like that that that intro music is so good it's it's so
weird because i love the the amount of reverb on on like the drums on it like on that first track uh but i mean this was like eight years ago though so i mean right you know i'm sure it wouldn't be 25 or whatever now so if it's if it's sealed i mean what did you do with the the game dude sticker because i feel like it should be anybody who buys a game do a game from game dude and removes the sticker should like
yeah spend it in but i got like i got i don't remember how many games i bought but for sure i also bought a copy of mercs for the genesis and then dragon's fury i think for the genesis the dragon's fury and you left the game dude stickers in there right yeah those both had the game dude sticker on the inside of the case and then yeah of course i left them yeah it's it's important that the game dude stickers stay in there yeah i don't remember what i have i have
something that i got uh locally from a store that had had a game dude sticker in it yeah i think i i think i might actually have another game that i bought not from game dude that has a game dude sticker in it uh so over here we got a proteus brodie's dog is that so that's what it is that's the uh isn't it it just says proteus but that's protein they can tell from the screenshots that's brodius daw
okay i mean it doesn't that chick you know up on the uh top right right but that's like the i think that's like the end boss from i forgot which gradius game it was like the spider boss and that's what that what that chick is like based on it's pretty funny he's like this scary spider boss you know that's got like you know arms and legs
or whatever and it's like moving around in the cave you know and so then there somebody was like hey you know what that looks like is like a las vegas show girl so like let's put that in parodius dawg but then have her like thrusting her hips at you i mean it's memorable yeah she always kicks my ass though like i always get stuck on that part of proteus dawg i always end up getting hit by one of her feet i've really only played i have the the japanese ps one collection uh-huh yeah and that's
the only one i've really played oh but she's like she's the boss level because i i have it for a pc engine it's really good game though i know i've talked about it on my show before but it's a very i know it's all silly and whatnot but it's a really solid shooter yeah i i wonder if that's the that's considered the best one i mean i don't know about that there's a lot of proteus yeah quite a proteus games that came out so i can't say that's the best one but it's a very good one it's like it's one of the better
shooters you can get on the pc engine that's for sure ryan benno is saying as someone who lives about five minutes from game dude i'll go to game realm any day of the week because of those stickers so you just you don't you don't want the stickers some people get all you know particular about they don't want stickers on their games i get it but to me it's just like game dude the fact that you have like a independent game store like that that's like you know you can read you know ads for the store and like an old egm and then the store is still there like
for me like they've earned the to have me leave their stickers right where they are inside genesis games yeah but it depends like if they were selling like for instance like a cardboard box game and they stuck that sticker on the cardboard box that would be like a deal breaker right yeah i agree i agree with that uh but i mean i just think about i mean just just the name game dude is like an instant conversation starter yeah you know that's game dude
is a great name for a store so this game i don't know what it's actually called i think dude is a good name like i'm surprised that there's not like a dispensary around here called like you know we dude or dude you know if you have like a liquor store just called like booze dude or beer dude yeah serio like why is why is nobody doing that there should be a convenience store called grub dude there you go there you go i mean i i like i do like
uh booze dude doobie dude dooby dooby dude yeah you guys have the where is that legal is that legal where you are probably not huh in conduct no we'll probably be the last to make it make it legal here it's like it's like crazy like i'll be driving like there's one dispensary downtown and like anytime i drive past it there's like a huge line like out in the parking lot i mean whatever if you're just especially if
you're just like hanging out by yourself at home or just like you know in quarantine yeah it's not it's not for me but so uh i have no idea what this the horror story is oh this look just that the logo or whatever you want to call it of the title looks super familiar oh we got a one dollar from brandon bailey thank you thanks brian with uh with no message but if you have a follow message feel free to to post it this almost
looks like like ghostbusters the genesis version of ghostbusters in a way that's a pretty good game too it's that's really yeah it's definitely a good game i did a video on that a long time ago like a dedicated video yeah it's like it's like six minutes long it's probably about right back in the day when i could it was gonna say that's back when like generally youtube videos were like five or six minutes long you know yeah those were the days those were the days
oh we got cotton the first one i've never played this version i've not played a lot of them actually i've really only played the the um the saturn ones although i'm excited to play cotton cotton reboot yeah not super into cotton yeah what's the graveyard the graveyard is like out i think where it shows usually it shows the ending of a game i always thought i'm just curious
because why it's last battle this is like this is from 93 right this might be yeah so i mean it's four years old like basically a four-year-old game yeah that's horrible well they probably had to do this because like i don't think anybody who owned last battle probably beat it i mean i don't somebody must have out of desperation but god out of desperation i mean maybe i should make that my goal is to try to beat this game i just know that every time you kill an enemy and you punch them they go flying
it sounds like they fart yeah it's cooler if you play the japanese version because then they like get all bloody yeah um but no you could imagine you know if you had a genesis and you didn't hardly have any games for it but for some you know stroke of bad luck you had a last battle you might get desperate enough to beat it i had last battle i got it for christmas when i got my genesis hey you got uh a two dollar donation from monty g thank you what is this i'm hearing that
you don't even keep my life in gaming stickers in stock well we ran out of them and we never restocked them uh i mean i could get around to doing it again yeah i mean i just there hasn't been much of a demand i mean occasionally we will i mean we just sold a a night trap blu-ray earlier today that's what that's what happens to me just every once in a while i get an email that somebody placed a order on the website and so i just you know send it out but
i don't do a very good job like i have all these things that i've bought that i haven't put in the shop yet you know like holographic stickers and stuff because i'm just like are you really holographic stickers yeah didn't i send i sent you one i thought i don't think so you sent me a mouse pad that's you know that's so that's yeah i you seemed very ungrateful by the way by getting that mouse pad that's that's one of only two that exists like
you understand the the weight of that i have the this is the only other one i'm using it here on my desk because i just wasn't happy with how they came out so i don't want to sell them to people but monty g just ordered five cgq stickers yeah see because i have them in stock see yeah i know or well maybe i'll go on a sticker mule and do another order but i mean mouse pads i don't really use that much because i use i use trackballs for everything really
oh yeah i mean i've been using track like these kind of track balls for probably about 10 years i started getting really bad wrist pains and i switched over when you do video editing you use trackball oh yeah i i basically never use a regular mouse wow i haven't for like almost 10 years probably more that's crazy here hold on somebody wants to see yeah let's see the holographic stickers it's not real it's like a holographic effect
it's not like my face is in 3d or something that would be sweet um but look at that kind of see it's like something you would have gotten out of a 25 cent machine when we were kids you know still it's pretty cool i just i'm on like you know i get all of sticker mules uh uh you know promo emails right so whenever they happen like oh we got we're doing a deal you can get holographic stickers for like super cheap and i'll just buy 50 of them
but so i bought all these but then i've never i've never put them on the website so you can't buy them so like what i do sometimes just send them to people like yeah somebody sends me something i'll just send them back some stickers or something and i'll put those in there but well i mean that's what i did because i usually i used to get the uh the deal emails from them and i got like like like my life and gaming logo uh buttons like you know like like pins like pin buttons yeah annoying and uh i mean i have a bunch of those and like if anyone ever
orders the blu-ray i'll put them in there but that's it but i mean holographic stickers that's kind of awesome yeah i kind of wanted to get uh maybe i should see how like the better now i was going to make some of those not i'm not going to make them but make the wet you know those like i don't have one you know like the enamel pins right like those little metal pins you know um i was thinking about having some of those made i think those are pretty cool i'm not really into buttons but i'd go for the pins yeah
but i don't know how much those cost so yeah and as gun boo points out my my artwork was made by the tnc surf designs guy so pretty awesome i mean it's basically like the last piece of art that you'll ever need to commission right i mean i always thought it'd be cool to have him do something else for me like maybe make a banner image or something i don't know i mean i just i love the guy's artwork so so really quick back to last battle yes you no i mean you so you never owned last battle
i mean not back in the day no i mean i've i've had my copy for a long time but you know the main character in the u.s in last battle his name is arzak yeah our zac yeah affordable that's another example of a game that's really poorly translated too yes of course they changed the entire story right because it was fisa north star and then they yeah and so it doesn't even make sense like at all but it's also it's not even translated well either what is the one thing it's like you you look like a great hero
you have the look of a great hero yeah jeez all right look at this i have to go go into into tape mode here for a three count about that's it's a wrestling game huh yeah i wonder what made them decide to do that i don't know is this is this before or after saturday night slam masters oh that's a good question if i had to guess i would say it was after but yeah because i mean that's probably what
would make them think to do that i'm sure you must have the same rule in your house that i have in my house about not playing saturday night slam masters unless it's actually saturday night i actually because i actually have the cartridge for the super nintendo it's like a thing like i won't i won't play it if it's not saturday night i can understand that i mean it's like what was what was the uh wrestling when they had like the saturday night special like like
what is it like it would it like wwf would have it on saturday nights where it was uh on instead of snl sometimes it's like i assume that's where they got the name from it's like saturday night special or something like that but i can understand that like i i would not place saturday night slam slam masters like any other night yeah you can you got some donations coming in hot over there by the way oh you gotta have five dollars from brandon bailey thank you
he says how do i send a pic of the first official xbox magazine special preview issue how do you send a pic um like in chat i don't think you can yeah i mean you could always like upload it to a site and then post that link but i'm not sure if it'll filter that automatically or not yeah i don't know what's what's on the cover it's probably uh what would be on the first cover on the cover of the first issue of
i think i tried to look for that one time because i thought it would be cool to do a read-through of it um i mean it's probably halo saturday night main event people are saying saturday night main event that's it that was like the last time i ever watched wrestling basically yeah i mean same here i don't i don't know i know i mean it was cool like at that time but i mean you know it was just like a weird cartoony characters and stuff you know like
saturday night slam masters no no right like wwf oh yeah yeah like all those memorable chara like i enjoyed that like i feel like now it's gotten like more serious you know and i just don't i don't begrudge people that watch it i just personally can't get into it you know right i mean i haven't watched it in years and years yeah uh there's also two dollars from jonathan g saying have either of you ever tried to speedrun a game and i have not what about you
no no sorry i wish i had a better answer than that but i i do not there's the guy that hangs out in my discord who he's into like speed running games and like he has his own twitch channel so like sometimes i'll watch him mm-hmm just gonna be just a nice guy so just like hanging out you know in his chat or whatever but you know like he'll try to like he'll do speed runs of like mega man and stuff like but like he knows like if you've ever watched a speed run of mega man but like there's all these glitches in the game and like so they they use those like you're like
cutting through walls that you can get through and stuff and like that stuff's really interesting to watch but like i wouldn't personally enjoy doing like i just want to play the game the regular way you know right yeah i mean just speed running it seems like it'd be so stressful for sure what is that there's that thing called like something like games done quick or whatever yeah that was just like like last week or something like that yeah i should do something like that called like games done slow
you know like get games done at the exact pace of like anybody else read the strategy guide and then die a few times hey magician lord that's a good game yeah i mean i i remember like around this time everyone just talked about how hard it was it is pretty hard yeah but i have uh i have the mvs cartridge of that game oh yeah that's i mean is that a expensive one at this point i mean that used to be like one of the cheapest
neo geo games you could get uh just because it's you know it's pretty ubiquitous you know uh and it's not you know in the library of neo geo games magician lord was never considered by most people to be that great of a game but then for some reason the price started shooting up like i think when i i got my copy for the mvs and i paid about 80 bucks for it that was like five years ago is it like three thousand dollars now well i highly doubt it but i mean i i
have an mvs not a aes so i don't i'm not i hope no games have gotten to that point on the mbs but yeah i don't but i know that a lot of aes games are like 3 000. yeah a lot of those are crazy expensive yeah there's a 4.99 from david hensley thank you he says thanks for the content love the let's read well i mean you can't you're not allowed to call it a let's read on this channel yeah i do reads this is this is a more of a let's let's peruse
i'm joking of course i don't let's let's take i didn't make up the name let's read let's take three to four hours to look through a magazine we've been doing it for almost three hours now i know well not quite two and a half yeah but i i i mean i really like the music in this game level music is so good yeah i mean i don't i think it's a cool game because like you know you can just i can just credit feed it right so like i don't it's no big deal but probably if i had played that game in
the arcade when i was a kid i would have considered it maybe a wasted quarter yeah because you'd make it to like this guy and that's that like climb down that first ladder and you're done the first boss is not super easy for sure we got another another page event another page of uh we got some some knob 1975. they don't show any of those scenes though unless these ones up here i was hoping no i don't think so like actually i can't see those
but there's just there's a really famous still out of that game and it's it's literally animal mother from uh uh you know adam baldwin from full metal jacket i'll look that up i mean that that ranks up there with the the screams and golden axe being from right that's what i always think of you know uh oh we got i see characters from from luna are here lunar lunar luna lunar lunar
idle lord faye area is that like farya or something like that i don't know it looks like a i'm not i guess it is a wolf team but i was like oh it kind of looks like a um is it climax that made shining force and stuff it looks like it looks like something they would have made when i think about like anime style characters like this is the time period i always think of is like late 80s late 90s
or early 90s because i just can't like i haven't watched anime in years but like just the the entire art style is very unappealing to me these days hey you got a you got a five donation from dominic rinaldi oh thank you i got a question for dominic there though so you say you want a commodore 1702 monitor does it still have the little flap that that goes over the controls because for some reason every time i see a 1702
that little door is like always gone i don't know why the most dilapidated one works totally fine too bad you can't change the just like the outside of them well if you no i think he's talking about the commodore 64's he could totally do that to swap out the shell oh here it is it must be the japanese version of lunar the silver star did you you ever played this game no and i have um i have both lunar and
lunar 2 for uh i have the whatever those little boxed collections are for the playstation yeah yeah but i never had um one of the uh sega i don't have either game on sega cd well it's it's very good i am a big big fan i mean i i would say that that the us version of the sega cd game was probably one of like definitely one of the more important games that i've ever played in my life
like affected me more than most other games and a lot of people you know like don't like work in designs translations and especially now you kind of look at them and there's like some questionable stuff in them especially now but it was the first game i ever played and i i've said this a lot uh that was written in a way where the characters felt like real people oh wow and it was because of that that i just like really connected with the game
and i just i vividly remember i got it for christmas i'm guessing it was probably christmas of 94 so a year after this and yeah i mean it was one of those games i would just play i would reserve it to like play at night even though i wanted to play it all the time but from the week from from christmas until new year's i made myself only play it at night and i played through the whole game and it was one of those instances where i just like did not want the game to end
that's that that's not something that happens very often is that why you were limiting how much you could play it is just to try to yeah to like to draw it out for as long as i could and it says here experience one of the best soundtracks of all time the the the complete versions the remake versions are very good but the soundtrack on this version is just incredible yeah the pacing and story are excellent i mean the characters are just like just written in such a way
where you you really get the sense that they're good friends by the end and a lot of them knew like they kind of partner off you know like they don't all know each other but like usually you have you know a pair of characters that like know each other in in your party um yeah i mean it was i got it for christmas and i still have that original copy it's one of the best games i've ever played oh final fantasy 5.
i know a lot of people love final fantasy 5. are you have you played final fantasy 5 or any final fantasy games really oh yeah i've played several final fantasy games um so i'm trying to remember the the japanese versus american numbering system uh five never came out here at least originally yeah then i haven't played it yeah yeah i don't think it came out in the us until final fantasy chronicles or is it final fantasy anthology on the
ps1 i feel like that was anthology which it's funny because i bought though i bought all those right when they came out like i bought every final fantasy game on playstation right right when it came out yeah but i didn't play most of them like i remember i played what what's final fantasy two is that four yes so i played that one because like i didn't have a super nintendo right i had a genesis back in those days and so when um whichever
whichever final fantasy collection four ended up on um i played that one but i didn't play most of the other ones but like i've i've beaten the original final fantasy on the on the nes i think i've beaten that one a couple times actually um and then like i said two slash four and then i mean final fantasy vii is one of my all-time favorite games as is final fantasy nine i also really liked um it was only 10 that i 10 like
final fantasy 10 is what got me to stop caring about final fantasy tactics i liked final fantasy tactics yeah i mean just thinking about like squaresoft on the ps1 was so good just in general but so final fantasy two uh slash four or uh yeah i guess as we used to say on online back in the day you'd say final fantasy 2 or final fantasy 4 j
uh was was the first was the rpg that i played after lunar and i got it i bought it used from a store uh called zappers and uh zappos is pretty awesome though you could go in there and they is you know it was in took up the back half of a hollywood video actually it was a hollywood video it was another story called video factory which i think might have been just like a western new york type thing type of place
and you could pay 50 cents and pick any game in the entire store that they had and they had a huge like a row of tvs and they would let you play that game for 30 minutes for 50 cents dude that's a good deal that's a super good deal yeah yeah but i bought final fantasy 2 from there and uh i i thought it was amazing but it didn't like the characters didn't resonate with me the same way but i mean for the longest time
i would have said that final fantasy 2 is my favorite yeah but although now i think i would say that final fantasy 3 or 6j as we would say is is my favorite in the series yeah but both of those are are good and i i think that i think that i probably would have said that two is my is still my favorite if it
hadn't been re-released so many times six hasn't been like remade a million times in different different ways that i guess you know i just feel more uh like burnt out onto i got dragon ball z not a bit i'm not really a big dragon ball z fan i just i know nothing about either period so it's like it's very similar situation is as pokemon where it started become became popular in the us and i was yeah
probably too old for it at the time well that's where i'm i've still never played a pokemon game yeah just me either i guess i played i played snap pokemon snap with my kids yeah but i've never played all the way through like a real pokemon game uh where's trying probably hanging out at home yeah chilling with his dogs or something yeah uh yeah i mean dragon ball z not really something i've ever paid attention to very much
now we got dragon quest five kind of interesting to look at think about that though that final fantasy 5 and dragon quest 5 came out so close to each other so they were you know when they were competing you know as they they were like the main rpg competitors they had to really like come out very close to each other probably yeah it still blows my mind that those games didn't come out here on the super nintendo yeah
only because like this you know this the square games did well here i would say you know final fan what we got is final fantasy 2 final fantasy 3 chrono trigger but like enix never thought like ah we'll go ahead and localize you know dragon quest five for the super nintendo and see what happens yeah well i mean to be fair it seems like they they really they really went hard on the nes trying to get it to pick up you know releasing one two three and four
yeah i mean that's really giving it a shot and i think once you got to the super nintendo that's when final fantasy games started to pull away in terms of graphics i wouldn't be surprised if they were close to releasing one of them at some point and then final fantasy 3 came out with with really good graphics and they thought like oh we can't really compete with that because i mean one of the things i'll always remember is like passing up getting earthbound because after final
fantasy 3 it just did not look good you know the graphics were poor compared to final fantasy 3. but i would eventually play this on the ds and liked it a lot uh i don't know what vilgust is no idea the battle battle system almost looks kind of like like luffy luffia too at least oh shining force
uh i have both of these but i've never played either one of them the completion i think i guess the closest i've ever gotten to finishing any of them is shining force cd i got i got shining force cd when when zappers went out of business i don't know um as far as shining force goes like how much like i always see people like referring to shining force as like a tactical rpg yeah yeah like how much do you agree with that because the limited amount of spent playing
shining force it it almost seems like it seems like you're playing a jrpg that just has a battle system that's more like playing an american rpg like ultima or something i mean i've never really i've never played any of the altima games or most like all those early i'm like american developed or even just like english developed uh rpgs i mean i can't really compare them i mean i think of this it's more like
something like fire emblem yeah it's like a strategy game like arc the lad i mean i'm sure you played archer lad arc the lad right have you ever just like even a little bit for any of your any of your videos no it's never come up i'm sure maybe someday it will because that was i think that was like a launch game in japan the first one was but i should really i know that tries played through this you play through this on virtual console
i should give it another shot but it's like a fire emblem king colossus this this got like a fan translation didn't it i don't know i don't know anything about that game maybe i'm i'm i might be getting confused with that like the bagger like beggar king it's like kind of a isn't that like a fan development game yeah bigger prince bigger prince that's it do you have that believe so
i've never played it oh we got postmeister and this is where uh it's kind of interesting that the letters are in the back of the magazine yeah that's not something you normally see interestingly i wonder if this is what this says here because it's from greg sashimix cam you know when i was uh i was going through some old discs that i had laying around here the other day and i found this dvd that had
archived material from 1999 to 2005 on it and it has like all of my like chat logs and stuff like that which is crazy like from from when i used trillion like all my old icq chat logs and stuff like that yeah that's just like that's when i knew like i had uh like a video from some of the stuff that was on game fan online i don't know if i've ever really talked
about this with you but so game fan online was like a different team from the magazine but some of those some of those people would go and uh write stuff in the mat and like for the magazine so the guy who did the video for game fan online uh was postmeister for all like like the back half of the magazine like the you know after uh after uh dave halverson left
and i have like and he would edit all these videos for the website and it was just i mean it was his doing hit seeing the videos that he would cut is like what got me interested in video editing like video editing games at least yeah it's just kind of interesting because like he was he was making game trailers before game trailers were like even a thing yeah he was like recording footage and like putting him to like music and doing us all this
other stuff and this was the time where you know you down have to download a quicktime movie that was like 120 by 160. and it was like it was like five megs and it was you know take an hour to download yeah so like back in the early early days of classic game room it was the same thing oh so before youtube and stuff you would do videos that you'd have to download you'd have to download well i don't i don't know if you had to download them i think it might have been on like an early streaming service but yeah this
was way before youtube it was in like 1999. i had i had no i had no idea he was yeah that's what he he always says he was the original internet video game review show oh well i mean i guess if he was doing it all the way back then definitely it's fun you can still watch those old videos too like he he re-uploaded some of them to youtube but but the channel is basically gone now right the youtube channel well the channel's still there i just
don't think he uploads anymore yeah like i know he's doing like a lot of like i wonder what he's up to now because i know he's like doing comic book stuff for a while but then he like that kind of disappeared too did it i don't i don't really keep track i mean i thought he was making videos and putting him on amazon and i thought he was right he's like you know he writes books and stuff too so yeah i don't i don't know how much that stuff he's still doing like right now you know but one of the videos that i found was the uh was the game fan online takes
hollywood and it's like a bunch of people from game fan like hanging out and going to places and it's just like set to music of them just like walking around hollywood how many of those old videos you think you have i mean i have like a bunch of the ones i did and probably uh i don't know probably like 10 videos that they did like i know i have a soul calibur one i have a dead or alive two one uh
there's a virtual on oratorio tangram one yeah there's like a whole bunch of them are they like oh yeah see so james boone is saying i remember those videos the one i remember was for virtual on stage music on the saturn version of version that's right yep i so i have that i found it on this channel upload them to youtube yeah but you could put them on the video game b-roll channel that's true i mean i could i'd have to like blow them way up because like i said they're like
120 by 160. yeah or just put them in a little tiny frame yeah would they be like this what they could do is like find you can find like a real player frame or something like put it in like a little real player frame and put that that would be that'd be kind of cool i should i mean i i i wonder if uh the guy who made them even still has those because i still i talked to him every once in a while you know i
had a chance to meet him and like it's just funny because the videos that he did like had an enormous impact yeah on what i would do with my life essentially because seeing the videos he did is when i was in community college i saw one of those videos and i said you know i'm gonna like download a a cracked version of it of adobe premiere and make a video with it yeah and then i ended up getting a capture card which i was just
i found like the instruction manual for that capture card on this disk and it was like the stb like tv tuner or something like that and i could record video on my i think it was like an eight gig hard drive at the time and i remember making like this really elaborate metal gear solid trailer uh-huh and i see i lost that like too bad in a hard drive crash because i would i would love to see that now there's so much stuff that i ended up
losing that that hard drive crash but man i would love to see that now and you know i i did it for a class so i wonder if i could get in touch with my teacher if my teacher would still have that disc that has it on it's very very possible but maybe i will up upload that stuff i mean i'll ask for permission first but i mean it probably wouldn't matter he'd be like oh fine or maybe he has higher quality versions of him maybe maybe he still has the original you know the originals yeah i should ask
yeah it's got like uh like for people that are familiar with like the late game fan issues like has like or game fan online it has like dango head is in it who's anthony chao um who else uh levy levy buchanan is was one of them i don't remember what his name was maybe it was fury on on the site uh someone named jay boar i wonder what what a lot of these people went on to do
yeah it's emperor it was it's kevin de psalms and kevin deselms is a is a real estate agent in uh in colorado and it's in in the same town that uh that that dave from game sack lives in oh yeah it's just it's just funny the way it all like a lot of weird connections i guess yeah anyways
i don't i mean to get so sidetracked we're we're winding down here well i got a more a couple more pages yeah what's uh is other stuff like that looks like a quarter man yes that's exactly what it is that's where they would put this so far on the back but yeah that's like as exciting i guess i mean i think like the you know rumors and whatnot like gaming gossip is cool but like you know my the first video game magazine i ever subscribed to was psm right which wasn't
until the late 90s when i got a playstation and it was the same thing they put all the letters and stuff all the way in the back um which you know it kind of makes sense i guess but uh it's funny i used to read all the art like now when i read these magazines i always think the letters are stupid you know because like a lot of people asking like really dumb questions yeah like based on what we all know today but like when i would get those issues at psm like i would always read all the all the letters because you never know what kind of
nugget would be hidden in there yeah well plus i just i used to read those issues just cover to cover you know and then after you finish it you probably go back into the start and do it again yeah i mean i you know because i didn't have uh for a lot of that time i didn't have like internet i mean this was like 97 right so i mean the internet was you know the the web as we know it today was just sort of forming you know becoming more popular and so i i was still you know that that those issues of psm was my primary source of
uh information for playstation games i think it wasn't for maybe a couple of years later when there was a and i used to go to that oh yeah i remember when when ign would have like domains for each of the systems yeah because i mean i used to go like when the playstation 2 was getting ready to come out and i would go to and like i was reading all the news and then and then there was for the dreamcast yeah and you can still look at a lot of
if you go to the wayback machine oh yeah internet archive you know you can still see that stuff yeah i love going to the wayback machine you can go to game fan online and see stuff yeah which i i like doing i see emperor ernest is like just dropping all this stuff in there you know game fans see i was never a big ign person like i know that tri was a big big ign uh forum poster but as a emperor earnest the same game
fan and and uh the next level those are those are the websites that i i would go to i mean i never signed up for um for the forums that ign i would just go there to read like whatever new game reviews got posted i read them it's funny i think we did during one of the streams we went back through uh found a bunch of try's old forum posts uh when i was looking through those old chat logs i found a link to when i was selling a bunch of games off yeah when i
was trying to raise money to move to new york i sold a ton of games and i found like a in one of those chat logs i found a link to uh the page that i sold the whole like that i like the forum post that i sold a bunch of stuff from i remember looking at that list and it's like i sold a bundle of suicide one two and three for fifty dollars wow that hurts but i mean how you had no way of knowing no no i really i just needed to make the
money that i could but anyways the stuff that we're talking about over here you know there's the exclusive first news on street fighter 3. you know it's on the cover but they make you wait until like the second the last page of the game or something you know uh it's kind of interesting this is how close to being right they are though a new version will incorporate only two new only two of the original cast from part two although they see say ryu and and
sagat you know that means 14 new characters um instead of only three special moves per character there's now five uh so nintendo's second super fx game is going to be called superhero racing so i wonder if that's like the early super effects yeah there's there's a konami is hard at work on
their first super fx title castlevania 5. it's kind of interesting that there was no i wonder if they would ever go back and release something as castlevania 5. there's really no reason to yeah i mean but still i mean it's like the same idea of doing a crash bandicoot 4 or yeah yeah and then uh turtle's 5. but it makes you wonder if these games like if there is the beginnings of a turtles 5 somewhere
out there maybe not anymore i mean but i mean if they had like any like materials for them to make it oh get this though and one final note we know for a fact that the atari jaguar is real wow it's a 64-bit system and they're shooting for a price around 200 supposedly all current links developers will be producing games this leaves the links in certain peril
but more killer information for you next month and other stuff that's kind of cool because i was reading a copy of uh or i was reading an issue of egm today where quarterman like his lead off story i think was talking about how atari was going to stop developing i think it was called the panther yeah it was going to be like their 16-bit or 32-bit system and that they were going to start working on a 64-bit system instead but that was like that magazine was like
i think exactly two years older than the one you're reading so it's just crazy two years later the fake quarter man is saying oh we can confirm that it's real oh like a laser active there what there's a laser active right there there is a laser active that's exciting it even shows the little packs yeah we got 1077 from uh seven kergan
thank you so they just got back from work and then my surprise there's an emleg stream i always enjoy these magazine streams to cory and chris come it came in late but is this game fan issue from frank zipaldi and yes it is yes it is this is what showed up in my package it's a volume one issue five it's kind of crazy honestly so i wonder what this is from this is like a streets of rage commercial like a live action streets of rage commercial yeah or or bare knuckle sorry
but for streets of rage 2 bare knuckle 2 it's kind of creepy yeah the text yeah right yeah what's interesting now if you look here that guy seems a little thirsty undoubtedly look here you look at the uh wow look at look at these pvms aren't those like 20 50s right there 20 that's a 25 30 isn't it yeah or is it 25 30. it's like 20 50 or 25 30. i had one of those that i got for like
five bucks mm-hmm and i think the second time i turned it on like i heard a loud pop in the back and a bunch of smoke oh yeah i'm just throwing like e-waste in it because i this was like this was like 10 years ago where there was no like you know now you can probably find somebody that would be oh you probably blew like some whatever capacitor or something but back then so down here we have the uh the 3do
version of jurassic park yeah uh john lennon loves to talk about this game like because it's so bad it's just it's just like these really poorly made mini games with uh like fake versions of the characters like other actors playing the characters that's cool i mean it's cool to see the laser active just like in a little thing here you don't have one of those do you no no i mean for a while i would have loved to have
one like now i don't really want one it would just be like shelf candy we got a we got a 10 canadian from happy council gamer thank you thanks for stopping in it says uh retro gaming sucks move on boys yeah get a job and buy a ps5 right man we should do uh if we if we do these like a couple days every month like we should have other people join us every once in a while that would be awesome
which it'd be fun to have uh have johnny on here with us talk yeah on the game magazines you just replace me with someone more charismatic you know like like johnny for instance with better diction that's true well that's the trade-off you know it's like you can't have you can't have diction and charisma they don't go together my energy is being used up you know for pronunciation purpose [Laughter] that'd be fun i mean if we if we do
these like a couple days every every month yeah we should i mean that'd be a lot of fun the only thing i don't like about that is just that it's like you don't know what you're gonna get you know right like if you were gonna do a if you were gonna do like a let's read and have johnny there it's like you you'd have your fingers crossed it was gonna be like something turbo graphics or turbo cd related you know yeah i mean you'd hope so but i mean that's part of the appeal yeah i would just worry that like i would get somebody else and then we'd open the
magazine like i said it would be like a you'd be like a game pro from 2003 and like yeah well you know that's okay it wouldn't be cool but i'm saying like i wouldn't know anything about i'd be reading it being like yep never played that game never played that game never heard of that game like like i just wasn't playing console games at that time you know right but still i mean whatever i mean that's part of the fun is you have no idea yeah you just have no idea what are you beating for him
samacom wants to know if i signed up and showed again yes mine is still in the black envelope so we're not going to know what mine is for a while and uh it's funny you know it's like it's like uh uh you know when you have presents under the tree before christmas like i was already trying to squeeze it to kind of figure out like what information can i figure out about this magazine like is that like i figured out it's got a bound like the the um the spine is like bound instead
of being stapled so you can kind of eliminate certain things like well it could be nintendo power or like a later issue of egn but the thing is i mean you know game fan always as far as i knew had like the what is it like the bound spines i'm very surprised to see a stapled spine i just didn't know i've never had a game fan this early so i had no idea yeah see this is like is this now your earliest issue of game fan 100 yeah i think that
i mean after i finish with this i'll take a look to see what my next earliest issue is yeah i want to say i think i might have like yeah i have an issue too because i did a read through with it you bought that off of uh yeah that's right you should you should tell that story really quick house right you what's that he went to his